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Title: Confused
Author: Brittany
Rating:R for suggestiveness
Category: M&L
Summary: Max and Liz are best friends, who have grown up together.
Author’s note: I know this has been done to death, but this is a true story,
actually its my story. Everything that happens in this story, has happened to
me at one point or another. While, I will think up an ending to this story, I
dont see an end in site for mine. So the end will be how I hopefully see
myself in 10 years. Oh, and the title, is for how I feel everyday of my life.
Well, I hope you enjoy!
Disclaimer: None of it is mine, beside Sarah, and Carly, but they are hardly in there anyway

Part 1
“What do I do?” Liz pleaded to her best friend.

“Tell the boy how you feel.” Maria turned over in the bed. “Its not that hard,
you walk up and say, ‘Max, I have loved you since the third grade, and I dont
care about anything that has happened in the last few years.’ I guarantee you
he will dump that bag of trash for you.” Maria tried to convince her best

“Dont call her that, she isnt.” Liz drew out a heavy breath. “Just because she
is with Max, it doesn’t mean she is a bag of trash.” She knew that Sarah
really wasn’t mean, in fact if it hadnt been for her relationship with the man
Liz loved, they could have been great friends.

Liz didn’t know what to do, she had come to realize that she had always been
in love with her best friend Max Evans.

Ever since they had become best friends in the third grade, people had teased
them about being together. When they were in grammar school, it had just
been a joke, singing the kissing song, constantly teasing them about it. Then
they reached middle school. They had actually ‘gone out,’ well as much as
two 11 year olds could, for a week. But when Liz caught him talking to Carly
on a field trip, she got jealous and broke up with him. With no trouble, they
slipped into best friend mode again. For another year, they had been great
friends, doing everything together, joined at the hip. Max called her mother
‘Mom,’ and her brother had teased him like older brother’s do.

But then, in the seventh grade, he got a new girlfriend, Tess Harding. Liz had
never liked her. Tess’s family owned a store close to the restaurant Liz’s
family owned. While they never really talked, Liz knew she was bad news.
Max and Tess dated, and he got distant from Liz, way to distant for her
liking, but there was nothing she could do.

For a year, they dated, way to serious for their age. And try as Liz might, she
couldnt pull them apart before the unthinkable happened.

After they broke up, it took Max over a month to realize what he had given
up. During the time he was busy shunning Liz, she had fit into a whole new
group. And she had a new best friend. This tore at Max, and he knew what
he had to do.

For the three months before they started their highschool career, He was
constantly calling, showing up, and trying to win her friend ship back. After
what had happened, he owed her that much.

Liz was all too willing to be his friend again, she had even helped him. But
when he asked for space, she had understood. After that, she was afraid, of
getting hurt again. So she hadnt called him.

Then, he called one day, asked her to the movies, and she couldnt resist. they
went and saw the cheesiest chick flick that was showing.

From then on, they were best friend again. For two years they carried on that
way, just being friends, both dating casually, but not to seriously. But then, it
started again, the teasing, the assuming, the accusing. Everyone swore they
would get married after highschool. Liz had gotten used to all of it. She
always thought it was funny, and she was always denying it. They were just
friends in her book. People were constantly calling her Liz Evans, her
teachers even went as far as to assume that they were dating. Whenever one
of them weren’t at school, the other was always asked where they were.

In their junior year of highschool, a week before homecoming, Liz broke up
with her boyfriend, Kyle Valenti. That left her without a date. Max had
already agreed to go with his sort-of girlfriend. (Liz was very clueless about
this relationship.)

But Liz didnt want to miss out, so she went stag.

That night, Liz hung out with everyone but she still felt lonely. She went
around stealing her friends dates for a dance, like when Maria went to get a
drink, Liz roped her boyfriend Micheal into dancing with her. She even
danced with her brother Alex. One particularly fast song, while Sarah was
getting a drink, Liz and Max were dancing, and she reminded him that he
hadnt asked her to dance to a slow song yet. He promised that before the
night was over he would.

As the night wound down, and Liz felt even more lonely, a slow song came
up. She looked around for Max, and saw him talking with Sarah. Figuring
that maybe he had decided that he would dance with his date, she started
toward the drink area.

Right as she was about to step off of the dance floor, she felt a gentle hand
wrap around her arm. She turned around and saw Max, with a big smile on
his face.

“You came.” She breathed

“I will always come.” He wrapped his arms around her waist and drew her

Liz felt the hard chest pressing against her, and she got the safe feeling she
always did when she was with Max. His musky smell, hinted with cologne
hadnt worn off in the 4 hours the dance had been going on.

Liz opened her eyes, and saw the clock on the wall. She noticed it was very
close to midnight, too close to midnight. Then she realized, this must have
been the last song of the night.

“Max, its the last song. Shouldn’t you be with Sarah?”

“Im where I am supposed to be.”

“Isnt she going to be mad?”

“She was when I left.”

It was at that moment, it was all Liz could not to reach up and kiss him. And
she realized, she was in love with him, she had been since she didnt know

“Lizzy babe, that girl doesnt hold a candle to you in Max’s eyes.” Maira told

Liz snapped out of her revere. It had been a week since homecoming, and
Max had told her that him and Sarah were officially a couple now. “Yeah
well, I will believe it when I see it.”

AN Ok, so thats it. So far. Pretty short, but the parts will get longer. Tell me of you want more. And just so you know,
everything that happened in this chapter, is almost exact dialogue, so if
anything the characters say in this story dont sound right, I am not trying to
stay to true to the characters. They sort of have mine and my friends
personalities. Thanks for reading.

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Hey guys, thanks a lot for the feed back. Um, the new part should be out today.
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Hey guys, sorry that I didnt update like I said I would, but I had to go to a
party, and then last night, I got sick. It was horrible. But I am here now, and
here is the new part!

“Hey” Liz spoke into the phone.

“Whats up?” Max collapsed onto his bed.

“Not a whole lot, where were you?” Liz had called, but no one had answered.

“I was over at Sarah’s. Her mom was making her babysitt, so she invited me
over.” Max was already half asleep.

“I didnt know she had a sibling.” Liz inquired.

“She doesnt, its her neice. Her sister is out of town, and the baby is staying
with them. But we didnt really have to babysit anyway, she was asleep a half
hour after I got there.” Max eyes were getting really heavy.

“So what did you guys do. Oh wait, you talked about me all night! I am so
flattered.” Liz laughed into the phone.

“Yeah Liz, we spent all night talking about what a wonderful person you
are.” Max scoffed. “No, we did something more, um, productive.” She could
just see his sly smile threw the phone.

“Oh right, I am sure productive.” Liz sarcastic tone couldnt be missed.

“Yup. What did you do today?” Max was tired, but he was never to tired to
know what was going on in his best friend’s life.

“Um, I went my job, you know, at the strip joint, and then I met up with
these big guys. We went to this abandoned warehouse, and had sex.” Liz said
in a dead serious tone.

“Dont say that idiot.” Max eyes had gotton wide for a second.

“Dont say what asshole?” Liz started laughing.

“Ok, what did you really do today?” Max kicked off his shoes and socks. He
pulled off his shirt and pants, and got comfortable in his bed.

“I went with Maria to the mall, and we spent all of our time in Fredrick’s.”

There was dead silence at the end of the line.

“Man, I am just kidding, I went and got some stuff for softball.” Liz laughed
at how guillible he was.

“Yeah, whatever. How is it going with Kirk?” Max wondered.

Liz had a wierd thing going on with Kirk. It had started a few weeks after
homecoming. She liked him, but no where near how she wanted Max. They
had gone on a few dates. “Um, I guess it is going.”

“Liz, you know what I mean.” Max wanted her to be happy. If that meant
another guy, then so be it.

“Yeah, um, we went to a movie yesterday. And he made me watch a really
stupid war movie.” Liz hated that. That was why she loved going to the
movies with Max, they always the cheesiest, or saddest movie that was
playing. Occasionally they saw a guys movie, but only if Liz was trying to
apologize for something.

“Well, Im sorry.” Max looked over to his clock. It was almost midnight. “Do
we really have to go to school tomorrow?” He really really didnt want to.

“Yup lover boy, we do. I dont understand why you dont like it so much. You
know you are really smart.” It was true. Max had always liked to read as
much as Liz had. Which was a lot. They both had the highest reading level in
their class. But Max had always kept middle of the raod grades. Never
failing, but nefver getting very good grades.

“I dont know, not all of us are as smart you, miss I know everything Liz.”

“Thats the thing, you are as smart as me, hell you could possibly be smarter.”
Liz had always wanted to know why, but he never took the time to explain.

“I dont know, I just dont want to try.”

“Yeah well, I know that.” Liz scoffed.

“Whatever. I am tired. I think I should go to sleep.” The need to sleep was
taking over.

“Okay. Night Maxwell.”

“Sweet dreams Lizzy.”

Yet another short part, but I promise they will get longer, but I am still trying
to give everyone and idea on who these people are. Oh and for those of you
who asked why he would shun her, and then want to be friends again. I ask
myself the same damn question all the time. The only thing he ever told me
was, well you will find out later on!

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“Hey, you want to go to the fair with me?” Liz spoke into the phone.

“Do you even know what time it is?” Max rolled over in bed so that he was
facing the alarm clock.

“Yup, its nine.” Liz had always been an early riser.

