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Title: Painted Faces

Author: DreamingOfMax84 a.k.a. *~Ria~*

Rating: PG-13. Eh, actually I don’t know quite yet, but to be safe lets just say it could be anything. If it gets higher than PG-13 I’ll let you know. Deal??

Couple: M/L. This is the dreamer board after all. *big*

Disclaimer: I own nothing.... wait I own my diamond engagement ring, my school books, my cell phone, and of course my lovely fiancé. *big* Just kidding. I own nothing that has to do with Roswell or any of its affiliates.

Summary: Someone from the infamous “I Know an Alien Club” has got a secret that cannot be shrouded any longer. I know it’s pretty vague, but I really suck at these things and this is what Cor said to write. Please forgive me and don’t let it keep you from reading it.

Note: Okay this may seem like a POV fic, but trust me it’s not. It’s only going to be the person’s POV for the prologue, after that it’s gone…. Well, maybe the epilogue might be POV too, but I’m not there yet so I’m not sure. Oh, and enjoy my fic!!


Ever wonder if when you look at people, even your best of friends, if that’s truly what you’re seeing? If deep down in their hearts and souls their faces are a true reflection? I’m sure you have on occasion; it’s hard not to. Have you ever known someone that was so unbelievably good at hiding behind a painted face that the entire town thought of them as a well-mannered, shy, honor student or a this precious, breakable, little weakling?

What would happen if all that paint that hid them from the real world was stripped away? What would you see? Would it be a monster by Victor Frankenstein or a god or goddess by a famous sculptor? What do you think would be revealed if my paint disappeared? Well, I guess you and everyone else will find out soon, because it’s time it came off.

Author’s Note
I know, I know. It’s very short. It’s just the prologue, but I want to see what y’all think of it before I continue on the first part. Truth is, I wrote the ending of ths first, and I’m kind of working backwards. So let me know what y’all think and any suggestions would be greatly welcomed. Ooh, ooh, and I love constructive criticism, so throw that in too. But please be nice. Thanks for reading.

Also, I probably shouldn't be doing this, but what the hell. Shameless plug for my other two WsIP:

What Happened to Happily Ever After?

Dreams vs. Reality


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Author's Note

Hey y'all, as you may have noticed, I haven't updated in a while, well, my excuses are that school work has been piling up and I was too lazy to type up the new parts. Yes, I have new parts to all my fics and at least one part of all the fics on my list (in my sig), but like I said, I've been busy with school and I haven't really wanted to sit and type them all up. My fiancé and I have three different Thanksgivings to attend tomorrow.... er, today which means I won't have time to type them up. But I promise to try to type at least one new chapter to all my fics to post on Monday. Also, I just wanted to thank all my lovely readers and feedbackers for their continued support, and always feel free to bump me. It lets me know y'all are still interested. Thanks again.


*~Ria~* *bounce*

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Author's Note

I know. I know. Y'all want an update. Well, guess what, one might be coming up. My birithday is the 11th and as a present to my faithful readers, I might post a new part of this fic, although the part I did write sucks, imo. Plus I'll be updating Dreams vs. Reality and What Happened to Hpppily Ever After?. I'll also be posting a new fic called Someone Like You, if anyone is interested.

For those of you who read Coeurs Brûlure, yeah I know I said I write a New Years fic, but I was so busy that I never got around to doing it. If any of you have seen my fic list (check my sig) you know I have quite a few fics in the works. I don't know when they'll all be posted, but I'm trying not to take on too many.... obviously I'm failing, I started another new one today.

So keep checking back for updates and feel free to bump me as much as you want. Hee hee hee. Also, I'll do thank yous to everyone in the new post.

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