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Author: a_charmed_one
Catagory: Max & Liz (AU)
Rating: NC-17
Sypnosis: Four best friends in the past, come together again in the future to reminise old times and help along with a friends pregnancy.
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell or any of these characters. This is based on the film "Now and Then".
Authors note: Set in Roswell, in two different years, past and present. You'll get my point if you read on *tongue*


Maria POV

Sometimes, when friends part for new, better lives, it's the last time you'll ever see them again. But with my friends it's different. I'm now 25 years old. I haven't seen Liz, Isabel or Tess for 9 years! A lot of things have changed; weddings, funerals, my pregnancy. That's why we're all meeting up again. One thing that hasn't changed is our promise to come back to Roswell whenever someone was in need.

"I can't believe they're coming back! It's been way too long" Maria squealed.
"I konw, isn't it great? Can you pass the Doritos?" Her husband Michael asked. "Sure, did you hoover the dining room?" she replied nervously.
"But of course" Michael leaned over an placed a soft gentle kiss on his wifes cheek.


"Oh my god, is that them? They're here, they're here!" Maria jumped out of her seat and rushed to the door.

Outside the house stood a young woman, dark brown hair, red lipsick, suit on, cigarette in one hand, briefcase in the other.

"Tess? Is that really you?"
"Maria! It's so good to see you! Wow, look at the size of you. Hey baby!" Tess laughed, patting Marias pregnant stomach. "Come on in, you're the first to arrive".
"How long's it been Ria? 9 years?" Tess sat down on the leather chair by the window. "Yeah, incredible how time flies" Maria commented.
"Way too fast. So, who's the lucky guy? On the phone you wouldn't tell me a thing!"
"Tess..... you've gotta wait for the others to arrive! We've got the whole weekend to catch up" Maria laughed at her old friend. She always was the impatient one!
"Woa! Check out the limo in the front yard! I didn't see that when I came in!" Tess exclaimed.
"That's because it wasn't there before, it's not mine"


"God, it must be Isabel!" Tess squealed running for the door to beat Maria.

Standing on the door step this time, 2 slim tanned legs, a short designer dress, perfect blonde hair neatly curled, not a strang out of place.

"Isabel? No way! You definately look like a model" Tess exclaimed. "That's coz I' am one sweetie!" Isabel smiled sweetly. "What's up with the limo Izzy? Is that what you're gonna drive me to the hospital with while I'm giving birth?" Maria joked.
"As long as you don't leak on my leather seats" Izzy replied with a serious look on her face. "So who are we missing?"
"LIZ!" They all chimed in together.

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Chapter 2

“Liz you look great!” Maria screamed.
“Yeah, you’ve lost so much weight, how did you do it?” Isabel laughed.
“I don’t know, with the help of my really great husband. He’ll be stopping by later” Liz answered. “Your husband? What’s his name?” Tess asked curiously.
“Oh I can’t tell you that! Wait till he arrives” She smiled secretly. “You’re not going to make me wait outside all day are you?” She laughed.
“No way! I’m sorry, come on in” Maria grabbed her friend inside and closed the door behind her. “So guys…let’s talk about old times” Tess said.
“Wait! I know the perfect place, follow me” Maria grinned, getting up and jogging through the back door in to her back yard.

As the group made themselves towards the very back of the yard, Isabel gushed. “Oh my God, you have got to be joking!”
“Nope, I’ve still got it” Maria grinned.
“This is unbelievable, the tree house!” Tess remembered.
“We saved up for this that whole summer! That was the best summer ever” Liz smiled remembering everything they had done that summer. As they all sat down on the living floor of their tree house, they started to look back on their last summer together…


“Guys, wait up!” Maria complained as the others cycled in front of her. “You know I can’t cycle as fast as you”. Maria huffed and puffed as she tried to keep up with the others. “Hurry up Maria!” Tess called back.
“Yeah, we can’t keep slowing down for you” Liz laughed.
“Come on guys, it’s hot, can’t we stop for 5 minutes?” Maria cried out loud.
“Are you mad? We just stopped 10 minutes ago!” Isabel moaned back to her friend.

The group eventually gave in to Maria’s complaints and stopped outside of their favourite Café - The Crashdown.

“Finally! Thanx guys” Maria said in between breaths.
“Remember guys, we can’t spend too much in here if we want to save for that tree house” Liz told the rest of the group. Liz was always being so responsible.
“Hey, Tess, isn’t that your mum?” Isabel asked.
“Oh God, hide me” Tess moaned.
“Why? Tess, what is she wearing?” Maria asked.
“I don’t know guys, come on, let’s get inside” Tess ran inside hoping not to be seen by her mother as she strutted past a group of workmen wearing her tightest leather skirt and belly top.
“How embarrassing” Tess muttered under her breath.

“We’ll have four cokes please” Maria told the waitress and they sat down.
“Be right back” the waitress answered.
“How much do we have already?” Isabel asked Liz.
Liz started to open the tin and count the money. “Only a hundred dollars, $97 after these cokes” Liz replied, obviously not happy.
“It’s not too bad, we can work over the summer” Maria suggested.
“Yeah, my dad asked me if we wanted to paint the garage for $50” Liz commented. “How about it guys?”
“Sounds great Liz, we’ll do it next weekend!” Isabel exclaimed.
The waitress came over with the cokes. “Thanx” Tess smiled and paid the $3.
“What? No tip?” she replied and walked off in a huff.
“What’s her problem? We only ordered four cokes” Maria commented.
“Come on guys, lets go” Liz walked out. “Where do you guys want to go now?” she asked. “How about we go for a swim?” Tess suggested.
“No, too boring. Why don’t we go piss the boys off” Liz laughed and hopped on her bike. By now everyone knew that when Liz made up her mind, it was final.
Cycling down the lane towards the baseball pitch, Tess started to think to herself:

How can Liz be so boyish? I suppose it’s coz her mum dies when she was a baby. It’s pretty sad how she never knew her

They finally reached the baseball field. The girls hopped off their bikes and wondered off towards the boys.

There stood Max Evans, the most arrogant boy Liz had ever met. “Hey Liz, hows you’re daddy doing without you’re mummy?” He taunted.
“Fuck you Max!” She called back. She grabbed the bat out of his hand. “Come on Michael, throw me a good ball!” she shouted out.
“You can’t play Liz, you hit like a girl” Max laughed.
“Oh well with a little practise, you could too” she retorted.
“You’re pretty special yourself Parker, how many kids can say they killed their mummy while she was having them?” Max went overboard. “I’m gonna kill you Max, you dickhead!” Liz screamed and jumped on top of Max, punching and punding his face and stomach. “Liz!” Maria screamed. “Get off his, what are you doing? Remember, you’re a lady!” Maria kept repeating to her. With that, Liz jumped off of a blood covered max and ran off crying.


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Hey, I fixed that little problem, they were actually meant to be staring at tess's mum. I get so confused myself, I can never remember which Roswell character is playing which Now and Then character *tongue*
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