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Title: The Real Me
Rating: NC - 17
Pairing's: M/L and a little of everyone else
Disclaimer: they’re mine. All mine. Mwuahahahahahahahah.
Summary: is new girl Liz Parker all that she seems
Distribution: ummm yeah. take it where you want just make sure my name stays on the author box

When sixteen year old Liz Parker transferred to Roswell High, no one really noticed. She seemed to purposefully blend in. She got called a lot because of her dress style, but she never said more than three words to anyone except the teachers. Liz became friends with Tess and Isabel Harding and Maria Deluca, but no one else.


Six months later.

Liz sat at her desk and tried to ignore the whispering.

“Did you hear. Some guys are transferring.”

Yeah. Kelly said she saw them and they’re all hot.”

“Oh look. It’s Liz.”

“You know, my gran dresses like that.

“Well enough about the loser…”

Liz clenched her teeth and bit back a sarcastic remark. After six months, it was still hard to play dumb and sweet. She would have liked nothing more than to show those airheads what she was really like, but she couldn’t draw attention to herself.

Just then the teacher walked in. Liz kept her head down.

“Okay class sorry I’m late. This is our new student. Class, say hello to Max Evans.”

Liz stiffened. No. It can’t be. Slowly she looked up and met the gorgeous amber eyes of her ex-boyfriend.

She watched as he started and grinned.


“What are you doing here?” Liz growled, ignoring the shocked looks she was getting from her classmates.

“Mom and dad transferred.”

The teacher looked between Liz and Max.

“Do you two know each other?”

Max gave the teacher a lazy grin.

“Yeah. We used to go out before she moved.”

“Well in that case, Max why don’t you sit with Liz and then Liz
can show you around school.”

“ ’Kay.”

Max sauntered over to Liz and sat next to her, giving her a quick kiss on the lips.

“What’s with the clothes.”

Liz shrugged.

“New town. New look. New attitude.”

“ ‘Aight.”

Liz and Max said nothing else until the end of the lesson, but both were aware of the stares.


Be nice....

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two more chapters!


Max wound his arm around Liz’s waist as they exited the classroom. Liz jumped when she heard a shout then she was yanked away from Max and into a pair of equally strong arms.

Her mouth was crushed in a skilful and passionate kiss that left Liz dazed. This was repeated with another two guys while the students looked on in shock.

When Liz was finally released, she just stood there as she stared at the three guys who were now laughing their asses

“Something funny?” she asked.

“What the hell are you wearing?” one of the guys managed to gasp out while the other two continued howling with laughter.

Liz looked down at her sensible shoes, plain skirt and blouse.

“Clothes the last time I checked.”

Liz looked at Max who was scowling at the three guys.


“Those had better have been purely platonic.” Max growled.

They immediately sobered.


“ ‘Course man.”


Pam Toy sidled up to Liz and put on a sugary sweet smile.

“ Hey Liz. Are you gonna introduce us?”

Liz gave her a dirty look.

“Max Evans, Michael Guerin, Alex Whitman and Kyle Valenti.
Now fvck off,” Liz snarled.

Pam looked shocked, as did the rest of the student body.

Liz ignored them and slipped her arm around Max’s waist,
before walking off to their next class. Michael, Alex and Kyle followed snickering.

“That’s our Liz.”


Maria, Isabel and Tess looked for Liz in the quad. The news had spread like wildfire and the girls had heard three versions of the incident;

1.Liz Parker had joined a cult.

2.Liz was screwing all four of the new guys.

3.She’d blown off Pam and bitch slapped her.

The girls didn’t know what to think of their new friend so they were going to ask her themselves.

When they found Liz, she was passionately kissing Max while the three other guys talked and laughed. When they saw the girls they stopped and gave them appreciative glances.

The tall guy with black hair whistled slowly.

“Hello-o nurse!”

“Liz! Get your tongue out of Max’s throat and introduce us!” the spiky haired guy shouted.

Max mumbled, “shut up Michael” but Liz detached herself from him.

“Hey guys.” She smiled.

“Hey Liz,” Isabel managed to get out. She was finding it hard to breathe with the way that guy was staring at her. Like he was a starving man and she was his next meal.

Tess and Maria were having the same problem.

“Sit down,” Liz waved to the opposite bench and the girls

“Guys, I’d like to introduce Michael Guerin,” spike waved, “
Alex Whitman,” tall, dark and handsome, “Kyle Valenti,” short and sweet, “ and my boyfriend Max Evans.” Liz’s tonsil hockey partner.

“Guys this is Maria Deluca and Tess and Isabel Harding.” The girls waved.

Liz gave the boys a pointed stare and said, “Behave.”

Alex put a hand to his heart and groaned.

“Liz. You wound me.”

Michael and Kyle snickered.

“Oh, Liz.” Michael said. “ You’ll never guess who’s setting up shop in Hondo.”

Liz frowned.



Liz gasped and squealed.

“NO WAY!” she shouted, garnering the attention of the entire

Michael frowned at the audience.

“You want popcorn with that?” he snarled. Everyone looked
away quickly and he smirked before turning back to Liz.

“Way. He told us to tell you that he expects to see you.”

At this point Maria decided to enter the conversation.

“Who’s Crowe?”

Liz turned to Maria, still grinning.

“Crowe is a really great friend of ours who owns a night-club
in New York. I’ve been going to his club since I was fifteen. That’s where I met these guys. Oh you guys have to come. What are you doing tonight?”

Alex, Kyle and Michael perked up at this and looked at each other grinning.

“Um. Girls night.” Tess said.

“Not any more. Straight from school we’re going to the mall. I need some new clothes anyway. Tell you parents you’re sleeping over at my house. My mom will cover for you. You guys,” Liz looked at the guys, “ you pick us up at 7. Got it?”

Max gave a lazy grin.

“Yes ma’am.”

Then he went back to kissing her.

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here's a couple more chapters just for the hell of it


“What kind of clothes are we looking for,” Tess asked Liz as they wound their way through the shoppers at the mall.

“Leathers.” Liz replied.

“Oh. In that case we go this way,” Isabel said, taking the lead.

When they got to the shop, Liz began looking through a rack of leather hip huggers while the others hung back.

“Go ahead.” Liz said unexpectedly.

Tess gave a start, then went to the skirts.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

Liz gave a snort of laughter then turned to look at them with a knowing look on her face.

“OK,” Maria caved with a laugh. “Did you really kiss all four guys in the hall? I thought Max was you boyfriend. And who are you and what have you done with quiet, shy Liz Parker?”

Liz laughed and turned back to the clothes rack, selecting a pair of trousers and moving on to the tops.

“Yes, Max is my boyfriend, but that’s how we say hi to an old friend in New York. As for the last question, this is the real Liz
Parker. I just didn’t know how small town Roswell would react to New Yorker Liz Parker.”

Grabbing a black leather halter top, Liz made her way to the counter with her purchases, paid for them, then waited for the girls to finish.

They made their way to Liz’s house and spent the next hour getting ready.


The girls were in the front room laughing when there was a knock at the door. Liz went to answer it and the girls heard someone shout “HALLELUJHA!”

When Liz came back into the room, she was walking backwards and was once again attached to Max’s lips.

Michael strode in and began wiggling his eyebrows at Mrs Parker while he backed her against the wall.

“Hey sexy mama. How ‘bout a little somthin’ somthin’ huh?”

Nancy laughed and pushed him away.

“Michael! How many times do I have to tell you? I’m a married woman!”

Michael shrugged and grinned.

“So? Hey Jeff! Can I borrow your wife and bedroom?” he shouted.

“Keep your hands off my wife you thug!” Mr Parker laughed. “But you can borrow the bedroom.”

“Great,” Michael rubbed his hands together and turned to the three seated girls. “So who wants to…” He trailed off and his mouth dropped open as he stared at them.

Isabel was wearing black leather hip huggers and a red sleeveless baby tee that clung to her form like a second skin and a pair of heeled strap shoes.

Maria was wearing a black mini skirt and a black halter-top with a pair of black leather, heeled knee-highs.

Tess had opted for pair of leather hip-huggers and a pink leather and lace strap top with a pair of strappy sling back sandals.

The girls were at the moment staring at the boys with a mixture of amusement and arousal. All four of them were wearing tight black leather pants and half buttoned white shirts.

Alex was the first to regain his voice.

“Hot damn!” It came out as a hoarse whisper as he stared at Isabel.

Michael and Kyle just nodded in agreement. They all heard a laugh and saw that Liz and Max had managed to release each other from their lip-lock.

“Mom I think you just lost your love-slave!” Liz laughed.

A ruddy stain covered Michael’s cheeks but he shot a cheeky look a Nancy.

“Nah. Nancy was my first love. Just got new interests now.”

Everyone laughed and the spell was broken.

“Ok,” Mrs Parker said. “ Max. I want the girls back at one.
Three at the latest. Got it?”

Max nodded and steered the group to the door.

“Oh and Max!” Mr Parker shouted. Max stopped and looked
back. “ No sex!”

Max grinned and nodded.


On the ride to the club the girls were chatting.

“Liz. Your mom is so cool. How come?” Tess asked.

“Well, we lived in New York and mom and dad thought that it would be better if they trusted me with the night life rather than sneak out. When they met Max, Michael, Alex and Kyle they liked them and started to trust me more. Crowe is an old friend of theirs so I was only allowed to go to his club. At first it was be back by ten. Now it’s three at the most.” Liz explained.

Max swivelled around from his seat at the front.

“I think for the protection of the girls they should pair off with the guys. Isabel, you go in with Alex, Maria with Michael and Tess with Kyle.”

“That sorts out the men we don’t know, but who’s gonna protect the girls from the guys,” Liz asked darkly.

Isabel laughed.

“Liz, I think we can hold our own with a couple of horny guys.”

