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Title: Soul Dancer and the Womanizer.
Author: Jbehrbabe
Category: M/L of coarse.
Rating: NC-17, AU
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell. I wish I did.
Summary: Liz is a country girl gone famous dancer in a big bad city full of phoney people. Max is a rich, arrogent, womanizing playboy, and everyone know's it. Men glare with jealousy while woman fall at his feet. He's famous by being president of a huge company he built himself. Woman practically fall over with their legs spread open when he walks past. Will Liz be one of them? And will Max find her worthy of the expeirence?

Part One

Liz drew a very deep breath. Someone was watching her. She could practically feel someone's eye's raking up and down her body, making her shake for some strange reason. Cautiously, she looked around the large dining room located in one of the cities biggest and richest hotels. Nobody meet her eyes. Nobody seemed to be even looking at her, much less stripping her naked with their eyes. Atleast that's what it had felt like!

"Miss Parker?" Liz nearly jumped out of her skin, but like alway's, she was the master of controlling her emotions. It came with the job. She turned her head towards the voice, not knowing how poised and cool she looked. How beautiful, stunning really. A challenge really. Who could loosen the knot of silky dark hair and watch her skin flush in arousal? Somewhere in the room eye's narrowed, accepting the challenge silently.

"Elizabeth Parker?" The same voice asked which belonged to a woman nearly two times older than herself. Which Liz guessed was her early fourties with a rich husband, she thought, eyeing the diamonds and gold on the woman's fingers, wrists, ear lobes, and neck.

"Yes?" Her voice sounded just as cool as she looked. But she still felt a little anxious. Someone was watching her! Ok, so people were known to do that. Stare. It came with the job. But this feeling that someone was watching started not long after she arrived thirty minutes ago and hadn't stopped. She didn't know how she knew, but she knew it was the same person. And definetly male, she thought with a shutter, feeling imaginary fingers carressing her skin.

"You were amazing last week," the woman gushed after Liz comfirmed that yes, she was Elizabeth Parker. Liz tried to remember what she did last week, also rolling her shoulders to flex the tensed muscles. The woman must have read the blank look on her face and was quick to help. "You know, the broadway show. The man you danced with, now he was a fox," she said and Liz smiled and raised her wine glass at the lady in agreement. The lady laughed loudly, dramatically, at Liz's motion and raised her own glass. By then everyone standing around them were staring. Liz removed the glass slowly away from her painted lips and smiled warmly. She'd hate to burst the woman's bubble by telling her Chris likes woman but loves men. A real smile made it's way across Liz's face, her eye's sparkling attractively at the thought. Nobody ever could tell a real smile from one of her fake smiles.

"And you are?" Liz asked with sudden direct eye contact which most people found un-nerving. "Avara Harding," the woman drawled and the only sign she showed of discomfort was a flicker of her eye's and how she played with her rings, Liz noted with expeirence. She also recognized the last name. Edward Harding, one the wealthiest men in the city. That explains the thousands of dollors worth of gems and diamonds too. "Nice to meet you Avara, and thanks for the compliment about the show. I'm glad you enjoyed it and I hope to see you in the audience once more," Liz said sweetly. Hello publicity, Liz thought with a inward smile. Oh well, her greedy husband has millions. Avara flushed like anyone would in the presence of a celebrity. "Oh you definetly will," Avara confirmed and Liz nodded briskly and cooly, feeling the unseen eye's on her again.

She glanced around again, seeing men in black suits and woman dressed to the Maximum. Diamonds glittering from every direction. Her brows drew together in a frown. This person was different from the last. Somehow angry and threatening and she definetly picked up jealousy. Definetly not a man. No man ever looked at her that long with anything more than interest and lust. She wondered why she felt a lose now that the earlier person, the man, had stopped looking at her. I'm going crazy!

She downed the rest of her wine and picked up another as a waiter walked by with a tray full of half full long-necked wine glasses. She happened to look up from the glass as she raised it to her lips and her eye's clashed with icy blue one's. Mystery solved, she thought, never looking away from the blonde haired, blue eye'd woman just a few feet away from her. She stood in front of a man, his back to Liz as he chattered, arms waving. Liz raised a eyebrow at the woman in a challenge and then watched with pleasure as a un-easy look washed over the blondes made up features before she lowered her eye's and looking away in defeat.

