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Title: Goonies Never Say Die
Author: Me..Erin
Dedication: Lena and Jess(my beta)...I've gotten to know these two wild ones, and I adore them!
Summary: Basically, Roswell actors in the Goonie plot
Disclaimer: I own squat. That banner is from a site, and I have NO idea which one. I'll find out and get back to ya on that.

Goonies Never Say Die
First Chapter

Roswell, New Mexico

Date (dãt), n., v., dat ed, dating. -n. 1. time when something happens. 2. statement of time: There is a date on every piece of U.S. money. 3. period of time. 4. U.S. informal. appointment for a certain time. 5. Informal. person of the opposite sex with whom an appointment is made. 6. out of date, old-fashioned; not in the present use. 7. to date, till now; yet. 8. up to date, a. to the present time. b. modern; according to the latest style or idea. -v. 1. mark with a date; put a date on. 2. find out the date of; give a date to. 3. be dated; have a date on it. 4. belong to a certain period of time; hate its origin: That house dates from the 18th century. 5. Informal. make a social appointment with (a person of the opposite sex).

People used to say if it walked like a duck, smelled like a duck, and looked like a duck...then it was a duck. So, if it looks like a date, sounds like a date, and you want it to be a date...then that made it a date. Didn't it?

Max Evans groaned, and fell back on his bed. He was destined to a life of pure misery and torture all because of an angel. He desired her at every moment, ached to hold her at every sight of her, and most of all, he wanted to kiss her in front of everyone in Roswell. Unfortunately, Max Evans and Elizabeth, Liz, Parker were polar opposites.

Liz was the Captain of her Cheer squad, one of the most popular girls at school. She was in the A-crowd, probably the leader of all the rich bitches at West Roswell High. Her father owned a restaurant, and lived on the "rich" side of the town; a old Victorian house to be exact.

Max on the other hand played few sports, too shy to join and not feeling the need to be rejected. He was from the "poor" side of Roswell, immediately placing him in the C-crowd, but because of his "good looks" he was bumped into the B-crowd. Max, didn't care much about the girl's at his school, only letting his eyes stray to watch Liz Parker. Max lived more towards the edge of town. A group of houses were placed along the far edges of the quarry, and Max and his family had lived there ever since he could remember.

It was his home; a place where all of his memories were kept, and Max never minded being in the B-crowd because of it. A school jacket wasn't his lifetime goal. The teams Roswell offered were run by coaches who only cared about the kids whose parents had donated to the sports team. Max worked out at home, and ran through the neighborhood early in the morning. His life was...simple, and he liked it that way.

Max's thoughts were put on hold when his door was thrown open and then shut. Max quickly closed the dictionary, but knew it had caught his sister's eye. Isabel Evans was the one thing in Max's life that was anything but simple. She had nothing in common with her brother besides the fact that they both were blood related. Isabel had long blonde hair, with dark brown eyes. Max, had dark hair, nearly black, with amber eyes. Isabel was popular in school, among the other "poor kids". Max was Isabel's brother. Isabel liked being the center of attention, Max would have rather hid behind the tree. Isabel had breasts, Max didn't. Max had...Okay, so the point was gotten; Max and Isabel were nothing alike.

Isabel reached around her brother, and grabbed the dictionary. She raised an eyebrow, and then sighed in frustration, throwing herself into Max's desk chair. She shot him a glare, still not speaking. Max cleared his throat. "There's this thing; it's called a door. When it's closed it usually means the occupant is busy."

"There's this thing called a bed; it's for two people to use. You on the otherhand never seem to use it for it's rightful meaning, so why should I bother knocking?" Ouch. Low blow. That was definitely below the belt.

"So I guess you're still mad?" Max asked.

"Mad? No Max, of course I'm not mad...because of you we're only losing our HOME!" Isabel shouted.

"That's not fair." Max replied. "They were planning on tearing this community down for awhile now. If you want to blame somebody, try blaming the people who are petitioning for a mall." Max got off the bed and grabbed a set of weights, doing bicep curls.

"They WERE planning on tearing this community down, but because so many people lived here they were holding off."

"For how long? A year? Two? We'd still have to move either way."

"If you had left Liz Parker alone this-"

"I asked Liz on a date, and she said yes. How that effects you or anyone else is still something I haven't figured out."

"You know Sean Pierce is in LOVE with Liz Parker! He's been after her for years, and she's always turned him down. He claimed her, Max. Every other guy noticed that Liz was his, but you! Then you had to go and mess with his girl-"

"Liz is NOT Sean's girl."

"Yes, Max, she is. He's rich, she's rich. He's snobby, she's snobby. That's how it goes Max. They go together, we go together. We don't mix, okay? David Pierce, has been wanting to tear us down for years...but he's held off because there weren't many Roswell people active in it. If Sean came running home to dear daddy, telling him this project is a great idea, Pierce is definitely going to get the ball rolling! It doesn't help that he hates Dad, either." Isabel shook her head, tears brimming her eyes, "I didn't want to have to leave home until after my Senior year...Max, we're only Juniors. Alex, Kyle, and Michael...they're a part of our family, Max. In a week we'll be gone and who knows where we'll all end up."

Max put his weights down and sat across from his sister. He lifted her chin and wiped away a tear, "We'll...I'll figure something out. It will all be okay."

Isabel nodded and let her brother hug her. He rubbed her back and then let her pull away. "Promise we'll find a way to not have to leave Roswell."

"I promise." Max smiled. "Come on, Mom left meatloaf in the oven for us. If it burns, she'll probably kill us all."

"Like the food already isn't going to kill us? I just say we forget the meatloaf and call for Chinese." Isabel stated, heading for the door. Max pulled her back and pushed her on the bed before running for the door, "Nope! I'm calling for pizza...wuss!"

"I'm no wuss Max! Get your ass back here!"


"Met a girl, thought she was grand. Fell in love, found out first hand...went well for a week or two then it all came un-glued..." His jaw tightened and he felt his hands immediately form into fists. In the cell next to Nicholas Dunn-Kelly was Hunter Montgomery; an sixty-four year old drunken guy, whose wife had left him for a younger man. Day in, and day out he sang the same song, over, and over, and over again. Nicholas was ready and willing to strangle had they been sharing a cell.

"In a trap, trip I can’t grab...never thought I'd be the one who would slip, then I started to realise I was living one big lie..."

Nicholas groaned and threw a pillow over his head, trying to drown out the man's voice. It was almost breakfast time. He had to keep it calm until then. He didn't want the guard's rushing in on account of least, not yet.

"She fuckin' hates me! Trust, she fuckin' hates me...La La La love. I tried too hard and she tore my feelings like I had none. And ripped them away!"

Breathe in, breathe out. Nicholas shut his eyes tightly, and pressed the pillow tighter against his ear. It was bad enough that the song sucked, but if you add in the old man's voice, Nicholas was sure his ear drums were about to split in half.

"She was queen for about an hour. After that, shit got sour. She took all I ever had, no sign of guilt...not feeling bad, no!"

How long had Nicholas been in jail? He was sure it was longer than a month, but with Hunter singing next to him, it was probably two to three weeks at the most. Everything had been set for the robbery, everything was perfect. If that stupid bitch of a sister in law haven't of set the god damn alarm off, he probably would have never been caught. She should be in here, not him.

"In a trap, trip I can’t grab...never thought I'd be the one who would slip, then I started to realise I was living one big lie..."

That was it. Nicholas grabbed his blanket and forced himself not to strangle the other man. He pushed it onto the pillow, only to find out that the singing had begun to get louder. The bastard was purposely making him suffer. It wasn't that Nicholas could blame him; because he couldn't. If he had been locked in jail with no boo's...he'd probably kill, but seeing as how the old man purposely tried to piss him off, Nicholas wanted to settle on just killing him.

"She fuckin' hates me, trust. She fuckin' hates me, La La La love. I tried too hard and she tore my feelings like I had none, and ripped them awayyyy...." Hunter paused for a moment before starting to bang on the jail bars to a fast beat, "That’s my story, as you see. Learned my lesson and so did she. Now it’s over, and I'm glad ‘cause I'm a fool for all I've said."

Nicholas jumped up. "You're damn right! Now can you just shut the fuck up and let the rest of us get some god damn quiet?" Hunter's cool gray eyes looked over Nicholas for a moment before he slowly pulled his hand away. Nicholas sighed in relief, "Thanks for nothing you pathetic alcoholic." He laid back on his bed, resting the pillow under his head, and pulling the blanket on top of him. He closed his eyes, and felt sleep come over him. Until...

"She fuckin' hates me! Trust, she fuckin' hates me...La La La love. I tried too hard and she tore my feelings like I had none. And ripped them away!" Hunter began to bang on the cell bars connecting his and Nicholas' cell. Nicholas growled and jumped out of bed rushing towards the old man, who was currently laughing.

"I'll kill you when we get out of here."

"Boy, the day you get out of here is the day I quit wanting to drink." Hunter began to laugh again, getting Nicholas even more angry.

"I swear I'll-" There was a beeping sound before a voice in the loud speaker called, "Breakfast boys! Everybody up!" The cell doors opened and the different cellmates began to slowly walk out of their cells, heading for the dining area. Nicholas watched Hunter pass by and he smirked, throwing Hunter a wink. The old man shook his head and continued to walk on.

Nicholas waited until all of the men had cleared out before he started to move. He saw the one guard with his night stick, waving it back and forth as he walked. Before he reached the guard, his steps faltered and his fell to the ground, his arms going out in front of him for protection as he hit the ground with a loud smack.

The guard froze as Nicholas Dunn-Kelly began to violently shake in front of him. His legs kicked out and his back kept jerking up. He pushed his night stick in his pocket and rushed towards him flipping him over. Nicholas' eyes were rolling from side to side, spit running down the side of his mouth. And suddenly the shaking stopped as did Nicholas, his eyes open, gazing at the gray wall of the cells around him.

