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Title: Lucky Loving
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. So dont sue!
Categlory: M/l
Summary. Well liz moved from new york to roswell. how will her life change.


OK, Im Liz Parker and my life has been spinning out of control lately. Do you really wanna know my life story. Well I dont care if you don't. I am going to tell you anyways. Just one word of caution. Hang on! Cause its going to be a wild ride!! OH wait a minute. Where should I start? Hmm. so many places.. hmm .. well I guess I should just start at the beginning. here we go..

I started growing in my mothers tummy on july 19 1983. Yep I remember swirling around in her stomache.. hey hey stop throwing that food at me. I was just joking. ok ok. here we go. heres the real story....

Well I live in new york city, you know the city of lights. Its amazing and right now I am sitting in my room pissed of because I just found out that I was moving. I really dont want to move to some boring ass town. I know that its going to suck. I can remember my parents telling me all over again...

"Lizze, honey, guess what?," asked my mom. I wasn't really in the mood for a guessing game. I just found out I flunked my geometry test and oh yeah I tripped and made an ass of myself in school today.

"I don't know mom, wat?" I replied nicely, with a fake smile plastered on my face.

"Were moving..." My dad said coming in the door smiling.

I was so I was shocked, suprised, and pissed off. "I AM NOT F**KIN MOVIN ANYWHERE!!" I replied pissed off not even trying to fake my way through it.

"Don't use that language with us missy.. And you are coming with us no matter what" Said my mom sternly.

I was pissed yet again. I get like that a lot, dont you think. Well that was my conversation with them. After that I ran up to my room and that is where I am right now. Oh yeah, guess where we are moving.

Nope thats not it.

Not there either.

You had enough.. ok

We are moving to roswell f**kin new mexico. The alien capital of the world. I wonder what kind of freaks live there I thought.

So now I am in my room packing my bags for this trip I am going to have to go on. I am never going to be happy again, I thought.

"Lizze, someones here to see you" my mom yelled up the stairs to my room.

I ran downstairs to find on of my friends downstairs waiting for me. I don't have any best friends if you can see. I dont like to get attached. OK maybe people don't like to get attached to me. But what can I say I am happy. I mean, I was happy.

"Liz, hey waz up. I heard what was happening. I can't believe your moving so far away" said my friend chole. I know that she probably doesn't care. But what do you suspect I don't care either.

"I know, I am going to miss you so much. I am leaving tomorrow too" I replied fakely with a sad smile on my face.

"I know, well I just came to say good luck and ill miss you so much" said chole.

After about five minutes of talking she finally left. I thought she would be here forever. I wonder what she would think if she read my mind. she probably wouldn't care. Oh well! Well time for bed got to wake up early tomorrow. Yeah!!! not!!

Part 2

So I am now on the plan sitting next to my parents on the trip to roswell. As we take off I say good-bye to new york. The city of lights, the people who claimed to be my friends, the boys.. oh who cares any more! "Bye" I yell not meaning to scream it out loud.

"Are you ok hunny?" my mother asked sincerly.

"Yeah yeah. I dont know what came over me." I tell her. Then I fell asleep. I know thats boring but oh well. I am boring. I finally awoke when the captain said we were landing. I couldn't wat to get off this plane. oh yeah I didn't tell you I was afraid of flying. Too lte now. The flights over.

Yeah we climbed out of the plane, streaching our legs and headed to get our bags. While we are getting our bags my dad finally tells me why we moved here. That would have been good to know before don't you think. Yeah me too.

"I can't wait to get the resturant.." my dad starts to say.

"The resturant?" I ask looking puzzeled. I never heard anything about a resturant. But you know I am kinda hungry right now.

"Yeah hunney, we are the owners of the crashdown cafe in roswell." my dad said excitedly. "and we get to live right above the resturant. Isn't that great!"

"Yeah dad, that is" I say with a fake smile on my face again. Hey I don't want to bust his bubble. He looks so happy. Don't ask me why I start to get feelings now. I just do. Ok So back off!! I guess I spoke to soon.

So we got in the car that my dad somehow got from a person. umm I dont know how. So stop asking me!! ok. ebough of that. Plus, I dont pay that much attention.