Liz smiled in sympathy. She had been subject to the searing kisses of all three and if she hadn’t been so totally in love with Max, she might have been tempted by one of the others. They didn’t know what they were in for.


When they arrived at the club, Maria, Tess and Isabel were surprised to find it was the renowned The Underground.

“Your friend owns The Underground?” Tess asked shocked.

Liz giggled and nodded. The girls shook their heads in wonder, each thinking the same thing.

Liz you dark horse.

Max explained the plan to the guys who grinned and wrapped their arms around their ‘respective others’ waist.

They walked up to the bouncer who asked for their I.D s. Max looked him up and down. He immediately reverted back to his New York accent.

“Yo. Why don’t yous go and get yo boss gee?”

The bouncer looked at him.

“Who shall I say?”

“Tell him we’s heard some slut openin’ up and come to rip it up, duke.”

The bouncer disappeared and came back shortly with a tall, handsome, pierced and tattooed guy in a wife beater and leather pants. When he saw Max and Liz he grinned.

“Yo! Liz! Zan! How yous doin’?”

He immediately swept Liz into a kiss. Then he turned to the bouncer.

“Yo. You remember these kids. They want in, you let them and their friends in. Word?”

The bouncer grunted and nodded and Crowe led the group into the club.

Inside the party was in full swing. Shards of mirrors against a black wall reflected the retro disco lights and the dancers in the mosh pit. The beat was heavy and pounding through the sea of gyrating bodies to reach the group.

Liz watched as Michael slipped his hand lower on Maria’s waist and smirked as Maria slipped it back up, grinning at Micheal. She watched as Maria reached up to whisper something in Michael’s ear. Micheal threw back his head and laughed but the sound was lost as the beat changed.

Maria grabbed his hand and pulled him onto the floor.

They wound their way to the bar where Crowe ordered drinks all round.

(AN: aliens don’t get drunk in this fic. Well they do but not as easily )

Crowe gave the Isabel and Tess appraising looks.

“Yo, Ky, Lex, who da babes wit you an’ Rath?” he asked.

“ Crowe I want you to meet my new friends, Isabel and Tess Harding. The girl with Rath is Maria Deluca.” Liz answered for Alex and Kyle who were having trouble speaking what with Isabel and Tess grinding their hips in time to the music.

Finally, Alex just groaned and buried his face in Isabel’s neck. Kyle had moved behind Tess and had his hands on her hips as they moved to the music. Liz smiled. They all looked good together.

No, not good, she amended silently, right. They looked right.

All thought flew from her head as Max nuzzled her neck and handed her another tequila shot.


hope you liked and next time I post I will be serving piping hot NC17. enjoy
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four more chapters, PG13 to NC17




When Maria dragged me onto the floor I was shocked. Surely she knew I didn’t dance. Well not vertically anyway. But, with the way she was grinding her hips against mine, I decided I’d do anything as long as she didn’t stop. Talk about self-torture.

Max had given us a railing before we joined the girls, saying as how they were cherry, but if she wanted… Well let’s just say I always give a girl what she wanted. Always.

Pretty soon I had had enough. I just had to taste her. Taking her arm, I dragged her into a secluded corner that was at an angle, so no one could see. I silently thanked Crowe for that.

Pushing her against the wall, I lifted her up and pressed my mouth against hers. She gasped and I used it to my advantage, slipping my tongue into her mouth.

That first taste almost did me in. So sweet. I pressed myself closer to her and heard her moan in obvious passion.

Pretty soon a lack of oxygen drove me to end our kiss. Her cheeks were flushed and her lips were bruised. I would have taken her then but my mind was screaming she’s a virgin!


Oh. My. God! Michael is the lord of kissers. No wonder Liz had been so worried about me. If he hadn’t broken the kiss, there was no way I could have. He’s gorgeous, sure, but I never expected that.

He slowly released me and I slipped to the floor. I moaned at the loss of contact and watched his eyes darken even more. I had noticed his obvious erection when he had pressed against me, so why was he moving? God knows it’s not because I wanted to.


He lowered his head to my throat and began nibbling on my ear. I nearly collapsed.

“Maria, if I don’t let you go now…” he drew in a shuddering breath. “If I don’t let you go now, I don’t think I ever will.”

Wow. He wanted me. He wanted me! I couldn’t believe it. I felt like screaming and doing a dance. This Adonis wanted me.

Instead I pulled him down for another searing kiss.

When we pulled apart, we were both gasping for air. Michael rested his forehead against mine and closed his eyes, obviously fighting for self-control.

“Don’t do that again.” He rasped out. God his voice is sooo sexy.

“Why?” Ok. Innocent much?

In answer he just grabbed my hand and dragged it down to his erection. Wow. I mean wow! He’s huge!

“That’s why.”

That was all the answer I needed. He dragged me out of the corner and toward the bar. I noticed that the rest of the gang were there. Crowe was looking at Micheal and smirking as he handed us both some drinks.



God, I think she’s trying to drive me crazy. Tess has been grinding against me since we hit the bar. I’m about ready to say screw Max and Liz and find a nice quiet spot to take her. I feel like I’m gonna burst. I just saw Michael and Maria come out from one of the nookie corners. Hmm. Well if they can, why can’t we. I bend down to whisper in Tess’s ear.

“You wanna go somewhere more private?” She nodded her head. YES!

I take her hand and lead her to the corner that Michael and Maria have just vacated. Gently I back her against the wall, giving her the opportunity to change her mind. She doesn’t.

In fact, she just raises one of her legs to wrap it around my waist.

“God, do you have any idea what you do to me?” I groan. She just smiles cheekily and looks at me with her sparkling blue eyes. Then she presses herself against my erection.

“Some.” Her voice is husky.

I groan and swoop down to capture her lips with mine. Oh god oh god oh god oh god. I’ve never tasted anyone like her.

Sweet and spicy and all mine.

I pull back at that thought. Where did that come from? But I don’t want to think of that right now. She’s addictive. I lean in for another kiss.


He’s kissing me. Not your normal, garden-variety kiss, but an Oh-my-god-I-can’t-get-enough-of-you kiss. He grabs my ass and hoists me higher. I need to get closer so I wrap my other leg around him, locking my ankles at the back. His erection is right between my thighs, exiting me even more. He lets out a feral growl as he moves to my neck, biting and sucking it. His hips are rocking against mine and it feels wonderful.

“Oh God! Yes!” Is that my voice? I don’t care. I just don’t want him to stop. But he does. “Why… Why did you stop?” I moan out.

“Cause we can’t let this go any further.”


He buries his face in my neck and backs away from the wall, letting me slide down.

“Cause we’re not ready to go that far yet. I wanna get to know you first.”

My heart gives a slight leap. Awww. How chivalrous. Then he grins, causing my heart to stop, then beat faster.

“And cause I think you’re kinda drunk. When we actually do this, I want to you to be sober enough to really enjoy it.”

He takes my elbow in his hand guides me out of the alcove. A shiver runs down my spine at the contact. His touch is warm and feels so nice. I lean into him as we walk back to the bar.

Max and Liz are leaning back against the bar kissing. Michael, Maria, Isabel and Alex are talking. Alex is holding himself rigidly and I can see why. Isabel is running her hand down his bare arm.

Smiling cheekily I walk up to Isabel.

“There’s an alcove over there,” I whisper to her. ”Why don’t you and Alex…”

I leave the sentence there and walk back to Kyle. When I turn back, Isabel and Alex have already left.



What the hell? One minute I’m talking to Michael and Maria, the next Isabel is dragging me to an alcove.

“What are you..?”

Before I can finish the sentence, Isabel leans back against the wall, pulling me with her. Her mouth is fused to mine before her back hits the wall. Hot damn! She’s aggressive! I like that in a woman. That and an ability to kiss a guy senseless. Which is exactly what she is doing to me.

Her legs parted and I immediately step into them, showing her exactly what she has done to me. She moaned against my mouth and kissed me with renewed fervour.

Almost involuntarily, my hips thrust upwards and she breaks the kiss with a gasp. I move to the skin on her throat, biting the skin above her pulse. She tastes so good. Her hands grabbed my ass and pulled me closer. And she’s moaning. She’s a moaner!

I growled in triumph and moved my head back up to her mouth. She grabs one of my hands that are gripping her hips and drags it up to her breast. I’m in heaven, but this can only go on a little longer.


When did I get so forward? I mean, yeah he’s gorgeous and all, but I’m not usually so aggressive. He kisses me again and all thought flies from my mind. He’s a great kisser and with his erection pressed against me, I’m having trouble forming a single coherent thought. When he pulls back, I hear myself whimper.

“Don’t stop. Please.” I whisper.

With a growl, he presses his mouth against mine again. His tongue slides against my lips, asking for entry and I grant it.

Our tongues duel for what seems forever. But not long enough I realise when he pulls back. I start pressing kisses on his neck and nibbling his ear as his hands caress me.

“Isabel,” he pleads. “Stop. We have to stop. I can’t…” He hisses when I bite down on his ear, the hand on my breast clenching.

My breath is coming out in short pants as my body comes alive under his hands.

“Oh God help me, ” he groans as he reclaims my mouth.


“Oh. I’m sorry. We didn’t know anyone was here.” A female voice breaks through our passionate haze.

Alex breaks away from me and steps back, looking at me with undisguised passion and breathing heavily.

“It’s Ok,” he says.

He grabs my hand and we leave the alcove. I’m a little disappointed, but I realise that it’s a good thing. If that girl hadn’t interrupted us, I don’t think I would have stopped.



“Oh God Liz. I’ve missed you,” I panted between searing kisses. I don’t think she’ll ever know the elation I felt when I saw her in Biology this morning.

“Max!” she moaned.

My hand slipped between her legs, massaging her. She gave a
keening cry and I silently thanked Crowe for lending us his office. I know I promised her father no sex, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t pleasure her. That was the highest on my priorities.

