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Hi everyone!

I've started a new fanfic, and thought I'd share it. Don't worry, I'll continue to write for lonely hearts, which is the other fic am working on. Enjoy! and feedback would be appreiciated, as I need to know whether to continue to write this or concentrate on teh other one.

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Author: Christmas Nazi
Catagory: Max & Liz (AU)
Rating: NC-17
Sypnosis:This story is set in France. Liz lives in the north of France, but goes to the south one day for the summer. Its a summer she thought she would never get. Ok, am a sucker for love stories, and this is strictly a Max and Liz one. I also got the idea or theme rather, from the movie a walk in the clouds. But it's not like the movie.
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell, or any of the characters, those belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, UPN etc.
Authors note: Ok, I haven't done french in quite a few years, so my knowledge about french and France is really rusty! So most of this stuff is gonna be made up. I think the title roughly translates to beautiful romance/love. Correct me if am worng! This story is also set in the POV of Liz.
Please give me some feedback on my progress! I need to know whether its worth continuing.

Belle d'amour


Dear diary,

The year is 1918, and am Elizabeth (Liz for short) Parker, and for the past 2 years, I been feeling a yearning. Its a weird feeling in my heart. It feels empty and alone, sometimes so much it hurts. Mama and Papa are both so strict on me. "Study Liz, you must concentrate and study hard to get somewhere in life. If not, then you can always marry Mario, and let him take care of you." They've drilled that message into me since I was a little girl. How tiresome its become. I do not want to marry that big headed Mario, I would rather suffer than marry him. My main priority in life growing up was to study hard, and worry about nothing else. I look at my friend Maria....she's so lucky. Her parents are so carefree, they let her do whatever she wants. So much freedom! Something that I'll never have. I see her enjoying life as young woman should, but I envy her for it. I know I shouldn't, but I can't help it. She tells me she's going to this party, and that party, and all the people she's meeting, all these handsome men she's meeting that is. She tells me she's in love with Alesandro one minute, and the next, she's complaining of what a rat he is. Its quite amusing really, but I can't really relate to her. Mama and Papa hardly ever let me go out and meet new people, let alone have a boyfriend. They said there ae a lot of bad things in the world and that young girls should be wary. I know they love me and want to protect me, but I feel suffocated. For god sake! am 20 years old!! Am a young woman, you would think they'd give me a little freedom.

So is this how my life is gonna be until the day I die? what a wasteful life. Boring. Boring. Boring. My grandmama Claudia is the exact opposite of my parents. She's always encouraging me to travel, to go out into the world and see what its about. Experience new experiences. Kinda hard to do when your parents watch your every move. I feel like am missing out on so much. It really hurts, all these emotions inside me, I have no idea how to make them go away.

.......hold on, mama is calling me........

Part 1

"Elizabeth honey, come downstairs for a minute, your father and I would like to speak with you."

I raced downstairs to greet them.

"Evening mama, evening papa" I kissed them both on the cheek. "What would you like to speak to me about?"

"Elizabeth, your grandmama Claudia just called. She wants you to go and visit her in the south of France for the summer. I told her I'd ask you first before making the decision. Would you like to go?"

Would I like to go? they're asking me if I'd like to go? this will be my chance to go out and see the world! to see gandma again, but at the same time with the excitment, I was scared to travel on my own. I'd never done it before. See this is what happens when you're overprotected. No independence. '

"Mama, I'd love to go. But am not sure. How will I get there?" this was gonna be humiliating if Maria found out. She knew I was naive about a lot of things, but this is rediculous!

"Don't worry, grandmama Claudia said she'd come pick you up if you wanted to go. She wanted to come visit your father and I anyway."

My eyes lit up, and a smile spread across my face. Problem solved!

"Yes! I'd love to go!"

"Then it's settled. I'll give Claudia a ring to tell her you wish to go. She should be here tomorrow evening. So you better go and get packing."

I gave mama and papa a huge hug, thanked them over and over for allowing me to go, and for the whole summer too! then rushed back upstairs to write down all my happy thoughts in my diary.


Dearest Diary,

You'll never guess what just happened! Grandmama Claudia called and asked if I wanted to visit her for the whole summer in Southern France. I was unsure at first, but I'd really wanted to go. Plus, mama and papa are allowing me to go. Maybe its because am staying with grandma, so it'll put their mind at ease, or maybe they're finally allowing me some freedom to grow up.

I am so happy right now! I wonder what wonderful adventures await for me?


Time seemed to fly by for me. I packed all the things that I'd need for the summer away. Grandmama Claudia arrived the next evening. She could see how happy I was, and knew I couldn't wait to leave. All the way through dinner, I couldn't stop the smile plastered on my face. Grandmama explained we would be leaving in the morning to catch the train back to Bordeaux, I didn't know if I could wait till morning. It seemed so far away. But I knew when I woke up, it would be the start of a wonderful summer.

Part 2

"Goodbye Elizabeth, takecare of yourself and be a good girl for your grandmama"

I hugged both my parents, who were teary eyed, and kissed them goodbye. I was gonna miss them, but I'll be back. I needed to do this. To get away for a while, to open a new chapter of my life, which hopefully will be less boring and more fulfilling.