Liz smiled faintly and wondered who the woman was. She didn't think she ever saw her before. More interesting, why did this woman hate her so much? Maybe hate was a strong word, Liz thought. Definetly jealousy. Alot of woman seemed to be jealous of her and Liz never understood it. Apparently she was beautiful. The next "IT" girl, Liz thought with a roll of her eye's. Atleast that's what the magazines, newpapers, and tabloids said.

According to the them, her dance was beyond her time. How did they know that exactly? Could they see into the future, see how the future people dance? Deep down she knew she was great, but she didn't like to brag. Dancing meant to much to her to degrade it in such a way.

Dancing became her life at the early age of three. Her divorsed mother raised enough money to put Liz through classes because she said she wished her mother would have gotten her interested in something when she was young so when the time came, she'd be great. Just like me, Liz thought sarcastically. She loved dancing but not everything that came with it. Making appearences like this one, meeting money hungry people, and more importantly, loved because of her grace, money and beauty and not for who she really was. She never really knew who her true friends were so over the years, even after she got famous at the early age of fifteen, she stuck with her childhood friends.

Now at the age of twenty one, she could make her way through these parties with her eye's closed. She remembered how nervous and hurt she felt the first time she attended one of these functions. Older woman shredded her up with words she didn't understand. Men ignored the new meat. Back then that hurt. Now however, she could do without a man. All they ever wanted was her money or a romp in her silk sheets. Only they didn't know that she never slept with a man or that her sheets were actually cotton. Silk irritated her skin.

Now she looked down at the older woman. Not litterally of coarse. She only stood five three. Five six at best with the help of heels. She'd rather show up in a good pair of comfortable sneakers but her short dress wasn't long enough to cover them, she thought with amusement, wondering what people would say if they ever saw her when she wasn't playing dress up. She missed her jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers.

She was looking forward to her vacation. Just as soon as the broadway show closed she'd be on a plane home to her hometown, where she'd see family and friends. People that treated her like a person. She had to have that in her life. She needed it and doubted she would make it through this part of her life without it. Sometimes she wished she never let that agent talk her into signing the deal after he had seen her dance. Now she couldn't go back to before she was famous.

She didn't notice the dark eye's full of interest as she walked past gracefully. Or the flicker of a primitive challenge she sparked in them when she walked into the room looking cool and distant, and most importantly, untouchable. He'd have to change that, he thought with a arrogent half smile, his eye's following her backside with utter male interest as she walked out towards the elevators totally unaware.

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Title: Soul Dancer and the Womanizer.
Author: Jbehrbabe
Category: M/L of coarse.
Rating: NC-17, AU
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell. I wish I did.
Summary: Liz is a country girl gone famous dancer in a big bad city full of phoney people. Max is a rich, arrogent, womanizing playboy, and everyone know's it. Men glare with jealousy while woman fall at his feet. He's famous by being president of a huge company he built himself. Woman practically fall over with their legs spread open when he walks past. Will Liz be one of them? And will Max find her worthy of the expeirence?

Applebylicious, frenchkiss70, Saymi007, ps_dreamer, AlienDreamer101, roswellluver, BehrObsession, sugarplum17, Raylin, salonica, clueless, Alex Balex, StardustDreamer, abbs007, qt4167013, aZNroSweLl anglgrl, LizHalliewell, Lady_without_a_clue, RSW2001, and last but not least, Nicoletta.
Thank you all sooo much for the inspiring feedback. I'm glad your enjoying it.

Part Two

The dinning room looked nothing like it did the night before. Looking at the polished floors and spotless tables, you wouldn't even think that the night before atleast one hundred people struffed up the floor. Liz liked it much better this way. She yawned and stretched back in her chair, reaching high with her hands. She didn't know why she was eating lunch downstairs when she could have ordered room service from her penthouse suit.

