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Author: phoenix82
Title: Under the sun
Rating: pg-13
Disclaimer: none of these characters belong to me; Roswell belongs to the writers (who I wouldn’t mind putting in a port-a-potty and lighting on fire) and UPN. The song’s credit’s go to Sugar Ray
Category: everyone, but mostly ML- AU
Summary: Liz is forced to spend the summer with her father, his wife and her half brother. Under the sun, she finds friendship and love; when it’s time for her to leave, she finds herself trapped between two worlds.
Feedback: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! I could care less if it’s one word. I really need some fb to know if the parts I’m writing are any good or not. Thanx!

The cool air nipped at my bare arms and I shivered, trying desperately to hide the tears I knew were shimmering in my eyes. I shivered slightly and looked around for a distraction- anything that would delay what I knew was coming next. I had arrived here expecting to hate it, but somewhere in the thrilling summer that had changed and now I didn’t want to leave. I was trapped between two worlds- more different than anything I knew. I looked through the worn screen door of the house to my right and saw my bags packed beside the door, my purse hanging off the staircase with my ticket laid on top. That ticket meant home; all the familiarity, comfort, family; all the things I’d known forever. But towards the dark street sat the jeep, and in it all the new connections I had made; a world completely different than my own. Here I had family- family stronger than mine would ever be. And I had love. A love stronger than any I had ever known, stronger than any I ever will know. I looked into his amber eyes, immediately becoming lost in him as I wondered how I had gotten to this point

I stepped off the plane, relieved that I no longer had to hear the baby crying behind the small divider between first class and second, but already missing the large seat and constant service I had received for the past four hours. The airport wasn’t very large, but a steady stream of people flowed from behind me, making it practically impossible to recognize any faces.
“Lizza!” the familiar voice rang out over the dull mumble of the passengers around me. It had been my childhood nickname, but no longer did I let anyone call me that. Michael appeared in front of me, spiky hair and all and hugged me quickly before grabbing my bag. “How was the flight?” he asked curiously.
“I’ll spare you the details.” I replied coolly as we made our way through the terminal. He laughed, putting his arm around my shoulders and I resisted the urge to shake them off, not wanting his probably grimy hands on my clothing, let alone my skin. I don’t want to be here; in this grimy airport and with these random people. I didn’t want to smell like the beach, or have fun “tanning my complexion” as my Mother so delicately put it. She’s off in France with some guy she met only two weeks ago, and I’m stuck here; in the midst of beach bums and bimbos. After we had gotten my bags, we made our way to the parking lot, jumping into a dark green explorer. Michael quickly backed out of the spot, music immediately blasting from the radio, a soft breeze filtering through the warm car. His driving was erratic, as I had expected, and I slid the seatbelt across my lap, pulling it taught with a nervous smile. This was bound to be a long two hours.

And believe me, it was.

It was filled with humid, sticky air and bits of conversations we both didn’t want to be involved in.
“So- how’s your Mom?” he asked, keeping one eye on the road.
“She’s fine.” I didn’t feel the need to share the details of our relationship with him- it was none of his business. Quite honestly, I was pissed with her. She had never wanted me to come visit Michael, Fiona and my Father, except when it was convenient for her. For example, last week when she casually mentioned that Robert had asked her to go to Europe over the summer. Her new boyfriend was my least favorite of her recent ones. Robert Brajot was the perfect guy to my Mom;

rich, handsome and getting richer.

He had enough money to liquefy it and fill his house; and I guess I’m the only one who realizes that it’s a mutual physical attraction. In any event, he was the reason I was stuck here, trying to get my hair into a ponytail as we sped down Old Montauk Highway. I stared out the window at the endless dunes covering the horizon, occasionally dipping low enough for me to get a glance at the glittering ocean. Michael checked his watch, lowering the radio a little.
“You hungry?” he asked and I shrugged. Truthfully, I was starving. “Mom said I couldn’t bring you back before four and it’s only 3:20,” he explained. I nodded casually, returning to my dune watching. The dunes quickly became the beach as we entered the town, passing quaint motels and apartment co-ops. We came over a small hill and Michael slowed down for a moment so I could enjoy the view. I could see everything in town all the way out to the point, six miles ahead of us. It was beautiful. He sped up again, coasting down the hill with ease as if he had done it a thousand times.

You know you’re in suburbia when there isn’t a single traffic light in the entire place.

Not that I didn’t live in suburbia. Roswell isn’t exactly what you call a city, but at least it stayed occupied year-round. After summer ended, the tourists left and most of the shops closed down. Roswell is a year-round tourist attraction. Michael made an illegal u-turn and I gripped the car door, cringing as someone slammed on their brakes behind us. He slid easily into a parking spot in front of a café parallel the beach. I bent my head to read the sign that read ‘The Shack’
“The foods not the best, but the service is great,” Michael said as we stepped inside. I caught one look at the waitresses’ uniforms and chuckled.
“I’ll bet.” A petite blonde girl stepped towards us, smiling warmly at me.
“Lizza?” she asked. I knodded, curious as to how she knew my name. She stuck her hand out and I shook it. “I’m Maria.”
“Maria’s my girlfriend,” Michael added and Maria’s eyes twinkled.
“You guys here to eat?” she asked and Michael nodded, ushering me towards a booth I got a feeling he had staked a claim on.
“I’ll be right back,” Michael said, excusing himself to the restroom. Maria sat down in her place, first jotting down my drink order before making friendly conversation.
“So Lizza, you’re here for the entire summer?” she asked curiously.
“It’s Liz,” I said quickly and she blushed. “And yes, I’m kinda stuck here.” I mumbled. She hit my hand, resting on the table.
“It’s not that bad here. I mean, half the guys in town don’t have shirts on,” she giggled. My eyes darted into the street, and sure enough two guys walked by holding surfboards and lacking most clothing. I raised an eyebrow and she followed my gaze into the street.
“That’s Tony and Dave Corson; totally off limits unless you have a death wish,” she said with a chuckle. “So, do you have a boyfriend?” she asked curiously and I shook my head quickly.
“Well we don’t want you to be lonely for three months, now do we?” she said suggestively.
“Is this the infamous Lizza Parker?” a tall girl asked. She had short, dark brown hair and piercing brown eyes decorated with little makeup.
“It’s Liz,” I said, shaking her hand.
“Isabel Evans; Izzy works though.” She slid into the booth beside Maria. “Did I happen to hear that you don’t have a boyfriend?” she asked with a blush. I shook my head in agreement and the two friends turned to each other.
“Max?” they asked. They turned back to me as if checking if I would meet the standards, then back to each other.
“That look on either one of your faces is never a good thing,” Michael muttered behind me. They both scowled at him, Maria’s head turning when a customer called her name. Rolling her eyes, she climbed over Isabel, kissing Michael on the cheek.
“I’ll be right back with you drinks,” she said professionally.
“We’re going to set up Liz with Max,” Isabel said with a smile.
“Oh God not again,” he muttered. My mind wandered to who Max was and what he looked like. For all I knew, he was a dog.
“I gotta go, but you’ll meet him tomorrow at the party.” Isabel said, making an attempt to stand. “You are going, right?” she said quickly.
“Whatever Liz decides,” Michael said defensively.
“Then I’ll see you tomorrow,” Isabel said. I watched her leave and Michael and I were left in silence. My mind was crammed with new names, information in places, but one thought stood out above others.

Who is Max Evans?

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Author: PHOENIX82
Title: Under the sun
Rating: pg-13
Disclaimer: none of these characters belong to me; Roswell belongs to the writers (who I wouldn’t mind putting in a port-a-potty and lighting on fire) and UPN. The song’s credit’s go to Sugar Ray
Category: everyone, but mostly ML- AU
Summary: Liz is forced to spend the summer with her father, his wife and her half brother. Under the sun, she finds friendship and love; when it’s time for her to leave, she finds herself trapped between two worlds.
Feedback: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! I could care less if it’s one word. I really need some fb to know if the parts I’m writing are any good or not. Thanx!

part two
I folded another shirt, placing it neatly in the pine-scented drawers of my new dresser in my new room. My thoughts wondered to this Max guy that I was supposed to go out with tomorrow night. I have the worst luck with guys, I always have. And nothing makes me think this guy won’t be like all the others. He’ll be blonde with blue eyes- something I can’t stand in guys. An image of my ex flashed into my head and I shuddered, racking my mind for what attracted me to him. Kyle wasn’t a ‘lets-hold-hands-and-walk-around-town’ kind of guy. He was more of a ‘lets-go-somewhere-dark-so-we-can-makeout’ guy; or in the lack of a dark room ‘who-cares-who-sees-us’ guy. At first it didn’t bother me, but after a while, his hormones definitely put a rift in our relationship. I pulled a small picture frame out of my backpack, setting it beside my bed and smiling. Tess and I had our arms around each other, our faces decorated with brilliant smiles and bright eyes. I reached out, touching her face as the memories washed over my body. A knock at the door pulled me out of my thoughts and I nearly jumped up, my head whipping around to see the intruder.
“Can I come in?” a female voice asked. And I nodded, allowing Fiona into the room. She wore jeans and a black tank top, her long hair pulled into a sloppy bun. She looked only a few years older than I, when in reality she was almost twice my age. “Is everything ok?” she asked, gesturing to the room. She and my Dad had completely re-done the place for me, since I would be staying almost three months. “We’ll have to get some posters and things,” she said, falling onto the small couch that decorated one wall. I shrugged, eyeing her shyly. Fiona had always been nothing but nice to me, more so than my own mother. She was easy to talk to, her eyes warm and inviting. I never blamed her for splitting up my parents; I really didn’t care either way. They divorced before I was born, and the only father I’ve known is that of my best friend. “Who’s that?” she asked, referring to the picture. She picked it up, examining us before putting it back on the bedside stand.
“That’s my best friend Tess.” I replied softly. “She passed away this past winter.” I added.
“Oh Liz I’m so sorry,” she responded quickly and I shook my head.
“It’s fine.” I said quickly. I didn’t discuss Tess with anyone, not even my own family; it was still too painful. I think she got the hint, and quickly changed the topic, mentioning that dinner would be ready soon.
“You still like my lasagna?” she asked happily and I grinned.
“Of course!” I said. “Do you want me to set the table or anything?” I asked, standing up as she did. She smiled at me, nodding.
“That would be great.”

the next day
“Michael, I’m not sure about this whole blind date thing,” I said nervously.
“Max is a great guy. If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out,” he said with a shrug. I bit my lip, holding up two shirts.
“Which one?” I asked. He made a good effort to look like he cared, really he did.
“That one,” he said, gesturing to a deep red. scooped shirt that revealed slightly more than I usually would, but not enough to make me suggestive. Throwing the other one aside, I slipped into the bathroom to put it on, Michael waiting on my bed.
“How do I look?” I asked, cautiously making my way out of the bathroom. He nodded in approval, giving me a thumbs up. “Let me just do my makeup and I’m ready to go,” I said, returning to the bathroom. I heard him groan before leaving the room, stomping down the hall and retreating to his own room. I slowly breathed in and out, trying to relieve myself of the butterflies fluttering in my stomach. This was going to be a long night
“I’m going to go find Max and Maria” Michael shouted over the music and I nodded. He made his way through the crowd, leaving me alone to fend for myself. I looked around for a semi-familiar face but found none. Making my way along the outskirt of the dance floor, I dodged multiple couples making out in the sand and still others too drunk/stoned to care if they were going to get stepped on. I looked out, our eyes meeting as he made his way through the crowd of people dancing and he held the stare, still walking towards me beside another guy. He passed me and I broke the stare, looking out into the ocean.
“Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?” a smooth voice breathed into my ear just over my shoulder. I turned around quickly to find him standing there; this nameless guy who I had just fallen head-over-heels in love with. Staring into his familiar amber eyes, I felt as if I knew him, as if we’d met before and loved each other. My mouth moved, my lips unwilling to form coherent words. I shook my head, my voice finally finding it’s way back to my throat.
“No- I, uh, I think I got it the first time.” I said softly. He nodded, his eyes darting to the drink table.
“You want to get something to drink?” he said, gesturing to the table behind him. I nodded, looking around wearily.
“I’m supposed to be meeting someone-” I started and his smile faded, replaced by a forced grin. “Maybe you know him,” I shouted over the music. “His name is Max Evans.” I said. The grin turned into a smile again and he opened his mouth to speak, just as Maria came between us.
“Looks like you guys found each other,” he laughed. “Max- Liz. Liz, this is Max.” she said, pointing to the respective person. I looked to Max in utter shock before a laugh erupted through my lips. “Well, I’ll leave you two alone,” she said, disappearing into the crowd again.
“How ironic,” he muttered, grabbing a cherry coke. “What would you like?” he asked, bent on his knee.
“Cherry coke is fine,” I replied, taking it from his hand. His fingers touched mine, lingering for a moment longer than necessary before dropping to his side as we stood in awkward silence.
“Come on, I know where it’s quiet,” he said, leading me away from the party. I blushed in the darkness for thinking that he could be a dog, looking back to the party, then to Max. The bonfires behind us lit up his eyes as he fell onto the cool sand. I sat down beside him, sipping my cherry coke as I stared out to the moonlit ocean. “So tell me something about yourself,” he ventured and I smiled.
“There’s not much to tell; I live in New Mexico, I’ll be seventeen in two weeks, I have brown eyes- what else would you like to know?” I laughed. I slid off my shoes, placing them neatly by my side.
“How are you and Michael related?” he asked, looking back to the party. I nodded, knowing it would probably be the most asked question of the summer.
“It’s kind of a long story, but I’ll give you the short version. We have the same Dad; he impregnated my mother with me, then cheated on her with Fiona and got her pregnant. My parents got divorced and he moved out here with Fi and Michael was born two very short weeks before me.” I said in almost one breath.
“Wow.” I nodded, obviously impressed with my family’s problems.
“What about you? Tell me something about yourself,” I asked curiously.
“I live right down the street from Michael, he’s my best friend; Maria’s my sister, my Mom died when I was six and my Dad’s a drunk.” he said wistfully. “Exciting, right?” he raised his eyebrows, taking a drink of his soda. I leaned back on my elbows, burying the can in the sand.
“We have something in common then; we both have boring lives,” I sighed. He laughed, shaking his head.
“Yeah.” There was a short pause before his mouth opened again to speak.
“So were you forced to come here?” I asked casually and he blushed a deep red. I smirked, glad that my suspicions had been correct. “You don’t seem like a-”
“Party person?” He nodded, using the sand as a cup holder as I had. “I’m not. Maria and Isabel are constantly trying to get me out into the world though; hence my being here.” He said, looking around.
“My friend Tess used to do that,” I said, a smile curving my lips. “Our sophomore year she made me go the 4 20 party; that was wild,” I giggled, remembering it.
“National Weed Day; I can only imagine. We all steered clear of that party,” Max said fondly. “Is she coming to visit?” he questioned, twisting the can in the sand.
“Who?” I asked, looking up at him.
“Tess.” I lowered my eyes, drawing minuscule designs in the sand.
“Tess passed away this winter,” I said quietly.
“Oh. I’m sorry.” He said apologetically. I shrugged, looking out to the ocean again. There was an awkward pause, neither of us sure what to say. The music from the party drifted down the beach, carried by the sea breeze and I suddenly sat up with a gasp.
“I love this song.” I said with a smile and he stood up, offering his hand.
“May I have this dance?” he asked kindly and I took his hand, pressing my body close to his as I wrapped my arms around his neck, his hands resting on my waist. “So there’s nothing else I should know about you?” he asked, his voice barely above a whisper. I bit my lip, searching my mind for anything important about me.
“I’m a science freak,” I admitted and he laughed. “I love biology,” I added and he nodded.
“Good to know.” I rested my head on his shoulder and his arms pulled me a little closer. “You said your birthday was in two weeks,” he said, trying to keep a conversation running.
“Yeah, July 2nd.” I replied. “I’ve never been away from home for-” I started, but Max pulled away, reaching for my elbow. “What’s wrong?” I asked, noticing his nervous face.
“We gotta go,” he said, taking my hand. I looked back to the party, red and blue lights obstructing my view. Police were dispersed throughout the party, grabbing anyone who was stupid enough to be frozen in fear.
“My shoes!” I called, but he tugged me up the worn sandy path, shaking his head.
“We’ll get them in the morning,” he replied, cutting through the dunes. I found myself in a familiar parking lot, Max fishing into his pocket with his free hand for his keys. “This is me right here,” he panted, pointing towards a black jeep. I nodded, jumping into the passenger seat as he thrust the key into the ignition, illuminating the lights of the car and quickly backing out of the parking spot.
“Done this before?” I asked sarcastically and he grinned, making a smooth turn onto a dirt road.
“Once or twice,” he replied over the wind rushing past our heads, a smirk curving his lips. His phone rang and he quickly flipped it open, greeting the person on the other line. I could hear a voice, a voice somewhat familiar, but not so much that I could put it with a name, let alone a face.
“Is Liz with you? Michael’s having a fit because he lost her,” the voice said. Max’s gaze darted to me and he nodded.
“She’s right here,” he replied smoothly. “Is Maria with you?” he asked, turning again onto a real road. He breathed a sigh of relief before nodding. “Right, our place.” He closed the phone, tossing it into the cup holder separating the two front seats. “do you mind chilling at my house with everyone for a while?” he asked and I shook my head no, secretly smiling. There was absolutely no problem with spending time with Max. I looked straight ahead, red and blue lights once again flashing in the darkness. We exchanged worrier glances, Max mumbled obscenities under his breath, slowing down as the officer waved him down. A sinking feeling in my stomach told me this wasn’t going to be a good experience.

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Good story but I have to ask will Alex be in it? Well keep up the good work post more soon

Don't fanfiction is complete without Alex. new part should be up tomorrow. thanks for all the feedback!!!

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Author: phoenix82
Title: Under the sun
Rating: pg-13
Disclaimer: none of these characters belong to me; Roswell belongs to the writers (who
I wouldn’t mind putting in a port-a-potty and lighting on fire) and UPN. The song’s
credit’s go to Sugar Ray
Category: everyone, but mostly ML- AU
Summary: Liz is forced to spend the summer with her father, his wife and her half
brother. Under the sun, she finds friendship and love; when it’s time for her to leave,
she finds herself trapped between two worlds.
Feedback: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! I could care less if it’s one word. I really need
some fb to know if the parts I’m writing are any good or not. Thanx!

From part two:
I looked straight ahead, red and blue lights once again flashing in the darkness.We exchanged worrier glances, Max mumbled obscenities under his breath, slowing down as the officer waved him down. A sinking feeling in my stomach told me this
wasn’t going to be a good experience.

Part three
“Get the sand off your feet,” he whispered and I nodded, bending down to brush
off the sand collected on the bottom of my pants and feet.
“Where you guys coming from?” the officer asked suspiciously and Max
shrugged casually. I couldn’t tell if he was as nervous as I was, or he was just a good
“Just taking a drive,” he replied easily. The officer nodded, smacking his gum
around in his mouth.
“You weren’t at the beach?” he asked and Max looked to me before looking
back to him.
“Nope.” The officer walked around the car to my side, leaning against the
windshield. He looked at my feet and frowned, looking back to me.
“Where are your shoes?” he asked, knowing he had finally caught us.
“I, uh-“ I began, looking to Max for an answer.
“Is there something wrong officer?” Max asked sharply.
“There’s a big party going on down on the beach; lots of teen drinking. I’m just
trying to find out if you took part in that,” he said innocently. He stared at us as if he
could see into our minds, something I had seen only in movies.
“There’s a party tonight?” I asked. I tried my best to looked shocked, really I did.
“Are you new in town?” he asked. “I haven’t seen you around.” He added,
eyeing me suspiciously.
“We’re from Amagansett,” Max butt in and the man glared at him.
“So let me get this straight; you drove all the way out here from Amagansett just
to ‘drive around’?” he asked. We both nodded, our faces the picture of innocence. “So
the sand on your back didn’t come from the beach?” he asked me. I paled in the
darkness, a slightly perverted idea coming to me. Biting my lip, I went with it knowing it
could be the only way he’d let us go.
“Not the public beach,” I said shyly. “Gin beach tends to be deserted at night.”
Max caught on, resting his hand on my thigh.
“We didn’t do anything illegal.” He added in. He caught my eye and I arched my
eyebrow suggestively.
“Not that it shouldn’t be,” I mumbled. As if to prove our point, Max pulled my hair
away from my face, kissing my neck softly. The contact with his lips sent chills
throughout my body and I closed my eyes, enjoying the moment as much as I could.
While reminding myself that this was fake; he wanted the cop to leave.
“We don’t need to get started again,” I said to him, my forehead pressed against
his. The officer coughed, making us aware of his presence.
“Go about your business,” he said with a warning in his voice. Max stepped
quickly on the gas pedal, speeding out of his zone as if someone had died. I burst into
laughter, quickly sucking Max into the world of oblivion with me. Almost five minutes
later we pulled into a driveway of a moderate sized house, tears running down our
faces from laughter. We stumbled inside, entering a well-lit room full of somewhat
familiar faces. Michael threw a marshmallow at Alex, who dove over Maria to catch it in
his mouth before cheering loudly. Maria shoved him onto the ground, stepping over him
to enter the kitchen. We had calmed down and now just wore goofy grins on our faces;
my feet cool against the night air.
“What took so long?” Isabel asked as she opened a bag of pretzels.
“Nothing,” Max answered quickly, almost before I could open my mouth.
“Is it ok with you if we spend the night here?” Michael asked me, throwing
another marshmallow to Alex. I shrugged, nodding as I looked around. Which one was
Maria; the tall brunette or the short blonde?
“Liz, you remember Maria, Isabel and Alex,” Max said, pointing to the
appropriate person. I sighed in relief inwardly, appreciative of the introductions.
“I don’t believe we’ve had the pleasure of meeting,” the tall guy with the
marshmallows in his mouth said politely. “I’m Alex Whitman,” he said, holding up the
bag. “Marshmallow?”
“It’s Liz, and I’ll pass,” I said, eyeing the bag wearily. There was something
about condensed sugar that just didn’t appeal to me.
“What kind of relative of Michael doesn’t like marshmallows?” he asked in pure
shock. Max led me to a seat and I fell into it easily, curling my feet underneath me.
“Where are your shoes?” Michael asked, looking up to Max.
“We forgot them at the beach, we kind of left in a hurry,” I said quietly.
“Happens to the best of us,” Alex said with a smile, wrapping his arm loosely
around Isabel’s shoulder.
“Those were good shoes Alex,” she said stubbornly, shaking his hand off her.
“It’s only ten thirty,” Maria cut in, quickly changing the subject. “What do you
guys want to do?” The room fell silent; each of us hoping someone else would put out
an idea.
“We could go rent some movies,” Max suggested and all their heads nodded in
“Poppy’s is probably still open,” Isabel added and everyone grabbed their
shoes, Maria lending me a pair of her flip-flops.