The guard reached to check Nicholas' pulse, but Nicholas snapped into action, grabbing the guard's night stick out of his pocket, and bringing it down quickly to meet the guard's head. There was a loud cry from the guard before he fell into unconciousness. Nicholas shrugged and pulled the guard into his own cell, quickly swapping his clothes for the guards. "Sorry Deputy..." Nicholas looked at the tag, "Sorry Deputy Hansen." His grin widened and he walked confidently out of the cell, he was finally going to go home.


James Valenti Jr. sipped his coffee silently, looking through his case files. Nothing out of the ordinary had happened in Roswell, New Mexico lately. "Alien sitings", attempted robberies, speeding tickets, drunk driving...the list went on.

Roswell, New Mexico had never been the type of town where anything crazy happened. In the past fifty years, ever since the supposed "crash", Roswell had been a crazy town. More and more lunatics began to segregate in Roswell, especially around the crash festival, but they most interesting was Nicholas Dunn-Kelly. He was one of the three Dunn-Kelly's wanted for armed robbery, assault, speeding tickets, and so on and so forth. So far, Sheriff Valenti was lucky to have caught Nicholas when he did. Unfortunately, Nicholas' brother Kivar, and his wife Tess had managed to get away.

Jim reached for his coffee cup again, and went to take a drink. He sighed; empty. A figure passed by his doorway and he quickly shouted, "Hansen!" When Hansen never turned around he cursed and walked towards the doorway, only to see Hansen walking quickly towards the exit. Hansen didn't walk like that, and he never wore his hat. Looking down towards the cells, Sheriff Valenti made his way towards them, gun on the ready. Each cell was as empty as the first, except for Nicholas Dunn-Kelly's cell.

"Aw..shit!" He yelled. He grabbed his walkie talkie and stated clearly, "Prisoner on the loose, I want all the exits locked up. He will NOT leave this station!"


"You got it?" Tess frowned at her husband, "I got it."


"I said I got it!" Tess shouted, quickly shutting down her laptop, and reaching for her gun on the dashboard. After a few minutes Tess began to panic. "Where the fuck is he?"

"He'll be here." Kivar said sharply.

"We're outside of a fucking police station-" Tess was cut off by a shrill sound. The doors were beginning to lock. "He ain't got much time left."

Kivar's eyes darkened as he watched the door intently. He turned the ignition, "I'll give him two minutes." A minutes passed before the station's doors were slammed open. Nicholas was staring smugly at the car, as he ran towards it. Tess fumbled with the lock as Nicholas started to bang on the door. "Pull up the lock!"

"I'm trying jackass! It's stuck!" Tess shouted back. Kivar rolled his eyes at the two, and aimed his gun at the lock, immediately pulling the trigger. Nicholas pulled the door open, and slammed it shut.

"Now Tess." Kivar commanded. Tess pressed a small button on the top of her laptop. Immediately, the metal gates in front of the station began to close.

"Buckle up Nicholas." Tess stated, before sarcastically adding, "Wouldn't want anything to happen to you." Nicholas sneered crossing his arms over his chest. Kivar raced towards the gate as it closed, the metal scratching the sides of the jeep. Nicholas went flying, his forehead hitting the back of Tess's seat.

"Should've buckled up." She laughed. Nicholas ignored her, turning back to look at the station. He saw Sheriff Valenti and a few more policemen running out of the station and towards their vehicles. Red and Blue lights blared as they tried to get past their own gate. He grinned.


Come my lady, come come my lady
Your my butterfly, sugar baby
Come my lady, come come my lady
Your my butterfly, sugar baby

Liz flinched and stopped the music as she heard a shout. Pulling her tank top off, allowing the cool wind to hit her sports bra, she jogged over to where Vicki DeLaney was curling up on the floor, clutching her knee. "Are you okay?" Liz demanded. Vicki bit her lip before nodding. "I just need ice...I'll be fine."

"Courtney, get her some ice." Liz demanded. Courtney nodded and led Vicki away. Liz turned on Pam, "What the hell were you thinking? Your job is to help catch the flyer not let her hit the ground! Four laps around the track."

"What?!? That's ridiculous! She fell, it wasn't my fault." Pam retorted. The other girls watched their captain with pride as she snapped, "Ten, or you're off the squad." Before Pam could reply Liz turned back to the others, "All right girls, let's try the Victory Pyramid."


"Screw up again Troy?" Maria teased, as Pam Troy joined her on the track. Practice had ended half an hour ago but Maria was still running extra laps, enjoying the feel of having the track to herself. Pam sneered, "Shut up DeLuca." Maria rolled her eyes and ran away from the track, heading for the bleachers.

She grabbed her water bottle and towel, rubbing the towel over her neck before letting her long hair flow down her shoulders. She pulled it back again and threw it back into a sloppy bun before setting her water bottle down and running up the bleachers. The burning in her thighs and calves urged Maria on as she ran up and down.

She spotted Liz from the bleachers, and offered a friendly wave to her friend who returned it whole heartedly. Liz was wearing the same grin she wore everyday since she went on one date with Max Evans and planned a second one for this upcoming Friday. Maria shook her head and grinned; now she had to find her own Mr. Right. Personally, she thought he had been hit by a truck.


"She's going to run upstairs." Michael Guerin stated, throwing more popcorn into his mouth. He shook his head as Neve Campbell ran for the stairs instead of out the door, "Told ya."

"Mickey!" Hank called from outside. "Give me a hand on this car, will ya?" Michael paused the movie and placed his popcorn bowl down before approaching the car. "Yea Pops?"

"I'm going to try starting the car, let me know if it works, all right?" Hank grinned, and moved towards the front seat of the old truck. Shaking his head, Michael bent down, placing both hands on the sides of the hood, holding it up. Hank started the car, and it began to purr like a kitten before steam started to come out of the radiator.

Michael coughed and bent down, waving the smoke out of his face. Ah ha...there was a loose screw caught in between two wires. He reached for it, and pulled it out, but his elbow snapped something off, causing oil to spray all over Michael, covering his face.

"That needs a bit of work." Hank said through his laughs. He reached over and offered Michael a reassuring pat on the back before getting back to work.


Was it wrong to sleep in til 12 on a Saturday? Kyle groaned and flipped around on his bed before reaching for his remote and turning the TV on. With a yawn he watched as a black jeep was chased on South 285 by several cars. He reached towards his night table and grabbed the Oreo package he had left overnight. The phone rang and still tired, Kyle answered, "'Ello?"


"Hey Dad." Kyle yawned once more, "You're on TV."

"I'm calling on Hansen's phone. I wanted to let you know I couldn't make it to your game today. Nicholas Dunn-Kelly escaped from the station this morning-"

"S'okay Dad, especially when the season ended last week." Kyle rolled his eyes, "Look Dad, I gotta go. I had a late night." With a click, Kyle hung up the phone and slumped back down in his bed. He flipped through the channel's before finally staying on the cooking channel.

But that only increased his hunger and Kyle rolled out of bed, hitting the floor. He did his routine twenty push ups before getting up and heading for the was going to be a long day.


"Sweetie, I tried to make you breakfast but that stupid toaster broke again. Do you think you could fix it?" Alex stared at his mom in shock, "The reason it won't work is because I took all of the parts out of it. Just buy a new one."

"You took the old one apart, you buy a new one."

"Hey, when Dad accidentally lit the gazebo on fire you didn't make him buy a new one." Alex mumbled.

"That's because I hated that gazebo. Your father liked it."

"So much it burnt it to a crisp." Alex stated. His mother shot him a look. "I need you to clean the garage."

"Are you kidding? I have to go to Isabel's today...Mom it's our last weekend before the crazy week of packing and such."

"It won't be so crazy if you get some of it done today." She moved over to the microwave and placed a dish of bacon in. When she tried to start it, it wouldn't work. She threw her hands in the air, "What else have you emptied out? First my toaster, than my microwave...I don't even understand why I buy things at all."

Alex rolled his eyes and stood up, walking over to his mother. He leaned over and plugged the microwave in. She bit her lip as it started up. "Later Mom."

So, what did you think? Hopefully you weren't too disappointed...

The definition of Date comes from:
High School Dictionary
Fifth Edition
Thorndike Barnhart

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Oh gosh. LOL, I have butterflies in my stomach. *wink* I'm jumping up and down that everybody loves it. I grew up on Goonies too, and I own two copies of it. I didn't know people were going to like MY fic though.

I promise, PROMISE that I will finish this. There is NO way I won't. Jess will kill me if I don't. She's already threatening me! *wink* HAH, I knew I loved that girl for a reason.

Now, I'm in major trouble with Jen for starting a new fic. EEKS! LOL, she says I got some 'splainin to do! So..I best get to it, and keep writing eh?



I love you ALL!

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Wow..okay, so I promise, new part soon. I'm working on it. LOL, I was just watching The Goonies, and well I was imagining all the Roswell Characters in for the Goonies characters and it was hilarious.

I'm doing my best to make it Roswellian...hehe. Here's the characters just so everyone knows.

Mikey-Isabel (LMAO at everyone who asked if she was going to "accidentally" kiss Liz)

The Fratelli's-Kivar, Tess, and Nicholas.

And Sloth-'ll find out in due time! *wink*

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*Author's Note*

Jess You do know this fic wouldn't even exist had it NOT been for you right? LOL, I'd probably still be wondering if I should even start the fic or not. And you're right pal...we are immortalized. LMAO. Dunn-Kelly! *tongue**high fives* *hug* You, my Irish Sister, rock. *backs slowly away from the whip* You can..uh..put that away now. TIGLSTRSF <--haha..we're so insane. Thanks so much, chica!

roswellluver Thanks for the feedback! *big*

Lena LMAO, Lena, you should *so* make a music vid with that song. Not only would it be perfect, but I mean..I LOVE that song. And Tess *will* be bad but in a funny way, if that makes any sense at all. (Does it?)
So Liz is a cheerleader huh? *dusts self off* Yep, I used to be a cheerleader back in the days. *pops collar* It was cool being the cats meow of teh school.
LMAO! Holy. Mackenzie. That's hilarious. LOL. We're such klutzes, that I want to see you as a cheerleader! HA! *wink* *hug*

mg_ros Thanks for replying..I know, The Goonies rocks!