The train ride took half a day to get to Bordeaux. I glanced at grandmama Claudia sitting in front of me, she had dozed off to sleep. I would have prefered if she'd been awake to talk to me, but it doesn't matter. I gazed out the window. Green fields and farmland rushed passed me in a blur. I took in the beauty of it all. I never wanted to forget any of this. I

I woke grandmama up when the train pulled to a stop a few hours later. We took our luggage and headed off the train. While we waited for our transport to take us back to grandmama's house, she turned to me, and gave me a twinkling smile.

"Welcome to Bordeaux Elizabeth. I hope you'll enjoy your summer."

"Don't worry grandmama, am sure I will." I linked arms with her and gave her a warm smile.

Our ride arrived, and we loaded our bags into the back. I continued to look at the environment around me. It was all so beautiful. Small cottages were built around the place, and there were fruit trees and bushes dotted around the place. I noticed how frienly the people were. They all smiled and waved when they saw grandmama.

"Grandmama, you must be very popular. Everyone seems to know you."

She gave a cheerful laugh, and squeezed my hand gently.

"It's a small town, Stay here long enough, and soon you'll know everyone too."

We soon arrived where grandmama lived. I was taken in with the beauty of the place. There was a large field filled with rows and rows of grape trees, almost as tall as a person. Not far from the field, was a medium sized cottage. There were flowers planted in the front, and all the different smells of the flowers mingled together creating a pleasant fragrance.

As I waited for my bags to be unloaded, I spotted someone staring at me. One look at him, and I could feel my heart beat faster and a funny feeling begininng to stir within me. It was a nice feeling, a feeling of ...warmth and comfort. How strange is that? He was tall and had short neatly trimmed brown hair, chiseled features, and...those eyes.....those hypnotising amber eyes that sparkled in the sun....and that body beneath his shirt...rippling strong muscles.... He was in pretty good shape! I felt my face start to flush as I was overcome with these thoughts and feelings I'd never had before. I gave him a shy smile in greeting, and he smiled back at me. I wonder who he is. I'll have to ask grandmama later on. She would know. I took my bags and followed grandmama into the house, before I entered, I took one last look at the handsome young man I'd smiled at. To my disapointment, he had vanished.

TBC? or not? you decide. Feedback please!! *happy*

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the better twin originally wrote:
mmm, I like where this is going. how old is Liz? well, post more soon!

Liz is 20 yers old. Its mentioned in the prologue

Lana Lane originally wrote:
Were you talking about all us readers or just Liz with that line? I'm sappy, happy smiling at what adventures and mischief she's going to get upto because she needs it. Her whole life is mapped out for it, she needs a break poor girl then I read this,

That was just Liz's line. *happy*

LOL! this fic is turning out to be even more popular than my last one! and wow! I'd just posted it yesterday!

Ok, I know this chapter is short, but am still editing the next one. But I'll post it soon. Am sure you guys will love it!

Part 3

Grandmama? I saw someone staring at me today, he was tall, had short brown hair, and sparkling amber eyes. He's about in his early 20s maybe. Do you know who he is?"

I was helping grandmama make dinner when I finally asked her the question that had been on my mind all evening.

Grandmama Claudia looked up from what she was doing and thought for a moment.

"Ah, that's Max. Maxwell Evans. He's the son of Phillip Evans. Phillip and his wife moved here about 15 years ago. Nice couple. Though their son is quite a quiet and shy young man. They don't live far from here. He must be here tending to the field of grapes."

"Tending to the grapes?"

"Yes my dear, all the local villages have a duty to look after the fruits. Make sure they grow properly and stay healthy. When the grapes ripen, we pick them, and take them to the local village where we make them into wine, to drink in celebration, and also to sell to traders. So the vineyard is very important to us. You must also learn to look after them now that you are here."

"I will grandmama."


After dinner, I went to my room to finish unpacking. It was a small, but cozy room. There was also a balcony outside of the glass door. The balcony was filled with candles and flowers as decoration. It was so nice of grandmama to make it feel more homey for me.

I finished unpacking and went to bed. I decided to leave the glass door open so there was a gentle breeze blowing in, and also because I wanted to gaze at the full moon and sparkling stars. Sparkling like Max' eyes. I wonder if I'll get to meet him again. Maybe I'll even get to talk to him next time.

I soon drifted off to sleep.

TBC!! Feedback please! *happy*
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Ok, here's another chapter for you to enjoy. *happy*

Part 4

I woke up nice and early the next morning. The scent of grapes drifted to my senses. It was sweet and summery. With it being such a nice warm day, I changed into a medium knee length summer dress and put a cardy over me incase it got chilly later on. I tied my long hair back from the sides leaving a few whispy strands dangling from the front. Perfect.

I had breakfast with grandmama before she told me to go and explore the place. She told me I'd been cooped up far too long with my parents. And now it was time for me to go and explore the world on my own. And if I ever got lost, I could ask someone for directions. They're very friendly people.

I decided to go and explore the vineyard first. It seemed like such a beautiful place to wander and explore in. I walked towards it, I took a deep breath enjoying the fruity scent the grapes gave off, and closed my eyes enjoying the warm sun shining down on me.

I walked down the path, and looked at the fruit bushes and trees along side me. The local villages have been taking very good care of them. They were plump and juicy.