She had a hard time getting asleep the night before. Which was strange because today she had absolutly nothing to do. No reason to get stressed out because of a showing. Absolutly nothing. Liz sighed heavily and looked around again. Three round tables to her left sat two rich old ladies, babbling like they weren't going to live much longer. Waiters decked out in white cuffed suit jackets and black trousers walked around with silver platters in their hands. She knew it was real silver too. Mostly men waitors covered the dining room. The female staff covered the billard room and the lounge where all the alcohol was located. They say men buy more beer when woman are serving it. Liz pursed her lips at that thought. Pigs. Especially when most of the buisness men were married. They had to have heirs to carry on their name and business of coarse. Wifes shouldn't worry about hookers these days. Watch out for the damn bar tenders!

Before she knew it her plate was sitting in front of her. Steaming gritts, two eggs, toast, and a tasty looking slice of ham. Now where's the orange juice? Ah-ha! It magically appeared as a waitor walked past, a appreciative smile on his face. Pigs, I tell you!

Of coarse. She shouldn't really complain. It was nice being looked at by men. Just not the ugly one's, she thought, watching the waiter walk over to the old ladies table.

Even with a lack of sleep she was in a great mood. Ok, a little more sarcastic than the usual. Atleast she didn't say what she was really thinking outloud, right? With a grin Liz picked up the right fork and used it to cut up her eggs. Nobody was staring at her today either! She hated it admit it, but whoever practically stripped her naked the night before sure made it hard for her to stop thinking about him. Who was he? And how was she certain it was a man? It could have been a woman. Liz choked on her peice of egg and did a shake. Hell no! It was definietly a man, and a very intense one too!

Last night she could practically feel everywhere he looked. Good thing she didn't catch him staring, because her practiced ice cube posture would have went right out of the window. Because no matter how much she didn't want to admit it, that man had touched her like no other. And he didn't even touch her! Not really anyway, Liz corrected, knowing she was full of horse crap. She didn't doubt that he could have probably given her a orgasim if she concentrated on the movement his eye's took over her body, but Avara Harding babbled worse than Maria if possible.

She didn't know what the guy looked like and she wasn't sure if she wanted to. He could be really ugly and as mean as it sounds, most woman do go for looks first. It's not like you can see what kind of personality the guy has at first site. That's where looks come in. Attraction. Then you learn what's inside. All she knew about him was he had a thing for her breasts and her ass. She almost laughed. That's where she felt his eye's the most. His eye's were practically glued to her ass when she walked to the elevator and retired for the night. A shiver went up her spine.

"Enjoy the party last night?" Liz did jump this time and turned in her seat, her eye's following Amanda to where she sat down in front of herself at her table. Liz smiled and nodded. "It was great. I think the food was the best part," Liz said with a twinkle in her eye's. The food and the imaginary hands. She slapped herself for thinking that way. She didn't need or want any man, even if he could knock her socks off with the force of his attraction! Damn it!

"I saw you talking to Avara Harding," Amanda said with pitty and Liz laughed huskily, taking a bite of the gritts. Amandra made a grunting noise at the food on Liz's plate and the look of heaven on Liz's face. "I hate you, you know! The way you can scarf down that stuff and keep that body is beyond me. I don't even think your aware of how beautiful you are. You should have seen how many men were looking at you last night!" Amanda voiced with friendly jealousy. There's that jealousy again, Liz thought, stabbing her fork into a slice of ham with a scraping noise before forking it into her mouth.

"Yeah, Well, they can look all they want," Liz said with distaste but inside she was thinking that one man could definetly look at her all he wanted too. She even wanted him too, she admited. Amanda sighed, thinking about one dreamy man she saw at the party, who also had his eyes on Liz. No matter how much she flaunted herself at him he did even pay her a glance for her efforts! And she was pretty sure he was aware of her attraction.

Arrogent bastard!

"Did you see Max Evan's last night?" Amanda asked and Liz frowned in thought and then smiled when she recognized his name. She frowned again the next second. Woman should hate men like him. Womanizers! Matter of a fact, all night she ignored looking in the corner where she knew he stood. How did she knew which corner? The same corner where over half of the female population hearded to. He must be something special, she thought with a snort. She had never actually see him before herself but she didn't want to see him either.

