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Title: Broken Dreams
Author: Jade (SpikesAlien)
Email: spikesalien⊕
Disclaimer: *sad* Not mine, never was, never will be! *hides in corner crying* So please don't sue!
Summary: Post Departure, but you'll have to read it for the rest. Oh, Buffy's alive, too. I screwed around with a few things also, so its AU.


Max walked out of the UFO Center and started across the street. Pausing with his hand on the door handle, he frowned when he saw a guy sitting at the counter staring towards the kitchen, an unhappy expression on his face. I saw him go in almost ten minutes ago. Where are Michael and Maria? Worried, Max quickly entered the café and rushed past the guy into the kitchen, where Michael and Maria were making out heavily, plainly visible through the order window.
“Uh, guys? Were you aware of the fact that a customer has been sitting out there watching you make out for like ten minutes? He’s not exactly happy either,” Max kept his eyes trained on the floor, not wanting to see any more skin than necessary.
“Damn,” Maria swore, turning to look and see who the peeping tom was. “Wait, Max, there’s nobody out there!” Maria glared at Max.
“I swear, I saw the guy come in ten minutes ago, and he was still there when I left work. Maybe he got sick of waiting,” Max shrugged, turning his back as Maria re-buttoned her uniform.
“What did he look like?” Michael demanded, suspicious.
“Around twenty-five, sandy brown hair, brown eyes. Stocky, tall as Michael, wearing khaki shorts and a polo T-shirt. He did have a tattoo on his right forearm, a weird symbol. Kind of like this,” Max held up his hand and a shimmering image appeared on the wall. Maria’s eyes widened and she ran out of the café, leaving Max and Michael staring after her.

The Jetta’s brakes squealed in protest as Maria pulled into the parking lot of the Crop Circle Motel. Slamming the door shut, she ran for the last room, 205.
“I know you’re in there! Open up you pervert!” Maria railed, hammering on the door.
“Pervert? Ouch, that hurts,” a male voice teased, leaning against the wall, watching Maria with amusement. “Next time, drive slower. You beat me here,” he laughed, opening the door and leading Maria inside. Neither noticed Michael driving by on his motorcycle, his face twisted in anger.
“What are you doing here Riley?” Maria demanded, plopping down onto the bed.
“Greg got a hold of me in Brazil, told me about Alex. How you holding up?” Riley asked with concern, sitting on the table and eyeing Maria.
“Me? Shouldn’t you be worried about how a certain someone else is doing? She’s really ticked off at you for taking off like that. She freaked when not even Greg knew where you were,” Maria glared at him, hurt and angry for her friend.
“I know, but I needed time. When Buffy and I split, it threw my whole world out of whack. I needed something normal, something I understood to ground me. I love Peanut, but she’s not the most objective person. She’d just drag Buffy through the mud for hours, and it was mostly my fault. How’s she holding up?” Riley asked, worried.
“She’s a mess. Oh, she seems fine, but she’s not eating, she’s pulling double shifts and burying herself in her schoolwork, at least she was. Now that summer is in swing, she’s hiding at the library when she’s not working. She’s going to crack soon. First the whole Max-Tess shit, then Alex dying, then Tess getting pregnant, and running off with Max’s baby, then Max deciding he wants Liz back all the while trying to find Tess and the baby, and now Mom says something is up with Jeff,” Maria broke off and watched Riley, curious about his reaction.
“Jeff? What is it?” Riley’s eyes flashed with fear and concern before hardening into ice.
“There’s no proof, but Mom said she saw him at the hospital, leaving the oncology department. He had a bottle of pills Riley,” Maria bit her lip, tears in her eyes. Jeff had always been like a father to her, and the thought of him dying was heartbreaking.
“Cancer? Does Peanut know?” Riley choked, clenching his fists.
“I don’t know. She’s been avoiding me,” Maria admitted, guilty.
“Why?” Riley’s brow furrowed.
“Things have been strained between us ever since Alex died, and they haven’t improved. I try reaching out, but she just shuts off and all I get is the shell she puts on for show. I’ve never been the one she went to when things were tough, that was always Alex’s job. Or yours,” Maria glanced at Riley, hopeful. Riley laughed and stood, ruffling her hair.
“Don’t trouble yourself any longer. I’m here to save the day as usual. Well, it looks like your groping partner is going to break down the door after driving past like five times. Come on in, I’m Riley,” Riley held out his hand, grinning when Michael burst in, the door slamming open. Maria leaned back on the bed and smirked at him, playing with the edge of her uniform.
“You’re late, Riley are I were getting ready to start without you,” Maria teased. Michael’s face turned purple and he gave Riley a death glare.
“Would you grow up Sparky?” Riley frowned at Maria. “That’s just disgusting! That would be like Kyle and Liz,” Riley shuddered.
“They did have sex,” Michael spoke up, a little less angry but still edgy.
“What?” Riley shouted. “Kyle and Peanut? That had better be a joke or he’ll lose his lower members,” Riley turned to Maria, staring right through her.
“Uh, well,” Maria hedged, avoiding both of their eyes.
“How could you let Liz do that to Max?” Michael stared at his girlfriend, hurt.
“I couldn’t tell you, I promised Liz. She’s probably going to kill me now. You can’t tell Max, understand me? Things could happen if you do, bad things,” Maria grabbed Michael’s head, forcing him to look at her.
“You mean Max and Liz hooking back up? He has done nothing but bend over backwards for her, and this is how she repays him? If I get my hands on her,” Michael fumed. Maria hauled back and slapped him so hard across the face that his head snapped back, his ears ringing. Before he could react, Riley had him on the floor, straddling him with his hands around his neck, his air cut off. Michael struggled against him, but Riley’s face was blank, in ‘kill mode’.
“Riley, let go. You’re strangling him!” Maria screeched. Grabbing his sleeve, she managed to pull him off Michael and sit him down on the bed.
“Sorry, about that. But when you threatened Peanut, I snapped. Nobody touches my family and lives, understand me? Max saw what he was supposed to see. He was starting to scare her, so I told her to make it look like she was in a new relationship. I didn’t think she’d do something dense like staging an after-sex scene with Kyle of all people. Alex, I could understand, but Kyle? You guys are a bit cloudy, aren’t you?” Riley smirked.
“Wait, Liz was afraid of Max? Why?” Michael narrowed his eyes.
“When he first saved her, she was excited by the danger, the suspense and everything. Then Max just dragged her around for a while and she got bored. He finally decided to take the plunge, and smothered her. That whole Tess thing was an excuse. Peanut doesn’t back away from competition for anything, but she does need to breathe, and Max wasn’t letting her do that. She left for the summer, hoping he’d get the picture that she needed him to back off. When she came back, he started right back up. Most of the things he did, leaving thirty messages a day, showing up at her balcony, are definable as stalking traits. Maria convinced her not to call the cops, so she asked me for advice. Apparently it worked. Of course, it sounds like he’s back to the obsessive pattern that worried her before. If he’s not careful, I can promise you that I won’t be anywhere near as subtle as Peanut. He’ll be a mass of broken limbs when I’m finished. And no fancy hand-wavy thing will save him. I am in his debt for saving Peanut’s life, but that’s the only reason I’ve held back this long,” Riley clenched his jaw and waited for the explosion.
“Maria did you tell him?”
“You know? Did Liz tell you?” Maria ignored Michael’s ranting and eyed Riley with confusion.
“No, Peanut kept her word. I have other means of getting Intel. What, you think I didn’t do a thorough background check Peanut first mentioned Max? You know me better than that Maria. Now, you better go. I’m exhausted, and I have to check in with Greg before I crash. I’ll find you tomorrow. Don’t tell her I’m here yet, I want to scope around,” Riley waved them out the door and locked it behind them, smirking at the protests they gave as the door shut. “Well Peanut, looks like I’ve got some work to do.”

There's Part One. Hope it didn't suck too bad. *tongue*Hopefully it explains a few changes I made with the Roswell Universe. *tongue* FB will determine if I continue or not, so please FB me!!! *bounce*


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Here's part 2. I've been debating posting this for awhile. I've been busy, plus I've gotten very little FB for this.


Michael practically threw the burgers onto the grill. It had been two days since the hotel room confrontation, and Maria was avoiding him at all costs. She’d talked Liz into switching shifts so they weren’t working together and wasn’t answering his calls. That guy Riley hadn’t been around either, and it was starting to grate on Michael’s nerves. The idea of a total stranger knowing about them and not being able to do anything about it was frustrating, and scary.

“Order up!” He barked, glaring at Liz when she came to get it. Liz shot him a funny look and took the food. Taking it to Max’s table, she glanced back at Michael and frowned.

“Do you know what his problem is Max? He’s been edgy for a couple days now and Maria’s avoiding him,” Liz asked, curious.

“Not to be rude, but why do you care?” Max looked confused.

“I wouldn’t normally, but he’s screwing up orders and I don’t need the extra stress. Go talk to him, would you?” Liz pleaded, desperate. Max looked her up and down and realized with a start how thin she was getting, and the dark circles under her eyes told the story of sleepless nights.

“Sure, I’ll check up on him,” Max assured her, heading for the kitchen.

“Thanks Max,” Liz smiled half-heartedly and hurried to the counter to ring in a bill.

“Michael, we need to talk,” Max crossed his arms and waited.

“Maxwell, this isn’t a good time. Go tell Liz, or Peanut, that I’m fine. Maria and I had a fight, that’s all. That peeping tom wigged her, and I got the brunt of it. You should probably tell Peanut out there that I think she’s being followed by him,” Michael kept his eyes on Liz, not wanting to look Max in the face and lie, but it was the only way he knew to get the information to Liz without breaking a promise. Max gaped at Michael a second, and then bolted out to Liz.

“Liz, Michael thinks you’re being followed but this pervert guy who was spying on Maria and him a couple days ago,” Max whispered urgently.

“What? I’d know if I was being followed Max, tell Michael to relax!” Liz chuckled.

“Whatever you say, just watch your back Peanut,” Max teased, turning to go.

“Excuse me?” Liz yanked on Max’s arm and whipped him around, her face deathly pale, her voice icy-cold and hard as nails.

“I said watch your back, just in case Michael’s right,” Max repeated, frowning.

“What did you call me?” Liz clenched her teeth.

“Peanut, that’s what Michael called you, I just figured it was a new nickname. It’s cute, I like it,” Max smiled, completely oblivious.

“Call me that again and I will break your arm, got it?” Liz growled, shoving Max aside and stalking into the kitchen and throwing Michael against the wall, arm pressed against his windpipe, knee planted firmly in his groin.

“Shit, Liz,” Michael gasped, stunned. He struggled to get free, but she just ground her knee closer and he yelped.

“Now that we’re comfy, why don’t you tell me how long Riley’s been in town? Max said he was spying on you and Maria a couple days ago. Was that the first time you saw him?” Liz smiled sweetly and waited. Michael gulped and nodded slightly, his voice unable to function with her arm where it was.

“Lizzie? Where are you?” a racking cough broke Jeff’s weak call and Liz raced for the stairs, dropping Michael to the floor in a gasping, choking heap.


“Dad? Where are you?” Liz called out, bursting into the apartment, in full-panic mode. Hearing a coughing groan from the bedroom she ran towards it, leaving the door wide-open. Jeff was lying on the floor, gripping the sheets of the bed, obviously having rolled out of bed. His whole body rack with coughs, and his lips were stained with blood. Liz pushed her tears down and grabbed a cool cloth to wash his sweaty face. “What were you doing? I told you to wait for me if you needed something. That’s what the bell is for Dad; it’s not safe for you to move around. Come on, let’s get you back to bed,” Liz instructed, slipping her hand under his arms, trying to lift him, but his limp body was too heavy.

“I’ve got it,” Michael eased between Liz and Jeff and easily lifted him into the bed, gently lowering his head onto the pillow.

“Thanks,” Liz whispered, carefully shaking a small vial and pulling out a syringe. “Can you roll up his right sleeve? I have to give him his morphine shot. Time for you pain killer Dad,” Liz smiled weakly, tapping the syringe and checking for air bubbles before easing it into the muscle of his upper arm. Jeff smiled at her, reaching out to squeeze her hand before closing his eyes and falling asleep.

“Liz,” Michael started.

“Living room, we can’t wake him,” Liz didn’t look up as she straightened up the mess Jeff had made falling. Michael nodded and backed out of the room, sensing she needed a few moments to collect herself. Making himself comfortable on the couch, he stared at the pictures on the wall. In the large, central one Liz was about twelve, and sitting on Jeff’s lap. There was a slightly smaller one of Liz and Maria, one of the two girls seated listening to Alex play the guitar, one of Alex and Liz on a swing at the park, Liz was leaning against him, giggling as he tickled her. Focusing on that picture, he realized that the way they were looking at each other said a lot more than ‘just friends’. Remembering what Riley had said about her and Kyle, Michael raised his eyebrows, startled.
“Sorry about earlier. Did I bruise you?” Liz interrupted Michael’s musings, handing him a can of pop and a Tabasco bottle. Sitting down across from him, she saw where he was looking and sighed.

“How long were you and Alex together?”

“From grade five to the middle of grade nine. That was when Isabel asked him for help with her math homework. He followed her around like a pathetic drooling puppy after that. Kyle and I hooked up in May, and we stayed friends, but things were hard. Then that whole secret thing, using his blood and everything made things worse. The night of the rave when I told him, we hashed out all our differences, and things got a lot better, though we stayed friends. We spent the summer sunning in California, and we fell back into the relationship we trusted to mend our hearts. Then we got back and he did the pining for Isabel deal and we drifted again. I’m surprised Riley didn’t tell you this,” Liz began ripping a napkin into tiny pieces, trying to distract herself from the painful memories.

“No, but then he didn’t say much of anything to me at all. I don’t think he likes me much,” Michael smirked, shaking his head.

“I doubt he does. Maria’s most likely told him all kinds of stories about her bruised heart. Most of them extremely exaggerated stories. Besides that, he makes it a rule to hate all guys either of us dates. You can’t tell anyone about what you saw today Michael. I can’t handle Max hovering as it is. If he knew, he’d never leave me alone, and I don’t need or want that,” Liz finally met Michael’s gaze, tears in her eyes, pleading with him.

“I won’t tell Max, at least not yet. He’s going to find out eventually, you do realize that, right? He’ll get Isabel to dream-walk you, or he’ll overhear a conversation, and that will be it. I’ll do what I can to keep him at arms length, but it won’t be easy,” Michael warned her.

“I know, but I just can’t handle him right now. At least the baby search seems to be taking up a lot of his time. Keeps him out of my hair,” Liz half-smiled.

"You know he feels horrible about that whole Tess thing."
"Yeah, but,” Liz looked away, choked up over her inability to fix everything.

“Hey, come here,” Michael reached out and pulled Liz to him, laying her on the couch, head on his shoulder. Wrapping his arms around her, he rocked her gently, whispering soothing words as she cried silently until she fell asleep.


Okay, there's part 2. I'm hoping that I'll get some FB for this part. Big thanks to the people who did FB me, and please, if you read this, FB me, good or bad. Without it, I don't want to write any more. *sad*

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Part 3

“Have you seen Michael?” Isabel asked Agnes, walking into the deserted café.

“Who?” Agnes stared at Isabel, mind blank.

“Never mind. You can probably go. It looks like the place is closed,” Isabel frowned at the mess the place was in and sighed. Looked like she was going to be doing some cleaning, whether she wanted to or not. Flipping the sign to Closed, she started piling dishes into a tray and carrying them into the kitchen. Hearing the chimes on the door ring, she crossed her fingers, hoping it was Maria or Maggie, here to rescue her. “Maria, is that you?”

“Nope, but I am looking for her. Who are you?” Riley sat down at the counter and looked towards the kitchen, trying to place the voice.

“We’re closed, and Maria isn’t here. I’m . . .” Isabel trailed off, walking into the café and practically drooling at the male specimen set before her.

“Isabel Evans, right? I’ve seen your picture. So, you’re the model wannabe who stole Alex from Peanut. Personally, I don’t see it, but apparently Alex did,” Riley looked Isabel up and down, assessing her, searching for flaws.

“You know Alex?” Isabel frowned, putting her guard up.

“I knew him, being that he is gone, past tense is more appropriate. You work here too?”

“No, I don’t. Menial labor is not my thing,” Isabel shuddered.

“So why are you cleaning up? Isn’t that usually reserved for people who work here?”

“Yes, but since I can’t find any of them I decided to start. We’re all supposed to hang out in about twenty minutes, and I don’t hang out in a dirty restaurant.”

“And here I thought you were doing something to help out, figures I was wrong. Where’s Maria?”

“Beats me. It’s Liz I’m looking for. This is her job, to make sure the place is clean before we get here. She would slack off,” Isabel rolled her eyes.

“Watch what you say about Liz, he doesn’t take it very well, trust me,” Michael’s voice broke in. He shuffled into the café, rubbing at his eyes, yawning. “What time is it?”

“Almost eight. Everyone’s going to be here soon. Why does he care what I say about Miss Scientist? Who are you anyway?” Isabel gave him her best Ice Princess look.

“Real scary there Barbie. Peanut sleeping?” Riley looked at Michael.

“Yeah, she passed out on the couch. You should check on her, she knows you’re here.”

“You told her?” Riley snarled.

“No, but I had Max call her Peanut, and she freaked,” Michael grimaced, knowing that wouldn’t fly with him, and sure enough Riley’s face twisted into an angry mask.

“The party can start, I’m here!” Kyle burst into the café, grinning. Seeing the two guys facing off, he paused, the smile faltering. Recognizing who the new guy was he paled and began backing up in a hurry, hoping to get out before Riley saw him.

“Where are you going Kyle?” Isabel asked, frowning. Whoever this guy was he was starting to irritate her with the way he scared people off.

“Valenti? Don’t leave on my account, really. I wanted to talk to you, thank you for what you did last October,” Riley nodded at Kyle. Kyle shuffled and grunted back, jerking his chin.

“Men! Where’s the estrogen when you need it?” Isabel moaned, dropping into a booth and hiding her head in her hands.

“Will you keep an eye on Peanut for me? I have to go make a phone call,” Riley waited for Michael to nod, then slipped out the back door of the café.

“Okay, who is Peanut?” Isabel demanded.

“Liz. I’ll be upstairs if you need me, okay?” Michael vanished into the stairs leading to the apartment, leaving Isabel gaping after him.


“Michael, is that you?” Liz was washing the dishes when she heard the apartment door open.

“Yeah, I thought you were sleeping?” Michael scolded her, trying to steer her away from the sink.

“Don’t be ridiculous, I can’t sleep now. I’ve got to get supper ready, and then I have to close up the café, and then get Dad ready for his evening bath. You should go back downstairs; you don’t want to miss the latest in the ‘Must Find My Son’ saga. Whatever would you do if you missed an episode? It’s not like there’s an instant re-cap on the Internet. Course, there is Isabel,” Liz rambled, trying to get around Michael to reach the fridge.

“Don’t do this to yourself Liz. I’ll watch Jeff for an hour; you go for a walk or something. Get an ice cream cone, play in the park, anything. The dishes will wait for you,” Michael teased when she cast a worried glance at the over-flowing sink. Giving in, Liz threw the dishcloth down and grabbed her keys off the hook on the wall.

“Fine, I’ll go out for a walk, but I’ll be back in forty-five minutes, tops, got it? Don’t leave the apartment, and don’t let anyone in. My cell phone number is on the fridge door, as well as the doctor’s pager should anything go wrong. Don’t try to cook dinner I can handle that. Stop pushing!” Liz sputtered when Michael forcibly removed her from the apartment and shut the door behind her, melting the dead bolt so she couldn’t get back in.

“I don’t believe this!” Liz fumed when she realized the door was fused shut. Giving up, she stomped downstairs, being sure to make as much noise as possible, so that Michael knew just how annoyed she was. When she got halfway down, the door opened and Michael stuck his head out.

“Do you think you could keep it down? You’ll wake him up!”

“Argh!” Liz growled, smashing her fist into the wall in frustration when Michael vanished before she could respond.

“Is someone there? Oh, it’s just you,” Maggie Whitman sneered at her, disgusted.

“I do live here Maggie. And this is my restaurant, so watch your mouth before I toss you out on your ass,” Liz snarled, really not in the mood to deal with Maggie and her attitude. Even Isabel on a bad day was better then Maggie on a good one. She’d always been jealous of Liz’s close relationship with Alex, and did everything she could to come between them.

“Are you threatening me, Parker?” Maggie glared, hands on her hips.

“Me? I don’t threaten; I don’t need to waste words on insignificant worms like you. Run along and corrupt some small children, torture some animals, or whatever it is that you do in your spare time.”

“Bite me Parker!” Maggie flashed Liz the finger.

“Sorry, not my type. I like a little more testosterone in my relationships, but whatever turns your crank,” Liz shrugged, pushing past Maggie into the main café where the rest of the group was sitting around laughing, the radio blaring.

“Are you calling me a dyke?” Maggie screeched. Liz froze, and rolled her eyes, the conversation halting as all eyes turned to them.

“Grow up Maggie! Go play with your dollies or something, would you?” Maria snapped, bolting to her feet and stalking over to the other girl.

“You planning on making me bitch?” Maggie turned on her, eyes flashing. In a second, she was on the floor, kissing dirt, her arms twisted behind her, Liz’s knee pressed into her back.

“Apologize to Maria right now, got it?” Liz warned, her voice flat and dull.

“Over my dead body!” Maggie spat.

“That can be arranged,” Liz stood, dragging Maggie with her. Still pinning Maggie’s arms behind her, she forced her into the alley behind the Crashdown, kicking and swearing the whole way. Liz tossed her into a pile of garbage bags next to the dumpster, planting her foot on her back to help her along. Dusting off her hands, she deliberately locked and bolted the back door, feeling very satisfied.

“You go girl! It’s about time that slut got a piece of you!” Maria cheered when Liz came back into the café. Liz smirked, and gave her a high-five.

“What on earth did Maggie ever do you?” Max demanded, crossing his arms.

“Oh, please don’t give me the Saint Maggie speech, I’ve heard it way too many times. Maggie is a slut, a bitch, and a back-stabber, essentially evil. She’s Tess in human form,” Liz narrowed her eyes, and stormed past him, disappearing into the inky blackness of the night.

“Smooth one, buddy,” Kyle laughed, clapping Max on the shoulder and getting up to pour himself a drink. Max looked helplessly to Maria and Isabel, but they just gave him ‘I told you so’ looks.


“Yeah, I found her. She was just where I said she’d be. Sleeping on Alex’s grave. That’s okay; I’ll bring her home. Thanks for calling me, and for staying there. Later,” Riley clicked off the cell phone and gazed down at Liz’s form, curled up on Alex’s grave, leaning against the headstone. Her face was streaked with dried tears, but for the first time in months it looked peaceful. Kneeling down, Riley gently brushed her hair back form her face.

“Hmm,” Liz mumbled, stirring slightly.

“Time to wake up Peanut,” Riley whispered, smiling.

“Riley? Where am I?” Liz looked around disorientated. Yawning, she saw where she was sitting and yelped, eyes wide.

“Come on, Michael’s making us breakfast,” Riley held out his hand, helping her to her feet. “I guess Alex will always be the one you go to.”

“I miss him so much sometimes. There were so many things I never told him,” Liz stared down at the headstone, fresh tears in her eyes.

“He knew Peanut. He always knew. Now let’s go eat,” Riley wrapped his arm around her shoulder and led her out of the graveyard, not seeing the figure standing behind a tree watching them go, a sad, lost look on his face. When they were out of sight, the figure turned around to face his companion.

“I can’t do it Richie, I can’t stay away. As soon as I can, I’m telling her. I love her, and I can’t let her go on like this, she won’t survive.”

“I know Alex. I’ve known since I found you. Give it another couple months, and then we find her and tell her you’re still alive.” Richie and Alex slipped away through the trees, Alex giving one last glance at Liz and Riley.


There's Part 3. You'll have to wait till after Christmas for another, cause I'm going to be hard pressed to even get near my computer, let alone log on and post. Thanks so much for the FB!!*big* I'm glad that people are reading this and like it. Oh, hope this answers a few questions for you Oh My Max. *wink*


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Part 4

“There you are chica! We were getting worried about you!” Maria flew at Liz the moment she walked in the café.

“Sorry, things happened, I lost track of time. I’m here now, and safe, so stopping fussing!” Liz laughed when Maria started checking her over, looking for cuts and bruises.

“Don’t worry Major Sparky, I’ve already done a full physical. This soldier is in tip-top medical shape, sir!” Riley saluted Maria, smirking. Maria wrinkled her nose at him and huffed.

“I’m going upstairs, you coming with me, or are you helping Sparky here open up?” Liz asked, already walking towards the stairs.

“Going with you, duh! I’ll send Michael down to help you Sparky,” Riley called back, following Liz upstairs. Maria bit her lip, wondering why Michael was even up there.

“That you Riley?” Michael asked when Riley knocked.

“No, it’s the pope! Open up Guerin or I’ll be forced to hurt you again!” Liz warned. The door opened immediately, Michael ushering them in, a look of fear in his eyes.

“Scared of Peanut are we Michael? That’s probably a good thing,” Riley laughed, clapping Michael on the shoulder while Liz made a beeline for the back room.

“I’ve been meaning to ask you, what is your relationship with Liz exactly?” Michael handed Riley a cup of coffee and perched himself on the kitchen counter.

“First let me ask you, what do you know about Liz’s family?”

“She’s an only child, lives with her Dad. Why?”

“Liz is not an only child. She has an older brother and sister. My full name is Riley Finn Parker,” Riley smirked when Michael’s jaw dropped.

“You’re her brother?”

“That’s right. We have a sister, halfway between us. I’m six years older than Peanut. When I was three Jeff had an affair with this rich woman he was working for, and she got pregnant. He knows it was his because her husband was sterile. Anyway, she had a girl, but she’s never let Jeff see her. Liz has been trying to find her for years,” Riley stared down the hall to the back room where he could hear Liz working.

“Go help her. Whatever differences you and Jeff have are not important right now. He’s dying, and she’s going to need you to get through this,” Michael gave Riley a small push and left the apartment.


“How long has he been sick?” Riley asked an hour later. The two of them had been sitting there simply watching Jeff toss and turn, breaking once to give him another shot of morphine.

“He told me a month after Alex died. He’d known for a week when the accident happened, so he put off telling me. I really needed you then Riley. Where were you?”
“Brazil, on a special ops. Buffy and I split, so I ran. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you where, but at the time I needed space, so I was selfish. I’m here now, and I’ll try to make it up to you Peanut,” Riley reached over and pulled Liz over, wrapping her in his arms, rocking her back and forth as she fought back tears.

“Hello? Maria said you were up here,” Amy DeLuca walked into the apartment and down the hall. Pausing in the door, she smiled down at the siblings and then shifted her gaze to Jeff. Gasping, she backed up, tears in her eyes. Turning away, she covered her mouth with her hand.

“Amy, it’s okay. He’s not in any pain,” Liz reassured her, getting up to lead Amy out to the living room. Amy nodded, trembling as she pictured Jeff’s body lying there, completely unrecognizable.

“How much longer?” she managed after a minute.

“He’s already on borrowed time. We’re just hoping that the suffering won’t last much longer. He had everything all arranged. He’s leaving the café to you,” Liz smiled half-heartedly at Amy, who’d been like a mother to her for so long.

“Have you been able to find your sister?”

“No, our lawyer doesn’t know anything, and Dad is too far gone to even know who I am half the time. Do you know something?” Liz asked eagerly.

“Your mother, before she died, said that the family moved to California. I think she kept news clippings of them, but they’ve likely been long destroyed. I do know that Jeff once said something about arranging it so when she turns twenty-one that she gets a letter explaining everything. She would have had her birthday last week. Maybe he did get that letter sent,” Amy hugged Liz, hoping to ease some of the burden on the young woman’s shoulders.

“Yeah, maybe,” Liz repeated softly, looking up at Riley with a sad, yet hopeful look.


Sorry about the shortness, but the next part doesn't really fit in with this. I'll post more tonight, hopefully.

Oh, any guesses on who the mysterious sister might be? *big*

Thanks for the FB, hope you all had a Merry Christmas too. My little bro came home, after being away for a whole year!! (I'm happy!) *bounce*


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Part 5


“Will this ever end?” Isabel groaned, slapping down another order for Max to grill.

“Quit your whining Princess. It won’t kill you to do a bit of manual labor,” Kyle snapped, tired of her attitude and complaining. When Jeff had had a heart attack, complicating the cancer, he volunteered himself and the Evans two run the café while Liz camped out at the hospital, Riley & Maria firmly attached to her side in concern.

“Bite me Kyle!” Isabel snarled, and then turned when the door-chimes rang. “Well hello there,” she drooled when two really cute guys walked in. Her smile turned into a frown when she noticed the brunette with them. “Figures, one of them would be taken. Oh well, not like that’s ever stopped me,” Isabel plastered on her ‘Love me, I’m Gorgeous’ smile and sauntered over, swaying her hips.

“Great, here comes a sheep queen,” Cordelia saw Isabel coming through the mirror and groaned.

“On the plus side, she’s got a reflection,” Wesley pointed out.

“Smells funny though,” Angel sniffed, frowning.

“Please, no!” Cordelia snarled, not wanting to deal with extra weirdness.

“Hello, I’m Isabel and I’ll be your waitress tonight. Is there anything at all I can do for you?”

“Stop ogling my men, for starters Blondie,” Cordelia turned up her nose, disgusted.

“Excuse me?” Isabel’s face and voice froze into her ‘Ice Princess’ persona.

“Oh, is that supposed to be your scary place? I bet everyone runs when you do that, don’t they? I am woman hear me roar? Not this ex-Queen sweetheart. I can out-freeze you any day,” Cordelia stood and got right into Isabel’s face, her entire presence screaming ‘I’m a Bitch, back off!’

“Delia, calm down. We’ll just come back tomorrow. Hopefully by then, there’ll be decent help,” Angel stared right through Isabel and turned to go, Wesley right behind him. Cordelia sneered at Isabel one last time and walked away, head held high.

“Am I working tomorrow?” Isabel whined to Kyle.

“Yes, and try to play nice! Order up,” Max slapped a plate of nachos down for her.


“Oh, just my luck! Blondie is working again today,” Cordelia grumbled.

“Ignore her, we can ask that guy behind the counter if he knows Jeff Parker,” Wesley pointed at Kyle and held open the door for Cordelia.

“Bitch is back,” Isabel whispered loudly to Kyle as she walked past. Cordelia heard her, and smiled sweetly and batted her lashes at Kyle, recognizing the sparks between them.

“Hello gorgeous. I’m Cordelia. Call me Cordy,” she invited, leaning on the counter so her cleavage was almost spilling out of her top. Sure enough, Kyle’s eyes riveted on her chest and Isabel saw. Fuming, she stormed into the back room, steam coming out her ears.

“Behave, Cordelia. We’re looking for Jeff Parker,” Wesley asked Kyle.

“Jeff? You know him?” Kyle sobered immediately, worried.

“It’s complicated. Is he here?” Cordelia asked urgently.

“No, he’s not. Check the hospital. Liz should be there, she can tell you everything.”

“Liz?” Wesley frowned.

“Shay Elizabeth,” Cordelia grinned, grabbing Wesley’s hand eagerly. “Where’s the hospital?”

“End of the street, turn right. You can’t miss it,” Kyle stared after them as Cordelia practically ran out of the café, dragging Wesley behind her. “How’d she know Liz’s full name?”


“Any change?” Michael and Amy walked into the waiting room, eyeing the three huddled with concern. Liz hadn’t moved an inch in almost twelve hours. She was curled in the same chair, staring straight ahead. Riley wasn’t much better off. He kept re-playing in his mind the last time he’d seen Jeff. It was five years ago when he’d joined the army. Jeff had forbid him, but Riley had walked out the door, vowing never to return. Maria was alternating between pacing the floor and crying in a corner.

