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I know I already have another story started but I have to write this story or I won't be able to sleep!! I hope you enjoy this!!!

I do not own Roswell , UPN and Melinda Metz own the rights to them. I am just borrowing them...No infringment intended. The title is also borrowed from Judith Mcnaught althought the story is not related!!!

Summary: Liz Parker's parents have died in automobile accident forcing her to leave the quiet suburbs of Ohio and move to Roswell New Mexico with her Grandma Claudia. Max Evans is the most popular guy in West Roswell High . He is used to getting what he wants and what he wants is the new brunette that just moved to Roswell. Has Max met his match? Read to find out!!!!

Almost Heaven
Starting over, Chapter one

Liz Parker sadly glanced around her empty room one last time. So many things were haunting her. Memories scanned through her mind. Liz thought about the many memories that would never be. Tears gathered in her eyes. She missed them so much. Her parents were her life support and they were gone now. She was suffocating, it was like she forgot how to breathe. How could she carry on without them? A loud honking noise startled Liz from her sad thoughts. Liz shut her bedroom door behind and ran down the stairs to the taxi that was waiting to take her to the airport. For a brief moment Liz felt like shuting that door was opening a new chapter to her life, and she hoped it was better than the last.

Liz threw her carry on bag in the cab and crawled in behind it. She glanced up at her bedroom one last time . The driver started to drive away and Liz could of swore she saw her parents in her window waving goodbye. She ran her hand through her hair and sighed . She was a mess and hoped some of her Grandma's loving would cheer her up. The taxi droped her off in front of the airport terminal and Liz paid him and headed on her way to her gate. She checked her bag and boarded the plane.

Liz slept most of the flight to Roswell, in fact she slept until the pilot announced they were landing. For the first time in week Liz smiled because she was going to see her beloved Grandma. THe plane landed and the passengers were granted access to exit the plane. She exited the plane and saw her Grandmother right away. Liz dropped her bag and ran to her Grandma and threw her self in her embrace. Claudia hugged Liz and prayed with time she would heal.

Claudia grabbed Liz's bag and directed Liz toward her car. They got in and both sighed.
"Liz I know this is going to be a hard adjustment to make, but remember I here for you. If things get to overwhelming please talk to me about it."
"Grandma I will be fine I promise . I am just really tired from the jet lag. I really need some sleep so please just take me home." Liz said reassuringly.
Claudia started the car and was just about to back up out of the parking spot when Liz placed her arm on he grandma's leg.
"Just promise me one thing Grandma. Don't ever leave me." Liz said as tears flowed from her eyes.
Claudia reached over and hugged Liz. " I am not going anywhere honeybear. I am not going anywhere. " she repeated.

The drive home was short and Liz was glad to be in a familiar place. She walked throught the back of the Crashdown, a resturaunt her grandma owned and headed upstairs to her room. Lz entered her room and was shocked to see her grandma had remolded it and made it comfortable for a sixteen year old girl. Liz threw herself on the bed and let sleep overtake her.

Claudia let her granddaughter sleep until the next morning, hoping it would do her good. She was going to be starting a new school and that was going to be hard for her. Claudia knew the best thing for Liz would be sleep. Claudia woke Liz up promptly at six am.
"Honeybear you have to get up . It is time to get ready for school."
Liz cracked one eye open and smiled . She got up slowly and headed down the stairs towards the aroma of pancakes. They were her favorite and her grandma made them for her. She sat down and poured her self some orange juice and scarfed down the food. She found herself very hungry not really remebering the last time she actually eat a full meal. Claudia was suprised to see Liz had such a big appetite.
"Hungry huh?" Claudia asked.
"I really haven't eaten anything in while." Liz replied back.
"Well thats all gonna change Lizzybear. Grandma is going to fatten you up yet."
Liz giggled as she got up from the table and placed a kiss on Claudia's forehead.
"Time for a shower and some new clothes." Liz said as she ran up the stairs to her room.
Liz hopped in the shower and let the hot water flow off her body. Her skin was becoming red from the heat of the shower and Liz felt relaxed from it.

She hopped out of the shower and threw on her crepe pleated wide leg pants and a white strech lace tee. Black and white were classic colors and Liz was hoping to fit in at West Roswell high. She blow dried her hair and used her big curling iron to add some body to the end off her hair. She added lip gloss as her final touch and flew down the stairs to get her grandma's approval.

