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Title: A bend in the Road
Author: Vicky (Angelic)
Disclaimer: I own neither Nicholas Sparks or his characters and plots nor so I own Roswell, but then I don't suppose any1 does these days...
Summary: To heal the future, you must break the past... (Thats all your getting)
Authors Notes: Yes it is another story, and yes I am a muke (idiot) for starting another one, but I love Nicholas Sparks and I love his book. A walk to remember is currently being done (CHECK IT OUT!!!!) and I love this one soooooooo much, it had to be done! Ohhhh and I would love feedback! And things will be very similar to the book, but I am doing this mainly from memory, so I will change parts.


I sit here and write a story that happened 18 years ago. It is a story of love and lies. A story of Liz Parker and Max Evans. Well I say that, but so many other people lives are involved with the tale that I write. So I shall start even futher than those 18 years. Back to the day when when Max was in high school. Back then he was in love with Tessa Harding. Even then Max knew he was in love for the long haul. Nothing would separate them, even though Max's sister Isabel knew they weren't soulmates. When Max was a senior, and Tessa was a junior, they were crowned the home coming king and queen. I hear you ask why this is relevant to my story. Well, after they both graduated college, they were married, and the following year they had their first child, who was named Jamie. For 5 years this family was extremly happy. Max became dupty Sherrif for Roswell, under Sherrif Valenti, whilst Tessa stayed at home to take care of Jamie. But one faithful night, that was to change. You see 20 years ago there was an accident, where Tessa Evans was hit down by a car. But the person in the car ran, leaving a blanket over dear Tessa. Now of course you would think that the story would start there, but no. This story starts 2 years later. Just as Max begins to stop searching for his wife's killer, just as Liz moves to Roswell, away from her pain in New York, to be closer to her family. This is a story them falling in love, but also my story of forgiveness. You see, the person who left Tessa in the road was me...

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Look at all the feedback I've got so far!!! Well I will try to have part 1 up tomorrow! And Kaiserin I'm glad I could help!
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Wow, so ok lots of feedback so far! Well its on to part 1! For those who have
read the book, the first part is set somewhere else to it is in the book, and is kinda different. It will start to be more similar in the next part!

part 1

Max was sitting in the back of a bar, watching everyone walk by, different stories different secrets to be told. In fact Max was only here to watch one of his best friends, Maria DeLuca, sing in front of everyone here. The place wasn’t exactly small, then again it wasn’t exactly huge either. Before Tessa died all of them, Max, Tessa, Maria, Isabel, Alex and Michael, all used to come here on a Friday night, whilst Mrs DeLuca baby sat for Max and Tessa. Now adays Max came in here maybe 2 times a month. It was an alien themed bar called U.F.A, which stands for Unidentified Flying Alcohol! It used to be Max’s haven, but now it
was it was his hell. He lit up a cigerate. To him it wasn’t smoking, he could stop when he wanted, but to him it didn’t matter!

“Hey Max, my man you made it!” Michael came up to him and sat down. He and Maria were kinda seeing eachother. It was Michael that got her this gig, and the fact he owned half the bar helped a lot!

“Yey, couldn’t miss Maria’s opening debut for the world! Specialy since Izzy and Alex couldn’t make it. She was showing her new friend round town. I think she said
her name was Lilly, or Lisa, I can’t remember!”

“Shhhhhhhhhhhh! Maria’s coming on stage. If She see’s me talking while she’s on, I’m a dead man! I’ll be in the dog house for sure!” Max nooded in agreement.

“Hi, I’m Maria Deluca, and I’m just gonna play a couple of songs for you. This one is dedicated to a friend of mine, so enjoy.” She sat down and began srumming
on her guitar,

This day of mine is starting,
Like the flowers in bloom,
So fresh like the pain in my heart,
I’m at the beginning of the road

Max’s POV

I knew Maria was singing to me. The song connected to me, in a way like no other
had before,

You said goodbye yesterday,
And now I’m on my own.
I know this road is staring,
All over again.
I keep walking,
Maybe this pain will end soon

Maria knew me inside out. We’ve been friends since forever, but sometimes I
swear, its like she’s knows my own heart, more than her own!

I’ve been walking for a while now,
Like the sun shining out,
The pain is almost a friend of my own heart,
Miles have past me by

She looks at me while I sing, Maria my friend, why do you know me the way that
you do. Even Michael looks at me, with that sympathetic smile he has. I don’t
want pitty.

You said goodbye yesterday,
And now I’m on my own.
I know this road is staring,
All over again.
I keep walking,
Maybe this pain will end soon

The road keeps falling down,
Like the leaves from the sky,
The pain is dulling down my friend,
The tears have past me by

Maybe she’s right, has the pain nearly gone? Is Tessa leaving my soul forever?

You said goodbye yesterday,
And now I’m on my own.
I know this road is staring,
All over again.
I keep walking,
Maybe this pain will end soon

The curtain is now closing,
As the snow hits the ground,
I see the end of the road,
Now its time to sit down.