Yep so we arrive at the crashdown cafe like 20 minutes later. I look at it and it proved me right. I knew it. These people are freaks! Then I look across the street and up and down the block and see all the alien things. OH god. I am stuck in the twiIight zone. I don't think I am going to make it through the week. Then I walk through the door and everything changed.

Part 3

When I walked in the door. There he was the hottest guy in the universe. Well, O.k maybe not the hottest but look at his bod. He almost number one. He then turns around and looks at me.

I look in his eyes and god I think I can see into his soul. His eyes are a dark hazel color and I swear he is looking at my soul. His gaze is burning a hole through me. I hope it doesn't leave a mark. I laugh at my own joke. I hope he didn't notice. I blush. I never blush when did that start. I think I am changing. Yeah right I can never change, I think. I hope not.

I then smile at him and he smiles back and walks over to me. Uh oh what did I do. I can say that I got nervous and I never get nervous. I am shocked once again. He finally reaches me and says

"Hello, I'm Max Evans.. whats your name?" he says. This God has a name. He is so sexy and his voice is even sexier.

"Umm. umm. my name is uh Liz uh Parker" I finally say. He must think I am such a dork. Oh my god. He is smiling at me with that sexy smile. I think I am going to faint. Is it getting hot in here or is it just me.

"Its nice to meet you Liz Parker." Says max with that smile. I love that smile. I know that I probably have this really dorky smile on my face right now and I can admit this is the first real genuine smile I had for a long time.

"It's nice to meet you too." I say this time without stumbling on my words finally regaing my confidence. Thats when I see this girl walking over to us with staright blonde hair. She cute I think. She a looks a little cheerful or bubbly. Then I think oh no what happens if she Max's girlfriend. I start to get nervous. Please dont be his girlfriend! Please don't be his girlfriend! I think repeatedly.

"Hey chica, my name is Maria, one of Max's friends." she says. Thank god only a friend I think. Then I hear her ask " are you new here?"

"Yeah" I reply with a smile. "I moved here from new york with my parents. We own this resturant now." Lucky me, I think.

"Ooh really that is soo cool. You moved from new york? Do u have any brothers? I have to show you around the town and school?" She kept pounding questions this way and that way. Finally she asked "You wanna eat something?" Oh yeah now I remember that I am hungry. Then I fell my stomache rumble. Yeah yeah I didnt forget you. were going to eat in a second. I think to my stomache.

"yeah" I reply happily. I was happy I found a friend. Then out of nowhere I hear Max say something.

"Would you mind if I ate with you Liz." he asks. Do I mind? yeah right. I think. I would love to sit and stare at you while you eat.

"No, I would love if stayed and ate luch with me." I say calmly with a smile. He smiles back at me. Whats wrong with me I think as we sit down.

Part 4

Well ok here we are me and Max. I mean Max and I. Yeah I have to improve my language. Yeah I just ordered space fries. I hope there real greasy. Yum.. I can't wait. I am probably drooling now. I wonder what Max thinks. I then look up at him and see that he is still smiling at me. Is there something in my teeth, I think to myself.

"Is there something in my teeth, Max" I said showing him my teeth.

"Nope," he says still smiling at me. God I love that smile. I would live just to see that smile.

"Then why are you smiling at me like that" I ask nicely. I really don't mind you know. But I just had to say something. I wonder what he is thinking. Hes still smiling at me.

"Well, your just so beautiful," he says with that smile on his face. I smile at him again.

"Well your not to bad yourself," I say to him smiling. I never smiled this much in my whole life. I think My face might just break off. But I can't help it. His smiling is so contagious. I love it. I never thought I would admit that. But I just did. So I guess I would. Ok, my mouth is running away without me now. I better shut up.

Just then our food arrived. Yep I started to stuff my face. I hope I don't look like a pig. Oh well who cares. I look up at Max and I see that he is stuffing his face too. I guess we would just be perfect together. Oh OH were did that come from. I don't care about guys. Okay thats a lie. All I care about is boys!!

Then I see my parents walk in. I look at them. Damn I can't believe I forgot all about them. Whoops! I see my mother look at us and smile. She says something to my father and he smiles back at her. Then I see my mom whispering something to my dad. I am guessing she was telling him to let me stay here and don't bother. I am glad they left I would have been so embarassed if they did come over and started talking to me and Max. I mean Max and I.