"I'm afraid not," Liz said dully and Amanda grunted again. "Are you dead from the waste down or something? God, I could orgasim just thinking about him!" Amanda shuttered and Liz glared at her wantonness. Especially when it was for a man like Max Evan's.

Apparently, he looks like a Greek God.

"I can't say I've ever had the honor of seeing him but I'll take your word for it," Liz said sarcastically. She hated men like him! Arrogent sex hungry bastards! Sometimes she wondered if he was as good looking as people said but he wasn't in any of the magazines she looked through because he was in "business" and she looked through "entertainment" magazines. She smirked suddenly, remembering the rumor she heard about how "gifted" he was, and these ladies in the lavatory certainly weren't talking about his business! Her cheeks flushed at the dirty thought.

"Ok. Liz don't go all "nun" on me. You wouldn't know sex if it bit you on the leg!" Amanda hit back and Liz flinched slightly. "Alright. I deserve that. I may not know men, but what I do know is this Evan's guy your drooling about isn't worth it. He'd drop you like a fly and that's if he actually finds you suitable." she added sarcastically. Both girls sighed and smiled at eachother. "We are doing exactly what he loves," Amanda said with a laugh. "Fighting about him!" Liz sputtered and put her glass of orange juice down. Then both girls bursted into laughter after looking at eachother blankly for a few seconds.

"So, what are you doing today?" Amanda asked, smiling at the male waiter as he walked past. Liz flashed her a brilliant smile. "Absolutly nothing!" Then after a second. "I planned on walking around the city. Undercover of coarse," she added, pointing at the white knitted beanie hat that she placed on the table when she first arrived. "Walking around..." Amanda paused. "What's so fun about that?"

Liz laughed. "I like walking into those prissy shops and laughing when I see how much people will pay for sun glasses or lip gloss," she smirked and Amanda's eye's widened before she cracked with laughter. "It's very entertaining," Liz added for good measure, clearing the rest of her plate with the last peice of toast.

"Oh. What I originally came over for. Did you land that deal with 'What Men Want'?" "What Men Want" is the name of a very frisky magazine for men. Duh. "Yes. I did. And I'm going to be the very first woman to ever be on the cover that wear's clothes!" Liz blushed and added, "they must have really wanted me, huh?"

Amanda gave Liz a comical look. "Like that's anything new." Then walked off, winking at a waitor as she went. Liz smiled to herself, grabbed her beanie hat and purse before walking over to tell them to put it on her tab.

The air outside was fresh and just a little cold, Liz decided, watching her breath come out in a cloud of mist as she hugged her coat closer to her body. Of coarse, how could she have forgotten it was in the middle of January? So far nobody recognized her and she was grateful for small blessings.

As she walked along she looked through shop window's when something interested her. She couldn't talk herself out of buying a diamond necklace and now the tiny bag with the box inside was clutched in her freezing hand. Yep. This was a great idea! Hear the sarcasim? That's me. Sarcasim girl.

A teenaged boy skated by once on his skate board and nearly knocked her into a hill of snow. She yelled a few bad words at him and got a middle finger for the effort. She felt like she was in her early thirties mentally, not her early twenties.

In the next second, she found her feet slipping out from under her. She let out a little cry of distress before she landed on her bottom. Hard. Also very cold. She cursed her fate. Suddenly big feet with nice shiny dress shoes came into her vision and when she looked up, the sun made her vision blurry.

She blinked upwards. Lord, he's big, was her first thought. Then after a few seconds she noticed he was holding out a hand.

Should she take it?

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Part Three

She blinked upwards. Lord, he's big, was her first thought. Then she realized that he was holding out a hand. "Need a hand?" came his voice that sounded deep and husky and just a little amused. She rolled her eye's heavenward, cursing softly. She tried to get her footing, only to slip and fall again. Today was not her day. She had hoped nobody saw her and the last thing she wanted was some macho man wanting to help a little lady in trouble. She may not be tough or tall, but she could kick just as hard as anyone else. If she ever saw that kid on that skateboard again...

