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Hey all! I thought I'd repost this before I *finally* add a new part. As some people know, this story is jinxed. I have one thats gotten them all the way past breaking up with the others, but I lost it. I have another that's got them in the closet, but I lost it. So now I'll start *again* but not lose it. I wasn't going to post this again till the new board settled, but while hunting through the repost boards, I saw it, all the way back on the 11th page. So here it is. FEEDBACK IS ONLY WAY TO GET NEW PARTS!

Author: TDD
Note: Off a challenge, which is posted below. And if you know what 7 minutes in heaven is, then you should have a good idea of a major event that is going happen. I know, I lied, I didn’t finish one of my other stories first, now I have nine going. If I start anymore, make me finish one.
Disclaimer: If I own it, Dreamers are ecstatic, Candygirls are babbling with joy, and Stargazers are jumping up and down with joy, cause Max and Liz are together, Maria and Michael are, and Alex is alive, and together with Isabel. If none of the above is true, I don’t own Roswell, Jason Katims and Melinda Metz do.

1. Must be M/L you can included other couples if you want.
2. Max and Liz are very popular at school but they come from different groups (exp. Max is a jock Liz is a funny humorous class clown type both are very popular)
3. They hate each other, well in the beginning of the story anyway. They have known each other forever since there were kids.
4. Kyle is going out w/ Liz Max is going out w/ Tess.
5. Isabel, Liz and Maria are really good friends.
6. At a party Liz and Max end up making out in a closet. (You can chose how the end up there)
7. They avoid each other b/c they are embarrassed of what happened.
8. At the same party they find out Tess and Kyle were in a bedroom together! They dump Tess and Kyle.
9. End it any way you want but it must come out MAX AND LIZ lol.

Authors Note: None
Spoilers: None
Category: M/L M/T L/K Mainly also includes T/K Mi/M I/A

“So Liz, you going?” Maria, Liz’s best friend for forever had asked.

“Going where?”

“To the party!”

“Which one?”


“Hey, why did Iz, not tell me about this! She is supposed to be MY best friend too!”

“Because I hadn’t caught up to you yet! You were the center of attention as usual during Geography, I don’t know how you can put a permanent glue on Mr. Thompson’s chair, have it KNOW it was you, and STILL not get in trouble!”

“Because I am just so well loved, being the Joker Queen and all, they know it’s all in good fun, Mr. Thompson wouldn’t even have known I specifically didn’t if hadn’t been for your jock of a brother.”

“Agh! What happened to make you two hate each other SO much?”

“Tess Harding is what happened. And a few other things along the way.”

“But you are coming, right? This is like going to be THE party of the year Liz, and I am holding it!”

“Is your brother going to be there?”

“Liz!” Maria and Isabel said at the same time.

“As Joker Queen of West Roswell high and my best friend you HAVE to be there!” Isabel said.

“Liz, by not going to Iz’s party you would be;
a) letting him win
b) not being at THE social event of the year
c) Letting me and Iz down!”

“Fine, Fine! I give in! I will go!”

“And Liz?”

“What Isabel?”

“This year, please do NOT handcuff my brother and Tess the field goal posts before the party.”

“I will never understand how you managed to do that.” Maria mumbled.

“Max was going for the catch, and Tess just happened to be there with him, and OOPS! Guess I accidentally handcuffed them to the poles.”

Kyle had walked over and as Liz finished the sentence, he picked her up and kissed her, this not going unnoticed by Isabel and Maria, who were practically gagging. What Liz saw in Kyle, they would never understand. Liz hated jocks with a passion, even more so then the three of them hated cheerleaders, especially the head cheerleader, Tess or the gerbil, as she was more commonly called between the three of them. But then again, Isabel thought, Max hates cheerleaders as much as we do and he’s dating one, he says they are WAY to ditzy. I wonder…