“I guess not,” Michael held out his arms and Maria ran for him, sobbing.

“Amy?” Jim walked over, gripping his hat tightly in his hands.

“Jim, what is it?” Amy panicked.

“It’s okay, but there’s a girl at the front desk looking for Jeff Parker. Should I send her in?”

“I don’t think it can do any harm. Does she know?”

“I’m not sure. Be right back,” Jim vanished once again.

“Shay Liz?” Cordelia walked in and looked around. Her eyes immediately landed on Liz and she grinned happily, knowing instinctively that was who she was looking for.

“Excuse me?” Riley heard her and his head snapped around, startled. They hadn’t called Liz Shay for years. “Can I help you?”

“I’m looking for Jeff Parker, or his children,” Cordelia explained.

“Do I know you? I don’t recognize you,” Riley narrowed his eyes.

“Riley? You’ve changed. The picture he sent me was a few years old. Shay still looks the same,” Cordelia gazed on Liz, amazed.

“Who are you?” Riley repeated, irritated now.

“What, you didn’t tell them who you were yet Cordelia? Here, this should explain everything,” Wesley handed Riley a thick envelope, trying to remember where he’d seen the guy before.

“Thanks, I think,” Riley opened the envelope and gaped at the photos of him and Liz over several years, and then scanned the letter. “Shit! Peanut, she’s here,” Riley touched Liz’s shoulder. “Our sister is here, finally!” Riley jumped up and gave Cordelia a tight hug. Liz sensed that he’d moved and she looked over at them, eyes still glazed over. Focusing on Cordelia, she gasped and tears began streaming down her face and she flung herself at Cordelia, nearly knocking her over.

“You came! I knew you’d come before it was too late,” Liz whispered, alarming Cordelia.

“Too late? Is Jeff sick?” Cordelia backed up slightly, scared.

“He’s got cancer. He just had a heart attack a couple days ago. He’s almost gone,” Amy filled in when Liz choked and turned to Riley.

“Can I see him?” Cordelia asked, amazed at how much it hurt that someone she had never met was dying. “I need to see him once,” she begged when Amy frowned.

“We’ll sneak you in,” Liz stated, her face hardening and gripping Cordelia’s hand tightly.

“Let’s do it,” Riley led them down the hall and stood watch while the two girls slipped into the ICU to Jeff’s bed. Sitting on either side of him, they just looked down for a while, fighting back tears.

“It’s me, Daddy,” Liz finally broke the silence. “I’m not alone. I brought someone to see you. She got your letter Daddy, my sister is here,” Liz broke off, choking.
“It’s true, I’m here. I’m sorry I didn’t get here before, but I was scared. I didn’t know who I was anymore. Am I still Cordelia Chase? Or am I Victoria Parker? I’m sorry that Mom stole me from you. I wish I’d been here. I’ve just found you, and I’m losing you. It’s not fair!” Cordelia cried, tears streaming down her face. Liz hurried over to her side and the two girls embraced, tears mingling as they fell. Riley slipped in, sensing he was needed and stood behind them, completing the family embrace.


Pandas, congrats you guessed right!!!*big*
You win a cookie!!*big*

Everyone else, thanks for the FB, and don't worry, Richie will be re-appearing, but not for a bit. Liz has some stuff she's got to deal with first before I open that whole can of worms. And I'm not sure about Duncan, I may just have him in a cameo or two. (Methos will be unavailable, sadly, since he's currently chained in my basement *evil grin*)

I'll try to post more soon, 'kay?


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Part 6

“So, this is the family café? Oh, Shay, who’s the Barbie?” Cordelia asked, eyeing Isabel. Visiting hours were over, and they had all retreated to the café to get to know one another, Amy and Jim promising to call if anything changed.

“Her? That’s Isabel Evans. I used to date her brother, Max. She stole my first boyfriend from me. She’s a bitch most of the time, but occasionally you get to see the real her,” Liz shrugged.

“Is that guy behind the counter your first boy?” Cordelia nodded to Kyle.

“No, Kyle Valenti was my second guy. Alex Whitman was my first love, and my best friend. Maria DeLuca is my best girlfriend; Michael Guerin’s her boyfriend. Max Evans is the guy with the ears. He’s cute and sweet, but he can get really intense, and it got creepy,” Liz smiled over at Max. “We’re still friends though.”

“That’s good. I’m still at odds with my high school fling. He dumped me for his best friend, a nerdy girl. I wouldn’t have minded, but they were carrying on behind my back. He was playing us both. She forgave him, I didn’t,” Cordelia bit her lip, Xander’s treatment of her still stung.

“So, are you still single?” Liz grinned, eager for gossip on her new sister.

“No, I’m involved with this incredible guy, who also happens to be my boss. We’ve known each other for years, but he was always hung up on this other bitch. Sorry, we’ve got a bad history. Anyway, she tramples him into the dust, he leaves town. I graduate, and flee to L.A. We met, and he hired me to work at his private detective agency. We got close, and things progressed beyond fairly quickly, but there were the usual complications. Love can suck,” Cordelia sighed.

“Tell me about it!” Liz agreed emphatically.

“Okay, the staring is getting creepy. Isabel, come over here,” Cordelia waved her over.

“What do you want?” Isabel snarled.

“Shay and I were having a girl-talk session, want to join us?”

“Shay? Gee, your name changes every five minutes Liz, or Peanut,” Isabel stared at Liz.

“Paranoid much Isabel? Shay is my first name, after my mother. When she died, Dad started calling me Liz, my middle name. Riley’s always called me Peanut, don’t ask why, it’s a long story,” Liz shook her head when Isabel opened her mouth to ask.

“She got a peanut stuck up her nose when she was two, and they had to take her to the emergency room to get it out,” Riley volunteered, walking towards the front of the café to pull down the blinds.

“Thanks a lot,” Liz grumbled when Isabel and Cordelia began laughing. They were too caught up in the joke to hear the commotion at the front of the café right away.

“So, who are you?” Isabel managed after a minute.

“Cordelia Chase, Shay’s long lost half sister. Oh, do you prefer Liz?” Cordelia asked.

“I’m more used to it, but it doesn’t matter. Do you go by a nickname?”

“Delia!” a voice yelled from the front. Cordelia blinked and stood, startled. Seeing Angel, she smiled, her whole face lighting up.

“Angel!” she waved him over, but Riley sidestepped, holding up a cross and stake.

“What is going on up there?” Liz frowned, storming over and frowning back and forth between Angel and Riley. Realizing what Cordelia had called him, her eyes widened and she gasped, stunned.

“Angel? As in the Angel? Oh this is going to be good,” Liz snickered. “Riley, put down that stake, or Cordy might just decide to use it on you. Angel, come on in,” Liz offered, still giggling.

“What is the idea of you attacking my boyfriend? Wait, how did you know about him?” Cordelia’s eyes narrowed and she stared at Riley.

“Angel and I go back. You’re dating him?” Riley demanded. “You know what he is and you’re dating him? Great, both of you are nuts, you know that? Peanut dates aliens, and you date vampires?”

“Liz, you told him?” Isabel cried out. “How could you?”

“I didn’t. Kyle, why don’t you and Max take Isabel home? This could take a while. Coffee Angel?” Liz offered, motioning for him to sit.

“He’s a vampire!” Riley yelled.

“He’s got a soul I thought. You still have it, right?” Liz asked, worried. Dumbfounded, Angel nodded to the petite brunette. “Okay, good. I didn’t think Cordy would date a bad vamp. Now that that is taken care of, why don’t we make introductions all around? I’m Shay Elizabeth Parker. This is my brother, Riley Finn Parker. We’ve recently learned that Cordelia Chase is our sister, Victoria Parker. Cordy is dating Angel, who used to date Buffy. Riley also used to date Buffy, and would like her back. So Angel can’t kill Riley, since he’s Cordy’s brother. Riley can’t stake Angel, since he’s dating Cordy, and she’d probably kill you if you did. Did I get everything?” Liz smirked, leaning back in her seat.

“You mean, you’re Riley Finn? The army guy from the Initiative who chipped Spike? You are that guy? Oh man, this is way too much,” Cordelia moaned, dropping her head into her arms on the table.

“My sister is dating a vampire. Not just any vamp, but the one who happens to be my girlfriend’s first love. Wait, what about that whole happy clause? You guys can’t have sex, can you?” Riley looked hopeful for one small moment.

“Uh, well kind of. See, we were able to do this anchor thing. So as long as I’m alive, Angel’s alive, and good. I’ll never grow old, and he’ll never go Angelus. And yes, we have ‘done it’ to test that theory. Don’t give me that look!” Cordelia warned when Riley frowned.

“Well, you’ve found your family. At least your sister seems nice,” Angel nodded pleasantly at Liz who beamed back, thrilled that she had a sister.

“Excuse me,” Riley disappeared into the kitchen, shooting Angel one last angry look.

“This is just wonderful. I finally find my family, and learn that my father is dying; my brother hates my boyfriend, who used to date his current girlfriend who I hate. At least you seem normal,” Cordelia smiled at Liz who flushed and looked away. “I know that look, what’s your freaky story?”

“Aliens,” Angel answered for her. Liz’s head snapped around and her eyes locked onto his in surprise. Angel almost laughed at the look on her face. “I could smell something off about that blonde Barbie waitress, plus Riley mentioned that you dated one.”

“Oh, yeah. Isabel is an alien, so is her brother, and Michael too. There was a fourth one, but we don’t discuss her. Man-stealing hoe,” Liz added when Cordelia looked confused.

“I know the type. So, aliens? They really little green things or what?”

“No, they look human. They’re actually these genetically engineered half-human clones of their dead alien selves. Don’t ask; it’s a really long complicated story. Short version is Max healed me, I told Maria, and then Alex. Kyle also found out after getting shot a year ago. Sheriff knows too, he’s Kyle’s dad. So, you’re my sister’s squeeze? Hurt her, and I’ll stake you,” Liz fixed Angel with a deadly stare, and he blinked, feeling a tiny flicker of fear.

“I’ll stake him myself if he dumps me, you can count on that. Where’d Riley go, anyway? Is he the sulking type? Please say no,” Cordelia begged Liz.

“Probably, the little Momma’s boy,” Angel muttered.

“I heard that Peaches!” Riley stormed back into the café and glared at Angel.

“Guys, come on!” Cordelia sighed when they faced off, circling one another.

“Forget them, let’s go clubbing. I need to distract myself. I stay much longer and I’ll be a puddle of tears again. I’m getting dehydrated,” Liz dragged Cordelia out the door, ignoring the two chest-thumpers glaring at each other.


Thanks for the FB, everyone. Oh, and I changed a few things with BTVS to suit my happy new world. Just a warning.


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Before I get to part 7, I thought I'd dispense with the questions I've gotten.

Fallin'Angel: Alex will be a little while in coming, sadly. But it will end up being worth the wait, and things will keep you occupied, trust me.

JenC: Yes, the family tree is whacked, but don't worry, it gets worse! *snicker*

AngelEyes: Glad you're liking it. I wondered what people would think of the big brother thing.

Pandas: No, Max doesn't know yet. He will in a bit, but not from Isabel or Kyle.
Yes, Liz staged the Kyle sex scene, but no there wasn't an FM. She was freaked cause Max was kind of being a stalker, so voila.
Nancy is not her mother. Liz's mom, Shay Parker, died a while ago. Nancy will make a cameo later, but not as Liz's mother.

Hope that's everything. Glad you all like it so much, and hope this answers your questions. Any others, feel free to ask. *big*


“So, this is Roswell’s hippest club?” Cordelia yelled an hour later. They’d gone to Maria’s to change and pick up her and Isabel, and now they were bouncing on the dance floor at UFOnics.

“Sad but true. Thirsty?” Liz asked, twirling away from her and moving towards the bar.

“Margarita, thanks!” Cordelia grinned and wiggled her fingers at a really cute guy and swung her hips invitingly. Laughing, Isabel cut in and decided to help give the guys a good show. Spinning in a circle, she brushed up against Cordelia and winked. Smirking, Maria left her dance partner and followed Liz off the floor and let the two ‘Dancing Queens’ raise the temperature of the room by about ten degrees.

“Your sister is really cool,” Maria gushed, grabbing a napkin and dabbing at her damp cleavage.

“Totally, but you’re still my best Ria. Never doubt that!” Liz reassured her, knowing how Maria’s mind worked and the insecurities she had.

“I know, but thanks. Whoa, total badass hottie just walked in the door. Go for it Lizzie,” Maria cheered when the guy glanced over and looked Liz up and down, smirking.

“Wish me luck, and don’t wait up,” Liz snickered, weaving her way through the crowd, her hips swishing back and forth, her eyes half-closed as she neared the bleached blonde leather & denim clad hunk of man-meat.

“Care to dance Luv?” he didn’t wait for Liz to answer before the two of them were in the middle of the dance floor, bodies pressed together, hands roaming everywhere.

“Where’s Liz?” Cordelia asked Maria, taking her drink.

“Out there getting her groove on with a total babe,” Isabel waved to Liz, sitting down, her feet aching from dancing for over an hour in three-inch heels.

“Where?” Cordelia looked around, not seeing her.

“There, with the bleached wonder-boy. She’s lucky, I should have taken him for myself,” Maria eyed them jealously.

“Spike? Oh shit!” Cordelia gasped.

“Who’s Spike?” Isabel’s brow furrowed.

“Bad news,” Cordelia bit her lip, worried.

“So is that,” Maria pointed to the door where Angel and Riley stood, arms crossed, angry looks on their faces as they scanned the room.

“Damn, if they see Liz with Spike this whole place is going to explode. Maria, you and Isabel distract them, I’ll get Liz out the back door. Say we’re taking a leak or something,” Cordelia jumped off her stool and grabbed her purse.

“Too late, Riley’s seen them,” Isabel yelped at the murderous rage in Riley’s face as he stormed the dance floor. With a speed she never knew she had, Cordelia ran out into the crowd and jumped between Spike’s back and Riley’s stake, narrowly missing getting it imbedded in her chest.

“What are you doing?” Riley snapped, stunned into dropping the stake.

“Stopping you from doing something completely stupid. Public places, brother dear, are not the ideal spots for staking. Or did you have an explanation ready for when he exploded into dust? Didn’t think so,” Cordelia added when Riley actually looked sheepish for about five seconds.

“Hey, if it isn’t the Army dude and Cheerleader,” Spike turned and saw them arguing. “Peaches here too? Or did he finally let you out of his sight?”

“Bite me, Spike!” Cordelia flashed him the finger.

“Love to, really, but can’t. There’s Lover Boy now,” Spike glanced over at the glowering Angel headed towards them, Maria and Isabel scampering behind him. “Who’s the Barbie?”

“She’s taken William,” Liz spoke up, threading her fingers through his and glaring at Riley, figuring out what his problem was.

“Too bad, she’s a dish. Smells though,” Spike sniffed at Isabel, who snarled back at him, insulted.

“I do not smell!”

“You do Izzy, just not the way you think he means. We should move this outside, people are watching us,” Liz headed for the door, Spike firmly attached to her side. The others watched them go with varying degrees of worry and anger on their faces except Maria who just looked thrilled that her friend had finally found a decent, normal guy. Of course, she was a bit in the dark.

“She’s right, we’re the center of attention. Let’s go,” Cordelia led them out to the parking lot where Spike was seated on the hood of his car, Liz leaning against him between his legs, his arms wrapped around her stomach, face nestled in her hair, sniffing.

“Gross, is he smelling her hair?” Maria wrinkled her nose, put off.

“That’s romantic Maria,” Isabel teased her, surprised.

“Not with Spike,” Cordelia snickered. Spike chose that moment to look up, his game face on, grinning at what he’d smelt.

“You bite her, you’re a dust pile!” Riley and Angel yelled together, then stared at each other, startled that for once they were on the same wavelength.

“What’s wrong with his face?” Maria yelped.

“Vampire, SweetCheeks,” Spike smirked at the frightened look on Maria’s face.

“Leave her alone Spike,” Riley warned.

“Oh, she your property too? I can smell you on Cheerleader and Pet here, but not her. Shagging someone behind Buff’s back are we? Not that shocking, after that stupid decision on your part to visit a vamp brothel. Oh, you mean you didn’t tell anyone you were getting your rocks off by having vamp sluts suck on your arm? Really shouldn’t keep secrets Army Boy,” Spike shook his head, disapproving.

“What? Tell me he’s lying Riley, that is just plain sick!” Liz yelled, hurt. “That’s why you and Buffy split, isn’t it? You can be a real idiot sometimes!”

“Don’t start on me, Little Miss I think I’ll play with the Aliens,” Riley shot back.

“Oh, that’s what the funky smell is. There’s more to her than just that though. This here one is special,” Spike looked extremely proud of himself, but before anyone could respond, Liz cried out in pain and fear. Tears in her eyes, she took off running down the road, everyone hurrying after her.


I know, I'm evil. I hate cliffhangers, but they do wonders for FB, don't they? More soon, I promise.


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Part 8

Warning: Sad part(s) ahead. Someone's dead.


“Daddy!” Liz screamed trying to get into the ICU room, hearing the dreaded noises of death going on inside while the orderly held her back. “Nooo!” she howled, collapsing when she saw the doctor carefully cover Jeff’s head with the sheet.

“Please, no,” Cordelia whimpered, letting Angel wrap his arms around her and lead her to the chairs where he held her, stroking her hair and whispering softly to her. Riley held back his emotions and picked Liz up off the floor and helped her over to sit next to Cordelia.

“He’s gone; he’s really gone. You know, I’ve known that this was coming for almost three months now, but it still seems so sudden, like a dream,” Liz stared blankly at the wall in the hospital waiting room. Riley was beside her, his arm around her shoulders. Cordelia was crying on her other side, clinging to Angel while Maria and Isabel looked on, both of them weeping silently.

“Come on Liz, we should get you home. We’ll stay with you,” Cordelia wiped her eyes, gripping Angel’s hand. Liz nodded stiffly, her entire body numb. Standing, she robotically followed Cordelia out the door, holding onto Riley for dear life, Maria and Isabel right behind them.


“I finally got her to lay down at least,” Riley ran a hand across his haggard face, scared.

“Isabel, you should call Max,” Michael had met up with them on the way back to the Crashdown, having felt Maria’s distress and was holding her while she cried. Nodding, Isabel slipped into the kitchen to make the call in privacy.

“I’ll be right back,” Cordelia was watching Riley with concern and made a decision that would probably hurt more than one person in the room, but in the long run was the right one to make. Grabbing her cell phone out of her purse, she left the apartment and went down into the café where she could be alone. Taking a deep breath, she dialed a number she’d vowed never to call again.

“Hello?” a male voice answered.

“Hey, Xander. Is Willow there? I need to talk to her,” Cordelia held her breath, hoping he’d say yes. There was a long pause, and Cordelia almost hung up the phone, but then Willow’s quiet voice came over the phone.

“Cordelia? Is something wrong with Angel?” Willow actually sounded concerned.

“No, Angel’s fine. I need to you tell Buffy something for me. I’d tell her myself, but I doubt she’d talk to me.”

“If Angel’s not hurt, what could you possibly have to say to Buffy?” Willow bit out, just slightly irritated that the girl who’d taken up so much of Xander for so long was suddenly back in the picture.

“It’s about Riley. His Dad just died. He needs her,” Cordelia bit her lip, and offered up a quiet prayer that Willow wouldn’t hang up.

“What? Riley . . .” the phone clattered to the floor.

“Riley?” Buffy’s frantic voice took over.

“No, it’s Cordelia. His dad just died, and he needs you here,” Cordelia repeated.

“How?” Buffy asked, her voice taking on a business tone.

“Cancer, and a heart attack from complications. Buffy, whatever problems you two had, I realize that a lot of them were his fault, but he’s barely hanging on right now, and his baby sister isn’t much better. She lost her best friend a couple months ago, and she’s been alone with Jeff since he got sick. She could use someone who’s lost a parent to cancer to talk to. Please don’t make me beg,” Cordelia whispered, tears in her eyes when Buffy didn’t answer right away.

“Roswell, right?”

“Yeah, the Crashdown Café. They live above it. I really appreciate this Buffy. Besides, I could use an extra referee for Riley and Angel,” Cordelia hung the phone up and almost smiled, imagining Buffy’s reaction to that last comment. “Oh well, should get her here all that faster.”

“Called the Slayer did you?” Spike sat down next to Cordelia and lit a cigarette.

“He needs her,” was her simple answer.

“Same for her, even if she won’t admit it. The Kid liked him too, which was a major step. She still loves him, even after that royal screw-up on his part. Bloody lucky wanker,” Spike grumbled.

“Oh please don’t tell me you of all people made a play for that superficial airhead? What do guys see in her anyways? Is it the whole she can beat me up kinky thing?” Cordelia grimaced.

“Mostly, yeah. Well for me anyway. Peaches saw her as this pure crusader deal, someone who could erase all his shit. GI dude is way over my head. He could have any normal girl, and he picks her. Must be the rack,” Spike shrugged.

“It’s the eyes. Riley’s always been a sucker for big blue eyes,” Liz spoke out from her spot on the café counter. Cordelia jumped, startled and peered down into the dark room.

“I thought he said you were laying down?” she frowned and walked the rest of the way downstairs to lecture Liz for disappearing.

“He did, and I was. But then I left, and came down here. I have a balcony, and a ladder, and a key to the back door of the café. So here I am. I can’t sleep,” Liz explained.

“Bad dreams?” Cordelia hopped up on the counter next to her, sympathetic.

“Worse, no dreams. I’d kill for a dream, any dream, just to break the black void up. Give one here,” Liz motioned to Spike for a cigarette and he obediently handed one over.

“You smoke?” Cordelia gasped, shocked.

“I do now,” Liz lit the cigarette and took a long draw, breathing deeply.

“But how can you smoke? Aren’t you worried about lung disease?”

“I told you, this one’s special,” Spike repeated, insulted that nobody listened to him.

“William’s right, besides, Dad never smoked a day in his life, but he got lung cancer. Course, it spread there from his liver, and he did drink, but that’s not the point,” Liz shook her head.

“How can you be so calm?” Cordelia stared at her, amazed. Just the thought of Jeff being gone made her want to run to Angel and break down completely, and yet here Liz was talking about him and cool as a cucumber.

“Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt Cheerleader,” Spike drawled, grabbing a chair and dragging it over to straddle it backwards across from them.

“I know that! Give me one,” Cordelia waved her hand at Spike, wanting her own cigarette.

“What? No, I’m sorry, but Peaches would stake me if I gave his precious a cancer stick,” Spike protested, batting his eyes at her, smirking.

“I’ll rip your liver out if you don’t!” Cordelia growled, her eyes promising that she’d follow through on her threat.

“Bitch,” Spike muttered, tossing her the pack and a lighter.

“Good boy!” appeased now, Cordelia smiled cheerily and lit her cigarette. After choking and coughing for a few moments, she got the hang of it, and the three of them sat there, silently smoking their way through three packs of Spike’s cigarettes. That was how Angel found them the next morning, sitting in a cloud of blue smoke, Liz and Cordelia completely numb and shut off from their emotions.


Second warning: Someone from the past (No, not Buffy &Co.) is going to reappear in the next part. Any guesses who that might be?


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Part 9

“Great, I leave you for a couple hours and you turn into a chimney. How many times do I have to tell you that Spike is a bad influence?” Angel frowned down at his girlfriend and her sister.

“Oh don’t be such a stick-in-the-mud Liam. Cordy and I are just fine. And leave William alone! He’s your childe, treat him with a little respect. Hey, I just realized that you two have almost the same name,” Liz snickered, looking back and forth between the two vamps. Angel looked stunned, while Spike was impressed in appearance.

“You know my name?” Angel blinked.

“Yes, did you have a particular problem with that? It’s not some big secret or anything, is it?” Liz glanced over to Cordelia, confused.

“No, but how’d you know? We never call Angel by his other name, so how would you know?”

“Beats me, I just did. Got anymore smokes Will?” Liz turned to Spike and held out a hand.

“Sorry Luv, you and Cheerleader cleaned me out. You should probably go close the blinds out front, before the sun comes up and crisps us. Got any blood?” Spike called out when Liz hopped down and went to shut the blinds.

“No, but there is a whole pile of raw meat in the kitchen. Check the walk-in freezer,” Liz called back when she heard Spike start clattering around. Angel went to help him when he yelped out in pain.

“Bloody hell, who’s the wench hiding in your freezer?” Spike howled, jumping back, and his game face sliding on. Ava screamed and thrust out her hand, throwing both Angel and Spike across the kitchen into the far wall.

“Ava no! They’re my friends,” Liz ran in back and threw herself between Ava and the fallen vamps, waving her arms frantically. Ava faltered and let her hand drop. Brushing a lock of pink hair out of her face, she grinned at Liz.

“Hey Cornball, long time no see!”

“What are you doing here Ava? I thought you went to California?”

“I did, got bored, so I moved around. Nicky boy found me, tried to get me to bang your man, I refused, so he got my dupe to do it. Came back to me gloating some shit about an heir, so I hitch-hiked back here to see what shit that Tess bitch had done. Miss me?” Ava grinned again.

“Course I did. Come on upstairs, they’ll all want to see you. Don’t be surprised if they’re a bit pissed though. Tess killed Alex,” Liz glanced at Ava, tears in her eyes.

“Damn, sorry about that. Wish I could change my face. I hate looking like that slut,” Ava shuddered. “She should have been the one in New York. She’d get along great with Lonnie and Rath.”

“You got that right. Coming Will?” Liz turned her head slightly and winked at the blond vamp that was staring at Ava in amazement.

“What else? Not planning on staying down here and doing nothing!” Spike trudged up the stairs behind the two girls, leaving Angel and Cordelia to trail behind him.

“Hey, look who William found hiding in the freezer!” Liz called out, walking into the apartment. She froze as she walked through the door, waves of pain washing over her, as she looked around at all the things that just seemed to scream ‘Daddy’. Taking a deep breath, she pushed down the urge to run away sobbing and forced a smile.

“Yo Cornball, you alright?” Ava was watching her with concern. She could feel the pain Liz was feeling and it confused and scared her. She’d never been able to get any emotions of Lonnie or Rath, but then again it was doubtful that they had any.

“Tess? Michael!” Maria wandered out of the kitchen after hearing Liz’s voice and screamed, backing away from Ava, her entire body shaking with fear. Michael and Riley came running from the back of the house, Michael dripping wet and wearing only a towel.

“Nice fashion statement you’ve got going Michael. Now I know what Maria sees in you,” Liz drawled, letting her eyes drag up and down his mostly-naked body, Cordelia mimicking her, the two sisters practically drooling.

“Hello? Remember me, your boyfriend?” Angel laid a hand on Cordelia’s shoulder and she jumped, breaking her gaze away and flushing slightly. Michael was beet red and avoiding Maria’s angry glare. Ava snickered at the group, and got their attention.

“Tess?” Michael held up his hand and was ready to send a power blast at her.

“Hello people? What is with you? First Ava tries to dust Angel and William and now Michael is going all He-Man. Have some coffee and chill!” Liz snapped, exasperated.

“Ava?” Michael let his hand drop.

“How do we know its Ava? What if it’s a trap? Tess can mind-warp you know,” Maria pointed out, eyeing Ava with distrust.

“Duh! What possible reason would she have for pretending to be Ava? She didn’t even know that we spent any time with her last fall, let alone got to trust her. Unless Michael or Isabel said something to Max about her,” Liz looked to Michael expectantly, but he’d retreated into the bathroom to get dressed.

“What are you doing here anyway Ava?” Maria sat down and tried to relax.

“There weren’t enough females running around for all the guys to get hooked up, so the writer brought me back. Can’t leave Max lonely now can we?” Ava smirked, and everyone stared at her, blank looks on their faces. “Kidding, I got bored, heard what happened with the bitch, so I came to lend my support. Still think I got a bum rap going here. Wish I had a different face,” Ava grumbled.

“Tess!” Isabel and Max walked into the apartment and gaped at the pink-haired dupe.

“Hello! For the last time, Tess is gone back to planet Antar, this is Ava,” Liz looked ready to punch something or someone, so Spike grabbed her and forced her to sit down in his lap, stroking her hair and calming her down.

“Who’s that?” Max jutted his chin at Spike, crossing his arms. “Who are all of you?” he stared around the room, from Riley to Ava to Spike to Angel to Cordelia, his jaw dropping lower each time his eyes fell on a new person.

“Try not to have an aneurysm girlfriend!” Maria laughed when Max’s face turned a deep purple.

“Max, this is Liz’s family. Riley Finn over there is her brother. Cordelia is her sister, Angel is Cordelia’s boyfriend, and Spike is someone who just sort of showed up,” Isabel stared at Spike, trying to remember whom he was connected to.

“And they know about,” Max trailed off and pointed up.

“We know about the ceiling? Yes, it had been here the whole time. Not sure where it came from, but it’s been here, the nerve,” Cordelia mock-glared at the ceiling, and then rolled her eyes. “Yes, Liz told us the whole spooky deal, with the UFOs and crap. So, you’re Max then?” Cordelia wandered over to Max and looked him up and down, appraising him.

“Yeah, I’m Max. Why?”

“Just making sure I had the right guy,” Cordelia started to turn away, then suddenly swung back around and slammed her fist into his left eye, sending him staggering back against the wall. “Bastard!”

“That’s quite the right hook you’ve got there Cordelia. DeadBoy teach you that?” Xander’s voice interrupted, making everyone freeze in shock and panic.

“What the hell is he doing here?” Riley and Angel spoke in tandem, neither one happy to see the guy who tended to follow Buffy around like a puppy and who had shattered Cordelia’s heart (Well, that’s Angel’s reason - Riley doesn’t know that, yet).

“So glad you know how to make a guy feel welcome. Cordelia called, ordered us all down here,” Xander barely glanced at his former girlfriend, but Willow was quick to latch onto him the moment he said her name, casting a worried glance at Cordelia.

“Actually, as I recall, I requested that Buffy come. I didn’t mention you at all Xapper,” Cordelia snapped, glaring at him and the redhead clutching his arm.

“I invited them to come along,” Buffy walked in and everyone’s attention turned to her.

“What on earth made you do that? He’s an asshole who can’t keep his dick in his pants, and she’s a slut! They are not welcome in my house!” Liz bolted to her feet and pointed to the door, giving Xander and Willow a deadly glare.

“Easy there Pet, don’t get too riled up. Come on, we’ll go find you a cigarette,” Spike wrapped his arm around Liz’s trembling shoulders and led her out of the apartment, making sure to give the Sunnydale group a wide berth.

“Who is Spike’s new toy?” Buffy snorted.

“That would be my sister Liz,” Riley answered, running a hand through his hair, frustrated.

“Bitchy little thing, isn’t she?” Xander muttered, only to find himself face down on the floor, his arm twisted behind his back, a knee pressed into his spine. “Shit!”

“Nobody talks about Peanut that way!” Riley pressed down harder, until you could hear a creaking, snapping noise as his knee broke the vertebrae in Xander’s lower back.

“Riley!” Willow squealed, tugging at his arm uselessly.

“Stop it, Riley!” Buffy added, her face shocked.

“Get off of him, you’re breaking his back!” Cordelia’s cry snapped through the red haze in Riley’s mind and he jumped back, horrified. Buffy looked slightly miffed that Cordelia could get through to him when she couldn’t, but her concern for Xander quickly took over as she and Willow checked his back and legs to see about damage.

“Are you okay?” Cordelia grabbed Riley in a hug, his head on her shoulder, stroking with his hair.

“He’s fine! Xander’s the one who got his back broken!” Buffy yelled.

“I broke it?” Riley looked so stunned and regretful Buffy felt for him, and her eyes softened.

