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Title: Harvest Moon
Author: Evelynn ((LiLEvEe))
Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters.
Summary: AU (as always) CC (mainly).


Chapter One

The hot sun was starting to set and the colder nights were coming. He could feel it. The air, cooling off his shoulders and back, which were burning warm from the sun. At least today wasn’t that bad. It’s getting cooler and they’re starting to get a breeze now. The hot days were the worst ones. The ones when you could feel the heat burning your skin.

Days that you wished you could just be like everyone else, sitting inside their air-conditioned homes and watching T.V. But you can’t. You have to help put food on the table. You have to put everything you have into the work and keep going until you just can’t go on.

It’s not like he could put it all aside. He HAD to do it… for her. Who else is going to take care of her if he didn’t? Besides, he loved her more than anything. Better he suffer a little then have her sad. Did he really want to find her crying herself to sleep, worrying, again?

With a sudden energy boost, Max loaded the last of the hay bundles into the truck. He had to deliver them to Whitman Ranch tomorrow morning; early tomorrow morning, right after he fed the animals, he’d have to head right on out. He probably wouldn’t even have time to feed himself.

Max sighed and shook his head. He’d just have to wake up earlier and make time. She wouldn’t like it if he missed out on his meals. He needed as much energy as he could get. If he didn’t eat, she’d worry. And he can’t have her worrying about him now. She already had enough to worry about.

Max leaned back against the truck. Things were hard. They were always hard, but they always seem to be worst around this season, for some reason. Max scoffed. He knew the reason. He knew exactly why it was harder around this time of the year, why she was always so much sadder.

It’s because… this season… it always reminded her of ‘him’. Hell, every season reminded her of ‘him’. Only this one more so than others. Max pounded his fists on the side of the truck.

He gripped the sides and huffed in several deep breaths through clenched teeth, trying to calm himself. Why couldn’t she just see it? Why couldn’t she see that he was not ‘him’. No matter how much she wanted him to be, and no matter how much he wanted himself to be, Max was never going to be ‘him’.

Max closed his eyes tight, thinking. He took off his hat, ran his hand through his hair, and put the hat back on his head before he made up his mind and marched up the dirt path from the barn to the back of the house. He couldn’t do it anymore. He couldn’t live like this, in the shadow of someone else, someone greater, someone he’ll never live up to. He couldn’t. No matter how much he loved her, he just couldn’t…

But halfway up the path, Max stopped. A sad smile on his face as he lowered his head and kicked the dirt beneath him. Like hell, he was going to tell her that. He couldn’t, never in a million years. If he told her, she break down and cry, like she always did when they talked about ‘him’. And he couldn’t do that to her. He loved her too much.

Max took several more deep breaths, calming himself before plastering a smile on his face. She wouldn’t want to see him sad. It’ll make her sad. The last thing he wanted was for her to be sad, especially around this time of year…


Max slowly entered pulled open the screen door, holding it open with his foot as he pushed open the back door, into his home, the house he grew up in his entire life. He entered and took off his hat, hanging it on a hook on the wall.

He slowly made his way to the kitchen, where he knew she’d be, waiting for him with a sad look on her face. And that was exactly where he found her, staring outside the window as the sun set over the fields, a sight that held so much beauty, you could never tire of it.

“It’s so beautiful this time of year,” she spoke softly; so softly, Max wasn’t sure he heard her all correctly. “Your father and I used to have picnics down by the pond around this time…”

“I know, mama,” Max nodded his head softly, kissing her on the cheek before heading back towards the kitchen table.

“And we would spread the quilt out on the grass. And we would sit their while you would be down by the side of the pond, playing with the ducks,” she had a far off look in her eyes, a dreary smile on her face.

“I know, mama,” Max said softly as he sat down in his chair at the table where a plate of food was set in front of him.

“It’s probably cold now,” she said, glancing over at Max as he picked up his fork and started eating. “Everything gets so much colder now…”

Max swallowed his food before glancing over at her. “It’s fine, mama,” he whispered, picking up his fork and putting more food in his mouth. “Everything’s fine,” he said, taking a sip of water.

She had the far off look in her eyes again, the corners of her mouth turned up slightly. “That’s what your father used to say,” she still had yet to move from her spot, staring out the window. “He would smile that smile of his and tell me, you know, ‘Everything’s fine, Nance. Don’t need you worryin’ your little head off’. And then he’d lift my chin a little with his finger and give me that smile of his again, and I’d just melt like hot butter.” Tears started slipping down her cheeks. “He could always do that to me. God, I miss him…”

“I do too, mama,” Max whispered to her as he got up and pulled her into his arms, giving her his shoulder to cry on. “I do too.”

It took Nancy a few seconds to compose herself before she lifted her head from Max’s shoulder. She wiped away at her damp cheeks and smiled sadly to Max. “What took you so long?”

“I had to finish loading up the hay in the truck to bring over to the Whitman’s in the morning,” Max said as he walked back over to the kitchen table and picked up his plate, heading back over to the sink with it.

“You know it only took your father half the time it took anyone else to load an entire truckload of hay. He was the fastest in town,” she said matter-of-factly.

“I know, mama,” Max said as he rinsed off his dishes in the sink. “Everyone knows…”

“Well, it’s good that you know,” she said, nodding her head softly. “Your father was a good man.”

“I know, mama,” Max said again as he walked out of the kitchen and into the hallway, grabbing his jacket off of the coat rack.

“Where’re you goin’?” Nancy asked, stepping out of the kitchen and seeing Max with his jacket on.

“Out into the field,” Max said as he grabbed his matches off the mantle on his way out the back door. “I gotta make sure those rascals stay outta the pumpkin patch and get Dreamer back into the barn. I let her out into the field to graze this afternoon and forgot to bring her back in.”

“Pumpkins for the festival again this year?” Nancy asked, crossing her arms over her chest. “It’s coming up soon, ain’t it?”

“Yes, mama,” Max answered as he pulled open the back door, stepping outside.

“You shouldn’t forget your horse out in the field,” Nancy scolded. “Your father never forgot things like those.”

There was a moment of silence as Max stared at her, grinding his teeth slightly. “I know, mama,” he said softly before disappearing out the door and into the darkness. “I know…”


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Chapter Two

Max stepped outside and took a deep breath, taking in all the cool evening air. With the sun set, it gets pretty chilly out, even though it was early autumn. He zipped up his jacket halfway and walked down the dirt path towards the barn. That was how she always was, comparing him to his father. Not only her though. Everyone in the whole town did it. For once, couldn’t they just see him as his own man instead of looking at him and seeing how much he resembled his father?

Part of the problem was that Max did resemble his father. He was the spitting image of his old man, from the dark brown hair, that curled over his forehead, to the long eyelashes, and the warm, amber eyes. Even his physique resembled that of his father’s. Broad muscular shoulders, one perk to all the heavy lifting and farm work he had to deal with. But he was only nineteen, still a teenager, and yet he’s had to deal with a lot more than normal people his age.

What he wouldn’t give to be normal. To be a regular guy and worry about what regular guys worry about at this age. Parties, sex, alcohol, and girls. Max chuckled softly to himself as he pulled opened the large barn door. He was nineteen and he hasn’t even kissed a girl yet, nonetheless sleep with one. God, he’s never even been on a date before. When he was around that age that guys normally started noticing girls, dating them, he had to go learn how to take care of himself and take care of his mother.

At least he had been able to finish school. That was the one thing he was proud of. His father passed away when he was merely sixteen. He had to take on responsibility then and be the man of the house. It was a struggle at first, trying to balance schoolwork and farm work.