Every year someone, namely one of the three populars- the first group of populars consisted of Maria, Liz, and Isabel, each known for something different. Liz for being the Joker Queen, a title which Liz, being the first person to hold the title every year since 3rd grade held. Basically the title Joker King, or Queen now, since Liz had also been the first Joker Queen was given to the person who could pull the most pranks, and get away with it. Liz ALWAYS got away with it, never once getting in trouble. Isabel, for holding up the Ice Queen reputation, talking only to Maria, Liz during school. And Maria for being well…Maria. The three were the most popular girls in school, which the second group of populars resented. The second group consisted of Max, Kyle, and Alex and Michael. The cutest guys in school. While the four didn’t necessarily all get along together, the got grouped together because of sports. Max being the football captain, Kyle for being the basketball captain, Alex for being umm Alex and Michael for being Michael, and usually with Max. Michael and Max were best friends, and hated Kyle. Alex was the extra, being on neither side, hating neither. The third group was the cheerleaders. Who was namely, Tess. The cheerleaders hate the first group, date but don’t always get along with the second group, and think that they rule the school. Well anyway, every year after Homecoming game, one of the groups hold a huge party, last year it was the second group, the party went down in Roswell history, because the host didn’t show up. Which was Max. This is because as was mentioned earlier, Liz had handcuffed Max to the goal posts. This year, it was the Queen’s (the first group is known as the queens, the second as the jocks, and third as cheerleaders) turn to host the party.

“Liz, promise me you will not do something to Max OR Tess during the party please.”

“Ok, I won’t do anything to them during the party.”
‘But that doesn’t mean I can’t BEFORE the party…’ Liz thought.


(Seems I'm smarter then I thought, my person hasn't sent me them yet, but I scouraged my computer, and found out that WAY back in August, I had saved the first page of my replies, which just happens to have all 3 parts that I'd done. So, being my wonderful self, and since you guys are so great, you get TWO parts. These happen to be my two other parts that I actually liked, so either way, brand spankin new parts will be coming soon. The more replies I get, the faster you get Liz's reply to'll see, just don't kill me!)

Part 2

"ELIZABETH ANN PARKER!" Isabel started screaming.

Max and Tess had just arrived at the party. Accompanied by Liz, or rather, they accompanied her.

"You PROMISED NOT to do anything during the party." Isabel ranted.

"I didn't! I just happened to find Max and Tess here, liplocked and oh so close, that I HAD to do it Is, and I did do it BEFORE the party!"

"My brother's hair is BRIGHT PINK! and, not only that! He is handcuffed to all four corners of the KITCHEN TABLE with Tess, who happens to now not have blonde hair, but FLORECENT YELLOW AND IS ON TOP OF HIM!"

"And...? Come on Is, you KNOW I have ta keep up my rep! The Joker Queen, wouldn't BE the Joker Queen, if she didn't pull at least one TINY prank on Max Evans and Tess Harding, really! Come on Is, I KNOW you think it's hystarical!"

"Well... it IS pretty funny... I know you had to pull something on someone...all right, you can get out of it THIS time!"

"Aww, don't I always?"

"I never will understand, that either. In third grade you hung Mrs. Verrill's (Math Teacher) wig on the flag pole, dyed it HOT PINK, wrote 'Colors, by Liz P.' on the inside of the wig, and STILL got an A in Math."

"Yup, how I got my title."

"Is! Have you heard?"

"Heard what?"

"That your BROTHER and Tess handcuffed to a table, is posted all OVER the school?"


"Everyone's showing up for the party and to see Is, I mean EVERYONE! The Jocks, the Cheers, and nobodies, I mean like EVERYONE will be here tonight! Definatly going to beat last year's record of down in history events! Especially with Liz Parker there! I mean, come on, the Joker Queen helping host? We have to be there to see you gets it!"

"How do you do it Liz?"

"Do what?"

"Manage to do something that... normally...and then... everyone showing up... THANKS LIZ! Your the best. I never will understand how you always manage to GET the people for their pranks. Max and Tess...Oh nevermind, I don't want to know."

"Liz, you really do need to host your own party one of these days!"

"I know, senior year, I got everything mapped out."

Just then, people started piling in with foods, drinks, and music for the party. Half the people brought camera's to take of Max and Tess on the table.

Is, Maria, and Liz moved to the back porch, were it was quieter.

"So, what happened between you and him Liz?"

