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Title: “Christmas Treats”
Author: Kat/Calinia
Email: calinia⊕
Category: M/L, AU, no aliens
Rating: NC-17 – this is pure smut
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything, so don’t sue, I’ll cry.
Summary: It’s smut – what kind of summary do you want? It’s nookie, nookie and more nookie. *tongue*

Part One

“Max,” Liz whined. “Can I take off the blindfold now?”

“Nope,” Max told her, and even though Liz couldn’t see him she knew that he was smirking. He was obviously enjoying watching her squirm.

Liz was sitting on the bed in their apartment, waiting for Max to finish preparing his oh-so big surprise. It was the first Sunday in advent, December 1st, and since it was the first Christmas they were living together Max had decided that this required a new tradition. Not that he had told Liz what this tradition was. Only that it was a surprise.

And so he had more or less kicked Liz out of the apartment earlier that afternoon, telling her that she wasn’t allowed to come back until at least two hours later. Liz had taken a walk through Boston, not knowing what else she could do, almost freezing to death. The weather was the one drawback of attending Harvard University, but it was worth it.

And when Liz had arrived at their apartment Max hadn’t let her inside without blindfolding her first, making sure that she couldn’t see anything.

Liz suddenly felt Max beside her, his warm breath against her ear, making her shiver.

"Finished," he said softly while removing the blindfold.

Liz blinked a few times, needing time to get used to the bright light. And then she saw it. It was… what was it? It looked like a very cheesy picture of Santa Claus, but there where numbers written on it.

“Uh…” Liz said, not knowing what to say. The thing was hideous, but she didn’t want to hurt Max’s feelings by telling him so.

“It’s an Advent calendar,” Max told her.

“OH!” Liz said, understanding dawning in. “With chocolate?” she asked, her eyes lighting up.

Max laughed. She looked so cute, like a kid under the Christmas tree eying all its presents. “Nope, no chocolate,” he told her.

“Oh,” Liz said, not quite managing to hide her disappointment.

“It’s better than chocolate,” he told her in a husky voice.

“Better?” Liz asked, understanding what he was getting at.

“Better,” Max confirmed. “Go on, look what’s behind door number one,” he told her.

Liz stood up and opened the first window. There was a little piece of paper behind it, which she took out and unfolded.

Put the blindfold back on and let yourself be surprised.

“Max, I think I’ve been blindfolded enough for one day,” she told him.

“No you haven’t. We haven’t gotten to the fun part yet,” he replied coming up behind her with the scarf in his hand. Liz sighed and let him put it back into place.

Max then bent down to kiss her. He hesitated only an inch away from Liz’s lips. She could feel his warm breath on her lips, making a shiver of anticipation go down her spine.

When he finally kissed her it was ever so gently, teasing her, his touch light as a feather. Liz wrapped her hands around Max’s neck while he softly brushed his lips over hers, slightly nipping at her bottom lip. But when Liz wanted to take control of the kiss and deepen it he moved away from her mouth to her throat, kissing his way down to her collar bone, lingering at an especially sensitive spot, making Liz moan softly. Her not seeing anything only intensifying everything she was feeling, already making her ache for more. Much more.

“Max,” she breathed out, loving what he was doing to her. The had been together for five years, but every time he kissed her the butterflies in her stomach would reappear, just like they had when they had first kissed on that faithful day at the Crashdown where Max had saved her life by throwing himself in front of her and taking a bullet for her. Before that they had danced around each other, both too afraid to act on their very much mutual feelings. But that day changed everything.

Max had been lucky, the bullet had hit him in the shoulder and so his life was never in danger, but after that nothing was the way it used to be between him and Liz. There was no more denying their feelings, no more pretending that they were just friends, no more being scared of rejection, of ruining their friendship.

Liz had gone to the hospital with him, refusing to leave his side even for a second. And when they had finally been alone she had thrown herself into his arms crying, sobbing how scared she’d been and how afraid that she had lost him forever. And Max - he had simply kissed her. They’d been together ever since.

Max now abandoned that spot on her throat in favor of moving upwards to nibble at her ear, evoking another soft moan to escape from Liz’s throat. His warm hands slipped under the back of her shirt, slowly moving upwards, talking her shirt with him and then pulling it over her head.

Liz was wearing a black lacy bra, his favorite. His mouth returned to her throat kissing its way downwards, past her collar bone until he reached the mounds of her breasts. While his mouth concentrated on the little flesh that was exposed of her left breast, kissing, licking and sucking, his right hand slowly made its way up her side until it reached its destination. He cupped her breast, marveling at how perfect it fit into his hand, his thumb brushing over her already hard nipple, causing Liz to once again moan out his name.

Max reached behind her and unhooked her bra. When it was gone he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her flush against him and once again kissed her. He could feel her hard nipples brushing against his chest, driving him crazy with lust. His kiss turned more passionate, more possessive, more demanding. Their tongues met, stroking deeply, dancing together, adding even more fuel to the fire that was already burning brightly deep inside of them. He kissed her over and over again, long, deep kisses, leaving Liz breathless as pleasure consumed her.

Never breaking the kiss Max lead Liz over to the bed, gently lowering her onto it. He followed suite and lowered his body onto hers, careful to keep most of his weight on his forearms, still afraid that he could be too heavy for her. But Liz reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him down onto her. She loved feeling his weight covering her, loved feeling his arousal pressing into her heat.

Their lips met again, this time with even more passion than before, teeth clashing, tongues dueling, until they had to break apart due to lack of oxygen.

Max once again trailed kisses down her neck, past her collar bone, towards her breasts. When he reached them he licked over her rigid right nipple before blowing at it, enjoying watching it growing even harder while his hand was fondling her other breast, rolling its taut nipple between his fingers. His mouth attached itself to her right breast, sucking hard, drawing the nipple deep inside the warm recess of his mouth, causing Liz to gasp.

He then switched sides and gave the left breast the same attention the right one had received until Liz was squirming underneath him, breathing heavily. She placed her hands on his chest, wanting to roll him over so that they could switch positions, but he grabbed her hand. “No Liz,” he said, “This is about you.”

“But…” Liz began to protest before she was cut off by Max’s kisses.