His mom used to help out though. She could get the jobs needing less manpower out of the way, like collecting eggs, milking the cow, feeding the animals, small things. But then she fell ill.

The doctor said it wasn’t good for her to be up and about so much anymore. He recommended that she stay in bed. And no matter how much she insisted that she was fine, Max forced her to stay inside. That was when he started getting less and less hours of sleep, struggling through his last year of high school. And she started getting restless. But they did it. They managed. Granted, it took more effort, but he did it. Not many people could say that.

Max let out a sigh and grabbed his lamp from off the table in the barn, where his workbench was. This was where he kept all his tools and did all his work, fixing everyone’s appliances, furniture, and anything else he could take a crack at to get a little extra money, to save up and help pay for anything that might come up unexpectedly, just like his father’s death had. This time, if anything happened, he had to be prepared. Whether it be medical bills, new machines, bad crops, anything. He had to be ready for it.

He grabbed his propane lamp and turned the knob on the side. He took out his matches and stroke a match against the side of the pack, lighting it before he quickly ran it under the side of the lamp, the gas catching it and lighting up the lamp. There didn’t seem to be a lot of gas left in the lamp. He’d better hurry then, he thought to himself. Better than wasting the rest of this one and refilling it with another.

Max walked out of the barn, holding the lantern handle in one hand, giving way to his path as he headed into the fields. First he had to get Dreamer. Boy, was she a beauty. She was a deep chestnut colored horse with a light creamy blondish colored mane. She was the most beautiful horse there ever was. Of course, he was somewhat biased. After all, she was his horse, the one his father had given him on his twelfth birthday, his best birthday present ever.

Max walked out into the middle of the field and held his lantern up high, squinting his eyes and trying to spot any movement. Not seeing any sign of his horse, he brought two fingers to his lips and blew, whistling as loud as he could. He listened carefully to the silence before he heard it. Her hooves pounding on the ground as she galloped. In a short while, he saw her, thundering up towards him. She stopped short a few feet away and walked towards him, nuzzling his neck as he petted her mane, smoothing it out.

“That’s a good girl,” Max said, patting the horse lightly on the head. “Look what I got for you, Dreamer.” Max dug into his pocket and pulled out a few sugar cubes and offered it to her. “Here you go, girl. I’m sorry I left you out here in the dark.”

They headed back towards the barn. Max holding out the lamp in front of him as he walked and Dreamer following from behind. When they reached the barn, Max led her into her stable and shut the gate to it. He patted her on the head one more time. “I’ll be back in a little while.”

Max headed off out the barn door once again. He zipped his jacket all the way up and quickened his pace this time. The moon didn’t seem to be glowing as brightly tonight, and he was never too fond of total darkness. All he had to do was make a quick trip to the pumpkin patch and make sure there weren’t any kids around, smashing and playing with the pumpkins.

Lord knows why they won’t stay on their own property and play in their own fields. It’s not like he didn’t know who it was out there messing around. This entire town had less than a hundred people. Everyone knew everyone else… almost. There are a few new shops in town, bringing in a few new families, but not many. But the fellows always in his pumpkin patch were that Valenti boy and his group of friends. Why those boys were so fascinated with pumpkins, he would never know. Those youngins.

Max rolled his eyes. Youngins? They were practically his age, give or take a few years. Some of those boys were even older than he was. They were normal guys who got to just sit around and do nothing; not a care in the world. They had invited Max to join them one time, but Max declined. He would never be like them, even if he tried. He actually had things he had to care for, specifically his mom. She was practically all he had left in the world.

He made it over to the pumpkin patch without hearing any noise other than that of the regular creatures of the night, that weren’t human anyway. But he had to do a quick scan over the area anyway. It may be quiet but that could either mean that they weren’t there or that they are all passed out drunk, using his pumpkins as pillows. And it being a Saturday night, the latter choice seemed more plausible.

Max got closer to the pumpkin patch and heard a faint sound that didn’t seem as though it were an owl or a cricket. It sounded more like soft sniffles and whimpers. Max reached out his hand, holding the lamp out farther. “Hello?” he called out to what ever it was.

Great. Just great. That lamp just happened to decide that this was the perfect time to give out. Max should have seen it coming. He shook his head and felt around in his pockets for his pack of matches.

“Is… is someone there?” he heard a voice call out, a very small and scared voice.

“Um… yeah,” Max answered, trying to pinpoint in which direction the voice was coming from.

“Thank god. I thought I was going to be stuck here forever,” the voice said. The person stood up and Max could make out a faint outline of a person in the darkness.

“What are you doing out here anyway?” Max asked as he started towards the person slowly.

“I was left out here… ugghh…” Max saw the person fall, but catch themself, having almost tripped over a pumpkin.

“Just stay there,” he called out. “I’ll come to you.”

“Okay,” the person crossed their hands over their chest and stood still.

Max inched his way over toward the person, careful not to run into anything. He didn’t want to accidentally kick a pumpkin and have it all over his boot. When he was a few steps away from the person, he held his hand out. “Give me your hand.”

“Okay,” the person answered and Max felt a small soft hand slip into his, very soft. She scooted closer to him, her other hand hugging herself around her waist. “I’m so glad you found me,” she sighed out.

“What are you doing here anyway?” Max called out to the person. “You shouldn’t be out alone at night.”

“I know. I am not alone,” she said with a sigh. “Or at least I wasn’t.”

“Who else was out here?” Max asked, slowly leading her out of the pumpkin patch.

“Um… I think he was…the sheriff’s son,” she said, unsure.

“Kyle?” Max asked, looking back at her, even though it didn’t really help, there wasn’t any light to see her with.

“Yeah, I think that was his name,” she said, she bumped into a pumpkin and Max waited for her to inch her way around it.

“What were you doing out here with Kyle?” Max asked, concerned. “He may be the sheriff’s son, but hardly a safe person to be around. He’s been known to… take advantage of situations.”

“Thanks for the heads-up. You might want to tell my father that though,” she said with a sigh. “He forced me to go along with Kyle.”

“Why?” Max asked, stopping, since they were out of the pumpkin patch.

“He was supposed to be showing me around town,” she said. “I’m new here.”

“Well, there really isn’t much to this town,” Max said with a smile.

“Yeah, I’ve noticed,” she laughed. Her laugh was so incredible. It made Max smile even more. “Where are we by the way?”

“Oh, you’re in my pumpkin patch,” Max said. Her hand was still in his, and it didn’t seem as though she were going to remove it anytime soon, not that Max minded. On the contrary, her hands felt nice, soft against his callous skin.

“Where is that exactly?” she asked. He could tell she was smiling.

“Oh… um… Evans’ farmstead,” Max said, suddenly thankful for the darkness so she couldn’t see him blushing.

“Oh, you have the yellow, two-story home?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Max said, nodding his head.

“I remember it. It’s a beautiful house,” she said, stepping a bit closer to him.

“Um… thanks…” Max said, smiling nervously.

“Well… um… if you could take me to the main road, I can find my way home from there,” she said, squeezing his hand softly.

“Oh… um… yeah… of course… this way,” he pulled her hand slightly and lead her down a path. “It’s not that far from here. Um… so, how much of the town did you get to see?” Max asked, trying to make chit-chat.

“Not much,” she said, laughing. “Kyle took me through a forest and then left me in the pumpkin patch when it was already dark.”

“He just left you?” Max asked, bewildered.

“Yup,” she said with a sigh. “He said he was going to get something and come back, but that had to have been way over an half an hour ago.”

“He probably got bored with you and went off to go get drunk,” Max said, shaking his head.

“That’s a nice thing to say,” she huffed.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that…” Max tried to apologize.