Tinkerbell So I guess I should add in more songs huh?? Whoo..bring on the country! LOL

Paula Yay! I'm so glad you replied to this. LOL, I love having you as my feedbacker. *hug*

qt4167013 The Goonies is everyone's favorite movie. LOL, just cuz it's..The Goonies! Hehe

Unknown_Star That's so sweet of you to say that!!! I hope that this fic is good..I'm so nervous you guys won't like what I do with it.

Lelea I thought Kyle and Michael both reminded me of Mouth as well, so there's a little bit of Mouth in both of them..but Kyle is the one who just uh..wants food more. LOL

Sunshine HAHA! LOL, I just looked at 'Sunshine' and was like..oh gosh...LOL. Okay, so thanks so much for replying to this, and reading it even when you haven't seen the Goonies! *hug* *happy*

Tabasco Liz I know what you mean! I lost count of how many times I watched The Goonies as well. Whoever thought it up deserves major props!

Lynn I grew up on The Goonies too. I remember when I first saw it, "The Goonies?? That's a weird name for a movie." LOL. Yup, Kyle is Chunk. LOL, except you know..he's Kyle. HAHA, and about the Liz kissing Isabel thing...*wink*. And at special request Cyndi Lauper's song "Good Enough" WILL be in the fic. *happy* Nice job on getting all the characters matched together. LOL

Shari Thanks so much for the feedback

Justine Hehe, thanks for reading and replying. I don't know if I could ever forget The's always at the back of my head...kind of like Roswell.

lm_roswell Thanks for giving my fic a chance. After reading it, did you get the urge to watch the movie? LOL, at the thought of writing it, I did...*happy*

Lillie You were actually the first one to comment on the 'differences between Max and Isabel' LOL. I'm so glad that people are actually liking Nicholas, Tess, and Kivar. I wasn't expecting such a good reply on that.
I think my Mr. Right is sitting on his ass watching some crappy sports.
LMAO. Elena quoted that her Mr. Right had been kill in a boating accident. two are great. And on the Liz kissing Isabel thing...well *wink*. LOL You guessed all the characters right! hehe

Roswelllostcause Actually, yea, I did know that the actress who played Mrs. Evans on Roswell played Mrs. Walsh on The Goonies. LOL, that's kind of what started everything, "Hey..she's Mrs. Evans. HOLY. MACKENZIE!" LOL *big*

On to the new Chapter...and two days too! I'm on a roll!

*Dedicated to Jess---the dork replied four times! LOL, love ya sweetie!*


Goonies Never Say Die
Second Chapter

"I'm sorry, Max, but I REFUSE to watch Baywatch." Isabel grabbed the remote from her brother's hand, "Isn't that what you have Liz for?"

Max glared at his sister and then rolled his eyes. He stood and stretched before crossing the room to bench press.

"One day, that thing is going to fall on you and all I'm going to say is-"

"I told you so?" Max guessed.

"Serves you right, Jackass." Isabel corrected.

"I was close." Max shrugged and then smiled, laying back down. Isabel rolled her eyes, "You could just join weight training."

"Right." Max replied, blowing air out of his mouth as he lowered the weight. Isabel threw her hair up and then flipped through more channels, stopping at a country station to annoy her brother to all ends. He shot her a glare, "Gee Iz, thanks for putting the channel on something I'd enjoy."

"I thought you liked country." Isabel replied innocently. She threw her head back and sighed dramatically. "I'm so bored."

Max, not looking at his sister but out the window, grinned. Walking up to the front door was Michael Guerin, one of his best friends since they had first been introduced in kindergarten. Michael was the first kid Max knew, other than himself of course, that could piss Isabel off to the point where actual steam could be seen coming out of her ears.

"Michael's here." He stated. Isabel turned to see Michael walk confidently into their living room, throwing himself in one of the chairs, and resting his feet on the table. Isabel used her own feet to kick his to the floor, "No feet on the table. It's rude." Yet, she kept her own on the small table. Michael rolled his eyes before greeting Max. "Hey Maxie!"

Max, currently doing situps nodded to Michael, before getting back to counting. For a moment there was silence until Michael groaned, "Aw...come on guys! We gotta do something!"

"We live in Roswell. We have NOTHING to do." Isabel stated, her voice unenthusiastic. "Then again...we could always try to find some..." She lowered her voice to a whisper, "Aliens."

Michael threw the back cushion at Isabel as she fell to the floor laughing, "The look," She snorted, "On your face was priceless!"


Shampoo. Where was the damn shampoo when you needed it? Kyle looked through the different aisles of the supermarket, his eyebrows raised. He had conditioner...the only problem was getting shampoo. He sighed in frustration. Couldn't a guy just expect to come into a grocery store and find the shampoo right where it should be? He caught sight of someone working there and he immediately rushed up to them.

"Hi, can I help you?" The clerk greeted. Kyle bit back the urge to roll his eyes at the annoyance in the clerk's voice. He worked there, so he should just suck it up and help a person. "Yea, where's the shampoo?"

"That all depends, which shampoo would you be talking about?"

"The kind you wash your hair with. What else would I be talking about?" Kyle snapped.

"Oh, that kind." The clerk raised a cigarette to her lips, "I'd love to help you. It'd complete my actually it'd be the reason for why I was still living but, I'm on break."

Kyle looked at her with wide eyes, "Can you point me in the direction of where it might be."

She gave him a single look before getting up and walking away. Kyle threw his hands in the air, "That's it! Dad can get his own damn shampoo next time." He walked for the Exit after paying for his purchases and headed towards his house. Unfortunately his car was in the shop for work so he was walking around town...everywhere.

He pulled his headphones on, ignoring the sounds of the traffic, and waited for the sign to say he could cross. He walked across the street when it did, not hearing the wails of the police cars. Once he reached the middle of the street a black jeep sped right past him. Kyle froze, almost feeling his heart stop. He turned to run back across the way he had come only to see several police cars speed in front of him. With a look of terror on his face, Kyle dropped the groceries and ran. He had to tell the others.


"We gotta do something guys." Michael repeated, standing up. "We gotta see the rest of Roswell, blow this town apart, we gotta party!" He stood close to Max, "But noooooo! Someone's got to go and fall in love-" He jumped back as Max swung out at him.

"Cut it out guys." Isabel stated. She shot Max a look, "Although, he is right."

"Even if I hadn't of "fallen in love" we would still have to clean the attic." Max stated. Michael held his hands up, "Clean? Oh no, I don't do the cleaning thing."

"Now you do." Isabel stated. She got up, stretched, and turned to Michael, who was trying to make a quick getaway. She coughed and he groaned, turning around. "Do I have to?"

"Yea, you 'have to'." Isabel caught Max laughing, "So do you buddy."

At that, Max groaned and stood up. Michael was right, it was the weekend. They should be doing something other than packing and moving.

"What's in the attic?" Michael asked, shooting an annoyed glance at Isabel. CRASH! Isabel and Max immediately jumped backwards from the flying glass. Isabel looked up and smiled despite the ruined window. She helped her boyfriend up, "Are you okay?" This was the second time this week Alex had tried to enter through the front window. He lived next door, and had created a clothes line connecting their window to his window, on the second story. Unfortunately, it didn't work out as planned.

"Yea, I'm fine. No injuries. I'm good." He winced at the sight of all of the glass, "But my mom will kill me once your mom bills her for the window."

Isabel frowned, "No...this place will be all ruined soon anyways. One broken window won't keep them from tearing our homes apart." Alex wrapped his arms around her comfortingly.

"Glad you're here, Alex, we get to clean." Michael said sarcastically.

"I just finished cleaning the garage!" Alex stated, a look of pure torture on his face. Isabel crossed her arms, "You don't have to help. You could all just leave me to do everything."

"I'm liking that plan." Michael replied.

"Sounds good." Max sat next to Michael as they turned the T.V. on. "EVERYBODY UP!" Isabel shouted. "Let's go. Up the stairs." She turned the T.V. off, and pointed to the stairs, "You all have two seconds."

"Think she's serious?" Michael asked Alex. Alex raised an eyebrow at his girlfriend, "Say goodbye to your balls, dude."

Michael and Max jumped up, racing for the stairs. Isabel grinned and kissed Alex on the cheek. "Let Kyle in, will you?"

Alex paused, "Kyle?" At that moment, the doorbell rang. He raised an eyebrow in his girlfriend's direction. Isabel shrugged, "I saw him coming when you came in."


"Alex!" Kyle shouted, as he rushed through the door to enter the Evan's house. "Alex, my man, you will never believe what happened!"

"You're right. I probably won't if it's coming from you." Alex shut the screen behind Kyle and began to walk up the steps, Kyle right behind him. "I'm serious!"

"I bet."

"You're a punk." Kyle sighed, "Well...where's everyone else?!?"

"The attic. We're all cleaning today." Alex said, faking a smile. He pulled on a string, and pulled the ladder down, leading them to the attic. "Kyle's here to help, guys."

"Yea, yea-" Kyle cut off at the sight of the attic. "Holy shit. Is this a library or an attic?" Boxes were everywhere, covered in dust.

"These are all some of Dad's old cases." Max replied. "We have the pleasure of taking all of these boxes, and leaving them out for the trash."

"Dad and I have to do that too." Kyle stated, looking around. At the mention of his dad, he jumped in the air. "Guys, I almost died!"

"Right." Isabel said picking up a box and opening it, "Dad has a lot of junk."

"That's what sucks about being a lawyer." Michael huffed and sat down near a pile of boxes.

"Guys, did anyone hear me? I just said I almost died!"

"You said that two weeks ago, and a month before that, and then two months before that-"

"FINE!" Kyle shouted, flinging his hands in the air. "I wasn't almost kill two weeks ago. But a month ago I was, and two months before that."

