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Title: Dare To Be Beautiful
Rating: PG-13
Couple: Max/Liz
Summary: Challenge by JBehrsGurl. #4.

First half of part one. I wanted to get this out before school. I don't know how to write NC-17,but if any one wants to write it. Tell me.

Max V.O

Why does she always have to do this?
Liz is nice one min.
Then she is the Ice Queen.
She remindes me of Isabel.
Here comes Tess.
"Hey Maxie." Tess said.
"Hey." Max said still looking at his paper.
"Your going to pick me up after school ,so we can have every thing right for the last day of school." Tess said.
Here comes Liz walking in with Sean all over her.
Man I want to kick his ***.
"Evans." Sean said.
"Halliwell." Max said.
Liz and Sean keep walking till they get in there seats.
Max looks at Liz.
"Max keep your eyes to the whatever she is."Liz said.
I love it when I get under her skin.
She is fun to pick on.
I look at Tess and she is looking at Liz with evil eyes.
"Tess why don't you do your work. This is the last week of school."Max said to Tess.
Tess look at Max and smile.
"O.K sweetheart." Tess said to Max.
Liz did a gag sound.

"What is up with you and Parker?" Kyle ask Max.
"Nothing." Max said.
Kyle look at him as if he had to heads.
"What I can't help if she likes to date losers." Max said.

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LizHalliwell originally wrote:
So Sean is a Halliwell, does it mean that he has powers?*wink* Post more soon

I'm in English class. So I'll write this before I go. No Sean does not have powers. That was the first last name that I came up with.
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Thanks for the replys. I'm sorry the next part is not up. I don't feel good right now. I should have it out this week. Good Night.