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Author: Angel aka Maxs Angel

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Rating: PG 13 maybe leading up to something more… I don’t know right now.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Category: M/L, CC, AU, No aliens, Tess is there but she is not the problem b/w Max and Liz

Summary: Liz and Max became friends in the 7th grade. But their friendship came to an abrupt end at the beginning of high school. Liz never knew why. After sophomore year in high school Max leaves Roswell for some place in England. He returns for a month at the end of junior year but he and Liz never talk, though they meet sometimes. He goes back. Liz gets picked for a summer exchange program to London. Here she meets Kyle, her contact in her new school, and the person who she’s supposed to live with. They start going out after some time. A month after she arrives in London, Max comes there for a soccer match. He gets injured and has to stay on there. As expected Max and Liz hit it off…. I’m not gonna reveal the rest coz that’ll ruin the fun.

Feedback: Is an absolute must. It’s what’s gonna get me here and writing.



“Jeez Maria I’m only gonna be gone two months.”

Sniffing, Maria let go of her best friend Liz and looked at her tearfully. Liz looked in desperation towards her other best friend Alex for support. She found him in the same state as Maria. Rolling her eyes she said a final goodbye and shoved them both out of The Crashdown, her parents restaurant where she and Maria worked as waitresses. Leaning against the closed door, she shook her head with a smile and went up the stairs to her room. Sweeping her gaze over the packed suitcases she realized that she wasn’t the least bit sleepy. She picked up her trusted journal and she climbed out of her window into her little balcony, decorated with candles and lounge chairs.

Tomorrow she was going to get on a plane to London for a summer exchange program. She would see her parents or her friends for two whole months. With a small smile she picked up her journal and began to write.

I’m confused. I am going to be leaving the country for two whole months. I’m going to cross the Atlantic and live with people I’ve never met before. And instead of feeling scared or sad I’m feeling an intoxicating anticipation, an undeniable ecstasy. All because of one boy … a boy I haven’t spoken to in three years. A boy I’ve loved for much longer. I know it’s probably irrational to think that I could even see him there. Sure he’s in England, but I don’t know whether he’s in London or not. Probability tells me I’m being stupid. But my heart doesn’t want to listen. It just pounds with the thought of him. My stomach does flips at the sound of his name, even if its just in my head. How? Well that’s why I’m confused.

Putting down the journal on the table by her side, Liz looked up at the stars and sighed. She put out all the candles and went into her room. Placing her dairy behind a loose brick, she lay down into bed and closed her eyes with one name resounding in the silence that enveloped her. Max.


Authors Note: This fic is very close to my heart because it is partly true. I did fall in love with someone in my school. All the events leading up to London are true. But I never got to go to London and find him. That’s where it becomes fiction. Coz love stories don’t always turn out in real life.

Anyways please tell me whether I should continue this. Enough feedback might convince me to tell my story, well the way I wanted it to turn out anyways! So come on and tell me your thoughts.
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Hey ppl
Wow... didnt know so many ppl had been through what I have. I'll be posting a new part in 1 or 2 days.

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Authors Note: Here part one. All the incidents in this one are true, so dont blame me or Max for the way he acts. Blame the guy I fell for! I guess this fic is for all those who let go of the one. Liz wont!
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Liz settled back in her seat. The flight was going to be a long one, then again she had a lot to think about. Her parents had spared her the treatment Alex and Maria had given her last night. She’d been really glad that they had. She smiled, a little sad. She knew she would miss them all, too much. She picked up the headphones and put them on. Strains of Crash into Me came through. Liz sighed, this song always reminded her of Max. They’d danced to it once back in the fifth grade. They didn’t even know each other then, but still that was one memory Liz couldn’t let go of. She chuckled to herself. One memory?? There wasn’t a single thing about Max that she’d forgotten. Her mind went back to the first time she’d noticed Max Evans.

~~~~7th Grade~~~~
“Oh come on Maria, you’re lying and you know it.”

“Nope. It’s as true as the fact that Max Evans is staring at you again.”

Liz snapped her head up from the desk and looked up to the front of the class. Just as their eyes met, Max averted his gaze and stared at the blackboard as though it had just sprouted fangs.

“He is not Maria. So you are lying.”


“Come on Maria, Max? This?” She pointed at herself haughtily.

“Chica, one day you’re gonna realize that that man right there is a woman killer.”

Shaking her head, Liz burst out laughing and Maria joined her.

“Ms. Parker, Ms. DeLuca. I had no idea you found Gerald Durrel that amusing.”

“Sorry Mr. Johnson, “ Liz said, trying to control her laughter. Not being able to concentrate she passed Maria a note that said, “Now Mr. Johnson is a woman killer!” Without realizing what she was doing Maria said out loud, “Hell yeah.”

“That’s it. From now on I want you sitting up front Parker. Right here next to Mr. Evans. Understood?”

Nodding meekly, Liz looked up to see Max staring right at her. She felt her stomach flip and a blush creep up her face. Next to Max, from next time.