"You're right. You're the Sheriff's son, of course people are going to try to murder you. What are the rest of us thinking?" Isabel asked sarcastically. "By the way, while you tell us your tragic death story of the month, hand me that box near you."

Kyle grinned, "Okay, so I was at the supermarket and I was crossing the street when this 2001 black jeep went flying across the street, I turned to cross the other way, and then a whole bunch of cop cars went past. Man, it was the most amazing thing, you should have been there." He went to grab the box, and hand it to Isabel when he tripped on a loose board and went flying. The box landed on it's side, the top flying off, and papers tumbling out.

"KYLE!" Isabel shouted. She picked the box up and groaned, "Look at all of these papers."

"I think I broke something." Kyle groaned, as Max helped him up.

Isabel stacked some of the papers back into the box. She looked around for any she might of missed, and spotted a manilla portfolio. She pulled it towards her. There wasn't anything special about the envelope, except on the front, in bright red letters, it read 'CONFIDENTIAL'. What could her dad have in here that was so secret? Isabel opened it, dumping the contents into her lap.

"What are you looking at?" Michael asked, bored. "I thought we were supposed to be cleaning? Weren't we?" Isabel still didn't look up from the papers. "Max, get over here!"

The others stopped sorting through the boxes and approached Isabel, "What'd you find?"

"Max, look, this is a map!" Isabel's eyes shone with excitement. Max took it, and looked at it. "A map to where?"

Isabel picked up a broken pendant, hanging on a silver chain. She put it around her neck and rubbed it. It seemed to broken in half. Next to the chain, had been a key. She pocketed it, and then turned back to answer Max's question. "I don't know, it's written in Navajo." She turned to Michael, "Your mom was part Navajo...what's it say?"

For a moment there was a flicker of emotion in Michael's eyes, before he leaned down to look at the map. His brow furrowed, and he rubbed his forehead, "The map's really old, it's hard to read through all the smears and smudges."

"Try." Isabel urged.

Michael strained and worked the frail, almost ancient seeming paper over with his eyes. There was a spark of recognition as his eyes followed the lines of writing, and the silence was almost palpable. Four tense teenagers waited and watched their friend who was trying to decipher the language.

Finally, Michael looked up with wide eyes.

"What? What does it say?!" Isabel questioned with impatient urgency.

"It's a's a map to an alien spaceship." Michael said, his voice serious. Isabel searched for amusement in his eyes, not finding any.

"Oh please!" Kyle moaned. "And you guys didn't believe me?!"

Michael glared at Kyle, "I'm serious. It's a map to an alien spaceship."

"Isabel...please tell me you don't believe this." Max said, looking down at his sister who had remained silent. She looked up, "It all makes sense Max! All of this is about a case Grandpa was working on in 1948. He was defending an old Navajo man named Riverdog." Isabel looked back down at the papers, and read through some of them", "Apparently, Riverdog said he had been walking through the desert that night when there was a bright white light, and a loud crash. He was knocked unconcious, but when he woke, there was a figure lying near him, covered in blood. He rushed the figure towards a nearby cave. When the stranger awoke, Riverdog called him Nasedo-"

"Which means 'Visitor' in the Navajo language." Michael added.

"Nasedo told Riverdog a story about his planet-"

"His planet? Which would be what?" Alex asked. Kyle laughed out loud, "I can't even believe we're having this conversation."

Isabel shot them both a glare. "Look, laugh if you want, but I'm serious. I remember, when I was little, Dad used to tell me stories-"

"Dad would tell you anything to get you to sleep." Max stated.

Isabel sighed and looked back down at the map. "No...he was telling the truth. Nasedo told Riverdog the same story Grandpa used to tell Dad and Dad used to tell me!"

"Let me guess," Kyle licked his lips, "Once upon time..."

"You ass!" Isabel snapped, slapping Kyle's leg. He yelped and jumped back. "I was just guessing!"

"What was the story?" Michael asked, interested. Isabel leaned forward, "There were five planets; Hanar, Antar, Sero, Kathana, and Tarsus, which formed a V-shape. In the center was the planet Antar. It was lead by the Royal Four; Zan the King, Rath, his second, Vilandra, Rath's fiance and Zan's sister, and Ava, Zan's Queen."

At that Max snorted. Isabel shot him a look, "Do you mind?" Max held his hands up as if he was surrenduring.

"Antar was being attacked by the farthest two planets; Kathana and Sero. They each wanted the power Antar held over the other planets, so they attacked, planning on taking Antar on as their own...the Antarians weren't prepared for the attack and the Royal Four were killed. The head scientists were able to to take the essence out of the Royal four and implant it in embryos. Nasedo, was flying them over to Earth for protection. A few weeks later, a second ship was to follow him in case Earth didn't agree to protect the Royal Four."

"Nasedo brought gems, and different jewels as a peace offering between Antar and Earth, but before they could land, a traitor who had hid above the ship, damaged the embryos and the essence of the Royal Four surrounded the ship. The traitor damaged the ship well enough to crash it, before Nasedo was able to kill him."

"And Nasedo told Riverdog all of this?" Alex asked.

"Yes. Nasedo hid the ship, the jewels, and gems in Roswell, and left a map this pendant, and a key in Riverdog's care for when the second ship came down to Earth."

"Wait a second, Isabel," Kyle said, "Why didn't Nasedo just take the jewels for himself? Or at least go to the President and offer and alliance between Earth and Antar? Where's Nasedo and this Riverdog now?"

"Riverdog passed away awhile ago...but my dad told me that Nasedo waited years for the next ship to come and finally he was captured by a group of the FBI, and tortured before he escaped to go back to the ship."

There was silence for a second before Michael burst into laughter, "I get it. This is all a joke, isn't it?"

"What?" Isabel asked, annoyed. "It's not a joke. I'm serious...we can follow the map and find the-"

"Intergalactic booty?" Kyle laughed. "Nice joke, Isabel. You got us."

"I swear-" Isabel was cut off my the sound of the doorbell ringing.

"Saved by the bell." Max joked. He led the others the rest of the way down the stairs, leaving Isabel alone in the attic. She glared at their backs before gathering the remains of what was in the manilla envelope and rushing down the stairs after them. They were going after those jewels if it was the last thing she did!

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1) Okay, well...I should have said something when I posted this part, but Max, Tess, Michael, Isabel, Nicholas, and Kivar are not aliens. The Royal Four I talked about aren't even connected to them. LOL, did I clear that up? I'm such a dork.

2) Second thing...well Lynn pointed it out that I said that Phillip Evans represented Riverdog in 1948..he had to have *at least* been 35 or something then...and if you add 54 years to that, Phillip woulod be 87. What the HECK was I thinking?!? LOL. So, let's say Phillip Evans Sr. was Riverdog's attorney and he passed the story to his son...and so on.

Whoo..glad to have cleared that up. Thanks Lynn!


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I'm such a genius. LOL, I keep thinking about how Phillip was like...80 and I keep going "Poor Mrs. Evans!" LOL, I'm such a dork. Thanks for all the bumpies. I fixed the whole "80 year old Phillip" mess, and changed it so that Riverdog's attorney was Phillip's DAD! *wink*

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Author's Note: *happy* *waves* LOL, heya. Okay, so, I keep wondering why I keep posting so many parts quickly...and I haven't come to a conclusion, except I think it's because I love you all, and I love this! LOL on with the Author's Notes, and then a new part. Whoo.

Jess: TIGLSTRSF!!!!!!!! LOL, you are too adorable. Imagine if we had never talked in the Roswell Chat...or if I had never noticed the pic in your sig and bmailed you! *shakes head* Scary thought. I wouldn't have met my Irish sista! Haha. *high 5* *happy* *hug* Love you! And you're Lena is the Queen of Quoting!

mg_ros: Everyone is human. know with the exception of Nasedo and stuff..LOL.

qt4167013: Thanks so much. You rock! *wink*

Surfgirl02: Well I'm glad that you like Alex as Data. When I was trying to figure out which characters should be which, I was like "Alex has GOT to be Data. No one else could do it."

Lelea: And thanks so much for reading. I'm doing my best to make this as Roswellian as possible, with still having the Goonies feel of it.

Lynn: Hey gurlie! *big* Okay, so...I thought that Hank was portrayed as an ass in a lot of fics..and me being me who always tries to make the characters funny/good/caring. LOL, am I doing a good job? *hug* Thanks for reading this. I saw your feedback and I was like "Uh..there's something wrong here..I FEEDBACK HER!" LOL!!

aZNroSweLl anglgrl: I'm back with more! LOL

roswellluver: I'm glad that the map and story just fell into place. Jess (Stardust Dreamer) and I were joking around about Nasedo being; One Eyed Nasedo. LOL. One Eyed Willy just sounded so..wrong! Haha

Don't you just hate!!! hate!!! hate!! When you go to someones house and they say, Oh here's a mop! Heres the Pinsol! I want to see that floor sparkle!
Uh...who's house did you go to?!?, yea. I have had to clean my friend's house before but there were My friend and I were getting Cranberry Juice from the fridge, and a white wine bottle was on the edge of a shelf, and it just crashed onto the floor. It smelled horrible, and we had to clean it up ALL befor her mom came home, and even then it smelled incredibly bad.
I can't help but read the greatness that is erin...
Ditto, except reverse that to the greatness that is elena.. *happy*

I_LOVE_NICK: LOL, are you serious? Dude, I would have been like "Holy Mackenzie..have you ever..uh..acted before?" Hehe. I'm sure you would have done fabulous writing a Goonies/Roswell fic! By the weren't rambling.

frenchkiss70: Thanks for reading! *big* I hope you like the new part too!