“Its Saturday. You know, the day to sleep in!” Max was used to her doing
this. She would constantly call way too early, they would plan to go
somewhere, and he would have to get his ass out of bed to do it, not
something he liked.

“Well, unless you want a huge crowd, you have to get there early! Duh!” Liz
loved doing this, just to piss him off.

“Ok, ok, what are we doing?” He sat up in bed.

“Well, my mom didnt want to go to the fair by herself, and I didnt want to go
alone with her, so I volunteered the both of us.” Liz finished getting ready.

“And how were you so sure I would be joining you?” Max sat up and looked
at himself in the mirror. ‘Oh crap, thats a hickey. Guess I am wearing a
sweater today.’ “I could have had plans you know.” He knew that even if he
did, he would have gone anyway.

“Cause you are Max, and you do anything I want you too.” Liz was going to
convince him to go either way. It had been a month since they had really
hung out because of Sarah. Not that she blamed him, but she did miss him.

“Oh yeah, I forgot.” He walked into the bathroom.

“Be ready in a half hour. My mom and I will pick you up.”

“A half hour-” He didnt think he could be ready in a half hour.

She knew that tone. “No excuses Lover boy, we will be there. See Ya!” With
that Liz hung up the phone.

Max shook his head at the phone, and hopped in the shower.

45 minutes later, Liz pulled up to his house. She hopped out of the truck, and
went to the front door. When she knocked Max’s mom answered.

“Hi Liz, its so good to see you.” Diane went up and hugged the girl who had,
had such a good influence on her son’s life.

“Hello Diane.” Liz didnt know to much about her best friends mother. only
what Max had told her. But she never found anything wrong with Diane, in
fact she quite liked her. But Max and Liz had always hung out at Liz’s house,
or with her family.

“Max is in his bedroom.”

“Ok, thankyou.” Liz started down the hallway she knew led to his room.

She opened the door, and his room looked just like she had come to expect.
Very very dirty, hardly any space to walk.

“Why dont you actually clean your room, oh I dont know, once a year?” Liz
picked up a pair of shorts that were on the ground.

Max sat up from his place on the computer, and snatched them out her hand.
“I happen to like my room the way it is. And if you dont like it, then you can
just get out.” He teased her.

“I will, but you are coming with me.” She grabbed his arms, and started
trying to drag him out. He only laughed. When that didnt work to well, she
jumped on him and attacked. She was the only one who new, but if you
tickled him on his stomach, he was at your mercy.

“Are you coming?” She kept torturing him.

Max was trying to catch his breath. Liz was lethal when it came to tickling.
“OK, OK you win.” He struggled to get out.

Liz smiled smugly, and right as she was about to exit his room, he grabbed
her from behind and returned the favor. He began tickling her, and she kept a
straight face. “You have got to do better than that!”

Max’s smile vanished. “Thats not fair. Why arent you ticklish?” He pouted.

“Oh, poor Maxie, Alex used to tickle me all the time. I had to learn to adapt.”
She gave him a kiss on the cheek. “You ready to go now?” She hopped up
and grabbed his hand. “Let’s go.”

Max was still pouting. “Fine.”

They drove up to the fair, and while Nancy Parker went to look for crafts, Liz
and Max went to the sweets section. There was a shop that was full of all
sorts of candies.

Max and Liz went inside, and got caramel apples, truffles, suckers, for home,
and gummy bears for the kids at the hospital that Liz volunteered at.

“You think they will be happy?” Liz asked as they waited for the guy to wrap
up their truffles.

“They will be more than happy. Liz Parker, you amaze me.” Max wrapped
his arms around Liz’s waist. Liz knew this gesture was nothing more than
friendly, but that didnt mean she couldnt use her imagination.

“Here you go.” The teenager behind the counter handed them their bags. “Is
there anything else I can get you?” Liz looked at him, and she noticed that he
was none to clean looking. His backward hat, and long greasy hair that came
out was not appealing. And when she looked in his eyes, she could swear that
they weren’t quite in focus, almost like he was high.

Max was also looking at him, but he was noticing something different. The
guy hadnt taken his eyes off of Liz since they had walked in. In creeped him
out. He walked in front of Liz and took the bag. He looped their arms, and
answered “No, thats it.” He steered them out of the shop quickly.

When they got out, Liz looked at him. “What was that?” She was clueless as
to what was going on.

“Nothing.” Max knew she never paid attention to anything that went on
around her.

“No, not nothing. What was that back there?” Liz looked into
oh-so-expressive eyes.

“Didnt you see? That guy was so hitting on you.” Max looked at her

“eeewww, that scumball. I think you were imagining things.” Liz shook her

“Yes, Liz. You are so clueless sometimes.” Max laughed at her.

“Whatever.” Liz looked over to a cage. “Hm, I wonder what that is. Lets go

Max laughed again. “No, Liz, what happened last time we went up to a
cage.” Max was referring to when they had walked up to a cage that had a
snake in it. Liz wasnt afraid, but he hated snakes. They had scared the snake,
and the guy who owned it wasnt paying attention. When they snake saw
them, it struck up at Max’s face. He was scared beyond belief. Liz had
laughed at him, claiming the snake had gotten no more than a foot toward
him, but he refused to believe that.

“Dont be such a baby. Come on, lets go.” Liz tugged on the arm that
enveloped her own. She loved it when they were together like this, alone, and
just having fun. It hadnt been happening as much as it used to.

They ran up to the cage, and looked inside. There were two wolves. One was
white, with gray spread through his coat. the other was black, and they were
both absolutely gorgeous.

They talked to the people who owned them, and were told that they had been
born and bred in captivity and wouldnt hurt anyone. Liz reached her hand
between the bars, and stroked their necks.

“Oh, Max. Arent they beautiful?” She never took her eyes off of the huge
animals in the cage.

“Definitely beautiful.” Max had yet to take his eyes off her hair.

Once they finished with the wolves, they walked over to the pond that was
situated by the children’s area of the fair. Liz looked around, and knew this
was where she belonged. With children running everywhere, screaming to
their hearts delight. She had wanted to be a pediatrician for as long as she
could remember. And with Max by her side, she knew this was as close to
heaven as she was going to get. They settled down on a bench and pulled out
two candy apples. While Max stretched down his hand in the bag, the collar
of his sweater rode down.

Liz noticed a good size hickey on his neck. While it saddened her, because it
made the fact that she had to split her time with her best friend real, she
couldnt help but tease him.

“So, what type blood do you have?” She asked.

Max produced two apples from the bag, and as he was handing one to her,
and gave her a strange glance. “What?” He gave her a quizzical stare.

“Well, I was just wondering, cause it looks like you might need a
transfusion.” Liz began cracking up.

Max was still wondering what was so funny when it hit him. He reached up
and put his hand around his neck. “Haha, very funny.”

Liz kept laughing. “So, when did that happen?” She leaned into him to
muffle her giggles.

He put his arm around her shoulder. ‘keep it platonic.’ He kept telling
himself. “I dont see why it is your business.” He looked at her. He loved
being with her. When he was with her, none of the crap in his life mattered.
She completely disregarded all of his past mistakes, and made him feel like
he was special. When he was with her, he didnt even think of Sarah. He had
completely forgotten the mark that was on his neck.

“Oh you are right, I really dont want to know.” She snuggled into his hard
chest. “Your being careful right, I mean, well you know.” She knew she
didnt need to finish.

“Liz-” He started with an exasperated sigh.

“You dont have to tell me anything, just promise me you arent being stupid.”
She kept looking out at the beautiful pond.

Max turned her and looked into her eyes. “I promise I am being careful. Its
not even like that.” she turned back around and thought back to an earlier
time when he wasnt so careful, and it was like that.

Liz walked with Maria through the quad during lunch. they were in their
eighth grade year, and her and Max had not really spoken in close to 5 months.
She he had dated Tess, he had become a different person. Nothing like his
former self.

“Chica, what are we doing this weekend?” Maria animatedly spoke to her
best friend. “Lizzy, you there?” She waved her hand in front of Liz’s face.

Liz snapped back to attention. “What, I am sorry, I was a million miles

“I bet. I asked what we were doing this weekend?”

“Um, whatever. I am free.”

Just then she looked up to see Max running past everyone. He looked really

Liz didnt know what to think. “I wonder what is wrong.” She couldnt take
her eyes off of his approaching form.

“I bet Tess is pregnant! Just kidding, wouldnt that be funny though. I mean,
right after they broke up and everything.” Maria went back to looking threw
the magazine in her lap.

Liz saw him just as he passed her. She noticed he was pulling at his hair.
Something he only did when he was beyond upset. She had only seen him do
that twice in her life. When his parents were getting divorced, and when he
went to see her in the hospital when she had meningitis. She also noticed
tears in his eyes. She ran up to follow him.

“Max.” He didnt even acknowledge her. “MAX!” He didnt stop. He just kept
running. “Ill be back Maria.”

With that she took off after him. She followed him though the quad, and then
through the halls of the school. He finally stopped at a men’s bathroom no
one ever used.

She threw open the door he had disappeared into. What she saw was
something she never wanted to see.

Max was crouched down in the corner off the wall, with tears streaming
down his face. He looked up, but he didnt look suprised to see her. “Liz.” He
pleaded in a defeated tone.