I cupped her breast through the leather top she was wearing and exalted in the feel of touching her again. But it wasn’t enough. Swearing, I tore my lips away from her and pulled the top off her.

When I viewed her naked breasts for the first time in six months, I almost came right there.

“You’re beautiful,” I whispered before bending to take one of her breasts in my mouth.

Her hands reached up to tangle in my hair, her breath alternating between pants and cries of pleasure.

“Max, oh, oh Max!” she cried as I suckled on her.

My hand coasted down to her leather hip-huggers and I unbuttoned them. Slipping my hand inside, I caressed her mound, rubbing her clit. She stiffened and cried out. She was close, I could feel it.


Oh god. Oh god. It feels so good to have Max touching me like this again. I feel light-headed with the desire. I’m so close.

He lifted my hips and dragged my leathers off fully. I know what’s coming next. Well apart from me *wink* . His lips leave my breast and although I know the next act will bring me much more pleasure, I cry out at the loss.

“It’s ok baby,” he whispers to me, his voice sounding like liquid desire and love.

He kneels down between my legs and just before his mouth makes contact with me, he whispers, “I love you.”

It doesn’t take much. One touch and I’m lost. My body spasms and I let out a cry of pure pleasure as I climax. Max immediately climbs my body, kissing me and swallowing my screams.

When I am done I pull back and look into his golden eyes.

“I love you.”

He kisses me again. Then he pulls back and helps me get dressed again. I look down at the obviously painful erection he’s sporting.

“Are you gonna be ok?” I ask.

He gives me a tight smile.


I nuzzle his neck.

“One of these days.” I whisper into his ear. This time his smile
is gentle.

“But not yet. Now go find the girls. I’m gonna go to the toilet and then we’re going home. Ok?”

“Ok.” I know exactly why he’s going to the toilets. I just wish I could help him.

ok, what did you think?

btw this is my first time writing NC17 so please be kind

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hey guys. so sorry that it took me so long to post this bit but the damn forum wouldn't let me log on


Max pushed the door to the men’s room and found it locked.

He knew Crowe was the only one with a key so that could mean only one thing. Michael was in there. He passed his hand over the lock and walked in, re-locking the door behind him. He looked in and found Michael, Kyle and Alex in various stages of relieving themselves. He chuckled and walked to an empty stall.

“You guys too?” he asked.

Michael just grunted while Kyle and Alex sent him tight smiles
before turning back to the task at hand. (AN: pun intended *tongue* )

Max unzipped his trousers and grasped his erection in his hand. His mind conjured up an image of Liz easily and his hand began to move. Seconds later he gasped and came, leaning his head against the cool tiled wall.

When he zipped up he found his friends behind him, obviously finished.

“So what happened to you guys?” he asked, going to the sinks and washing his hands.

“I swear, she’s out to get me,” Alex answered.

“I have never been so turned on in my life,” Michael said.

Kyle just frowned.

“Kyle? What’s up man?” Max asked, concerned.

“How did you know you were in love with Liz?”

Max blinked, then a slow grin curled his lips while Alex and Michael stared at Kyle. The young man was obviously troubled.

“The first time we made out, all I could think of was Liz’s pleasure and all I could think was, she’s mine. She was like a drug and I found myself in the foreign position of not wanting to just fvck her.” Max answered bluntly. “Why?”

“Well I was making out with Tess and it crossed my mind that she was so soft and sweet and… mine,” the last came out a whisper.

Michael and Alex looked upset but Max just clapped Kyle on the back.

“The world of single males has lost a good man Kyle.”

“Max,” Michael muttered. “Make that two.”

“Three.” Alex added. “But what about the whole alien thing? I wanna be able to have an honest relationship with Isabel. I can’t lie to her. I mean, I know I’m human, but you and Michael are my best friends. I wanna share that with her.”

Max looked at the guys in sympathy. He knew what they were going through. The same inner turmoil and indecision that he’d gone through with Liz.

“Look, we’ll hang with them for a while. Then, if they’re tight, we’ll tell them. Aight?”

The guys nodded.

“Let’s go.”

Max unlocked the door and the guys walked out.


When Liz met up with the girls, they were deep in discussion.

She hung back. Two years of guarding the guy’s secret had left her cautious.

“I think I love him Isabel,” Maria was saying.

“I know Maria, but we can’t tell them that Tess and I are semi-homosapiens. No matter how much we want to.”

Liz was in shock. They were like Max and Michael. Oh wow.

She stepped into the alcove. Maria, Isabel and Tess looked up, the fear evident on their faces.

“Um, Liz? How long have you been there?” Maria asked, her voice shaking, scared for her friends.

“Long enough,” Liz said with a calm smile on her face. “Long enough to know you’re like Max and Michael.”

It took a moment for her words to sink in. When they did she could see the relief, then the wonder. She could almost hear they’re thoughts. Others?

Just then Max came up behind her and slipped his arms around her waist. With a turn of her head she could see the guys flanking him.

“Ready to go?” he asked.

“Mhmm. Max, when we get back, there’s something I think all you guys should know.”

Max looked at her quizzically but just nodded his head. He could wait. Together, they all exited the club.

On the drive home, everyone was silent each for different reasons.

When they arrived at the Parker’s, Liz asked her parents if the guys were allowed to stay over. They agreed and Liz ushered all of them into the dining room. Liz looked at the girls, as if asking permission to reveal their secret.

“Ok. It’s come to my attention… no. That’s wrong. I eavesdropped on a conversation, but after two years of doing that, it was like a second nature.” She began.

“Just spit it out Parker,” Michael butted in, never one to be patient.

“Fine. It’s come to my attention that Isabel and Tess aren’t exactly of the human persuasion.” Liz snapped at him.

Isabel, Tess and Maria looked at the guys closely, gauging their reaction.

Almost comically, their jaws dropped and their eyes glazed. In tandem, they turned to the girls.

“You… You’re like us?” Michael whispered, staring at Maria.

Maria reddened.

“Not me!” At Isabel and Tess’s glare, she grinned. “Not that that would be a bad thing.”

“Oh my gosh!” Nancy exclaimed, clutching her husbands sleeve. “They’re not alone.”

Liz began laughing at the irony of that statement.

“You are not alone.” She gasped in answer to the questioning looks from her friends, quoting the infamous phrase.

Pretty soon everyone was laughing, breaking the tension in the room.

When she’d calmed down, Nancy looked at her watch and gasped.

“That’s enough excitement for today kids. It’s three in the morning and you all have school tomorrow. Yes even you
Michael,” she laughed at Michael’s pained look.

hope you enjoyed
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selfish bump and some good news!

if you read on the roswell imaginative writing board ( you'll know I lost my job a couple of months ago.


I got a new job!!!!!! im posting from my brand new workplace so yay for me!!!!*big**big**big**big**big**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce*
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two chapters!


When Isabel woke the next morning, the first thing that registered was the weight across her waist. She quickly dismissed it as the quilt and turned to her sister. What she saw amused her to no end.

On the bed, Max was curled up against Liz’s back, spooning her. At the bottom of the bed, Maria was sprawled across Michael’s back. On the floor next to her was her sister, Tess, leaning against Kyle’s chest.

With a smile, Isabel made to get up when the weight across her stomach shifted and moaned. She froze and looked down. The weight was an arm that was attached to a sleeping Alex. His breath puffed across her face. Isabel wrinkled her nose and swiped her hand across his mouth and then hers, effectively getting rid of their morning breath.

“Thanks,” Alex mumbled, before opening his eyes.
Isabel started then smiled.

“Your welc-umph.” Before Isabel could finish Alex was kissing her.

It was hot and heavy and Isabel enjoyed every minute of it. However, just like the night before, it ended too soon.

Alex nuzzled her nose and whispered,” Good morning.”

Isabel smiled and whispered,” Good morning.”

“Good morning!” they heard chorused above them. They both looked and saw that the others had woken up and were grinning at them.

Isabel blushed and hid her face in Alex’s neck while he chuckled. He moved of her and helped her stand up.

“Hey Isabel. Ever made it with an alien?” Michael asked, making her blush again. Maria hit him in the arm.

“Hey!” he protested before swooping down and giving her a searing kiss.

“Shame shame! We know your name!” Alex, Kyle, Max and Liz chorused.

Maria, Tess and Isabel snickered while Michael just bowed slightly.

They all agreed on the same thing. It was a great way to wake up.


The group made their way through the school, ignoring the whispers and looks. Liz’s tattoo was showing under the sheer black top she was wearing and her newly pierced belly button ring shined in the New Mexico sun. Max had done it for her this morning.

The student body was obviously under the impression that the girls had joined some sort of gang as they were all wearing leather and they had a piercing or a tattoo on show.

The guys looked the same as they had the day before, in their tight leather trousers, or in Michael’s case, baggy cargoes.

Pam Troy walked up to Isabel, blatantly ignoring the others.

“Hey Isabel. What’s with the new look?” she gave Isabel a disparaging once over. She had been waiting for the day when she could take the Ice Princess’s place at the top of the High school’s hierarchy. It looked to her like her ship had just come in.

A crowd began to gather around them, each wondering if the Ice Princess was about to be dethroned.

Isabel gave her a bored look. She knew what Pam was up to and she knew exactly how to bring her down.

“Oh Pam. Hi. Interesting clothes. You're wearing them on a dare right? I just came to my senses and realised how completely boring it is hanging around with you. Anyway. Tell me. Did you actually beat your record? You know, blow-jobs for the entire football team in ten minutes?”

Pam’s face went red and the crowd gasped.

Alex bent down and whispered in Isabel’s ear, “Meow.”

“I’m not finished yet,” she whispered back and turned to Pam.

“I’m sure you’ve met my boyfriend, Alex, right?”

Pam smirked and sidled up to him, ignoring the disgusted look on his face.

“Why have trash when you could have class?” she purred.

