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Author: Ripley

Summary: Instead of Max returning to the past to prevent the end of the world, what if Liz beat him to it? Once there, she persuaded Max to stay away from the Crashdown the day of the shooting. For surely, that was the only way to keep the future from happening...

Category: Mainly M/L - CC "Dreamer Insured" *happy*

Rating: PG-13 as of yet

Disclaimer: Not mine. Don't sue.

Author's Note: I'm still working on "Trouble with a Capital L" for those of you who are interested, but I wanted to try this fic. I am once again without a title so if any of you can help me with that, it'd be great. Guys this is DREAMER INSURED! I promise!!!

Many thanks to StardustDreamer who read through this and gave me the Go a head sign, and of course, corrected my mistakes. Thanks, pal.

Title: From the Ashes


Banner by Lorastar


Granolith Chamber. 2014

Max and Liz raced into the granolith chamber, Max with a determined look on his face, and Liz clinging to him, pleading with her eyes.

"Max, you can't do this, please!" she pleaded with him, tugging at his arm. "You and I know it won't work. Please, Max, it's irrelevant."

He turned to her then, and cupped her face in his large hands. "I have to try. It's a possibility. It's always a possibility."

Liz shook her head stubbornly as tears rolled down her cheeks. "No, no it's not. You can never fall out of love with me, and you know it," she retorted harshly and clutched the front of his shirt tightly in her hands.

He smiled and kissed her forehead. She was right, but he wasn't going to admit it. He had to do this, he had to try.

"Do you have any better ideas?" he asked, leaning his forehead against hers, knowing she didn't.

More tears spilled down her cheeks as she reached into his leather bound patch, tied securely around his waist, and pulled free the granolith's crystal. Liz pushed Max abruptly away from her and raced to the granolith. Inserting the crystal into the massive machine, tuning out Max's cries of protest, Liz let out a strangled cry as she was sucked into the extraterrestrial machine.

She looked at her surroundings a moment. She was really inside. Then, her gaze focused on that of her pain-stricken husband. Her heart went out to him, as well as her hand.

Max stood and raced to the granolith. His hand pressed against it's cool surface, yearning the feel of her warmth.

"Liz," he whispered mournfully. "What are you doing?"

Her hand too pressed against the granolith. "You asked if I had any better ideas," she said joked weakly.

Max's serious face was enough to remind her of just how important this matter was.

Liz could feel the power starting to surge around her, and she crouched down in front to him, knowing time was shortened.

"I love you, Max," she whispered softly to him. "I'll fix things, I promise."

Max shook his head, as he too started to experience the full force to the power swirling around the chamber. "No," he whispered. "Don't leave me."

Regret flashed in Liz's eyes for a brief moment before she vanished before him. Max collapsed to the floor in front of the granolith and wept.

Panicked footsteps sounded outside the chamber, and Max lifted his head to see his newly recruited Second-in-Command.

"Max? What happened?" Serena asked, looking alarmed.

He wiped at his tears, ashamed. "She's gone," he answered simply.

Serena's eyes widened. "This wasn't supposed to happen."


Roswell, New Mexico. 2000

Liz crashed to ground with a thud. She bit her lip to keep from crying out in pain, as the hard concrete bit harshly into her elbow, knees, and chin. Tears blurred her vision and she hastily wiped them away. Now was not the time for tears- it was time to get serious.

"Who's out there?"

Liz froze when she heard her own voice before her. She lifted her head and surveyed her surroundings. Liz had landed outside of her room, on her balcony.

Footsteps sounded as her younger self approached the window.

Liz collected herself and hopped over the edge of the balcony. She latched securely onto the rungs of the ladder and started her quick descent. She skipped the last three rungs and jumped to the ground, and then hid behind the shadows of the alley.

Liz flushed herself against the alley wall and closed her eyes tightly. She fought the urge to peer up at her younger self.

After a few moments, once she was sure she was gone, Liz crept from the shadows and ran down the deserted streets.

To Max's house.


Max placed his hand comfortably beneath his head as he stared at his ceiling. His thoughts drifting to one particular brunette who he'd never get the chance to talk to. To have a real conversation with.

To touch.

To kiss.

Rough tapping on his window brought Max back to earth, before his thoughts ventured into unspoken territory. He groaned and pulled himself from his bed.

"Michael for the last time I - Liz?" he asked in surprised.

She had taken a new transformation since the last time he saw her a few hours ago. Her most conservative clothing was gone, her long luxurious locks shredded, and a terrified look in her eyes penetrated his own.

Without a second thought, he opened his window and pulled her inside. The motion so smooth, it was almost as if he'd done it countless times before.

"Liz, what's wrong?" he asked worriedly. He took notice of the gash on her chin and lightly skimmed it with his fingers. "You're bleeding, what happened to you?"

She stared in disbelief at the young man in front of her. He slid his hand up her arm and neck to cup her cheek softly into his hand.

"Even now," she whispered to herself, though Max still heard. "You loved me even now."

Max's face showed his shock for a brief moment, and then he realized he most be dreaming. One of those blissful dreams where his dream girl came to his room, and seduced him back to the real world.

Liz removed his hand from her cheek and clutched it in her own. "Max, I need to talk to you, and you need to sit down for it," she whispered to him.


Max sat silently in the darkness of his room, as the woman before him paced, awaiting his response. As he continued to watch her, he noticed she was older. Her face showed years of experience. Her eyes had lost the sparkle that they contained years ago.

Yet, he was still skeptical.

"You've got to be kidding me right?" he asked, his voice the only thing sounding in the room. "You're telling me, that you came from fourteen years into the future to prevent the world from ending?"

Liz bit her lip. It did sound extremely crazy. She nodded. "Yep, that's basically it."

Max nodded too. "Well, this is one funked up dream." He said to himself.

She knelt down between his knees. "No, Max, this isn't a dream."

"I mean, not only did you find out I wasn't human, you accepted it," he continued, as if she weren't there. "And we were married....and...this is all too overwhelming. I think I am going to go back to sleep now."

"No, Max, listen to me, you have to believe me," Liz whispered pleadingly. "It's imperative."

He believed her for a moment. He hadn't had any reason not to, except for the tiny fact that it was complete ludicrous. Liz had nailed everything about him, his sister, and Michael- right down to the time they escaped from the pods. How could she have known that? Max refused to believe that she was the enemy. She was too perfect.

"Okay," he said after a moment. "Say that I do believe you. Say that I enter the world of insanity and believe everything you have told me in the course of thirty minutes, what does all of this have to do with me?"

Liz stood up and stepped away from him. "I need your help to keep from everything I told you from transpiring." She answered.

Max too stood up. "But you said it all began when I healed you."

Liz nodded.

He shook his head and turned around, immediately realizing what she meant him to do. "No, no, I can't do that. I can't not save you," he told her, feeling completely defeated. "I don't have it in me."

Liz grabbed his shoulders and turned him to her. "You have to Max, you don't understand what'll happen if you don't," she pleaded with him. He had to help her.

Max felt utterly helpless. He felt the stinging of tears in his eyes as he was being sucked further into this crazy world Liz had created for him. "You can't do this to me, Liz," he whispered. "You can't tell me that I had everything I ever wanted in the future, and then tell me I have to do everything in my power to prevent it from happening." He shook his head defiantly. "It's not fair."

Liz cupped his face and thumbed away a single tear that fell. "Max, you'll have saved millions of lives if you just give up this one little thing -"

He shoved her hands away. "It's not one little thing! It's my life."

She shrunk away from him, knowing it was a lot to ask of him, but he had to do it. And deep down, he knew he had to as well.

"From the moment I first saw you, I was lost. I knew I had to be with you, one way or another," Max sunk down onto his mattress again. "I had concocted thousands of little scenarios of how we could be together." He looked up at her again. "You can't do this to me, Liz. You can't take this away from me."

Liz let her tears roll freely down her cheeks. She knew she too would protest until her voice was raw if she were in this situation. But then, she'd have to face the truth, and she'd do what was right.

"Max, think about it. You have to make a sacrifice -"

"I don't want to make a sacrifice," he said harshly. "I want you."

Liz knelt in front of him again, and buried her head in his lap. His hands went to her hair, allowing the silky strands to flow through his fingers.

"Max," she said, her voice muffled. "All you have to do is not show up at the Crashdown tomorrow. That's it."

He clenched his eyes shut as more tears threatened to spill.

It wasn't as easy as she was making it.


"You're number one fan isn't here today, babe," Maria DeLuca commented to her best friend.

Liz lifted her head and gazed at the empty booth before her. She sighed. "I know."

"Wonder where Maxie Poo could be," Maria continued and leaned her back against the counter. "Surely he hasn't lost interest in my dear friend."

Liz shifted her head to give Maria a disapproving look, though she couldn't hide the smile on her face. "Maria? Shut up."

She laughed and went about her work.

Liz's gaze fell once again to the empty booth. She felt strange, knowing that he wasn't going to be here today. Max Evans would come in every afternoon and often in the evening too, to sit at the only booth in her section. Though, they rarely spoke, Liz anxiously awaited for the chance she would get to be near him. They knew nothing about each other- they were merely lab partners, but Liz felt as if she knew him on a completely different level.

Maria always teased her that Max's gaze would follow her everywhere she went. And as much as she protested, Liz did catch him on more than one occasion looking her way.

Liz shook her head to clear her thoughts. She had a boyfriend. She shouldn't be thinking such thoughts.

Kyle was sweet and loyal, and....and Maria was right, it did sound like she was describing a poodle.

The cook's bell chimed and Liz went to get her order. As she rounded the counter, hot plates in her hand, she heard Maria yell her name, followed by a deafening boom.

Liz collapsed to the floor, broken dishes scattering around her. The faint voice of Maria ordering someone to call the ambulance was the last thing she heard before she slipped into the darkness.


Max's head jerked up and he stared out the window. The sounds of an ambulance loud sirens sounded as it sped down his street. At that moment he knew where it was going, and the only thing he wanted to do was race to the diner and do some damage control.

Liz crawled through the window then, catching Max by surprise. She sank down to the ground, breathing heavily, and allowed her head to fall back against the wall.

"So, it's done," he asked flatly, not moving from his spot at the foot of the bed.

Her eyes opened and they peered into his. He knew she must feel some relief, knowing she will have successfully changed disaster from occurring.

"It's done," she whispered.

They sat in silence for a moment, before Liz picked herself up from the floor and joined him at the foot of the bed. More silence followed, as both beings thought about the future. It was unclear now. Who knew what was to happen next.

Max couldn't sit down any longer. He stood abruptly from the bed and started to pace the short length of his room.

"How will we know she' worked?" he asked and peered at Liz through downcast amber eyes.

"I will have disappeared," she answered. "The future will be changed, and I will have never existed."

He gripped the edge of his computer desk and clenched his eyes shut, forcing his tears to stay at bay. He heard a sob from behind him, and he whirled around to stare in disbelief at the sobbing Liz before him. Her hands covered her face, as her hunched figures racked violently.

His Liz, who had been so strong since she'd arrived, had finally broken down. Max knelt before her and lightly grasped her wrists, pulling them down to uncover her tear stained face.

"I feel so sorry for her," she said through her tears. Her eyes shifted to meet his gaze. "She'll never know you like I knew you."

Watching as countless tears rolled down her soft cheeks, made Max's heart fill with pain and his gut constrict.

"Liz?" he whispered softly. "Will you do something for me?"

Liz smiled briefly, knowing what ever he asked she'd do. She cupped his face in her hand and nodded. "Anything."

Max swallowed and continued to stare into chocolate brown eyes, that he had grown to love so much. "Will you kiss me?" he asked.

The room fell silent as Liz stared at Max, her hand slowly slipping from his face. He caught it, and held it closer to him. "Show me what I'll be missing."

They gazed into each other's eyes a moment longer, before Liz slowly made her way to his lips. She brushed her own softly against his, and an electric current coursed through her body, much like it had when they shared their very first kiss. Liz was the first to pull away. She stared at the man she had loved for as long as she could remember. It had been so long since she last kissed him, that Liz couldn't wait anymore, she leaned in once again and pressed her lips against his.

Their kisses grew more urgent, hungrier, and the next thing they knew they were lying back on his bed. Max towering over top of her as he worked his hands under her clothing. He pulled away a margin.

"How much time do we have?" he asked and swallowed past the lump in his throat.

A tear slipped out of the corner of her eye. "Not nearly enough." She whispered mournfully and then pulled him to her again.


"She's not breathing," the ER nurse yelled as she started pumping air into the young woman's lungs. "Where the hell is the doctor?"


Liz's breathing hitched as Max's warm hands grazed lightly over her breast. She reached for the hem of his shirt and started to pull it over his head.


"She's flat-lined."

The doctor entered then, shouting out orders. He was determined to bring the girl back. Adrenaline coursed through his veins as he started CPR.

His eyes were focused on the heart monitor with every downward push he gave. His arms grew weak and his muscles burned. He stopped.

"Time of death, 4:02 PM."


Max fell flat on to the bed, the warmth of Liz's body no longer beneath him. His eyes clouded with confusion, before realization dawned on him. Liz was dead. Her plan had worked.

Max buried his face in the mattress and cried.


4:05 PM

The figure towered over the cold, lifeless body. Her skin was pale, her lips blue. The blood was beginning to slow, less and less flowing out of her body through the horrendous wound.

The figure shook it's head. It wasn't supposed to end up like this. Taking a step towards the bed, a hand swept over the air above the girl's body. Color returning to the limbs and face, her cheeks and lips no longer blue. The hand stopped momentarily above the wound in her abdomen. Concentrating, the figure healed the wound enough to prevent the doctor's from being skeptical. This was a miracle, not a freak convenience.

Then the figure vanished from the room.


4:06 PM

A pain stricken Nancy and Jeff Parker entered the room, tears streaming down both their faces. They had lost their little girl. Their only reason for living.

"Jeff," Nancy whispered in pain as her hand skimmed over her daughter's still warm face. "Jeff, what are we going to do?"

Liz's eyes shot open and she gasped for breath. The need to fill her lungs with air became so great, they felt as if they were going to collapse. She was burning.

Nancy had jumped back with fear. Her daughter's eyes were wide and held multitudes of terror. She latched on to her husband from behind and stared in wonder at the miracle before them.

Once her lungs were filled, Liz registered her surrounding. And the pain.

"Liz?" Jeff asked.

She turned her head weakly and looked towards her parent. "Daddy?"


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Author: Ripley

Summary: Instead of Max returning to the past to prevent the end of the world, what if Liz beat him to it? Once there, she persuaded Max to stay away from the Crashdown the day of the shooting. For surely, that was the only way to keep the future from happening...

Category: Mainly M/L - CC Dreamer Insured

Rating: PG-13 as of yet

Disclaimer: Not mine. Don't sue.

Author's Note: I'm still working on "Trouble with a Capital L" for those of you who are interested, but I wanted to try this fic. I am once again without a title so if any of you can help me with that, it'd be great.

Title: From the Ashes

Many sorries to moonieADT, my own stupidity caused me to get names wrong! Moonie was the one who had suggested From the Ashes. lol, Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! My sorries!


Part One

Soft knocking on his bedroom door drifted to Max's ears, as he laid quietly on his bed. Knees tucked to his chest and his strong arms wrapped securely around him, he laid in the fetal position for what has seemed like an eternity.

The door creaked open then, and soft footsteps sounded on his carpet.

It was Isabel. He could sense her. He could sense her pity and her sorrow. But what was she sorry for? She had never like Liz anyway, and she hadn't even known her.

"I'm guessing you heard," she whispered.

When Max didn't respond, her hand reached out and lightly touched his bare shoulder. "I am so sorry, Max." Her voice held the sound of a restrained sob.

He wanted to turn around. He wanted to have someone be there to comfort him and tell him everything was going to be all right, but he knew no one could do that. Because everything wasn't going to be all right. Max Evans had lost the love he hadn't even had.

The mattress sunk down slightly from Isabel's weight. Her hand was still rubbing his shoulder and arm in a soothing manner. "I'm here for you, Max. If you need anything, you know where to find me."

He wiped away a tear forming at the corner of his eye before it could spill. Please just leave. I need to be alone for a while. he thought silently.

Isabel must have read his mind, for a moment later, she kissed his head and silently left his room. The door shutting behind her with a soft click.

Silence filled his room once again. The only thing to be heard was his quiet, ragged breathing. Some much did he sob, that it's taken a while for his breathing to return to normal. But Max couldn't cry anymore if he tried, he was completely drained.

His eyes burned when he closed them, for they were so dry. Yet he closed them anyway, and dreamed of what might have been.


Liz was rushed to surgery to retrieve the bullet. The whole way to the OR, the doctor's and nurses were praising her on what a miracle she was. Liz didn't feel like a miracle, burning pain coursed through her veins, and she just wanted it to stop.

The nurse placed an oxygen mask over her nose and mouth. The gas so heady, Liz's world began to spin. Nausea consumed her and she clenched her eyes shut to keep from vomiting.

Behind her closed lids, she saw Maria's terror filled eyes as she called her name. She could still feel her hands trembling beneath the hot plates, as her gaze fell on that of two men struggling to gain control over a gun. Then, as if on their own accord, her eyes drifted behind them. Liz stared into chocolate brown eyes, as they watched the scene in front of them.

Her eyes.

The gun shot sounded violently in her ears, and her body jerked with a sudden force. She let the plates slip from her fingers, her gaze still focused on the girl across from her.

The girl who looked exactly like her.

A warm liquid started flowing from her stomach as she collapsed to the floor. Particles of dishes flew above her head, though she hadn't heard the crash. Maria's panicked face appeared over her then, her face blurring as Liz fought against unconsciousness.

No, not again.


Doctor Nelson entered the waiting room and was immediately approached by Nancy and Jeff Parker. He shook both their hands, and gave them a reassuring smile. Years of knowing the Parker family, and watching young Liz grow up had given him all the determination he could possibly get.