I hear someone then saysing my name,"Liz.. Liz .. Liz!'

"Hey Liz, You went someone there for a minute." He says smiling yet again. "I have to go I will see you tomorrow in school. Maybe I will show you around or something later." he says with that adorable smile and that gleam in his beautiful yet sexy eyes.

"Thank you max I would love that" I say smiling back at him. Then he leaves but not without giving me a hug. Se fit perfectly together and I can feel his muscles under his shirt. At that exact moment I think he has to be perfect. He's nice, kind, handsome, sexy, and perfect. and at that moment I just knew. I was in love. Me, Liz Parker was in love with Max Evans. What will happen next.


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Part 5

After that little thought about me loving Max I ran up to my room and started to unpack my things. I tried to keep my mind away from the subject but it was impossible. All I could think was I love Max Evans. I love Max Evans. I love MAx Evans!

As I stated putting my clothes into my dresser. I heard someone yelling my name. "liz" I heard. Oh my god now I am imagining things I think to myself. What will happen next. Maybe ill start seeing little green slimy aliens walking around town. I laugh at myself. I know I am weird.

I then hear my name being called out again. What the f**k is that I think. Then I walk to my window and see I have a balcony. Wow! I can't believe my parents trusted me enough to give me this room. I could escape easily and visit Max. I think. NO bad Liz, I think again. Why can't I get him out of my head.

I climb out to the blacony and look down and see Max standing there. I pinch myself because I think I am dreaming him up. But when I finish all I find is a fingernail mark in my arm and Max still standing there with that adorable sexy smile on his face.

"Can I come up?" He asks me.

"Yeah, sure come on up." I yell down. Smiling at him climbing the fire scape latter. Oh God I did it again I smiled. Max Evans is going to be the end of me."Very impressive.' I say to him when he finally reaches the top.

"Well, I try." He says back to me.

"So why are you hear Max." I ask him hoping that he's here to ask me out. Yeah I have big dreams that will never come true. I know that your thinking that. Haha.

"Well, I was wondering if you needed a ride to school tomorrow." He asks again with that smile.

"I would love a ride. What time will you pick me up?" I ask.

"How about 7:30?" he asks but before I can reply he is kissing me. I swear when his lips touched mine I felt a spark and I saw fireworks during that kiss. I never felt that before. Ok I know I know well I never kissed a guy before. I may have been close but nope I haven't. Suprised you didn't I.

I am disappointed when he finally pulls apart. I feel like a piece of me is missing. I felt like I was whole when he kissed me and I loved it. Oh know thats another reason to love him .What am I going to do. I always told myself that I would never get attached to anyone but look at me now.

Max is now looking at me with love in his eyes and that smile on his face. Ok maybe I just thought it was love but it's wishful thinking. He probably has a girlfriend and is just testing out the new meat in town. Yeah, he's probably a player and has every girl at his feet.

"Ok ill see you tomorrow, Liz" he says. I really hope he isnt what I think he is. Ill be really dissappointed. I should ask Maria. OH nevermind. Shes alittle to hyper for me. She might start talking and never stop. The Neverending talker...haha.. I laugh at myself. I know another stupid joke. But it works for. I like to live in my head.

I climb into my room and lay on my bed thinking about the kiss afterward. What did it mean? Was he just playing with me? Did I imagine it?

Yeah that sounds right. I probably imagined it all along. Thats what must of happened. But then why can I still feel his lips on mine, I think as I fall asleep.

Do u like it.. if I get feedback ill continue..


Im sorry if this was short.. and the other ones too im working on it

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Part 6

Liz Pov

I moan when I hear my alarm clock go off. I really don't want to go to school. I don't want to meet new kids, try make friends wake up early every morning, and do homework, take test an all that other shit.

I try to go back to sleep when I remember Max. My hand flew to my lips when I remembered the feeling of his lips on mine. The spark I felt when I kissed him. It was amazing!

"Oh Fuck" I say when I realize that its 7 o'clock. Max was coming in a half an hour. Fuck fuck fuck. I know I have to stop usuing that bad language.