“I know you didn’t,” she interrupted him. “You seem like too much of a nice person.”

“Thanks,” Max said with a smile. When they reached the road, Max stood there, still holding on to her hand. “If you… um… if you still want a tour of the town… I could… I could show you…”

“I’ll be holding you to that,” she said to him, punching him softly in the arm.

“I’m sorry… I… um…” Max laughed and ran his other hand through his hair. “I… I didn’t even get your name.”

“I didn’t get yours either,” she said softly, tilting her head to the side.

“Oh… my name is Max, Max Evans,” he smiled at her, even though she could just dimly see it.

“Max…” she tested the name, seeing how it felt rolling off her tongue. “I like that.” She squeezed his hand again before letting go. “I’ll see you around, Max…” she said, walking away from him.

“Wait,” he called to her. “I didn’t get your name.”

“Elizabeth, Elizabeth Parker,” she called back to him. “But you can call me Liz.”


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Chapter Three

“I know,” Max said, walking up to her. “We haven’t really been talking lately. I’ve just… I’ve been angry a lot, lately. Not just at you though. I’ve been angry at this whole damn farm. I just… I wish I were normal. You know? And I’m just… I’m tired of everyone comparing me to pa. I’m not him. I never will be,” Max sat down on a small stool with a huff.

“It feels good to get that off my chest. I could always talk to you about these things. That’s why I love you so much. You’re the best there is. So… I met a girl just now,” Max said, a smile on his face. “She was nice. And had a sweet laugh. You know, the ones where you just can’t help but smile at. And brightens up everyone’s moods. I bet she’s pretty too. She’s new here, you know. Her parents probably own one of those new shops in town,” he shook his head and started laughing.

“I’m such a dimwit. I didn’t even ask her for her number or what part of town she was staying at. I mean… that’s what guys do when they like someone, right? They ask the girl for her number and then they call them and ask them to dinner or coffee or something, right?” Max got up and started pacing.

“Is that what guys do?” Max glanced over at her, waiting for her opinion. She nodded her head and grunted in agreement. Max smiled and walked over to her. “So, what do you think I should do now, Dreamer? Find her and then ask her for her number? Or just straight out and ask her on a date?” Max picked up a brush and began grooming his horse. “Do you get to know the girl first before you date them? Or do you date them to get to know them?”

Dreamer grunted again, lifting her head from side to side. Max shook his head. “What do you know? You’re just a horse. But you’re a good horse.” Max stroked her mane one more time and put the brush down. He sat back down on the stool.

“Hell, I’m a farmer, right? And farmers always have a whole herd of kids. They settle down with huge families, right?” Max asked himself. “And in order to have a big family, I have to marry. Find me a good wife. And if I want a good wife, I’m gonna have to start looking now. Because the good ones always go fast, right? Like apples. The nice and shiny apples are always bought first. And the bad ones are always left behind,” Max started snickering and shaking his head.

“Listen to me, comparing girls to apples,” Max chuckled again. “Mama would have just smacked me upside the head and papa would have just laughed…” Max fell silent as his face fell and he lowered his head. He sighed heavily and closed his eyes tight. “I miss papa…”

“I do too,” came a voice from behind him.

Max spun in his stool, looking to where the voice came. “Mama…” he whispered softly. “You were listening to me?”

“Not much,” she said, slipping into the barn. “I didn’t mean to eavesdrop. I just heard the last part. About girls being apples.” She raised her eyebrows at him and Max blushed slightly. Nancy smiled and walked slowly towards him, taking each step carefully.

Max stood up, grabbing his stool. “Here mama,” he said, setting it down beside her. “You know you shouldn’t be out here…”

“I know,” she said, interrupting him. “You were just taking so long, I wanted to see what you were up to.”

“I was just… talking to Dreamer,” Max said, somewhat flushed.

“Were Kyle and his goons out in the pumpkin patch?” she asked as he grabbed another stool and took a seat beside her.

“Um… no. Kyle wasn’t out there,” Max said, running his hand through his hair nervously, not sure whether or not to tell him mother. “But… um… someone else was.”

Nancy shook her head with a sigh. “Why our pumpkin patch attracts so many people, I will never know,” Max snickered. He had thought the exact same thing. “Who was it this time?”

“Oh… um…” Max smiled shyly, “it was a… um… a girl.”

“Oh,” Nancy said, her eyes widening. “Does this girl have a name?”

“Eh… um… Elizabeth… Parker,” Max lowered his head slightly. He wasn’t all too comfortable talking to his mama about girls.

“Parker…” Nancy thought for a second. “I don’t remember any Parkers…”

“Oh, they’re new in town,” Max said, nodding his head. “Probably own one of those new stores or something.”

“Well, in that case. I’ll bake some cookies for them and you can bring it to her as a welcoming gift.” Apparently, all of his blushing led his mother to believe that he was somewhat interested in this girl, which he was.

“Th-that’d be great, mama,” Max stuttered, “but I… um… I-I don’t even know where she lives or anything.”

“Max,” she said, pursing her lips, “there are less than a hundred people living in this town. You’ll run into her again. Trust me on that.” Max smiled at her. “Now, what do you think? Oatmeal or chocolate chip?”

Max looked to the side and thought for a second. “Chocolate chip.”

“Chocolate chip,” Nancy repeated, nodding her head. “You must really be interested in her. Maybe I should make them heart shaped while I’m at it.”

“Mama…” Max whined. “Stop… you’re gonna embarrass me.”

“Nonsense,” Nancy said, swatting his hand. “Come on. It’s late and you have to deliver the hay in the morning.”

Max nodded his head and stood up, offering his hand to her as he helped her back towards the house.

“Such a gentleman,” she teased him. “So much like your father.”

Max just nodded his head, smiling sadly. “I know mama,” he whispered as they headed out the barn and up the dirt path to their home. “I know…”


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*~*~ Author's Note ~*~*

My plan worked. Hehehe... I got so much FEEDBACK. It's like...WHOA!! Thank you everyone for reading my works. It's great that everyone's curious about these fictions of mine. I got kind of lazy, so I typed up one author's note and just copied and pasted to my other stories. So you don't have to go into every story and read each note I made, ((Thank you, for those of you loyal readers out there who read all my stories, for those everyone else, try it out and just tell me what you think.)) Here's some news about my stories:

HARVEST MOON: Chapter Four is in the making right now. I have been updating The Denial Game and Accept the Challenge and have been neglecting this story for a while. I was deciding whether or not I wanted to make Liz's character the way I had intended to originally, or to go with something else. Someone mentioned that the plot so far seems 'simply sweet' and I'm seeing whether or not you guys would want it to stay that way or not. It will still have that pleasant, warm, country kind of simple life's hardships charm to it, but Liz's character is a bit... different... I can't describe it. *SiGh* I don't think it'll stay simple. I may stay with sweet as much as possible, but I can't guarantee simple. There are always complications in my stories, so many complications. But hey, life is just filled with complications.

THE DENIAL GAME: I'm working on it. I just want to make sure I get Max and Liz to meet up again in the best way possible. And I want to introduce in more of the characters. I already have Alex, Maria, and Tess in there, not to mention Max and Liz, but I have to get everyone else in too. I think it may be a part or two before Max and Liz actually 'TALK'. But I'll make sure there is some kind of interaction going on between the two of them. At first, the story started out with me just venting on and on about life. And then it got into layers which reminded me of the movie Shrek, then it turn led to onions. Why do my stories always seem to get away from their titles? Same thing with Accept the Challenge. I don't even know how I picked that title for it. Here I go again, rambling on and on. *SiGh* Thanks for reading it, if you did!!

ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE: I applaud everyone who found this fiction and started reading it from the beginning. I went back and edited it and put all the chapters back together, fixing minor errors, nothing that big. In all, it's over 300 pages on Word!! And for everyone else who has been with me from the beginning, I'm surprised you'll put up with all of it. It's like... Whoa!! And now, about this story, I'm sorry. I know everyone is so anxious to see what happens next, but I'm still working out the kinks and foreshadowes in my head. And with school and all... *SiGh* It looks like you are just going to have to wait. Don't hate me now. I have a test for US History tomorrow to study for and The Grapes of Wrath to read, BUT if I get enough demand for this story (I.e. FEEDBACK!!) I may come back and update it later on tonight with a new part. So keep the FEEDBACK coming!!

This was a really long author's note. Hopefully, I'll be back shortly with the new parts to each story, so keep checking and leave me FEEDBACK for each one and tell me the order in which you want each story to be updated first.
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*~*~* Author’s Note *~*~*

This is pretty much a pointless note, other than to let you know, No, I’m not dead and yes, I do read all of the FEEDBACK. And to see where my mind is thinking so far.

I know, I have been updating my other fictions, but I’ve been neglecting this one. And I am oh-so sorry. If you are waiting for an update to this story, I am just so terribly sorry. I have Chapter Four started and all, but I just can’t write it. I just am not sure where I want to take this story. So, I’m just going to put it off for a while. Hopefully not too long, but just until I can think up some more of the storyline. Thank you for putting up with me so far. I just… Liz’s problem in the story line is hard to form and develop without giving it away. And writing in third person is working on me too. And figuring out just which characters are going to be who and how they are going to be worked into the situation and who is all going to be related to who and whose all new in town and whose not. It’s just all getting hard. I know some things for sure though:
MAX : main character, loner, dad died, Nancy (mom) is his only relation left, etc, etc.
LIZ : new in town, has her own problem (which I will not reveal to you just now) has a sister, and dad (Jeffrey), her mom died.
ALEX : Son of Charles Whitman, owner of Whitman Ranch, I’m thinking of making Alex one of Max’s distant buddies.
KYLE : Valenti’s, the sheriff, son, may be a potential bad guy, but right now, he’s just one of the bad kids in town, not necessarily bad, but does bad things, like drinking.
TESS : she will be in the story. But do not fret. I happen to like Tess when she’s good.
MARIA : we will find a spot for her somewhere
MICHAEL : I think I might make him Alex’s brother, or someone else all together, like an old man or something, hey, you never know, after all, I have made Kyle into a thirtysomething year old monk before.
ISABEL : I’m still considering whether or not to put her in, since Max doesn’t have any siblings in this fic. If I do, she’ll be Alex’s girlfriend from the big city or something along those lines.
All of the rest of the characters , I will try to incorporate them in at one time or another, like I did in Accept the Challenge, if you haven’t read that, try it and tell me what you think. It’s a fairytale, pretty lengthy too so you don’t have to worry about waiting for an update.

And since I’m so bored and have nothing better to do with this period of writer’s block, I’m going to answer all the FEEDBACK, that’s right, every one of you who has left me something, in order:

FehrBehr - Thanks. I wish I could write more.
Allie1031 - Thank you. If only my English teacher thought I wrote well.
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Chapter Four

Max woke early that morning, before the sun rose over the fields and before the rooster woke up to crow, early. After all, he had a lot to do today. Max got dressed, threw on a light jacket and made his way down the stairs. He grabbed the keys to the truck from off the mantle and started his way out the back door.

“Hold it right there, young man.”

Max sighed and turned back around. “Mama, you know you shouldn’t be up this early in the morning. You need your rest.”

“And you need to eat,” she tilted her head towards the kitchen.

Max groaned and drudgingly followed her to the table as she placed a plate of food in front of him.

“You know you shouldn’t be missing out on meals, Max,” she lectured, as she sat down a glass of orange juice in front of him. “You need as much energy as you can get. The less food you eat, the more tired you’ll get.”

“I know, mama,” Max took a sip of his juice after he had scarfed down the rest of his food. “I was planning on getting something to eat in town. They’ve got a new diner. I hear they’ve got some good food there.”

“Well, there’s nothing better than a home cooked meal,” she said, picking up his plate and taking it to the sink.

“Of course. Your cooking is the best, mama,” he wiped his mouth on his napkin, stood up and gave her a kiss on the cheek before heading for the door.

“Oh, and Max,” he stopped and turned to look at her. “While you’re in town today, have fun. Stay out and do whatever you want, Max.”

Max nodded his head. “I’ll be home before dinner, mama.”

“No,” she stopped him. “Stay out in town. Go on. Help out and set up for the festival. Do whatever it is that boys normally do. I know you’ve never really had the chance so I just wanted to…”

“Thank you, mama,” he walked back into the kitchen, gave her a hug and left out the door. Once outside, Max shook his head at her words. He knew she meant well, but frankly, he had no idea what normal boys did at his age. He forgot years ago.

He supposed he could help out with setting up a few booths and stands for the festival. The fall festival was the biggest thing this town had. Towns from miles away come here to sell surplus crops and to just have a good time. There were contests, picnics, and of course, at night, there was the myth of the moon. But Max never participated in that. His parents always had, though, ever since he could remember.

Max sighed at the memory, shook his thoughts away and headed on into the barn. He set out hay for the horses, cows, and sheep. He set out the slop for the pigs. And got the feed for the chickens and the rest of the animals. It always took him, on average, about half an hour to an hour to feed all the animals each morning, and that was only if he hurried. Then, he also had to gather the chicken eggs, milk the cow, and tend to all the rest of the animals on the farm.

So by the time he was done with his morning chores, the sun was up, waking the rest of the world. Max walked over to his truck and pulled the keys out of his pocket. He got in and started up the engine, putting the truck into gear and heading out towards Whitman Ranch.

The Whitman’s were nice people. Their families have been doing business together for generations. The Whitman’s would always buy surplus of the Evan’s crops and hay. The extra money always came in handy, especially nowadays with all the bills and all. When his father was around though, there was always more than enough of everything. They didn’t really worry about things like money. Heck, his father even had enough money to buy Dreamer from Mr. Whitman for Max. And now that his father was gone, things were harder. But everyone in town, like Mr. Whitman, were always there to look out for Max.

Max pulled into the driveway leading to the barn, waving to Michael, one of the ranch hands along the way. He parked his truck just outside the barn and shut off the engine before stepping out of the truck. He took off his jacket and threw it across the seat before shutting the door. He pulled open the entrance to the barn and started unloading the hay.

“Need help?”

Max walked back to the truck and found Michael grabbing a bundle and hauling it into the barn.

“Don’t-cha got otha things to do, Michael?” Max asked, getting into the truck and grabbing another stack and tossing it onto the ground.

“Nah,” Michael took the stack from the ground and took it into the barn. “Ya know how Mr. Whitman gets ‘round this time a year. He lets us relax with the festival coming up and all.”

Max nodded his head. “Yeah, too bad work for me its actually more hectic this time o’ year.”

“If ya need any help, Max,” Michael grabbed another bundle, “ya just give me a call.”

“Nah,” Max shook his head. “I can’t afford ta pay ya.”

Michael shook his head. “I ain’t chargin’. Just if ya need help, Max.”

“Thanks, Michael.” Max patted the guy on the back. Max has only known Michael for about two years, when Michael first came to town, they haven’t had all too many times to talk, but Michael always seemed like a good, down-to-earth guy.

They finished loading the hay into the barn and then headed to the porch and took a seat. “So, Max. The festival’s coming up.”

Max nodded his head. “Yeah, it is.”