"We almost lost her again," he started. Liz's heart had stopped once more, but she had been revived. "Liz was a fighter, and came back to us shortly after. We have successfully removed the bullet, and stopped anymore bleeding from occurring. There doesn't seems to be any serious internal damage. A week or two in the hospital and some good rest, and Liz'll be fine."

Nancy fell against her husband as tears of relief streamed down her face and sobs racked her tiny form. "Oh God," she praised and turned her head skyward. "Thank you."

"Thank you Grant," Jeff said hoarsely, and gripped the doctor's hand tightly.

He shook his head. "Don't thank me. It was your daughter's guardian angel." He answered. "Once they get Liz cleaned up, and settled into her room, you may go see her. She'll be asleep, and it's important she gets a lot of rest, so try your hardest not to disturb her."

Nancy nodded and tightened her grip around her husband. Her baby was alive.


Maria DeLuca bounded over to her best friend Alex Whitman, once she saw him across the quad. She had called him last night to tell him the dreadful news, and then twenty minutes later called him back with the miraculous new discovering. They had cried together over the phone during both conversations and praised God for blessing them with such a miracle.

Alex met her halfway and Maria jumped into his arms. They laughed as he swung her around. Their fellow students must have thought of them as complete idiots, for frolicking about the quad with happy smiles on their faces. They could think whatever they wanted! Those who didn't know that Liz had been brought back, would find out sooner or later. Right now, they were relishing in their joy.

Someone cleared their throat then, and both Alex and Maria turned their heads to see one very tired looking Max Evans before them.

Alex let Maria slide to the ground, their smiles still on their faces.

"Hey Max, how you doing buddy?" Maria asked and lightly punched his arm.

Max stuffed his hands deep into his pockets, trying his hardest not to glare at Liz's two best friends. "I'm obviously not doing as good as you are," he answered flatly and shifted his gaze between the two of them.

She glanced at Alex and then back to Max. "You didn't hear?" she asked. With Max obsessing over Liz for so long, surely he would have gone out of his way to see if there was some mistake, that she had been revived. "Liz was revived yesterday afternoon, Max. She's going to be fine."

For a moment, Max's heart stopped and he felt as if he too would die. She was alive? How could that be?

"Come again?" he said, recovering from his moment of shock.

Alex gripped his shoulder. "That's right, Liz is doing fine." He reassured him. "Though, she did die, like, twice."

Maria jabbed him in the side with her elbow. He yelped and grabbed his side. "What?" he asked, he turned back to Max. "She did, for real. The first time they lost her in the ER, and she was dead for, like, a good five minutes. And then, the other time, they lost her in the OR and she was dead for - "

Max tuned him out then, the only thought running through his mind was Liz. She was alive. But what does that mean?

"Max?" Maria asked and waved her hand in front of his face. "Did you hear me buddy?"

He shook his head stupidly and focused his attention on her words. "We're going to swing by the hospital after school to see her," she repeated. "Would you like to join us?"

He was momentarily taken back by her offer, but quickly agreed.

"I'm sure Liz would love to see you," Alex added, with a knowing grin on his face.

Max pretended he hadn't noticed the look and smiled kindly at them.

"We'll pick you up after school, all right, Max?" Maria asked and picked up her back pack she had dropped. He nodded. "Great, we'll see you later."

He stayed in the that spot, long after the two of them left. Only when the tardy bell rang, did Max slip back to earth. Urging his thoughts to focus on school, he adjusted his bookbag and headed to his first block class.


Any chance he may have had of keeping his mind off of Liz, vanished once he entered his third block Biology class. His lab desk felt so empty without her. Max could only imagine how it might have felt if he'd known for sure Liz wouldn't be coming back. Permanent. Though, the thought of him still having Liz Parker as his lab partner, in his life, it made him giddy. He'd still be able to smell her vanilla scent, and see the sparkling of her hair as it flowed through her movement.

But if this Liz was still alive, then that meant the other Liz's, His Liz, planned had failed.

Max tapped his pencil against the table and stared down at his notes, though nothing registered in his mind.

So, if His Liz's plan failed, could she still be here?

The bell rang, signaling the end of third block, and Max hurriedly collected his belongings. He rushed out of the classroom and into the crowded halls, where he then slowed his pace.

True, His Liz had disappeared once Liz died, but she had been revived, right? So since Liz was brought back, then His Liz should have been brought back too!

Max shoved a trembling hand through his hair and tugged in frustration. Maybe he was looking too far into this. It was surely wishful thinking that His Liz had come back with Liz...

God, this was getting confusing.

He took a few deep breaths as he entered his final block. He needed to concentrate this block. His grade was slipping to an unacceptable percentage, and he really needed to stay focus so he wouldn't end up with a C.

How he hoped His Liz was back....


"Max! Yo, Max, over here!"

Max glanced over his shoulder to see his best friend Michael racing towards him. He reached his side and they walked in step with each other. "Did you hear man? Your dream girl lived after all." He muttered emotionlessly and smacked him hard on the back. "Aren't your just insides just screaming with joy?"

"Um, yeah," he answered distracted.

"So, are we heading to the Crashdown or what?" Michael asked as he watched his friend with interest.

"Actually, I'm heading over to the hospital with Maria." He answered without thought.

Michael scoffed and stopped in his tracks. His hand snaked out and caught Max by the arm to prevent him from further movement. "Spit fire? You're going to the hospital with her?"

Max nodded. "After I head home," he said and started walking towards the parking lot again. "I have to check something out first."

He shook his head and got in step with Max again. "No, no, Max, you can't do this. You cannot get involved." His voice taking on a new volume. Michael reached out and grabbed his arm again, this time pulling him roughly to a stop. "Listen, Max, I know you are piss-in-the-pants happy that Lizzie didn't die, okay? I know that. But You cannot go see her." Max began to protest but he cut him off. "No, Max, no, because I know what you're going to do. You think that God has given you a chance with her. And you, like some idiot are off to seize the moment and express to her your unyielding love. Well, it's shit, Maxwell. You can't do that. It's not just you will be endangering if you do this, it's all of us."

Max, who had listened calmly throughout Michael's accusations, gently removed himself from Michael's grasp. "I am not going to do anything you think is stupid, Michael. I am just going to let Liz know that I am glad she is okay, and that I thought of her."

Michael nodded his head, though he clearly didn't believe him. "Yeah, yeah, whatever Maxwell. Just don't say I didn't warn you." He paused, and then added. "She can't ever know about you. She'd never accept it."

Max cleared his throat then, and stared briefly over Michael's shoulder. "Somehow I doubt that."


Once Max had ridded himself of Michael, he started again to his Jeep, only to be intercepted by Maria and Alex, asking if he were ready to go. He distractedly told them that he needed to run to his house first, but if they could stop by there and pick him up, he'd greatly appreciate it. Then, not waiting for an answer, he hopped in his jeep and sped off.

The jeep's tires squealed as he pulled into the empty driveway, and he jumped out of the vehicle without shutting off the engine. Waving his hand over the locked door, it popped open and he raced across the living room. He took the steps two and a time and opened the door to his room.

"Liz -" was the first word to come from his mouth. He looked around anxiously, to see if there was any evidence that she'd been here. Nothing. Everything was exactly the way he had left it. The air of the room didn't even feel as if someone had been there. It was cool and crisp, not warm like it had been when she'd first entered his room that life altering night.

His heart broke. She wasn't here. She hadn't come back.

The obnoxious beeping from below brought Max out of his thoughts. He peered out his window to see Maria's jetta at the curb, waiting.

With one last look around his room, Max left. Defeated.


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Now, I know some of you are a little disappointed with Max's reaction, so I'll clear that up a bit, and maybe you'll get a new perspective, if not...It's all good. What fic doesn't have you a bit angry and one of the characters?


Okay, it took Liz thirty minutes to tell Max about what happened and what will happened. Some of that must of been abbreviated, so let's just say she left out some certain parts. What if Max is afraid that, even though he hasnt' exposed himself, if he ever got together with Liz, then the weight of the world would once again be placed on his shoulders. Now, as much as he wants Liz, he doesn't want that.

All right! All right, just hold the phone a minute. Just like in the first season, Max is going to need a little persuasion, by of course, Liz.

Now, as for referring Liz as His Liz...Well, I kind of made him think that "His Liz" was the only LIZ he'd be able to have....You know...Under the circumstances..

Anyway, I hope that cleared somethings up, if not...Eh - I tried.


Thanks so much for enjoying my story!

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Author: Ripley

Summary: Instead of Max returning to the past to prevent the end of the world, what if Liz beat him to it? Once there, she persuaded Max to stay away from the Crashdown the day of the shooting. For surely, that was the only way to keep the future from happening...

Category: Mainly M/L - CC Dreamer Insured

Rating: PG-13 as of yet

Disclaimer: Not mine. Don't sue.

Spoilers - Anything before and up to the End of the World - I just thought I'd toss it in there before we get too far into the story. *happy*

Author's Note: I'm still working on "Trouble with a Capital L" for those of you who are interested, but I wanted to try this fic. I am once again without a title so if any of you can help me with that, it'd be great.

Title: From the Ashes

Hey guys,
Yeah I know it's two posts in the same day, but I posted the Part One at 12 in the morn - so you know..It had just turned the 26th..So, yeah, anyway, we've got another part...Hope you enjoy. Oh, and it's probably a bit uneventful, but bear with me. Thanks!


Part Two

Maria glanced in her rear view mirror, for what seemed to be the hundredth time. Max Evans was still laying back in his seat with his head turned towards the window. What the hell is his problem? Mmmm, hello? The love of his life has just been given a second chance at life? Seize the day, Romeo.

She inwardly groaned. But then again, Max wasn't her Romeo, now was he? Kyle Valenti had auditioned for that role long before Max had gotten the chance.

"Hey, I got an idea." Maria said and bounced in her seat lightly. "Why don't we start Operation: Break Liz and Kyle up?"

Two sets of eyes fell on her at the moment. "Been there, done that." Alex muttered. "And besides, Liz needs to break things off with him on her own terms."

She pouted a moment, before risking another glance in her mirror at Max. He was looking at her, but he face expressionless. He turned away, then, and continued to stare out his window.

Maria grounded her teeth at Max. God, he was being such an ass! She took in deep, soothing breathes, feeling the need to smell a relaxing scent, and urged herself to calm down. He had better lose the attitude before they arrived at Liz's room.


She stared blankly into space as her fingers twirled over her necklace that her grandmother had given her, on her thirteenth. Profound thoughts ran through her mind, she had just been given a second chance at life, and how she was going to live if to the fullest.

Liz positioned her bed more upright, and adjusted her pillow comfortably. Much to her dismay, her mind slipped back to that day again, and to those eyes peering back at her.

Reflection. It had to be her reflection. There was a window behind the two men after all...Yes, that's all it was. Her reflection.

She heaved a sigh of relief and allowed her muscles to begin to relax. Everything was going to be okay. She was going to be fine.

A strange, yet comforting warmth flowed to her cheeks then, and her eyes fell shut. An image of a little girl playing in the school yard appeared before her. She tugged at the hems of her cupcake dress as she showed it off to others.

Almost as soon as the image had come, it was gone, soon replaced with another one. A little boy, staring after her. His eyes transfixed.

His eyes....They looked so familiar.

Liz was startled when she felt a hand caressing her cheek and she jerked herself from her subconscious. Half expecting to see a member of her family or one of her friends before her, she was shocked to see the room empty before her.

She straightened, bringing her blanket more tightly around her, as she scanned the room. Who had touched her?

She could hear her pulse beating rapidly in her ears and clenched her eyes shut to try to stay calm down.

"Hey chica!" Liz let out a tiny yelp and nearly jumped from the bed.

Maria giggled. "Sorry, babe, I didn't mean to scare you." She entered the room then and sat on Liz's bed. Not waiting for Liz to return to her skin, she pulled her into an embrace. "You scared us, honey." She whispered into her hair.

It took a moment for Liz's arms to react and finally wrap around her best friend, but once they did, Maria pulled away. "I bought you some trail mix!" she said excitedly. "I know you love the stuff."

Liz smiled and laughed lightly, before she finally took notice of Alex standing at the door, watching on with a smile on his face. Her smile broadened and she lifted her arms wide, inviting him into a hug. Alex practically jumped into her arms and squeezed her tight, which suited fine with Liz. She needed something to hang on to, as well.

Alex pulled away and ducked his head, trying to wipe away tears as discreetly as he could. "Yeah, well, Maria may have bought you trail mix, but I brought you something better." He turned towards the door, and Liz looked up to see Max standing in Alex's place.

For a moment she couldn't breathe, as she stared into his familiar amber eyes. She smiled at him then, an invitation to come and join them.

Max ducked his head a little and gave her his own smile. The bitter mood he was in when they left had vanished now that he had got a glimpse of Liz. She looked so small and fragile, tired, but beautiful nonetheless. And Max wanted nothing more than to be able to pull her into his arms like the others had done, but he knew he couldn't. He shouldn't.

He stepped towards the group, his hand buried deep into his pockets. "I didn't get you anything." He said softly.

Liz's soft laughter filled the room. "Aww, that's all right, Max," she said still laughing. "I'm glad you came. C'mon, sit down."

He debated on taking a seat on the bed or the chair in the corner. They were watching him closely, a waiting his next move. Then finally, he grabbed the chair pulled it towards the bed.

"So, did you have an out of body experience?" Maria asked with excitement, once everyone was seated comfortably.

"Yeah, because you died twice." Alex added, ignoring the glare from Maria. "You've to have had at least one."

She chuckled at her friend but shook her head. "No, I don't think I really had an out of body experience." Alex frowned and Liz patted his hand. "But I did relive the moment in the OR, if that counts for anything."

"Nah.." He muttered, and shook his head with a pout.

She shook her head again and laughed. It felt so good to be surrounded by the people you love. Her eyes fell on Max then, as he watched the scene in front of him with interest. He caught her gaze and they stared at each other for a long time.

His eyes. They were his. The ones she saw just a moment before.

Liz's brows furrowed a bit as she tried to remember..

Only when Maria snapped her fingers in front of Liz's face, did their staring contest end.

"Hey, Liz, did you hear me babe?" she asked and tossed Alex a knowing glance.

"I, um," she stumbled, and then laughed at herself. "What?"

"I said, you finally got the parentals to go home and sleep?" she repeated, with a grin.

Liz rolled her eyes and laughed. "Oh, yes, finally." She said and tossed her head back in exasperated. "Both of them were watching me like hawks, and they took shifts in who got to sleep." She giggled. "Dad told me that if I really loved him, I'd let him sleep in the bed for a while."

A smile formed on Max's face as he watched Liz carry on with her friends. It felt so good to be here. It felt so right. He didn't feel the emptiness anymore, he felt complete by just being in the same room as her. Why had things turned out the way they did. If they hadn't, then maybe there could have been a chance for them.

Max smiled at the thought. Though, Liz hadn't told him much, she didn't want him to know the full extent of what he'd be missing, that didn't prevent him from creating his own scenarios. Star gazing on her balcony. Holding her soft form tightly against his chest. Breathing in her sweet smell. Dipping his head to catch a taste from her lips.

Loud tapping on the wall brought everyone's attention to Kyle Valenti, standing under the threshold of the door. He wore a huge smile on his face and held a large bouquet of flowers in his hands. White roses. Liz's favorites. When his gaze fell on him, Max shifted his gaze in the opposite direction. Suddenly, he felt out of place.

"Hey guys, what's going on?" he asked and entered the room with a confident air following him. He placed the roses lightly across Liz's tummy and kissed her sweetly on the cheek. Her smile was evident, though it didn't quite reach her eyes.

Max inwardly smiled himself. He probably brought the smile to her eyes.

"Don't think for one minute we are going anywhere, bucko." Maria said flatly as her glare bore holes in his forehead. "You get to see her all the time, we do not, so scram."

"Maria." Liz hissed.

Kyle straightened and turned his gaze to Maria. "For your information, I haven't seen Liz since I heard about it and -"

"Oh, some boyfriend." She retorted smugly.

Kyle glared at her then. "And I only stopped by because I won't have time to see her again until later." He finished. Before he could get any angrier, he turned to Liz, smiled, and kissed her again. "I'll see you soon." He whispered to her. "Get better."

She smiled sweetly at him. "I will." came her soft response.

They all watched as Kyle left. Maria clearly showing how much she disliked the preppy brat. Alex on a more neutral note, while Max watched on with jealousy, and Liz with clouded confusion.


Max arrived home at 4:30, and headed straight to his room. His mood had changed considerably, and he felt really great that he had decided to go ahead and visited Liz. She had said she'd be out of the hospital with in a few days, and back to roaming the halls of West Roswell High. Max was anxious for the day he'd be able to sit by her in Biology, to woo her with his intelligence in biology. Maybe they could work something out. They could be friends, afterall. That way, she'd be in his life, but with the worlds future still intact.

Max sank into his mattress and groaned lightly. He didn't want to be just friends! He wanted to be certain that nothing was going to happen if they did end up together. He fell backwards. Who's to say that Liz will even accept it this time? She may have felt the need to accept it before because he had saved her life. Maybe it was out of gratitude...

He ran his fingers through his hair, cursing himself for thinking so friggin far into the issue. It wasn't even an issue! He'd never allow himself to end up with Liz Parker, and that's that.

God, how he wished he had that kind of will power.


"Honey, I think we should go through the back." Jeff insisted as he helped his daughter out of the car.

Liz rolled her eyes and slowly straightened. Her legs were kind of weak from laying around all day, and her stomach was still a bit tender, but other than that, Liz was perfect, and happy to be home. "Daddy, I'm fine. I promise I won't go into seizures when I enter the diner." She told him. "Besides, I plan to be back to work as soon as I can."

Jeff shook his head and helped to keep his daughter steady. "You are not going back to work until your mother or I give you green is go sign, got me?"

"Mom?" Liz whined and turned to her mother, but she two had the determined look on her face. "Cooped up in my room all day eating saltines and chicken noodle soup. Great."