Alway's good with her balance, she managed to stand up, notcing she was standing on a sheet of ice. Before she knew it, her feet slipped again and this time she grasped for the first thing she saw. Which happened to be a hand. She grasped it with one hand and within a second she managed to wrap both of her arms around his arm, one hand still holding onto his hand for dear life. It took her a second to notice that she was pressed completely up against him. Hey, I'm not no figure skater! Give me a break!

With his help, he helped mover her a few inches until her feet touched smooth sturdy concrete. In less than a second she moved away and stood away from him. Yet, not too far because she didn't want to be rude. He had stopped her from falling a third time, if that second time even counted. Plus, she'd be screwed if she broke a bone.

She looked up at him, feeling at a dissadvantage because behind him the sun's ray's glared into her eye's, making him look blurry, and she really wanted to see his face. If his voice meant anything...

Damn, he's tall, she thought again, having to look upwards where his face should be. At first she hadn't recognized his deep voice and now looking at him, she knew she never meet him before. He wasn't the sort of man one would forget ever seeing, even if you did just pass him on the street.

She shaded her eye's when suddenly he ducked down, making her glare right into the run. That's how hard she had been trying to see his face. He obviously bent down and picked up her package, placing it in the same hands she used to grasp onto his body not moments before. She practically threw herself at him! She muttered a thank's and suddenly she could see him clearly when the clouds floated infront of the sun, making the puffy clouds a bright red.

She got a glance at his face before she lowered her own, shocked that he was so handsome. And just a little more embarrased than before. He had seen her make a full of herself. Oh, grow up, she told herself wildly. He's just a man. A very good looking man. Ok, more than good looking. He's a tall, dark, friggin' greek God! She fingured the bag in her hand nervously. Then, remembering that he had also picked her up from the slippery pavement, she added, "thanks for saving me back there," she directed behind them with her head where the scene happened. "Your my savior." She flushed and grinned up at his face. Where the hell did that come from? Your my savior, she mocked herself. Kill. Me. Now. Amusement twinkling in the amber depths of his watchful eyes. The only sign he have of hearing her was a breif half smile and a wink. Or maybe she just imagined them.

Her very first impression of him as the sun glared into her eye's, making her vision blurry, wasn't exactly correct. It was the dark blue bulky overcoat that had given her the idea of overweight. If his legs and muscular thighs told any story, she'd bet his upper body was just as toned. And the way he practically lifted her off the ground and walked her away from the ice without any effort on his part spoke words. And he was definetly tall. So tall that she had to look up to see his face. Most definetly over six feet, she decided. No wonder he had no problem hoisting her 5'3 frame off the ground! He's a giant. A handsome giant, she admitted, using the task of brushing snow from her jeans to avoid making anymore eye contact. She figured her hero would use his chance to make an escape but he didn't seem to have anywehre else to go.

"Are you alright?" There was the deep husky voice again, making her shiver. Good thing it's cold outside, she thought, knowing his watchful eye's wouldn't have missed the little shiver of sexual attraction. Lord, get a grip on yourself! Men never get a reaction out of me! Suddenly she remembered the eye's from last night and she groaned openly. Forget him too!

"Just bruised my dignity," she admitted, smiling up at him from beneath her thick lashes. He smiled, gave her a quick nod of his head and rocked on his heels and she watched as he tucked his hands into his black tousers. Lord, he's big, she thought again and her face turned bright red and she jerked her head upwards. He hadn't missed her inspection, she noted with a inward grown. "Nothing else?" he asked with a thread of amusement in his voice. He had seen her feet slide from underneith her, falling in a untidy and defenietly not graceful sprawl! Her cheeks flushed a pretty pink and he grinned suddenly. He had been playing with her! She didn't even bother brushing the wetness from the offended area. Bastard, she thought. Yet, she couldn't help smiling a little. His laughter did things to her that she'd rather not feel.