“This is my treat,” he murmured, once again nibbling at her ear. He then moved downwards, leaving a trail of wet kissed between her breasts, moving down even farther until he reached her navel. He placed soft butterfly-kisses on her skin around it before he let his tongue dip inside, making Liz shiver under his touch.

His hands reached for the button of her jeans, quickly undoing it before pulling down the zipper. Liz lifted her hips so that he could pull them off. He then reached for her black panties, the last offensive piece of clothing and got rid of them too.

Liz was now lying in front of him, naked, in all her glory. Max had seen her like this a million times before, but her beauty somehow managed to amaze him every time. He still didn’t understand why Liz Parker, the kindest, smartest, most beautiful girl he had ever met, had chosen him of all the guys she could have dated back in high school. But she had, and that was something he would forever be grateful for.

Due to being blindfolded Liz had no idea where Max was, or what he was going to do next. The possibilities raced through her mind, making her grow even wetter than she already was, aching for his touch.

“Max,” she rasped out, “Touch me. Please.”

Max complied, bending down and kissing the lower part of her left thigh. He slowly made his way up towards his final destination, leaving a wet trail of scorching fire behind. Liz was moaning, her breath was ragged, and he could already smell her. He knew that she was wet. For him. That thought alone was enough to make a shiver course through his body. He'd always loved how responsive Liz was, even to the simplest of all touches.

When Max finally reached the junction between her legs, Liz could feel his hot, damp breath on the most intimate part of her body. But he hesitated to touch her, slowly driving her insane.

“Max,” she pleaded breathlessly, silently asking for him to stop torturing her.

Max complied and slowly lowered his mouth to her slick flesh. At the first stroke of his tongue every coherent thought left Liz’s brain.

Max slowly licked over Liz’s wet folds, enjoying the taste he had long since grown addicted to. Liz groaned, spurring Max on to continue. He pressed his open mouth against her, this time applying more pressure, parting Liz’s folds and reaching the more sensitive parts of her body. Liz’s breath hitched in her throat as she buried her hands in Max’s thick hair, firmly holding his head in place.

He continued licking and suckling her, making her shudder with pleasure.

“God, Max…”

His thumb flicked over her clit, causing Liz to groan, before he closed his mouth over it and gently sucked the small bud into his mouth. His tongue swirled, nipped, ravished, until Liz was practically thrashing beneath him, moaning and begging for release.

Max’s hand came up to aid his mouth, slipping a finger, then two into her tight channel, starting a rhythm he knew she liked.

His lips once again closed over her clit, sucking hard, sending Liz tumbling over the edge. Heat flared up inside her, and all she could do was cry out and arch her body, letting the explosive sensation consume her completely.

Once the aftershocks reseeded he placed a final kiss on her core before slowly making his way up her body, leaving a trail of soft kisses behind, until he was face to face with her again. He softly kissed her lips, whispering sweet words of love and devotion.

Liz was slowly coming back to her senses, and she could feel Max’s erection pressing into her heat, once again making desire flare up inside her.

“Max,” she said, still breathless from the mind-blowing orgasm she had experienced just a few minutes ago, “I need to feel you inside me.”

Max replied with a kiss before he guided his cock to her entrance, letting the tip of his penis rub against her slick flesh before he buried himself deep inside of her in one quick thrust, causing Liz to groan.

He started a slow rhythm, only gently rocking his hips against Liz’s, before his thrusts gradually grew deeper and faster.

“God Liz,” he moaned out, loving how tight and slick she was around him, driving him to the brink of coming. But he held back, wanting to draw out the pleasure as long as possible.

Liz could tell that Max was close, his breathing had grown harsh and she could feel the first tremors going through his body.

“Max,” she whispered, “I… I want to see you. I have to see you.”

Max reached up and removed the blindfold. When his eyes met Liz’s, the passion and lust he saw in them almost undid him. Knowing that he had done that to her caused a stab of desire to go through his body, increasing the tremors.

And so he let go. His thrusts grew wild, fast, uninhibited, creating a friction for both of them that was simply exquisite, and slowly building up for more, so much more.

When the first wave of her orgasm hit Liz and she cried out his name, Max too let go. With one last thrust he buried himself deep inside of Liz, her walls clenching around him, milking him of his juices.

He collapsed on top of Liz, completely exhausted.

Liz wrapped her arms around him, murmuring soft words of love, telling him how much she loved and adored him.

Max slowly came out of his orgasm-indulged haze and wanted to roll off Liz, but her arms held him firmly in place.

“Don’t go,” she whispered.

“Liz, I’m too heavy,” he argued, once again trying to remove himself from her grasp, but Liz was stubborn.

“No, you’re not. You’re perfect. I don’t want you to leave me yet,” she told him, clenching his walls around his now soft member to emphasize what she meant.

Max relented and stayed where he was, careful to keep at least some of his weight off Liz. He reached down and pulled the covers over them and placed a sift kiss on Liz’s forehead, who was already drifting off to sleep.

“I love you,” he whispered.

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Wow, thanks for the feedback. This is actually the first nookie I ever wrote, so it really means a lot to me. *happy*

And yes, there will definitely be more. I'm right in the middle of my midterms at the moment, and I actually have two finals this week, so I'm pretty busy, but I'm planing on posting a part every Sunday and then one on Christmas. And maybe one on New Year's Eve, depending on the response. *big*

And in the mean time I'm here for some shameless pluggin', hehe. *tongue* I'm working on another M/L fic, it's called Never Underestimate Fate. It's a DA crossover, even though there isn't really much DA in it, post MITC, and for now PG-13. I'd love to hear you guys' opinion on it. *happy*

...Kat *angel*
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Well, looks like my plan of updating every Sunday just went to hell. Sorry, but RL has been such a bitch. The two finals sucked, even though I think I did okay on them, and I didn't have a lot of time this weekend since I had one of the finals on Saturday, did some tutoring, had tons of homework, and finally had the chance to sleep longer than 6 hours a night. But I've started on part two, and I'm hoping to update tomorrow.

And Liz will definitely work and getting Max to lose that damn, infuriating control of his, hehe. *tongue*

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Thanks for bumping this up Randi, now I didn't have any trouble finding it for my update. *happy*

The second part of this chapter should be up tomorrow, I have thw whole afternoon off and so I should have time to finish it.

