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TITLE: The girl who lived

E-MAIL: flora_hope⊕

DISCLAIMER: I own just the fun of writing this and of cause all the feedback ;-)
CATEGORY: AU This story is placed in the world of Harry Potter, but none of the Potter characters will appear here. It is not a real crossover, I'm just borrowing the cool magical things *wink*.The spirit stays Roswellian. Max/Liz + gang
RATING: PG-13 and definitely R later, maybe even NC-17

AUTHOR'S NOTES: I'm not from an English-speaking country which makes writing even more difficult than it already is. So don’t be too mad at me for any linguistic mistakes. Ok, whoever is still here, on with the show!


~Part 1~

The whole school had gathered. Though not necessary, it had been the headmaster’s wish, an act of humiliation and degradation.
His hands were bound behind his back, one warden on each of his sides to prevent any physical attempts he could make for the cuffs around his wrist made it impossible for him to use his innate powers.

For the duration of the trials he had been held in the school dungeon but now, being convicted, he was transferred to prison. Azkaban. The name alone petrified him. No one had ever escaped and only few were ever released, being merely shadows of the people they used to be.

It was said to be on an island that was never touched by the sun, a place without light, without warmth, without hope. The guardians of Azkaban were the Dementors, faceless beings clothed in black. They fed of the emotions of the prisoners and if allowed to, would suck them dry of all their life energy.

Azkaban was possibly the one single thing that was as feared among the magical world as the name of his father was. Zaniel. He had brought terror and death in its purest form and even now, sixteen years after he had been defeated, most people did not dare utter his name.

He had tried to leave his dark legacy behind, for all his life he had struggled to be Max Evans, but in the end all he was to the people around him was Zan, son of the one who’s name will not be voiced.
His path from the dungeons to the great entrance hall was lined by all the school’s other pupils and by the expressions on their faces he could tell that it was true.

Nasedo, the headmaster, had ordered the line up. He wanted to give Max the chance to look in the eyes of every last one of his school mates and see the hatred and betrayal there.

As he walked past them, most averted their eyes knowing what fade awaited him, but some would stare at him with open disgust in their eyes and smug smiles on their lips for the same reason the others looked away.
Max looked down, it stung, he had to admit. Hogwarts had been home to him but in the end he didn’t belong here, he knew that sooner or later the illusion off being just a face among others would end and Zan would catch up with him.

He was innocent, for he had not committed the murder they had convicted him of, but evidence and more importantly his heritage had spoken against him.

They were nearing the entrance hall and Max looked up. Close to the door he could see the face of his only regret, Liz. For the past six years she had been his reason for living. She had offered her friendship to him, knowing who he was and he had clung to it, knowing who she was and what she had lost at his father’s hands.

As he walked past her now, she just starred at him with cold eyes, empty, emotionless. He couldn’t take it. His insides clenched by the thought of what his life would be like from now on, a living hell, where he would slowly lose himself, every day a little more.
He was terrified by that thought but it was nothing compared to the pain he felt upon leaving Liz behind like that.
Leaving her, when she thought him responsible for the death of someone she held so dear. Leaving her, when she thought he had just played her, using their friendship against her, when it was in fact the most precious thing to him.

He gathered all his strength and wrenched himself free of the wardens’ grips, turning around he tried to reach Liz but he wasn’t quick enough.


A green bolt of lightening escaped one of the warden’s wand and struck him in the back. He collapsed into a quivering mass on the floor at Liz feet. Tears blurred his vision, as he looked up at her. She wouldn’t even look down.

“Liz, please, I didn’t…….didn’t do it! Believe me!”

Desperation was colouring his voice as he was roughly picked up from the floor and dragged away. He struggled but it was no use.

“Liz, please! Please, believe me! LIZ! PLEASE!”

It was then, that realisation hit him full force. Liz would believe him guilty for the rest of her life and there was nothing he could do about it. A sob wracked his body as they stopped in front of the headmaster.
Nasedo held up Max’s wand.

“Witches and Wizards, pupils of Hogwarts be my witnesses, that from this day on Zan, son of the one I will not name is no longer a part of us!”

He broke Max’s wand in two and ripped the school emblem from his robe. Max slumped his shoulders in defeat.
One by one the teachers, that were standing to the left and right of the headmaster raised there wands to their faces and turned there backs to him.