As I walked, I could feel someome watchiing me, I looked around, but there were only a handful of people tending to the grapes. It must have been one of them, after all, I was new to the town, and they must've wondered who I was. I continued to walk, moving away from the group of people. There it was again, that feeling of someone watching me. I turned around to see who was around me, but I was alone now. I'd walked quite far down the other end of the field.

"Hello? is someone there?" I looked around again, then caught a slight movement among the other side of the grape trees.

"Who's there? why are you following me?"

The figure hiding on the other side slowly walked out to face me. Oh! it's him again. Max gave me a shy smile

"Am sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. I saw you walking here, and didn't want to disturb you."

I nearly melted as I gazed at him. To me, he looked to be the most perfect man in the world. Ok, I haven't really met anyone else, but when I see him, my heart keeps jumping and beating faster. It only happens when am around him, it happened when I first arrived, and it's happening now. When I look at other people, that feeling doesn't come. Oh! those beautiful amber I could just spend an eternity drowning in them.

Um...I should really say something to him, otherwise, he'll catch me staring!

"That's ok. My name's Elizabeth, Elizabeth Parker. But my friends call me Liz for short. I think I saw you yesterday, when I was waiting for my luggage."

He gave me the most amazing smile before taking my hand to his lips. I knew I must've been blushing like mad!

"Am Max. Maxwell Evans, but I prefer to be called Max. Nice to meet you...Elizabeth." and with that, he place a gently kiss on the top of my hand.

I suddenly felt too hot wearing my cardy over me, it was as if Max was channeling heat from him straight into me through the touch of our hands.

After he introduced himself, he released my hand. I was disappointed that he hadn't held it longer.

"So you are staying with Claudia?"

"Yes, for the summer. She is my grandmama."

Max gave me a twinkling smile "Well, it was a pleasure to meet you Elizabeth. Enjoy the rest of your walk." and with that, he slowly walked off down the path leaving me standing on the spot gazing after him. Wait till Maria hear's about him. She'll be sure to want all the details. It was so strange, I felt this energy when I was around Max, I wonder if Maria's ever felt that with the people she's met.

TBC!! feedback please!

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Hi everyone, thanks for the feedback! *happy*

Ok, here's the next part.

Part 5

"Max! wait!" I started to run after him. I saw him turn around at the sound of my voice, and gave me a friendly smile.

"What is it Elizabeth?"

"Grandmama told me to go and explore this town, it would be nice to have someone show me around, you know, so I won't get lost." I felt myself blush at what I was asking. Where did this boldness come from? "Will you be my tour guide for the day?"

Max gave me a shy smile, I found it to be rather adorable! "It will be my pleasure to honour mademoiselle's request."

I felt a huge smile break across my face. There was just something about him, I have no idea what it is, but I found that I really wanted to spend some time with him, to get to know him. And it would also be nice to have a friend.

We decided to walk into the local village instead of taking transport. It would give us a chance to get to know each other.

"So how are you enjoying Bordeaux Elizabeth?" Max inquired.

"Please, call me Liz. I've only been here for a short time, but it seems to be a charming place." with charming people, I found myself adding silently.

"So, what about you Monsieur Evans? how long have you lived here for?" I didn't dare let on that I'd already known a little about him from grandmama, besides, it would be a nice conversation builder.

"My parents moved here when I was just a little boy. They've always loved France, and just decided to move here."

"So where did you originally come from?" I inquired.

"I was born in America, but have lived most of my life here in France."

He gave me the sweetest smile. Distracted, I nearly tripped and fell into a pothole in the ground. Good thing I saw it just in time and side-stepped it! otherwise...oh the humiliation!

As we walked and talked, I noticed how Max regularly glanced at me, but as I go to look at him, he quickly turns away, a pinkish tint on his cheeks. I've never seen a man blush before. It seemed very odd to me! but amusing at the same time.

We stopped by a market cart, and I thought it would be nice to buy grandmama some plums. I go to pay for it, but Max stopped me and offered to pay for them. Of course I said I would pay for them myself, but he kept insisting. What a charming gentleman he was! Since he paid for them, I offered him one to eat while he was showing me around the town.

He showed me all the best cafe's to go to. Which were virually all of them. People smiled at us and said hello as we walked in the village. Such friendly people. Grandmama was right.

By the time he showed me most of the village, it was almost evening. And I had to be home for dinner, plus grandmama would be worried about me. Max walked me all the way back home. The sun was beginning to set, and it was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. It was bright orange at first, then turned into a deep red colour as it began to sink into the horizon.

"Isn't it beautiful?" I asked Max, indicating the sunset. He didn't answer me, so I looked at him.

"Yes, it is beautiful, but there are more beautiful things in the world."

Is he crazy?! there's something that is more beautiful than the rising and setting of the sun? maybe he's sees it everyday, and is sick of it. But how can anyone get sick of looking at the sun?

"Oh? and what is that?" I really wanted to know.

Instead, his gaze just lingered on me. I felt my face grow warm when he didn't look away.

"Well?" I tried again. This time, Max answered me.

"That, mademoiselle, will be a secret that remains with me.....for now."

We finally reached grandmama's cottage, and Max walked me all the way to the door.