“You plannin’ on askin’ anyone this year?” Michael asked, grabbing his canister and taking a sip. Then offered it to Max.

Max shook his head. “Do I ever take anyone any year?”

Michael snickered. “Not in the two years I’ve known ya.”

“Yeah, well I should say the same fer you.” Max kicked his legs up and leaned back.

“Yeah? Well, I got someone in mind this year,” Michael tried to suppress the smile on his face.

“No kiddin’?” Max leaned forward with a smile on his face. “Who?”

Michael took another sip of his drink. “New girl in town.”

“Wait. Her name wouldn’t happen to be Liz, would it?” Max raised his eyebrows.

Michael shook his head. “Nah. I haven’t heard of anyone named Liz. Why? You interested in some new girl named Liz?” Michael smirked at Max.

Max leaned back again. “Maybe.”

“Well, what she look like?”

Max just shrugged his shoulders. “Not a clue.”

“Is her hair like a golden yellow?” Michael asked, scrunching his eyebrows together in thought.

Max just shrugged again. “I really don’t know. Haven’t seen what she looks like.”

Michael leaned back. “Then how ya know her?”

Max smiled. “Met her last night.”

“And ya dunno what she looks like?” Michael took another sip. “How do ya meet her and not know what she looks like?”

“It was dark,” Max defended himself. “But she had a pretty voice. And soft skin.”

Michael looked at him with narrowed eyes. “You dog, you.”

Max rolled his eyes. “I held her hand. Nothin’ more.”

“Sure, I’ll believe that.” Michael took another sip of his drink. “So, are you gonna ask her to the festival?”

“I don’t even know her, Michael,” Max shook his head.

“But we’re expected to bring someone. We’re getting old, Max,” Michael said with a sigh.

Max shoved him with his elbow. “Speak for yourself, old man. What are you now, twenty?”

“Twenty-one,” Michael said, nodded his head. “Ya know, back then, I thought I woulda married by now, start a family.”

Max nodded. “Yeah. But life never works out the way ya plan.” He lowered his head. Max knew exactly what Michael was talking of. So many things had happened that Max never planned on happening when he was younger. Namely, his father’s death.

He sighed and shook the thoughts away. He had spent years grieving over it already. It was time to move on. “So, when ya plannin’ on askin’ this girl o’ y’urs?”

Michael shrugged his shoulders. “Dunno. Maybe today. Depends.”

“On what?”

Michael chuckled. “On whether o’ not I can get up ‘nuff nerve ta talk ta her.”

Max smiled. “She dat purdy?”

Michael nodded his head. “An’ feisty as hell. You should see her.”

“What she do in town?” Max was happy for Michael. This guy has always wanted a family. Max had heard quite a few rumors of Michael being before he came here, but Michael’s never mentioned anything of ‘em. Michael was a very closed off person. He didn’t like to talk about too many things.

Michael took another sip of his drink. “She came here with her family. They own a diner in town.” Michael’s eyes suddenly widened and a smile came over his face. “Say, hows ‘bout we go an’ get us something ta eat and I’ll show her ta ya?”

“I dunno,” Max shook his head. “I just had breakfast.”

“Just a cup a coffee then. My treat,” Michael coaxed. “Come on. An’ we’ll get ta take Alex out.”

“Alex is back?” Max’s eyes widened. “Why didn’t ya tell me?” Max jumped to his feet and ran into the house to meet up with his long lost friend.


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Chapter Five

“ALEX!” Max yelled upon seeing the sleeping form on the bed. It’d been a long time since he’d last seen Alex, since Alex went away to college last year to study computers.

“Wha…what?” Alex shot out of bed and stared at the two guys in his room. “Michael… Max… what’s goin’ on?”

“Why didn’t ya tell me you were coming home?” Max asked, patting his old friend on the back.

“Oh, God,” Alex relaxed. “I just got in last night. Woulda called ya but figured you were busy. In fact, I was gonna stop by today.”

“So… what’s the big city like anyhow?” Max asked, a wide smile on his face.

“How ‘bout I go take a shower and then I’ll tell ya all ‘bout it?” Alex offered, standing up and stretching.

“Yeah,” Michael spoke up. “Max and I are headin’ out ta a new diner in town. We seein’ if ya wanna come and join us.”

“ ‘course. Just gimme a while ta get ready,” Alex headed into his bathroom.

“Alright. I gotta go and have a talk with Mr. Whitman,” Max said, heading out the door.

“Yeah, I’ll be waitin’ outside,” Michael followed him. “We’ll take y‘ur truck, ‘kay Max?”

Max nodded his head as left Alex’s room and headed down the hall to Mr. Whitman’s small office. Max knocked softly before slowly opening the door. “Mr. Whitman?”

“Max, come on in,” Mr. Whitman called from behind his desk. “I was startin’ ta wonder when you were gonna stop by.”

“Sir?” Max sat down in the seat across from him.

Mr. Whitman pulled an envelope from out of a drawer and placed it on the desk in front of Max. Max picked it up and looked inside.

“Payment fer tha hay,” Mr. Whitman said while Max took the money out of the envelope and did the quick calculations in his head.

Max shook his head. “Mr. Whitman, this is more than enough fer tha hay.”

Mr. Whitman smiled. “It’s a lil’ extra fer you, Max.”

“But, I can’t take this,” Max said, handing the envelope back to Mr. Whitman.

“Take it, Max,” Mr. Whitman used his most authoritative tone, the one that made Max feel as though he were ten years old again. “Consider it a gift fer the festival. May y’ur wishes come true.”

Max smiled. “Thank ya, Mr. Whitman.”

Mr. Whitman smiled and leaned back in his chair. “I take it ya know Alex is back?”

Max nodded his head. “Yeah. Michael and I were plannin’ on takin’ ‘im out fer coffee.”

“Good,” Mr. Whitman nodded his head and shooed Max out. “Go on then. And tell Michael he can have the whole day off. Go hang aroun’ town, help set up booths, find y’urselves a girl ta ask ta the festival. I want to see you out there for the moon this year, Max.”

Max smiled and blushed slightly, nodding his head and heading out the door. He jumped down the stairs, two at a time, like he’d always done, even before his legs were long enough to do so. He pushed open the screen door and found Michael seated on the porch like he was before they entered the house.

“Alex ready yet?” he asked, leaning back and closing his eyes.

“Nah,” Max answered him as he took his seat as well. “But Mr. Whitman says ya can take the rest o’ tha day off.”

“Really?” Michael’s eyes remained closed.

Max smirked. “Yeah. Says your gonna need it. It’s gonna take ya more than a day ta find ya a girl that’s willin’ ta go ta tha festival wid ya.”

Michael’s expression still hadn’t changed, but you can see a small pull at the corner of his mouth, trying his best to resist from smiling. “Yeah? Well you too, Evans. You probably even need more than two days.”

“Say, ya think Alex is gonna take Little Laurie Dupree to the festival this year?” Max asked with a chuckle, ignoring Michael’s comment. “She’s still got a thang for him. And now that he’s back, bet she’ll be hanging all over poor Alex.”

“What’s she, like fifteen now?” Michael shook his head and chuckled. “Besides, rumor has it Alex’s all into city-girls now.”

“That so?” it was Max’s turn to lean back and close his eyes while Michael talked.

“Yup,” Michael nodded his head. “Heard it from Miss Tessa Harding herself.”

“Micheal,” Max looked pointedly at him. “You know Tessa Harding has been known ta tell a lie er two.”

“Aww, is little Maxie still angry o’er that lil’ rumor she said ‘bout-cha?” Michael teased.

