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My Secret Reputation

Disclaimer: Story is based on the book "Andy & Andie" by Malle Vallik. Roswell belongs to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz and the good people at UPN.

Part 1:

Max smiled at the new version of himself in the mirror. He definately liked his new image.
Ever since elementary school he had been the class nerd, the guy in the front seat who had bad hair, wore suspenders and flade, and studied rocks and astronomy. Max hadn’t even noticed just how much of a nerd he was, not until he had it so blatantly pointed out to him. He cringed reliving the memory.

His sistor had always tried to point out to him the error of his ways. Mostly because she was a bit embarrassed of him, well make that a lot embarrassed by him. Isabel was a high school pom pom queen and her brother was the class nerd. Everyone found it hard to believe they were twins, seeing they were as different as day and night. Isabel was staying with their aunt back home, she hadn’t wanted to leave all her friends for the sake of one year.

But now everything was going to be different. Max was starting a new school and things were going to be different, he was going to be different. No more chemistry club or debate team, he was going to try out for the sport’s team instead.

Max pulled his jeep into the school parking lot and checked out the towering school building. “Please don’t let me screw this up.” he whispered to himself before getting out of the jeep and slamming the door.

He spotted a girl a few cars over and his breath caught in his throat, she was so beautiful.
“Yeah, so you’ll never have a chance with her.” jeered a voice in Max’s head as he walked past her.

Liz looked at the tall guy walking past her. He must be new, she would have noticed him before now.

Max pulled open the door to the principals office and was greeted by the secretary who told him it would be a few minutes before the principal could see him. He took his seat beside a big guy who was figiting in his seat and a lean guy whose face was covered with acne and donned with a huge pair of glasses. “Oh no.” thought Max, “Would this guy realize that they were kindred? Would they end up being friends?”

“Hello, Mr. Evans.” greeted the principal. “Please come in. And Mr. Guerin, I’ll deal with you later.”
“Whatever.” muttered the big guy, obviously the named Mr. Guerin.

“Hello Max. You’re records are wonderful. All straight A’s. It will be great having you here. And I hope that you will attend some of our clubs. We have an excellent chemistry lab.”

Max nodded and slowly prayed that the principal wouldn’t convince him into running for chem club president when all he wanted to do was get as fair away from his nerdy old self as possible.
Finally the principal opened the door and summoned the lean man sitting on the chair.
“Max, this is Newman Trake, you and he have similar schedules so I asked him to show you around.”

Max mentally cringed as he walked out the door with Newman.
Mr. Guerin must be thinking that they were two of a kind.

“And here’s your locker, and it’s right by the science wing. It has an amazing microscope, I’ll show you how to use it some day if you would like?”
“Yeah that would be great.” spurted out Max before he realized what he was saying.
Newman smiled, obviously pleased that he had found a friend at last.
“But I’ll probably be too busy for awhile.” Max added and Newman’s smile faded. Max felt like a jerk but there was no way he was going back to being like Newman. He knew what being like Newman got you.

Max studied the map Newman had given him and began searching for his first class. It was Advanced Math. He walked into the room and the only seat available was beside the beautiful girl he had seen earlier that day. Max walked in and sat beside her, trying to draw as little attention to himself as possible. The teacher just gave him a smile and a book and let him figure out what was going on for himself.
“Where on page 53.” whispered the beautiful girl.
“Uh huh.” answered Max, “You idiot, that’s all you could say?” he berated himself. Uh-huh wasn’t even a word, it was more like a grunt.

“First day jitters?” asked the girl after class had let out.
“Yeah.” replied Max realizing he had sat in his chair and said nothing the whole class.
“I know what that’s like. I just transferred here several months ago. My name’s Liz Parker.”
“I’m Max.”
“What courses are you taking?”

Max handed his schedule to Liz and she studied it for a few minutes.
“We have health together after lunch. I’ll see you there.” said Liz as she handed Max back his schedule and walked away, leaving him floating on cloud nine.

Max walked into his next class late and the only two seats left were beside Newman and Mr. Guerin from that morning. Max walked past Newman, despite his frantic wavings to him and took a seat next to Mr. Guerin.
“You new?”
“Yeah.” mumbled Max.
“Well I’ll introduce you to the guys, I’m Michael, the guy sitting in front of you is my man Kyle and the guy beside him is Alex.”

Max almost stuck out his hand to shake their hands but caught himself and just nodded at each guy in turn. He had just been initiated into the ‘cool’ group.

Liz walked into the cafeteria for a second and looked to see if she could find Max. She finally spotted him sitting next to Kyle, Alex and Michael and her heart fell. They would tell him everything he wanted to know about her and more, and then if he was still interested, she probably wouldn’t be. She walked out of the cafeteria and went to eat in the drama room.

Max had made more friends in one day then he had in eleven years at his old school.
He was sitting with Kyle, Kyle’s on/off girlfriend Cherri, Michael, Michael’s longtime girlfriend Maria, Alex, Monica and Sheryl.

“So Max, where’d you go to school before?” cooed Sheryl as she flipped her hair.
Max just looked at her for a few seconds before processing that this absolutely gorgeous, popular girl was flirting with him.

After a few minutes the girls filed off to the washroom leaving the guys alone.
“Hey Max, I think Sheryl wants you.” jested Michael.
“Monica was looking your way too.” laughed Kyle, which earned him a pissed off glance from Alex who obviously had his heart set on the aforesaid Monica.
“So what do you think of Sheryl?” asked Alex, desparately trying to attract Max away from Monica.

“She’s pretty hot.”
“No duh.” replied Kyle. “But are you interested?”
“Someone else better in mind?” asked Michael.
“There’s this girl I saw earlier.”
“What’s her name?” asked Alex.
“Liz Parker.”

Alex and Kyle smiled at each other and turned their lopsided grins at Max.
“Parker, eh? You the man. And if not, you will be soon.” said Alex.
“Huh?” asked Max, looking at the two grinning idiots for explanation.
“Liz is fairly loose.” explained Kyle.

Max looked away from Kyle and Alex and towards Michael.
“She’s only been here two months and she’s been with pratically every guy in the school.” he explained.
“Yeah, except you.” replied Kyle.
“I have a girlfriend.” said Michael, shooting Kyle a death glance.
“Ka ching.” said Kyle, flicking his hand in the universal signal for whipped.

Max walked into Health class and spotted Liz sitting by Newman in the back corner. She didn’t even look at him when he walked in the room, so he went up and sat down beside Alex.

“Were getting our partner’s for the egg project today.” Alex informed him.
“What’s that?”
“We get this egg and we have to take care of it.” replied Michael from behind him.

“As you all know, we are starting the egg project today.” declared the teacher. “This assignment is much harder than simply making sure your egg doesn’t break. It has to be cared for at all times, as well you and your partner must plan a budget together, have a housecleaning day and plan one date for yourselves while someone else cares for your egg.”

“Our first couple will be Mr. Guerin and Miss DeLuca.”
“Hey, thanks Mrs. M.” laughed Michael.

“Cherri you will be working with Newman.”
“Ugh.” sighed Cherri as she shared a disgusted look with Monica.

“And Mr. Evan’s you will be working with Miss Parker.”

“Way to go man.” said Alex, loud enough for the whole class to hear.

Liz watched as Max slapped hands with Alex and Michael. So him too, and she was hoping that he would be different.

Part 2:

“Hey Liz. Do you want to take the egg the first day or should I?” asked Max after he had caught up with her in the hallway after Health class.
“You can.” spit Liz. She wasn’t in the mood for playing nicey nicey with another guy who saw her as nothing more than a piece of meat.
“Okay. Well, when are we going to get together to do the budget?”
“Amoung other things.” interjected Kyle, walking up behind Max and Liz.
Liz stared at Kyle with a look that spelled death if he dared to say anything else.

Sheryl had joined the group outside the hall and had seen what had taken place. Max seemed like he was seriously pissed at Kyle for insulting Liz who had retreated to the bathroom. “I’ll go see if she’s allright.” offered Sheryl. Maybe if she played nice with the little tramp she would score some points with Max.

“Hey Liz are you in here?” asked Sheryl in her sugary rich voice.
No answer.
“Liz, dear, I know you are in here. Don’t play the victim. You’re a tramp and you deserve all the shit you get. And you better stay the hell away from Max.”

Liz pushed open the bathroom stall and looked at Sheryl.
“Or you’ll what?”

Sheryl looked dumbfounded for a moment then turned away.
“I don’t associate with whores.” she replied on her way out.
“Me either.” whispered Liz.

“Hi, Liz. Egg junior survived the night.” greeted Max, the next morning on their way to Math class.
“That’s nice.” Liz was trying to brush him off but something about the way he had drawn a little smiley face on the egg made her second guess his intentions.
“So, what do you want to do for our project this weekend?” asked Max.
“I have to work this weekend.” stated Liz.
“Where do you work?” asked Max.
“The Crashdown. It’s an alien themed restaurant that my parent’s own.”
“Really?” asked Max, then immediately turned red. He was a little too excited about an alien restaurant for a ‘cool’ guy. He could practically see Liz visualizing him in his Spock outfit from eighth grade. He had practically been in euphoria when he first heard he was moving to Roswell, alien capital of the world.
“Yeah.” responded Liz, she didn’t know whether Max was making fun of her or actually thought it was cool.

“When are you off work on Saturday?” asked Max.
“Not till late.”
“Then maybe we better wait and start it next week.”

Liz starred at him dumbfounded. She had been bracing for some dumb comment about them having all night and she got this instead. Maybe he really was different.