"Me and who?"

"You and Max."

"You mean how did we go from being Best of Friends to mortal enemies?"


"It's a long story."

"We've got all night Liz." Maria said.

"Alright... well..."

Someone announced.

Liz stopped by the table long enough to unhandcuff Max and Tess, as Max lunged after Liz, she went up onto the 'stage'

"Alright, Ladies, Gentlemen, and associates. The first event of the Queen's is - My all time fav. 7 MINUTES IN HEAVEN!"

Various groans and cheers went through the croud, but everyone knew, the Joker Queen always picked the opening event - And you did it - Or else you were the victim of the next prank.

"Queen's, Jocks, and Cheers in the Master Bedroom! Druggies, Slackers, and those exspelled from school to the outdoor patio! Geeks, Nerds, and Dorks the the front porch! Everydays, Normals, and Commonfolk, as the largest majority you have the living room!" Isabel announced, as Ice Queen, and head host, that was her right.

"All right, everyone's name in the bra."
"Who's bra is that Liz?" Maria asked.
"Tess's, I borrowed it when I cuffed her to the table." SHe simply put.
"How...nevermind." Liz announced to everyone in the Master Bedroom. And so, Alex, Michael, Liz, Max, Tess, Kyle, Pam Troy, and a few other cheerleaders and jocks put their names in the bra. To be fished out by Liz. "ALRIGHT! PARTNERINGS ARE -
Alex Whitman and Isabel Evans
Michael Guerin and Maria DeLuca
Pam Troy and (Jocks name)
Jock and Cheeleaders (A bunch)
Tess Harding and.............Kyle Valenti
Max Evans and............................Liz Parker..............."

(Heheheee, those of you, ((basically all)) who've read this before should know that I added a bunch more to this part, I like it even MORE now, and yes, I changed it from M/T being strapped to the counch to the Kitchen Table, and made Liz even more pranksterish.)

Part 3

'This is not happening. This is not happening. This is not happening.' Was all that was going through Liz's mind.

'My girlfriend. Her boyfriend. Me. Her. Closet. Seven. Minutes.'

Finally Liz gained her wits back enough, she would not let something as silly as 7 Minutes in Heaven with Max Evans break her.

"In the order of your announcement, you go to the closet over there with the person youwere announced with. After 7 Minutes of being locked in a closet, we will not knock, but simply open the door. Kissing, Making out, anything but Sex itself is encouraged." Liz said

Isabel gave Liz a sad look before heading into the closet with Alex.

7 Minutes later-

Liz whipped open the door, to find Isabel and Alex in a make-out session.

"Alright, Alright, you two, times up, that's what the bedroom's are for."

Isabel glared at Liz. All the guys in the room aside from Kyle, Max, and Michael gazed in envy at Alex, he had made out with the Ice-Queen. Something that was never allowed. A few guys looked jealous of Michael, though, Maria wasn't exactly a spinster, and had her fair share of admirers.

"Next. Maria and Michael- Closet."

This time, both of them glared at Liz. But both had a spark in their eye like they knew something everyone else didn't.

4 Minutes later an argument could be heard in the closet.

3 more minutes later Liz opened the door to find everything going on that was allowed.

"You two, jeez. Fight and the Makeout, how does that work? Anyways, Maria, Michael, out of the closet, continue your little drama, make-outs in the guest bedroom, Maria, you should know where it is."

Liz could tell Maria would have said something, besides the factor that Michael had just dragged her out of the room, from the looks, rowards the guest bedroom too...

Later Pam and jocks headed into the closet, as well as a few others. Some doors opened to make-outs. Others to nothing. A few openings to some disgusted faces, everything happened during 7 Minutes in Heaven. Some people loved the game, and reveled in the chance to finally kiss someone they liked, while others, hated it, and were constantly trapped with someone they didn't like. But that was how the game worked.

"Tess, and...Kyle."

Kyle glanced at Liz, and he could definatly tell that she did NOT like the idea of the two going in the closet together. Max had about the same look on his face as Liz did. Liz glanced over at Max with a look that said 'If your girlfriend so much as touches my boyfriend I'll fry her sorry gerbil butt.'