She was by his side in a minute. She sat down beside him, and pulled him
into her arms. “Its ok. SSHH Its ok.” She kept whispering in his ear.

He sobbed on her shoulder, taking comfort in her arms. They stayed like that
for a least an half hour. When he finally settled down, She quietly asked him.
“What is it?”

“Its Tess, she said that- she said that she is pregnant.” Max had never
screwed up so badly in his life.


Liz snapped back to reality. “Thankyou, for being careful I mean.” She just
sat in his arms, staring blissfully into the clear water.

Ok, So I know you all want to know what happened, and you will find out.
Hah but you do have to wait. but this was sort of hard for me to write, cause
he brought back a lot of weird feelings. And I really did have Menengistis,
and I dont know if I will bring that back up. Anyway, thanks for reading!
then new part should be out by tomorrow. I am sick, so I will have all day to
write. Good for you, good/bad for me!

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Um, I just thought I would tell you that I am in the middle of writing the the next part, and we will all find out about Tess. Ok, be back soon.
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When Liz and Max got home, Max decided to stay at Liz’s house for awhile.
They went out to the balcony outside of Liz’s room.

“Did you have fun?” Liz settled into a lawn chair.

“Definitely.” Max sat in the one next to her. He pulled two sodas he had
grabbed on the way up to her room. “You want one?” He handed her a cherry

“Yup, thanks.” Liz sat back and opened the can. “What have you been up to
lately?” They had spent the whole day together, but they hadnt really gotten
around to talking about him as of late.

“Um, not a whole lot I guess. Just hanging out.” He looked at the stars.

“Yeah, geuss who stopped by the crashdown the other day.” Liz knew this
would push his buttons.

“Do you realize how many people come into the crashdown everyday?” Max
kept looking at the stars. “Give me a hint.”

Liz looked over at him. “Um, you could refer to her as, um, well, the epitome
of all evil.” A small smile played at her lips.

“What in the hell was she doing in there.” Max jerked his head at her. “Wait,
stupid question. Eating.” He still was riled

“Well, it wasnt coming in that was her mistake. It was that she sat in my
section.” Her grin had only widened.

“Elizabeth Claudia Parker, what did you do to her?”

“Well, lets just say that it took several tries for her food to be right, and I dont
know if the stain is coming out of whatever you want to call that thing she
was wearing over her chest.” Liz started cracking up.

“I wish I could have been there.” Max was also laughing.

Liz remembered at time when they wouldnt have been talking like this.

Max and Liz were talking on the phone. It had been a few months since Tess
had had a miscarriage. It hurt Max , but then though that maybe it was a sign.
He broke it off a month after. They hadnt really spoken, but Max still tried to
be nice to her. She had lost a baby. Max wondered how she got over it so
easily. He wasnt even carrying it, and he still thought of it sometimes. Tess
seemed to simply forget. She tried to pretend things were normal afterward,
but Max couldnt take it anymore. Their relationship was disastrous.

“Hey, who do you have for geometry?” Max asked her. They had started
highschool a few weeks before, and he had figured out that there wasnt much
of a difference between Jr. High teachers, and Highschool teachers. Only that
High school teachers were a little but meaner.

“Um, Henning. Why?”

“Oh good, thats who I have. I am trying to do the homework and I-” Max
started to explain his problem.

Liz cut him off. “Wait, wait, wait a minute, you are doing homework? Where
are my ice-skates?” Liz mocked him

“What?” Max was clueless.

“Well, I was going to go skating in hell, but if you need help.” Liz trailed off
with a giggle.

“Ha ha, very funny. Seriously, do you know how to do #30?” Max was stuck.

“Uh, I wasnt sure, I was going to ask the teacher tomorrow.” Liz didnt know

“Are you telling me that you, as in I know everything Liz Parker, didnt know
how to do it? That sucks, you are always supposed to know how to do

“Sorry to disappoint you.” Liz shook her head. “I guess I dont know
everything.” She laughed.

“Whatever.” Max her heard the line beep. “Wait a second I have another

“Okay.” Liz waited just a second when she heard him click back.

“Its Tess, she said it is something important. Yeah right, I will call you back,
is that okay?” Max didnt want to talk to her, but she sounded upset.

“Its fine, but dont let her eat you!” She teased.

“Very funny. Bye.”

“Bye bye.” Liz hung up the phone. She went into her room, and started
playing with her dog. She was a female, but her dad insisted they call her
Chuck. He got it off a movie called ‘Up the Creek.’ The dog from the movie
was really smart. Her dog wasnt, but she loved her just the same. She was
small for a black lab, but it made it better to play with her.

A few minutes later, her phone rang. She knew it was him. She walked back
out to the balcony to pick it up. “What did she have to say?” Liz spoke.

“Um, Liz could you come over.” Max sounded really scared.

“Max, its 11.” Liz couldnt leave right now, her parents would kill her.

“Please?” His voice was what made Liz decided to make the run their. It
wasn’t very far, no more than a half mile.

“Yeah, give me a few minutes.” Liz didnt change out of her pajamas. She
just put on some shoes and ran down her fire escape.

She made the jog in record time. She went up to his window and knocked.
Before she knew it, it was being opened, and she was being pulled threw.

When her feet hit the ground, she saw Max with tears in his eyes.

She led him over to his bed. She sat him down and wrapped her arms around
him. “What is it?” This reminded her of something.

“Tess called. Um, she told me something.” Max sounded so small.

“What is it.” ‘No, not again’ kept racing through her mind. Right after that
day in the bathroom, he had asked her for space, that he needed to find
himself. It had hurt worse than she could imagine, but she understood. She
gave him the space he needed. But she couldnt go through that again.

“She said that, oh god. She said that it was all a lie.”

“What do you mean a lie?” Liz pulled him back to look into his eyes.

He looked up at her. “I dont know. She just said that, since we had broke up
she realized she did things wrong, and that she had to come clean. She said it
was all a lie. She never was pregnant, She never had a miscarriage. She was
in the hospital because she was dehydrated or something. There never was a
baby. She said now that she knew it was over, I deserved to know.” Now that
Max looked back it all made sense. How she never seemed to go through any
pain over the loss, how she said it was a new start. But it hurt so bad to know
that she had lied to him. Over something so big.

“Oh my god Max, I am so sorry.” She couldnt believe Tess had done
something so stupid. She let him sob on her shoulder.

They stayed like that for hours. Until she finally had to go home. she hated
leaving him, but she had to.


“Have you talked to her lately?” Liz asked. Her mood had gone sour since
she started jogging down memory lane.

“Hell no! I hate her.” Max was serious. He never thought he could hate
anybody until she had almost destroyed his life.

“I know.” Liz knew now though. Things were better, and maybe they would
turn out great.

This part is pretty short, but I thought you deserved to know. I was going to
make you wait, but this part seemed to write itself. If you have any questions
about how stupid we were, just put it down to that. We were stupid kids who
really didnt know anything about pregnancy, or anything like that. An the reason MAx wasnt told in the hospital was that he doesnt talk to Tess's parents, and he hadnt told his parents about anything. In fact they still dont know. Anyway, I
hope you like this part. And this will be Tess’s only real appearance. We sort
of cut her out of our lives after this, but I bet you all guessed that. So, bye

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That Monday, after school, Liz was riding home with her friend Jessica,
before a volleyball game. It was the championship, and the West Roswell
Comets were undefeated. She lived pretty close tot he school, so she decided
to go home for a little while.

When Jessica, another member of her team, went to turn into the back alley
of the Crashdown a large Ford Expidition crashed into the passenger side of
the car. Luckily it was the back half, and Liz wasnt too seriously injured.

She was brought to the hospital, becuase she had two gashes on her head, and
she had whiplash.

When Max heard, he went striaght to the hospital. He just about died when
he walked into the room, and Liz sitting in the hospital bed. She had two
bandeges on the side of her head, and her neck was in a brace.

Liz looked up to see Max sitting mouth wide in the door way. “Max, you
came.” She was so happy to see him. It unnerved her to be here alone. Her
parents had been there earlier, but had left to go get dinner. “I am so glad you
are here.”

He ran over to the bed in two steps. He sat down and wrapped her in his
arms. “You have got to stop doing this to me.” He felt the tears pricking his

He had been at Sarah’s house when his cell phone rang. A worried Maria had
told him that Liz had been in a car accident and was at the hospital. He had
immediately left, telling Sarah it was an emergency. He had raced to the
hospital as quick as he could, breaking every speed limit to get there.

Max wrapped his arms tighter around her. “You scared me so bad.” He
couldnt let go of her, fearing she would vanish.

“Im ok. Jeez, I didnt even break any bones. But you are sqeezing the life out
of me.” He was wrapped around her neck which was pretty painful.

He released her, and wiped his eyes. “Sorry.”

She reached up and touched his damp cheek. “Who could have though little
ole’ me, could make tough man Max Evans cry.” She laughed

“Liz Parker, you can make me do anything.” He kept staring at her. “Is your
neck brace uncomfortable?” She looked really stiff.

“You have no idea.” She shook her haid. “But you are not doing this again. I
can take care of myslelf.” She was refering to when she was in the hospital
during thier 7 grade year. She had gotten meningitis. For 2 weeks he hardly
ever left the hospital. He was there more than her own family. He had even
taken a week off school for her. But he had done everything for her, anything
she needed, he did for her.

