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TITLE: Unknown
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing dealing with UPN?s show Roswell. And that includes me not owning Jason Behr? :( Oh darn!
RATING: PG or PG-13? sorry for all you horny peeps? hehehe?
CATEGORY: Alternate Universe. Max and Liz. Maybe some others?
SUMMARY: Liz Parker is a famous movie star looking for some new avenues in her career. And that avenue being, her trying television.
AUTHOR?S NOTE: Warning? this is my first fic? of any kind. I kinda think I suck at the whole writing thing. But after reading all these wonderful stories on this board, I really wanted to give it a try. But to tell you the truth, I?m probably not gonna even finish with this story. I don?t really have ideas past Chapter 1. Hehehe?

Hey. Since the board's working over here, I'm gonna repost the prologue. But then again, it's not like I can do anything with the other board. It's not working on me! hehehe... Anyway... on with the show...


It was early March 2005, and Liz Parker was wrapped comfortably in her grandmother?s quilt, watching as the gray-blue sky darken with each passing minute. The glowing sun sunk lower and lower into the horizon and gave off sparkling colors reflected in the ocean waves.

And Liz Parker was just as dazzling as the sunset itself. Even clothed in sweats and a slightly faded long-sleeved t-shirt and her hair pulled up in a loose ponytail with a few strands of hair falling around her face here and there. But if she were to walk along the red carpet on Oscar night dressed in this attire, she?d be anything further from dazzling, as the press would say.

That?s why she loved being able to just sit on the balcony of her by-the-sea-shore home. She didn?t need to make herself up. She didn?t have the hungry masses of reporters screaming and shouting at her to pose and smile for the cameras. It were times like these were Elizabeth Parker could relax and be herself. Where she could just be Liz.

As the sky dramatically darkened, revealing the twinkling stars and the silvery moon above, Liz rose off her chair and began lighting the many strategically placed candles around her balcony. Before lounging back in her seat, she reached out to retrieve the script for a new show she?d be auditioning for.

The title: Roswell. A sci-fi drama.

Well, it was definitely something she hadn?t done before. Sci-fi really isn?t her thing, but it?d be interesting to see if she could pull it off. And that?s exactly the reason she had picked this show. Hopefully it?ll be a new experience and one where she can enjoy. But that?s also if she actually gets the part. The leading female, Cameron Reeves was who Liz was shooting for. She?d already read a brief description of Cameron?s character and Liz really liked her already. Reading over the script, she imagined herself as Cameron. Shy, yet confident in attitude. And strong in mind and heart.

After putting the script away and blowing out all the candles, Liz was ready for bed. She was anxious for her audition to get here and hoped that sleep would make it come quicker. So tomorrow would be the day where Liz Parker would step out of her normal of film and movies, to do television?


Well... from the old board, thanx to those who left feedback. It makes me feel great to know that people actually enjoy reading my work... or what I have of it so far. Hehheeh... *happy*

And as for continuing, well, I still don't know. I do have parts of Chapter 1 already finish though. But with me, I like having long chapters. So, it might take a while for Chapter 1 to come out. Hope you understand. *happy* Hehehehe...

~ Soypet ~

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Well, from the old board, WhosYrDaddy, thanx for the idea. I'm gonna use it for now... maybe until I can come up with one that fits the story. Hehehe... *big* Hope that's okay with you. *wink*

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TITLE: Alternate Universe
AUTHOR: Soypet
EMAIL: shrtgrlskickass⊕
RATING: PG to PG-13 No one’s doing the nasty in my story. Hehehe… *happy*
CATEGORY: Well, from the title, isn’t it obvious that it’s Alternate Universe? Hehehe… And it’s definitely a Max and Liz story. I’m a total dreamer! But others… well, all I can say is maybe… *happy*
SUMMARY: Liz is a famous movie star who feels the need to do something different. So, she decides to try her luck in doing a television series.
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing! I know, I know, it’s sad. But truly, I’m only sixteen. No job. No cash. What do you expect?? Hehehe…

Hey, well, I guessed I lied when I said Chapter 1 would take a while. *tongue* Hehehe... Well, when I started to work on it, the words just kept coming. You know? *happy* Hehehe... And five pages is good enough for now, right? *big* *tongue* Yeah! Hehehe... Hope you like it. *big*


The brilliant morning light peeked through her white satin curtain sheets, giving the room a warm glow of sunshine. It was eleven o’clock in the morning and Liz had always been a late sleeper. Never waking before nine, unless there was someone there to wake her, of course.

Squinting her eyes and slowly lifting herself up to a sitting position on her bed, she raised her arms, stretched out her body and yawned silently. Looking at her clock by the bedside, Oh shit! She thought. Liz hastily jumped up off the bed, almost knocking over the glass of water by the bed with her sudden movement. Liz realized that she only had less than an hour before meeting Alex for lunch and then onto her audition.

Stepping into the shower for a quick rinse and shampoo, she allowed herself to calm down a bit. She brushed her teeth and did the whole morning ritual. Liz walked out in her pale pink terry cloth robe, hair wrapped up in a towel above her head and marched straight towards her walk-in closet full of luxurious gowns, fashionable clothes, all styles of shoes… in other words, a girl’s dream closet. Five minutes later, Liz stepped out with a white studded tube top, dark jean jacket with equally dark jean skirt, and her favorite flat sandals. Perfect! Not showy or flashy. And perfectly comfortable. She thought.

Twenty-five minutes later, makeup done and hair styled, Liz Parker was out her door and on the road on her way to meet up with her good friend, Alex Whitman. They’d met a year ago when he had crashed her twenty-first birthday party.

There she was, sitting on the beach looking up at the stars and out at the midnight waves of the ocean. She could hear the faint music of the DJ booming across the back lawn towards her and the seashore. Liz sat on the sand, reveling in the light breeze blowing off from the ocean, pulling gently at her chocolate tresses. She was a breathtaking sight to see. Liz had that old style glamour, movie star look. A definite classic beauty.

“Hey.” He said softly with a small smile on his face.

Liz turned around and smiled at this unfamiliar man. Cute. She thought. “Hello. So, how are you enjoying the party?”

“Well, it’s fantastic. And definitely a magnificent night. But why would a extraordinarily stunning girl like you be sitting all alone out here when you can be the life of the party over there?” He asked, pointing in the direction of the partying crowd.

A light weary chuckle escaped her lips. “I’m Elizabeth Parker. I’ll always the center of attention. But I just felt today… I can have a little time to my self. Take a breather. You know?” Once again, she smiled at the man.

“Yeah.” Eyes understanding.

Liz grinned and asked, “Is that alright with you…? Uhh…”

He interrupted with, “The name’s Whitman. Alexander Whitman.” A wink and a smirk came her way.

“Oooh… going James Bond on me, huh?” Another light chuckle.

“Not exactly. I’m not as charming or good looking as Bond.” A amusingly sad puppy dog look passed over his face. “Plus, I don’t have nice gadgets, gorgeous women surrounding me twenty-four-seven, and nor do I live a dangerous life shooting guns, jumping out of planes, or wrecking perfectly nice and expensive cars, might I add.” A long slender finger was pointed at Liz which was followed by a brief pause. “The only dangers I consider I’ll ever be in are my visits to my mother. Especially when she starts up on her cooking experiments.”

This time, Liz came right out and burst into laughter. “Well, I’m sure no one’s cooking can be that bad.” And with that, Alex gave her a pointed look saying that his mom’s cooking was really that horrible.

Shaking his head, he muttered, “I should have never gotten her that subscription to Martha Stewart.”

“Elizabeth!” A female’s voice shouted.

She turned around and made out the form of her mother. “Yes?” She asked.

“Honey, come here. Your friends are over there asking for you. You don’t want to keep them waiting. Now do you?”

“Of course not mom. I’ll be right there.” Turning back to Alex, she nodded her head in the direction of the party. He smiled and followed her.

And since then, they’d been the best of friends.


When arriving to the restaurant, Liz headed towards the far right table where she knew Alex would be. And she was right, of course. He was looking out into the pond park across from the restaurant. There were kids playing, ducks swimming, picnics being held under the shaded areas… a comfortable atmosphere. And in that second, Alex turned his head to Liz’s direction. An instant smile lit up his face and a low whistle escaped his lips. “Hot mama! Lizzie, you are one fiii-ne laaa-dy!”

“Oh, Alex. Please…” As a light blush crept onto Liz’s face.

“Come on, Lizzie. You know you’re hot.” Poking fun at Liz and enjoying it dearly.

“Whatever Alex.” Brushing him off lightly and chuckling, she sat down across the table from him. “So. How long have you been waiting for me?”

“All my life.” Alex replied with all seriousness in his tone but absolute teasing in his sparkling brown eyes.

“Alex. Just…” Liz shook her head causing her hair to fan-out across her face. “…just stop.” When she looked up to see Alex’s face, she was still blushing a light pink. Liz never really did take compliments well. She was just so modest and shy.

“Alright. Alright. Okay, I’ll stop.” A full-blown smile spread across his lips. “Just don’t go all tomato-y on me, now. I’d like to have lunch with my friend, not a bright red vegetable.”