I haven't forgoten, I never will. I want to know who killed my wife, but perhaps, for Jamie's sake I need to let go,

You said goodbye yesterday,
And now I’m on my own.
But now this road is ending,
It's time to leave my ghost,
But while the seasons are always changing,
I will love you.

Its true, I will always love you Tessa...

So what do you think, and just so you know the song is called "seasons of my heart" by Angelic (So um.. me!)
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Ok Gal, just to make it easier to understand (and for any1 else who has read the book)

Max: Miles
Liz: Sarah
Tess: Missy
Jamie: Jonah
Valenti: Charlie
Mrs Deluca: Brenda
Khivar: Otis
Michael(from the book, not the show!): Sean

Brian isn't in this (just because I want to have a bit more working room with the characters!) Everyone else are added characters, and yea Alex and Isabel are married! I hope that helps!

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Hey guys,
what sorta music do you want in this fic? I always ask this for my fics, but its always best that I ask!
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Just wasnted to say Happy thanksgivings... I don't celebrate it coz I'm english (nor do I eat the turkey coz I'm a vegietarian...*tongue*) but everyone have a great day!!!!!!!!! And the next part will be up most likely by saturday!

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Part 2

“hey Jamie what you up too?” Max asked his son. Jamie ran in, said a quick hi, and flew up the stairs, which was un-usual for Max’s son. So Max got up from watching some mindless garbage on the T.V. to see what was up,

“Not a lot dad. But um….” Jamie didn’t finish, but rather handed him a letter from the school. On it, his teacher had asked to see him tomorrow afternoon.

“Why did your teacher ask me into school. Are you in trouble Jamie?” His son shook his head. “Are you having trouble with your work?” This time Jamie nodded his head in agreement. “So why are you having trouble with the work?”

“She set’s really hard work, I just find it hard to do.”

“That’s ok. We’re gonna sort it out tomorrow, right kiddo?”

“Ok dad. Is it ok if I go over to Cliff’s later dad?” Cliff was Isabel and Alex’s son, and Jamie’s best friend.

“Sure. Do you want dinner here first?”

“Depends, what is it?”

“Take out good for you?”

“That’s good, it’s all you know how to cook.” Max looked at his son, who was grinning at him. It was hard to believe how beautiful he was. He looked like his mother; blond hair, but it was only slightly wavy, rounded face, and Tessa’s own little nose. In fact the only thing that Jamie had inherited from Max was his eyes and ears. ‘I feel sorry for the lad, our ears aren’t exactly the best choice! It was the only thing Tessa didn’t like about me!’

“Hey dad?” Jamie waved a hand in front of his face, which snapped Max out of his thoughts.


“Can we have a Pineapple and sweet corn pizza?”

“Anything for you Jamie.” Max and Jamie went downstairs to find the pizza number…


“Isabel I have to talk to you about your nephew, Jamie.”

“Sure what’s up?” Both Isabel worked at the local school. She taught the 4th grade, while her new friend, Liz Parker, started to teach the 3rd grade a month ago. Which also meant that she was teaching Isabel’s nephew, Jamie.

“Have any of the teacher’s mentioned Jamie’s work to you before, whether he was having trouble or not?” ‘Isabel thought about it for a second.

“Now that you mention it, not I guess no-one ever has. But they always talk about Cliff. That is kinda strange now that you mention it. Why do you ask?”

“Wait right here.” Liz ran out of the room, and a minute later she came back with a folder of work.

“What’s wrong Liz?”

“I don’t know how to say this. I’ll start at the beginning. I set my class a task, to tell me how their summer went. Now this is Cliff’s work.” Liz showed Isabel. It was neat, with only a few spelling mistakes with in the short story that Cliff told of his summer. Mainly it consisted of Jamie and Cliff fishing with Michael, Max and Alex.

“Ok, what are you getting to?” Liz then handed Isabel what seemed to be a picture. “What’s this?”

“Jamie’s work, for what happened over the summer.” Then Liz started handing Isabel all of Jamie’s work, and compared it to Cliff’s. Each time Cliff’s was miles ahead of what Jamie’s work seemed to be. If it be a math’s test, Jamie would have no correct answers, or if it was a writing assignment, than he would draw a picture instead. “Isabel If I had to give an estimate, I would think Jamie was just starting school.” Isabel’s face was full of shock.

“How did I not know this. If I asked his teacher’s said he was doing fine. But this is terrible!”

“Isabel, do you have any idea why this might have happened?”

“Yea, I do. His mom died 2 years ago, and both Jamie and his dad took it bad. Obviously his teachers have taken it easy on Jamie! Do you want me to tell Max?”

“No, he’s coming in tomorrow. Do you think he’ll be ok?”

“Yea, don’t worry. Knowing my brother, he won’t let it happen for much longer, but he’ll be cool about it.” ‘I hope your right!’ Liz silently thought to herself.