Nancy's arm went around Liz's back as they entered the diner. "Now don't think of it like that, Lizzie, think of it as a little vacation. Stress free. No school, no annoying tourists. Just you, the TV, and the VCR."

Liz smiled kindly at her mom and turned her head to catch her first glimpse of the diner. Everything looked normal, except for the angry bullet particle holes in the wall. God, she'd never look at this place the same way again.

Her parents began to move again, and Liz's gaze remained transfixed on the floor where she had lain, the life literally spilling out of her.

She could almost make out her figure, as if she were staring down at her when it happened. Liz shook her head to rid herself of the thought.

She made it up the stairs and into the comfort of her own apartment. Finally. Home sweet home. She sighed with relief and cut the imaginary strings that tied herself to her parents. "I think I can make it to my room, by myself." She said with a smile. "It's just down the hall."

With great reluctance, her parents let loose of her and watched with concern as she made her slow path down the hallway.

Once Liz reached the solitude of her own room, she shut the door, and leaned all of her weight against the hard surface. She could already feel them smothering her. She loved her parents, really she did, but she'd need time to adjust. She didn't want them hovering over her all of the time.

Removing her self from the door, Liz made her way to the bed. As she did so, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. What she saw made her stop in her tracks.

"Oh, God." she muttered and stared down at her attire.

Her parents had brought her clothes, for their ride over here. She was wearing maroon sweatpants and her father's dark green college sweatshirt. She actually walked around in public like that!

Liz immediately started to strip herself of the horrendous clothes. The sweatshirt the first thing to go and it was tossed carelessly over her shoulder. She caught sight of her bandaged midriff, in the mirror, a small splotch of dried blood had formed. Unconsciously, her hands covered the area, and she closed her eyes, remembering the day all too clearly.

When Liz opened her eyes to stare at her reflection again, her eyes widened in fear and her breath hitched.

The bandage was no longer wrapped around her. There was nothing but smooth, flawless skin...And a glowing handprint.

Liz's hands flew to her mouth and she staggered backwards. "Oh my God." She whispered as the hand print continued to pulse a silver light.

She breathed more rapidly and she clenched her eyes shut tightly, urging the image to go away. Liz whispered soothing words to herself and counted to five before she opened them again. Once she did the glowing handprint was no more.

Liz let out the breath she hadn't known she was holding and started to even her breathing. Her hands covered her abdomen again, feeling the material of the bandage. God, what just happened?

Her legs grew weak and she reached for something to lean against. She gripped the edge of the hope chest and fell back onto it. Liz groaned and buried her face into her hands.

What was happening to her?


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Author: Ripley

Summary: Instead of Max returning to the past to prevent the end of the world, what if Liz beat him to it? Once there, she persuaded Max to stay away from the Crashdown the day of the shooting. For surely, that was the only way to keep the future from happening...

Category: Mainly M/L - CC Dreamer Insured

Rating: PG-13 as of yet

Disclaimer: Not mine. Don't sue.

Spoilers - Anything before and up to the End of the World - I just thought I'd toss it in there before we get too far into the story.

Author's Note: I'm still working on "Trouble with a Capital L" for those of you who are interested, but I wanted to try this fic. I am once again without a title so if any of you can help me with that, it'd be great.

Title: From the Ashes

Thanks to clueless for the feedback and skyiris for the bump!

On with the story!


Part Three

An unconscious smile slipped onto Liz's lips as she snuggled her head deeper into her pillow. She had fallen asleep immediately after she laid down onto her cool, soft mattress, and was soon sucked into her subconscious. Her own little world of dreams...

She felt the extreme pleasure of passionate kisses coursing through her veins like a fiery, liquid. First, ravishing her lips and then trailing down her neck, causing Liz's body to hum with appraisal. Helplessly, Liz's arms went out and gripped tightly onto a pair of strong shoulders as her head tilted back and a gasp escaped her lips. The ceiling above her faded away and the stars began to sparkle through, only making the moment more erotic.

Large hands, on the small of her back, pulled her closer to a firm body as her hands involuntarily caressed a warm, smooth back. She was so caught up in the moment, it hadn't even occurred to her that she was being ravished passionately by a complete stranger.

But then again, he felt all too familiar to be a stranger. The feel of his hands on her were so comforting and welcomed, that she felt she'd die if they left her. His kisses were none other than she had ever experienced before. Which, immediately crossed out any possibility that this person..This man, was Kyle Valenti.

A hand trailed down her arm then, a glowing, golden, light following in it's wake, and Liz knew it was he who was doing this to her. Her mouth fell slightly agape from shock, and then watched as her own hand lifted, on it's on accord. Her fingers skimmed softly over a well sculpted chest. The skin so warm she wanted to crawl inside.

"I can't do it to you." She whispered, and Liz blinked in confusion. What had possessed her to say that?

A voice reached her ears then, but it seemed so far away. "I'm glowing toes, my heart. You can't see it. It's on the inside."

Her heart melted at the meaning of his words, and she smiled lightly to herself. Feeling the need, the urgency, to see whose company she was enjoying so greatly, Liz lifted her head, and....

Her world began to shake before her, and the form slipped from her line of vision.


She squeezed her eyes shut only to reopen them. As her vision cleared, the outline of Kyle hovering over her became visible. "Liz?" he asked again.

Kyle sank down on the bed beside of her and brushed her hair from her face. "Liz, wake up, you're dreaming." He said softly to her, urging her to awaken.

Liz rubbed at her eyes, feeling gritty particles under her fingers, and she yawned. God, what a dream. She was returned to earth, away from such a delightful experience, by the soothing strokes of her boyfriend's fingers over her forehead. Though, they didn't even compare to the caress she felt in her dream.

"Are you all right, Liz?" he asked, his brows furrowed with concern.

Liz smiled and grasped his hand lightly in hers. "Yes, I'm fine. I was just dreaming." She reassured him from behind her yawn.

Kyle smiled contentedly down at her, before he kissed her tenderly on the forehead. "I had meant to stop by earlier, before you'd fallen asleep, but I couldn't get myself away from dad." He explained. Then, to Liz's surprise, he pulled a yellow daisy from behind his back. "I told him your preferred roses, but my father's a cheapo. I think he stole this from Mrs. Greene's garden."

Her eyes sparkled at the thought, and gently took the flower from Kyle's hand. "Tell your father I love it." She whispered. The Valenti men were so kind and wonderful, able to swoon any girl in their path.

He smiled and nodded. "Your mom told me not to stay long. You need your rest, so I guess I should be going." He said, though she could tell he was reluctant to do so.

She nodded nevertheless, feeling sleep beginning to overtake her again. "I'll stop by again as soon as I can, okay?" he told her.

Liz nodded and snuggled back underneath the covers, barely registering his light kiss on her lips.


Liz crept out of her room, listening carefully for any sounds from her parents. She knew they'd freak if they found out she wasn't resting. She couldn't sleep anymore, not with the strange dreams that have been reoccurring. She really needed to talk to Maria, to tell her about the strange man she was making out with in her dreams. The strange man who awoken something in her like nothing she'd ever experienced.

Liz snickered to herself, totally seeing Maria's reaction, practically hearing her remarks. "Liz Parker? Virgin Lizzie. Making out with a complete stranger, my, you do have a wild side don't you?"

The floor board creaked beneath her foot and Liz heard someone rustle about in the living room.

"Lizzie?" her mother called.

Liz stepped into view, the corner of her fist rubbing her eye sleepily. "Hi, Mom," she said with a fake yawn.

"Aw, honey, you need to go back to bed. You need your rest." Nancy instructed and lightly grasped her shoulders, preparing to turn her right back around.

She shook her head. "No, Mom, I can't sleep anymore if I tried, and I have a sudden craving for men in black berry pie." She said, and rubbed her tummy for effect. "If you don't mind."

Nancy bit the corner of her lip, she knew she couldn't keep her daughter cooped up in the apartment all day. Though it pained her to have her daughter up and about making herself tired.

"All right," she caved, though the frown was evident on her face. "But don't exhaust yourself. I have to run to the grocery store, but your father is down stairs supervising, so he's there if you need anything."

Liz smiled and hugged her mother good bye. "I'll be fine mom, don't worry." She added, more for her own sake than her mother's.

She descended the stairs carefully, and then peered through the window and into the diner. Maria was busy buzzing about, taking order from the customers. Obviously Agnes had decided to take another break, leaving Maria to fend for herself. Liz's eyes then drifted to Max Evans. He was sitting alone, at his usual booth. His form was hunched over as he read through his text book. Never had she seen him come in just to study.

An idea popped into her head as she walked through the diner. She could find out what she'd missed the past week in her classes. Max wouldn't mind in telling her, after all.

Before she could lose her nerve, Liz slid into his booth and smiled at him. "Hey, Max," she said sweetly.

His head shot up, and his eyes bulged in shock. "Hey, Liz," he said hoarsely and closed his text book. "How are you?"

Liz smiled. "I'm good, and yourself?"

"Oh, I'm..I-I'm good. I mean. Okay, school is, you know -" he stumbled, though he couldn't hide his goofy smile.

"Yeah, this year has been the hardest." She added. "Speaking of which, how much did I miss in biology." She asked, and pinched her face in disgust at how much work she must have missed.

"Actually," Max started. "I took all the notes for you in class, and then I asked for extra copies of our worksheets."

Liz's eyes sparkled. "Aww, Max, you're too sweet." She said softly.

He blushed and handed her the work. "It wasn't a big deal. I was actually debating whether I should take them up to you." He confessed, and then blushed a little more. "I've been here to twenty minutes."

Liz chuckled and patted his hand. "You should have come up, I would have liked the company." She told him. "Oh, well, would you mind having a Men in Black Berry Pie with me?"

Max grinned. "I'd love to."

Liz began to stand, but Max's arms shot out and stopped her. "No, it's all right." he said with a worried tone. "I'll get them."

Despite how she hated being dealt with as if she were a glass figure, she couldn't help but smile. She felt so different around him, different in a good way. Liz propped her chin on her hand and watched as he asked for their pies.

The image of erotic dreams flashed before her eyes and a blush crept up her neck. Of all the places to have these damn hallucinations! She buried her face in her hands briefly, trying to regain her composure.

What a dream.

Max came back and placed a large portion of the pie in front of her. He knew how much she loved it.

Liz peered down at the piece and then angled an eyebrow at him. "Are you trying to tell me something?" she asked in a joking manner.

"What? No, no.." He shook his head vigorously. "I mean, I know you love the - you're not fat. You're actually quite small - I"

Her laughter brought Max back from his stupid rambling and he soon caught on that she was indeed joking. "I'm such an idiot," he muttered through his own laughter, as he shoveled a piece of the pie onto his fork.

"No, you're not, Max," she told him. "You just take things way to seriously. Lighten up."

He smiled at her, in which she returned. She was so beautiful with her hair slightly disarray from sleep. Her eyes glowed as she indulged in the deliciousness of her pie, and her cheeks pink with warmth. Max couldn't believe she was here, let alone here with him.

How had she survived? Scratch that, she didn't survive. From what he had heard, Liz Parker had indeed died. So the question is, how was she brought back?

Liz looked up in midchew and caught him staring at her. Her cheeks grew pinker and she slowly swallowed her food. "Is it not any good?" she asked him, breaking him from his trance.

He glanced quickly at his pie. "Oh, no. I was just lost in thought is all." He told her with a smile.

Liz continued to stare at him, his eyes captivating her. Only when he looked way did she return her attention to the table.

But not even that lasted long, for a loud boom sounded in her ears, and shouts from the tourists echoed in the room. Her head jerked up and she looked around. Two men ran from the Crashdown as people began to stand to look over the counter. Liz too stood and saw feet poking from behind.

"Oh, God," she whispered.

Movement from her peripheral vision caught her attention and she watched as Max darted from the table. Liz followed him and peered over the surface of the counter as Max knelt down.

"Oh God!" she yelled and stumbled backwards, shaking her head rapidly. "That can't be me. That can't be me!"

Firm hands gripped her shoulders and spun her around.

"Liz!" a voice called.

Her terror filled eyes peered up into those of Max. He was staring down at her with worry as everyone around them watched the scene with curiosity. She glanced over her shoulder. There was nothing there.

Another hallucination. Liz stepped away from his grasp, shaking her head in humiliation.

"Wait, Liz," Max tried and took a step towards her.

Jeff Parker stormed through the diner doors. "What happened in here?" he boomed.

Liz ran past him, her face still embedded in her hands, and Jeff watched on. He turned to Max then, questioning him behind the concern in his eyes.

Max shrugged ever so slightly. He wanted to be able to tell him what had happened, but he didn't even know.


Maria stepped silently into Liz's room, and spotted her on the bed. Her knees curled to her chest as her back rested against the red brick wall.

"Hey, babe," she said and pulled the antenna headband from her hair. "Let's talk."

She crawled in bed next to her, her back against the wall and her leg extended outwards. Maria wrapped her arm around Liz's trembling form and pulled her into an embrace.

"I don't know what's wrong with me Maria," Liz sobbed. "I'm not even afraid about what happened to me. Being in the diner doesn't bother me at all, I just -" she choked on her sob and stopped.

Maria ran her fingers delicately through the end of her hair. "Just what?" she pressed.

Liz gave a teary laugh. "I think I'm going crazy." She whispered. "I'm seeing things, feeling things, I've never seen or felt before.."

Maria's brows furrowed. "What kind of things?"

"Oh God, little kids, glowing handprints. I see myself before my eyes." She explained. "Maria, I dreamt of making out with complete strangers."

Liz had pulled away then and Maria would have made a smart remark if her friend hadn't been in tears. "Liz, I think your mind is just going rampant, playing tricks on you is all. All of those things you're seeing, it's in your head." She told her. "You're dreaming, that is it. I mean, c'mon, Liz, you're the smart one in the group. You can explain this stuff better than I can."

She shook her head and wiped at her tears.

Maria sighed. "Just tell yourself what you'd tell me if the tables were turned." She instructed and stood from the bed. "I have to get back to work. Mr. P made me come up and talk to you, make sure you're all right. Now I have to report to the old fart and tell him everything."

"Not everything, Maria. Not until I understand it myself."

"No, don't go looking into this Liz, you cannot investigate." she told her and sat on the edge again. "Remember the all sorts of trouble we got into because you thought old Mr. Richards killed his wife."

Liz scoffed. "That was in fifth grade, Maria,"

"I mean it, Liz. If you go around talking to people about this, they are going to think you're a nut!" she explained. "And then that'll make me look bad."

Liz laughed. "Oh, so this is all about you?" she quipped.

"Damn straight. Now go to bed. You look like crap." She told her with a grin.

Maria missed Liz sticking her tongue out at her as she left her room. Liz was left to the silence of her room, to think of what she was going to do with her new life.


Kyle knocked lightly on the door jamb to Liz's room. She poked her head from outside her balcony and gave him a smile.

"Kyle, thanks for coming." She said as she climbed through the window.

"Do you really think you should be doing that?" he asked her with concern.

She frowned. "Doing what?" Liz asked and pulled her shirt over her stomach.

He stepped towards her, and pointed to the window and then back at her. "Crawling to and from through your window."

Liz quirked an eyebrow. "To and fro?" she questioned.

He smirked. "You know what I mean." Kyle grabbed her hands then and led her to the bed, where the were seated. "So, what did you want me to talk about?"

Liz fell silent a moment and Kyle tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. "I heard what happened today." He whispered softly, and tilted his head so she'd meet his gaze. "Is that what you want to talk about?"

She bit the corner of her lip and shook her head slightly. "No, I, um," she stumbled. "Gosh, how to say this?" she asked with a laugh.

He squeezed her hands reassuringly. "It's all right, take your time." He soothed.

The kindness in his words made her heart clench for what she was about to do to him. She turned towards him more, holding his hands tightly in hers. "Kyle, I almost died, and that kind of....Experience really makes one think." she said softly, her eyes never leaving his.

He nodded in understanding, and urged her to continue.

"I'm sixteen, Kyle, I haven't even lived my life yet, and already I've cheated death. Twice." She added with a laugh. "I don't think I want....I don't think I should - Kyle, I really can't be tied down right now. To anyone."

Kyle's gaze moved downward and Liz felt like a jerk. "I'm sorry, Kyle, I really am. You are so great, and you deserve someone who -" he lifted his hand and silenced her.

When he met his gaze, his eyes took her by surprise. There was a single speck of regret or pain lurking in them. "I understand how you feel, Liz. You've been through a lot in the last couple of weeks, and I know you need time by yourself, so you can....Live."

Liz's eye began to shine with unshed tears. She felt like a smuck dropping him like that for some guy she hadn't even met yet, but she felt as if it were really the right thing to do.

"Kyle -" she started, but words failed her. "You are so great, words can't even."

He grinned. "Why thank you." He said, before silence fell before them again. Taking a deep breath, he looked at her. "If you ever, you know, want to get back together, you know my number."

Liz laughed lightly and kissed his cheek. "You're too good to me, Kyle." She told him honestly. "You made this difficult for me."

He chuckled. "Well, that was part of the plan, however, I obviously didn't make you feel bad enough, because we're still broken up."

She burst into giggles and slugged him in the arm. "You jerk." She paused a moment, sensing déjà vu, but let it slide.

Kyle stood up then, and grabbed his jacket he had thrown on the bed. "Well, I'll see you around, Liz." He said with a smile.

She waved slightly and watched as he left.

She was alone, suddenly feeling like an idiot for breaking with her boyfriend for some guy in her dreams....


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Author: Ripley

Summary: Instead of Max returning to the past to prevent the end of the world, what if Liz beat him to it? Once there, she persuaded Max to stay away from the Crashdown the day of the shooting. For surely, that was the only way to keep the future from happening...

Category: Mainly M/L - CC Dreamer Insured

Rating: PG-13 as of yet

Disclaimer: Not mine. Don't sue.

Spoilers - Anything before and up to the End of the World - I just thought I'd toss it in there before we get too far into the story.