And here it is - Liz's revenge, hehe. *tongue*

Part 2A

When Liz returned from her weekly yoga class the next Sunday she was surprised to find their apartment bathed in the soft glow of candlelight. The past six days the Advent calendar had held sweet little presents from Max, like him taking her out for dinner – something they rarely did due to lack of money, or him cleaning the apartment while she was at work - he knew she hated to do that. But it had never been quite anything like the first Advent Sunday.

So now when Liz saw the state of their apartment her heartbeat went up a notch. What had Max planned?

At that moment he came out of the bathroom and walked over to her.

“Hey,” he said giving her a soft kiss. “How was your class?”

“Okay,” Liz replied. “I’m exhausted though.”

“Well, then I think I have just the right thing for you,” Max told her huskily.

“Oh really? And that would be…?” Liz asked, a slow smile spreading over her face.

“You’ll see,” Max said seductively while leaning in for another kiss.

His warm lips closed over hers, soft and lovingly, teasing Liz.

'Two can play that game' Liz thought determined to be the one torturing Max this time.

In all the five years they’d been together, never once had she managed to get Max to lose control completely. She’d come close a few times, but never quite succeeded.

And so Liz broke the kiss that was only causing more harm than good anyways, sense he was driving her crazy with need and lust and desire, even with something as simple and innocent as that. And she needed her senses together if she wanted to make sure that he would be the one to lose control this time.

It took the last of her will, but she pushed Max away a bit. He stayed where he was, a few feet away from her, waiting to see what she was going to do.

When Liz was sure that she had his undivided attention and that he wasn’t going to interrupt her she reached for the top button of her blouse.

Ever so slowly she began to unbutton it, torturing him by making sure that it stayed almost closed and revealed a minimum amount of flesh.

Max’s eyes darkening as the first sliver of red lace peeked through the gap of the half-open blouse didn’t go unnoticed by Liz, and she smiled in satisfaction. This was having exactly the effect it was supposed to.

When she was finished unbuttoning her blouse she let her hands slide southwards, over her waist and hips downwards towards the front of her jeans.

Max eyes were glued to the path Liz’s hands was taking before he suddenly turned his attention to Liz’s face, his eyes burning into hers, challenging her to get him to focus on something else again.

Liz licked her lips as she unbuttoned her jeans, and as her hands reached for her zipper she let her eyes drift shut and tilted her head back a bit, and Max wasn’t quite sure if the soft moan he heard had escaped from her lips or his own.

As Liz began to pull down the zipper ever so slowly she watched Max through hooded eyes, and couldn’t help but smile as she found him staring at her hands, his eyes dark with desire.

Max glanced back up at her face and realized that Liz had noticed him averting his gaze since there was a taunting glint in her eyes. Max losing control, if only for a second, had not been lost on her.

Max obviously saw no reason to keep up the staring match since he had already given in to temptation once, and so he let his gaze drift downwards again.

Liz took her time as she pushed the jeans down her slim hips, revealing her matching red lace panties to Max. She let the pants drop to the floor before stepping out of them, satisfied to see a bulge forming in the front of Max’s pants.

She then let her blouse slip from her shoulders, showing what she had so far been denying Max's burning gaze.

“Like what you see?” she asked him as she made her way over to him.

Max didn’t answer at first, it seemed like he needed a moment or two to process that simple question. He cleared his throat before saying “Mmm-hmm”, but even though he tried to hid it Liz could tell exactly how affected he was by her little strip, she could hear it in his voice. It had this queer catch it always had whenever Max was turned on.

They were now only inches apart and Liz leaned in a bit further so that their lips were almost touching, but not quite, making sure that Max could feel her warm breath on his mouth.

“Good,” she whispered before she moved past him, making sure that her hand brushed the front of his pants, almost giggling when he groaned at the contact. Men were so easy.

She went into the bathroom, closed the door behind her, and didn’t give in to the temptation of turning around to see the baffled expression on Max’s face.

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Thanks for all the feedback everyone, it really means a lot to me. *big*

Well, Liz and I were dead set on getting Max to lose control, but I'm afraid things didn't go exactly as planned. Sorry, we'll try harder next time. *wink*

Part 2B

Fifteen minutes later Liz was finished taking her shower. After drying herself off with a towel she wrapped it around her hips, leaving only wet strands of hair to cover her breasts. She was practically naked, but yet revealed almost nothing.

She went back out into the one room of their apartment to find Max already waiting for her. From the look in his face she could tell that so far things had not gone as he had planned. There was a certain determination in his eyes that Liz knew all too well, telling her that this would not be an easy task. Max was dead set on winning this battle of will and seduction.

But her outfit was obviously working in her favor since Max seemed to have a very hard time looking her into the eyes and not letting his gaze wander. And a certain part of his anatomy was stirring again.

“So, what’s my surprise?” Liz asked, leaning onto the doorframe of the bathroom door, making sure that a glimpse of her breasts was revealed for a second before being covered again by a chocolate-brown curtain of damp tangles.

“Come over here and I’ll tell you,” Max said huskily, the queer catch once again back in his voice.

Liz hesitated for a second just to keep him guessing if she would do as she was told or remain where she was before she slowly went over to him.

“Well?” she asked arching her eyebrows.

“Lie down on your stomach,” Max replied gesturing towards the bed.

Liz did as she was told, curious where this was going.

“Now lift your hips,” he told Liz who gave him a surprised look, but once again did as she was told. What the hell was Max planning?

When Liz lifted her hips Max reached for a pillow and placed it under her pelvis. “Lying straight and stiff isn’t natural since your spine is bent and so this should help you relax,” Max explained.

“Paying attention in one of your classes for once?” Liz teased him.

“Hey, I resent that,” Max said. “I’m taking my studies very seriously. Medicine is not a joking matter,” he told her in mock indignation.

“So I’m getting a massage?” Liz guessed.

“Exactly,” Max replied while standing up again. “I’ll be right back,” he said before disappearing into the bathroom.

Liz starred after him with a look of utter incredulity. She couldn’t believe it. Here she was, lying on their bed in a more than wanton way, and Max just turned around and left without even touching her once? Damn that man and his iron grip on himself.