"You look very nice honeybear. It is so hard to believe that you are all grown up. I know how important it is for you to get a fresh start at school, so instead of me dropping you off I have Maria coming to pick you up."
Claudia sighed as she looked Liz over.
"God grandma I haven' seen Maria in years." Liz replied

"You have now chica . Come over her and give me some sugar." Maria exclaimed excitiedly.

Liz rushed over and embraced her only friend in Roswell. She was so lucky that she even had one friend here.

"Oh my God Maria you look so good." Liz exclaimed still embracing her.
"Well we are off Grandma see ya after school." Maria exclaimed draggin Liz behind her. Claudia waved and smiled glad that Liz could depend on Maria.

Liz and Maria caught up in the car on the way to school . They compared classes and found tht they had atleast five classes together and lunch. Liz was grateful for that. They finally arrived at school and pulled into a parking spot. Liz looked out the window at West Roswell High and shivered. It was her junior year at a new school and she was intimidated by having to make new friends and having to climb her way back up the social ladder. it was going to be hard, harder work than Liz thought she could handle. Maria sensed Liz's fear and reached over and hugged her.
"You are going to be fine chica, I promise. Just stick with me and I will lead the way." Maria reassured Liz while getting out of the car.

Liz exited the car and took a deep breath. Maria grabbed her arm and they walked slowly through the quad and waited for the first bell to ring. " I will give you the rundown after lunch so you know which people to steer clear from. I will walk you to your first class and I will pick you up so we can go to gym after that. Smile Liz you are going to be fine." Maria said as she stopped at Liz's first class. Maria squeezed Liz's hand and ran off to her class.

"Hey Evan's you see the new girl yet? Well if you didn't just remeber I saw her first." Kyle Valenti said jokingly to Max.
"I saw her and Max boy is that girl fine. She is hanging with the Deluca girl. Both of them were looking good this morning . " Micheal said following Kyle's lead.
Max had just not been himself since his break up with Tess Harding and Kyle and Michael were just trying to point him in a new direction.
"No I didn't see her and I am really not interested. She is probably just like the rest of the girls here. Immature and just looking for a way to climb the social ladder. I stopped being a stepping tool after Tess. So lay off please." Max replied agitated.
He left the boys at the door and entered his honors chemistry class and was shocked to see the new girl sitting at his lab table.

She was breath taking . Long chocolate tresses , deep brown eyes and a body any guy would die trying to get a hold of. Maybe he was interested .

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Almost Heaven
Chapter 2

Max collected himself and walked to his usually lab table and sat down next to the stunning new girl. She smiled at him and he wanted nothing more then to introduce himself , but he couldn't find his voice. What the hell is wrong with me ? I can't even think of a sane sentence to say to this girl . Finally after three minutes he reached his hand out to her and introduced himself as Max Evans. She took his hand and said her name but funny thing was he was so mesmerized by her that he didn't hear it.

Liz was becoming flushed. Max kept staring at her like she was his favorite dessert and he hadn't had it in years. To Liz's dismay her gaze returned to Max's face as well. She couldn't stop staring at him either . He was absolutley gorgeous. Dark brown hair, amber colored eyes and a hard muscular body. He had to be in to sports as much as he was into his academics. It made Liz smile to herself to think he wasn't another sterotypical jock. Liz glanced around the classroom and noticed other students had taken notice of the public display of groping each other with their eyes. She instantly became embarrassed that people had already taken notice of her lewd behavior.

Liz looked up as an older gentleman walked into the room. She sighed with relief , glad that class would be starting and her attention would be elsewhere.
"Excuse me class your teacher is ill today and finding a substitue was unsucsessful. Today you will use this time to study with your lab partners." the older man replied.
Liz felt her body heat up as she realized she would be studying with Max Evans. Just as she was about to turn towards him a blonde girl snarled a nasty comment.

"You are in my seat. Move!" Tess snarled out.
"Your name isn't on the seat so maybe you should move on somewhere else. It looks like there is an empty table in the back, maybe you should take advantage of it." Liz belted back.
"Listen you are in my seat , so I suggest you move now or else." The blonde girl repeated over.

Max was getting pissed off . Who did Tess think she was?
"Tess I asked to be switched . I don't especially want to be anywhere near you. Why don't you go sit with Pam Troy. Tramps should stick together. " He stated.
Tess's face twisted with anger. She looked like she had been punched in the stomach.
"This is far from over." She said as she stormed away.