Unknown_Star: About the tests..yea, I'm wondering what's gonna happen myself. LOL. Jess is totally helping me along the way, but we are extremely clueless as to what the flying frick is gonna happen. LOL Isabel and Max's father being a lawyer in 1948 was early. Holy Mackenzie was it ever. LOL. that was my bad. *wink*

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Roswelllostcause: Isabel was always the one who wanted to forget about the alien and I just switched roles. LOL, now she's the one who's all into it. Actually, I can't wait to start writing the whole gang together! *happy*

On with the fic! *wink*


*Dedicated to Jess, Elena, Lynn, and I_LOVE_NICK*

Hehe, *muah* and *hug*

Goonies Never Say Die
Chapter 3

Here we are
Hanging on to strings of green and blues
Break the chain and we break down
Oh it's not real if you don't feel it

Max crossed his arms, staring down the older man. He looked younger than he actually was, in a crisp navy suit, a smirk on his face as he looked appreciatively at the surrounding houses. Max could see the gleam in his eyes at the thought of tearing all of the houses down. This angered Max. Did he go to Pierce's house and tell him that it had to be torn down for a stupid mall?

"Can I help you?" Max demanded, staring him down.

"Max, good to see you again. You remember me of course? David Pierce...Sean's father." Max scowled at Pierce.

"Yea, we know Sean. My dad probably knows him a bit better than we do." Kyle stated. Take that you blue balled bitch! Isabel thought gleefully as the smile disappeared from Pierce's face. "Is your mom or dad home?" He held up a light blue envelope and shook it, "I have some papers I need them to sign."

Max walked down the porch steps, "My dad's in Clovis, and my mom's visiting my aunt." He held his hand out for the envelope. "I'll make sure they get it."

Pierce smiled, and handed over the envelope. "Thanks Max." He nodded to the others and nodded, Max mumbled, "Fuck you."

"What was that?" Pierce asked, raising an eyebrow at Max. "I said 'thank you'." Max replied. Pierce shot him a look before walking towards his car. He stopped and turned back, "Happy packing."

Unspoken expectations
Ideals you used to play with
They've finally taken shape for us

"What'd he give you?" Isabel questioned as Max walked towards the house. "Nothing. It's for Mom and Dad."

"It's papers for the house, isn't it?"

"It's for Mom and Dad." Max snapped. He turned to watch as Pierce left their community. "I hope that bastard's happy knowing how many families he's driving out."

"He knows." Michael stated. "That's what makes him a bastard." He lead Max back inside, Kyle soon following. Alex remained behind. "Iz?"

Isabel turned her head so he wouldn't see her tears. "I'll be right there." Alex moved towards the door, and then paused and walked slowly back over to her. He wrapped his arms around her waist. She put her hands over his, and leaned back. "God, I just...I hate being different."

"Different from who?"

"From everyone!" Isabel sighed, "I hate being different from everyone. We live on the edge of the quarry...okay, so what? Why do we have to be treated differently?"

Alex frowned, "Everyone's different Isabel. If we were all the same- we wouldn't" He leaned in to kiss her cheek, "And I happen to love you just the way you are."


"...He's not going to let us go. We have to take it into our own hands." Isabel stated. She had been talking to Michael, Kyle, and Alex for the past half an hour, explaining her plan. Max had still not relented in letting her go for the jewels of the Royal Four, so she had to take him out. Well...not literally take him OUT...well, you understand.

"THOSE are not going anywhere near my hands!" Kyle replied. "Don't you have rope around here anywhere?"

"Yea, how 'bout you give me a second to pull it out of my ass!?" Isabel replied sarcastically. "Look, I'm the one doing all the work here, all you gotta do is distract him."

"How are we supposed to do that?" Michael asked.

"Look, I'm his sister, not his freaking other half! You're'll think of something." She walked towards the door and froze, " WILL think of something, right?"

"Pantyhose!" Alex shouted. Kyle, Michael, and Isabel all slowly looked at him.

"When I said think of something...I didn't mean more of my undergarments!" Isabel replied. "It's okay sweetie, I love you just the way you are."

Alex sighed, "No...that's not what I meant..." He quickly explained. Isabel jumped up excited, "You're a genius!"

"I know." Alex smirked, and blew the top of his right finger as if it were a gun. The three guys headed down the stairs, intent on distracting Max.


Good enough for you
Is good enough for me
It's good enough
It's good enough for me
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

"Hey Max." Michael greeted. He slumped down on the couch, closest to the chair Max was in. Was he obvious? Could Max tell they were up to something?

"So did what'd Isabel need you for?" He asked, not looking away from the T.V. screen. Michael looked to Kyle and Alex for help. "Oh..uh she just-"

"Wanted to show us.." Alex paniced. What could he say Isabel wanted to show them? If he said her bras, Max would kill him. Dead. Murdered. No more Alex. He gulped.

"Okay, I can't take it anymore." Kyle groaned, "She wanted to show us your birthday gift, and see if we thought you'd like it." Michael and Alex were stunned. Who the hell was this? Where had Kyle Valenti gone?

"Well...what is it?" Max asked, clearly excited. Kyle blanked. How was he supposed to know that Max would ask what his gift was.

"A new car stereo."

"A DVD player."

"A picture of Liz Parker taking a shower."

All three guys looked at each other as they spoke the words simultaneously. Uh oh. Busted. Max looked confused, and then laughed, "Okay, so you can't tell me. Got it...but a little hint wouldn't hurrrt, especially if Isabel never knew-" At that moment, Isabel pulled cloth across Max's chest, binding his arms to his body. Alex, Michael, and Kyle jumped into motion, pulling Max's arms behind the chair, and tying them together with Isabel's pantyhose.

The four stood back to observe their work, and burst into laughter. Max Evans; struggling against pantyhose, and bound to a chair by two of Isabel's bras connected to each other. Max looked down at his chest and screamed. "Isabel! Get it off! Get it off!"

"Gotta go, Max. I'm really, really, sorry." Isabel kissed his cheek before running out of the house, laughing as she climbed into the jeep. Michael jumped in the passenger seat as Alex and Kyle hopped into the back. "He's going to kill us."

Now you say
You're startin' to feel the push and pull
Of what could be and never can


Max was going to kill them. As soon as he got his hands on them, he would kill each and every one of them. He sighed in frustration as he slipped one hand out of the pantyhose, and pulled it off, flinging it across the room. He looked down at the bras. This was going to be utter hell. How did you get one of these things off?

He tried to reach for the clasp, but everytime he shifted, the bras would cling tighter to him. He could always call Liz and ask for help...Oh yea. That'd go real well...what would he tell her? 'Hey's me, Max. Look, my sister bound me to a chair with her bras...think you could help a friend out?'

Max took a deep breath and pulled his arms together. He heard a snap, and a pop. Hey, throw a crackle in there and you've got Rice Krispies. Max hopped out of the chair and looked at the scene before him; pantyhose on the floor, the couch a wreck, a bra on the coffee table, and a bra on the floor near Max's chair. He kicked it under the chair and smirked. When his parents came home, Isabel was *so* busted.

That was...if Max didn't kill her first. The entire Royal Four story was a load of crap Dad told Isabel every night to get her to sleep. Max rolled his eyes, and stormed out of the house, leaving a note explaining he had gone out. Only problem was...Max was stranded. "Shit!" He cursed. Where his jeep was usually parked, there were tire marks. He kicked the dirt, sending sand everywhere. He ran his hand through his hair.

Those bastards had stolen his jeep! Oh, they were beyond dead, now they were extinct. "Damn! I'm gonna-" Max stopped in mid speech, spotting Alex's pride and joy; a bright red Vespa scooter. And, lucky for Max (or unlucky for Max), the keys were in the ignition, the wind rocking it back and forth. Max groaned, it was his only option, and if he wanted to catch up to them, he'd have to leave now. Hopefully, Max remembered the map right, and should be heading on 285 South...towards Marathon, Texas.

He hopped onto the Vespa, and turned the ignition. If he didn't crash before the day was over, he'd be fine. The Vespa sped off, passing by the houses Max was so familiar with...houses that wouldn't be there within the end of the week. Max shook his head. He'd do himself no good thinking about that right now. Instead, he had to think of what he would do to the other four.

You mirror me stumblin' through those
Old fashioned superstitions
I find too hard to break
Oh maybe you're out of place


Liz Parker was annoyed. She looked out the window of the car and sighed. Why did Maria's car have to break down on the side of the road? Why did Sean Pierce have to be the one who noticed them first and offered them a ride? AND WHY did she say yes? Oh yea, she remembers now, because she and Maria had no other way home. Liz felt Sean's arm slid over her shoulders. She shrugged it off, "Sean, I already told you. I'm with Max."

"Evans?" Sean scoffed, "Right. Liz, you and I both know you were just trying to make me jealous. It's okay, it worked." Liz's mouth dropped open, and she shot Maria a look of astonishment. Was he for real?

"Yo, Jailbate..." Maria stated, leaning forward, "Liz likes Max. Max likes Liz. Get over yourself."

Liz smiled. Oh gosh, she loved Maria...and this was why. She shot her friend a look of thanks, and Maria shrugged. Sean rolled his eyes, "Whatever DeLuca." For a few moments there was silence before Sean let out a long throaty laugh. Liz shot him a look, "What?"

" up there." Sean nodded his head in the direction of a bright red Vespa a little ways ahead of them.

"No friggin way." Maria said under her breath. Her eyes narrowed to examine the rider better as Sean sped the car up. "I didn't know he had a VESPA!"

"He doesn't." Liz replied, "He's got a jeep. It must be in the shop...or something."

"Or he's a loser." Sean was a few feet away from Max. He honked the horn. "Evans!"

Good enough for you
Is good enough for me
It's good enough
It's good enough for me
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah


Max stopped the Vespa, and leaned against the car. He nodded to Liz and Maria. "Hey guys, how's it going?"

"Hey Max." Liz smiled at him through her eyelashes. "Where's your jeep?"

"Isabel took it...I'm kind of going after her right now." Max explained. He gave Sean a small nod, "Pierce."

"Evans." Sean smirked, and looked the Vespa up and down, "Do you want a...ride, somewhere?"

