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Title: What Are We Doing
Rating: PG-13 for now.
Couple: Max & Liz CC sorta.
Summary: Michael,Isabel and Max come back to Earth. When they get back Max's wrost fear comes true. Liz might be dead already.

Author's Note: It's 1:40AM here. This idea just came in my head. So if it's not good please go with it. I don't know how to make a banner ,so if any one could make me one. Thanks.

CA SmithInc.

Liz walks around the room. "So we build a play-ground. With colors from green to yellow. That way kids will like it more......" As Liz goes on she keeps looking at her watch. "Why don't we have them just one color each?" Bob ask. "If we have just one color some kids are not going to want to near it." Liz said. Bob looks at her trying to get what she is saying. "What do you mean?" Franck ask. "O.K so say that there are two kids. They see a blue play-ground. The boy is going to go up to it. the girl will not. Now and days boys are playing with boys and girls are playing with girls." Liz said.

Tom walks in. "I think it is time to go. We all have a plane to get." Tom said. Liz is the first one out. She runs as fast as she could. While she is in line she picks up her phone. She dails a number she know by heart. "Please pick ...please." Liz said into the phone. She then hangs it up. "Why didn't he pick it up?" Liz ask her self.

NM, Roswell

Liz walks into the house. There in the living room is Max sleeping. Liz walks up to him and kiss him. She then walks up to the chair and sits. She puts her head back. She feels Max kissing her jaw. "I thought that you were getting home around 3pm." Max said as he keeps kissing her. "I came home as fast as I could." Liz said. He keeps what he is doing then starts at the top. "What is this I come home and now your all over me?" Liz ask smiling.
"Yep. Get use to it Miss Evans." Max said giving her that smile she loves.

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Thanks Tennissoccer for the reply. This fan fiction will updated tonight. The rest of my fan fictions will be updated this week. I'm sorry for not updating them sooner. This mouth has been crazy.
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Part 2


Max sat up in his bed. He just had a dream about him and Liz. He didn't like the way he lived right now. Liz was not in it. She wasn't here with him. She was on Earth with Kyle and Maria.

When they got here they found out the truth about Tess. Liz was right. Tess was evil. She killed Alex. How do I know? Tess told Isabel. Isabel cried about ,because she was the one that let her the group. Michael wanted to kill her ,but I stoped him.

She was one of us ,but yet she killed everything. Alex is not coming back. There will be a hole in the group.

We have to find a way to get back to them. I have to find a way to get back to Liz. She has to be still there. I know she is always with me. I know that she hates me. They all do.

Isabel was in her room crying for the tenth time that day. How could some one be so crul? Did she not have a soul? Alex did nothing wrong. He was always there when some one needed him.

God she should have belived in Liz. She was telling the truth. She was being The Ice Queen to her. Her and Liz might have not been the best of friends. One thing she knew now was to trust Liz. Liz was there when nobody else was. She felt bad for her now. Max and Tess out her thought hell.

Max told us about the FMax thing. Michael said wow after it. I didn't really say anything. We were so mean to her ,but yet she was there for us. How could some one be so nice to some one that treated her like trash?