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Title: Fallen Dreams
Author: Jeremiah
Disclaimer: I Own Nothing!
Category: M/L
Summary: This is a challenge by Elena. Max is a famous baseball person when one night his life is changed when an accident happens. Then he meets Liz. Sparks fly, But Liz has a secret of her own.

Part One

Max Evans was the hottest person on the team. He just made his fifith homerun of the game. The croud was going wild. The Guys were cheering for the game. The girls were cheering for obvious reasons that didnt include the game. As Max made his way to the Home base. he just looked into the crowd and he gave them one of his famous smiles. This was what It was all about. This is what made him have the drive to do this. That and the love of the game. their was a Really Great Chance that he was going to become New York Yankees New Superstar. Max had always loved the game. Ever since he was a child, He played baseball. He remembers when he was a small boy, His father would play catch with him. That was when Max Realised that He was good at this.

He didnt like to brag. It was just the truth. Max loved the all of the attention. Especially from all the women. It seemed that he had quite a few lady admiers. That is why he made sure to give them a good show. As max made his way into the clubhouse, His fellow teammates congratulated him by handshakes a pat on the back.

A " Way to Go Max!". "Another HomeRun!Damn!"

Max was well liked by his teamates. They all go to the same school together. They had known each other since well like forever. Especially his Best Friends Michael Guerin, Alex Whitman and Kyle Valenti. They had been friends like forever. They are all good at the game but the others know that this is Max's game. No one seemed to be able to carry the Record that Max has. Other people would be threaten by that but not Michael Alex and Kyle.

"Well Maxie has another great game under his belt! What a suprise! I mean Max Can you please tell us your secret?" Alex says as he holds a bat like a microphone.

"Well Alex maybe it is due to the fact that you ALL Suck?" Max replied with a smirk. he loved to pull his friends chains.

"Ouch! I am hurt! I thought We Were friends jackass!" Alex said in mock hurt.

"Now Now Boys no fighting or we will have to put you in timeout." Kyle Said with a sarcastic smirk.

"Now Kyle, You know If we did that they might enjoy it too much." Michael said as he was putting the bat back into the cage as they made thier way back to the locker room. This has become the ritual. They head out after the game to unwind and chill. Tonight was no diffrent. They were planning to go out tonight to celebrate. their was no question that they would win. They had Max on THIER Team. The other teams were too afraid to face him. So They didnt worry about thier chance of winning the game.

"Come on Michael. You are the one that likes to get punished. Remember Maria likes to punish you?" Alex says as he ducks Michaels coming blow.

"Yeah, What happened to liking it Rough?" Kyle asked. He loved pulling Michael's chain. Because Michael would get pissed very easy. In fact sometimes it was way too easy.

"Come on Let's leave Michael alone. I mean I wouldnt dare to stand up to Maria either. Talk about scary." Max said trying to defend his friend.

"Thank you Maxwell." Michael replied. Atleast one of his friends understood how scary maria can be.

"Of course I have Balls, So I wouldnt even Piss her off in the FIRST place." Max replied with a smirk. Michael just snapped his towel at Max.

"I was just kidding!" Max said as he couldnt contain his laughter.

"Come on Alex. We better leave these two alone so Michael can spank Max's Ass some more." Kyle said.

"I hope you two at least have protection. I mean talk about Hard." Alex said smugly. Both Max and Michael didnt like that.

"The only Ass I willl be touching is yours when I kick your ASS!" Michael said as he chased both Kyle and Alex out to the parking lot, Leaving Max behind just laughing at his friends.

"Are you sure were in college?"

AN: Here it is. I hope you like it Elena. feedback equals more.

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Part 2

"To the hottest thing in the game of Baseball." Michael Guerin toasted Max after the game at Randy's Lounge and Bar.

"How about me?" Kyle asked with a pout.

"He said the hottest player in baseball, Not the one who sucks." Alex said with a smirk.

"Shut the hell up." Kyle said as he hit Alex upside the head. Getting a laugh from the guys.

"I am only good as The Rest of the team." Max said honestly. He appreciated his team mates. They were more then teammates, They were friends.

"AWWWW!" Michael and Kyle and Alex said.

"I mean It, I wasnt the only one that was playing today. You Guys Rocked as well." Max said.

"Please Max, Everyone knows that you are the team. I mean We all Love this game. But it is difrrent for you. I mean this is Your life. You dreamed about being the World Series champion." Alex said to his Best Friend. It was true. Sure they all love it, But they knew that they will have a life after the game is over. But Max The game is his life. He was always out in the field practicing. Practicing when everyone else went home. Max would always make sure that the Team was fit for a game. He had always made sure that the Team would do it's best.

"Enough, With the mushy stuff, Now let's talk about chicks." Kyle said with a smirk.

"Chicks?" A new voice said.

The guys turned thier head to see who came up to thier table.

"Go away." Michael said. He so did not like this girl. It seemed that She was trying to get into Max's pants.