Part 3:

“So how’re your egg projects going?” asked Kyle at lunch on Monday. He silently thanked his lucky stars that he hadn’t taken Health class, his friends seemed to have been busy with their projects all weekend.
“Ours is great.” replied Michael, and he and Maria shared a smile. Obviously they hadn’t spent much time at all on the egg.
“Mine would be a whole lot better if I could go out in public with my ‘husband.’” replied Cherri, twisting her voice in contempt at the word. Kyle laughed and put his arm around his girlfriend as if to ward off any thoughts of Newman.

“Who did you get partnered with anyway?” Kyle asked Alex.
Alex’s ears turned a bright pink and Michael and Max began to grin.
“Um, there was an uneven number of guys to girls and um...well” started Alex.
“He’s Matt Poins partner.” filled in Michael.

“It’s not that funny.” interjected Alex amid a sea of laughter.
“Why didn’t you just do the project as a single father?” asked Max. The teacher had given Alex the alternative.
“That’s a lot of work by yourself.” defended Alex.

“I’m glad I’m not in health class.” added Sheryl, when the laughing died down. She was trying to postpone the obvious question that was on everyone’s mind. It didn’t work.

“So Max, what did you and Liz do?” asked Kyle.
“We didn’t work on our project.” replied Max.
“Didn’t suppose that you would.”
“I didn’t see her at all.” added Max. “She was working.”
“Playing hard to get is she?” said Alex.
“That would be a first.” interjected Michael, which earned him a slap on the shoulder from Maria.

Maria left the group and walked towards the drama room. She pulled open the door and sure enough she found Liz there eating her lunch.
Liz looked up at the girl in shock.
“Hi.” greeted Maria, feeling awkward. But she was here on a mission. “Can I talk to you?”
“I heard what Sheryl said to you the other day. In the bathroom.”
“Yes?” What in the world did Maria want? To embarrass her more?
“Don’t take what she says to heart. She just wants Max for herself and doesn’t take competition very well. I’m sorry about what she said. What everyone says.”
“Me too.”

“How is your egg project going?” asked Maria, after a few moments of awkward silence.
“I don’t know, Max has been taking care of it.”
“I wouldn’t dare give mine to Michael, it would likely end up an omelet.”

In spite of herself Liz had to laugh.
“Maybe we could hang out some time.” offered Maria.
“Maybe.” replied Liz. It would feel nice to have a girlfriend. Most girls were threatened by her, they thought she would seduce their boyfriends. But she felt that Maria didn’t believe all the rumours, plus anyone could see that Maria had Michael wrapped around her little finger.

Liz was in a good mood after her conversation with Maria so when Max asked her to do the grocery shopping part of the assignment that afternoon she agreed. They had to go to the store and jot down prices for everything they would have to buy for their budget.

“So, what do we need first?” asked Max, looking around the grocery store.
“Baby food prices.” said Liz, looking at the long list she had prepared.
“Where’s the baby stuff?” asked Max as he looked around the grocery store and studied the big signs at the ends of the aisles.
“You look like a tourist trying to figure out a road map.” teased Liz.
“I don’t shop much.”
“Lucky for you, I do.” said Liz as she dragged Max to the appropriate aisle.


I was going to make this part longer, but after tonight’s episode [Behind the Music] I’m too depressed to write something lighthearted.

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Part 4:
Sometimes It's Just About the Pie

“Oh look, it’s Max and the little woman.” came Kyle’s voice. He, Alex and Michael were walking towards Max and Liz who were intently studying baby bottles.
“Hey.” Max greeted.
“So, you have much practise making babies?” asked Kyle, jeering at Liz and smiling at Max.
“Don’t you have wives of your own to bother?” Max asked, hoping to get rid of the tag alongs who were quickly killing Liz’s relatively good mood.
“Not everyone’s wife is as entertaining as yours.” replied Alex.
“Oh, I get the point. Don’t worry, we’re leaving. And Max, the baseball tryouts are tomorrow so don’t work yourself too hard.” said Kyle, before the trio swept away.

Max looked at Liz for a few minutes, trying to find something to say.
“I...I have to go.” blurted out Liz before she took off and ran out of the store.
Max watched Liz in shock for a moment and then took off after her.
“Liz, wait up.” he yelled.
“Just leave me alone.” she replied as she kept running.

Max caught up with Liz and turned her around to face him.
“Don’t touch me.” she whispered, trying to stop the tears in her eyes that were threatening to overflow.

“I’m sorry about what they said. They were just being stupid. Try not to let it get to you.”
“But it does get to me. What people says matters to me. I would like to see you brush off some of the cruel things they say to me. And it’s not just what they say, the way the act around me, it’s like I’m contagious or something. Do you know what that’s like? Of course not, you’re one of the ‘cool’ guys. You’re probably just like them.”

Max looked at Liz and felt his heart break for her. He knew what it was like to carry around people’s harsh words in your heart. Hell, that was what had brought on his change. He had been happy in his own little world, getting straight A’s and attending sci fi conventions, then he had gotten a crush, and it turned out girls just weren’t interested in guys like him.

“I’m not like them.” Max protested.
“Aren’t you?” asked Liz, finally looking him in the eye.

Max thought about telling Liz about the old him. How he had been a loser with no friends except for his chemistry set. How he had seen every Stars Wars episode more times then it was healthy to count and.......but she really wouldn’t give him a chance then.

“Just give me a chance to prove I’m not like them. Let me walk you home.” he said instead.
Liz looked at Max warily for a few seconds before agreeing.

“So this is the Crashdown.” stated Max as he opened the restaurant door.
“Yeah.” answered Liz.
Max was about to leave when Liz turned back towards him all of a sudden.
“Want to try a piece of alien pie?”
“Sure.” answered Max.
“A la mode?” asked Liz.
‘Was that a come on??? No, I’m just being paranoid, she’s just offering me some ice cream.’ thought Max.
Liz noticed the look of panic that crossed Max’s face.
‘Oh great, he doesn’t want to be seen with me. He just wants to get what he came for and leave.’
“No thanks. Just pie is fine.” answered Max.
‘Just pie. He just wants pie.’ Liz reassured herself.

“Okay. I’ll get that for you.” squeaked Liz as she retreated to the kitchen.
Liz came out with two pieces of pie and sat one in front of Max and took the seat across from him.
“This is a nice place.” said Max.
“Most people think it’s kind of tacky.” replied Liz.
“I don’t. I think it’s cool.”


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Part 5:

Max was halfway to first class when he realized that he had forgotten to bring his baseball glove for practise. His parent’s were at work so he decided to drive home and get it. Not something the old Max would have done, skipping school to get a baseball glove but he wasn’t old Max anymore. Max was thinking about his new life and not paying attention to his driving so he didn’t see the offending nail that punctured the huge hole in his tire. But no panic, he could certainly handle changing a tire.

An hour later Max gave up and called the mechanic to come help him.

Max made it back to school in time for health class.
He met Alex, Kyle and Michael outside the door.
“Look who made it.” grinned Alex.
“Tired?” asked Kyle, trying to hide his smile.
“Nothing happened between me and Liz last night so you can just shut up about it.” blurted out Max.
Alex and Kyle looked startled at Max for a second and then Alex nodded his head in understanding.

Max turned around to see Liz behind him. She was blushing, but she was smiling.
“Hi Max.” she said, barely meeting his eyes before looking down.

“Playing the knight in shining armour are you?” whispered Alex to Max.
“That’ll score you some points.”

Max ignored Alex and walked into class and sat down next to Liz.
“How’s Egg Junior?” he asked.
“Still in one piece.” she answered as she handed Max their egg.

Max took the egg and slowly inspected it for any signs of damage before placing it back in it’s protective case. “I guess you’re a fit mother.” joked Max, and then immediately felt stupid, what if she took it the wrong way?

“So we have to do the housecleaning part of this project sometime.” stated Liz.
“Yeah. Why don’t we do your house?” offered Max hoping Liz would agree. He did not want her to see what a slob he was, and there was a good chance his parents would want to show her his photo albums. They wanted to show everyone the photo albums that were littered with pictures of him in all his geeky splendour.
“Okay then, but we’ll have to do it over the weekend, I have a ton of homework all this week.”
“Sure, that’s great.”

Baseball tryouts;

Max picked up the bat and practised swinging.
How hard could it be to connect a bat and a ball? Surely it didn’t take that much talent.

“Okay, why don’t we just play a little catch first to warm up.” suggested the coach.
Max pulled on his glove and Alex threw the ball to him. He caught it. Then he threw to Kyle.
Maybe he really could do this.

“Max, we never gave you the show around town. We should this weekend. There’s not much to see but some stuff is pretty cool.” offered Alex.
“I have to work on my egg project this weekend.” answered Max.
“Of course, you take all the time you need on the ‘egg project.’ laughed Kyle as he shared a sly glance with Alex.

That Weekend;

“Hey Max.” greeted Liz as she directed Max to the apartment in back of the Crashdown.
“Would you rather vacuum or mop?” she asked, gesturing to the living room to the right and the kitchen they were standing in.
Max almost couldn’t speak for a moment. Liz was so cute in her bandana and oversized overalls with the feather duster in her hand.
“Umm.....moping I guess.”

“Okay the mop is....”
Max took a step back to let Liz past him and ended up with his foot in the moping bucket. He tried to jerk it out quickly but instead the bucket slipped out from under him and he went crashing to the floor.
“right behind you.” finished Liz, trying to control the spasm of laughter that was threatening to overtake her.

“Are you okay?” she asked after taking a few moments to get the urge to laugh under control.
“Yes, I think.” answered Max as he pulled himself up off the ground.
“Well that’s the quick way of moping.” teased Liz.

