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This is based on the book Tully by Paullina Simons (my favourite book). Just a short part to start with.
I often struggle to finish fic's because I get bored or run out of ideas but I will aim to finish this time.
Please leave any feedback (good or bad).

Part One

Liz Parker sat in Tess’s kitchen.
It was so warm as they sat there making dip.
Tess’s house was beautiful and warm, not like Liz’s.
She sighed quietly as she dipped her finger and tasted the dip.
“Liz,” Tess Harding shrieked “If you eat any more there’ll be none for tonight.”
“Oh there’s heaps here,” Liz replied dipping her finger again.
Tess reached across the bench and grabbed it away from her.
“Hey,” Liz sulked.
“Oh Liz pull your lip up,” Isabel Troy smirked.
Liz stuck her tongue out at Isabel, who was sitting at the end of the bench.
“Liz go home, I don’t want you at my party looking like that,” Tess said pointing at Liz’s face.
Liz ignored her.
“Please Liz, if you don’t go now you won’t get back in time,” Tess said looking at Isabel.
“She’s right Liz, go now,” Isabel agreed.
Liz sat quietly.
“I’m going to have nothing for the guests,” Tess sighed.
“Tess, they’re all going to be too busy dancing with you to eat,” Liz replied, reluctantly getting up from the bench.
“Parker, it’s 5 O’clock now get going,” Tess exclaimed.
“All right,” She grumbled, but did the opposite and sat back down at the bench.
“Liz,” Tess sighed “Isabel why won’t she leave?”
“I think she loves us too much,” Isabel answered.
“Harding, you still haven’t told us how many people will be here tonight,” Liz said.
“Oh um about thirty,” Tess replied.
“Thirty,” Isabel repeated “Half football players.”
Liz eyed Tess “How is cheerleading?”
“Fine, okay thanks for asking,” Tess replied not looking at Liz.
Liz exchanged a glance with Isabel.
“Good, so do you ever get to talk to any of the football players?”
“No, not often,” Tess replied fussing at the bench “Sometimes they shout at us.”
“Sop you don’t talk to any in particular.”
“No, not really,” Tess ripped a paper towel off the roll.
“Tess isn’t there a football players locker right next to your’s?” Isabel asked slowly.
“I don’t know, I guess,” Tess replied.
“Yeah, the kind of tall, kind of dark haired guy,” Liz said looking at Tess.
“Yeah with the number 69 jersey,” Isabel said.
“But not really bright huh?” Liz smirked.
Tess swept past Liz and picked up her bag handing it to her.
“Oh thanks Tess,” Liz said sarcastically.
“Please leave, cos I don’t want to be late,” Tess said.
“Ok,” Liz said reluctantly “I’ll seeya soon then.”
“Yeah and he’s actually number 15,” Tess stuck her tongue out at Liz and shut the door behind her.
“Right,” Liz smiled and walked off down the road.


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Part Two

After Liz left, Isabel stayed a while and then went home to get ready aswell.
Tess ran upstairs to her room, trying to think if everything was ready.
Tess glimpsed herself in the mirror as she passed her bed.
She was kind of short, with curly blond hair and a decent sized bust.
She had always battled with her weight.
Her mom’s head appeared around her door.
“Everything ready honey?” Lynn Harding asked.
“Yeah pretty much mom,” Tess replied “Liz ate all the dip though.”
Lynn smiled “You must be pleased Liz was allowed to come tonight.”
Liz and Max. I’m ecstatic.
“Sure,” Tess said “It’s been a while.”
“How is she?” Lynn said with a slightly concerned look.
“She’s fine,” Tess replied.
“I’m glad,” Lynn said heading back out and down the stairs.
“So am I,” Tess whispered into the mirror.