“You can fix it, can’t you?” Cordelia turned to Max, hopeful. Max flinched, and glanced at Michael and Isabel who both nodded their assent. Taking a deep breath, he knelt down next to Xander and laid his hand on the small of his back and closed his eyes. A faint blue glow spread out from his hand and after a moment he sat back, gasping. Michael & Isabel hurried forward to help him sit on the couch.

“What was that?” Buffy gaped from Max to Xander and back. Willow’s eyes almost bugged out of her head when Xander moaned and was able to sit up.

“Xander?” she whispered, touching his face, tears in her eyes.

“What is with you guys? Every five seconds one of you is bawling or ready to. I’m going to find Cornball, and the bleached hottie. Later,” Ava waved, vanishing out the apartment door.

“We should probably take this down to the café where we have a little more breathing room Riley. This apartment is not meant to hold this many people in the living room. There’s like more than ten of us,” Cordelia grabbed Angel and Riley’s hands and dragged them downstairs to the empty café.


Oops, I guess B&crew did show up in this part. I was gonna break in into two, but they would have been too small. Hope you like. (Oh, and if I upset anyone that I put Willow and Xander together, sorry. I just thought it would work better, plus I didn't need to try and control two more people.)


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Reposting losted parts, 'kay?
Here's Part 10:


“Is he going to be okay?” Buffy pointed to Xander.

“He’s fine, I healed him,” Max spoke up.

“How?” was the question all three Sunnydale residents asked at once.

“I’m not exactly from around here,” Max evaded.

“Not that stupid crap again Max! Why can’t you just simply say I am an alien?” Michael demanded, glaring at his best friend.

“Alien? You’re joking right? This is some stupid Roswell prank that Xander and Riley made up to mess with my head. Riley fakes breaking Xander’s back, and then gets some guy to ‘heal’ it. You had a blue light under your sleeve, didn’t you?” Buffy demanded, disbelief on her face.

“Yeah, it was under his T-shirt Buffy! Hello, could you be more blonde?” Cordelia rolled her eyes. Isabel shot her a dirty look and Cordelia raised her eyebrow, “Oh please, like you’re a natural blonde! I know what Clairol looks like!”

“True, but still!” Isabel shot back, laughing.

“You’re serious aren’t you? He’s an alien?” Buffy stated at Max, examining him.

“In the flesh. Can we get on with more important things now? Riley, I believe you have something you want to say to Buffy?” Cordelia fixed him with a hard glare.

“I, uh, no!” Riley stuttered. Cordelia narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms.

“Riley? I’ll start. I’m sorry about shutting you off like that. I promise that I won’t do it again, and I won’t leave you if you shut me out. She told me about Jeff. You okay?” Buffy walked over to Riley and spoke quietly so nobody could hear them. Riley’s face fell and he pulled Buffy close, fighting back tears. Cordelia leaned into Angel, a soft smile on her face, happy that her newfound brother was back with his girlfriend, even if she did dislike the girl.

“They seem happy,” Angel whispered in her ear, wrapping his arms around her, a gesture that did not go unnoticed by Xander or Willow.

“When did you two hook up?” Xander glared at Angel.

“What possible reason could you have for caring? You treated her like shit, did you really think she’d spend the rest of her life pining for you?” Isabel raised her eyebrows and crossed her arms, her posture and expression similar to Cordelia’s.

“No, but its Angel! What if he becomes Angelus again? I mean we all know she can’t keep her legs crossed!” Willow snapped cattily. Riley overheard and pulled away from Buffy, glaring at Willow.

“Oh please, not again! She’s female this time Riley! You can’t keep clobbering everyone who insults your sisters!” Michael groaned, banging his head into the wall. Everyone’s eyes shot to Cordelia, and then to Riley in shock.

“Sister?” Buffy asked, blinking.

“Yeah, remember I told you Jeff had that affair with that rich woman from California? She got pregnant, but wouldn’t let Jeff see the baby? Cordelia is that baby,” Riley smiled over at his sister.

“You mean I’m dating Cordelia Chase’s brother? She could become my sister-in-law?” Buffy fainted dead on the floor. Riley sighed and lifted her, carrying her upstairs and laying her in the guest room.

“I never saw Buffy as the delicate, fainting southern belle type,” Cordelia snorted.

“Being related to you can be a turn off for a lot of people,” Willow sneered, stalking out of the café, dragging Xander behind her. Cordelia winced, and blinked. Angel frowned and wrapped his arms around her, rubbing her back as she fought back tears. He nodded at Isabel and then at the door, raising his eyebrows.

“Time to get scarce,” Isabel, muttered, noticing the look. “Max, we need to go. It’s almost dinner, and Mom will kill us if we miss yet another meal. Michael, are you and Maria still coming over? Mom won’t like it if you skip again,” Isabel warned, already dragging Max towards the exit, Maria doing the same to Michael.

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Part 11:


“Where am I?” Buffy yawned, stretching as she sat up in the strange bed. Riley was sitting in a chair next to her, watching her sleep, a soft look on his face.
“You fainted after you learned that Cordy could become your sister-in-law. Would that be so bad?” Riley asked, reaching for her hand.
“What, having Cordelia as a sister? It wouldn’t be easy, but the pros would definitely out-weigh the cons,” Buffy smiled, rubbing her thumb across the back of his hand.
“Is that a yes then? Would you be willing to give Cordy and Peanut another sister?”
“Are you serious? There’s nothing I’d love more,” Buffy whispered, tears sliding down her cheeks as Riley bent forward to gently brush her lips with his. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a ring box and opened it, revealing an antique silver ring, with a teardrop ruby with two heart-shaped clusters of diamonds on either side.
“It was my grandmother’s,” Riley waited, nervous, when Buffy just stared at it. “If you don’t like it, I can give it to Peanut, and get you something else.”
“No! It’s gorgeous Riley! Why don’t we see if it fits?” Buffy raised her wet eyes to Riley’s own damp ones, holding out her left hand. With trembling fingers, Riley slid the ring on Buffy’s finger before crushing her to him, whispering ‘I love you’ in her hair.


“That is so sweet,” Cordelia smiled, blinking back tears as she and Angel backed away from the guest room so they didn’t interrupt. Unfortunately a loud banging at the apartment door prevented that, Riley and Buffy hearing it and rushing out. Seeing them standing there, the four froze, feeling awkward.

“Hello! Riley, open up!” Xander yelled, banging harder.

“Coming,” Riley pushed past, leaving Buffy to stare at the floor, avoiding Angel and Cordelia.

“Nice ring,” Angel commented, and Buffy’s eyes shot up to meet his.

“Welcome to the family,” Cordelia smiled and embraced Buffy, genuinely happy for her.

“Thanks,” Buffy choked, touched by Cordelia’s acceptance.

“Buffy, Dawn never came back to the hotel room!” Willow broke between them, shooting a hurt look at Cordelia, not wanting to lose her other best friend to Cordelia.

“What? Are you sure? Where else could she be?” Buffy panicked.

“Hey, did Liz ever come home last night?” Cordelia asked Riley, a light bulb going on in her head.

“What does that have to do with anything? Dawn is missing!” Willow exclaimed.

“Duh, and she also happens to be close to Liz’s age, and Spike was with Liz when she left. If they saw her, then chances are they’re together. Spike wouldn’t let Dawn wander around alone,” Cordelia snapped, sick of Willow ripping into her for ancient history. “And to be perfectly honest, I’m sick and tired of your attitude! You’re the one who stole Xander from me, not the other way around, okay? You couldn’t pay to take the slime bag back now, so relax! If you are having trust issues, keep me out of them, okay?”

“Bitchy this morning, aren’t we?” Xander sneered.

“Would you put a sock in it Xander! Cordelia’s right, you two are the ones who screwed her over, literally. She’s the one who has a right to be bitchy, not you. I love you like a sister Willow, but you need to get over your fear of losing Xander. He’s with you, not her, and he’s not leaving you,” Buffy shook her head at her friend, hoping she’d get through.

“She’s right Will. I love you, not Cordelia. I’m not going to ever leave you,” Xander cupped Willow’s face in his hands, staring into her eyes, wiping away her tears before gently kissing her. Willow smiled and hugged him tightly, and the other two girls reached for their mates, sighing wistfully.

“Oh gag me,” Liz muttered, wandering into the kitchen, messy-haired and bleary eyed. Reaching for the coffee pot, she poured three cups and set them on tray with a small plastic bag containing a substance that looked suspiciously like blood. Scratching her leg, she tugged at the hem of her T-shirt nightgown and turned to carry the tray into her bedroom, ignoring the stares from the three happy couples.

“Three coffees and a bag of blood? I guess they did find Dawn,” Cordelia commented.

“Who’s with them, though?” Buffy frowned.

“Liz, Dawn, Spike and that little blonde with the pink streaks and piercings,” Angel answered, sniffing the air drifting from the room. Riley shrugged, unconcerned and offered them coffee. They had all sat down around the table, the girls leaning into their boyfriends when a loud scream erupted from the back room sending them running.

“Will!” Liz squealed, giggling. She was pinned half under the bleached vamp, who had his game face on, tickling her and licking at the blood spilt on her and Dawn. Ava was sitting in a chair, watching them and laughing as the two girls tried to get free and pin Spike without success. When the door burst open, Liz and Dawn froze and Spike looked up, blood dripping from his fangs.

“Noo!” Buffy screamed, collapsing in a puddle. Willow buried her face in Xander’s shoulder, trembling. Riley went purple and was about to launch himself at Spike, but Angel’s hand on his collar stopped him.

“Let go, I’ll stake the bastard!” Riley howled, trying to wrench himself free.

“Riley, there’s nothing wrong with either of them. Spike, what on earth were you thinking? Do you have a dust wish?” Angel glared at his childe, exasperated.

“Liz, Dawn, get up!” Cordelia ordered, hands on her hips. Her initial fear was quickly being replaced by anger, and her eyes were flashing. Sighing, Liz and Dawn slid out from under Spike, who sat back and let his human face slide back on, wiping at his mouth.

“You’re okay?” Buffy blinked, hiccupping back sobs when she saw Dawn standing there, perfectly fine. Grabbing her in a tight hug, she took a deep breath, stepped back and promptly slapped at the back of her head, Riley doing the same to Liz.

“What was that!” he demanded, glaring at his sister.

“It’s called goofing off, Riley. You should try it sometime,” Liz rolled her eyes, not in the mood for a lecture.

“Don’t you dare! We thought you were dead Liz! That was not funny!” Cordelia yelled, her face contorting in anger. “That was the worst prank you could have pulled! I want you two to get cleaned up and report to the café in ten minutes! Spike, get your ass downstairs now, or I start spraying,” Cordelia narrowed her eyes and held up her spray bottle of holy water, aiming at the stunned vamp.

“Bloody chit,” Spike muttered, stalking out of the bedroom, everyone clearing out except for Cordelia. Turning to the two blood-covered girls, she slammed the door and locked it. Sitting down on the bed, she dropped her head in her hands, trembling.

“I can’t believe you two. Do you have any idea what that did to Buffy and Riley, let alone me? I just lost my father Liz, and I walk in to see you covered in blood, with a vampire in game face hovered over you. How do you think you’d react?” Cordelia lifted her tear-streaked face to look at them. Liz was blinking furiously to stop her own tears, while Dawn sobbed openly, realizing what it had looked like.

“I didn’t plan on you guys walking in, we were just teasing William, and we broke the bag. He got revenge by jumping on us and tickling us. I swear, we didn’t mean it as a prank or anything,” Liz stuttered, choking on her tears. “I just wanted to have a little fun. I haven’t had any fun in almost a year. First Max, then Alex, and then Daddy. I can’t do this anymore Cordelia. Why can’t it just go away?” Liz sobbed, crumpling onto the floor. Cordelia gasped, realizing for the first time just how much her sister had been through. Dawn knelt down next to Liz and wrapped her arms around her, her tears mingling. Ava moved over and made it a three-way.

“I can’t make it go away, but I can be here for you Liz,” Cordelia promised, reaching out to hug her and Dawn, her smile sad.

“Do I have to go today?” Liz asked in a small voice, thinking with dread of the wake that afternoon. Cordelia shook her head, reassuring her.

“You can stay home honey. Dawn, are you going to stay with her? You too?” Cordelia looked from Dawn to Ava, both girls nodding. “Good. I’m going to go calm Riley and Buffy down while you get washed and dressed, okay? We’ll see you later. Angel will be here and Spike, but try not to get into more trouble, understand?” Cordelia narrowed her eyes and waited for all three to agree to behave.

“Got it,” Liz nodded, hugging Cordelia one last time before they left the room after dressing rapidly. Angel was waiting in the living room and he stood, face blank, when they filed in.

“I’m going to the wake. Your mission is to keep these three under control while I’m gone. Watch Liz closely, she’s on the edge,” Cordelia whispered, hugging Angel.

“What about Spike?” Dawn ventured, biting her lip.

“I’ll send him up when I’m finished tearing a strip off his skinny, pale hide,” Cordelia promised, waving once to Liz before slipping out of the apartment.

“So, what do you feel like doing? Board games?” Angel asked, smiling at his charges.

“Grab that deck of cards off the cupboard. You know how to play poker, right?” Liz glanced around, getting a grin from Ava, a hesitant nod from Dawn and a frown from Angel.

“What about Go Fish?” he supplied, only to get dirty looks all around.

“We’ll teach you,” Ava winked, taking the cups off the kitchen table. Liz caught the deck Angel tossed her and began shuffling it like a professional card shark.

“Uh,” Angel opened his mouth to protest, but Liz was already dealing cards so fast that he couldn’t even see her hand move.

“So, what are we doing? Peaches got out the board games yet?” Spike waltzed in, slamming the door behind him and straddling a chair, a playful smirk on his face.

“We’re playing poker,” Dawn answered, eyeing her cards.

“Five card stud, one-eyed jacks are wild,” Ava added, tucking her hair behind her ears. Liz tapped her cards impatiently, yawning.

“Cool, what are we betting?” Spike glanced from Angel to Liz and back when Liz grinned.

“Strip?” Dawn piped up, eyes twinkling.

“No!” Angel glowered at her.

“Fine,” Dawn pouted, her bottom lip sticking out a mile.

“I’ve got a couple bags of Smarties from last night still,” Ava produced the booty and rationed it with Liz’s help. Angel stared helplessly at his cards and the small pile of multi-colored candies.

“You okay there Peaches?” Liz teased. “Ava, help him. I’ll keep Dawn from losing her shirt.”

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And Part 12 - NEW PART!!!!

(Oh, so people don't think I'm corrupting little kids, Dawn is same age as Roswell Crew, 19 *big* )


“Angel? Where are you?” Cordelia opened the apartment door, half expecting to find her boyfriend tied up in a corner, and the troublemakers laughing. Well the laughing part was right, but that’s Angel’s laugh, Cordelia wrinkled her forehead.

“Is that Angel laughing?” Buffy voiced Cordelia’s silent question.

“He can laugh?” Willow asked quietly. She’d been her usual timid self since Cordelia had torn into her earlier, and her eyes had a guilty look whenever they met up with her rival’s.

“Yeah, but it’s really hard to get him to,” Cordelia answered. “He likes That 70’s Show, maybe they’re watching that,” she mused, setting her purse down and walking down the hall. Passing the living room and finding it empty, she frowned harder.

“Kitchen,” Buffy nodded, listening for a minute.

“Yeah, I can feel him,” Cordelia agreed absently, not seeing the shocked looks on the other girls’ faces. Standing in the doorway to the kitchen, she stared at the group surrounding the table in shock. Angel was down to his boxers, as was Spike. Dawn was wearing a T-shirt and not much else from the looks of it. Ava wasn’t any better off, but Liz was the worst. She was sporting a lacy black bra, and matching underwear, and Spike’s hand was currently located on her thigh, and inching higher.

“Are you looking to lose that hand William?” Liz asked smoothly, trading two cards.

“What hand?” Spike smirked, tapping his fingers.

“The one on my sister’s naked thigh!” Cordelia answered, leaning on the doorframe and biting her lip to keep from laughing when Spike shot a foot in the air and backed away, genuinely scared.

“Is this your idea of taking care of them Angel? Playing strip poker with Dawn?” Buffy’s mouth was twitching with laughter at the red-faced brooder.

“Yes, it is. And I was this close to getting him out of his boxers when you interrupted. Talk about spoiling everything!” Dawn pouted, slapping her cards down on the table.

“If you want to know what’s down there, just ask Cordelia. She’s seen everything,” Buffy winked at Cordelia so she knew she was kidding.

“Well tell us, we were looking forward to seeing his package!” Liz demanded, Ava chiming in her agreement. Angel flushed even darker and draped his shirt over his lap, sending Buffy and Cordelia into gales on laughter, holding onto each other for support. Willow’s tinkling laugh could be heard from the hall behind them as she slid down the wall.

“Why does everyone want to see Peaches? I’m the Big Bad, he’s got nothing on me!” Spike growled, irritated.

“Really?” Liz turned to him, tilting her head and examining his speculatively. Before anyone could react, she jumped up and yanked his boxers down to his ankles.

“Oh my God!” Buffy screamed; laughing so hard she had tears in her eyes.

“Liz!” Cordelia tried to be stern, but she had to leave the room and could be heard gasping and choking back laughter in the hall.

“What is the excitement?” Maria and Isabel walked in, hoping to see Liz and make sure she was okay. Walking past the two girls rolling on the floor laughing, and a beet-faced Willow they looked into the kitchen and their eyes bugged out. Dawn was practically drooling staring at a naked Spike, Ava and Liz also giving his ‘hard’ form their complete attention. Angel had his head hidden in his arms on the table to avoid his childe’s clothing-less form. Spike was grinning, leaning against the counter, clearing enjoying himself, in more ways than one.

“Well, I guess she’s doing okay,” Isabel gulped, forcing herself to breath normally.

“Uh huh,” Maria blinked rapidly, her cheeks flushing.

“Peanut?” Riley’s voice called from the apartment door. Immediately, Spike pulled his boxers up and sat down, the girls forming a barrier around him, Cordelia and Buffy included. Willow was still sitting, staring straight ahead, her mouth opening and closing, eyes glazed over.

“Hey there. You guys got the food done already?” Buffy smiled stiffly, pinching her arm hard to keep from laughing again. Narrowing his eyes, Riley looked from Buffy to Cordelia and back.

“You two okay? You seem a little tense.”

“We’re fine, it was a little hard going to the wake and meeting all those people and knowing that they didn’t know who I was, or why I was there,” Cordelia answered, partly truthful. Riley nodded, accepting her answer reluctantly.

“You should go make sure they aren’t burning anything,” Buffy waved her hand, hoping he’d leave. Suspicious, Riley agreed, and left slowly, glancing back every couple steps to see them smiling widely at him. Behind them, the kitchen was a flurry of activity, finding clothes and putting them on.

“We’ve got to make an appearance, but we’re talking later,” Cordelia raised her eyebrows at Liz.

“Fine,” Liz mumbled, brushing past her, entourage at her sides and Spike right behind her.

“Buffy, is that the same guy that Willow said you shot down when he said he loved you?” Maria asked, staring at Spike’s bottom as he left.

“Yes, that is the lecherous Spike. Why?” Buffy frowned.

“You’re insane!” Maria declared, sighing. Linking arms with Buffy and Willow, she led them off, demanding that they tell her every single detail about the bleached one.
“Enjoy the strip show Isabel?” Cordelia smiled at the tall blonde that reminded her of herself only a year ago, closed off and icy outside, but longing for genuine friends.

“Educational, that’s for sure. So, are you going to reveal yourself too?” Isabel teased Angel.

“No, that’s Spike’s job. We better go join the forces,” Angel fled, embarrassed.

“Don’t take it personally, he gets embarrassed easily. He’s right though, we should get downstairs before they send out a search party,” Cordelia smiled and led the way down.


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Part 13

“Finally! We were just making sure everyone knew everyone else. Peanut knows everyone obviously, so I’ll let her make the intros,” Riley nodded to Liz and she stood grinning.

“Okay, in this corner we’ve got Maria, Buffy and Willow. Maria’s been my friend since third grade, Buffy is Riley’s girlfriend, and Willow is Buffy’s best friend. Riley is my brother, and Cordelia over there is my sister. Angel is Cordy’s man and Spike’s sire, both are vampires, oh, and Buffy’s a slayer. Xander is Willow’s boyfriend. Michael is Maria’s guy. Max and Isabel are siblings. Kyle is my ex, and so is Max. Ava is an old friend. Dawn is Buffy’s sister. I think that everyone,” Liz sat back and watched the room explode.

“Vampire? Ava? When did you get a brother & sister?” Max gaped.

“Isn’t that Tess?” Kyle looked worried.

“What ever happened to that other guy with the glasses that came with you to the hospital, and here?” Isabel suddenly realized she hadn’t seen him since then.

“His girlfriend called him back to LA,” Cordelia answered.

“Faith horny again?” Spike snickered, earning several glares.

“I’m hungry!” Michael hollered, getting most people’s attention. “Well I am!”

“Let’s eat. Dawn, I’ll introduce you,” Liz winked and led Dawn over to Max. “Max, this is Dawn, Buffy’s sister. Dawn, this is Max.”

“Nice to meet you,” Max nodded, holding out his hand. Dawn smiled shyly and blushed, taking it. Max flinched when he got a flash from her. Eyes wide, he looked over at Spike, and then to Liz, jaw dropping.

“Since when do you rip underwear off guys you barely know?” Max’s voice was loud enough to attract the attention of Riley.

“Excuse me?” he glowered at Max.

“Liz, she ripped that Spike guy’s underwear off upstairs!” Max’s voice rose with that and this time everyone heard him. Looking at each other, Buffy and Cordelia snorted and collapsed once again in a puddle of laughter. Willow’s face repeated the red thing, and Isabel’s eyes glazed over, remembering.

“Is that what you were hiding from me up there? Spike was naked?”

“Um, yeah,” Liz whispered, trying to keep a semi-sad face on when she really wanted to giggle like Ava and Maria. Dawn was terrified of Riley’s reaction.

“And how did this happen?” Riley fought to stay calm.

“They all wanted to see Angel’s package, at least LilBit did. So I kind of offered, and Luv pulled down my shorts so they could see The Big Bad!” Spike smirked.

“The Big Bad?” Michael snorted. “Nice name for it.”

“Thanks, better than little Will,” Spike shrugged. “It’s not little.”

“You got that right,” Willow gulped. “I thought Xander was big, but WOW!”

“Willow!” Cordelia gasped.

“Did I say that out loud? Oh no!” Willow hid her face, shamed.

“You did honey. You’re right though; Xapper’s not up to that standard. Angel’s bigger though Spike, despite what you think!” Cordelia stated proudly.

“Hah! Prove it!” Spike glared at her. Cordelia clenched her jaw and marched over to Angel, prepared to drop his pants and do just that.

“Yeah! We get to see it after all!” Dawn cheered, elated. Ava perked up and moved out from behind Kyle and Isabel, her face shining with excitement. Liz crept forward, eager.

“Don’t even think about it!” Riley put an end to the contest. “I don’t believe this! Liz, you are not staying home with Angel tomorrow, you are going to the funeral!” Riley’s statement killed the happiness. Liz’ face fell and she left the group to hide in a back booth, huddled in a ball.

“Nice one buddy! There’s this little thing called tact!” Maria glared at him.

“Excuse me,” Cordelia walked out of the café and sat on the curb, hugging herself and crying silently. The rest of the group paired off, mostly by couples. Michael and Maria sat in a booth across from Willow and Xander, the girls snuggling up to the guys. Dawn and Ava slid across from Liz, just being there without saying anything. Spike sat down beside her and opened his arms and she crawled in his lap, hiding her face in his shoulder. Riley sat at the counter, leaning his head in his hands, kicking himself for what he said. Buffy perched on the counter beside him and stroked his hair. Isabel decided to join Cordelia outside and Angel went with her. Kyle looked around lost for a minute, and then sat with Max on the floor leaning against the wall.


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Part 14

“I can’t do this,” Liz was standing just outside the church doors, flanked by Ava and Dawn.

“Yes you can. Riley is in there, waiting for you,” Ava encouraged.

“My legs won’t move,” Liz protested.

“We can carry you if we need to,” Dawn

warned. “Cordelia is going to need you Liz. Angel isn’t in there, she’s alone.”

“You would guilt trip me,” Liz grumbled, but moved forwards, holding onto Dawn and Ava’s hands in a death grip. Managing to get into the main foyer, she looked in fear at the crowd milling around, most of them regulars at the café. They all stared at her in pity.

“Stare much?” Ava muttered loud enough to get most of them to turn away, embarrassed.

“Your brother is in the front row waiting Elizabeth,” the usher came to escort her. “You two can sit anywhere you like,” he curled his lip at Ava’s appearance.

“They’re sitting with me,” Liz narrowed her eyes and dared him to defy her.

“The front row is reserved for family,” he repeated.
“We’ll be right behind you Liz,” Dawn promised. “You sit with Cordelia, okay?”

“Fine,” Liz sighed, not really wanting to fight about it. However when she got to the front she found that Riley and Buffy were on one side, surrounded by various aunts and uncles. Searching for Cordelia, Liz frowned when she spotted her back several rows alone. Ignoring the usher, she marched back and reached for her sister, pulling her to her feet.

“You’re coming with me. What are you doing back here?” Liz asked.

“They made me sit here. Your Aunt Nancy made a fuss, claiming I wasn’t family when I tried to sit up there. Riley’s too busy to worry him about something trivial,” Cordelia shrugged, her eyes misting.

“Trivial my ass. I’m not sitting without my sister,” Liz squared her shoulders and lead Cordelia up front and sat her down right in the middle next to her, clutching her hand as a life-saver as she looked up at the closed casket with a photo of Jeff on it.

“You’ve already been told; this row is for family only. Please don’t make a scene,” the usher glared at Cordelia.

“She’s not going to, but I might if you don’t leave my sister alone!” Liz clenched her teeth and stood, getting in the man’s face.

“What’s going on? Is this person bothering you Elizabeth? Please leave,” Nancy Parker stared down her nose at Cordelia.

“No, my sister is not bothering me. This usher is, and you are! Go away!” Liz’s voice rose and cracked, catching Riley’s attention.

“Peanut?” Riley gathered her into his arms, frowning at Nancy.

“This woman won’t leave,” the usher pointed at a red-faced, crying Cordelia.

“That’s because she’s my sister! Go do you job, and leave us alone,” Riley waved him off.

“I don’t belong here,” Cordelia stood and fled the church.

“I can’t do this,” Liz cried. Wrenching herself from Riley’s grasp, she raced after Cordelia, sobbing. Riley turned furious eyes onto Nancy.

“Go sit down before I say something I might regret,” Rile gritted his teeth, and Nancy lifted her chin and swept away. Wiping his hand roughly across his face, he turned to go get Liz and Cordelia, but the minister was trying to get his attention, it was time to start.

“I’ll go after her,” Dawn spoke up, Ava nodding. Isabel offered to go with them and the three left the church to find the wayward sisters. Thankful, Riley took a deep breath and headed for the podium, Buffy smiling at him encouragingly.


“Okay, where would they be?” Dawn tapped her foot, biting her lip.

“Liz will be at Alex’s grave,” Ava stated firmly, knowing instinctively that was where she was.

“What about Cordelia? Dawn, how well do you know her?” Isabel asked as they headed down the street towards the Catholic cemetery.

“I don’t, not really. Angel might have an idea. She may have gone to him,” Dawn perked up; convinced she was right.

“No, she won’t want to show up there hysterical. Never show weakness is the one rule that all Ice Princesses have, both current and former. While you may shed a few sentimental tears in front of your man, never lose control, and never in front of others, like Spike,” Isabel smiled coldly.

“Good point. There’s Liz,” Ava pointed to the dark-haired figure that was flung across Alex’s grave, crying her eyes out.

“Poor Lizzie,” Dawn wiped her own eyes, feeling horrible for her new friend.

“She was the one I stole Alex from. That’s what Riley meant. Oh no,” Isabel whispered, things that had been said falling into place. Guilt stricken, she moved to the sidewalk and sat down, head in her hands, her insides torn apart.

“What is she mumbling about?” Ava asked Dawn.

“You got me. It’s Liz I’m worried about. She’s going to make herself sick,” Dawn moved forward and sat down next to her prostrate friend, Ava crouching on her other side. Both girls gently rubbed Liz’s back until she calmed down and was able to sit up, sniffling and gulping, but no longer sobbing. Wiping at her eyes with the back of her hand, she smiled wanly at the two girls watching her with concern.

“You okay cornball?” Ava brushed back a lock of Liz’s hair.

“No, but I will be. I have to be, if only for Riley’s sake. I can’t be a burden to him. Besides, I’m tired of being an emotional mess. I’m leaving Roswell, and I don’t ever plan on looking back,” Liz stared off into the distance, her voice dull and flat.

“It will get easier Liz. I know it doesn’t feel like it yet, but it does. Every day it hurts just a tiny bit less. I’ll help convince Riley you need a vacation if you promise me that you won’t shut Ava or me out. I want you to talk about Alex, or Jeff at least once a week, maybe more. We can sit down and talk memories together, okay? Ava can talk about Zan, and I’ll tell you about Mom, but none of us pretend with each other, got it?” Dawn looked just like Buffy at that moment and Liz smiled widely at the similarities visible. “What are you looking at? Do I have something in my teeth?” Dawn closed her mouth, worried when Liz kept watching her smiling.

“No, you just sounded exactly like Buffy, that’s all. Who’s up for an ice cream soda?” Ava stood and held out her hand to Liz.

“Not just yet. I’d rather just sit here for a while. It’s stupid I know, but I feel like I’m with him when I’m here,” Liz stared down at Alex’s headstone wistfully, her features growing sad again.

“I wish Zan had a grave, or a headstone I could go to. There are times when I feel like talking to him, even if it’s just to tell him how my day went, but there isn’t anywhere I can go,” Ava teared up, and wiped hard at her eyes, ashamed.

“That’s nothing to be ashamed of Ava, you loved him. Dawn, have you ever been to New York?” Liz asked abruptly, an idea forming in her mind.

“No, I’ve hardly ever left Sunnydale. Why?” Dawn frowned.

“We’re going there, all three of us. Ava can show us where she grew up, and we’ll make a memorial to Zan, either in the sewer you stayed in, or where the accident happened. We leave Monday, so that gives us three days to plan and pack. Spike can come and be our guardian of the night,” Liz snickered.

“Okay, but he’s staying in my bed,” Dawn staked her claim.

“What about Max? I thought he caught your eye.”

“No, he’s really cute and everything, but Spike is so, so Spike!” Dawn sighed dreamily.

“Yeah, he’s Spike alright. This sudden change of mind wouldn’t by any chance have anything to do with seeing his goods, would it?” Liz teased.

“Maybe,” Dawn answered primly. “You’re being quiet Ava, what’s your bug?”

“Thinking about Zan, and Max. Is it unfaithful of me to still love Zan and yet be attracted to another guy?” Ava flicked her tongue at her lip ring.

“Not when that guy is a carbon copy of your man. You’re saying you want Max? That’s really great Ava. Max is a sweetheart, really. He showers you with attention, sometimes a bit too much for my tastes, but he cares very deeply. You’d be great together. When we come back from New York we’ll call him and invite him down to Sunnydale,” Liz promised.

“Sunnydale? You’re not coming back to Roswell after the trip?” Dawn blinked.

“What for? Riley will be in Sunnydale, Dad is gone, and Cordy sure won’t stay. I’ll come back every couple week-ends to see Ria, and she’ll come see me, but other than her, I have no real reason to live in this sad little town,” Liz picked at the grass, sighing.

“Well at least you gave me some consideration,” Maria stood over them, hands on her hips.

“Course I did. You’re still my girl Ria,” Liz laughed, getting up to hug her.

“I better be, after all the stuff we’ve been through. So, you three are off to NYC? I expect souvenirs when you return. And lots of pictures!” Maria ordered.

“Yes, sir!” Ava saluted, ducking when Maria swatted at her.

