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Title: Save Me (If this title is already in use by another story please tell me and I will change mine, thanks!)
Disclaimer: I own nothing, yadda, yadda, yada!
Author: Cassie, aka Moonbeam4747
Rating: Maybe R for violence
Summary: Evil Liz takes no shit, ‘nuff said.
Author's Note: I have no idea why I'm starting a new story, I barely have time to write new parts to my other one, If You Believe. But this idea poped into my head and I wrote it down. If no one likes this story I will just stop writing, because truthfully I don't have the time for it. But if I get lots of feedback I will continue, so its in the reader's hands.

Is evil something that you are born with? I used to think so, when I was younger. I believed that some of us were destined to be good and some evil. Of course I always considered myself to be one of the ones meant for good. But now I know that no one is born being good or evil. Its the choices that we make which decide which we will be. Ten years ago I never would have considered myself evil. Now, I am proud of the fact. It has kept me alive. It has made my powerful. I, little Liz Parker, am evil. Who would have thought?

Part 1

“My mother, the people of Earth are requesting that the food stores be opened and rationed out to them.”

“And? What is your advice on this situation?”

“Well, I would think we give them what they request. After all, hungry people are not loyal people.”

“How sad my son. I expected better of you. We have none of our subjects loyalties. We have something better, their obedience. If you will follow your thoughts through you will realize that their hunger keeps them occupied. If we allow them to eat, soon they will realize what other discomforts surround them. If they are worried about starving to death, sleeping on cold stones does not concern them. The solution to this situation is to cut their current food supplies in half. Then when we restore them to normal, they will be grateful and no longer feel the need to whine.”

“Yes, my mother. Shall I tell the general your orders?”

“No need. Here comes General Rath now.”

“My queen you are looking very lovely today.”

“Thank you general. You seem very fit yourself. It is very fortunate you are here. We were just discussing the food situation.”

“And in your infinite wisdom, what have you decided should be our course of action?”

“Before you hear my command, what is your thoughts on the situation?”

“We should not give into their commands. The moment we allow them something they want, is the moment they believe they have some actual say in their government.”

“Just what I was thinking. And with that thought in mind, I am cutting their rations in half for 10 days. Maybe after they feel the sting of true hunger, they will rethink questioning me.”

“Very wise my queen. I will put your command into effect immediately. Now, with this situation settled we can turn our attentions to other concerns. Like the rebels that are attacking the lunar command center.”

“Yes, what a splendid idea. Conceiving plots to destroy the enemy always cheers me so. But first it is my wish that Zan leave us. I do not want him spending too much of his concern on a few bothersome pests.”

“As you wish mother. I will go and spend some time in the library. My tutor says that there are some very interesting books there on battle strategies.”

“An excellent idea my son. But don’t forget your scheduled communication with your father later. His doctor says he is very ill, and you should spend time with him, even if it is only by communicator. He may not be with is much longer and there is so much he can teach you.”

“Yes, mother.” Liz watched as the boy she had devoted so much of her life to raising walked from her office. He reminded her so much of his father. It was the reason she had agreed to become Kivar’s associate and later his wife in the beginning. Later, it had become all about the power. Kivar offered her a whole planet to rule. Earth was hers now. But in the beginning it was because she wanted to be near the only piece of Max left in the universe, but lately his resemblance to her first and only love was causing her to hate to be in his presence. And it only got worse as he grew. At the age of ten he strongly resembled Max at the age of 16, when he had healed her that day in the Crashdown. The doctors said that his unusual growth patterns were the result of his hybrid DNA. But they assured her his aging would normalize once he reached maturity.

“Michael I am concerned about Zan. He becomes more like Max everyday. I try my best to turn him into a suitable ruler, but yet he still shows sympathy and pity. Take today for example. He actually wanted to give in to our subjects’ requests. I am truly worried about his readiness to take over the throne of Antar. And with Kivar‘s, ah, illness, it won’t be long before it is his time to take his place as ruler there.”

