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Title: Stars
Disclaimer: Nothing's mine.
Author's note: I am a major M/L, I don't like when they are sad. But I was sad, and that's what came out...
It's really short...
Feedback: Wanted.


He stood there alone, he was the last person to leave. Cold wet. It's raining, and he is ⊕#$%ing freezing. They can say whatever they want but she is not dead, not to him, she would always be his angel, his Liz, his lovely princess, and would be her prince.

Rain mixed with his tears, feeling his life slowly sliding away from him, he had plans for the two of them. Gone.

There was death in the air, and he was breathing in the most depressing place in the world. He touched the cold stone. 'Elizabeth Shiri Parker’.
It’s funny how you don't know one's middle name ‘till he dies, is that what it takes you to notice someone? to really understand him?

Liz was a rebel, always said that they will miss her when she won't be here. She was right. Who knew that little Liz Parker, the invisible girl that stands in the corner, would kill herself?
His angel killed herself, What would he do now?

Never, in his life, did he felt as lonely as he was feeling right now.
She never talked to anyone except him, she said he was different from them.

He would miss her, so much…

“MAX!” his thoughts were cut by the voice of his other best friend. Michael. He was standing a few feet away, also soaking wet.

“Max…” he got closer, and touched his shoulder.

Max looked up at him.

“Com’on. Let’s go. Everybody is worried…”

Max didn't want to leave. But he knelt and kissed the grave she was lying in, he whipped away the tears. And followed Michael…

The rain had stopped, and a new star was added to the skies. A young star.

A rebellious star.

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