"Well, thank you Max, for showing me around the village today. It was very kind of you."

"The pleasure was all mine, Elizabeth."

He took my hand in his, just like he did earlier this morning. I could feel my heart beating rapidly. I felt all tingly at the memory of this morning being repeated again.

"Sleep well mademoiselle" and with that, he place a gently kiss on the top of my hand.

"Goodnight Max." my mind wasn't working properly. It was all I could say.

He smiled at me, then walked down the path of the garden and disappeared into the shadows the sun casted, as it entered its last setting stages.

I fumbled to open the door, (my hand was still tingling from his kiss,) and walked into the kitchen where grandmama was preparing dinner.

"Am home grandmama. I bought you some plums."

I emptied the plums into a fruit basket, then walked over to her.

"Ah, Elizabeth, you are home. Did you have a good day? tell me what did you do?"

The first thing I did was walk over to grandmama and gave her a long hug.

"Thank you grandmama Claudia."

"Thank me for what?"

"Thank you, for inviting me to spend the summer with you."

"You are quite welcome my dear. Now tell me, what did you do today? make any new friends yet?"

I felt all dreamy when I thought about the day I'd just had.

"Max showed me around the village today."

I saw grandmama raise an eye brow in surprise.

"Really? you spoke with Max?"

I simply nodded. A smile spread across grandmama's face

"He's usually so shy and quite, I've rarely seen him talk to girls before. Though many girls have tried to get his attention."

"Really?" I knew he was shy and quite, but I had no idea he rarely talked to other girls.

I helped grandmama set the table, then sat down to eat.

"Cherish your friendship with Max, Elizabeth. He seems to like you, otherwise, he wouldn't have talked to you."

"Don't worry grandmama, I will."

Hopefully, I'll see more of Max this summer.

TBC!! feedback please!!

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Thanks for the feedback, and helpful hints *happy*

Well, since the baords were down yesterday, I took the opportunity to write another chapter or two.

Part 6

Dearest diary,

Well, I have arrived in Bordeaux for about 2 days now, and already I am enjoying my feedom grandmama has given me. I am experiencing new experiences and feelings that I have never felt before. Its quite intriguing, but frightening at the same time.

I met the most handsome man yesterday, well actually I first saw him staring at me when I first arrived, but it was yesterday that I had the opportunity to speak with him. His name is Maxwell Evans. He told me he moved here to Bordeaux with his parents when he was just a little boy. He has the face of an innocent boy, yet he is a man. He is in his early 20s, I have yet to ask him how old he is, as I thought that would be prying and nosy. Grandmama told me he was shy and quiet, this is true, but he is a true gentleman. A very sweet man who knows how to respect a lady. Quite a charmer actually!

He has the most hypnotising amber coloured eyes. I found that if I looked at them too long, I seemed to drown in them. He has short dark brown hair, which is neatly trimmed. He has the most amazing body a girl can ever see.... And ....oh diary! you are the only one who will know of all my feelings and secrets! I'd surely die if anyone else found out! Even Maria will not get all these details and thoughts.

I'll admit only to you diary. In truth, I am very attracted to this young man. I have never felt attraction before to the opposite sex, but when I am around him, my heart beats faster, my face feels all hot and flushed when he gazes at, he does not just merely look, he gazes. But he does not want me to know. When I look at him, he quickly turns away, but I see him, and its a feeling of being watched that is undeniable to me.

Grandmama told me that he rarely talks to other girls, yet he approached me when I was walking in the vineyards. I wonder if he has the same feelings about me that I have of him....
*laughs* I am just being silly now. Perhaps he merely wanted to offer his kindness to the new girl in town. I should really stop these thoughts. What I feel is what I alone feel. I cannot possibly know about another persons feelings. And besides, we have only just met.

Grandmama told me to cherish my friendship with him, even though we have only just met. I assure you that I will cherish all the time we spend together this summer.

TBC!! I'll post the next part soon. feedback!
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Hi everyone, thanks for the feedback. Here's another chapter for you to enjoy. I had to make this into 2 chapters rather than 1 cos it was too long. I'll post the 2nd chapter next time. Still making minor alterations.

Part 7

"Ah, Elizabeth, you are up. Come on, I will show you how to tend to the grapes."

I followed grandmama out into the vineyard, where other people were also tending to the grapes. I found myself looking around for Max, but I did not see him.

"Ok, now what you have to do is take each bunch of grapes and check that they are healthy. If there are any bad grapes, then you just pull them out. This way, it will stop the rest of the bunch from going bad."

"Claudia, how are doing this fine morning?" 3 of claudia's friends walked up to greet her.

"Am very well thank you. I'd like you to meet my granddaughter. Elizabeth."

"Hello Elizabeth, nice to meet you." they greeted Liz.

"Nice to meet you too." I said shyly.

Claudia smiled before continuing. "Elizabeth is staying with me for the summer."

"Well, we hope you enjoy your stay Elizabeth."

"Thank you."

"Elizabeth, my friends and I are going to tend to the grapes just a bit further down, will you be ok on your own?"

"I'll be fine grandmama."

I began checking the grapes when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to face the person. In my heart, I wanted it to be Max who had tapped me, but to my disappointment, it wasn't. Instead I found a pretty girl with medium length brown hair smiling at me.