Claudia Brandick, vice headmaster of Hogwarts and house teacher of Gryffindor was the last to turn around. It pained her to look at Max. She believed him innocent and had fought for his freedom, but in the end there was nothing she could do but watch as he was delivered to a fate that she was sure his gentle soul would not survive for long.

The wardens dragged Max, who was still weak in his knees, through the great door and it closed with a thud behind them. The crowd inside silently dissipated, leaving just a lone person behind at one of the big windows.

Liz Parker stood there watching the carriage disappear from the school grounds, taking with it the one person who had ripped the last shreds of her family away from her. Never again would she make the mistake to let somebody that close, never again.


It was Claudia; she had stayed behind to talk to Liz.

“Liz is only an illusion. I let myself believe that, if I tried hard enough, I could be Elizabeth Davis, Liz, just a face among others, but look what came from it.”

Liz turned around, away from the window, to look at Claudia. She was close to the old woman in front of her. More than ones had she turned to her for guidance and comfort, but this was something she had to mend on her own.

“I’m Elizabeth Parker, Zabe. See what my forgetting this cost pour Tess. I will not indulge in the luxury of oblivion any longer. When Zan’s father….”

“Max” Claudia reminded her.

“No, Zan!” Liz eyes narrowed in anger. “When Zan’s father killed my parents and failed to kill me as well the people started to call me ‘the girl who lived’ and that I am. I survived all of this and now I have to live with it.”

Liz turned to leave for the Gryffindor dormitory.

“You should realise as well, that Max Evans is an illusion just as Liz Davis, a nice illusion but an illusion nevertheless. In reality there are just Zan son of Zaniel and Zabe Parker. We should all be grateful for the fact that he was brought to justice before anyone could follow Tess to the grave”

Liz had always been one of the few, who spoke his name without fear. As Liz passed Claudia by, the old teacher turned around and asked in an even and sad voice.

“Do you really believe that?”

Liz stilled in her movements, with her back still to Claudia. She turned her head to the side and while looking at the floor she answered with a voice just as sad.


She picked her path back up and left Claudia behind, who now turned to the window herself. Starring out in the darkness that had long since swallowed the carriage, which had taken Max away to a place even darker, she whispered.

”Then I have not only lost Max to the clutches of darkness but you too my little Lizzie, you too.”

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Hello everyone!

I was soooo nervous whether anybody would even care to read the first part of this fic. I posted it shortly before heading to bed and when I locked onto the internet the next morning, there were already 6 replies and they kept getting more. I nearly fell off my chair! Thank you, thank you, thank you!*big*

Special Thanks to stargrl678 my very first feedbacker!

Befor I start, I want to answer a few questions:
Chrystieluv The story goes on in the future but especialy in the first chapters there will be a lot of flashbacks.
izzylizard Liz/Zabe and Max/Zan are not brother and sister, there just isn't any last name going with Zan. As the story continues it will get more obvious why I gave Max and Liz two sets of names. In the magical world the name of a person often has special magnificence.
Morrigan Undomiel Here goes the same about the names. Claudia ist not realted to either Liz or Max but she has a special relationship to both of them. Liz is kind of like Harry but she is her very own character, not only Harry with a different name.
abarfeld *lol* I take feedback in whatever language it comes *big*

TITLE: The girl who lived

E-MAIL: flora_hope⊕

DISCLAIMER: I own just the fun of writing this and of cause all the feedback ;-)
CATEGORY: AU This story is placed in the world of Harry Potter, but none of the Potter characters will appear here. It is not a real crossover, I'm just borrowing the cool magical things *wink*.The spirit stays Roswellian. Max/Liz + gang
RATING: PG-13 and definitely R later, maybe even NC-17

Part 2

4 Years later

Elizabeth Parker sat in her office at the ministry of magic in London, when her office fire place began to crackle. She rose from her chair to greet the person that now stood there engulfed in green flames.

“I woke up to find you already gone and what a surprise, you went to work. What are you doing there in the middle of the night?” The young men’s tone was accusing but had a teasing quality to it.

Elizabeth smiled at his words. “Well, first, 7 o’clock isn’t in the middle of the night, it is already light outside and secondly, some people actually have work to accomplish, sleepyhead.”

His blue eyes took on a fake look of hurt. “Ouch, that hurt. Are you implying that I’m lazy?” She gave him a look that said ‘when the shoe fits’ and he pressed his left hand to his chest exclaiming “You crushed me, my sweet Zabe, my ego lies shattered at your feet!”