Author's Note: I'm still working on "Trouble with a Capital L" for those of you who are interested, but I wanted to try this fic. I am once again without a title so if any of you can help me with that, it'd be great.

Title: From the Ashes


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Part Four

Max bounded down the stairs and into the kitchen.   The smell of bacon and eggs wafting to his nose.   "Morning, mom."  he greeted and kissed her on the cheek.

"Good morning, Max, do you want some breakfast?"  she asked and held a plate out for him.

Max had poured himself a glass of orange juice.   "No thanks, I'm leaving for school early today."  he said from behind the glass.   "If Isabel hurries up." He added.

Footsteps sounded from the staircase and Isabel rushed into the kitchen buttoning up her red blouse. She smiled at her mother.  "Morning,"  she said and then directed a glare to her brother.  "All right, I'm ready.  What's the hurry?"

Max smiled at his Mom again and placed his glass in the sink.  "I'll see you after school, mom,"  he said and then walked through the back door.

"Max?"  Isabel asked as she got in step with her brother.  "Why the hurry?"

He glanced at her.  "Liz is in school today."  he said once they reached the jeep.

She groaned and turned around to head back inside.  "Hey, if you're not coming with me now, you'll have to find another ride to school."  he informed her, with his arm draping over the car door.  "You coming or not?"

Isabel rolled her eyes and stepped into the jeep.  "You know, you're infatuation with her is ridiculous."  she added as she strapped in her seat belt.  "Find a hobby."

He looked over at his sister with a loving smile.  "Oh, but I do.  It's to annoy you."  he winked.


"So, you broke up with him, you actually broke up with the dweeb."  Maria asked in shock and hugged friend tightly.  "I am so proud of you, Lizzie!"

Liz rolled her eyes and opened the car door.  "He's not a dweeb, Maria.  He's most definitely the best boyfriend I have ever had." 

Slinging her messenger bag over her shoulder, Maria rounded the car.  "Okay, one, Peter Dragoo, is the only other guy you've "dated", and I say the term "dated" very loosely."  she held up another digit.  "And two, Kyle is a dweeb."

She rolled her eyes and tucked her hair behind her ears.  "He took it surprisingly well."  she told her, remembering the night before.

Maria's hand leeched out and snatched Liz's arm.  "What?  He took it well?  No tears, no fight?  No nothing?"  she asked in shocked rage.  "Why the hell didn't you make it harder on him?"

Liz laughed and started moving again, pulling Maria with her.  "He said he understood,"  she informed her.

She scoffed and shook her head.  "What a jerk."


Max pulled into the, almost empty, school parking lot and parked right beside Maria's red jetta.  He quickly unbuckled his seat belt, all the while his eyes were scanning the school grounds for Liz.

"You know, you don't even have any classes with her today, Max."  Isabel said as she flipped down the visor mirror.  "I could have spent a little more time on my makeup."

He hopped out of the car and grabbed his book bag from the back seat.  "You still could've spent a little more time on your makeup, Iz, you just would have been without a ride."

With a roll of her eyes, Isabel exited the car herself and soon abandoned her misguided brother.

Max strolled through the school yard, his eyes constantly surveying his surroundings. His eyes never staying on one object longer than a second, when he finally caught a glimpse of Maria's pixie hair cut.  Slinging his backpack onto his broad shoulders, Max jogged across the quad.

"Liz,"  he called and smiled as she turned to look at him.

A bright smile formed on her lips and her eyes sparkled, though he couldn't miss the slight blush on her cheeks.  He slowed to stop in front of the two girls, and he smiled at Maria.  "Hey Maria,"  acknowledged.

She grinned.  "Hey, Max,"  she turned to Liz then, the smile imprinted on her face.  "I'll see you later, babe."

"See ya,"  Liz called, and then turned her attention to Max.  Her blush grew deeper as she remembered how she had humiliated herself in front of him.  "I'm sorry about the other day, Max."

He waved off her apology.  "It's all right.  You have a right to act the way you did."  he told her, yet knowing she didn't believe him.  "I, uh, I brought you your work that you forgot yesterday."

Liz smiled her thanks and took the stack of papers.  "Thanks again, Max.  You are a life saver."  she said.

Her grinned.  "You know, during lunch, if you want, we can meet in the library and I can help you catch up."  he suggested.  "Only if you want.."  he began add.

She smiled.  "I'd really like that Max."

They walked towards the school in comfortable silence.  Both content simply by being in each other's presence The bell sounded and students started to disperse from their groups.  "Which way are you going?"  Max asked casually and stopped in the middle of the hallway.

"Oh, I have Miss Greaver this block."  she told him.  Maybe he was heading in the same direction.

He frowned slightly.  "I'm heading the opposite way.  Mr. Selinger."

Liz too frowned, but immediately turned it upside down.  "So, I guess I'll see you at lunch."  she said, trying hard to hide her excitement.

Max nodded.  "Yeah, I'll see at lunch, and then we'll head to the library."  he grinned and started walking backwards.  "See ya, Liz."

"Bye, Max."

He turned completely around then and almost ran into Michael.  "Geez, Michael, watch where you're going."

He quirked an eyebrow.  "I wasn't the one walking backwards, there, Maxwell."  he retorted flatly.

Max ducked his head and shoved his hands in his pockets.  They walked down the hall together, Max to his first block, Michael to the nearest hide out so he could ditch class.

"So, making a study date?"  Michael asked, though he knew the answer.

Max sighed.  "I'm just helping Liz catch up."  he confirmed.

"Yeah, uh-huh.  She really needs help catchin up on those longing looks."  he replied.  "I'm sure she's real rusty."

Max groaned and scratched behind his neck.  "Can you lay off the shit Michael?"  he asked harshly, which earned a slightly shocked look from Michael.  Max rarely used profanity.

He shrugged.  "Yeah all right."  they fell silent for a while.  Only a few students occupied the halls now, each of them challenging the tardy bell to ring.  "I've been thinking..."

"Oh, that's comforting."  Max said sarcastically.

He glared at Max's profile a moment, and then grabbed his arm, turning him towards himself.  "Liz shouldn't have survived."  he said cutting to the chase.

Anger shone brightly in Max's eyes and he glared hard at Michael.  He held his hands up in surrender, not meaning what Max clearly thought he meant.

"That's not what I meant, Max,"  he reassured.  "I'm just saying.  She did die, didn't she?"

Max's silence confirmed his suspicions.  "Yeah, well,"  Michael continued.  "She was alone in that room, for a good few minutes.  Who could have possibly saved her?"

Max stared at Michael. He had thought of that, but had put if off as a miracle.  "What are you saying?"  he quipped.

The tardy bell rang then, and Max inwardly groaned.  Another tardy, that's great.

Michael, though, couldn't have cared less.  "I'm not saying anything."  he said with a shrug.

Max quirked an eyebrow at him.  "All right, maybe I am saying something."  he restated.  Max nodded his head, waiting.  "Maybe you should head to class, Maxwell, don't want to be any later do you?"  he walked off then, leaving Max with his thoughts.


Liz collapsed into the desk next to Alex and gave an exasperated sigh.  He grinned at her and quirked a dark eyebrow.  His arm snaked out and draped lazily over her shoulders.

"Rough day, love?"  he asked and leaned his head against hers.

Despite her dark mood, Liz couldn't help but smile at his sweet gestures.  "I am swamped with homework,"  she finally forced out.  She let her head fall to Alex's shoulder and groaned.  "I don't know what I am gonna do."

Alex dipped his head down to her ear.  "Maybe Max'll help."  he suggested teasingly.

She smiled a moment and then jerked her head up, her face set in a playful glare.  "Shut up, Alex Charles Whitman."  she said and punched him lightly in the arm.

Alex's arm slipped from around her shoulders and he laughed at her.  Mr. Luther entered the room then, his voice booming out orders.  Class had begun.

Liz glanced at Alex and gave him a painful look.  Music Appreciation had to be the most boring class of the year.  Alex was already set in pre-sleep mode, with his hand mashed against his face, as his arm was used to hold his head up. It would only be a matter of time before a loud thud would fill the room and Liz would turn her head to find Alex's face flat on the desk. The mental image made Liz giggle.

As the class droned on, Liz too fought against unconsciousness.  Mr. Luther's monotonous voice didn't help in the fight to keep her awake. She cursed herself for staying up late the night before, writing her thoughts in her journal.

With a sigh, Liz began to doodle on the margin of her note book paper. Tiny circles, squiggly lines, nothing interesting really. It was just something to keep her from falling asleep. As Liz lost herself in thought, she removed her pencil lead from her paper to see a doodled image of the strange hand print. She frowned, as she retraced the image, giving it more definition.

It didn't surprise her that it had shown up on her paper, it had been one of the many things swirling in among her jumbled thoughts. All of the strange things that had happened to her since the shooting has been on her mind. Strange hallucinations and dreams. They all felt too real for her to ignore. In those dreams, she'd felt things. Things that she'd never felt before. And everything she had heard and said - felt like it had happened before. Déjà vu.

The bell toned and Alex jerked awake beside of her. His head was dangerously close to meeting the desk up close and personal. He turned his head towards Liz, with a grin. He licked his dry lips.

"Another victory." He stated groggily.

Liz stood and gathered her belongings. "How was that a victory?" she asked with a laugh.

He too stood up, his books dangling at his side. "I won't have another bruise." He stated and rubbed his forehead. "You've missed a lot of head banging while you were out Liz."

Liz laughed and slipped her arm around his back. They strolled down the hall together and out into the quad. "I'm going to meet Max at lunch today." She said casually.

"Ohhh," came Alex's response. "Is he actually going to sit with us at the table, or are you --"


"Ahh, I see." He said and looked down at her, amused. Liz was staring straight ahead, ignoring his looks. "C'mon, Liz, you're not that oblivious."

She lifted her head to look at him, then. "What are you talking about?" she asked cluelessly.

They stopped at their table and dropped their books in their seats. "Max Evans has had a thing for you ever since he moved here in third grade." He stated matter-of-factly

"What?" she asked, truly lost. "When did he move here again?"

Alex lifted his eyebrows and his eyes widened slightly. "You've got to be kidding me. You don't remember?" when she shook her head slightly, he continued. "You and Maria were playing in front of the school. You were practically crying because you hated that cupcake dress your mother made for you. You're exact words were, "I hate it with a passion". And that's not something an eight year old normally describes it as..."

The little girl Liz had seen in her vision flashed before her eyes.

"And I was standing behind you two. My mind you, I had just formally introduced myself and you guys laughed at my introduction - "

"You introduced yourself as Alex Charles Whitman, III." She said distractedly. "Who wouldn't have laughed at you."

He glared playfully at her. "That's not the point. So, where was I?" he asked himself. "Right, so, I look beyond you two, and see Max Evans step off the bus, and he just stopped. Staring at you, Liz. He stood there for the longest time just watching -"

The little boy flashed before her, and Liz gasped slightly. The same boy she had seen in the hospital.

"and she came and pulled him away." Liz finally heard Alex finishing with his story. Obviously he had gotten sidetracked and was now talking solely of Isabel. "She was the most beautiful girl, I had ever seen. I knew, in my little boy heart, that she didn't have a cootie on her. Her hair was pulled tightly into a pony tail, and gold sparkled in her brown eyes - "

"Alex." Liz said, with an amused smirk.

"When she took Max's hand in hers, I felt like that should be my hand..."

"..Alex.." She tried again. He was lost in his poetic moment.

"I watched, mesmerized as they stepped away from the school bus and sat alone together on the steps." He continued. "They sat looking at each other, both seeming so sad -"

"Alex!" Liz said forcefully and clutched at his arms. His glazed over eyes shifted to hers. Back to earth. "I kind of lost you there, buddy."

"Right." He said slowly. "I'm going to head to the lunch line, see ya later Liz."

She giggled and waved him off, though his words stayed with her. How could she have forgotten that Max had moved here? Better yet, why had she obtained that vision of him in the hospital.

Liz was deep in thought, a frown stuck on her face when she felt someone tapping on her shoulder. She turned around to see Max himself standing before her. "Hey," he said softly. "You ready to head the library?"

She was slow in receiving his prior remark, but then quickly hopped to speed. "Yes, right." She grabbed her books. "Sorry, I was kind of lost in thought."

He nodded. "I could see that." he said with a grin. "Do you want to grab some lunch before we head over?"

Liz shook her head. She wasn't craving food - she was craving answers. "No, I'm not really hungry." She stated, and then looked up to him. "But we can if you're hungry, I don't mind."

He too shook his head. "I'm not real hungry either."

They walked in silence until they finally reached the library. The took the back table in the corner of the room. Max talked quietly to her about cells and such for their biology class as Liz stared on after him. How couldn't she have remembered? His eyes were like none other than she had ever seen before. She had always thought they were otherworldly. How couldn't she have associated the eyes she saw in the vision with the eyes she loves to peer into everyday of her life?

Once he caught her staring at him, she shifted her attention to the paper in front of her.

She could always look into it later...


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Author: Ripley

Summary: Instead of Max returning to the past to prevent the end of the world, what if Liz beat him to it? Once there, she persuaded Max to stay away from the Crashdown the day of the shooting. For surely, that was the only way to keep the future from happening...

Category: Mainly M/L - CC Dreamer Insured

Rating: PG-13 as of yet

Disclaimer: Not mine. Don't sue.

Spoilers - Anything before and up to the End of the World - I just thought I'd toss it in there before we get too far into the story.

Author's Note: I'm still working on "Trouble with a Capital L" for those of you who are interested, but I wanted to try this fic. I am once again without a title so if any of you can help me with that, it'd be great.

Title: From the Ashes


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Part Five

Liz sat at the counter, her legs swinging back and forth between the rod supporting her stool, as she read over her excruciatingly, boring History notes.  She had promised her teacher that she would be prepared to take the test the following day.  She had even scheduled it so she could take the test during her study period, but for the life of her, nothing was sinking in.

With an exasperated sigh, Liz closed her binder and pushed it aside.  Then, she folded her arms together and buried her head in the crook of her forearm.  She couldn't believe the mess she was in. Tons of homework and so little time to do it in.

The chime over the diner doors sounded and Liz heard Maria groan with dispair.  She lifted her head and laughed at her friend.  The Cafe was short handed this evening, it was only Maria and Karen Sewiski - who was pregnant and wasn't being much help anyway - and to top it off, the Crashdown was packed.  Not by just the usual mass of alien-crazed tourists, but of school kids, coming in to dine after another victorious football game.

"Hey Maria,"  Liz called before Maria could step any farther.  "Do you want me to help out?"

Maria sighed happily and pulled her friend into a bone crushing embrace.  "Liz, that would be awesome, and I would love you forever, I promise."  she said with excitement.

Liz laughed and stood from the stool.  She glanced around the room for the new customer.  It was Michael Guerin.  The last person she wanted to deal with.  As Liz approached the table, her mind filled with the memories of all the times she had attempted to be nice to him.  She didn't want him to think of her as some stuck up snob, but at the same time she didn't want him to think of her as a flake.  So, she'd start saying hello to him in the classes they shared - when he attended at least.  But all she received in return were cold stares and looks of disbelief, so she stopped trying.

She suspected that Michael's home life was none as luxurious as hers.  He was a foster child and had bounced around a lot until he finally found a home with the town drunk, Hank.  Liz felt sorry for him, of course, she couldn't imagine what her life would be like if the tables were turned.  However, Liz quite caring - not completely - but enough to stop going out of her way to speak with him.

"Can I take your order?"  she asked politely.  She hooked her thumbs in her back pockets and waited patiently for his response.

"Uh - basket of fries, and uh, cherry coke."  Michael answered.  His tone was different, and he actually enunciated instead of his normal, caveman grunting.

Liz nodded.  "I'll be right back with your drink."

She walked to the soda machine and started to fill a glass.  As she waited, her hand involuntarily crept out and grasped a Tabasco bottle.  Once the glass was filled with the fizzing soda, she poured a generous amount of the spicy hot liquid inside.

Liz returned to the table and placed the coke in front of him.  "There you go, and I added some Tabasco sauce to it.  Just the way you like."  she said before she even fully realized what had come from her mouth.

Michael's head jerked up and he stared at her in shock.  How had she known?

Liz too stood there with a confused look on her face.  What had possessed her to do that?  Tabasco in a drink?  She shook her head slightly and removed the glass.  "I'm sorry,"  she apologized, with her brows furrowed together.  "I don't know what I was thinking."

A brief moment later, she returned with a new glass.  She blushed and apologized again.

He stared at her until she left, hearing her tell him she'd return shortly with his order.  Michael stared at his drink, which was now going to be terribly bland since the only means of flavor had been taken from him, but that didn't register in his mind.  Something was definitely going on with that girl.  Michael had heard of the incident in the diner, and had passed it off as her being a complete whack, but now he had a different perspective.

He took a sip from the soda, the bland taste biting his tongue, but he didn't show his disgust.  Years of practice had taught him to keep his face straight at all times.  Michael turned his head so his gaze could follow Liz as she roamed around the diner.  She knew things.  Somehow she knew.

Her gaze met his then, and he stared her down.  He could see confused panic flash in her eyes before she turned away again.

He took another gulp from his soda.  Yeah.  She knew something.


Liz grabbed the order from Jose and walked towards Michael's table.  She had felt his eyes on her the whole time she waited the other tables, and that unnerved her.  She saw his shocked expression when she placed the soda, filled with the horrid liquid, in front of him.  What kind of idiot was she?

Composing herself, Liz placed the fries in front of him, and smiled.  "There you go."  she said, her voice calm and normal.  Almost as if it were an everyday occurrence that she mistakenly poured hot sauce into somebody's drink.  Hehe.  Oops.

"Enjoy."  she added for effect.

Liz went to turn away when something about him caught her eye.  She did a double take and stared at him with concern.  His left eye was swollen and blue, almost as if he had been punched within the few short minutes she had been gone.

