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Title: I Don't Care

Author: Me! Isis

Disclamer: Nothing from the show Roswell, the characters or anything belongs to me.

Summary: Liz Parker has a crappy life, her father beats her and the kids in school make fun of her. But will she find love in the person she hates the most?

*Everyone this is my first story so go easy on me ok, and Feedback would be greatly appreciated thanks.


I'm Liz Parker and I don't care, I don't care about anything anymore. I don't trust anyone, I don't care that everyone hates me, I don't care that my parents can't even stop drinking long enough to remember my name, I don't care that my dad beats me while my mom sits and laughs at me, I just don't care. My only solace is my brother Michael, he's the one exception to my 'don't trust anyone' rule. Me and Michael are stonewalls, our one rule of life, never let anyone know how you feel. That's what we live by. Don't cry, don't scream, don't plead. Shit is gonna happen and no matter how many tears you cry it won't stop you from stepping right in it.

My school life isn't much better than my home life, most people leave me and Michael alone except for one of the biggest asswholes in the school. For some reason he's made it his personal mission to make our lives hell. He's the class president, football captain, and one of the richest guys in the school. Maxwell Philip Evans. Even his name pisses me off, what an asswhole, ever since the beginning of high school when I accidently bumped into him, he's tortured me very way possible. Tripping me in the hallways, spitting gum in my hair, spreading rumors about me, but wait I don't care, remember.

Max's little group consists of his sister Isabel Evans, a tall,voluptous,beautiful,blond, Her boyfriends Alex Whitman, the smartest, and funniest kid in all of West Roswell High, Maria DeLuca, also a tall, volumptous, beautiful blond, Kyle Valenti, co captain of the football and basketball teams, and finally their leader Max Evans, the all American boy next door. Bet you can guess who my group consists of, YEP you guessed it Me, Liz Parker, and my brother Michael Parker. Max's friends are actually really nice, but the one thing that pisses me off is that whenever Max and his other football friends are bothering me and Michael, they send us sympethetic smiles or sorrowful glances. I don't need anyone's fucking pity espically not theirs.

Tomorrows Monday September 8, my first day as a senior of West Roswell High. Most high school students would probaly be excitied about this, well not me. See even though I'm a senior I don't rule the school, I'll never rule the school. In fact I have a feeling that this is going to be the worst year yet. I think I'm headed straight toward a huge pile of dog shit.
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I just wanted to thank all of you for the awesome feedback. And for all of those who asked if Max and Liz really hate eachother, let's just say things aren't always as they seem.


Chapter 1

Welcome to West Roswell High, another part of my nightmare. It's a horrible little school, filled with horrible little people. Ohh, there's Michael staring at Maria Deluca again no less. He still thinks that I don't notice how he looks at her when he thinks no one's looking. "Michael" I call out. I turn around and hit myself straight into a brick wall. Wait a minute when did they build a brick wall right in the middle of the hallway. I raise my head higher and my eyes lock with those of Max Evans, that arrogent little prick has a smirk on his face.

"Watch where your walking Evans" I scream at him

"Watch where your standing Parker" he retorts.

Me and Max have never adressed eachother by other first names. I'm still not really sure why. Usually we don't even use our last names, we usually just call eachother Bitch, or asswhole, or scumbag or something along those lines. We're still glaring at eachother, just then his face grows hard and he opens his mouth to speak. Oh great here comes the disses......

"I see we still haven't grasped the greatness of makeup, though even makeup may not be able to help you."

I've never been really one for words so what do I do, I go to physically pounce on him. But before I can, I feel arms wraping themselves around me in mid air and hauling me away from Max.

"What the Fuck! Get off of me NOW!" I look back to see whose carrying me away and low and behold it's Sean Williams. He's been obsessed with me since freshmen year of highschool. Don't ask me why, I have no breasts, no ass, nothing but still Sean has always tried to get me out of trouble when I was caught for doing something wrong, which was often espically because of the fact that my teachers looked to get me into trouble because they all thought that I was some sort of druggie or something.

