Title: Flirting with Fate by nicolebehr
Rating: R to NC-17
Category: M&L
Summary: The story of that guy and girl in that show except there are no aliens!
Disclaimer: Roswell characters? Nope not mine but I wish they were.
Feedback: oh yeah love it but please be kind.

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You might want to read Read Between the Lines as well. This is story is incorporated to but not exactly a part of ‘Flirting with Fate’ but I suggest that you read it to understand what ( ) and { } are, in case you are wondering. *big*

Part 27

Max looks around the office, loosening his tie, taking a look at his watch, eight hours twenty two, minutes, and thirty-four seconds. Yeah this weekend was going to fly by!

His eyes go from the watch, to the shiny gold band, on the third finger of his left hand, he smiles.

It has been six wonderful months, eight fantastic weeks, and just 61 mind blowing, days. He is completely happy, for the first time in his adult life.

He grins as he remembers her list of instructions. Her hands flying in all directions, as she packed
her things.

Don’t forget to get your dry cleaning, remember to water the plants, feed the fish, and take out the garbage.

Max, there is a casserole in the freezer and some laundry in the dryer, take out the casserole and thaw for half an hour, and run the dryer at high speed for forty five minutes.

He wonders if he got the orders backwards, was it casserole forty five minutes and clothes twenty? OH well, she’d be back by Monday, he could wait and ask her then.

His head was spinning like the dryer watching her get ready.

She was a whirlwind packing, instructing, hopping on one foot, to get her nylons on, then grabbing her makeup off the bathroom counter, and then she was gone.

“Max I’m leaving now, you going to make it a whole weekend without her?”


“GEE I don’t know the woman who makes all your screams come true, or is it her screams...”

“You have some reason for being here?” Max asks hoping she takes it the insulting, way.

“Well sure, who else is there to get on your nerves, and tell you what to do? She giggles. “Hey Max, while the cats away...”

“MY CAT HAS CLAWS!” He informs her shaking his head, ever, tolerant he knows Maria all to well.

“Yeah and that Hiss don’t remind me?” Maria giggles.

“Maybe you should take her in for a clipping ...”

She loves to rattle his nerves, she isn’t going to be given the chance This time.

She laughs ...”well tell Liz hello when she calls, and oh Max, go easy on the Phone SEX!”

She sashays out, leaving him wondering if she is destined, to annoy her co-workers for her life’s work, there is a reason for everything, he keeps telling himself. He can see it now, Maria’s Mission Statement:

“I will do my best to pry, nose into and insult, all I come into contact with, I will do so, while always being endearing, and irritatingly amusing, so help me God.

There is only one woman for him, now and forever. He sits down in his leather chair, blowing out a long deep sigh, when did he become a Lizaddict, he laughs, as he realizes how hooked he is, the sound of her voice, the looks, that send him cowering to his room, the happy contagious, laughter, the sparkling eyes, he is addicted, addicted, addicted, he needs his daily fix. BAD!

The phone rings his private line.

“Hey..” He says softly relieved she remembered to phone him.

“Hey do you miss me?” She giggles, not expecting an answer.

“I miss you..” He says without hesitation, the vault is opened and all kinds of treasures are spilling out of him.

“YOU do?” Liz asks in surprise.

He looks around to make sure the annoyance a day keeps you screaming away, co-worker, has left for the night.

“Liz Parker-Evans get your sexy, to die for butt home before I ...”

Peals of giggles delight his ears, as he lays back in his chair closing his eyes, to relish the sound.

“Oh so its just my body you miss?”

“No, I miss every bit of you, we’re newlyweds, newlyweds, aren’t suppose to be apart, you know.” He informs her pouting a bit.

“Oh is that so?” Well I’ve heard absence makes the heart..”

“Beat erratically...” Max teases.

“So you’re palpitating for me?” She cajoles wanting more.

“Where are you now?” He asks taking another, quick look around the now dark outer office.

“I’m in the hotel ...feet up on bed, shoes on floor... do you want to know more?”

“What do you think?” He chuckles at her low, sensuous voice.

“I wish I hadn’t promised to come here this weekend because, its going to be the longest weekend of my life.”

“Well now, we can’t have you upset, is there anything I can do to take the regret away...” He lowers his voice to match her sultry tone. He makes his offer, half teasing, half hoping.

