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Title: The Professional

Author: sugarplum17

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters. They belong to Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, and some studios. I’m just borrowing them. Also, the idea was sparked by seeing a promo for the movie The Professional starring Natalie Portman.

Summary: Liz Parker is not all that she seems . . .

Author’s Note(s): I’m not going to follow the story line for The Professional (the movie), I’m just using a few basic ideas that I saw in the promo for the movie. Also, don’t bank on updates coming fast. As you know, sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. I’m still working on all my other fics, but I couldn’t pass this up.

Part One

She stretched her arms above her head and yawned before leaning against the cool brick. She had been watching the café for a good twenty minutes, making sure that her client hadn’t been followed. She would wait another five before moving from the shadows of the alley and across the street to the coffee shop where her meeting was supposed to have already started.

When she was satisfied, she crossed the street and pulled the café’s door open. She walked over to the booth leisurely, and sat down across from the woman. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes. A woman in a black trench coat, a big black floppy hat, and a pair of shades bigger than Jackie O’s, sat opposite her looking nervous.

“Lose the hat and glasses.” She commanded softly as she motioned for the waitress to come over.

“What are you doing?” The mysterious looking woman hissed from her side of the booth. She looked about them, nervously.

“Believe me honey, you’re calling more attention to us than I am.” She answered in response. “Now, ditch the hat and glasses.”

Taking a cautious look around her, the young woman shrouded in black slowly took off her hat and glasses, clutching them both tight in the hands that rested in her lap. “You’re late.”

Ignoring the woman, she turned to the waitress. “Can I get a cheese burger and fries?”

“Sure thing.” The waitress answered cheerily before turning her head to look at the booth’s other occupant. “Another glass of water?”

The woman in the black trench coat shook her head in an almost imperceptive gesture and avoided making eye contact with the young waitress.

She took in the young woman’s appearance. She looked as if she were straight out of an old black and white movie. It was the same thing she had seen in classic detective movies, time and time again. The attractive blonde going to the attractive detective to get his help in finding her precious jewels, or her missing husband. Only difference was, Liz Parker was no detective and Tess Harding wasn’t coming to her to retrieve some precious jewelry.

Tess Harding’s naturally curly hair had been pulled back into a severe bun at the nape of her neck. She wore a black trench coat that she had yet to undo, and clutched her removed items of dress in her hands. Observing the table, she noticed that Tess hadn’t ordered anything.

“Relax, Mrs. Smith.” Liz wanted to laugh at how ridiculously original Tess’s fake name was. She didn’t understand why Tess Harding had insisted on even having a fake name! They were in New York. Nobody would be listening to their hushed conversation in the near empty café. “Order something when the waitress comes back.”

Tess nodded demurely, her eyes focused on the table top. “You’re late.” She hissed again.

“Yes, I know.” Liz responded, the voice of her volume startling Tess.

She hadn’t exactly yelled, but Tess had gotten the distinct impression that when one was doing this sort of thing, it should be discussed quietly. It was beyond her why Liz Parker even wanted to meet in a public place, where anyone could bear witness to their meeting or overhear their conversation.

“Ms. Parker,” Tess began, clutching the items in her hand tighter and letting her eyes meet with the brown eyes of the woman that would hopefully be her savior, “are you willing to help me out with my . . . problem or not? The man is black mailing me for Christ’s sake!”

“Why don’t you just go to the police?” Liz asked calmly. She knew full well why Tess Harding wouldn’t go to the Police. She wouldn’t go to the Police because whatever this guy had against her could get her into trouble with the same people who could legally save her.

“I just can’t.” She answered, her gaze shifting to the table top once again.

“What does he have on you?” Liz asked curiously. She didn’t exactly care what it was, so long as Tess Harding plunked down a chunk of change and said those magic words. Oh, and she knew that Tess could do it too. She was the daughter of Edward Harding, a man almost as rich as Bill Gates himself. She’d grown up with a trust fund, and servants to obey her every command and fulfill her every desire. And now that her old man had kicked the bucket she was one of the richest women in America. Hell, she was one of the richest women in the world to be truthful.