Alex grinned sexily.

“Now, see. That’s what I always thought. But if you’re asking
that, why are you tryin’ to get with me?”

“Besides, knowing how many guys you’ve shagged, Pam, you must be chock full of all kinds of STD’s,” Maria added.

“I hear she gave Paulie Wilkins mono,” Liz added.

“And he’s not that turned on by the fake tit’s,” came from Max.

By this time the crowd was roaring with laughter and Pam had turned all shades of red. At Max’s comment she pointed to her well-endowed chest.

“These are all me sugar.”

“Keep telling yourself that,” Michael spoke up. “ And next time, cut under so you don’t have a tan line.”

“Trust me. It works when you try to convince people they’re real.” Said Kyle nuzzling Tess’s neck.

“Anything to add Tess?” Isabel offered, since Tess was the only one in the group yet to have a jab at Pam.

Tess gave Pam a slow once over, starting at her feet and working her way up. When she got to the other girls red face she sneered.

“Not worth the oxygen or the energy.” She said simply.

Pam huffed and walked off with her lap dogs who were quietly snickering while Pam wasn’t looking.

The group was howling with laughter. Tess was given special praise for her comment.

“God, Tess. That was sweet.” Liz crowed.

“Did you see her face?” Michael snickered.

(AN: Just wanted to ask, have we ever seen Pam Troy on any of the Roswell episodes?)

“Just calling it as I see it,” Tess said.

Kyle turned Tess around and kissed her.

“Damn, girl. Do realise how much I love you?” he asked, nuzzling her nose.

Tess’s eyes widened and she gave a squeal before pulling him back down for a passionate kiss.

Liz looked at Max with wide eyes.

“He said the ‘L’ word? Willingly?” she asked incredulously. Max just chuckled and pulled Liz in for a steamy kiss before
walking her to her class.

*in a really cheesy french accent*


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what do y'all think of the awesome banner that bordersinsanity made for me.

do I owe her my first born or what


“So, Parker. I hear you ain’t as frigid as we thought. Wanna go somewhere with me?” Sean DeLuca asked Liz as she got ready for English.

Liz gave Sean a disparging once over.

"Let me put it this way, Sean. Any part of you that touches me, you're not getting back."

Alex walked over and positioned himself between Sean and Liz.

“She’s taken retard. Fuck off,” he growled.

“What’s the matter? The way I hear, you don’t mind sharing?” Sean grinned.

He didn’t expect to see Alex’s fist connect with his chin. Sean went flying back.

Liz wrapped her arms around Alex’s waist. She stretched up so she could whisper in his ear.

“Don’t worry about him, Lex. Max will deal with him later. Calm down baby, alright?”

Alex turned in her embrace and frowned at her.

“No one talks about the mans girl like that and gets away with it.” He grumbled.

Liz grinned cheekily. She was in too much of a good mood to be angry.

“Let the man deal with it.”

Alex thought for a moment then turned back to Sean who was nursing his jaw.

“Yo, you listen to me retard. She belongs to the man. And no one talks to her like that if they want to keep livin’. You feel me?” Sean nodded. “Good. Now we’re here for a lesson so get off the floor and sit down.”

Sean hurried to do so and Alex turned back to Liz.



They sat down and Liz turned to Alex.

“So. Kyle used the ‘L’ word. Willingly. Explain.” She ordered.

Alex chuckled.

“Well, he figured she’s the ‘One’.”

“Really? Oh that’s great. I’m so happy for them. Now, you and Isabel?”

“Maybe,” Alex grinned happily.

Before Liz could get him to elaborate, the teacher walked in and the lesson started.

Liz didn’t get a chance to talk to anyone else in their group until lunchtime. When she arrived at their table on the quad, she saw Max staring at the ‘jock’ table with a murderous look on his face. Or rather, Sean DeLuca.

Liz placed herself on his lap. “Who’s the man?” she whispered in his ear.

“I am,” he murmured back, still throwing cold looks at Sean.

“Don’t. He’s not worth it.” Seeing he was still upset she whispered, “I love you.”

That worked. Max turned to her and pressed a soft kiss on her neck.


“Oh yeah.”

“That don’t mean he can get away with it.” His mind made up, Max motioned to Alex, Kyle and Michael then walked over to the ‘jock’ table.

“Oh shit," Liz whispered and scrambled to follow them. Isabel, Maria and Tess followed her.

“Yo, retard,” Alex shouted as they neared the table and Sean turned around. “Yeah you know you’re name. The man wants a word with you.”

Sean paled when he saw the expression on Max’s face.

“Sean? What did you do?” Maria exploded.

“I…I…” Sean stuttered. Before he could finish, Max grabbed him by the collar of his sweater and proceeded to drag him out of school.

"Max! Max!” Liz shouted, but Max wasn’t hearing her. Liz grabbed Michael. “Don’t kill him. Rough him up a little but this ain’t New York. Word?”


Liz held back the girls.

“Don’t follow. It’s not gonna be pretty.”

Outside school

Max threw Sean up against the wall and Michael grabbed his arm.

“Liz said just rough him up a little. No more man,” he said gruffly. He let go of Max and levelled Sean with a cold look. “What did the prick do?”

“Want’s the mans girl,” Alex informed Michael and Kyle who tensed up and swiftly dealt a punch each.

As he doubled up, Max grabbed his shoulder and straightened him up. He then dealt a few punches of his own. When Sean doubled up again, he let him fall to the floor.

He stepped back and let the other guys rough him up. He knew he’d probably kill him if he started again.

When the guys finished and stepped back, Max picked him up and threw him against the wall again.

“I’m the man,” he growled as he looked Sean in the eye. “Got that retard. I’m the man and Liz belongs to me. Don’t touch her. Don’t speak to her. Don’t look at her. This is just a little of what a guy would usually get, but this ain’t New York and you ain’t worth it. You feel me?”

Sean nodded quickly. His nose was bleeding and he was sure he was getting a black eye or two. He didn’t want them to start again.

“Good.” Max looked behind him. “Let’s bounce.”

“Dude. Liz ain’t happy with you,” Michael whispered to Max as they walked away.

“I won’t have no one talking to her like that. She knows that. And everyone needs to learn that I’m the man,” Max barked, turning to face Michael.

They were nose to nose now. Everyone who had witnessed Sean’s beating crowded around them.

“I’m the man,” Max said again, low and dangerous.

Michael backed down.

“That’s right. You’re the man. But that ain’t gonna stop Liz from raggin’ ya man.”

“I’ll deal with that when I come to it,” Max said as he continued walking.

Michael put his arm around Max’s shoulder.

“We good man.”

“Yeah, we’re good,” Max said with a grin, mock punching him.

All four guys were chuckling when they saw the girls. Maria, Isabel and Tess looked confused while Liz looked extremely pissed off.

“I told you he wasn’t worth it. I don’t care if a guy hits on me ‘cause I ain’t gonna do anything about.” Liz growled.

“I’m the man and he had to learn that,” Max growled back.

“You’re the man?” Max nodded, his eyes narrowed dangerously. “Come here.”

Liz walked into the Eraser Room and Max followed.

He closed and locked the door and turned to face Liz. Liz practically attacked him, pressing her body against his.

“God I love it when you do that,” she whispered as he devoured her neck.

“Do what?” he gasped.

“Act all protective and shit,” she answered before taking his mouth again.

“What are they doing in there?” Maria asked as Michael wrapped his arms around her from behind.

“Liz loves it when Max gets all territorial,” Michael answered.

“Oh. Ooh.”

The group watched in amusement as Sean limped past them.

Alex snarled at him and he walked quicker.

“I should be upset you know,” Maria said.

“Why?” -Alex.

“Sean’s her cousin.” -Tess.

Michael grimaced.

“Sorry sweets. He had to learn, though. No one talks to the mans girl like that and gets away with it. Get used to it though. Any guy that talk to you three like that will get the same.”

“Oh yeah?”



Just then, Liz and Max emerged from the Eraser Room looking tousled.

Liz cleared her throat while Max blushed and looked down.

“Um, hi guys.”

They all started laughing.

I'm just gonna answer a question that has popped up a lot since I started posting this fic.

are you ready? lol


growing up in new york, liz just learned.... stuff.

aw look you made me blush!


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here's the new chapter


Chapter 17

The group fell into a routine. School, work, hanging out on the weekends and going to The Underground on Friday nights.

The group had established itself at the very top of the hierarchy at school. After a few more fights the girls were left alone and the girls established their rights whenever someone hit on their men. Pam Troy had been a major problem to start with, but Liz, Isabel, Maria and Tess had had a ‘talk’ with her early on and she was a problem no more.

Soon the Senior Prom arrived.

“Michael, we’re going. This is the event and I will be there. Come on! Everyone else is going,” Maria whined.

“Everyone else can go. I’m not gonna dress up like a idiot just ‘cause you wanna go.” Michael whined back.

Tess smiled at the fighting couple and turned to her boyfriend.

“Are we going?” she asked Kyle sweetly.

“Sure thing sugar. Anything for my baby,” he answered.

Tess rewarded him with a chaste kiss. It was chaste because they were currently packed into the Harding’s living room.

“See Michael. Kyle is taking Tess and I’ll bet Alex is taking Isabel. Max is probably taking Liz too. Please. For me, because you love me.”

Michael heaved a great sigh and glared at Kyle.

“Fine, we’ll go. But don’t expect me to wear a suit. I see one suit and it’s off. Got it?” he warned.

Maria squealed and bounced in her seat.

“Ok. No suit I swear. Besides, you know I love you in what you wear anyway.”

Michael grinned wickedly and leaned toward her ear.

“And out of it,” he murmured. Maria shivered.

“Mmm. That too.”

Tess cleared her throat and shot a warning look their way.

Her parents thought she was hanging out with decent people. She didn’t need them questioning Kyle’s behaviour on their frequent dates.