Max shook his head. The day that Sean offered him a ride out of the kindness of his "heart" was the day that Max Evans, stopped loving Liz Parker. "No thanks. I have to give Alex his Vespa back anyways."

He thought he saw Liz frown, but he wrote it off as his eyes seeing things. He waved, "I better get going. I'll call you later Liz." Liz nodded, and grinned, watching as he drove off. Maria waved herself with her hand, "Whoo...that boy is finneeeeeeee!" Liz laughed, and leaned back towards Maria, to whisper in her ear.

Sean felt his face grow red with anger. Liz was his girl. They were made for each other. They came from the same sort of family, same part of town, they wanted the same things. Well, Liz would soon want the same things he did. How Max Evans could just swoop in and take Liz away from him made him even more pissed. He couldn't wait until Evans' house was torn down and he was forced to leave Roswell, and Liz.

He suddenly sped up behind Max, hitting the edge of the Vespa, sending it forward. Max turned around in shock, and Liz and Maria screamed. Maria slapped the back of Sean's head. "You jackass! Pull over, and let us out!"

Sean hit the Vespa once more, ignoring Maria and Liz's pleas. "Stop it Sean! Leave him alone!" Liz tried to grab control of the steering wheel, pulling the car into a different lane. Sean jerked it back to the side, hitting the Vespa and Max, sending them both flying across the desert.

Old fashioned superstitions
I find too hard to break
Oh maybe you're out of place

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Roswelllostcause- Serious? Langley was Francis?!? Where'd the hair go?? Oh, that's right he was wearing a hair piece in the movie. LOL, thanks for letting me know, I'll have to see the movie again as well. Thanks so much for the feedback!

BaBee_ImaJyn- You don't have to wait long! *wink*

frenchkiss70- Don't worry, Sean gets his comeuppance. *giggles* It's sort of funny I'll stop rambling, thanks for the feedback.

Goonies Never Say Die
Chapter 4

Where had the sun gone? It had taken a while for the four teens to head off towards Marathon, Texas and when they arrived Isabel had noticed how the sun had been hidden behind a group of clouds, and how much colder it had gotten. Was this an omen?

"This is it?" Kyle asked in disbelief. "THIS is where the intergalactic booty is?"

"That's what the map says." Michael replied. "Apparently, it used to be a shop...or something like that. Atherton bought it and made it into a house."

"Apparently, someone else lives here." Alex pointed to the jeep parked near the house. "What are we going to do? Do we just walk in and say 'Hey, don't mind us, we just found out you have precious gems and jewels hidden somewhere around we'll just get it and be on our way'. I don't think they'll go for it."

Isabel's eyes widened. "We gotta call Max!"

"Oh yea, that's gonna help us. He'll kill us all." Kyle stated sarcastically.

"No...I have to call Max. Our jeep broke down, and Max has to come bring us a spare tire. So while I call him, Alex will have to go to the bathroom."

"I will?" Isabel shot Alex a glare, "I mean...I do!"

"And in the bathroom Alex will-"

"Hey, Iz...I think we all know what Alex is going to do in the bathroom." Michael replied, cutting her off. Isabel groaned, "Oh god...why did I decide to bring the three stooges with me? Was I that desperate?!?" She buried her head in her hands, "Okay, listen carefully, I'll be pretending to talk to Max, and Alex will head to the bathroom, but he won't go in the bathroom...he'll look around for any doorways...anything that can help us. And you two," Isabel looked to Kyle and Michael, "You two have to keep the owner distracted.

"No prob...I can distract them easily." Kyle smirked and folded his arms, "If it's a chick, I'll just send a little of my charm towards her." Isabel turned to Michael, "You are my only hope Michael, don't screw this up or I swear-"

"You'll what?"

"I'll tell Maria DeLuca you like her."

"Motor Mouth!?!" Michael snapped, "Are you fucking serious? I don't like her."

"Puh-lease Michael! You two flirt so much it's disgusting." Isabel began to mimick Michael and Maria. "Oh...Michael you're such an ass...but really, your ass is so cute."

"Whatever you say the way your ass is cute too...bite my butt and call me an apple!"

By now, Kyle and Alex were leaning against each other, tears pouring down their cheeks. Alex snorted and pointed at Michael, "Dude..." He broke off into laughter again. Michael rolled his eyes, "Grow up guys!"

"Oh, you're just pissed 'cause you got DISSED!" Kyle taunted. "Oh gosh...Isabel...that was...that was a classic." Michael flipped Kyle off.

"Hey, as much as I appreciate the offer and everything..Apple Butt, I just don't float that way." Kyle replied, bring Alex to tears once more. Michael turned to Isabel, "Don't look at brought it on yourself. Denial's a bitch Guerin."

"So's payback." Michael threatened. Isabel wiped her eyes, "Was I just threatened by MB?"

"MB?" Michael questioned, eyebrow raised. Isabel couldn't say it. The words were lodged in her throat with her laughs. She began to hiccup, "Ma...hiccup...ria's...hiccup...bitch...hiccup." Kyle and Alex broke into laughter once more. Michael rolled his eyes and looked away, "Hilarious, yea...real funny. Catch me, I'm about to fall on the floor and die laughing."


Sean pulled over to the side of the road, laughing. He turned to look at Maria and Liz, "Holy hell, did you two see how far he flew?" Sean broke off into another fit of laughter. Liz's eyes narrowed. She pulled her arm back and let it go, her wrist connecting with his nose. He screamed and grabbed it. "Biz! I fink you droke by bose!" (Liz! I think you broke my nose!")

"You should be glad I only hit your nose." Liz snapped. She rolled her eyes, "You're pathetic Sean, and you need help." She pushed the car door open and slammed it shut, walking back in the direction she had last seen Max. She paused and turned to wait for Maria.

"You jackass!" Maria hit Sean's arm. "You could have gotten us killed, and who knows what the fuck you did to Max!" She grabbed her stuff and jumped out of the car, shooting Sean a glare as she caught up to her friend.

"Do you think he's okay?" Liz asked.

"Who gives a rat's ass? It's just Sean's nose, and it wasn't like it was so perfectly straight anyways." Maria stated. Liz held back a laugh, "No, I mean Max."

Maria took a deep breath, and then sighed. "Yea...I'm sure."


He was dead. He knew it. Every spot on his body felt as if it was in pain, or on fire...or both. He groaned. Wait...if you were dead, could you groan? He didn't care, as long as he could stay in this exact spot for the rest of his life. As long as Max didn't move, he'd be just fine.

"OH MY GOD!" Max flinched. Who was screaming in his ear and why?! "MAX! Are you okay?" He felt someone turn his body over, and he jumped up in pain. Yea, ow, he didn't want to be moved! He opened his eyes and squinted, waiting for his vision to focus in on the person so he could properly bitch them out. "That really-" He stopped in mid sentence. In front of him was Liz Parker, and she looked worried. Worried about who? About him? Really? He grinned, "That was what I really needed. Thanks."

"Are you okay?" Maria asked. She knelt down by Liz and Max. "We tried to stop Sean, but he's an asshole and he wouldn't stop the car until after he hit you, and we didn't know if you were okay or not, and then finally he stopped on the side of the road and Liz punched him, and I think she broke his nose, and I hit him on the arm. Don't worry, I'm sure it'll cost a fortune for his nose to be perfected. Speaking of broken bones, is anything broken? Do you feel okay? Do you want to go to the hospital? I don't know how you'd get there seeing as how we have no car, and we're all stranded in the middle of the fucking desert, and holy shit where the fuck are we?!?" Liz slapped her hand over Maria's mouth.

"Maria, calm down." She turned to look at Max, "Are you okay?"

Max nodded, "Yea...I'm just going to be really, really-" Max stood up with the help of Liz, "Really sore in the morning." He stretched, "Scratch that, I'm going to be really sore for the rest of my life." Maria flinched and looked at the remains of the Vespa, "Your bike..." She trailed off, "Sean is so paying for that."

"It's okay, it's just Alex's." Max replied, smiling at Liz, "Thanks for coming after me."

"Oh, no problem-" Maria cut off, "Oh, right, you were talking to Liz. Course...well, I think there was a house or a building of some sort somewhere. I'm sure they have a phone I can use, and a...bed you two can use." Maria walked off, leaving Max and Liz to look after her in shock. "Is she-"

"Always like that?" Liz finished. She nodded and bit her lip, "Yea, she is. You just have to ignore her sometimes."

"I like her." Max said, grabbing Liz's hand and following Maria. He rethought what he said, "I mean, I don't like like her, but I think she's...original." Liz laughed, "Max, it's okay." Max nodded, "Right, of course. I'm shutting up now."

"Okay." Liz laughed. She smiled and shook her head, "So, are we still on for Friday?" Max grinned, "Would I ever cancel?"

"FYI, I can still hear you two!" Maria called, "Oh and by the way, Max, I think you're original too." Max blushed.


"Okay, so we are all clear on the plan?" Isabel asked. It has been fifteen minutes since they had 'attacked' Michael and she had gone into more detail on what the four were to do.

"Wait, okay, go over the plan one more time." Kyle said. Michael elbowed Kyle, "How difficult is it? You and I will distract whoever lives there, while Alex takes a fake piss and Isabel makes a fake phone call. Got it?"

"Yea, yea. I got it." Kyle replied. The four started out for the house, passing the car on the way. Kyle stopped, "Nice rims." He complimented. What kind of car was it? He shrugged. Not bad, a 2001 black jeep- Wait. His eyes widened and he ran towards the others who were near the front of the house. "Guys!" He hissed. Isabel turned her head and raised an eyebrow, "What?"

"The car...that's a 2001 black jeep." He stated. The other three gave him a pointed look. "Don't you get it!?!? There was a police chase after a 2001 black jeep earlier today on South 285!"

"Get to the point." Alex demanded.

"We went on 285! There is a black jeep right over there!" Kyle yelled, pointing to the jeep dramatically.