“I-I’d rather not say . . . ” Tess stuttered. “I’m getting married to the man that I love Ms. Parker, very soon. I can’t have my fiancé finding out about this.”

“How can I help you?” She asked carefully. She had to hear the words, and she definitely had to see the money. “And what do I get for helping you?”

Tess opened her mouth to say something, but closed it when she noticed the waitress walking toward their table carrying a plate. Instead, she reached into her purse and pulled out a small manilla envelope. She waited until the waitress was out of hearing distance and gave Liz a little time to pour ketchup on her burger.

Leaning in, she lowered her voice to barely a whisper and slid the envelope across the table. “Kill Max Evans.”


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Lolita Behrbuns originally wrote:
P.S. What did you mean Liz wasn't an attractive detective? I know that she's not a detective, but not attractive? Is she ugly?

Please come back soon!!*bounce*
LOL, no, no, no I didn't mean she was ugly. LOL, this probably won't make sense but I meant that she wasn't an attractive MALE detective. I think I'll just take out the word attractive to get my point across.

Thank you for the feedback Lolita and everyone else! I'll respond to some more of you individually when I post again, although I'm not sure when that'll be. *wink*

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Thank you to the following: frenchkiss70, alabama, ofwolfandman408, TeanHoney, StardustDreamer, Satp, Jbehrbabe, Lolita Behrbuns, Cassandra, roswellluver, tabasco sauce, I_LOVE_NICK, Emotions23, the better twin, NATEVANS, wild_child_uk, dreamforever88, carolina_moon, aZNroSweLl anglgrl, lm_roswell, PSW2001, jb2, skyiris, JBehrsGurl, qt4167013, Mariiska, Hawk, and last but not least Angelissa!

Lolita Behrbuns: I didn't see the movie, just the preview. I did however catch that guy in the remake of Godzilla and I thought he was pretty frickin cool! From what I read about him, he's an action movie KING in France where he comes from.

andy: Oh stop it you, I'm blushing. I watch a lot of TV and movies is all I can say for how I come up with my ideas. *shy* No worries though, I won't forget about BREAKAWAY or INVINCIBLE or any of my other fics for that matter. *wink*

Elena: Don't worry about it hun! *happy* As for wondering who Tess is engaged to, me and you both! 'Cause I have no idea!

Mariiska: I'm tryin to hit 'em all up. *wink*

Part Two

Liz sat slouched in the comfortable pleather seat as she casually sipped her drink. Her critical chocolate colored eyes surveyed the passengers around her. The children – and to her horror there were children sitting among her in first class – were all standing on their parent's laps with their headphones on, straining to see the movie the airline was showing over the tops of the seats infront of them. The ones that were big enough, like the boy who sat next to her who had to have been at least twelve, were sitting ramrod straight in an effort to see. Homeward Bound. She thought disgustedly as she looked away from the boy. When she was his age, she didn't give two shits about talking cats and dogs navigating their way home. Leon had introduced her to shoot ‘em up movies like Good Fellas, The Untouchables, Scarface, and The God Father. It had been all over from there.

A hand on her shoulder brought her out of her memories and she turned to see Randal, her flight attendant, standing in the aisle beside her seat. "How's the flight for you?" He asked her, his voice annoyingly pleasant.

"It's fine." She replied as politely as she could before looking away from him. She had hoped he would take it as a hint.

"May I get you anything?" He asked her, gesturing to her drink. "Another scotch perhaps?"

Looking down at the brown liquid, she realized that this man probably wasn't going to leave her alone unless she allowed him to service her in some way. Jerking her head back, she downed the rest of the drink and shoved the glass into his hand. "Another drink would be wonderful."