"Michael?"  she gasped and her hand unconsciously went out to touch the bruise.  He recoiled and looked at her as if she were crazy.

Liz retracted her arm and clenched her eyes shut tightly.  When she opened them again, Michael was staring at her.  The same crazy look on his face, but the black eye was gone.

She took in a deep breath and stepped away from the table.  "I'm sorry."  she whispered almost inaudibly. 

Liz stepped completely away from the table, running a trembling hand through her hair.  She was going mad!  The damn hallucinations were getting on her last nerves!

She glanced timidly over her shoulder at Michael, as she headed towards the back.  He was watching her, his expression unreadable, but Liz knew he must be thinking horrid thoughts of her.  Ugh!

Liz buried her face in her hands as she pushed through the swinging door.  She fell backwards onto the couch and let out a frustrated cry.

"Woah, and I thought I had problems with Michael."  Maria said as she entered the back room.  She had witnessed only part of the weird encounter between the two, and came back to find out what had happened. 

"Don't you mean, Spaceboy?"  Liz asked before she could stop herself.  She was taken back by her own response, as well as Maria.

"What?"  she asked with a laugh and a raised eyebrow.

Liz groaned.  "Ugh, I don't even know what I'm talking about!"  she yelled into her hands.

Maria untied her silver, head-of-an-alien apron and tossed it aside.  "Need to talk?"  offered with a sweet smile.

Liz sighed and sat up.  "No, it's all right.  You should head back to work."  she answered, though her tone said that that wasn't the case at all.  That she really needed someone to talk to.  She needed a friend.

She rolled her eyes.  "Now, Liz, what do you think I am going to pick?  A bunch of disgruntle customers, or my best friend, who obviously is going through something traumatic?”  she asks, and pretends to weigh both scenarios in her hands.  "Hm, toughie."

Liz laughed and shifted on the couch so there was room for Maria.  She practically hopped beside of her, her arms going around Liz in an embrace.  "Talk to me babe."  she said.

She stared at Maria, her emerald green eyes showing her sincerity and such genuine concern that Liz thrived for at this moment.  "It's like what I said before, I don't know what's wrong with me."  she said with a shake of her head.  "I'm seeing things.  More of them.  Like, just now, I saw Michael with a black eye, and then the next second, it was gone."

Maria frowned at her friend.  "Maybe you've obtained that thing..."  she described pathetically.

Liz laughed.  "What thing, Maria?"

She giggled herself.  "You know, that second sight thing."  she answered.  Liz quirked an eyebrow.  "Oh, you know what I mean.  Like you can see what happens, before it happens."

Liz thought about all that she had foreseen.  Particularly her lifeless body lying on the cold tile floor.  "Well, that's comforting."  she said with a slight groan.

Maria shrugged.  "Yeah or not."  she said, trying to lift her friend's mood.  "Maybe you're just crazy."

Liz laughed again and shoved Maria lightly.  "Thank you, Maria."  she said, though her mood was slightly better.  "Thanks a lot."

She flashed her a toothy grin.  "Oh, anytime, babe."  she stood then, and straightened her head band.  "Well, I'm off.  And you should be too.  Go to sleep or something, Liz.  Get your mind off of things."

Liz nodded.  "I'll see you tomorrow, Maria."  she said as she too stood and started to ascend the stairs.

She entered her room and shut her door with a soft click.  Breathing in a sigh, she walked over to her full length mirror and lifted the hem of her shirt.

Same healing scab.  No weird hand prints.

Liz shook her head, the image of herself lying on the floor, the life draining out of her, flashed before her eyes.  As she urged the vile picture to recede, Max kneeling over her appeared then.  And then the glowing hand print.

"Oh, God,"  she muttered and stared at herself in the mirror.  "You really are crazy."

As she continued to stare at her reflection, her hands cupping her face, Liz noticed a shadow moving across her balcony.  Then, Max Evans knelt to peer through her window.

Her brows furrowed.  Another hallucination, damn it.

It wasn't until the soft tapping brought her to reality did she realize that Max was standing on the other side of her window.  Flesh and bone.

The study date. 

"Oh, no,"  she whispered and hurried across her room.  She lifted her window, apologies immediately flowing from her mouth.  "I'm so sorry, Max.  I completely forgot."

Liz stepped aside and permitted Max to enter.  Such an act felt so familiar to Liz, and she liked it.  A lot.

He smiled shyly at her.  "It's all right."  he said, and stuffed his hands in his pockets.  "I knocked on the door, no one answered, so I decided to come up the ladder.  I hope that's all right."

She waved him off.  "Oh, no that's fine."  she said.  "I was lost in thought again, I didn't hear you knock."

He nodded and they stood there in silence.  Max glancing around the room a bit nervously, as Liz stared into his amber orbs.

The thing about Czechoslovakians that you sorta have to factor in, is they have these incredibly soulful eyes.

The words, written in her own chicken scratch, suddenly popped into her head.  They sounded so real, like she had actually written them in a recent journal entry.

"Are you Czechoslovakian?"

"What?"  Max asked more than a little shocked.



"So, Isabel, I was wondering if maybe...See, I heard you were having trouble in your Computer class, and since I am, like, the biggest computer ner-.....I was just curious as if you needed any help.  Because, I can fit you into my ever-so-busy schedule...Not that I am overly popular or anything....That was just a lame joke.  That's not the point.  The point is - I like you, Isabel.  And I was wondering if you'd like to -"

He was five feet away from her, before he pivoted in his step and continued down the hallway.  He stopped in front of Liz's locker, chewing bitterly on his finger nail.

"Couldn't pull it off, could you Alex?"  Liz asked as she rummaged through her locker.

Alex shook his head in defeat.  "No, and I had this really great speech planned out." came his response.  He stomped his foot in frustration, reminding him of a four year old.

Liz shut her locker and turned to him, an amused smile etched on her face.  "I'm sure you did, Alex, however,"  she said slowly.  "I don't think rambling about her hair and the gold speckles in her eyes, consist of a good speech."

He turned with her as they walked down the hall.  "I'll have you know, that I said nothing in my rambling about her hair or her eyes."  he stopped briefly.  "Though, I think it would have been good way to earn brownie points if I had thrown it in."

She shook her head and tugged Alex along.  As they rounded the corner, Liz ran into a solid figure.  Arms shot out to steady her before she could fall, and Alex watched on with an amused look.

"Hey Guys,"  he said with a wave.

"Hey Alex,"  Max greets and allows his hands to slip from Liz's arms.  They immediately are imbedded deep into his pockets.  He titled his head to peer into Liz's eyes.  "Sorry about that."

Liz shook her head ever-so-slowly in response and continued to stare at him.

Alex looked between the two before he took a step back.  "I'll talk to you guys later."  he said and gave Liz a wink.

"See ya, Alex."  Liz answers distractedly.

Once he left, Liz and Max fell into the same silence that always followed.  Max often wished that he could over come his shy, sensitive demeanor and just tell her how he really felt.  To tell her the fairy tale that had been written for them, that they had once lived.  And maybe could live again.  Almost as soon as he had conjured up the thought, he pushed it aside.  He couldn't go there.  He wouldn't allow himself to go there.  That was territory better left untouched.

"Soo,"  he said and blew air through his cheeks.  He didn't know what to say.

Suddenly, Liz remembered the incident with Michael the other night.  She latched onto Max's arm and forced him to walk along with her.  "Michael."  she was all she said.

"Michael?"  came Max's confused response.

Liz sighed and wrung her hands together.  "His foster father, Hank, they don't get along well, do they?"  she asked.  She didn't know why she felt the need to talk about this, she was supposed to stop caring.  But she couldn't, something prevented her from doing that.

Max sighed.  "Michael doesn't get along with anyone."  he stated.  "Least of all with Hank."  he looked down at her, question sparking in his eyes.  "Why?"

"Long story."  she answered, side stepping his question.  "Anyway, um..Does Hank, does he hit Michael?"

He stopped and stared at Liz in question.  "All they do is argue, as far as I know." 

Michael would tell him differently, right? 

"Why?"  he questioned again.

"So, Hank doesn't abuse Michael in anyway?"  she asked, when Max continued to stare at her, she went on.  "Okay, then has he even gotten into a fight?"

Max was frustrated with the way she was avoiding his question.  "Liz -"

The bell sounded and Liz silently cursed.  She was going to be late again.  "I've gotta go, Max.  I'll talk to you later."  she said hurriedly and then rushed off.

Max groaned and walked off too, but not to his next class.  He instead headed down the hallway and entered the boys bathroom.  His senses immediately zoned in on Michael in the last stall.

Max hopped onto the counter and waited for Michael to appear.  The toilet flushed and out he came, staring at Max with surprise.

"Maxwell?"  he asked as he walked towards the sink.

Max grasped the edge of the counter and swung his feet back and forth.  "How are you, Michael?"

Michael averted his gaze from his hands to Max.  "I'm fine, Max.  I just took a piss, and yourself?"

He rolled his eyes and hopped off of the sink, his gaze leaving Michael briefly.  "I mean, the home life.."  he threw out.

Michael stared at Max through the reflection in the mirror, and then shook the water from his hands.  "Hank's Hank."  came his vague response.  "It's fine."

"Cause you know,"  Max started.  "You're always welcome at our place."

He turned to face his friend then, as he dried his hands off with a paper towel.  Michael had never really acknowledged how much their friendship meant to him.  Nor Isabel's for that matter.  He always seemed to take them for granted, and it was at moments like these that he fully realized what he had going for him.

...Though, he'd never voice it out loud...

"I'm fine, Maxwell." he said and tossed the towel to the floor.  "Don't you think you should be heading to class?"


Liz sat in her Honor's English, doodling away at her notebook. It has soon become an archive for many of her visions.  The usual glowing hand prints, and little boys with soulful eyes.  Looking wise beyond their years.

Her piece of paper, which was supposed to be filled with notes about some prestigious author was instead filled with odd shapes and swirls.  The newest doodle, that caught her eye almost immediately, was a sketch of an oval shaped rock, with two swirling lines, circling around a tiny triangle.  Liz bit the corner of her lip lightly and tried to place where she'd seen the object before, all the while shadowing in areas to add more definition.

"Liz Parker, please report to the Guidance Counselor’s Office."  Mrs. Posts voice boomed over the intercom, causing Liz to jump from her seat.

Miss Barnes, held out a yellow hall pass to her as she continued to write her notes upon the chalk board.  She grasped it gently in her hands and hurried out of the class room, eager to get away from the day's boring lectures.

Liz took the long route to the Counselor’s office, taking her grand time in getting there as well.  Then, what didn't seem long enough, she reached the office door and knocked lightly.  She opened it with out waiting for a response and peered inside.

A slender blonde stood behind the desk.  Her long hair pulled back in a tight bun.  She was dressed in a gray, professional looking skirt and white dress shirt, and she held a manila file closely to her chest.

"Miss Parker,"  she greeted and motioned to the chair in front of her.  "Please, have a seat."

Liz smiled shyly and obeyed. 

"I'll be with you in a moment."  she said as she rummaged through her filing cabinet.

Liz glanced anxiously around the room.  Her eyes feel on the name plate on the desk.  Agent Topolsky.

She frowned, and reread the words again.

Miss Topolsky

Her frown deepened, but she ignored the trick her eyes were playing on her and instead shifted her gaze to see what was keeping her. 

Suddenly, Liz was peering through a vent into Miss Topolsky's office as she spoke with an unknown man, about Michael Guerin.  Her brows furrowed together as she tried to analyze the mumbling from the room, but her attempts were in vain.  She couldn't make out a single word.

Liz felt someone behind her.  Soft puffs of warm breath lightly caressing her neck.  She began to turn slowly, wanting to see whose presence she was surrounded by.

"Sorry about the wait."  Miss Topolsky said, removing Liz from her thoughts.

Liz smiled nevertheless and waited for Miss Topolsky to begin.

"How are you, Liz?"  she asked and focused her attention solely upon the young woman.  Her eyes seemed filled with such concern, yet Liz's instincts told her to play dumb.

She cocked her head and smiled.  "What do you mean?"  she asked politely.

Topolsky sat back and briefly opened the file in her lap.  Her eyes skimmed over the contents before it flapped shut again.  "I mean the incident at the Crashdown, Miss Parker.  You were shot, that had to been quite a traumatic experience."

Liz feigned recognition.  "Ohhh.."  she said, her shoulder's lifting slightly in the process.  She too sat back.  "That was nothing. Sure, it was scary, I mean, everyone told me I had died."  she widened her eyes and stretched out a piece of gum she'd been chewing on, and wrapped the sticky substance around her finger.  "I am sooo lucky."

Miss Topolsky stared at Liz for a long moment, trying to read her thoughts with her mind.  "That you are, Miss Parker,"  she finally said.  "Well, I brought you in to let you know that if there is anything you need to talk about, anything at all, I am here for you.  I'm an ally, Liz."

She nodded vigorously and pulled the gum from her finger with her teeth.  "Ally, yes."  she said slowly.  Then Liz leaned a bit closer to her.  "Whatever happened to the old Guidance Counselor?"

Topolsky went rigid a moment before she stood from her seat and place the file back into the cabinet.  "Didn't you know?"  she asked with a steady voice.  "Mrs. Fulks was pregnant, she is on her maternity leave."

"Really?"  Liz asked.  She knew for a fact that Mrs. Fulks wasn't pregnant.  She usually brought the student in to listen to have them listen to her own problems instead the other way around.  Liz had been one of them forced to hear of how awful it was that she couldn't have kids.

She nodded.  "Well, that is all Miss Parker."  she added, telling her to leave with her gaze. 

Liz stood and made her way to the door.  "Remember my offer, Liz."  Topolsky added.

She didn't even bother to acknowledge her that time, instead she walked out the door and into the deserted hallways.

Too weird.


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I hope that helped. If not, I'll try to explain better.

Thanks all!

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Author: Ripley

Summary: Instead of Max returning to the past to prevent the end of the world, what if Liz beat him to it? Once there, she persuaded Max to stay away from the Crashdown the day of the shooting. For surely, that was the only way to keep the future from happening...

Category: Mainly M/L - CC Dreamer Insured

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Author's Note: I'm still working on "Trouble with a Capital L" for those of you who are interested, but I wanted to try this fic. I am once again without a title so if any of you can help me with that, it'd be great.

Title: From the Ashes

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Okay, on with the story!

Part Six

Liz was working another shift at the Crashdown, the everyday tourists coming in and chuckling as usual at the item names on the menu.

She was slightly aware of the bobbing alien antennas on her head, and silently cursed her parents once again for picking out such icky uniforms. Why couldn't they have ordered the uniforms that she had wanted - the black outfit from Men in Black, with the laser pens? That would have rocked!

She passed Maria, lifting her orders up in the air to prevent any collision, and gave her best friend a weary smile. Today had been a rough day. How were they going to get through it? They were short-staffed and it was the end of the week, so the Crashdown was naturally packed. She glanced over her shoulder to see Maria talking with the newest customers. Ugh, she hated this job.

Liz approached the table and set down her orders.

"Okay, I’ve got one Sigourney Weaver- that's for you," she said, placing the hot plate in front a middle aged woman. "And one Will Smith," she continued, placing the other order in front of the male counterpart.

She smiled sweetly and rested her hands on her hips. "Can I get you guys anything else? Green Martian Shake? Blood of Alien smoothie?"

"No, thanks. We're good," the guy said a bit distractedly.

"Are you guys here for the crash festival?" she asked, trying to play off as a nice, interested waitress. Hey, you can get good tips that way!

The woman nodded excitedly. "Yes, we can't wait."

Liz went to turn away when the woman's voice drew her back. "So...does your family come from Roswell?"

Oh sheesh. Here we go again, Liz thought to herself.

"Just four generations," Liz answered with feigned wide-eyed innocence and a mysterious smile.

This perked the guy's interest for the first time, and he turned his complete attention to Liz.

"Uh, well, does anyone in your family have stories about the UFO crash?" he asked, anxiously awaiting her answer. He was practically panting with eagerness.

Liz sighed dramatically, and looked around as if she were searching for someone who was watching.

"Well…" she dragged out. "I guess it would be okay to show you guys this..."

After showing the oblivious customers a bogus picture of an alien, Liz ran off snickering. Maria shook her head at her friend.

"You are sooo bad!" she said, wagging a finger at her.

Maria glanced around, and something caught her eye. She smirked. "Oh, and Max Evans is staring at you again."

Liz whirled around to catch a glimpse of him.

"No way," she says, shaking her head and staring at his table. She gives Maria a disapproving look. "Maria, that is so in your imagination."

As Liz watched on, Max indeed glanced at her, but quickly looked away. Her heart fluttered a moment, before she scolded herself. It was just a meaningless glance. She turned to her friend again, resting a hand on her hip.

"Max Evans?" she said, pointing at her face. "This? No, nuh's not..."

"And with those cheeks!? Preciosita tan linda!" Maria chants and watches as a deep, crimson blush gathers on Liz's cheeks.

"Maria!" she hissed and turned away.

Moments later, a scuffle breaks out between two men. One of them pulls out a gun. As Liz watches on helplessly, she prays that what she was seeing was a dream. It couldn't be happening again. Not again.

The bullet flows through her and her body jerks with a sudden force. Liz staggers backwards a moment and she could feel herself falling, though she seemed to stay in place. Liz latched onto the edge of the counter to steady herself, and looked down at her abdomen.


But she had been shot! She had been! Hadn't she?

"Liz..." Maria's hushed voice floats to her ears, and Liz looks up to see Maria standing before her, her eyes filled with fearful concern.

Maria wasn't looking at her, but through her.

Liz turned around to see herself sprawled out on the diner floor - angry thick blood, spilling from her body.

"What are you doing?" a voice demanded. She turned to see Max across the diner. "Let go of me," he insisted to Michael, as he stared at Liz's lifeless form.

Michael glared at Max as he maintained his hold on Max's arm. "Max, what are you gonna do?"