Again I found myself speeding down the same street, this time the twinkling
tights of town in front of us. Alex and Isabel were put in charge of the pizza and were
dropped off in front of the pizzeria with instructions to meet us at the movie rental with
two large pizzas. Max and I occupied the backseat; Michael in the drivers seat with
Maria beside him.
“You guys want to get some candy or something?” Maria asked, poking her
head between the two front seats. I looked to Max and he nodded, taking some money
from Maria. He gracefully hopped over the side of the jeep, offering his hand to balance
me. He guided me across the sidewalk and into a small candy shop packed to the brim
with people. I bumped into a thin man who gave me a nasty look, clutching the candy
he had purchased to his chest as if his life depended on it’s survival.
“What kind of stuff do you like?” he asked, taking my wrist and leading me
towards the ice cream counter where it was less crowded. I looked at the two walls
completely covered in any possible thing I could ever imagine in awe, opening my
mouth to speak but not knowing what to say.
“What do you guy usually get?” I asked, a small child running past my leg
“Gummy bears, Twizzlers, fudge, jelly beans, UFO’s, Sour Patch Kids, that kind
of stuff,” he offered and I nodded.
“That’s fine with me,” I agreed and we stepped in line, grateful it had moved up
enough so that we didn’t have to stand in the doorway. He ordered in a very organized,
professional way and I couldn’t help but smile when he called the woman by name
instead of not addressing her at all. “Come here a lot?” I asked as the woman turned to
retrieve our order. He blushed, shoving his hands in his pocket.
“What can I say? I’m addicted to blue jellybeans,” he admitted and I laughed
heartily. He grabbed the bag of goods, leading me back outside where we waited
Michael and Maria to show up. Alex and Isabel appeared, Alex weighed down with two
pizzas and a bag of sodas.
“Where’s Michael and Maria?” they asked and we looked up guiltily, covering
the whole in the jellybean bag. Max wiped his blue lips, his eyes shifting to me before
“I swear to God Max we need to get you in some kind of therapy program; that’s
just not normal,” Alex joked half seriously. He dropped the bag back into the larger
back, Alex sliding onto the bench beside me.
“They’re probably making out somewhere,” he hypothesized and I sat up, my
face twisted in disgust.
“That’s my brother!” I moaned, the thought of him making out with anyone
creating lead at the bottom of my stomach.
“And my sister,” Max added defensively.
“Ok! Chill out. I’m sure their picking up a G-rated movie in a well-light store, not
even holding hands.” He snickered. The jeep swerved around a turn and Maria’s head
appeared from below the dashboard, her hair askew and her lips swollen. Alex
snickered again, escorting Isabel and I into the back before climbing in after Max. The
car was silent while we drove out town before Isabel spoke up.
“This is going to be a good summer,” she said confidently. Alex shook his head
shamefully before standing up, telling Michael to put the pedal to the metal.
“This is going to be the summer of our lives!!!” he shouted into the wind, he
spread his arms out like wings, closing his eyes as the salty wind rushed past his face.
He shouted again, and Michael turned on the music, everyone immediately beginning
to sing along. I laughed, watching Max as he used an invisible mike to sing into.
“Sing Liz, sing!” Alex boomed above us and I shook my head. There was no
way I was singing; lets just say it wasn’t one of my strong points. I was finally worn
down and began singing with the rest of them, swaying in the car as if we had lighters
in our hands. The song ended and we all collapsed onto each other with, hysterically
laughing. Alex fell on top of us and I fell onto Max, my head hitting his leg. He cupped
the back of my head tenderly and rubbing the spot that had been hit. Our eyes met,
melding together and illuminating all the other distractions around us. His lips slowly
turned into a smile and I felt butterflies in my stomach as I realized that Alex was right;
this was going to be the summer of our lives.


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Sorry about the delay guys- a new part should be up either later today or tomorrow. thanks for being patient!

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Author: phoenix82
Title: Under the sun
Rating: pg-13
Disclaimer: none of these characters belong to me; Roswell belongs to the writers (who I wouldn’t mind putting in a port-a-potty and lighting on fire) and UPN. The song’s credit’s go to Sugar Ray
Category: everyone, but mostly ML- AU
Summary: Liz is forced to spend the summer with her father, his wife and her half brother. Under the sun, she finds friendship and love; when it’s time for her to leave, she finds herself trapped between two worlds.
Feedback: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! I could care less if it’s one word. I really need some fb to know if the parts I’m writing are any good or not. Thanx!

Part Three B
I watched as Max rifled through the brown paper bag from the candy store, crouched down on his knees as he separated all the things we had bought and again checking in the bag. He looked up at Alex suspiciously, rising to his feet and crossing his arms in front of him. Isabel entered the living room from the kitchen, a suspicious smile on her face and an evil twinkle in her eyes. She grinned at Max and I frowned, wondering what was going on. His face paled and he sprinted into the kitchen and we all watched as he stared dismally down the now blue the garbage disposal, his face tormented by the loss of his jellybeans. Maria sustained a laugh, pulling Isabel down beside her on the couch before bursting out into hysterical laughing. Max looked at them, his face disappointed and forlorn. He marched back into the living room, staring down every one except me.
“Who threw them out?” he asked suspiciously.
“Twas I,” Isabel spoke up bravely. She held up her head with pride, her eyes twinkling with humor. Max held out his palm, rubbing his thumb against the other fingers.
“Seven bucks please,” he said, still holding out his hand.
“You spent seven bucks on jellybeans?” she nearly shouted. Grabbing her purse, she grudgingly pulled out a ten, shoving it into his hand and mumbling obscenities under her breath. “I want change,” she snapped icily, staring up at Max.
“I’ll be back in a little while,” he said, heading towards the door. I covered my mouth with my hand so he wouldn’t see my grin, but he stopped beside me. “You want to go for a ride?” he asked. Looking to Michael for approval, he shrugged and I followed Max to the front door, leaving everyone deciding which movie we would watch behind us. A soft rain had begun to fall down on the town, making everything appear as though it were sparkling in the moonlight. Deciding against an umbrella, we ran quickly to the jeep, dodging small puddles and other miscellaneous objects strewn in the yard. He backed out of the driveway skillfully, heading again towards town. Common thought would lead you to believe that once it began to rain, people would go home and the town would practically empty out.

How wrong common thought can be.

Tourists apparently don’t mind the rain, so parking proved to be a serious challenge. We ran across half the town from overhang to overhand, dodging sunburned children and their parents. When we finally got to the candy store, it was empty, and someone was sweeping the floor. The woman looked up and shook her head, opening the door to welcome us in.
“What can I get you today Max?” she asked, re-trying her apron around her waist. He breathed deeply, leaning on the counter and looking towards the case full of jellybeans.
“I need a pound of blue jellybeans,” he said calmly.
“Max, are you sure-”
”I’m positive,” he cut her off. Shaking her head, she grabbed a white bag, beginning to pile jellybeans into the bag.
“Addict” I muttered and he shot me a mockingly menacing glance, narrowing his eyes to glare at me.
“And who is this beautiful young lady?” the woman asked him. Max blushed, rocking back and forth on his feet.
“Liz, this is Mary Anne. Mary Anne, Michael’s sister Liz.” We shook hands and she asked me a few questions about where I was from and how long I was staying; she seemed nice enough. Weighing the bag, she folded the top neatly, setting it in front of Max.
“Seven,” she replied, punching the numbers into the cash register. Max pulled Isabel’s money out of his pocket, straightening the bill before handing it over.
“You sure you don’t want anything?” he asked me, pulling the jellybeans across the counter to him. I scanned the fudges, each neatly lined up and labeled before shaking my head.
“You going to eat all those jellybeans?” I asked, eyeing the bag.
“Honey, Max can eat those things by the bucketful,” Mary Anne laughed. I put my hand on the bag, pulling to towards me.
“Well he’s just going to have to share,” I said, eyeing him playfully. Was I actually flirting with him? I had known this guy all of one hour, and here I was- actually flirting with him. I’d never flirted with anyone before. Truthfully, it felt kind of good; like butterflies in your stomach.
“Well I have to close up,” Mary Anne said, breaking my train of thought. I turned back to her, thanking her for the jellybeans. “It was nice to meet you Liz; I’ll probably see you around,” she said with a warm, motherly smile. I nodded, opening the door and looking up at the source of the ringing sound. The rain again came down on us and I shivered, trying to remember which way we had come from.
“It’s this way,” Max said, making a right. The streets had finally cleared out, and running back to the car was easier without the people coming in and out of shops. We passed The Shack, now completely deserted, and paused for a moment under its protective overhang. “Jellybean?” he asked, holding the bag towards me. I laughed, nodding my head as I scooped a few into my palm. I popped them into my mouth two by two, slowly tasting the full flavor before swallowing t hem.
“Not bad,” I admitted and he shrugged, putting a few more in his mouth.
“Guilty pleasure,” he admitted and I giggled, grabbing a couple more.
“Cherries,” I replied as a car passed by, speeding through a puddle of muddy water collecting near the drain. He shook his head, stepping closer.
“Cherries; they’re my guilty pleasure.” I repeated. He wrinkled his nose in disgust, shaking as if he had the chills.
“I’ll stay with jellybeans.” He looked out into the street, holding his hand out beyond the overhand. “I think it’s clearing up,” he told me and I nodded. “Race you back?” he asked, turning to me with a confident gleam in his eyes. I smiled, stepping up so I was even with him.
“Fine.” He folded up the bag of candy, pointing out the car to me. “Go!” I called, darting out ahead of him. I raced down the sidewalk, quickly looking both ways before running into the street and across the town green. I could hear him running behind me, his feet making squishing sounds in the grass each time he extended his leg. I was nearing the next road we had to cross when a car came around the corner. I stopped, as did the car and Max kept going, lifting his legs up so he slid across the front hood, cheering loudly.
“Punk!” the man in the car yelled angrily, waving his fist out of the car.
“Sorry Mr. Anderson!” Max called, hitting the side of the jeep with both his hands. The car sped forward but I stood on the curb, hands on my hips with a menacing frown.
“Cheater,” I said angrily, stomping across the shimmering street. He shrugged, pulling the door open and sliding in.
“You have to admit- that took skill.”
“What if you had missed and you broke both your legs?” I asked, pulling the seatbelt across my legs.
“Well then I guess I’d have to have someone caring for me day and night, nursing me back to heath.” He said with a grin. I rolled my eyes, my gaze stopping on a photograph in the window of an art gallery. It was a black and white of the classic beach and lighthouse scene, but somehow it seemed different than all the others; like for some reason it stood apart. ‘Not for sale’ a small sign below it said. “You like that?” Max asked softly. I turned to him, noticing the sadness in his eyes. I nodded quickly, looking back to the picture. “It’s one of my Mom’s,” he said quietly, putting the car into gear. “It was her last.” He added softly. He pulled away from the store and I tore my eyes away from the window.
“I’m sorry,” I apologized. Turning around the circular street to head to the end of the island, Max nodded.
“Don’t be; I like that one too.”
“Out of curiosity,” I asked cautiously, “Why isn’t it for sale?”
“My Mom’s sister owns the store, and she’s going to give it to Maria for a graduation present,” he answered, speeding through the town. I smiled, knowing Maria would love it.
“That’s sweet.”
“Yeah; I get nothing.” He laughed.
“What, you didn’t want the wedding ring?” I joked. “I dunno Max, I think it’d be cute,” I said wistfully.
“Yeah, well- last I checked Maria had that too.” He turned onto the now familiar road the jeep slowly bumping around the cracking pavement.
“So have you lived here all your life?” I asked, looking around at the cozy houses.
“Yup. All eighteen years.” He’s eighteen…let’s ponder that for a minute.
“So are you and Maria twins?” I asked. She doesn’t look eighteen, not by any stretch.
“I’m a year older; when my Mom died I kind of went brain dead, making me stay back a grade with all of you guys.” He said wistfully.
“Is it that bad?” I asked jokingly.
“Well…” he trailed off.
“I can see your hesitation to be in the same grade as Michael; he’s kind of a mess.” I sighed, thinking of the glimpse I got of Michael’s room. “And then there’s the fact that you could be in college instead of high school.”
“Watch it Parker, I’ve got a year on you,” he said warningly. We stepped out of the car, slamming the doors and walking up the sidewalk.
“Oh really,” I said, shaking my head exaggeratingly.
“Yeah; better watch your back,” he said, shoving his hands in his pockets.
“I’ll do that.” He held the door open and we were greeted with cheering, the four remaining glad that they could finally eat their pizza. We sat down around a low table, not bothering with plates, but holding the lukewarm pizza in our hands. Max passed behind me, leaning down and whispering into my ear.
“Watch your back.” His hot breath sent chills down my spine and I shuddered violently before looking to Max. He arched his eyebrow, causing the butterflies in my stomach to again flutter around. The phone rang and he grabbed it, greeting the person passing it towards me. “It’s Fiona; your Mom is on the line.” I covered the speaker, throwing my head back and groaning. Plastering a smile on my face I brought the phone up to my ear, my Mother’s whining, obnoxious voice penetrating my ear. You’d think it would be slightly dimmed since it was traveling over the Atlantic Ocean.

How incredibly wrong I was.

Thanks for the wonderful feedback guys- I promise to have the next part up in the next two days. You’re the best!

Old Montauk highway? I have a beach place out there!
thats awesome!! so do I- I've been going out there since I'm two. *happy*
How did Tess die?
don't'll be revealed in the story eventually.
more M/L action
don't worry- im a strict dreamer although they may have some choppy water in the future, they'll eventually end up happy. *happy*


posted on 10-Dec-2001 12:52:52 PM by Phoenix82
Author: phoenix82
Title: Under the sun
Rating: pg-13
Disclaimer: none of these characters belong to me; Roswell belongs to the writers (who I wouldn’t mind putting in a port-a-potty and lighting on fire) and UPN. The song’s (Under the sun) credit’s go to Sugar Ray and can be downloaded at
Category: everyone, but mostly ML- AU
Summary: Liz is forced to spend the summer with her father, his wife and her half brother. Under the sun, she finds friendship and love; when it’s time for her to leave, she finds herself trapped between two worlds.
Feedback: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! I could care less if it’s one word. I really need some fb to know if the parts I’m writing are any good or not. Thanx!

New part 3c
“They aren’t treating you too badly, are they?” my Mother asked. I rose from the floor, crossing my arms and biting my lip as I resisted the urge to jump into the phone and strangle her.
“I’m fine Mom.”
“Well, Europe is just magnificent, you really should come here,” she said. I rolled my eyes, excusing myself down a long hall. I’ve been asking to go to Europe since I can speak, and now it’s thrown back in my face. The irony of it all… “We’re in London, but we’re leaving for old Paris tomorrow,” she said excitedly.
“That’s great Mom, make sure to send a postcard. I leaned against a wall, looking at the black and white pictures of Max, Maria and their parents when they were little. In one, they all sat on the beach, Max in his Mother’s lap; Maria in her Father’s arms, everyone staring at the camera with windblown hair and rosy cheeks. It was nothing less than perfect.
“Liz? Are you there darling?” my Mother’s whining voice pulled me from my daydream and I shook my head, taking my back off the wall and walking back towards the kitchen.
“Yeah, sorry. We’re kind of watching a movie right now,” I lied, rolling my eyes at Michael.
“Ok, well I’ll let you go. Call you from Paris!”
“Sure Mom.” I knew there wouldn’t be a call from Paris, or any other city for another two weeks, minimum. And then she’d come home and beg for forgiveness- as usual. Entering the living room, I tossed the phone on the couch, flopping down beside Max and rolling my neck.
“Was it that painful?” he asked, grabbing the jellybeans off the table.
“You obviously don’t know my Mother,” I replied easily. Michael nodded, muttering an ‘amen’ before turning on the TV.
“Liz, since you’re the guest of honor, why don’t you chose the movie?” Isabel asked, holding up the movie.
“Complete control,” I said evilly, rubbing my hands together. Maria and Isabel motioned to the second movie, wildly waving their arms to catch my attention. One of them mouthed the title and I tricked to mimic her against Alex and Max’s protests.
“Sperin Locetswitch?” I tried and Maria slapped her forehead, falling onto the couch with a groan.
“I think that’s German for the Patriot” Max jumped up, grabbing the movie from Isabel’s hand and shoving it into the VCR.
“Erin Brockavitch,” Isabel said exaggeratedly.
“Sperin Locetswitch, Erin Brocavtich- it’s all the same,” Maria said hopefully, but all three guys were already zoned into the movie, their eyes becoming addicted to the eerie bluish light produced by the TV.
“Gunfire and canons- rah rah.” Isabel said dejectedly.
“Some guest of honor you are,” Maria teased, patting the seat next to her.
“Ssh- we’ll miss someone getting killed,” Michael said, hitting Maria’s leg. Maria cocked her head, turning to Liz.
“Shall we excuse ourselves to my room?” she asked the other girls, who immediately nodded, jumping off the couch.

“So what happened with Max tonight?” Maria asked casually as we entered her room. The floor was strewn with clothing she had obviously discarded, deeming them ‘unwearable’ for tonight’s event.
“Nothing,” I replied equally as casually. Isabel joined her in the closet, quickly returning with baggy pajamas pants and a t-shirt.
“You want something to wear?” she asked, eyeing the uncomfortable position in which I was sitting. I nodded and Maria threw out a deep red baby t-shirt and light gray drawstring pants that I knew would drag on the floor.
“Bathroom’s around the corner,” Maria called from the closet and I nodded, excusing myself to change. I opened the door, finding myself not in a bathroom, but a bedroom. The large bed was shoved in a corner, the covers half on the floor. Beside the bed stood a small table with a lamp, a stack of CD’s and a portable CD player accompanied with headphones. The walls were decorated with posters of bands most of which I thought no one else had ever heard of, bringing my eye to his desk, closet and dresser, decorated with picture frames of his family and friends.
“Lost?” a male voice asked over my shoulder and I jumped, pulling my hand off the doorknob.
“I, uh- bathroom,” I managed to squeak out. And he nodded, pointing across the hall.
“Don’t worry about it,” he replied, entering his room. I practically jumped into the bathroom, slamming the door and pressing my back against it. I looked over the counter, finding it covered with Maria’s makeup, Max’s razor- pictures stuck on the mirror, which was covered with dry-erase marker messages. ‘Don’t use my razor’ was written in large writing over Maria’s things, signed by Max and I had to smile. Judging from where it was, Maria had chosen not to listen to the warning. ‘Party ⊕ 9’ was scrawled in a different handwriting over most of the mirror, a hand having obliterated most of the message and smudging the mirror. Pulling my shirt over my head, I replaced it with Maria’s shirt and my pants with hers. The shirt was shorter than one I would have worn, revealing part of my stomach but deciding it was cute, I neatened my hair and swung the door opened, spotting Max searching through his dresser. He looked up at me, nodding his approval and I rolled my eyes at him, walking quickly back to Maria’s room.
“Get lost?” one of them joked and I fell into an overstuffed chair with a sigh.
“So, what happened with you and Max?” Maria asked again. She and Isabel smiled eagerly at me and I was immediately suspicious.
“We talked, we ran from the police, we came back here.” I said slowly, checking their eyes for any strange enthusiasm. The sound of someone jogging down the hall halted their questions momentarily until anyone of the male species was out of earshot.
“Sounds like a party,” Isabel said sarcastically. She grabbed a bowl of popcorn Maria had brought up with her, nestling it in her lap and picking up a single kernel of popcorn. “I guess what we’re trying to figure out,” she said, popping it into her mouth. “Is if you like him or not.” I felt kind of intimidated with these two girls I barely knew questioning me as if I had done something wrong. I blushed, running my fingers through my hair. “It’s not a trick question Liz,” she added and I looked up, the blush creeping down my neck.
“Yeah, I do,” I said shyly and Maria broke into a huge smile, illuminating the entire room. She bounced on the bed happily, clapping her hands together in joy.
“This is so great,” she said hurriedly, grabbing some popcorn. “Now all we have to do is get you to go out a little and poof! We’re all related.” She giggled, throwing some popcorn into the air.
“Nice to know I have a wedding planner,” I said nervously. She threw some popcorn at me and my jaw dropped in shock. Picking up a pillow lying on the floor, I threw it in her direction, but hitting Isabel. Her eyes flew open and she glared at me evilly before reaching back for a pillow, slapping Maria upside the head and tossing it at me. I caught it, using it as defense as I was pelted with popcorn and other miscellaneous objects. I poked my head out of my shelter to see Isabel turn on Maria, duping the remains of the popcorn on her head and running into the closet. Maria ran to me, begging to be an ally before Isabel jumped out of the closet, her face letting us know that she had just come up with an ingenious plan.
“I have a plan.” She announced. Maria grabbed my shield, holding it in front of her.
“Just give peace a chance,” she sang and I threw my head back in a laugh.
“I say we wage war on the guys,” she whispered, approaching us empty handed. Maria dropped the shield, her eyes lighting up. She looked to me, then looking back to Isabel with a nod. Pulling the bowl back on her head, she squinted her eyes, raising above us and speaking in a very official voice,
“Operation girls gone wrong begins!”

We snuck into the kitchen, grabbing two pots and some oven mitts before slithering back upstairs and entering Maria’s room. She came a moment later armed with a box of tampons and all her make-up. I put the pot on my head and we all grabbed the darkest eye shadow we could find, smearing it under our eyes like football players. She pulled her underwear drawer out of the dresser, tossing it beside us with an evil smile. She sat down beside us, leaning in so no intruders could here our plans.
“Ok- here’s the plan,” she began. I had yet to find out Maria’s capabilities as an evil leader. But believe me, I would soon.


P.S.: sorry it took so long to get this part out, I wasn’t really sure were to go with it. Thanks for the great feedback you guys; you’re the best. New part will be up by Thursday! *happy*
posted on 11-Dec-2001 10:25:31 AM by Phoenix82
Author: phoenix82
Title: Under the sun
Rating: pg-13
Disclaimer: none of these characters belong to me; Roswell belongs to the writers (who I wouldn’t mind putting in a port-a-potty and lighting on fire) and UPN. The song’s (Under the sun) credit’s go to Sugar Ray and can be downloaded at
Category: everyone, but mostly ML- AU
Summary: Liz is forced to spend the summer with her father, his wife and her half brother. Under the sun, she finds friendship and love; when it’s time for her to leave, she finds herself trapped between two worlds.
Feedback: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! I could care less if it’s one word. I really need some fb to know if the parts I’m writing are any good or not. Thanx!