He stood beside her seat, clutching her empty glass in his hand with a mixture of amazement and surprise on his face. He had been a flight attendant for nearly three years now, and in that time he had never seen a woman down a drink the way that she had. Especially scotch! He had run across older women who had probably acquired a taste for the drink from their husbands, but mixed it with coke, but this woman – who couldn't have been more than twenty-six – was drinking her scotch straight and neat. He'd only seen old men drink it that way. Women like her made him wish he was straight!

When Randal had come and gone, leaving the newly filled glass in her hand, she rested her head against the seat cushion and closed her eyes, hoping for a little peace and quiet. She had to figure everything out, plan it all very carefully. She hadn't allowed Tess to give her a photograph of this Max Evans character, but a description instead. She couldn't have a trail of paper leading from her to this Max. According to Tess, he was tall and devastatingly handsome. Liz was to be careful around him, because apparently he could charm the pants off of you before you even had time to tell him your name.

According to Tess, next to his perfectly toned body his eyes were his most dangerous feature, and Liz was to avoid them at all costs. They were a beautiful honeyed hazel color, or so it was said, and they could swirl with every single emotion ever known to man at any given moment. Or so she was told. He was a creature of habit, meaning that his daily routine was almost always consistent with that of the day before. He hailed from the south-west, where he had dropped out of high school shortly after turning seventeen and ran away to the big apple where he conned his way into Tess Harding's life, or so she claimed.

He had, in recent years, moved back to his hometown and other than that Tess knew nothing else about him. Liz had to wonder what their relationship had been. Obviously Tess had been involved with him, sexually. It was apparent in every comment she made about the man, but Liz wondered why Tess was so eager to have him killed. The woman wouldn't discuss with Liz her reasons for wanting him out of the way, and Liz supposed it didn't really matter seeing as how she would be getting paid for bumping him off.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts." One of the flight attendants said over the loud speaker. "We'll be landing in Albuquerque shortly. Thank you for flying Delta!"


He stepped off the plane and ran his youthful hand through his thick mop of honey colored wavy hair. His flight had been horrible. He had been sitting next to a complete lush! But it didn't matter now because he was nearly home. He pulled the strap of his carry-on bag tighter over his shoulder and quickly made his way out of the terminal toward baggage claim. Hopefully that's where his mother would be standing, smiling her motherly smile and making him feel better than he had felt all week, because she was his mom, and only mothers could do that.

His heart sunk low in his chest when he reached baggage claim and her familiar face was no where to be found. Instead, he saw his mentor and the man that he idolized standing near the carousel. Max Evans stood, bearing his pearly whites for all to see and offering up a small wave in his direction.

"Hey Jimmy." Max greeted in a deep and friendly tone.

"Where's my mom?" He asked, realizing that he sounded rude. "I mean, not that I have a problem with you picking me up . . . but I was expecting my mom."

"Rough week at camp?" Max asked, his hand coming down and resting on the boy's shoulder.

Jimmy sighed. "Rough flight is more like it. I had to sit next to this lady, who was really pretty, but drank like a fish."

"Sounds like my kinda girl." Max laughed softly.

Jimmy rolled his eyes at his idol. "So where is my mom? I thought she was picking me up?"

"Everyone had to work except yours truly." He informed the younger boy, noting how Jimmy's fascinating greenish-blue eyes searched the carousel behind him. "I already got your luggage of the rack by the way."

It was only then that Jimmy looked down and noticed his large vinyl suitcase sitting pretty beside his friend. He sighed with relief. "Thanks Max."

"No problem pal." Max told him as he ruffled Jimmy's hair. "I thought your mom told you to get a haircut?"

"She did." He said, smiling up into Max's face.

"Excuse me."

Stepping out of the way and allowing the petite brunette access to the carousel, Jimmy elbowed Max hard in the side, prompting Max to lean down. "That's the lush!" He whispered, careful not to let her hear.

Max eyed her, his interest palpable. When she bent over the carousel to collect her bags, a satisfied smirk slowly started to twist his lips. "Definitely my kinda girl." He whispered back.