"Hi, sorry, I couldn't help over hearing. You're new here?"

"Yes, I am" I smiled at her politely. "Am Elizabeth."

"Am Isabella."

We chatted for a little while before her maman came over and asked her to go and get some items for her at the local market. We said goodbye to each other before she left. She's a friendly girl. Maybe I'll make another friend this summer.

I saw grandmama approach me.

"Everything ok Elizabeth?"

"Yes, everything is fine. Most of these grapes are very healthy, hardly any are diseased."

Claudia gave her granddaughter a nostalgic smile. "We take very good care of them my dear. We give them the time and love that we would towards a loved one. The vineyards are a part of our life, and a part of us. It is a part of you too."

I gave her a puzzled look. I know that while am here am suppose to take of them too, but what is grandmama talking about?

"You might not know this Elizabeth, but our family originated from Italy, and in a way, here in Boreaux too."

I looked at grandmama in surprise. I didn't know this. Mama and papa never said anything about it.

"Really? mama and papa never mentioned anything about it."

Claudia looked thoughtful for a moment. " I wouldn't be surprised if your papa never told you. Well let me tell you now. Since you are here, at the heart of your ancestry."

We began to slowly walk down the path, and back towards the house, but be never went in, instead we sat down by the fountain outside.

TBC!! *happy* The next part will give you an insight into Liz' family history. Hopefully it'll turn out ok.

Feedback please!
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Hi everyone, Ok, I don't think I'll write Max' point of view in this. It's more about Liz, and her experiences of life since being away from her over protective parents.

I hope this 'history' part is up to standard and makes some sense. It only took me 1 evening to write, can you believe it?!

Part 8

"My great great grand-mere and grand-pere Alejandra and Peidro moved here from Italy when they were about your age. They were young people who were in love, and they were married. Their parents however, were against them. Both their families had feuded for about nearly 50 years. They were enermies. But for the two newlyweds, all that mattered was their love for each other. When their parents found out they were married, they were furious. They disowned them. They were forced to leave, so they decided to move to France. They didn't have much money, all they carried with them were a few clothing, small items, and the small root from a grape tree. Peidro's father had owned a vineyard just like the one we have now. even though he had been disowned by his father, he still loved his family. He took the root with him in the hope that one day, he'll be able to grow it. It was a reminder of where he had originally come from, now that he had moved away to start a new life with his wife. Life had been hard for them for a long time, but their love for each other kept them going. The town they lived in, which is where we are now, used to be very poor, but the people were friendly and helpful. When peidro found a job, they were living on the top floor of the shop. It was only one room, and a small bathroom. The rent was paid from half his salary. When they had enough money after many years of hard work, they bought this little house, which is where you are staying now Elizabeth. Its changed over the years, the house itself and the surrounding area got extended to be bigger. Peidro planted the little root like he had planned to, and it flourished. The original grape tree still stand today. Its up on that little hill."

I looked into the distance in the direction grandmama had pointed to, and I could just make out the outline of a medium tree. Grandmama continued her story. I found it to be fascinating!

"When that original tree grew and blossomed, Peidro was able to plant more, until he had created this huge vineyard. Now, Alejandra soon found out that she was expecting their first child, and they had to make more money now that there was a new life coming into the world. Peidro decided to start his own business. He harvested the grapes when they were ripe enough, and used his skills in wine-making to make wine to sell in the local village. Even though it took a lot of effort to make, he sold them at a low price. People bought them, and liked the taste of his wines. When travellers arrived in the village, they too bought the wine, and always asked for more. But peidro couldn't possibly make so many bottles on his own. So he made a deal with the local people. If they all helped him take care of the vineyard, and in the wine-making too, then he would continue to sell his wine to them. This was good business for Peidro and the local people too, as they earned money from the many travellers who passed this town. The once poor town now had Peidro to thank as it was now making money, and was less poor."

I saw that grandmama seemed to be in another lifetime as she was telling me this story.
"The generations that came after Peidro and Alejandra were reminded of their Italian ancestry, even though they were born here in France. Our family, your papa, me, even you, are all connected to this place. It was where a happy life had begun for us."

Claudia's eyes began to mist over

"But for your papa, it was a happiness that soon came to an end. You were not born yet, but still in your maman' womb. You see my dear, your grand-pere, had been ill for a long time. The doctor had told him to take it easy, but he wouldn't listen, he worked like everyone else taking care of the vineyard. It was important to him. You papa had told him that he would take care of it for him, and that he could go and rest. But your grand-pere had been a stubbon man. One day, while he was tending to the grapes, he had a heart attack, and died. Your papa never forgave himself for what happened. He knew his papa had been a stubbon man, and wished that he had been more strict with him. Maybe then, he wouldn't have...shall we say, worked himself into the grave."

I could see tears glistening in grandmama' eyes. This must be so hard on her, to be reliving the past as she told me the story.

"After that fateful day, your papa and mama moved away from here. Your papa said that he couldn't bear to look at the vineyard without remembering what had happened. And the guilt was just destroying him."

Claudia sighed.

"He hasn't been back here in 20 years. I took over the running of the business of course, but it was suppose to be a family business."