7 Minutes later.

Liz opened the door, to find what? But Tess and Kyle in a heavy make out session. Both were first given the benefit of the doubt. It was 7 Minutes in Heaven, and you WERE supposed to makeout, but still... that didn't stop Liz from looking to Tess with eyes that said -'We'll talk later.' Now it was Max and Liz, for closet. Liz wasn't backing down.

~~~~~~~~~~In the closet~~~~~~~~~~~

"Your girlfriend should have kept her paws off my boyfriend."

"Well it looked like your boyfriend was struggling all that much either.

"You know I hate you? Ever since like 3rd grade. I can't stand you. Who woulda thought that we'd go from Best Friends to enemies."

"Oh, the mutual feelings we have. And 3rd grade was when it happened, yah." Max finished the sentence softer, just as Liz had before him.

"What happened exactly? I don't even remember anymore. We were like Best Friends, inseperable, joined at the hips people used to say. Now your handcuffing me to things, dying my hair, posting my picture with Tess all over school."

"Oh like your innocent. And I remember everything. We changed that year Max. You started flirting with girl's getting into the whole girl's had cootie's when it came to me. You ignored me, and started hanging out with the new kid at school. Michael. And then, we fought."

"I remember now. You started hanging out with Maria, and Isabel, who I thought were gross, especially since Isabel was my sister. You'd get moody. Michael came, and then we had the fight. And here we are today."

"Yah, I guess we fought is an understatment. We said quite a few things to eachother, I had played one of my first pranks, it happened to be on Michael, as revenge. You got mad since it was your best friend, and told the teacher who to your further annoyance, did nothing. And then I got kissed by my first boy, and you stopped talking to me altogether, good or bad."




"Yah, why did it end then Max, tell me."

"Because. I was jealous."

"JEALOUS? YOU? You who had kissed Tess the day before that?"

"Yah, I was jealous, and I had kissed Tess on a dare the day before."

"Yah well you never mentioned that to me, and you knew how much I despised that little albino gerbil from hell."

"Hey. She is my girlfriend watch it."

"Whatever. So why did you get jealous?"

"Because, I was the one thatwassupposedtobekissingyounothim." Max fininshed in a hurry. "You were my best friend, but I wanted to fit in so badly, all the guys said things, like about how girls had cooties, then Michael came...and it was a chance to change. Then you started hanging out with Maria and Isabel, and I was mad, because it didn't seem like I mattered to you anymore. Then you played that prank on Michael, and Kyle kissed you, and I guess that's were we ended. We said some pretty bad things, I guess I said more then you did. Especially after we hit Freshman year, things seemed to get even worse. I started playing sports, you were even more well known with your reputation, and being one of the Queen's, and your pranks with us. I started dating Tess that year too..."

"You were my best friend too, but then when Michael came, and you guys became best friends, it was like I wasn't good enough to be your friend anymore. Maria um, found me one day, and Isabel simpathized, and we just kind of bonded. I played that prank on Michael, I think it was to get even, cause him embarassment and get back for everything that happened since he moved here. We had the huge fight, and I got really hurt. I said somethings back, and then you... said what you did, and we stopped there. Kyle kissed me the next day, and I guess that's were we really finished saying our friendship was over. We fought even more throughout the years, and Freshman year, you said what you said before again, and it reminded me why I became what I did. I was the Joker Queen, but you started playing sports, and became a jock...and things got really bad. I vowed to get revenge on Tess for something I heard her oversay, a long time ago oneday, and I was still mad at you, thus, the pranks."

"Would you ever forgive me for what I said to you then?" Max asked quietly.

"I don't know. Maybe I could've, if you hadn't said it again. But you did."

"I'm sorry."

"I know."

Liz, very quietly said:

"You wanted to kiss me then?"


"How like peck on the checks? Nose? Lips? what?"

"No, like this."

And that was all Max said before Max kissed Liz.

And Liz's responce was first too...