As her thoughts turned to Kyle, as they frequently did, Tess frowned. She’d lost her virginity to him a few months ago and wandered how he would take her news. He said he loved her, but did he love her enough for the bomb she was going to drop on him. She was honestly scared.

“You ok sweetness?” Kyle asked.

“Hmm. Oh, yeah. I’m fine.” Tess made up her mind and quickly grabbed Kyle’s hand as she stood.

“We’re going out for a bit,” she informed her friends.

Kyle was confused but followed her. He had a feeling that he was about to find out what his girl was so worried about.

They walked for a while until they got to the park. Tess sat down on a bench and stared at her clasped hands. Kyle hunkered down in front of her and grabbed her hands in his own. Tess looked up and Kyle could clearly see her tears and the fear in her eyes.

“Tess? Baby what’s wrong?” Tess began sobbing and Kyle moved to the seat next to her, gathering her in his arms. “Baby. Don’t cry. You can tell me what’s wrong. Please Tess. I can’t stand to see you cry.”

“Oh god, Kyle. I’m so scared you’ll hate me.”

“Just tell me what’s wrong, honey.”

“I… Kyle I’m pregnant.” Tess blurted out. She felt him stiffen and felt her heart break into a million pieces.

“Pregnant,” he breathed. Tess couldn’t see his face but there was a giddy grin on it.

When he stood up and whooped, she stared at him shocked. He turned and faced her. Now she could see his face she was confused. He didn’t hate her?

“Pregnant. I’m gonna be a daddy!” Kyle picked her up and swung her around before covering her lips in an ecstatic kiss.

“You don’t mind?” Tess couldn’t believe it. She’d just told him he was going to be a father at the age of 18 and he was acting like she’d just given him the world on a silver platter.

“Mind? Why would I mind? I mean sure, we’re young, but Tess,” he took her face in his hands and stared lovingly into her eyes. “Tess, I love you and ever since I met you, I’ve dreamed of you having my kids. Are you ok? Do you want to sit down? How do you feel? Oh wow.”

Tess giggled.

“You idiot.”

“Yeah but you love me.” All of a sudden Kyle frowned. “Are… Are you ok with this? I mean if you don’t wanna go through with this I’ll understand…”

Tess pressed a finger to his lips.

“I’m ok and this is a dream come true. I was just worried about how you’d react. You and my parents.” She reassured him.

Kyle pulled her into a hug.

“Whatever happens, I’ll be right here Tess. You got me? I love you.”

Tess breathed in his unique scent and sighed in contentment. This was truly perfect.

“I love you too, Kyle.”

to be continued....

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hey peeps! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

here's a new NC17 chapter just for y'all


Chapter 18

“Do you think Tess is ok?” Liz asked Max as he walked her home.

“I’m sure if there was something wrong she would tell us,” answered Max.

“I know. I’m just worried. She’s been so preoccupied lately.”

“Don’t worry. I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.”

Liz wrapped her arms around his waist and smiled up at him.

“So. Are you ready for Prom?”

“Of course. I’m going with the prettiest girl in Roswell.”

“Just Roswell?”

“Weeell…” Liz hit him on his arm and he laughed. “The prettiest girl in the universe.”

He stopped suddenly and looked down at her. His breath caught in his throat like it always did when he saw her.

“You know I love you, right?” Max asked, all jest gone.

“Yeah. And I love you. So much.” Liz answered. Then she grinned. “I just wish you weren’t such a gentleman sometimes.”

“Oh, you prefer the caveman huh?” Max swung Liz over his shoulder and continued to walk on, ignoring her shrieks of protest.

“Max! Put me down!”

“Nah. I kinda like the view,” he answered, staring at her bottom that was just inches from his face.

When he reached Liz’s door, he swung her down and set her on her feet. She swayed for a second, then pulled him down for a long kiss. Max quickly backed her up against the wall and deepened the kiss.

“Max. My parents are out for the night. You wanna come in?” Liz gasped. She reached down and began stroking his erection.

“Umm. Maybe I shouldn’t…” Max gasped when she gave him a gentle squeeze. “Ok. Yeah, you convinced me.”

He began kissing her again and reached behind her, swiping his hand over the lock. It glowed briefly then Max heard a click and pushed the door open. He walked in then kicked the door closed and pushed Liz up against it, lifting her so she could wrap her legs around his waist.

His lips left hers and trailed down to her jaw and down her neck. He began nibbling and sucking the flesh on her collarbone and neck, groaning when her hips began to work against his. Her hand once again slipped down between their bodies and she began to massage him.

“Max, the couch.”

Max lurched away from the wall and staggered the few feet to the living room. He sat down heavily on the couch and slipped a hand up her skirt, rubbing the ache between her legs.

“Oh god! Yes!” Liz’s rocking became frantic, as did the rhythm of her hand.

Max’s hips jerked up and he swore. He ripped open her shirt and lay her back on the couch, settling between her legs. He feasted on the creamy skin of her breasts while rubbing his jean covered ⊕#%$ between her legs.

“Oh Max! Oh please!” Liz’s small hands grabbed at his butt, trying to pull him closer. “Please Max!”

Max felt her hand shift from his tented jeans to her own mound. His hand joined hers and he thrust three fingers into her, making her arch into him. He moved his fingers inside of her whilst continuing to suckle her. Her fingers were busy rubbing her clit franticly while her other hand moved to itself in his hair.

“Oh yes. So close. Oh god!” Liz screamed as she came, Max’s name a garbled cry on her lips.

Max quickly crawled up her body and closed his lips over hers, swallowing her orgasmic screams. His hips still moved against hers, although it was now a comforting movement rather than the frantic thrusts of before.

Finally, Liz came down from her Max induced high. She continued to kiss him leisurely, her hands tangled in his hair.

She pulled back and licked his lips playfully.

“Thank you.”

“It was my pleasure, sweetheart.”

“Trust me. It was my pleasure.” Liz giggled.

She frowned when Max winced as he moved off her. Looking down at the four-man tent on the front of his jeans, she could understand why.

Well, she thought. I did say I’d help him with that one of these days.

Climbing on his lap, she covered his mouth with her own and reached down to unzip his jeans. Max grabbed her hands and pulled his head back.

“Liz? What are you doing?” he panted, though his body was betraying him and arching toward her hands.

“Shh. I’m helping,” Liz soothed before going back to her task.
She deftly unzipped him and reached in, grabbing the hot rod of flesh. Max groaned and his head fell back.

“Liz. We can’t. I promised…”

“Max, calm down. We won’t do anything that you won’t like.”

Max chuckled breathlessly.

“Shouldn’t that be my line?”

Liz said nothing. She drew his ⊕#%$ out of his jeans and began pumping the flesh, taking in the silky smoothness of him.

Looking down she noticed a glittering pearly white substance at the tip.

Unable to help herself, she slithered down his body until she was nestled between his legs and touched the tip of her tongue to him. Max swore and his hips surged up. Liz barely noticed, too busy reveling in the smoky taste of him.

“Oh god,” Max choked out as her mouth engulfed the head of his ⊕#%$. His large hands entwined in her hair and his hips shifted up again, pushing him further into her mouth.

Liz hummed in pleasure and the vibrations almost had Max shooting his load down her throat. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked on him, drawing her head up before descending again and filling her mouth with him even more. She continued like this until he hit the back of her throat.

Relaxing her throat muscles, Liz descended one last time, this time taking all of him into her mouth. Her nose was buried in the wiry hair at the root and she hummed again as she started a frantic bobbing motion, sucking him as she moved up, swirling her tongue around his head and then descending to start the process again.

“Oh god. ⊕#%$, baby! Oh, Liz!”

Liz moaned and Max shouted as he came. He was so deep in her throat that Liz had no choice but to swallow which she did with delight. When he had finished, Liz licked him clean before releasing him and moving back to sit on his lap. Max’s chest was heaving as he fought for breath.

“Where…Where did you learn that?” he gasped.

“So, I did ok?” Liz asked, a little insecure.

“Hell yeah. I think I’m gonna have a lot of trouble sleeping tonight.”

Liz licked his lips and began moving against him again.

“Well, maybe you can stay. I could help you sleep,” she offered. She grinned sexily as she felt his erection spring to life between her thighs.

“You have no idea how good that sounds, but I promised your parents that we would wait.”

“Then promise me something.”


“Make love to me Prom night? I don’t think I can wait any longer than that.”

Max looked at her and saw the pained look on her face. He knew as well just how much she needed him to be inside her. He knew because he felt the same way. There were nights when he lay awake with and dreamed that he could go to her and be with her in the most intimate of ways. Nights when he knew she was alone and wishing for him.

“Please Max.”

“Ok baby. But if your dad gets out the shotgun…”

“Max, I’m not joking. I need you. I need this,” she grabbed his ⊕#%$, “inside me. I don’t know how much longer I can wait.”

Max kissed her slowly and passionately.

“I know baby. And we will. Prom night.”

A few minutes later, Max walked out of the house and kissed his love goodbye. He walked down the road whistling and with a skip in his step. He never noticed the cold blue eyes that stared at him from the shadows.

“I’ve got your number now Play-King. Soon it will all be over.”

- - - - - -

Kyle opened his front door and thanked god that he didn’t live with his parents.

He looked at the blond beauty that was nuzzling his neck, playfully nipping at it then soothing the sting with a flick of her tongue.

Daddy. I’m gonna be a daddy.

“Tess. Are you sure you’re ok with this? I mean, I know we’ve already had this discussion but…”

Tess placed her mouth over his and subjected him to an incredibly steamy kiss.

Pulling back, she looked him straight in the eye.

“Kyle Valenti, I swear I’m gonna hurt you if you ask me that one more time. I love you and I love that I’m pregnant with your child. Do you understand?” Kyle nodded and Tess smiled. Bringing him closer she whispered into his mouth, “Good. Now make me scream.”