“I know. I have noticed similar situations. That’s why I ordered soldiers to keep track of his daily routine. I think I have discovered what the problem is. He has been spending time with his Aunt Isabel.” Michael made a disgusted face at the mention of the woman he once considered a sister.

“Damn it. I don’t know why Kivar will not allow me to have her executed. She has been a thorn in our sides since the beginning. If Max hadn’t… never mind. Do you think she has told him the truth about Kivar not being his father?”

“No. Not even Isabel is that psychotic. She knows that if she did that you would have her killed with or without Kivar’s approval.”

“How is my dear husband? Hopefully close to death.”

“I contacted his doctor on Antar before I came here and his he is following your orders to the letter. Kivar will be dead within the week.”

“Splendid. And the arrangements for the doctor’s death have been made?”

“Of course. There will be absolutely no way to trace Kivar’s death back to you.”

“Michael, I don’t know what I would do without you. You are such a wonderful advisor. Now, didn’t you say something about us needing to deal with some rebels?”

“Yes. They have a new leader. She seems determined to overturn our rule.”

“Who is this new leader? Do I know her?”

“You know her very well. Its Maria.”

“I knew I should have killed her when I had the chance.” Liz felt the stirrings of guilt at what she was about to do, but quickly overcame them. Maria was given the choice of whether or not to join them and she chose to marry Larek instead. So that she could escape earth and Kivar’s army. She had become part of the enemy. A threat to Kivar, and thus a threat to Liz, as the appointed ruler of Earth. Zan would be king of Antar and she would remain queen of Earth, she had devoted too much of her live for it not to be so. If Maria wanted to stop that Liz was left with only one option.

“Have the army mobilize. I want Maria and every person she leads dead by the end of the week.” Michael looked as if he would argue, but he knew better than to question Liz’s judgment. Questions led to death, no matter who you were.

“As you wish my queen.”

End Part 1

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Author's Note: I seemed to have discovered that I can only write this fic when I'm in a really bad mood. So if you want new parts lets hope I stay pissed-off! Enjoy.

Part 2

“Max, what’s wrong with our baby?”
“Liz, you can’t carry it any longer. Your human body isn’t strong enough to support it. You can’t fulfill its energy needs. Liz, if you stay pregnant you will die.”
“No, I can’t lose my baby, our baby. Please, do something. Just keep me alive until the baby can survive without me.”
“I can’t lose you. I won’t lose you. I have no other choice.”
Liz could feel the searing heat from Max’s hand. He was burning their child from her. She tried to fight against his hold, but he was just too strong.
“Please don‘t do this! Max, you‘re killing our baby.” It was too late, her baby was dead.

“My Queen, wake up! General Rath wishes to speak to you immediately.” Liz sat up in her bed and stared at her assistant. Sidney knew better than to wake her in the middle of the night, for any reason. She would have her removed for this inconvenience. Anyone else would have been executed, but Sidney served as a wonderful bargaining tool when dealing with Larek.

“Bring me my robe. And then go tell the General he may come to my room.” Sidney quickly fetched her queen’s robe and then left to do as she had been ordered. Liz stood drinking a glass of sherry when Michael entered. He had took note that she seemed to drink more with each passing day.

“I’m sorry that I woke you Liz, but I thought you would want to know that Kivar is dead. Zan is now the king of Antar.”

“And the doctor?”

“Committed suicide upon his patient’s death.”

“Oh, this is such wonderful news. Wake Zan immediately. Wake the whole palace in fact. We must begin arrangements to travel to Antar. I wish to be in route by daybreak.”

“But Liz, who will handle things here on earth? The rebels must be attended to.”

“Why you of course Michael. I know how you detest Antar, so I shall leave you here to deal with the rebels and the problems of earth, while I go and get things under control on Antar. Also, I have rethought the whole Maria situation. As much as I would like to see her dead for her betrayal, I think she will serve us better alive. You can do with her as you wish, just as long as she remains living. Maybe you can get rid of some of those regrets you harbor.”

“You know that I no longer have any desire for Maria. I have Serena now. I am very happy with my wife and the life I have with her.”