“Riley send you to find us?” Dawn asked, seeing Michael hovering outside the cemetery, glancing at his watch impatiently.

“Yeah, he was worried when you weren’t at the café. Isabel found Cordelia in the park, swinging.”

“She’s okay?” Liz bit her lip.

“Yeah, she’s kind of bonded with Isabel. They both know how it feels to not really belong.”

“That’s for sure. Hey there MikeyBoy,” Liz winked up at Michael as they walked past him.

“Michael, say Michael with me,” Michael stressed.

“Touchy much?” Maria slid her hand in his, calming him down.

The three single girls looked at the tender gesture, then at each other, sighing in unison, “I need a man!” and linked arms, Ava in the middle this time, Liz and Dawn resting their heads on her shoulder.


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Part 15

“Hey there big sister, you okay?” Liz moved away from Ava and Dawn when they reached the café and found Cordelia sitting on the curb drawing on a cigarette. “Got another?”

“Here,” Cordelia held out the pack and a lighter. Sticking one in her lips, Liz lit it and took a long drag, feeling the smoke curl in her lungs before expelling it in a fast puff.

“Nancy is a bitch,” Liz stated.

“She was right though. I didn’t really belong there. I never knew him, didn’t even know he existed until two weeks ago. What right do I have to be treated like a real mourner?”

“You’re his daughter. If he didn’t want you to know, he wouldn’t have sent you that letter.”

“I know, but it’s hard to ignore comments like Nancy’s. All my life I’ve been this perfect princess, but I’ve never really belonged.”

“No wonder you and Isabel bonded, you’re two of a kind,” Liz smirked.

“Yeah, she’s pretty cool. Reminds me of Faith sort of. Faith’s got more attitude, but she’s hiding just like us. We act like queens, she chose the bad-ass side, but we’re essentially the same person.”

“Did you invite Isabel to visit LA with you?”

“How’d you know?” Cordelia turned to Liz, surprised.

“I am your sister. I’m going to New York with Dawn and Ava, and then we’ll go to California. I want to see where my big sister grew up, and of course her current digs. Maybe we can go on our own little trip, just the two of us?” Liz asked hopefully.

“Are you kidding? That would be perfect! As soon as you get to LA we’ll start planning. Wait, what about school? Don’t you have to finish your last year?”

“Not really. Being a nerd has its advantages. I don’t technically have to return for my senior year if I don’t want to. I was thinking about it, just for extra credit, but I’m not sure. Even if I do, there’s always a long weekend, or the Christmas holidays,” Liz grinned. Smiling back, Cordelia hugged her sister, happy for the first time since that morning.

“I don’t think so Peanut! I expect to have at least a part of you during the holidays!” Riley towered over them, glowering. When Liz’s face fell, he grinned and sat down, ruffling her hair. “Don’t look so disappointed Peanut. Is spending time with your big brother such a horrible thing?”

“Depends, are we talking about the same domineering, rude big brother that’s been in residence for the past three days? Or are we referring to the sweet, loving one I once knew. The one who would never think of not telling me immediately when he got engaged,” Liz turned her head and stared at Riley, her eyes slits, her mouth twisted.

“Uh, the latter one. I was planning on telling you, but I didn’t know how, and today wasn’t exactly a day of celebration,” Riley pointed out.

“Good point there, but you did give her the ring yesterday morning, almost thirty-six hours ago.”

“I’m sorry, okay? I wasn’t even sure if you liked Buffy,” Riley defended himself.

“I hated her for a while there, because she dumped you. That changed when William told us about your idiotic vamp brothel visits. I like Buffy, she’s fun and she loves you. That’s all that matters to me Riley. If you love her, and she loves you, I don’t care about anything else,” Liz smiled tearily at her brother and gave him a hug, glad that they had talked about it.

“You guys okay out here? Angel’s asking about you, worried. Come back in before he wears a hole in the floor pacing,” Buffy begged Cordelia laughing.

“I’ll meet you upstairs,” she smiled at Liz and Riley, Buffy taking her spot on the pavement.

“Did you tell her yet Riley?” Buffy asked, hiding her left hand.

“He told me. What ring did he give you, the ruby one?” Liz asked, snatching at Buffy’s hand eagerly. Laughing, Buffy held it out for Liz to admire.

“I was going to get her a ring from one of those gum-ball machines, but for some reason she didn’t like that idea and threatened to stake me if I ever suggested something that horrible again,” Riley ruffled Buffy’s hair and ducked when she swatted at him.

“I’d be with her on that one brother dear. So, where should Cord and I hold the engagement party? I’m guessing in Sunnydale?” Liz looked at Buffy expectantly.

“I suppose that would work best. When are you thinking of having it?” Buffy bit her lip, picturing her schedule over the next month.

“Two weeks, give or take. We need to wait a little while for decency’s sake, and we should be back from our New York trip by then. Why don’t we say three weeks from tomorrow, which will be the Friday before school starts up again. Does the Bronze place Dawn told me about rent out for large groups?” Liz was getting worked up, and excited. Planning was her forte, and this was going to be a blast of a party if she had her way.

“I think so. I can get that information to you. Wait, you’re going to New York?” Buffy was starting to stand and head into the café when what Liz said sunk in.

“Excuse me?” Riley frowned.

“Yeah, Dawn and I are going to New York with Ava to help her say good-bye to someone. She grew up there, and last fall her boyfriend got hit by a truck and died. We’re going to put up a memorial on the corner where he died, so she has someplace to go and talk to him. No gravesite,” Liz explained when they looked confused.

“What about a chaperone?” Buffy was worried about sending three teen-aged girls to New York all alone. Granted, they would be nineteen soon, but still.

“Don’t worry, we’re working on that. Well, Dawn is,” Liz snickered, scurrying into the café.

“Why doesn’t that reassure me?” Riley asked, taking Buffy’s hand and going inside. A yell from Cordelia stopped them in their tracks.

“NO! Absolutely not! I will not let you three go to New York by yourselves and wander around in sewers! Are you insane?” Cordelia screamed.

“Relax, Delia, they are big girls, and can take care of themselves. Besides, we’ll have their hotel room number, and each of them will carry a cell phone at all times, plus a stake, holy water and promise not to go out after dark, right?” Angel waited, giving them a pointed look. Sighing, Liz nodded in agreement, the other two nodding alongside her.

“Good, plus they told us Dawn was working on a chaperone for them,” Buffy added.

“Really? Wait a second,” Cordelia narrowed her eyes and looked over at the table the three girls were sitting at, realizing for the first time that it was Dawn in Spike’s lap, not Liz.

“Oh I don’t think so sweetheart. That is not going to happen!” Riley growled.

“What’s not going to happen?” Buffy followed her gaze and squeaked. Pulling out her trusted Mr. Pointy she shook her head emphatically. “Try again sister dear. You will have to do better then that if you expect me to allow you to go off to a strange, very dangerous city alone. Now, who should we appoint as their chaperone?” Ignoring the cries of protest from the table, she turned to Riley and Cordelia.

“I don’t know, Buffy. While Spike may not be the ideal choice, he can & will protect them with his life, and there are not too many others you can say that have that ability,” Angel spoke up, wrapping his arms around Cordelia’s waist.

“Angel’s right. I don’t like the thought of them going to New York alone, but Spike being with them is a big plus. They’ll be completely safe,” Cordelia added, softening to the concept.

“After what they did upstairs yesterday? You know how Spike is. The thought of them alone with him, make me shudder. Ten minutes after he gets them in a hotel room there’ll be an orgy,” Buffy cried, grimacing.

“Orgy? That’s a bit unrealistic sweetheart,” Riley smiled.
“Well maybe, but still!”

“I’m with Angel and Cordelia on this one, simply because of why they’re going. All three of them have suffered great losses this past year. Ava lost her boyfriend, Dawn lost Joyce, and now Peanut with both Alex and Jeff. They need each other,” Riley looked over at the hopeful faces watching them and he caved. “You can go to New York!”

“Yes!” the three girls screamed and jumped up, running over to create a huge group hug.

“Aww, can I join in?” Spike smirked, moving to grab at the group.

“Touch me and die Oh Neutered One!” Cordelia warned.

“Now is that any way to speak to your son, Mummy?” Spike batted his eyes when Cordelia grimaced, shuddering at the thought.

“Oh yuck, you poor thing,” Buffy patted Cordelia’s back sympathetically, sending everyone into giggles as they headed upstairs to pack for the trip.


Sorry about the long wait. Life sucks, but it does keep me busy. I'm not sure if I'll actually write the New York trip, just gloss it over in stories and flashes. I'm eager to get Alex back, and that would delay it.


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Part 16

This next part is a bit of a test. I'm feeling sort of discouraged, it's been ten days since my last post, and only two people FB'd. I know it's bad taste to beg or threaten people into FB'ing, but I'd like to know that people are reading and like this story, so, please FB me!!

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“Hello?” Dawn called, poking her head in the front door of her house. Biting her lip, she glanced around, regretting not calling ahead and telling them when they’d get it.

“Don’t worry LilBit, the slayer is probably off patrolling with the gang,” Spike dragged several bags in and dumped them on the floor in the front hall. “Well, I’m off!”

“Try again BleachBoy. You can stay and keep us company while we wait for them to get back, got it? Wait,” Liz paused, staring at the ceiling. “Do you hear creaking?”

“Yeah, what is . . . eww!” Dawn gagged, shuddering.

“Slayer is shagging GI!” Spike cheered.

“Stuff it!” Liz snarled, disgusted. “Turn on the TV, I don’t really feel like being serenaded on my return in quite that way,” Liz grimaced, flopping onto the couch, Dawn joining her, Spike in the middle, his arms around both girls.

“I’m telling you that is Spike’s car, Riley!” Buffy’s voice argued, walking in the front door.

“That would be their bags,” Riley nodded, seeing the luggage pile on the floor. “Peanut!”

“We’re in here,” Liz mumbled, yawning as she leaned into Spike.

“Aren’t you short one?” Buffy frowned.

“We lost her to the dark side, bloody wench!” Liz grumbled, remembering Ava’s rapid departure from being a third sister to being Max’s girl. “She’s in Roswell, attached to Max’s mouth.”

“Oh,” Buffy smiled. “Why aren’t you going to bed, you’re obviously exhausted. Dawn knows where all the rooms are.”

“We were waiting for you two to finish creaking the bed,” Dawn answered absently. A loud groan from upstairs made her blink and stare at the ceiling and then turn to her sister. “You’re not upstairs!”

“No, we were patrolling. Why did you think we were upstairs?” Riley asked, scratching his head.

“Someone is shagging up there,” Spike answered, pointing up and getting rewarded with a long, guttural howl. Everyone’s gaze snapped upwards.

“Who is up there?” Buffy narrowed her eyes and pulled out her stake.

“Giles!” was the last scream they heard before silence.
“Watcher Dude?” Spike’s eyes bugged out as Dawn and Buffy made a mad dash for the bathroom, Riley and Liz grimacing.

“I’m not sleeping in whatever bed he’s using,” Liz declared. “Hey, isn’t this a pull-out couch?”

“Yeah, Spike help Riley move that coffee table. I’ll get some blankets while you two girls change,” Buffy directed, returning wiping her mouth.

“Gotcha!” they all went to their assigned tasks.

“Peanut looks better. Thanks for going with them,” Riley jerked his chin at Spike.

“She stopped crying herself to sleep after a week. LilBit and her are like sisters now,” Spike smiled almost fondly, remembering nights when the two would talk for hours, ending in rowdy pillow fights in their underwear.

“I’m glad she has someone to talk to about it. I’m off to bed, Peanut. Sleep tight,” Riley hugged Liz, kissing her forehead briefly before following Buffy upstairs, his hand on her bottom.

“Great, more bed creaking in store,” Dawn whined, walking in the living room braiding her newly streaked hair. “May as well watch Letterman,” she grinned, stretching. Her flimsy tank top rode up, revealing just the edge of her breasts, and Spike’s eyes locked onto them.

“Sounds good to me.” Liz noticed and smirked, “See something you like William?”

“Bloody chit,” Spike growled, distracted. “See you tomorrow girls.”

“What?” both of them stared at him like he was crazy. “Where are you going?”

“Home to bed,” Spike frowned.

“Fine, we’ll have to make out alone.” Liz sighed, knowing he’d take the bait. Sure enough, he was yanking off his boots and jacket in a hurry. Sprawling backwards on the bed, spreading his arms and wiggling his scarred eyebrow at the two giggling girls.

“You weren’t really going to leave us, were you?” Dawn lay down, snuggling up to him, her voice trembling uncertainly.

“Of course he wasn’t, he knows we can’t sleep without him,” Liz assured her, shooting a warning glare at Spike who winced, taking her usual spot on his other side, pulling the blankets up over them.

“Besides, there’s something kinky about being a pillow for two gorgeous women,” Spike leered.

“Night William.”

“Night Spike.”

“Night Pet, LilBit.”


“Coffee, I need coffee,” Buffy yawned, staggering down the stairs, bleary-eyed. Walking past the living room, she froze and did a double take at the sight of Liz and her sister cuddled up to Spike, fast asleep. Forcing herself to remain calm, she breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that Spike was still fully clothed except for his boots. “Well I guess I better check our stock of blood,” she muttered, puttering into the kitchen, scratching her head. Returning after a minute with a fresh cup of coffee, she sat down cross-legged in the Lazy-Boy and watched the trio. It wasn’t long before the fresh-brewed scent had a reaction.

“Mmm,” Dawn mumbled, snuggling closer to Spike, smiling in her sleep.

“Oh boy,” Buffy narrowed her eyes, chewing her bottom lip.

“Do I smell coffee?” Spike opened one eye and sniffed. Seeing the slayer and the mug she held, his eyes gleamed and he tried to free himself, but the two girls entangled around him took a tighter hold.

“Should we be having a little talk Spike?” Buffy leaned back and eyed him.

“Bloody hell,” Spike closed his eyes, a pained expression on his face.

“Well?” Buffy frowned, worried now that Spike wasn’t protesting to beat the band.

“Nothing is going on Slayer, okay? They can’t sleep if I’m not there, they freak, LilBit especially,” Spike waited, his eyes still closed, for her reaction. Dawn and Liz moved and groaned, breaking the moment.

“Coffee is in the kitchen girls, and the bathroom is free,” Buffy smiled at the half-awake teens who managed to get two cups of coffee and make it up the stairs. Once she heard the shower running, Buffy motioned for Spike to follow her into the kitchen, all windows covered. Grabbing a mug of blood for him, Buffy pointed to an empty chair and sat down across from Spike.

“Do you mean Dawn hasn’t been able to sleep in months?” Buffy looked stricken that she hadn’t realized that major detail about her sister.

“Not really. About a week after Joyce’s funeral, I was sneaking around your house and found her on the living room floor, crying. I got her on the couch and held her while she cried herself to sleep. It became a bit of a routine. She made me promise not to tell you. I didn’t exactly want to tell you that I was sleeping with LilBit anyway, I like being dust free,” Spike added.

“You’re right, I probably would have staked you a month ago, even a week ago. I wondered if it was me that made you withstand all that torture Glory put you through. Despite that icky robot thing, you care more about Dawn than you ever did me,” Buffy smiled softly. “I promise you this, if I ever get wind of you making a Dawn robot, I will put you through much worse than Glory did, got it?”

“I got it, Slayer. Besides, LilBit is not exactly the first chit that comes to mind when I think kinky sex, hell she’s not even near the top,” Spike assured her.

“Who’s not near the top?” Riley wandered in and smiled at Buffy. Spike gagged when they moved towards each other, lovey-eyed and kissed softly.

“Ick,” Liz and Dawn stared at them, and shuddered. Refilling their mugs they sat down on either side of Spike and leaned towards him naturally, trying not to watch the show their siblings were putting on for them.

“Morning Peanut, Dawnie,” Riley reluctantly pulled away from Buffy.

“Please don’t call me Dawnie, it sounds like that guy from the New Kids. Do it again and I might have to start calling you Raisin,” Dawn warned, grinning.

“Peanut!” Riley stared at Liz, stunned. “You told her?”

“As I recall, you told certain people the peanut story. I’m simply returning the favor. What time is it, D?” Liz asked, tapping her foot and thinking.

“Almost ten. We slept in late. We have to be at the Bronze by ten-thirty, then Gigi’s at twelve for a test-eat. After that, we’re meeting Willow at the mall for a smoothie. Cordelia is scheduled to meet us back at the Bronze for two. From there we go to that other place,” Dawn winked at Liz, ignoring the worried look on Buffy’s face. “Spike, we’ll be back at the Bronze by six, meet us there, okay?” Dawn bent to kiss his cheek, Liz doing the same to his other one before the two girls ran out the door giggling.

“We need to talk,” Riley stared down at the bleached vamp.

“It’s okay, I already did the talk Riley. Why don’t you get a bit more sleep in the basement Spike,” Buffy waved him off.

“Fine by me,” Spike muttered, vanishing down the basement steps.

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Thanx for all the FB!!

Part 17


“This is a blast, you two did a great job,” Buffy yelled over the music, dancing with Riley, her face shining with happiness.

“Naturally,” Liz smiled, twirling away from Spike and wiggling her finger at Kyle. Swaying her hips, she dragged him away from Isabel, winking at the blonde alien.

“Thanks for inviting us, Lizzie,” Maria called, spinning past her, Ava her partner. The two girls had been abandoned by their guys for the buffet table, not that they cared.

“Duh, did you actually think I wouldn’t? Shame on you!” Liz laughed, wrapping her arms around Kyle’s neck, swaying to the music and attempting to get him to at least shuffle his feet. After a minute she growled and waved him off, deciding to pursue more likely candidates in Riley’s Initiative buddies.

“Liz, right?” Graham asked, trying to keep up with her movements.

“Yep, you’re cute,” Liz flirted, playing with the hair at the nape of his neck, getting him to turn beet red and stammer.

“He’s also a short-stop for the other team Liz,” Riley laughed, leaning over to whisper in her ear.

“So? I can be very persuasive when I want to be,” Liz countered, but she soon left Graham, and found a seat at the bar to watch the crowd. Just then the lights dimmed and ‘Amazed’ by Lonestar came on, the group quickly pairing off, the girls leaning their cheeks against their guy’s chest. Feeling that pang in her chest, Liz blinked back tears as Alex’s faced swam before her eyes.

“It’s okay,” Dawn slid onto the stool next to her and wrapped an arm around her, letting Liz rest her head against her shoulder, silent tears tracing down her cheeks. Rubbing her back, Dawn sighed, feeling a small amount of the pain Liz was in. She may not have a requited love, but at least as long as Spike was still with them, helping her sleep, there was a chance. Liz didn’t even have that, and Dawn knew that as happy as she was for her brother, it ripped at Liz’s heart every time she saw the happy couple.

“Cornball okay?” Ava had left Max when she saw Liz crying. Part of her was still mourning Zan, though Max was doing a great deal to heal that wound.

“Not really, but there’s not much to do. I’m going to take her home, or she’ll just get worse,” Dawn waved over to Spike who was hiding in a corner smoking and he cut across the room quickly.

“What’s wrong LilBit? Is Pet freaked?” Spike took in the situation with ease. “My car’s out back, come on Pet,” Spike spoke softly and lifted Liz into his arms gently, heedless of the torrent of tears soaking his T-shirt. Keeping to the edge of the crowds, he was able to get out the back with nobody noticing. Dawn hovered long enough to ask Ava to tell Buffy and Riley why they left before hurrying after them.

“We’re leaving,” Cordelia informed Angel, halting mid-step in the dance floor, causing Willow and Xander to bump into them.

“What’s going on?” Willow read the concern on Cordelia’s face easily.

“Nothing, stay here and keep Buffy and Riley occupied, okay? I’m not going to ruin their night,” Cordelia smiled and made a beeline for the doors, Angel at her side.

“Wonder what’s the problem?” Willow mused for about five seconds before Xander’s lips silenced her and she melted into his embrace.


“Dawn? Where is she?” Cordelia burst in the front door of the Summer residence, Liz’s pain slicing through her. Dawn appeared in the living room door with a somber look on her face.

“LilBit, who’s there?” Spike’s voice called softly.

“Cord and Angel,” Dawn answered. “Liz is a wreck, you should go talk to her Cord. I’ll help Angel make you a cup of coffee. We just got a carton of the flavored creamers,” Dawn rambled until Angel put his hand her back and directed her to the kitchen.

“Liz, honey?” Cordelia walked into the living room and sat down on the arm of the sofa and gazed down at her crumpled sister holding onto Spike for dear life. “How long Spike?”

“She’s getting better, but every once in awhile a happy couple or a little girl and her dad will send her into a tail-spin. She pretends to be strong, but she’s not. Unfortunately, from what LilBit has told me, and what I’ve seen, only this Alex character can fix her. Unless a trip to L.A. might help,” Spike shrugged, rubbing circles on Liz’s back.

“We’re leaving in the morning,” Cordelia announced. “Do you have all your things here?”

“You’re inviting me?” Spike stared at her like she was crazy. “I can’t leave LilBit alone.”

“I was planning on bringing Dawn as well. I would never separate the two of them,” Cordelia frowned at him, hurt that he’d even think that. “By the way, what is the deal with you and Dawn?”

“Why does everyone keep asking me that?” Dawn whined when Angel looked at her patiently, smiling placidly.

“Maybe because we aren’t idiots?” Cordelia shook her head at the dense vamp.

“Nobody said you were, but there’s nothing going on!” Dawn protested.

“Yeah right Spike. Don’t forget who you’re talking to.”

“Oh, and that makes you all-knowing? Please!”

“Please what? Beg Dawn to fling herself at you naked?”

“Angel!” Dawn’s eyes bugged out shocked at his words. “Like Spike would ever do something like that!”

“You don’t know Spike very well then. You haven’t forgotten that little strip show in Liz’s apartment in Roswell, have you?”

“No, what does that have to do with LilBit?”

“She couldn’t take her eyes off you. I know Liz and Ava were the same way, but she was drooling, honey. Ever since then, she undresses you with her eyes whenever she looks at you.”

“I do not!” Dawn cried.
“Oh yes you do. On the plus side, no surprises there,” Angel quipped, winking.

“Sod off Cheerleader!” Spike glared at her.

“Picking up Spike’s phrases now are we?” Angel shook his head; it was only a matter of time before they got over themselves and hooked up.

“Can you shut up? My head hurts trying to listen to all of you!” Liz’s sharp voice startled them.

“All of us?”

“Yes, I can hear Angel and Dawn talking in the kitchen, and it’s just slightly annoying. I’m going to sleep now, and attempt to not dream about anything depressing. Maybe a nice nightmare,” Liz mumbled, already drifting off, having shifted so that she was more comfortable, and Spike could lie down.

“I’ll leave you alone. See you in the morning. Night Dawn,” Cordelia grinned when Dawn hovered nervously, blushing when her eyes met Spike’s.

“This is stupid LilBit. We can’t let them and their ideas ruin our sleep. Come one,” Spike waved his arm and Dawn sighed in relief, plopping down and laying her head on his shoulder.

“How long do you give them?” Angel whispered to Cordelia.

“Two weeks, tops. If they don’t get it on by then, I’ll offer my services. Now, something tells me that isn’t a stake in you pocket, is it?” Cordelia batted her eyes and they ran upstairs giggling.


Hope the convos between Cord&Spike, and Dawn&Angel weren't too confusing. D&A's is the bold, and I was trying to show that the two convo's were pretty much identical. Sorry if it didn't work.*wink*

Next part, LA, and that brings us that much closer to the reunion that you're all waiting for!!*big**big*


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Part 18

Just a mini-part today, sorry. Oh, this gets more into Liz being special. And we're all that much closer to Alex's reunion. YAY!!!


“So, this is your hotel?” Liz gaped up at the Hyperion, amazed.

“Yep, and since Spike is getting impatient, I’ll be heading in so he can use the blanket and get out of his car,” Angel hurried inside, Cordelia following and returning with the blanket instantly.

“Nice digs Peaches has,” Spike had only been to L.A. once since Angel had moved, but it was before the move to the Hyperion, so it was a first for him.

“Is it ick-free?” Dawn asked, worried.

“Not entirely, but we don’t stay here at night. Angel used to, but he’s practically moved in with me now. You three will use my spare room,” Cordelia explained. Walking in the front doors, she looked around, surprised at how quiet and empty the lobby was.

“Where’s Liam?” Liz squinted, her eyes adjusting to the dark.

“Probably in the basement, that’s where his main office is. Our gym is on the main floor, and the library. Second floor used mostly for our little band of rogue vamp hunters. Above that, we generally avoid at all costs. Unwelcome squatters,” Cordelia smiled tightly at the girls’ questioning looks.

“Hey QueenC, Billy! Who’d you bring?” Faith came sauntering down the hall from the library, looking decidedly rumpled. Her white T-shirt was wrinkled, her hair mussed and her lipstick smudged.

“She’s the one shagging Watcher 2?” Spike gathered, sniffing.

“He does have a name, Billy!” Faith glared, her stake popping out instinctively.

“Dust him, you deal with me!” Liz snarled, her eyes flashing.

“Both of us,” Dawn backed her up, trying to look menacing.

“Cute little watchdogs you’ve got there Billy. Short one almost has guts. You, not scary sweetheart, which makes you Slutty’s sister, and the ballsy one QueenC’s sib, right?” Faith waited.

“Bitch,” Dawn howled, throwing herself at Faith and knocking her down, getting in several good punches before Angel heard and came running, pulling a still thrashing Dawn off the stunned slayer.

“LilBit kicked your ass,” Spike cheered, proud.

“What is going on here?” Angel glared at Spike, figuring he was the cause.

“Faith threatened to stake Spike, we warned her not to. She insulted us, Dawn especially, referring to her as Slutty’s sister. Dawn flipped and beat Faith down,” Liz summed it up; grinning triumphantly that Dawn was able to hold her own in a fight.

“Faith, I told you to play nice,” Wesley scolded, coming up and helping her to her feet.

“I’m sorry, really. There’s just a lot of bad blood between you sister and myself. Old habits can be really hard to break. I shouldn’t have brought it up in front of you though, and I really am sorry,” Faith looked genuinely apologetic of her earlier attitude, and Dawn smiled back at her, incapable of holding a grudge for very long.

“Shagging him seems to agree with you,” Liz snuck a cigarette out of Spike’s back pocket, had it lit and took a long drag before Angel saw her and grabbed it away, glaring. “Oh bite me Liam!”

“I can, you know. I’m not chipped,” Angel morphed into his game face and stepped forward, shoving his face into Liz’s. Liz stared into his amber eyes blankly, then suddenly jumped to the side and ripped a stake out of Angel’s back pocket and sent it flying across the room, dusting a female vamp that was edging towards them in game face.

“Buffy is still alive, right? Cause that is a slayer move,” Faith stared at Liz in awe.

“Buffy?” Dawn whimpered, running for the phone.

“She’s fine Dawn,” Liz intercepted her. “Remember, I’m the one who played with E.T.”

“Oh,” Dawn breathed a sigh of relief, shooting a hurt look at Faith.

“Hey, what she just did is not normal, okay? It was a legit question,” Faith snapped, storming off, Wesley scurrying after her.

“Bloody wench,” Spike muttered moving to hug Dawn to his side.

“Faith was right, even if tactless,” Angel reasoned.

“He meant Wesley, Liam,” Liz snickered.


“Well now that the basic intros are over, I’m taking the girls back to the apartment to bond.”

“But,” Dawn looked at Spike longingly.

“Oh for crying out loud, you two can stay away from Spike for a few measly hours. Spike, why don’t you sleep or putter, I don’t care. He better stay dust free, or don’t bother coming home,” Cordelia warned Angel before whirling out the door, Liz and Dawn dragging behind her.

“You are so whipped Peaches,” Spike shook his head and followed Angel downstairs.

“Oh, and you aren’t wrapped around those two girls’ fingers? Please,” Angel snorted.

“I am not! Hey, do you have any of that Latin guy’s CDs? The one name after Cleopatra’s lover?” Spike yelled after him, trying to keep up when Angel threw him a panicked look and ran.


Sorry it's short, try to post more tomorrow or the next day,


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Part 19

More Liz special-ness appearing!!!


“So what exactly are we doing here?” Liz looked around the seedy club with distaste. The three girls had spent the afternoon eating ice cream and going through Cordelia’s wardrobe. When Spike had called and told them to meet him and Angel at this club, they’d re-raided the closet for their clothing choices. Dawn was wearing a pair of black leather pants and a black tank top with silver glitter. Her hair was down, with silver glitter scattered in it, and a few silver streaks courtesy of Liz. Cordelia was wearing a blue silk slip dress edged with lace, hair natural. Liz was wearing a pair of worn hipster jeans that barely stayed up and an army green camouflage tank top. Combat boots, green highlights in her hair and a set of army green leather bands (wrist, upper arm & neck) completed the outfit.

“Waiting for the guys,” Cordelia answered, her face shining. She had an idea of what Spike was planning for Dawn, but she wasn’t about to ruin it. Plus, she didn’t want to upset Liz, or Dawn if nothing happened.

“Gee, break out the party hats,” Liz muttered. She’d been in a bad mood for the past two hours and nothing Dawn or Cordelia did could help. The truth was, she’d figured out what Spike had planned for that night, and even though she knew it would make Dawn extremely happy, she was dreading the change in the triangle relationship they’d formed.

“Perk up, sis. Maybe we can find you a guy?” Cordelia winked, missing the way Dawn was waving her hands, mouthing ‘NO’. Liz’s face darkened and she stormed to the bar and ordered a double shot of tequila, glaring at the guy sitting two seats over when he moved to shift closer.

“Move one inch and you’ll never be able to have children!” she snarled, tossing back the shots, her face twisting as she choked them down. Slamming the glass back on the bar, she looked and saw that the bartender was at the far end of the bar, back turned to her. Her eyes flashing, Liz pushed herself half over the bar and swiped a bottle of vodka. Checking to make sure she hadn’t been caught, she tossed a twenty-dollar bill on the counter and retreated to a back corner to drink alone.

“Where did Liz go?” Dawn looked around, worried.

“She’ll be back, don’t worry. Hey, there’s Angel!” Cordelia waved at him, smiling widely.

“What happened to Spike?” Dawn asked when Angel came over alone and sat down at their table, giving Cordelia a quick kiss.

“You’ll see,” Angel answered mysteriously. Just then the lights dimmed and a single spotlight shone on the stage where Spike stood, a microphone in his hand.

“This is going out to LilBit,” Spike announced and nodded at the DJ, the music starting. The first strains on Marc Anthony’s ‘I Need to Know’ filled the room. As Spike sang the first verse, tears sprang to Dawn’s eyes. At the chorus, Dawn stood and pushed through the crowd to be near the stage. Spike knelt for the second verse and sang right to her, pulling her up on stage with him for the end chorus.

“That is incredible. I had no idea that Spike had it in him,” Cordelia had tears in her eyes by the end when Spike drew Dawn to him for an earth-shattering kiss. Applause drowned out Angel’s reply, and then the two lovebirds were back at the table, stars in their eyes.

“I’m tired,” Dawn announced, looking at Spike sideways, eyes gleaming.

“You know what, suddenly I’m feeling this urge for a nap myself. Angel?” Cordelia held out her hand and the four of them left the club, forgetting the figure huddled at a corner table clutching a bottle.

“Love you too,” Liz whispered to their retreating backs. Staring down at the half empty bottle of vodka in her hand, she decided to go for a walk. Opting for the back entrance so that she wouldn’t be seen by the happy couples, she snapped the leg off an old chair and waved her hand over it, sharpening the tip and securing it in her belt loop. “May as well dust some vamps while I’m out,” she muttered as she began walking down the alley, all senses on alert despite the alcohol she consumed.


“Nice crypt,” Liz called, wandering into the fifth cemetery mausoleum of the night, looking around a happy smile on her face due in part to the amount of vodka she’d drank before smashing the bottle on the head of a particularly lewd male vamp that had hit on her.