Max picked up the bucket and set the mop back inside it.
“I’ll get you a robe, you can put your clothes in the dryer.” offered Liz, feeling suddenly awkward as she realized that Max was soaking wet and his clothes were clinging to his body.

Liz ran upstairs and grabbed one of her father’s robes and brought it down to Max to change into.
“The bathroom’s upstairs and to the right.” Liz instructed Max. She then went into the kitchen and began to clean up the mess.

Max was coming back downstairs in the robe when he heard someone tapping at the window. He looked up and saw three pairs of eyes. Michael, Alex and Kyle were peering in the window.
Max could hear Liz in the kitchen and he frantically waved the trio away.

“Did I hear something?” asked Liz, walking into the living room.
“I think it was just a cat or something in the alley.” replied Max.

“That didn’t take too long.” replied Liz, once the house was spic and span.
“Despite my help.” replied Max.
“You really aren’t very domesticated.” laughed Liz.
"Well I better take my undomesticated self home. It's getting pretty late."
"Yeah. See you Monday." said Liz.

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Part 6:

Max walked into school Monday and silently prayed that Michael, Alex and Kyle would all be out sick. He really did not want to deal with him. And as much as he hated to admit it part of him liked them thinking he was this cool smooth guy. But that didn’t give him any justification to tarnish Liz’s already blackened reputation. Because it couldn’t be true, she wasn’t at all ‘like that.’ Unless she was and she just found him totally unattractive......

Liz walked into school Monday actually feeling excited about the new week before her.
“Hi Maria.” she greeted when she saw her walking past.
Maria just walked past without acknowledging Liz’s greeting.
‘So I guess being friends was a just in private kind of thing.’ thought Liz bitterly.

“I don’t think she wants to associate with you.” replied Sheryl, in full out bitch mode.
“That’s her decision.” replied Liz, keeping her head held up high.
“She told me she didn’t think that all the rumors were true. That we should give you a chance. Boy, was she wrong. Of course, I knew what you were all along.”
“She’s not wrong. They’re just rumors.” stated Liz, sick of just taking it.
“Then why was Max at your house in a robe?” accused Sheryl.

Liz just starred at Sheryl dumbfounded. How did she know? Had Max told them?
Liz never felt so angry in her life. How dare he? And she had thought he was different.
“You know what Sheryl, you are twice the whore I ever thought of being. This isn’t about what a bad morally person I am. This is about putting me down because you wanted Max for yourself. But you didn’t get him did you? But don’t worry, I can tell you’re the type that doesn’t mind leftovers, so you can have him. You two are made for each other.”

Max walked into health class and looked for Liz but she wasn’t in the class. He thought he had seen her that morning, funny she wasn’t here know.

Liz let the tears flow down her eyes freely as she finally crawled out of the bathroom and started out on the half hour walk home. She just couldn’t face them all. Not when her only ally turned out to be the worst enemy of all.

“Hey Max. Details man. Details.” said Kyle, smiling at his buddy at lunch.
“Guys....” started Max.
‘Now tell them nothing happened.’ demanded Max’s conscious.
“Well, spill already.” urged Alex.
“Real men just don’t sit around dishing out the details of their social lifes.” blurted out Max. Oh no, that hadn’t came out right. In fact judging by Alex’s and Kyle’s smirks it had came out the exact opposite of what he had meant to say. ‘You have to rectify this.’ Max’s concious screamed. But by now Cherri and Maria had come to the table. He would just wait and explain it all out to the guys later.

After School

Max picked up the phone and then put it back down on the base.
‘I’ll just call her up and give her our math homework or something. That seems simple enough. She won’t think I’m drooling all over her, it’s just a friendly thing to do. It’s not like I missed her so much that I have to call her and make sure she’s okay. I just need to see about the egg.’

Max put down the phone after the tenth attempt and decided that he was in the mood for some good old fashioned fried food. That would just about hit the spot.

Max looked in the window and saw that Liz was working. Perfect. Max went in and sat down in one of the booths.

“What are you doing here?” asked Liz, walking over to Max’s booth with her order pad, barely looking at him.
“Just here for some food.” defended Max and then wondered why he felt he needed to defend himself. Had one of the guys said something? He would kill them. But it wasn’t there fault, not really. He was the jerk that hadn’t cleared things up. How could he have cared what those stupid morons thought? He was just as bad as.......
“What?” asked Max, realizing Liz had spoken.
“What kind of food?” she repeated.

“I’m so sorry.” said Max, not really thinking, just talking. “They saw me, in the robe, they were at the house, that’s what you heard and I said it was a cat or something. And I’m so sorry I didn’t tell them that nothing happened. I wanted to be cool. Fit in. I know it’s stupid, it’s just, back in my old school, I was this big dork. And I really liked this girl. Her name was Tess. I was tutoring her in math and we would always joke and have fun. But when I asked her out she told me that we were different. That she was too cool to be seen in public with me. I would be bad for her rep. And besides, she didn’t find the gawky nerd boy routine at all attractive. She told me not even to look her way at school. That’s why I decided that things would be different when I came to this school.”

Liz sat down in the booth beside Max.
“You just wanted them to like you and think you were cool. I understand that Max, but how could you do that to me? Things were finally beginning to blow over.”
“I’m sorry Liz.” mumbled Max. “I really like you.” he added.
“If you liked me you would have told them the truth.”
“I was going to.”
“When?” asked Liz.
“Next time I see them. I’ll tell them the truth.”
“Okay. I hope you do.” replied Liz as she stood up and pulled out her order form.
“So, what do you want to eat?”
Max picked up the menu and began to study it.

Liz shook her head and walked over to the impatient costumers to the right of her.
‘He likes me.’ she thought. Even though she was angry with him that thought had the power to give her a weird warm gushy feeling.


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HEY!!!!! I really like this part so I hope you guys do too!

Part 7:

Lunch on Tuesday:

“Hey Max, get over here. You’ve been avoiding us all day.” called Kyle from the other side of the room.
“Oh, yeah. I’ve just been busy thinking a few things over.” replied Max, slowly walking over to his regular table where Alex, Kyle, Michael and Maria were sitting.
“What things?” asked Alex absently as he picked up a french fry and smeared it with ketchup.
“About Liz.” replied Max. He was going to have to start this conversation somehow.
“What about her?” asked Kyle.
“That none of the rumours about her are true.” started Max, beginning to speak quickly. “She’s just not that kind of girl. And what you saw the other day was nothing. I just tripped in a bucket and knocked some water on myself and had to change. That was all you saw.” Max braced himself for his friends replies. A few moments passed and then three people spoke at once.

Alex: “Alright, alright, I didn’t sleep with her.”
Maria: “And I was such a jerk the other day.”
Kyle: “Are you calling me a liar?”

Michael, the only person who had actually heard the jist of everyone else’s exclamations began laughing.

Then Kyle stood up and walked over to Max.
“Are you calling me a liar?” he demanded.
“Yes.” replied Max.
“Just because your too pathetic to get into Liz’s pants doesn’t mean that I was.” replied Kyle, his voice turning cruel, his voice bitter.
Max had never hit anyone. Frankly, he found violence repulsive, but some how his fist ended up connecting with Kyle’s face.

A startled Kyle looked up at Max and demanded “What the hell is wrong with you?”

That afternoon;

“Why are you home so early son?” asked Mr. Evans.
“I kind of got in a fight today. I got a few days suspension.” answered Max, not meeting his father’s eyes.
“You got a suspension? For fighting?” he exclaimed.
“I’m sorry Dad. But it’s only for the rest of the week.” mumbled Max.
“Only! I don’t understand Max, this just isn’t like you. Rest assured that we will deal with this as soon as I’m back from work. You just find a way to punish yourself while I’m gone.” Max’s Dad picked up his suitcase and went out the door, first pausing a second to give Max a warning glance.

Max sat down on the couch and flipped on the television. Nothing good was on at two in the afternoon though. Two boring soap operas later the phone rang.
“Hello.” answered Max.
“Hi, Max it’s Liz. I’m sorry about you getting suspended. I feel responsible.”
“It’s not your fault.”
“I still feel guilty.”
“Don’t. Personally I like to blame Kyle.” replied Max.
“Yeah. He started the stupid rumour in the first place.” confessed Liz bitterly.
“Why?” asked Max, slowly praying Liz would wash away the tiny doubt that still lingered in his mind.
“Why don’t I come over? We could talk about this at your house.”

Max hung up the phone and quickly jumped off the couch and began trying to tidy up the house. About eight minutes later he heard Liz pull into the driveway.
“Hi.” he said as she walked into the house. “Want to sit?” he asked, gesturing to the living room. Liz walked in and took a seat on the couch and Max sat down beside her.
“So.” said Max. Liz gave a half smile and then began her story.

“When I first moved her I didn’t know anybody and Kyle seemed liked an okay guy. I helped tutor him in math and we got along okay so I told him I’d go out with him when he asked. He wasn’t really my type but I’d figure I was new and he seemed nice at first. After a couple dates I realized what kind of a person he was so I told him I wasn’t interested when he called asking for a third date. A few days later I went out with Alex and Kyle was pretty mean to me about it. I guess he told Alex he scored with me and Alex didn’t like to be outdone by him. When I figured out what they were doing I broke it off with Alex. I figured that was the end of it. But they had bragged about me to a lot of other guys and pretty soon guys I didn’t even know started asking me out. I was stupid enough to think that they wanted to get to know me. But I realized something was wrong when they would start groping me as soon as we got out of the house. It was pretty bad. I just stopped dating altogether, but by then the damage was done. No guy wanted to be the one who couldn’t score with Liz Parker.”