Kyle took her mouth in a loving and passionate kiss, which quickly escalated. Picking her up, he carried her into his bedroom and laid her down on the bed, his lips still attached to hers. He removed their clothing quickly then lay down between her thighs.


“You want to talk now?” she moaned.

“Will you marry me?”

Tess froze and looked in his eyes. Her crystal blue eyes watered and she said the only thing she could think of.


Kyle plunged into her depths and Tess screamed her pleasure. He began moving, slowly at first, then picking up speed. Tess was in heaven. He knew what she needed. Not the slow, sweet loving that they shared nearly every night, but the frantic tempo that kept up with the beat of their hearts.
Wordless cries of passion escaped their lips as they came together in a maelstrom of feeling. In that last second of their climax, they heard a whooshing and a connection opened between them. They saw, against a red background, the small figure of a child. Then, just as quick as it had started, it was over and Kyle and Tess were left staring at each other with tears in their eyes.

Kyle leaned down to place a soft kiss on Tess’s brow then on her lips.

“I love you Tess.”

“I love you too, Kyle.”

He began moving in her again and this time they went slow. A steady motion replaced the frantic thrusts of before and soft, whispered words of love replaced their earlier screams of passion. And when they came, they found themselves amidst the euphoric bliss they had experienced the first time they had made love.

Kyle pulled Tess close to him as they fell asleep and smiled as he remembered the image of that child. His child. Their child.

I've got some good news for any and all english roswellians.

I have this on good faith (TV Guide)

starting from monday 6th of january roswell season one starts on Sky One at 3:30 in the afternoon.

Holla If Ya Hear Me!!!

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The gang met up in school the next day in front of Max’s locker.

“Hey, Liz. Are we still going to The Underground tonight?” Isabel asked.

Liz gave her a ‘don’t be dumb’ look.

“Yeah. Don’t we always?”

Isabel blushed and looked down as the others arrived.

“Hey Tess. How are you?” Liz asked.

“Umm…” Tess looked at Kyle who wrapped his arms around her waist. “We have something we want to tell you.”

Maria took one look at their combined hands on Tess’s stomach and Kyle’s goofy grin and shrieked, “Oh my God!”

The others looked confused until Kyle spoke up.

“We’re pregnant.”

“Oh my God!”

“Are you ok?”

“This is unbelievable!”

“Kyle you lucky dog. Ow!”

“Don’t say that Michael! I can’t believe this!”

“Congratulations guys.”

“Where’s my Cyprus Oil?”

“Are you sure you want to go out tonight?”

“Is this even possible? How * sniff* did * sniff* this * sniff* happen?”

“Maria calm down. This is good news.”

“Yes I’m ok, Michael that was disgusting, thank you Isabel, yes I still want to go out tonight, Maria if you don’t know, I feel sorry for Michael and thank you Liz.” Tess spoke rapidly; fielding the various questions and comments.

The bell rang, preventing more talk on the subject and the group split up.

As Isabel walked to her first class, she frowned and turned around. Seeing nothing, she shrugged and continued to class, smirking as Maria continued to freak.

Cold blue eyes observed this with a chilling smile.

“Don’t you worry, Vilandra. We will meet soon.”



“I have found the Royal Four, sir. They are dating humans,” the speaker spat the last word out disdainfully.

“Dating? Explain.”

“Courting, sir.”

“Would you consider them a liability?”

“Yes sir. Ava is pregnant to a human and Rath, Vilandra and Zan are both involved with them sexually.”

“Dispose of them. The Royal Four can not afford to have any weaknesses.”

The speaker bowed low.

“Yes sir.”



“I have found the Royal Four, My Lord. They shall be easy to dispose of.”

“I want Vilandra alive. Don’t break her. I want that privilege. You may, of course… play with her.”

The speaker smiled a smile that could only be described as evil and his blue eyes sparkled maliciously.

“Thank you, My Lord. I am most grateful.”

He licked his lips.

“Most grateful.”

to be continued....
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A tall figure knocked on the door of the Parkers house and waited impatiently for someone to open the door.

When the door did open, it revealed a disheviled Liz Parker.

When she registered the figure in front of her, her eyes widened in surprise.

"You're here!" she blurted before blushing. "I mean, you're early. I was just making dinner. Do you mind spaghetti bolognase? It's all we had. Sorry."

As she spoke, she moved farther into the house and the figure followed her. As she entered the kitchen, he raised his hand to touch the back of her head. A white glow emanated from his hand and Liz fell to the floor, unconcious.

"One down, three to go," the figure muttered as he hoisted Liz over one shoulder and departed from her house.


Tess shot up in bed, gasping for breath, a cold sweat saturating her body.

"Tess? Are you ok?" Kyle mumbled next to her.

"Yeah. I just had the weirdest dream. I... I need to go get some water."

As she ran the water in the kitchen, Tess pondered on the dream. The weirdest thing was she could remember it. She never remembered her dreams.

Strong arms wrapped around her waist and Kyle nuzzled her neck.

"Baby, what's wrong? You're shaking."

"Kyle I... I just dreamt that you could get hurt because of us. Because of me." Tess turned in his arms and framed his face. "I couldn't stand it if knowing me got you hurt Kyle. I love you too much. But I don't know if I love you enough to let you go."

Kyle held her close.

"I love you Tess. And in the end, it's my decision. And I'll always choose you."

"Oh Kyle."


"Come on Maria."


"You'll like it, I swear."

"No. I'm just not ready for that Michael."



"Please? I love you."

"Michael, I am not doing... that."

"It's easy. And fun."

"My mom would kill me."

"She doesn't have to know."

"Ok. But I'm warning you. If my panties get torn, you will personally go into Victoria's Secret and get me a new pair."



"I'm just trying to figure out how you could tear your panties going ice-skating."

"At midnight? It's easy. The splits."


Max knocked on the Parkers front door and waited impatiently for Liz to open the door. Something was very wrong. He needed to make sure she was ok.

The door opened and Liz looked cooly at him.

"Max? What are you doing here?" she snapped.

Max blinked in surprise.

"Umm... ahh... I was just..."

"For God's sake Max. Spit it out! I'm busy!"

Max was sure, now more than ever, that there was something wrong. He'd never heard her like this before. Her naturaly caring heart didn't allow for unkindness although she never had time for fools.

"Liz, is something wrong?"

"Yes. I'm at the front door talking to you when I have important stuff to do. Now do us both a favor and sod off!" With that, Liz slammed the door in Max's face.

Almost immediately after that, Max's cell phone rang.


//Max? It's Kyle. You have to get over here. Something is really wrong with Tess and I'm scared for the baby.//

"I'm on my way Kyle."

As he walked away, a figure parted the curtains in the Parkers front window. Alien hearing had aided her eavesdropping and her face was contorted in horror. One thing was clear.

The girl could not lose the baby.


Max ran full tilt into Kyles house, opening the door with the finesse of a bull.


"I'm up here! In the bedroom!"

The sight that greeted Max made him draw up in concern and horror.

Tess's blond hair was soaking from the sweat and her normally pale features were now a pasty white. Kyle looked up from where he was sat on the bed and Max could see the terror in his teary eyes.

"Kyle. What happened?"

"I don't know man. One minute she was fine and getting a glass of water, the next, she was screaming in pain. What's wrong wih her Max? Is she... Is she dying?" Kyle choked before he began crying silently.

"I hope not. Kyle, I don't know what's going on. Maybe if I can connect with her..."


Kyle and Max turned in shock and found Liz stood there.


"You touch her and I'll kill you myself," Liz snarled. "What is happening to Ava has absolutely nothing to do with you or the human so get away from her!"

As Liz screamed out the last word, a powerful energy lashed out at them, knocking them away from Tess.

"You... You're not Liz," Kyle gasped in pain.

"No sh!t sherlock. I suggest you leave. Both of you."

"Where's Liz?"

"As a liability to the survival of the Royal Four, the human you call Liz has been removed."

Max watched in horror as the features of the woman he loved so dearly contorted in an unfamiliar expression of disgust.

"I can't believe you would stoop so low as to develop feeling for the insipid ceatures on this planet. Which reminds me..."

'Liz' aimed her hand at Kyle but Max threw up his sheild. 'Liz' screamed in frustration then there was a silent explosion of light. When the two men could see again, both Tess and 'Liz had disapeared.

to be continued...

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Chapter 22

Liz groaned as she slowly came too.

//Where... where am I?//

The last thing she remembered was leading Max into the kitchen for their sudden dinner date.

She pried opened her eyesand gasped as she viewed her surroundings. She was surrounded by light. A million colours swirled and pulsed around her. It was beautiful.

Looking beyond the light, Liz saw a circular metal chamber and, beyond that, a cave.

//What happened?//

I can explain.


"Goddamit," 'Liz' swore as she drove into the desert.

In the back seat of the car, Ava moaned in her sleep. 'Liz' cast a worried glance at the girl. Pregnancies were always an uncertain process for any species, but this was highly irregular. Even though Ava had created this child with a human, she should not be experiencing these difficulties.

//Maybe I should have let Zan check her. I could have asked him about the girl then.//

When 'Liz' had abducted the human girl, as she had been about to eliminate the threat, the girl had been surrounded by light and disappeared.

Ava moaned again and 'Liz pressed harder on the gas pedal. She needed answers.


"Gone! What the hell do you mean they are gone? You realise they are going to be on their guard now? You incompetent fool!"

A ball of fire hit the cowering informant, leaving him nothing more than large dust motes and peices of skin that slowly settled to the floor.

"I want them found! NOW!"


"Who are you? Where am I? Please let me go," Liz begged.

Do not worry child. You are safe here.

"Where 's here? Who are you?"

I am called the Granilith. My purpose is to serve the one who created me.

Liz couldn't help but notice how the light's seemed to pulse in time with the voice.