“Take a wrong turn at Disney Land shrimp?” A tall blonde female vamp looked up from the terrified girl she was about to feed on and glared at Liz. “Oh well, we always have a need for fresh meat around here, don’t we girls?” The queen snapped her fingers and a dozen minions appeared from the dark corners of the crypt.

“You know, you should really re-think the all black look. Army green is much more hip. Oh, and do something about all this dust, would you?” Liz asked, wrinkling her nose in disgust.

“What dust?” the vamp blinked, torn between checking her outfit and looking for dust.

“This dust,” Liz smirked and flung out her arm. A sharpened metal disc flew from her hand and spun around the room, cleanly beheading all the minions before returning to Liz who caught it smoothly. All the vampires exploded into dust, their final expressions being shock. “Don’t you just love Xena?”

“Who are you, the Slayer?” was the last thing that the queen said before a stake was rammed through her chest, evaporating her.

“You okay?” Liz asked the terror stricken girl cowering away from her.

“What were they?” she managed, choking.

“Ever heard of Dracula? Anne Rice? Not all fantasy,” Liz explained simply.

“Oh,” the girl blinked.

“I’m Liz, what’s your name?” Liz held out her hand and helped the girl to her feet.

“Daphne Elliot. Wait, I know you. You’re from Roswell, aren’t you? You went out with Kyle?”

“You know Kyle?” Liz blinked, stunned trying to place the girl.

“Yeah, he tutored me in history last year. He’s nice,” Daphne ducked her head and blushed.

“Oh really?” Liz grinned, poking Daphne in the side. “Just nice? Not cute?”

“Cute doesn’t begin to describe him,” Daphne sighed as the walked back onto the street. Liz turned to look at her more closely as the passed under a streetlight. Red and blonde streaked short, layered, hair, and large blue eyes, a few freckles on a heart-shaped face. A little shorter than Liz, a bit curvier, around Ava’s build. Her eyes were sweet and innocent, and Liz liked her instantly.

“Tell you what, I can put in a good word for you if you deliver a package to him and my friends when you go back there,” Liz offered.

“Really? Oh that would be so perfect!” Daphne gushed, giggling. Their girl-talk was cut short by a lone male vamp headed over leering at them. Daphne flinched and cowered behind Liz, but Liz simply waved to the vamp. Confused, he stopped and stared at her, full game face. Winking, Liz let her newly made Chakram fly and behead him.

“So, where’s your hotel room?” she turned to Daphne like nothing had happened.

“One block over, and we definitely need to talk. You are one weird chick Liz,” Daphne shook her head and the two girls ran the rest of the way to the hotel room, oblivious to the pair of eyes watching them.


More soon, and Liz has less than 48-hours (her time) before her Alex reunion!!! Yippee!! *bounce**bounce*
Now a whole lot of stuff happens first, so it's going to be a few parts for you, but really fun parts, I promise!!


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Part 20

“So vampires are real, but not all of them are bad?” Daphne asked two hours later, taking a spoonful of ice cream from the carton between the two girls on the hotel bed.

“No, Angel for example is cursed, and is trying to atone for his deeds as a vampire. Spike is chipped, and if it breaks, he probably would go back to being the same evil being he was, but for now he tries to help out. He needs the violence to keep sane, and that’s his only real outlet,” Liz shrugged and sucked on her spoon thoughtfully.

“And there’s a chick called the Slayer that kills them. Buffy, your brother’s girl, is one. She died a couple years ago, but CPR brought her back. By then there was already a new one, and she died, calling Faith who is bunking her Watcher person. Buffy had Angel, but he went evil again, and they split after he came back. She now has Riley, and he has your sister Cordelia. Buffy’s little sister Dawn, your best friend, is now hooked up with Spike. Is that everything?” Daphne looked slightly queasy.

“That’s the basics. You get used to it pretty quickly, trust me,” Liz laughed, flopping down on the bed and hanging her head over the side, upside down. “I’m bored now. Does this TV get any decent movies?"

“I think so, but you do realize that it is almost four in the morning, right? I am not used to being up all night long, and I would like to sleep,” Daphne pleaded, groaning.

“Fine, we can sleep for a couple hours. You’re a real whiner you know that? You’d think that you were attacked by some vampires last night or something,” Liz teased, ducking the pillow that Daphne threw at her, sparking a forty-five minute long war before they finally crashed.


“This is the Hyperion? Cool, in a creepy kind of way,” Daphne stared up at the building in awe.

“Like you wouldn’t believe. Hopefully people are starting to get up,” Liz muttered, walking in and looking around the lobby. Finding it empty, she growled and led Daphne through the halls to where Cordelia had said the library was. Unfortunately her sense of direction was way off and she ended up in the training room where Faith was straddling Wesley.

“Um, hello there,” Wesley saw her first and fumbled for his glasses. Faith turned her head, yelped, and rolled off the flustered watcher. Liz immediately shielded her eyes, fearful of seeing removed clothing.

“Please tell me you’re both fully dressed,” she begged, eyes focused on the floor. Out of sight in the hall, Daphne’s eyes widened at her words and she stuck her head around the corner, curious.

“We’re dressed. Wesley and I were just training,” Faith tried to straighten her hair and saw Daphne watching them. “Who’s your friend? You meet her when you went out for coffee this morning?”

“She’s Daphne, she’s from Roswell and we ran into each other on the street. What do you mean out for coffee?” Liz frowned.

“Cordelia said you left early this morning to get a cup of coffee, that’s why you didn’t come with them when they got here,” Faith explained. “Does Daphne know?”

“Yeah, she was attacked, so I kind of had to explain stuff. Where are they all now?” Liz was now just a little pissed that her sister had no idea she hadn’t gone to the apartment at all the night before.

“In the library researching. According to Gunn, and a source of Angel’s there was some rogue slayer wannabe traveling the streets last night. Completely destroyed several vampire hideouts, nothing left but dust. It’s making a lot of unhappy campers in the ranks of LA. A bunch of vamps have banded together and put a bounty out on this chick.”

“Really? How much?” Daphne glanced at Liz quickly and bit back a grin.

“Last time I heard the pot was up to ten thousand,” Faith didn’t see the exchange and turned away.

“We’ll let you get back to your groping, I mean your training,” Liz snickered, hurrying for the elevators before Faith could respond. Daphne giggled and waved to Faith before following Liz.


“So, we have no idea who this girl is?” Cordelia groaned and flopped back on the couch, rubbing her tired eyes. Angel had gotten them up at six o’clock that morning to research. Gunn had woken him at three and they’d wandered the streets together to try and find the girl Gunn had seen with no luck.

“All we know is what Gunn told us, and there is not a single reference to her anywhere. This is ridiculous. She’s not a slayer, so who is she?” Angel growled, pacing the room, eyes gold.

“Who’s who?” Liz asked, appearing in the doorway with Daphne. Everyone’s eyes turned to her and Cordelia yelped at Angel to calm down, eyeing the way Daphne was gaping at him.

“That’s Angel, right?” Daphne asked Liz.

“That would be him. Morning everyone. This is Daphne; she’s vacationing here from Roswell. I ran into her last night,” Liz waved her hand at Daphne. “Daph, this is everyone. The only one I don’t know is you,” Liz turned and narrowed her eyes at Gunn who was sitting in a corner reading a book, unaware of her presence.

“That’s Gunn, one of the team,” Cordelia blinked at Liz, stunned that she’d be so careless to just bring a friend without any warning.

“You must be Cordelia,” Daphne smiled and held out her hand, but Cordelia just stared at it like she was contaminated. Her face falling, Daphne dropped her arm and backed up, biting her lip. “Maybe I should just go back to the hotel, Liz. I’ll meet up with you later, okay?” Daphne turned to go, but Liz’s vice-like grip on her arm stopped her.

“You don’t need to go anywhere. Just because Cordelia has suddenly decided to play Queen Bitch doesn’t mean you aren’t welcome,” Liz glared at her sister, hurt.

“She isn’t welcome here Liz, you should know better,” Dawn stated from her spot on Spike’s lap, trying to understand why she’d brought the new girl.

“Excuse me? I should know better? Just who the hell made you my mother?” Liz spat, furious now and tired of being ignored.

“When you bring total strangers here without permission and take off at the crack of dawn for who knows what, it’s pretty clear you still need one!” Dawn shot back.
“Never have before, thank you very much! And for you information, I did not leave at the crack of dawn. You guys abandoned me at that piss-ass club so you could come back here and bang each other. I stayed out all night, and rescued Daphne from being vamp fodder, so she has every right to be here, got it? You make me sick with your superior attitudes! You didn’t even know I was out all night long; you were too wrapped up in yourselves to give a flying shit! I’m out of here,” Liz stormed out of the room, leaving them to gape after her, a growing feeling of shame filling the room. Gunn finally looked up and stared right at Daphne.

“I know you!” he cried. Daphne blanched, realizing he must have seen her the night before and fled after Liz, Gunn still staring after her open-mouthed.

“You know her? Who is she?” Angel asked after a minute, gaining control first.

“She was with that girl last night. I saw the Xena chick go into a crypt, come out ten minutes later with that girl that just left. Then I followed them around until they beheaded a vamp with a Chakram.”

“Wait a second. Liz said she rescued Daphne from bitten. How could both Liz and this other chick rescue her? Was Liz lying?” Dawn frowned, hurt.

“No, she wasn’t lying. Liz is this Xena wannabe. Crap,” Cordelia jumped up and was gone after her in an instant.

“Gunn, did you see where she was last night? Are there any hotels nearby?” Angel grabbed a map of the city and laid it out. “Mark where you saw them leave the crypt, and the path you followed them on. I’ll call in the nearby hotels to Cordelia. Spike, go get Faith and Wesley, they can help us look,” Angel began barking orders.

“Righty-O Peaches,” Spike left to find the pair.

“What about me?” Dawn asked, her voice wobbling.

“Help me call the hotels for now, and then once we find her you can go. Hotel clerks respond better to females, and right now if Liz saw you she’d run,” Angel reasoned.

“Okay,” Dawn agreed softly, blinking back tears as she bent her head to the map and started pointing out nearby hotels.


Please FB me, more soon, and approx 5-6 parts till Liz meets Alex again (It's going to be a long day for her)


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Here's chapter 21!


“Damn,” Cordelia swore, coming to a halt on a corner and spinning in a circle, looking for Liz.

“Looking for something?” Liz appeared out of nowhere and stood staring at her, arms crossed, face stony. Cordelia reached out to touch her arm, but her hand just went through her.

“What on earth?”

“It’s called astral projection. Groovy isn’t it?” Liz faked a smile. “What do you want Cordelia?”

“We need to talk Liz, where are you?” Cordelia pleaded. A man walking past her saw her standing there talking to thin air and gave her a wide berth, giving her a weird look.

“Why should I tell you? You’re either planning on lecturing me, or locking me in some room where I won’t be in the way. Oh, congrats to Dawn and Spike,” Liz sneered.

“Get over yourself Liz. Not everything revolves around you. Spike makes Dawn happy, something she hasn’t had in a very long time. It wouldn’t kill you to at least fake happiness for her.”

“What possible reason would I have for doing that? Maybe once I get a guy of my own I’ll feel better,” Liz snarled, cutting off the connection.

“Oh no,” Cordelia whispered, realizing what had set her off. “Good going Cordelia. You just had to suggest to your sister that she needs to get a guy, didn’t you? Real smooth,” Cordelia gritted her teeth, wishing she could kick herself.


“Why do I get the feeling that I’ve missed something here?” Daphne asked, watching Liz pace the hotel room, clearly tense and giving off angry vibes.

“Remember I told you Spike and Dawn hooked up? They abandoned me at the club that night, which is actually why I found you. I got pissed and decided to do some damage. The truth is I’m not really that angry with them anymore, but there’s this little thing called pride that’s in the way,” Liz collapsed on the bed and groaned, regretting her harsh words already.

“Why not just do that projection thing and say sorry?” Daphne ventured, not sure if she’d end up being on the receiving end of Liz’s wrath, somewhere she really didn’t want to be.

“You’re right,” Liz agreed, standing and closing her eyes, preparing to concentrate and find her sister again and apologize. The door broke down at that moment though, and Faith burst through, Wesley right beside her, neither of them happy looking.

“Nice job on the door, thanks!” Daphne eyed the broken hinges with regret.

“Sorry about that,” Wesley winced. “We didn’t think you’d answer the door.”

“Next time try knocking, it generally gets results,” Liz yawned and grabbed the bag holding her newly formed collection of hand-made weapons. “I’m assuming Liam sent you to being home the wayward one? Or did you come of your own accord?” Liz shook her head. “Somehow I doubt that. I’ll talk to you later Daphne. Call me when you get back to Roswell, and give everyone my love,” Liz waved to her friend and left the hotel room, ignoring the two people sent to bring her home.

“Well that was easy. Angel thought she’d put up a fight,” Wesley smiled at Daphne and followed after Liz, Faith tense and frowning.

“The fact that she didn’t might not be a very good sign Wesley,” Faith sighed, hurrying to keep up with the rapid pace Liz was using. “She’s not the type to roll over and whimper. What she did last night was stupid, but I have the feeling that she won’t like being told she can’t do it again.”

“I’d have to agree with you, but she does appear to know how to handle herself.”

“Against a few minions and fledglings, but a real master? She’d be toast.”

“Maybe,” Wesley answered cryptically, thinking of something Giles had told him years ago.


“You’re back,” Angel stated, looking up when Liz sauntered in, her face blank.

“Nice of you to notice my presence,” Liz bit out, looking around for Cordelia. “Where is she?”

“Who?” Dawn asked hesitantly, feeling guilty.

“Cord. Who else would I mean? Faith’s about ten feet behind me, holding Wesley’s hand, and for some reason sticking her tongue out at me,” Liz stated, keeping her gaze forward. “Close your mouth, Wesley, you’re letting in all the flies,” she laughed, turning to smile at her sister who had just walked in.

“Liz?” Cordelia ventured hesitantly. “I’m so sorry!”

“All is forgotten. I was in a bitch because yesterday was the six-month anniversary of prom night. Expect a week of less than perkiness from me, okay?” Liz looked around, half-warning, half sad and everyone nodded, both Dawn and Cordelia hugging her tightly, tears in their eyes.

“Well now that the sappy scene is over and done, can we go to bed?” Spike demanded. Dawn blushed and bit her lip, letting Spike lead her upstairs.

“Sleep does sound good,” Faith winked at Wesley and dragged him off, Cordelia gravitating to Angel
instinctively. Liz sighed sadly and smiled weakly at Gunn.

“You feel like patrolling? I could beat the shit out of a couple things,” Liz asked, praying he’d say yes so she wouldn’t be totally alone.

“Why not, it beats staying here and listening to them shag,” Gunn grabbed his bag of weapons and the two of them headed out, ready to carve some damage into the vamp population.


This part's a little shorter, but it makes up for it in the next one with major fun-ness! We finally start to learn just why Liz is so special, and who else might just be special along with her!*big*

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Chapter 22

Sorry about the wait, I just got a new job and had to move, so I'm a little insane right now! *tongue*

Here's the next part. Hopefully I'll get the next one out sooner.

Pre-warning, lots of weirdness coming. If it gets confusing, sorry. It will eventually become clearer, at least I think it will. Liz's specialness is explained now, and so is someone else's.


“Coffee, I need coffee!” Liz growled, storming into the quasi-kitchen that everyone was sitting in the next morning. Gunn moaned and collapsed onto a couch.

“Damn, that girl is sprung!” he mumbled before falling asleep. Liz just smiled cheerily after taking her first drink of coffee. Glancing around the room she raised her eyebrows at the slightly red Dawn who clearly was no longer totally innocent. Pausing, she frowned and looked up at the ceiling before her face contorted in alarm.

“What’s wrong?” Spike asked, picking up on the expression instantly.

“You!” Liz’s gaze shot to Angel. “Tell me you use condoms!”

“What?” Angel sputtered, dropping the mug he was holding. Spike’s chair fell over and he jumped up, staring at Liz like she was crazy.

“Um, hello, he’s a vampire. Dead usually equals no worries about babies or STD’s,” Faith pointed out, Wesley mumbling his agreement.

“Usually doesn’t cut it, since she’s knocked up!” Liz spun around and her eyes burned into the figure in the doorway. Cordelia was standing there, hand on her stomach, her eyes wide and frightened.

“Delia? What’s wrong?” Angel was by her side in a second, checking her for wounds.

“I told you, she’s pregnant. Don’t touch her Dawn!” Liz yelled when Dawn moved over to look.

“Why?” Dawn flinched, hurt. Spike gathered her in his arms, pulling her away, glancing first at Cordelia and then at Liz, smirking.

“Sorry, but if you touch her stomach, you’ll go poof, both you and baby number two,” Liz explained only getting more confusion.

“Explaining would be good,” Cordelia whispered, still rubbing her slightly bulging stomach.

“Lift your shirt Cord,” Liz instructed. Sure enough, when she did Cordelia’s stomach was glowing faintly and everyone gasped.

“What is wrong with Queen C? Why is her stomach doing a glow-worm thing?” Faith asked after a minute when everyone else just gaped open-mouthed in amazement.

“She’s pregnant, obviously,” Spike shot Faith a look and she glared back.

“We know that, but with what?” Wesley questioned.

“Not what, who. And the answer is Dawn and me,” Liz whispered, her eyes locked on Cordelia’s stomach. When she held up her hand, an identical (though smaller) one appeared on Cordelia. “Dawn, come here.” Liz instructed, her face shining for the first time since Alex had died. Dawn hesitated, but Spike nodded to her and she moved over. Liz laid her hands on either side of Dawn’s temples and closed her eyes. A pale blue glow surrounded Dawn’s head, and Angel growled, having heard stories of Glory.

“She’s fine Peaches,” Spike laid a hand on his arm, stopping him.

“What is she doing?” Faith asked.

“Awakening her,” Cordelia answered, her face strangely placid and calm.

“Um, what?” Faith blinked.

“Just wait,” Cordelia smiled benignly.

“Okay,” Faith frowned. After a couple minutes Liz let go and Dawn’s eyes snapped open. She grinned at Liz and flung herself at her, sobbing. Liz clung back, tears streaming down her face.

“My sister,” Dawn choked, pulling back and wiping at her face.

“Sister? This is getting really whacked. If Dawn is Liz’s sister, and Buffy’s, then aren’t Buffy and Riley related, sort of? Making their marriage really sick?” Faith grimaced.

“Dawn isn’t Buffy’s sister, and I’m not really Riley’s. We were both planted there. Cordelia isn’t my sister,” Liz left a pause and Cordelia’s face fell for a second until she heard the rest of the statement, “Dawn and I are her and Angel’s children. Hey Mom,” Liz grinned and Cordelia’s eyes bugged out.

“Daddy!” Dawn waved at Angel and he promptly passed out with a groan.

“So Angel’s daughter is shacking up with his son? How Arkansa,” Faith laughed.

“Funny,” Spike smirked at her.

“That’s actually a bit odd,” Wesley mused. “So, why the blue glow? And how can she be pregnant?”

“Yes, do explain that,” Angel requested, waking up and blinking.

“E.T.” Spike quipped.

“Excuse me?”

“Aliens, Wesley. Cordelia’s grandmother, Claudia came into contact with one and implanted her with the two keys to the universe. She carried them in her son and they came out in his first-born daughter. The PTB’s, or aliens, arranged for Cord and Angel to hook up and their twin daughters are those keys. We should go back to Sunnydale sister,” Dawn looked to Liz who nodded in agreement.

“What? Why would you leave?” Cordelia asked, hurt.

“I love you Mums, but if we stay there’s a chance one of us will come into contact with you and that would risk the babies, and us,” Liz smiled weakly.

“I’ve got room at my flat,” Faith offered. “It’s a studio apartment with two bedrooms. I can be your go-between, and then you don’t need to leave town, just in case there are unforeseen complications.”

“Sounds good to me,” Dawn grinned, eager to stay and get to know her ‘parents’ better.

“I see no problems except where will I sleep?” Liz asked, biting her lip.

“I thought you slept with Dawn and Spike?” Faith frowned.

“I did, but that was before they crossed that line. Sharing a bed is one thing, but to be an observer to their more primal acts is just ick!” Liz shuddered, shooting an apologetic glance to Dawn.

“Pet has a point. I can stay here. You’ll be fine LilBit,” Spike hugged her tightly and pressed his lips to her forehead.

“So we’re agreed then? Dawn and Liz will move in with Faith, and Spike will stay here?” Angel asked, looking around for confirmation.

“That’s the plan. Now you go bond with the little mother, and I’ll take your daughters out for a stroll. I need to show them the flat and get them moved in. Wesley, play nice with Spike, please. I’ll make you dessert later if you do,” Faith whispered just loud enough for the others to hear. Wesley turned bright red and coughed, looking at the floor.

“Dessert? Is that what they’re calling it these days?” Liz teased.

“Can we watch? Since we’re living with you and all?” Dawn added, batting her eyes innocently.

“Faith,” Cordelia warned.

“Relax Mommy, I’m going to his place to play, I promise,” Faith laughed, leading the sisters out.


“It’s a nice place Faith; a bit dark, but nice. You sure William didn’t decorate for you?” Liz eyed the mostly dark furniture and accents. “Where’s the spare room?”

“Here,” Faith opened the door and revealed a room covered in varying shades of dark blue, walls, floors and furniture. Dawn grimaced and shuddered. Even the ceiling was painted a navy blue.

“See, this has to change. I refuse to live in a bottle of blue. How’s this?” Liz touched the walls and they paled to a cream with just a hint of robin’s egg. The ceiling changed to white swirled stucco with a snap of her fingers. Dawn grinned and joined in, and restored the original walnut finish to the queen size bed, and matching armoire and dressing table. Only the plush carpet and the upholstery on the chairs stayed the same rich navy.

“You like?” Dawn asked, turning to Faith.

“Wow!” Faith blinked, stunned. Grabbing their hands, she dragged them into her bedroom.

“Ick!” Dawn gagged. Bright purples and greens dominated here, but quickly vanished. Left behind was a soft mauve and mint décor that was light and airy, but not too feminine.

“I love it girls, but could I have the navy one? It’s a smaller one, but I like it better. This one has two closets, so it’s ideal for you,” Faith tensed, waiting.

“Fine by me, I like this one more anyway. Bigger bed,” Liz eyed the monstrous oak four-poster with delight. Dawn giggled and added an airy white lace curtain.

“Nice addition. Now onto the rest,” Faith had them redo the entire apartment, softening the louder colors and lightening the darker ones. A throw rug here, a scalloped edge there, and the place was barely recognizable. Faith flopped down on the buttery-soft burgundy leather sofa courtesy of Liz and sighed in pleasure. “You two should go into the interior design business. This is amazing!”

“All in a day’s work. I’m going to crash for a couple hours so I’m fresh for patrol tonight. Dawn, you should too. This will be your first outing, and you can’t be tired. Catch you in a couple hours,” Liz smiled at Faith and the two sisters retreated to their new room to sleep.

“Damn, we never told her she couldn’t patrol. I better get Spike and Angel over here,” Faith bit her lip and dialed Wesley’s cell phone. “It’s Faith, we’ve got a problem. Over here, now!”


Patrolling is discussed next, and more of Dawn & Liz's abilities come out. Oh, a hint, their daddy? He's passed on a few traits to his girls. Again, to make Dawn's new life less icky, she is almost 19, not the little girl she is on Buffy, okay?

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Chapter 23:

Warning - Most weird factor ahead.


“You do realize she’s calling Wesley right now to bring over the cavalry after your comment about going patrolling, right?” Dawn asked, laying down on the bed and staring at the ceiling.

“Just as much as you realize that Liam most likely called Buffy and Riley the second we left the Hyperion. Well, either him or William, or possibly Cordelia.”

“I still can’t believe she’s our mother. My mother is a human implanted with alien eggs that a vampire inseminated. How twisted is that?” Dawn sighed.

“Almost as twisted as the fact that our dad used to date your sister,” Liz glanced at Dawn.

“Yuck!” Dawn shuddered before giggling at the idea.

“Hey, I just thought of something. We can do the alien thing, but we’ve never tried the other side of our DNA. I wonder if we inherited anything from Daddy dearest,” Liz bit her lip.

“That’s sick Liz! How could we test it? I’m not real keen on running out and biting someone.”

“No, but we may be able to shift into a game face. Wow that was fast,” Liz sat up, hearing the front door open and people flooding in, exclaiming over the difference in the flat.

“Yeah, they must have left Mother in the car. Should we get up and greet them?” Dawn asked, sitting up and staring at the door.

“Just a second. I want to try something,” Liz grinned, taking a knife and making a long cut on her arm, just deep enough for it to bleed slowly. Holding the fresh wound under Dawn’s nose, she waited. Dawn recoiled at first, and then sniffed and sure enough, her eyes flashed silver and she morphed into a game face, Liz following almost immediately the smell of blood too much, even if it was her own. Both girls were overcome and began licking at Liz’s arm just as the bedroom door opened.

“Oh My God!” Faith screamed, seeing them.

“I don’t believe this, I leave you two alone for a couple hours and this is what happens? Next time, wait for me, and we can all do it together,” Spike leered, rushing forward to get a lick in too.

“Spike!” Angel bellowed.

“Oh stop being such a spoil sport Peaches. I can’t drink from them anyway; it wouldn’t exactly be healthy for me. I was just playing around. Miss me girls?” Spike winked at Dawn as she calmed and returned to her human face.

“Like a canker William,” Liz teased, slapping the back of his head.

“Glad to see you’re back Pet,” Spike grabbed her in a bear hug, smiling at Dawn over her shoulder. Letting her go, Spike smirked when Angel immediately reached for her, checking her over, concerned.

“I’m fine Liam, just a bit tired from the whole awakening process. Go talk about us in the living room, okay? Let us know when you’ve realized that you won’t be able to control us. Oh, when did Riley and Buffy say that they were arriving?” Liz smiled smugly at his stunned expression as Spike dragged him out so they could talk.

“This is going to get a lot more interesting before it ends,” Dawn predicted, lying back down with a yawn. Liz opened her mouth to agree, but fell asleep before she could form any words.


“What is the big deal Peaches? They have made it abundantly clear that they are more than capable of taking care of themselves. Or did you miss the display they put on for you only an hour ago?” Spike got tired of listening to Angel and Cordelia rant about their safety and decided to be the girl’s spokesperson.

“What display?” Cordelia asked sharply, seeing the way Angel flinched.

“Let’s put it this way, their father is a vampire,” Faith quipped, spinning her stake in the air, bored with the whole debate.

“You mean they can go grrr?” Cordelia gasped.

“Who can go grr?” Riley and Buffy stood in the doorway.

“That was fast,” Wesley commented, glancing at the clock.

“You called us almost three hours ago, and Riley floored it when he heard something was up with his Peanut,” Buffy teased.

“Oh, and you didn’t panic when Angel mentioned Dawnie?” Riley shot back.

“I told you not to call me that, Raisin,” Dawn grumbled, wandering out, sleepy and hungry which was made very clear by her ridged face.

“Crap,” Cordelia jumped up when she saw Dawn was headed in her direction and ran behind Angel, worried at the dance in her abdomen. Dawn sensed it and her head shot up, her silver eyes fearful as she edged away from Cordelia.

“Sorry Mumsy, we didn’t know you were here still,” Liz walked in, giving Cordelia a wide berth.

“We didn’t think you’d wake up that fast. Hungry?” Angel looked almost amused now, having had a bit of time to adjust to the realization that Liz and Dawn would now require a liquid diet on occasion. Liz’s eyes flashed silver in response and she yanked open the fridge in search of drink.

“Mumsy?” Riley muttered, stunned. Buffy was sitting on the floor in shock, eyes glazed over.

“Oh goody, we get to do it all over again. Peaches and Queen C are their parents,” Spike waved his hand from parents to daughters and smirked.

“Parents? My sister is my ex’s daughter?” Buffy managed to form words.

“Got it in one. Faith, you’ve got no blood!” Dawn whined, returning to the living room.

“Wait a second,” Buffy’s eyes narrowed on her sister’s face and she snarled, jumping at Spike in a fury. “I warned you, Spike! You turn her, I stake you!” Buffy produced her trusted Mr. Pointy out of nowhere and grappled with Spike.

“Hey!” Liz yelled, snapping her fingers. Buffy froze and Spike scrambled out from under her before Liz un-snapped her and she fell to the floor with a thump.

“What did you just do?” Riley asked, helping Buffy up.

“Spike didn’t sire us, he’s still chipped. We, or rather he told you, Angel is our Daddy. He gave us the gift of blood lust,” Dawn grinned cheekily, human face again. “Mummy love gave us our E.T. side, through Great-Grandma Claudia. There isn’t one key, there are two.”

“So you and Peanut?” Riley blinked and Liz morphed into her game face momentarily.

“Bingo. Hey, what did you do with my Chakram?” Liz demanded, dropping her weapons bag and growling at Faith angrily.

“I, uh,” Faith backed up, nervous.

“I took it, you’re not patrolling. This isn’t negotiable Liz. I won’t risk your life!” Angel crossed his arms, face set. Liz slumped in defeat, then glanced at Dawn. Both girls smiled sugary sweet and batted their eyes, snuggling up on either side of him, Cordelia moving around behind Wesley.

“But Daddy,” they chimed, pouting. Angel took one look in their big brown puppy-dog eyes and caved, nodding in consent. Buffy gaped at the way they had Angel eating out of their hands.

“I thought I was good at that,” Cordelia muttered, impressed.

“What can I say, genetics are such a bonus!” Liz winked at her.

“You have to make me one, sis,” Dawn pleaded, turning the silver and gold Chakram over in her hands, her face gleaming.

“I’ll show you how, but you’ve got to do it. Hey, try this,” Liz whispered in Dawn’s ear. Giggling, Dawn nodded and flicked at glance at Riley. Faith followed her gaze and immediately collapsed into a puddle, hysterical. Soon the entire room was in stitches, eyes glued to Riley. The tough commando looked to his fiancée for help, but she just pointed at his head and giggled. He found a mirror and exploded, glaring at Dawn and Liz. His head was now an alien’s; complete with the large black eyes, and pale smooth skin.

“Fix it!” he demanded, trying not to laugh and encourage them. Liz snickered and snapped her fingers, restoring him to his normal self.

“Well as educational as that was, it’s getting late. How many of us are patrolling tonight anyway?” Faith asked, looking around the room at the two vampires, two slayers, one ex-watcher, one commando and two vamp-alien crosses. “And who’s staying with Mummy dearest?”

“Hold on, how can they be her children?” Riley stared at his sister, confused.

“She’s pregnant now, and we were implanted,” Liz explained, looking up from where she was demonstrating to Dawn how to fashion a Chakram from scrap metal.

“You’re pregnant?” Buffy grinned, excited suddenly at the prospect.

“You knocked up my sister?” Riley glowered at Angel.

“We didn’t exactly think that condoms were needed, brother, so chill!” Cordelia snapped, looking around Wesley.

“Why are you hiding behind him?” Buffy frowned.

“If she gets too close to us, we’ll kill the babies, and therefore us,” Dawn answered, spinning her newly made Chakram around, grinning.

“Speaking of that, I’m feeling a bit icky, people,” Cordelia added, her face slightly green. Liz and Dawn panicked and fled the apartment, Spike hot on their heels. They weren’t gone ten seconds when Cordelia’s color returned to normal and she breathed a sigh of relief.

“Great, they can’t even be in the same room as you,” Angel sighed in frustration, pulling Cordelia close and stroking her hair.

“We’ll let you four talk. Spike and the girls may want some help,” Faith smiled and her and Wesley slipped out, leaving the two couples to talk things over.


“Where are they?” Wesley asked, looking around the empty street.