Liz hurried along the sidewalk, she didn’t want to be late for Tess’s eighteenth.
She didn’t want to miss this, she had already missed so much.
Liz sighed slightly thinking back.
Dancing…dancing….no Tess….drinking….
Liz shook her head.
‘Don’t do that.’
She reached her house, and standing at the door she looked at it.
The house was untidy and the paint was peeling away.
Boy was she from the wrong side of the tracks.
She walked inside and went to her room.
A while later she found herself staring at her reflection.
She really looked at herself.
My skin is too pale, my hair too dull, blah.
Liz had not been to a party by herself for over a year.
‘But I am now’.
Liz paused looking at her reflection.
She’ll say I have too much make up. Too much mascara, too much eye shadow, just too much.
But I cannot go to Tess’s with no make up, cos then they’ll see me.
Plain Liz.
Plain, plain plain Liz.
But I guess I don’t look too bad now.
The red shirt is allright, looks nice. But the pants, far too tight - she’ll never let me wear these.
But a party! And Tess even said there might be some boys that Liz didn’t know.
Imagine that.
Liz had gotten to know boys when she started partying at about fourteen. She drank and danced with them and her fake ID. She looked nineteen and twenty. Most of the people she hung out with were out of school. They were all from Liz’s side of town.
She shook her head again and bit her lip.
The metallic taste filled her mouth.
I just have to get her to let me go, I have to go tonight.
I cannot let Tess down, cannot leave her alone again.


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Thank for your feedback and encouragement and stuff. I'm gonna post another part today - hopefully longer.
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Part Three