“Are you kidding me, you doing nothing for the next week, at least.” Max
couldnt believe her, always the opptomist. But he was going to take care of
her for once, like she was always doing for him.

But a knock on her door alerted him to the fact it wasnt his job to take care fo
her. Her boyfriend, Kirk Peters walked in. Completely ignoring him, he
walked up to Liz. He swooped down and kissed her. “How are you Babe?”

Max went and sat in a chair to the side of the room. He hated Kirk. Mr. All
American. He didnt really know his Lizzy.

“I have to go to baseball practice but I will see you later.” With that Kirk
kissed her again, and walked out the door with a cute ‘bye sweetie.’

Max mocked him in his head. ‘Bye Sweetie, bite me!’

“Bye Kirk.” Liz waved.

What Kirk had said made her think. She was missing the game!

“Max, what time is it?”

Max looked at the clock on the wall behind Liz. “Its 6:30.”

Liz nearly cried. “Oh, no. The game has already started.”

Max laughed. “Liz, it is only a volleyball game.” Her and her volleyball!

“Only a volleyball game, only a volleyball game. Boy, I oughtta smack you
into next week. HELLO Championship game here. Does the word
Undefeated me anything to you?” Liz was fuming, all of her hard work!
Down the drain!

“Dont over excite yourself there Rambo. You still have a neck brace on.” He
couldnt stop laughing at her.

“You wouldnt understand. You got to play in all of your football games. But,
oh thats right, you were 0 and 10. HAHA.” Liz decided to get back at him.

“Ok, lets not bash on Max here.” Max faked a wounded expression. “And I
will have you know, we were 1 and 10. We had a tournament and won a
game.” He sheepishly hid his head.

“Whatever. You arent interesting. I want to go to my game.” Liz whined.

Just then her parents walked in. Her mom walked up to the bed. “Hi sweetie,
how are you feeling?”

“Fine Mom.” Liz whistfully stated.

“Whats wrong?” Nancy brushed her away from the bandage.

“I am missing the game!” Liz tried to bend her head, but the brace refused to
let her.

“Oh, is that all?”

“Is that all, Is that all?” Liz began.

“Nancy, unles you want your head chewed off, I would stop right there.”
Max warned her.

Liz’s dad walked over to the bed by her mom. “Well, if you want to go to the
game to the game just to watch I dont see the harm in that.”

Liz knew she loved her father for a reason.

Nancy gave him an astonished look. “Jeff Parker. You did not just say that.”
She starred at him.

Liz gave her mother a dirty look.

“I think I did. Do you want me to take you?”

‘My father is the best!’ Liz tried to shake her head. ‘ooooowwwwww! Bad
idea.’ “Yeah Dad.”

Jeff smiled, then realized “Oh, sweetie, I cant I just remembered, I have to go
to the cafe.” His smile faded.

‘I hate him!’ Liz thought maliciously

“I can take her.” Max walked over by the family. “I mean, if Liz wants me
to.” He didnt want to get in troubly with Nancy. She could be ruthless.

“Yes, he could definitley take me.” Liz realized how that sounded. “To the
game, that is.”

‘I love him!’ Liz squeled in her head.

“I dont know.” Nancy started.

“Mom, I need to be there for me team!” Liz gave the puppy eyes. Everyone
fell for the puppy eyes.

“No, Liz.”

Except her mother.

“Please Mom, Max will drive really slow, and we will be really careful. And I
will only sit on the bench, I wont even get up. I wont even cheer. Just let me
go, please.” Liz was actually begging now.

Nancy didnt want to let her go, but this was the championship game.

“Alright, but only if, and I mean this.” She gave Max a hard stare, “ Max has
to sit by you the whole time, and if anything happens you her, I will hold you
responsible.” She never took her eyes off Max.

“I promise.” Max held his hands over his heart. “I will defend her with my
life m’lady.” He said with a bad english accent.

“You better. You guys get out of her while your dad and I sign your release

“Thankyou Mommy!” Liz went to sit up and kiss her mother. But the brace
prevented her from doing so. “Just know that I love you. C’mon Max, take
me to my carriage.” Liz held her arms out to him.

Max walked over to her and picked her up. “Goodbye, Jeff, Nancy.” Liz
waved from her stiff position in his arms. “Goodbye Mommy, goodbye

Jeff laughed. “Be careful with her.” Max and Liz walked out. “How long do
you give it ill they get married.”

“They wont even get together till they graduate. They are too blind.” Nancy
shook her head wistfully. She would love to have Max as a son.

“What do you want to bet?” Jeff was up for a wadger.

“Dishes, for a month. Oh and we watch the football games we want to watch.
Oh and laundry.” Nancy knew she was right.

“Thats enough woman. Your on.” Jeff knew Max. Or at least, he would have
to convince him.

Nancy shook her head. BOYS!

Ok, next we have the game! Um, I guess I have to stop writing about big things that happen, more of the everyday thing. And I will. But this was fun! Anyway, I will talk to you all later
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There should be a new part out tonight, and probably every day, or evey other day after that! Ok, I am going to go finish it now.
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Part 6

Max carried Liz all the way out to the car. She was cracking up by the time
she got there.

“You know, I wont break if you set me down.” Liz giggled. Not that she
really wanted him to set her down, right here was fine. But she knew Max
instinct’s. He wasnt going to set her down untill she was in his jeep.

“Too bad. You are stuck in my arms, sorry if I smell bad.” Max laughed.
They would have to go out to dinner. She wieghed nothing.

‘You smell anything but bad.’ Liz thought dreamily. “Dont worry, I dont
think I will gag.” Liz nodded.

Max walked over to his car. they walk was pretty far. One might think that it
would be tiring for him, but it wasnt, anything for those moments that she
was in his arms.

“Here you go.” He opened the door and set her down in the seat. He went
over to his side. “To the highschool?” He questioned.

“To the highschool.” Liz said.

They got there in the middle of the third game. The Clover High Snakes were
also undefeated in thier league. The game was tied one game to one. Liz saw
Maria in the bleachers. She had been at the hospital, until Liz had forced her
to go watch the game for her. Maria walked down and hugged Liz. “How are
you doing babe?”

“Im ok, just a little sore.” Liz smiled.

“Get over there with your team. I have to leave early, but I will call you
tomorrow okay?” Maria said it like she was trying to convince her.

“Ok Love ya Bye.”

“Bye bye chica. Love you.”

Liz walked over to the bench, and sat with her teamates. At first they only
looked at her, and then got back into the game. Then Jessica, who hadnt
gotten hurt at all, did a double take. She had just gotten to give a statement,
and then was on her way.

“Oh my god, LIZ!” She yelled so loud everyone in the gym heard.

“Jess, I dont think you got the football players attention outside, yell a little
louder next time.” Liz teased her. She stiffly turned in her chair to face her.

“Oh my god, I feel so horrible.” Jess went over, and with extreme caution,
hugged her.

“Its fine, it isnt your fault. But do you mind if I dont ride with you anymore?”
Liz joked. It hadnt been Jessica’s fault. The other driver was out of control,
and wasnt paying attention.

By now they gamed had been delayed. The scare was 13-14, Snakes favor,
and the Comets were serving.

“What are you doing. Rebecka is serving and you stop the game to talk to
me?” Liz gave her an astonished look.

Jessica laughed, and then went back to the front of the bench. Liz looked at
Coach Cheney. He just gave her a loking look that said, ‘How could you?’

“Bite me Cheney.” Liz laughed. She was bummed she was missing the game,
but being there to see it was second best.

Max was cracking up from his place on the bleachers directly behind Liz. Liz
heard his laugh, but couldnt look around to see him. she actually had to stand
up and turn around to glare at him.

This set Max up for a whole new set of laughs. Liz bent her arm, and
crooked a finger at him. He hopped off the bleachers and went to stand next
to her.

“What?” He managed to get out between chuckles.

“You, sit!” She pointed without looking to chair next to her.

Max couldnt hold it in. Poor Liz just looked so stiff. She moved almost like a
robot with the brace on. On the bandages on the side of her head made it
worse. He started laughing again.

Liz couldnt hold in her smile either. She knew he was only laughing because
her stiffness. When she was in the hospital, she had been laughing at herself.

“I’m not kidding buddy. Sit!” Max walked around and sat next to her. He
wrapped an arm around her shoulder, and Liz could continuously feel the
shaking of his body whenever he laughed.

They sat like that for most of the game. Only when it got to the fifth game,
and the score was once again 14-13, Comet lead, and the Snakes had the
serve did Liz start to get antsy.

The girl from the other team served, and luckily, Jessica was able to pick it
up and they got the sideout.

“Maaaaaaaxxxxx.” Liz whined. “I want to be out there right now.” She
leaned her head into his chest. She flinched when one of the cuts on her
forehead pressed to hard. Max felt it, and pulled her back a little.

“Are you alright?” He didnt want her to be in pain.

“The stuff they gave me at the hospital is wearing off.” Liz had the
beginnings of what she knew had to be a killer headache.

“You want to gome home?” Max didnt want her overdoing herslef. She had a
total of ten stitches in her head.

“You have got to be kidding me. She is about to serve the game point. You
stupid, guy.” Liz couldnt think up anything better to say. She wasnt at the top
of her game right then.

Just then Brooke, the setter, served the ball over the net. They rallied for a
few minutes, and finally, the middle hitter, Anna, put it away.