Unmindful of the oogling that was going on behind her, or the identity of the oogle-er himself, Liz Parker searched diligently for her bags. Finally finding them, she snatched them off of the conveyer belt and headed toward the door. She was on a mission after all. She had to find and rid the world of one Max Evans.

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I feel kind of dumb bumping my own fic, but oh well.
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AN: Kind of a short part. I apologize in advance for any spelling/grammar errors, for some crazy reason my spell checker freaks out on me whenever it reads the word Café, which in a Roswell fic is kind of unavoidable. Anyway, it was kind of slow going, although it went faster than most parts do. I worked on it all day off and on, and it's short so that doesn't say much.

Thank you to the following: JBehrsGurl, aZNroSweLl anglgrl, roswellluver, frenchkiss70, Jbehrbabe, Lolita Behrbuns, I_LOVE_NICK, the better twin, Hawk, cglenn, lm_roswell, tabasco sauce, dreamforever88, Lady_without_a_clue, Cassandra, Emotions23, and Alien614!

Elena: I'm glad you enjoyed it hun! Hm, Jimmy isn't Isabel's kid, but we'll find out who he belongs too soon enough. Not in this part though. *wink*

Lolita Behrbuns: Yes, I think Max is gonna be a bad boy in this. This fic is actually two parts THE PROFESSIONAL (the movie) mixed with two parts FAKING IT (a book I read a while ago, the name of the author escapes me) and baked for a while in the oven that is my mind. *tongue*

All, I can tell you about Max and his connection to Jimmy is that he is most definitely NOT sleeping with Jimmy's mother! LOL

the better twin: Yes, Liz has to kill Max. She was hired by Tess to whack him.

Andy: Thank you! *shy* Tess has her reasons, and they'll be revealed to us in due time. *wink*

Cassandra: He won't be incredibly arrogant, but his head will have to be swelled just a tad. *big* Thank you for the feedback! I hope you keep reading and keep enjoying. I do have a tendency to be slow with the updates, so I hope that doesn't drive you away! *happy*

Alien614: Thank you sweetie!

Okay, enough from me and on to the fic!

Part Three

She felt unprepared and untrained for the heat that surrounded her as she sat in the back of the taxi. She impatiently looked out of the window beside her watching as the driver loaded her bags into the back at an agonizingly slow pace. Her back was already sticking to the seat, and she saw people walking around wearing pants and long sleeves! Sure, it was fall. But back in New York, it was chilly and she had needed her coat. In New Mexico, it felt like a New York summer. It was a shock to her sweat glands.

"Finally!" She muttered underneath her breath as the driver got into the driver's seat infront of her.

"Destination?" He asked gruffly, his finger moving toward the meter.

She quickly rolled down her window, longing to get the car moving so that she could feel the air hitting her damp skin. "Roswell."


"So, how was camp?" Max asked as he flung Jimmy's bag into the back of the jeep. "Did ya meet any cute girls?"

Jimmy, who was climbing into the front seat, blushed. "It was bio camp, Max."

"You did, didn't you?" Max was amused by Jimmy's sudden shyness, even though it had been a common occurrence in the time that Max had known the boy. "You dog! Tell me about her."

"Her name was Rachel." Jimmy confessed, his cheeks flaming and his head bent.

"She a fox?" Max asked him as he started up the jeep. When Jimmy said nothing, Max continued his questioning. "Did you get her number?"

"She lives in Ohio." Jimmy told him. "But I got her address."

"Score!" Max said as he held up his hand and waited for Jimmy to slap it.


Liz stood on the sidewalk, her bags sitting on the pavement near her feet. The Crashdown Café. She shook her head ruefully. There was a motel on the highway just outside of town, but she wasn't going to rent a car to go back and forth, she didn't want to leave a trail of paper. So, she found herself standing infront of a building that had a large alien ship on the verge of crashing protruding from the brick above the door. The Crashdown Café, as she was told, had in recent years been converted. Her cab driver had told her that it was sort of like a bed and breakfast attached to a restaurant. The upstairs had been renovated years ago, from an apartment to a bunch of rooms that the owners rented out to tourists.