Liz’s door opened behind her.
“Liz, it’s six O’clock are you ready?”
“Yes. I’m just brushing my hair.”
Nancy Parker came into Liz’s room and stood in front of her.
“Are you wearing…?”
“Make up? Yes mom,” Liz interrupted gently.
“You have too much on.”
“I know,” Liz replied slowly.
“Yes you know but you never put any less on, why?” Nancy said.
“Because I’m ugly mom.”
“You’re not ugly.”
“Mom, I’m plain.”
“Liz do you know how you look with that much make up on?”
“No mom how do I look?” Liz was tired.
“You look cheap,” Nancy said.
“Do I?” Liz stared at her reflection ‘Cheap?’
“Yes you do and boys will think you are cheap, and they may give you trouble.”
“Yes I think you are right mom, I’ll take some off,” Liz began to rub at her face with a cotton bud.
“Are you joking me?” Nancy stared at Liz.
“No mom, I don’t want to upset you,” Liz said calmly.
Her mother turned to leave, but not quite walking away.
“Liz what are you wearing?”
“Just pants mom,” Liz said trying to show her nerves.
“How did you get them?”
“Um just some money I got from Tess’s mom for doing jobs.”
“And you brought these with her money?” Nancy’s voice was quiet and small.
“Mom they’re just leather.”
“Just leather? Do you see how you look in those things?” Her voice was raised slightly.
Liz looked in the mirror, she thought she looked Ok.
“You look…available,” Her mother snarled.
Liz backed away.
Nancy’s posture slumped slightly.
“God, what would your father say if her were here?”
I do not know, Liz thought desperately, sadly.
“I think he would realise they were just pants,” Liz said finding a glimmer of courage.
Nancy’s posture regained it’s original position.
“Just pants?” She screamed “They aren’t just pants.”
Nancy advanced on Liz, and Liz backed away up against the wall.
Nancy was furious, her face was turning slightly red.
Liz closed her eyes tight, knowing what was coming.
“Tully are you a slut?” Nancy asked directly.
Liz’s eyes opened wide.
“No mom,” Liz pleaded “No mom I’m not.”
“Because I have tried to raise you properly,” Nancy said slightly distracted.
“Yes, yes mom you have. I have good morals and values,” Liz replied.
Nancy stared at her for a long time, and Liz saw a question dawn in her eyes.
“Liz, are you a virgin?” Nancy asked quietly.
Liz looked down at her hands. Tiny beads of sweat had formed, and made her palms clammy.
“I mean all these years I kept you at home and forbade you to see boys…tell me was I too late?” Nancy persisted.
Liz looked back at her mother in disbelief.
“Mom what are you talking about, have you forgotten what…” But Liz broke off looked down and said. “No mom you weren’t too late.”
Nancy put her finger underneath Liz’s chin and lifted gently til Liz was level with her eyes.
Nancy stared at her, trying to search out something. But Liz’s face was cold and still.
She gave away nothing.
“Is that what you want tonight? Some boy?” Nancy asked calmly “Any boy in particular, or are you not particular?”
“Mom, please, I swear I’m not like that,” Liz pleaded “I just want to look attractive, but I’ll wear something else.”
Nancy was cracking her knuckles, Liz noticed.
These days Nancy did not lose her temper often. It was hard enough to get her to notice that Liz lived in the same house. But when it did happen, the knuckle cracking was the warning.
Liz was sweating more now.
She just wanted to get to Tess’s house, she’d be safe there.
But Nancy continued to crack her knuckles.
“Mommy, please,” Liz whispered “I am so sorry, I don’t want any boy, I just want to see my friends, be there for Tess, I’ll wear anything mom, please.”
The fist flew out and caught Liz’s jaw, snapping her head backwards. The other bloodied her nose.
Liz wiped her nose with her red shirt.
Nancy panted slightly, leaning over Liz.
“I want you to say it Liz,” Nancy stated.
Liz looked up at her confused “Say what.”
“Say it Liz,” Nancy screamed “Say ‘I am a slut’.”
Liz stared at her “No.”
“Say it,” Nancy hissed.
Liz was mute.
Nancy slapped her, hard.
“Say it.”
Liz remained mute.
Slap. Slap. Slap.
Liz felt faint.
Again, again, again.
“Allright, I am a slut,” Liz said inaudibly.
“I didn’t hear you.”
“SLUT!” Liz screamed “I am a slut! SLUT! SLUT! SLUT! SLUT!”
Nancy watched Liz carefully. Her gaze was hard at first, but then it softened and she seemed satisfied.
“Liz there’s no need to scream, but all right,” Nancy looked at Liz’s swollen face “Go and clean yourself up, and put on something decent.”
Nancy reached out to touch her daughter’s cheek, but Liz flinched and Nancy saw it. She drew away, almost shrinking and left the room.
Liz stood up and stumbled towards the bed.
She cried for a few minutes, a low choking cry. She shook, and tried to wipe her face but the blood wouldn’t come away.
‘It’s Ok, it’s Ok‘, she chanted slowly.
I must get ready, I am allowed to go.
Come on Liz get yourself together and go, now. Come on just one push and you can stand up.
Go on Liz, don’t give up - not for her. Don’t give up.
Come on just get up and go and see your best friend Tess on her eighteenth birthday.
Get up for Tess.
She stopped shaking eventually and her breathing calmed.
This is the last year. The last year.
Just hang on til next year.

Liz cam down the stairs wearing no make up, a loose black skirt and a baggy blue sweater.
All old. All worn out.
She walked quietly past her mother and her aunt, who lived with them.
Liz put on her only coat, brown and worn.
Aunt Alice looked up at her.
“Liz you look wonderful!”
“Thank you Aunt Alice,” She replied dutifully, she new better than to not answer.
“I’m going now, Ok mom?”
“What time will you be back?” asked Nancy.
Here it is, Liz thought. There is no correct response to this question.
Liz held her breath. God, it’s only a stupid party. Fuck you, mom. I don’t want your permission. I’ll just go upstairs and see Tess tomorrow. Parties are lame anyway. So fuck you, mother. I don’t want to go now.
But she did want to go. And she had to answer.
The question linger, as sweat ran down the sides of Liz’s body.
Amazingly Aunt Alice saved her.
“Will you get a ride?”
“Yes, Tess’s mom will drive me home.” A lie.
Liz looked at her watch. Seven oh-three. Come on.
“Ten-thirty,” Nancy said “Now go.”
Liz calmly descended the porch steps and walked steadily out the gate and past the house.
When she was out of view, she ran.