New part three C
I looked to the two other girls in the room who were busy stuffing make-up, disposable cameras, tampons and bras in every available place, wondering what kind of summer I was in for. Here I was, on my second night, attacking three guys that barely knew me. We had dug through the back of Max’s closet, searching for old water guns and NERF guns, which we found and reassembled. They lay scattered across the room with other items we had discarded.
“Here, take a lacey one,” Maria said, tossing me another bra, which I secured in my belt loops. We looked ridiculous with pots on our head, with the exception of Maria who still had her plastic bowl. The eye shadow under our eyes made us seem more menacing- despite the fact that two of us weighed under 120. “And don’t forget; they have a lot of endurance. Michael plays football, Max plays soccer and Alex…. Alex is an expert dodgeballist.” She laughed as she tried to think of a sport Alex played and a comical glance passed between them.
“Ok, shall we begin?” Isabel asked and we both nodded. Maria pulled on the oven mitt, pretending to snap them as if she were some sort of evil doctor about to tear apart one of her patients. Isabel stepped into the hall, calling down to Max while staying in hiding. “Max, could you come up here for a sec?” She darted back into the room, joining me in the closet while silently giggling to herself. The pounding of the stairs caused us to inhale deeply and check on Maria who hid behind the door.
“Iz?” Max stuck his head inside the room and I pulled back into the darkness, not wanting to ruin our plan. He stepped inside and the door slammed shut, Maria jumping on his back to cover his mouth. He tried to shake her off, but we burst out of the closet, bringing him to the ground with devilish eyes. “What the hell is this?” he asked in shock as Maria paced back and forth above him.
“Operation good girls gone bad,” she answered. Max tried to move his hands, but I pressed down harder on them, despite the pleading looks he threw in my direction.
“Liz please?” he begged, but I shrugged, sadly shaking my head.
“No talking,” Maria barked, nudging him with her foot. “Max, you’re a prisoner of war; I hope you understand it’s nothing personal. We just- we need to use you.” She explained simply.
“Oh. I feel so much better about this,” Max shot back.
“Here’s the deal. Liz is going to stay and watch you while we go downstairs. You’re not to scream to anyone, you’re not going to spill our little secrets- you’re just going to sit there like a good boy and let Liz do her job. Understood?” Max rolled his eyes and all three of us rolled him onto his stomach, tying his hands together before helping him stand.
“Liz, you know where to take him,” Isabel said and I nodded, quietly leading him down the hallway and outside via the backdoor.
“Welcome to the hell express. I’m Liz and I’ll be your tour guide for the time being,” I told Max in a flight-attendant voice. “There are no seatbelts, no emergency exits, and no lifejacket under your seat; so be forewarned.” He looked up to the sky as if trying to signal someone to help him and I pushed him a little faster, opening the shed Maria had told me about and pushing him inside.
“And I thought we were getting along just fine,” Max retorted as I tied him to the chair towards the back. He looked around, laughing at the walls decorated with magazine pictures of guys, posters of the Goo Goo Dolls and The Doves, and on another smaller wall, a painting of the beach.
“Wow. So this is the I hate boys club shack,” he said in awe, continuing his look. “They’ve never let me in here.” He added, nodding at the painting.
“I hate boys club shack?” I repeated, pulling up a chair for myself.
“Yeah; when ‘Ria and Izzy were in second grade they made a club and painted that above the door; I think it’s still there.” I nodded in amusement, pulling out the two bras stuffed in my pockets.
“I’m supposed to make you wear these,” I said, waving them in the air. “But I think we’ll save that for if you don’t follow directions.” I leaned back in the chair, crossing my legs and tossing the bras on the ground.
“If you’re guarding me, shouldn’t you be standing and pacing pensively, watching out for the enemy?” Max asked cleverly. Eyeing him suspiciously, I glanced out the window for any lights before turning to him.
“I think I’m good where I am.”
“Did you bring my jellybeans?” he asked hopefully. Smirking, I pulled them out of my pocket, waving the back slowly.
“As a matter of fact, I did.” I opened the bag, grabbing a couple and putting them in my mouth, slowly savoring the blueberry taste.
“Oh come on now; just one?” he asked, his eyes becoming pitifully big. I tossed one towards him and he dove to catch it, practically tipping the chair over. I laughed, whipping my head around when an ear-piercing scream cut through the night. I stood up only to have the door burst open with Michael and Alex behind it. I tried to run but Michael blocked me, a snide grin on his face as we waited for Max to be untied. He snatched the jellybeans and the water gun from me before bending down to lift me onto his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.
“Put me down!” I cried, pounding on his back, but Alex spritzed me with water in the face, causing me to shut up.
“Guess who’s a prisoner of war now, eh?” Max laughed, patting my leg.
“Jerk,” I muttered with a final blow to his back. Michael led the way down a dark, sandy path and I demanded multiple times to know where they were taking me. We walked across the beach, hidden by the grassy dunes and the dark of night before I was finally put down.
“Come on, start digging,” Alex, said, falling to his knees. I opened my mouth to call Maria and Isabel, but Michael clamped his hand down my lips, warning me that if I did, punishment would be worse.
“Now dig,” he instructed as the ropes were tied around my feet and to a large rock. To say I felt like an inmate at some kind of twisted jail was not an exaggeration of the truth. I dug my hands into the cold sand, depositing it beside me and again digging in the same spot.
“What are we making?” I asked coldly, eyeing each one of them.
“A fort, so when your little friends come we’ll have protection and they won’t.” Alex explained as he stacked more sand in front of the ditch. I looked towards the dunes, quickly returning my gaze as I saw two small figures creeping closer. I giggled and Michael stopped digging, eyeing me suspiciously.
“Done,” he said quickly, and they dragged me behind the wall, my back to the wind so I couldn’t see anything.
“That was a pitiful attempt at trying to take a hostage,” Max said, lounging back as he devoured his candy.
“At least we had weapons,” I shot back easily, pulling the rock closer to my feet so I could actually move.
“We have-’
“Don’t spill the secret plans to her!” Alex cut in, slapping Max’s arm. I looked down the beach, retaining my smile as Isabel and Maria crept towards us stealthily.
“Don’t move,” Isabel said, pointing her water gun at the back of Alex’s head. Maria did the same to Michael, and all three guys raised their arms in defense. I clapped my hands together happily and Maria reached down with one hand to untie me, throwing me an extra water gun to hold Max in place. They were soon walking down the beach headed back to the house when suddenly all three guys sprang on us, hauling us onto their shoulders as Max had done to me earlier and running towards the water shouting as if they had one.
“I hope you can swim,” Max said jokingly, cradling me in his arms.
“Why?” I asked nervously and he grinned, rocking me back and forth.
“One…two…” they all counted together, Maria pounding viciously on Michael’s chest. A wave crashed on the shore, the water raising almost half way up their thighs and they shouted three, tossing us into the water. I didn’t know whether to scream or plug my nose and pray there weren’t any sharks lurking around. But as the cold water closed over my head, I forgot about Jaws…and Jaws 2 and immediately started thrashing my legs in an effort to get air. I broke the surface, gasping for air and looking around for two other heads. Max, Michael and Alex were laughing hysterically on the shore as I shivered with Isabel, trudging out of the water with out arms wrapped around us.
“Where’s Maria?” Max asked nervously. As if on queue a whistle called to us from down the shore a little and we saw Maria waving her shirt around her head like a hooker.
“Come on boys, the water’s great!” She called. She strutted up to us in her hot pink glow in the dark bra, putting her hands on her hips and falling to her knees to beg them to come in the water.
“Fine,” Alex finally broke down, pulling off his shirt. Max and Michael followed him, taking a running start to get in the water.
“Shall we strip down now or later?” Maria whispered and I blushed in the darkness. There was no way I was going to go skinny-dipping with people I had known for five hours. Isabel had the same train of thought because she too entered the water before throwing her top at the shore. It wasn’t long before Michael was sent back to get towels for us and we were given piggybacks back to the house as consolation for throwing us in the ocean.

“Here’s a pillow,” Maria said, tossing me a down pillow I recognized from her bed. Propping it under my head, I pulled the blanket around me tighter, looking at the room. Max slept almost directly underneath me on the floor, beside Alex and Isabel, curled up in each others arms, and Michael, who lay beneath Maria who was on the other couch.
“Night everyone,” Isabel murmured, nuzzling her face into the crook of Alex’s neck. Maria flipped out the lights and I closed my eyes, watching the moon through the skylight above my head. My hair was still wet and I smelled of the beach, and although the sand between my toes was aggravating, it was somewhat comforting. It was a reminder of the friendships I had developed and where I was. I was away from the gossip, the rumors. This was a fresh start, and I was going to take advantage of it. My fingers itched to write in my journal, so closing my eyes I imagined what I would write.

Journal entry three. Before tonight I was unsure of the fate of this vacation was going to be. My biggest fear was that I would spent three months cooped up in my room reading any book I could get my hands on while I watched Michael and his friends come and go as they pleased. But they’ve accepted me. I’m part of that group that is coming and going as they please, taking midnight swims and kidnapping each other. It’s so odd that they don’t know who Tess is; or Kyle. They’re such huge parts of my life that I feel that in order for them to truly know me I should share their stories with them. But it’s a fresh start here, and old thoughts are being left in Roswell. There’s something about the ocean air that just screams friendship and fun- and I can hear it calling me over Alex’s soft snoring and Maria’s breathing. It’s calling my name; and I’m going to answer.


I know this part kinda sucks- I promise the next one will be better.

Nana: I’m hurt that you thought I wouldn’t stick to my word. Lol. Well here’s the new part- and it’s not even Thursday! Imagine that….

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hey guys- it's me. thanks for all the wonderful feedback, you have no idea how motivated it keeps me. unfortunately, I may not have access to a computer over christmas break, but I'll try as hard as I can to post frequently. the next time I'll definietly post is january 8th. and don't worry, there'll be lots of new parts. keep checking throughout vacation and have a happy holiday!!

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Author: phoenix82
Title: Under the sun
Rating: pg-13
Disclaimer: none of these characters belong to me; Roswell belongs to the writers (who I wouldn’t mind putting in a port-a-potty and lighting on fire) and UPN. The song’s credit’s go to Sugar Ray
Category: everyone, but mostly ML- AU
Summary: Liz is forced to spend the summer with her father, his wife and her half brother. Under the sun, she finds friendship and love; when it’s time for her to leave, she finds herself trapped between two worlds.
Feedback: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! I could care less if it’s one word. I really need some fb to know if the parts I’m writing are any good or not. Thanx!

Part four
I woke up with a slight crick in my neck and immediately sat up, not remembering where I was. I fell back onto the couch, pulling the blanket that covered my legs up to my chin as the cool morning air set in. I looked around at everyone sprawled out on either the floor or a couch amongst the remains of candy, pizza and soda cans. Looking at the clock in the kitchen quietly groaned. It was nearly seven thirty, but I felt as if I had rested well. Dismissing the feeling I stood up, dodging Alex and Isabel carefully stepping over Michael. I turned around a corner, and then I saw him. He was sitting on the porch his legs propped up on another chair, a guitar cradled in his lap. His fingers flew over the strings with blind trust, his eyes concentrated on a crumpled piece of paper held to a table with a smooth rock. He sang softly, but the early morning wind lifted his words, taking them out to sea where they wouldn’t be heard. I crept closer, wanting to hear him singing and quickly found myself on the porch.
“That’s good,” I said casually and he jumped, the beautiful music he had been creating stopping short. I smiled at him and he took a deep breath, muttering something about people sneaking up on him. . I held the blanket closely around me, stepping out onto the open porch overlooking the beach. The sun edged towards the dark horizon, spinning light across the ocean like a spider’s web as shadows danced on the glimmering waves.
“Wow,” I breathed in awe, my eyes grazing the horizon.
“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” he replied. I nodded, taking in the even more beautiful scene beside me. The golden highlights in his hair were becoming visible in the sunlight, and his amber eyes gave a quite deceiving glowing effect. We stood in silence for a few minutes, just staring at the amazing sight before he pulled up two chairs, seating himself. “So what are you doing up so early?” he asked teasingly as I curled up in the chair, resting my head on my palm. I pulled the blanket I had brought with me taut around my body, bringing my knees up to my chin.
“Damn time zones are screwing with my head,” I muttered and he laughed quietly, setting the guitar on the ground beside him.
“That must suck,” he replied, crossing his arms.
“Yeah; it’s like when you go somewhere really great and then you end up sleeping half the time because of jetlag,” I laughed and he shrugged.
“I wouldn’t really know- I’ve never been out of New England.” Smart one Liz; bring up the one topic he can‘t relate to.
“So you’ve never been on a plane?” Wow.
“Nope; never.” I nodded, thinking of something I else I could say without looking like I was changing the subject. “We never really got to finish our conversation last night,” he said and I nodded, thankful for the relief.
“You were saying that you’d never been away,” I thought back to last night, to our dance and I tried to remember what we’d been talking about. So much had happened since then it seemed almost insignificant.
“My birthday. I was saying I had never been away from home for my birthday.” I slowly realized it would be my first birthday without Tess and looked down at my hands sadly. I had never had many friends; but without fail my Mother would have a party for me every year. We’d go to the movies, play games- whatever she had invented that year. One year it was just Tess and I and we spent the entire night talking on the roof, staring at the stars and eating vanilla ice cream. We had connected on a level we had yet to achieve and it was one of the happiest nights of my life.
“Liz?” I looked up, wondering if he’d been calling my name for long. “You ok?” he asked and I shook my head quickly.
“I’m fine.” He nodded, the look in his eyes letting me know that he didn’t really believe me. Yet another dead end conversation.
“Maaaxxxxxx!” Maria’s voice screeched from inside. “Come quick there’s a roach!” she shouted and Max rolled his eyes.
“Your brother is useless,” he told me and I laughed, following him inside. Maria and Isabel were standing on the couch as far away from it as possible, Alex and Michael sleepily sitting on the opposite couch. “You know I don’t like bugs either Maria.”
“Well than you shouldn’t leave the door open genius!” she retorted and he rolled his eyes again, mumbling something under his breath. He looked towards Michael and Alex, shaking his head.
“Pathetic; just pathetic.” He looked to the ground, scouring it for the roach that caused him to come inside. “Where is it?” he asked and Maria pointed towards the kitchen. He stepped towards the kitchen, stepping inside and disappeared. “Maria!” he shouted angrily, emerging from the room holding something between two fingers. “This is a grasshopper!
“Yeah, well- it’s a big one,” she said defensively, eyeing Max as he passed me to put the bug outside. He set it gently on the steps, coming back inside and glaring at Maria. She stuck her tongue out at him, falling down on the couch.
“Well now that you’ve woken all of us up why doesn’t someone make breakfast?” Alex said tiredly. Isabel was already sleeping again and Maria grabbed the blanket off her, pulling it over her legs. “Or we could all go back to sleep and forget that Maria just made a fool of herself.” I looked at Max as the room fell quiet again and he motioned towards the kitchen. I followed him to the table where we sat down between a box of frosted cheerios.
“Can I get you anything?” he asked and I shook my head no, curling my feet underneath me. He neared the refrigerator, reaching his hand behind the cooking books that lay on top, biting his lip as he fished around for something. “Got it,” he said, his hand reappearing with an eerily familiar white bag.
“Please tell me those aren’t jellybeans,” I said, covering my eyes with my hands. He blushed, seating himself in the chair at the head of the table, right beside me.
“You know- one of the signs of addiction is hiding your stuff,” I told him accusingly.
“Believe me, I know.” He poured them out between us, offering me some. “You’d be shocked at the places you can find alcohol in this house,” he told me, throwing a few blue beans into his mouth. “Besides, the only reason I hide them is so Maria and Izzy won’t throw them away.” There was a pause in which I again wasn’t sure what to say. What do you reply to that with?
“Boop boopie doop yeah,” I whispered and he laughed, asking me what at that was. I shrugged. “Random thought.” I told him and he looked at his watch.
“You know, we could go get your shoes if you want,” he told me and I nodded, gathering some more jellybeans into my hand. I popped them into my mouth, the synthetic taste of blue flavoring filling my mouth. “It’s only about a mile down the beach,” he added.
“Lets go,” I said, rising from my seat. “Actually I should change first…” I trailed off, looking down at what I was wearing. He shrugged, looking me over.
“I think you look fine.” He replied before looking into my eyes. “Come on, let’s go.” He stepped toward the door and I followed him, creeping past everyone else and escaping to the beach. We walked in silence near the shore where the sand was harder, staring at the horizon or at the footpaths of other walkers and runners.
“So- what’s your favorite color?” I asked randomly and he laughed, looking at me as if I was insane.
“This is the kind of useless information I need to know if I’m going to be with you guys all summer,” I told him.
“Green. You?”
“I can’t decide; either blue or red.” I told him.
“Favorite food?”
“My Mom can’t cook; we live on pizza and Lean Cuisines.”
“My Dad doesn’t cook; and I wouldn’t trust Maria in the kitchen if my life depended on it.”
“Favorite ice cream?” Everybody likes ice cream.
“Chocolate.” I resisted the urge to gag and lecture him but instead kept a straight face…but apparently not too straight. “What?” he asked, shoving his hands in his pockets.
“Cocoa beans are picked by underage workers who are sold into slavery and get paid almost nothing on the Ivory Coast in Africa,” I told him. I hadn’t eaten chocolate since then; my mother and I had made a vow not to.
“That’s horrible.” I nodded, looking out to the ocean. There was so much out there that I wanted to see, so much that I wanted to experience. I sighed, wondering if I ever would get to. “Let me guess what you’re thinking,” he said and I looked back to him skeptically. “You want to travel and your not sure if you’ll ever get to see the world.” He tried.
“I’m impressed,” I told him. “How did you-”?
“Because I feel the same way.” He replied. “But the closest thing I’ll ever have to seeing the world is our senior trip to Cancun.”
“That’s cool,” I told him in an effort to cheer him up. He nodded, shrugging dejectedly.
“We’ve been saving for it since we were in eighth grade; we’ve definitely earned it.” He paused, kicking at the sand with his feet. “And we’re going to take a road trip next summer to California,” he added. “Our goal is to be in at least half of the states.” He said proudly. I smiled, wishing I had friends close enough that I could do that with. I large wave crashed on the shore sending the water rushing past our feet and I picked up the baggy pants that Maria had lent me, hiking them up to my shins. I moved to the other side of Max so he was closest to the ocean and would get sprayed the next time, letting the pants down again.
“It’s warmer than last night,” I said and he nodded, going down closer to the water.
“Your shoes should be around here somewhere.” He said, looking up towards the dunes. “Favorite flower?” he continued with my little game and I smiled, still scanning the upper beach for my shoes.
“Either Gerber daises or white roses,” I said confidently. “Favorite song?”
“Oh- that’s hard; that’s like asking me to pick chocolate or jellybeans. What about you?”
“If You Want Me To by Ginny Owens,” I replied easily. “Movie?”
“The Godfather.” I wrinkled my nose, replying with my own movie.
“Broken-down Palace”
“Oh isn’t that the one about those girls who get busted with heroin?” he said and I nodded. “That was ok; kinda sad.”
“Yeah.” Tess and I used to watch it almost every weekend when it first came out on video. The woman at the video store even bought me a copy one year for Christmas; it was a stupid thing to do, she lost her best costumer.
“There’s your shoes,” Max said, pointing up the beach. We diverted our path and I bent down, picking them up and looking at Max. I stood up slowly, our eyes locking, and he wrapped one arm around my waist, pulling me close to him, another hand cupping the back of my head. Our lips melded into each other with open mouths, his tongue softly caressing mine. His fingers weaved through my hair, pulling me closer and I sighed into his mouth softly.

“Hey space cadet,” Max called and shook my head, my vision disappearing. “You need help?” he asked, holding out his hand. Placing my hand in his, I rose to my full height, intertwining my fingers with his as if it was a natural occurrence. Saying nothing, we walked in the direction of our houses again, the wind at our backs.
“So where do you want to travel?” I asked as we slowly walked home.
“Anywhere,” he sighed and I nodded, the feeling familiar. “I would love to go to Europe though; see Ireland, England, France, Spain…” he trailed off, his imagination running wild. “So what’s your dream trip?” he asked, turning his head towards me.
“Oh gosh- I would love to take a year off and just go around the world. I’d start in Europe then go to Turkey and India then up the coast to Vietnam, China and Japan then go to Australia and New Zealand and make my way back across the US.” I looked out to the ocean vowing to myself that someday I would see all those places and more.
“Do you want to stop at your house?” Max asked and I nodded, pulling him up the path and to the door. He reached into a plant hanging nearby, fishing out a key and putting it into the door. “What would you do without me?” he asked teasingly as I opened the door, stepping inside. He returned the key to its hiding spot and I grabbed a grape off the middle of the table, popping it into my mouth. “You want me to come upstairs with you?” he asked and I nodded sheepishly, still unsure of myself in this house. We trudged up the stairs, making as little noise as possible as we crept down the hall and into my room. “Wow; they completely remade this place,” he said, and I shrugged, not remembering what it looked like before. I entered the closet and he began looking through my CD’s, nodding his approval.
“You like Remy Zero?” he asked in shock, holding up the CD. I nodded casually, pulling out jeans and a pink t-shirt. I entered the bathroom, closing the door and stripping down to my underwear, slipping on the clean clothes and looking into the mirror.
“You could have told me my hair was all screwy,” I called to him.
“It looks cute,” he replied and I grinned, biting my lip. He thought it was cute. The thought of that brought butterflies to my stomach and I pulled my hair out of the ponytail, brushing it until it was smooth and let it stay down. Grabbing my mascara I applied some, adding some lip-gloss. I stepped back from the mirror and wrinkled my nose. This was me; this was all I’d ever be. Folding Maria’s clothes, I placed them in the laundry basket and exited the bathroom, looking for my shoes. “That is impressive,” he said, staring at his watch.
“What is?” I said, poking my head into the closet.
“You took four minutes to get completely dressed and the whole make up thing,” he said, gesturing towards the bathroom. I grinned, sliding my feet into sandals.
“What can I say? I move quickly.” I locked eyes with him before breaking the gaze and making my way towards the door. Wow; that was…intense. He came up behind me, taking my hand in his. We stood in the doorframe and he leaned close to me locking my eyes in an intense gaze; and I had the feeling this was just the beginning.


Have a happy and safe holiday!!

PS: please read the note I wrote in the post above this; it explains the slowness of the posts over the vacation. Thanks for the feedback and your support!!

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New part tomorrow, honest! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!
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awwww.... thats so sweet brigittabehr, I loved your story
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Author: phoenix82
Title: Under the sun
Rating: pg-13
Disclaimer: none of these characters belong to me; Roswell belongs to the writers (who I
wouldn't mind putting in a port-a-potty and lighting on fire) and UPN. The song's credit's
go to Sugar Ray
Category: everyone, but mostly ML- AU
Summary: Liz is forced to spend the summer with her father, his wife and her half brother.
Under the sun, she finds friendship and love; when it's time for her to leave, she finds
herself trapped between two worlds.
Feedback: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! I could care less if it's one word. I really need
some fb to know if the parts I'm writing are any good or not. Thanx!

From part four
"What can I say? I move quickly." I locked eyes with him before breaking the gaze and
making my way towards the door. Wow; that was...intense. He came up behind me, taking
my hand in his. We stood in the doorframe and he leaned close to me locking my eyes in
an intense gaze; and I had the feeling this was just the beginning.

Part four B
"Morning," Fiona said, stumbling down the hallway. She yawned, covering her
mouth with my Dad's shirt as she passed us. She stopped, looking back to us. "You didn't
sleep here- did you?" asked, her half-opened eyes clouded with confusion.
"We just get my shoes," I said, gesturing towards the closet. She nodded
slowly, continuing downstairs. "We should go back," I told Max, turning back to him. He
nodded, allowing me to step into the hallway before he did, descending the stairs and
going through the kitchen.
"I'll make breakfast for you guys if you come over here," Fiona said, holding a hot
cup of coffee in her hands. We nodded, promising to tell everyone. We walked back down
the beach, entering Max's house to find everyone awake and lounging around the living
room. Maria held her video camera in her hand and immediately aimed it at us as we
entered before flipping it off
"I've decided to make a documentary of our summer," she told us. Her reply was a
series of grunts groans and nods. At that point, none of us comprehended that we would
have a camera in our faces for the next three months.
"Fiona said she'd make breakfast if we went over there," Max told everyone and it
was as if he had told them the couch was on fire. Everyone scrambled to clean up the
room, putting pillows back where they belonged and blankets back in the closets. "Come
on," he whispered, pulling me outside. We disappeared silently onto the beach, walking
back to my house and entering the kitchen where Fiona still sat with her coffee, a thick
magazine open in front of her.
"The masses are coming," I warned her and she nodded. Flipping the magazine
closed, she stood up, entering the pantry.
"What's the consensus- pancakes or eggs?" she called to us.
"Pancakes," Max, mouthed to me.
"Liz?" Fiona asked, sticking her head back into the kitchen.
"Pancakes sound great," I told her, smiling happily. She pulled out the ingredients,
setting them on the counter. "Can I help you?" I asked hopefully and she nodded, looking
to the table.
"If you two would set the table, that would be a huge help," she told us and I
looked around for where the silverware was kept. Max led me to a drawer near the
refrigerator, scooping six forks into his hands. I grabbed the knives and placemats, stored
below and headed towards the table to begin. The rest of the group joined us and I was
surprised at how quickly they pitched in. We were done within a few minutes and all piled
onto the couch to watch cartoons until Fiona was done.

"Who's up for another party tonight?" Isabel asked excitedly, cutting her pancakes.
"Were you guys at that one last night?" Fiona asked accusingly. We all looked
guiltily down at our plates and I wondered if we were going to get grounded. "Please be
careful, I don't want to have to bail you out again," she said, eyeing all of us. My head
popped up with interest, looking to Max.
"You guys got arrested?" I asked in shock and Isabel and Maria immediately shook
their heads.
"Not us, just them," Isabel said quickly, pointing to Michael and Max. My eyes
opened even wider and I suppressed a laugh.
"Public nudity," Maria giggled. Max shot her a look that I thought would make her
poof into a frog and I laughed, looking him over from head to tow.
"Explain?" I asked him and he glared at his sister again.
"It's not really that interesting," Michael said grudgingly, stabbing at his pancakes
so hard that I thought the plate might break."
"We dared them to, uh- bear all, and like fools they did."
"They mooned the whole freakin' town," Isabel laughed. I looked to Max again,
almost pitying him. A maroon blush had crept down his neck, mirroring Michael's. How
cute, they were ex-convicts.
"They had had a little too much to drink as well," Fiona said accusingly.
"Me and my remaining self-dignity are going to go disappear now," Max said,
scooting his chair away from the table. He dropped his napkin on the table, walking sulkily
away from the table. Maria bit her lip, knowing she had gone to far. She stood up to go
after him but I stopped her.
"I'll go," I told her and she eyed me wearily as if she wasn't sure I could handle the
situation. Standing up, I went in the direction I had seen Max leave in. I opened the front
door, smiling when I spotted him sitting on the front stairs. "How's my little ex-convict?" I
asked, quietly closing the door. I sat down next to him, looking towards the street as he
"That's not even the whole story you know," he said, breaking his staring contest
with the pavement.
"Really." I leaned back on my elbows, waiting for him to continue.
"They paid us to do it, a lot." He told me and I grinned. "I never actually got that
money," he thought out loud and I giggled.
"If it makes you feel any better, it's kind of a turn on." I told him and he blushed
even darker
"Good to know." he mumbled.
"So what are we doing today?" I asked, sitting up. He shrugged, looking up at the
cloudy sky.
"I'm not sure. It's definitely going to rain and the water's too calm for surfing." Ok,
this guy is hot, sweet and he's a surfer. Let's pause to thank the power's that be.