I ran around my room trying to think of what to do first. I decide on finding something to wear cause you know I can't go to school naked even though I wouldn't mind seeing Max naked. Nope.
I could just imagine my hands roaming over his well defined muscular chest. Then my hands traveling down to the button of his jeans. His TIGHT jeans. Oh God I better stop or I'll never be ready in time.

So I walked back to my closet hoping to ind something decent in it.

What to wear? What to wear? I think to myself.

I takeout a plain light green tee shirt and a pair of blue jeans and throw it to the ground. Too ugly.

Next I find a black tank top and white capris. I look at it for a minute. Too boring.

I'll probably sit in something anyways or get my period. Then I would be the laughing stock of the school and Max would never look at me again. Nope definitely not wearing that.

I look in my closet again. Nope. Nope. Nope. Yes. Nope. Nope. Wait a minute did I just say yes.

I look at that outfit again. Its a red tank top and a black sirt that stops above the knees. It's perfect I think to myself. I throw the outfit on as fast as possible.

Okay now for shoes. Hmmm. those black sandals I have would be perfect. Now where did I put them. I stand there thinking.

I walk over to my closet again and jumping in front of it and say "Ah ha I found you!!" I look down only to find that me sandals aren't there. Okay now I feel like an idiot. Then I finally remember where they are.

I crawl down on my hands and knees and find my sneaky black sandals hinding on the bed. Don't you hate it when your shoes hide on you. Yeah it sucks dosnt it.

Next I put on my make up. I don't like too much make-up. I just wear my simple lip gloss, you know to give my lips a glossy look. duh. Then I put on my eye liner and my mascara. I think my eyes ae my best feature not that im concieted or anything.

Hey stop laughing at me. I swear to God Im not.

I look in my mirror once more to make sure I look alright. Yep, I must say I don't look too bad. I am just about to grab my book bag when I hear the door bell ring. Oh God its Max. What do I do?

I go to my door and hear him talking to my dad and their both laughing. Hey thats a good start. Don't you think. You know my father likes him and then when we have datesit will be a lot easier beause my father already likes him. Yeah now you get it. I'm scared to walk out of my rrom but I do anyways cause I tell myself that im brave and strong.

When I walk out of the room I see Max stare at me with a huge smile on his face. I see his head move down to my feet and then travel upwards. And then it hit me. Max Evans just checked me out. Yeah I say to myself mentally.

After I finally figured what he did. I did the same to him.

Hey it's only fair. I start at his feet and go upwards. He has nice shoes too. His pants are soo tight that it looks like it should be apart of his skin. I look up a little more. Ohh!! MAx doesn't look that small if you know what I mean. :Wink Wink: Okay im not an idiot. Next my eyes land on his stomache and chest. His shirt clings to him just enough that you could see most of his muscular chest and stomache. Next I get to his face and I see him smile. I smile back. I walk up to him and look into his amazing hazel eyes and say "Hi"

Ok I know im stupid. 'Hi' what kind of word is that I think to myself.

He probably thinks that Im stupid or an idoit, or a dumb ass, or a nerd, or a geek.. oh God the words are endless.

Max Pov

Oh god!! Liz she is soo wonderfl and beautiful and gorgeous and just plain amazing. The word are endless to describe how wonderful she.

The way she looked at me was amazing too. Her eyes are soo beautiful I can see her soul in them. I know your probably wondering why I was so foward with her when I first met her. Well its easy. I knew she was the one. When she walked into the Crashdown and looked at each other. My heart fluttered. She was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and I knew that she was the one I was supposed to be with forever. The only girl that I would ever love.

Ok enough of this romance stuff.

"Are you ready to go?" I ask her and she looks relieved. I wonder why. Oh well it doesn't really matter. All that matters is that she's here with you I think to myself.

"Yeah" I hear her say. "Mom, Dad I'm leaving for school. I'll see you later!" Liz yelled to her parents.

"Bye hunnay" her mom said.

We walked down the stairs and went straight towards the car. As we walked all I wanted to do was grab her and kiss her silly, like I did last night.

"So Liz you ready for school." I ask her as we climb into my jeep.