Liz screamed. “Yes! Max, oh my, Max we won.” Liz was so excited that she
jumped up without thinking. They immediate throb in her head reminded her
to slow down. The yell for victory, quikly turned into a yelp of pain. Max
jumped up and grabbed her arms.

“Take it easy!” Max tried to calm her down.

She pouted. “What fun is it to win a game, and then not be able to celebrate?”
She leaned inot his hard chest. Liz watched as the rest of her team as they
jumped up to congradulate each other in the middle of the court.

“Why dont you -calmly- walk over to there, and talk to everyone?” Max
offered a smile.

“Why should I, I would just ruin all of thier fun.” Liz couldnt help but feel
sorry for herself.

“Stop that. They are your team. You helped them get here, now get your ass
over there.” Max smiled, and gently pushed her toward them. She walked
over, and the team cautiously took turns hugging her.

While Max watched with a smile on his face, his cell phone rang. He looked
down into the face and saw the name SARAH, He went to press the send
button. Just as he put the phone to his ear, he thought otherwise.

Max clicked the silent button, and slid the phone back into his pocket.

Max brought Liz home, after they had gone out for pizza after the game.
Everyone had taken turns telling Liz how sorry they were, and hoped she got
better soon. Max had sat by her the whole time.

Max and Liz walked into the living room of her home. Her father looked up
from his place in front of the TV.

“Did you win honey?” Jeff asked.

“Yeah Daddy, we won.” Liz smiled. It would have been awesome if she had
participated, but she ws on the team either way.

“Congradulations Lizzy.” He would of hugged her, but was afraid to hurt

“I think I am going to go up to my room.” She started toward the stairs.

Jeff stopped Max. “Max, did you watch her?” Jeff inquired.

“Like a hawk Jeff. She did nothing that would have hurt her.” Max smiled.
He had no problem watching out for her.

“Thats my boy.” Jeff smiled.

Just then Liz came down from the stairs. “Where is Mom?” She asked.

“Already asleep. You wore her out today.” Jeff chuckled. “Kids, I think I am
going to go join her.” He walked over to Liz and kissed her cheek.
“Goodnight Lizzy.” He looked at Max. He knew he would stay awhile
longer. He always did. “Night Max.”

“Night Daddy.” “Night Jeff.” He walked over to his room, and MAx and liz
went to her room.

When they got there, Liz gently lowered herself into her bed. She scooted
over and patted a place for Max to lay.

He layed down next to her. She snuggled up to his chest. “It hurts Max. It
hurts really bad now.” Her head was throbbing.

Max wrapped his arms around her middle. “Do you want me to get you
anything?” He hated seeing her in pain.

“There is my mediction in my bathroom.” Liz couldnt keep her head up

Max immedately jumped up to get it.

He came back with the pills, and a glass of water.

“Sit up Lizzy.” She did as told, and Max handed her the pills. She put them
in her mouth, and Max held the cup to her lips. She took a sip to wash them
down. Max sat the cup on the bedside table, and layed back down next to

“Thankyou so much, what would I do without you?” Liz snuggled back into
his chest.

Max kissed the top of her head. “Moan and whine, gripe and complian, and
be completely lost.” He chuckled.

Liz was almost already asleep. Max rubbed her back soothingly. Once he was
sure she was sleeping, he whispered.

“I love you Elizabeth Claudia Parker,” before sleep claimed him.

Later that night, when Nancy went to check on Liz, she saw both Max and
Liz in her bed. Max had his arms wrapped tight around her stomach, careful
even in his sleep of her head. They were both in the clothes they had worn all

Nancy smiled to herslef. ‘maybe I will lose that bet. I hope so.’

With that she closed the door, and decided to call Diane. She would probably
know where her son was, but just in case.

Short, but I thought I would add it. And anyone who has ever been in a neckbrace knows how bad it sucks. And if you dont understand the rules of volleyball, and wants me to explain it better, just ask. Oh, and one more thing. All the things max thinks, and says without Liz hearing, is merely wishful thinking on my part, but everything that happened, has happened to me. Sort of leads a girl to believe huh? haha. Anyway, pretty soon, we will start straying from my life, and into my imagination. Just thought you might want to know. I hope you all have a good night!
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Hey guys. I might have a new part out tonight. I dont know. And I thought I might tell you that I am not sure how parts there will be. Probably not more than 15. Maybe less. Tell me what you guys think of that.
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Part 7

Max woke up that morning feeling more at peace than he had in a while. He
looked down at the angel in his arms. ‘I want to tell you how I feel, I really
do. But I couldnt take it if you didnt feel the same way.”

Liz woke up after a few seconds. The warm chest she was pressed up against
was nice. ‘Maybe today will be a good day.’ Then she went to look up.

‘Maybe not.’ The stiffness in her neck, and the dull throb in her head told her
otherwise. She rolled on her back to look at him. ‘He is beautiful.’ She saw
him staring at her. ‘what are you looking at?’ She wondered in her head.

“Goodmorning Sleepyhead.” Max looked into her eyes.

“Do we have to go to school today?” She asked.

“Nope, its Saturday.” Max brushed the hair away from the bandage on her

Liz smiled at him. The almost simultaneously their phones went off.

“Thats weird.” Max laughed. He reached for the table where his phone was.

Liz picked up the handset on the other table. She looked at the caller ID.
KIRK PETERS it said in large letters.

Max looked at the face on his. SARAH.

They looked at eachother. With a smile they both answered. After they both
talked for a while, they hung up.

“What are your plans for the day?” Liz asked.

“Um, I just got my ass chewed off. But she will forgive me if we go do
something today.” Max laughed.

“Yeah. Um, I guess I am going to a football game.” Liz said.

“What are you talking about, you are in no condition to go to a football game,
What is he thinking?” Max scowled.

“Its okay, I am just going to sit in the crowd. No big deal.” Liz looked at him.
“Im not porcliene. I am a big girl.” Liz touched his face.

Max was still amazed at her boyfriend’s stupidity. “Yeah, a big girl with a
big brace, and two big gashes. I dont know why you are with that idiot.” Max
didnt understand what she saw in him.

“Max, he just wants me to watch his game. A game you should be playing
in.” Max had quit half way through the season.

“Dont change the subject.” Max looked crossly at her. She knew why he quit.

“There is no subject. I am going to the game, and you arent my keeper. Now,
what we should be talking about, is quitting football to spite your father.” Liz
had never brought it up, respecting his silence. But she had enough.

“Liz, you dont know what you are talking about.” Max turned away from

“I dont? Who did you call when your father got remarried, and I seem to
remember you saying ‘I dont want to do anything that asshole wants me to
do’ And I fucking quote. Now dont try to tell me what to do if you wont talk
to me about what you should do.”

“Liz, stop. You have no idea-” Max stopped, he could see the strain on her

Liz was really pissed off. And on top of everything, her head was beginning
to throb. The tears were coming, and she didnt know if she could stop them.
Her voice got much softer than it was before, but it still held an angry tone. “I
dont even care if you play football. But for God’s sake, do what makes you
happy. Yes your father is an ass. But you cant let him win. And as for Kirk,
leave me alone to do whatever the hell I want to.” Liz had tears streaming
down her cheeks.

“Liz.” Max took a step toward her. He couldnt stand to see her in pain.

Liz took a step back from him. “Dont touch me.”

Just then Jeff walked in. “Lizzy, Max. Is everything ok? I heard yelling.” Jeff
looked at both their faces.

“Everything is fine Dad, Max was just about to leave.” Liz gave him a stern
look. Through the tears she tried to remain calm.

Max knew he shouldn’t try to talk to her right now. She wasn’t in the mood
to settle anything.

“Yeah, I just um need to get my jacket.” Max had left his jacket in the
bathroom when he went in there last night.

“Whatever.” Liz walked out of the room.

Jeff was surprised. They had been just fine before. And Lizzy looked as if
she was really hurt. Both physically and mentally. ‘Maybe I was wrong on
this bet. I hope not.’ He followed Liz out, but not before shooting a
concerned look at Max.

Max shrugged and went to get his jacket.

When Liz heard the front door close, she came out of hiding. She had been in
the kitchen. She couldnt face him right now, she was to upset.

Liz walked up to her room, and gently lowered herself onto the bed. Her head
was throbbing, but she was to tired to go get her medicine.

Just then she rolled over to see the bedside table. There was two of the pills
she needed with a glass of water. Despite herself, she smiled. She took the
medicine, and noticed a hastily scrawled note next to the cup.

I am really sorry. I didnt mean to insult you like that. Please take care of
yourself. If going to the football game will make you happy, then go. I am
really sorry.

Liz nearly cried. She knew she had to end whatever she had going with Kirk.
it was unfair. Unfair to Kirk, and unfair to herself. she resigned herself to go
to the game tonight, and tell him afterward. She just wished that they kept up
their loosing streak, she would hate have to tell him after his first win as a
varsity football player. She rolled back over to the other table, so she could
pick up the phone. She called Kirk to tell him to pick her up before the game.

The ride home for Max was antagonizing. He couldnt believe how he had
spoke to Liz. She didnt deserve that. And she was hurt! How could he have
subjected her to that.