“Hi,” Dawn popped out of nowhere and waved in their faces, making them jump.

“Dawn?” Faith narrowed her eyes; her slayer sense wasn’t picking her up.

“We’re around the corner, in an abandoned warehouse. A vamp brothel, and Liz is going a bit nutso. We’re pretty much sitting back and watching her totally trash the joint. A couple vamps have staked themselves to get away from her. Rather pathetic on their parts, but understandable. Ooh,” Dawn gagged at the things she was watching before flickering away. Faith shot Wesley a concerned look before tearing down the street and bursting into the warehouse in question.

“Slayer, watcher,” Spike waved from where him and Dawn were floating mid-air, observing the festivities with a bag of popcorn.

“You’re eating popcorn?” Wesley blinked, disbelieving. Spike smirked and threw several pieces at him before Dawn slapped the back of his head.

“Ow,” Spike protested.

“You’re wasting it. I can’t get more until Liz nails the duo in front of the microwave.”

“What?” Faith turned to see Liz standing in front of two hulking vamps that were frozen in place two feet off the ground. Liz was apparently taking great pleasure in poking holes in various spots on their body, ignoring their growls of protest.

“That’s a bit sick, isn’t it?” Gunn appeared behind them, and grimaced at Liz’s handiwork.

“Give me a break, not even I’m that mean. Just finish them off,” Faith muttered, shooting two stakes out of the crossbow she carried, dissolving them into dust. Liz spun around, angry at being interrupted.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” Spike smirked, tossing back another handful of popcorn.

“Why?” Wesley asked, worried when the two brunettes circled each other.

“Ignore him Wesley, Liz just needs to get down from the rush. Give her a second,” Dawn promised, staring at her sister. Sure enough, after a minute Liz relaxed and smiled at Faith.

“Guess I got a bit carried away. Who’s up for torching the place?” Liz grinned at Dawn, knowing her suppressed pyro tendencies.

“Goody!” Dawn dropped to the floor, Spike collapsing in a heap beside her. Ignoring his complaints about his landing and the spilled popcorn, she pointed her finger at several spots and sparks shot out, and soon the place was happily burning away.

“Okay, nutso is right! Liz, you’ve got yourself some serious issues! Oh, tonight we go clubbing!” Faith grinned suddenly. “My favorite band, Immortal Aliens is playing at Club Z. You’ve got to come see them, please!”

“Sounds good to me. Speaking of nutso though, nice subject change. ADD much?” Liz snorted.

“What time is it anyway? Cause it seems like this day is lasting way too long. Jade must be tired,” Dawn mused, missing the confused looks she got. “We better go change and head to the club.”


Brownie points to whoever guesses what's going to go down at the club!! And as for the vamp traits, they won't really beusing them much, so no turnings or killings will take place. (Well, there might be one of a icky person later on, but that's all)

I wasn't going to give them vamp traits, but then I figured, why not, their dad is a vampire after all.

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Thanks to Crazy 4 Max, Jane, Pandas for the FB.

Pandas: The baby thing will be explained, they are the same age as the pod squad for a reason.

Now, the moment the three of you are waiting for:

Chapter 24!!! (Oh, songs not mine, Summer of 69 is Bryan Adams' and Hanging By A Moment is Lifehouse's.)


“Wonder where Mumsy & Pops went,” Liz yelled over the pulsing bass as she and Dawn fought their way through the crowd back to the table Faith had secured.

“Probably the Hyperion, to talk with Buffy and Riley. This place is totally cool.” Dawn grinned, waving to Spike. “We’re dancing,” she ordered, dragging him onto the dance floor.

“This sucks! I’m at my favorite club, the coolest band in LA is about to play, and Wesley had to work,” Faith muttered.

“Well, at least you got me. Hey, want to see the pictures of my alien buddies?” Liz offered, sipping at her rum & coke.

“Why not, don’t really have any other more exciting prospects. Ooh, let me guess. Barbie would be Isabel, the guy with the eyes is Max, and the guy without a comb is Michael. Did I get it?”

“Very good. Here’s the human ones,” Liz flipped the pictures over and Faith gasped.

“You know Lex? Lead singer and bass guitar for Alien Immortals? Totally awesome!”

“Who? That’s Maria, Kyle and Alex. Alex is the one who died, my first boyfriend,” Liz frowned, confused.

“Yeah, Lex. He’s not dead; unless he has an identical twin he didn’t tell you about. Granted he’s way buffer now, and has an eyebrow ring, but I’m telling you that is Lex! Look!” Faith pointed to the stage where the band was just starting to play, the lights still dimmed. Liz narrowed her eyes and watched as the stage lights suddenly flipped on and the first line of the song rang out.

I got my first real six-string
Bought it at the five and dime
Played it till my fingers bled
Was the Summer of ‘69

Me and some guys from the school
Had a band and we tried real hard
Jimmy quit, Joey got married
Should have known we’d never get far

Oh, when I look back now
The summer seemed to last forever
And if I had the choice,
Yeah, I’d always want to be there

Those were the best days of my life

Faith was clapping to the music, and swaying in her seat. Turning to smile at Liz, she frowned when she saw the horrified expression she wore.

“Liz, you okay?”

“Alex,” Liz choked, her face as white as a sheet, her eyes wide and glazed.

Ain’t no use in complaining
When you’ve got a job to you
Spend my evening down at the drive-in
And that’s when I met you

Standing on your Mama’s porch
You told me that you’d wait forever
Oh, and when you held my hand,
I know that it was now or never

Those were the best days of my life
Back in the Summer of ‘69

Tears pooling in her eyes, Liz stood shakily to her feet and worked her way through the crowd until she was near the front by the stage, just hidden behind a group of giggling high school girls. Her gaze was locked on Alex, the passion behind the song written all over his face as he sang. A surge of pleasure went through her when she realized he was ignoring his adoring groupies in front of her. In fact, he seemed to be searching the club for someone. Closing her eyes, she let memories wash over her.

We were young and restless,
We needed to unwind
I guess nothing could last forever, forever

And now the times are changing
Look at everything that’s come and gone
Sometimes when I play that old six-string
Think about you, wonder what went wrong

Liz’s eyes flew open when she felt an intense gaze on her and she locked eyes with Alex, who’d spotted her when the trio in front of her had moved. The crowd melted away, and they gravitated towards each other, traveling back in time to a happier, freer place.

Standing on your Mama’s porch,
You told me that it’d last forever
Oh, and when you held my hand,
I knew that it was now or never

Those were the best days of my life
Back in the Summer of ‘69

It was the Summer of ‘69
My & my baby in ‘69
It was the Summer, summer, summer of ’69.

Alex jumped off the stage and reached out, his hand cupping Liz’s face gently. She sighed, closing her eyes and leaning into his palm, reveling in the simple touch.

“I’ve been waiting Shay,” Alex whispered, his eyes searching, drinking her in. Liz opened her eyes, a faint trace of a smile on her face. Lifting her hand, she traced his jaw line, and fingered his eyebrow ring with amusement.

“I like it,” Liz smiled, and drifted closer. Alex’s gaze dropped to her mouth and she gasped, anticipating the reunion kiss.

“Lex, man! What is the deal?” The lead guitarist grabbed Alex and ripped him away, glaring at Liz angrily. “We are in the middle of a set, and you suddenly decide to grope some random broad?”

“One, I wasn’t groping her, and she’s not a random broad. Talk about her like that again and I start breaking bones,” Alex growled.

“Go finish playing Alex,” Liz urged, calming him. “I haven’t heard you play in so long, please?”

“Okay, but don’t you leave,” Alex warned, winking as he jumped back up on stage, shooting his guitarist one last glare. “This next song is going out to my girlfriend, Shay, who I haven’t seen in a long time. I missed you babe,” Alex blew Liz a kiss amidst cheers and she blushed.

Desperate for changing,
Starving for truth.
Closer to where I started,
I’m chasing after you.

I’m falling even more in love with you
Letting go of all I’ve held on to.
I’m standing here until you make me move,
I’m hanging by a moment here with you

“Liz!” Dawn yelled over the music, grinning at the star-struck look in her sister’s eyes. “Is that who I think it is?”

“Yeah,” Liz sighed dreamily.

“Well then, dance with me girl! You can’t just stand still to this song, make him see you appreciate it, and he will definitely appreciate you shaking it,” Dawn winked, and grabbed Liz’s hands, twirling her around. Laughing, Liz spun, hair flying, and ground her hips playfully against Dawn’s as the two girls got lost in the music, their eyes keeping a watchful gaze on their men.

Forgetting all I’m lacking,
Completely incomplete
I’ll take your invitation,
You take all of me now

I’m falling even more in love with you
Letting go of all I’ve held on to.
I’m standing here until you make me move,
I’m hanging by a moment here with you

I’m living for the only thing I know
I’m running and not sure where to go
And I don’t know what I’m diving into
I’m hanging by a moment here with you

There’s nothing else to lose,
There’s nothing else to find,
There’s nothing in the world
That could change my mind
There is nothing else . . .

“Who’s the other one?” Ritchie nodded towards Liz and Dawn dancing, leaning over the drum set after the song ended and Alex announced they were breaking early.

“Dawn, her sister,” Alex smiled, watching them dance to the techno beat coming through the speakers while she waited for him.

“I thought Cordelia was her sister,” Ritchie frowned, laying his drumsticks down and standing.

“No, that’s her mother. I told you before, it’s really complicated. Come on, I’ll introduce you,” Alex jumped off the stage and grabbed Liz mid-spin, pulling her up against his chest. “Hey beautiful.”

“Well hello yourself, handsome. Better be careful, my boyfriend is really possessive, if he sees you he won’t be happy,” Liz teased, tilting her head up so she could see him.

“Then I suggest we go somewhere private where he can’t find us while I convince you I’m the better man.” Alex leered, his breath hot in her ear, sending shivers up her spine.

“Later Lex, Yoko,” the guitarist glared at Liz and shoved his way through the crowd.

“Friendly bloke, isn’t he?” Spike pulled Dawn up to him and nodded at Alex.

“Jim? You got him on a good day,” Alex snorted.

“Going to introduce me to the cutie hovering behind us Alex?” Liz batted her eyes, giggling at the smirk it got from Spike and Dawn.

“Ty, this is Liz. Shay, this is Ty, the guy I’ve been staying with since I left Roswell.”

“Nice to finally meet you,” Ritchie smiled, holding out his hand. Liz smiled, and started to shake it, then without warning, backhanded him across the face.

“Damn, I knew that was going to happen,” Dawn winced, seeing the red welt already forming on Ritchie’s face.

“Shouldn’t she be smacking the dead one behind her?” Faith pointed out, walking over to watch.

“She will, give her time,” Dawn whispered. Sure enough, Liz turned and punched Alex in the nose, breaking in nicely.

“Shit!” Alex swore, grabbing his nose, eyes wide in shock. Liz stared at him, tears pooling in her eyes, and flung herself at him, clinging for all she was worth.

“You ever do something like that to me again and it won’t be a nose I break,” she whispered, tears choking her throat.

“Umm, I hate to blow the whistle on this happy joy thing we’ve got going, but we are attracting an audience,” Faith pointed out, seeing a few people turn to look. As one, they all straightened and walked out of the club, ignoring the stares and whispers.

“Stop,” Liz instructed half a block away and they all froze. Reaching up, she held her hand over Alex’s nose and it glowed silver as she healed it. “There, I may have broken it, but I can’t watch you in pain,” she smiled, snuggling up to him as they continued down the street. Dawn kept shooting Liz funny looks, but got ignored, so when they reached the Hyperion, she grabbed Ritchie and waved her hand over his cheek, erasing the welt.

“Thanks,” Ritchie smiled, grateful, as he touched his cheek experimentally. Spike growled and stepped between him and Dawn, clearly saying ‘back off’, dragging his girlfriend inside.

“Don’t take it personally, Spike’s a bit territorial,” Faith slapped Ritchie on then back as she passed him. Ritchie nodded, confused, and followed, Alex and Liz bringing up the rear, still wrapped around each other.

“Hey Queen C isn’t here is she?” Faith asked suddenly, realizing if she was then being here wasn’t such a great plan.

“No, I can’t sense her. Popsy, Buff and Riley are though,” Dawn glanced to Liz for confirmation and she nodded, a perma-grin on her face at Alex being alive.

“Popsy? I don’t think so,” Angel growled, his eyes flashing as he walked into the lobby. “You’ve brought friends. Buffy! Riley!” he yelled over his shoulder as he eyed Ritchie and Alex, hesitating.

“What is it Angel? Peanut home? Okay, you’re dead,” Riley announced, gaping at Alex.

“Observant bloke, aren’t you? Newsflash GI Joe, sometimes dead doesn’t stick,” Spike smirked at his confusion and went to the couch to watch the show.

“An explanation would be nice,” Buffy sat down, pulling a limp Riley with her.

“William had the basic idea. Alex died, but only for a few hours. He’s immortal, and so is Ritchie Ryan, the guy Liam’s glaring at,” Liz grinned when Angel actually looked sheepish.

“How’d you know my name?” Ritchie frowned, confused.

“Alex told you, Dawn and I aren’t exactly normal. Trust me that you don’t want to know the whole sick, twisted story,” Liz snuggled closer to Alex, determined to get as close to him as she could.

“Could I hear the whole twisted story? At least non-dead guy’s side of it?” Riley crossed his arms, not at all pleased with this twist.

“You can rant at him tomorrow Riley. Right now I want to just be happy that Alex isn’t dead, okay? Try and be happy for me,” Liz pleaded, she didn’t want more stress, she’d had enough to last her a lifetime in the past couple of months.

“I’m sorry Peanut, I am happy for you, I’m just a bit blown away,” Riley apologized. “A lot of really weird things have been thrown at me in one day, all right? Finding out that your baby sister is actually your unborn niece is slightly disturbing.”

“For you? How do you think Dawn and I are feeling? We haven’t been born yet!” Liz snorted.

“What?” Ritchie stared at Liz and Dawn, bug-eyed.

“Part of that nice long story,” Dawn smiled tightly. “Where is Mumsy anyway?”

“At her apartment, resting. Which is where Riley and I are headed now,” Buffy smiled, hugged Dawn and Liz, and gave Alex and Spike warning looks. “Hurt them, and I’ll snap your necks.”

“Nice of you to defend me, but in Alex’s case it wouldn’t do a lick of good,” Liz giggled.

“Hey, it’s the thought that counts,” Buffy laughed, dragging a confused, protesting Riley out.

“And we’re down to seven. Liam, you might want to be following Riley and Buffy, Mumsy seems to be looking for you,” Liz bit her lip, and Dawn nodded in agreement. Angel immediately ran after them in a panic.

“So, where are you boys staying?” Faith asked Ritchie and Alex.

“We have an apartment a few blocks away. And I think I’ll be heading there now, and come back in the morning to hear some of that long twisted tale. Nice to finally meet you Liz,” Ritchie waved and walked out.

“Where’s Watcher 2?” Spike asked, eager to get Faith gone too, so he could be alone with Dawn.

“Not sure, and no, I’m not going anywhere Billy. I’m not an idiot, the minute I leave you’ll be corrupting poor innocent Dawn, and Buffy will have my hide,” Faith glared at him.

“Okay, well how about a game of charades?” Dawn batted her eyes innocently, seeing Liz scrunching up her face in concentration. After a second, Liz opened her eyes and grinned.

“She’s occupied with Wesley for the time being. Have fun you two, and please, use protection!”

“I know what I’m doing sister dear!” Dawn yelled back, rolling her eyes.

“How odd, we’re all alone, whatever will we do?” Liz smirked at Alex, snuggling close.

“I can think of a few ideas, but with Faith sitting there, it’s just a bit creepy. You know, I’ve always wanted to try dirty stuff in a library, has kind of a kinky turn-on, don’t you agree?” Alex wiggled his eyebrows at Liz, and they ran to the library, laughing.


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Part 25
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“Morning Liz,” Dawn giggled, walking into the library to find Alex and Liz sprawled on Angel’s large desk, covered with a blanket.

“Someone got busy last night,” Spike leered, lighting a cigarette and leaning against the bookshelf.

“Liam will kill you for smoking near his precious books Will. Give one here, and nobody other than you got busy!” Liz glared at Spike. “There are some things that are meant to wait until after vows are exchanged.”

“Who are you trying to kid? I can smell him all over you!” Spike snorted, passing Liz the pack and a lighter. Liz rolled her eyes and sat up, unconcerned with covering herself.

“Lots of things you can do without actually doing the deed,” Liz smirked. “Lots of fun kinky stuff, trust me.”

“Ooh, that looks like fun,” Dawn giggled, having gotten a flash from Liz’s pants when she moved them off a chair and sat down.

“That was nothing, check this out,” Liz closed her eyes and sent Dawn a flash that had her panting and moaning. Grabbing Spike, Dawn dragged him off to finish what the images had started. “Have fun, you can thank me later William!” Liz called after them, laughing. Laying back down, she sighed and moved closer to Alex, his arms instinctively wrapping around her, pulling her against him as she drifted back to sleep.


“Peanut!” Riley’s yell woke her up with a start and she hurriedly yanked on her pants and Alex’s T-shirt, falling onto the floor in the process and waking Alex up.

“Hey beautiful, where you off to in such a hurry?” Alex smiled down at her, helping her to her feet and giving her a thorough good-morning kiss. Liz moaned, pressing up against him as he pulled on her lower lip, not ready to let her go.

“Elizabeth!” Riley’s voice was louder and angry now, and Liz jumped.

“Shit, I better go see what he wants. You should probably be getting something on that cute ass of yours,” Liz winked at Alex and ran out of the library to the lobby. Riley, Wesley and Angel were standing there waiting, unhappy looks on their faces.

“Where were you?” Riley narrowed his eyes at Liz’s rumpled appearance and Alex’s shirt.

“Busy in the library,” Liz shrugged. “What’s up?”

“Something’s wrong with Faith,” Wesley pointed to where Faith was still frozen in place and Liz burst out laughing.

“Sorry, I forgot about her,” she giggled, snapping her fingers.

“Charades, you want to, what’s going on?” Faith blinked, disorientated. “Where are Billy and Dawn? And what are you guys doing here?”

“It’s morning. Was she like that all night?” Angel scolded Liz. A scream of pain and pleasure shook the building, taking the attention off of a sheepish Liz.

“What was that?” Wesley looked up at the ceiling, horrified.

“That sounded like Spike,” Angel narrowed his eyes when Liz carefully avoided his gaze, puttering into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee.

“Probably because it was. Are they doing what I think they’re doing?” Alex asked, coming up behind Liz, wrapping his arms around her waist and nibbling her neck.

“Oh yeah,” Liz moaned, leaning against him.

“Excuse me, people here who don’t need to be seeing that!” Riley glared. “She’s still my baby sister and I don’t want to watch you groping her.”

“Sorry,” Alex apologized, releasing Liz and pouring himself some coffee. “So, when do you want to leave for Roswell?”

“As soon as Dawn and William are finished. The sooner we do this, the happier I’ll be,” Liz sighed, she really wasn’t looking forward to what she knew would happen when the four of them returned to Roswell.

“You’re going back to Roswell?” Angel frowned; he wasn’t so sure he wanted his ‘daughters’ running off without him.

“We’ll send Ava and Isabel back to oversee Mum,” Dawn promised, walking in with a satisfied, happy glow on her face. A battered Spike limped in behind her, barely able to stand upright.

“Have fun William?” Liz smirked at his appearance.

“Course he did, I wasn’t completely selfish,” Dawn grinned. “What I don’t get is how you were able to pull that off with Alex and not kill him.”

“Who says she didn’t?” Alex winked; last night had been an experience he’d never forget. Liz had always had a hidden dark side, but her awakening had brought it out with a vengeance, and while it had thrown him at first (literally) now he actually liked it.

“You killed him?” Angel gaped. “What did you do?”

“Do you really want me to describe my kinky sex life in detail for you Daddy?” Liz snorted.

“No, say nothing!” Riley yelled, covering his ears. “Peanut does not have a kinky sex life, she’s only five and she doesn’t even like boys!!!!”

“Riley, I love you, but please, I’m not five, and I’m not innocent. I’m a vampire-alien cross; hell I’m barely the same person I was a week ago. Please don’t be like this,” Liz begged, she loved her brother/uncle and she didn’t want the knowledge of her real heritage to ruin their relationship.

“I love you Peanut, it’s just not easy. First the whole sister-niece thing, and now you’re half vampire, with vamp urges?” Riley groaned. Liz blinked back tears, ashamed of herself and his apparent disgust at what she was.

“You’re a real asshole Riley! She didn’t have a hell of a lot of choice in who she is, so just back off and quit trashing her before I rip your lungs out!” Dawn snarled, her game face coming out.

“Forget it sis, he needs time,” Liz sighed. “I’ll be in Roswell for a little while, call me if you feel like talking. Give Mum our love, and take care of us,” Liz smiled weakly at the strangeness of it all and gave Angel a hug. Dawn repeated her actions and they walked out of the Hyperion, Alex and Spike behind them, not looking back once.

“You screwed up big time commando,” Faith snorted. “Do you have any idea what it feels like to be treated with disgust for something that is not her fault? So she’s half vampire, and she apparently gets off on kinky sex. That doesn’t change who she is, and you’re attitude is what’s disgusting, not her new-found habits!”

“She’s my baby sister! She’s not supposed to be having those urges, kinky or not!” Riley had tears in his eyes, he was losing his Peanut, and it was ripping his heart out. The Liz he grew up with didn’t even seem to exist anymore and that scared him.

“She’s not five, Riley. Even without the whole alien-vampire drama, she’s nineteen. How many nineteen year old virgins do you know?” Wesley pointed out.

“He knows at least one,” Angel spoke quietly, still staring out the door where the four had gone.

“What? Wait, how come Billy didn’t burst into flames?” Faith frowned; it suddenly hit her that Spike had just walked out the door into sunlight.

“Dawn had him covered. Liz is still a virgin,” Angel glanced at Riley. “They may have done stuff, but she hasn’t had actual sex yet.”

“She hasn’t?” Riley looked hopeful.

“Not yet,” Angel nodded. “She hasn’t really changed that much. You’ll realize that eventually.”

“I just feel like I’m losing her. She doesn’t need me to protect her anymore,” Riley sighed, he’d never felt so helpless or useless before.


Aww, poor Riley.

Hope that nobody got too icked by some of the innuendos that the girls were throwing around. I wasn't sure if putting them in was a good idea, but they are half vamp, and given the way Buffy and Spike have been carrying on this season I decided to wing it.

Fun stuff coming and the whole baby thing will be explained as soon as I can figure out how to pull it off so it makes sense.

Oh, and a fore-warning. Max is going down, but for all you Max lovers I'm replacing him with somone you should like as much (Or more).

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Chapter 2: The Reunion.

"Hold up," Liz laid a hand on Alex before he could climb out of the car and bit her lip, staring at him. "We need to disguise you."

"What about this?" Dawn suggested, deftly changing Alex into a blond haired, blue-eyed surfer style hunk. "Straight from California!"

"You’re weird," Alex snorted, looking at himself in the rearview mirror. "I look like an extra from Baywatch!"

"And the problem with that is what? Those guys are hunky," Dawn drooled. "You look good as a blond, Liz may just have some competition for you."

"Hands off my man, sister or not, I’ll rip you a new face," Liz growled playfully. "I guess we should head in. Maria should have everyone assembled by now hopefully."

"Knowing Maria, I doubt it," Alex grinned, he couldn’t wait to see his bubbly blonde friend again.

"Shall we go then," Dawn climbed out of Spike’s car and the four of them walked into the Crashdown, every head turning to stare as they did.

"Okay, you’re sure you changed my face, right?" Alex whispered in Liz’s ear.

"Positive, its just Roswell’s new people syndrome," Liz reassured, leaning against him, his arms circling her waist.

"It’s just plain creepy," Dawn muttered, in a similar stance with Spike, trying hard not to growl at the cheerleaders ogling her man.

"Easy there sis, don’t need to be freaking the locals just yet," Liz teased, sensing Dawn’s increased hormonal levels and the rising jealousy.

"Maybe we should just keeping moving upstairs then," Alex advised, he wasn’t exactly feeling warm fuzzy thoughts either. Tommy, one of Kyle’s old buddies, was leering at Liz and Alex was a heartbeat away from using his sword to carve his initials into Tommy’s chest. Liz smiled at his possessive thoughts and they continued through the café and into the break room to find Maria and Michael in the middle of a heated embrace.

"That looks fun, we’ll try that later," Dawn turned to Spike, her eyes glowing. Maria and Michael heard her and jumped, Maria falling to the floor with a yelp.

"Ouch! Nice landing, and Mikey? Zip the pants!" Liz waved her hand and winced when Michael’s pants snapped shut on their own. "Good one Liz, way to keep low profile!"

"Liz?" Maria stared at her friend in shock mingled with fear. "Is that you?"

"It’s really me Ria. Snicker doodle fun cream?" Liz ignored the laughing look Dawn shot her as she recited the secret code Maria had invented just in case a skin or shape shifter ever impersonated them.

"Lizzie!" Maria grabbed Liz in a tight hug, relieved. "How’d you do that?"

"Long story. Where’s everyone else?" Liz snickered when Maria flushed.

"Told you," Alex laughed. Maria was so predictable.

"Who’s your friend?" Michael narrowed his eyes at Alex, suspicious of all the new friends that Liz seemed to be making left and right.

"Pepper sushi minor bass," Alex winked at Maria as Liz waved her hand over his face, restoring his normal dark looks and eyebrow ring.

"Alex?" Maria whimpered, her legs buckling underneath her, Michael grabbing her before she hit the floor, gaping at Alex.

"I love making a grand entrance," Alex laughed. "Miss me?"

"Stop it, teasing is just plain mean," Liz scolded, grinning. "We should take this upstairs, don’t need any irate customers walking in and seeing you stud boy."

"I prefer the term stud man, thanks."

"Stud man, I like it," Dawn giggled, and led the way upstairs, Michael bringing up the rear, Maria cradled in his arms, limp with shock.


"Well?" Dawn looked up when Liz returned to the living room. Michael had taken Maria into the bedroom to lie down and rest, so Liz had gone to the kitchen to call the rest of the crew and tell them to get their buts over here pronto.

"Everyone’s coming, and I mean everyone," Liz stressed, raising her eyebrows at Dawn.

"Great, his freaking royal pain in my ass highness is gracing us with his presence? I swear, if he pulls anything, I will rip his liver out and feed it to Spike," Dawn snarled, her game face making an appearance. Spike pulled her into his lap, trying to soothe the angry tremors racing through her. Last night, both Liz and Dawn had had dreams (visions) of Antar, and who they’d been. To put it mildly, neither one of them had a happy relationship with Czar Arxan, Zan the Great, Antar’s tyrannical ruler.

"William, do us all a favor? Take her in the bathroom for a quickie? Wow, there’s a statement I never thought I’d say," Liz laughed, shaking her head. Spike leered at her and hurried Dawn off.

"How do you think they’re going to react?" Alex asked, pulling Liz into his arms. Liz sighed and rested her head on his shoulder, absently tracing circles on his thigh.

"I very much doubt that it will be pretty, I’ll tell you that. Promise me that she won’t take you away from me," Liz pleaded, tears in her eyes as she looked up at Alex, scared.

"I swear, I’m yours now and forever. She can’t change that," Alex promised, sealing it with a kiss that soon escalated into a heated make-out session, egged on by the sensations that Liz was receiving from Dawn in the bathroom.

"Hello? Liz, you up here?" Isabel called, and Alex jumped, running into the kitchen. He wanted to give Liz and Dawn a few minutes to talk to the pod squad before he dropped into the mess with a bang.

"I’m in the living room. Michael! Wake Ria up and get your skinny alien ass out here, the company has arrived! William, finish her up quick!" Liz yelled.

"Finish her up? Do I want to know what you’re talking about?" Isabel raised her eyebrows as she sailed in, leading the others.

"Dawn finally got him in the sack, did she?" Ava winked at Liz, giving her a hug.

"Missed you girl," Liz smiled, pulling back and shaking her head when Ava’s eyes widened, sensing the change.

"Ditto," Ava nodded.

"What about me?" Daphne piped up, waving from behind Kyle and Max.

"Daph! You made it! So, how did it go?" Liz winked, nudging Kyle. Daphne blushed and ducked her head, her hand slipping into Kyle’s.

"I owe you," Daphne bit her lip, smiling up at Kyle.

"We both owe you," Kyle agreed. Daphne was great, and he couldn’t believe how quickly he was falling for her.

"And I want to strangle you," Isabel laughed. "These two are all goopy and it’s yucky!"

"You’re just jealous," Kyle stuck his tongue out.

"True, very true. Liz and I are the only single women left in our group, and it’s depressing," Isabel moaned dramatically.

"Actually, you’re the only one. Liz is very much taken," Dawn wandered in, a satisfied glow surrounding her that not even Max’s presence could extinguish.

"Oh, when did this happen?" Isabel, Ava and Daphne turned to Liz, eager for girl talk.

"All in good time. Michael! Get your alien ass out here, now!" Liz yelled again, annoyed and wanting to get the formalities over with so she could show Alex off in style.

"Alien?" Daphne wrinkled her nose. "Is that some nickname for Michael or something?"

"No, he’s an alien," Liz blinked, looking at Kyle in confusion. "She did give you my letter, right, telling you
that she’s trust-worthy?"

"Yeah, but," Kyle shrugged and looked at Max.

"Figures, royal pain in my ass strikes again," Dawn muttered angrily.

"She’s not one of us, we agreed no more, it’s not safe," Max snapped.

"Oh shove it in your ass. Daphne, sit down, you’re in for a happy story," Liz sighed.

"Did we miss anything?" Michael and Maria walked in and looked around at the confused, and unhappy faces of the group.

"Nothing worth mentioning except Liz here thinks she can dictate to me how to rule the group," Max muttered sullenly.

"Funny choice of words, dictate and rule. Now why does that seem familiar," Dawn mused, narrowing her eyes at Max.

"Dawn, behave, or I send you back to the bathroom with William. You ruin this, and I will not be a happy camper," Liz growled her eyes glowing.

"What happened downstairs, was that real?" Maria asked, her mind was fuzzy.

"Very real. Guess I might as well start with the big surprise, cause I can’t wait anyway," Liz admitted. "I have a special guest with me. As they already know, I’ve got a boyfriend, and he came with me from LA. Michael, Maria, don’t say anything yet," Liz warned when Maria began hyperventilating, realizing just who Liz meant.

"You have a boyfriend?" Max wasn’t too happy, and he folded his arms across his chest, making his annoyance clear.

"Big whoop, you’ve got a girlfriend," Dawn rolled her eyes. "Go get him sis."

"Sis?" everyone mouthed, staring at Liz as she went into the kitchen. Reappearing a moment later, Liz smiled widely, and pulled Alex out.

"Hey, long time no see!" Alex waved limply. Kyle’s eyes rolled back in his head and he fainted.

"Skin!" Max roared, lifting his hand to shoot a power blast at Alex. Isabel backed away in fear, confused at this turn of things. Liz glowered at Max, and she sent him crashing into the wall with a flick of her wrist, her game face appearing at the attack on her mate.

"What’s wrong with your face?" Michael went bug-eyed.

"You’re a vampire?" Daphne whimpered, cowering in the corner. Liz relaxed, and her human face returned.

"We’re like Angel Daphne, you don’t need to be afraid," Dawn promised and Daphne let out a relieved breath.

"What was with the hand wavy thing?" Daphne asked, curious.

"Alien powers are the greatest toys in the world," Liz grinned.

"Uh, could we focus on the dead person beside you, please?" Michael asked. "How can he still be alive, or is
it not him?"

"Oh, it’s him alright." Liz giggled, wrapping her arm around Alex’s waist. "Alex is immortal, he can’t be killed. Well, he can, but after a little while he comes back to life again."