“God. Alex, you are just too funny…”

“Nah… nu-uh!!! No way!!!” A wide-eyed Alex looked up at Liz. “Why didn’t anyone tell me this before?”

Liz just sat there and looked at him with her unbelieving eyes. “Alex…”

“Alright. I’ll stop. It’s just so hard to not joke with you.”

“Yeah.” She smirked. “We do have fun together. Don’t we?”

But before Alex could answer her, a cute dark-haired waiter stood at the end, seeming to be in a discontented mood. With a deep frown on his face, he had his ordering pad in hand, pencil gripped and ready to jot down orders. “My name is Dylan. You got your orders yet?” Sharp and curt.

“Uhh… yeah. I’ll have the crispy chicken club, a light tossed salad and a cup of sweetened iced tea, please.” She looked up at him and when he saw who she was, his eyes got entirely wide. Complete shock took over his face and a wide grin surfaced from the once frowning lips.

“Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God… You’re… you’re…” Faltering on his words and seeming to be out of breath, he squeaked out, “…you’re Elizabeth Parker!” He was thoroughly star-struck. You could see his eyes shine from excitement. Here he was, working his normal shift, and catching an eye full of Elizabeth Parker. Beautiful and talented actress. His friends would be so jealous! He couldn’t wait to tell them…

“Kid. Close your chops.” Alex finally spoke up with an amused look on his face. “Flies are about to make a new home in your mouth if you’re not careful.” He chuckled as he watched the young waiter promptly close his mouth and turned crimson from embarrassment. This wasn’t the first time it’s happened, but he still thought it funny to watch people gawk at Liz was some immortal goddess. Although she was very attractive and extremely talented, she was still a normal human being.

“Anyway,” Alex still possessed a grin, “my order.”

Finally looking away from Liz, who was happily watching the young waiter stumble over his task at hand, Dylan turned his head to Alex. “I’m sorry about that, sir. What may I get you?” No more frown. All smiles and dimples from Dylan.

“Yes. Well, uh… I’d like the same thing she’s having. Just replace the tea with a bit of fine wine please.” He passed a wink across the table to see Liz’s questioning eyes.

“Okay, so that’ll be two crispy chicken clubs, two tossed salads, one sweetened iced tea, and a glass of wine?” Dylan turned to look at Liz. Loving that he’s gotten to see so much of her already.


“Thank you.” After Dylan left to take the orders, Liz posed a question. “What’s with the alcohol? Celebrating something? Cuz you don’t usually drink, my dear friend.”

“Actually, yes. The Whits have finally gotten a record deal!” He paused to see Liz’s reaction. He wasn’t disappointed.

It was now Liz’s turn to gape at Alex. “Oh my God! That’s wonderful, Alex!” She stretched across the table to pull Alex into a brief hug. “I’m so happy for you!”

Alex looked at his friend and beamed to see the happiness in Liz’s eyes. It meant a lot to know that she was glad for him.

“So? Tell me. When? How? Who?” She leaned elbows on the table, palms spread against cheeks, and eyes anticipating with twinkling delight. Alex could almost laugh at how her big doe eyes looked at that exact moment. So content. And for him.

“Well, I’ll tell ya in a little bit. The drinks are here.” Out came Dylan carrying a bottle of wine, a glass, and Liz’s iced tea. The smile was still on his dimpled face. Alex wondered if it’ll hurt him later on, when he stopped smiling.

“Thanks,” Liz addressed to the waiter, who after setting down the glasses, was standing there staring at her. Alex stifled a cough and Dylan shook his head, shaking him out of his recent state. Once again being embarrassed at having been caught staring, he turned a scarlet red. And he hastily walked away from the table. Liz chuckled lightly, shaking her head amusingly in the mean time. “Anyway, on to the subject of The Whits…”

“Yeah… Happened this morning actually. How? Well, that’s a long story and I’ll tell you that one later. And who, none other than Madonna’s own, Columbia Records!” He grinned with glee.

“This is just amazing, Alex. You’re finally gonna be a rock star!”

“Excuse me?” he said with incredulous eyes.

“What? What’d I say?” Scared that she might have upset Alex.

“I’m already a rock star!” His cheerful face back on. “It’s just that the whole world doesn’t know it yet.” He chuckled.

“Oh. You scared me there for a second. I thought I said something wrong.” She chuckled also.

“Nah… but yeah, this is amazing.” A soft smile emerged on his lips. He looked so blissful. His eyes were just sparkling with delight.

Once the food arrived, they chatted and talked about Alex’s new and upcoming career. He filled her in on how he managed to get a deal. Both were excited for the future. Alex and his band. Liz and her audition, which Alex had asked about. He knew she’d always wanted to do television. He knew she liked trying different things. And he was happy for her and her excitement for the audition. After lunch was done and all eaten, they’d said their goodbyes and hugged. Liz congratulated Alex again. And Alex wished the popular saying, “break a leg” upon Liz.


Fifteen minutes after lunch with Alex, Liz could be seen sitting on a chair outside the auditioning room, studying hard on her lines for one last time. She was anxious yet eager to have this audition.

The door opened up and a man dressed in cowboy attire walked out. She’d already checked and she knew it was the producer and writer for ROSWELL, Jim Valenti. But she hadn’t expected the outfit. On someone else, it would have looked rather ridiculous. On Mr. Valenti, it seemed fitting and suited him well. Liz wondered if he was raised in the South or did he just like being in boots.

“Elizabeth Parker. It’s an honor to have you here.” He greeted her with a warm smile and it eased her nerves just a bit. It looked so far that he’d be a great person to work with.

“Thank you.” She said politely.

“Well, dear. You can come on in. The casting director and the director are already in there.”

“Okay.” Even with God-knows-how-many auditions she’s been on, she still gets nervous. It was kind of silly. But Liz couldn’t help it. Nervousness seems to come with the job of being an actress, no matter how famous or talented you are. She walked behind Mr. Valenti and stepped into the spacious studio office.

It was a beautiful room, although mostly bare, like an artist’s studio. A camera tripod was set up turning away from the floor-to-ceiling windows along the far wall. A long table the shape of a half-moon was beside the tripod and already seated was three other people. She guessed they were the casting directors and the director. All seemed to welcome her with warm smiles. And she was grateful for that. Liz never liked working with people who were cold and who weren’t friendly.

Mr. Valenti closed the door behind her and addressed her to the man on the couch who was hidden from her view when she first walked into the room. “Ms. Parker, I’d like you to meet Max Evans. He’ll be playing the leading male.”

Liz turned her body around to fully face Mr. Evans…


Da dun dun dun!!! Hehehe... and here comes Max...

Edited: Because I wanted to say something about Alex. I hope you don't mind that a lot of it had him in it. I realized I missed Alex a lot more than I thought. So, I put him in there. *big* Hehehe.... Also because I wanted Liz to have a good friend. And who could that be? *tongue* Alex!!! hehehe... *big*

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Yes, yes, yes! I know this is the fourth time I've posted today on this thread. But I wanted to say something about the feedback. I'm not gonna beg for it. *big* But since I'm just starting this story out, it'd be nice to really know what you guys think of the story so far. Plus, I like interaction between author and reader. I feel it's more personal and fun. So... I'd love your any of your ideas... your constructive criticism... anything.Cuz I pretty sure I can handle it all. *big* *tongue* In fact, I'd love for someone to tell me what I'm doing wrong so I can fix it. *happy*

You see, I've NEVER written anything like this before. So, this really is my first time. And I'm extremely nervous about putting it out there for everyone to see. Hehehe... *big*

And for those who did leave feedback on the old board. Again, I say thanx! Although I might not have read them all because of the board going all wacko on me. Hehehe.. *tongue*

Okay. I think that's gonna be it. Oh! I do have like a paragraph of Chapter 2 written. Hehehe... It's kinda unbelievable. Cuz I could never write anything this fast for my English class. Now, why is that? Hmmm... *big* Hehehe...

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Ooops... Didn't mean to double post. Sorry. *big*

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Awww... guys, thanx for the encouraging words. It really does mean a lot. *big* hehehe...

Crimps321: Well, you welcome! hehehe... *big* When I first heard the song, I fell in love with it. It's definitely a beautiful and sweet song. *big* And I did too have it on continuous repeat when I first downloaded it. *tongue*

CanadianRoswellian: *big* Thanx. Thanx. And thanx again. *big* Hehehe... I'll try to mix all the elements of a good story in. But I don't know how good I'll be with all the angsty stuff. Maybe you can help me with that. *wink* hehehe.. *big*

And also thanx to maxiesdreamgirl, roswellluver, abbs007, and angelbaby6977. *big* I'll TRY to get Chapter 2 out soon. But with me, you never know. Could be today or tomorrow... but then again, it could be 2 weeks from now. Hehehe... *big* *tongue*

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TITLE: Alternate Universe
AUTHOR: Soypet
EMAIL: shrtgrlskickass⊕
RATING: PG to PG-13 No one’s doing the nasty in my story. Hehehe… *big*
CATEGORY: Well, from the title, isn’t it obvious that it’s Alternate Universe? Hehehe… And it’s definitely a Max and Liz story. I’m a total dreamer! But others… well, all I can say is maybe… *big*
SUMMARY: Liz is a famous movie star who feels the need to do something different. So, she decides to try her luck in doing a television series.
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing! I know, I know, it’s sad. But truly, I’m only sixteen. No job. No cash. What do you expect?? Hehehe…

Hey! *big* Well Chapter 2 is here! Hehehe... I'm working fast, aren't I? Which really totally surprises me. I'm telling you, I'm NEVER like this. I guess Roswell, and Max and Liz just bring this side of me out. Hehehe...*big*

God! I keep coming back to this thread! hehehe... But anyway.