She used the time alone to pile her hair up on the top of her head, holding it in place with a clip, and to pull the towel up a bit more, making sure that she was revealing as much bare skin to Max as possible without really showing him what he wanted to see.

Max was taking his sweet time and that probably on purpose. Liz guessed that he was trying to calm down his ragging hormones a bit and at the same time get back at her for that little stunt earlier. And he was doing a damn good job at it. Liz was slowly going crazy with all that anticipation flowing through her. She was aching for his attention, his touch. And she really wanted that massage. She was pretty sore from her yoga class.

After about five minutes, Max returned with a jar of cocoa butter in his hand. He settled onto the bed beside her. “You comfortable?” he asked Liz while opening the jar and putting the lid onto the nightstand.

“Mmm-hmm,” Liz murmured, enjoying the rich smell that of the cream that was drawing her deeper into the spell that Max had woven around her by promising her a massage, and God knows what else. “So comfortable that I almost fell asleep,” she lied.

“Good,” Max replied, even though he was anything but happy to hear that. But when he studied her form a bit closer he could see that she was anything but relaxed, quite tense actually, and so he noted with satisfaction that that probably wasn’t true after all.

He decided to she deserved to be teased a bit more for not being honest with him, and so instead of straddling her hips like Liz expected him to do he got up again to go over to their stereo system to pick out a CD. He put on some soft soul music that fit perfectly into the mood with the candles and the delicious smell of the cocoa butter.

Knowing that Liz was getting impatient he finally came back to her, positioning himself over her hips, but not quite settling down on them. He dipped his fingers into the jar of cocoa butter and then spread the cream over his hands before finally reaching for her back and touching her.

He massaged the cocoa butter into the upper part of her back in a spiraling motion, his warm, soft hands rubbing away the soreness and leaving behind a burning trail of fire that quickly spread into certain other parts of her body that he had yet to touch. And the way things were going that would probably take quite a while.

As if by magic Max found all the knots and tight spots in her muscles and kneaded them away, making sure to leave no part of her upper back untended, making Liz almost melt away under his strong, soothing hands.

He then moved his hands away from her back to dip his fingers into the cocoa butter once again, and Liz almost couldn’t suppress the groan of protest that was welling up in her throat.

But Max’s hands returned to her back, now traveling downwards and giving her lower back the same attention the upper part had received. He had the knack of knowing exactly what kind of touch Liz was craving at the moment and where, leaving Liz completely satisfied and relaxed.

Well, almost.

His thumbs trailed circles on her back, applying enough pressure to get rid of the last of the tension there but at the same time keeping the touch soft, loving and tender, making Liz moan softly, enjoying all the attention she was recieving. And from what she could feel pressed against her bottom she wasn't the only one who was affected by this.

Max moved down a bit more, letting his thumbs slip under the edge of her towel, loosening it until it slipped down a bit, baring the top of her bottom to him.

He scooted down her legs before reaching for the towel and pulling it away. He brushed his fingers over her buttocks lightly, enjoying watching her tremble under his touch.

“Your gluteus maximus muscles are really tense,” he told Liz, applying a bit more pressure to the muscles he was talking about to show her which ones he meant.

“Uh-huh,” Liz replied, her voice breathless and raspy. Max’s ministrations had obviously not left her unaffected.

Max started working on loosening those muscles, and when he was satisfied with the state of them he scooted downwards a bit more.

And Liz suddenly realized what that meant.

She was lying naked in front of him, her hips propped up on a pillow, her legs slightly parted. And Max had a full view of that, and everything else there was to see.

She wanted to clench her knees together, suddenly feeling embarrassed and too exposed, but her legs where trapped under Max’s weight and so she couldn’t move them. And then his warm hands, freshly covered in cocoa butter, returned to her bottom and continued kneading the muscles there, and all coherent thought left her brain. She relaxed, and Max turned his attention to her thighs.

Once again scooting down a bit more he now settled in between her legs, parting them a bit more as he went. He trailed a path down the inside of her thighs, his touch light as a feather, once again making Liz tremble. He could see the dampness pooling in-between her legs, and smell the musky scent that he was long since addicted to.

He wanted nothing more than to lean down and taste what was so openly exposed to him, practically begging for more attention, but he held back, concentrating on her legs instead.

He lightly caressed the inside of her thighs, starting at her knees and making his way upwards. But once again stopped before he reached the place Liz was aching to be touched.

She wanted to cry out in frustration. She was suddenly so close to an orgasm, the lightest of all touches would be enough to push her to go over the edge. But Max was denying her the pleasure.

Just a little pressure would be enough, but clamping her thighs together wasn’t an option either since Max was still resting in between her legs.

His fingers now started to travel downwards again to her ankles, and when he reached them he switched over to the outside of her legs and continued upwards to her hips before skimming over her buttocks back to her thighs where he started drawing lazy circles, holding her right there on the brink between going over the edge and flying apart.

His fingers wandered upwards, gliding over the flesh between the junction of her legs and her now more than wet folds, making Liz sob out with desire. This was pure torture for her, and Max knew it.

She dimly remembered something about not losing control, but for the life of her, she couldn’t figure out why that was so important right now. All that mattered was Max and his hands, and getting him to finally give her what she craved.

“Please,” she rasped out, not being able to stand it any longer. One second longer and she was going to implode.

Max gave in to her demand and skimmed his fingers over her hot flesh, careful to stay away from the one spot she wanted to be touched more than anywhere else. Liz sobbed in frustration, arching her hips towards his hands, silently begging for more.

Max, not being able to take any more himself, gave in and dipped his fingers into the heat of her core while brushing his thumb over her pulsating clit.

That was enough to send Liz over the edge. She cried out Max’s name while coming in one huge explosion, trembling under the aftershock of her orgasm.

Max withdrew his hand only to replace it with his mouth, finally tasting her juices like he had been dying to do for ages, bringing her to the brink and letting her tumble over once again. Her second orgasm wasn’t quite as intense or powerful as her first, but Max didn’t stop licking and sucking, making it last longer, so long that Liz lost track of time and of what she was saying and doing.

Max kept up his ministrations, enjoying Liz quivering and thrashing beneath him, moaning out his name. His hand came back up to aid his mouth, once again dipping into her tight channel as he sucked her small bud into his mouth.