I hope this is long enough. I'll post the next part tomorrow sometime.

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Part Four

Liz was out of breath when she rang the door bell.
Jeez, Liz looked around, look at this place.
There were beer bottles and mess everywhere.
She couldn’t actually see any people outside though, but obviously they had been here.
Suddenly the door swung open and a guy stumbled out, nearly shoving Liz over.
“Woah,” The guy exclaimed “Sorry.”
He looked up into her face and smiled brightly.
“Lizzie!” He moved towards and grabbed her waist trying to spin her around ‘Be-bop-a-lula, she’s my baby…” He sang.
“That’s nice,” Liz said trying to get away.
“I’m not letting you go til you dance with me. We’ve all been waiting for you to come! But I get the first dance Ok?” He said urgently leaning into to her.
“Ok Ok, I will,” Liz replied pushing away from him.
“Save the last dance for me,” He sang stumbling down the steps.
Liz shook her head and ducked in the house and straight through to the kitchen.
“Hi Mrs H,” Liz said to Tess’s mom in the kitchen.
“Hi Liz,” Lynn replied “Who was that?”
Liz rolled her eyes “No idea, who cares. I think his names Mark or Mick or Max…I dunno.”
“He seemed to know you pretty well,” Lynn smirked.
“He seemed drunk pretty well. Is there alcohol at the party?” Liz raised her eyebrows.
“Not anymore,” Lynn replied “What music are they playing?”
Liz listened hard. The stone? Van Halen? Ah the Who.
“Pretty loud huh? I rang but no one heard me.”
“You lose your key?”
“Never had one,” Liz smiled.
“Well we should do something about that.”
Lynn looked Liz up and down “Let me take your coat.”
Lynn peered into Liz’s face as she took her coat.
Liz was suddenly conscious of her swollen and bruised face and backed away carefully.
“Everything Ok, you’re late.”
“Um yeh, I just got held up but I’m fine,” Liz replied.
I hope the powder hides everything Ok, Liz thought.
“Where’s Tess?” Liz asked.
“Upstairs,” Lynn replied “They’re destroying my house, simply destroying.”
Liz patted Lynn on the arm “Good thing an eighteenth only comes once then.”
She left the kitchen and headed upstairs.
The noise was less deafening upstairs. She saw five or so people having a conversation in the hallway and they nodded hello to Liz as she walked by.
Liz pushed her way into Tess’s bedroom.
“Hey Liz,” Tess said.
Liz grunted in reply.
Tess looked at Liz hard.
“Hey are you Ok?”
“I’m great,” Liz replied “Never better.”
Liz nodded hello to Isabel who was sitting with Kyle.
But Liz’s eyes were elsewhere.
There was a boy in the room she had never seen before.
A dark haired boy, very well groomed.
Unfortunately there was a bimbo sitting on his lap. A Pam Troy bimbo.
‘God, that girl just won’t die’ Liz thought laughingly.
Liz would have to ask Tess about the boy later.
Liz moved away and stood near Tess’s door, watching the people in the room.
Isabel and Kyle were kissing.
Unfortunately so were the boy and the bimbo.
Liz sighed and went over and sat by Isabel.
“What’s the matter?” Isabel asked.
“Nothing. I want to dance.”
“Then let’s go.”
Liz rubbed her head. “Are there a lot of footballers?”
“So mnay!” Isabel exclaimed “You’re in luck.”
Liz ignored her. “Did Tess’s friend come?”
“Yeah I think so.”
“Where is he?”
“Um downstairs I think,” Isabel replied.
“They spend much time together?”
“Strange huh, don’t girls normally like guys in the image of their fathers?” Liz shot a look at Kyle.
Kyle sat up and Isabel laughed uncomfortably.
“What kind do you go for Liz?” Kyle asked “Do you go for guys who represent the image of your father?”
Isabel was silent.
Liz missed a beat, only one. “I don’t like to limit myself, Kyle. But you should know what I don’t like, right?”
Isabel glared at Liz.
Kyle looked the other way “Oh I’m sure you like all guys.”
“Kyle!” Isabel elbowed him hard.
Liz got up and walked out of the room.
“What did I say?” Kyle asked innocently.
“I’m sorry I told you anything about my friends, you shit” Isabel hissed.