She giggled. “When you are done dying, you could tell me, if your call has a special reason, otherwise I have to remind you that my boss doesn’t like me using the office fire place for private chitchat.”

“There are two reasons for my call. Most importantly I wanted to see whether you were all right. It is not healthy to work so much, you know.”

Zabe sighed. “I had some things to finish before we leave for Hogwarts later” At the grimace on his face she added. “I know that you do not like me accepting the free teaching position there, but you can’t deny that it will be a lot less stressful than my job here at the ministry.”

The young man let his hand slip through his short blond hair. “About Hogwarts, I know, I promised to accompany you but….”

“No. No buts, you promised. You can’t back out of it now. I need you there with me, even if it is just for the first week. I… I don’t… the memories… you know I haven’t been there since…. since, well, you know, since Tess.”

He watched as she nervously bit her lip. He wanted to reach out to her and brush her cheek, but although the images they saw of each other looked really, they were still just that, images, with the real beings still separated by distance.

“I’m sorry Zabe, really, but I got called away. That was the second reason I called. There was an incident at the Loch Mesa up in Scotland and I got an urgent owl about half an hour ago, to leave as soon as possible.”

He and Elizabeth didn’t just share an apartment; they were also colleagues at the defence against the dark arts department at the ministry of magic. Normally they would have investigated this together but with Elizabeth’s new teaching duties, she was just to be called in for emergencies and this case obviously didn’t qualify as such.

“Loch Mesa? I thought the city there was a ghost town?”

“Last I heard, there weren’t even any ghost left. If even ghost leave the area then uneventful gets a whole new meaning. I really rather be with you than up in Scotland, but I have no choice. The journey there shouldn’t take more than 2 days, another two to clear everything and in not even a week I’ll join you at Hogwarts. How about that?”

“I guess it is the best I can get. I’ll wait for you and try to survive.” She smiled at him, though it was a bit shaky.

“You always get through Zabe, you’re the strongest person I know. Just remember, there is nothing that can hurt you. You are stronger than the things He did to you.”

“I know, I just would have wanted to have you there with me.”

“I know that and I’m sorry” His image looked to the side and sighed. “Look, I have to go now. I’ll send you an owl as soon as know what the matter is, ok?”




His image faded and the flames diminished until her fireplace was once again completely empty.

Things were not progressing as she had hoped they would, but there was nothing she could do about that. Looking around her office Zabe took a deep breath. She had finished the work she had come for and there was no excuse left for not getting on her way.

Grapping her bag and a folder from her table she headed for the office next door. Inside Alex Whitman was hanging up a new picture of his wife and daughter.

“Wow, Serena got pretty big already.”

Alex looked up from his task. “She is, isn’t she? Isabel complains that soon she will be too big to carry around.” He smiled in thought and then focused on Zabe again. “Hey, you’re leaving?”

“Yeah, I was just on my way home. I wanted to say goodbye”

Alex put the picture aside and enveloped her in a strong hug.

“I’ll miss you, but I understand that you will be around from time to time?”

“Yes, after all it is my duty to see that not everything is drowning in chaos.”

“Oh, just so you know young miss, I’ll protect this department from chaos with my life if necessary!”

“I know, Alex, I know. “ Zabe smiled. “I will miss you too. Say hey for me to Isabel and little Serena”
“I will. Bye Zabe”


With that Elizabeth raised her wand.


Her Venemosa Tentakula gave a light shriek as Zabe popped up in her living room.

“Shh, everything is alright, Ursula” Zabe whispered while watering her plant.

She discarded her bag and folder. All heavy things had already been sent ahead so she would be travelling light. Hogwarts was secured trough a multitude of protective spells. For safety reasons nobody could apparate on the Hogwarts grounds. Zabe would have to get there the “normal” way. She changed from her official black robe to her dark green travel one, gripped her broom and secured the door.

Outside she mounted her broom stick and lifted up into the air. It was a nice warm day and she enjoyed how the wind blew through her hair. She always liked flying but her office was in a place too public to fly there. Here at the outskirts of London nobody would notice. Zabe could have taken the train to Hogwarts; it would have been quicker but flying made her feel free, made her forget her worries, something she didn’t allow herself very often. But even this refuge was tainted by the memory of Him , of Zan.

They had flown together, had left the world behind together, or so she thought. She and Zan had taken the Animagus spells together during their fifth year of school. To fly without any utensils was one of the most fascinating things she had ever felt. But she hadn’t been an owl for a long time. It reminded her of him and it made her furious to realize how many of the things she cherished, he really had ripped away from her.