Picking up her bags, she sighed and made her way into the building. A nice elderly gentlemen smiled warmly at her and held the door open so she wouldn't have to put her bags down. The act perturbed her. She wasn't used to people being so friendly, but through her confusion and her disconcertion over it, she managed to thank him anyway.

A girl around her age, came waltzing up to her, wearing a tight fitting - but tasteful - brightly colored v-neck dress carrying a clip board in her hand. Her almond shaped green eyes looked curiously at Liz's bags and for a moment, Liz wondered if she was in the right place. Tucking a strand of her straight shoulder length blonde hair behind her ear, the woman shifted her gaze from the bags in Liz's hands to her face. "May I help you?"

She would almost have assumed that this girl was the owner of the establishment, but a small town like this? She knew she would have to assume otherwise. The woman was probably the owner's daughter or a manager or something. "Yeah, who do I see about renting a room upstairs?"

"That'd be me." The woman said, thrusting her hand in Liz's direction. "Maria Deluca."

She briefly considered using a pseudonym, but decided against it, her reason being that she wasn't going to do anything to rouse suspicion. When she hit her mark, that would be it, and she would leave. If he was all that Tess had claimed he was, she figured there would be a lot of suspects, and why would someone suspect her if she played it right? Setting her bag down at her feet, Liz took hold of the woman's hand. "Liz Parker."


"Can we just drop my stuff off and then go and see my mom?" Jimmy asked as they turned down the street he and his family lived on.

Max nodded, knowing how much of a momma's boy Jimmy was. He had been gone a week for a science camp in New York and had probably missed his mother terribly; despite meeting Rachel, the fox from Ohio. He waited outside while Jimmy quickly ran inside to throw his things in his room, and ran back out practically hurling himself into the jeep. Seconds later, they were pulling away from the curb and on their way to the Crashdown Café.
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Look what Lolita Behrbuns made for me! Isn't it sweet?!


I'm in love with it. She also made another version, and it's equally wonderful, but when I saw that one I had already fallen in love with this one. *wink* Thank you Lolita!

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I had originally wanted to make this part longer, but when I went back to do so, I couldn't think of anything to write. So I just opted to post it as it is. Also, I was going to have Max and Liz meet in this part, but it's going to have to wait until the next part, I think.

Thank yous to the following: carolina_moon, JBehrsGurl, dreamforever88, Hawk, frenchkiss70, Emotions23, roswellluver, the better twin, I_LOVE_NICK, aZNroSweLl anglgrl, Lolita Behrbuns, Alien614, lm_roswell, Allie1031, and TD DreamerBehr!

aZNroSweLl anglgrl: I'm sending you a cookie! *wink* You figured out who Jimmy belongs to, so you win the prize!

TD DreamerBehr: Yes Alex is alive. But I'm not sure if he'll be making an appearance in this fic. I'll try to work him in somehow, someway. *wink*

On to the fic...

Part Four

With her head bent as she leafed through the papers on her clip board, Maria walked through the door leading from the back room to the main dining room. She had given Ms. Parker her key and shown her the side entrance which the temporary tenants were to use after the Crashdown was closed. She had informed the petite occupant that the kitchen closed at nine and that if she desired anything after that, she'd be shit out of luck. Of course, Maria hadn't put it in those words exactly. She had just stressed that the Crashdown B&B was not a four star hotel equipped with the means to provide room service. There was, however, a mini fridge in the corner of Liz's room that could be stocked with bottled water and a couple midnight snacks. At the renter's expense of course.

Hearing shoes stomping on the tile, she sighed. She didn't even have to look up to figure out who was running toward her. Jimmy had flown home today. Still looking at her clipboard, Maria held an arm out and allowed herself to wrap it around his shoulders as he crashed into it, making her do a 180 in heels. "No running in the Crash buttlick."