He pulled out his cell phone to tell Sarah he was on his way to pick her up
tonight. She would help him forget.
Max was sitting in a booth in the Crashdown. Sarah was across from him.
Max found out that Liz had gone to the game. He had hoped to see her, to
apologize. But she wasnt working.

Sarah looked at Max. He seemed 1000 miles away. He had been all week.
Truthfully, she was planning to brake this off. She really liked him, really.
She could probably even grow to love him. Which was why she had to end
this. While it was fun, she wasnt going to jump in, and then get her heart
broken. Anyone could see he was taken. He was the only person who really
thought he could be a strong person without Liz. But she couldnt blame him.
She was always a person who believed in true love. And, while it sort of
sucked for her, it was nice to see two people have it. Now, if only the two of
them would admit it to each other.

Max was also thinking of how to tell her that it was over. He liked her, but he
didnt like using her. It wasnt fair to either of them.

“Do you want to go to your house.” He knew that they should probably go
there. That way they wouldnt have to have an akward silence on the way

“Yeah.” Sarah got up.

Max paid the check, and they left.

They got to her house. Sarah led them up to her bedroom. When Max sat
down on her bed, Sarah sat pretty close next to him.

Max turned to face her. He grabbed one of her hands, and looked into her

‘Here it goes.’ She thought. ‘At least he is getting a clue.’ Sarah knew what
was coming, but she wanted to her what he had to say.

“Sarah, I think we need to talk. I have been having a great time with you.
And I really like you. But I dont think we can see each other any more.” Max
blew out a hard breath. She was a great person, and had there been different
circumstances, things would have probably worked out for them.

Sarah decided to play dumb. “What are you talking about.”

“Um, I know this sounds really lame, but it definitely isnt you. In fact, it isnt
even me. Its someone else. You are a great person. And you deserve someone
who can reciprocate your feelings. I hope you understand.” Max really didnt
want to hurt her.

Sarah wore a smile on her face. “It took you this long to figure this out?” she
shook her head. “Boy, you are dense.”

Max was really confused. “What?”

“You are in love with your best friend. You have been for as long as I have
known you.” She rubbed his arm. “Its good that you finally see it.”

“I-, well I-, okay, I really dont know what to say.” Max was baffled. How
had she known that. “How, how did you?”

“A blind person could see it. Well, I take that back, I couldnt see it at first,
but I can now. You are in love with her. But its ok. I am happy for you.”
Sarah really was.

Max smiled at her. “Your right.” Max shook his head. “Your right.”

“So, mind telling me how long you have realised this, cause I know it hasnt
been that long.” Just because they werent going to be together, didnt mean
they couldnt be friends.

“I dont know. I have always known that I love her. That goes without saying.
I just didnt realize I was in love with her. I guess it took, thinking that I might
have lost her. When Maria called yesterday, it was like the world stopped. All
I heard was Liz was in a car accident, and she was in the hospital. I couldnt
breath when I saw her. She looked so small. I realized that I never wanted her
to ever get hurt again. And I guess that is when is started. It took until right
now to realize that, I am in love with her. And I have been, for so long.” Max
shrugged his shoulders. It was nice to talk to her this way. He could tell she
would be a great friend.

“Why dont you tell her?” Sarah asked.

“I wouldnt know where to start. I cant loose her if she doesnt feel that same
way.” Max looked at the floor.

“You will never know, if you dont try?” Sarah tried to comfort him.

“Maybe? But I think I should probably go.” Max looked at her.

“Yeah. I will talk to you later.” She kissed his cheek.

“Thankyou for listening.” He leaned over and hugged her. “Goodbye.”

“Bye Max.” He grabbed his coat and walked out of the room. Sarah followed
him to the door.

Her mom walked out of the kitchen.

“Was that Max, Sarah?” She put an arm on her shoulder.

“Yeah Mom.” She kept looking at his moving jeep.

“Will he be coming back?”

“No Mom, he has something important to do.”

With that, she closed the door.

Ok, I hope you like that. Liz is next!
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Liz was sitting in the stands, watching the Comets get slaughtered. The score
was 45-10, and there was 1 minute left in the fourth quarter. ‘Oh, goodness,
will they ever win?’ They were 0-8. Soon to be 0-9. They had one game left
after this one. Hopefully they would win that one.

She was sitting with Maria under a blanket. It was unusually cold for a New
Mexico night. Everyone had been very nice, carefull to not touch her in the
wrong place.

“Micheal is playing really well tonight.” Liz told Maria.

“Yeah, my spaceboy is so good!” Maria screemed when he actually caught a
pass. Micheal wasnt bad at all. In fact, him and Kirk were probably two of
the best on the field. But when the rest of your team isnt very good, well you
just dont get very far. Then Micheal got rocked when his blockers didnt

“Well, he tries really hard.” Maria laughed.

“You have to give him that.” Liz laughed with her.

After the game, Kirk was driving her home when she decided to tell him.

He pulled up in front of her house. “Did you have fun?” He asked her.

“Um, yeah. But there is something I have to tell you.” Liz cleared her
throught. This was going to be hard. She had a neck brace on, and she
couldnt quite face him.

“What is it?” Kirk asked. He wasnt stupid, but he wasnt very aware of what
was going on though.

“Um, I dont think we should be together anymore.” There, she had said it.

Kirk was shocked. This never happened to him. “What do you mean?”

“Exactly what I said. I have been awful to you.” Liz truly felt horrible about
what she was doing. She had been using him as an escape. But she couldnt
be selfish anymore. “I guess, well I guess you could say I have been using
you. And its not fair. You deserve someone who can be with you, and be
concentrating on you. I cant do that.” Liz could imahgine how akward this
was. “So, I hope we can still be friends.” Kirk had yet to say anything.

“Um, ok. I guess I will see you around then.” Kirk smiled at her. It wasnt
even a sad smile, just a small smile.

“I guess so.” Liz walked out of the car, and walked to the door. “That was
weirdly easy.” She said out loud to no one in particular.

the rest of the weekend was uneventful. Max and Liz didnt really talk. They
just werent ready. On monday before school, Liz went and got the brace off.
The stitches had to stay, but they werent nearly as bad as that stupid brace.

Max saw Liz walking down the hall.

“Liz, how are you?” There was an unusual tension between them.

“Im doing better now.” Liz answered.

“Um, can we talk after school today?” Max was desprate. She didnt know
that him and Sarah had broken up, and he wanted to tell her. He didnt know
why, but he did.

Liz wanted to talk to him. She felt letting him no that things were over
between herself and Kirk was somehow important. “Um yeah. My dad put
me back to work though. I am on until 9. So why dont we do somehting after

“Yeah, I will pick you up.” Max smiled. They heard the bell ring. “I have to
go to English, but I will talk to you later.”

“Yeah, uh Trig.” Liz hated that class.

Max suprised her by giving her a big hug. He whispered in her ear. “I was an
idiot. Do you forgive me?” He really wanted her to forgive him.

“Yes Max, I do.” She whispered just as quietly back.

He let go and started for class.

She watched him as he walked down the wrong hall. She started laughing

Max realized what he had done after about 20 feet. Then he heard Liz call

“Um, Max. Isnt class that way?” She managed between giggles. She pointed
with her thumb the direction he should have been going.

He started walking the other way. As he passed her, he gave her a tight smile.

“Thankyou.” He didnt even stop.

“Yeah.” Her giggles died down. With that, she walked into her own class.

Ok, that was an unbelievably short part, but it is leading up to the good stuff
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OH my gosh. Thnk you for telling me! Ah, I fixed it. And if you were wondering, Ray is Max. That is so funny. Im really sorry. But it is fixed now!*wink*
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That day, the Crashdown was hectic. There were people everywhere. Liz
barely had time to breath. 9 o’clock couldnt come fast enough. Liz was a
complete mess waiting for her shift to be over. But the people did leave little
room for any other thoughts than ‘table 9 needs ketchup.’

At 8:45 things had slowed down. Liz had nothing to keep her mind off of the
coming talk. She was trying rehearse everything she was going to say.

But nothing was going too well in her head. She ran upstairs a little early, and
got ready in 15 minutes. At 9:05, she was completely ready. But as she
passed the computer, she noticed she had an e-mail. ‘Might as well check it

Max, on the other hand, and been walking on pins and needles all day. He
had no idea what to say, and he had even less idea how to say it. He was in a
constant debate on what he wanted to tell her.

He could be brave, and just lay it all out there, or he could do the usual, and
hope she did it for him. Not that that ever worked, but it was always worth it.

To make matters worse, his mother had insisted he spend some family time
with his father. So, he was sitting in the family room of his house, trying to
think up something to do. His father was still working, and his wife was in
the kitchen cooking, something. Max didn’t really care. Either way, he
wanted to stay away from her.

He decided to use the computer, that always passed the time. When he
opened his e-mail, he had one from his cousin, Isabel. It was a survey you fill
out about someone you know well. Max had the perfect person.

