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authour:Angel eyes (Angelica)
Disclaimer:I don't own Roswell JK does along with Fox,WB& upn
Authors note:This is a dreamer fic but it starts out bumpy so dont get mad.and this means liz is thinking or a flashPlease leave feedback!

Disclaimer for song:I dont own Walk Away Christina Aguilera does along with RCA & BMG

Part 1

Liz was laying on her bed listening to Christina Aguilera new ablum, She was trying to make the pain go away.The pain that Max Evans made was so bad. He used her.


You mean nothing to me I just wanted to see if you were good in bed

How can you tell me that, you told me you love me

Lizzie, Max put his hand on her cheeck

Dont touch me

I should of known

End of Flash

Liz start to cry all over again she loved him and he used her and what she still couldnt get was she still loves him.

I was navie, your love was like candy
Artificially sweet, I was deceived by the wrapping,
Got caught in web and I learned how to bleed
I was prey in your bed and devoured completely

this song was how liz was feeling and she knew it

And it hurts my soul cause I cant let go all these walls are cavin , I can stop my sufferin
I hate to show that I lost control cause I
Keep goin right back to one thing that I need
To walk away from

I need to get away from ya need to walk away from ya
Get away,walk away,walk away...

I should of known that I was used for amusement
Couldn't see through the smoke, it was all an illusion
Now Ive been lickin my wounds,but the vemon seeps deeper
We both can seduce but darlin you hold me prisoner

Oh Im about to break,I cant stop this ache
Im addicted to your allure,and Im fiendin for a cure
Every step I take leads to one mistake
I keep goin right back to the one thing that I need
Im about to break and I cant stop this ache,getting nothing in return,What did I do to deserve the pain
of a slow burn And everywhere I turn I keep goin right back to the one thing that I need to walk away from

I need to get away from ya,need to walk away from ya
Get away,walk away,walk away...

Every time I try to grasp for air,I am smothered in despair its never over,over seems I'll never wake from this nightmare,I let out a silent pray Let it be over,over

Inside I'm screaming,beggging pleading no more

Now what to do my heart has been bruised,so sad but its true each beat reminds me of you

It hurts my soul cause I cant let go, all these walls are cavin in, I cant stop my sufferin
I hate to show that I lost control
Cause I keep goin right back to the one thing that I need,Oh Im about to break, and I cant stop this ache
I'm addicted to your allure and Im fiending for a cure
every step I take leads to one mistake
I keep going rigth back to the one thing I need,Oh
I can't mend this torn state I'm in
Getting nothing in return what did I do to deserve
the pain of this slow burn
And everywhere I turn I keep going right back
To the one thing that I need to walk away from

Christina Aguilera Walk Away

Max didnt even let me tell him why I needed to see him for. He didnt let me tell him I'm pregant.

It's okay sweety mommy going to take good care of you and give you all the love you need....

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Part 2

Maria I dont know what to tell him

Just tell him hes an ass and oh by the way I'm having your child that might work.

Maria he told me I was nothing to him, I can't just go up to him and say that.

Your going to have to sooner or later, you are going to start to show.

Damn why cant Maria be wrong just this once
Yes mother

very funny Liz real cute, I know your in pain from the break up

I just dont understand where it went wrong we were happy and the next ...

Chica you have to move on with your life for you and your baby.

Evans house

Max I dont understand you broke up with her and you look like she the one who broke up with you?

Is its just that I love her I really do but I cant be with her

and why not

because I'm with Tess

Oh please shes in New York probably sleepin with as many guys as she can.You found your soulmate, your other half and your going to blow it off for a bleach haired bimbo

Its my problem I and I took care of it

whatever you say dear brother whatever you say

Isabel walks out of Maxs room
Carshdown apart. Lizs room

I got it what if I move to LA and start a new life, a life with out Max Evans

Runing away from your problems wont help you

Shut up Maria

Hey Im just the voice of reason here

I'm leaving

What about your parents and Max

I'll tell my parents I'm just going to live in LA for a while and I'll be back soon.