I love my life. I love my life. I love my life.

"You surf?"
"Yeah, I basically live in the water." He said jokingly. "Have you ever tried it?" he
asked, looking at me and I shook my head.
"Nope; you'll have to teach me." Getting a mental picture of shirtless Max helping
me onto a surfboard. Ahhh. This is going to be a good summer.
"We could go to the movies or something," he suggested and I nodded.
"Max! Liz! Come back inside before you breakfast is freezing!" We stood up, and
as we passed the living room Max grabbed my upper arm, pulling me inside.
"Go out with me." He said softly, my back pressed against the wall. "I know we
just met, but I feel like I know you. And I like what I know. I like you." I opened my
mouth to protest but he spoke again, quite convincingly. "Hey, I know your favorite
song." He said, a hopeful smile curving his lips. "And it doesn't even have to be this
week." He added nervously. "It could we the week after that, or after that. Just- whenever
you want." Could this guy be a little sweeter?
"I'd love to," I breathed, my eyes melting into his. His hopeful smile turned into a
full-blown grin, the gold flecks in his eyes practically glowing. And then I felt something I
hadn't felt in almost six months. It was as if a weight had been lifted off my chest, replaced
by an almost tingling feeling in my chest. It felt as though I was soaring, and he took my
hand, completing the moment. He brought it up to his lips, kissing my knuckles softly
before intertwining our fingers, leading me back into the hallway. We entered the kitchen,
taking our seats again, our hands still joined. I saw a suspicious look pass between Isabel
and Maria but I ignored it, too absorbed in my own new found happiness to care what
they were thinking.
"Well I see you're ok now," Maria said to Max.
"Yup," he sighed happily, his eyes darting to me.
"So do you guys want to come to the party tonight?" Isabel asked, trying to figure
out what was going on between us. I looked to him, shrugging. I didn't care where I was
as long as Max was there.
"Sure," he replied and I nodded. That was fine. Everything was fine. I leaned my
cheek on my left hand, staring out at the beach.
"Everyone finished?" Fiona asked, pulling me out of my daze. I nodded, standing
up to put my dish in the sink but Max scooped in onto his, pulling his hand away from
"I'll take out the trash," I said happily, pulling it from the can. I grunted, setting it
on the ground and Alex offered to take it.
"No, I got it," I told him, tying the red plastic strings together. I looked up to see
Max watching me from the sink, Maria trying to push him out of the way. I bit my lip,
looking down and picking it up again.
"The cans are right by the garage," Michael called and I nodded, his message going
in one ear and out the other. I backed away from the kitchen, stepping onto the porch and
looking around for the cans. What had Michael said? Something about the garage...
Taking a deep breath, I picked up the bag and stepped down the stairs as quickly as I
could, trying to block out the searing pain in my back as I did.

(author's note sorry for the switch in person here guys... it's kind of a confusing
scene. The '****' indicate switching between in the kitchen and outside, ok?)

Half-dragging half carrying the bag across the driveway, Liz looked to the garbage
cans still a few yards away. Swinging the trash bag, she closed the distance between the
two and took another deep breath, her hand cupping the small of her back.
"You need a hand with that?" a male voice asked and she looked up to see a
blonde haired, tall guy about her age leaning against the garage. She nodded, in too much
pain to deny her situation. He easily lifted the bag into the garbage can, putting on the lid
and leaning against it. "I'm Dakota- I live next door." He said, shaking her hand.
"Liz; I'm Michael's sister." She said, trying not to show how much pain she was in.
"Are you ok?" he asked, referring to her back. She nodded, removing her hand and
setting it on her hip.
"I'm fine."


Fiona slid another cup into the dishwasher before standing up with a gasp.
"Oh God!" Everyone looked at her, waiting for her to continue. "Liz isn't supposed to lift
things." She said, wincing. In two strides, Max was at the door, jumping up at the chance
to help her. He threw the door open, his face falling when he saw who Liz was talking to.
Dakota Myron; the one person in the world he could honestly say he hated. He'd taken
everything from him; from every girl he'd ever shown an interest in to his varsity soccer
position his sophomore year. He had chosen Max to pick on out of all the students at East
Hampton High; everyone knew it.


"We should hang out sometime," Dakota said to Liz. His eyes flickered to Max, a
small smile illuminating his face. Toying with Max was a game; a game he'd become quite
good at.
"Yeah," Liz said, glad to have another friend.
"Well, I gotta go." He said, pointing back to his house. "Gimmie a call sometime-
I'm sure Michael has my number," he said, backing away from Liz. Max closed the door
loudly so he heard it, looking to him. "Hey Max," he called. Liz turned around, the
fluttering feeling in her heart returning. She turned around to him, softly limping as she
made her way back to the stairs. Max frowned, meeting her at the base.
"Are you ok?" he asked, touching the small of her back gently. She nodded
quickly, her jaw clenched in pain.
"Yeah; I just, uh- I need my medicine," she said, forcing a smile. He nodded
wearily, watching as she unsteadily raised her leg to step up, biting her lip until it bled.
"Liz you're not ok," he said, stopping her. He easily swept her into his arms,
despite her protests, walking up the stairs and entering the house, setting her on the
counter. "Where's your medicine?" he asked hurriedly and she pointed towards the
cabinet. “How many?”
“Two,” she breathed. He dropped two of the large pills into her palm, grabbing a
bottle of water from the refrigerator. He watched nervously as she took them, the tears
glazing over her eyes retreating. He took the water from her hand, standing in front of her.
“You ok?” he asked, cupping her face. He rubbed his thumb over her cheek, “I
thought you were a goner for a minute there,” the added jokingly. “You need to lay
“I should probably go upstairs. I’m ok now,” she said, sliding off the counter.
“Not yet darlin’” he said, lifting her into his arms. She giggled, looking up at him.
“I could get used to this,” she replied, nuzzling her head into the crook of his neck.
He carried her up the stiars and to her room, laying her down on the bed and falling to his
knees beside her. He brushed her dark hair away from her face, staring down at the
beautiful angel. His beautiful angel. “So I guess you want to know why I’m a cripple,” she
said jokingly, staring up at the ceiling.
“Not if you don’t want to tell me,” he replied, stroking her head. She reached to
the picture beside her bed, showing it to Max.
“This is Tess.” He took it from her hands, studying it. “The night of the accident,”
she added. Max made himself comfortable, knowing this wasn’t going to be the short
version. “It was New Years,” Liz began sadly.


PS: There’s a nice long part for you. Sorry to leave it there, I wasn’t ready to reveal Tess’s story yet. My computer is going wacky so sorry for all the mess-ups. the next part should be up in the next few days. Have a happy, safe and healthy holiday everyone!!!

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Author: phoenix82
Title: Under the sun
Rating: pg-13
Disclaimer: none of these characters belong to me; Roswell belongs to the writers (who I
wouldn’t mind putting in a port-a-potty and lighting on fire) and UPN. The song’s credit’s go to
Sugar Ray
Category: everyone, but mostly ML- AU
Summary: Liz is forced to spend the summer with her father, his wife and her half brother. Under
the sun, she finds friendship and love; when it’s time for her to leave, she finds herself trapped
between two worlds.
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Part five
She looks frightened; like bringing back the memory is causing her more pain than she
was in only a few minutes ago. The tears that I thought had gone away reappeared and I leaned
forward, stroking her head.
“You don’t have to tell me now,” I whispered, my eyes staring into hers. I brought my lips
to her forehead, brushing them against her soft skin before sitting back on my knees. Her face
relaxed with relief and I smiled at her in an attempt to wipe the frown off her mouth.
“It’s not that I don’t want to tell you,” she began but I put a finger to her lips, silencing her
“It’s ok,” I told her. She closed her hand over mine, pulling it close to her chest.
“Lie down,” she told me, scooting over on the bed. I climbed in besides her, wrapping my
arm behind her so her head rested in the crook of my arm. She still held my hand, touching my
fingers delicately as if trying to memorize their every curve. “So, this party that we’re going to
tonight,” she began, looking up at me. Damn. I forgot I had sold my soul to the party devils.
“If you’re not up to it, don’t worry” told her, my fingers toying with the end of a clump of
hair. She shrugged, moving her head onto my chest. Her soft hair brushed against my neck and I
smiled, inhaling the sweet scent of white gardenias that she carried with her.
“I kind of want to go.” She bit her lip, batting her eyelashes. “It’s more fun when you’re
there with someone, you know?” We’re going together. Max and Liz has a nice ring to it. A cough
in the doorway made me look to where Michael stood menacingly watching over us, his figure
framed by the early morning light.
“Maria and Izzy want to know you’ll come with them into town,” he told Liz. I stiffened,
worried that I was going to beat the crap out of me the moment Liz was gone. She looked up to
me as if asking for permission, then nodded to Michael.
“Yeah, just give me another minute, ok?” she asked and he nodded, eyeing us before
walking down the hallway.
“That’s going to be a problem,” I thought out loud.
“Dating my best friend’s sister; there’s a definite potential for pain.” Her mouth opened,
releasing the most beautiful music I’d ever heard. Her laughter floated through the air,
surrounding me like warmth after a cold day.
“I’ll tell him to keep his hands to himself,” she replied, sitting up. “Thank you for carrying
me up here,” she said, swinging her legs over the side of the bed.
“You deserved it for traipsing through town with me last night,” I told her, shoving my
hands in my pockets.
“Liz!!” two female voices called from downstairs and I frowned, absorbing the last few
seconds with her. She grabbed a purse off out of the closet and I watched her graceful
movements and the way her hair fell as she bent over into the darkness of the closet.
“I’m coming!” she called back to them, rolling her eyes at me. I understood the feeling;
Maria and Isabel often dragged me into town with them on their shopping expeditions, searching
through the few shops for the ‘perfect shirt’ that would go with the pants they had bought. It made
me sick. “What time should we meet tonight?” she asked, slinging the purse over her shoulder.
“Seven?” I asked and she nodded. “I’ll pick you up,” I added and she slid on her shoes,
pausing in the doorframe.
“I’ll see you then,” she said with a flirty smile. I swear, one minute this girl is shy the next
she’s telling me the fact that I got arrested is a turn on and she’s openly flirting with me. She’s
confusing…and I love it. I looked around, realizing I was still in her room and stepped into the
hallway, overhearing Maria’s voice floating through the house.
“Yeah, I need to get a new barbell for my stomach,”
“You have your belly button pierced?” I heard Liz ask and I leaned over the banister,
glad someone else saw something wrong with punching holes in places where holes were not
meant to be punched.
“Yup, last summer.” Maria lifted up her shirt, showing Liz.
“Did it hurt?” she asked in shock, looking at in wearily.
“Not that bad.” I laughed quietly, remembering how she had denied the pain only to beg
for someone to throw her down the stairs and put her out of her misery only an hour later. “You
should get it done, you have a good stomach,” Maria said, poking Liz’s bellybutton. Leave it to
Maria to corrupt the first innocent person she comes into contact with. Not that I disputed the fact
that Liz has a good stomach. With Maria’s influence, by the end of the summer she’ll have a
tattoo as well.
“This hurt,” Maria said, rolling up her pant leg. I closed my eyes, shaking my head. Maria
had an ivy vine tattooed around her ankle, and she had been in hysterics after it was done. This
was the same girl who was minutes away from getting her tongue pierced when I finally
convinced her that she shouldn’t.
“Is Maria corrupting Liz?” Michael asked suspiciously, joining me in eves dropping and I
“So far she’s hooked her into a belly button piercing, and she’s working on a tattoo.”
Given the chance, Maria would make a great lawyer. She had roped Isabel into getting a belly
button piercing, and had even convinced her mother that it would be ok. The tattoo Isabel had
gotten over spring break was also Maria’s doing. I looked down to where the girls were still
standing and shook my head, wondering what Liz would look like after the summer. I imagined
her with an eyebrow and bellybutton piercing and tattoos all over her body and shivered.
“Let’s go stop this insanity,” Michael said, stomping down the stairs. We broke up the
circle, trying to convince Liz that she should leave her body the way it was made naturally.
“Incase you’re blind Max, she already has her ears pierced,” Isabel said, pointing to the
small hoops Liz was wearing. I pouted and she frowned.
“If it makes you feel any better, I won’t get it done today,” she said, patting my arm.
Today? I was working more on a never basis.
“We’re leaving,” Isabel said, looping her arm through Liz’s. She blew us a kiss, leaving
us behind as they disappeared through the front door. Michael and I were left alone in the house,
standing in silence as we watched the girls get into the jeep.
“So, explain why you were in bed with my sister,” Michael said abruptly and I cringed. It
didn’t sound so innocent when he put it that way.
“Her back was hurting, and then she was going to tell me how she hurt it and she got
really upset and I was comforting her,” I said defensively. Michael nodded suspiciously, his arms
crossed in front of him. That inch of height Michael has over me usually doesn’t even cross my
mind, but as he looked down on me I became quite aware of the difference. “Max, I know you
like her,” he said accusingly as we made our way onto the porch.
“Don’t hurt her. She’s been in too much pain this year already, and she doesn’t need-”
“I won’t.”
“I think I’m going to shed a tear,” a familiar voice said from inside the house and both of
us turned to see Alex standing in the doorframe. “That was a Kodak moment,” he said mockingly
as he pulled up another chair, joining our small circle. “So what’s going on today my men?” he
asked, tapping his fingers on his knees. “The girls went into town,” Michael told him and he
nodded, looking out the beach. On any other day we would have gone surfing, wind, rain, snow,
sleet- you name it. But for the four days a year when the water was too calm, we sat out. “Please
tell me they’re not getting any tattoos,” Alex said hopefully and we shrugged, knowing it was out
of our grasp. Even if we got down on our knees and begged them, Maria and Isabel would do
what would make them happy; they were what you might call ‘strong willed.’ I looked to Alex,
then Michael, shaking out heads at how pathetic we were. Without Isabel, Maria and Liz we
would sit around the house all day and find ways to entertain ourselves. It was pathetic.
“We could go to the surf shop,” Michael said, leaning back in his chair. “They just got a
new shipment of wax and I’m in dire need.” I nodded; that was fine with me. That’s another way
we’re different than girls. We can make up our minds quickly and, when we do it doesn’t take an
hour to get ready. We basically trooped through the house, grabbed Michael’s keys and called to
Fiona that we were leaving. There was no need for make-up, or a check in the mirror to make
sure every piece of hair was in place.


“Fancy meeting you here,” Isabel said sarcastically and I turned around, dropping the
surfboard wax I had been holding. My eyes darted to Liz and I smiled.
“Yeah, fancy that.” Michael and Alex appeared out of nowhere and greeted their
girlfriends, all of them pairing up except for Liz and me.
“I saw the cutest bar for my bellybutton,” Maria told Michael. “The top part had was red
with a blue star, and then on the big part it said virgin in blue letters.” How is that cute? I resisted
asking. “But it’s a little bit late for that.” She whispered to Michael. Ok, that’s where I draw the
line. I do not need to know any sex practices of my sister and her boyfriend; the fact that she’s
sleeping with him makes me want to break his neck anyway, but when they openly flaunt
it…that’s going too far.
“Brotherly paranoia?” asked Liz and I looked down to her, nodding sheepishly. I looked to
her stomach, pulling up her shirt a little to reveal her belly button and breathed a sigh of relief.
“Thank God,” I breathed, taking her hand. She laughed, shaking her head
disapprovingly. “You want to get out of here?” I whispered, and she nodded, leaning into me. “Liz
and I are going to go downstairs,” I told the others, but they were too absorbed with each other to
notice. Running through the store, I brought her down a rickety pair of stairs. “This way,” I said,
dragging her through the store and out onto the street. I looked upstairs to where Alex, Isabel,
Michael and Maria still stood having no idea that we had ditched them. “Where to Ms. Parker?” I
asked her and she looked around as if exploring her options.
“Not much has changed since I’ve been here, has it?” she asked jokingly. That was
almost comical; absolutely nothing had changed, and I doubted it ever would. We crossed a
small street, and I had an eerie feeling that I was walking into a trap.
“Why do I feel like you know exactly where we’re going?” I asked suspiciously and she
grinned coyly at me, dragging me across the main street and across another until we were in
front of a clothing shop.
“Two minutes,” she promised, pulling me inside. I inwardly groaned, having a feeling that
two minutes might just expand to a little more than that. “Which one?” she asked, holding up the
same shirt in two different colors. One was a dark green, which would have immediately
attracted me, but the other was a dark red, which I knew would look good on Liz. And then I was
forced to say something I’ve avoided most of my adult life.
“Try it on.” There goes my dignity, my manhood; out the door and down the drain, never
to be seen again. Liz darted into the dressing room, pulling the curtain closed and leaving me to
wait while she changed. The shirt wasn’t one I found particularly attractive, but as Liz pulled back
the curtain, I changed my mind. Somehow it looked a whole lot different clinging to Liz’s slim
figure than on the hanger. It was a thinly strapped tank top that also had strings going to her neck
like in a halter-top. It revealed a bit of her stomach near the top of her pants, which was just fine
with me. “Wow.” It was out of my mouth before I could comprehend anything around me besides
“You like?” she asked, spinning around. Like? Hell, I’ll buy it for her if that’s what it
takes to get her to wear it.
“Yeah, I like the red,” I managed to spit out and she nodded, resisting the urge to laugh
at me. Please let her wear that tonight, please, please, please, I prayed. She pulled the curtain
closed again, quickly changing and rejoining me on line. She held it in front of her, nodding in
“See, I told you I would be quick,” she said, poking my arm. What? Oh yeah, quick. Her.
Shopping. It all kind of blurred together the instant she walked out of that dressing room. She
stepped up to the counter, laying the shirt tenderly on the glass and waiting for it to be rung up.
Pulling her hair behind her ear, I watched as she smoothly brought her wallet out of her purse,
pulling out a twenty and giving it to the girl behind the desk. She looked up to me and I shook my
head, embarrassed and being caught staring. “What?” she asked, a pinkish blush coloring her
“Nothing,” I replied listlessly and she nodded, checking my forehead for a fever.
“Come on, let’s go,” Liz said, taking my hand. “Where next?” she asked me as we
walked through the main part of town.
“Well, are you in the mood for lunch?
“Lunch sounds good,” she replied, swinging her bag with her free hand. We stopped on a
bench and sat down as I listed all of the options for eating. After deciding on one of the local
pizza/Italian food restaurants, we avoided the surf shop for fear of death and made our way
inside, glad that the usual crowd had stayed home.
“What can I get you?” an older waitress asked Liz and I waited patiently while she
ordered a Greek salad and a cherry coke.
“I’ll have the same,” I replied, handing the waitress our menus. Liz smiled at me,
readjusting herself so she was sitting on her leg.
“Mmaaxx!” a high-pitched voice screamed, and a small, dark haired toddler attached
herself to my leg. I looked down to find my cousin staring up at me, a toothy grin taking up
most of her face. I lifted her onto my lap, bouncing her in between my knees before turning her
to Liz.
“Jewels, this is my friend Liz,” I said and she waved.
“Hi Lish.” She said cheerfully and Liz smiled.
“Liz, this is my cousin, Julie,” I added.
“Hi Julie,” Liz said softly and Julie stared at her with fascination.
“Max I am so sorry, she just got away from me so fast you wouldn’t believe,” My aunt
said, taking her from my arms.
“Oh that’s ok Aunt Olivia,” I told her. “Oh, Liz, this is my Aunt Olivia. Aunt Olivia, my
friend Liz.” Say that five times fast. Go on, I dare you.
“Well Liz, it’s nice to meet you,” she said, shaking hands. She nodded her approval and I
breathed a sigh of relief. “I have to be going. I’m trying to do all my chores but certain munchkins
keep getting lost,” she said, patting her two daughters on the head. “I’ll see you two later,” she
said, making her way out of the restaurant with the stroller. The waitress who had served us
earlier laid the food on the table with our drinks, and we dug in, hungry from traipsing all over
“We could baby-sit for your aunt if that would make her shopping easier,” Liz mentioned,
her fork frozen in mid-air. I looked up to her, not sure if I had heard her correctly. “I wouldn’t
mind,” she shrugged and I eyed her nervously.
“We don’t have to,” I told her and she looked to where my aunt was leaving, quietly
scolding her children.
“It’ll be fun,” she told me, and I was sold. Hell, if she wanted to do it, it was fine by me.
Spending time with her was a plus, and my two favorite cousins were a bonus.
“You’re sure?” She nodded and I told her I’d be right back, trying to catch my aunt before
she crossed the street. Persuading her wasn’t hard, and I returned quickly with one child
balanced on my hip and the other holding my hand. “You guys want something to drink?” I asked
as Liz took Annie from my arms. Jewels looked up at me, asking for a root beer and I eyed her
suspiciously before ordering it. She clapped her hands together happily and I turned to Liz, my
heart practically melting when I saw her with Annie.