And now, she was heading to Hogwarts. For the first time after her graduation she would face the memories, the good ones and the bad ones, alone, but she would survive, as always. A numb feeling settled over her heart, as always.


I know this part was kind of uneventful, but is just had to be. In the next part we will learn more about the relationship between Claudia and Liz and how Liz and Max met for the first time. And who was the mistery man in Liz Fire place?
So take all your strengh and hang on!*tongue*

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TITLE: The girl who lived

E-MAIL: flora_hope⊕

DISCLAIMER: I own just the fun of writing this and of cause all the feedback ;-)
CATEGORY: AU This story is placed in the world of Harry Potter, but none of the Potter characters will appear here. It is not a real crossover, I'm just borrowing the cool magical things *wink*.The spirit stays Roswellian. Max/Liz + gang
RATING: PG-13 and definitely R later, maybe even NC-17

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Thank's for everyone who left feedback to the last part. I hope this one will answer some of your questions.


Part 3

When Elizabeth reached Hogwarts it was already dark. She dismounted her broom and stepped up to the old and heavy doors of the main Entrance hall. After knocking a few times, footsteps could be heard inside. On of the doors squeaked open and a grumpy face showed.

“Who is there?” It was Hank, the housekeeper.

“I’m Elizabeth Parker, the new teacher for defence against the dark arts.”

“Oh, yeah, didn’t think, you’d come at night.” He opened the door so that Elizabeth could step trough.

Stepping into the great entrance hall after so many years was a strange sensation. Everything was just palely lit by the moonlight filtering in through the huge window mosaic over the doors, the banners of the four houses, the statures. The walls were littered with empty picture frames, the people in the pictures having gone to bed already.
Behind her a throat was noisily cleared.

“Are you able to get around on your own?” He asked impatient.

“Yes, I’m. I won’t need further assistance, thank you.”

Elizabeth watched Hank walk away, mumbling something. She shook her head, she didn’t like Hank. He was aggressive and drank a lot too much for her taste. Really nobody liked him, especially not the students. She remembered her group playing not just a few tricks on him. But he was a squib, somebody born to magical parents but without any magical abilities of his own. It was hard for these people and so Nascedo had kept him and now Claudia too.

Elizabeth made her way to the Gryffindor tower were her bed chamber and new office were. She paused at the base of a long staircase. There, to her right, was the great dinning hall. She had spent a lot of time there, not just eating but stargazing. It was the thought of who had been with her most of the time that made her hesitant.

She contemplated for a moment longer and then stepped down from the staircase and into the dinning hall. Carefully she peered at the ceiling and sighed when her gaze meet with thousands of stars. She sat down on one of the benches basking in the eternal glow of the stars above.

The ceiling was bewitched; it always showed an exact replica of the sky outside. It was the ultimate place for stargazing. You were warm and save from rain and wind, not considering of course, that it was strictly forbidden for students to leave their dorms at night. But that hadn’t kept her from coming or Him for that matter.


Elizabeth jumped up from the bench but relaxed quickly as she recognized the outlines of the woman, who had always looked out for her.

Claudia stepped out of the shadows and enveloped the newcomer in a warm hug.

“It is good to see you, my little Lizzie.”

“It is good to see you, too, but I go by Zabe now and you now that”

“Yes, I know that, but you will always be Liz to me, because this is who you really are.” Claudia said with a smile.

Elizabeth looked at the old woman in front of her, debating whether she should contradict her or not. They had argued about this a lot, and Zabe decided that she didn’t want a remake now. So she changed the topic.

“Why don’t we sit down for a moment?”

Claudia knew what Elizabeth was doing and she would let it go, for now.

“How was your journey?”

“It was a nice day, so I flew here. It took me quite some time, but it was worth it. I don’t get to fly a lot in London.”

“You know, that you could live her in the castle, so you wouldn’t have to travel back and forth.”

Normally all teachers lived at Hogwarts, but Elizabeth had made it her one condition to stay living at London.

“You know that he doesn’t like Hogwarts and I won’t risk losing my relationship. I’ll just apparte as near as possible and take the broom from there it won’t take that long”

“Oh yes, this boyfriend of yours made you do it. Where is he by the way?” Claudia said with not just a little disgust in her voice. She didn’t like the boy and he wasn’t good for her Liz.