~~~~~~~~A couple of days later~~~~~~~

Taking her seat next to Max, Liz looked around with trepidation. Front row wasn’t her territory. Just then she heard the most incredible voice ever, “He doesn’t bite you know. So up front is pretty much the same as back there.”

She looked into the deep amber pools before her. He had amazing eyes and a smile that was almost infectious. Relaxing immediately, Liz opened her book and asked, “So where are we?”

Leaning over her he flipped the pages till they arrived at the right one. Then he whispered huskily, “Right there.” Interestingly enough Liz was oblivious to what he was doing, almost as oblivious as Max was himself. He had an instinct when it came to Liz. He couldn’t explain what it was, not even if it was real. It was just there.

(A little while later)

“Come on Liz, Goran Ivanasavich is like the most amazing player.”


“Have you ever seen him play? He makes tennis look like … like …”

“Ballet?” Liz finished.


Further discourse was stopped by Mr. Johnson clearing his throat very loudly. Turning red, Max and Liz returned to their books.

Since that day the quiet, shy, good mannered Max Evans would talk endlessly in class … with Liz. All the teachers had given up on the two of them. It was accepted that they were beyond help.

~~~~~ Some weeks later~~~~~~~

“Admit it Liz, come on.”


“Chica, this is me. You can’t hide anything from me, no matter how hard you try.”

“Alex, help me out here?”

Alex just shook his head with an evil smile and got up from the cafeteria table.

Exasperated by Maria’s non-stop talking, Liz said, “Fine. I have a crush on Max. But if you repeat this to anyone Maria, you are gonna be in Big trouble.”

“Understood.” Maria said, nodding her head in agreement.

~~~~~The next day at Lunch~~~~~

Liz, Maria and Alex were laughing over the latest jokes that had come up because of Pam Troy’s abominable dressing sense when they noticed Max crossing the cafeteria, coming towards them. Liz turned to see what Maria was staring so adamantly at. Seeing Max, she smiled and waved to him. With his face betraying no emotion, he came and sat down facing Liz, his elbows resting on the tabletop, his head in his hands and his gaze fixed on Liz. He must have sat like that for over a minute, not saying a word. Then he abruptly got up and left.

“Crap,” said Maria.

Liz turned to look at her and asked, “What was that about?”

Alex looked at Liz, almost scared to meet her eyes and said, “She told him.”


Shaking her head to the floor, Maria explained that she’d told Max what Liz had told her yesterday. Liz couldn’t believe her ears.

“Maria, I told you not to tell ANYONE and you go and tell him?”

“I’m so sorry Liz, I didn’t think he would act like this…”

Though Liz was annoyed with Maria had done, she was more annoyed by Max’s behavior over the next couple of weeks. Though they sat together in almost all their classes, Max hardly even said a word to her. She couldn’t believe that he was being so immature. She was so appalled by him that she forgot to be angry with Maria.

~~~~~ 2 weeks after the cafeteria incident ~~~~~~

Liz was trying to figure out a math problem with Maria, seated safely at the back of the class, far away from Max. It was so ridiculous; she didn’t even have a crush on him. She’d just said that to shut Maria up. And now he wasn’t even talking to her. Jerk.

“You know that’s pretty easy. All you gotta do is…”

Liz didn’t have to turn around to see who was leaning over her and Maria. The voice and the scent told her it was Max. What was going on?

In the middle of explaining the concept again to Liz, who hadn’t got it the first time, for obvious reasons, Max said, “I love you.”


“I love you.”

“Nice joke Max,” Liz said before turning back to her books. She was praying that he couldn’t see her blush, that he couldn’t hear the pounding of her heart. He began to cross the room. Suddenly he turned around and said, “What, is it a crime to love you?”

A few minutes later, Max was trying something similar on another girl in class, so Liz knew for sure that he was joking. But she never forgot the way those three words sounded when Max said them… I love you.

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I'm so sorry ive been so preoccupied, I have not had the slightest time to write.
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Authors Note

I'm sorry I havent been around lately. I'm working on a new part now. Will be up in a few days. I swear!

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