“Of course Michael. It was just a thought. You know, I would have anyone else whipped for speaking to me as you just did. But you are different. You are the only one I can truly rely on. Lord help me, you’re actually my friend.”

“I’m glad you consider me as such. I would surely be dead by now if you did not.”

“See Michael, I always knew you were the smartest of the royal four. You were always willing to change. If Max was like you he would still be alive. But he wasn’t and now he’s dead. I miss him sometimes, and then I remember how weak he was and I’m grateful he’s dead. He wouldn’t have been able to accept our new world. Now leave me General Rath. I have much to attend to before the morning. And send Sidney in on your way out. I think I might keep the girl as my assistant after all.”

“Yes, my queen.”

Liz poured herself another glass of sherry. She needed something to settle her nerves. She had a long day ahead of her, and that dream hadn’t helped any. Sidney entered a few moments later.

“Sidney, have my maids begin packing my complete wardrobe. We are going to Antar and we may be there for an extended period of time. It is my wish that you accompany me. Along with the rest of my staff. I will need you to begin the preparations without me. I need to go speak with my son.”

“Yes, my queen. Thank you for including me.”

“Don’t thank me. With you aboard my ship I’m assured safe passage. To be quite honest I’m using you as a human shield.” Liz left the room smiling as a result of Sidney’s stunned expression. The young were so easily pleased, which meant things hurt all the more when they were ripped away.

Liz reached Zan’s door and dismissed his guards. She was afraid the boy would begin to cry and she didn’t want those under his command to see him in such a weak condition.

“My son, wake up.” Liz stroked the boys face as he woke. She rarely allowed such tenderness to show. It seemed that only this boy that looked so much like his father could bring it out. Zan wiped the sleep from his eyes, just as he used to when he was a baby.

“Mother, what is it?”

“I have news. Your father is dead. You are king of Antar.” Liz waited for the tears to come to the boy’s eyes. When they did not she was surprised and proud.

“Zan, your father has died, why do you not cry?”

“I hardly knew my father. His death brings me no joy, but it brings me no sorrow either. I am now a king. You told me kings do not cry.”

“That is correct my son. You are now very powerful. What shall you do with this new found power?”

“I do not know mother. But I am lucky to have you by my side.”

“Never forget that my son, never.”

End Part 2

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Part 3

“Zan, wake up. We’re here.” Liz watched as the boy, almost man in body, wiped the sleep from his eyes.

“On Antar?”

“Yes, and there are some people that wish to see you.”

“Who mother?”

“Get dressed and you shall soon see.”

“Yes, mother.”

Liz left Zan’s room and walked to her own quarters aboard the ship that had brought them from earth. It had been a long two month journey on board a tiny ship. She would be glad to finally have a chance to breath fresh air and stretch her legs. Even if it was Antarian air, and on Antarian soul. Liz had realized long ago that she had no like for the planet that ruled the galaxy. In fact she hated it almost as she hated its former ruler, Kivar. The whole planet stunk of death. Even on earth, with her harsh laws and low food allowances, the smell of death did not permeate. But her death was just another commodity to be bartered with.

Liz spied the girl that she would like to kill more than she liked to breath, sitting on her small palette reading a book. Sidney was a constant inconvenience, and Liz didn’t like inconveniences. She remembered back to how she had become the girl’s care-taker. It had been right after Max’s death. Kivar had killed Larek during an attack on Antar. But Larek, with the help of some very well paid scientists had devised a way to transfer his essence to Brody‘s body permanently. But the one thing Larek hadn’t taken into consideration was that he would continue to have Brody’s memories and emotions. Which meant that Sidney had suddenly become very important to him. Kivar soon discovered his old enemy was inhabiting a new body on earth. He sent orders for him to be killed. Larek escaped, Sidney did not. She came under Kivar’s custody. When Liz married Kivar, Sidney had been given to her as a wedding present. “A personal slave,” Kivar had told her. Hah, slave would imply that the girl actually did work. The little bitch knew how important she was to Larek, and never allowed anyone to forget it.