Sorry if this is boring and short. But I'm gonna post some more very soon (still working on it).
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Part Five

Liz, meanwhile was in the bathroom. This was her favourite room of Tess’s house. It was beautiful. Spacious and gleaming, it was all white. White tiles, curtains, fixtures. She came to this room and immediately felt calm. She breathed in deeply and felt better. Looking in the mirror she stared at her face.
‘Definitely swollen and a little blue,’ She thought ‘But the make up is Ok.’
She rummaged in her bag and pulled out a white top and black skirt. There wasn’t much to either of them. The skirt was tight, short and had a split up her leg. The top was tight and cut off just above her naval. She shrugged out of her baggy clothes and slipped into the tight ones.
She immediately felt better.
Quickly she put on some red lipstick, black eyeliner and a little more powder.
Straightening up she stared at herself.
‘Still plain old Liz,’ She almost smiled.
Turning on her heels, she had changed her shoes too, she left the bathroom.

Sauntering out she saw the ten long queue of people. ‘Woops,’ She laughed.
There were guys in the queue and they were staring at her.
That’s how you know if you look good. By looking at the reactions of guys and girls.
The guys were looking her up and down and smiling drunkingly at her, the girls were shooting her death stares while trying to pull their boyfriends away.
Liz smiled to herself ‘Well I must look good then.’
She went in search of Tess, when Isabel stormed out of Tess’s room followed by Kyle.
Isabel stopped short seeing Liz.
“Well I shouldn’t be surprised really,” Isabel smiled.
“Surprised at what?” Liz asked ignoring Kyle’s reaction to her.
Kyle was staring at her like she wasn’t the same person he had just insulted.
She gave him an obnoxious smile “Mary Poppins bag to the rescue once again.”
“Could you remind me to get my stuff from the laundry basket before I go.” She said to Isabel.
Liz looked back at Kyle and noticed he wasn’t staring at her face, but her chest.
Liz laughed and wandered off and finding Tess eating strudel in the kitchen.
“What a loser,” She muttered.
“Hey ease up,” Tess snapped “It’s my birthday and I want to eat it.”
Liz looked at Tess as if she were from outer space “Not you, Kyle.”
“Oh,” Tess looked relieved “Him. I thought you were gonna bug me about my weight.”
Liz pulled out a cigarette “He’s just an idiot.”
Lighting it up she took a deep drag as Tess left the room with a beer.
“You shouldn’t smoke,” Lynn’s voice came from behind her “You’re mother would kill you.”
‘How right you are,’ Liz thought moving into the living room.
Liz stood against the wall and watched as Tess offered a beer to a dark haired boy. In the way Tess handed it to him and looked up at him and minutes later danced to ‘Wild Horses’ with him, Liz guessed that this was the guy. Liz scrunched her nose, yeah she had seen him somewhere before. But it was dark and she couldn’t be sure.
Look at her, Liz thought amused. Tess was stumbling over her own feet, looking at them instead of at him. She looked awkward, especially when compared with the boy’s tall, fluid grace.
Liz wanted to dance, too.
She stood quietly thinking back to when she learnt to dance.
She had a God-given talent for it, and loved it so much.
She had learnt at twelve dancing late at night in front of her mirror. Liz spent endless hours when she was banned from leaving the house or the television - dancing in her room. When she began to develop and grow she had sorted out her own private, emotive, erotic act. She started to dance at the spin-the bottle parties, at first with others and then tentatively by herself in the corner of the room, and then in the middle of the room. She danced fast and danced slow, the boys clapped, the girls joined in or just watched. It became quickly known around school that Elizabeth Parker was a fine dancer.