I know this part sucks, so bear with me while I overcome my stupid writers block and
finally get something decent to you guys. Next part will be serious ML, don’t worry. Happy new


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Lizzie_Parker17:I'm not giving anything away! You'll have to pry the secrets out of my lifeless hands, and believe me- I'll put up a fight. seriously though,you won't be waiting too much longer. I'm as anxious as you guys are about it! *happy*

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"Love isn't practical. It doesn’t have a reason or an agenda. It just is what it is. Beautiful, natural, spontaneous." -abbimorgan's fic, Family

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Title: Under the sun
Author: phoenix82
E-mail: amazinggrace8282⊕
Rating: pg-13
Disclaimer: The characters belong to the man who ruined the dream, the station that screwed over the dream and the woman who wrote then assisted in the destruction of the dream. What are their names? Jason ‘I-hate-max-and-liz-together’ Katims, UPN and Melinda ‘brainwashed-by-katims’ Metz. The song’s credit’s go to Sugar Ray (perhaps the only decent people in this little rant of mine?)
Category: everyone, but mostly ML AU, all CC
Summary: Liz is forced to spend the summer with her father, his wife and her half brother. Under the sun, she finds friendship and love; when it’s time for her to leave, she finds herself trapped between two worlds.
Feedback: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! I could care less if it’s one word. I really need some fb to know if the parts I’m writing are any good or not. Thanx!

part 4B (I think)
“Well isn’t that the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen?” Maria asked, pointing to Max and Liz approaching them. Max had Annie balanced on his hip, his hand linked to Jules, whose other hand was firmly grasped to Liz.
“How cute!” Isabel whispered and Michael and Alex immediately began imitating them.
“Isn’t that just the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen?” Alex asked Michael, waving his hands in the air.
“How cute,” Michael sighed in a high-pitched voice. Maria and Isabel eyed their men before turning to Max and Liz.
“Hey guys,” she called and Annie cooed, exposing her teething gums. She waved to her cousin, flapping her small chubby arm in the air. “Going to the park?” Maria asked and Max nodded, pausing briefly by his friends. He shifted Annie on his hip and she giggled, burying her head in the crook of his neck. Jules tugged on Liz’s hand, a small pout formed on her lips.
“You promised we wouldn’t go anywhere first,” Jules whispered and Liz nodded to her, looking to Max. He turned to Maria, explaining the situation.
“We’ll see you guys later, ok?” everyone nodded and returning to their conversations before they had interrupted. Max looked to Liz again and she caught his eye, holding the glance for a little longer than necessary and smiling at him.
“Do you wive here?” Jules asked Liz and she broke the stare, looking down at Max’s cousin.
“No, I live in New Mexico; my brother lives here and I’m visiting,” she explained and Jules nodded, thinking of another question.
“Who’s your bwother?”
“Michael Parker,” Liz replied easily, looking both ways before guiding across the street to another sidewalk.
“Remember my friend Michael?” Max asked her and Jules nodded, remembering him by the sick amounts of soda he had let her drink when Max had left them alone for an hour while he went shopping during one of his last babysitting adventures. Needless to say, he hadn’t left them with Michael since then.
“What’s your favorite ice cweam?” Jules asked. Way to line up importance. Liz chuckled, again looking both ways before crossing the street.
“Vanilla; what about you?” Now they had something they could talk about. Max grinned, finding it cute how well they were getting alone.
“Stwabewie,” Julia said definitively with a nod.
“I used to like strawberry,” Liz mentioned, stepping inside the small park as I held open the gate.
“How come you don’t wike it anymore?” Jules asked, walking with Liz towards the swings
“My taste just changed,” Liz replied.
“Jules, you wanna come on the slide?” Max asked her and she followed him to the new addition to the playground that had been added the previous summer. She easily climbed up it, positioning herself at the top of the slide.
“Max, Wish! Watch me swide!” she called excitedly and they turned to watch her slide smoothly down the bright yellow plastic, ending with a thud at the sand. Liz clapped her hands together, cheering for her, and Max set Annie down on the ground, letting her waddle around, fall, get up and begin the process again. He seated himself on the merry-go-round and Liz slid in between in his legs, her back against his chest, sitting as close to him as possible without actually being in his lap. He loosely wrapped his arms around her petite form, burying his nose in her sweetly scented hair. He inhaled deeply, biting his lip as she traced the contours of his fingers before intertwining them with her own. She leaned into him a little more and he smiled, amazed at how perfectly she fit beside him; it was as if they were made for each other.
“God I wish I could be a kid again,” Liz sighed, staring at Jules and Annie. “It was just so easy then,” she added and Max nodded. When they were little all they wanted to do was grow up; now that hey had they all just wanted to be kids again.
“I know what you mean,” he replied, shifting his position.
“If you could go back, would you?” she asked, turning her face to him. Their faces were mere inches apart, if that. He thought for a moment, the question creating an instant confusion in his mind. Going back would mean having his mom again, having his dad, having the care freeness of childhood.
“In a minute,” he blurted out unconsciously. She smiled, her head dipping in a nod.
“I think I would too,” she replied.
“But that would mean I wouldn’t have met you,” he whispered, gently tipping her chin so that she looked into his eyes. He pushed a piece of hair behind her ear and continued, “I’m not sure I could wait another eighteen years to know you.” She smiled again, looking shyly to the ground. His voice was so tender and sincere that she felt like putty in his arms and she was almost sure that in mere seconds she would begin to melt. He cupped her face with one hand, brushing his thumb across her cheek softly. “God, your skin is so soft,” he breathed and she closed her eyes momentarily, leaning into his caress. Her eyes opened again, glazed over with a heady giddiness that was tingling every part of her body.
“Max,” she didn’t even know she had said it out loud, but as she did it was swiftly taken away by the breeze, being diminished to only a soft whimper. He wanted to kiss her. She wanted to kiss him. But each worried they were moving too fast for the other. Liz’s tongue snaked out of her mouth, wetting her lips and inadvertently causing Max to hang on to the last bit of control he had. He wanted to taste her, to mate with her tongue and make her feel things she’d never felt. He inhaled deeply, finally finding the courage to close the distance between them when a voice cut through the air like a knife, causing Max’s jaw to clench and Liz to break their stare.
“Who’s the chick Evans? Someone you hired to make an appearance with you? Well isn’t that cute; you take her babysitting as a sorry excuse for a date.” Max looked sharply at Dakota, leaning on the fence with a smirk written all over his face. Liz looked in the same direction and Dakota’s face fell. “Liz!” he yelped, his voice cracking. Her eyes narrowed and she moved noticeably closer to Max to make it perfectly clear that she was taken. He cleared his throat, clearly shocked at who he had found in Max’s arms. He backed away from the fence, pulling his keys out of his pocket. “I’ll see you around,” he said flirtily and Liz rolled her eyes, turning back to Max.
“Where were we?” Liz asked, her hands resting on Max’s shoulders and her lips even closer to his than they had been before. Their eyes locked and he cupped her face with both hands, tracing the cuff of her ear and brushing his fingers against her velvety skin.
“I think we were here,” Max whispered, parting his lips and moving towards her. His heart was beating faster than it ever had before, and he was almost sure that she would be able to hear it.
“Lish?” a child’s voice questioned, tugging on Liz’s shirt. With an aggravated groan, Max let his face fall into the crook of Liz’s neck in frustration. She laughed, running her fingers through the hair at his nape before he pulled away, pressing his lips into the soft skin of her neck briefly. She bit her lip to contain her smile, cradling Annie in her arms and returning to her original position with Max. He again wrapped his arms around her, his hand resting on the pale skin of her stomach that her shirt revealed. Annie nestled into the crook of Liz’s arm, resting her head on her breast and quickly bringing her thumb to her mouth, her small eyes drifting closed.
“You’re going to make a good Mom some day,” Max observed quietly, his breath hot on her neck.
“Thank you, I love kids,” she humbly. They sat in silence for a while longer, watching Jules climb on the monkey bars, return to the slide, then play with the other jungle gyms scattered across the play yard. She ran towards them, a goofy grin shining on her face.
“Can you push me on the swings?” she whispered loudly to Max, her large brown eyes darting to her sleeping sister. Checking with Liz, Max stepped away from her, giving her a secret smile before lifting Julia onto his shoulders and running to the swing set, her high-pitched voice shrieking with pleasure.
“How’s my doodle bug?” he asked her and Liz watched fondly as Max situated her in the swing before going behind her, pulling the small girl close to his body then pushing her away with all his might. She smiled, shifting slightly so that Annie’s head was on her shoulder.

“Max, are you in love with Liz?” Julia asked innocently as the chains of the swing slowly came to a halt, swinging gently from the wind. “Are you gonna marry her?” she asked, turning so she could witness her cousin’s reaction. Max stood panic-stricken, unsure how to answer. An ice cream truck turned the corner onto the main street and Jules jumped up, her question forgotten. “Max can we get ice cream?” she asked hopefully, watching him with one eye and the truck parked nearby with the other. He nodded quickly, whipping out his wallet and handing her two crumpled dollars. Clutching it excitedly, she ran as fast as her small legs would allow to the fence, pulling open the gate and getting in line with the other kids waiting for ice cream. Max stumbled back to Liz, trying to regain composure.
“What’s wrong?” she asked, re-adjusting Annie in her arms.
“Nothing,” he mumbled, running his fingers through his hair so that his bangs fell into place in his eyes. She eyed him suspiciously, looking to where Julia was. “Do you want something?” he asked, motioning towards the truck. He lifted Annie out her arms and she stirred, only to nestle her head on his shoulders, her arms slung around his neck. Max outstretched his hand for Liz, helping her up. “Come on, when’s the last time you got ice cream from a truck?” he said playfully and she grinned, meandering towards the street.
“What are you going to get?” she asked, scanning the many selections.
“Are you kidding? Rainbow snow cone; are there even any other options?” he asked mockingly. She wrinkled her nose, trying to find it on the side of the truck.
“I don’t think I’ve ever had one of those,” she said, staring wearily at it. Max shook his head in disappointment, looking up to the rough-looking man inside the truck. “I guess I’ll try it,” she said and Max nodded, looking back to the man.
“Two rainbow snow cones,” he ordered, again pulling out his wallet. Liz bent down to help Jules tear the wrapper off her ice cream. She looked around for a garbage can before lifting a small flap on the truck labeled ‘trash’ and tossing it inside.
“Only one,” the man said, holding up the remaining snow cone. Max pouted, offering it to Liz.
“It’s fine, I’ll just have an ice cream sandwich,” she said, but he wouldn’t here of it. Realizing he wasn’t going to back down, she turned to the man, ordering her ice cream with a smile. “I have all summer to try one,” she reminded Max and he eyed her wearily, pulling the blue package towards him. He paid, taking one of Julia’s hands and finding a bench for them all to sit on. She climbed into Liz’s lap, her feet resting on Max’s thighs, happily eating her strawberry shortcake Popsicle. Despite the fact that post of it was on her face, she had managed to stay relatively clean. For the first time since she had received the ice cream, she pulled it out of her mouth, turning to Liz. Liz fought not to laugh, grabbing some napkins and wiping the child’s face.
“Liz, why is the ocean blue?” she asked, waiting expectantly for an answer.
“Cause the ocean reflects the sky,” she answered easily, taking another bite at her ice cream sandwich. Julia’s face scrunched up in confusion and she cocked her head to the side.
“Well then why is the sky blue?” she asked.
“Because the sky reflects the ocean.” Julia was satisfied with this answer and began eating her ice cream, her thoughts again becoming unheard. But it wasn’t long before she had another question.
“Where do babies come from?” Liz batted her eyelashes, slightly flustered at the question. She opened her mouth, only to have it become dry, and she turned to Max for support.
“Max?” she asked, her voice cracking.
“The stork,” he blurted out and Liz’s eyes widened in shock.
“Right; the stork,” she said, turning back to Julia. “When a Mommy and a Daddy decide they want to have children, the stork brings them a baby boy or girl,” she added to complete the question.
“So where do people go when they die?” Julia continued, licking her ice cream.
“Remember how Mommy told you about angels?” Max asked, pausing from his snow cone. Julia nodded quickly, her attention focused on Max. “When people die, they become angels so they can watch over us.”
“Max’s Mommy is an angel,” Julia told Liz and she nodded sadly. “My Daddy is one too,” she added proudly. “Do you know any angels Liz?” Liz’s mouth moved, unable to form coherent words.
“Well you three certainly look like a family,” Max turned to see his aunt stepping out of Ronnie’s, struggling with the stroller and her groceries. They all grinned at her and she sighed, pausing to catch her breath. “I can’t thank you two enough; this would have lasted all day without you,” she told them thankfully, taking Annie from Max and resting her on her hip. “How long has she been sleeping?” she asked, stroking her younger daughter’s head.
“Just about fifteen minutes,” Liz told her, again wiping Julia’s pink mouth.
“Mommy did you know that babies come from the stork? And the ocean is blue ‘cause it ‘flecks the sky; and the sky is blue cause it ‘flecks the ocean.” Jules asked her mother excitedly. She grinned eagerly at her and her mother raised her eyebrow, eyeing a guilty-looking Max and Liz.
“Really?” she asked. Julia nodded exaggeratedly, finishing off her ice cream. “Why don’t you say thank you to Max and Liz for the ice cream and for babysitting and we’re going to go meet Daddy at the train, ok pumpkin?” she asked.
“Fank you for the ice cweam,” Julia said as she been instructed to. She hopped off Liz’s lap, planting a delicate baby kiss on her cheek. “Bye Wish.” She turned to Max, wrapping her arms around his neck. “Bye Max.”
“Bye doodle bug,” he said teasingly, tweaking her nose. She giggled, running to her mother and holding onto her hand tightly.
“It was nice meeting you Liz, bye Max.” Olivia told them fondly.
“You too Mrs. Bedford,” Liz replied politely and Olivia rolled her eyes.
“Please, it’s just Olivia,” she insisted and Liz smiled shyly, dipping her head in a soft nod. Max and Liz sat in silence on the bench, enjoying the last of their ice cream before Maria seated herself beside Max, Alex quickly finding a seat on the armrest beside Liz.
“Didja miss us?” he asked, pretending to shed a tear. Max looked up at him then to Maria, a fake grin decorating his face.
“Yeah; the emotional pain was just overwhelming,” he said flatly and Alex rested his hand on Liz’s shoulder.
“I know the feeling,” he told them, placing his hand on his heart.
“Room on that bench for one more?” Isabel asked hopefully and Max stood up, giving her his own seat. He threw out the wrapper to his snow cone, shoving his hands in his pockets. A family in passing ‘Montauk Point’ t-shirts passed them and Alex frowned, shaking his head as the father came to stand between the group and his son, staring at them as if they were selling drugs.
“Well, it has begun,” he said, throwing his hands up in the air. Liz looked around, but no one seemed to question what he was talking about.
“What has begun?” she asked and Michael stood up, standing beside Max so that all three guys stood in front of them.
“The townie torture,” he said quietly, as if saying it too loud might cause the earth to shift. Liz wrinkled her nose, looking to Isabel and Maria for an explanation.
“Townie torture is the stares we get just because we live here. The tourists all come and stare at us because there’s nothing better to do than sit on a bench and chill. They think that it’s their town,” Maria told her.
“They get pissed if we chill, they’re pissed if we’re roller-blading on the sidewalk, they’re pissed if we go to the candy store, cause then it’s our fault it’s packed. And so they stare; and tell they’re kids not to mix with us simply because we’re townies ” Isabel ranted, staring right back at another family that pissed.
“So therefore tourists don’t get invited to townie parties, and townies don’t get invited to tourists parties,” Michael summed up for Liz.
“That’s so awful,” she replied, looking around. And sure enough, a group of kids their own age were whispering and pointing at them. “Wait, am I considered a tourist?” she asked nervously.
“Not necessarily; you technically have family here so-”
“If anyone asks, you just moved in,” Isabel cut him off. Liz nodded, not wanting to be labeled a tourist simply because she wasn’t often here.
“So what are we going to do now?”
“We could go get something pierced?” Maria suggested hopefully but no one offered any body parts, so the idea was soon rejected. “Henna tattoos?” she offered and Isabel nodded.
“Come on girls, let’s go,” she said, looping her arm through the others. They lead the way off of Main Street and to Pegasus, the only place in this town worth shopping at. The other stores were full of t-shirts that had the town’s name written all over it and being townies and all- it just wasn’t a good look for them.
“Ah, my best customer is back,” Jose, laughed, looking up from painting henna onto a girl’s shoulder blade. He dipped his brush in the small jar he held again, tracing the outline he had drawn on the girl’s skin. “What can I get you beautiful ladies?” he asked and she plopped into one of the plastic chairs, grabbing one of the large binders of options for tattoos.
“These wimps won’t get a real tattoo so we’re going with henna,” she told him, flipping through the laminated pages. Jose shook his head, stifling a laugh as he finished the second coat of the girl’s tattoo.
“My break was supposed to be at one o’clock girls!” he protested, giving the girl her change. “But for you- I will push it back,” he told Maria, patting her on the head. Michael rolled his eyes, muttering something about Jose keeping his hands to himself. Liz gasped, her hand covering her mouth and Max looked to her, his eyes questioning the motive for her actions.
“I have to take my meds at one,” she cringed, biting her lip guiltily.
“You want me to drive you back?” he offered and she looked to where Isabel and Maria were looking through the binder. “They’re going to take an hour to chose, and Jose takes another hour for the tattoos, so I’ll have you back in time,” he added and she nodded, telling Maria and Isabel that she would return shortly. After bargaining for Michael’s keys they jogged down the street to his car, returning to the Parker house.

“I can’t believe I forgot,” Liz thought out loud, staring at the freshly paved road ahead of them. “I never forget,” she added, turning to Max.
“You were having fun,” he told her and she nodded, watching as the now familiar houses sped by and they neared her own.

He parked in front, coming inside with her and watching her take each pill, wincing as it washed down her throat. Taking a deep breath, she poured the rest of the water down the drain, setting the glass in the sink. She turned back to Max, leaning against the counter with a lop-sided grin.
“You have a-” she trailed off, pointing to his shirt. He looked downward, cursing under his breath when he saw a small stain of purple juice from the snow cone that had embedded itself in his shirt. “Here,” she told him, filling the cup with warm water and grabbing a dishrag. Wrapping it around two of her fingers, she set the glass on the counter, dipping the rag in it and bringing it to Max’s chest. She rubbed the stain slowly, a realization coming over her at how close they were standing. He stared at her, his eyelids hooded in a heated stare and she slowed her movements even more, enjoying the feeling of his hard muscles under her fingers. She looked up to him, then at the shirt, brushing her fingers against the wet spot. “I think it’s gone,” she whispered and he nodded, one hand coming around her to touch the small of her back. His fingers began drawing minuscule designs on her skin and she smiled softly, looking up to him again. Her eyes briefly darted to the refrigerator behind him, making a mental note to ask him about a picture on it before he cupped the back of her head as he had before, a single finger trailing down her neck, following her spine until she shivered. It returned to cradler her head and he slowly lowered his lips to hers, his hand on her back pressing him softly into her.
“How much do you want to bet that someone is going to walk in?” Liz whispered, their lips mere centimeters apart.
“No one’s home Liz,” he breathed, unable to go on not knowing what she tasted like. She smiled and he closed the distance, his lower lip catching hers and tenderly caressing it. Strawberries. Her lips tasted like strawberries. Liz’s hands touched his face gently, her smooth fingers gliding over his strong jawbone, trailing down his neck before finally settling on his shoulders. It was everything a first kiss should be, soft and tender, gentle and sweet. Liz opened her mouth slightly wider, beginning to massage the muscles of his shoulders with her tingling hands. When they pulled apart, it wasn’t because they wanted to end the kiss; it was for fear of passing out in each other’s arms from lack of oxygen. Their eyes met, their chests quickly rising and falling as they tried to slow their heart rates and return to their normal breathing patterns. Before they could Liz pressed her lips into Max’s again, her hands beginning their playful massage again as Max pulled her even closer. She leaned into him and he fell against the refrigerator, their bodies pressed tightly together. Liz opened her mouth a little wider, sending Max the message that this was as good for her as it was for him and he ran his tongue across her lip, begging for permission to fully taste her. Her tongue welcomed and they began in a playful duel for supremacy. Cupping both sides of her face, Max pulled away for a fraction of a second before kissing her again, mumbling something against her lips.
“What?” she breathed, and he pulled away again, swallowing before answering her question.
“Strawberries and chocolate; that’s what you taste like,” he whispered. She giggled, kissing him again before they pulled away, remembering that their friends were waiting form. They stood for a moment after their lips had parted with her arms around his neck, and his cupping her face, just staring into each other’s eyes; studying, memorizing. Liz was the first to break the silence.
“Well if that’s what a rainbow snow cone tastes like, you can buy me one anytime you like,” she said playfully.
“I’ll do that,” he told her, hiding his embarrassment with a teasing grin. If the kiss they had just shared was any indication of how the summer was going to go for Max and Liz, then they were going to be just fine.


so, whatdja think? Worth the wait? Not worth the wait? Worth nothing? Tell me! Please, every piece of feedback counts to me, and I try to respond to everyone who has questions! Thanks for being so patient with me guys! I hope the long part makes up for me not posting.

Oh, by the way; all the misspellings in Julia’s speech are intentional (her speech impediment will be explained later) so don’t think that I’m like, ‘anti-spell check’ or something. Lol.

I’ve been getting some kind of nasty e-mails about my using Montauk for the basis of my story. In no way am I related to any of the stores or establishments I mention in this story. And Mary Anne from the candy store is someone I made up as is the restaurant I mentioned in one of the first parts, The Shack. None of the people I have created bare any resemblance to people I know in Montauk, and if they do it is by pure coincidence. Sorry if I offended or upset anyone.


p.s: I've already written the next part; just have to proofread and then I'll post away! *happy*

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Title: Under the sun
Author: phoenix82
Rating: pg-13
Disclaimer: The characters belong to the man who ruined the dream, the station that screwed over the dream and the woman who wrote then assisted in the destruction of the dream. What are their names? Jason ‘I-hate-max-and-liz-together’ Katims, UPN and Melinda ‘brainwashed-by-katims’ Metz. The song’s credit’s go to Sugar Ray (perhaps the only decent people in this little rant of mine?)
Category: everyone, but mostly ML- AU
Summary: Liz is forced to spend the summer with her father, his wife and her half brother. Under the sun, she finds friendship and love; when it’s time for her to leave, she finds herself trapped between two worlds.
Feedback: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! I could care less if it’s one word. I really need some fb to know if the parts I’m writing are any good or not. Thanx!

didn't get a chance to proofread, :( so, uh... just be nice!
part 5ish
Liz ignored the phone’s insistent ringing, trying to concentrate on the journal entry she was writing. On the third ring she set down her pencil, diving for the new extension in her room.
“Hello?” she asked, her eyes returning to the leather-bound book.
“Chica, we only have an hour left to get ready for this thing!” Maria told her and Liz frowned, setting the journal aside.
“I know; I was about to get in the shower.”
“Michael forgot to tell you, did he?” she asked accusingly and Liz looked out her window, unsure of what Maria was talking about.
“Tell me what?”
“Us gals were going to get ready over here,” she informed her happily.
“Well in that case I’ll be right over; let me just grab my clothes and makeup and slap Michael upside the head,” she replied equally as cheery.
“Well give him one for me,” she put in before hanging up. Liz laughed, grabbing a bag from her closet and stuffing in her black pants, jeans, the new shirt she had bought, all her makeup and strappy sandals. Slinging it over her shoulder, she looked around for anything she could have forgotten then exited the room, making her way towards Michael.
“Mikey?” she called sweetly and he opened the door, a suspicious look on his face. “Could you have possibly forgotten to tell me anything today?” she asked and he shook his head, blocking the entrance to his door.
“Why?” he asked, leaning against the doorframe.
“Never mind,” she groaned, backing down the hallway. No matter how dense Michael could be, nothing could bring down her mood. She’d been all sunshine-y since her kiss with Max, and now over five hours later she was still on cloud nine. She found herself wondering what the night would bring as she walked down the dark road, a dreamy look plastered on her face. She slowly ascended the steps to the Evans’ door, pushing the doorbell and sighing happily.

“That’s Liz!” Maria shouted from on top of the stairs and Max bolted from the kitchen to the door as if on fire. “Don’t even think about it Max!” Maria shouted, trying to walk down the stairs with tissue paper laced between her wet toes. He grinned up at her, pulling back the lock and turning to where he knew Liz would he standing. He pulled it open and sure enough she was there, looking back at him with a look he knew mirrored his own.
“Hey,” he said shyly and returned the favor, biting her lip.
“Don’t look into his eyes Liz! Don’t do it!” Maria called dramatically from the stairs. Liz giggled and Max turned to see that he had a good minute until Maria reached them. Stepping outside, closing the door behind me.
“Max, what are you doing?” Liz asked, but he pushed her bag of her shoulder, leaning down to capture her lips in his.
“This,” he breathed before the contact. Inside, Maria fumbled with the door, still walking on her heels to ensure perfect nails for the party. She flung the door open to reveal Max and Liz wrapped up in each others arms, engaged in kissing that Maria had no desire to watch.
“Gidget; Moondoggie; no.” she shouted, pushing them apart. She picked up Liz’s bag, handing it to her and glaring at both of them. “You-“ she started, pointing at her brother. “Keep your hands to yourself for one hour and then she’s all yours. Until then she’s under our watchful eyes. “No coming in my room, no meandering by my room, no secret little rendezvous, nada. Get it?” she asked and he nodded, shoving his hands in his pockets. “And you, same rules. And there will be no swooning, understood?” Liz nodded, her face slightly stunned. “Now come on,” Maria said, reaching her for her. When they neared the stairs she pushed Liz in front of her, “March!” she told her and Liz took the stairs two at a time, making it to Maria’s room before Max had come inside. Maria limped upstairs, a source of entertainment for Max who leaned against the door, his arms crossed just laughing at his sister.