Max felt like someone had taken a twenty pound weight off his chest. He had never really believed that the rumours were true but to know the whole story was a huge relief. In his relief he didn’t realize that Liz was crying at first. Without thinking he pulled her towards him, letting her cry on his shoulder. They stayed that way until a voice interrupted them.

“Max?” came Mr. Evans’ voice and then he appeared in the living room to find Max and Liz.
“I thought I told you that you were to punish yourself.” he said when he spotted Liz.
“We were just working on our project.” answered Liz, not wanting to get Max into any more trouble than he already was.
“Without pens and paper or a text book?” asked Phillip.
“Yeah. Well, I was just leaving.” answered Liz as she headed toward the door, first shooting Max an ‘I’m sorry’ glance. Max got up to walk Liz to the door but his father’s look stopped him in his tracks.

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Part 8:


Liz tapped her pencil as she impatiently waiting for health class to end. For some reason the class had become incredibly boring. Newman Trakes was sitting beside her chewing on his eraser. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity the class finally ended. Liz walked out of the door and almost ran smack dab into Kyle who was sporting a major shiner and some minor nose dentage. ‘Now your outer appearance matches your inner.’ thought Liz.

Liz made her way to the drama room to eat lunch when she was hailed down by an almost frantic Maria. “Liz, I’m so sorry about the other day. When Michael told me he saw you I was so mad that you would act all innocent when you where really a whore. I can’t stand fake people. They just piss me off. But they told me what really happened and I’m really sorry I judged you so quickly.”
“It’s okay Maria.”
“No, it’s not. I mean even if you had of slept with Max, I mean who could have blamed you? He’s so cute and sweet that any girl would want to rip his clothes off.”
"Not that I'd want to."

A few moments later Michael came sulking into the drama room and put his arm around Maria before looking up at Liz. He then looked at Maria, nope, she wasn’t going to let him off.
“Liz, I’m sorry about all the dumb stuff I said.” Michael mumbled, acting as if the words were physically painful.
“It’s okay.” replied Liz, then was startled to realize that it was the truth. Everything was finally going to be okay and things would hopefully be going to a relative normal for her.
“Why don’t we all go into the cafeteria and eat lunch together?” offered Maria.
And Liz gladly accepted.

Alex walked into the cafeteria and paused for a second. Did he really want to sit with Kyle, Cherri and Sheryl? Was that the kind of person he wanted to be? He never would have been such a jerk if not for Kyle.

He couldn’t sit with Monica either because she had basically told him she wanted nothing to do with him after Maria told her about his part in the Liz fiasco.

He couldn’t sit with Michael and Maria because they were sitting with Liz. Finally in desperation he took a seat next to his ‘husband’ Matt.

After School

Max clicked on the TV and then promptly clicked it off again. ‘One day of daytime television suffering down, two to go.’ he thought.

The phone rang in the living but his father answered it before Max had the chance. Five minutes later his father came in and smiled at Max. “I think maybe my earlier sentence of being grounded for life was a bit harsh. I think maybe if you do some chores around the house the next two days instead of vegetating in front of the TV we’ll call it at that. I was talking with someone who said you needed some training in the cleaning department. She is bringing your homework over for you as well. See that you don’t fall behind in your schoolwork.”

“Hi.” greeted Liz ten minutes later as she carried all of Max’s textbooks into the living room.
“Where do I take these?” she asked from behind the wall of books.
Max grabbed the books from Liz and carted them upstairs. It wasn’t until he plopped the books down on his desk that he realized she had followed him upstairs.

Liz sat down on Max’s bed and then decided she needed to be doing something with her hands. She grabbed one of the photo albums on his bookshelf and opened it up.

Max looked around to see Liz looking at one of his photo albums. This was not good, sure he had told her he had been a bit of a nerd but that didn’t mean he wanted her to see it with her own eyes. He grabbed the photo album from her and then smiled sheepishly.
“I should have destroyed the evidence.” he said as he put the album back on the shelf.
“Oh come on, you were cute in your Spock uniform.” teased Liz.
“You saw that one?” asked Max, involuntarily turning a bright red colour.
“Yes, so you might as well let me see the rest.” pouted Liz.
“Maybe some other time.” said Max sitting down on the bed beside Liz, “But right now we have to work on our project.”

Liz pulled out the long list of prices they had gathered at the grocery store and they got to work on their budget.

“I don’t really think he needs to have designer diapers.” complained Liz.
“O come on, all the cool babies will have Ernie and Bert diapers.”

“We’re finally done.” declared Max as he packed the budget away in their project folder.
“Yes, now on to the next thing.” Liz pulled out the list and ran her finger down the list of things they had to achieve. “We still have to go on our date and get a baby sitter for eggy.”
“Who can we get to babysit?” asked Max.
“I think Maria will do it. And we can take care of their egg to reciprocate.”
“Sounds like a plan.” replied Max.
“Yeah.” answered Liz. “Well, how about Saturday then?”
“Fine by me.”
“Good. Well I guess I better go now. I’ll see you Saturday.”


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Part 9:

Saturday Evening

“Turn here.” said Liz, directing Max to Maria’s so she could drop off their egg.
“There that’s done.” declared Liz, returning to the jeep ten minutes later.
“So where to?”
“You mean you aren’t going to surprise me?” asked Liz, pouting.
“Haven’t I surprised you enough?”
“Not as much as you surprised Kyle.” replied Liz, beginning to laugh. Maria had given her a play by play report of the punch and Kyle’s reactions.

“How about a movie then?” asked Max.
“Okay then. But it’s not very exciting.” teased Liz.
“You had your chance to choose.”

Max pulled into the movie theatre for the six o’clock movie.
“What do you want to see?” he asked, walking towards the counter.
“Something funny.” replied Liz.
“Okay then.” Max went forward to order their tickets.
“Hey, this is supposed to be an equal partnership. I’ll pay for mine.”

Liz went to pay for her own but Max blocked her from getting to the ticket booth. He order their tickets and then passed Liz hers.
“I’m buying popcorn then.” she declared, trying to give Max an annoyed glance but failing miserably.
“That’s not fit into our budget though.” he protested in vain.
A few minutes later Liz came back with a big bag of popcorn and two pops.
They carted themselves and their food into the theatre just in time to see the opening credits.

Max watched Liz laughing at the movie. She was the most beautiful thing in the world when she laughed, the way her whole face lit up.

Liz felt Max’s eyes on her and she stole a quick glance towards him. He immediately turned back towards the movie screen but she could see the top of his ears turning pink. He was so adorable.

“That was a good movie.” replied Max, trying to remember exactly what the plot had been on their way out of the theatre.
“Yeah.” agreed Liz.

The movie theatre was part of a huge mall and they wondered back into the mall.
“What time is it?” asked Max.
“Seven thirty.” replied Liz. “Our project says we have to spend at least two hours together.” ‘And he was counting off the seconds? Had she only imagined him staring at her in the theatre?’
“Oh.” ‘Was she counting off the minutes until she could get this date over with?’
“I just wanted to know because I made reservations at Finsonelli’s for 8. But we don’t have to go if you don’t want to. We can just put in our time and then I’ll drive you home. I don’t want to bore you.” said Max.
“Finsonelli’s?!? I love that place.” cried Liz, suddenly in a good mood again. “You shouldn’t have let me eat so much popcorn.”she added, trying to cover up her over-enthusiasm.
“You bought it.” he pointed out.

A few minutes later Max and Liz were on their way to the restaurant.
“You know, this isn’t part of our assignment.” said Max as he stopped the jeep.

Max and Liz walked into the beautiful authentic Italian restaurant and the waiter sat them in a small table in the corner.
“How can you afford this?” asked Liz, suddenly aware how expensive the place was when she picked up her menu.
“Don’t worry about the cost.” insisted Max.
“At least let me pay for my own.” argued Liz.
“No. I want to do this for you. Besides, you would be surprised the money you can get for authentic Star Wars collectibles.”

“I’m too stuffed to move.” declared Liz as she plopped down in the jeep seat.
“Hey, how about we drive up to the lookout and watch the stars come out and let our food digest.” suggested Max.
“Okay.” Liz agreed.

Max pulled the jeep up to the edge of the hill and parked it.
“It’s a better view if you sit up on the engine bonnet.” he said, pulling a blanket out of the back and throwing it over the hood to sit on.
“You have a blanket in your jeep?” asked Liz.
“My Mom’s afraid I’ll get in an accident and freeze to death. I keep the blanket in the jeep to ease some of her worries.”

Liz got out of her seat and sat on top on the hood beside Max. She leaned back and looked at the myriad of twinkling stars.
“They’re beautiful.” she whispered.
“Yeah.” agreed Max, looking at Liz.

Max began to point out all of the constellations to Liz.
“I’m a bit of an astronomy buff.” he admitted sheepishly after pointing out about thirty different stars.

He met Liz’s eyes and he almost kissed her but then he hesitated. Would she think he had brought her out here just to make out? He just hadn’t wanted the perfect night to end.

Liz looked at him. Why wasn’t he kissing her? He was going to but then had pulled back. What was wrong with him? Didn’t he know she was practically begging him to kiss her?
Annoyed, Liz initiated the kiss herself.

Stunned for a second, Max pulled back from Liz, then regrouped and pulled her towards him for a deeper, longer kiss. He pulled her closer until she was practically sitting on his knee, and he could feel her fingers around his neck and through his hair.

After a few more minutes of the heavenly bliss Max pulled away from Liz and tucked a loose hair back behind her ear. “We should be going, it’s getting late.”
“That’s my line.” teased Liz, reluctantly pulling herself off of the hood and climbing back into the jeep.