Edited to say: I forgot to mention that from this point forward, you'll be seeing a little bit of dialogue from the actually show. And no... I don't own it. I didn't write it. I'm just burrowing it for the purpose of my story. Okay? Okay. Hehehehe... *big*


Being out here in LA for the first couple of months alone for Max was particularly rough. He hardly had any money for the necessities of life, such as food and clothing. But Max Evans wasn’t the type to call up Mommy and Daddy begging for money. He’d always been so dependent upon his parents during high school and he was determined once he was a legal adult, he’d take care of himself. And as an adult, you have responsibilities… to feed yourself, to clothe yourself, to shelter yourself… to support yourself. And he needed support, thus, he needed a job. Any job.

Since he was living in LA, pursuing an acting career was the number one choice in his mind. He decided to clean himself up a bit and look for auditions. What’s so hard about acting? He’d thought. I’ll get money in no time, he had said. Well… getting an acting job was like pulling a knife out of an open wound. It was painful. The rejections… the hundreds and hundreds of rejections coming from the huge total of auditions he went actually went to. Sometimes he would even have three to four auditions a day. But most of them, he’d come home with no luck. He’d almost given up… but with his pride, he wouldn’t allow himself to quit.

It only started to get better after his first break. A commercial for Kellogg’s. After that, the commercials kept coming. From Hanes to Gap. From Budweiser to Sprite. And from Doritos to Little Debbie’s. He’d probably done over a total of a couple of hundred commercials in his five years of residence in LA.

And then finally, his first big break… the role of a football jock, Chris Wolfe on one of the biggest and most popular teen dramas at the time, Dawson’s Creek. It’d been a miracle and a blessing. The part had been open to any and everyone—the toughest type of casting. Anyone could have won the part, but Max Evans came out successful. He’d gained media attention, which helped boost his acting career. And if someone were to ask what was the biggest significant moment in his career, he’d say Dawson’s Creek. If it hadn’t been for the show, he’d probably still be in the hellhole known as his old apartment, living off Ramen Noodles and rooming with the horror of all horrors roommate, Paul—the Johnny Bravo clone. And he’d probably still be going to three auditions a day… only because his pride wouldn’t allow him to give up and call his parents.

But now he didn’t need to call his parents. He had his dream job. He was able to support himself now. He was living a good life.

Even with the good breaks in his career, Max still couldn’t believe he’d been handed the part of Jared Anderson, the lead alien of ROSWELL. But he was willing to take this role, knowing something like this doesn’t happen everyday.

And now, he was sitting here, in Jim’s studio office waiting for Jim to usher in the next female auditioning for the role of Cameron Reeves. So far, it’d been a long day filled with girls who just didn’t fit the part. They had either been trying to hard or just didn’t portray that quality of innocence and the strength of character that Cameron Reeves was meant to have. No one yet was even near close to filling in the shoes of Cameron.

The sound of the door opening broke Max out of his thoughts. He watched Jim walk in and a young lady following after. He hadn’t clearly seen her face, because her back was facing him now. Not that he minded the view. Not at all…

“Ms. Parker, I’d like you to meet Max Evans. He’ll be playing the leading male.” Said Jim as he pointed to Max sitting on the couch behind her.

From the point he saw her beautiful chestnut hair fanning across her tiny shoulders, and seeing her adorably big doe eyes, he felt his heart constrict and stop mid-beat. She was absolutely and even more stunning from the front view…


Liz turned her body around to fully face Mr. Evans…

Taking a slight step back, her small hands went to cover her mouth. She stifled a light gasp from escaping through her lips at seeing the sight before her. There he was, a god. She thought to herself, Like an Adonis. Sitting before her very eyes. And oh, what a handsome god he was… From head-to-toe, he exuded masculine beauty. Long legs to a slender waist, and what looked like a well-defined chest, all leading to the head of raven locks. And the face… the face was radiated pure attractiveness. It was boyish yet also manly. Totally contradicting but so true. Just like the strong jawline contradicted with the absolutely softness of his eyes. Eyes the color of amber, mixed and speckled with a golden hue. Eyes that Liz could drown in; they were that beautiful.

“Ahem…” Jim cleared his throat to break the spell both the young actors seemed to be in at that moment. He’d hate to interrupt on what seemed to be a very promising connection between the two, but he did have an audition to get on with. “Okay, Liz…” He paused to turn to Liz, “may I call you Liz?”

“Yes. Liz will be fine.” She smiled at him. Assuring the name change would be okay, while Max was in heaven when he heard her voice. It sounded so sweet to his ears.

“Well then, Liz. Max. Let’s get the audition going.” Nodding his head at the directors already seated, while he walked to his own seat. “I’d like to see the cliff scene. Last Act. Last Scene. Start at the hellos.”

Having already memorized most of the script, neither needed the sheets. And as Max and Liz got into position, the camera was turned on. “1. 2. 3. Action…” said one of the directors.

“Hey.” Max said as he approached Liz, holding a steady gaze toward her.

“Hey.” She responded as she tried hard from reaching out with her arms and touching him. Just as she thought his distance wasn’t close enough for her taste, he closed the gap between them slightly. Only to push back a stray piece of hair behind her ears. And at the initial contact, she felt a sudden shiver sent throughout her body. Liz hoped Max hadn’t felt it. She’d only just met him, he’d probably think something was wrong with her. “Oh.” She simply replied.

Loving the feel of her silky tresses and the heat radiating off her cheek, which warmed his hands, he had to concentrate on saying his line. “You had a… uh…”

“Hair thing… right. Thanks.” She interrupted while she unconsciously bit her lower lip, making Max stifle an inaudible groan at the adorable action.

“Sure…” He paused a bit to look into her eyes again. “Cammie, it’s not safe… I mean… for you, and me to… it’s not safe.” He gently shook his head to convey his character’s point more clear.

Liz straightened her back and stated, “I don’t care.” She held his gaze, not holding back.

Max’s voice turned soft and raspy and eyes expressing hope that she’d understand… “Cammie, I really, really wish this could be something, you know… more… But it can’t. We’re just…”

“Different.” Liz lowered her head, suggesting disappointment in her eyes as well.

“Yea…” Max turned to walk away, but stopped to say, “I’ll see ya at school.” He gave her a slight grin and turned back around.

Quickly seeing her chance to thank Max slipping, she rushed after him. “Jared???”

Wishing she’d say his name with sweet admiration like she did his character’s name, he swung around to face her again. He looked into her eyes, waiting for her line… “I never got to thank you… for saving my life.” Another simple line delivered wonderfully. Quiet and full of meaning, her eyes backing up the words with the emotions shining through. Liz Parker was truly a talented actress.

“Thank you.” He gave her an adorably crooked smile, showing that she didn’t need to thank him.

From the viewpoint of the directors and Jim, Liz Parker already got the job. One, because she was a well-known actress and the publicity would be wonderful for this new show. Two, because she and Max Evans had chemistry. It was obvious from just watching them act together, even with just this one tiny scene. And three, because not only did Max and Liz have chemistry, they looked good together…


So...??? Good? Bad? Tell me what you think.

~ Soypet ~

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Hey guys! I had wanted to post a new chapter before the weekend... but that doesn't look like it's gonna happen. Since I haven't even started on Chapter 3 yet. I know! I'm sorry! I've got no excuse. Well... okay, I do. My neices have come for a visit and they're a hand full. *wink* Anyway, I really don't know when I'll have Chapter 3 out. Be patient. It will come, though. I can promise you that. *big*

Well, here's feedback for the feedbackers. Hehehe... *big*

Transparent Clear: Well, it's so true about the 3 hours compared to minutes of writing a scene or chapter. *big* But then again, I think it has to do with my non-existant care for English why I take forever to write something for that class. *big*

CanadianRoswellian: Hmmm... practices... I dunno. That sounds pretty nice. *big* I guess you're gonna have to wait and see... Hehehe.. *wink*

COOL2bSmall and LFEHOUSEROCKS: Hehehe... Erika, you're funnie. *wink* *big* But you know I love ya, rite? Hehehe... *big* I'm glad that you'll be reading along. And... and that I've finally got a friend posting on the board!!! Yay! Oh, if you ever wrote anything in here, you know I'd be YOUR number one fan! Hehehe... Again, I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And that Lifehouse kicks ass just like us short girls!!! Hehehe... *wink*

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But anyway, I'll post Chapter 3 now... and I'll even give you a peek of Chapter 4 if anyone's interested. *happy*


“I never got to thank you… for saving my life.” Another simple line delivered wonderfully. Quiet and full of meaning, her eyes backing up the words with the emotions shining through. Liz Parker was truly a talented actress.