"What's that got to do with me?"

You are my guardian, child. You created me, many eaons ago.

"Umm, you must have me confused with someone else. I'm seventeen."

Your physical body is seventeen, yes. But your spirit is older than this planet. It is as old as the first star. You are mine and I am yours.

As the Granilith spoke, Liz was bombarded with images and feelings that she couldn't understand. But she knew the Granilith spoke the truth.

to be continued........


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Chapter 23

***It was aware of being. There was no other way to describe it. There was no gender definition, no body, no name. It just existed for the purpose of existing. Yet it knew it had a pupose in this existence. To watch. To build a vessel with which to watch all forms of life and non-life in it's creators universe.

And as it existed, so it built a sentient vessel which it named Granilith. However, building the Granilith took it's entire life. Still, it had a purpose, a lot. It would find a populated planet and be re-born.***

***The she-creature clambered toward the cone-shaped thing in the middle of the clearing. The surrounding terrain was wild, un-tamed, like the she-creature itself. The Granilith had awakened it's re-born creator only days ago and the she-creature was reporting her findings in the crude language of her people.

As she turned to leave, she gave a terrible shriek as she was attacked by a carnivorous creature. She managed to fight it off but was mortally injured.

Crawling to the multi-coloured cone, the she-creature implored the Granilith to help her. With a flash of light, the soul of the she-creature was removed from it's physical body and taken into the Granilth itself.***

***As it left the atmosphere of the planet, the being berated the Granilith.

Why did you not heal the body?

The she-creature was not sentient enough to explain her physiology to me.

It thought on the Granilth's answer.

Very well.***

Liz's body jerked as the memories filled her mind.

***She walked to the cave which housed the Granilith. She had been awakened a moon ago and she was now reporting to the Granilith.

As the Granilith had informed her, the being who was responsible for her life had travelled for two millennia looking for a sentient planet to watch.

Brenna sighed. //Just when it seemed my life couldn't get any more complicated.//

That is when she saw him. He was the most beautiful man she had ever seen. When he looked at her she felt her temperature rise and bowed her head down.

Upon entering the Granilith chamber, Brenna felt the presence of the Granilith stir in the back of her mind.

What was that?

"What was what?"

I felt something unusual. You have never felt it before.

Unbidden, the image of the man rose in Brenna's mind and the Granilith latched onto it.

This is a man-child. Why do you feel this way towards him?

"I don't know. I saw him just moments ago and it felt like a cloud of singers had taken nest in my stomach. Do you know what the feeling is?"

I believe so. My creator felt this way to it's creator. It called it love.

Brenna gasped.

"But I cannot be in love with him. I am to marry someone else."

Marry? Please explain.

"When you marry someone you become bonded to them. Body and soul."

NO! You cannot bond or marry anyone. You have not found the other yet.

"The other?"


"Granilith, please talk to me. Who or what is the other? I need a reason to do this. My sire will not allow me to disobey this order. I have to marry him. My sire will not have this any other way."


"Fine! I need to leave now."

Brenna stormed away from the chamber, tears stinging her eyes at the Graniliths treatment. It had even closed her mind to it which hurt even more.

She was so wrapped up in her thoughts that she didn't notice the body in front of her until she hit it.

"Oh! I'm so sorry."

"Are you alright, miss?"

Brenna looked up into the piercing black eyes of the man she had seen earlier.

Realising she was staring at him, Brenna blushed and lowered her eyes.

"Yes sir. I am alright."

He slowly let go of her, as if afraid to do so.

"I am To-mas. And you are..."

His lips curled into a smile and Brenna could not help but smile back.

"I am Brenna."

She watched as his smile faded. It was replaced with a look of profound sadness.

"The daughter of the Hold-Laird?"

"Yes," Brenna frowned, not understanding.

He made to walk away, buit Brenna grabbed his arm, absently noted how his muscles rippled under her fingers.

"To-mas, wait. Why are you sad and how do you know me?"

He turned and Brenna's heart broke. His eyes were dead, the prievious sparkle gone.

"You are to marry my brother."

Brenna's hand slipped from his arms and she stared as he walked away. She turned and her hand came to her throat which felt like it was being squeezed.

"No," she whispered and she ran back to the Granilith.

She almost wept in relief as she felt the Granilith respond to her mental cries of distress. Brenna threw herself prostrate on the the floor before the Granilith.

"Take me away. Please. I am to marry his brother! I cannot do this. I cannot know him and not have him. I cannot be without him! Take me away. Show mercy!"

In response, the Granilith withdrew Brenna's soul from her body and took her into itself.


To-mas turned when he heard the rumble a short distance from him. He flinched as something shot from the ground and arced towards the sky.

Pure instinct drove him to the spot it had been and he stared in disbelief at the petite female body on the charred ground.

Knowing what he would see, even as he reached for the body, To-mas turned her over. A wail of grief was torn from his throat when he saw her.

True, he had known her for seconds, but his soul had recognised hers. When he had found she was to marry his brother, he had felt his soul wither inside of him. But he could have borne the sweet torture of seeing her for the rest of his days, even knowing that he could never have her.

Now, even that was denied him and he felt himself die. It was as if someone had struck him with a blade and his life was pouring from him.


The people in the village had turned and seen the craft leave the ground and head for the skies and a search party was sent to find out the source of the disturbance.

They found, instead, the body of the Hold-Laird's daughter in the arms of a dead man. It was later discovered that he was Lord To-mas, brother to Brenna's betrothed.***

***It would have wept if it had a body. The grief was still a fresh memory for it.

I have never felt that before. I would never wish to feel it again.

This is the nature of sentient beings. They would not be sentient were it not for these feelings.

It heaved a mental sigh.

You are right. Granilith, how is it that you are wiser than me? Should it not be the other way around.

A mental chuckle filled it as well as a feeling of incredible humour and compassion.

Am I not a vessel of the Creator?***

To be continued...........

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Chapter 24

Isabel gasped as she came out of the dreamwalk and everyone crowded around her.

"I couldn't find her. Oh, Max. I'm sorry,"

"What about Tess?"


'Liz' parked outside of the pod chamber in the middle of the desert. Taking a deep breath, she held up her hand and a white glow emenated from it, encompassing her entire body. When the ligh faded, a middle aged man sat in her place.

Getting out of the car, he walked to the back and removed a still unconcious Tess from the car.


***Ash'a bent double in pain as she tried to answer the summons of the Granilith. Some how, the Granilith had been damaged upon entry to the atmosphere of this planet and had to seek refuge with the Royal family until Ash'a had come of age and was awakened.

However, not being aware of Ash'a's calling, her parents had moved to a new village 100 leagues from the city.

Had Ash'a been nearer to the Granilith when the awakening happened, she knew she would not be in this pain.

//Where are you?//

I am here.

Ash'a followed the mental voice until she came to a guarded door.

"You there! How did you get into the palace?"

"Please. I must see it." Ash'a cried out again in pain.

The guards refused to move, instead raising their hands in preperation to rid themselves of her.

Come to me, child.

With a cry, Ash'a pushed past the guards, running through the door. A fireball rushed through the air, but only hit the white sheild that was suddenly erected around Ash'a.

Ignoring the people in the room and the uproar she had caused, Ash'a staggered painfully to the pulsing inverted cone in the middle of the room.

"I am here."


Rath stood protectively in front of his King and Princess. He was, however, as stunned by this event as the rest of the Royal Court.


Vilandra looked from the girl who was now knelt with her forehead against the Granilith to her brother who was watching the young maiden with a little too much interest.


He had felt her before she even entered the room. He had felt the air come alive, had felt, heard and seen everything with a new sense of clarity. Then the doors had burst open and the most beautiful woman he had ever seen came in and, for a moment, he saw something else. A young creature, the likes of which he had never seen before. But he recognised her as beautiful and a name whispered at the edge of his mind.


The Granilith seemed to glow even brighter that second and the court watched as the girl suddenly disappeared only to reappear inside the machine.


I am yours and you are mine.

//You are mine and I am yours,//
Ash'a's mind whispered as she accepted her fate.

Her body was expelled from the Granilith in a second.

Ash'a viewed the court with eyes that were now eaons older.

"Forgive the sudden intrusion. I..." Ash'a stopped when she saw him and the part of her soul that was Brenna cried out in pain.

Gods no. To-mas!

Ash'a shook her head before continuing.

"I am called Ash'a. I am the Guardian of the Granilith. With your permission, I will repair him."

She watched him step forward.

"I am King Zan. My family has been in possession of the Granilith for 18 years. How is it that you are it's Guardian and yet have not stepped forward before now."

Ash'a inclined her head to the side and smiled.

"A body cannot live forever, yet my soul is as old as the first star. When the Granilith was damaged upon entry to Antar's atmosphere, I instructed him to seek refuge with a trustworthy and strong family. He chose the Royal Family. I was re-born into the body you see now and you all were witness to my awakening."

"Awakening?" a higher pitched voice questioned and Ash'a watched a beautiful young woman move forward to stand at Zan's side.

Be wary of her, child. Her soul is good but her mind has been poisoned.

"The awakening is when I am given the memories of my original and all of my past lives."

The young woman gave a condescending laugh.

"And how many lives have you lived?"

"Billions." Ash'a's blantant refusal to humour the young royal sent her turning to Zan.

"Brother! Did you hear how she talked to me? Do something to the little brat. It's obvious she's lying!" The Princess shrieked only to be silenced by Ash'a's cry of outrage.

"Brat? Lying!?" Ash'a's black eyes flared and shone the colour of an electric storm. Her voice took on a booming quality as the Granilith fed her anger with it's own. "Do you dare accuse me of lying? I, who have lived live's innumerable! I, who have seen a sunset on a billion planets! I, who chose your world to watch for my Creator who is your Creator! Who are you to accuse me out of misplaced pride and a bruised ego? Why I.. I won't stand it!"