(MWHAHAHAHHA. I added WAY more to this scene, revealing MUCH more of their past then I had before. Don't worry though, things aren't over for these two yet, neither are Liz's prankster days to Max. In another part or two since Alex and Isabel will be together, and Michael (Who WILL be as he is now during season 3) and Maria will be together, since Maria plans to play a little matchmaking. Maybe you'll find out exactly what max said to Liz, and exactly what Tess said about her. Part 4 MIGHT be out in a little bit.)

Liz's first response was to think 'Max is kissing me!' then it was to think about what she was doing, then it was to liss him back... but that was when the door opened...

Liz, being completly mortified, ran from the room.

'How could this happen? I hate him SO much for everything he put me through. I have a BOYFRIEND! This wasn't supposed to happen.'

"Liz wait!" Max called as he ran after Liz, Isabel just looked on in shock, nobody expected to open the door and find that. Alex just stared.

'I can't let her do this...why did I do this? I have a girlfriend! Your supposed to be over Liz Parker, you hate her remember? She embassases you horribly! You called her a...' Max thought, but at the same time, he knew none of it was true. He'd never got over Liz Parker, he'd loved her from the minute he met her on the playground in Kindergarten, wearing that cupcake dress, playing with Maria. Not paying attention to what he was doing, he fell off the swing and got hurt, and how a minute later, Liz was over there helping him up, and taking him to the Nurse. I remember being dared to kiss Tess, I don't think when it happened, I even realized Liz was there, but looking back, I remember seeing that flash of red in the corner of my eye. Then Michael came, and we became Best Friends, and I was losing Liz, she kissed Kyle, and I got so mad, and jealous, I'd always h=thought that one day I'd be the first one to kiss her. I got mad at her, she pulled the prank on Michael, we fought, and I gave up on us.

We fought a lot more of the years, I think it got slightly worse every time, and every time we grew farther and farther apart.
Then Freshman year I started dating Tess, and I know why I did it, and why I kept it up. I wanted to make her jealous, even though I hated cheerleaders so much. I still do, especially my bleach blonde girlfriend. Liz was dating Kyle, I knew how much she hated jocks, so I became one, myabe to try and get back to her for becoming the Joker Queen. The pranks never bothered me much, being trapped there with Tess, maybe, but I knew why she did it, and I know why I don't ever really do anything. Liz does it to try and get back at me, and I don't do anything, because I deserve it. I never wanted to hurt her, but after I did, it was just like I couldn't go back. I lost her in 3rd grade, I don't want to lose her again.

I finally catch up to Liz, and I find her crying, outside a bedroom door, I try to ask whats wrong, and she just says, 'In there' very quietly. I look in to see Kyle and tess fumbling to put there clothes on, and I'm holding back the urge to kill Kyle, I probably would've too, if it hadn't been for Liz.

"Liz, are you..."

"I'm fine, but could you just get Maria and Isabel?"

Ouch. That hurts, but after 10 minutes I manage to find them, and bring them back to Liz, just looking as they told me they were taking her home. It'd been one long night.

(Sorry, this is an extra short part, so it's going to be 4a only, I'm having trouble thinking of how I want things to go from here, basically Liz. If any of you guys have any idea's let me know!)


"Hey Liz, are you ok? Going to school today and everything?"
Isabel asked, Maria looked like she agreed.

"Yah, I'm fine, why wouldn't I be?"

"Because...what are you doing?"

"Just getting things ready. It's payback time. I told Tess that if she touched Kyle her life would be over as she knew it."

"What about Kyle?" Maria asked.

"Oh, I have plans for him too."

"What are you going to do to them?"

"Well Tess is going to have a little 'Bring it on' moment, and Kyle...well you'll see."

"Wait, aren't the cheerleaders doing a performance in front of the high school AND middle school today?"

"Really? Oh, I forgot."


The cheerleaders were just finishing up their tumbling, Tess did a handspring, cartwheel, and a few other tricks, when she bent up in her final position, only to be found topless, in front of then ENTIRE school, and the principal. Rumor later was that Tess was suspended for 2 weeks for unproper attire. She was also the laughing stock of the school. The cheerleader's also were effected by disipinary actions, apparently, you could have a detention, but anything worse cut you from the team, captain or not. Which just happened to be Tess's worse nightmare.