“Thank you.” He gave her an adorably crooked smile, showing that she didn’t need to thank him.

From the viewpoint of the directors and Jim, Liz Parker already got the job. One, because she was a well-known actress and the publicity would be wonderful for this new show. Two, because she and Max Evans had chemistry. It was obvious from just watching them act together, even with just this one tiny scene. And three, because not only did Max and Liz have chemistry, they looked good together…


A moment of silence followed the softly spoken words from Max. No one had wanted to break the spell he and Liz had created while reading the lines out. They had been sent into their own little world for those past minutes gone by. And for the audience sitting there, it had been a definite pleasure to watch.

“Cut…” one of the directors had said. “A job well done Ms. Parker.”

Having been broken from the bubble by the light sound of a female voice, Liz turned to face the owner and shook her head lightly to clear her mind from the haze she had recently been in. “Thank you, maim.”

“Oh darlin. Please, the name’s Amy DeLuca.” She turned a slightly pointed look towards Jim. “Excuse Jim here for not introducing us when you first came in.” And with that, she turned back to Liz with a bright smile and a hand in front, waiting to be shaken.

Stepping forward to Amy, Liz lightly grasped her soft warm hand. She directed a genuine smile toward the kind woman in front of her. Which in turn, Amy turned to the two men who were still seated behind the crescent-shaped table. As Liz was being introduced to the casting directors, she never noticed Jim leading Max towards the door as they went to discuss some words with each other.

“I’d love to say that you got the job now, but I can’t do that. There are still other girls waiting to be auditioned.” She informed Liz, yet her eyes had obviously displayed the fact that Liz had gotten the part.

Seeing the confirmation in Amy’s eyes, Liz smiled brightly, full of delight at her accomplishment. “Alright, I understand. Well, Mrs. DeLuca, it’s been a pleasure meeting you…”

“As it was for me too, dear.” Amy softly interrupted, receiving another smile from the young actress. She looked down at her watch and turned to her companions sitting at the table, “It looks like we’ve got another five minutes until the next girl’s interview. Break time.” Turning back to Liz, she quietly said, “Goodbye Liz. Don’t tie up all your lines, you’ll be hearing from either me or Jim shortly.”

“Will do.” She said as a bob of the head confirmed her promise. Once Liz walked out of the office, she spotted Jim and Max walking down the hall, towards the office. She paused and waited patiently until they had reached her. “Goodbye Mr. Valenti, I’ll be on my way now. I hope to hear from you soon enough.”

“I don’t doubt it.” He smiled easily at her, laying a warm hand on her upper arm and opened the door of the office. “Goodbye dear.” And with that and a wink, he was inside, leaving Max and Liz to themselves.

Liz stood uncomfortably watching the closed door. It wasn’t until Max stifled a cough that broke the silence between them.

Looking back at Max, Liz found her voice and said, “From what I’ve seen so far, you’ll make a great Jared Anderson.” She smiled uncomfortably at him. Even with the many years of being watched and stared at, having Max Evans look at her with those amazing amber eyes was quite unnerving, not in a bad way, but definitely something that shouldn’t be happening. Especially when the possibility of them working together was in the way.

“Thank you. That means a lot coming from such a ‘superstar’ like you,” he teased. It was absolutely adorable how she blushed… rose pink flushing on her cheeks and a shy smile curving her lips. “I’d say you’d be a wonderful Cameron Reeves yourself.”

“Thank you.” She bestowed a radiant smile on him, making him thankful that his was still standing, for her smile had literally weakened his knees. He casually leaned himself on the door to stop himself from falling into a heap on the floor by her feet.

“Uh… I…” He tried to keep his voice steady, but miserably failed so. “…I… should be getting…”

“…inside.” She finished for him.

“Yeah… Inside.” Max said with a nod of his head.

“Alright then, I should be going too, Mr. Evans.” She backed up from the door and turned away. “I hope to work with you soon. Goodbye for now.” Liz passed one last smile to him.

“Yeah, goodbye to you too, Liz.” He called out to her and watched as she walked away. Never before had he ever gotten a weak knee over a woman. Shaking his head, he walked into the office, dreading the tedious task of auditioning other girls, when the perfect female for the role had just left.


“Yeah, Alex. I really think I got it.” Liz giddily told Alex.

“That’s great Lizzie. I’m so thrilled for you.” Alex replied equally happy and then turned somber with his next words. “Regretfully, I’ve got to go meet my mother over dinner in an hour or so…”

“Don’t be like that, Alex. It’s your mom and you…” She started before Alex interrupted.

“I know, I know. And I love my mom to bits and pieces, but I can only take so much torture.” He paused and let out a drawn out breath. “Really, I swear, one day I’m going to hire a cook for her next birthday.”

Liz let out a chuckle at her friend’s words. “Well, if you feel that strongly about her cooking, maybe you should.”

“It’s a plan then!” He replied with a finger jabbing the air to emphasize his words, although Liz couldn’t see. Sobering up again, “Lizzie dear, I’ve really got to get ready now. But again, I’m so happy for you, even though it’s not official yet.”

“Thank you, Alex. Have fun at dinner and tell your mom ‘hi’ for me.”

“Will do.” He said with a small nod and a smile, “Bye Liz.”

“Bye.” Liz said before replacing the handset to its base. With a contented sigh, she headed upstairs to her bedroom after pouring herself a glass of orange juice from the fridge. It was there in her bedroom, where she felt at peace the most. She’d decorated the room herself, without the help of her mother… unlike the rest of the house.

Walking into the room, she allowed the familiar scent to soothe her nerves while the cool earth tone walls to warmed her heart. She paced the walls where her candles where sporadically placed around the room and lit them one by one… it was perfect timing as the sun was beginning to disappear below the ocean’s horizon outside her balcony. The moonlight rays would soon stream through her satin curtains and give her more comfort as Liz began her nightly ritual.

She opened her French doors to her balcony and continued to light her candles. When she finished, Liz could smell the sweet waft of vanilla and jasmine from her burning candles. Leaning against the railing of her balcony, she hugged herself and closed her eyes… and began to savor the great day she had.

And then her mind drifted… and drifted it did, to the beautiful man she met today… Max Evans. It was a wonder to her that she’d never seen him before this day. Of course she’d heard the name. How could she not? Being that he was known as the hot new actor splashing a major wave in Hollywood and critics all around. Still though, she’d never once seen a picture, never caught a glimpse of him during award ceremonies… But then again, Liz didn’t regularly read magazines catered to the stars nor did she attend many awards. Lately, that is.

Whatever it was, she was happy to have finally seen him. Although… it was unnerving when it came to her first reaction of him. Liz had thought many men beautiful, but none of them had ever caused her to shiver with want. And this Max Evans, one she had never seen before, did it in a matter of seconds… in one glimpse, she was nearly bowled over by the force of her attraction to him.

But she couldn’t allow her attraction to distract her from her career… not like last time. Especially if they might be working together.

Preview of Chapter 4...

She shivered slightly when she felt the cool grass being crushed beneath her. Her body temperature was rising as the heated kiss grew more passionate each second. Tongues dueled for control. Hands roamed here and there, leaving hot trails of need wherever they were in contact from skin-to-skin. And when both partners drew out of breath, Liz could feel a strong arm wrap itself around her body as his other hand edged its way towards the hem of her silk chemise. A second later, the blouse was up and over her head.

Sensual… heated… passionate… and craving for more, she brought her head closer to the lips of the man holding her tightly locked in his arms. She was drunk on the taste of him… and mesmerized by the power of his touch. Dazed, she opened her eyes to only be captivated more as she saw desire riding in the amber waves of her partner’s circled orbs.

Once again, a series of small kisses grew into something more intense, more frenzied… and more. Just so much more…

Hope you enjoy... And again... I'm back! Woo hoo! Hehehehe... *big*
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Well, I have good news and bad news... :D

Good news first: Chapter 4 is practically done. Yay! Woo hoo!

Bad news: Well... I can't get into the site... again! Ugh! Hehehe... :D I'll try to see what I can do though...

Thanx for reading!
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Author's Note: Well, I don't know what the hell is going on with my computer, but it seems to be working now... So... while I can, I'm posting half of Chapter Four up. Hope you like... *big*


She shivered slightly when she felt the cool grass being crushed beneath her. Her body temperature was rising as the heated kiss grew more passionate each second. Tongues dueled for control. Hands roamed here and there, leaving hot trails of need wherever they were in contact from skin-to-skin. And when both partners drew out of breath, Liz could feel a strong arm wrap itself around her body as his other hand edged its way towards the hem of her silk chemise. A second later, the blouse was up and over her head.

Sensual… heated… passionate… and craving for more, she brought her head closer to the lips of the man holding her tightly locked in his arms. She was drunk on the taste of him… and mesmerized by the power of his touch. Dazed, she opened her eyes to only be captivated more as she saw desire riding in the amber waves of her partner's circled orbs.