"Kyle's right guys." Isabel replied. "I mean, we all know there was only one 2001 black jeep ever made in the entire world." Isabel sighed. "Kyle, breathe in and out. Think about it this way, we're in the middle of the desert, and there's nothing blocking our view. Don't you think the police would be able to track them down here?"

Kyle gulped, "Okay, fine but-"

"Speaking of nothing blocking our view, is that just me or are three people coming our way?" Alex asked, standing on his toes so he could see, "I think...I think one of them's hurt or something, they're limping a little." He squinted and then grinned, "Hey guys, I think it's Max!" Alex cursed, "Guys! It's Max!"

"He's handicapped, we could take him." Kyle replied. Isabel hit him in the stomach, "Who's with him and why is he handicapped?"

"Plan A is ruined. What was Plan B?" Michael asked Isabel. She bit her lip, "Ididn'tthinkwewouldneedaplanb."

"What was that?"

"I didn't think we would need a Plan B!" Isabel snapped. She stormed away from the house shaking her head at the three following her. "Unbelieveable. I get stuck with Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dumb, and Tweedle Dumber!"

"Who's who?" Alex shouted, running to catch up with her. "I'm Dee right?"


"Is that Isabel, Alex, Kyle, and Michael?" Liz asked. Max stood up and glanced at the figures approaching. He nodded, "Yup."

"You want to hurt them huh?"

"Yup." Max replied. Maria held a hand up, "Dibs on Spikes!"

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The Goonies
Chapter 5

"Oh my God." Isabel stated, as they neared her brother. Holding him by the hand was one Liz Parker, and right next to her was Maria DeLuca.

"And the rich bitches are here because?" Michael asked. Realization hit him. "He's not going to kill us guys...he's going to torture us...or at least let Maria and Liz go at us."

"You never know, they might make us shop til we drop." Kyle teased. Alex rolled his eyes, "If I can say something, I think Maria and Liz are pretty cool. I've got Maria in my drama class and she's not a bad singer, and Liz is in Bio with me-"

"Not another word Alex." Isabel pleaded, not wanting to hear more about the two most popular girls in their school. "And please, no one mention the treasure."


"Wait, so all four of them are going after some sort of treasure?" Maria questioned, her eyebrow raised. Max nodded, "Yup."

Maria held back a laugh, "As in a treasure? Gold...jewels...pirates with a patch and a parrot?" At that she burst into laughter. "Argh Matey!" She began to laugh again, and Liz sent her a wink. Max smiled, "Think more like 3 feet tall, huge eyes, three fingers...little green men."

"A-a-liens?" Maria asked. Liz couldn't help it, she began to laugh, Maria along with her. Maria shook her head, "Oh's too much." She held the sides of her stomach. She straightened up as Michael, Alex, Kyle, and Isabel approached.

"Hey DeLuca, you looked pretty good from a few miles away," Michael stated, "I was pretty sure it was someone else until we got closer."

Maria rolled her eyes. Was that his pathetic attempt at an insult? "I knew it was you...I could still smell you a couple miles away."

Kyle interrupted their argument and looked at Max. He nodded, "What happened to you Forrest Gimp?"

Max glared at Kyle, and then switched his gaze to Isabel, "Do you have any idea how much trouble you're going to be in once we get home?" He hopped a little to face Kyle, Alex, and Michael, "And you three, if there is ONE scratch on my jeep-"

"Max, usually, I'll admit that you can be pretty intimidating but after that little hop you did, I wouldn't be mouthing off any time soon." Kyle replied. Alex raised an eyebrow, "Speaking of, how did you get here?"

Max immediately felt the weight of the Vespa on his shoulders, " guys left me with I took the thing closest to the house..." He shot Alex a look and watched as Alex put a hand over his heart, "My Vespa?!?!" He asked, shocked. Max nodded. A look of anger appeared in Alex's eyes, and he grabbed Max's shirt, "Is it okay?"

"I'm sure it'll work just fine...once all of the parts are reattached." Max mumbled. Alex gave a dramatic sob and buried his head in Isabel's shoulder. She rubbed his back sympathetically and shot Max a glare.

"Technically Alex, this is all Isabel's was her idea to tie me up, wasn't it?" Max added. Alex straightened up and looked his girlfriend over, "He is was all your idea. If you hadn't of suggested we run out of your house, my Vespa would still be...perfect."

"Or you know what would be a better idea?" Maria said, "Sean was the one who destroyed it. I say sue him."

"Daddy IS a lawyer." Isabel added, "Don't worry, we'll buy you a brand new Vespa."

"Kay." Alex agreed, "But it better have a little horn on it."


"What are you planning on doing?" Liz asked. The seven were standing in front of the house, Max holding her hand nad smiling down at her.

"Usually, people knock." Isabel replied sarcastically.

"And usually, people answer," Maria stated. The others looked at her. She rolled her eyes, "There's no car. No one's here."

Kyle looked around the corner, his eyes wide. "But the car was right there. I saw it."

"Maybe they left when we were talking," Max suggested. "Which is a good idea, I say we leave."

"I didn't hear a car pull out," Kyle replied, "Did anyone else hear a car pull out?"

"I saw the car leave." Maria snapped. Isabel shrugged, "This just makes it easier. We get in, get the treasure, and get out."

"You can't do that, it's breaking and entering." Liz said quickly.

" the Princess scared?" Michael asked, faking a pout. Liz's eyes narrowed as Kyle, and Isabel laughed slightly. She pulled a bobby pin out of her hair and pushed Isabel out of the way of the door, "Move." She played around with the lock on the door and grinned when she heard a click. She opened the door and turned with a smug look on her face. Maria laughed and gave Michael's head a pat, " the asshole dumbfounded?"

"Where'd you learn how to do that?" Max asked.

"Sean. You hang around him for five minutes and he's already telling you his life story. I've gotta say, the way to a girl's heart is teaching her how to break into a house." Liz stated sarcastically. She and Maria watched as the others filed into the house.

"I'm not going in there," Maria replied, when Alex turned around, holding the door open for them, "For one, this house looks and is ancient...I have no idea where it's been, or who's been in it, or where they've I'm staying out here."

"All alone?" Liz teased, walking into the house. Maria's mouth dropped. "Liz! You can't go in there, it's against the law!"

"I broke the lock, I might as well see what I broke the lock to." Liz grinned at Maria. Maria groaned, "Fine. Fine! But when my mother tries to kill me when we are locked in jail, YOU are taking the blame. AND, if anyone tries to make me their bitch you will stop them, or die trying. Agreed?"

Liz laughed, and stuck out her pinkie, linking it with Maria's, "Agreed."


"Are you sure someone lives here?" Maria asked, for the third time in the past ten minutes. She had been walking around searching for...well anything, and had come up with nothing in her hands but dust.

"And for the millionth time; yes!" Michael snapped. "God, are you always such a whiny rich girl?"

"You weren't complaining last night," Maria replied with a smirk. "Especially when I tied you up-"

"What?" Kyle asked, laughing. He turned to Michael, "You let her tie you up?"

"Dude, she's shit talkin!" Michael insisted, shooting Maria a glare. She licked her lips and shot him a wink.

"Whatever you say buddy..." Kyle muttered. He noticed Alex looking through boxes. Alex pulled out a bunch of rope and Kyle shouted, "Pal, put the rope away or the Prince of Bondage over here might get some ideas."

As Kyle walked over to Alex, Michael turned on Maria, "What is your deal?"

"Who, me? I could ask you the same question! Have I offended you in some way?" Maria snapped, putting her hands on her hips. "Because in my opinion you've got a rather large stick up your ass."

"And in my opinion you're a spoiled little rich girl with one too many credit cards." Michael said calmly.

Maria rolled her eyes. "Oh grow up."

"Oh ow, that one hurt." Michael said, putting a hand over his heart.

"Yea well, send my love to Michael Jr., big emphasis on the JUNIOR!" Maria stormed away, and Michael watched as she flung her hands in the air pointing at Michael as she talked to Liz.

"I think you like her." Isabel said from behind him.

"Yea well don't think, it's not a good look for you." Michael snapped, walking away. Isabel smiled. Oh yea, this was gonna be fun. Her brother and Michael both liked the two rich bitches? Let's see how much they liked them after she proved how snobby they really are.


" about a key freak." Liz mumbled, running her fingers over the keys on a single keychain. Each key had a white tag attached to it, and every tag had a different color. Liz fingered the keys with a raised eyebrow, and moved away from the desk, keys in her hand.

"Shit!" Liz cursed lightly when she bumped into a small trunk. She bent down. That's trunks usually have red marks on the lock? Instantly, Liz grinned and looked down at the keys. Okay, so red with red. She could do this. She grabbed the 'red' key and stuck it into the trunk. When it opened she smiled gleefully. She should probably get Max or something.

Standing up, Liz looked around for Max, and began to make her way over toward him when she stopped. Isabel was sitting by herself, looking at the map and then up at the house. With a sigh, Liz walked over to her. "Isabel?"

"What do you want?" Isabel asked, not even looking up.

Why did Liz bother? "I found these keys, and they seem to be color coded. One of the keys opened up a trunk, so I figured you would want them." She held the keys out to Isabel, who simply looked up at her stunned.

Isabel looked from the keys, to Liz. She didn't know what to think. Either Liz was actually trying to be helpful, or she knew that Isabel could see right through her so she was sucking up. "Thanks." She replied icily.

Liz rolled her eyes, "Whatever," And dropped the keys in Isabel's lap. "So much for being nice-"

"I don't need you to be nice. Drop the 'I'm like one of you guys' act, because I can see right through it. I don't know why you decided to mess around with my brother, but if you hurt him as some sort of popularity stunt, you'll live to regret it," Isabel stood up, keys in one hand and the map in the other, "This treasure has nothing to do with you, so stay out of my way."