The intense pleasure was almost too much for Liz to take, she was too sensitive, too hot, too out of control.

She faintly remembered that that was supposed to be his role for the night, but that though quickly left her mind as she came a third time, drowning in the exquisite sensations that completely consumed her; body, mind and soul.

Her senses were on overload, and for a moment Liz thought that it might actually be too much to take and that she would pass out.

As the aftershocks subsided Max laid down beside her, spooning up against Liz whom he had rolled over onto her side, his chest pressed against her back.

Liz could feel his erection pressed against her buttocks, and as much as she wanted to repay the favor, it was impossible for her to even move at the moment.

Sleep was starting to take over, and Liz was having a hard time fighting it, she was complete and utterly spent, too exhausted to even talk.

“It’s okay,” Max whispered into her ear, obviously reading her mind. “Go to sleep. We’ll take care of me later.”

And so Liz gave in, letting darkness take over, not being up to anything else at the moment anyways.


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Whoops, dupe post. *tongue*

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The next part should be up in a few hours.

...Kat *angel*

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Here's the new part, not sure when the next one will be up, I have two midterms next week, but I'll try and update around Wednesday maybe.

Part 3A

“Max, where are we going?” Liz asked, slowly getting impatient. It was the third Advent Sunday, and they were sitting in their car, driving to the location of the next Advent calendar treat. Only that Liz had no idea where that was, and even less what to expect.

“It’s a surprise,” Max told her for the tenth time since they had gotten into the car fifteen minutes ago.

Liz sighed and turned to look out the window, sulking. Max was dead set on not telling her anything, and so bugging him was no use anyway, and that was simply driving her crazy.

She noticed that they were in a part of the town she had never been to before. It was definitely upper-class, since the houses were all huge, mansions more or less, and there were expensive cars parked in the driveways, making her all the more curious.

What did Max have planned? If it was anything like last Sunday, then it was bound to become one hell of an afternoon.

Liz let her thoughts wander back to last week. She had slept a few hours in Max’s arms, completely exhausted from what Max had done to her. And when she had woken up, once again wet and aching for more, she had first taken care of Max, returning the favor of what he had done for her, almost surprised that he let her.

Afterwards they’d lain in each others arms, kissing and touching, their caresses soft and tender. But when Max’s lower anatomy had begun to stir again their kisses heated up rather quickly. Liz couldn’t remember how often they’d made love that evening. She only knew that she’d been sore for days afterwards.

“We’re here,” Max announced, startling Liz out of her thoughts. She looked up and saw that they were now parked in the driveway of a house. No, house wasn’t the right word, it more looked like a palace.

“Come on,” Max said getting out of the car.

Liz hesitated before following him. “What the hell are we doing here?” she asked.

“You’ll see,” Max told her, a cheeky grin on his face.

He grabbed her hand and led her half way around the house to the back door. He then lifted one of the flower pots standing there, took the key that was hidden underneath it and unlocked the door before going inside.

Liz just stared at him as if he’d lost his mind, and so he once again grabbed her hand and pulled her into the house, shutting the door behind her.

“Max, are you nuts?!” Liz asked, looking around the large, modern kitchen they were in. She knew exactly that Max didn’t know anybody who lived in this part of town, least of all in a house like this one. “Breaking into a house is illegal!”

“We didn’t break in,” Max told her matter-of-factly. “We used the key.”

“Max! That’s still against the law!” Liz exclaimed, not believing what was going on here.

“Liz, calm down,” Max said, deciding that he had teased her enough. “We’re allowed to be here,” he told her.

“But how…” Liz began, but was cut off by Max kissing her.

“I’ll explain it later,” he promised after pulling away, leaving Liz breathless and too dazed to keep on questioning Max. “But for now we have more important things to do.”

“Like what?” Liz asked, regaining her ability to talk and getting curious again.

“You’ll see,” Max said before taking off his jacket and then his shirt, showing off his god-like torso, making Liz’s breath hitch in her throat and her heart beat faster. God, was he gorgeous. And all hers.

He then turned around, a smirk on his face since he had noticed Liz staring at him, and left the room. Liz hurried to scramble after him. She saw him walking down a hall and then disappearing into a door at the end of it.

When Liz reached said door she went inside, and was utterly amazed at the sight that presented itself to her.

She was standing in a large room with an indoor swimming pool. It was totally dark except for a few candles that Max was starting to light. She could make out something that looked like a whirlpool on the other side of the room with a bottle of champagne resting in a bucket of ice next to it as well as something that looked like a bowl of strawberries with cream.

When Max was finished lighting all the candles he came over to a still speechless Liz.

“Like my surprise?” he asked, not that that question was necessary. It was quite obvious that Liz did indeed like it.

“Max, how…?” Liz began, once again trying to find out how Max had managed to get into this house and set this whole thing up, but Max once again interrupted her.

“Shh,” he said, placing his finger over her lips. Liz trembled at the contact and instantly forgot what she had wanted to ask him. Instead her tongue snuck out to lick the tip of Max’s finger, before she pulled it into her mouth, sucking lightly. Max eyes drifted shut, a soft moan escaping his lips.

Liz smiled. If the bulge forming at the front of his pants was any kind of indicator, Max seemed to be enjoying this.

He suddenly pulled his finger away and crushed his lips to hers in a hot, fiery kiss that quickly built up passion and need. His arms were wrapped around her waist, pulling her flush against him, trying to get even closer, frustrated when he found that that just wasn’t possible.

Their lips tangled, danced together, and Max started to undress Liz, getting rid of her jacket and top first before his hands wandered down to her jeans to undo them. Liz’s own hands were also fumbling around with the button of Max’s jeans. She finally managed to undo it, then wrenched down the sipper and let her hand slip into his boxers.

She found Max already hard and ready, causing a smile to break out over her face. She loved having the power of turning Max on so much with only a kiss. Never breaking the kiss, she wrapped her hand around his cock and started moving it up and down in a rhythm she knew he liked, making Max shudder and groan.

“Liz…” he hissed out, but her thumb brushing over the already oversensitive tip of his cock quickly shut him up. He gave up trying to open Liz’s jeans, knowing that that was useless at the moment. He was too distracted.