Kyle had it MUCH worse. You see, Liz happened to be extremly popular, and everyone knew it, and liked Liz. So things in general went bad for him. All the seats except for the front with the geeks were taken, lunch tables were filled so that Kyle had to sit with the flunkies, his locker was somehow jammed, with his books and English Final in it, someone took his clothes after Basketball practice, leaving him in the lockeroom, alone. Notes were stuck on his back such as 'Kick me' and 'I failed all my classes' 'I wish I knew how to join the Math Team' anything degrading possible. The basketball would happen to be thrown to hard, a foul hurt so much more.

That continued, all week long, without Liz ever doing anything. And that was her prank, nothing. Kyle expected it, and expected it, looking around every corner before he went around it, he stopped showering for fear of her changing his hair color, stopped going on dates, for not only of girl's disgust of him, but he was afriad eachone was a trick.


Max went on with life, but avoided Liz, and Liz avoided Max. Neither wanted to face the other.

"Isabel, what are you doing tonight? I really want to see that new movie at the theater."

"Umm, well, I kninda agreed to double date with Michael and Maria."

"Oh. Wait WHO is your date?"


"Finally, you get over it and just date him."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing, just you can finally stop pretending to be not looking at him every other minute, and just look at him."

"Look who's talking!"

"What? And who would I wish I was with?"


"Yah right, in your dreams would I be with your brother, and even if I did wish I was, he doesn't care! Your brother hates me remember? I pull pranks on him, he calls me a slut, a whore, and every other thing he's called me since 3rd grade."

"Then why did he kiss you in my closet?"

"Can we not go there? Don't you have a date to get ready for?"

"Fine, fine. I'll let it drop THIS time."

"Let what drop? Nothing's going on!"

"Bye Liz."

"Nothing's going on Isabel."

"Bye Liz."

"Bye Isabel."



"Hey 'Ria, it's me Isabel, I think it's time we play matchmaker."

"Between who?"


"Liz and Max."

"So you see it too? Liz denies everything, but Max..."

"I know, he has been acting different since the whole closet thing. And he did tell me he regrets everything. Just maybe he does feel something for her."

"That's what I thought. Maybe we oculd convice Max, but Liz, she'll be hard to win over. Max really hurt her with everything he's said over the years. But Liz WAS kissing Max back in that closet, maybe we can play on that."

"You know what? I think I have a plan..."

As Isabel explained everything, Alex showed up and Iz's house, overhearing everything, he actually agreed.

Meanwhile, and the other end of Maria's cellphone, she was already at Michael's and he had heard everything. Hearing how everything went for Liz, his feelings toward her changed. Myabe Liz wasn't so bad afterall.

"I'll help."

"What did you say Michael?"

"I'll help you guys, for some reason out of this world, I agree with you. And Max's been miserable since everything happened, I know it isn't because of Tess either, he told he hated her even before everything happened. I think he's afriad that if he talks to Liz, she'll tell him she regrets everything."

"Alright then, this is the plan, first we talk to Max..."

(Hehehe, part 5 should be out soon, and it'll be interesting just to say the least. Anyone up for a blind date?")

Part 5a (Don't worry, look for 5b later)

"Maxwell, stop looking so damned depressed. It;s not like you actually liked Tess anyways."

"That's not the point."

"Then what's buggin' you?"


"Uhhuh, sure. Well 'Ria, Iz, Alex and I are going out tonight, but 'Ria said she had a friend, and she wanted me to ask..."

"No way Michael, I am NOT going on a blind date, do you remember what happened with the last one I was involved with?"

"Oh yeah, Liz and that guy... Jeez man, just ask her out."

"Yah right, and have her laugh in my face? She hates me Michael, that's all there is to it, and I can't get my mind off her."

"All the more reason for you to go out with this chick, she'll help you get your mind off Liz."

"Fine, fine. But you owe me. Since when are you and Maria so close?"

"Since after a month of goofing off, we finally agreed that we were dating. Somehow I got roped into that, she just looked at me like that, and I melted."

"You are so whipped."