Max pulled into the Crashdown and jumped out of the jeep to open Liz’s door for her and escort her to the door.
“I had fun.”
“Me too.” Liz agreed.
“That’s good. I guess, well I was wondering if you wanted to go to the Christmas dance on Friday?”
“With you?” asked Liz.
“I’d love to.”

Max let out the breath he hadn’t even realized he’d been holding and shot Liz a knee melting smile before putting his arm around her and pulling her in towards him for a quick kiss goodnight.
“I’ll see you then.” he said as he walked back to the jeep.

Liz walked into the Crashdown and plopped down into one of the booths and just sat and smiled.

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Part 10a:

Sunday morning with the Evans

“Max, would you mind going to pick up Isabel today? They’re on their Christmas break already back home.” said Mrs. Evans
“Sure Mom.” replied Max.
“Good. I wanted to get some Christmas baking done today and your father is busy working on a case, so he can’t go.”

Max finished eating his breakfast and started out on the three hour drive back home.
After what seemed like forever he finally pulled up to his aunt’s home and made his way inside.
“Aunt Lyn? Isabel?” said Max as he walked into the house.
“Max, how are you?” asked Aunt Lyn, walking out to greet him.
“That’s great. Isabel’s just in the den saying goodbye to a few of her friends. My place always seems to be full of them these days. Oh well, it helps to keep me young.”
“Why don’t you go in and join them?”

Max walked reluctantly into the hallway and stopped outside the door. He didn’t really want to go in there and see the kids who saw him as nothing more than geeky Max Evans. He overheard what they were saying and he recognized one of their voices. It was Tess. He couldn’t help pausing to hear what they were saying.

“Did I hear someone drive in?” asked Mark, one of Isabel’s legion of guys that was always around her but never got to take her out unless he was exceptionally lucky.
“Probably Max.” came Isabel’s voice. “He should be here by now.”
“Your geeky brother?” replied John, Tess’ boyfriend’s.
“Yeah.” replied Isabel, it annoyed her when they put Max down, but he did kind of ask for it.
“Can you believe he actually asked me out once?” asked Tess incrediuosly and then started laughing along with everyone else, until Max walked into the room.
“I know, you’re so not my type.” replied Max, imitating Tess’ tone of voice perfectly.
“I’m more into brunettes.” he added.

Everyone was quieted with the shock of Max’s words. Max himself was most shocked of all, he didn’t know where that had come from.

“I guess we should get going then.” declared Isabel, after no one spoke for a few minutes.
Once Isabel got up the rest of her troupe followed her out into the living room, wished her goodbye and slinked off one by one.

Isabel managed to keep a straight face until she was safely buckled into the jeep. Then she burst out laughing.
“Max, you were downright catty.” she squealed when she recovered the ability to breath.
“I’m related to you aren’t I?”

{Part 10b is next post so keep reading!}
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Part 10b:

Sunday afternoon with the Parkers

“Liz!” declared Maria as she walked into the Crashdown.
“Maria, what are you doing here?” asked Liz as she straightened the antennae on her head.
“Hmmm....let me see. Did you forget about something?”
“Huh?” asked Liz, bewildered.

Maria pulled ‘Eggy’ out of her purse and handed it to Liz.
“Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone that you’re an unfit mother if you tell me exactly why you were so distracted that you forgot to pick up junior.” bargained Maria.

Liz feed the details of her date with Max to Maria in small installments whenever she had a moment of rest from serving the impatient restaurant clientelle.
“That’s so romantic.” replied Maria, when Liz was done and officially on her break.
“Yeah.” replied Liz, sighing and smiling despite herself.
“Think he’ll give Michael lessons?” asked Maria and the two girls started giggling.

Alex looked into the Crashdown and took a deep breath. He had decided to eat humble pie and there was no reason to delay it. He pulled open the doors and spotted Liz and Maria in a booth laughing.

“Hi.” he greeted and both girls stopped laughing and Maria actually started scowling at him.
“What are you doing here?” she asked.
“I came to apologize to Liz.” replied Alex, keeping his resolve.
“Oh, Alex, I think if you’re apologizing you should get down on your knees.” replied Maria.
Alex just nodded, and wished Maria would just leave and let him apologize.
“Your not on your knees yet.” commanded Maria, and Alex obediently started to kneel.
“Okay, now you can start.” added Maria when Alex was significantly humbled.

“I’m really sorry about what I did.”
“That’s not good enough.” said Maria. “Why don’t you just go on home, practise your apology and come back when Liz is off of her shift. Then you can take the two of us out for peach smoothies at the mall and make a proper begging for forgiveness.”
“Okay.” agreed Alex, relieved to get even a temporary reprieve from Maria’s torture.
“What time are you off work?” he asked Liz.
“4.”replied Liz.
“We’ll see you then.” said Maria, brushing Alex away.


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Part 11:

Sunday Evening

“You have to get the peach smoothie, Liz. They are to die for. They’re like aromatheraphy for the taste buds. I guess that would make it tastotherapy though.”
Liz obediently ordered the peach smoothie from the vendor and then Alex paid for the girls’ orders. He hadn’t said a word all the way over after Maria strictly told him that he better not risk talking until they had downed at least a half a cup of peach smoothie.

The trio took a seat upstairs by the railing where they could look down at all of the shoppers below.
“There’s Max.” said Maria, pointing at a figure below them.
“Where?” asked Liz, leaning forward in her seat scanning the direction Maria was pointing in until she found Max.
“Maybe we should wave him up.” said Maria.

“Max get over here.” declared Isabel, grabbing Max by the arm and hauling him over to see yet another possible gift idea for their parents. Max silently cursed the fact that he had actually been stupid enough to agree to go shopping with Isabel. Surely he could have pawned her off unto somebody else, or at least gotten Liz to go with them. That would have at least made the time go faster.

“Or maybe not.” said Alex.
“Why not?” asked Maria, then she too noticed the attractive blond with Max. And judging by the broken look on Liz’s face, she had seen her too. “Oh.” whispered Maria.

“I have to go to the washroom.” interrupted Liz, as she got up and rushed off to the bathroom. She couldn’t stand to sit there and have Maria and Alex feel bad for her.
“Liz?” came Maria’s voice a few seconds later as she walked into the bathroom.
“Hey.” answered Liz casually, as she tried to keep herself from crying. But Maria saw through her.
“Liz, you don’t have to act with me. I’m your friend.”
“Thanks Maria.” whispered Liz.

Max finally convinced Isabel to take a break from shopping and get something to eat. On their way up to the food court Max noticed Alex sitting by himself at a table.
“Max.” said Alex.
“Yeah?” asked Max, ‘Why did Alex sound so pissed?’
“You should be ashamed of yourself.” said Alex.
“What?” asked Max, looking at Alex as if he had grown two heads.
“Don’t act all innocent with me.”
“Alex, what the hell is your problem?” asked Max, getting tired of Alex’s holier than thou attitude. Especially after what he had done to Liz.

Alex spotted Liz and Maria coming out of the washroom and on impulse he took a swing at Max. Later on he would try to convince everyone he did it because of sheer anger at Max’s behaviour. But the real reasons for his rash attack were the hope that it would impress Liz enough to forgive him and maybe even attract the attention of the hot blonde chick once she realized what a scumbag Max was.

“Max are you okay?” asked Isabel as she grabbed a napkin for his bloody nose.
“Yeah.” answered Max, taking the napkin and tilting his head back to stop the bleeding.

Maria and Liz looked on in shocked silence at the spectacle.
“What is it about you that inspires men to violence?” asked Maria.

“Why did you do that?” demanded Max of Alex.

Maria wanted to laugh at the freaked out ‘what do I do now’ expression on Alex’s face but she held it in for Liz’s sake.
“Because of her.” answered Maria, pointing and scowling at Isabel.

Max hadn’t even noticed Liz and Maria until Maria spoke.
“Because of Isabel?” asked Max, looking at Maria as if she had lost her mind.

“Who are you people anyway?” asked Isabel, looking questioningly from Maria, to Liz and stopping at Alex.

“We’re Max’s friends. Sort of.” answered Maria.
“Nice friends.” replied Isabel.
“Who are you?” asked Maria, ready to tell Isabel off.
“I’m Max’s sister Isabel.”

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If all goes as planned I will have part 12 out sometime today or tomorrow.
Hope everyone celebrating had a great holiday and a happy new year.

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Sorry that this part is a bit late and a bit short, but hope you like it.

Part 12:

“You’re his sister?” asked Maria, suddenly feeling very foolish.
“Yes.” replied Isabel. “Who did you think I was?”

Maria looked sheepishly at the ground and willed herself not to blush and Alex was suddenly very quiet.

“Well?” asked Isabel.
“We thought you were on a date with Max.” replied Maria.
“You what?” asked Isabel, before bursting out in a laughing fit.

Soon everyone was laughing, with the exception of Max who was still a little dazed.
“That still doesn’t explain why you punched me.”
“I thought you should pay for doing that to Liz. Specially after all the crap you put me through.” mumbled Alex.
“What kind of crap did I put you through? You brought it all on yourself Whitman. And then you punch me! What kind of idiot goes around punching people on a whim?”
“Well....” started Maria.
“Don’t answer that.” snapped Max.
“I think someone needs a peach smoothie.” whispered Maria.

“And you actually believed I was on a date with Isabel?” Max asked Liz.
“Well, you look like you’re the same age and...”
“That’s because we’re twins.” answered Max.

“Well, what kind of a person doesn’t tell his friends that he has a twin sister?” asked Liz.
“Apparently my kind of person.” blurted Max.