“Uh well, I don’t know the bell hop was pretty cute.”

“Oh...the bell hop turned your head ...hmmmm but can he give you Phone SAX.?” Max grins.

“PHONE SAX? Max don’t you mean sex?”

“Thought you’d never ask?” His eyebrows raise, in mischief.

“I didn’t ask...did I?” She flirts.

“Maybe you should get that coffee, now.”

“Max how do you know I have coffee?”

“Its still steaming isn’t it? Mine is, two cups of steaming coffee, just waiting to be tasted, sampled,
if you will. A steamy brew shouldn’t be kept waiting.”

“So I should taste?” She smiles raising the cup.

“Definitely.” He grins.

He pictures her pink tongue, slipping out slightly, as she puts her rosy lips to the rim of the cup, taking
that first tempting drop, savoring the aroma, the body the texture.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm you were right its not to be missed. You still there Max?”

Her smile is curling through the wires wrapping itself firmly around his heart.

“Uh..yeah...what are you...?”

He blushes he is not the Peeping Tom type but damn a whole weekend!

“Wearing...Max, you’re allowed to know this, you are my husband!” She beams at the words.

Happiness thy name is Evans, who would have thought?

“If you want to tell me..I wouldn’t put up a fuss.”

He closes his eyes again, wanting a vivid picture with no outside distractions, his hands grasp the
receiver as though he doesn’t want to miss a sexy, soft, tempting word. Nothing like torturing yourself.

“OH..well uh...I was about to take a bath, it was really hot and sticky in the cab, from the airport, so I did what I do at home...you know..?”

“A trail?”

He asks smiling widely, shoes at the door, jacket on a chair, nylons over the closet door, blouse unbuttoned, skirt unzipped till it falls to the bedroom floor, lacy slip, makes way to join it as the blouse floats, to the bed. And they say men are messy?

“A trail.”

Her eyes dance in anticipation.

“I love the scent of a good trail...” Max groans.

Saturdays were his favorite day now, lazing around in bed, reading the paper, teasing each other, long walks, quiet dinners, but here he is, on a lonely Friday evening, dreading Saturday morning.

“I know, you do, oh and by the way, I have the green Ivy on, so you could do some climbing too...” She tempts.

“Liz...I think you should stop now...”

“Whats the matter babe, you blushing.?” She laughs, the idea of her and Max and phone sex, it just proves anything is possible.

Max shoots out of the chair, feeling like he is being stalked, how does she know him so well.

He backs up against the desk toppling his coffee cup spilling the creamy, sugar enhanced go juice all
over his desk. He reaches to upright the cup.


“What is it Max?”

“Nothing ...its just HOT!”

Liz’s gales of laughter do nothing to stop the reddening in his cheeks.

He looks around hearing a strange creaking sound and then a loud banging sound.

“Crap!” He says adding to her amusement.

“Max such language...what did I get a rise out of you?” She is enjoying this way too much.

“Its just this damn building!”

“What about the building?”

“I don’t know at night I feel like someone is watching, me you know...like the walls have ears...or something...”

“You sure it isn’t Maria...?”

Max is trying to clean up the mess, with one hand holding the phone with the other his mind is preoccupied and his efforts are proving useless as the dripping, sticky, liquid spreads over his files.

“NO I sent her home after she offered...” He realizes he has said way too much.

“WHAT?” Liz relaxed happy voice, has changed instantly.

“Relax I told her I’m a married man!”

“And you have a very busy life, with your wife.”

“Ah sex, and poetry, in one evening, how much better can it get?” Max sweet voice teases her.

“Max, I’ll let you in on a little secret.” Her voice is close to a whisper, a very low, sexy whisper.

“You will?” He hopes she plans to go on from when they were so rudely interrupted.

“Its time you got out of that cold dark musty office, you should go home.” “You never know what you might find, I may have left a trail...”

“Liz don’t tease me, you’re in New York?” He says it, questions popping, in his head.

“AM I?” She asks leaving him to wonder.

Max’s face beams.

He drops the receiver, in the puddle of coffee, making, a World Record sprint for the door. He hopes it will be a very long weekend after all. ksmile

*happy* TBC.. *big* *big* *big* *big* *big*

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