Once again, a series of small kisses grew into something more intense, more frenzied… and more. Just so much more…

Faintly, she could hear the director's voice yelling 'cut'. But in her mind, she wanted nothing more than to stay in this lover's embrace and feel the warmth of such passion travel through her bones, seep into her veins and take possession of her heart.

It wasn't until she felt the hard body of the man lift off her soft one when she looked up, full of regret to have lost the warmth. But what she saw were not eyes of amber, but eyes of a familiar blue. Confused and troubled, she weakly murmured, "Sean…?"

For the next few moments, she saw everything in slow motion… while all the blood seemed to rush to her head. She could see that Sean was moving his lips and saying something, but nothing reached her ears. All she could hear was a soft ringing inside her head. The longer she stood standing before Sean, the less sense she could make of the mess around her, of Sean… of what just happened.

And the ringing got louder.

Her world started to spin. And yet, the ringing got louder and louder…

And louder…

And louder…

With a start, Liz practically flew off her bed to land below her mattress. Bringgg! There it was again, that ringing. Where was it coming from? She sat up from off the floor and searched her room for that sound, only to realize that the noise was coming from the telephone sitting on top of her nightstand.

Bringgg! She slowly reached up to grab the handset and groggily murmured, "Hello…?" Looking at her bedside clock, she noticed that it was already eleven o'clock. She overslept… like always.

"Hello Liz. Sounds to me like I just woke you up." Jim said amusedly. "I was getting worried there when you didn't pick up on that fifth ring."

Quickly realizing that it was Jim Valenti on the phone, Liz sobered slightly. Disoriented, she said, "Mr. Valenti! Oh, I wasn't expecting a call this early." She paused for a minute. "Actually, I overslept and yes, you did just wake me."

"Well, I'm sorry for waking you."

"No. That's okay. If you hadn't called, I'd probably still be sleeping until tomorrow morning."

"Then I'm glad you called. Because I was hoping you were free this afternoon."

"Why would that be, Mr. Valenti?"

"It's Jim. But anyway, since you're now starring as Cameron Reeves on Roswell, I expect you to show up for a full cast shoot."

Suddenly excited, she nearly jumped up for joy. "I got the part?!"

"Did you really expect anything other than that?" Baffled at hearing her question.

"Well… I couldn't be too sure…" By now, Liz was animatedly pacing the foot of her bed.

"Liz, you are too modest. You're a wonderful actress and by the way, you were exactly what we were looking for when we were casting for Cameron."


"Yes. Really." Jim smiled and even though Liz couldn't see it, she knew he did. "So, do you think you can make it today?"

Suddenly remembering his earlier question, Liz replied, "Oh! Ummm… Yes, I can make it."

"That's great." Jim began to spout off directions to the photo shoot as Liz quickly jotted it down. "I'll see you there at two-thirty, along with the rest of the cast."

As his statement sounded more like a question, she replied in confirmation, "Uh huh."

"Okay then. See you later Liz. Bye."

"Bye Jim."


You can dance,
You can jive
Having the time of your life
See that girl

"Watch that scene…"
Liz sang along as she motioned her way around in the kitchen, "Dig in the Dancing Queen…"

It'd been thirty minutes ago since Jim first called and Liz found out the wonderful news. At this moment, she was absolutely giddy… ecstatic that she'd gotten the part. Suddenly, she froze as a thought struck her, I wonder if Max knows… The cheerful smile reappeared on her face. Hmmm…

Friday night and the lights are low
Looking out for the place to go
Where they play the right music
Getting in the swing

And again, she continued to bustle about in her kitchen, while trying to make herself a sandwich. Liz had her hips bopping here and swinging there; hair flowing messily around her face as she twirled around in front of her fridge, orange juice in hand. She was lucky not to have spilt any of the juice on the floor.

You come in to look for a King
Anybody could be that guy

"Night is young and the music's… high!!!"
rather than singing, a wildly dancing Liz shouted.

With a bit of rock music
Everything is fine

"You're in the mood for a dance,"
she twisted into another ballerina twirl, "and when you get the chance… You are the Dancing Queen, young and sweet… only seventeen!!!"

"Ahem!" came a loud clearing of the throat from Liz's mother, Nancy. She was standing by the archway into the kitchen watching her daughter dancing outrageously in the middle of her kitchen. And only in her bathrobe!

"Dancing Queen…" The words died down to a whisper as Liz spun around to face her mother. Clearly seeing the disapproving looks radiating off her mother, she promptly prepared herself for the lecture she would undoubtedly receive. "Hello mother," as she smiled a forced smile.

"Good heavens, Liz! What were you doing?" A flabbergasted Nancy asked.

Sighing, Liz thought to herself, and here it comes…

Hehehe... Second half to be posted later... *big*

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Author's Note: On page 3!!! Hehehe... *big* Hehehe... How can I be happy with that? Hehehe... I'm too pathetic. *tongue* Hehehe...

But anyway, sorry I didn't post this earlier. I actually had it done... I wanted to write more to it because I didn't want to leave it where it was. But I just got tired of this chapter. I just wanted to move on... Hehehe... [Plus... I kinda got side tracked when I began reading other people's stories, rather than working on my own... Hehehe... *tongue*]

Sorry it's short and not much happening... I promise there'll be Max and Liz action soon. *happy* And intros to more characters, such as Michael and Maria.

Okay, that's enough of me... on to the second half of Chapter 4. Enjoy! Feedback please! I'm begging this time! Hehehe... *tongue* *big*

~ Chapter 4b ~

“Elizabeth, are you going to answer me?” after receiving a momentarily silent response from her daughter.

“I was just dancing—” Liz started before Nancy interrupted.

Pointing in the direction of Liz, indicating her earlier movements, Nancy cried out, “Dancing? That was not dancing.”

“I don’t know why you’re getting all mad about it, it’s not like anyone saw but you.” Her back began to straighten as she geared up for yet another upcoming battle with her faulty mother.

Curtly, she countered back, “That’s not the point.”

“Like hell, it’s not!” Liz erupted, pulling the band of her robe tighter to her body and moving in on Nancy. “Dancing in my kitchen, in my home is not going to make the tabloids scramble and ruin my name.”

Astounded… Nancy replied coldly, “How dare you talk to me like that!”

“No. How dare you come into my house to tell me not to dance when I was in a perfectly good mood and had a perfectly good reason to,” she argued.

Pausing, Liz stated, “You know what? I’m through having you trying to control me, Mother. I can take care of myself you know… I am an adult now.” Liz looked at Nancy squarely in the eyes. “I am not a little girl anymore… I’ve long since been a little girl.” She voice was softer now, trying to ingrain this information into her hardheaded mother.

“Yes, well… you sure did handle that Sean business like an adult, might I remind you.” She supplied sarcastically.

A flash of pain and regret temporarily clouded her eyes until she regained control and looked up at her mother once more. Back straight as a rod, jaw tightening and voice edgy with an unbelievable coldness… she ordered, “Get out… Mom, I want you out, now.”

Seeing Nancy open her mouth to respond, with a raised hand, Liz quickly interjected, “No. Mother, I don’t know why you came here… why you wanted to see me or how you even got into my house. But I want you out.”

“But Liz…” Her voice was much softer now, never seeing her daughter act this callously and bitterly to her before. “I—”

Not looking Nancy in the eye, she again, willed her mother to leave her premises. “No. Will you please leave.”

Defeated, Nancy turned towards the entrance and left without a word. While Liz lost her stiffness and a single tear began to travel its way down her hot cheeks.

She’d had tiffs with her mother before, but never before had she kicked her own mom away from her presence. But it had been that Sean statement that did her in. He’d been in the past. Why couldn’t her mom get that? Why did she still have to bring it up?

Whatever her mother’s reasons… it was time for Liz to forget.


Her mood a little better than it once was an hour ago, Liz slowly made her way into the house. All around her, she could see crew people setting up for the photo shoot, but she had yet to see a familiar face. As she walked by, she could feel everyone’s gaze on her; it was quite unnerving.

In the corner of her eye, she could see someone walking towards her. “Hey Liz!” shouted the girl approaching her.

Liz tentatively replied, “Hello…”

Once the girl reached Liz, she animatedly grabbed Liz’s hand and shook them. “My name’s Angie. Angie Toretto and I’ll be playing Morgan Delaney. Everyone’s out back eating the refreshments before the shoot starts. We were all waiting on you.”

“Oh… I’m not too late, am I?” worried that she had made everyone wait on her.

“No. No, you’re just on time, actually.” With a bright smile, Angie escorted Liz to the back of the house where a pool showcased the center. A group of people had gathered by a table set out full of refreshments and snacks. She could see Jim and Amy talking closely together while another person stood close by. From the camera in the woman’s hands, Liz concluded that it was the photographer.

Liz walked quietly behind Angie as they made their way over to the crowd.