Liz watched in awe as Max pulled away then, and he gently grabbed Maria by the shoulders. "Call an ambulance," he commanded.

She continues to watch as Max kneeled over her body and tore open her uniform. Liz walked around the counter to get a better view, as she stared at Max through her teary eyes. He seemed to shudder at the growing blood stain, and he looked tenderly into Liz's eyes. She knelt down beside of him, her gaze never leaving Max's face. What was he doing to do?

Liz's chest constricted as she watched his gentle movements, the light caress of his fingers on her cheek, removing her hair from her face. "'s gonna be okay," he whispered- no, stuttered to her.

"Oh my God!" Liz's head jerks up to see the tourist she had been talking too trying to catch a glimpse of the situation. Michael jumped in a shoved her angrily out of the way. "Hey, get back!" he yelled and glared everyone down. He glanced nervously at Max, his face showing his fear.

"Liz," Max whispered intensely, as she returned her attention to the scene before her. "Liz, you have to look at me. You have to look at me," he pleaded, his voice cracking slightly.

She was looking at him. And he was beautiful.

More tears flowed from Liz's eyes as she watched him place his large hand over the bullet hole. His face contorted in pain as he focused all of his attention on her. Liz Parker.

Liz fell backwards as she was bombarded by images, a startled gasp escaping her lips.

She saw herself standing up from the accident, her hair disarray as she clutched her uniform tightly to her flesh, and watched as Max ran from the diner. He glanced at her once, his gaze a pleading one.

She saw a bullet hole in the material of her uniform, her finger poking through it.

The silver handprint appearing before her in the mirror again.

Max, Isabel, and Michael walking hand in hand - desert falling behind of them.

Max as he placed his hands on her cheeks, pleading for her to look at him.

She felt his warm touch, his longing looks.

His love.

Liz's breath hitched as the last of the images disappeared, and she was left in the darkness of her room. She clutched tightly to the blankets as she urged her breathing to slow down. Then, she dropped the blankets and groped at her stomach, searching. Searching for the blood, the hole...searching for the hand print.

She thought she faintly saw the silver glow, but once she blinked it disappeared.

Liz's hands shook as she brought them to her face, and she used all of her will power not to cry out from fear. What was happening to her!

Frustrated tears ran freely down her cheeks, and her breaths came in harsh gasps. She felt as if she were suffocating. A strangled sob escaped from her lips then, as burning hot tears continued their descent down her cheeks. Her loud, ragged sobs continued to ricochet off the walls until her mother rushed into her room, wrapping protective arms around her.

"Shhh," Nancy soothed as she stroked her daughter’s hair. She pulled Liz's sideways form closer to her chest as her arms tightened their grip around her shoulders. "Shh," she tried again.

Liz struggled to breathe as she choked recklessly on her sobs. The trials of the past few weeks finally crumbling down on her, she knew she couldn't handle it any longer.

"Do you want to talk about it?" her mother asked in a soft whisper, but when Liz's form shook even more and her sobs grew more rampant, Nancy hushed her her again with loving concern. "Shh, it's all right, you don't have to."

She kissed her daughter's head and lightly rocked her in her arms, humming a lullaby she'd always sing to Liz when she was a baby. Liz continued to hang on tightly to her mother, as she buried her face in the crook of her neck.

After a few minutes had passed and Liz's sobs quieted, Nancy pulled away a few inches and stared lovingly into her daughter's tear stained face. She grasped her hands lightly into her own, and pulled her to her feet.

"Come," she ordered lightly.

Liz followed her mother eagerly as they entered her parent's bedroom. Jeff was sitting up in bed, his eyes clouded with concern.

"Is she alright?" he asked, but knew the answer when he saw her trailing behind Nancy.

Liz smiled shyly at her father before she crawled into bed, settling herself in the center. Jeff pulled the covers over her laid down beside of her, his gaze meeting his wife's.

"We haven't done this since she was about eight years old," he reminisced.

Nancy smiled and stroked Liz's cheek. "Remember when she tossed and turned at night, because her little feet were getting so hot?"

"And I kept trying to kick the covers off," Liz added, her voice hoarse and babyish from her sobs. She snuggled deeper into the blankets, security settling over her.

Her parents kissed her cheeks, urging her to fall into a restful sleep.

Jeff and Nancy didn't fall asleep into earlier that morning, when they were sure their daughter was safe from the nightmares.

Michael leaned against the corner of the wall, his eyes fixated on her locker. She hadn't arrived at school yet, which was unusual in itself. Liz was known for being prompt. Both Alex and Maria had waited anxiously beside of her locker as well, very much aware of her uncharacteristic habit, but were forced to leave to keep from being late to class.

He let his head fall against the wall. He was almost ready to leave, when he heard hurried footsteps padding down the quickly deserting hallway. The bell rang then, and the loiterers vacated, just as Liz approached her locker.

Michael's eyebrow quirked at her haggard appearance. She was wearing a pair of old pajama pants and an oversize T-shirt. Her normally beautiful hair was pulled back into an unattractive, messy bun. He had caught a glimpse of her eyes, before she turned her back on him. They were tired and moist with unshed tears.

Geez, it's just school, he thought absurdly.

Liz fiddled unsuccessfully with the combination of her locker, before she threw her book bag up against it.

"Damnit!" she cursed. There was that unusual manner of hers again.

He watched silently as she raked her trembling hands through her hair. She turned and leaned heavily against the surface of her lock, frustrated tears leaking through her closed lids.

Michael stiffened and looked around. What the hell was she crying for?

For some unknown reason, Michael took a step forward. Then another step. And then another. Another. Until finally, he standing in front of Liz's tired-looking form.

"It's just a locker," he grumbled, startling her out of her thoughts.

Liz straightened and wiped at her eyes, ashamed. "Michael," she said, sounding non-to-pleased by his presence.

He stared at her a moment longer, taking pity on her. He sighed. "Let me help," he offered.

She stepped back, a little shocked by his comment, but somehow she knew he wasn't as big of a jerk as he portrayed himself.

"Combination?" he asked.

"34, 0, 24," she recited for him, brushing remaining tears away from her cheeks.

She watched with interest as he dialed in the number. He cursed when it wouldn't open. Michael stepped in front of her view then, shielding the locker with his large form. Liz craned her neck to see what he was doing, and she thought she saw a faint glow illuminate from beneath his hand. She shook her head, passing it off as another hallucination.

Michael stepped aside and opened her locker. He grinned.

"Thanks," she said, staring at him a moment longer. She quickly grabbed her books. "I have to get to class now, and I'm sure you don't want to get caught ditching."

He shrugged his shoulders and looked around the empty halls, leisurely. There wasn't a teacher in sight; there was no need to worry.

"Thank you, again, Michael," she said, and watched him with a bit of skepticism. He was Max's best friend, and Liz had an undeniable feeling that both of them were linked to whatever was happening to her. Isabel, too.

Michael nodded and watched as she departed. He really needed to find out what was going on with her.

Max craned his neck to peer over the mass of student bodies. Liz had been avoiding him all day, and he was eager to find out why. He had passed her several times in the hall, offering a smile, but she went on almost as if she hadn’t seen him. Max was sure that she had.

He had tried to confront her about this, but when she noticed him coming in her direction, she dodged into the nearest bathroom.

Finally, Max had given up- until now. He desperately wanted to know what was wrong with her. Maybe he could help.

He caught a glimpse of her then. She was walking off of the quad with Maria and they were heading towards the parking lot. Max broke into a jog, the urgency to catch up with them driving him on.

"Liz!" he called out to her. He knew she heard, he could tell by the way she momentarily stiffened before she increased her rate of walk. "Liz!" he tried again, louder this time.

Max reached them just as Liz slid into the passenger’s side. His hands latched onto the door. "Liz?"

She bit her lip and fixed an apologetic gaze on him. "I'm sorry, Max, I've gotta go."

His chest was heaving lightly as he frowned in confusion, his amber eyes unhappy. "Where are you going?" he couldn't help but ask.

Maria's head popped into view as she leaned over Liz and smiled sweetly at Max. "Liz is a bit tired of school food, so we're going to go out and get some real cuisine."

He looked questioningly at Liz, but when she didn't look at him, he knew that it was false information.

"We'll, see you later, Max," Maria said for Liz, and then she pulled out of the parking lot, leaving Max standing.

"Okay, you need to spill," Maria said once she hit the road. "Something is totally bugging you, and I wouldn't be the best friend if I didn't ask what was up."

She looked over at Liz to see her staring into her lap, her hands wringing together in a nervous habit.

"Liz," she says again. "Talk to me."

Liz sighed. "Maria, you're going to think I'm crazy!"

Maria shrugged. "Yeah, well, half of the other stuff you've told me has been crazy," she glances over at her friend. "What else is new?"

Liz slouched back into her seat. "Okay, but you have to promise me that you are not going to flip out."

Maria cast a shocked gaze at her, and scoffed. "Flip out? Hey, it's me."

"Maria!" Liz groaned as she tore the phone from her grasp. "What are you doing?"

She reached for the phone again. "I'm calling your mom, we really need to get you some psychiatric help," she answered and finally pried the phone from Liz's grasp. As she dialed Mrs. Parker's cell phone number, she noticed the hurt _expression on Liz's help. She pressed the hang up button the phone, her hand still clutching the receiver in mid-air.

"Now, Liz, stop," she said, demanding her tears to stay at bay. She hated seeing her friend cry. "You can't tell me that if I were in your situation, you wouldn't think I were a complete nut either."

Liz crossed her arms defiantly. "No, Maria, I would believe you, because you're my friend," she answered truthfully. "That's what friends do."

She sighed and hung up the phone, staring at her friend hard. Maria clucked her tongue to the roof of her mouth, contemplating. "Okay, I believe you," she muttered.

Liz laughed and shook her head. "No you don't," she hugged Maria anyway. "But thank you for not turning me in to the nut house."

Maria simply scoffed before she picked up the phone again.

"Who are you calling?" Liz questioned, worry consuming her.

Maria glanced at her. "Alex," she answered. "I may be the whacky best friend, but you can't expect me to be alone in this."

Isabel stared into the mirror, her reflection gazing back at her. She tilted her head and bit her lip. Was it too much? She glanced over her shoulder, at the magazine on her bed. The 'do looked good on Julia. She looked back at herself. Doesn't it look good on her too?

Sharp tapping on her window brought Isabel from her thoughts. She turned her head to see Michael balancing precariously on the limb outside of her window.

"Michael,"she groaned and stalked over to the window. Unlocking it with a wave of her hand, she lifted it up and stepped aside. "What do you want?"

Michael straightened and stared at her new hairdo, a smirk planted on his face. "Nice."

Isabel rolled her eyes and hovered her hands over her hair, the brown locks immediately changing to her blonde lengthy ones. "Now," she said as she combed her fingers through her hair. "What do you want?"

"I need you to do me a favor," he answered and bent down to look under her bed.

She crossed her arms and stared at him. "Which is?" she questioned skeptically.

He didn't answer - he didn't need too. Once he stood and dropped the yearbook on her bed, she understood.

"No," she said flatly with a shake of her head. "No."

"Isabel-" he ground out. "Just do it."

She stood there, staring him down. "No," she said again, slowly. "I am not dream walking Maria again."

A deep blush traveled up his cheeks. "Not Maria," he answered and sat down to flip through the pages.

"Who then?" she asked, her interest piqued.

Isabel sat next to her friend and peered over his shoulder. "Her," he answered, pointing at the black and white photo.

Her gaze shot to his, her eyes widened in shock. "Liz?"


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Author: Ripley

Summary: Instead of Max returning to the past to prevent the end of the world, what if Liz beat him to it? Once there, she persuaded Max to stay away from the Crashdown the day of the shooting. For surely, that was the only way to keep the future from happening...

Category: Mainly M/L - CC "Dreamer Insured"

Rating: PG-13 as of yet

Disclaimer: Not mine. Don't sue.

Author's Note: I'm still working on "Trouble with a Capital L" for those of you who are interested, but I wanted to try this fic. I am once again without a title so if any of you can help me with that, it'd be great. Guys this is DREAMER INSURED! I promise!!!

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Title: From the Ashes

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Part Seven

"She's not asleep."

"What do you mean, she's not asleep? It's 3:30 in the freakin' morning!"

"I mean, she's not asleep, Michael," Isabel grumbled. "The statement is self explanatory."

"You're lying."

"Michael, you're a bigger moron than I thought - "She's not asleep" is very self expl-"

"No," he interrupted. "I mean, you're lying about her being asleep."

Isabel sighed, exasperated. "Why would I lie about her being asleep?" she questioned.

"Because you don't want to do this favor for me." Michael answered simply.

Isabel turned to him then, the rainbow of colors from the dream orbs swirling over Michael's face. "You're right, I don't want to do this, but I assure you, Liz is not awake."

He crossed his arms defensively, and quirked an eyebrow. "How do you know?"

She threw her arms from her sides and tossed her head back, an agitated groan erupting from her throat. "Michael, you are impossible!!"

He stood there, watching her, waiting for an answer.

"Because her dream orb isn't here!" she yelled, her hands encompassing the scenery before them. "Everybody in the freakin' town of Roswell is asleep, but not her! Now, let's just get the hell out of here."

Michael stopped her with a firm grip on her forearm. "That one looks new." he stated, and pointed at a fluttering, silver orb.

Reluctantly, Isabel pursed her lips together and whistled the orb's tune. It came.

"Damn," she muttered and cupped her hands together, the orb hovering slightly above.

"Is it Liz's?" he asked anxiously, though he already knew. He watched as Isabel concentrated, her eyes closed tightly, the vein in her forehead bulging.

Her hand fell from beneath the orb, expanding it's sides, until it stretched out into the horizon.

Isabel opened her eyes and looked at Michael expectantly. He stared inside of the orb, all to be seen was a cloudy smog. He quirked an eyebrow at her.

"We have to go inside," she answered his silent question.

"Great, let's go." he muttered and entered the orb, not waiting for Isabel.

She rolled her eyes and followed her determined friend. Isabel wasn't the least bit interested in entering the mind of Liz Parker. It was probably filled with chemical concoctions and the periodic table, things the didn't pique her interest in the slightest.

"Explain to me again, the reason we're doing this." she said and followed Michael deeper into the fog.

"I didn't explain it to you in the first place," he answered distractedly. Michael began walking in slow circles, looking. "Where are we?"

Isabel brought a slender finger to her lips, silencing him. "Listen," she whispered.

He did, and he didn't hear shit. Michael was about to say this to her, when a loud, echoing boom, sounded.

Michael jerked his gaze to Isabel's. "Was that a gun-shot?" she questioned, slightly concerned.

He latched onto Isabel's hand and ran into the direction it came from. The smog started to disperse, slowly, and they soon found themselves in the diner area of the Crashdown.

"What the hell?"

Isabel gasped. "Michael," she whispered and pointed to the booth in the corner of the room. "That's you, and - and Max."

"What the hell?" he whispered again.

They watched on, Max gripping the side of the table tightly, as he ducked beneath the table. His breath hitching seemed to resound off the walls as he pushed himself from the booth. Michael too stood, but latched firmly on to Max's fore arm. He pulled his arm roughly from his friend's grasp, and continued around the end of the counter. Isabel watched on in frightened amazement as Michael seemed to vanish before her eyes. His molecules slowly falling away from each other.

"Michael," Isabel whispered again. She held tightly on to his arm, as they slowly made their way to the counter. Peering over to get a look, Isabel let out a strangled screams and turned away. Michael, on the other hand knelt beside of Max, as he healed Liz Parker.

He looked up at Isabel momentarily before he stared into the shocked eyes of Liz Parker.

"She knows."


Liz watched the scenes flashing before her eyes. Each of them holding a distinct familiarity to them. A memory. The horrifying scene in the Crashdown left her line of vision and she was once again surrounded by bone chilling darkness. She stared off, anxiously awaiting the next flashes that she knew were going to follow.

In the distance she heard a light beeping sound, but it rapidly grew louder, quicker, until it became a constant shrill sound. So loud she was forced to cover her ears to keep her ear drums from bursting. As Liz urged the siren-like sound to cease, a bright, white light flashed before her eyes.

Liz staggered backwards, her hands extending behind her to catch herself. Pain coursed through her wrists from the impact, and a small yelp escaped her lips.

The light dimmed, and the flashes began.

A young Max, Michael, and Isabel. Walking through a large expanse of desert, hands clasped.

A young Max watching her from afar, as she played on the playground with her friends.

An older, handsome Max, walking through the halls of high school, his gaze focused solely on her.

Herself sitting beneath a tree in the quad, painting her toenails with Isabel.

Sharing a kiss with Max, atop her balcony. Starting out innocent, experimenting, soon growing urgent and filled with passion.

Michael laying on the dirt floor of a darkened cave - everyone surrounding him. Fear coursed through her body.

Liz clenched her eyes shut, fending off the images. She didn't want to see anymore, but they kept coming.

Herself and Max getting caught in the eraser room, sharing heated kisses.

Herself sneaking out of her bedroom and meeting up with Max.

Max trailing his hand down her arm, emitting a trail of glowing light in it's wake.

A vast expanse of desert beneath a star-filled sky.

She felt the silkily brush of Max's lips on her skin.

The shrill siren pulsing in her ears slowly receded, returning to the light beeping sound..

Herself, watching as Max dug through desert soil. His hands coming forth, holding an oval stone.

Liz immediately recognized the stone's strange symbol from the one she'd drawn in her notebooks, her journal, anywhere there was paper.

Herself and Max staring intensely into the orb, before the bright light flashed again before her eyes.

When Liz open her eyes, she was once again engulfed in the darkness of her subconscious. The only thing to be heard is her labored breathing. She needed to wake up, she couldn't bare another second like this. Liz clenched her eyes tightly shut, her hands curling into fists at her sides, her nails digging into the skin of her palms. Please she thought silently, please wake up.