Trying to push her arm away from him, Jimmy suppressed a smile. He had been so homesick when he had been away, so much that he had even missed Maria. Rachel had been the only thing that made being away from home for a week tolerable. "Mom in her office?"

Letting go of her brother Maria ruffled his thick, wavy hair. "Yes, go see her." She pushed him toward the door leading into the back room. "She missed her baby." Maria said in a mocking baby voice.

He rolled his eyes and walked swiftly through the door, his cheeks flushing a lovely shade of pink. Rolling her eyes, Maria turned around to see Max standing there sheepishly smiling at her, his hands tucked into his pockets. Holding the end of the clipboard firmly in both hands, she whacked Max's left arm with it. "You better not be corrupting him!"

"Relax Maria." He told her, holding up his hands defensively. "Jimmy is a good kid."

"Yeah well so was Michael before you sent him up the river." She shot back, her eyes narrowing.

"Michael was never a good kid." He smiled at memories of the two of them in their youth, raising hell as best they could. "Besides, he was only in juvie for a month or two."

"Yeah, and he's lucky he met me after he got out." She stuck her chin out. "Who knows what kind of criminal he could have turned into under your influence."

Sighing, Max relented. "Yes Maria. You're the best thing that ever happened to him."

Her gaze softened as she looked at him. Sometimes, she just wished that she had met Max first. It wasn't that she was attracted to him, although he was good looking. She just wished she could have done for Max what she had done for Michael. She wished that she could have given him the drive and determination to straighten himself out. Sometimes she just wished that Max would find a nice girl to be the best thing that ever happened to him.

"You want a coke?" She asked softly.

Max smiled and followed her over to the counter. Going behind it, she fixed him a cherry coke and set it infront of him before pinching his cheek and disappearing into the back room. She never ceased to amaze him. Her feelings about him were so obviously conflicted, that she amused him. One minute, she was smacking him with a clipboard and calling him a bad influence, and the next she was handing him free cokes and pinching his cheek in a motherly fashion.


Upstairs in her room, Liz started to unpack. Hoisting her suitcase up and dropping it onto the bed, she unzipped it and started taking her clothes out of it. She didn't have much. She didn't plan on being in Roswell for a long period of time. But it was clear that what she had brought was going to be too warm for her to wear. She was going to have to go shopping and buy some tank tops, despite the fact that it was November. She wasn't used to such weather, not when she had come from a place where typically by November it was already snowing.

Humming to herself, she set all her clothes aside and looked into her empty suitcase. Caressing the inside of the suitcase, a smile spread across her lips. "I spent a fortune on you." She cooed, as her fingers ran over the vinyl that lined the bottom.

Airport security was tighter than a virgin, but where there was a will, there was a way. Finding the right spot, she pressed down and the bottom of her suitcase rose up. Setting it aside on the bed, she smiled down at the rifle hidden inside her special suitcase. The suitcase had been made for her, by a man named Fat Tony in Italy. Designed to hide Louise, her high-powered sniper rifle, from the prying eyes of the x-ray machines in airports and undetectable in a random search of her bag. "Thank you Fat Tony!"

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Bumping! *bounce* I'm working on a new part right now. I'm not sure when it'll be done but I'm working on it. *happy*
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AN: Kind of a short part, I apologize. I’ll try to make the next one longer when I write it, but this short part was all that I could produce. I hope that it’s alright . . . I don’t know how happy I am with it.

Thank yous to the following: aZNroSweLl anglgrl, roswellluver, JBehrsGurl, Lolita Behrbuns, frenchkiss70, Cassandra, wild_child_uk, tabasco sauce, marteloise, the better twin, carolina_moon, Hawk, dreamforever88, The Lone Freckle, I_LOVE_NICK, Emotions23, kittens, latahart, ILYMEFOREVER, qt4167013, strawberry, and Elc!

aZNroSweLl anglgrl: Here's your cookie! Hope you like chocolate chip. *wink*

andy: Jimmy is Amy's son, Maria's little brother. *happy*

Part Five

While Liz stood upstairs in her rented room lovingly caressing her gun, her target sat in the diner below her, leisurely sipping his coke as he watched one of the waitresses work. Her name was Nikki, if he remembered correctly. He’d had a damn good time with her and he was contemplating having another.