Questions? Comments? Tell me... *big*


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Some answers to your questions:

Nancy--why she acts the way she acts will be for me to know and you to find out... Hehehe... Everything will be answered as the story progresses, I hope. *big* Who shoved the stick up her ass? Hehehe... Well, it certainly wasn't me! *tongue*

Sean--again, like the above, everything will be answered later on in the story... And yes, he did do something to hurt Liz... hence the reason she kinda doesn't put too much faith in relationships...

Will the rest of the gang be in it to? Of course! They'll be introduced soon... have patience. Hehehe... *happy*

Did you post it a long time ago? Well... I posted it back in the end of November and I've been missing for the board just after I posted Chapter Two. I had just recently [about 2 weeks] gotten access to this site again from home.

Max and Liz. It's only the beginning... they'll have their little interactions soon enough. *big* Again, be patient! *tongue* Hehehe...

And finally... I have... uhhh... I guess you'd call it bad news. Hehehe... *happy* Well, I just found out that my brother-in-law is cancelling our AOL subscription. I don't know when he's going to do it. I don't know how long I'll be without internet connection. I don't even know if I'm gonna have this computer later on! *sad*

So, I've been begging my daddy to order cable connection... he's thinking about it. And... I might be getting my own laptop. So... I dunno... I hope I get both of those! *happy*

Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know just in case you won't be seeing me in a long while... I guess I'm posting this a bit too early, but know that I won't abandon this story or any of my others.

Again, thanx for reading! And all you feedbackers, thanx sooo much! It's definitely a motivator. Take my Cruel Intentions one for example. Hehehe... *big*

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But anyway... From staying after school for drama rehearsals, to babysitting and miscellaneous other stuff, I don't have too much time to write. I'll try and update this one, hopefully, by this weekend.

As for my other stories, those of you reading them, after I finish this one, it'll be A Secret Love, then Cruel Intentions and back to this one... But I doubt I'll stick to that plan... Hehehe... *happy*

Anyways... thanx to zannyb, ILYMEFOREVER, Eerie, and Dreamerforever15 for reading and responding! I'm so happy that you're enjoying this. *happy*


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I have practically all of Chapter 5 done and I was going to post the first half the other day... *sad* But... I couldn't get on. *sad* Uhhh... if you guys want to read it, just email me at shrtgrlskickass⊕ Put FANFICTION on the header... and in the message, just name the fictions of mine that you'd like to keep reading. I have Alternate Universe, Cruel Intentions and A Secret Love posted on this board.

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I'd sent this to myself in mail... I might as well post it... Hehehe... *happy*

Author's Note: Finally! It's here! Extra long too!!! Hehehe… *big* You finally get to meet Michael and Maria in this one. *happy* But I'm not sure if I really like this part. I feel like I over did it with the flashback hehehe *big*

Seems like every fiction I've done so far needs a character list. Hehehe… but here's one for this one too, just in case any of you get confused on all the names.

Actors on AU [Their Character]-Based from Roswell
Max Evans [Jared Anderson]-Max Evans
Liz Parker [Cameron Reeves]-Liz Parker
Angie Toretto [Morgan Delaney]-Maria DeLuca
Michael Guerin [Mark Green]-Michael Guerin
Samantha Clark [Jennifer Anderson]-Isabel Evans
Brendan Wade [Aaron West]-Alex Whitman
Oscar Jones [Tyler Vandal]-Kyle Valenti
Paul Tudor [Jeremy Vandal]-Jim Valenti

As I promised, Max and Liz:


"Liz! You're here!" cried Jim once he spotted Liz heading his way. He pulled her into a brief hug when she made it to his side. "Glad to see Angie found you alright." Grinning a big one at both Angie and Liz. Again, he was decked out in cowboy gear, Stetson and all.

"Yep, I found her alright. Looked a bit lost to me when I did… actually, more scared than anything." Chuckling at Liz's red-faced embarrassment. "Awww… honey, it's okay." As she patted Liz's back playfully.

The corners of her lips lifted as she confessed, "I've had people watch and stare at me all my life, but I can never get used to it." Which was totally true for Liz. She'd been in the spotlight since she was at the tender age of six. And being that young and a daughter of the late great Jeff Parker, the stares would never let up.

"You never do, sweetie." Shaking her head, Amy spoke up for the first time.

"I guess not." Nodding her head in agreement, Liz responded lightly.

"Well, come on Liz, lets go get you introduced to the rest of the cast." Amy said as she took a hold of Liz's arm casually, leading her to a small group next to the refreshments. Both Jim and Angie followed right behind.


As they made their way closer to the tiny crowd, Liz could hear the twinkling laughter of a female and a deep chuckle of a male, surrounded by other people enjoying their conversation. The man and woman stopped their amusement when they caught sight of Amy and Liz heading towards them, causing the three others to turn around and face the oncoming group.

Stopping in front, Amy announced, "Everyone, our leading lady has finally graced us with an appearance. I'd like you all to say 'hi'."

A round of 'hi', 'hello!' and 'how are you doing?' could be heard in reply, each took their turns in a handshake. She was greeted by Samantha Clark-Jennifer Anderson, Oscar Jones-Tyler Vandal, and Brendan Wade-Aaron West. A brief flicker of disappointment clouded Liz's eyes at not seeing Max within the group, which was swiftly chased way by her timid smile and quick, "Hello."

Before the last person Liz guessed as who would be playing Mark Green could greet her, the woman who had been laughing earlier stepped in front of her.

"Liz Parker. Wow." The attractive blonde spoke with her green eyes wide in awe and her mouth agape. Cheerily she began to speak while she grabbed for Liz's hand and energetically shook it, not realizing that she had squeezed a little bit too tight. "I've been a huge fan of yours ever since A Time For Dancing. I mean… Not that I wasn't ever a fan of you before that, because I've always been a fan. It's just that with that movie… I was totally obsessed with you." Frowning a bit and shaking her head, retracting her last statement, "Okay, I don't mean obsessed, I just really admire your talents and all."

Pausing for a moment of breath, she looked Liz once over closely and continued, "Gosh, you're a whole lot prettier in person than I thought you would be… not that I didn't think you'd be prettier otherwise. Just ask my Mikey here… he'll tell you tha-"

"Maria, babe. Shut up." Michael had noticed the startled look on Liz's face and placed a large hand on his wife's shoulder to interrupt before she did any more damage to his co-star with her incessant talking.

"Michael!" shocked and annoyed at his disturbance, Maria turned towards her husband, sending him a frown.

Ignoring her glare, he spoke to Liz, "I'm sorry about Maria, she tends to ramble a lot. As you can tell."

At hearing the word 'ramble', Maria went stiff while her eyes lit bright, readying her defense. "How dare you say that?! I do not ramble, Michael! I just like-"

Cutting Maria off again, he nodded his point, "See what I mean?"

At that, everyone chuckled, except for an irate Maria, of course. Once again ignoring his wife, he introduced himself, "I'm Michael Guerin, a.k.a. alien Mark Green. This here," motioning to an unhappy Maria beside him, "the chatter-box who decided to tag along today, is my wife."

Mumbling, Maria spoke loud enough for everyone to hear, "Unfortunately…"

Turning to Maria, Michael softened his voice. At seeing her head lowered, he lifted a finger under her chin so he could see into her eyes, "Honey, I love that you're my wife. I love that you ramble. I love you. And I know you didn't mean what you said." He kissed her crown softly.

She opened her mouth to retort back, but was silenced by Michael's raised eyebrow. "Maria…" sending her an unbelieving look.

Relenting, Maria apologized as she sighed and rubbed her protruding tummy lightly. "I'm sorry Michael. I don't know… I guess this pregnancy is getting to me. My hormones are going all wacko on me." Laughing offhandedly as she looked back up at Michael, a new sheen of tears could be seen glossing over her pretty green eyes. She was ecstatic that they were going to have a baby, but all the side effects that came with it was really getting to her. She'd already had to deal with morning sickness, a roller coaster of emotional bouts happening at the oddest and most inconvenient of times… and also the cravings of sweet and spicy foods too.

"Don't worry, babe. I understand." He opened his arms up so they could embrace lightly. He had five months practice of handling his expectant wife already. He was certainly prepared now, compared to that first time his wife went into tears. Michael loved that he was the only one who could calm her down. Turning back to everyone else while Maria's head was still very much buried in Michael's chest, he said, "Sorry about that. Maria's been like this for weeks now. I never know when it's going to be fists or tears coming from her… and sometimes it's both." Breaking the awkwardness in the air with light humor.

"I can totally understand that," replied Samantha, sympathizing with Michael. "When I was pregnant with Colin, I'd get emotional over the weirdest things… it was quite funny."

As everyone put in their fill of pregnant life, Liz felt a light tap on her shoulder. Swinging around, she came face-to-face with Max Evans. "Hello, Liz." He said in a somewhat breathy voice.


Looking quickly at his watch, he groaned, ten minutes until two-thirty. It'd take at least twenty more minutes to get to the house. If it hadn't been for his sister's call, he'd already be there. Impatient, he stepped heavily on the gas, hoping there weren't any cops on the roadsides nearby as he traveled over the posted speed limit.