"Liz" he begins "think about what you were going to do. You were going to start a fight in the middle of the hallway, you would have surely got into trouble"

He incredibly right. If I had gotten caught that mean the priciple would have to call my parents which would wake them up and they would be hella pissed. I already got the scars to prove what happens when you get them pissed.

Sometimes I love Sean.

Just then who walks around the corner but Evans. God I hope he doesn't start shit again, I don't know if I'd be able to control myself.

"What happened Bitch, your geeky boyfriend had to step in again huh?"

Liz just turn around and walk away, walk away Liz walk away. I'm trying to convince myself to stay calm and I think it's working. After he notices that I'm done fighting with him for the day he turns around and walks away. And after a second he turns around and smirks at me. God what with him and smirking. Before he has a chance to turn back around I smile and take this oppertunity to slowly raise my middle finger at him.

And just think this is only the beginning of the school year.

Feedback please!!*big*

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Thank you all for the excellent feedback, it was great, you have no idea how much it means to me that you guys like my writing. Your replys inspire me.

In this part I'm basically trying to give you a peek into Liz's home life, there will be more Max and Liz hate in the next part I promise. Feedback please!

Chapter 2

Our first day of school let out at 1:00, it was a shortened day. Basically we go into school to meet our teachers then we leave. After that I went straight to work. I work in this tiny little resturant called The Crashdown, yea yea, I know it's totally corny, but what do you expect, this is Roswell. When I get off my shift I usually sit on the curb and just think about the day for a few minutes. It gives me time to reflect, and relax before I go home where I have to keep my guard up 24 hours a day. I get settled on my usual little spot on the curb and and for this little amount of time I feel like I can breathe.

Guess who I have AP Bio with. The whole group, and when I say the WHOLE group I mean the whole enchilada. Michael, me, Maria, Isabel, Alex, Max, Kyle, Sean, all of them. We already got our lab partners and mine, thank god is not Max. I got Maria. I don't mind Maria, really she's nice it's just that sometimes she can be alittle overbearing. She's just so happy and when I'm around her I can't help but feel small. I always start to wonder if I was ever that happy. She's so optimistic and let's not forget that the girl is absolutly gorgeous. Michael got partnered up with Alex, and Max got partnered up with this really small blond girl named Tess.

I glance at my watch and this is about when I start to freak. Oh shit! How the hell is it 5:20 already. I was supposed to be home 20 minutes ago so I could have dinner on the table by 5:30. I'm so screwed. Mom and dad are probably just waking up and when they see that I'm not there there's gonna be hell to pay when I do get home. By this time I've already began running but not fast enough, it's already too late, I know what awaits me when when I walk through that door. I already know what's gonna happen. Finally I reach my house on the "poor" side of town. It's 5:35 and all I can do is sit here and stare at the front of the house. I can't just stay here forever, I know that but when I walk through that door, I'll be in another world, one in which the game is rigged so that I can't win. Breathe, just breathe, then I reach for the door knob and twist it open. I let it swing open by itself and as soon as it does the scent of beer, cigarettes, and sex draft to my nose. It so disgusting I feel like vomiting. Before I even can put my other foot inside the room a hand grabs my hair and pulls me through inside the house.

"Well hello there Lizzie where the hell have you been?"

I keep my mouth shut because I know that it doesn't matter what I say, I'll always be wrong and that will make him even more angry.

I hate the fact that I'm related to this man, I hate the fact that I share the same genes as him, I HATE it. I'm snapped back to this world by the feeling of a hand punching me across the face. I fall to the floor with a thud. I want to get up but I know better then to move. My face is throbbing and I know that by tomorrow I'm gonna have a fresh shinner. My father stands over me and I can feel the smile that I know is spreading across his face right now.

"Lizzie, Lizzie, I thought I taught you better then to disobey your parents, when I say we want our dinner by 5:30, THEN WE WANT OUR FUCKING DINNER BY 5:30". He puncuates each work with a quick, hard kick to my ribs.

He pulls me up by my hair and once again punches my face. I hear my mom in the background cheering him on. He throws me against the wall and punches my stomach.

"Now go make my dinner you pathetic, ugly little whore".

Meet Jeffrey Parker, my father.

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