She looked beyond him and remembered where she was going before she fell on her ass. Her hotel was right behind him. Could it be possible that he was staying there too? He sure looked rich enough, she thought with a approving look. His handsome face was shaved cleanly. His hair looked a little damp like he just got a shower and she could smell his aftershave as the cold wind whiped around them. His hair looked to be the same shade of dark chocolate as her own. His hair was cut neatly yet, a little dangerous apeal because of how his bangs fell over his forehead, almost long enough to sheild his leathal eyes. She didn't like the way his eye's seemed to see right to her very core. Definetly easy on the eye's, she thought a little dreamily. She was sure a lot of woman were jealous of his thick lashes that made his amber eye's even more attractive. He looked very alert, like nothing ever got past him. Like a jungle animal, she thought, feeling the sheer strength he gave off. She would bet her life that under that thick coat was cords and ripples of muscle. Her nipples tightened and she gave a small breathy gasp. She looked around a little uncomfortable before looking back up at him. He misses nothing, she thought again as she crossed her arms across her chest in a way to protect herself. His eye's lit in laughter.

"Well, ah, thanks for your service," she muttered before she looked him over once more for her memory because she doubted she'd ever see a male like this again. Then, she smiled up at him with everything she had before turning on her heel and moving towards the hotel. She shivered suddenly as her whole body became awake, feeling those eye's on her again, stripping her naked with more intensidy than ever before. The same eye's from the night before, she realized, her back stiffening as she came to a stop close to the door. She gasped and spun around but the man wasn't there anymore. Busy people and fast cars kept going past her but he vanished. She never egnowledged that the man and the eye's dissapeared at the exact same time. She signed with disgust. She even forgot to get his name! Then, she realized that she couldn't feel the eye's anymore and that she had been standing in the same spot for close to ten minutes! She shook her head and cursed herself for even caring who the man was. It wasn't like she actually wanted to see him again. Then why did she feel so dissapointed?

"Elizabeth!" Liz heard the overdramatic voice. "Honey!"

They exchanged quick cheeks kisses that didn't even touch. Just because. Liz smiled and squeezed Isabel's hand, trying to play nice. If Isabel didn't want to reveil herself as the role steeling bitch she was trying to be then Liz would go along with it.

Isabel stood atleast five inches taller than herself, long fake blonde hair. Blue eye's because of contacts because she made the most money as a blonde. Liz laughed inside. She wore a lot of make-up. Fuck-me-red-lipstick, as Liz liked to call it, was Isabel's favorite lipstick. She could probably get a high off the amount of perfume Isabel wore too.

"I hear your going to be on the cover of "What Men Want" next month," Isabel cooed and Liz could see the jealousy behind Isabel sweet words. Liz's smile was so bright, so show-off, that Isabel dropped her smile and almost glared. Almost. Isabel gathered her control back and smiled. She wasn't paid to be a actress for nothing. Not that she was really any good. And since she couldn't get anything better than television show's, casted as supporting roles, she figured she'd try for dancing because she practiced it for three years in highschool. Liz almost rolled her eyes.

Rumor had it that Isabel had been on the television show and because they didn't give her enough work, she tried to get rid off the leading lady of the show by pushing her down stairs. Thankfully the lady didn't break anything. The bad part was Isabel got kicked off the show. Now Isabel was trying to conquer the dancing world by giving blow-jobs, or so the rumor said. Liz looked at Isabel and she could believe it. Especially with that lipstick!

"I couldn't believe it when I heard it! I mean, you, posing nude!" Liz laughed, ignoring the pathetic attempt.

"Actually," Liz said on a sigh. "I'm not posing nude. I'm going to be the first woman to ever be featured on that magazine with clothes on. Not a lot of clothes though. It just goes to show that you can make your way through life without taking your clothes off to get what you want, and even do better than people that do!" Liz said sweetly. Isabel's eye's lit up in flames at what Liz said. She tossed her nose in the air and stalked off. "Get a new day-job, Isabel! Cause once gravity finishes with you, people are going to pay you to put your clothes back on!" Isabel back stiffened but she kept on stalking away, furious as Liz's laughter rang around the room.

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