“He didn’t make me do it, ok? It was my own decision and he got called a way to Scotland for investigation.”

“How convenient.” Claudia muttered.

“I know that you do not like Khivar but please don’t make me take sides. You are very important to me but he is too. When Tess died, he was the only one who could really understand my pain, because he felt it too. Did you know that he wanted to marry her? After the graduation ceremony he was going to propose. But Tess never graduated.”

“It was my fault they didn’t get their happy ever after.” Claudia wanted to object but Elizabeth held up her hand to silence her. “It was my fault. I was the only one who at the time knew that she was the last one I had left of my family. In my blindness I entrusted Zan with my secret and he killed her, trying to finish, what his father started.”

“When I confessed that to Khivar he forgave me, just like that.” Elizabeth looked at Claudia with earnest and slightly watery eyes. “He said that it wasn’t my fault. That Zan had played me and used my kindness against me.”

“Oh Lizzie….”

“After graduation when we had moved in together, for many months the first thing in the morning he would say to me was ‘Zan betrayed you, it wasn’t your fault’ and after a while I could believe and accept it. Khivar has been a great friend and supporter and now he is even more. I don’t want to risk what we have, going against his wish for us to stay living together. I don’t want to.”

“I accepted this job because it is a great honour to teach at Hogwarts and I will fulfil my teaching duties at my best ability but this place still holds a lot of memories, good and bad ones. I would like for you to back up from these topics concerning the past for a while. You think that Zan didn’t do it, but I know he did. Please give me time to battle my demons her on my own.”

Claudia looked at the young woman in front of her and sighed. Liz had her walls up; it would be no use pushing any further now.

“If that is what you want, than I will respect your wish.”

A silence settled over the two women gazing at the ceiling.

“I remember the first time I caught you in here. It was just a few weeks after you started school here. You looked so lost” ‘You still do’, Claudia thought.



Claudia Brandick, house teacher of Gryffindor, stood in front of a very frightened looking eleven-year-old Elizabeth Parker.

“Hank told me, that a student might have snuck out of his or her dorm. What are you doing her in the middle of the night? You should be sleeping.”

“I know, please don’t expel me. I just … I … I couldn’t sleep.”

Claudia stepped closer to the young girl and sat down on a bench, patting the spot beside her.

“Come and sit down with me for a while.”

Slowly Elizabeth came closer and sat down beside the friendly looking old woman.

“I will not expel you Liz Davis”

Liz looked up at her with wide eyes. Although she had grown up under the name of Elizabeth Davis, most magical people just knew her as Elizabeth Parker, the girl who lived.

“Why the large eyes?” Claudia asked amused.

“Most witches and wizards call me Zabe Parker, the name my parents gave me on the day I was born. But I’m not Zabe, I’m Liz just a normal girl and not the heroine everyone things I am. It is nice of you to acknowledge that.”

“Well, I also think that you are a most remarkable person and that in time you will do great things but there is still enough time for this later. You need to grow first, define yourself, and I know you will.”

“Mrs. Brandick?”

“It’s Claudia, Lizzie.”

“Well, then Claudia, did you know my parents?”

“Yes, I knew them very well. They were both Gryffindors and I had just assumed my position as house teacher. You look a lot like your mom, the same chocolate eyes the same brown hair; she was a real beauty.”

“I was just one year old, when they died but I miss them sometimes and when I look at the stars, I feel like they are not that far away.” Liz lowered her face, but Claudia reached a hand under her chin and gentle lifted her head back up.

“I know my dear, I know and I’m sorry we had to leave you with your uncle, but I tried to be there for you as much as possible.”

Liz’s confusion showed on her face as the elderly woman murmured something and in her place there was a black cat with a with spot over one eye sitting on the bench. Liz’s eyes widened in surprise.


A moment later the cat turned back into Liz’s teacher.

“That was you? You are Spot?”

“It was decided, that you were better of being raised among muggles far away from the magical world, so that you may grow up without the constant talk of what happened. We gave you to your mother’s brother, Brody Davis. He agreed to let you stay with him, to ensure your health and education but that was all he did. He worked so much at his computer firm, that I could see your loneliness.”

“I was not to make myself known; it was too early for you to know. But when your mother got pregnant, she made me promise to look over you in case something happened to her. So I became Spot to you. I’m an Animagus that are wizards that can turn themselves into one particular animal. It gave me the opportunity to give you some company without going against the regulations.”