“People can’t this be solved in a much less, umm, public manner?” asked Isabel, noticing that they were beginning to attract a lot of attention from the other shoppers.
“She’s right. We are making a bit of a scene.” agreed Maria. “Besides, Max, you should be happy that Liz cares enough to be upset when she sees you with another girl. And Liz, you should just be relieved that Isabel is Max’s sister. And Alex you should go buy two more smoothies so we can all sit down and get to know each other better.”

“Why are you guys hanging out with Alex anyway?” asked Max.
“He came to the Crashdown to apologize to Liz and I told him to buy us smoothies.”
“What did he do?” asked Isabel.

Alex jumped up from his seat and went straight for the smoothies. Maybe he hadn’t screwed up that badly. He paid for the smoothies and began carrying them back to the table when he saw Matt.
“Hey Alex.”
“Hi.” said Alex, but kept walking till he reached the table and gave Max and Isabel their smoothies. He didn’t realize until he set them down that Matt had followed him to the table.
“Who’s he?” asked Isabel.
“Alex’s husband.” answered Maria offhandedly.

Alex turned a bright red colour and wished he could die on the spot. Just great, now Isabel thought he was a gay psychopathic puncher. Just the kind of guy any girl would want to date.
“Just for the egg project.” defended Alex.

“What’s the egg project?” asked Isabel.
“We work in partners and have to take care of an egg.” explained Maria.
“I saw that on Buffy once.”
“Yeah, only our eggs aren’t evil.”
“I wouldn’t be too sure of that.” muttered Alex.


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To answer a question:
The reason Isabel doens't live with the Evans' is she didn't want to move from her home town and her legion of friends and admirers for the sake of one year. She is staying with her aunt back home.

Part 13:

“You’ve made some interesting friends.” said Isabel when they got home.
“Yeah. Never a dull moment hanging out with them.”
“They’re pretty cool.” said Isabel.
“Are you actually acknowledging the fact that I’m not a total dweeb anymore?” asked Max in mock disbelief.
“I never called you that Max.” protested Isabel. “And yeah, I guess I am.”

“So, what’s going on with you and Liz?”
“She’s going to the Christmas dance with me Friday.”
“Uh-huh. Why do I feel that there’s more to it than that?”
“Well, we’re partners for the egg thing.”
“That’s all.”
“Sure, whatever you say bro.”

Monday Morning:

Max walked into Advanced Math class and sat down next to Liz.
“Hello, Mr. Evans. Nice to have you back in class. Hopefully there will be no more incidents that will detain you from joining our little group. If you need to catch up there is extra help after school on Tuesdays.”
“Okay.” replied Max, feeling weird that he actually was being advised to go to extra help, at his old school he was extra help. He wasn’t going to go though, Liz had done a good job of explaining everything.

Max walked into his next class, the one he had with Michael, Alex and Kyle. He knew he and Kyle were pretty much not exactly friendly but he didn’t know about the other two. When he walked in he saw that Alex and Michael were sitting together so he took a seat by himself near the back. Just before the second bell was about to ring and everyone else was sitting down, Kyle walked into the classroom.

“I’m surprised you dared to come back.” said Kyle, looking directly at Max but speaking loud enough so everyone in the front seats turned around to listen.
Max suddenly pictured Kyle with a glove and a sharp shooter challenging him to a dual. Max couldn’t help but laugh at that thought and he severely shook up Kyle’s bravado.

Finally class ended and Max started looking for Liz. But he ran into Sheryl.
“Oh, Max, I’m glad you’re back.” she cooed as she leaned towards him, almost falling forward when he took a step backwards.
“Yeah.” he said as he tried to push his way around her but she kept blocking him.
“So, are you going to the dance this Friday?”
“With someone?”
“Oh well. Save me a dance.”
“Yeah, well I have to go.” said Max finally pushing his way past Sheryl to the cafeteria. He didn’t look back and was spared the sight of her overexaggerated ass shaking.

“Hey.” said Max, sitting down beside Liz, who was sitting with Maria, Michael and Alex.
“Hi.” replied Liz.

“Guys, we have a problem.” started out Maria.
“Alex doesn’t have a date for the Christmas dance and we have to get him one.”
“What?!?” asked Alex, looking at Maria as if she had grown two heads.
“Alex I’m concerned about you, you seem very stressed out lately.”
“I thought you wanted me stressed out.” replied Alex.
“I did. But you’ve done your time. And most importantly I feel like playing matchmaker.”
“But I don’t want to....”
“Just agree to it. Unless you like spending all your spare time with Matt.” interrupted Michael.
“Goody.” said Maria, clapping her hands.

“So, will you guys be ready for egg presentations on Thursday?” asked Liz.
“Not really. But we can make up a bunch of stuff when we get up there.” replied Michael.
“What about you?” Liz asked Alex.
“Got everything done and ready except for the date.”
“Just go for it.” replied Michael, winking suggestively at Alex.

Alex spent the rest of lunch explaining that he and Matt were merely ‘project’ partners and not ‘partner’ partners. When the bell rang the group trudged off to health class.

“Hello class. You all will be off on Christmas vacation next week so I decided I would give you an early present and make a new seating arrangement. I noticed that some pairs in this classroom like to make a lot of noise.”

Liz silently prayed she would sit by one of her friends and not someone who didn’t know her for who she really was.

“Elizabeth Parker you are sitting with Cherlaine Jenka.”
‘Great. I get to sit by Cherri. Kyle’s personal fan club. The one person who never ever made fun of me because she didn’t speak to me once in my life. Great. Just great.’ thought Liz.

Liz obediently moved her books and sat down next to Cherri, who immediately looked away from her.

“Can I switch places with Cherri?” asked Maria, as soon as everyone was seated.
“Sorry Ms. Deluca, but there is a reason I put you and Mr. Guerin at opposite ends of the room. Anyone else who wants to bargain out a new seat might as well not bother.”

“So, she’s your best friend now?” asked Cherri.
“What?” asked Liz, shocked Cherri was actually talking to her.
“Maria, she your best friend?”
“She’s a great person. We used to be best friends. Then you came along and we don’t hang out anymore. But then, you have to have everything I do.”

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Part 14:

“It’s egg day.” Maria announced to the group at lunch on Thursday.
“Whoopy!” Alex responded sarcastically.
“Come one, it’ll be fun.” replied Maria, trying to keep her friends from stressing about their oral presentations.
“What are we supposed to say when we get up their anyways?” asked Max. “Cuz I have no clue what to say or do.”
“That’s encouraging.” replied Liz. “But I don’t mind cuz we get to sit with our partners.” she added smiling at Max.

“Surely Cherri can’t be that much of a pain.” interjected Maria.
“Oh, I think she can.” replied Liz. “She was a total bitch to me on Monday and hasn’t said one word to me since.”
“Yeah. But if you get to know the real her she’s not so bad.”
“Hah.” replied Liz.
“No seriously. Cherri is a nice person. I would still hang out with her if she didn’t spend all her spare time with Kyle.”
“Whatever Maria.”

“I tried to tell her what a horrible person Kyle was but she’s totally devoted to him. I don’t even think it’s love, more like gratitude which is total bullshit. See, Cherri is your classic ugly duckling. In junior high she was about 40 pounds overweight, dull brown hair, a totally nobody in high school standards. Then the summer before tenth grade she lost all the weight and came back a total beauty queen. But she still had crappy self esteem issues so when Kyle started dating her and initiated her into the ‘cool’ kids she kinda worshipped him. They’ve been dating on and off ever since. You just threatened her position so she lashed out at you. Which seems natural enough if you see things from her angle.”

“I guess.” resigned Liz. “I’ll try to be civil towards her.”
“Not that she’ll be civil back. She really hates you. See, she and Kyle have issues and they’re always breaking up and getting back together. When you went out with Kyle, he was just using you to make Cherri jealous. Normal enough. But when she heard you slept with him she was a total wreck. I tried to convince her to dump his ass then, but she was so weak she actually took the bastard back.”

“Hey, Maria, while your sharing with us, why don’t you tell me if Monica was into me?” asked Alex. “You know, before she heard what a terrible person I am.”
“Alex, contrary to popular belief Monica didn’t hang out with us because she was secretly in love with you. My ‘friend’ Monica actually had a huge crush on Michael.”
“She did?” exclaimed Alex and Michael at the same time.
“Yes. Which is why we never got along that well together in case you were wondering.”

“What about Sheryl? Why were you guys friends?” asked Liz.
“Sheryl and I were not friends. She’s one of those girls that hangs out with whoever happens to be the in crowd of the day. We tolerated her because if she’s with you she’s not against you. She’s like Amber from Clueless.”

“Now that you’ve heard the soap opera that is my life why don’t we head to class early and so I can prep Michael for his speech.” said Maria.
“Sure.” agreed the group.

“Well class today is Egg Presentation Day. Since we have 15 partners and only an eighty minute class each group’s speech will only last about five minutes. So when I call your group come up, answer the question ‘What this project taught me?’, pass in your egg folder and sit down. First we’ll have Newman Trakes and Cherri Jenka.”

Newman gave an articulate five minute speech while Cherri smiled nervously at the class.
“Anything to add to that Cherri?” asked the teacher.
“Okay, next we have.......” two groups later Michael and Maria were called to the front.

“What I learned from this project is I’m much too young to have to look after a child. It is way too much responsibility for a girl my age, especially when I just want to go out and have fun. It puts a major cramp on your social life.” said Maria, giving the classic after school special answer, then she looked at Michael expectantly.
“Um, I learned that...I should....see I need....umm....I learned how to dust properly.”