"Yeah, I guess so. Im just a little nervous you know ." I hardly heard a word she said. My gaze was stuck on her lips as she talked.

Im a goner.

I know your thinking that I am a love sick fool.

And guess what your right.

Liz Pov

I can't believe I am sitting here with Max right now. After I told Max how I felt about school I found out that I had AP Biology with him and also math and english.

When he told me that I almost screamed out with joy. He would've really thought I was an idoit then.

So I was just sitting in his jeep when the song Always by Saliva came on. Jus to let you know I love all different types of music if you didn't all ready know.

"I really like this song." I said aloud to Max.

He looked over at me for a second and said "yeah me too."

We sat in the car in silence listeing to the radio when we finally arrived at the school. Max parked the car and looked over at me.

"So are you nervous." He asked me.

"Yeah sorta." I told him.

"Don't be. I stay by you the whole time." He said. "I will always stay with you." I swear I thought I heard him mumble right before we got of his jeep.

I think I am starting to like it here.


Im sorry if it was too boring or anything.. if u like it feedbak please.

Heres the lyrics to Saliva's Always

I hear... a voice say "Don't be so blind"...
it's telling me all these things...
that you would probably hide...
am I... your one and only desire...
am I the reason you breath...
or am I the reason you cry...

Always... always... always... always... always... always... always...
I just can't live without you...

I love you...
I hate you...
I can't live without you...
I breathe you...
I taste you...
I can't live without you...
I just can't take anymore...
this life of solitude...
I guess that I'm out the door...
and now I'm done with you...

I feel... like you don't want me around...
I guess I'll pack all my things...
I guess I'll see you around...
Inside... it bottles up until now...
as I walk out your door...
all I hear is the sound...

Always... always... always... always... always... always... always...
I just can't live without you...

I love you...
I hate you...lyricstop
I can't live without you...
I breathe you...
I taste you...
I can't live without you...
I just can't take anymore...
this life of solitude...
I guess that I'm out the door...
and now I'm done with you...

I love you...
I hate you...
I can't live without you...

I left my head around your heart...
Why would you tear my world apart...

Always... always... always... always...

I see... the blood all over your hands...
does it make you feel... more like a man...
was it all... just a part of your plan...
this pistol's shakin' in my hands...
and all I hear is the sound...

I love you...
I hate you...
I can't live without you...
I breathe you...
I taste you...
I can't live without you...
I just can't take anymore...
this life of solitude...
I guess that I'm out the door...
and now I'm done with you...

I love you...
I hate you...
I can't live without you...

I love you...
I hate you...
I can't live without you...
I just can't take anymore...
this life of solitude...
I pick myself off the floor...
and now I'm done with you...

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Part 7

Liz Pov

So everything was going so perfect until we decided to get out of the car. You wouldn't guess what I did. I tripped and fell and made a fool out of myself.

I am such an idiot.

As I laid on the ground I swore to myself and thought that Max would make a run for it so nobody would know that he was with the idiot on the gound. I was just about to get up when I felt an arm on my arm.

It was Max.

My knight in shinning armor.

He helped me up and I saw a smile on his face and I knew that he wanted to laugh. So I started to laugh first and it was swear it was contagious. I saw his smile grow bigger and his face start to light up as he laughed with me. It was magical.

"I am such a clutz" I said trying to stop laughing.

"Yeah, but your a beautiful clutz." I stopped laughing and smiled at him.

"What did you say?" I don't think I heard him right.

"I said you were beautiful." he repeated. Oh my God!! Max Evans himelf, the greek God thinks I'm beautiful.

"Well you know you aren't that bad looking yourself Evans." I said with a smile on my face.

"Well I try Parker." He's amazing.

I look down to my watch to see that we have ten minutes to get to class.

"Max can you show me to my locker. I don't want to be late to Bio." I must sound like a nerd to him. He's probably the bad ass of Roswell. I await the laughing that I think I am going to hear. But it never does.

"That's a good idea. I wouldn't want you to be late on your first day of school." My hero I think to myself.

Max Pov

Wow. Liz is amazing. When we laughing after her little episode. You know falling out of the car I wanted to laugh so bad. I just couldn't hold it any longer when she sarted laughing at herself.