Liz quickened her pace, knowing that Max was getting close. She could feel drops of pre-come on her fingers, and as Max began to tremble she knew that it was only a matter of seconds before he would come. And so she withdrew her hand, quickly rid herself of her jeans and jumped into the pool only wearing her underwear, leaving behind a very stunned Max.

She swam to the other side of the pool where the water was deeper and when she reached it she turned around and saw him still standing on the same spot where she had left him, a look of utter astonishment on his face.

Liz couldn’t help but giggle at the sight of him. He looked like a little boy who had been offered candy, only to have it snatched away right when he wanted to reach for it.

He seemed to finally realize what had just happened, since his expression changed. He didn’t exactly look happy, and the glint of determination Liz knew so well was back in his eyes.

His eyes locked with Liz’s and she shuddered, almost in fear. She could tell that Max was dead set on making her pay for what she had just done.

He quickly took his jeans off as well as his socks and jumped in after Liz wearing only his boxers and swam over to her.

“Quite a tease, aren’t we, Ms. Parker?” he asked when he reached her, pressing his body against hers, trapping her against the side of the pool. Liz could feel his erection pressing against her core, faintly surprised that he was still hard even though the water was rather cold. He shifted a bit, brushing against her, and she trembled at the contact.

“I…” Liz said, forgetting what she had wanted to say to her defense when Max reached down to wrap her legs around his hips, bringing himself even closer to her heat, pressing himself against her.

“I think someone needs to teach you a lesson or two about teasing people,” he whispered into her ear before taking it into his mouth and sucking on it.

“Is that a threat or a promise?” Liz rasped out, moaning as Max softly nibbled at her earlobe.

“You’ll see,” Max told her.

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Part 3B

Max continued nibbling on her earlobe, but quickly made his way farther down, planting soft, sweet kisses on her damp skin. He lifted her a bit farther up out of the water and pulled the straps of her bra down, revealing her perfect, round breasts to him. In the warm light of the candles her skin was golden, almost like it was glowing, making it all the more tempting, practically begging him to touch her.

Liz leaned back so that her head was resting on the side of the pool as one of Max’s hands ran up her side, leaving behind a trail of goose bumps and shivers. Liz arched into him as he cupped her breast while his mouth latched itself onto the other one, nibbling and sucking, teasing her till she was writhing beneath him, soft moans escaping from her sweet lips.

Max switched side and let his now free hand wandered down her body, slipping into Liz’s panties, brushing through her curls, satisfied that she bucked her hips in response, trying to bring his hand closer to where she really wanted it.

But instead of dipping down deeper he withdrew his hand, and earned himself a groan of frustration.

His mouth removed itself from Liz’s breast and quickly rid her of her panties before taking a step back while lifting her hips up and bringing her legs over his shoulder, so that Liz was almost lying on the surface of the water.

He started kissing a trail up her thigh, switching sides just before he reached her center, causing Liz to groan out in frustration once again.

She knew that she could simply remove her legs from Max’s shoulders and continue where she had left off earlier, knew that that was what she should do if she ever wanted Max to lose control completely, but she simply couldn’t. She knew too well what to expect when Max finally gave up teasing her, and she wanted that so badly that she couldn't have resisted temptation and gone after him again even if she wanted to.

And so she remained where she was, more or less patiently waiting for Max to give her what she was craving.

And after a few more minutes of teasing her he did. His mouth finally closed over her center, licking up her juices, sucking on her nub, nipping at her folds, before he thrust his tongue inside her, making Liz cry out in pleasure.

Turned on as she was it didn't take long until Liz was at the edge, but right when she was about to tumble over Max’s mouth and body were suddenly gone.

Liz was so surprised that she went under, coming back to the surface sputtering and gasping.

It took her a few moments to comprehend what Max had just done. So much to “payback is a bitch”.

She let her gaze roam over the water, looking for Max. It was hard to make out anything since the underwater lightening wasn’t turned on, the only sources of light were the candles.

She discovered him on the opposite side of the pool, a smirk on his face, looking immensely pleased with himself.

Liz narrowed her eyes. Maybe he won the battle, but definitely not the war.


Max watched in amusement as Liz came back to the surface sputtering, almost choking. It took all his willpower not the start laughing at the stunned look on her face. That would show her not to mess with him.

Liz discovered him in the deepest part of the pool and narrowed her eyes. She obviously wasn’t very happy with what had just happened.

Max saw her eyes narrow, and he knew that she was planning something. Suddenly she ducked under water. Max waited a few moments, expecting her to come back to the surface again, but she didn’t.

Just when he was starting to get worried he suddenly felt his boxers being pulled down, and then Liz’s warm mouth closing over his still hard cock.

Max was so surprised that he went under too, too caught up in what Liz was doing to make it back to the surface. When the need for oxygen became too great Liz went back up to get some much needed air, Max following after.

As soon as he was up over the surface again Liz wrapped her legs around his hips, rubbing herself against him, causing Max to go under once again.

While under water Liz closed her mouth over his, kissing him deeply. She’d always wanted to know what it was like to kiss someone under water, and she wasn’t about to let this chance pass.

Their tongues tangled, dancing together, feeding the passion and want and need. And them being under water made it all the more enticing.

They finally came back to the surface, panting for air, but after a second their lips crashed together again. Not even the lack of oxygen seemed to be able to keep them apart.

Max moved them over to the side of the pool so that he would have something to hold on to since the water was too deep to stand.

Not being able to hold back any longer he guided his erection to Liz’s entrance and slowly pushed into her. Liz tightened her legs around Max’s waist, trying to get him to go even deeper, letting out a soft moan.

Max wanted to torture Liz a bit more, but he couldn’t stop himself from withdrawing and thrusting into her again. He watched her eyes growing even darker, silently begging him to go on.

He pushed into her again, but not fast enough, not far enough.

“The water is working against us,” Max whispered into Liz’s ear. “This is gonna take a long, long time,” he continued before softly biting into her earlobe.

“Max, please,” Liz moaned out.

Max complied, knowing what she was asking for, and pulled out of her again to only thrust back in, building up a slow but steady pace. Liz used her legs to try and pull him in closer, deeper, but it didn’t help much.