“You mean my engagement to Pam Troy?” Max asked sardonically. “How did she come up wid dat one anyway?”

“You still haven’t forgiven her, have ya? Don’t be so hard on Tessa, Max,” Michael defended her. “She’s got good intentions. And it ain’t her fault she likes ta talk. She’s a girl. It’s in their genes.” Max rolled his eyes at Michael. Michael was probably clueless when it comes to women. But then, he wasn’t any better.

“Besides,” Michael continued. “It prob’ly wasn’t even Tessa who started it. It was prob’ly Pam Troy herself.”

Max groaned. “Ya know what? I don’t wanna talk ‘bout this nomore. If ya wanna know if Alex’s got himself a city girl, ya can ask him later.”

“Fine,” Michael leaned back and closed his eyes. “You plannin’ on helpin’ settin’ up tha festival?”

“Yup,” Max nodded his head slowly.

“Plannin’ on bein’ at tha moon this ye’r?” Michael asked, aiming for his tone to be as nonchalantly as possible.

“Dunno,” Max shrugged his shoulders.

“Well, I am,” Michael said matter-of-factly. “So while y’ur all off on your lonesome, I’ll be with my girl.”

Max rolled his eyes, even though his eyes were shut. “You ain’t got a girl, Michael.”

“I’m gettin’ me one,” Michael said simply.

Max chuckled. “Dat’s what ya said last ye’r.”

“I will,” Michael said, defensively. “I will this ye’r.”

Max snickered again. “I’ll believe it when I see it, Michael.”

“I bet ya I can get me a girl b’fer you can,” Michael said with as much confidence in his voice as possible. Max remained quiet. Michael opened his eyes and looked at Max. “Come on, Evans. Ya chicken?”

Max sighed. “What’s tha wager?”

Michael thought for a second and then he looked back towards Max with a mischievous grin. “Loser’s gotta sing at tha festival, in front o’ everybody.”

Max still hadn’t opened his eyes. “I don’t sing.”

“Exactly,” Michael’s smile widened.

Max took a deep breath. “Fine. You’re on.”

Michael snickered. “Ya better start tuning up those vocal cords o’ y’urs, Max. ‘Cus y’ur gonna need it.”


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Chapter Six

Max drove leisurely to town, taking in all of the scenery, more than he normally did. But he couldn’t help it. It was always so much more beautiful this time of year. The transition between seasons always intrigued him. And the way that nature seemed to adjust herself for the oncoming cold, preparing for the worst.

“Hey, Maxwell,” the voice invaded Max’s thoughts, followed by a knock on the glass back window of his truck. “Hurry it up, will ya,” Michael’s impatient voice floated through the wind.

They were all riding in Max’s truck, him and Alex in front, and Michael riding in the back. Michael’s unruly hair could be seen through the rearview mirror. “What’s y’ur hurry, Michael?” Max called out to him through the rolled down window. “A bit anxious ta see that girl a y’urs, ain’t ya?”

“What girl?” Alex’s voice came from the passenger seat, looking back curiously at Michael.

Max couldn’t help but smile at Michael’s sudden silence. “Go on, Michael. Tell Alex all bout this girl ya got. Tha one that’s as feisty as she is purdy.”

“Can it, Max,” Michael’s voice came through the window. Max could tell Michael was annoyed, but he could only laugh. “I ain’t tellin’. Ya’ll see ‘er soon ‘nuff.”

“I dunno, Michael,” Alex spoke up. Max could hear the laughter in Alex’s voice as well. It was good to have Alex back. “I mean. If I see a girl that I think’s purdy and didn’t know it was y’ur girl, I might just take ‘er from ya.”

“Now, now, Alex.” Max’s voice had a playful warning to it. “We don’t wanna make Lil’ Laurie Dupree jealous, now do we?”

Max wasn’t looking at Alex, but he could tell his friend was glaring at him. “Could ya guys just drop it? It’s been years now an’ frankly, I’m sick an’ tired o’ that joke.”

“Ain’t that against tha law? Sach’a’tory rape?” Michael’s laughter could he heard once again.

“Exactly,” Alex was warning both of them. “So let’s not start wid all dat ag’in.”

Max glanced over at Alex, who was not slouching in his seat and pulling his hat down lower over his eyes. “It ain’t our fault you were her knight in shining arm’r,” Max started chuckling again.

“I was ten, Max. An’ she was five,” Alex defended himself. “Besides, all I did was stop mah dog from attackin’ her. It ain’t like I done it on purpose.”

“Still…” Max shook his head and continued to grin.

“An’ it’s been nine ye’rs, fer Christ’s sake,” Alex blew up.

“True love neva dies, Alex,” Michael’s voice came out again.

Max snickered again. He’d been picking on Alex for nine years, ever since they discovered of lil’ Laurie Dupree’s lil’ crush on Alex. Some things just never change.

“So, I hear y’ur plannin’ on goin’ ta tha moon this ye’r, Max,” a hint of amusement could be heard in Alex’s voice.

“An’ where’d-cha hear that from?” Max threw a glance at Alex.

“Oh, I just ran inta some people on tha way in ta town last night,” Alex had a smile on his face.

Max sighed. Why he had always seemed to be the talk of the town, he had no idea. “I dunno, Alex. We’ll have ta wait an’ see.”

“I think it’s a good idea, Max.” Alex’s head could be seen nodding from the side.

Max had to stop and remind himself to drive carefully. What was this? Alex wasn’t going to be making jokes about this like he had last year, and the year before that? Max had never attended the moon, not once. “Alright. What’s goin’ on?”

“What?” Alex shrugged his shoulders. “I just said it’s a good idea.”

“Exactly,” Max nodded his head. “You neva said nothing like that. So what’s goin’ on?”

“Nothing,” Alex defended himself. “Nothing’s goin’ on. Can’t a guy just be happy fer his fr’end?”

“Not when y’ur tha guy an’ not when I’m tha fr’end. So what’s going on?”

“Alright. It’s just… I’ve been doing a lot o’ thinking lately. And I dunno, ya know. Maybe… maybe it’s time ya start settlin’ down. I mean… y’ur getting’ old an’ it’s ‘bout time ya start thinkin’ ‘bout it, is all.”

“I’m getting’ old?” Max asked, glancing over at Alex. They were the same age.

“Yeah, ya are, Max,” Alex nodded his head. “Look at ya. Ya prob’ly got grey hair already.”

“Believe me, Alex. If I could get a girl, I would have one,” Max sighed out.

“Oh, yea? I’m pretty sure every girl in town would want ya, especially from tha way they talk ‘bout ya,” Max could see Alex winking at him through the corner of his eye.

“Like who?” Max asked, suddenly very interested.

“Well, Pam Troy fer one,” Alex had a smile on his face.

“Alex,” there was warning in Max’s voice. His grip on the steering wheel tightened. “You should know better than ta even mention her. I would drop dead before I even thought about getting’ hitched ta her.”

“Hey,” Alex defended himself. “I was just…”

“Drop it. We’re here.” Max said as he pulled his truck into a parking spot in front of the small diner.

Before he could even park the car, Michael had already jumped out and was headed in. “Well, it ain’t mah fault I want mah coffee.”

Both guys eyed him as they got out of the truck. “Coffee, right.”

A bell above the door dangled as they entered and found themselves a booth.

As soon as they sat down a friendly looking waitress walked over to them with a smile on her face. “Hi, Michael. Who’re y’ur fr’ends?” she handed each person a menu.

Michael smiled at her. “Howdy, Maria. Um… this is Alex an’ Max. Guys this is Maria.”

Both Alex and Max just smiled at her. Both still amused at Michael’s flustered behavior.

