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Title: The Way Life Goes.
Author: James & Gabby
Rating: PG-13
Couple: M/L
Summarry: The idea came from A Walk to Remember.
Author's Note: This is a fan fiction that my friend and I are writing. We are writing this for a grade in school. I wanted to bring it over here. Let me know what you think.

Liz ( Jamie Sullivan)
Max ( Landon Carter)
Jeff ( Jamie's dad)
Diane ( Landon's mom)
Michael ( Eric Hunter)
Tess ( Belinda)
Sean ( Dean)
Alex ( Clay) Liz's best friend
Maria = Liz's best friend
Kyle = Liz's boyfriend
Jim = Kyle's dad
Nancy ( Jamie's mom)
Isabel = Max's sister
Phillip (Landon's dad)
Amy = Maria's mom
Jess = Isabel's older boyfriend

Year 1990
" Liz I am going to get you" said Max.
"No your'e not Maximus" Liz said running as fast as she could.
"Yes I am and don't call me Maximus, Lizanator" said as he ran after her .
"You 2 can be so childish sometimes you muffin heads" said Isabel sitting on her lawnchair getting a tan.
"Isabelititus you can be such a cookie crumbler" Max said and Liz starts laughing.
"Maxwell and Elisabeth sittin in a tree k-I-s-s-I-n-g first comes love then comes marriage then comes the ewww then Maxwell pushing the baby carriage " Isabel sang.
"No we are not" they both say together.

12 years later
Max and Tess are making out in the hallway. Maria, Alex,and Liz walk by.
"Can't they get a room for that" Maria she says disgusted.
"Maria this is the way life goes" Alex says.
Liz is in her own world. She likes Max, but what can she do.

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Where is the feed back?-Gabby
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Part 2

Max,Michael,Tess,Sean are sitting at the lunch table. Liz walks by. Max looks at her and gives her a look of disgust. Liz looks at him and rolls her eyes. Sean looks up and gives her the bird. Maria walks to Sean and hits him in the back of the head. Tess bitches at them to stop looking at them. Alex makes a face.

Max and Liz are sitting at the lab table together. Max asks " Why do you have to be such a bitch?" Liz replies " Why do you not have a brain?" Max replied with" I do not have time for this shit", and walks off.

Isabel looks afar and walks up to Jesse and Maria and says " we have to find away to get them together and fast". Jesse says " how its a hopeless case, am I right?" Maria replied to Jesse's comment with" how can they be hopeless if they love eachother, it is only a matter of time before they hook up."

Tess and Kyle are kissing. Max walks by he thinks to him self ' Isn't Kyle dating Tess'. Max goes to sit by Liz at the park he tells her " you know that Kyle is a real jerk,Right?" "No you are a bigger one" replied Liz. MAx says "Fine I saw him kissing Tess". Liz looks at him then back at her notebook. " You know writing in that notebook is going to get you nowhere" replied Max. " Same goes for you talking to me".