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Title: Two For The Power Of One.
Author:: Jbehrbabe
Category: Past life story. Definetly M/L
Rating: Definetly R and maybe higher.
Disclaimer: The only thing I own Roswell related is some posters, fanfic, and VHS tapes.
Summary: Tricky. Tricky. The life and death of Max/Zan and Liz/? on Antar. That doesn't sound good but I don't want to give it away, so please just try it out. They wouldn't be dying if I didn't plan on writting a sequal about Max and Liz we know and how they discover their past.;) Sorry they gotta die for that to happen.
Authors Note: I alway's thought that Liz had also lived once before like Max did on Antar. How Max recogized her the first time he saw her and how he fell in love and stayed in love for so long. Their connection, the flashes, and some of the things that just poped up to make me think Liz had a greater involvement in the alien aspect of the show then what we saw. Especially how she had powers!

Some of what you learned about their past lives from watching the show will be the same and mentioned and some of it I'm changing to fit with the story. Most of it I'm making up as I go. Also, when you read this, see Zan as Max, not the dupe. If I could have written it using Max's name I would have but it wouldn't have added up. Because Max is the real king, not Zan the dupe who stole his past life name.

The last thing. Does anyone actually know what Antar looked like and how it was ran? Well me either so it may seem "earthy" as I write but I like it better that way. A lot easier to understand then creating words and languages so it seems "alien" to us. LOL. I like understanding things when I read them without searching around for a dictonary. If you don't understand something then just ask. I have the plot figured out in my head but writting it is a lot different if you ask me. I may need to describe things better, because maybe in my head that was enough because I already know what's going to happen. You don't. Atleast not yet.;)

It will start out in the very begining but in the next part I'm jumping years ahead and the important things that happened after this part will be made into flashes of the past. Did that make any sense? Maybe it will after you read the prolouge.

1929, Antar

"He wont attack, even he's too damn smart for doing anything that stupid," The king, Marces, of Antar said certainly, a thread of hate in his voice that was alway's heard when the name of his enemy was was brought up. Which, lately, didn't seem to be much. Either Khivar finally admited defeat or he was up to something. Khivar had attacked Antar several times over the time period Marces ruled Antar and he vagely remembered his father having the same problem with Khivar's father over thirty years ago. The two planets never would unite, he was sure of that. He didn't like how Khivar ran his planet, Zar, the fourth planet in the 'V' constellation, and Khivar didn't like the way Marces let his people run their own lives on Anatar, the second planet in the constellation. Things never would change. Or would they?

The 'V' constellation was a group of five planets that completed the shape of a 'V' from a distance. At the very center sat the nutueral planet, Xenith. They didn't bother fighting any war's or gaining anymore power. That planet litterally held the 'V' together from where it sat in the center, holding both branchs together. The people of Xenith were pure and above them. They didn't fight or try to gain more power by taking over other planets. Which they most certainly could if they wanted because of their monsterous size and fighting power. A lot bigger population. Arix, the king of Xenith, has been Marces good friend for many years. Even if Arix refused to take any part of an alliance.

On the left side of the 'V' constellation was three planets. Xenith sat in the very center. Then Antar started the left branch, followed by the third planet Qiric, Antar's alliance during any wars and vise vera if Qiric was ever attacked by the remaining two planets. Khivar's planet, Zar, started the right branch followed by the fifth planet Eriva, who would support Zar if the people of Antar or Qiric attacked them and vise vera. The four planets battled eachother many times over the centuries, but never really gained any ground. All the planets besides Xenith, who was bigger than the rest, were mostly all the same size or near to it. So that didn't give them any advantage. Same thing with the people who defended their planets. Around the same sized fighter populations. Now, if Xenith ever joined alliance with one of the two alliances then there would be trouble depending which side your on. Xenith litterally held the two sides together in a shape of a 'V'. If it wasn't for that planet the 'V' shape would most definetly brake during a war that would definetly be ugly, especially with Xenith's added power and size alone. The advantage both alliances have been looking after for thousands of years.

Marces shuttered thinking about it. Although it helped that Arix had been a friend of his since childhood so he was pretty sure he knew who's side he would choose if it ever came down to it.

"Morji!' he yelled at his right hand man. Well, woman if you wanted to be technical. "Get Zander for me," he said briskly, speaking of his good scientist friend. He had more important things to think about than Khivar. If Arix wasn't going to help, he'd find other way's. He was looking for his "advantage" and if what Zander had mentioned before was true, then he was pretty sure he had found his way to end Khivar once and for all. He couldn't change the size of his planet but he could increase the strength of his fighters. It all depended on the advantage. He also knew he couldn't storm Zar, because Khivar had just as many men as himself, even with his help from Quric wouldn't help because Eriva would be right there by Khivar's side with men just as powerful and as skilled as his own. If Zander was correct, he just found himself a secret weapon.

Who knew a very large planet, millions and millions of miles away by the name of Earth held all the answers and secrets in the mind of just one human, who would change the fate of Antar for all time long after Marces parished and his son, Zan, named after his friend that he owed so much to, would take charge, bring Antar triumph breifly, before Marces "advantage" backfired, crashing the planet to doom all because of one sisters jealousy of the other.

This is a story of founded power, love, hate and jealousy. The story of the sisters Ravin and Rena, the founded "advantage" and the "disadvantage" the old king discovered fifteen years before he died, leaving his son Zan, at the early age of fifteen to shoulder. Would it all be for nothing?


Zan ~ Max
? ~ Liz
Rath ~ Michael
Valandra ~ Isabel
Ava ~ Tess
Marces ~ Zan/Max father. Once king of Antar
Zander ~ Marces good friend and scientist.
Arix ~ King of the great planet Xenith.

Five planets in order.
Xenith ruled by Arix
Antar ruled by Zan
Qiric (not sure yet)
Zar ruled by Khivar
Eriva (not sure yet)

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Thanks for the feedback.*happy* This fic wont be very long. Probably no more than ten parts. It all depends on the FB.*wink*
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:( Doesn't anyone else like it?
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Elena, thanks for your suggestions!:D I got a name picked for Liz but I could use some help with names for the rulers of Eriva and Qiric.