He wasn't surprised when Jim called him up to tell him Liz had gotten the part. Max knew that no one else had been good enough for it. And now, he was eager to be by her side again. Ever since he met her yesterday, she had consumed his thoughts and even his dreams. Smiling to himself as he reminisced, Max could still vividly remember one of them…

He felt the cool silk of her hair as he let his fingers sift through the strands. Feeling it, the texture was soft, sleek and smooth. Taking his other hand, he cupped her cheek and ran his thumb lightly over her bottom lip, loving the cute pout and the fullness of it under his finger.

Anticipating, she wet her lips, moistening them. He hadn't been the only one with roaming hands, though. She'd let her hands travel over his muscled arms, his strong chest and over the expanse of his broad shoulders while playing with the soft hair at the nape of his neck.

Lowering his head, he lightly kissed her bare neck in a sucking motion. His warm breath tickled her and she giggled mutely. "Max…" she breathed out breathlessly.

"Yeah?" He questioned, equally breathless.

"More…" was her simple reply. He fervently lifted his mouth to hers, melding lips-to-lips. Their movements were soft, slow and unhurried.

Until she opened her mouth so he could have free access, in which he used fully. Their tongues dueled together. Their bodies heated. And their kisses went from leisurely and relaxed to fiery and fierce.

A gentle cloud wrapped around them… a mist of light… a warm breeze. It all contradicted their passion, their intensity. Nothing about their movements were gentle… it was harsh, and brute… almost to the point of animalistic. They were literally clawing at each other, wanting to get as close as possible.

He promptly backed her body up flush against the cold wall of white. She gasped from the sudden change in temperature and he continued his scorching kiss, searing her with shivers of warmth. His hands once again roamed over her beautiful body, cupping her breasts, causing her to moan in pleasure.

Suddenly pulling away from her, his shirt vanished from his body while hers diminished into thin air as well. Dark eyes met dark glazed eyes. Both were burning with smoldering desire… so thick, it weighed heavily in the air surrounding their overheated bodies.

In one swift move, he pulled her into his arms once again and continued his assault on her lips, on her body… on her. Where his lips touched hers, he marked her… red and bright.

A pulsing beat pounded heavily around them, rhythmically setting the tone of their next movements. Fast and furious. The steady beat of a low drum.

She lifted her legs, wrapping them around his waist, bringing their centers closer together. Heat met heat. Getting impatient now, she started grinding her lower half into his, causing his own moan to erupt from his lips… making her smile appreciatively through their sustained kiss.

His hands were currently kneading her outer thighs, both their blood pulsed and boiled from the force of sensations. Becoming too restricting, their last garments disappeared also. Naked now, sweat trickled on his chest, leaving a polish of shine while slipping and sliding, down and in between their bodies. "Now, Max. Now…" she exhaled…

"Yes. Now…" Max breathed out, a dazed and dreamy smile on his lips.

"Sir?!" Breaking Max from his daydream, a man stood beside Max's window and asked, "Hey, sir? Are you okay?"

Max turned his face towards the voice to see a man standing there with a questioning look. Looking around, he noticed the home in front of him. He drove for about twenty minutes in a state of fantasy. Shaking his head, he thanked the lord he hadn't gotten into an accident. Remembering the man, he blushed a crimson red thinking the other man secretly knew the sinful thoughts that had been going through Max's head. He hastily replied, "Yeah… Yeah, I'm okay."

Getting out of his car, he could hear voices coming from the backyard. So he made his way across the yard, opening the gate, he walked through. Taking a glance around, he noticed Jim and Amy. But they weren't who he was looking for. It was the young, petite woman standing next to them, Liz Parker. Pausing to catch his breath at the site of her, he willed his body to calm down-a hard feat after recalling such a vivid dream.

Slowly making his way towards the group, he hoped he could act cool and collected around her, not like some other gawking fan of hers. Standing a foot behind Liz, he lightly tapped her shoulder. Sounding more shaky than he cared to admit, Max greeted Liz as she turned to face him, "Hello, Liz…"

Their eyes met and they both fell silent. She'd meant to say 'hi' back, but the look in his eyes… well, it was piercing and silencing. His eyes were dark, almost a full on black.

The corners of her lips lifted into a small smile. Liz could stand there all day looking into them, because she didn't think she'd ever get sick of seeing his amber eyes, especially so dark. It was like there was a need in them. Something he desperately wanted.

Whatever it was, his eyes were so different, so mysterious… she just wanted to learn all the secrets he held in them.

But unfortunately, his appearance wasn't noticed only by Liz. Breaking their gazes, Jim called out, "Max! Finally!"

Everyone turned to face the new edition. "Max… you're here. Great! Now we can get started." Cried out a happy Amy, while disappointment flickered within Max and Liz's eyes.

"Courtney! Over here!" Jim called out to the photographer, motioning with his hand for her. Once she reached his side, he began the instructions of how they were going to shoot. "I'd like for you all to get changed into makeup and wardrobe and come back here to the pool area for the full cast shoot. I know Paul's not here. He said he couldn't make it today because he was finishing up his latest movie. He'll just have be shot separately.

"Anyway, you all come back here and we'll get a cast shoot. Then we'll pair you up to different locations around the area and take shots there. Max and Liz together. Michael and Angie. Samantha and Brendan. Oscar, sorry, but you'll be the lone soldier for today. Hope that's okay with you."

"Hey no problem! The bigger chance of me getting the best shots!" Laughing merrily.

"Okay then, wardrobe everyone!" Amy shouted, waving her hands so everyone could get inside to the dressing rooms and pick out their outfits.

"Oooh… the director directs!" Oscar joked, although admittedly corny. He seemed to be the only one laughing, him and Brendan. Guess they'll turn out to be good friends.

"Oscar, you're so not funny!" said an amused Maria-not at the joke, but the lameness of her husband's co-star.

"Hey! I am too. I've been in a lot of good comedies." He defended himself.

"Yeah? Like what?" she questioned.

Cornered, he responded with his eyes moving left to right and looking above, "Well… uhh…" as if searching for the answer, "Something About Mary…"

"You were never in that," Angie stepped into the conversation.

"I never saw you, dude," replied Brendan.

"Yeah? So what? I'd like to think that I was in it."

"Enough everyone! Get to wardrobe, Oscar." Amy rolled her eyes playfully, shoving Oscar towards the house where Max and Liz had already entered through.


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After the makeup artist and the stylist left, she stood in front of the full length mirror, entranced at her own image. Liz had been dressed up before--it was a given when her career consisted of playing dress up and pretending to be someone she's not--but she was still always amazed at each transformation that the wonderful makeup artists, hair stylists, and costume designers could do to her. Transforming her from Liz Parker to a beautiful goddess. To a youthful teenager, a powerful business lady and even to a frumpy old woman… whatever the role called for, they could make it happen.

She looked at herself in the reflection, admiring the light chiffon gown that was all in itself, ethereal. The dress was long, flowing and purely white. It was so simple yet so elegant at the same time, making her look and feel like a young bride…

Her long hair had been curled and twisted into a simple loose braid that crowned her head--a medieval style where a couple of leather cords were intertwined into the braid. Strands were left loose, falling around her face in light coiled wisps. The look only elongated her lovely neck and shoulders, giving her a hint of subtle sexuality. A wonderful combination of innocence and all the right elements of womanly assets--something she didn't think she had.

The makeup had been done to a minimal. Light powder, a rosy blush that was brushed modestly over the apples of her cheeks and a clear shimmered glossy eye shadow that accentuated her already great doe eyes, making them glow brightly against her olive tanned skin. Her lips had been painted in a sheer pink gloss, emphasizing the natural fullness of her lips. The makeup artist had said that doing anything else to Liz would have ruined the perfect simplicity of the look. "Plus, a fairytale princess didn't have the need for makeup; a modern day princess wouldn't either," he had said.

A princess… yes. That's what she felt like. A young princess. All she was missing was her precious jeweled crown; one that would complete the attire… and her Prince Charming that would stand by her… but of course, that was another story…

Spinning completely around, she watched as the skirt of her dress fanned out from her legs, the soft swoosh sound of it making her giddy like a schoolgirl. She preferred this attire to her earlier outfit. If Liz had a choice, she'd much rather be fully clothed in a beautiful dress than half naked in a body baring bathing suit.

At least the one she wore earlier hadn't been too bad. The suit covered everything that needed to be covered.

And it had been about a half or so hour ago since they finished the cast shoot. Jim and Amy wanted it to look candid--like a bunch of young teenagers hanging out on a hot summer day by the pool. Even for it being March weather in California, it was very warm. A blessing that everyone held since no one likes to be exposed and freezing.

The shoot itself had been pretty casual…

"Alright guys, in the pool!" directed Amy.

"Woo hoo!!!" cried out an enthusiastic Oscar. Without warning, he cannonballed himself into the deeper end of the pool, causing a major splash to crash over the edge, getting the rest of the cast wet.
Click. Surfacing, he noticed the annoyed looks on his wet co-stars' faces. Innocently, he asked, "What?" Rolling their eyes, everyone dived into the pool, purposely splashing Oscar as they went along.