"And if I am? And unless you want to find some of those 'most revealing moments' released to a certain someone, I suggest you shut up, especially that whole part where, I don't know, YOUR TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH HER."

"Shut up. Just tell Maria I said fine. But she better not be blonde."

"Oh, she isn't, from what Maria said, she's the complete opposite of Tess."

"Fine, fine. Just go, I've heard about 'Hurricane DeLuca' which I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, go before your late."

"Yes, your majesty" Michael said as he ducked out of the room, knowing that would annoy Max to no end.


"So how'd it go?" Maria asked.

"Perfect, he agreed, and he has NO clue that it's going to be her. That boy's so whipped with her, it's funny."

"I know, Liz is too, if only we could actually get HER to admit it, and get over what happened. He;s going to have to do some SERIOUS begging, and sucking up to her if he wants her back."

"True. But I think we can make it happen."

"Hmm, you know what else we could make happen Spaceboy?"


"This." Maria said as she dragged him into the corner.

"We're *kiss* going to *kiss* be *kiss* so late *kiss* for our *kiss* date with *kiss* Isabel. *kiss* Not that *kiss* I really *kiss* mind." *kiss*

"Then *kiss* stop talking *kiss* and just *kiss* Kiss."

(Alright people, I have a question. Do you want this to stay without aliens, or add them in? No like Tess pregnancies, or any of that, but maybe in the future Max telling Liz, (Kyle and Tess would not know, and Tess would not be an alien) and then Max taking Liz to the granolith with the others, the three touch it, and it shows all the history they know, but then, Liz, Maria and Alex touch it, and they find about them. When all six touch, their past is revealed. Then maybe the girls are kidnapped or something, or I could have this stay alien-less and have the same things that were gunna happen before Max told Liz, and just have it end there. What do you think?)

Sorry guys, I have part 5b, and half of part 6 actually wrote, but I had planned to type them up after Roswell tonight, but I'm so mad at Maria that I can't plus she made me cry for Michael.

-Michael gives up his dream, what he wanted more then anything in his life, his home, his past, everything FOR MARIA

-Maria returns by dumping him for her dreams. I'm sorry, I love Maria, but I can't support her anymore. I've become a Candygirl, and BIG fan of Michael, because of everything he's given up for her, because he loves her SO much. He loves her so much that Michael feels human feelings, something he doesn't do much, so much that his power's go out of wack. I felt so bad for him. I can't deal with even writing my part up right now, because it has Michael and Maria, they were my Roswellian stability. It'll be up tomarrow, or the day after, but you'll get 4 parts, instead of the usual three, I promise.
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Never fear, TDD has the answer! As I said on the other board, I'm creating 2 versions of this story, the one with no aliens that 50% of you want, will have no aliens, but unfortunatly, be coming to a close soon, I hadn't planned on this fic being very long, but you can always ask for a sequel.

BUT, for those of you (the other 50%) who WANT aliens, will get it in the second version, with this fic not coming to a close, for a very, very, long time.

I also wanted to remind everyone that, everything that will happen in the non-alien version, will be happening in the alien version as well, for those who want aliens, I'm simply adding new parts from were those who wanted no aliens ends.

You see, I love fics were Liz, Maria, and Alex were all aliens, and I love it when Michael and Liz are siblings, so I'm doing that, I really don't like all too many AU fics, which is probably why my AU fic is coming to a close soon, that and so I can FINALLY say, I DID finish a story.

On a creepy note, it's 11:11, that's just wrong.
*Makes a wish*
posted on 20-Apr-2002 10:40:13 PM by True Destiny Dreamer
Hi everyone.

I kinda disappeared for like 3 months, and I just got around to Roswell again. I can mainly say the it was because of basketball, as I really didn't have time for much after.

What's likely to happen with this fic is that it will stay AU and I'll write one big ending part seeing as there is people that want an ending to this fic, it was my best one so the least I could do is finish it for the first time.

Look for the ending in a little while but if I really get back to reading Roswell fan fictions again, and split my fic reading time with Harry Potter Maruader one's I'll likely write a sequel.

Thank you all,