An hour and a half later…
Alex, Michael and Max lounged in the living room of the Evans home; the girls having made it absolutely clear that if they asked if they were ready one more time then there would be serious consequences. But once they saw the girls, they knew it had been worth the wait. The three of them descended the stairs, showing off their outfit and the best smile they could muster up. Maria came first, wearing a dark green fitted top with a scooped neckline and capped sleeves, and a black miniskirt. Her hair had been curled and pinned up, loose tendrils falling to allow the ‘oh-this?-I-just-put-a-pin-here-and-there’ look. Michael nodded his approval, wrapping his arms around her waist and whispering something in her ear. Isabel was next, in a bright red top that had sheer, shimmering layer of cloth over the shirt and jeans.
“Sweet,” Alex whispered and Michael shook his head, watching as he wrapped his arms around Isabel, eyeing her outfit from head to toe before kissing her cheek. And finally, Max laid eyes on Liz. He inhaled sharply, his eyes raking up and down her body. “Down Max, down,” Alex told them and everyone laughed but Max and Liz. Their eyes met as her foot hit the same level as his and she headed towards him slowly, glad that he liked how she looked. She was wearing the shirt they had bought that day with her favorite jeans. The light blue pants were the perfect length, and looked so ‘Liz’ hanging over the edge of her feet, strings of the fabric at her heel. Having opted for flip-flops, Maria had done her toes to match her shirt, a deep maroon that complimented her skin and coloring perfectly. Her hair was wavy, as if she had slept with wet braids and she wore little makeup, and small silver hoop earrings.
“You like?” she asked him and he rested his hands on her hips, pulling her even closer. Finally finding his voice again, he nodded, wetting his lips so he could speak.
“Yeah; I like,” he replied. She smiled, craning her neck to meet his mouth but Michael interrupted them,
“Could you two stop before we all throw up?” Alex asked in disgust, eyeing them as if they were diseased.
“Come on, time’s a wastin’” Maria told them, taking Michael hand and dragging him out of the front row. Max stalled, pretending he had lost his wallet, only to bring Liz’s lips to his for a soft kiss the moment everyone was gone.
“Come on, let’s go,” he whispered, intertwining their fingers. She nodded, their feet in sync as they joined the rest of the group in Maria’s car.
“One seat short?” Maria asked from the passenger seat and Max nodded.
“It’s fine; I’ll just double up,” Liz told her, telling Max to sit. Unsure of what she was going to do, Max looked up at her expectantly, waiting for her to make a move. “Can I?” she asked, gesturing to his lap and he grinned.
“Be my guest,” he told her, holding out his hand to help her in. Isabel let her head fall back, an aggravated groan released from her mouth.
“No touching, no kissing, no little smiles, no little looks, nothing,” she told them, her eyes shifting between the two dark-haired teens. They nodded and Liz yelped and Michael jerkily backed out of the driveway, grabbing Max’s shoulder for support. He smiled sweetly at her, his eyes darting to Isabel to see if they had been caught. Fortunately she was talking with Maria about the newly opened restaurant in town. So he laid a soft kiss on Liz’s shoulder.
“My parents said it was good,” she told Maria, who nodded. She turned to Max and Liz without skipping a beat, a saucy smile on her face. “Max, I was going to let you get away with the first offense. But this- this is too much,” she told him, dramatizing the entire situation.
“Don’t you ‘Iz’ me Max Evans.” She retorted. Pulling off her seatbelt, she climbed into Alex’s lap, instructing Liz to take her seat.
“Izzy you’re being ridiculous,” Max snapped, but one icy stare later Liz was buckling up beside Alex and Isabel. Max looked down to his shoe, tactfully bending down to tie it and hopefully get a glance at Liz but Isabel grabbed his shoulder, pushing him back into the seat.
“Don’t even try it Evans.”
“Glad to finally be away from the PDA nazi?” Max asked Liz over the loud music. She laughed, nodding as she looked around the room. It was a large house perched over the beach, packed to the brim with teens and booze. Day had come and gone and the moment anyone entered the house they were filled with the energy of the music; of the people around them; but most of all the energy of the night. Everything here seemed louder, more intense, bigger.
“This house is amazing,” she told him, staring up to the high ceilings and waving to Maria whose head hung over a large balcony. The music faded into the DJ’s voice, and he read the dedication some girl has scrawled across the bright blue paper they provided. The slow beginning of Sheryl Crow’s ‘I Shall Believe’ began to vibrate throughout the house.
“May I?” he asked, holding her hand tenderly is own.
“You may,” she replied softly. They stepped towards the dance floor where everyone had coupled off, softly swaying to the music. He pulled Liz close to him, holding her hand against their chests and wrapping his free arm around her waist. She wrapped her available arm around her neck, her fingers toying with the hair at the nape of his neck. Pressing his forehead against hers, they closed their eyes; Max’s thumb brushing back and forth against her knuckles. Liz’s lips curled into a smile, her eyes fluttering open to look straight into his.
“What are you doing to me Liz?” he murmured, his breath warm and sweet on her face.
“What do you mean?” she replied, her eyes darkening with confusion. Although he didn’t look angry, she feared he was upset about something she had said or done.
“I mean this; the past two days; what’s happening to me.” He whispered tenderly. “You stepped into my life twenty four hours ago and since then I haven’t thought of anything else but you. You’ve turned my world upside down, and I hardly know you and yet-” he paused, searching her eyes for a reaction. “I’m falling for you,” he finished. Liz took a moment to register what he had just said before she brought his hand to her lips, gently kissing him and putting his hand against her heart.
“Well Max, sometimes you have to turn your world upside down just to realize what you should have known all along.” She paused, making sure that their eyes met. “And sometimes you turn someone else’s world upside down in the process, and your paths cross and your lives become intertwined in this beautiful, amazing thing we call life and then sometimes things that seemed so complicated before are simple, because this person is by your side, holding your hand through everything that life throws at you and holds you at night when you feel lost. A soulmate”
“Liz, I know we only met yesterday but-” Max was cut off by a familiar voice that neither of them wanted to here.
“You do know that the slow song ended like, three minutes ago, right?” Dakota asked snidely, smiling at Max like a cheap plastic doll. “May I cut in?” he asked Liz, but turned to MAx for backup.
“Actually we were just-” she began but he cut her off again, bumping Max out of the way.
“Thanks,” he told Max. Alex appeared in front of Max, one hand on his chest to prevent another fight between the two.
“Max, he’s not worth it; we’re at a party with underage drinking and drugs. You hit him and the cops will be here and everyone will be arrested,” he told him in a desperate attempt to save Max. He nodded, watching angrily as Dakota stuck one leg in between Liz’s, his hands cupping her bottom and forcing her to grind into him. He fumed up again as Dakota grinned at him, giving him a quick thumbs up before returning his attention to Liz.
“Max! Max, calm.” Alex tried, but it was taking his full strength to keep Max from tearing Dakota apart. “He is not worth it,” he said seriously and Max looked at him in a fury.
“He may not be worth it but Liz is,” he told him in a hushed whisper. “He has his freaking hands all over her,” he added, his eyes darting to Liz. She was rigid in Dakota’s arms, obviously uncomfortable with how close they were dancing. Alex turned around, his nose wrinkling in disgust. Dakota saw them and ran one hand off Liz’s bottom and onto her leg, hoisting it up so it wrapped around his waist. Liz yanked her leg down, pressing her hands against his chest firmly.
“I’m going to get something to drink,” she told him, backing away.
“Come on Liz, don’t you want to dance?” he asked, but she turned on her heel, walking quickly to Max and Alex. Max held her tightly, his fists balled up in an effort not to hit Dakota. He glared at him, every fiber in his being wanting to knock around his jaw before making it perfectly clear that if he lay a finger on Liz again that he wouldn’t be able to speak the next morning. He saw Michael approaching him from behind, his eyes dark with anger as he grabbed Dakota’s shoulder, spinning him so they were facing each other. His fist met Dakota’s jaw, sending him falling to the floor, clutching the left side of his face.
“If I ever see you touch my sister like that again, I swear to god Dakota you’ll wish you were never born,” Michael shouted. He kicked him in the gut for good measure, muttering obscenities under his breath as he walked away from the cleared circle that had formed. “Oh, and by the way; she’s already taken,” he added. “Are you ok?” he asked her, running his hands down her upper arms. She nodded, clearly slightly shaken by the incident.
“I was just startled,” she told them and Alex patted her on the back. “What a creep,” she muttered, staring at him rolling around in pain on the floor.
“You just figured this out?” Michael asked sarcastically. Maria and Isabel arrived to their gathering, gushing about how they had seen the whole thing from the balcony.
“Could we go outside, I need some air,” Liz told Max and he nodded, taking her hand and leading her onto another balcony overlooking the beach. Walking to the edge, she turned so her back was to the ocean and her face was to Max.
“You’re sure you’re fine? He did hurt you or-” he began, his thumb crushing across her cheek.
“I’m ok Max, I promise,” she assured him but he eyed her wearily, unsure if she was saying it just calms him down. He pulled her into a hug, her head resting on his chest, her cheek rubbing against the soft material of his shirt. He held her until they felt they melded into one body. Liz pulled away, smiling shyly at him, following his eyes to her upper arm, where he trailed his finger down her smooth skin, watching it become goose bumps.
“Goosebumps,” she breathed and he drew his finger away, shaking his head; a small grin turning up his lips.
“It’s people bumps,” he told her and she giggled, thinking of the logic of it. “Haven’t you ever seen that movie with the dogs and the little girl that’s sick?” he asked her and she shook her head slowly, trying to resist from making fun of him.
“Why do I have the feeling this is a Disney movie?” she asked curiously and he blushed, immediately finding an excuse.
“Jules and Annie- it was them; they wanted to see it!” he said quickly, pulling the shame of watching a cartoon movie off himself. “I couldn’t just say no to them, could I?” he asked, tracing Liz’s jaw with his thumb.
“No, I guess not,” Liz thought. She stopped his hand, rubbing hers over it. “It’s a shame your inner child is dead,” she told him, shaking her head sadly. “Because mine is still quite alive; and it’s telling me that I should go down to the beach with someone and go stargazing.” She ran her hands down his chest then up again, avoiding his eyes. “In the dark” she added, sighing heavily. “Alone.” She pulled on his color, straightening it, and then pulling it so it fell in just the right way. “Well, I guess I should go find someone else who has an active inner child,” she said, pretending to look over his shoulder, scanning the crowd. “Do you know anyone?” she asked, leaning back on the wall.
“You know I do?” he asked, scratching the back of his head.
“Yeah, he’s about oh, say; my height. Dark brown hair…”
“And this guy,” Liz started, taking of her weight off the wall. “Does he have amber eyes that make you want to get lost in them for eternity?” she asked.
“I’m not sure, let me go find him…” he replied, turning around and looking inside the house. Liz quickly turned him around, meeting his lips with hers.
“Come ‘ere,” she breathed, her body being pushed into the wall by his. “So what do you say? Come stargazing with me?” He looked guiltily to the party where Maria and Isabel danced with each other, Michael and Alex watching over them to ensure no more incidents like with Dakota. “Come on Max, all the cools kids are doing it,” she joked. He looked torn between spending time with Liz and with his other friends, and although it made Liz feel slightly guilty, she did want some alone time with him. “I’ll help you find your inner child,” she offered and he grinned, grasping her hand and making the decision to go with her.

It was darker than they had expected on the beach, but quieter too. A few bonfires had been lit in the area and they headed away from them, knowing it would only stunt their stargazing abilities.
“So Ms. Parker, how do you suggest I find this ‘inner child’, which you claim I’ve lost?” he asked, swinging their hands with each step they took in the cold sand.
“Well, usually I prescribe impulse and laughter, but this case is special,” Liz began, continuing with the joke. “For you, Max, I prescribe the impulse and laughter as well as a good dose of Disney movies. The key to every inner child is a good supply of Disney; without it, the results could be disastrous.” He grinned, pausing on a patch of sand that seemed softer than the other sand. Liz looked up at the stars, her eyes searching out which one was the prettiest.
“Come on, you can lie down,” Max told her, pulling her down to the sand. He guided her head to his stomach, his own hands folded together to keep sand from getting in his hair. “Sit up for a sec?” he asked and as she did, she pulled her hair out so it lay over his stomach, free for his fingers to play with. “Thanks,” he said sheepishly, stroking the dark mass of soft hair. They were silent for a while, simply staring at the stars and thinking their own thoughts.
“Max, do you believe in fate? That things happen for a reason?” Liz asked, her voice small and innocent. He thought for a moment before replying, thinking about how he would express himself.
“I believe that there’s someone out there bigger than us, something that creates a life plan, if that’s what you want to call it. But we make choices, and I think in the interest of fulfilling that life plan there’s a right choice and a wrong choice. If you make the wrong choice, you go onto another pass, but I really believe that fate, or whatever really is out there gives us choices that can lead us back to the plan we were made for.” He felt Liz nod against his abs and he twirled her hair around his finger, releasing it and beginning the process again.
“But what about when someone dies? What that their life plan and is that part of the life plan of everyone around that person?” she asked, lying on her side so that she could see his face.
“I’m not sure. Maybe. I mean- if my Mom hadn’t died when she did I would be a completely different person. So I guess in that sense; yeah, it was supposed to happen. But that’s like asking if we would have met if Jeff hadn’t cheated on your Mom and had Michael; or if my Mom hadn’t died, if my dad would still be an alcoholic. Life is short, we can’t spend time thinking about the ‘what ifs’. The fact is, it didn’t happen, and things are the way they are for a reason.” She nodded, again resting her head on his stomach.
If you had tried to that to be in January would have spit in your face,” she laughed; reminiscing of the time when things had been so unnatural to her that anything she didn’t agree simply wasn’t heard by her ears. He combed through her hair with his fingers, telling her it was all right to continue. “It was right after Tess died,” she told him softly. “And I was so angry. I was angry at the world for taking her away, and at anyone who offered me help or said they were sorry. I didn’t want people to be sorry for me. And at the end of each day, as I lay in bed trying to fall asleep I relived the entire accident, hundreds of ‘what ifs’ running through my mind. What if that song hadn’t come on the radio, and what if I hadn’t turned it up so loud. what if we hadn’t sung along to the radio?” Liz’s voice cracked, becoming weak until Max could tell she was holding back tears. “ What if she had let me drive like I asked? What if she hadn’t reached for her phone? Would I still have my best friend? What would I have done for the past the five months when I was in physical therapy so I can walk again? Would I even be here?” She let out a frustrated sigh, covering her face with her hands and Max felt her tears sliding off her face and onto her stomach. He began to sit up and so did she, drying her eyes. “Sorry for freaking you out,” she sniffled and he shook his head, placing a piece of hair behind her ear.
“Liz, I don’t think you could ever freak me out,” he whispered comfortingly.
“I just can’t stop thinking about how unfair is for someone’s life plan to be to die at seventeen.” She told him, another wave of tears sparkling in her eyes. He didn’t know whether to pull her into his arms or go straight to whatever being controlled the decisions of life or death and demand that Tess be put back on earth simply so that she wouldn’t be hurting anymore. It killed him to see her like this, in so much pain and so confused at the same time. She took a deep breath, clearing her eyes and trying to clear her thoughts. “I guess sometimes life isn’t fair,” she whispered, leaning her head on his shoulder.
“God I wish it was,” he whispered into her hair, rocking her as if she was a crying child.
“But if life was fair, there wouldn’t be any what if’s, and so we wouldn’t be having this conversation. And if we weren’t having this conversation, I wouldn’t have been able to make my way into your lap on the dark, desert beach.” She said teasingly. The Liz he knew had returned, the familiar twinkling eyes and sweet ‘kiss me’ smile.
“Gidget?” a female voice sang loudly, her voice echoing down the beach. “Moondogg-eh!” she sang again and Liz burst out laughing at Maria’s names for them.
“I can’t even begin to imagine Maria not being exactly the way she is,” Max laughed as four forms made their way towards them.
“Well if it isn’t Romeo and Juliet personified,” Alex said sarcastically as they came within a yard of the couple. Maria fell into a sitting position beside them, quickly pulling Isabel down beside her.
“Kansas told us she saw you guys go this way,” Maria said, shaking her head.
“Dear God, what is with all these weird names?” she cried out and every one laughed before becoming quiet again. “Guess who’s brother is Dakota?” Maria asked, a fake smile painted on her face.
“What were their parents smoking when they named them?” Liz asked in shock, not believing that anyone in their right mind would name their children Kansas and Dakota.
“Patriotism is a good thing; but this is just too far,” Alex cracked.
“Well at least they aren’t both as bad as Dakota,” Isabel told them and they all nodded.
“Kansas is actually a decent person,” Maria told Liz, who noted it and nodded.
“Can I ask what you guys were doing out here? Without the graphic details, of course,” Alex asked curiously. Liz looked at Max, who was practically eye-level with her.
“Looking at the stars,” she answered, their eyes engaging in anther loving stare.
“Enough with the looks!” Isabel cried, letting her head fall back and Max looked to her, rolling his eyes.
“Come on, everyone lay down,” Maria instructed, arranging them in a hexagon, each person having someone else’s stomach to rest their head on. Liz laid on Max’s stomach, her fingers twirling sections of her hair between her fingers. She laid on Michael, who laid on Maria, who rested on Alex, whose head was on Isabel, who used Max as a pillow. No one said anything as they stared at the dark sky illuminated with hundreds if not thousands of glittering stars.
“This is so amazing,” Isabel breathed in awe, her eyes searching the sky for any movement. Her fingers combed through Alex’s hair but he reached up to her, tangling their fingers together and giving her hand a quick squeeze. She looked around at the circle, studying each person before moving to the next. She bit back a smile, knowing it was moments like this that reassured her that they weren’t freaks. They were a bunch of kids, as different as they come, who could share moments of silence knowing what the others were thinking. She returned to Liz, studying her face, practically glowing in the moonlight. She had been friendly to Liz, and although she pretended to hate the blossoming relationship between her and Max, it made her very happy. She had never seen Max like this, even with Andrea not once had he been so- happy. She’d watched him stare at her all day, not in a way that he wanted to get in her pants, but more an appreciation of her beauty and who she was. His eyes had a sparkle in them that had never been there previous to Liz’s arrival. And knowing that Max was happy made her happy. Isabel had Alex, Maria had Michael and now Max had Liz. And Liz had Max; they had each other. And they all had each other. No matter what happened, that would never change.

They would always have each other.


Felt the need to end that on a good note and a little happy dance. lol. So… are you guys happy now? Two long parts fix you for the week? Cos now I have to writ e the new parts for break me gently. Wish me luck!

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guys I am truly, truly sorry for the lack of updates. as I've said in my other note on the 'break me gently' thread, I've been so overloaded with schoolwork that fanfic has yet to make it to my priority list. I hope soon I'll be able to put out another part for both stories, but until then read other stories (Our Story, by jasper711 is one of my favs) I promise to update as soon as I possibly can! thanks for being patient with me- you guys are the best.

posted on 4-Mar-2002 12:58:34 PM by Phoenix82
part six...finally!

Liz sat between his spread legs, her back resting against one and her feet tucked under the other. Max slid his arm around her waist, stroking the patch of soft skin exposed between her tank top and shorts.

She blushed slightly, resting her head on his shoulder. The sun warmed their bodies, which had sat in this position since they had arrived at the beach over an hour ago.

Isabel and Maria had gone swimming twice, reluctantly taking a quick break from their attempt at tanning. Michael and Alex had disappeared into mass of surfers littering the sparkling water and had yet to return.

Max and Liz shifted, his forehead resting just above her hairline and the arch of his nose fitting perfectly with the soft indentation of her temple. Liz didn’t look up from the book she held in her lap, but pulled one hand from the warm sand, brushing it off on her shorts before resting it on his shoulder, playing with the hair at the nape of his neck.

She bit her lip, twisting a few strands of the dark hair around her finger before releasing it and threading her delicate fingers through even more hair, tugging it on it gently.

He grinned, his hand venturing off her skin and to her flat stomach, covered by a thinly strapped tank top. Dog-earring her page, Liz placed the book aside, covering his hand with hers, their fingers beginning to play their own version of footsie.

Liz turned her head, his forehead finding a new resting place on hers.

“You want to go for a walk?” he asked quietly and she nodded, closing her eyes momentarily to remember the feel of his skin against hers before taking his hand and rising up from the sand.

He adjusted the worn, white NYU baseball hat he wore with his free hand, interlacing their fingers tightly.


“Could it get a little hotter?” Liz asked sarcastically, fanning her neck with her free hand. They stopped momentarily and Max looked around in an attempt to get his bearings.

“Uh, Liz?” he asked, scanning the horizon away from the ocean. “We’re past town,” he told her, spotting the telltale yellow motel that marked the ending of the few shops and restaurants. He knew they had walked for a while, but never had he anticipated this distance.

“Well then we should probably turn around now” Liz replied comically, shielding her eyes from the sun to look up at him.

He reached to his hat, setting it on her head to block the sun.

“Thank you,” she replied, tilting the hat back so that the bill protected her face but did nothing to obstruct her view. It smelled like Max, and she resisted the urge to pull it off and bring it to her nose.

He shrugged, beginning to walk in the direction from which they had come. She followed him, swaying so that her hip hit his lightly, their hands swinging with each step.

“You sure you don’t want to take a quick swim?” he asked hopefully. “It’ll help cool you off,” he added persuasively and she blushed, shaking her head.

“You should,” she told him and he, too, shook his head. She stopped walking, looking at him pleadingly. “Come on, go,” she pleaded, a small smile playfully turning up the corners of her mouth.

“I can’t just leave you here,” he replied, tugging her down the beach.

“Wouldn’t you rather only one of us die of heat than both of us?” she asked logically.

“It could be romantic,” he replied, then rethought his answer. “In a twisted Romeo and Juliet way.” He added and she laughed, stepping closer.

“Go,” she whispered. He shook his head again and she gripped his white t-shirt lightly, rising up to her tiptoes. “Come on Max, all the cool kids are doing it,” she told him playfully and he rolled his eyes.

“Not all the cool kids have you,” he whispered and she smiled, pressing her lips into his as he pulled off the hat, dropping it behind her. At first the kiss was soft and tender, a sweet reward for the comment he had made. But Liz’s arms slowly crept around his shoulders and her mouth fell open, conquered by Max’s seeking tongue.

She inched herself higher in an attempt to get closer to him, her shirt rising above the waist of her shorts. He tentatively touched the soft skin on the small of her back, sliding his hands around her slim figure to hold her protectively.

They pulled away simultaneously, their faces remaining close as they desperately attempted to quench the ache in their lungs for air. Liz lowered herself to her natural height, her fingers playfully twisting the hair at the nape of his neck.

“Go swimming.” She whispered and he groaned, pulling away. She picked up the hat again, situating it on her head before attempting to pull him towards the water.

“I can’t just leave you here,” he replied honestly, tugging her the opposite way.

“Yes you can. I’ll just sit here, you swim and then we keep going,” she answered, falling onto the sand. She looked up at him innocently, squinting from the direct sunlight. He sat beside her, his head bobbing up and down.

“Ok. I’ll go swimming,” he agreed and she breathed in relief, lying down on her back propped up on her elbows. “When you do,” he added, looking back to her. She groaned, letting her elbows slide out from underneath her so she lay on the sand.

“Max, I’m not going swimming,” she told him in aggravation.

“Is this one of those girl things I’m not supposed to ask about?” he asked suspiciously and she laughed, again propping herself up on her elbows.

“No,” she told him, the laugh still evident in her voice. He waited for an explanation and she bit her lip, unsure of how to explain what she felt. “It’s just that-” she stopped again, thinking out her words carefully. “After the accident, I had surgery on my back, and- and it left a scar,” she mumbled, lowering her eyes so he couldn’t see her discomfort.

“That’s why you won’t swim?” he asked skeptically. She nodded shyly, staring at the sand as if it held the answers to the universe. “Liz, nobody cares about a scar.” He tilted her chin upwards so that their eyes met. “Especially me,” he added softly.

She shrugged, again lowering her eyes.

“I know. I’m just- I’m not comfortable with it,” she said awkwardly. Max was silent for a moment, and he looked to the water before looking back to her.

“Well I’m not going to make you do something you’re not comfortable with, but you could always swim in your clothes,” he suggested.

“Max, I appreciate the effort,” she told him gently. “I really do. But I want you to go swimming. I really am fine here,” she told him convincingly. They sat in silence for a moment before Max turned so that he was lying on his stomach, intertwining his fingers with hers.

“What if you undressed right before you got in the water and I could take your clothes back up here then go in, and do the same thing when we get out?” he asked hopefully. She rolled her eyes, taking her free hand and wedging it between the sand and her head.

“Just give up on me Max,” she laughed, their eyes meeting.

“Never,” he whispered and she stared into his amber eyes as if searching his mind for what he was thinking. “Plus, it can’t be that bad,” he added, lowering his face so that it hovered over hers.

“Trust me, it is,” she replied, breaking the stare and looking out to the ocean.