"Yeah, Tess why arent you on some Guy's lap giving him some "Relief" " Alex said. Tess was a pure Bitch and a slut.

"Nice to see you too, Michael and Alex. I Bet Max and Kyle are happy to sse me, Arent you Guys?" Tess asked in her loud pitched voice.

"No, Not Really." Max said automatically. Tess got on his last nerves. She was always trying to find a way to get him into bed. Plus he just wasnt attracted to her. there was something about her that just seemed Nasty.

"You Dont mean that." Tess said. She was always a little densed.

"Yes, I do. I mean Tess How many times do you have to humiliate yourself. I dont want YOU! Imwan It was flateering at first. BUt I dont want to be with You." Max didnt mean to sound as Rude as it came out, But He couldnt help it. Tess couldnt seem to take a hint.

The other Guys were quiet. They never seen Max be this harsh with anyone. But Tess had it coming. Tess was pissed. No one dare talk that way to her. She was Tess harding! No One ever Disrepected her like that. At least they didnt get away with it.

"Max Evans! You dont know what you are missing! " Tess said with venom.

"Yeah, I am. I am missing the chance of sleeping with half the men in this town. And from getting an STD." Max said, Hoping to get Tess out of his face.

Tess slapped him across the face.

"You will pay for saying that!" Tess said as she left the bar.

"Man! Max I didnt know that you had that in you!" Michael said proudly for his friend. It was about time that he stood up to that tramp.

"I Know I mean talk about putting someone in thier place." Alex said equally inpressed with Max as Michael was.

"Look, I am not proud. My mother always taught me to be kind to a woman, But Tess just wouldnt let up. I mean How many times do I have to say No." Max said.

"Come on, Let's go. We have an early practice tomorrow." Michael said as the other three got up and paid the bill.

"I am still inpressed." Alex said as the others just laughed. As they made thier way to the car, They didnt notice someone standing in the corner.

"Payback is a bitch. Max Evans and you will learn that lesson soon."

AN: I hope you guys like this part. I am not too sure. Liz is coming up soon, I promise. Please leave feedback. I also have to know which other stories of mine do you guys wanted updated next?

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Part 3

"This is Kelly Garrison, With channel 3 News. A Breaking News just came into the station. There seems to be a wreck on Highway 5. We Dont have all the details But we will Let you know on further developments."


Everyone was Heartbroken. How can this thing happen? I mean They were just celebrating And this came to be. Diane and Phillip were In the waiting Room Of the Hospital were Max and the others were broght after the horrendious wreak that took place. They still couldnt believe That it happened, Max was usually a Great Driver. There has been No word on the Boys condition. Michael and kyle seemed to be fine, It was Max and Alex that werent so lucky. With them both up front, Taking the most hit from the sudden impact of the Deisel Truck. Diane was out of it, Just staring at the walls, Just praying that Her little Boy and His friends would be alright. She didnt Know what she would do If they wouldnt be. She couldnt think like that, It would make her Go crazy. Phillip On the other hand was pacing the floor, waiting On these so called doctors were such a pain In tha ass. I mean Come On! how long would it take to Just let him and Diane know how the boys were doing. As on Cue the doctor came out.

"Mr and Mrs. Evans?" Doctor Smith came out after what seemed like forever.

"Yes." Phillip and Diane both said, Their nerves were getting the Best of them.

"Michael and Kyle will be fine, Alex on the other hand will take a little bit more time. You see Both of alex's Legs were completely broken and it will take a lot of extensive therapy for him to walk again. He hated to give News like this, It was always so heart breaking. Diane just gasped. Alex grew up around thier house, he was like another son to them, And with both of His parents gone, They technically were.

"And Max?" Phillip asked, He prayed for the best, But prepared for the worst.

"Your Son, On the other hand broke his left arm, he also has a concussion and a torn legiment. " Doctor Smith replied.

"Poor Max! That was his pitching arm! Well he be able to use It again?" phillip asked. Diane just smacked him, Baseball was the last thing that They need to be worried about.

"To tell you the truth, I dont know. It was so torn that we almost had to sew it back on. Look I am telling you this only to help. But with surving a tramua like this,is Not easy. I Suggest seeing a therpist. espically Max being that he was the one that was driving the car. Look It helps people deal with the stress and It helps the Recovery process as well as I seen a couple cases before." Doctor smith said as he looked at both Evan's Seeing that They were both considering it.

"When can we see them?" Diane asked. All she wanted was to see her little Boy.

"In a few More hours, let them Get Rest, Then we will see." Doctor Smith said before He walked away.

"Phillip, What are we going to do?" Diane looked to her husband for comfort.

"I Dont know.Honestly I Dont Know." Phillip looked down lovingly on His wife.

AN: I Know this Is short. I promise to do better next time, I just wanted to get something out to you Guys. Now a beg of help, I was wondering since I know basically nothing about baseball, I was wondering If I can get some help on the stats and stuff like that. It will be greatly appreciated.
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