Liz was shocked , she couldn't believe that he had stuck up for her. He didn't even know her. She was already mystified by him. He was gorgeous , smart and nice. Perfect boyfriend material.
"Thanks for that." She stammered out.
"It was nothing, I can't stand Tess. She really needs some serious clinical help. " Max stated back.
"Well it was really nice what you did and I really appreciate it Max." Liz said . His named rolled off her lips and he could help but wonder what it would sound like if she was saying it in the heat of a moment.

He needed to get a grip. He couldn't understand what was going on in his head. She was stirring some serious emotions and he didn't think he was ready for that yet.
"So what do you do for fun around here?" Liz asked.
"Well nothing to exciting happens around Roswell, but we usually hang out at the Crashdown. It's this little cafe' and the owner is really awesome." Max said smiling.
"I don't know if the Crashdown will be fun for me, especially since my grandmother owns it and she is making me work there." Liz replied trying to return the warm smile he gave her earlier.

Finally a bell went off inside Max's head. Claudia Parker was her grandmother. She was Little Lizzie bear!! Claudia spoke of her all the time. He smiled and blurted out. " So you are the famous Lizzybear?"
"Oh my God I can't believe she is still calling me that." Liz said as redness creeped over her face. " I am so gonna get her when I get home!"

"No ! Don't tell on me! She will be so pissed. Can't it be our little secret? " He pleaded with her.
How could she resist his charm? He looked so cute.
"Ok I won't say anything , but you have to promise never to say that name out loud to anybody. Promise me?" She said teasingly.
"I promise . It will be our secret. Nobody has to know." Max said as he used his fingers to cross his heart.
Liz looked up as the bell went off and stood up slowly.
"Well it was great meeting you Max . So I will see you around?" Liz questioned.
"Yeah you will definitley be seeing me around. Why don't you let me walk you to your next class?" Max asked hoping to spend a few more minutes with her.
"Sure I am headed to Phys. Ed , you don't mind waiting for my friend Maria?"
"No problem. Lets just wait in the hall."

Liz looked around patiently waiting for Maria. God this girl is always late. Max grabbed Liz's hand and pulled her in the direction of her gym class.
"Come on you don't want to be late , Ms. Peabody is a real biznitch.... She will make you run until you can't run anymore." He said still holding her hand.
Liz felt shivers run up her back. He hands were so gentle and soft. She never wanted him to let go.
"Chica I am so sorry!" Maria shouted running up to them.

Maria was shocked to see Max Evans holding Liz's hand, but decided to hold off on finding out what was going on. " Sorry Max but I got it from here. Go before your late too!" Maria said grinning.
"I will see you after school at the Crash Liz. Hope you have a great day." He said wishing he could kiss her goodbye. Max turned and ran down the hall the opposite way.

Liz was perplexed as to why he was going to walk her to class when his class was obviously far away from hers.
"Come on I want details girl. We are so skipping Gym today. Ms. Peabody Is so gonna make us run if we go now."
"Won't we get in trouble?" Liz replied.
"Nah she will never know we are missing. Let's go out to the quad." Maria said dragging Liz behind her.

They found a quiet secluded area on the quad and sat down on the bench that was there.
"Ok so spill what is up with you and King Evans?" Maria inquired.
"Nothing he was my lab partner and saved me from embarrassment from some blond curly headed snob." Liz spat out.
"You must be reffering to Tess Harding. She is a huge bitch , Liz and not to mention Max's recent ex. She is going to be out for blood especially if she thinks Max is interested in you. So are you interested in him?" Maria pressed on.

"Well he is really nice and cute, but I just got here . I don't know if I should get involved with anyone so soon. I mean what if we go out and we totally don't like each other and then .... I don't even have a clue as to what then will be like. I just want to make smart decisions here, for my future Ria. He probably was just being nice anyways.

"He was totally interested . He was going out of his way to walk you to gym and listen... I saw the look on his face when I came . He was disapointed that he couldn't walk you. So nice no.....Interested definetly yes."

"You are to much Ria. Where do you get so much energy? I am ready for this day to be over with. Arent you?" Liz asked

"Uh-oh chica here comes Tess." Maria said.
Liz stood up ready to put the girl in her place.
"Listen we started off on the wrong foot. Max is my boyfriend and we are just have an arguement . So I hope you don't think he is interested in you. You are just the rebound girl. " Tess smiled.

"Well I wasn't interested anyway. We were just talking and he was just being a nice guy. Anyways I don't see what a nice guy like him sees in trash like you." Liz belted out.

Tess was hot. Steam was ready to start pouring out of her ears. The bell rang first lunch was going to start and Liz walked away with a laughing Maria following her.