“Max!” a giggling voice practically screeched and Max cringed, gripping Liz’s hand tightly. Liz looked over his shoulder to where a tall was walking towards them, her blonde hair flowing seductively over her tanned shoulders, in one of the skimpiest bathing suits she had seen today. She wore a huge smile on her face, but as Liz looked back to Max, she realized his disposition was the complete opposite of the girl’s.

“Max I haven’t seen you in like, forever!” the girl told him in a bubbly, overly happy voice. She sat beside Liz’s head, unconsciously pushing sand into her face.

“I saw you two days ago Dove,” Max replied coldly, brushing the sand in Liz’s hair gently away from her eyes before helping her sit up and introducing the two girls.

“Well, it feels like it’s been a decade,” she replied, completely ignoring Liz’s presence. “So what are you up to?” she asked, looking genuinely interested in any detail of his life that Max might offer.

“Nothing,” Max told her, holding Liz’s hand as if it was a lifeline.

“So, Liz.” Dove said, turning to Liz and trying to mask her disgust with an even wider smile. “Are you here for the summer?” she asked as if talking to a toddler.

“Yeah, I’m staying with my Dad and my step mom, Fiona.”

“I thought you swore off summer girls Max,” a sugary voice reminded Max. He narrowed his eyes at her before looking at his watch.

“Dove, I’d love to stay and chat, but we have to go,” he said abruptly, standing and pulling Liz with him.

“It was nice to meet you,” Liz told the other girl meekly, and Dove just smiled until the couple had turned their backs. The smile then faded into a thin line of envy.

Max had refused her once again, and instead chosen Liz Parker, the mousy, mildly attractive tourist. She balled her hands into fists to control her frustration, looking around for someone to talk to. This had gone on long enough.

She was going to get Max Evans even if she had to throw Liz to the sharks.


Liz looked up at Max again, trying to figure out what had happened with Dove.

“Max, can we stop for a minute?” She asked and he paused from his long stride, avoiding her eyes. “Are you ok?” she asked sincerely, hoping to pull him from the mood he’d been in since they started their walk again.

“I’m fine,” he told her, and she cocked her eyebrow, completely unconvinced.

“Max, if that’s your best, then you are the worst liar I have ever met,” she told him seriously and his frown loosened, eventually becoming a smile. “Come on, tell me what’s wrong,” she coaxed, taking his other hand and tying their fingers in a knot of comfort.

“It’s really not that big of a deal.” He answered, trying to muster up more enthusiasm this time.

“I’ll go swimming if you tell me,” she offered, stepping closer to him.

“Dove,” he blurted out, the sun so hot on his back that he would have willingly drank some of the ocean water if it would get her in.

“What about Dove?” she asked.

“Everything.” She nodded, again coaxing him to share more and he shrugged, taking a deep breath. “The way she ruins almost all my relationships, the way she’s told practically the entire school that I’m hers, just her existing pisses me off,” he admitted.

Truthfully, Dove had been pursuing him for as long as he could remember, but there was something about her that just turned him off.


“Very nice,” she told him, kissing his cheek lightly. “You have officially had your therapy for the day,” she told him jokingly. She looked to the water, then to the beach, wondering how to be as discreet as possible so no one would see her back.

“Now how shall we do this?” she pondered aloud, her brow wrinkling in confusion.

Before Max could answer, she pulled her black tank top over her head, revealing a black bikini top. He clenched his jaw to keep the gasp from leaving his mouth, biting on his lip as she pulled off the blue shorts and handed the clothing to him.

She smiled at him, her hands behind her back.

“I’m just gonna, uh-” he stammered, motioning to the dry sand and she nodded, watching as he walked stiffly up to the sand and dropped her clothes, easily pulling off his own shirt and throwing it beside hers.

“Oh. My. God.” Liz whispered in complete awe as he turned to her again.

Hiding underneath the shirt was a tanned, muscular body that was practically begging her to run into his arms and never leave.

‘Don’t drool Parker,’ Liz coached herself, trying to take slow, even breaths. She walked to the water, turning around only at the last moment so that no one could see her back.

‘Don’t look below the neck, don’t look below the neck,’ Max mumbled over and over to himself, hoping to not completely lose it and put himself in an awkward situation.

He looked to Liz, who was cautiously dodging waves, remembered that he had to take off his watch. Jogging back up to their clothes, he tossed it in the pile before turning on his heel, trudging down the decline towards the water and expertly diving in under a wave to avoid walking on the rocks.

Liz looked back to the shore, frowning when she didn’t see Max. She dropped under water to avoid another wave, kicking to the surface and finding her footing. The water was cold, but the tingling, almost numbing sensation had died away in most of her body.

Silently creeping up behind her, Max wrapped his arms around her waist, placing his head strategically behind hers to inhale her scent as the breeze rushed by them.

She jumped slightly before turning around, wiping the salty water of her face.

“I thought you forgot about me for a second there,” she admonished playfully and he shook his head, a grin teasing his lips.

“You? Never.”

“Yeah?” she asked, looking up at him shyly.

“Not in a million years,” he told her softly, their faces nearing. With a soft touch of their lips, she took his hand, letting him guide her through the art of wave dodging.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dove still sat in the sand, trying to devise a plan to finally get Max to be hers. Someone sat down beside her and she looked to him, not acknowledging his presence or even giving a hello.

“Dove, let’s cut to the chase.” He suggested and she arched and eyebrow.

“There is no chase,” she replied saucily.

“And yet, there is. You want Max, and I want Liz. We can either work together or separately, but I’m willing to let you in on my scheme,” he told her. She turned to him surprised that he would want to help her. They had never been good friends, more acquaintances than anything, but here he was, offering her help.

“What’s this little plan of yours?” she replied, trying to stay collected. There was no need to get excited if it wouldn’t work.

He pulled a piece of torn lined paper out of his pocket, tossing it in her lap.

“Come by tonight and we can work everything out,” he told her as he walked away. She picked up the paper, her jaw dropping.

‘Andrea McConn: 217-555-5747’

“Dakota!” she called out, and he stopped, looking back to her.

“I’m in.” she told him definitely. She looked to the paper, and then to the ocean where she knew Max and Liz were swimming.

Liz Parker was going down.


sorry about how much that sucked. I don’t like it, but I figured that if I didn’t post something soon then you guys would track me down and torture me. Anyways, hope you enjoyed!


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Behrable dream originally wrote:
When do you think you'll be able to crank out another one?

soon!! possibly this week, if not next week. but I'll try my best to get another part out by friday. it'll will have everyone else in it too, not just max and liz. *happy*

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Part 7A

note: this takes place about three weeks after the last part

Isabel silently pushed Liz’s door opened, peering in on her sleeping form. She seemed so small in the large bed, her covers pulled up to her chin, her lips curved in a small smile.

“Is she still sleeping?” Maria whispered and Isabel jabbed her with her elbow, putting her finger to her lips.

“On three?” she mouthed and Maria nodded. Taking a deep breath, she pushed the door open even further, holding it up as Michael had instructed so it wouldn’t creak.

“One.” Maria clutched the handful of confetti in her hand tightly, knowing it would stick to her palms. She grinned slightly, licking her lips in anticipation of the screams that would bring Liz from her slumber.

“Two.” She slid off her shoes, kicking them quietly into the hallway. With a single finger, she adjusted the cone-shaped birthday hat that both she and Isabel wore.


The house was filled with high-pitched screams as the two girls charged at Liz’s bed, jumping on top of her until she sat up, screaming along with them. As Maria released her hands from the balled up fists she had been holding them in, everything became covered in glitter, shreds of colored paper and ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ pieces in green and pink. She placed a tiara on Liz’s head, laughing as she watched her friend clutch her chest, falling back onto to her pillow, her eyes wide and her heart racing. Maria stood up, jumping on the bed, singing happy birthday to Liz.

Isabel joined in, belting the familiar song out at the top of her longs. With a final jump, Maria landed on her bottom beside Liz, planting a friendly kiss on her cheek before falling beside her, sharing the pillow. Isabel copied her, taking up the remainder of the space.

“How does it feel to be seventeen?” Maria asked, her voice breathy from screaming.

“I’m having a hard time getting past the screaming,” Liz replied sleepily and they laughed.

“I’m telling you; you should have thrown a party,” Isabel said, turning her head slightly so that she could see the other two girls. Liz shrugged, pulling a piece of glitter off her nose.

“What time is it?” she asked. She rubbed her eyes, trying to remove the sleepiness from them.

“Nine thirty.” Maria muttered dejectedly. “We wanted to come at six but Max convinced us to let you sleep in.” At the mention of his name, a dopey grin curled Liz’s lips and Maria laughed. “You are so whipped!” she exclaimed, sitting up Indian style.

Liz blushed, covering her eyes with her hand and not even trying to deny it. She nodded and Isabel laughed at her, rolling her eyes.

“Lizzie you’re lucky it’s your birthday,” Isabel replied, her head shaking to show her disapproval.

“Come on, get up!” Maria begged Liz, tugging at the sleeve of her long-sleeve shirt. “The guys made breakfast,” she tempted and Liz sat up, suddenly awake.

“What do you say we get some breakfast?” she asked with new energy, throwing back the covers.

“Oh I see how it is,” Maria said sarcastically, crossing her arms and pretending to be hurt. Liz stopped at the door, looking from Maria to Isabel, who had copied her expression.

“Aww, you poor babies.” She said sadly, walking back to the bed. “I wuve you too,” she said in a baby voice and Maria’s frown disappeared.

“Group hug!” she called, pulling her two best friends into a tight hug.

“It’s a Kodak moment.” Isabel whispered comically, wiping an imaginary tear off her cheek. Liz broke into laughter and they linked arms, leaving the room and taking each step downstairs one at a time with matching legs. They stumbled into the kitchen, their eyes sparkling with laughter and their lips sporting the widest grins they could.

“You guys- this is so sweet,” Liz said softly, her eyes falling on the crepe paper strung from wall to wall, the large ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ sign hung above the door, and the cluster of balloons above the table. Alex stood in the kitchen mixing a fruit salad he prepared, exchanging a secret smile with Isabel. Michael set the orange juice on the table, approaching Liz.

“Happy birthday little sis,” he said jokingly, pulling her arms from Maria and Isabel and hugging her.

“Thank you for all this Michael, it’s great.”

“It was all Maria, Isabel and Max; they deserve the credit,” he told her and she turned to each girl, hugging them tightly before looking around for Max. Her eyebrows knit in confusion when she didn’t see him, and she turned to Maria for an explanation.

“Where is Max?” she asked, hoping he was simply in the bathroom.

“He had to run out at the last minute; he’ll be right back,” Alex told her and she nodded, slightly disappointed. She forced a smile, admiring the decorations again. She looked to her friends, realizing that they were all dressed and she was in her pajamas. She blushed, looking down at the over-sized flannel pants and long sleeved concert shirt from the past summer.

“I’m going to go change,” she told them, backing out of the kitchen. As she did, Maria marched to Alex, demanding to know why her brother wasn’t there.

Liz made her way down the short hallway to the stairs, trying to look cheerful. Sure, her friends were all here, but a big part of her life was missing. She tiredly climbed the stairs, looking up to the slightly ajar door of her room and wondering why she had never noticed how far away it was.

Finally pulling herself to the summit of the stairs, she stepped down the hallway, dragging her finger along the painted walls before coming to her room. She pushed open the door, leaving it ajar behind her as she dragged her heels en route to her closet, standing before the masses of clothing stuffed in the small space.

“You must have no faith in me if you actually thought I’d miss saying good morning to you,” Max whispered into her ear, wrapping his arms around her waist. She bit her lip in an attempt to conceal the smile curling her lips and momentarily leaned back slightly so that she rested on his chest, his strong arms gripping her protectively. Her hands rested over his and he kissed her temple, his lips then touching any skin they could reach.

“Happy birthday beautiful,” he told her softly and she pulled herself from his arms, facing him, stepping closer and wrapping her arms loosely around his neck.

“Thank you,” she replied happily as his lips neared hers. They met softly at first, in a slow kiss that was paced as if they had all the time in the world.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Liz never takes this long to get dressed,” Maria moaned, looking at her watch for the fortieth time in twenty minutes.

“Have a grape,” Alex told her; tossing a round, purple piece of fruit at her head. Maria narrowed her eyes as it hit her forehead before flicking it back at him, cocking her eyebrow saucily.

“I hate grapes,” she told him defiantly, her gaze turning to the box of donuts less than a foot away. “I’m going to waste away and it’ll be all her fault,” she whined to them, her lips settling in a pout. Michael rolled his eyes, grabbing the grape and tossing it in his mouth.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“We should…. downstairs….” Max mumbled against Liz’s lips. She ignored him, wrapping her arms tighter around his neck. “Breakfast,” he panted, and she let one hand drift off his shoulders and to his chest, running her fingers over the expertly chiseled muscles.

“Are you really that hungry? ” she asked, pulling away momentarily. She stared up at him with large brown eyes framed in thick lashes; the picture of innocence that Max knew would be the death of him.

“Maria did work really ha-” his voice halted as Liz’s mouth came in contact with his neck, seductively sucking on his skin, her hand again beginning to run slowly over his chest.

“But shouldn’t the birthday girl have just a little more fun?” she trailed off, placing a kiss on his neck each a little higher between each word. Max nodded, his hand cupping the back of her head. Her hot tongue dragged lazily over his skin and he pulled away, fusing his lips to hers with such force that she stumbled backwards into the closet.

Caught off balance, Liz felt the closet’s furthest wall against her back and steadied herself, trying to strategically use the structure to get closer to Max. His lips moved to her neck and she moaned his name, tightening her arms around him again as she let her head fall back, granting him full access to whatever he desired.

“I never…never thought I’d make out,” Max gulped for air before burying his mouth in Liz’s soft, sweetly scented skin. “…in a closet,” he finished, leaning into her so that their bodies rested flush against one another’s. Liz moaned again, urging him to continue.

And continue he did.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“I can’t take it any more!” Maria cried from the couch, where she had draped herself pathetically. She sprung up, a determined look on her face. “I’m going to see what’s taking so long,” she announced, pulling herself off the couch.

Marching up the stairs, she neared Liz’s room and mustered up the meanest face she could with her lack of energy. Thrusting the door open, she scanned the room for any sign of life and found none. Puzzled, she called Liz’s name, poking her head in the bathroom before looking around again.

“Yeah?” Liz jumped out of the closet, slamming the door behind her and resting against it. She smiled as if trying to contain laughter and Maria eyed her suspiciously, noting her messy hair, swollen lips, and red neck.

“I don’t want to know what you and my brother were doing in the closet, I just came up to tell you that the food is getting cold.” She mumbled quickly, turning on her heel to exit the room. As she passed through the door, she stopped, momentarily looking over her shoulder at Liz who still stood against the door. “Oh, and tell Max to lay off the neck or you’re going to spend a fortune on waterproof concealer,” she mentioned, a sly grin curling her lips. She turned away, missing Liz’s reaction and again joining everyone in the kitchen.

“Is she gone?” Max asked from the closet and Liz stood up, pulling open the door and looking guiltily at him.

“Yeah, I’m just going to get dressed,” she mumbled, searching through the closet for something to wear.

“You look great,” he told her and she rolled her eyes, shaking her head. “You do. Come on, everything’s going to be cold,” he added persuasively. He dragged her to the door and she wearily returned to the rest of the group for the breakfast everyone had worked so hard to make.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Happy birthday sweetheart,” Fiona told Liz, pressing her lips into the top of her head as se passed the group of teenagers.

“Thanks Fiona,” Liz replied, sharing a smile with her. Under the table, Max squeezed her hand tenderly, sharing another small smile with her.

“Well it looks like a gorgeous day for the beach,” Alex announced, turning their attention to the bright blue sky that was free of any clouds. “Perhaps we could even convince Liz to try surfing?” he wondered out loud and she immediately shook her head.

“Alex, as much as I’d love to spend my birthday in the hospital, I think I’m going to stick to the sand. The phone rang and Alex shrugged, rearranging the food on his plate.

“Sure, she’s right here,” Fiona answered, trying not to role her eyes. Covering the receiver, she called Liz, motioning her over the phone. “It’s your Mom,” she whispered and Liz nodded, taking the phone from her.

“Hey Mom.”

“Sweetie, happy birthday!” Mrs. Parker exclaimed giddily. Liz sat back down at the table, bringing her knees to her chest. “How is everything?” she asked so loudly that Liz pulled the phone away from her ear.

“Everything’s great,” she answered, her eyes falling on Max. “I’m having an amazing time,” she added happily.

“Well that’s good. Are Michael’s friends being decent to you?”

“Yeah, I’ve met a lot of nice people,” Liz replied, smiling at everyone.

“Are they Michael’s friends?” her Mother pried. “Scout out any love interests yet?” she asked and Liz blushed.

“Yes they’re all Michael’s friends. No drug dealers, no ravers. And to the second question…” she looked at Max again, turning so that her feet rested on his thigh. “Definitely.” Max took one foot, gently lowering her leg to rest over his lap and massaging her foot as he ate his breakfast.

“Oh! I need details darling,” her mother responded with peaked interest.

“Uh, not right now Mom,” she mumbled uncomfortably.

“Oh sweetheart I don’t get to speak to you very often, please? For me?” she asked.

“I’ll be right back,” Liz whispered to Max and he nodded, releasing her foot and smiling at her.

“Baby, I need a name, what he looks like, how you met, the whole nine yards,” Mrs. Parker told her daughter. Liz laughed, sitting in the living room where she knew she wouldn’t be heard. She sighed, thinking of where to begin.

“His name is Max Evans. Uh, we met when his sister, who is Michael’s girlfriend, and her friend set us up on a blind date thing for this party.” She took a deep breath, straining her neck to see into the kitchen. “He’s- he’s tall, dark brown hair, the most amazing eyes you’ve ever seen-”

“Oh baby I’m so happy for you,” Mrs. Parker replied honestly. Liz had been literally torn out of the social scene after the accident, and had gone on few dates even before. But she sounded happier than she had in a while, and hearing her daughter laugh was like music to Nancy’s ears.

“You have to meet him Mom, he’s just- I don’t even know how to describe it,” Liz laughed. “He’s so sweet and romantic, but he’s not wishy washy. We can have a conversation; he’s smart- I feel like he’s talking to me like an equal, not down to me. He’s- he’s perfect,” she sighed. Nancy laughed, her eyes darting to the sleeping form of her fiancée in the bed. The diamond bang on her finger sparkled in the moonlight, and she slid it off, deciding not to tell her own news at the moment. It was Liz’s day; she needed to have her moment.

“Well Liz, you have no idea how relieved I am that you’re having a good time,” she told her. “I miss you and I love you, and I hop you have a wonderful birthday sweetheart.”

“Thanks Mom. I love you too.” Liz smiled softly before hanging up the phone, her heart warmed that her Mother had remembered to call.

“Birthday girl, come back!” Isabel called and Liz pulled herself off the couch and entered the kitchen again where Maria was lighting candles in a donut. “Maria and I are firm believers that there should be candles and singing with each meal,” Isabel explained and Liz blushed as moved closer to her seat, which was occupied by Maria. Grabbing her wrist, Max pulled her down to his lap, wrapping his arms around her and resting his chin on her shoulder.

“How’s your Mom?” he asked and she shifted in his lap so she could see him.

“Good,” she replied, not wanting to tell Max that they had talked mostly about him.

“Happy birthday to you,” Maria began, pushing the vanilla donut carefully towards Liz, who let her head fall back, releasing a good-natured laugh.

“Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Liiiizzz, happy birthday to you!!” everyone else sang. The song ended in a loud mass of clapping, and Max offered to hold back her hair as she blew out the candles. Positioning her face almost above the donut, she paused and looked up to Maria and Isabel.

“Does this mean I get three different wishes?” she asked cunningly and Maria nodded discreetly. Liz bit her lip, looking back to Max and cocking her eyebrow before easily blowing out all seventeen candles. The air in front of her filled with smoke and she leaned back as Isabel pulled out the candles before they melted.

“What did you wish for?” Max asked her softly and she smiled coyly, bringing her face close to his.

“If I told you, it won’t come true,” she whispered teasingly. He pouted and she imitated him mockingly, crossing her arms in front of herself. “But I can promise you that you’d approve,” she added before pulling away and picking up the donut.

“How did we end up together?” Max asked and she shrugged, licking the vanilla icing off her finger.

“Fate, I guess,” she answered easily. He nodded, knowing that some other power had truly brought them together. He pressed his lips into her upper arm, squeezing her lightly before grabbing a chocolate donut and devouring it almost as fast as Liz had.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Three hours later, the entire group was assembled on the beach, minus Max and Liz.

“So everyone understands what they have to do?” Isabel asked again and everyone nodded. She sat back, re-adjusting her sunglasses. “Max will bring her back around 8:30, and then the festivities begin,” she reviewed.

“Where is Max?” Alex asked, looking around the beach. “He and Liz left like, an hour ago,” he added. The couple was nowhere in sight among the oddly empty beach, so he turned back to the rest of the group. “The waves are calling to me,” he told them seriously. Kissing Isabel on the cheek, he grabbed his board along with Michael and jogged towards their home away from home.

Meanwhile, Max and Liz dragged themselves out of the water coated in the cold, salty water they had been swimming in for almost half an hour.

“The water’s beautiful today,” Liz told him and he nodded, shaking his head to dry his hair. As they neared their clothes, Liz swept her hair up into a high ponytail, the dripping, dark tendrils falling on her shoulders and back. She grabbed her clothes, eyeing Max as reached for his t-shirt.

Extending her hand, she grabbed it from his hand, adding it to her pile of clothes. Max looked to her in confusion, not understanding why she had taken it.

“I’m sorry, this is being confiscated,” Liz told him in a calm and serious manner.

“Oh really?” he asked, crossing his arms. “Can I ask why?”

“It’s for the betterment of my eyes, and the eyes of all women aged 15 to 19, even though they shouldn’t be looking,” she explained.

“Liz, can I have my shirt?” he asked, holding out his hand. She shook her head solemnly, holding it even tighter.

“Max, trust me when I say you really don’t ever have to wear a shirt again,” she told him, taking his outstretched hand and pulling him in the direction of home.

“Yeah, but I feel like a freak,” he told her self-consciously.

“Max, you find a single freak with abs like that and I’ll- well, I don’t know what I’ll do.” She stumbled.

“Will you give me my shirt back?” he asked pleadingly, but still she grasped it tightly in her arms.

“It’s my birthday Max, don’t you want me to be happy on my birthday?” she asked hopefully, batting her long eyelashes. He frowned, continuing their walk until they reached the beach near their homes.

“Shirt stealer,” he mumbled as they rejoined the rest of the group.

“Didn’t you leave with a shirt dear brother?” Maria asked, lowering her sunglasses so she could look at them.

“I confiscated it,” Liz told her easily and Maria nodded, and then shrugged.

“Oh.” Max’s jaw dropped at his sister’s reaction, falling on his back.

“Do you mind if I?” Liz asked, gesturing to his arm. He shook his head, smiling as she laid beside him her head tucking itself into the crook of his neck. He wrapped his arm around her back, holding her close, and closed his eyes, following her into the world of dreams.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was almost five thirty when Liz finally woke up. Max smiled at her, watching as she looked around in confusion.

“Where is everyone?” she asked groggily, rubbing her eyes.

“They left around three,” he answered easily. “I didn’t want to wake you up,” he added and she smiled. She sat up, looking at the deserted beach appreciatively.

“That’s sweet.” She told him. He lay on his side, his head propped up on his hand, and she mirrored his position, taking his hand and intertwining their fingers. The late afternoon sun cast an orangey glow on the island, and Liz’s face was practically glowing in the light. He smiled, taking in how the sun glittered in her hair, her eyes- it was if she really was glowing.

“So where are you taking me?” she asked, hoping to pry the details of tonight out of him. He moved closer to her, grasping her hand tightly.

“Somewhere romantic,” he whispered, his breath warm and fresh on her face. She lowered her arm, resting on her back. “Where we can be alone,” he added, warming her jaw with a soft kiss.