“Good for you Michael.” replied the teacher while the rest of the class started laughing.

“Now, we’ll have Max Evans and Liz Parker.”
“The thing I learned from this project is the most important thing you need to form a good partnership is trust. If you don’t trust the person you’re working with then it just won’t work.”
“I have to agree with Max. Trust and honesty is very important. And when he says he can’t mop, you better believe it.”

“Finally we’ll have Matt Poins and Alex Whitman.”
“I’ll start.” volunteered Matt. “The thing I learned about this project is you have to learn to be comfortable with who you are, and this project helped me see that it’s okay to be....”
‘Oh No.’ thought Alex. ‘Please tell me he’s not coming out of the closet. Not with me here.’
“I mean if you can’t be true to yourself then, well I guess what I’m trying to say is....”
“He ate our egg.” yelled Alex without thinking. “He’s a big egg person and he couldn’t help it. Low cholesterol makes him crazy.” he added while spinning his hand around in a circle.

“Well class. That’s heavens that’s over with. Have a good Christmas break if I don’t see you tomorrow. I know a lot of you will be out getting your hair done for the big dance.”

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Part 15:
Pre Dance

Maria was fixing Liz’s hair while Liz kept a close watch on the clock, which seemed to be ticking way too slowly. “Why aren’t they here yet?” Liz complained for the tenth time. “Relax babe, they’ll be here on time, even if I have to drag Michael’s sorry butt here myself.”

A few minutes later the doorbell rang. Jeff Parker called up to the girls “Your dates are here!”
Liz was right in the middle of applying her eyeliner. “They’re here all ready?!” she screamed, “Why are they here so soon?” The girls hurriedly finished their primping and rushed down the stairs.

“Hello ladies.” greated Michael, before he walked over to Maria and took her hand in his before bending down to kiss her hand. Then he took out a beautiful coursage and pinned it to Maria’s dress.

“Where’s my greeting?” Liz teased Max.
Max walked over and whispered in Liz’s ear, “I didn’t couch Michael all the way over here to outshine him.”

After Liz’s mother and father insister on taking numerous photos of the group they slipped out to find a large limo waiting outside.

Maria slipped away from Michael on the way out ,and made her way over to Max.
“Did you convince her to come?”
“Yeah she’s in the limo.”
“Goody. I hope you remembered to rent him a tux?”
“It’s in the limo too.”

The two couples got into the car and sat down.
“Hi Isabel.” greeted Maria. “Thanks so much for doing this.”
“No problem. It’s not everyday you get to ride in a limousine.”

Alex was sitting in the living room flicking on the TV when he heard the doorbell ring.
He trudged over to the door and opened it. “Maria? What are you doing here?” asked Alex.
“Alex Whitman, this is your lucky day. There is a lovely lady waiting in the limo for her knight in shining armour. But since he’s not around you’ll do.”
“Well don’t you want to go to the dance?” asked Maria.
“Sure. But I don’t have anything to wear, except my old tux and it doesn’t really fit.”
“Here, put this on.” ordered Maria, handed Alex the tux that she was holding behind her back. “And be quick about it.”

Alex grabbed the tux from Maria, went to put it on and returned a few minutes later.
“Um.....Alex, I know the gruffy look is sortof in but maybe you should comb your hair.”

Alex returned to the bathroom and came back out five minutes later.
“Do I pass inspection now?”
“Barely, but we don’t have much time so lets go.”

Maria grabbed Alex and practically pulled him out the door.
“Okay, your date is on that side.” said Maria, ordering Alex to walk over to the other side of the limo while she got back in beside Michael.

Alex opened the door of the limo and looked in to see who his mystery date was.
“Isabel!?!” he exclaimed when he saw the beautiful blonde goddess that was sitting inside.
“Hi Alex.”

Alex got in the car and sat down beside Isabel hardly believing that this was actually happening.
“You like?” asked Maria, who was very pleased with herself.
Alex just nodded in response.

“To the school.” Micheal ordered the chauffeur.


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Part 16A:
The Dance

“Now that’s how to make an entrance.” said Maria smugly as she got out of the limousine and started to make her way into the dance with Michael.

“Maria must be a lot of fun.” said Isabel as they watched Maria pull a reluctant Michael unto the practically empty dance floor as soon as they entered the gym.
“She’s definitely full of surprises.” replied Alex.

A few minutes later Maria danced her way back over to the group and pulled the rest of them out onto the dance floor.

Liz felt everyone’s eyes on her and suddenly wished she was sitting down in the corner somewhere. Sure she had friends and allies now, but her reputation was far from being totally restored with everyone. She doubted it ever would, there were always people willing to believe the worst about you.

“I wish more people would start dancing. The centre of attention isn’t for me.” said Max.
“Me either.” agreed Liz.
“Think we can sneak away without Maria noticing?”
“Not likely.” laughed Liz. “But as long as your out here with me I think I can survive.”

Alex watched Isabel dancing and vainly tried to think of something clever or charming to say.
“Maria didn’t pay you to come or anything.” he finally joked, then for the split moment that Isabel didn’t answer, starting freaking that Maria had.
“No. She just told me that when you weren’t a total asshole you were a genuinely good guy.” Isabel finally answered.

Several songs later Maria finally allowed the group off the dance floor.
While the guys went for punch, Maria, Isabel and Liz slipped off to the ladies room.
“So how do you like Alex so far?” asked Maria, as she opened the bathroom door. But Isabel was spared from answering the question when Maria found Cherri crying in the bathroom.

“Cherri?” asked Maria.
“Oh.” mumbled Cherri, trying to dry her eyes.
“What’s wrong?” asked Maria.
“I’m okay Maria. And why do you care anyway?” asked Cherri.
“Because you’re my friend.” replied Maria.
“I thought you had new friends.” replied Cherri, looking at Isabel and Liz.
“I can have more than one.” defended Maria.
“Well you obviously like them better.”

“Listen Cherri, if I didn’t care I would have left you alone to cry by now.”
“Why don’t you leave me alone then?”
“Not until you tell me what’s wrong.” demanded Maria.
“Fine then. If you want to know so bad. Kyle and I had a fight right after we arrived here and he got mad and stormed off. When I went to apologize I found him making out with Sheryl.” said Cherri, fighting back tears as she sputtered out her story.

“I’m sorry.” replied Maria.
“I can’t believe they did that to me.” said Cherri with a new edge to her voice.
“That’s it my girl. Don’t just sit here and cry, get out there and get even.” encouraged Maria.
“How?” asked Cherri.

“I’m sure we can think of something.” replied Maria.

Part 16B:

Maria whispered something to Liz and Isabel and pushed them out of the bathroom.
“Alright Cherri. First things first. You can not go out there looking like that.” said Maria, pointing to the mascara tracks running down Cherri’s cheeks.

“What if he never forgives me.” said Cherri as she began to redo her makeup, “I mean, if I do this, we’ll probably never ever have a chance of getting back together. It’ll really be over.”
“Exactly. You have to show him that you aren’t going to take it anymore. That this was the absolute final straw.” said Maria.
“But what if no one else wants me?”
“Cherri, there are probably a ton of guys who have been waiting eons for you to break up with Kyle permanently.”
“You think?”

“So what exactly are we going to do to Kyle?” asked Cherri. “Do you have any Maria ideas?”
“Oh yeah. Liz and Isabel are already working on phase 1.” answered Maria.

“I’ll do all the talking.” offered Isabel, seeing that Liz was obviously didn’t want to participate in the ‘flirt with the DJs until they agree to lend us mic time’ phase of the plan.
“Okay.” agreed Liz. The two girls walked up to the deejays and Isabel started weaving her magic on the helpless guys who, after only two minutes, promised Isabel she could do whatever she wanted.
“Okay then, well I’ll see you in a little while.” said Isabel, turning around to smile at Liz.

The girls started looking for Maria and a few minutes later found them.
“Did it work?” asked Maria excitedly.
“Yeah, thanks to Isabel.” answered Liz.
“Goody.” said Maria, “You guys are great.”
“Yeah thanks.” added Cherri, “And Liz, Maria told me the truth, and I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay.”

“Are we all friends now?” teased Maria, even though she was obviously pleased.
“In time.” replied Liz.
“Good, well let’s go do some karioke.”

“I can’t do this.” Cherri whispered to Maria a few minutes later.
“Oh come on.”
“I can’t.”
“Oh well, to late to chicken out now.” said Maria as she pushed Cherri unto the stage. Cherri stood frozen, looking at the crowd. “Say it.” whispered Maria from the side.

“I would like to dedicate this song to Kyle Valenti and Sheryl Lenz.” sputtered out Cherri.

So you never meant to hurt nobody.
Well, I think you're full of it, yes,
Cause if you really really didn't wanna hurt nobody,
You wouldn't have been with my best friend, baby.
And to bring insult to my injury,
You weren't a bit discreet,
And while the world stood witness,
To my embarrassment.
You put a knife inside of me.

I know we've had our ups and downs,
And that I do admit, yes,
But sometimes lovers go astray,
But you made it permanent.
Well, I can't be that understanding, no.
My heart's just not that big, no it ain't.
I can take the pain of infidelity,
But I can't take you with her.

-song by Babyface-

“That was awesome.” squealed Maria, “Now, where are the guys? We need them for phase 2.”

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Part 17:

“I assume you had something to do with the little spectacle on stage.” said Michael, when he finally found Maria after wondering around the gym searching for her.
“Yeah. Hey, where’s my punch?”
“I drank it.”
“Hey, you’re the one who disappeared. Anyway, what kind of person begs someone to take them to a dance and then abandons them? Huh?”
“Sorry.” replied Maria, rolling her eyes. “Where did Alex and Max?”