I noticed the sun had begun to set. My! I hadn't noticed the story had taken that long to hear. It seemed like 5 minutes!

Grandmama got up beside me and smiled.

"Well, now that you know the story, remember that even though you were born and have lived your life in a different city, this is where your true home is. This place is a part of you, and all good things will happen to you here. It's a magical place to be, and if you allow yourself to feel it, then you will see it. That is why Peidro and Alejandra had moved here. To start a happy life for our future family generations."

Claudia smoothed out her clothes.

"Well then! I had no idea it had gotten so late! I'd better go and make us some dinner. Come in soon my dear."

"I will grandmama, and thank you.....for telling me that wonderful story."

I gave her a hug before she disappeared into the house. I sat there for a while gazing at the shadow outline of the tree in the distance contrasting against the golden sunset. I really had no idea about how important this place was until now. Poor papa! no wonder he never mentioned anything to me.

TBC!! *big* Feedback please? so what do you think of the story so far?
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marteloise originally wrote:
firstly, I can't wait to read more..

but I love even more your story because it takes place in my town, Bordeaux ! ! ! !
if someone wants to have a look at what my lovely town lools like here's a link ...

thanks for writing!!

Thanks for the link. Before I started this story, I was looking at an atlas to find a suitable name for the town, and that name just jumped out at me, plus, when I went into our wine cabnet, it said the wine came from Bordeaux, so I thought, ok, bordeaux it is then! lol.

Its looks like a beautiful city, maybe I'll get to visit it one day.


I love this story!!! it's written so well and I really can't wait to read more!!!

Thank you!!! I guess I haven't lost my touch in writing! I used to love writing stories for my english assignments, and always got good grades for it. Now I can still continue to write for enjoyment. Thanks for your encouragement and feed back.

Just to let you know, I'll be posting a new chapter in a few days. I have some school deadlines to contend with, but after that I'll be on my xmas holidays, and I'll be able to post a lot more chapters then *happy*
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*Walks in slowly* *looks at everyone in shame*

I know I said I'd post a new chapter after my deadlines and stuff, and that its be a few, Ok, its more like a few weeks....*shy**tongue*

Am soooo sorry!!! I actually got caught up writing for lonely hearts, and sorta um...neglected this one. *sad*

BUT! I did manage to finish writing this not too happy with it, but thought you guys would want a new chapter *wink*

Let me know what you think!

Oh! and strawberry shortcake[ am glad you like that Liz's history/heritage thing. I wasn't oo sure on it, but all this idea just came to me really clearly. So I had to write it down. *happy*

Ok, on with the story!

Part 9

I saw Isabella again the next day. She invited me over for a welcome dinner. I asked grandmama, and she said it was ok. Isabella said that it would give us a chance to bond and become better friends.

Isabella came to pick me up around 6 O'clock since I had no idea where she lived, it turned out to be not too far from our house. She told me that her parents were very happy that they were having a guest over for dinner. Isabella also told me she had a brother, but he won't bother us much because he's a quiet person and tends to keep to himself. I wonder who he might be. Funny, are all men in this town shy and quiet like Max? Hmm...I seem to be thinking about Max again. What is it about him?

When we reached Isabella' house, I was greeted by Isabella' happy parents.

"I'm Diane, and this is my husband Phillip"

Since I was a guest, I thought it would be polite to bring something over as a thank you for them. I decided a small box of chocolates would be nice. They loved it!

We all walked into the aroma filled kitchen. Mmmm....they were making cannelloni. My favourite! I wanted to help them, but they refused as I was their guest. They ushered me into the living room. I browsed around the room, it was such a cozy place, candles and ornaments were laid out in different areas around the room; picture frames hung on the wall; there was a large mahogany dining table on one side of the room near the wall. Before I could look around some more, Isabella and her parents came in carrying the hot food.

Here, let me help you! I rushed over and took one of the plates from Isabella. She smiled and thanked me.

"Isabella, would you go and tell your brother that dinner is ready."

"Ok mother"

Isabella left the room leaving me with her parents. I felt sort of awkard now for some reason. We all sat down while we waited for Isabella and her brother to arrive. We made small chit chat about the city I lived in, my parents.....

Isabella arrived with her brother in tow. When I saw him, I was frozen in my seat. I could see he was equally surprised to see me.

"Nice to see you again, Liz"

"Nice to see you too Max."

Oh god! It never occurred to me that I had not asked about Isabella' surname.

Diane sat with her husband, while I sat beside her and Isabel. Max was directly in front of me. Half of me wanted to be sitting in a place where he didn't have to look at me directly all night, but another half of me.....well, was pleased that he there right in front of me.

Now that everyone was here, we began to eat.

"So how did you come to know my son Elizabeth?"

"He was my tour guide when I first arrived. It was very generous of him to show me around Bordeaux." I directed the last sentence at Max. He gave me a smile before continuing to eat.

Throughout dinner, I either saw Max gazing at me when no-one was looking, or caught him sneaking glances at me. I knew I started to blush everytime he did it. It was so embarrassing, at one point, since Diane had asked me if I was feeling ok. I had simply replied that the food was still very hot.

I think Isabella knows what's going on. I saw her give me a funny look, then directed another one to her brother.

After when dinner finished, Isabella took me outside the back and showed me the garden. She told me her mother had loved gardening.