“Sidney we have arrived on Antar. You should prepare yourself to be presented. After all, we wouldn’t want dear Larek to forget that I have his precious little girl under my control.”

Sidney wanted to defy Liz, but she knew better. She had been the recipient of many severe punishments for her deviance. “Yes, my queen.”


Liz looked out over the crowds of people with disgust. It was pathetic the way they cheered, because they had a tiny hope of betterment in their lives under their new king. But at least their hope would make things all the more fun, when they realized their new boy king was just a puppet for the dreaded Lady Kivar, as she had come to be known here on Antar.

“Mother, the people look weak and sickly. Shouldn’t I do something like offer free medical care to show my gratitude in my loyalty?” Liz looked at her son with more disgust than the crowds.

“No Zan, you should not. The people do not deserve gratitude for their loyalty. it is their responsibility to obey their ruler, and now you are that ruler. Any sign that they offer loyalty of their own free will gives them the impression they have some authority, which leads to rebellion. And we don’t want to have to kill millions of people for disloyalty, now do we?”

“No, mother. You are correct. I’m sorry to have suggested it.”

“As you should be. You are a King now. You must think these things through. You will not always have my wise council to rely on. Soon, I must return to Earth. Planets do not function properly without a strong ruler there to guide their way.”

“Oh mother, you’re leaving so soon, but you just arrived.” Liz turned from her view of the crowds to view the owner of the voice she had not seen since giving birth to her eight years ago. Her daughter with Kivar, Maylena. The girl had grown to be quite beautiful in her absence. Long, dark curly framed a beautiful face, enhanced by Kivar’s striking blue eyes. Liz did not see any resemblance of herself in the girl, besides the dark hair. She was all Kivar. Even her voice held the same authority that was once in his. Though technically only eight years old, she looked much older do to the alien/human acceleration. Standing before her was a young woman that looked to be the age of 15. Seeing her daughter all grown up should have brought sorrow to Liz’s heart for having missed the transformation. Instead it only brought regret. Maylena, should have never existed.

“Maylena, you have grown quite beautiful in my absence.”

“Well, I would say you haven’t changed a bit, but that would imply I have memories of you, which I don’t. So in a way its like I’m meeting you for the first time. And my brother, Zan, you as well. I’m so happy you arrived safely. It would have been a terrible disappointment if something horrible had happened to your ship.”

“Yes, I’m sure the idea of Antar and Earth coming under your rule would be too much for someone so young to bear.”

“Mother, it’s true I may be young in age, but I hardly look it, or feel it for that matter. Oh, you’ve been here thirty minutes at the most, and we’ve already had our first tiff. I don’t want us to be bitter at one another Mother. I don’t hold the fact that you abandoned me against you. In fact I have a present for you. Think of it as a way of me saying no hard feelings.”

Liz allowed herself a small smile. A rarity to be sure. Maybe she had made a mistake leaving her daughter all those years ago.

“Look here it comes. Right on time. I don‘t know why I doubted it. He‘s never late.”

Liz hardly recognized the skeleton the guards dropped at her feet. It wouldn’t surprise her if the pitiful excuse for a living being was dead. But he wasn’t dead. She wouldn’t be that lucky. Yes, he was definitely alive. The spark of hate in those amber eyes looking up at her proved it.

“Mother I would introduce you to the infamous former King Zan of Antar but there’s no need is there. Welcome to Antar dear Mother. I hope you enjoy your stay.”

The hate in Maylena’s eyes was clear now. How had she allowed herself to not see it before. Her daughter had just declared war, and somehow she had managed to secure the one weapon that she had no defense against. The man she believed dead for 10 years. Max. She had to commend her daughter for trying. Maybe 8 years ago it would have worked. Even 5 years ago. But not now. Whatever she had once felt for Max Evans was long dead, just like the rest of her feelings. Liz looked at her daughter, without sparing a glance for her former lover on the floor at her feet, and called Maylena’s bluff.

“What a nice way to start my visit. When’s the execution to be?”