Okay sure their just going let their only daughter leave, what about Max?

What about him, he doesnt care so why bother.

Fine I'm going with you no ifs or buts about it, someone as to be the voice of reason here.

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Part 3

Okay I got the tickets, bags are pack all I need to do how is...

Break your parents hearts


What, that what your doing just because some guy who will remain name less broke your heart, so now your going to break theirs

Maria, I dont want to, but if I want to get on with my life then I going to have. Wish me luck?

Good luck chica

Liz walks into the living room where her parents are sitting watching tv.

Liz sweety what wrong?

Mom dad we need to talk

Meanwhile at the Evans

Max you have to come out it isnt good for you to be in your room for so long.

Mom I want to be left alone right now.

But Tess called honey and...

Maxs bedroom door flys open

WHAT and you didnt call me!

You wanted to be left alone and...

Im sorry mom its just that

If you warnt dating Tess I would have thought you just broke up with the love of your life.

If only you knew, I did

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Liz I dont know how you did it! I cant believe you got your parents to let you go to L.A.

I know I cant believe it.

Now that we got the rents taking care of, where are we going to stay at?

I called a friend of mine, he said we can stay at his place.

and who is this friend anyway??

Do you remember Alex, Alex Whitman?

Yeah 1st grade right

right, he move to L.A. and we kept in touch.So I called him and he said it was okay.

ohh I cant wait to see him!!*happy* its been so long.

Well Ria we better start packing cause we're leaving Roswell New Mexico and going to Los Angeles Califorina baby!*big*

Evans house

Diana and philip Evans just came back from the parkers cafe. and they couldn't believe what Jeff & Nancy told them.

Phil I cant believe there letting Liz go to LA

But why would she, just last week she was so happy?

Well she had a good reason for it

I dont know about that Diana, MAXxx

(hearing foot steps ran down the stairs)

yeah dad whats up?

do you know why the Parker daugther leaving?

WHAT! I mean shes leaving why?

Thats what I like to know, if I remember correctly Max you too were dating

honey they werent dating, Maxs has a girlfriend already Tess Hading rememeber.

yeah dad I have a girlfriend and it wasnt Liz Parker we just became friends.

oh okay then.If you say so but I could of .....

dad I have to go I have to talk to Isabel

Isabel room


Max havent you ever heared of knocking first?

sorry, did you know Liz was leaving?

No why

becuse shes leaving I'm the cause of it

Max would you want to be here if the person you loved told you that he or she said they didnt love you?

I wouldnt

well theirs your answer, what I still dont get is why did you start dating her if you didnt want to be with her?

Is not now I need to find a way to make Liz stay, she cant leave she just cant!

Oh did mom and dad tell you tess is coming she'll be here torromow.


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Crash down

okay Maria everything is packed and really to go

Not quite

what do you mean?, we packed last night

well I unpack and pack up again I wanted to make sure I had the right cloths after all we are going to L.A.


I'm so sorry Liz, just let me go finish packing

ok, but hurry

I'll be finish before you know it.

AT that moment Max was looking for Liz...


Liz turns around when she hears her name.Whats she sees make everything go in slow mo, and she put her hand over her tummy over her baby.

What do you want Max! Did you just want to see if Im still good in bed or did you forget to tell me something?

No its not that, I heared your leaving Roswell I hope it wasnt because of me?

Oh no, Max it was some other guy who used me to get what he wants.


I dont want to talk to you

liz... runing from me wont me it easier

oh yes it will

Please hear me out

why should I? give me one good reason

because... Max looks Liz in the eyes, because.... I I love you

You what

I love you

no you dont

yes I do, when my parents told me you were leaving I new right then that I love you and I didnt mean the things I said. I'm sorry

Why did he have to tell me he loves me,now and he had to say hes sorry too. I'm a goner

Fine I'll stay just for 1 more week but you have to prove to me that what you said was true.

thank you Liz I'll prove to you, your my everything!

Liz walks away with a smile on her face, maybe just maybe I can tell Max hes going to be a daddy, please Max prove you really do love me. For ours sake and for the babys...