Then the next thing I knew...well, I guess she was curious as to what had gone on over dinner.

"I know it's none of my business, but I'm curious to know. What is going on between you and my brother?"

"Nothing is going on. We just met the other day, and we're friends."

We stopped walking and sat down on the bench.

"Liz, I saw how he was looking at you all night! and you went bright red everytime he did. I know it had nothing to do with the food."

I could feel my cheeks growing warm again. So I turned my head away from Isabella. I stayed silent for a while. what else could I say? she'd seen it with her own eyes!

"Liz, I am very sorry. I didn't mean to embarrass you."

I finally faced her and gave her a smile. Then a thought came to me....

"Isabella, is there anything stuck on my teeth?"

Yes, I know I must've sounded insane, and the look she was giving me proved it, but just maybe...

""No, your teeth are fine. Why?"

"Well, thought that maybe your brother was looking at me all night was because I embarrasingly had something stuck in my teeth, and didn't want to say anything over dinner. But that doesn't seem to be the case."

We both bursted out laughing. It felt good to laugh.

"Look Liz, I know my brother very well, and from the look of things, he seems to really like you. I don't know how you feel about that, or about him, but please Liz, if you two ever do decide to become more than just friends, please don't break his heart. He's shy and quiet as he is. He rarely talks to anyone else, and for him to actually approach you and show you around town and become friends with you, he must see something in you."

"Isabella, maybe we'll just remain good friends, and nothing will happen. But if not, then I really cannot promise you anything. I can't see into the future, or know what it holds for us."
Isabella seemed to accept my answer. There was nothing else I could say to the matter.

I saw Isabella hesitate for a moment as if she wanted to say something, but wasn't sure if she should.

"What is it? you were about to say something."

"Um...look Liz, I'm not sure it's my place to say this...."

"Iz, please tell me what's on your mind."

Isabella sighed. "Max never used to be like this you know?"

I was confused, what on earth was she talking about?
Isabella continued. "Max used to be quite, yes. But not as much as now. He's practically a hermit now. And it happened after...her."

"Her? her who?"

"Tessia. Max had liked her too. It happened about a year ago. When he had found enough courage to ask her out, she had said yes. But she was a two-faced cow."

Isabella looked stunned at her own words. "Oh! I'm sorry for those harsh words. But mentioning her again...I..."

"No, it's ok Isabella. Please continue."

"Ok. They became a couple for about two months. He was so happy, he came out of his shell more. But then one" Isabella looked down at her hands. "One day, he was out in the field caught her, naked with another man."

"Oh my goodness!" I couldn't believe it! how could she do something as cruel as that!

"Max was crushed. And from that day on, he just retreated back into his shell. He hardly spoke to anyone. Hardly made any new friends. I think he lost all hope that love existed. He thought he had found it, but she had broken his heart. She hurt him deeply."

I could only imagine. If he was my boyfriend, I would never do that to him. Could never be that heartless and cruel....but he is not. He is only a friend to me, and as a friend the same rule applies. He's such a sweet and charming....

I caught Isabella looking at me deep in thought. I looked back at her sheepishly

"You know, its getting late. I should really be getting home now."

"I'll go and get Max to walk you home."

Before I could say anything, Isabella had run back into the house.

5 minutes later, Max was walking me back to grandmama' house.

"So what did you and Isabella talk about in the garden?"

"Nothing much, just girl talk. Nothing you need to know about" I gave him a mysterious smile. He looked at me puzzled, but decided not to go any further with it. Instead he changed the subject.

"So, um...what do you have planned tomorrow?" he asked shyly.

"I don't know. Nothing probably. Why?" I looked at him directly

"Well, we didn't finish our sight seeing, so I was wondering if I could take you again? I would be a terrible tour guide if I'd just left it at only half the town."

He gave me the most sexiest grin ever. My knees seemed to turn to sponge. I nearly fell over.

"It's nice of you to offer. It would be lovely for you to continue as my tour guide."

I gave him a shy smile. Inside I felt all tingly and happy that I would be spending more time with him. Being in his presence, the way he smiles and looks at really don't know. It's a feeling that tugs at my heart.

Was it just me, or did Max seem relieved that I had said yes?

We arrived outside grandmama' house, and I turned to bid him goodnight. Again, just like the previous night, he lifted my hand to his lips and place a gently kiss on top. I felt a tingle shoot around my body. I shivered. But it's not a cold night. The shiver seemed to have started from where his lips had contact with my hand.

"Goodnight sweet Liz. I will pick you up tomorrow at 11."

"Goodnight Max. And thank you....for walking me home."

"It was my pleasure. I will see you tomorrow. Sweet dreams."

And with that, I watched him walk away into the night. I opened the door and walked straight up to my room. I lay on the bed and gazed at the ceiling in a daze. A smile crept across my face. My hand still tingled from his touch. I could not wait to see him again.

It was going to be a long night.

TBC! Feedback please! so what do you think? *happy*

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Hi everyone, thanks for your patience. I've finally got going and started to write another chapter for this story. Hope you like. Just so you know, I've nearly finished writing the chapter that goes after this one. Its a max and Liz chapter, so you'll all probably like it. I'll try and get that up as soon as possible. *happy*

Part 10

The next morning I woke nice and early, god knows how! I only had about 5 hours of sleep. I quickly washed and dressed, and decided to wear my hair up. I put my hair in a low ponytail then twisted it up, securing it with a silver barrette clip that was adorned with purple and pinky crystal flowers.