“Hey there, fellas. What can I get ya’ll this mornin’?” she flipped open her order pad, prepared to write down their orders.

“Some coffee would be nice,” Alex spoke up.

She quickly jotted it down on her small order pad. “Anything to eat?”

Alex skimmed down his menu before folding it up and handing it back to her. “Pancakes please.”

“Alright,” she wrote down his order and turned to Max. “Anything fer you?”

“Nah,” Max shook his head. “Jus’ coffee will be fine.”

“An’ Michael?” she turned and gave him a smile. “What will ya have?”

The smile she gave Michael seemed as though it left him in a small daze.

“Coffee. He’ll have coffee,” Alex answered for him, while kicking him under the table.

“Um… right… coffee,” Michael mustered, but the smile was still on his face.

“Alright. I’ll be right back,” she left to hand the order over to the cook, but not before winking at Michael once. Which in turn, put a wide grin on Michael’s face.

Alex snickered. “Looks like Mikey-boy here is in love,” he made a show of batting his eyelashes and all, making Max laugh even harder.

“Knock it out, guys,” Michael’s face was serious. “You’ll be exactly where I am one o’ these days.”

Alex shook his head. “Not likely. Life’s jus’ too excitin’ ta settle down right now. An’ it ain’t gonna happen ta Max here either,” Alex pointed over to Max.

“Why ain’t it gonna happen ta me?” Max sat up straight, looking over at Alex. “I thought ya said plenty o’ girls wanted me.”

Alex shrugged. “Yeah. Well, with how hard you work, tha only thing you’ve got time fer are the cows.”

“Here you are, boys,” Maria set down three cups and filled each with coffee. “Y’ur pancakes will be out in jus’ a moment,” she told Alex.

Michael stared after her as she walked back over behind her counter and started refilling the sugar bowls. “If you’ll excuse me now, kids. I’ve got me a date ta get,” he winked at Max and stood up.

Max shook his head. How Michael was able to get up so much confidence to walk up to a girl was just beyond him. “You’re a bit sure of yourself aren’t you?”

Michael smirked back at Max as he made his way over to Maria. “Jus’ wait, Max. You’ll be singin’ yet.”

Alex looked over at Max. “What’s he talkin’ ‘bout?”

“A bet we made,” Max said with a sigh. “Seein’ who can get a girl ta go ta the festival with them first.”

Alex snickered and shook his head. “Ya neva shoulda bet Michael. Y’ur just askin’ ta lose.”

Max rolled his eyes. “Glad ya got confidence in me.”

Alex stopped his laughing. “Come on, Max. I’m only bein’ honest. Girls like rugged guys like Michael. And that just ain’t how you are.”

“I’m rugged,” Max straightened up in his seat, sticking his chest out.

Alex laughed again. “Nah, Max. I know ya. Y’ur a sissy at heart. Y’ur a good fella. But you’ve got lots a things ta worry an’ care about. Unlike Michael, whose only got himself ta think of.”

“So, y’ur sayin’ I ain’t neva gonna get me a girl?” Max stared at his friend with raised eyebrows.

Alex pursed his lips, shaking his head. “I ain’t sayin’ that. What I am sayin’ is that, when ya do find y’urself someone, she’ll be a good person to settle down with. What Michael will probably get is jus’ some short-term thang.”

Max looked at Alex curiously. “What do ya mean?”

Alex sighed. “When girls look at Michael, they see a fling. I mean, he’s a ranch hand. They come and go, in and outta towns as they please. But when they look at you, they see a long-term commitment kinda thang.”

Max smiled. “How do ya know so much ‘bout girls?”

Alex had a smug look on his face. “I got me a city girl.”

“An’ what y’ur pa say ‘bout that?” Max asked with raised eyebrows.

“Ain’t tellin’ ‘im,” Alex winked before Michael came back to the booth.

He quickly sat down and leaned in, whispering. “Alex, I need a favor.”

“I dunno ‘bout y’ur favors,” Alex said warily. “The last favor I done fer ya got me in quite a bind.”

“Come on, Alex,” Michael pleaded. “I really need ya ta do this.”

“Nah,” Alex shook his head. “I love ya like a brother, Michael. But ain’t ready to do anymore favors after that last one.”

Michael sighed in defeat and then turned to Max. “Max…”

“No,” Max said in a stern voice.

Michael continued. “But ya don’t even know what it is yet. How can ya say no?”

Max looked him straight in the eyes. “Easy. No.”

“Come on,” Michael persisted. “I’ll drop tha bet.”

“Chickenin’ out?” Max asked with a smirk on his face.

“Oh. I got myself a date.” Michael said with a smile.

Max groaned. “Then, what’s it ya need?”

Michael looked hopeful. “I just need ya to…”

“No,” Max interrupted him. “Every time I do someone a favor, I always end up regrettin’ it.”

“Please, Max,” Michael begged. “I’ll load hay fer ya fer two weeks.”

Max looked at Michael with a raised eyebrow. “A month.”

“Fine. Deal,” Michael agreed in a hurry.

“So what is it ya need me ta do?” Max asked warily.

Michael leaned in to tell Max with a smile. “See, Maria. She’s got herself this sister…”


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Harvest Moon
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Chapter Seven

Max leaned down to lift up the wooden panel while Alex helped him hold it in place as Michael and Kyle nailed the boards together, putting together their fourth booth for the day.

After Michael and Kyle pounded the last of the nails into the wood and were satisfied that the booth would hold, they all went over toward the picnic tables and grabbed themselves some lemonade.

They gulped down their drinks and sat in silence, resting, until Michael spoke up. “I still don’t see why ya won’t help me out, Max.”

Max sighed, shaking his head. “Michael, I said no.”

“It ain’t like she ain’t good looking,” Michael argued.

“Have you even seen her sister?” Max asked, eyebrows raised.

“Nah,” Michael said reluctantly, “but she’s gotta be. Jus’ look at her sister.”

“I dunno, Michael,” Alex said staring out the horizon, “I mean, remember tha McPherson sisters? Tha first one was mighty fine but tha secund coulda scared tha cows away.”

“Hey,” Kyle spoke up. “I woulda dun ‘er.”

“God knows ya woulda, Kyle,” Max said, rolling his eyes.

“I’ll take her off your hands, Michael,” Kyle said, stretching his legs out and leaning back against the table.

“I dunno about that, Kyle,” Alex said, picking his drink back up.

“What?” Kyle asked, glancing back at Alex.

“Nothin’,” Alex shook his head.

Kyle turned all the way around, sitting straight and staring at Alex. “Why can’t I take her?”

“Heya, fellas,” Tessa Harding came walking up to the table. “What cha’ll up ta?”

Michael shrugged, shaking his head. “Jus’ talkin’.”

“Hey, Tessa,” Kyle called, turning his gaze from Alex to Tessa.

“Yeah?” she asked, turning towards him and batting her eyelashes.

“I’m not a bad guy to go out with, right?” he asked her, throwing a glare at Alex.

“Are you askin’ me out, Kyle?” her smile grew wide.

“Nah,” he shook his head. “It’s just that Alex was sayin’…”

“’Cus, you know,” she interrupted him, “I still don’t have anyone to go to the festival with.”

He nodded his head at her comment and continued on. “But, I meant…”

“Great,” she jumped, clasping her hands together. “I’d love to go with you, Kyle. So you’ll pick me up that afternoon and wear something nice.”

“But, Tessa,” Kyle shook hid head from side to side. “I…”

“I gotta go,” she started walking off, turning back to wave at them. “Bye, guys.”

“But…” Kyle stood to object but just watched as she walked away before sitting back down, his head in his hands. “How did I get myself into that?”