She groaned out in frustration. She was so ready, but the water was keeping Max from quickening his pace even a little bit and Liz was left hanging on the edge.

Max was already more than ready, and so he reached down and flicked his thumb over Liz’s nub. He could feel her stiffen and tighten around him, her head thrown back and her fingernails digging into his shoulders while a deep groan escaped from the back of her throat. And so he thrust into her one last time before letting go, spilling himself into Liz, feeling himself shatter.

For a few minutes neither of them moved. Max wasn’t sure he could, and he sure as hell didn’t want to.

After a moment he moved them over to the ladder and climbed out of the water, Liz still clinging to him, Max still buried deep inside her.

He carried her over to the whirlpool and stepped inside, finally easing out of Liz. She still seemed too far gone to move, and so he settled her onto his lap, wrapped up in his arms.

After a few minutes her eyes drifted open and she gave Max a slow, sultry smile. “That was nice,” she commented.

“Nice?” Max asked. “At the risk of sounding immodest, I think that that was more than just nice.”

“Yeah, maybe you’re right. I could be tempted to agree if I got one of those strawberries over there,” she said with a wink.

Max smiled and reached over to the bowl with strawberries. He picked one up and fed it to Liz, who of course made sure to lick all the juice of the sweet fruit off his fingers.

Max then poured them both a glass of champagne. Liz sipped at it, enjoying the warm feeling that spread through her because of it. Or maybe that was because of Max.

He continued feeding her strawberries, sometimes with his fingers, sometimes with his own mouth.

Liz glanced up at him adoringly. Could anyone have a sweeter, more considerate boyfriend? Probably not.

Liz took over feeding Max, and suddenly she remember that this should have been the day that he lost control completely. And even though she knew that she hadn’t quite reached that goal she did consider this as a tie. She hadn’t succeeded with it, but neither had Max. Well, at least not completely.

She would just have to try a bit harder next week…
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Sorry it took me so long to update, Christmas kept me pretty busy. The epilogue should be up in an hour or so. *happy*

Part 4

The next Sunday Liz was standing in front of her bedroom mirror in her bathrobe, getting ready for the annual Christmas charity banquet of the hospital where Max worked.

The last three Sundays she had never succeeded at making Max lose control completely because he had always somehow managed to turn the cards on her and make her lose control instead.

But now that they would be in a public place Max would have a hard time doing that. And Liz intended to take full advantage of that.


An hour later Max and Liz were at the banquet, sitting side by side, eating the first course. It was the perfect time for Liz to start her plan.

She continued eating her clam chowder while discretely letting her left hand drop under the table. She placed it on Max’s thigh, slowly wandering upwards till she could go no farther, and let it rest there, drawing lazy circles with her fingers.

Max stiffened when he felt Liz’s hand on his leg, but he quickly recovered and continued eating as if nothing had happened. He had a very good idea of what Liz was planning to do, but he wouldn’t give her the satisfaction of succeeding.

When Liz was finished eating her soup she moved her hand upwards and brushed it over Max’s crouch, happy to see that he wasn’t as unaffected as he pretended to be. She began to rub his cock through the thin material of his pants and turned her head, her mouth close to his ear, so close that he could feel her hot breath on his skin.

“Max,” she whispered, her voice soft and husky. “I’m wet. Hell, wet isn’t even a word for it. I want you. I want you so badly,” she continued as a strangled groan escaped Max’s throat. Damn, she was good at this.

Liz then stuck her tongue out to slowly lick over Max’s ear, making a shiver course through his body, before turning back to the table and to the second course that had just been served, removing her hand from its current position.

Max sat there, totally stunned. Never would he have thought that Liz would be so brazen, so bold. It took him a few minutes to recover, but when he did he too started eating, trying hard to get his body to calm down again.

When Liz was finished with the second course she turned her attention back to Max. She reached for his hand and guided it to her own legs, placing it on her thigh.

“I want to show you something,” she told him in a low voice, a mischievous glint in her eyes. Max gulped. What the hell did she have planned now?

She took Max’s hand and slowly moved it upwards over her thigh, pushing her dress up as they went.

He felt a soft material under his fingers before reaching bare skin. Oh God. She was wearing lace stockings.

“You like?” Liz asked, not that she needed to. She knew damn well that Max did indeed like.

Max had problems getting his voice to work, and so he could only nod.

“That’s not all I wanted to show you,” Liz told him, once again moving his hand upwards slowly, too slow for Max’s taste. They finally reached the junction of her leg, and Max expected to once again come in contact with lace, but he didn’t. There wasn’t any lace. There wasn’t any material at all. He moved his fingers a bit to the left and came in contact with bare, wet skin, her juices already covering his fingertips.

A soft moan escaped from Liz’s lips. “See?” she asked. “I told you I was wet.”

But Max barely heard her. He was too far gone, the words didn’t make it through the fog that had engulfed his mind. What he’d give to get her alone somewhere now. All he wanted to do was drag her out of there and take her. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d wanted her so badly.

This didn’t go unnoticed to Liz, and she smiled in satisfaction. The first phase of her plan had gone exactly the way she wanted it to. She had more than just turned him on. Now all she had to do was to make sure it stay that way, which shouldn’t be too hard.

When the dessert was served she let her hand slip under the table again. She let it rest on the inside of his thigh, the side of hand just barely touching Max’s still very hard cock. Max started to squirm around in his seat trying to get her hand closer to the spot he wanted to be touched, but Liz refused to comply.

Instead she started to eat her dessert. It was a light yogurt cream with fruits and strawberry sauce. Knowing that she had Max’s attention she made sure to dip her tongue out and lick some of the cream off her spoon before taking it into her mouth and slowly pulling it back out. “Mmm,” she moaned. “This is good.”

When she was finished she glanced over at Max who was staring at her, his eyes dark with desire.

“Aren’t you gonna eat your dessert?” Liz asked Max, gesturing at the plate in front of him he had yet to touch. He stared at her for a minute before shaking his head, at the same time trying to free himself of the spell she had so effortlessly cast over him.

Liz reached for his plate and started eating that too. Max had never thought that watching her eat could be so erotic, but with every bite that she took he became harder and harder. He had to get her out of there, he wouldn’t be able to take this much longer.