When she opened her eyes again, she was back in the security of her room. She heaved a sigh of relief and sat up in bed. Throwing the blanket aside, she allowed the cool air of the night to cool her scorched skin. She felt sweat trickling down her back and neck, and wiped slowly at her forehead. Her thoughts drifting back to everything she had just seen, everything she felt.

She had to get to the bottom of things.


Isabel jerked awake, her breathing ragged and her hair plastered to her forehead. She looked over at Michael, who was sitting hunched at the foot of the bed. She stared hard at him, as he seemed to be contemplating everything they had witnessed.

"Michael?" she asked as her breathing slowly returned to normal. "We have to tell Max."

He stood, his stature rigid. "No," was all he said as he approached the window.

Isabel threw herself from the bed and pulled him tightly on the arm. He whirled around to face her. "What in the hell do you mean, no?" she asked, her eyes wide with shock and fear. "She knows about us, Michael, she can expose us."

He scowled. "Did you not see what I did?" he asked her. "Did you not feel what I felt?"

Isabel crossed her arms and glared at him. "What did you feel, Michael? Please don't tell me you're developing feelings for that nerd too." she groaned. "What is it with guys and the mousy type?"

Michael shook his head and led her to the bed, where they sat down. "Everything that we saw, didn't it feel familiar to you?" he asked her. "And tell me the truth."

She fidgeted uncomfortable. "Maybe." she muttered incoherently.

He frowned and rolled his eyes. "Whatever, listen," he began. "Max can't know about this, not yet."

"Max is going to be shitting frisbees when he finds out," she said loudly, causing Michael to cover her mouth with his hand.

"Shut up," he hissed and glared hard at her.

Isabel swatted his hand away. "Are you listening to yourself, Michael?" she asked him incredulously. "You're asking me to keep something this big from Max, when he deserves to know. This is our safety we are talking about here! And from what I saw, Liz cannot keep the big mouth of hers shut! She told Maria, and she told Alex - God knows who else she could have told -"

"Isabel!" Michael growled and grasped her cold clammy hands her his. He could feel her fear coursing into his veins, and he took a deep breath, rubbing her hands soothingly. "Isabel," he started again, his tone softer. "Listen to me, I felt - Do remember, when we saw me, laying on the floor of that cave?" he asked her, and waited for her imperceptible nod. "I could tell that whatever was happening to me wasn't good. I was sick Isabel, and they were saving me. You all were. I could feel my trust for them, just like I do now."

She rolled her eyes, though Michael could see the change in her features. She was taking it all in, rolling it around her mind, taking it apart piece by piece. He knew that she'd understand - sooner or later.

"Liz Parker isn't going to expose us. I don't know how I know - I just do." he finished. "Do you understand?"

She nodded slowly and looked up at him. "Why can't we tell Max?"

"Because we just can't, not yet. Wait until we've figured most of this out - we have a lot of digging to do before we are even close to coming to the bottom of this." he gave her hands a quick squeeze. "Are you with me?"

Isabel thought it over for a moment, and then smiled softly. "Yeah," and returned his hand squeeze.

"Great, now I've gotta go." Michael told her and headed towards the window.

Isabel stood from the bed, her arms crossing over her chest. "Hey, Michael," he turned. "From what I saw, you and Maria were pretty cozy together...What do you think about that? Are we pairing off with the hu-"

Michael scoffed before she could finish. "Yeah, as if that would happen."



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Author: Ripley

Summary: Instead of Max returning to the past to prevent the end of the world, what if Liz beat him to it? Once there, she persuaded Max to stay away from the Crashdown the day of the shooting. For surely, that was the only way to keep the future from happening...

Category: Mainly M/L - CC "Dreamer Insured"

Rating: PG-13 as of yet

Disclaimer: Not mine. Don't sue.

Author's Note: I'm still working on "Trouble with a Capital L" for those of you who are interested, but I wanted to try this fic. I am once again without a title so if any of you can help me with that, it'd be great. Guys this is DREAMER INSURED! I promise!!!

Many thanks to StardustDreamer who read through this and gave me the Go a head sign, and of course, corrected my mistakes. Thanks, pal.

Title: From the Ashes

Part Eight

"Gah, what the hell Isabel?!" Michael exclaimed as he was thrown carelessly out of the dream world- again. "Get with it!"

"I'm sorry!" she whispered harshly, trying to keep her voice low enough to prevent waking the others. "I can't do this anymore," she told him, raking her trembling fingers through her blonde locks. Her tresses were already beginning to tangle and mat from tossing her head on the pillow. It was causing some serious damage.

After watching her for a few moments, Michael sighed and stood from the bed. "What is wrong with you?" he asked her as he paced the length of her girly room, his thoughts going a mile a minute. "This is the second time this week."

"God, Michael," her hands had covered her mouth, only when she spoke did she remove them. "This is useless. It's beginning to become redundant! We see the same thing over and over and over again -"

"And if you don't get with it, we'll never see anything new!" he tossed back angrily.

Isabel fell silent, her clasped hands trembling from fear. She just couldn't do it anymore. "Michael, I can't stand watching that anymore," she whispered softly. To Michael, she sounded so small and fragile, so un-Isabel like. "I'm too afraid - and when I get that way, my subconscious just throws me out. I can't help it."

The mattress sank beneath Michael's weight, and the two of them relished in the silence of the room while contemplating their situation. "What are you so afraid of?" he asked after a few minutes, his eyes straying to look at her.

A shakey sigh escapes her lips, her mind reeling on the new images they had received last week. "Is she seeing the future, Michael?" she looked at him, studying his face for the answers. "What if everything we've seen is just around the corner? It's disaster waiting to happen, and that is what scares me."

He nodded his understanding, because God knows that scares him too. But maybe, by them seeing it, they could be prepared to prevent it...maybe it wouldn't be so disastrous.

"We have to tell Max," Isabel continued. The tone in her voice told him that she couldn't stand lying to him any longer, that she was going to cave at any second. "We can't keep this from him any longer."

Michael nodded again. "He's going to shit Frisbees," he mumbled and sighed, looked away.

"Uh huh. Sounds familiar," she mumbled back sarcastically.

He fixed her a glare before rolling his eyes. "We'll tell him. Soon," he promised.

"How soon?" she questioned. She wanted to tell him now. They could just wake him up and...

Michael stood and pulled on his jacket. "As soon as I can figure out a way to tell him, without getting ourselves in too deep."

Isabel scoffed and laid back down on her bed, pulling the covers securely around her frame. "I think it's a little too late for that."

Michael landed soundly outside of Isabel's bedroom window. Instinctively, he glanced at his surroundings, searching for anything suspicious. Satisfied, he straightened and began his brisk walk to his home. The trailer park.

The heels of his shoes beat rhythmically against the concrete sidewalk with every step he took, his hands buried deep in his jacket pockets, absent-mindedly playing with the lint balls inside. Michael's mind was focused solely on everything he and Isabel had learned from their dream walking. It was mostly the same images over and over again, but just last week they caught a blurred sequence of newer ones. He remembered something about Max wrecking the jeep and having to be sent to the hospital. That alone scared the shit out of him. They were very much aware that their blood cells looked nothing like a humans. He definitely had to prevent that from happening.

Dust billowed from the ground and settled on his shoes as he hopped off the side walk and onto the dirt trail.

You are now leaving Pleasantville and entering Trailer Trash City, he thought bitterly.

The odd feeling as if he were being spied on coursed through his veins, chilling him to the bone. Michael whirled around and stared into the darkness behind him, eyes shifting relentlessly into the night. Someone was watching him. Following him.

He narrowed his eyes in the darkness, urging them to adjust. He saw the vague silhouette of a figure standing in the shadows, leaning seemingly completed relaxed against a tourist shop. His first thought was that it was Liz Parker, her suspicion getting the best of her and finding the need to investigate. It wasn't until he saw the orange glow of a cigarette and its smoke filtering into the air, that he realized it was someone else. Michael took a step backwards, his eyes following the glow, until he pivoted on his foot and headed towards the trailer.

Alex fell out of bed and onto the floor when the loud rapping on his window startled him from his sleep. He pulled the sheets from his head, his hair sticking up every which way, and looked towards the window. He could just barely make out Liz's tiny form squished between the house and the bushes, quivering from the cool night air. Alex quickly staggered to his feet and crawled back onto the bed, towards the window.
She must have had another dream. Alex sat up on his knees, the mattress sinking further from his weight as he lifted the window open.

"You knocked?" he asked, as he pulled her inside. "Liz, I'm afraid we can't do this anymore- because believe it or not, you're energetic friend does need his sleep."

Liz sighed and sank into this soft mattress. "I'm sorry, Alex," she started.

"Ah, don't be sorry. You know I don't mind," he told her honestly, and seated himself next to her. "So, to what do I owe this pleasure?"

She groaned with exasperation and fell back on his bed, the feeling of her best friend surrounding her. Liz had awakened to the same dream. She and Max, driving down a deserted dirt road with the wind blowing through their hair, both of them enjoying each other's company. It was bliss. It was a moment that made her feel as if nothing could take it away from her.

And then, something did.

She could still feel the distinct sense of fear as the jeep lurched from impact. The rest of the dream blurred dizzily together, and the next thing she knew, she was in the hospital asking Alex for his blood.
Liz lifted her head and looked at her best friend. He had been so mad at her in the dream. Apparently she had lied to him, on more than one occasion. She had almost lost him.

"Why would I ever lie to you?"

Alex's brows furrowed together at Liz's soft question. It wasn't really directed to him - it was rhetorical. Instead of asking her what she meant, he grasped her hand.

"Tell me," he urged softly.

Liz snuggled underneath his warm blankets, pulling her knees to her chest. She reveled in the sense of security that washed over her, a feeling that only Alex was able to bring her ever since they were little kids. In Liz’s dreams, not even his presence could make her feel secure and she still had that underlying sense of fear. She felt Alex lay next to her, allowing her to use his arm as a pillow.

Alex's heart went out to his friend She literally thought she was going crazy- reoccurring dreams haunting her every time she closed her eyes. Never mind that fact that her subconscious conjuring up things that just could not be real. He grabbed her hand again and gave it a reassuring squeeze, letting her know he was there for her. That he always would be.

"So," he pressed on.

"Max and I were driving down this dirt road," she began, her voice shaking just slightly. "It was just the two of us, and I remember feeling that everything was perfect. I was with the one person in the world I want to be with, and it felt wonderful…"

Alex listened on, his eyes focusing on the water spots on his ceiling.

"The dream went all hazy and just blurred together - but I remember the car swerving and we hit something. A bank maybe? Then we were at a hospital," Liz lifted a shaky hand and rested it on her forehead, trying to get her mind to focus. "Um, everybody was there. You and Maria. Isabel and Michael. It was so crazy. Michael and Isabel were pissed at me, for some reason. Max was unconscious and I remember feeling really, really, scared."

She felt his reassuring hand squeeze her own, and it gave her the strength to continue. Liz smiled up at him in thanks.

"And you, Alex. You were mad at me for some reason or another, and I asked for your help. But despite the fact you were madder at me than you've ever have been before, you still agreed, just like a real friend," her eyes brimmed with unshed tears and she mentally scolded herself. She had to remain in control. "I asked for your blood."

He frowned. "My blood?" A mental image of Liz with fangs popped into his mind. He gave himself a quick shake. "What did you want my blood for?"

Liz groaned and sat up, the blankets falling from her and leaving her cold and vulnerable. She rubbed her face with face with cold fingers. "We couldn't let the nurses see Max's blood," she went on mechanically. "They'd know."

Alex too sat up, his interest piqued.

"Know what?" when she shrugged in response, he racked his mind for a reasonably explanation. "Max is a crack head," he blurted, earning an amused look from Liz. "Yeah, he did drugs, and you're in love with the guy so you ask for my blood. So Max won't get in trouble, right?"

She glanced over her shoulder at him again, biting her lip nervously. "That's what I told you, but I know it was a lie," Liz said, the tears fallining. "I felt like such an ass Alex, because I was lying to you. It was the most difficult thing I've ever done, but I wasn't the only one hurting- I was hurting you too."

Alex's hand came up to rest on her back. "Lizzie," he tried with a soothingly voice.

She let out a teary laugh. "God Alex, it's the world's worst thing to have you mad at someone. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy," he smiled lightly at her and squeezed her shoulder as she continued. "I felt like I betrayed you. You were my best friend and I was losing you..."

He pulled her into his arms and kissed the top of her head, feeling her tiny form tremble. "Lizzie," he tried again. "They're just dreams."

"No," she forced out with a firm shake of her head. "I know they're not just dreams. I can feel it," she pulled back from him and wiped at her tears. "Something strange is happening....really, strange."

She stared at her hands before she lifted her gaze to meet his. In her eyes, Alex saw more determination that he'd ever seen before.

"And I'm going to find out what."

Max bit into his apple, chewing soundly as he eyed her suspiciously. Her eyelids were drooping from a lack of sleep and her hair was piled messily on the top of her head. Stray strands sticking up on ends, the look definitely not her. Never had he seen her go out in public looking the way she did now. Her clothes didn't even match. That in itself was a major infraction.

He dropped his apple on his tray, the loud clang breaking her from her thoughts. "What is with you, Isabel?" he asked his sister.

Isabel lifted her head from where she was resting her forehead in the palms of her hand.

"What do you mean?" she responded and picked up her fork to push at her food distractedly. Her eyes shifted briefly to Michael at the other end of the table.

Max's gaze followed, and noticed that Michael was chewing his food guiltily slow and eyeing them with interest.

"Michael?" Max questioned, quirking a dark eyebrow at him.

He swallowed.

"What? I don't know what's wrong with her," he lied.

Isabel's head jerked upwards, and she glared angrily at Michael. He raised his eyebrows in the "what?" manner and went about eating his food. Max noticed the exchange, and immediately grew tremendously frustrated.

"What the hell is going on?"

His sister's eyes slowly met his and he noticed a hint of fear in her brown orbs.

"Isabel, you can tell me," he whispered soothingly, his hand immediately reaching out to grip hers.

Again her gaze shifted to Michael, they stared for a few moments. She ripped her hand from her brother's grasp and stood abruptly.

"I've gotta go," came her incoherent mumble.

Max groaned audibly, switching his attention to his best friend, his eyebrows raised in question. Michael squirmed uncomfortably, until finally standing up and following Isabel’s suit.


"Okay, what do you mean you are going to find out?" Maria asked as she followed Liz and Alex down the emptied, school corridors. "There is nothing to figure out. They’re just dreams, Liz. Nothing more."

Alex looked at Maria and shrugged when Liz didn't respond.

"What exactly do you plan on saying, Liz?" she questioned further.

She stopped and turned slowly to face them, her hand resting on her forehead, eyes clenched tightly.

"I don't know," she answered honestly, and opened her eyes. "Something..."

Maria laughed in disbelief and looked at Alex.

"Tell her she shouldn't do this," she demanded of him.

Alex looked at Liz with mock stern.

"You shouldn't do this," he told her and pointed a finger for good measure.

Liz laughed despite herself and Maria cracked him in the stomach.

"You're a lot of help, Alex," she muttered.

He grinned goofily before giving Liz a hug. "Tell me what you come up with, okay?" he said. He was seriously interested. Maybe there are aliens in Roswell, he thought with amusement. "We don't want your dreams coming true do we?"

She smiled slyly. "Well," she began. "Not all of them."

He rolled his eyes before he headed for his P.E. class. Dodgeball!

Maria latched on to Liz's arms and directed her into the restroom. She shoved Liz into the center of the room with surprising force, crossing her arms defensively.


"Geez Maria," Liz muttered and let go of the sink she had used to steady herself. "What is your problem?"

"My problem is that my best friend is going to humiliate herself," she answered. "You are going to walk up to Max Evans and basically tell him that he did something to you."

"He did do something to me," she mumbled, her gaze shifting to the mirror. For a brief moment, Liz could see the handprint, pulsing with energy on her abdomen.

Maria stepped towards the sink, leaning her weight on one arm and bent her head to force Liz to look at her.

"No, he didn't, sweetie," she whispered softly. "Max wasn't at the Crashdown when it happened. He didn't show the whole day."

Tears once again sprang to her eyes.

"Maria," she forced out, her voice hoarse. "Please don't talk to me like I am crazy," she lifted her brown fearful, eyes and peered at her best friend. "I know…I know that this sounds completely insane, but I also know that something is happening to me. Something that isn't normal. I've got to find out what."

"Liz," Maria breathed out and cupped her shoulder. "It's nothin-"

"It's something!" Liz interrupted, her voice holding multitudes of emotions. "I know I am not crazy! God, Maria! You're supposed to be my friend; you're supposed to help me with this! Lie to me! Tell me that I am not out of my mind. Can't you just humor me?"

She pulled her friend into her arms and stroked the back of her head.

"Shh," Maria hushed, and hugged her tighter as sobs racked Liz's form. "I'm sorry, Liz, I am so sorry."

"You can't know what this is doing to me, Maria," she forced out between sobs. "I can't even close my eyes with out seeing something. Whether it's Max or the others...God, and everything I feel when I see these things..."

"What do you feel?"

She paused, as if contemplating what exactly she was feeling. Then, she answered without a hesitation of doubt. "I feel as if I should protect them."

Maria pulled back a smidge and gave Liz a questioning stare. "Protect them from what?"

Liz swiped her brow with the back of her hand before she stared at her pale complexion in the mirror. God, she looked awful. Her eyes sagged from sleepless nights. She hadn't even bothered to put on make up this morning. Her hair looked dead, not holding it's normal lively shine or bounce.


She shook her head slightly, removing herself from her thoughts. She peered at Maria's reflection.
"Protect them from what?" she asked again.

Liz gripped the edge of the sink, and watched as droplets of water fell down the drain. "I don't know. Something," she sighed in exasperation. "I don't have the answers, Maria. Not yet. But I will."

A few minutes later, after both girls had composed themselves, they left the restroom.

The bathroom stall at the end of the room slowly screeched open. A distraught and slightly fearful Isabel Evans exited the stall. She gazed into her reflection, her thoughts reeling over everything she had heard.