“I know it wasn’t much, but it was all I could do. Sometimes at night, when you were asleep, I would turn into my real self and hold your hand while you slept, waiting for the time to come when I could tell you.”

A smile spread over Liz’s face, she hadn’t been alone; someone had cared for her. It was a good feeling to know that, a warm one.
Claudia then enveloped her in a tight hug and brought her back to her dorm.


“Yes, I remember that, too. I cherished our times together.”

“Well, I may not be able to order you to your dorm, but I strongly advise you to get some rest, you have a lot to do tomorrow.”
“Yes headmaster!” Elizabeth smiled at the older woman, who had risen to leave. As Claudia closed the door behind her, Zabe remained behind.

Although it was against school regulations the two of them had met often, here in the dark dinning hall, stargazing. Claudia had told her numerous stories about herself and Zabe’s parents. Elizabeth would come down here when she felt the lonely and Claudia would be already waiting for her, just as if she had known.

But one night it wasn’t Claudia in the dinning hall, it was someone else.



Liz quickly slipped inside the dinning hall. She didn’t want to get caught by Hank. As she looked around Claudia was nowhere to be seen. That was strange, she was normally already there when Liz arrived.

“Hallo? Claudia?”

“No, just me.”

Liz whirled around at the unexpected voice. There, near the wall stood a small boy. He had a Gryffindor robe around him like Liz herself, and his pyjama bottoms were sticking out from under it. He looked frightened like a deer caught in the headlights of a car. Obviously he was as surprised to see her as she was to see him.

“I .. I couldn’t sleep and so I came here. I really didn’t expect you to be here, I swear. I‘ll leave.”

As he made his way to the door, Liz got a better look at him. The boy was Zan, she realized, that explained his behaviour.

“NO! Stay, please?”

He stopped short and searching her face with his gaze. They were in the same house, but he had taken great efforts to go out of her way. Even if he wasn’t his father, most people didn’t acknowledge that. He didn’t want her to look at him and just be reminded of what she lost at his father’s hands.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I couldn’t sleep either. Why don’t you sit down with me?”

Hesitantly he moved closer to her and sat down on one of the benches, still leaving quite a lot of space between them.

“Were you meeting someone here?”

“I was hoping to find Professor Brandick here. When I can’t sleep I usually come here, until now she has always been waiting for me, to keep me company, but not tonight.”

“You have a lot of people to keep you company, from all houses. I have watched you laugh and talk with them.”

“You watched me?”

“Well,… “ A panicked expression crossed over Zan’s face. “I wasn’t stalking you really, I .. I just wanted to make sure my presence wouldn’t bother you.” It was dark but Liz could see his face growing red up to his ears.

“Why would you bother me?”

“Don’t you know who I am?” Zan couldn’t believe his ears.

“You are Zan, I know, but what happened back then wasn’t your fault. You were a baby, just like me.”

Zan looked down saying nothing. So Liz continued

“Maybe you’re the only one who can understand me.” At this Zan looked up “I befriended quite a lot of new people but they always see Elizabeth Parker when they look at me. I grew up being someone else. I want people to look at me and just see me and I think you are probably the only person that really understands that.”

On impulse Liz raised her hand for Zan to take it.

“I am Liz, Liz Davis and I would very much like for you to be my friend.”

Zan looked at her hand incredulously. Elizabeth Parker, no, Elizabeth Davis was offering her friendship to him? When she hadn’t attacked or taunted him in public he had been grateful, but never had he imagined something like that.

Slowly he took her hand in his and she gave there joined hands a small squeeze.

“Max” He murmured so faintly she nearly missed it.


“The name my foster parents gave me is Max Evans.” He looked up at her with a small smile showing his understanding to her.

Liz smiled back and scooted closer to him. “It is Max and Liz than” They sat side by side for a long time that night, gazing at the stars and not saying a world. Both hadn’t felt that comfortable in a long time.

Liz never again found Claudia waiting for her in the dinning hall at night.


Zabe got up and moved to leave as well. The memories of a small boy and the small girl she once was, fading away before her inner eye.

She wondered how long it would take until she could look back with a smile for the happiness she had felt back than. Knowing that it had all been a set up and that the same happiness she once cherished was tainted with blood.


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So, if you read this, you have successfully survived jet another part*wink*. We are two chapters away from meeting Max in the flesh. The storyline will get more apparent then.*tongue*

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