Liz opened the e-mail from her best friend. It read:
>>1. My name: Elizabeth Parker
>>2. Where did we meet?:School
>>3. Take a stab at my middle name: Claudia (I think thats how you spell it, but I'm a guy
so I could be wrong)
>>4. How long have you known me?: really long time
>>5. How well do you know me?: I would say I know you pretty well
>>6. Do I smoke? hell no
>>7. Do I believe in God?: probably about as much as I do
>>8. When you first saw me what was your impression?: Genious!
>>9. My age?: 16
>>10. Birthday?: October 4th 1986
>>11. Color hair?: brown
>>12. Color eyes?: brown
>>13. Do I have any siblings?: yup, Alex.
>>14. Have you ever had a crush on me?: no comment (hehe)
>>15. Have you ever been jealous of me?: yup
>>16. What's one of my favorite things to do?: read, read over the net, play softball, need
I continue? ok, watch E.R.
>>17. Do you remember one of the 1st things I said to you?: Hello
>>18. What's my favorite type of music?: rock, hip hop
>>19. What is the best feature about me?: great source of advice and guidance, and
knowledge beyond you years
>>20. Am I shy or outgoing??: Pretty outgoing
>>21. Would you say I am funny?: hilarious!
>>22. Am I a rebel or do I follow all the rules?: you're a rule breaker at heart.
>>23. Would you consider me a friend?: of coarse, till the day I die.
>>24. Would you call me preppy, slutty, average, sporty, hippie, glam, nerdy, snobby, or
something else?: you completely in your own category. your one in a million and better
than all those choices!
>>25. Have you ever seen me cry?: yup.
>>26. If there were one good nickname for me what would it be?: Lizzy
>>27. Are my parents still together?: Yes
>28. What are you to me? best friend,
>>family, friend, lover?: all of the above haha
>>29. Have I ever been in love? if so, with who?: I dont think so but when you are it will
be special.
>>30. Do I have any pets?: snoopy the cat, chuck the dog, Anastasia but she died, (R.I.P.)
>>31. Name one fact about me that you think no one
>>else knows: Do you want me to answer that? *happy*

Liz was laughing and crying when she finished the e-mail. She loved him!
No matter how she denied it, or how many people she tried to replace him
with, it all came down to one person.

The person who new her better than the back of his own hand, and he cared
about her unconditionally. She had to tell him tonight, no matter how she
thought he would react. He deserved to know.

She looked at the clock, 9:15! She ran down to the Crashdown, and saw Max
walking through the front door.

She almost lost her breath when she saw him. He was gorgeous. She then
made a slpit second decision she never thought herself bold enough for.

She ran halfway across the diner, and as she met him halfway, she jumped in
his arms, and kissed him. Not a ‘hello-on-the-cheek’ type of kiss, but an
‘I-want-to-jump-your-bones’ type of kiss.

Time just seemed to stop. Neither of them were aware of the 30 sets of eyes
staring at them. They didnt notice Maria and Micheal walk in, or Liz’s
parents. Everything was perfect for that moment in time.

Shocked would be a definite understatement for how Max felt. He was just
thoroughly kissed. He loved every second of it, but he didn’t understand it.
One minute she was mad at him, the other she was kissing him.

He barely had time to think about that though. She was attacking his lips
with a passion he wasn’t aware she had.

‘This must be what heaven is.’ Max thought. He was quickly becoming
addicted to Liz Parker’s mouth. Her soft lips were like silk.

She wrapped her arms around his neck as she broke the kiss.

“What do you say we get out of here?” She whispered in his ear.

Max could only shake his head in response. Then they heard the applause.
The entire restaurant was cheering and clapping.

Liz finally realized what was going on. She buried her head in Max’s
shoulder as she slid down his chest.

“I cant believe I just did that!” She sounded thoroughly embarrassed.

“Neither can I.” Max smiled. But what she said made him wonder, did she
regret what she had just done?

Liz grabbed Max’s hand and they ran out of the restaurant.

Behind the counter Jeff was teasing Nancy.

“I won.” spoke over her shoulder.

“Whatever.” Nancy threw a towel at him.

“Sore looser.” He was acting like a 5 year old.

“Its not like anything is going to be any different. I do all the cleaning
anyway.” She smirked. That was why she had made the bet. Even if she lost,
it didn’t matter.

“Oh right. I still won!”

I know that is really short, and I left you hanging a little bit, but the next part should be out buy at least tomorrow!

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This is it! Tell me that you think!

Max ran to the jeep, with Liz at his side. He opened the door for her and ran
to his side.

“Where are we going?” He asked with a smile. He had no idea what was
going on, but he was dieing to find out.

“As far as you can into the desert.” Liz was beyond happy. It was a warm
night for October. The top was off the jeep, and she just felt free.

Max watched her. He loved her like this. Like the world was at her fingertips.
As they drove further into the desert, Liz felt more and more sure about what
she was going to do. She had waited her whole life for a moment when she
could just be who and what she wanted to be, and say what she was going to
say. And she knew Max would accept her no matter what she said. And she
was no longer afraid of rejection. She didnt know why, but she just felt that
no matter what she said, Max would be right there with her.

She felt the wind in her hair, and she stood up on her seat. She grabbed the
top roll bar and screamed.

Max was laughing his head off. She was so carefree, it was so refreshing. He
had a feeling of what was going to happen when they got to wherever it was
they were going.

Liz felt it when they needed to stop. There was a rock formation that was
particularly appealing to her.

“Max, stop here.” Liz sat back down in her seat.

“Okay.” Max stopped.

Liz hopped out of the jeep. Max laughed. ‘What has gotten into her?’ He
wondered. But he definetly liked whatever it was. He grabbed the blanket he
kept in the back of his jeep. He layed it on the ground and went back to
watching Liz.

Liz saw him watching her, and she walked over to him. She reached up on
her toes, and kissed him again. This kiss lacked the passion that was present
before, but held ever more special meaning.

“I think you and I need to talk.” She whispered, looking into his eyes.

“I think we do too.” He leaned down to kiss her again. He couldnt help it. He
had tasted her, and now he couldn’t get enough.

Liz now knew was bliss was. Being in Max Evans arms, being kissed by
him. She pulled away and looked into his eyes.

“I need to tell you something.” She whispered.

“What?” He spoke equally quiet.

“I think I love you.” She looked him dead in the eye.

That knocked the wind out of Max. “What?” He couldnt of heard her right.

“I have been in love with you Max Evans for as long as I can remember. I
cant be with anyone else.” Liz’s eyes were beginning to tear. “I love you

Max was speechless. He couldnt find the words to express what he was
feeling. It was happiness beyond anything he knew. He said the only thing
that was coming to mind.

“I love you too Liz Parker.” Max felt tears in his own eyes. He had wanted to
tell her for so long, and he finally had.

Liz felt her smile jump even more. She pulled him in for another kiss. Their
kisses started out slow and gentle, but grew fiery. Max lowered Liz down
onto the blanket without ever breaking the kiss.

Liz wrapped her arms even tighter around his neck. She was drowning in his
kisses. The feeling was euphoric, like she was drunk off of him. But she
loved every second of it. She never imagined kissing him would be this good.
His tounge, which was currently probing her mouth, was definelty an
intrusion she welcomed.

He broke the kiss to look into her eyes. “I love you.” He didnt know why he
needed to say that, but he just felt he did. He had just said it to her minutes
ago, but he felt he needed to say it to her as often as he could. He knew what
it was like not being able to say that, for fear of rejection. And now that he
could, knowing she felt the same way, made him decided to never ever take
that for granted.

He vowed that for the remainder of their lifetime, he would always make sure
she knew how much he loved her.

Hearing the tender way he voiced the words, made Liz cry. The look in his
eyes told her so many things, how sincere his words were. But she needed to
know a few things.

“Max, I love you. And if I ask you a question, do you promise to answer me
truthfully?” She knew his eyes couldnt lie, and she was staring into the
windows to his soul.

“I promise.” He didnt know what he was getting himself into, but he needed
to be honest with her.

Liz brushed the bangs out of his eyes. “I need to know Max, is what you feel
for me, anything like you felt for Tess?” Liz needed to know they werent on a
dangerous path. She loved him, that much she was sure of. But he had told
her that he had loved Tess at one time, and she needed to feel that they were
going to be together for a long time.

Max sucked in a sharp breath. Of all the people she could have brought up, it
was her. “What are you talking about. You cant compare what I feel for you,
and what I thought I felt for her. You are everything to me, you have been
since the third grade, and I saw you playing with Maria in the playground. I
thought I loved Tess, I really did. But now I know that I didnt. She was
someone to escape all of those confusing feelings I had. I always had you, but
never the way I wanted you. My parents were getting divorced, you were
pulling away.” When Max saw the look on her face he rephrased what he
wanted to say. “I know now that you were giving me the space I needed. But
when you stopped trying to talk to me, I lost it. I grabbed onto the one thing
that was there. It wasnt the right thing to grab, but I thought it was sturdy. By
the time I realized it was wrong, the damage had been done.” Max had silent
tears streaming down his face.

Liz was also crying. He had thought that she was backing away from him?
That was wrong on so many levels. She would never abandon him.

She reached up, and wiped away the tears. He had been supporting himself
over her on his forearms. She rolled them over so she was on top of him.

“If you ever think I am trying to pull away from you again, please talk to
me.” She gazed hard into his eyes, trying to get the point across. “Do you
promise me?”

“I promise.” A smile broke through his face.

“I have another question, and if it makes you uncomfortable you dont really
have to answer, but I still want to know.” Liz rushed a hand over his

“Anything you want.”

“What was it like, being with her, like..that.” She hoped he knew what she
meant. She couldnt say the words.