Ash'a calmed and looked into Zan's black eyes.

"You would do well to teach your sister some manners and a little respect, Your Majesty. As for the Granilith, I shall allow him to remain here, but be warned. Neither he, nor I, will be here forever. I thank you for taking care of him and enabeling us to carry out the task set to us by our Creator."

That said, Ash'a turned on her heel and exited the room.***

to be continued...

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Chapter 25

The shapeshifter stood in front of the Granilith, his mouth open in shock. There, inside the inverted cone of the sentient machine, was the human girl who had only narrowly avoided her demise. Even more shocking was the fact that he had only seen this once before in his life time and that was on another planet, with another young woman.

***"How goes things with the Granilith this evening, Ash'a?"

Ash'a turned and smiled warmly at Zan.

"Very well. He is responding positively to all testing and I feel that he shall be ready for..."

"Ready for what?" Zan asked when Ash'a trailed off.

Ash'a shifted uncomfortably and turned back to the machine of her ancestor.

"When I die. My soul will be taken into the Granilith and we shall go to another planet." Ash'a heard the King draw in a sharp breath and turned. "But that shan't be for a while I hope."

Instead of answering, Zan stepped closer to her and looked deep into her eyes.

"Why do you haunt me?" A hand reached up to caress her long tresses. "I feel I have known you longer than I have known this life. I dreamt of you before I met you..."


Zan jerked away from Ash'a and she herself lurched away from him.

//Why am I so drawn to him?//

Because Brenna recognises him as To-mas.

//No. It is more than that.//

Ash'a felt the Granilith withdraw from her mentally and forgetting her audience, she turned to it sharply.

"What are you hiding from me?" she asked, the pain that the Granilith would keep anything from her evident in her voice.

"Talking to yourself again, Mistress Ash'a?"

Ash'a turned and smiled warmly at the General Rathard and frowned at Vilondra. Neither women had even bothered to try and get along, prefering to ignore each other instead.

Seeing another young woman next to Vilondra whom she didn't recognise, Ash'a stepped forward.

"Hello, I am the Guardian Ash'a. And you are?"

"This is Avaria..."

"I'm pretty sure she can talk for herself, Vilondra. The Graniliths readings show that she is not a mute," Ash'a snapped.

Indeed. And when are you going to stop bickering with Princess Vilondra.

"When and only when she apologises."

As soon as Ash'a saw Avaria's confused expression, she knew she had spoken aloud again and blushed.

"I forgot. No one else can hear him."


"The Granilith. He is a sentient machine built by my ancestor and he can only be heard by the Guardian. Me," Ash'a explained.

A look of comprehension flooded Avaria's face, but before she could question Ash'a any further, explosions rocked the palace.***


"I couldn't find Tess either. Oh God, what are we gonna do?"

Maria wasn't listening. She was waving her hand in front of Max's face.

"Max? Hey Max. Oh Ma-ax." she looked up at the others. "He's having a staring contest with the wall. And he's winning."

"How long has he been like this," Michael asked.

"About half an hour."

No sooner had she said this, Max bolted from his sitting position causing Maria to stumble back..

"Ash'a, no!"

to be continued...

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Chapter 26

"Ash'a, no!"

"Maxwell, what the hell is your problem?" Michael yelled as he clutched Maria to him.

Max looked at Michael, confused.

"I don't know."


"Sir, we found them."

"Well? Where are they?"

"75 miles from Roswell. Near Pohlman Ranch. We could get there in under 10 minutes."

Then let's go."


I am yours and you are mine.

//You are mine and I am yours.//

Child. The One is here.

Liz felt relief flood through her.

If the One was here, that could only mean one thing.

//I can be with Max.//


Nasedo almost dropped Ava when the human girl was expelled from the Granilith. The Guardian Ash'a had been telling the truth.

Gently lying Ava down, he bowed to her, his forehead touching the floor.

"Guardian Ash'a."

"In another life, maybe. My name is Liz and I am no longer the Guardian of the Granilith. The Other, who I have waited for for eaons is here."


"What do you mean you don't know? You scared the sh!t out of everyone and you could've hurt Maria!"

"We're supposed to be looking for Tess and Liz," Kyle shouted. "Instead you're daydreaming!"


"Don't, Max. Tess is sick and so is the baby. We need to find her."


When Liz saw Tess on the floor, she gasped.


The girl - child carries the One.

//Granilith, not her.//

The initiation must be complete. The child is dying.

Silently asking Tess for forgiveness, Liz touched one hand to the Granilith and reached for Tess.

Before she could connect woth the baby, the chamber rocked with the impact of a blast. A white shield covered Nasedo, Tess and Liz.


Be calm. You know what to do.

And suddenly, Liz did know what to do.



to be continued....

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Chapter 27

* MAX!*

Max bolted from his slumped position.

“Liz?” he whispered.

* Oh thank God. Max, listen to me carefully. I need you to connect with everyone. Including the humans. Quickly, Max. We’re under attack. *

“I don’t understand.”

The others were looking at him strangely, but Max ignored them, focusing on her husky voice.

* Do it Max. Tess is in danger!*

Max looked at the people he trusted the most in the world.


Liz looked down at Tess. She was moaning again. Nasedo was stood at the back wall, barely able to stay upright with the force of the blasts

The initiation needs to be completed.

//I know. But I can’t concentrate with all of this noise.//

*Liz? We’re all connected. *


“Hit it harder!” Nicholas ordered. The pod chamber was still holding up under the relentless barrage.

The Skins were showing signs of strain, but refused to give up. It was more than their lives worth..


The gang were surprised when they appeared in the Granilith chamber.


Max rushed to her side, hugging her while Kyle ran to Tess.

“What’s wrong with her?”

“I’ll explain later. Right now,” Liz turned to the Pod Squad. “I need you to feed me your powers. Trust me.”

The Granilith chamber rocked again and Maria was thrown to the floor. Alex picked her up and held her while Max, Isabel and Michael connected with Liz. Liz had her hand on Tess and pulled her into the connection as well.

Everyone in the room felt the rush of power and it only increased when Liz had collected enough. She walked over to Nasedo.

“Open the door.” She instructed softly.

“Liz?” Isabel asked uncertainly.

Liz didn’t answer, instead walking out of the chamber… and was immediately engulfed in a fire ball.

“Ash-a… Liz, NO!”

to be continued....

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Chapter 28

Ash-a… Liz NO!”

Max ran forward, only to be stopped by a white sheild. He pounded at it, tears running down his cheeks.

He stopped suddenly when he saw that Liz was unharmed.


Liz was stood at the entrance to the chamber, her arm outstretched, palm facing forward. A crackling energy field that was both light and dark at the same time surrounded her. A strangely haunting and familiar language flowed like water from her lips.


“FALL BACK!” Nicholas shouted when he saw the girl.

Even though she looked nothing like she had in her past life, he recognised her. He remembered a tall and softly imposing young woman with flame red hair and eyes like pure onyx.

Now he saw a petit human girl with chocolate brown hair. Her eyes, though… They burned with electric fire. He struggled to move, but found he couldn’t. That bitch had immobilised him and his people.

“Enough.” Her words were soft and in the lyrical language of his people, but he heard them and understood.

“KILL HER!” he screamed.

“I said enough, Jaxom.”

One of the women burst out crying at hearing her beloved language flowing like silver from this girls lips.

“I am your Judge, Jury and Executioner.

For the murder of the Royal Family of Antar. Guilty.

For the murder of Ash-a, Guardian if the Granilith. Guilty.

For all crimes and murders committed on this planet. Guilty. As my last act as Guardian and Seeker, I condemn you and those like you to death.”

Pure energy flowed from her hand and engulfed the Skins. An explosion rocked the desert as the Skins died. When the dust cleared, a few people remained, blinking in confusion.


Now the others were stood next to Max, staring at Liz as she destroyed their enemies. They watched as she smiled and beckoned the survivor’s closer.


“You are free. Completely human, but free.”

A young girl burst out crying and grabbed Liz in a hug.

“Thank you. Thank you.”

“You will have no memory of this. Do you realise this?”

The others nodded. They had expected no less. They all knew that they had no wish to remember the things they had done to survive.

Seconds later, they disappeared from sight.


It is time.

Liz felt like crying. If she did this, Tess and Kyle would never have a normal child. And if she didn’t, both Tess and the child would die.

The granilith felt her inner conflict and sent positive vibes to her.

It is time.

Tears ran down Liz’s face as she turned to the Granilith and Tess. She walked past her shell-shocked friends and knelt between Tess and the Granilith. One hand pressed to her best friend’s womb and the other to the side of her creation.

//I will miss you Granilith. //

And I shall miss you, child. I suppose I should have told you a long time ago…

//It is all right Granilith. I just hope that Kyle and Tess will forgive me. //

to be continued….

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Chapter 29

“Release me from this bond.”

I release you from your bond.

“Release me from my duty.”

I release you from your duty.

Liz’s friends took a step back when she began to glow a bright white. Her eyes were still pure black from the battle and now her voice boomed as the Granilith joined her own voice.

“Do you accept this responsibility?”

Tess’s body arched and she cried out in pain.

“Do you accept this responsibility?”

“What are you doing to her?” Kyle shouted.

He stepped forward only to be grabbed by the shape-shifter.

“She is saving her life. Now stand back.”

Liz was sweating from the exertion. Initiating the new Guardian was painful.

“Do you accept this responsibility?”

Suddenly, it was as if time itself had stopped. From deep within her being Liz heard the answer.


Liz cried out as she was drained. All her powers were being poured into her successor, filling the tiny being. Her many lives flashed past her eyes as the Granilith sorted through them. Everything she had of importance that she had learned was being passed on to the babe.

Finally, it was over and Liz slumped to the floor. Tess stirred and slowly opened her eyes.


to be continued…
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