But it was at fourteen when she volunteered to dance at a talent show at school, the whole faculty was made aware of Liz’s ‘special gift’. The principal called Nancy, and related the story of Liz’s dancing and stated his damaging opinion of Liz.
The mirror was then taken away and Liz was never locked in her room again.
But it was too late.
Liz liked the feeling of the reaction of her peers. And so over the next three years Liz proceeded to share her gift with the clubs and bars their patrons, of Topeka. Liz was sure the punishment that Nancy had meted out, when she found condoms in Liz’s room, would have been worse had she known about the hundreds of dance competitions she had won, the money she had made, and the boys and men she had danced with, and more.

Tonight, she had barely finished her cigarette before three guys came up and asked her dance. And she smiled at them all and danced with them.
She was so breathless after that she even danced with Isabel, cheek to cheek as they banged into other people dancing.
And then she managed to grab Tess.
But there so many guys around now that she only managed a quick dance with the birthday girl, to part of Neil Young’s ‘Hey, Hey, My, My’.

Afterwards Isabel got Liz alone.
“I’m sorry about Kyle,” Isabel said.
Liz waved her off. “But Is, how could you have told him anything about me?”
Isabel looked embarrassed “Liz, I’m sorry. He’s my boyfriend. I thought I could trust him.”
“Oh,” Liz replied quietly “Don’t you get it? It’s not your to trust him with.”
Isabel lowered her head “I’m sorry, okay?”
“Okay,” Liz replied and went back to dance.

After an hour of frenzied dancing, a sweaty and exhausted Liz sat down on the sofa in the living room, soaking everything up.
I spy with my little eye something beginning with….ah, but I don’t know his name. She spied the dark haired guy, dancing with his girl, although dancing was a strong word for what she was doing. Liz didn’t pay attention to his dancing, she was always more forgiving when it came to the opposite sex.
Tess was talking to her dark haired footballer in the corner. As Liz studied him, she did have to admit that with the lights off, the strobe lights blinking, music blaring, cigarette smoke fogging up the room, he did not look bad. In fact he looked kind of….okay. He was tall and broad shouldered. It impressed Liz that he appeared to hold his head high, impossibly high, even when he was bending down to hear Tess.
She noticed that the brown haired boy and his girl had snuggled down on the couch next to Liz.
She watched them out of the corner of her eye.
Eventually he got up, to get a drink apparently. Pam sat there, not moving and not turning her head to look at Liz. She just sat there with her skinny legs uncrossed and close together.
The boy came back with the drinks and sat down, not between Liz and Pam, but at the end of the couch. ‘Well that’s all right,’ Liz thought ‘Now I can see his face.’
After a few moments, he looked away from his date and stared calmly at Liz, then smiled politely and once again looked at his date.
‘He is even better looking than I first thought,’ Liz thought, ‘but older than most guys I know.’
He was wearing dark levis and a black shirt. Liz noticed his jeans were ironed!
When he smiled or laughed, his whole face lit up.
Liz also noticed that Pam kept turning and looking at Liz, shooting her death glares.
But Liz supposed that if she had a hunk like that, she would throw death glares, too. Liz was eager to ask Tess about him, but Tess had not stopped talking to her friend, who now seemed quite drunk and was now leaning over her with an arm latched around Tess’s neck.
Liz looked at Tess, and her face which was normally empty and devoid of any emotion, was a happy face. Liz saw it and felt a stab of jealousy.
She looked at his face and felt something else - anxiety, small and sharp.
For there was no happiness in the dark haired boy’s face, only beer.

(Sorry if this was a strange place to stop this part, but if I don’t now I won’t be able to post a part for ages. Next part we will find out who Tess’s friend is and who the boy is that Liz likes. I hope this was Ok. Oh and if your wondering if Maria etc. are in this they will be but probably a lot later).

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