Her eyes are amazing when she was laughing. okay there always amazing. They are so bright, amazing and the most amazing color.

Now we are walking to her locker which happens to be right next to mine and the gangs. If you don't know who the gang is... well you find out right now when I tell Liz.

"So Liz here's your locker." I say to her hoping I don't sound too stupid because I have a mile on my face. I am just so happy that she's so close to me. "It's right next to mine and my friends."

"Who are your friends." I hear her say but before I could relpy I hear people yelling my name from down the hall.

"Hey Maxwell" Michael says. "Whose the chic."

I see Maria hit him over the head. "Don't mind my little spaceboy he can be an idiot sometimes. Im Maria, remember me we met in the Crashdown."

"Oh yeah. How are you doing."

Everyones quiet for a for a couple of minutes and all I could do was stare at Liz.

"Im fine. I'll just introduce you to everyone since Max looks as if he can't talk right now." Whoops I think to myself I was to busy staring at Liz. OH well this will be easier for Maria. She can talk forever.

Liz Pov

I get nervous because I'm afraid that Max might being going out with that girl with the blonde hair. She looks like she could be a supermodel and I'm just plain Liz Parker.

"OKay.. right there is Isabel Evans and her boy friend Alex Whitman" Thank God shes Max's sister and she has boyfriend. I want she want to yell up to the Gods and thank them for that.

"Hey Liz" Both Isabel and Alex say. They look very nice. It's just weird Alex looks like the smart nerdy type, when Isabel looks like the captain of the cheerleading team and one of the most popular girls in the school. Well I guess its just Roswell.

"This rude guy the one with the spikey hair..." I see him glare at Maria with that comment and smile. "Is Michael a.k.a My spaceboy. Were dating, so he's takien so no ideas ok." I see her smiling knowing that she is just joking around.

"It's nice to meet you all." I say as the five minute warning bell rings.

"Welcome to Roswell, Liz." Isabel says.

"Thanks." I say to Isabel when I hear Max start to finally talk.

"Liz and I should get to class. It being her first day and all." I hear Max say. I am happy now I get to be alone with him.

We walk toward our biology room silently. I am happy just walking next to him. As we walk I notice everyone whispering and staring at me.

Wow. Im the new girl whoopee who cares.

"Here we are.' Max says. "You ready."

"As ready as I'll ever be." I tell him and he smiles at me.

We walk in and while Max goes to his seat I go to Ms. Hardy's desk and tell her I'm new.

"Oh, Hello Liz. It's nice to meet you." and I dread the next thing she does. She gets up and says

"Good morning class. Today we have a new student Liz Parker." And then everyones eyes were on me.

I look around the room and spot Max and he's staring at me with a playful smile on his face. I know hes just laughing inside his head saying haha you have to talk about yourselve now in the class now.

I just smile right back with a It's not so funny look on my face Evans and I hear him laugh quietly.

"Okay Liz, why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself."

"Okay" I say to her. I hate this.

"I am from New York and yes New York City, the big apple whatever you wanna call it" I see some of the kids look at me with curiosity. "And yes it's great over there. I miss it so much. Yeah so umm I played volleyball and soccer. Yeah thats about it." I look over at the teachr and give her look that says please let me sit down. I hate this. Im so embarrasseed.

And then to my luck she stops me. Yes! I menatlly yell to myself.

"Okay Liz you are lucky today we are going to change partners and I am going to let you pick them. So go ahead everyone." I hear a chours of yes's around the room . I am so happy.

I see Max get out of his seat and walk to me.

"Partner?" he asks me.

"Yeah." I say and we sit down down att a lab table in the back. I think this is now my favorite class.


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Part 8

Max Pov

Our whole biology class was boring but Liz suprised me with how smart she was and how much she loved science.

It was just amazing.

She was amazing.

"Okay class is almost over but I have something important to tell you guys." Ms Hardy said to the class. Some kids moaned knowing and thinking that it would be something terrible.

"Everyone in here has to do the science fair because you are in Ap Biology." She said.

The only thing I could think of is that I hope we get to work with a partner because maybe Liz and I could work together.

Ms Hardy continued. "You may do whatever you want and you can work with one other person. Just one." Then then bell rang. "Just think about what you want to do. Goodbye."