“Sounds good to me,” she replied, arching her neck so that he could continue his innocent exploration. His kisses trailed to her shoulder, loving her skin tenderly, before working his way back up to her ear.

“Me too,” he murmured against her skin. She giggled, pulling apart their hands to bury her fingers in the hair at the nape of his neck.

His mouth met hers, gently probing open her lips to explore her mouth as he had done her neck.

Somewhere romantic is always good.


Part B will be out later this week. Look, I know the plot didn’t progress in this part, and it didn’t have the promised everyone else factor, but I’m trying. Please please please leave feedback though; it really does speed up the writing process!! oh, and for those who are also reading 'Break Me Gently', I just updated it *happy*


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ok, have to make a few adjustments in the story, so here it goes. Max doesn’t have a jeep, he and Maria share the blue chevelle (which he has on the show). The jetta is Isabel’s. Sorry for any other inconsistencies- it’s hard to go back and read past parts for information!! Ok, about max and liz’s relationship: I know it’s moving kind of fast: not so much this part, but the last part kinda show that. The problem is, liz is only there three months, so I kind of have to push things along somewhat quickly if I want them to reach a certain point of intimacy (and I want them there by the end of the summer *tongue* ). Sorry if this makes is seem really fake, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. ;) Sorry about the lack of updates!!

This part is PG-13 for mature themes (child abuse) and brief language

part 8

Max jogged down the steps of his house happily, the thought of Liz causing his lips to curl into a smile. The look on her face when she opened his birthday present had been priceless, and although nine days had passed since then, he still remembered it fondly.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

”Open mine,” Max told her, gingerly setting a rather large box in her lap. It was adorned with white wrapping paper and a rather large red bow, covering the three precise holes in the top. He shared a smile with Maria, who had helped him pick the present out, looking back to Liz so he didn’t miss her reaction.

She’d mentioned a little over a week ago missing the cat she had back in New Mexico. So Max was giving her a small replacement until she returned.

Cocking her head to the side in confusion, Liz frowned, having no idea what the contents of the box were. Lifting the cover off, she peered inside, her doe eyes softening into pools of chocolate when she spotted the small kitten. Her jaw dropped, emitting a sound of shock and she turned to Max, throwing her arms around his neck.

“How did you-” but she stopped, too stunned by the thoughtful gift to continue. As she reached inside, Max answered her question.

“You told me you missed your cat, so I thought she could be kind of a replacement,” he told her shyly, watching as she cradled the tiny kitten to her chest, the dark hair contrasting with her pale pink shirt. A chorus of ‘oohs’ and ‘awws’ came from Isabel and Maria, who scooted closer to Liz, reaching up to her new pet.

“I didn’t think you were listening,” she replied, stroking the animal’s soft hair tenderly. It opened its mouth, a high-pitched purr emitting from its vocal cords as it found a warm spot to rest.

“I’m always listening.” Their eyes met, and she held his gaze for a moment before looking back to the kitten.

“Thank you so much,” she thanked him, pulling one hand away from the cat to bring his face closer to hers. She kissed his lips softly before sliding closer to him, her head resting on his shoulder. “She’s so beautiful; look at those big blue eyes,” she murmured, almost to herself.

“Takes after her owner I guess,” Max whispered into her hair, kissing the top of her head. His arm wrapped around her shoulders, squeezing her lightly before Isabel made a gagging noise, her eyes rolling back in her head.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Skipping the last few steps, he found his way through the somewhat dark house into the kitchen, where Maria stood at the sink.

“Hey,” Max greeted her, making a beeline for the refrigerator. Maria turned around, holding up a half empty bottle of alcohol and Max froze.

“Guess where I found this one?” she asked bitterly, turning back to the sink and continuing the draining process. She didn’t wait for max to answer, but scoffed, shaking her head angrily. “The hallway closet, in his winter jacket,” she told him.

“I thought he stopped hiding it,” Max mumbled in disbelief, running his fingers through his hair. Maria shrugged, her jaw clenching and unclenching sporadically. With a sigh, Max put his hand on the refrigerator door again, pulling it open.

“Oh, and guess who forgot to cash their check again?” Maria asked. Max stared at the refrigerator, which held only a half-used bottle of grape jelly, a Tupperware container full of two-week-old macaroni and cheese and leftover pizza that would be better put to use as a doorstopper. “I threw out everything that was spoiled or had mold on it,” Maria announced, turning around. She slammed the large bottle on the counter, cursing under her breath. “What the hell are we supposed to do? We can’t ask Aunt Olivia for more money- they’ve given us more than they ever should have.”

Max let the door close gently, heavily sighing as he tried to ignore the ache for food in his stomach. “What are we going to do Max? This is the second time in three months. We have overdo bills-”

“We’ll work something out,” Max muttered, again running his fingers through his hair. Maria shook her head; unshed tears of frustration burning her eyes.

“That’s what we’ve been saying for a year Max,” she whispered; as if saying it too loud would let everyone in the neighborhood know their situation. “Something has to change. I can’t live like this.” Her voice shook as she spoke, but before Max could comfort her she turned back to the sink, grabbing the bottle to empty the last of its contents.

“I’m going to watch TV,” Max said quietly to no one in particular. Grabbing a plastic bag containing the last of his jelly beans, he shuffled out of the kitchen, his head low and his thoughts darker than they had been only five minutes earlier. He fell onto the couch with a moan, flipping on the TV and placing the bag of candy beside him.

Finally finding a good station, he turned it up to drown out the noise of the world around him before leaning back and attempting to forget the present dilemma.

In the kitchen, Maria swallowed in an attempt to rid her eyes of the tears still threatening to pour onto her cheeks, staring out the dark window over the sink and watching the rain come down in sheets- harder, then slowing down again before repeating the cycle.

She looked down at the bottle, which sat upright in the sink, her hands gripped around it so tightly that her knuckles were white. She couldn’t help but be furious with her father. Her life was falling apart, and not only didn’t he notice, but he was the very root of the problem. Looking back out the window, she watched as a pair of headlights appeared from out the darkness, the car weaving its way down the street before making a sharp turn into their driveway.

“That’s great,” she muttered, turning the bottle upside down. She heard a car door slam outside, and heavy footsteps making their way up the wooden stairs in a drunken stupor. She shook her head again, not even turning around when he stepped inside, greeting her jovially.

As the last bit of liquid dripped from the bottle, she felt a little bit of relief knowing that it was one or two nights that she was saved from worrying that he would do something stupid and get himself killed. Alcoholic or not, he was her father.

She turned around to face him, watching as his alcohol-induced cheery disposition melted away, replaced by one of fury. He stepped towards her, staring in disbelief at the empty bottle held in her hands before grabbing it from her and looking to the sink.

“Did you pour this out?” he asked her angrily and she nodded, unashamed of her actions. He held it in her face and she winced, the distinct odor of whiskey and the boat docks filling her nostrils. “That’s my hard earned money you just wasted,” he shouted, backing away. “You stupid, stupid girl; just like your mother,” he barked and Mara flinched, the remark about her dead mother penetrating the thick façade she put up whenever her father was around.

Mr. Evans turned to walk away and Maria bit her lip to keep from retorting. She repeated her aunt’s words, which had been bored into her head since she was seven. ‘Don’t fight with him when he’s like that; he has a quick temper and all alcohol does is make it even shorter.’

She blinked, and when she opened her eyes again the world played out in slow motion as he spun on his heel, a look of determination and rage settled on his face.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Max swallowed the last jellybean, watching the screen lazily as commercial after commercial filled the idle time.

But despite the volume of the TV, the sickening crack of skin on skin cut through the air violently, followed by a high-pitched whimper.

He bolted up, making it to the kitchen in less than five strides, to find Maria cornered against the countertop, holding her cheek, which was red and streaked with fresh tears.

Phillip raised his hand again to strike his daughter, who stood pathetically before him bawling like a toddler. She was seventeen- she should have some common sense about her by now. Had she learned nothing in those seventeen years of life? Had he taught her nothing?

Max balled his hand into a fist to control his anger, stepping between his sister and his father, shoving him away from her.

“What the hell did you do to her?” he shouted, staring him down as a wolf would his prey. When he didn’t respond, Max stepped towards him, shielding Maria’s petite, and shaking body with his own. “Don’t ever touch her again.” He warned his father, his voice deathly quiet. “If you do, I swear to God-”

“Don’t you swear at me, I’m your father,” Phillip barked at his son.

“Then act like it,” Max threw back at him menacingly.

“I thank God your mother isn’t alive to see her children like this; spoiled and disrespectful,” Mr. Parker told him, shaking his head.

He’d touched on a raw nerve, and he knew it. Max glared at him, stepping back to Maria and taking her upper arm forcefully, pulling her towards the back door. As they left the kitchen, Max paused, looking over his shoulder at his father.

“At least she didn’t have to see you as a drunk,” he whispered bitterly. Maria sniffled and Max guided her away from the inflictor of her pain, towards the hallway closet momentarily, helping her into a waterproof jacket before they headed towards the backdoor.

The rain was coming down heavier again, and the fresh water soon drenched them as they walked along the somewhat long path to the beach before heading in the direction of the Parker home. Maria’s tears were washed away and replaced by new ones, mixing with the rain and streaming down her face as one.

“What did he do to you?” he asked quietly, pausing momentarily as they headed up the Parker’s path.

“He- he came in, and I turned around with the bottle in my hand,” she sniffled, her lower lip trembling violently. “And he told me it cost good money, his hard earned money. And then he- slapped me,” she whispered the last two words in complete disbelief and Max inwardly kicked himself for not protecting her when she really needed it.

Even in the utter darkness of the night, Max could see the redness of her cheek, and the small bruise beginning to form on her cheekbone where his knuckles had come into contact with her face.

“I’m so sorry,” he murmured, staring at the bruise as if it were the beginnings of a deadly disease. She opened her mouth to reply, but he pulled her up the trail to Michael and Liz’s house, taking cover under the tree beneath Michael’s window.

Mr. Parker wasn’t home- that at least saved him from having to explain what had happened to him. “Go to that one first,” he told Maria, pointing to a sturdy branch located only a few feet off the ground. She nodded, allowing him to help her up before scaling the tree without his aide, checking every few seconds to make sure he was still immediately behind her.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Michael lay on his bed idly, staring at his ceiling as another sigh escaped his lips. Turning his head, he gazed at the large red digits of his alarm clock, groaning when he realized that it was only eleven forty-five.

Outside were New York’s version of torrential rains, the beginning of the hurricane season and what would be many storms like this one. At the first tapping on his window, Michael sat upright in his bed, his eyes immediately attracted to the familiar figure in his window. Outlined by the dim remains of moonlight was Maria, holding an oversized jacket around her as if it were a lifeline. She looked upwards again as a flash of thunder cracked across the sky and he hurried towards the window, throwing it open and pulling her inside. Max swung his legs over the ledge, standing up before closing the window.

“You two are insane,” Michael announced, looking between his two friends. But something was different; the usual air of happiness that surrounded the siblings was gone, replaced by an idle silence. Maria sniffled, wiping a tear off her cheek and the Michael’s stomach flipped.

“Maria what’s wrong?” he asked, instantly at her side. She looked to Max before bursting into tears, explaining what had happened at their house through a wave of sobs. Her brother paced the room as she did, swallowing his fiery emotions when she retold the part where he wasn’t there for her.

“I’m gonna kill him,” Michael mumbled, standing up and running his fingers through his already spiky hair. “Does is still hurt?” he asked, examining her slightly swollen cheek and lowering himself onto his knees. She shrugged, wincing as his fingers grazed over her upper cheekbone just below the corner of her eye. “Holy shit,” Michael whispered, flipping on a light so he could see the extent of the damage.

He looked to Max in shock, his eyes dark and accusing. “That’s a fucking bruise.” He stood, knowing that if he studied her in any more detail that he truly would march over to her house and beat her father to within in an inch of his life.

“I’m gonna go to the bathroom- try and get a cool towel or something,” Maria told the two boys, who were to trapped in their own thoughts to do anything but nod.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Liz sat on the edge of her bed, placing her journal in its resting spot on her beside stand. She pulled back the covers of her bed, her ears perking up when a distinct shout emerged from the next room. Frowning, she stood up and shuffled towards the door, wrapping her arms around her waist to keep warm.

Michael’s door was open halfway, and from the hallway she could see Max pacing anxiously in the far corner.

“Don’t you think I know that?” Max replied in a hushed whisper. “Don’t you think I feel guilty? Jesus Christ Michael, she’s my sister. I’m supposed to protect her. And I always have, except for the one time she really needed me.” He added, his voice rising.

Liz pushed the door open, wincing when the bright light hit her eyes.

“What’s going on?” she asked sleepily, closing the door silently behind her. Max turned away from her, obviously upset by whatever it was they were discussing. She crossed the room to Michael, looking up at him expectantly. The door opened again and all three of them watched as Maria crept inside, her eyes still red and puffy, her cheek now only slightly more red than the other, and the bruise settling in where the traces of it had been earlier.

Liz gasped, turning to the others for an explanation, but they remained silent. “Is anyone going to tell me what happened?” she asked, keeping her voice low so as not to awaken Fiona. Seeing that no one was going to do the dirty work, Maria spoke up.

“My Dad hit me,” she explained in a voice just above a whisper. She looked at her shoes shamefully and although she was shocked, Liz didn’t push the topic knowing that asking questions would only cause more pain for Maria.

“Why don’t we get you some dry clothes,” Liz said to her, linking her arm through her friend’s and guiding her to her own room.

“You want clothes too?” Michael asked and Max dipped his head slightly, realizing that the trail of water on the wood floor had come from him. Michael rummaged through his dresser drawers before tossing a bundle of clothes to Max, who departed to the bathroom to change.

He returned a few minutes later dressed in a black metallica t-shirt and dark green and navy blue baggy pajama pants.

“I’m just gonna go talk to Liz for a sec,” he told to Michael, who nodded silently. He walked down the familiar and yet dark hallway, tapping lightly on Liz’s door and waiting for a response before he entered.

Inside, Maria pulled one of Liz’s shirts over her head, handing the wet one to Liz, who promptly hung it in the shower to dry.

“Are you ok?” Liz asked her, and Maria nodded silently, forcing a smile in her direction.

“Thanks for the clothes.” Liz nodded, her head jerking up when a faint tapping interrupted the silence. Creeping towards the door, she opened it, revealing a very tired Max.

“Can I talk to you?” his voice was desperate and needy, seeking out comfort in her. Taking his hand, she led him inside, a soft smile gracefully curving her lips.

“I guess that’s my cue to leave,” Maria said, a grin teasing the corner of her lip at her attempt at lighting the emotional darkness of the night. “Night you guys.”

As the door closed, Liz turned to Max, sympathetically staring at him. His eyes had dark, haunting shadows cast over them, and his head hung low, staring at his feet.

“You’re not ok,” she stated and he shook his head slowly, his eyes meeting hers. “Tell me what’s wrong,” she encouraged him, giving his hand a light squeeze. They sat opposite each other on her bed, and she took his other hand, holding it in her own as she waited patiently for him to begin.

His mouth began to move, as if the beginnings of thoughts had been created but not fully developed, and as he struggled to relay to her what he was feeling, tears of frustration, of rage, of hurt and abandonment pooled in his eyes. Pulling her hands away from his, she wrapped her arms around him, pressing her body against his in a comforting and loving hug.

Guiding his face to the crook of her neck, she stroked the back of his head as he began to let down the barrier holding back all the emotions he was feeling. A solitary tear rolled down his cheek, falling onto her skin, followed by another, and then another.

Liz held him as the grief was finally expressed, rocking him softly until the tears subsided and he pulled away, wiping his face clear of them. His heart ached for a sense of normalcy, for the family he’d had so many years ago that had stuck by each other through thick and thin. He wanted the father that had carried Maria and him on his back around the house, the father who would bring them home small treasures of the sea and present them to his children as if they were gold.

“I want my family back,” he croaked, wiping a tear that hadn’t had a chance to stray from his eye. “I want my Mom, and my Dad; how he used to be- not like this,” he whispered the last few words, shaking his head and staring into her eyes, begging for her to understand. “And it- it kills me that I’ve done my best to take care of Maria since all this started, but I wasn’t there.” He took a deep breath, looking away before gazing downward again. “And I can’t help but feel that what happened to her is my fault,” he admitted, his voice unsteady.

“No Max,” she told him decisively. She put her hands on either side of his face, forcing him to look at her. “This is not your fault. What your Dad did to Maria was his decision; you had no control over it.”

“Liz, my Dad’s an alcoholic,” he said softly, lowering his eyes to their hands.

“I’m sorry,” she replied awkwardly, staring at him. He was suffering so much, and knowing there was nothing she could say to make it better was angering her. “Max, that’s even more evidence that you had absolutely no say in the situation. You-” she paused, slowly realizing that she could tell him for a lifetime that it wasn’t his fault but still he would blame himself. That’s just the way Max was; he protected fiercely those he loved and cared about.

“Talk to me Max.” He looked up, a glazed over far-away look shadowing his eyes. “Tell me what you’re feeling, tell me what happened- anything.”

He remained silent.

“I’ve been in therapy for the past three months; if anyone knows how to get rid of rage it’s me. Just forget I’m even here and just- talk it out.” He looked at him in anticipation, realizing that he was replaying what had happened over again in his mind.

“Maria was pouring out a bottle he’d hidden in the closet.” His voice was slightly raspy, but he cleared it, continuing. “I came into the kitchen to get something to eat and she told me there was nothing. My Dad apparently drank away his last paycheck, and I was pissed. So…I was watching TV and I guess he came home and saw her pouring the stuff out. He screamed at her, and then just-he hit her.” Max’s brow furrowed in anger, shaking his head slightly. “And I heard it, and ran into the kitchen. And when I saw her crying it was like older brother instinct took over; the instinct that makes me want to just beat the hell out of anyone who causes her pain.”

Liz stroked his cheek and he closed his hand over hers, rubbing it for a moment before continuing.

“And I told him off and he said it was lucky my Mother hadn’t lived to see her children like this, and now we’re here.” Liz bit her lip as she heard the harsh words directed at the two nicest people she knew.

“Do you remember your Mom?” she asked hesitantly, not sure if bringing her up would cause more distress. He nodded, a serene half-smile lighting up his face.

“Yeah. I remember her taking us to the beach, and to the movies.” He chuckled. “This one time, she drove me into the city to see my first baseball game, and on the way home she woke me up and told it me it was a great night for shooting stars.” He smiled again, almost forgetting why he was with her in the first place. “So she pulled over on the side of the highway and we lay on the roof of the car for hours, just parked there- counting the shooting stars we saw. And I was absolutely devastated that there was no baseball bat, so she made up constellations for me- pointed it out and everything.”

“Sounds like you two were really close,” Liz assessed. She could help but be slightly jealous of Max for having such a good relationship with his mother, but she pushed the feelings away knowing that he still needed her comfort. Max nodded silently. “If you don’t mind me asking, when did your Dad-”

“Start drinking?” he finished and she nodded. “Right after my Mom died. My aunt came to our house one day and found him passed out in the kitchen. She took us to her house, and we stayed there for a while until he cleaned up again. Her husband died, and suddenly she had a baby and her niece and nephew at the same time, so we went back home.”

“He’s never tried to hurt us though; not until now.”

Liz pressed her lips into his forehead; tenderly brushing his bangs away before letting them fall back into place.

“I’m here for you Max; whenever you need to talk, or just let something out.” She nodded, resting their foreheads against each other. “I’ll be here.”

He cupped the back of her head, bringing his lips to brush against hers in a brief kiss. The tenderness that he handled her with was unmistakable; despite everything he had let out only a few minutes ago- the anger, the disgust- he could hold her as if everything was all right.

Pulling away, he looked to the floor then back to her, “Do you have a sleeping bag or something I could borrow?” he asked tentatively and she cocked her head to the side slightly, not understanding.

“Max I’m not letting you sleep on the floor,” she told him, taking his hand and guiding him towards the head of the bed. Pulling away the covers, she motioned for him to get in, copying his actions and sliding under the comforter to rest beside him. Turning to her side, she wrapped his arm around her waist, closing her eyes. “Night Max,” she whispered, turning off the light.

He buried his face in her hair, which smelled freshly cleaned, inhaling her scent. Her small voice came through the night like a beacon of familiarity and he smiled, squeezing her lightly.

“Night Liz.” He paused, inhaling deeply again before he continued. “And thank you.”

She didn’t reply, but smiled, relishing in the warmness radiating off his body, which pressed against hers as a tender reminder of his presence. He pressed a quick kiss on the top of her head before again being swept into her alluring scent, closing his eyes to shut out the world.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

On the other side of the wall, Michael stared at Maria’s sleeping form in his arms, brushing his fingers tenderly over the bruise on her cheek. Angrily clenching his jaw, his eyes raked over the rest of her body to ensure that she hadn’t been harmed in any other way.

She looked so frail and petite in the dim light, her body taking up only a fourth of the bed. Again he grazed his fingers over the mark, wishing that some holy being would grant him powers to fix it, to make all her troubles and worries go away. He loved her more than anything- and seeing her in pain troubled him to no end.

It wasn’t her fault this had happened, and despite what Max said it wasn’t his fault either. The thought of her returning to the house in which this had been inflicted upon her caused Michael’s stomach to churn violently, but he ignored it. They would stay here or he would accompany her back; but he wasn’t leaving her side until Phillip Evans was out to sea again, unable to harm her.

Touching his lips to the crown of her head, he stared at the bruise for another moment before wrapping his arm around her abdomen, finally allowing sleep to consume his body. But before he did, he promised himself that he would seek the help of his mother on the issue, who time and time again had allowed the Evans children to stay for extended periods of time in her home.

She would understand.


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god only knows what part number:

Fiona dabbed a little more of the cream on Maria’s face, hoping that it would diminish the dark bruise that had formed on her fair skin. Standing back to admire her work, she smiled, twisting the cap back onto the tube and held up a mirror for Maria to inspect herself with.

“How’d I do?” she asked, tossing the foundation into a small makeup bag that sat beside Maria on the kitchen counter.

“You can barely even tell its there,” Maria said in astonishment, leaning towards her reflection. She was beyond relieved, knowing that Fiona had quite possibly saved her from lying to people about what had happened.

“All in a day’s work,” Fiona joked, grabbing her cup of coffee, which lay idle beside a newspaper.

“Thank you so much,” Maria added, lowering the mirror. Fiona smiled at her, dipping her head humbly as she brought the mug to her lips, sipping on her morning source of caffeine.

“Don’t worry about it hun. This will work out, I promise.” Maria nodded sadly, her gaze averting to the floor as she swung her legs softly off the edge of the counter. Fiona approached her, setting down the coffee and hugging her reassuringly. “You and Max can stay as long as you need.” She pulled away, looking into Maria’s eyes. “You two have always been a part of this family and Jeff and I love you like our own children.”

Maria hugged Fiona again, her eyes misting over as she realized what great people she had in her life. Fiona had been her mother’s best friend, and she had passed away before Maria could create firm memories of her. But Fiona had always been there for her and Max, and this time was no exception.

Michael watched the exchange between his mother and girlfriend, glad that they had such a close relationship. They pulled away again and Maria slid off the counter, joining him at the table.

“So what do you think?” she asked, turning her cheek to him. He forced a smile, taking her hand.

“Barely visible,” he assured her. Maria grinned, curling her feet underneath her as she turned back to the forgotten plate of French toast on her plate, picking up her fork and stabbing the syrup-soaked bread.

“Are Max and Liz still sleeping?” she asked with a frown, turning back to Michael. Max usually was up with the sun, but granted the ordeal of last night she wouldn’t have blamed him if he slept until noon.

Michael mumbled something under his breath about hurting him if anything more than sleeping had occurred and Fiona hit the side of his head jokingly.

“Don’t be a jerk Michael,” she reprimanded, replacing the makeup bag back in her purse. Michael scowled at her, rubbing the back of his head grudgingly.

“Michael, a jerk?” Maria asked sarcastically. “Never,” she whispered and Fiona laughed, pulling out a seat across from her son.

“You know we tease you because we love you.”

“That’s twisted,” he replied and Maria slapped his upper arm. “This has to stop,” he muttered, bringing his glass of orange juice to his mouth.


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