“Well, Max is around somewhere and Alex kind of left.”
“He what?”exclaimed Isabel and Maria.
“Well, he spilled the punch he got for Isabel on himself, then he saw her flirting with the DJ. Figured he might as well go home.”

“He didn’t take the limo did he?” blurted Maria. “Umm, I mean, that’s too bad.”
“He’s walking home.” answered.
“Oh. How long ago did he leave?” asked Isabel.
“About five minutes ago.” answered Michael.
“Oh, I’ll go see if I can catch up with him and drag him back.”

“Where’s Isabel going?” asked Max, rejoining the group, with Liz’s punch still in hand.
“After Alex.”
“Isabel’s running after a guy? I guess I’m not the only one who’s changed.”
“What do you mean?” asked Michael.

“Focus people.” interrupted Maria.
“On what?” asked Max, even though he was relieved by the interruption. He didn’t feel like going into the whole ‘I was a nerd’ thing right then .
“Focus and you’ll know.” chided Maria. “Cherri and I need your assistance.”
“For what?” they asked, looking at Cherri.
“Don’t look at me, Maria’s even keeping me in the dark.”

“Well, a certain someone, we’ll call her Sheryl, was spotted kissing another someone, let’s call him Kyle, when he is supposed to be dating Cherri.”
“Point?” asked Michael.
“No one messes with my friends and gets away with it.” answered Maria, “And you guys are going to help me.”
“How?” asked Max.
“I don’t know yet.”

“You mean you don’t have a plan?!?” asked the group.
“Contrary to popular belief I am not a vengeance specialist.”
“Could have fooled me.” interjected Michael.

The group looked at each other in silence for a few moments contemplating whether or not to help Cherri.
“I have an idea.” spoke up Liz after a few minutes. She whispered her idea to Maria and the two girls smiled at each other wickedly.

“I think it’s a winner.” Maria declared to the rest of the group.
“Mind sharing?”
“In time. Michael, you and me are taking a trip to the media room.”


Isabel walked outside the school and found Alex sitting on a bench outside the door.
“Hey.” she greeted. “Michael told me you were walking home.”
“Yeah, well I was and then I realized it was 10 miles from here.” answered Alex sheepishly.

“If your staying why don’t you come back into the gym where it’s warm?”
“Because I have red punch on my shirt. You cannot make a good impression with punch on your shirt. I would be the laughing stock of the whole school.”

Isabel picked up the half full glass of punch sitting on the bench beside Alex and splashed it on herself.
“There. We match.”

“Are you crazy!?!” said Alex. “You just poured punch on yourself.”
“I know, I can’t believe I did it either. Oh well, I guess your not the only one who punches first and asks questions later.”

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Now, the part you've all been waiting for! *big*

Part 18:

“You ready?” asked Liz.
“To be made a total fool of? I don’t think so.” replied Max.
“I’m not really fond of this part of the plan either.” agreed Liz.
Max took Liz into his arms and kissed her. “Okay, let’s do this.”

Liz took off running into the gym, trying to act as flustered as possible.
A few seconds later Max came running after her..... “Liz, wait.” he yelled.
“Just go away.” she replied, then stole a glance around the room to make sure that they had everyone’s attention. They did.
“Liz, come on.”
“No, I am not spending the whole dance in the limo with you!” Liz practically spat out the last two words.
Max turned bright red. “Why not? You do it with everyone else.”
“I DID NOT! That was a load of bull made up from a few jocks who couldn’t stand someone crushing their float sized egos.” Liz stopped yelling and cried out the last words, “I am not like that. I thought you understood. Max, why don’t you just go find cheap fluzzy to fool around with. I’m outta here.” Liz took off running out of the gym and met Michael and Maria outside. “I did it.” she squealed.

Max looked around the gym and realized everyone was looking at him. Including a very shocked Isabel and Alex. He took off out of the room, trying to maintain his pissed off act. Just like clock work, Sheryl found him a few minutes later.
“Hey Max.” she cooed. “I guess you and Liz are over?”
“Guess so." he answered, clenching his fists.
“So you came in a limo?”
“Yeah.” agreed Max.
“That’s cool. Can I see it?”
“Sure.” replied Max, looking up and smiling at her. This was going to be easier than they planned.

“I can’t believe her.” whispered Liz, a few feet away.
“You almost got the tape recorder ready?” Maria asked Michael.
“Almost. Maria, you go get the TV set up in the gym and make sure Cherri has Kyle in the gym when we play it. Liz, your on nerd relations.”
“Don’t call him that.” replied Liz, feeling guilty for what she was about to do.

Liz walked over to the car that had just arrived, “Hi Newman, thanks for doing this.”
“Yeah.” replied Newman. “But if Kyle comes after me....”
“Don’t worry, Max, Alex and Michael will take care of him.”

“We have chocolate strawberries in the limo.” declared Max, smiling mischievously at Sheryl.
“Yum.” she replied licking her lip.
“Why don’t I feed you some?”
“Okay.” replied Sheryl.
“Blindfolded.” smiled Max.
“Even better.” cooed Sheryl.

Max went behind Sheryl and tied the blindfold on snugly. Then opened the door to the limo for her and let her sit in. Then he went around to his side and rolled the window down half way. “Newman, do your stuff.” he whispered and Newman took his place in the limo beside Sheryl, closing the door.

Max motioned for Michael and he came running forward and pressed the video camera inside the partially down window.

“Umm.” moaned Sheryl as Newman feed her several chocolate covered strawberries.
“This is fun, but you know what’s funner?” hinted Sheryl.
“This?” whispered Newman as he leaned forward and kissed Sheryl.
“Umm huh.” agreed Sheryl, “You’re so much better than Kyle.”

Michael tried to keep from bursting out laughing. Kyle would never live this one down.
He got a few more minutes of Sheryl and Newman kissing and then stopped recording.
He popped out the tape and handed it to Liz. “Go run this in to Maria.”

A few minutes later Newman pulled off Sheryl’s blindfold.
“Newman!” she exclaimed then got out of the limo. She found Michael and Max laughing at her. “Uhhh” she grunted, too angry and humiliated for words. Then she took off towards the gym to find Kyle again.

“Kyle, I’m sorry. I overreacted. Why don’t we go in the gym and dance?” asked Cherri, pouting.
“Sure hon.” he agreed, realizing Sheryl had totally disappeared. “I just can’t believe you sang that song about us. It was downright mean.” he lectured. “You’re going to have to make up for it.”

Max and Michael found Maria and Liz inside the gym with the television and video all ready to play. “Were here, you can start.” declared Michael.
“Just waiting for Cherri.” smiled Maria.

“Kyle, hun, why don’t I make it up to you.” With that Cherri left Kyle in the middle of the dance floor and made her way to the stage, and the DJ’s obligingly stopped the music for her. “Everyone, I have compiled a special video I would like you all to see. So please focus your attention to the television at the back of the room.”

Maria smiled happily as she pressed the play button.

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Part 19:
That Summer;

“I’ll never forget the look on his face!” declared Cherri, laughing at the memory with her friends.
“Not as funny as the look on Alex’s face after my ‘scene’.” added Max.
“Hey, you were a pretty convincing actor.” retorted Alex.
“Don’t I know it. I had girls coming up to me and telling me off for weeks afterward.” cringed Max.
“Poor baby.” teased Liz, sitting down beside Max. “At least you didn’t have guys trying to cop a field all the time.”
“I hear yah.” commiserated Alex. “But, I’ve had some good talks with Matt since then.”

“We’re here.” announced Maria, walking into the Evans’ living room with Michael.
“And I made a cake.” added Michael, showing off his masterpiece.
“That’s great.” said Max, taking the cake from Michael and putting it in the kitchen.

“So, how much longer till she gets here?” asked Alex. The group was congregated at the Evans’ house to give Isabel a coming home party.
“Should be home any time now.”
“That’s what you said the last time I asked.”
“Then stop asking.” retorted Max.

About ten minutes later the Evans’ car pulled into the driveway.
“Here she comes.” declared Max.

“Welcome home Isabel.” yelled the group as soon as Isabel walked into the room.

“Guys, thanks.” said Isabel. “This is so nice of all of you.”
“You know us, any excuse to party.” replied Maria.

The End

But what happens to our beloved characters you ask? Read on:

Michael becomes a world famous pastry chef. Unfortunately he gains a lot of weight and makes an appointment with a dietician. Who else should the dietician be but the lovely Maria DeLuca. The two hadn’t seen each other since the summer after second year university but they fall in love all over again. And Michael’s waist line is reduced to it’s original size.

Alex and Isabel have summer romance but agreed to break up before going to university. Alex joins a university dorm band and by some miracle becomes a world famous guitarist. His bands hit song is titled, “Double Punch.”

Kyle becomes a taste tester for a big snack food company. Unfortunately one of the snacks is laced with a new ‘taste enriching’ chemical that just happens to cause such side effects as baldness and diarrhea. Kyle takes the scientist responsible to court, but Liz defends herself by explaining the chemical was only to be used for adding arouma to such things as candles or dishwasher fluid. She never once said it was safe for use in food. The court rules on Liz’s side and Kyle is ordered to pay all her court costs.

After a certain video showing Mr. Newman Trakes becomes quite the ladies man. The billions he makes from his home started computer company also keeps him popular with the ladies. Currently he is dating world famous super model Cherri Jenka.

Sheryl repents for her actions and joins a nunnery.
Hey, weirder things have happened.

As for Max and Liz?
Well, they lived happily ever after.

That’s It, That’s All, That’s Everything.
Thanks for reading!!!