When we left the room I just ha to ask Liz right away before someone stold her away from me.

"So Liz about this science fair. You know since you hardly no anbody would you like to do it with me. You know be my partner." Please say yes. Please say yes.

I just stared at her. She was silent for a couple of seconds. Oh no she was going to say no. She hated me. I can't believe I actually thought that she may have liked me in any kind of way.

"Max. I would love to." I finally heard her say and I mentally jumped with joy. My heart fluttered and I couldn't stop the smile that appeared on my face.

Liz Pov

I can't belive Max just asked me to do the scince fair with him. I was stunned for a couple of minutes. I thought that he'd want to do it by himself beacuse I was a clutz and probably mess it up even though I love science.

When I looked up at him and saw how sad he looked for a minute. I knew that what I thought was wrong.

"Max. I would love to." I said and I knew it was the right answer. The smile on his face told me that. His smiles are so contagious that I just had to smile back.

Max then took me to my next class and left for his own.

I walked into my history class and I knew it was going to be really really boring. The only person that I saw that I sorta knew was that spikey haired kid. What was his name again. Oh yeah! Michael.

I went to Mr. Blumet's desk and told him that I was new.

"Oh yeah your the new student." he said to me without looking at me. Could he be any more excited I said to myself sarcasticly "You can sit where ever you like."

"Okay." I said.

He got up from his seat and said without a smile on his and the most boring sounding voice. "Class today we have a new student Liz Parker."

Everyone looked at me again and all I said was hi and slumped down in my seat. God this was going to be boring.

I looked at the clock and saw that I had 50 minutes left of this class. Oh God!!

I can't wait to see Max.

Max Pov

All I could think about was Liz during gym. She told me that she had Mr. Blumet and I heard that he was really really boring. I wish her good luck.

I had gym with my sister and Alex. Today we were playing dodge ball. Alex was psyched while my sister was dreading it.

All I could think about was Liz. I wanted to get out of here so bad so I could she her. I looked at the clock only 50 minutes to go I thought to myself sacasticly.

We had to make teams so our gym teacher made us count off. 1..2..1..2..1..2..1..2... you get the point. I was a 2 with Alex and my sister was on the other team by herself. Well not by herslef but you know what I mean.

It was so funny watching Alex play. Before we started I saw Alex walking over to me.

"Its time for war." He whispered to me. I laughed as I watched him trying to dodge all the balls flying past him. I saw him jump to the ground as a ball flew past him. "That was a close one!" I heard him yell and just then a ball hit him. I started to laugh again as he pretended he was dying.

I walked to him as he was lying on the ground.

"Max win this war for.." He stopped for a minute so it seemed like he was dying. "me, your bestest friend in the whole world. I love you man." Then his eyes closed.

I laughed even harder at him and then as I watched Isabel screaming at every ball flying towards her. What a couple, I thought to myself. I sighed in relief when the bell finally rang for the end of the period.

Liz Pov

Oh God! Thank God that period was over. I hate History, kill me now. The only funny part of the class was when Mr. Blum Butt (thats my nick name for him) tried to sit down and missed the chair and fell on his ass. I swear you could feel the floor shake. It was hilarious. I wanted to scream EARTHQUAKE!!

So I was standing in the middle of the hall way having no idea which way to go to my math class. Hmm.. I though this way or that way. I will never find it I thought.

I was saved though when I saw Max coming down the hallway.

"Oh thank God Max I have no idea where to go. Help me!" I probably sound pathetic but oh well. I got nervous.

"Don't worry Liz. I'll help you." Thank God. I was just stunned by what he said next. " I'll be you knight in shinning armor and whisk you away on my little white horse."

"Hey that horse better be big. I wont settle for anything less." I said laughing at myself and him.

The rest of the day was sorta boring. Only the classes with Max were the best. He always knew how to make me smile.

At lunch we sat with Michael, Maria, Alex, and Isabel. It amazed how different they all were but how they fit together so perfectly.

I loved how Michael and Maria always fought and how Alex always tried to make everyone laugh. I felt like I was apart of their group already.

Max is driving me home today to and we are going to try and think of an idea for the science fair. I can't wait for later.


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