By the time I went downstairs, grandmama was already busy in the kitchen.

"Bonjour grandmama." I walked over to her and gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek.

"Good morning Elizabeth, did you sleep well? I did not hear you come in last night."

"Um, yes, I slept well, I uh, was chatting to Isabella, that's why I was late home. I'm sorry to worry you grandmama"

"That's ok Elizabeth, I just don't want you to walk home alone in the dark that's all. It's not safe."

"Um, Max walked me home." I could feel my face turn warm as a blush crept across my cheeks when grandmama gave me an amused look. Grandmama changed the subject, probably to spare me anymore embarrassment. But I seemed to be back in square one again.

"So, what do you have planned today?"

I sat down on the table to eat a piece of toast and sip my fresh orange juice.

"Well Max said he'd show me the rest of the town...." Just them, grandmama turned to face me abruptly

"Oh! before I forget, I'm having some friends over for dinner this evening, just a bunch of old ladies trying to catch up on their diminishing social life" Grandmama gave me a teasing grin. I walked over to her and gave her another hug.

"Grandmama, you're not old at all!" Grandmama just chuckled.

"Well, just to let you know, you don't have to come home early tonight. You'll be with Max, so that will be ok."

Knock knock knock

"Oh! that will be Max." I quickly got up and picked up my bag by the stairs before opening the door. Grandmama was behind me.

"Good morning mademoiselle" Max said handing me a single red rose and flashing me the most adorable grin ever. I felt a strange tingle run through my body.

"Good morning Max" I said shyly, then blushed when he handed me the rose.

"And good morning to you too Mrs Parker" he noticed grandmama when she moved by my side.

Max reached out and shook grandmama's hand. Such a polite gentleman!

"Good morning Max, and please, call me Claudia. Now, you be sure to take care of my Elizabeth you understand?"

"Absolutely, you have nothing to fear." Max flashed grandmama a charming smile. I was pleased to see that even SHE was quite taken with his charm!

We said our goodbyes before Max and I made our way towards the town. He showed me the rest of the town which took about 3 hours. Suddenly he asked me if I was hungry. I was enjoying the scenery so much I had not realized how hugry I was. I nodded yes. A smile crept on his face.

"Come, I have another place to show you. I am sure you will like it!"

Max suddenly took my hand and pulled me into a run.

"Max! Where are we going?"

"You'll see." He grinned at me mysteriously. I wasn't scared of where he was taking me, I trusted him, infact I felt quite excited!

TBC!! Any ideas where Max is taking Liz? Feedback please!

Btw, am having some lacking of ideas on what to write for this story. Any idea suggestions will be most helpful. Or just simply whistful thinking will be equally as good!*big*
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Bonjour everyone!

Well, I've finally finished typing up the next part. So here it is. I'll be away for a few days, so won't have time to write the chapter after. But I'll try and write as soon as I have some free time *happy*

Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll keep them in mind and probably somehow incorporate it into the story. Have anymore suggestions, just leave 'em here! lol *wink*

Part 11

After running for a while we stopped and Max turned to face me.

"Ok, Liz, I have to blindfold you now." I saw Max pull out a thin silk scarf out his pocket

"What? Why?" I asked in shock.

The next thing I knew, his hand was stroking the side of my cheek. It was ever so gentle. I closed my eyes at the feel of his touch.

"Do not worry, I will not harm you." he said in a gently voice that was hard not to trust.

Slowly I opened my eys and stared directly into his penetrating amber ones.

"Ok. You may blindfold me." Max walked behind me and slowly placed the scarf around my eys and tying it at the back of my head. The mere simply act created feelings that churned deep within me. I had never experienced it before. But it was a feeling that only happened with Max. And he was the one that created them in me.

I felt Max's hands on my bare shoulders. A involuntary shiver ran up my body. I felt him lean in close from behind, his breath caressing my ear and neck. Being blindfolded, my senses switched to touch as my main sensory focus. I could feel the breeze caressing my face, and Max's breath on me....then his gentle whisper.

"Liz, you ok?"

I simply nodded. I could not find my voice to anwser him.

"Ok, walk forward. Don't worry, I will guide you."

Slowly with Max's hands on my shoulders guiding me, I began to walk. A while later I could hear birds singing, and the surrounding area seemed more peaceful, like we were away from the busy town.

Max pulled me to a gently stop, and slowly so as not to pull any of my hair, he untied the scarf.

"Ok, you can look now."

At first my hand went straight to cover my eyes as the sun was too bright, and I had to get used to the light after being blindfolded. When I could see properly again, I couldn't believe the site in front of me.

"Oh wow! Max, did...did you do all this?" I asked turning to look at him in awe.

He just smiled at me

"It's all for you Liz."

At that moment I could feel my heart swell and burst into a million pieces from happiness. Max had gone to all the trouble and did all this for me.

TBC!! ok, not much, but hey, its a max and liz chapter, so hopefully that'll make up for it. *wink*