Quickly, she grabbed her purse and ran out of the bathroom.

She didn't know who she was afraid for most. Them…or Liz.

"Michael!" Isabel yelled when she caught sight of him at the end of the hall. He turned quickly and jogged after her.

"What happened?" he asked, his voice laced with concern. He grabbed her hands and led her down the hallway. "What's wrong?"

Isabel struggled to gain her breath, her chest constricting as if she were hyperventilating. "I was in the bathroom -"

He immediately pulled away. "If this is a feminine problem -" he ceased when she slapped him hard in the arm.

"No! Just listen to me, okay?" she pleaded. She took a few steps away from him, wringing her hands together in angst. "I was in the bathroom, and Maria and Liz came inside...and they were talking."

"About?" he pressed. "What were they talking about Isabel?"

She clenched her eyes shut from stress and pinched the bridge of her nose.

"Liz is going crazy," Isabel blurted out. "She is going to crack, Michael- and she's going to tell Max everything that is happening to her. I say, we tell him now. Before she does."

Michael stood silently, his mind lost in thought.

"Michael!" Isabel hissed and dug her nails in his forearm. "There is nothing to think about. We tell him. Now."

He grasped her wrist lightly and removed it from his arm. "No, not yet."

"What?" she exclaimed. "No, no, more putting this off."

"Isabel," he groaned, and shoved his hands through his hair. "Just let me -"

"No," she said firmly through gritted teeth. "We are telling him. Tonight."

The blazing fire in her brown eyes let Michael know there was no way out of it. Max was going to be shitting frisbees. Tonight.

"Fine," he mumbled, stalking off and leaving Isabel alone with her thoughts- and a thousand bricks immediately lifting from her chest.

TBC! I'll be back soon! Thanks so much!

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Author: Ripley

Summary: Instead of Max returning to the past to prevent the end of the world, what if Liz beat him to it? Once there, she persuaded Max to stay away from the Crashdown the day of the shooting. For surely, that was the only way to keep the future from happening...

Category: Mainly M/L - CC "Dreamer Insured"

Rating: PG-13 as of yet

Disclaimer: Not mine. Don't sue.

Author's Note: I'm still working on "Trouble with a Capital L" for those of you who are interested, but I wanted to try this fic. I am once again without a title so if any of you can help me with that, it'd be great. Guys this is DREAMER INSURED! I promise!!!

Many thanks to StardustDreamer who read through this and gave me the Go a head sign, and of course, corrected my mistakes. Thanks, pal.

Title: From the Ashes

Part Nine

She tucked her brown locks nervously behind her ear and bit her lip in anticipation. Somehow she knew he'd be coming out of P.E. this block. It wasn't even as if she had Max Evans' schedule memorized, she just knew.
Liz blew air through her cheeks and leaned the back of her head against the cool surface of the wall. She was really going to do this. She was going to confront Max and tell him everything that had been happening to her. Did she really think that he'd be able to do something about it? God, what if they really were dreams?

She covered her face in her trembling hands. She needed to come up with something to say. She needed a plan.

Focus Liz. Just focus, she urged herself.

The shrill ringing of the bell startled Liz from her thoughts. Her hands went to rest against her rapidly beating heart and she urged her labored breathing to slow. She laughed bitterly inside her head. God, she really was crazy.


His concerned voice drifted to her ears, and she remembered all of the times he had said her name the exact same way. It always left her feeling warm and protected.

She opened her eyes and stared into her ex-boyfriend's concerned face. Kyle dropped his bag and leaned in closer to her, his hands resting lightly on her shoulders.

"Liz, are you okay?" he asked softly. "You don't look so good."

She smiled as his hand came up to tuck a few stray strands of hair behind her ear. So nice.

She gave herself a mental shake. "Yeah, I'm fine, Kyle," she responded, her voice surprisingly calm. "Thank you. I was...I was just waiting for someone."

His hands retreated to his pockets. "Oh?" he questioned. "Anyone I know?"

Liz caught sight of him then, exiting the gymnasium through the double doors just in front of her. His amber eyes met hers momentarily before averting his gaze and heading down the hallway.

"Uh, yeah," she answered distractedly, already forgetting the question. "Max, I have...Er, Kyle, I have to go."

Liz left a confused Kyle at the end of the hallway as she raced after Max.

"Max," she called, and he immediately stopped. "Max, I need to talk to you."

Her appendages worked on their own accord and one of her arms linked through his. "It's really important," she told him, gazing up into his eyes. She loved his eyes. "Can we go somewhere private?" she asked, her voice shaky. "Somewhere that's...not here."

Max continued to stare down at her, a little unsure, before he nodded his consent. Instinctively, his large hand rested on the small of her back as he led her down the hallway.

A small smile graced Liz's face at the touch and how familiar it felt. She glanced over her shoulder at Kyle, her gaze froze. He was staring after them, a hurt and confused look crossing his face.

Oh, God, she had seen that look before.

A series of flashes dealing with Kyle passed through her eyes. He had given her many looks of betrayal and distrust. She could feel his anger and his hurt, and she just knew she had caused that.

Her fingers came up to rest against her temples as she closed her eyes. Blindly she allowed Max to lead her, trusting him completely.

"Liz?" he whispered and held the door leading to the park lot open. "Are you okay?"

She opened her eyes and looked into his, staring down at her so softly. "No," she answered honestly. "I'm not, and that's why I need to speak with you."

Max swallowed hard and led her down the concrete stairs and on to the sidewalk. "What can I do?"

"That's what I want to know."

Max's mind had been churning all day. His thoughts previously focused on Isabel and Michael's odd behavior. He had been so distracted that he couldn't even pin the guy down in gym class. Then, he saw her. Standing outside of the gymnasium, talking softly with Kyle. The look on her face showed him that something was bothering her. At that moment, he wished he had been the one who tucked the hair behind her little ears so affectionately. He settled with the thought that he once had.

Max retreated down the hallway with every intention of finding his friends and demanding them to tell him what was going on. Instead, he found himself sitting in his jeep, in his drive way, with Liz Parker next to him.

She had something important to tell him.

"Liz," he spoke softly, yet it still startled her. "We're here."

Her beautiful chocolate brown eyes opened for him to see, and she surveyed her surroundings. She had asked for someplace private to go, someplace not at school. His parents weren't home, what better place than that?

Liz smiled shyly at him before her hand reached out to clutch the handle bar of the jeep, above her head. Max followed suit and they hopped out of the dusty jeep. He waited for her to round the front of the hood and then joined her on the walk up the driveway. The tension in the air was suffocating. He could sense Liz's fear and confusion coming off of her in waves and that alone scared him. What has her so fearful? And why was she coming to him?

Max unlocked the front door with his house key and swung it wide open. He side stepped and smiled softly at Liz as she passed him by.

Liz smiled at the cozy feeling the living room gave off. Spotless white carpet, looking brand new, covered the floor. Vibrant red furniture adorned the room. A large couch, sectioned off into a right angle rested firmly against the wall. The wall was decorated with the family portraits of the Evans', each member of the family holding a smile on their faces.

She turned in a little circle, her eyes roaming over everything in the room, taking it all in. She finally stopped to face him and she smiled. "Nice home," she said softly.

He nervously shrugged off his brown leather jacket and draped it over the back of the chair. "Yeah, my mom is really into Martha Stewart," he answered and then motioned to her jacket. "Do you want me -"

"Oh," she mumbled before she too shrugged it from her shoulders and handed it to him. "Thanks."
Max placed her blue jean jacket over top his and then shoved his large hands deep into his pockets.

Uncomfortable silence fell over them.

Liz bit her lip as her eyes skitted about the room, focusing on nothing in particular. Her eyes fell on his shoes, and then on their own accord, started a slow ascent up his form. They traveled up a long set of legs, ascending upwards still, past a narrow waist and up to his stomach. His baggy shirt did little for the imagination, but she still pictured a firmly toned stomach. Definitely some abs. Her eyes continued up his chest and over broad shoulders. Further up to a strong neck, jaw, pausing on his lips. Heat coursed through her veins, boiling her blood, when she felt his lips brushing passionately against hers. Liz gave herself a hard shake, urging herself not to get lost in her thoughts.

She met his eyes then. Those beautiful amber orbs that gave away everything about him. They were simply other-worldly.

"Liz?" he whispered softly, shifting his weight between his feet, clearly uncomfortable under her scrutiny. "You wanted to talk to me?"

Again, removing herself from her thoughts, Liz's eyes fell to the floor. "Um, yeah, I wanted to talk to you," she repeated, her finger coming up to rub the sides of her nose. "It's going to sound really, really, crazy.."

He stepped up to her, his hands falling on her arms. "Liz, maybe you should sit down," he suggested, taking in her wavering stature. "Are going to be okay?"

Her hands lifted to grip forearms as he followed her down to the couch. She clenched her eyes shut tightly as she felt oncoming images invading her mind. Please, not now, she silently pleaded. Nausea followed as the impending visions slipped back into the furthest recesses of her mind, promising to return later.

"Liz," Max whispered, beyond worried now by her pale complexion. "Liz, what's wrong? Let me help you."

Unconsciously, Liz's head fell against his chest, his hand resting soothingly on the back of her neck. She smiled despite the uncomfort she was in and relished in the feeling that was Max. Her fingers gripped tightly at his shirt and she urged herself to stay in control. Max's fingers rubbing tiny circles on her neck through the mass of her hair, helped her with this. With much reluctance, she pulled back, tucking her hair behind her ears, embarrassed.

"Liz," Her name rolled off his tongue, in manner that sent goose bumps up her arms. "Let me help you," he said again, his hand cupping her face in his large hands. "What can I do?"

Max allowed his hands to slip from her face. He shouldn't be doing this, it was too difficult. His hands came to rest on his thighs and he stared at the ground between them. "I can try to help you in anyway I can," he said, his voice calm and emotionless. "Just tell me what you need."

Liz's pulse quickened, she could feel him pulling back, and that scared her. "You can start by stop pulling away from me," she suggested, earning an alarmed look from him. A sigh escaped her lips and her face once again retreated behind her hands. "I don't know what you can do," she mumbled.

Silence once again befell them, Max trapped in his thoughts. How could he be pulling away? They weren't even together. They never would be.

Liz stood abruptly from the couch, breaking Max from his thoughts. She was standing motionless, in the middle of the living room. Her back was to him, but he could still picture her face, completely blank. Lost in thought.

"Ever since I was shot..." she finally spoke, her voice so soft that Max had to strain his hearing. "Ever since then, I've been having these dreams."

She slowly turned to face him, her cheeks were moist and Max was immediately alarmed at she had been crying. He jumped to his feet, ready to pull her into his arms. She stepped back from him, her eyes downcast.

"Liz," he whispered, the simple syllable holding so much emotion.

Her eyes lifted to look at him intensely. Max stared back her, his own orbs pleading with her to allow him to help.

"The dreams are really weird," she went on, feeling nothing like the scientist she had longed to be. "They feel really weird. Like I had lived them before," she laughed, and wiped at her cheeks. "But I know that can't be...I know that because, if what has happened to my dreams.." she paused to gather her thoughts. "It's not possible, all right, Max? It can't be possible."

Max stared at her for a moment. "Okay," he said slowly. "But what does this have to do with me?"

"Well," she began, taking another step away from him. "My dreams have been centered around you..."

"Me?" he asked, not sure if he should be flattered or alarmed.

"And Michael and Isabel."

His eyes narrowed as they studied her chocolate eyes. What was he searching for in her eyes? Something to back up what she was telling him? A flicker of uncertainty? No, her eyes were very certain. She believed everything she was telling him. She believed it thoroughly.

Max rubbed nervously at his neck and turned away from her to gather his thoughts. "Okay, so, um, you're dreaming about me..." he muttered. "That's normal. I mean, a lot of people dream about their fellow classmates. It's completely normal."

Yeah, completely normal for your fellow classmate to do unusual things to you.

Sharp, throbbing pain pierced at the back of her eyes and she clenched them tightly shut, her hands coming up to shield them. She just knew it was the flashes...she didn't think she'd be able to keep them at bay this time.

"I mean, yeah, I've dreamt about you -" Max continued to stumble over his words. Words that haven't even reached Liz Parker. "I mean, I've dreamt about a lot of people. Sure, some of them have been really weird, but that doesn't mean..."

He groaned and turned around, his eyes on the floor. "Liz, all I'm saying is..." his eyes lifted and immediately noticed her distraught features. "Liz?"

Her knees gave out on her, and Max was there to catch her fall. Her hands latched on to his shoulders, her head falling into the crook of his neck as the images flared painfully before her eyes.

She saw herself, revealing the glowing handprint on her stomach to Max. His emotionless expression soon turned to one of shock and a bit of excitement before he mumbled a simple- "wow".

She watched on in amazed shock as Max hovered his hand over a clay sculpture, easily smoothing the surface.

'....manipulate molecular structures," his words echoed through her mind. "That's how I healed you."

The flashes switched back to the day at the Crashdown. Peering up into Max's pain filled face as he hovered over her. Nearly collapsing on top of her from exhaustion, his shallow gasps blowing against her cheek.

"You're all right," he said soothingly. And she was, she felt completely rejuvenated. Never had she felt anything like this before....

She saw herself, sitting in the jeep alone with Max on a darkened, crowded highway- faces mere inches away from each other. Eyes locked intently on to one another. Bodies closing in...

Max leaning his forehead affectionately against her own, hands cupping her neck. " come back." Her breath catches in her throat and a tiny smile plays her face. "I promise."

The images blink momentarily and Liz finds herself in a jail cell. Alex sitting on the other side. She could feel his hurt, his anger, his sense of betrayal...

"Liz!" his angry voice bellowed. "I am in jail, okay? I'm jail! I'm through lying."

"Alex..." she whispered, pleadingly.

Their voices blurred and Liz's face scrunched in frustrated pain as she urged the images to clear. To continue.

"No, look, look, Alex...look, listen to me. You had should just know all of the facts, before you go do something like this..."

Alex tossed her a look. "Well, I thought you said it wasn't your secret to tell," he threw back sarcastically.

"Liz?" Max's voice echoed through out her mind. She could vaguely feel his warm hands on her cheeks. "Liz, open your eyes. Look at me."

She didn't want to...not yet...She had to find out.

"Alex...Max, Michael, and Isabel...they aren't from around here."

"Where are they from?" Alex asks and watches as Liz points her finger upwards. "What? Like, Wyoming?" she points higher up.

"Oh, okay, fine," he muttered and rolled his eyes. "Canada. They're Canucks. So what, you're saying the FBI is all over them because they're like....illegal aliens?"

"God, there isn't any way for me to say this, but to just...but to just says this, okay? Look, Alex," she felt herself struggling with the words. She also felt herself struggling to hang on- to avoid Max's soothing voice and stay. "...they think they were in the 1947 crash. Okay, they were like in these incubation pods..."

The images again shifted, she was so close to losing it...

"...your 16."

"We were in some kind of incubation pods."

Liz's body lurched, feeling as if she were being hurled through the air...thrown from where ever she had been, knocking the breath out of her. Max was staring down at her, his brow creased from fear and worry.

Liz gasped for breath, struggling to fill her burning lung.

"Liz?" he asked, his hands running over her face. "Are you all right? What happened?"

The images were still very vivid in her mind, the words sounding clearly.

"Max," she whispered and found the strength to sit up. She glanced around, she was in his bedroom, not his living room. "Max, just tell me, okay. Who are you?"

Max recoiled, staring at her in shock. What had she seen? God, did she know?

"Liz," he said, his hand reaching out to her.

"No," she said fiercely and brought her knees up to her chest, hugging them tightly. "Please, Max, just tell me.."

Liz watched on as his eyes fell away from hers, ashamed. Please, just tell me. He refused to answer.

"Max," she tried again, taking a few deep breaths. She had to be calm. Liz felt him rise from his bed and walk towards the window. "Max...You're, I mean," he stiffened. "Are you?"

When Max turned around, he wasn't wearing his previous olive green t-shirt. Instead he was clad in a grey sweater, with a white t-shirt underneath. Every strand on his head was perfectly placed, not like before, where he had run his hair through the locks a thousand times out of frustration.

"Max?" she asked again, staring at him with interested confusion.

A forced, amused smile graced his face. "Well, I prefer the term not of this earth."

Liz stared at him in disbelief. She had been through this already.

"Sorry, it's not a good -"

She shook her head, Max finally returning to the way he was. "It's not a good time to joke, right." she mumbled.

They stood there in complete silence, fear coursing through both their veins. Suddenly, Liz stood from the bed.

"Liz..." Max said, sensing her impulse to bolt.

"You know, I have, I'm gonna be late for my US Goverment class -"

"US Government?" he asked, confused. "Liz, wait."

She bolted out of the room before he could catch her, and bounded down the stairs. Oh my God, Oh my God she chanted inside her head, before she laughed bitterly. Parker, you really are crazy. Though, the more she told herself that it was complete ludicrous, the faster she ran down the street. The faster her heart pumped blood through her veins.

Finally, Liz reached her apartment. She quickly climbed the iron stairs to the door, her hand grasping the knob. Liz gasped as her world swirled around her - the tables spinning, until she was in the music library with Max. His forehead pressing against hers, his labored breathing kissing her nose in soft puffs.

"Liz, please? Now my life is in your hands..."

Ooookay, how many of you hate the fact that Liz ran out just like she did in the show. Raise your hands...Come on let me see...

Huh. Well, don't worry, I will fix it. In the next part...I think I should have everything surfaced by then...Well, between the aliens and Liz at least. So hang tight, mmmkay?


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Thank you all you guys. You flippin' rock!

max and liz believer - lol! My update will hopefully be soon! Thanks!
frenchkiss70 - lol! Dood, no! His boxers are like...Sacred..Dood..You so have to give them back.
the better twin - *big*
BelevnDreamsToo - hehe!

lol. You guys flippin' rock! I hope I'll be back soon!