"Immortal? So what about you, and the whole vampire, alien stuff you can do?" Maria asked, she was already in information overload, might as well go in for the kill.

"I’m a vamp-alien hybrid, and Dawn is my sister," Liz grinned over at Dawn.

"What? I thought that Dawn was some Key thingy," Daphne frowned. "Are you too?"

"You’re Aralias and Sirina?" Ava gasped, excited.

"You don’t believe her do you? She’s obviously lying, she’s a skin out to destroy us!" Max woke up and bellowed. "Can’t you see that’s what she’s doing? Why else bring the fake Alex?"

"Alex is as real as you are. Don’t do this Max, don’t make the same mistakes that Arxan did, it will only end the same way," Liz shook her head sadly. As much as she hated Arxan, Max did hold a small place in her heart, and she didn’t want history to repeat itself.

"This is bullshit, I’m gone!" Max snapped. "Isabel, Ava, Michael, come on!"

"I’m not going anywhere," Ava stood her ground. "You took Aralias and Sirina away from me before, not again."

"I don’t believe this, I’m the king!" Max was furious.

"Actually, no you’re not. Arxan was Czar, but you are not and you never will be. Arxan fooled the oracles into giving him the throne, but this time it’s going to the rightful heir, your brother," Liz paused, and waited for the explosion.

"Brother? I have another brother?" Isabel gasped. "Who?"

"You know who it is," Dawn smiled when Isabel turned to Michael and burst into tears, throwing herself at him sobbing.

"That’s crap, he’s not my brother!" Max snarled. Michael flinched at his angry words.

"If you aren’t going to listen to reason then just get the hell out of here! I don’t have the patience to deal with your piss-ass whiney shit, okay?" Liz’s game face came out and she advanced on Max, snarling. Max cowered away from her, and ran out of the apartment.

"Damn, remind me never to piss you off," Daphne was in awe of Liz’s new abilities.

"I’m confused, how can they be brother and sister? Tess said they were engaged or whatever on Antar. Tell me that incest isn’t common in aliens," Maria grimaced.

"Tess was a lying bitch. She was a skin, so were Rath and Lonnie," Dawn explained.

"Who are Tess, Rath and Lonnie?" Daphne asked, confused at all this new information being dumped on her at once.

"Sit, I’ll make hot chocolate, and we’ll talk. This is going to be a long one," Liz warned.


Lot to take it at once, but this is just a taste of the history I'll be cramming in the next part. Sorry for the long wait, but my 'puter went screwy and I had to fix her.

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Chapter 2: Explanations Begin.

(Possibly the last I'll be posting here due to lack of FB)


“You’re really alive?” Kyle stared at Alex in amazement. He’d woken up halfway through the explanation and he was still focused on that one detail.

“Yes, Kyle, he’s alive.” Liz laughed giddily, hugging Alex’s arm, laying her head on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry about,” Kyle broke off, his throat constricting.

“It’s not your fault, any more than it was mine,” Alex reassured. “I should have come back earlier, if I had there’s a chance that we might have been able to save Max before he got in too far with the gerbil from hell.”

“Can we get back to the whole Key thing? I’m a bit confused,” Maria asked. “You two are alien-vampire hybrids that haven’t been born yet?”

“That’s right. Cordelia is pregnant with us right now, which is why we had to leave. If we touch her, or are in the same room for too long, we go bye-bye!” Dawn wiggled her fingers.

“Go bye-bye?” Spike snorted. “Real nice language LilBit, my ferocious queen.”

“Do you want a repeat of last night?” Dawn asked, raising her eyebrows.

“Yeah, that’s threatening sis, offer to provide kinky sex to a vampire. He’s never going to take you up on,” Liz laughed, rolling her eyes.

“Hey, at least I didn’t kill my mate the first night we were together,” Dawn shot back, making everyone turn and gape at a blushing Liz and Alex.

“You killed him? Having sex?” Maria blurted out.

“Yes, it was an accident, and we weren’t having sex, we were just fooling around,” Liz defended. “No sex before I get a ring!”

“How’s that going to work, you two marrying? The whole church, crosses thing,” Daphne asked.

“Civil ceremony,” Liz shrugged, she’d thought of that a long time ago.

“Nonsense, you aren’t getting married at city hall! We’ll have the ceremony here, or out on the quarry, I’m not getting gypped out of being your maid-of-honor!” Maria glared playfully.

“Great ceremony that would be, when the father of the bride and the brother-in-law both burst into flames and do a smashing imitation of an ash pile,” Daphne snorted.

“We’ve got that covered Daph, no worries there,” Liz reassured. “Is anyone else hungry, cause I’m starving,” Liz giggled when her stomach growled loudly.

“I’ll order a couple pizzas,” Michael went for the phone. Liz fidgeted, she’d gone too long since she last ate, and another twenty minutes was too long.

“Here, quick fix,” Alex rolled up his sleeve, forgetting about their audience, just worried about how pale Liz was becoming. Liz hesitated, then her game face came out and she sank her fangs into Alex’s wrist.

“Thanks,” Liz pulled back after a minute, her color revived. Wiping her mouth, she waved her hand over Alex’s wound, healing it. Turning, she flinched at the horrified, disgusted faces staring at her.

“Did you just drink his blood?” Isabel shuddered.

“Well it was either that or risk her passing out while waiting for the pizzas,” Alex glared, feeling the tiny tremors shuddering through Liz.

“Sorry, it’s just a bit weird, seeing you feed,” Daphne apologized.

“Don’t worry about it, after what almost happened to you in LA I don’t blame you for freaking,” Liz smiled.

“Think that’s weird, then be glad you’ll never get to see Alex in action,” Dawn glanced at her future brother-in-law. “You’re a force to be reckoned with when you use that sword.”

“Sword?” Maria turned to Alex, her eyes wide.

“Japanese Katana,” Alex reached behind the couch to his duster and frowned. “Spike, give it back or lose a kidney!”

“Some people can’t take a joke,” Spike grumbled, pulling the missing Katana out and waving it around in sweeping arcs.

“Why do you have a sword?” Kyle asked, watching the sword sparkle, reflecting the lamplight.

“To keep myself alive, and shit!” Alex grimaced, and Spike threw him the sword. Holding it in a battle stance, Alex sidled close to the door, and when it swung open, he laid the blade at the throat of the person on the other side.

“I come in peace!” Ritchie gulped, holding up his hands.

“Ritchie, sorry man,” Alex dropped the sword and pulled him in, clapping him on the back in greeting. “Guys, this is Ritchie Ryan, a friend. He was the one who found me and taught me how to survive as an immortal.”

“Cute, eh?” Liz whispered to Isabel. Blushing, Isabel turned away, painfully aware that she’d been caught staring.

“Single too,” Dawn added with a wink. She wanted Isabel to get a man, quick, if only to make sure she wasn’t a threat to Liz and Alex’s happiness.

“You left me in LA without telling me where you were going,” Ritchie frowned at Alex. “I looked like an idiot when I tried finding you.”

“Sorry, that would be my fault!” Liz winced. “I had to get back here, and where I go, Alex goes.”

“It’s okay. Your something or other Angel told me most of that long twisted story,” Ritchie sat down and smiled at the room.

“Liam’s our Daddy. How much did he tell you?” Liz asked.

“Uh, you and Dawn are his and Cordelia’s apparently unborn children. You’re half alien, half vampire, and keys to something. You’re a vampire too,” Ritchie pointed to Spike. “There was a lot more, but that’s about all that actually got absorbed. “So, which ones here are alien?”

“Ava, Michael, and myself. So Ritchie, how old are you?” Isabel smiled flirtingly.

“Me? Oh, I’m almost forty,” Ritchie laughed at the shocked looks.

“Forty? How? Oh, you’re like Alex? How old were you when you, uh, you know,” Maria blushed, waving her hand, unsure of how to put it.

“I was nineteen when I died. That was almost 20 years ago. I’m still a newbie, you should meet Adam,” Ritchie laughed, looking at Alex, who groaned.

“How old is he?” Ava asked, curious.

“Well, let’s put it this way, his current name choice as Adam was a joke. Chosen in honor of the first man,” Alex clarified at the blank looks.

“So what, he’s a couple hundred years old?”

“Not quite,” Ritchie snorted.

“Five hundred?” Isabel blinked.

“Try over five thousand,” Alex laughed.

“Pizza!” Liz sniffed, practically drooling. Dawn perked up and she grinned, nodding.

“Yummy, you got four! Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms,” Dawn paused, mid-sniff and glowered at Michael. “Did you put green peppers on one?”

“Yeah, don’t you like them?” Michael gulped, afraid she’d attack him.

“Aw, big bad Michael is scared of little Dawn,” Liz snickered. “Calm down sis, only one has the offending green on it. Wait, is that pineapple?” Liz wrinkled her nose.

“Okay, how can you tell what’s on the pizzas?” Maria asked finally.

“They can smell it, its part of their vamp heritage,” Alex explained as the doorbell rang. “And there they are. Uh, Michael, I suggest you put them down and stand back. When they get hungry, and people get in the way, they tend to get bitten,” Alex warned as Michael paid for the pizzas. The delivery guy shot Alex a weird look at his words.

“Yummy, pizza, pizza, pizza!” Dawn chanted, hopping up and down, her eyes flashing as Michael carried the pizzas over to the table. Once he was clear, her and Liz ran for the table and piled two plates with several slices, retreating to the couch to gobble them down.


If you want to know more, then I need to know that you're still interested in this story. I don't want to be rude, but without FB, I feel like I'm wasting my time, cause posting is for you, not me. When I don't get FB, I think that nobody is reading, so why bother posting more?

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Chapter 27: More 'splaining


“So what exactly do you have to do?” Ritchie asked a couple hours later. They’d eaten, and gone over the story again for him, and to clarify things for the others.

“We have to find, and activate the granolith,” Dawn blinked at the muttered curses.

“Uh, guys, that wasn’t the granolith. It was a pretty toy, yeah, but that’s all,” Liz said. “The granolith looks nothing like that thing. It’s smaller, for one, and the only people that can activate it, let alone find it, are Dawn and I. As soon as it’s dark, we’re going to the pod cave to find the orbs.”

“We have the orbs,” Michael frowned.

“No, our orbs,” Dawn corrected. “We have orbs, and amulets that we’ll need to pull this off properly, but if we do it, then all of our planets are safe forever.”

“Then its just Earth we need to worry about,” Liz sighed.

“Wait, she said all of your planets, didn’t you mean Earth?” Maria frowned. “There’s more planets involved?”

“Yeah, we’re not Antarian. We’re from one of the other four, Paladin. Paladin is the religious center of the five planets; we’re at the base, not Antar. Antar’s the farthest away in the V formation, it and the skins’ planet, Chalmar. The war broke out because Arxan the Great, Antar’s Czar, decided he didn’t like being that far out, and he wanted control of the granolith. A delegation was sent to Antar to try and reason with Arxan, with no success. He stole the granolith, kidnapping its keepers. The oracles did everything they could to peacefully restore the balance, but before they could, Vilandra took matters into her own hands,” Liz broke off, and glanced at Isabel. She’d frozen, and paled in fright.

“She made a deal with Khivar, the rebel leader from Chalmar. He seduced her, and convinced her that by helping him, she was restoring the alliance to the way it was supposed to be. She learned too late that Khivar had no intention of sending the granolith to Paladin; he intended to use it, and his new empire of both Chalmar and Antar to become dictator over all five planets,” Dawn continued.

“The oracles stepped in, and sent us and the granolith to Earth, using Khivar’s attack on the Antarian palace as a distraction. You four were slaughtered, and sent down with that screwed up mess of orbs and books and shit that I really don’t understand. The only thing that makes sense is that Khivar was somehow able to get a spy on the ship and crash it. When that didn’t work, he made the orbs and book to throw you off and prevent you from succeeding,” Liz shrugged, there was a lot of things that made no sense to her and she didn’t like it.

“What use would us hooking up have had?” Michael pointed to Isabel.

“Uh, it would have killed you,” Dawn grimaced. “Incest is sort of spontaneous combustion on Antar. You two shagging would have eliminated both of you.”

“Wait, Rath and Lonnie,” Ava frowned.

“Were skins,” Liz answered. “I’m guessing that when Nicholas found you, he replaced the real Rath and Lonnie with skins that looked like them. Zan being alive didn’t interfere with his plans, in fact him being alive would be a good thing, cause chances are he’d become the same person and play right into Khivar’s hands. You weren’t a threat,” Liz smiled sadly at Ava.

“Why’d they kill Zan then, if he might have been useful?” Isabel frowned.

“He wasn’t the same person, he was different,” Ava whispered, tears in her eyes. “Zan was nothing like Arxan, he was kind, and gentle, and he loved Lonnie and Rath. He must have known that they were skins, cause around the time Nicholas showed, he started picking fights with them, and ignoring me.”

“It could just have been his true nature coming out,” Dawn was skeptical.

“Yeah, Max didn’t really change until Tess came to town,” Maria admitted.

“Not entirely true,” Liz shook her head. “The toy house incident for example. He was classic Arxan in the way he ordered Isabel around. He ruled the two of you from day one.”

“She’s right, Max was always bossy. I just figured he was a protective big brother,” Isabel shrugged. “Maybe it was Arxan shining through.”

“It was, and that presents a problem. Even though Michael is the elder, and rightful heir to Antar’s throne, Arxan is a required element and we are missing him,” Liz sighed.

“Okay, I’m just getting more confused,” Maria whined. “Start at the beginning, who are the five planets, and what happened in life number one?”

“Demo please,” Liz nodded to Dawn, and she held up her hand. A 3D image of the five planets appeared in the middle of the room, and as Liz talked, the one she was referring to grew in size, and mini movies highlighted what was being said.

The five planets were Paladin at the core, then Icarus and Galeran on either side. Chalmar and Antar were the end planets, Chalmar aligned with Icarus, and Antar with Galeran. Each of the five planets had a central significance, a primary purpose. Paladin was the home of the oracles, the religious heart of the system. Icarus was science based, Galerans were craftsmen &, builders, Antarians were artists, and Chalmarians were the warriors.

The balance between the planets was ideal; trade and peace were plentiful. Then King Daedalus of Antar passed away. He had three children, Rathard, Vilandra, and Arxan. Arxan was the youngest and therefore the last in line for the throne. Vilandra and Rathard were twins and Rathard was heir to the throne. Unfortunately, Arxan was the result of an affair between Queen Zelenka and King Antaeus of Chalmar. Unsanctioned cross births unfortunately usually resulted in defects, either physical or psychological. Arxan soon developed the Chalmarian’s warrior tendencies, and when his father died, he decided that he would be a better ruler than Rath, who was an artist, and in Arxan’s opinion, weak. He had his mother come clean about the affair, but Rath was made to be the result of the affair rather than Arxan. Rath was unable to take the throne according to ancient laws, and Arxan took over.

After Arxan became Czar, the truth about Rath came out, but by then, the oracles couldn’t step in and restore things to the proper order. Arxan had a bloodlust, and he ruled over Anter as a cruel tyrant. He forced Rath to slaughter any who opposed him, and Rath complied, fearful of what more horrific deeds Arxan might do if challenged. During this time, a rebel group arose on Chalmar, led by Khivar, whose origins were unknown.

Khivar had the same bloodlust that roared through Arxan’s veins, and he quickly overtook Chalmar, claiming he was better suited to put an end to Arxan’s reign of terror then King Antaeus, who was growing older and had no heirs. The oracles tried to stop Khivar, and they would have succeeded, if not for Arxan’s sudden arrival on Paladin, and his subsequent theft of the Granolith and its two keys, Aralias and Sirina. Arxan wanted to take his mixed heritage, and blend with the keys to create a new, more powerful race in the hopes of securing his legacy forever.

Vilandra hated what her brother was doing, but as a woman, she was powerless to do anything of significance. Women weren’t allowed anywhere near the Czar, unless they were his concubines. Khivar, on a ‘diplomatic’ visit to Antar, saw Vilandra’s discontent and played upon it, sending her flowers and wooing her with words of equality for women, and a promise to return the Granolith to Paladin if she helped him take down Arxan. He even offered to let her have Antar’s throne as Queen.

Arxan heard of Vilandra’s affair with Khivar, and as punishment, he executed her only two friends, Aralias and Avarona. Sirina he kept alive, not realizing that he needed both keys for the Granolith to be anything more than an ancient artifact. Khivar heard of the executions, and used them as a way to get the other planets to turn on Antar in a rage. Up until now, they’d had no real proof that Arxan had the Granolith and keys.

With Arxan distracted by the growing anger from Icarus, Paladin and Galeran, Khivar made his move. Vilandra snuck him into the palace, and showed him where Sirina was being held captive. Khivar had Sirina lead him to the Granolith and was stopped by Rath, who’d seen Vilandra sneaking him in. Rath tried to convince Vilandra that Khivar was simply playing her, and while they were arguing, Khivar shot them both down. He no longer needed Vilandra to fulfill his plans and he grabbed the Granolith.

As he was trying to escape the palace, he came face to face with Arxan. Deciding that Arxan might be a useful ally, Khivar offered to co-rule all five planets with him. Arxan was about to agree, knowing he wouldn’t survive if he didn’t, when Sirina broke free from Khivar, and blasted Arxan, killing him instantly. She then turned on Khivar, but he overpowered, and killed her instead.

The other planets were furious with Khivar for not only killing the Antarian royals, Vilandra and Rathard, but also for the destruction of the keys. When he learned that the Granolith was useless without the keys, Khivar reluctantly handed it over to Paladin and the oracles, but he kept a guard stationed there to prevent the oracles from using the Granolith and destroying his new empire. Unknown to him, the oracles were hard at work with Icarus, and clones of the royals, as well as plans for the keys for be reborn, were made. Khivar’s guard, Nicado, was killed in his sleep by the oracles, and the Granolith was sent to Earth under the guard of the keys.

Khivar learned of Nicado’s death, and the royal clones, and was able to get a spy on board the ship bound for earth with the eight pods. When the crash didn’t completely end the lives of the eight, he sent down a small contingent of husks, or skins, to track down and kill the royals before they could find the Granolith and keys and defeat him.

“And that’s pretty much all we know for now. That shit with the destiny book, and the orbs, I don’t get. Near as I can figure, Tess must have been a skin, why else wait so long to find you guys? Nasedo was probably the spy, and he had to stay away until you all reached the age that Tess’s skin was in order to fool you,” Liz shrugged.

“Well, I’m exhausted. This history lesson is great, but it’s putting me to sleep. I’m going to go crash. Daphne, come on,” Maria smiled at the half-sleeping girl and they shuffled into Maria’s room to sleep.

“I better get home, and try to tell Dad some of this stuff. Ritchie, where you staying?” Kyle asked, grabbing his coat.

“Hotel over on the highway, why?” Ritchie asked.

“Forget it, that place is a roach haven. I’ve got a pullout couch you can crash on. Isabel, you want a ride home?” Kyle offered.

“Sure, I better go before Max gets there and tells Mom and Dad some stupid story about me being on drugs,” Isabel sighed. Giving Liz a hug, she smiled. “It’s good to have you back in town, and I’m sorry for everything.”

“It’s okay,” Liz smiled, knowing Isabel meant both their past life, and this one. “Ritchie, could you do me a favor? Could you take Isabel to LA tomorrow? Dawn and I would just feel safer if there was someone alien to watch over Mumsy, plus that keeps her safe from Max.”

“Sure, no problem. Oh, Isabel, you aren’t afraid of motorcycles, are you?” Ritchie asked as they headed down the stairs.

“He’s asleep, now’s the time to go,” Dawn whispered to Liz, seeing Michael had passed out and was snoring. Liz nodded, and the four of them headed for the door. They paused when a voice stopped them.

“You wouldn’t have forgotten about me, would you?” Ava smirked, standing. “I’m going with you two. I’m not losing my best friends this lifetime too.”

“Come on then,” Liz grinned, and they hurried out of the apartment.


There's your condensed history lesson. Thanks for all the FB and I'll post more as soon as I can, I sort of hit a writer's block so there's not much more that's still written.


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Part 28a


Still struggling with stupid dense brain blockage but got more ground out, so I'm going to post an mini part to tie you over. I can't believe it's been a whole month. I'll try to get more out in a couple weeks. (Sooner if I'm lucky)


“So what are we looking for?” Spike asked, standing in the middle of the pod chamber, eyeing the four pods with barely concealed disgust.

“Two amulets, and an orb,” Dawn tossed over her shoulder, running her hands along every inch of the rock wall, trying to find a crevice, or reveal a handprint they could use. Liz had crawled through the pods into where the other ‘granolith’ had been, Alex behind her, and they were combing that section.

“Which pod was which?” Ava asked quietly, gently tracing the symbols on the pods, a wistful, longing look on her face as she did.

“That’s Michael’s, then Isabel’s, and Tess’s, and Max’s is on the end,” Liz called out, her voice muffled. “Hey, I think I found something!”

“What?” Dawn and Ava crawled through hurriedly, Spike refusing to follow; the pods just plain were gross. Liz was kneeling on the ground, and in front of her was a square metal plate, with two sets of hand impressions on it, across from each other. Dawn quickly knelt on the other side of the plate, and the two girls laid their hands on the impressions, pushing down. Nothing happened.

“Um, shouldn’t it do something?” Alex muttered, frowning.

“Wait, look,” Ava brushed more dirt aside to show two round tube-like holes on the sides, just big enough to put a oblong crystal in.

“Okay, so you need the amulets. Where would they be?” Alex asked.

“LilBit, Pet! Found something cool. There’s a hole in the wall with stuff in it!” Spike yelled from the outer room. “Pretty necklaces and metal egg things.”

“Metal egg things?” Ava snorted. “Bring them in here Spike!”

“I’m not crawling through those things!” Spike refused.

“Be a man, William!” Liz rolled her eyes at his ridiculous squeamishness. “You drink blood for crying out loud, the pods aren’t going to eat you!”

“The things I do,” Spike grumbled, crawling through the pods and handing the booty he’d found to Ava. There were two gold orbs, similar in shape to the ones the pod squad had discovered, but with a different symbol carved into it. The amulets were about three inches long, and almost an inch thick. One was a golden topaz, and Dawn reached for it instinctively, and Liz took the other, a deep garnet. As one, they slid the crystals into their holders, and pressed down upon the impressions again. This time, a loud rumble started, and the back wall slid into the ground, revealing yet another hidden chamber.

“The granolith,” Liz and Dawn breathed, staring at the relic in wonder. The golden pedestal in the center of the room held an ornately carved crystal sphere resting in a pair of golden hands. The sphere was a clear topaz, but the etchings on it and the pedestal were in garnet: flowers, and vines, and symbols for each of the five planets.

“That’s it, that’s the thing that’s going to save us all?” Alex gaped at it, somehow it just didn’t fit the ‘weapon’ concept he’d had in his mind.

“What were you expecting, a gun?” Ava snorted. “The granolith is more than a weapon, it’s a symbol of life and peace.”

“The power of the ancients lies within the granolith. Whenever a ruler, or an oracle passes on, his essence is put within the granolith. Centuries, millennia really, of power are contained inside the sphere. One touch can release them in the form of anything, whether it be power to defend us against enemies, or food in the case of famine. The granolith is so much more than a simple gun. It’s our life force,” Liz smiled up at Alex.

“We should go. It’s not yet time,” Dawn spoke in a detached voice, backing away from the granolith.

“She’s right, we need to prepare the royals, and try to save Max. We need an Arxan to complete the four square,” Liz sighed, and they retreated, pulling the crystals out of their holders and resealing the granolith. Placing the amulets around their necks and hiding them under their shirts, Liz and Dawn led the way back through the pods and out of the cave.

“How can we save Max? Hasn’t he already become Arxan? You said it before: he was always like that. What will we do without a fourth?” Ava worried as they walked down the cliff.

“We have no choice, Ava. With Zan gone, Max is our only hope,” Liz bit her lip.

“And if Zan wasn’t gone?” a deep mellow voice asked from behind them. The group spun around to see Zan standing there in all his glory. “Da man’s back!”


I fixed the Max problem, now I can happily injure him severely. YES!! I have that written, and boy did I enjoy it, but I've got to do the in-between stuff and that's been slow going. Promise to work on it a little bit every day. Thanks for all the FB, keep it coming.

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Part 28b & 29


“Zan?” Ava whispered, her legs buckling under her, tears springing to her eyes as she stared at him in amazement.
“It’s me babe. Zan don’t die that easy,” Zan smirked, helping Ava to her feet, and keeping a supporting arm around her.

“Well, that makes things easier,” Alex laughed. “We’ve got our royal four-square.”

“Now to dispose of Max,” Dawn narrowed her eyes; she was going to enjoy taking out her anger at Arxan on his sniveling clone.

“He gets one more chance to redeem himself, and then he’s yours, okay?” Liz cautioned, she didn’t want Dawn ripping Max to shreds before he’d been given a fair chance at apologizing.

“Who are the cornballs?” Zan jerked his chin at Liz and Dawn, wondering why he could sense something radiating off of them.

“Really Zan, don’t you remember Aralias and Sirina?” Alex smirked.

“No shit, they sent you two here? Damn, you’re not going to kill me now are you?” Zan took a step back, he knew that his previous crimes more than warranted it, but he wasn’t really eager to die twice in one lifetime.

“No, you heard us, we need you,” Dawn grumbled.

“That’s a relief,” Zan blew out a gust of air. “I know I was an ass back on Antar, and I totally deserve whatever you feel like giving, but thanks for not.”

“No problem. From what Ava’s been saying you aren’t Arxan, so why should you die for his crimes?” Liz pointed out. “I’m getting hungry again, so let’s head back, and we can spring you on the crew, flip them out yet again.”

“This is getting fun, every time we turn around we get something else to drop on Max and send him on a tailspin,” Dawn grinned, glad to be able to freak him out for any reason. Liz laughed at her sister’s enthusiasm and led the way back down the cliff.


“Another group meeting? Now what? No wait, let me guess, Tess is back but the baby is actually yours and Kyle’s that you implanted in her, right?” Max glared at Liz, not at all happy at being tricked into going to the Crashdown after hours.

“We can do this two ways Max, the easy way or the hard way,” Liz sighed.

“Personally, I’d prefer the hard way, but it’s your choice,” Dawn reluctantly admitted.

“I’m gone, this shit is pathetic! You don’t think you can trick me into coming and then somehow make me believe you?” Max snorted and turned to leave. Liz and Dawn glanced at Ava and Michael who were waiting for their approval. Linking mentally, the four of them jerked Max off the ground and sent him hurtling into a booth, pinning him there with glowing bindings.

“That would be the hard way, and there’s not a chance of you freeing yourself from it big guy, so just stop wasting your time.” Liz rolled her eyes and moved to the counter, sitting on a stool in front of Alex who was perched on the counter, one leg on either side of her. Dawn, Daphne and Maria were in identical positions with their men, all staring at Max.

“Wow, I had no idea he could get so purple,” Maria muttered, watching Max writhe around, trying to free himself.

“Idiot, the more he uses his powers to break the bindings, the stronger they get, they feed off his output,” Dawn snickered at the uselessness of Max’s actions.

“Can we get on with the surprise? Ava’s getting lonely, being the only one flying solo with all you happy couples,” Ava pouted.

“Bring out your man then,” Liz waved with a grin.

“This does seem to be a week of resurrecting dead people, doesn’t it?” Dawn laughed at the irony of it all.

“Never thought of it that way, but you’re right. Oh Max, Ava’s dumping you in case you haven’t clued into that little detail just yet,” Liz added, glancing at Max. Seeing that his shocked gaze was directed elsewhere, she turned and grinned at the sight of a ecstatic Ava leading a swaggering Zan out of the back room.

“You’re not dead?” Michael and Maria cried, stunned.

“Who’s the punked out Max?” Daphne whispered to Kyle, who quickly tried to explain.

“Can we have fun now?” Dawn pleaded. “Zan boy’s here, and Max made it clear that he’s not going to play nice so I want to have a bit of fun!"

“That’s my LilBit, all bloodlust and no manners,” Spike puffed his chest proudly.

“I think that Ava deserves a first crack, don’t you?” Liz pointed out, raising her eyebrows and Dawn nodded reluctantly. Stepping back, she waved her hand for Ava to move forward.

“Enjoy it sister, but don’t kill him yet,” Dawn smiled briefly.

“And piss you off? I’m not stupid thanks,” Ava shook her head and without warning shot a power ball at Max, sending him crashing across the room. He slumped against the wall, defenseless from the shield Liz and Dawn had forced on him. Dawn cheered when Michael moved towards Max and hovered over him, his hand on Max’s chest, thinking Michael was going to torture him. Liz shot Spike a look, knowing what Michael was doing, and he moved forward, pulling Dawn into his arms roughly, his teeth sinking into her neck hard enough to make her go limp.

“Did you do it Michael?” Liz asked when he stood back up.

“He’s gone,” Michael nodded. “Thank you for letting me do that.”

“It was the right thing to do,” Liz answered simply.
“Dawn is going to be pissed when she wakes up and realizes that you let Michael kill him quickly,” Ava pointed out.

“I don’t care, I won’t have his death plaguing her for years. I know she hates Arxan and that she’s projected that onto Max but he isn’t really the same person not entirely. I think that if Tess hadn’t shown we’d have been able to reach him, otherwise how can you explain Zan?”

“Dawn will see your reasoning,” Alex assured, wrapping his arms around Liz, sensing her worry, rubbing his hands down her arms to ease the tremors.

“I hope so Alex, I really do,” Liz whispered, looking over at her unconscious sister with tears in her eyes. The room went silent, sympathy on everyone’s face as they waited for Dawn to reawaken and find out what happened.


“Ugh, why does my head feel like it’s going to explode?” Dawn mumbled, rubbing her face with a groan. Everyone snapped to attention, those sleeping got elbowed sharply.

“That’s cause you got knocked out,” Liz stood and moved towards Dawn, wanting to be the one to tell her, she felt she owed her sister that much.

“Knocked out? How?” Dawn frowned, rubbing her temples. “The last thing I remember is Ava sending Max flying across the room. What happened?”

“He got free and came at you so Pet killed him,” Spike lied swiftly, not wanting to put Dawn and Liz at odds.

“That’ impossible, we castrated him, power speaking,” Dawn shook her head.

“Spike, don’t try to protect me. I had Spike bite you so you wouldn’t interfere,” Liz spoke quietly, her hand gripping Alex’s like a lifeline, needing his support.

“Interfere with what? No, you didn’t? How could you?” Dawn yelled, seeing Max’s body lying right where it had fallen, a faint handprint on his chest.

“I didn’t want that on your conscience Dawn, you don’t know what that’s like. I have the death of Arxan hanging over my head every day and he deserved to die, no questions asked. I didn’t want you to go through that so when Michael asked me to let him end it I said yes, after all Max was his brother, we owed him that courtesy. You want to be pissed at me, hate me, fine, that’s your right, but I stand by my decision 100 percent,” Liz’s expression and voice gave a strength that she wasn’t feeling, as evident to Alex by the way her hand shook in his.

“I can’t talk to you right now,” Dawn shook her head and turned to walk out of the café, Spike automatically falling into step with her. “No, you stay here with your boss, she might have some more orders for you and it would just be terrible if you missed them,” Dawn spun and growled at Spike, her eyes flashing silver.

“Hey, don’t you give me an attitude LilBit, cause I will smack it out of you,” Spike snarled back, advancing on her. The rest of the group quickly dissipated to the apartment upstairs to give them some time to talk, kiss and beat each other up.


I was going to have a long drawn-out tortured death for Max, but it got icky and I changed my mind, cause I realized that Michael wouldn't go for it even if Max is a dickhead. Sorry to anyone who was looking for blood and pain. Just think back to the White Room, it will make you feel better. *big*

I'm still bogged down, if anyone has any suggestions, or ideas, please email me, it will make updates come quicker if I don't have to struggle on alone.