The sun shone brilliantly over the backyard, reflecting itself against the pool's surface. It was blinding if you looked at the water, making you squint your eyes if you did. There'd been a net placed in the center for volleyball. For a couple of minutes, they played a game, until Oscar decided he'd rather dunk Angie than dive for the ball…
Click. Thinking those were good shots, the photographer clicked away at her camera, loving the childish play coming from Oscar. He was definitely the least mature of the group, although he wasn't the youngest.

Lazily, Max and Michael huddled together. "Max, man. So… what do you think of Liz?" he asked as he motioned over to Liz sitting on the edge of the pool. Instead of giving time for Max to answer his question, Michael went on with his own thoughts of Liz. "She seems cool, a little bit quiet but cool." He nodded his head, sounding a little bit like his wife in his rambling. "I'm kinda surprised. I would think someone as big as her would be self-centered… you know, the nose stuck up so high in the air kind… But I'm glad she's not like that. I wouldn't want to work with anyone who's more arrogant than me." He said as he chuckled to himself.

"Yeah…" Max hadn't really been paying much attention to Michael. His focus was solely on Liz, who was on the other side of the pool talking to Samantha.
Click. His earlier daydream kept coming back to him, haunting him with the images… Trying to redirect his mind from his fantasy and further stopping any embarrassment before it happened, he tried to think of something else other than her. But he just couldn't help himself. He recalled his earlier reaction to seeing her walk out of the dressing room…

Liz walked out with a short robe on that exposed her slender legs. She looked extra adorable in her little pink sandals. Her toes had been polished in a matching pale pink, adorned with small toe rings. Her hair had been pulled up in a ponytail. Like the other day, his heart stopped mid-beat when he noticed her taking off the robe to reveal a cerulean blue bathing suit underneath. The little brief bottoms matched perfectly with the haltered top. It was the most unpretentious looking swimsuit that had been in the dressing room. But in Max's opinion, it had suited her body perfectly.

Liz was quietly sitting on the edge, facing herself towards Samantha so she could take quick and unnoticed peeks at Max.
Click. He was dressed in swim trunks that hung low on his hips… making him look unbelievably sexy. She could barely make out the rivulets of water dripping from his hair and onto his well-defined body. He literally looked like he could have been on an Abercrombie & Fitch quarterly with the way he was seemed to be right at that moment.

Click. Looking over at Brendan and Oscar trying to dunk Angie, all in vain, Samantha commented, "Well, I'm sure it won't ever get boring with Oscar around…"

"Yeah," agreeing flippantly. "He's quite a character. I've never seen him or Angie before. Brendan though, he looks very familiar to me." Not really looking at Brendan or the two with him. Still discreetly focusing on Max although Sam was totally oblivious to it.

Whispering softly, as if in a conspiracy, Sam informed, "Oh, I thought that too… I found out from someone that he's Timothy Wade's son."

Lowering her gaze to Sam, she inquired although not really enthusiastically, "Wow. Timothy, the director?"

"Yep. I heard if the show gets picked up, he'll direct a couple of the episodes." Sam continued, "I hope he does… it'll be a pleasure working with a prominent man like him."

Before Liz could respond, Amy cut in, "That's good everyone! Back to wardrobe! Meet back here in fifteen minutes!"

Everyone had changed and met in the back yard once again. Getting shots from here and from there… group shots, candid shots. Funny shots. Artistic shots. Everything. She couldn't even count how many rolls they'd gone through. Essentially, about three hours of it.

It wasn't actually too bad though, at least compared to other photo shoots she's been to. With the past shoots, they were mostly always held in a small studio where the photographer would tell you to pose like this and like that. Over there. No, over there… Those were extremely tiring, especially if you were Liz--who hadn't thought herself as model material. She really was too modest for her own well-being.

Twirling around before the mirror once more, Liz caught Maria's eye. She'd been standing just inside of the room with a grin on her face, silently watching Liz dance around.

Startled at her spectator, Liz gasped. "Oh! Hey, Maria."

Smiling amusedly, Maria stated, "Wow. You look beautiful, Liz." They hadn't been able to talk since she first introduced herself… not like she really gave Liz much time to say anything anyways.

"Thank you." She answered appreciatively. Even though she hadn't yet gotten to know Maria, Liz could tell that Maria would be someone she'd get along very well with. Someone enjoyable. Answering Maria with a smile, Liz continued, "I feel beautiful."

"As you should." Maria walked further into the room, crossing her way towards Liz. The moment she saw Liz circle her way in front of the mirror while dressed up in that incredible white dress, she had forgotten why she had come into the room in the first place. "It's just simply gorgeous."

"I know. I thought the exact same thing when I first saw it." Liz responded in awe as she looked down at the dress. Her fingers curled lightly around the soft material.

"Even at my best shape, I know I wouldn't be able to look that good in that dress."

Jerking her head up to meet Maria's eyes, she reassured her, "Oh, don't say that. You'd probably look better in it anyways. At least you have a shape." Liz had always thought of herself to be too childlike in her figure.

"A shape? Girl… what are you talking about?!" Pausing, she continued, "You know that this 'shape' is only coming from the baby I'll be having soon, don't you? My boobs were never this big nor were my hips. I've pretty much had an angular figure until I'd gotten pregnant, thanks to Michael." Stopping for a moment as she held a slender finger to her lips, she said seriously, "Hmmm… maybe he is a good use after all."

Forgetting the shape issue, Liz asked, "How many months are you?"

"Five, almost six wonderful months already." Maria answered wistfully as she glanced down to her protruding belly and rubbed the underside of it. As if on cue, her baby kicked where she had rubbed, as if wanting more of Maria's mothering touch.

About a couple of weeks ago, as she was doing laundry, Maria went to pick up a piece of garment that had fallen to the floor and noticed that she couldn't see her toes anymore. She stood still and shocked. Maria had been carrying her baby for a little over four months already but I had yet to hit her. It was really happening… she was going to have a baby. And her baby was growing… and fast.

That day, she'd sat herself on the bed and cried. Happy tears. She'd always wanted to be a mother to a beautiful child. And these past few months have been ecstatic for her… even with all the side effects that came with it, she enjoyed much of her pregnancy.

"Is it going to be a boy or a girl?" asked Liz, breaking Maria from her reverie. To Liz, it was sweet watching Maria fill up with joy when Liz had mentioned her baby.

Shaking her head as she answered in the negative, Maria explained, "No. Michael and I agreed to find out when he or she actually comes into the world. We like to be surprised. Although I'm really hoping for a baby girl. And Michael wants a boy so he can mold him into a miniature Michael. That'll be scary. I can picture it now, a little boy with a wild head of hair like his father." She said the last thought as she chuckled amusedly.

Watching Maria was a delight. Liz could just tell that she was in love with Michael. Her eyes would sparkle, her face would light up from her smile… She wanted to ask more about the baby, but her curiosity got to her. "Well, uhh… not that I don't want you here, but what are you doing in here?" Liz asked politely.

"Oh!" Standing up straighter as Maria started to remember, "Oh… yeah, Angie had left her purse over here and I volunteered to come back and retrieve it for her."

As if it was staged, Angie walked in through the door, calling out to Maria, "Maria, have you found it?" Stopping to smile as she saw Liz. "Hey! Liz. You're still in here?"


"By any chance have you seen my purse?"

"No Angie, I haven't. I'll help you look for it though." Liz answered, making her way around the room to search for the missing purse. Angie was a nice girl and it wouldn't hurt to help her out.

"Thank you." Angie said, grateful for Liz's kindness while she, too, went in search of her bag.

"No problem." Turning around to face Angie again, Liz smiled sincerely.

With that, the three ladies searched the room, only to have Maria find the purse tucked behind one of the racks full of clothes and accessories.


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The wind whipped through their hairs as the barren earth blurred and was left hazy when Max drove them speedily down the paved highway. Click. Max's once neat hair was now rumpled either from the constant running of his hands or the strong breeze. His short bangs hung slightly over his eyes and the rest stood wildly on its roots. A sexy yet boyish look.

Meanwhile, Liz's chocolate tresses started to come undone from her own loose braid, fanning itself around her head. Laughing merrily, she tried to pull the strands away from her face, a futile effort as they clung to her wet lips.

They were on their way to the location that Jim had scouted out for. Riding in the blue convertible, the top down and the wind blowing was truly a scene. It held a freeing feeling.

Max watched her eyes fill up with delight, causing a burning ache deep in his heart. He'd taken a glance next to him to see Liz sitting on her knees, wearing that amazing dress of hers. She had her arms spread out like a ballerina before doing a pirouette. Her eyes were closed as she raised her face to the heavens. The wind whisked itself in-between the folds of her dress… resulting in a soft trail of silken material to flutter through the air. Click.

It was an impulse. Her body just moved without her head thinking its way through. Liz had been sitting in the passenger seat next to Max, getting lost in the scenery, the mood that had been set and just the dry desert atmosphere.

"Liz…" he called out her name in admiration. He had spoken so softly, yet the wind carried his voice to Liz's ears, making her notice and turn her face towards Max.

And still on her knees, her arms wide, she whispered out through the wind. Responding equally lightly, "Yeah…"


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