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Almost Heaven
Chapter Three

"Chica I cannot believe you did that! It was awesome. Did you see her face? She looked like she was going to shit a brick! Everyone is going to be talking about how the new girl put that skank Tess in her place." Maria spat out excitedly.
"Calm down Ria. She totally had it coming. I didn't even do anything to her and she is all over me. What is her problem anyways?"
"You were talking to Max and even though they are broken up she thinks he is her property. He made her what she is and it kills her to think she will lose him to some girl that didn't work as hard as her to become Miss Popularity." Maria said smiling .
"Well I really don't care what she thinks of me or how she feels quite honestly. I have too many of my own problems. I seriously wouldn't of sat there if it was going to cause such a problem. I just want fit in and graduate. My parents died and I am just the poor orphane who got taken in by her grandmother so she didn't have to go into foster care. I just want to graduate and go to Havard like my parents wanted Maria. So anything you can do to aide in that would be great. I will just stay away from Max and this will all blow over." Liz stated calmly.

Maria giggled as she looked up and saw Max headed their way.
"Well Liz you can stay away from Max all you want but the real question is can you get him to stay away?" Maria said to her friend.

"What do you mean?" Liz replied.
"Well look up and you will see loverboy headed this way. You must of had quite an affect on him because he hasn't even dated anyone since Tess. Well gotta go chica." Marai said as she jogged in the other direction.

"Maria wait !! Don't leave me here by myself." Liz yelled after her.
"You not by yourself." A deep velvety voice said softly.
Liz melted as she heard his voice. God this was going to be alot harder than she thought.
"Uh hi Max! So you heard huh?" Liz said.
"Heard what?" Max asked confused.
"Oh you didn't hear? Well you girlfriend hates me. We just had an arguement and Maria assured me everyone was going to hear about it." Liz said fusturated.
"Well no I didn't hear and Tess is definetly not my girlfriend. I am sorry this is happening to you Liz." Max said genuinely.
"Max I just want to fit in and make friends. I really didn't expect anyone to hate me on my first day." Liz replied back.

"Look I don't know what her problem is but I will talk with her. Just don't be angry with me. Don't worry about fitting in cause you definetly do." Max said as his eyes gazed up and down.
Liz blushed in response. He was so intoxicating.
"Thanks Max for everything . I hope we can be friends." Liz replied with a smile.
Max brain screamed were are going to be alot more than friends Liz. His gaze rested in her lips. They looked so soft and he just couldn't help but wonder what kissing her felt like.
"We are going to be good friends Liz. Listen do you wanna go grab something to eat?" he asked.

Liz thought hard for a moment. She wanted to say no so but he was so cute that she just couldn't.
"Sure , Where do you want to go?"
"I know this little mexican place at the border. You ready for your first school day to end now. We definetly won't be back for classes. It takes a hour to get there."

"Ok let's go." Liz replied when she heard a sugary whining voice.
Liz turned around and came face to face with an angry Tess.
"Max what are you doing? We just had a little fight. No need to go whoring around. Tessie is here for you baby."
Tess said clinging to Max's arm.
Liz was ready to kick her ass. Whore her mind screamed, but befor she could get any words out Max had grabbed her arm and pulled her into the most intoxicating kiss she had ever recieved. His Lips burned her mouth. They were sweet and scorching at the same time. Liz was shocked at first and resisted but as soon as he plunged his tongue in her mouth she stopped resisting. his tongue was sinking in and out of her mouth and she welcomed every bit of it. When they broke apart they where both searching for air.

Tess was absolutley floored.
"Max you aren't actually going to go slumming are you? I love you baby! Come with me and I will show you." Tess said as she reached her hand out to him.
"Tess I am with Liz and I would be slumming if I went with you. Tess you don't even come close to Liz. She is smart , beautiful and caring. All of the things your not. You are just cheap and easy." Max said as he walked away grabbing Liz's hand.
They walked to his jeep and got in.
"Max there can't be anything between us besides friendship. I am just getting started here....and I am not ready for anything more. Please understand.' Liz replied lying through her teeth. That kiss was amazing and she would be lucky if anyone made her feel that way again.
"No problem Liz I just didn't know any other way . She will leave you alone now I promise. So what do you say we go get something to eat and get to know each other better?" he replied.
"Ok just as long as you understand. Let's go!" Liz replied

As the two newly introduced friends drove away the school was already buzzing about Max Evan's new love intrest. People were shocked that Max had found someone so quickly and actually upset because they felt Tess andMaxbelonged together.
One ting was for sure thought, people weren't going to make it easy for her.

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