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Part 30:


Meanwhile, on a highway between Roswell and LA:

“So this Duncan guy, where is he now?” Isabel asked, taking a sip of her coke as her and Ritchie sat at a little roadside chip truck having a bit to eat and talking.

“Europe, Paris to be specific. His girl of the moment lives there,” Ritchie explained.

“You miss him, don’t you?” Isabel sensed the emotions just under the surface.

“Yeah, Duncan was my trainer, my sensei, we lived together for years,” Ritchie admitted with a bit of surprise. He’d never thought about missing Duncan, but now that Isabel brought it up he realized that he did.

“Once this whole mess is done, I’ve always wanted to see Paris,” Isabel grinned.

“Want some company?” Ritchie laughed at her offer.
“I’d love an escort, thank you,” Isabel giggled. “So, what’s it like, being eternally cute?”

“You think I’m cute?” Ritchie perked up and Isabel blushed.

“Uh,” she stammered, looking down at the picnic table. Ritchie reached over and covered her hand with his, making her look up.

“You’re pretty cute yourself, for an alien,” Ritchie smiled and Isabel relaxed, biting her lip at his flirty joke.

“Really? Well, let me show you some perks of being alien,” Isabel smirked. “Take that guy for example, he obviously needs a lesson in manners,” Isabel casually pointed at a guy that was just getting out of his pickup truck, yelling angrily at his wife who was cowering. Closing her eyes, she frowned in concentration, Ritchie flicking his gaze back and forth between her and the scene behind him. A sharp cry made him spin and stare at Isabel in horror. She was clutching her head and moaning in pain, her features twisted.

“Isabel! What’s wrong?” Ritchie vaulted over the picnic table and pulled her into his lap, trying to figure out what was happening.

“She walked right into my trap, that’s what’s wrong. Silly Vilandra, always has to try and protect the pathetic underdog, don’t you?” the man who’d been yelling stood over Ritchie and Isabel, smirking.

“Who are you? What did you do to her?” Ritchie immediately picked up that this guy was not your average human, especially since he seemed to know Isabel’s name from her past life on Antar.

“An old friend. Be a good little human, buzz off,” the man flicked his wrist and Ritchie went flying across the ground, slamming into a tree. “When you wake up, tell the other pathetic royal three that I’m in town and I’ve got a few unfinished business details to work through with them, and if they ever want to see their precious Princess alive again, they will meet me at the cave in three days,” the man held his hand over Ritchie’s chest briefly, then grabbed Isabel and vanished into thin air. Ritchie moaned and slumped over, his whole body felt like it was on fire.


And in LA:

“What do you mean they left?” Cordelia and Buffy had Angel & Riley cowering in a corner, their eyes flashing in fury at the announcement that Liz and Dawn had left for Roswell.

“As bizarrely amusing as it is watching you two reduce Angel & Riley into a quivering mass of complete terror, they didn’t exactly have much of a choice,” Faith interjected. Cordelia & Buffy turned on her with a venomous glare and Faith sighed, rolling her eyes. “Chill Mommy, if you took two minutes to think about it, you’d realize that they had to go back to tell their little friends about you and your condition.”

“She’s right Cordy, they didn’t have a lot of choice,” Wesley reasoned.

“Do you really think that I like the idea of Peanut being off on some intergalactic mission thing without me? Not to mention very pissed off at me?” Riley sighed, wishing they’d parted on better terms, but it wasn’t easy trying to fit the image of an alien super-power into his precious baby sister.

“You could try calling them,” Gunn snorted, watching the little conflict with amusement.

“I swear, if anything happens to them, I hold you responsible!” Cordelia snarled, grabbing the phone and punching the numbers in roughly. Angel gulped, nervous.

“Crashdown Café, home of the, shit Shay, not when I’m on the phone!”

“Hello Alex, I see you made it safely to Roswell, and Liz is with you?” Cordelia bit back a smile at the greeting.

“Cordelia? Is everything okay? Don’t bite me, here’s the phone! .... Mumsy, what’s up? Liam told you we skipped town? Don’t hurt him too much.”

“I won’t, promise, only a couple bruises. How’s everyone in Roswell?”

[I/]“Pretty good. Sent half of them into shock when we dropped in with the news. Max is dead. Dawn isn’t currently speaking to me. Isabel is, wait, isn’t Isabel there yet?”

“Isabel, here? No, she’s not. Wait, who’s dead?” Cordelia did a double take, Liz’s rushed words sinking in. “Why isn’t Dawn speaking to you?”

“Dawn isn’t talking to her? Someone’s dead? Oh you two are in big trouble!” Buffy glared at Riley and Angel. “Give me the phone Cordy, I want to talk to my sister.”

“Buffy wants to talk to Dawn,” Cordelia handed the phone to Buffy.

“Liz, is Dawn there?” Buffy bit her lip worriedly.

“She is, but she’s kind of occupied right now, beating the snot out of Spike. He bit her and she didn’t take that very well, it ruined her fun.”

“Spike bit her? Oh, he’s a dust pile!” Buffy gritted her teeth.

“No, I told him to, so it’s okay.”

“Excuse me? You told him to bite her?” Buffy blinked, stunned. Everyone else turned and stared at each other, just as shocked. Angel and Riley exchanged a look, knowing that their days were numbered and with each word Liz was saying, those days were decreasing.

“It was the only way to guarantee that she wouldn’t stop Michael from killing Max. I know she wanted to have some fun, but she’s still somewhat innocent and I didn’t want her to have Max’s tortured death hanging over her.”

“You’re not making any sense. You had her bitten so she wouldn’t stop Michael from killing Max but you want her to stay innocent? Why did you have Michael kill Max? I mean I get that the guy was a scumbag and screwed you over, but to kill him?” Buffy frowned at Cordelia who shrugged, not sure either.

“We didn’t need Max anymore, we’ve got Zan, and Max would have just gotten in the way, so Michael killed him. Dawn wanted to torture him to death as a punishment for the stuff he did back on Antar. Is this starting to make more sense?”

“Just a bit. But who’s Zan? And just because someone isn’t useful to you, that’s not exactly a good reason to kill them,” Buffy sat down, shaking her head.

“Wait, I know who Zan is, he was Ava’s boyfriend from New York, the girls went there to put up a headstone or something where he died. He’s not dead anymore? Gee, those three do like men who don’t know how to die,” Cordelia snorted.

“How bad is the fight, are they going to get over it?” Angel spoke up; ignoring the dirty looks he got from Buffy and Cordelia. “Just ask her!”

“Fine, though for the record, it’s your fault since you let them go. Liz, are you and Dawn going to be okay or do you want me to come talk to her?”

“So she can think I called you up and whined that she was being bad? Yeah right, that would just piss her off more. No, we’ll be cool once Spike whips her ass a few times. I think she’s still trying to deal with the whole bloodlust thing, it’s a bit overpowering and since she’s taking that in as well as the alien thing trying to get a grasp on both is hard. At least I had almost a year of slowly developing alien traits so I only had to
concentrate on controlling the urge to bite everything that moves. She’ll be fine. Back to Isabel, she’s still not there? That’s not good; she should be there by now. I don’t like this one bit.”

“She might just be stuck in traffic, I wouldn’t worry about it,” Buffy shrugged. “Did she come alone or what?”

“Her and Ritchie took his motorcycle. Eeww, you don’t think they took a detour to do the nasty do you Lex? This is Isabel, she wouldn’t go for a quickie on the bike, and she’d have him book a nice four-star hotel room. But then again, she tends to be focused, and I don’t think she’d let lustful urges distract her from getting to LA and Mumsy. Unless, would she have sensed Max dying and freaked? What’s going on? Ritchie! Where the hell is Isabel and why aren’t you in LA? Oh shit, we’re screwed. How long ago did he take her? Damn!”

“Liz? What’s going on? Who is Ritchie? Who took Isabel? Liz!” Buffy cried, staring at the phone in frustration when all she got was the busy signal. “She hung up on me, and something is very wrong. Isabel’s been taken.”

“What? Who would take her?” Cordelia asked, shocked.

“Beats me, but I think we should head to Roswell, and you need to go to Sunnydale, stay with Giles, you’ll be safe there hopefully,” Angel narrowed his eyes when Cordelia opened her mouth to protest. “That is not up for negotiating Delia, I’m not risking your life, or the lives of the babies, are we clear? I’ll be careful, I promise.”

“You come back in one piece, got it? Or I’m staking you!” Cordelia tried to look threatening, but tears were slowly sliding down her face, making it impossible. Angel pulled her into a hug, rubbing her back softly as he locked eyes with Riley, an unspoken promise passing between them that they would do everything in their power to keep their loved ones safe, no matter what the cost.


Thanks for all the FB, you guys are all great, hope you liked this part. A couple people asked about Isabel and Ritchie, so I decided to go snoop on them, and they went and got themselves in trouble. I swear, no matter how much you lecture characters, they just do whatever they want to! *big*

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Part 31:


“What’s going on?” Liz flinched at the noises coming from the main café, feeling Dawn’s panic override her anger and she watched the office door in mounting fear. Spike burst through the office door with Ritchie hanging on him like a dead weight.

“Ritchie!” Liz stared at him in horror as Spike tossed him on the couch. “Where the hell is Isabel and why aren’t you in LA?”

“I tried to stop him, he wasn’t human,” Ritchie gasped, opening his shirt slowly and painfully to reveal an inscription of several alien symbols decorating his chest.

“Ouch, that’s got to hurt,” Alex grimaced.

“You think? It’s a hell of a lot worse than it looks, trust me,” Ritchie groaned. Liz was staring at the writing, her eyes going wide.

“Oh shit, we’re screwed. How long ago did he take her?” Liz demanded, twisting her hands, her game face coming out.

“Around 10 this morning.”

“Damn!” Liz slammed the phone down, completely forgetting that she’d been talking to Buffy and the panic that it would cause.

“What happened, tell us everything,” Dawn instructed, trying not to look at Liz, still angry at what she’d done but knowing she had to put it aside to fix this new problem.

“We hadn’t even gotten out of New Mexico. We missed breakfast so we stopped at this little chip truck to have an early lunch. Isabel decided to demonstrate one of her alien powers on this guy that was yelling at his wife and being pretty mean. Next thing I know, she’s doubled over moaning in pain, grabbing at her head. The guy comes over, tells me that he wants to meet the other royal three at the cave in three days if they want to see Vilandra again, throws me into a tree and does this doodle on my chest. Next thing I know, they vanish into thin air, and I mean just gone. No fancy smoke or anything, just gone.” Ritchie shook his head, he was still trying to grasp onto the whole alien thing, this was just too wild.

“Three days? And only the other royal three? Well, that must mean he doesn’t know that we’re here and that would be a good thing,” Liz reasoned, glancing at Dawn.

“So what do we do?” Spike asked, feeling bad for Liz and his part in the tension between the two sisters.

“I’ll call Ava, get everyone over here,” Dawn slipped back out of the office.

“Great, smashing job we’re going to do in taking down Khivar when she can’t even stand to be in the same room as me for more than five minutes. Excuse me a moment,” Liz set her jaw and flung the office door open so hard that it flew off its handles and slammed into the wall with a loud crash. Alex winced and looked at Spike.

“This isn’t going to be pretty.”

“Hey, we got ringside seats thanks to Pet,” Spike smirked, looking through the open door just in time to see Liz shoot a power ball at Dawn, knocking her to the other side of the café.

“Should we really be watching?” Alex asked, trying not to give in to the urge to turn, even when he heard Dawn shriek and Liz hiss back at her, chairs and tables flying all around the café haphazardly as they battled it out.

“Did something else happen after we left that I don’t know about?” Ritchie grunted, trying to pull himself into a sitting position.

“Max is dead. Dark haired alien with big ears and a control issue,” Alex added at Ritchie’s blank look.

“And why are they trying to kill each other over that? I thought that they both hated him, shouldn’t they be celebrating?”

“Well, see Dawn wanted to give Max a long painful death and Shay denied her that, so Dawn is more than a little pissed off,” Alex explained.

“Man, you have some twisted friends Lex,” Ritchie shook his head and closed his eyes.

“You’ve only just scratched the surface, trust me. I’m going to go call Michael, excuse me for a minute,” Alex took the phone upstairs so he could hear over the screaming and slamming tables in the café, Spike just standing there grinning at the sight.


“What the hell is going on in the café?” Michael crawled in Liz’s old bedroom window, followed by Maria, Ava, Zan, Kyle, and Daphne.

“Catfight between two sisters,” Alex winced at the noises still coming through the ceiling.

“Gee, I didn’t think that my request would make such big problems for them,” Michael looked guilty while the girls slipped out of the room.

“Not your fault, and at the moment we have bigger fish to fry. Isabel’s been taken, Khivar ambushed her and Ritchie on their way to LA,” Alex sighed.

“What? When do we kill him?” Kyle exploded, furious that someone would dare touch someone he considered a sister.

“I don’t know what the plan is, like I said, there’s a big catfight in progress. Or at least there was,” Alex frowned when there was a loud bang, then silence.

“Where are the girls?” Zan suddenly noticed they weren’t in the room.

“Damn, they probably went downstairs to try and stop the fight,” Alex swore and ran downstairs, Zan, Kyle and Michael on his heels.


Smaller part, but I was able to get more written, and hopefully I'll get more out before the end of the month.

And there is some Alex/Liz loving coming up, but it might not exactly be what you're thinking.*tongue*

As always, I love FB. *big*

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Part 32

Oi, has it really been almost a month? Crap, I'm sorry. I hope this part makes up for how long it's been.


“Wow, that is one nasty brawl,” Daphne grimaced, peeking into the café around Maria and Spike to see Liz and Dawn wrestling with each other.

“Wish we could do something, but I for one don’t want to experience any near death situations,” Maria leaned back against Michael, his arms circling around her. The whole group had been watching the sibling fight for several hours now and they were no closer to getting them to stop. Zan had walked in the café a couple hours earlier, but the sight of him made Dawn send a power ball his way and he was still trying to heal the wound, with Ava’s help.

“I think it’s kind of hot,” Spike leered, taking in Dawn’s heavy breathing and the shimmer of sweat on her face.

“Well it stops here and now!” Angel burst into the café and went right between the feuding girls and picked them up by their necks and held them up.

“Peaches would break the party up,” Spike grumbled, even though he knew that it was the only way they were going to stop the fight.

“I can’t believe how childish and selfish you two are being. Because of your little spat, I had to leave your mother alone and I am not happy about that!” Angel snarled, both Liz and Dawn hanging their heads in submission. “Dawn, your sister was only trying to protect you from having a person’s life hanging over your head and Liz, you need to learn to trust Dawn, not lie and hide things from her. Now if I let you go, are you going to make up?”

“Yes Daddy,” Dawn sniffled, tears in her eyes.

“I’m sorry Liam,” Liz swallowed hard.

“Good,” Angel nodded and released them, the girls falling on each other crying and mumbling choked apologies.

“See, all they needed was a good talking to from their Daddy,” Riley grimaced at the words coming out of his mouth; he still was coming to grips with the whole thing.

“Oh, GI came too? Is the Slayer here? Either of them, or the Watcher bloke?” Spike asked, looking past him.

“I’m here, but Wesley’s in Sunnydale with Faith, making sure that Cordelia doesn’t come chasing after you. She’s more than a little freaked after that phone call that ended on a short, scary note. Where is Isabel?” Buffy made a quick body count and spotted Ritchie. “You’re new, do I know you? Or you?” she added, seeing Daphne hiding behind Kyle.

“He’s the immortal guy that Alex was with,” Riley offered.

“And she’s the girl that Liz saved from the vampires in LA,” Wesley added.

“Wait, didn’t you say Max was dead?” Riley sputtered, staring at Zan, slack-jawed.

“The name’s Zan, I just look like the asshole king. Are we all done reunitin’ and shit, can we get down to business? She is my sis you know and I don’t like sittin’ around chattin’, gots me? We havin’ tea or are we kickin’ some ass?” Zan growled, crossing his arm across his chest, frowning deeply.

“Someone got interrupted in the middle of getting some,” Spike leered.

“Stuff it Spike, he’s right. We need to talk strategy,” Dawn pulled back from Liz and they turned to the group, their hands locked together. Alex and Spike took their places behind them, giving off an aura of strength and unity that blew the LA crew away, having not seen them all together like that.

“For starters, I want Daphne and Maria out of town,” Liz narrowed her eyes when Maria opened her mouth to protest. “No choices here Ria, I will not risk you. So if you would be so kind as to go to Sunnydale first thing in the morning, and take Amy too.”

“Mom? You want me to go on a road trip with her?” Maria looked confused.

“She might have some herbal medicine for Mumsy to use,” Dawn explained.

“What about Kyle? Are you letting him stay?” Daphne chewed her lip, scared.

“I don’t really want him to stay, but he’s a guy and he’ll probably pull some macho crap if I try to get him out of town. Hey, why don’t you and your Dad go to that fishing lodge you go to every summer? I know it’s a bit earlier than normal, but,” Liz shrugged.

“Why the cover stories? Can’t we just hide?” Maria shrugged.

“Khivar is probably watching Michael and he’ll be keeping a lookout for fleeing humans that he can add to his hostage collection,” Dawn explained. “What about Daphne?"

“Oh good point, we need a cover story for you,” Liz hesitated. “Anyone got any ideas?”

“Can’t my girlfriend go fishing with me and Dad?” Kyle pointed out, wanting to keep Daphne as close to him as possible.

“Duh, of course,” Liz shook her head, laughing.

“So now that we have figured out cover stories for the fleeing humans, I’m taking Shay upstairs and putting her to bed,” Alex scooped Liz up in his arms and nodded at the group, walking towards the stairs.

“That’s not a bad idea,” Dawn wiggled her eyebrows up at Spike.

“Except Alex is actually putting Liz to bed, not what you’re planning on doing,” Buffy raised her eyebrows and Dawn blushed, Spike looking away.

“They’re going to go at it anyway, embarrassing them isn’t going to work,” Angel smirked at his childe and daughter.

“He’s right, might as well let them. Good way to de-stress before a battle, relaxes you and clears your head,” Zan spoke up, reaching for Ava’s hand.

“You’re only saying that cause you’re hard up,” Michael snorted.

“Hey, my girl ain’t leavin’ in the morning, don’t you got things to do?” Zan shot back and within seconds Michael and Maria had vanished.

“So are we taking off too?” Daphne eyed Kyle, not sure if she wanted to go or not.

“No, you stay here,” Dawn jumped in the conversation. “Two humans with no defensive abilities alone? Sorry, you’re crashing here. Oh, Ava doll, before you shag Zan, could you pop in on Kyle’s Dad, making sure he’s okay?”

“His couch is where we were planning on being bad, so yeah,” Ava grinned. “See you bright and early.”

“Bye!” Dawn waved and led Spike upstairs. “Why don’t the rest of you have something to eat and come up in say an hour? Thanks.”

“Great, my little sister is upstairs having sex with Spike,” Buffy grimaced at the mental image she was getting.

“Not just sex, but kinky sex,” Riley gagged.

“We can hear you!” Liz and Dawn’s voices yelled from upstairs, silencing them.

“So, food?” Buffy forced a smile, causing them all to laugh and head for the kitchen.


The luvin' should be in the next part. I promise I won't make you wait a month for it though. *big*
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Part 33

Here's some loving, and as I warned you, it's not exactly conventional loving. PG though, and not icky (I don't think it is, depends on the person)


“We should be talking strategy,” Liz protested as Alex carried her up the stairs.

“There is plenty of time for that tomorrow. We don’t have to meet Khivar until the day after tomorrow, and you need to rest. Maybe you can fool everyone else, but don’t even try to pull something on me Shay. You’re exhausted, hungry, and stressed to the max,” Alex raised his eyebrows and Liz sighed, looking down and playing with the buttons on his shirt.

“I’m sorry, I guess I’ve just gotten so good at hiding how I feel that it just comes out naturally before I know. I’m not doing it on purpose,” Liz blinked back tears.

“I know you aren’t honey,” Alex sat down on the couch and pulled Liz into his lap, running his fingers through her hair lightly, her head resting on his chest.

“Keep that up and we’ll be dealing with my stress first,” Liz smiled, her hands sliding inside his now unbuttoned shirt, exploring lightly.

“Don’t you think that maybe your hunger is a higher priority? Or not,” Alex groaned when Liz’s hand slid lower still, cupping him firmly through his jeans.

“Too many clothes,” Liz gasped, tugging on his belt.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Alex frowned, grabbing her hands and stilling them, reading the intent in her actions.

“I think I have to,” Liz turned her face up, her eyes confused and desperate.

“She’s right,” Dawn and Spike walked in, Dawn flushed and breathing heavily.

“Wait, you two have to have sex?” Alex blinked, stunned.

“Don’t priestesses have to be virgins? That’s the way it used to be done,” Spike glanced between the two girls, his pants growing tighter as he realized what was going to happen.

“We do, and we have to do it together,” Liz grimaced, Dawn looking just as unpleased with the idea as she was.

“Wait, when you say together, are you saying,” Alex sputtered.

“Gross, thankfully no,” Dawn shuddered. “Not together so much as in unison.”

“Well that’s better, I think,” Alex scratched his head.

“Not by a lot, but if Dawn and I work together we can make it easier.” Liz held out her hand to Dawn and the sisters locked their fingers, keeping contact with their mates with their other hands. A soft purple glow began emanating from the sisters’ joined hands and the room crackled with the building energy.

“Uh, wow,” Alex swallowed when Liz’s hand trailed down his arm, what felt like a ribbon of fiery heat following the path her hand was taking. Completely forgetting that Dawn and Spike were right next to them, he cupped Liz’s face in his hands, kissing her passionately. As caresses became more urgent the glow around them became brighter and grew into a glistening shield that bubbled around each of the two couples, a film separating them.



“Do you feel that?” Kyle sat up sharply, looking around.

“Feel what?” Buffy frowned, going on alert.

“I don’t feel anything,” Daphne shook her head, Riley agreeing.

“Well I can!” Kyle snapped. His whole body was tingling, like he was touching a live wire and he didn’t like it one little bit. Alien stuff was one thing when you knew what it was and what was causing it, but when it came out of the blue, well he was pissed.

“It’s coming from upstairs,” Angel glanced at the ceiling, getting vibes from Dawn and Liz plus a few ripples from Spike.

“Okay, you can sense when they’re having sex? That’s creepy,” Ritchie grimaced.

“No, it’s not that, it can’t be,” Kyle shook his head. “Otherwise, wouldn’t I know when Michael and Maria did it?”

“Plus it doesn’t explain why Angel can feel them. What are you thinking?” Buffy asked, her hand instinctively going to Mr. Pointy, nervous.

“Well they are having sex, all of them, but it’s more than that. You know how ancient priests would do ceremonies and stuff before a big battle, to kind of bless it? That’s what they’re doing up there, charging up for the fight. No clue why you can feel it though,” Angel turned to Kyle, completely confused.

“Max healed me of a gunshot wound to the chest, so I probably have some scraps of alien stuff inside me,” Kyle explained. “I don’t like it though, just for the record.”

“We’ll keep that in mind and here come Michael and Maria,” Riley spotted the couple hurrying to the front door of the café.

“What the hell is going on?” Michael burst out the second he was inside.

“Liz and Dawn are having sex with Alex and Spike. What, that is what’s happening, right?” Daphne asked when everyone stared at how casually she was saying it.

“Eww, you mean I was getting hot from Lizzie and Alex? Gross!” Maria grimaced, shuddering and moving away from Michael.

“Where are Zan and Ava? They should have felt it too, right?” Kyle asked, looking out the window to see if they were coming. On cue, they walked in from the kitchen.

“We here yo. Can you link with sis?” Zan got straight to the point, knowing a bit of what was going on and how to use it to their advantage.

“Link to Isabel? What do you mean?” Michael frowned.

“Mental bridge, mind fusion, haven’t you guys ever done that?” Ava stared at Michael like he was nuts.

“No, we can do that?”

“Here,” Zan muttered, reaching for Ava’s hand and closing his eyes. Kyle and Michael blinked when the energy in the room slowly increased. As one, Ava and Zan reached out and put a hand on either side of Michael’s head, a white glow spreading around Michael’s head. After a minute, they let go and stepped back, opening their eyes in anticipation.

“Holy shit! That was intense and I was only getting the second-hand drags,” Kyle whistled, his whole body tingling.

“Michael, are you okay?” Maria worried when Michael just stared straight ahead and didn’t say anything.

“He’s talking to Isabel, he’ll be okay. Michael, quick, we’ve got like 30 seconds!” Ava bit her lip; worried they wouldn’t be ready in time.

“Okay, she’s prepared. Let’s do this,” Michael held out his hands and the three of them formed a circle, Michael’s mental bridge with Isabel completing the four-square just as the whole building shook and a purple shockwave shot through the room from upstairs, knocking the three joined aliens to the floor.

“Michael!” Maria cried, dropping to her knees next to his head.

“Don’t touch him! And I don’t know why I know that,” Kyle frowned, confused.

“Your alien stuff must know,” Buffy suggested, shrugging.

“Guess so. I’m not getting the creepy feelings from upstairs anymore, just a whole lot of power, like we’re in a power plant hooked up to one of those things,” Kyle waved his hand limply, trying to describe the feelings coursing through him.

“Like you’re touching a live wire? Only more intense? I’ve had sex with Michael, I think I’m getting a bit of the vibe now,” Maria explained when everyone looked at her.

“So in order to join the alien club, you have to sleep with one of them or nearly die and have them bring you back? Wow, that’s intense hazing,” Ritchie shook his head.

“Oh, and joining the immortal club is so mellow, right? At least the alien clubbers don’t go around chopping people’s heads off,” Riley snorted, rolling his eyes.

“They’re coming downstairs,” Angel spoke up, looking at the ceiling. Sure enough, footsteps could be heard on the stairs and the foursome walked into the café, their gazes locking on the fallen aliens instantly.

“Well that answers your question, they made it,” Alex shrugged.

“Not the first time I’ve knocked someone out doing that, but usually it’s the bird that I’m in the bed with, not someone watching,” Spike leered.

“That’s just gross William! It was bad enough I just had sex next to you and Dawn, please don’t remind me that four other people were linked into it,” Liz grimaced.

“Actually, you can add three to that list,” Kyle lifted his hand and pointed to Angel and Maria, apologetic.

“Daddy? I need a shower,” Dawn gagged, hiding her face in Spike’s shoulder.

“Wait, if Liam felt it, then Mumsy must be having a shit right now. Calling her might be a good idea before she tries to race over here,” Liz suggested and Angel went for the phone.

“So, now what do we do?” Buffy asked, looking at the fallen three.

“We wait for them to wake up. And Maria, now would be a good time for you to start heading to California,” Liz pointed out.

“I’m not leaving Michael when he’s like this,” Maria shook her head stubbornly.

“If you don’t, and we die, then Michael will be screwed cause we won’t be here to save his ass, am I making any sense?” Dawn frowned, trying to understand what she was saying.

“Some. Look, why don’t I go with you Maria? And Daphne too,” Buffy offered.

“No, she’s staying with me, we’re going fishing, remember?” Kyle objected.

“That’s off the table now. You are linked in this mess somehow Kyle, which means you aren’t going anywhere,” Liz shook her head.

“So you three head to California, and Riley, you can go too if you want,” Dawn added, worried if he stayed he’d just distract Liz with his hovering and concern.

“No, I’ll behave, I promise. But I’m not leaving the general area either. If there’s even a chance that I can help I want to be within reach,” Riley stared at Liz and she nodded briefly, a silent apology passing between them.

“Well, we’ll see you guys soon then. Good luck, and try to stay in one piece,” Buffy smiled weakly and hugged Riley tightly. Moving on to Liz and Dawn she whispered a promise to look out for Cordelia and them no matter what it took then lead Maria and Daphne out of the café.

“Any food left while we’re waiting? Sorry, but that kind of sapped our energy,” Dawn apologized at Riley’s look.

“Food does sound really good,” Alex agreed and the four of them disappeared into the kitchen, loud banging and a few choice expletives emerging as they hunted for food.


The big show-down is in a few parts, then we can concentrate on making all our couples happy.*big*

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Part 34
Oi, has it really been that long? I'm so sorry!!

Oh, there's a thing in here that I got from another fic, sort of. I don't remember what it was called, but it was a really good one. If anyone can pick it out and knows the fic name and author, tell me so I can credit them?


“Ugh,” Michael groaned and sat up, holding his head, Zan and Ava doing the same.

“You guys okay?” Liz asked around a mouthful of scrambled eggs.

“That was a rush! I never knew someone else having sex would do that,” Ava laughed.

“What can we say, we are damn good,” Dawn winked.

“Now that they’re awake, what do we do exactly?” Kyle asked. “And I’m humming, what does that mean?”

“You’re semi-linked to the four-square, that hum is them. Eventually you’ll learn how to turn the volume up and down. It’s kind of like a locator,” Liz explained. “You tell us where they are and if they’re awake.”

“So what you’re telling me is that Isabel is awake and about fifteen miles south of here in an underground chamber not far from the cave in the reservation? Shit, how do I know what?” Kyle swore, stunned.

“You’re our little alien GPS,” Dawn grinned at him.

“Great. Just what I always wanted to be,” Kyle groaned, banging his head on the counter in frustration.

“Don’t do that too hard, can’t have you damaging the equipment,” Alex cautioned, getting a one-finger salute in response.

“When are we supposed to meet the big ugly and off him?” Spike asked.

“And what are you going to do once he’s taken care of Rina? They’re going to want you to come back,” Ava bit her lip, looking between Dawn and Liz who just stared at the floor.

“What is she talking about Peanut? Come back where? Oh shit!” Riley stared at Liz, seeing the truth written on her face. “You have to go back to the planet?”

“We don’t know for sure yet if we do. We’re hoping we can come up with a plan that would keep us here since, well,” Dawn glanced at Spike, tears in her eyes.

“Can we talk about something else, please?” Liz begged, matching pain on her face at the thought of having to leave Alex behind when she’d just found him again.

“That’s a good idea. Are we going to wait until tomorrow to meet up with Khivar or are we going to ambush him?” Michael asked, itching for a fight.

“We hit him as soon as we can. Surprise is better, and he must have felt us, unless he’s a complete moron or dead, so the less time he has to plan a counter-attack the better. Fuel up any way you can and get ready to move out. You three go to the reservation, Dawn and I will go to the pod cave and activate the Granolith and hopefully it will all be done, at least for a bit,” Liz admitted reluctantly, knowing that there was still a lot more to deal with.

“Let’s eat then,” Ava instructed, feeling the suppressed fear and pain that Liz and Dawn were trying to hide and feeling bad for them. On cue, everyone began rummaging around to make a meal, a somber sense that it might be the last one hanging over the group.


“Riley, I love you and I know you want to help, but there’s not a whole lot you can do. And if we fail, Angel is going to need help keeping Cordelia alive. I left instructions on what to do if that happens; they’re with Buffy and Maria. Make sure she knows we love her and we’ll be back,” Liz choked back tears and hugged Riley tightly before turning and running out of the café, Dawn at her heels.

“We’ll keep them safe any way we can,” Alex and Spike swore to Angel and Riley.

“You do that,” Angel nodded, fighting his every instinct to go and protect his offspring.

“You better go,” Riley ordered gruffly and Alex and Spike left. Michael, Zan and Ava had already left for the reservation fifteen minutes ago and Riley and Angel were left with Ritchie at the café with nothing to do but sit and worry.


Little short, sorry, but hit another roadblock. I swear, the characters have a mind of their own. Had to bring up the stupid thing about going back to the planet and now I'm trying to come up with a solution which is distracting me from writing the battle scene.

Any suggestions, send them my way, if you want I can even add you in, as a guest star.*big* I know how to bribe people.

More soon (I hope)

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Uh, question.

Anyone know how my fic ended up in the dreamer section?

I'm pretty sure since I killed Max I don't fit into the category.