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The NOT so Humble town of Witikar

Summary: Liz parker gets a reality check.
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Author: DUH ME!!!! Jess(allabouteyesS09)

The town of Witikar was small and humble, everyone was kind and charming, at least that was what they acted out to be, most of the time. There lived many of LARGE families. Who lived well in the quiet town, living good lives, and not so wealthy lives. but all of them knew that they were rich on love. A lode of rubbish to your ears? Yeah same to mine. I’m Elizabeth Parker, and this is My Journal. And it tells the Journey of my life....................................................

Authors note: These are like episodes to a television show. Each episode tells a different story, and the shows will be marked with the title in each posting that I make so you will not get lost so enjoy.

Episode One
The beginning of Liz Parker

Being in such a bad position was really hard for me. Only because I was in the hot seat.
On my sixteenth birthday my mother and father sent a BRAND new jeep to my school in Vermont, since they hated the fact of having such a screw up any where near their perfect new home. I have a total of three siblings, siblings which I have never met. one was two, the other was 6, and the oldest was ten. Truth is I haven’t seen my parents since I was thirteen and now I am sixteen. What does that say to you? Does it say, hello! Orphan! Thats what I call myself actually, in my mind I have no parents, only mislead idiots as my guardians. Bad I know. But if you were in my position you would think so yourself.

“ Ms. Parker, why in the world would you smoke bomb the girls locker rooms?” the Head Master, Mr. Gardems asked. I looked up at him with an innocent look that made me seem like a two year old, and shrugged my shoulders, biting my lip as if I was nervous.

Nervous? This was the sixteenth time in his office, under similar circumstances.

“ I did what I did. And I am SO sorry.” I said trying as hard as possible to make it as fake as possible.

“ Ms. Parker, these call out for attention are getting out of hand.” He said with a deep sigh looking at me with disappointment and tired. “ First it was the blow out dance, which you happened to spike the punch.

“ That was so funny, watching Pam Troy puking like....” looking at the Head Master I stopped and leaned back in the chair. His eye was twitching and I couldn’t help but chuckle seeing what my annoyance was doing to him. He had the same twitch in his eye, actually whenever he looked at me. It was his way of saying hi in my opinion.

“ Then the Football game. Where you just happened to dump itching powder in the boys helmets.” he said looking at me with such annoyance and disappointment. This was starting to get exciting.

“ And the so many times where you have distroyed the schools reputation and kept me up all night signing papers for the medical attention needed for the students who just happened to get hurt in one of your outburst!!!!!” he yelled slamming his fist fiercely onto the table. It startled me, but I still gathered a smile on my lips just to tease him more. His white beard was starting to twitch as he constantly tightened and loosened his jaw over and over.

“ I am very sorry Miss parker but from here on out you are officially out of Bullsburg Academy for girls and boys.” Mr. Garmens said as he looked down at the desk think that I may possibly be sad. I think not!

“ Where am I going? The Parkers wont take me in. I know that for a fact. Member when I broke my arm, they told me to use it as much as possible and it would get better.” I said looking at the Head Master giving him a knowing look.

“ Yes I do know. That is why you are going to live with your Great Aunt Emma.” he said.

He must have been mistaken. My Great Aunt Emma was a lunatic. I couldn’t live with her, she owned fifty five cats, and she was just weird. She was old, ugly, fat, and she called me Ginger every time I saw her. And she would try to pet me as if I were some type of cat. But it was true, I was going to live with her, and as soon as I walked out of his office, my baggage was already packed and my jacket was waiting for me to put it on. I turned to look at the Head Master an lifted an eyebrow.

“ You have been planning this for a while haven’t you?” I asked. He nodded, smiled and winked.

No one really did like me at the school. The girls hated me because of all of the OH SO TERRIBLE jokes I played on them. But come on, someone needs to give me some type of credit for them, they were ingenious. The boy’s on the other hand, didn’t like me nor hate me, they just didn’t notice me. And those who did ignored me. Im not the most adorable thing that walked the planet you know? I look fake. REALLY fake. My hair is blue, with white tips. Me eye shadow is always black, my eyebrow and tongue pierced. And suddenly thinking of the oh so little town I was on my way to, made me think. I was not going to fit in. No way in hell. I looked like a morbid, “ I want to go have an orgy then jump of a cliff” girl. Which I wasn’t. I was just a LITTLE extreme. That’s all. Orgy’s gross me out, and the thought of dying just freaks me out. And I HATE the sight of blood.

Looking out the window of the musty smelling bus I got the sudden urge to vomit. Not that I was car sick, only the fat pig next to me had a bad case of BO. And had the tendency of picking his nose then....eating the substance left on his finger. EWWW!!! Looking at the scenery I got the sudden rush of BORING. I saw, nothing, nothing, nothing....OH a weed!!!!....nothing....nothing.....GEE WILLY....It was a road house...then a LOT more of nothing. God help me, I’m going to lose my only piece of sanity I have left in this town. Scratch that, I have no sanity...he he he......

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