“Honestly, I didnt like it. All I could think was how uncomfortable it was,
and what you would think if you knew what was going on. We were only
together twice. After that I couldnt handle it. I knew I wasnt near ready, but
she insisted I was. So I broke it up, and then everything happened.” Max’s
head titled to the side so she wasnt looking into his eyes.

She grabbed his chin. She pulled him so they had eye contact again. “Dont
ever be afraid to tell me anything. No matter what it is. We have always
functioned better when we were by each other’s side.” Liz wondered
somehting else. “Did you and Sarah ever have sex?” She didnt know how to
say that without almost sounding accusing.

“No.” Was Max’s simple answer.

“I have one last question.” She hesititated. “Have you ever thought of me, in
that, way?” Liz wondered. She had thought of him like that numerous times,
and wanted to know how he felt.

Max was shocked. How could she ask such a thing? Of course he thought of
her like that. He had been thinking of her since he could think about things
like sex. “Almost every night Liz.” Max answered truthfully. She had asked
that he be honest, so he decided to be 100% honest.

Liz was surprised to hear him say that. She had never considered herself very
extrodinary when it came to looks. So the fact that he thought of the in a
sexual manner was suprising. But she wasnt going to question it now.

She decided that was enough talking. She reached down to touch his face.
She then lowered her lips to his. This kiss was slow and gentle, expressing
everything they felt for each other.

But like all their kisses of that night, it quikly grew out of control. Before he
knew what he was doing, Max was running his hands over Liz’s heated
stomach and back. Her skin was so soft and smooth.

Liz’s hands werent idol. She was also exploreing. The muscles of his chest
were so hard and defined that she couldnt help but pass her fingertips over
them. Then she had to feel all of him, and she pulled the shirt up over his
head. Max only stopped kissing her for a moment.

Max hands had made it to Liz’s breasts. He kneaded them softly in his hands,
while never relinquishing hold on her lips. She felt so wonderful. The shape
of her breasts was perfect for him to mold his hands too. Carefully he began
to pull on the hem of her shirt. He broke the kiss to look into her eyes. He
needed to make sure that she wanted this.

Liz merely shook her head yes. Max pulled it the rest of the way off, and
stared at the beauty before him. It was like nothing he had ever seen. Her red
lace bra hid barely anything.

Liz felt self concious at his staring. She didnt want to dissapoint him. She
instincually brought her arm to her chest.

“Dont.” He gently pushed her arm away. “Do you know how perfect you are
Liz? How beautiful, smart and just perfect you are. I cant even find words to
explain how I feel. You are always there when I need you. I love you so
much.” Max attacked her lips again.

Liz broke the kiss to look at him. She then realized what she wanted. She
knew she was ready now. If anyone had asked her just before that night, had
she thought herself ready to have a sexual realtionship with anybody, they
would have been met with a resounding ‘No.’ But Max had layed everything
on the table for her, and she was ready now.

“Max,” She whispered, gazing into his amber depths, “Make love to me.”

Max stared at her. “Liz, I dont want you to feel you have to.”

Liz placed two fingers too his lips. “I know I dont have to do anything. But
this isnt about anything other than the fact that I love you. And I want this, to
share this with you. I want to give you something I will never be able to give
again to anybody else.” Liz hoped he understood. This wasnt about anything
that had to do with Tess. It was what she knew she was ready for.

“Are you sure? This is something really big.” Max questioned. He wanted
more than anything to take her. But if she had the slightest reservations he
would stop without hesitation. There was never a time more in the world he
regretted not saving himself for this moment.

“I am sure. Make love to me Max.” She repeated.

Max reached into the back pocket of his jeans for his wallet. He pulled out
the foil package he kept there.

Liz smiled.Then she reached down for the button of his jeans.

And that warm October night, under a full New Mexico moon, a coyote
howled in the distance. That night a pair of the best of friends, became the
best of lovers.

Ok, so that was it, what did you think? That was the first time I have wrote
anything like that! If it sucks, I am sorry. I really tried to say how they were
feeling, so tell me how I did! Feedback, please!
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Max woke up to the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Liz was laying no
more than 6 inches away, her head resting on his bicep. He simply stared at
her. She was the model of perfection. He would never find anything better
than her.

To think he had spent the last 11 years of his life always settling for second
best, when he had this right in front of him. ‘Never again.’ He thought. ‘I
will never take you for granted again.’

He remembered a time he did take her for granted. Right after he had broken
up with Tess. He had known she would be there for him when he needed her,
but he hadnt thought about what it would do to her. To have him ignore her.
At the time, he had thought it was best. He had been so messed up, so he
thought he shouldn’t talk to anybody, especially someone as innocent as his
Liz. But he knew now, he always had to let her in. No matter what.

Liz had woken up while he was deep in thought. He had been staring so
hard, but was so far away he didn’t notice her eyes open up.

Once Max registered her open eyes, he blushed. He had been caught staring.

“Goodmorning.” Max stared into her deep eyes.

“Morning.” Liz noticed how his hair was tousled, and he had sleep in his
eyes. She had awoken next to him countless times, but she could never
remember such a perfect morning.

“We should probably head back.” Max brushed an arrant piece of hair away
from her eyes.

“Yeah.” Liz thought for a moment. “Max, my parents!” Liz almost couldn’t
breathe, she was going to be in so much trouble!

“”Dont worry about it love, I called them after you fell asleep. They were a
little upset, but I told them that You were tired after our talk, so you were
going to stay at Maria’s. they calmed down after that. And they told me that
they had to go to a restaurant convention in Albuquerque today, so you
wouldn’t be worried.” Max smiled at her. He couldn’t help it, be around her
was like heaven.

Liz let out a relieved sigh.

“But we still need to go back, I told my parents I would be back from
Michael’s in the morning.” My hated leaving. This place would always be
special to him.

“OK, but first.” Liz pulled him down so she could kiss him.

Max kissed her back with vigor. He loved kissing her. There was nothing
better than the feeling of her lips on his.

A half hour later, they were about to get in the jeep, when Liz tried to stand

“OHH, that hurt.” She grimaced at the pain in her center.

“Whats wrong love?” He immediately scooped her up in his arms.

“Its ok, its just that, I am REALLY sore.” She put emphasis on the word
really. Max picked her up, and sat her on the seat.

“I am so sorry Liz, I should have been more-” Liz cut him off with her lips.

She pulled away and looked into her eyes. “Dont, it is just a reminder of what
we shared. I will take it if it means we are together.”

Max shook his head, and gave a soft chuckle. “I love you.”

“I love you too. Now get over here and drive me home.” She stage

Max ran to the other side of the Jeep, and started for home.

Liz grabbed his hand and intertwined their fingers. She started thinking about
her perfect night.

The way Max had touched her, like she was a precious gem. And the sweet
nothings he whispered in her ear, made her feel loved. He looked at her like
she was perfection itself. The way he had cherished had brought tears to her

When they had finally joined, she was scared. But Max had laid all her fears
to rest, when he told her he loved her, and they would get through anything.

She could have sworn she saw tears in his eyes when she whispered the
words back. And when she saw stars, he was there to hold her.

The pain she felt at the moment would pass, but the memories would last a

She was shaken out of her revere when Max shook her hand.

“Liz, were home.” She looked a million miles away.

She snapped to attention. “Oh, OK. Oh, I dont want to go home.” She
reached across the seats and enveloped him in her arms.

“I dont want to either, but it is only for a little while. I will come over soon.”
He stroked her hair.

“Ok, I love you.” She sniffled.

“I love you too.” He pulled her in for another kiss.

“I. Love. You.” She got out between more kisses. “Now get out of here
before I drag you upstairs.”

“We couldn’t have that now could we.” Max leaned his forehead into hers.

“Nope.” Liz went to open the door, and winced.

“Are you going to be okay?” Max questioned.

“Yeah, I will be fine.” She offered him a small smile. With that, she opened
the back door, and vanished.

Max started the engine and headed home. As he pulled onto main street, he
turned on the radio.

She rolls the window down,
and she talks over the sound
of the cars that pass us bye,
and I dont know why,
but she’s changed my mind

I look at her
She looks at me
She’s got me thinking about her constantly,
but she dont know how I feel.
She carries on without a doubt
I wonder if she figures it out.
Im crazy for this girl,
Im crazy for this girl.

She was the one to hold me
the night the sky feel down.
And what was I thinking when,
The world didnt end
Why didnt I know
I know now.

I look at her
She looks at me
She’s got me thinking about her constantly,
but she dont know how I feel.
She carries on without a doubt
I wonder if she figures it out.
Im crazy for this girl,
Im crazy for this girl.
Right now, face to face, all my fears, pushed aside.
Right now, Im ready to spend the rest of life with you.

(Even and Jaron Crazy for this girl.)

Max listened to the lyrics of the song, and realized how perfect the song fit
him. Up until the day before, that is.

He realized he was one up on the guy from the song. He had told Liz how he
felt, and now he was going to spend the rest of his life with her, or at least as
long as she would have him.

As he pulled into the driveway of his house, a very big smile graced his face.
He now had the perfect life, and he could tell it was only going to get better.


Ok, so thats it! I hope you all liked it, as much as I liked writing it! Um leave feedback! Oh, tell me if you want a sequal!
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Ok, so you all want a sequal. YAY Because I really want to write one. I wasnt going to end it so quick, but I didnt know if anyone was interested. The first part of the sequal should be up soon.