Catching Nikki’s eye, he winked at her allowing the corner of his mouth to turn upward in a suggestive sort of smile. His smile widened when the girl blushed and looked away from him, an embarrassed smile on her face. He should have felt like an ass, but he didn’t. He knew the girl believed that they were heading for couple-dom, but as far as he was concerned, she was only a good time. A good time that he wanted to continue having, at least until he grew tired of her.

Draining the last of his coke, Max set the glass down on the counter and stood up. He had work to do. He didn’t need to sit there thinking about sweet-talking the waitress. However on his way through the break room of the restaurant, he did make it a point to check the schedule smiling broadly when he noticed that Nikki was closing all by her lonesome. If he felt like it later, he would make sure to . . . go down and help her out.


Liz listened intently to the footsteps in the hall. It sounded as if they were coming toward her room. Hurriedly, she replaced her gun back in it’s hiding spot and grabbed the bottom of the suitcase off of the bed, pressing it back into place. Her gun was securely hidden now, but just to be safe, she hoisted the suitcase off of the bed slid it underneath, letting the dust ruffle hide it from view.

The Crashdown B&B seemed like a reputable place, but she could never be too sure. Maria had told her that it was by no means a four star hotel, so Liz had assumed that there was no cleaning staff, at least not one that came in every day to make the bed and leave a mint on the pillow. She busied herself with putting her things away as she listened to the footsteps. Whoever it was, they were heading either toward her room or past it.

The footsteps stopped at her door, briefly. She could hear from the other side of the wooden door, a jingling sound, which she attributed to keys. She would have wrote it off as Maria Deluca, the apparent owner of the B&B, but the footsteps were too heavy, too dull. She had been wearing high heels, and they made a clickety-clack sound on the hardwood floor in the hallway. Whoever stood outside her door was heavier than Maria appeared to be, and wore a shoe with a flat sole. Holding her breath, she waited anxiously for the person to pass, releasing her breath only when the footsteps moved again further down the hall.

Shaking off her paranoia, she leaned her back against the wall and took in the room for the first time. She had been so concerned about her gun that she hadn’t even given the room a once over. Three of the room’s walls were a creamy light yellow, while the other was solid brick. The shiny hard wood floor beneath her feet was immaculate. Liz looked at the red floral bed spread and the hint of yellow she caught beneath it. Pushing herself up from the wall, her eyes shifted from the bed to the window. Sweeping the curtain away from the glass, she peered outside and noticed a small balcony complete with lawn chairs and oddly enough a telescope.

Straightening, she sighed. She had definitely stayed in worse places, as the life of a hired assassin was more often than not, a seedy one. Taking one last look around the room, Liz decided that she liked it. It was homey, and comfortable. But before she could become too familiar with that odd feeling of contentment, she squashed it. No use in getting attached to the place. She thought to herself. She wouldn’t be able to stay for very long and once she had accomplished her task, it was better for her if she didn’t come back to Roswell.


Flopping down on his bed, Max sighed wearily. Someone new was staying in the B&B. Maria had neglected to mention that to him. Not that it was any of his business really. He was just a permanent guest, and she was the manager. She wasn’t obligated to tell him every time a new guest turned up, but he thought she should have been. Especially if the guest was female, and most importantly, if she was attractive.

He hoped that the newest addition to the Crashdown Bed and Breakfast was in fact female. His acute sense of smell had definitely picked up a flowery perfume scent out in the hallway by the room. But of course, that was probably Maria’s. Sighing, he rolled onto his stomach and peered over at his desk, where numerous reports sat silently demanding his attention. Closing his eyes, he promised himself that he would read them later and before he knew it, he was sound asleep. His light snore drowning out the clicking of the high heels in the hallway.

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