When Liz was finished eating she stood up and reached for Max’s hand to pull him up too.

“Come on,” she said. “I want to dance.”

Max got up, not being able to deny her her request, and quickly hid behind Liz’s body so that no one would notice his state of arousal. The walked over to the dance floor and started dancing.

The music was slow, and so Liz pressed herself against Max, her arms around his neck, her fingers playing with the hair at the nape of his neck. Time for the second part of her plan.

She started rubbing herself against Max’s erection, slowly, leisurely, to make sure that nobody noticed what she was doing.

“I wish we were alone now,” she whispered into his ear. “God, the things we could do.”

Max tried to suppress the groan fighting to break free, but failed miserably. It was good that nobody was close by who could hear them. Max didn’t have a lot of control left. And if it weren’t for the people he might even let go of it completely.

“I’d love to rip that damn suit off your body,” Liz continued huskily. “And then pull you down onto the floor with me. I’d straddle your hips and sink down onto your hard cock. I’m not wearing any panties... it would be so easy... I’m aching to feel you inside me... I’m so wet, so ready… I don’t think I can stand it much longer,” she whispered, whimpering as Max’s cock brushed against her center. She looked into his eyes and saw something she couldn’t remember ever seeing before – raw hunger.

That was it, Max had had enough. He couldn’t stand it any more either and so he grabbed Liz’s hand and rushed out of the room, dragging her along with him.

Once outside the room he ripped open the first door they passed and went inside, pulled Liz with him and slammed the door shut. They were in a small broom closet, but neither of them even noticed. They were alone, and that was all that mattered.

Max quickly opened the button of his pants, wrenched the zipper down and backed Liz up against the door before lifting her up and sliding into her.

Their lips met in a hungry kiss, and Liz wrapped her legs around his hips, trying to pull him in even deeper. Max began thrusting into her, hard and fast, abandoning all control, just following his most primal instincts.

And Liz was enjoying every second of it. She moaned out his name while digging her finger nails into the flesh on his back, trying hard to keep quiet, but not quite succeeding.

Max quickened his pace and closed his mouth over Liz’s as she went over the edge, swallowing her screams. She was trembling and moaning, and the feeling of her walls tightening around him sent him over the edge too. He came with one last thrust, burying himself deep inside of her, spilling himself into her body.

Minutes, maybe even hours, later he slowly came back to reality. He was now sitting on the floor, not sure how he had gotten there in the first place, still buried inside of Liz, who was straddling his hips. Her head was resting on his shoulder and her arms were wrapped around his neck. Her breathing was even and Max wasn’t sure if she was awake. How long had they been in the broom closet anyway?

“Liz?” he asked.

“Hmm?” she said as she lifted her head of his shoulder. She was smirking, obviously very pleased with what she had just accomplished.

“You look mighty pleased with yourself,” Max said.

“Why shouldn’t I?” Liz asked. “I think I have every reason to be pleased with myself right now.”

Max smiled at her. She looked so cute when she was delighted with herself like this.

“Come on,” he said. “Let’s get home and continue this in our bed.”

“Sounds good,” Liz replied, giving him a soft sweet kiss that quickly turned more passionate. This night should definitely turn out to be, uh, interesting.
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On the 24th Max and Liz flew back home to Roswell to spend Christmas with their families and friends. When they arrived in Roswell in the early evening they both went home to spend the evening with their own family – Liz with her parents, her Grandma Claudia and her best friend Maria DeLuca, and Max with his parents, his sister Isabel and her boyfriend Alex Whitman.

Liz went to bed around eleven thirty exhausted but happy. As much as she loved Boston and living there with Max, it was nothing like home.

She was about to drift off to sleep when she heard a sound on her balcony. Her lips curved into a smile, she had a pretty good idea who was out there.

A second later her window was opened and Max climbed through it into her room, holding something in his hand.

He saw Liz lying in her bed and went over to her sitting down beside her.

”Hey,” he said before giving her a soft kiss.

“Hey,” Liz said. “Missed me?”

“More than you’ll ever know,” Max said seriously, leaning down for a second kiss.

Liz eagerly returned the kiss, a silly grin on her face. How did Max always do that, make her turn into mush with just a few simple words?

Max reluctantly broke the kiss. As much as he wanted to continue this, that wasn’t the reason why he was here.

“Something wrong?” Liz asked worried. Max was behaving strangely. He seemed so nervous.

“No,” Max said quickly to reassure her. He took a deep breath before picking up what he had brought with him. It was the advent calendar. “Here, open the last door,” he told Liz.

“But it’s not Christmas yet,” Liz said confused. Why the hurry?

“Yes it is,” Max told her. “Since exactly three minutes.”

Liz glanced at the alarm clock on her bedside table. Max was right, it was three minutes past midnight.

She smiled. ”Merry Christmas,” she said before kissing him again.

But Max seemed distracted, and so she broke the kiss again. “Is really everything okay?” she asked.

“Of course,” Max told her, seemingly even more nervous than before. “Now open the door.”

Liz decided to drop it for now and turned her attention to the advent calendar. She opened the last door, and gasped when she saw what was in it. It was a ring box. She gave Max a questioning look.

“Open it,” he said to her, his voice hoarse and a bit shaky.

Liz did as she was told, and once again gasped. The ring inside the box was more beautiful than anything she had ever seen before. It looked like it was made of white gold, and there was a big, sparkling diamond in the center with a small one on each side of it.

When she looked up at Max she saw that he was no longer sitting on her bed but now kneeling beside it.

“Liz,” he began as he took her hand.

But before he could continue Liz interrupted him. “Yes!” she blurred out and launched herself into his arms to kiss him, making him lose his balance and topple over with Liz on top of him.

Max was completely surprised. He hadn’t expected things to go like this.

When Liz broke the kiss due to the lack of oxygen Max noticed that the ring was now on her finger. “It’s so beautiful,” Liz whispered starring at it. “Thank you.”

“You…you said yes?” Max asked.

“Yes,” Liz confirmed, a huge smile on her face that lit up the whole room.

“I love you,” Max told her with a sigh of relief. He had been so scared that Liz would say no.

“And I love you,” Liz replied before kissing him again.

Like saying no would have ever been an option.