“Don’t worry, man,” Max chuckled. “She ain’t all bad.”

“Yeah, her mouth just runs non-stop,” Alex commented. “You just gotta keep her busy,” Alex said smugly, leaning back against the table.

“Busy doin’ what?” Kyle asked, eyeing the other two.

“I dunno,” Alex shrugged. “Go bobbin’ fer apples.”

“I hear there’s gonna be a kissin’ booth this ye’r,” Michael said with a smirk.

“A kissin’ booth?” Max asked, his eyebrows raised.

“That’s what I hear,” Michael said again, taking a sip of his lemonade.

“Who’s gonna be workin’ that booth?” Alex asked, laughing.

“I dunno,” Michael smiled again. “We’re gonna have to wait and see.”

“Well, fellas,” Kyle put his hands behind his head, leaning back. “You know where I’ll be spending all my time.”

“Yeah,” Alex said, pushing Kyle over, “with Tessa, that’s where.”

Max chuckled, watching them.

Kyle rolled his eyes, standing. “Well, see ya’ll boys later. I got places to be.” He walked away from them, leaving Max, Michael, and Alex sitting at the table.

“So what do we do now?” Michael asks after a lapse of silence.

Max kind of just shrugs, leaning back some more. “I dunno.”

“See, this is what makes the city so different from here, ” Alex raises his voice a bit, pointing out to nothing in particular.

“Big buildings? Smog?” Michael throws out.

“Well, that, and no noise,” Alex pauses and they all sit and listen. They can hear the breeze blowing and the murmurs of people several yards away. “It’s just so quiet and peaceful out here. And so slow-paced. In the city, I wasn’t even done doing one thing before I had a gazillion more things to do. Here, there ain’t nothing to do but to sit and think.”

Max sighs and groans, standing up. “Maybe for you guys, but I need to be getting home.”

Both Alex and Michael stay seated, looking up at him. “Ain’t even dinner time yet.”

“Yea,” Max nods, looking out at the horizon, “but I promised my ma I’d get back early.”

They both nod in understanding. “I’ll see ya later then, Max.”

He made his way down the street to his truck, digging into his jean pocket for his key.


He turned back around to face Michael and Alex, still sitting.

“You forgot your keys!” Michael stood up and threw them at him.

Max had to take a few steps back, but managed to catch them before he turned around and hit someone in the shoulder, knocking them down, along with the bags they were carrying.

“I am so sorry,” he quickly bent down and helped her gather her things.

“No, it’s my fault. I wasn’t looking where I was going,” she laughed a little and Max sat up, staring at her.

She had long brown hair. He kind of figured much so. She hadn’t really sounded like a blonde. She wasn’t all too bubbly or talkative like all of the blondes he knew. Her voice was softer, sweeter, a lot more innocent than Tessa’s or Pam’s. But her cute little laugh was unmistakable. It had to be her.


She lifted her head, her eyes narrowing a bit on him. It took her a while before a warm smile crept up her pretty face. “Max. I was wondering when I was going to run into you again.”

She grabbed her grocery bags and they both stood up.

“So…” Max ran his fingers through his hair a bit, “how have you been?

“Good. I’m just… um… running a few errands for my dad,” she shuffled the grocery bag in her arms a bit.

“Oh, do you need a little help with that?” he went for the bag, but she turned away.

“No, I’m fine,” she said with a smile. “Really…”

“Are you sure?” he tried to take the bag away from her again. “Because I don’t mind.”

“No, I’m fine-”

“Liz, sweetie,” a voice called out and they both looked further down the street at a man walking up to them. “Here you are. Where did you run off to?”

“Dad, I was just doing a little grocery shopping.”

Max looked between the two. Both had the same dark hair and eyes.

“Why aren’t you at home?” her dad said in a stern yet concerned manner. “You know it’s not for you to do the shopping and things.”

“I know,” she sighed and they continued to just talk to each other, leaving Max standing there, wondering whether or not he should leave. “But we ran out of bread and cereal and I thought I would just…”

“Thank you, Lizzie,” all of the sternness left her father’s voice, and all was left was concern. “But next time, please, at least just take your sister with you.”

“Ok, I promise,” she gave in and they were both smiling now.

“Here, let me get that,” her father took the bag from her hands and was about to start walking back down the street when Liz seemed to suddenly remember something.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” she quickly spun back around. “Dad, this is Max Evans, from the Evans’ Farmstead. Max, this is my dad, Jeffrey Parker.”

“It’s good to meet you, Max,” Jeffrey extended his hand for the boy to shake.

“Same here, Mr. Parker,” Max nodded, giving Mr. Parker’s hand a firm shake.

Jeffrey turned back towards his daughter, smiling at her. “It’s great you’re meeting new people, Lizzie.”

Both Liz and Max looked away, blushing a bit.

“So Max,” Max lifted his head upon being called. “Do you help your dad out on the farm?”

Max stared back, the subject a bit uncomfortable for him. It’s been a while since he’s met a person who didn’t know about his father, or how great a man his father was. “Um… well, actually, my dad passed away a few years back.”

“Oh,” Jeffrey said solemnly. “I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Yea,” Max smiled, trying to ease the mood a bit, “it’s just me and my mom.”

“Oh, well… you and your mom should come over to dinner sometime,” Jeffrey said, smiling back.

“I’m sure she would love that,” Max started, “but… um… she’s been ill for awhile now, and… um… the doctor says it’s best if she stays inside and rests as much as she can.”

“Well… um… we’d love to have you anytime, Max.”

“Thank you, sir,” Max nodded his head.

“Dad, why don’t you start heading on home,” Liz motioned her father down the street. “I’ll catch up.”

“Alright,” Jeffrey agreed, smiling at the two before walking off, grocery bag in hand.

“So… um…” she turned back towards Max once her father was at least halfway down the street. “My dad really means it, he’s not just being nice or anything. He would really like it you joined us for dinner sometime. I think he likes you,” she added with a smile.

Max blushed a bit, running his hand through his hair, “Gee, thanks.”

Liz cleared her throat and lowered her voice a bit. “I’m sorry about your father.”

“It’s fine,” Max sighed and forced a smile on his face. “I’m over it.”

“Really?” she looked right at him, staring into his eyes. “Because, I lost my mom when I was young. And I’m still trying to cope.”

Max just stared back, he didn’t know what to say.

Liz shrugged a bit, hugging her arms around her, “I don’t know. Sometimes I just… miss her so much.” She stared away.

Max reached out and placed a hand on her shoulder.

She looked up at him, a small grin crept back up her face. “I’m sorry… I… suddenly feel like I’ve said too much.” She laughed a bit, shaking her head back and forth. “You’re just… a really easy person to talk to.”

“Thanks,” he smiled back at her. “I like to think I’m a good listener. At least my horse thinks so.”

She laughed again, biting her lip before she glanced down the street. “I should go… catch up with my dad. But are you still willing to see me around the town? Show me where all the fun is?”

“Well, I don’t think I’d be much help there,” Max said honestly, shrugging his shoulders a bit. “I think all that I can maybe show you that no one else can in this town, is were all the quiet spots are, secret little getaways to stop and think, with a nice view while you’re at it.”

Liz smiled slowly and Max watched as the corners of her pink lips turned upwards. “That’s my idea of fun.”

“Well… um… I’m available, anytime you’re ready.”

“Okay,” she smiled again, biting her lip a bit. “I should… go. I’ll see you later.”

“Later,” Max nodded.

“Yeah,” she waved, taking a few steps back before she turned around and started away.

Max watched her go until she was more than halfway down the street, a smile on his face. Wait until Dreamer hears about this.


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