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The next part will be up on wednesday at the earliest coz tomorrow I'm at a nickleback concert and tuesday is my birthday, so it will take a couple of days for me to get up the next part ready!
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Firstly thanks for all the happy birthdays they mean a lot tome!!! Ok guys so here is the next part. It’s kinda short I know (sorry!) but hopefully I will get another part out tommorrow for you, as I don’t have to much work to do today (yay!). Thanks for all the suport! For all of you also following Elizabeth and the King, I will try and get a part out for the either tonight or tommorrow. The lastest for that one will be on Friday. Also, as you all know the christmas holidays are coming up so I will get quite a few parts done for that, however I have exams as soon as I go back in january (biology, chemistry and pychology AS) so there might not be as many as I would like! Then after that all my coursework will begin to pile up, so the updates will be worse than they are already! I’m aiming to have this finished by eadter (fingers crossed!) Anyway I’ve gone on for tooooooo long, so on with part 3!!!!! Also the song is called “How soon is now” by Love Spit Love

Part 3
I am the son
I am the air
of a shyness
that's criminally vulgar
on a summers day like
nothing in particular
You shut your mouth
how can you say
I go about things the wrong way
I am human and I need to be loved
just like everybody else does
Repeat Chorus
You shut your mouth
how can you say
I go about things the wrong way
I am human and I need to be loved
just like everybody else does
There's a club if you'd like to go
you could meet someone who really loves you
so you go and you stand on your own
and you leave on your own
and you go home and you cry and you want to die
When you say it's gonna happen now
when exactly do you mean?
see I've already waited too long
and all my hope is gone

“Alex what would you do, if you knew something kinda, well, bad but you couldn’t tell anyone until your brother knows about it first coz you promised someone you wouldn’t?” Isabel questioned her husband. Liz made Isabel promise that she wouldn’t tell Max about Jamie until Liz had herself.

“I wouldn’t know?”

“Why not Alex? You know everything. It’s what you do, I mean when something is wrong, you can help.”

“Isabel breath! I wouldn’t know because, unlike you, I don’t have a brother now do I?” The look on Isabel face made Alex chuckle at his wife. “Now Izzy you don’t get this, unless there’s something wrong with your brother now tell me what’s wrong so I can help you!”

“Well you see its to do with Jamie…” Isabel spent the next 15 minutes explaining about the problem with their nephew, and how Max might blame her for not noticing sooner, or that Max might think he was a bad father. Alex didn’t say anything, nor did he pass judgement before Isabel finished what she was saying. “so what do you think now Alex?” He thought about it for a moment.

“Well I think that it was no-one’s fault in all of this.”

“What do you mean honey?” Isabel look honestly confussed. “There must be someone who could have prevented this.”

“Well it wasn’t Jamie’s teachers’ fault. As they honestly believed that at the time it was best for Jamie not to be pressured, it’s not your fault, no-one told you until now, and you can’t always check up on him, and it’s not Max’s fault, he didn’t know, and he’s been through so much, plus the teacher’s didn’t tell him. Thus I conclude that it was no-ones fault in all of this. However, I think you’ve found a gem in Liz, if she was brave enough to come tell you. When you get angry, its an awful site.” He grinned at his wife as she playfully hit him. “I’m only kidding. But seriously, Max will most likely be thankful that someone is taking an interest in his son, rather than letting him slide through. It’s about time that the Evans men begin to move on from the past, and into the future. I just hope that Max can let go from all that he has lost.”

“Hmmmmm…. I know what we can do!” Isabel’s face lit up.

“Your planning something. I know that look anywhere!”

“Well Liz is single. Ok so she kinda just got out of a messy marriage, but like I always say, you should always jump stright back onto the horse!”

“You never say that. In fact you always tell Maria to lick her wounds before going back to Michael!” Isabel raised an eyebrow at Alex.

“Well I’m changing my tune, OK?”

“YES MAME!” And Alex saluted her.


“You have 1 message!” Liz’s answer machine spoke as she pressed the button. ‘It’s been a long day today! I can’t believe how much work there is to get through, and I’m only teaching little ones! I’m glad I didn’t go into high school biology like I wanted to!’ Liz’s passion was science, and she almost went into higher education to teach, but she changed her mind at the last moment, as she loved to teach younger chidren, and could help shape their future, and become much closer to her charges.

“Hello Liz? It’s mom. I thought you would be in by now. I just wanted to know if you wanted to come by for dinner? It’s your favorite. Well call me when you get this. I’ll save some for you just in case!” Liz thought about it for a moment, ‘sure beats having to have a TV dinner again. I’m to tired to cook. She picked up the phone, and dialed the number.

“Hello mum? I’d love to come over for dinner. Give me half an hour?” After her mom agreed, she hung up the phone and went to get ready. All the while, she began to think what Max Evans would be like tommorrow afternoon…

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You have my word that they meet in the next part! *tongue*
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I'll try to get the next part out by tomorrow now! Sorry its later than I said, but yesterday I had work to do, and today I'm at home, off sick! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!