"You say all think that Maria and I act like we're above you...well we don't act like that and we don't think that. Are we that transparent?! Look, I'm here, helping you. And I'll continue to help you. But don't judge me when you don't know me, and don't accuse me of using Max. You have no idea how I feel about him, or how he feels about me so stay out of it." Liz snapped, hurrying away from Isabel.

Out of the corner of his eye, Alex watched the scene and shook his head. When was his girlfriend going to learn that not everyone who lived outside of the quarry looked down those who did? He rummaged around through a bookshelf when something caught his eye. His jaw dropped and he gently pulled it out. Oh geez-

"Whatcha lookin at?" Kyle asked, looking up from a magazine about trucks. Alex quickly hid it behind his back. "Nothing."

Kyle walked over and quickly grabbed the magazine. One look at it and he was in heaven. "Oh, Holy Budda, is this what I think it is?" Kyle looked up at the ceiling, "Thank you," Alex reached over to grab for the calendar when Kyle slapped his hand away. "Watch it Grabby Hands, this is a Jody Ann Patterson calendar. It is like a Holy Bible...but so much better!"

"I found it! Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers." Alex quoted.

"Yea well, first the worst and second the best!" Kyle grinned and then looked up at Alex, "Okay, fine. We can both look at it."

The two sat down and Kyle opened the calendar. He brought a fist to his mouth and bit down. "Oh geez..."

"I know." Alex agreed, licking his lips and nodding.

"Boobies!" Kyle cried joyfully. "Look at them...they just look so-"

"I know," Alex turned the page, "Best invention; ever! Who cares about electricity or the lightbulb? Ben Franklin;0. Thomas Edison;0. God," At Kyle's look," and Buddha;10."


"Break me off a piece of that!" Alex stated when it showed the picture for March, "Nevermind...I want the whole thing!"

"Whole thing of what?" A voice asked from behind them. Kyle slammed the calendar shut and stuck it underneath his shirt.

"The whole thing of..." Alex looked to Kyle for help.

"A Kit Kat." Kyle said quickly. Isabel raised an eyebrow.

"Yea, because you know how small those things are?" Alex said, "Let me tell ya, the guy who made those...should be ashamed!"

"Okayyyyyy...whatever. Look, I found these keys, and I think they might open something, so look around."



Isabel gave them both a look before walking away, shaking her head.

"Your girlfriend has nice boobies." Kyle stated as he walked her walk away.

Alex got a dreamy look on his face, "I know-" He slapped the back of Kyle's head, "Hey! Don't look."

Kyle pulled the magazine back out, "Let's check out what Jody has planned for my birthday."

"It's gonna be a good month," Alex stated. As the pages turned he sighed, "I want a picture of Isabel."

"You don't have one?" Kyle asked. He closed the calendar, "It's really easy. If you want I can help you out."

"Really? How?" Alex asked, excited.

"What you do is, get a girl in her Gym class to take a picture of Isabel in the shower or while she's changing. Here's where I come in. I tell the girl to do it so it never gets back to Isabel that you did it. Once the girl hands over the camera, I'll take her out on a date and you have a bunch of film of your girlfriend."

"Awesome! That's so-" Alex stopped, and raised an eyebrow at Kyle, "Wait a do you know that?" He grabbed the calendar and stood up, away from Kyle. "Have you ever gotten someone to take pictures of Isabel?!?"

"What? No!" Kyle snapped, reaching for the calendar. Alex took a step back. "Tell me or Jody Ann Patterson will be in little bitty pieces."

"I swear, dude! I would *never* do that to you," Kyle thought for a second, "And if I did I would tell you!"

"Have you ever done it?" Alex asked.

"Of course not. Who do you think I am; Peeping Tom?"

"No, I think you're Peeping Kyle!" Alex retorted. Kyle lunged for Alex, who stepped to the side, holding the calendar up in front of his face. Kyle didn't realize Alex had moved until he had run straight into the wall, and then fell to the floor. "Owie," He mumbled before glaring at Alex, "Why'd you move?!"

"Rethink that question." Alex replied before helping Kyle up. Kyle dusted himself off and then grabbed the calendar. "Well...that would have been you on the floor if you had messed with my Jody."

Alex wasn't paying any attention. One of the rocks in the wall looked as if it was ready to fall out. It must have loosened when Kyle ran into it. He pulled it out and was surprised to see a lock. "Uh...Isabel?"

"What?" Isabel asked, coming over. "What'd you find?"

Alex pointed towards the lock, "I think one of your keys just might fit that."

"Alex! You're brilliant!" Isabel grabbed both sides of Alex's face and brought her lips to his.

"Whoa! I found it okay?! I ran into the damn wall and loosened the damn rock!" Kyle stated, closing his eyes and puckering up his lips. He opened his eyes to see Isabel giving him a look. "Why the hell would you run into the wall?"

Kyle rolled his eyes, and called the others over, "Alex the genius, found it." He mumbled sarcastically.

"Well, do any of the keys work?" Michael asked. Isabel looked at the lock. She couldn't tell if that was yellow or green. She pulled the yellow out and stuck it in the lock. Turning it clockwise, she jumped when there was a sudden click, and floorboards sprung up from behind the group.

Michael slowly walked over to them, before pulling it up. "Hey guys, it leads down somewhere." He began walking down the steps, only calling out once he reached the bottom, "Come on down guys."

Grinning, Isabel followed Michael holding Alex's hand as she went. Kyle and Max followed her, leaving Liz and Maria above.

"You don't have to come Maria." Liz replied.

"Hey, I said I would. And like I would leave you alone with that thing!"

"What thing?"


Liz laughed and gripped Maria's hand as the two slowly walked down the stairs. When they stepped on the floor Maria quickly looked around before whispering, "Oh my God."

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The Goonies
Chapter Six

Liz laughed and gripped Maria's hand as the two slowly walked down the stairs. When they stepped on the floor Maria quickly looked around before whispering, "Oh my God."

The stairs had lead down to what seemed like a basement, boxes and papers everywhere. "Oh my God." Maria repeated again.

"You said that already." Michael stated.

"Yea, well...there's enough dust down here to kill a person," She turned to walk back up the steps, but Liz's grip stopped her. Maria groaned, "Liz...we could DIE!"

"Don't be such a drama queen." Liz muttered, looking around in fascination.

"Uh, hello! Liz, do you see where we are!? We're in a dusty old basement and you're looking at it like it's the treasure itself!" Maria snapped.

"Speaking of the intergalactic you think someone else got to it?" Alex asked.

"Nope." Maria stated.

"And you know that how?"

Maria glared at Michael, and waved her hands around, gesturing around them, "If someone else had found the treasure don't you think they would have hired a cleaning lady by now?"

Before Michael could reply, Isabel interrupted, "Michael, translate this...there has to be more to finding the treasure than walking into a basement."

Michael sighed and ran a hand through his hair as he concentrated on the smudged letters. He looked up and around the basement, taking in every inch of it before looking back down at the map. "Well, apparently there's a way out of this room."

"And the Smart Award goes to..." Maria said sarcastically, "It only takes a genius to know that if you got into a room, there's always a way to get out of it."

"Look blondie-" Michael snapped only to be cut off by Maria.

She narrowed her eyes in disgust, "BLONDIE?!? Excuse me Gel-Gone-Wrong, but I do happen to have a name."

"Both of you, quit it." Max stated, shooting Michael a glare. He shook his head and looked back down at the papers on the desk.

Maria rolled her eyes, "Whatever." She walked back towards Liz who was laughing with Alex.

"So should we be looking around for a different exit?" Kyle asked Isabel. After a few minutes of her not answering he looked to where she was looking. Alex was laughing with Maria and Liz towards the bottom of the stairs. "Iz?"

"Does he not realize he has a girlfriend and that she's in the room?" Isabel snapped, not even bothering to look at Kyle, "What do I look like a mirage?!?" She huffed and leaned back against the poster, only to fall back, her legs flying in the air.

Kyle, stunned, quickly leaned forward, "Holy shit. Are you okay?"

"Ow." Isabel moaned. She put a hand to her hand, and then brought a hand to what she had landed in. It was a tunnel, leading to what she had no idea, but a grin came to her face. She turned to Kyle, and reached forward, pecking him on the cheek. "Genius!"

Kyle smiled. Yup, that's right. Who was the genius? He was. He turned to the others as Isabel began to crawl through the tunnel, "Come on guys, Isabel and I found a tunnel."

Michael looked up and placed the papers back onto the desk, following Kyle. Maria grabbed his arm. "Look, I'm all for an adventure and crawling on my hands and knees collecting whatever diseases are in there, but are we sure that's safe?"

Michael sighed, and walked towards the tunnel entrance where Isabel and Kyle were waiting. "Let me see the map. We could be crawling away from the treasure. This could be a trap." Isabel rolled her eyes, but handed the map over to Michael.

For a few moments all was quiet while Michael's eyes skimmed the old language. He looked up at the tunnel, and then towards the stairs.

"Well?" Alex asked.

Michael shot him a look, "You wanna do this buddy?"

"Hey, I was just looking for an update." Alex shot back defensively.

"Well the tunnels is the way we go." Michael stated, handing the map back to Isabel.

She smiled, "That's what I thought. Let's go."

Maria gave a nervous laugh, "But it's the tunnels. You don't know what's down there."

"Better there than here with you Motor Mouth." Michael replied. Alex followed Isabel into the tunnel.

Maria narrowed her eyes. "Yea, well ditto!" She pushed Michael out of the way and followed Alex. Michael gave Max a pointed look and he simply shrugged. With a groan of disgust Michael hopped into the tunnel. Shortly after, Liz, Max, and Kyle followed, trying to replace the poster as best as they could.


"Don't look at my ass," Maria snapped, looking backwards to glare at Michael.

He rolled his eyes, "Could you be more conceited?"

"I don't like being in front of you, " Maria stated. She stopped, "Switch me."

"Switch you?! What are you crazy? We're in a tight space. There's no way we can switch." Behind him, Michael could hear Kyle groan. "Come on guys! If you keep fighting we won't get anywhere!"

"He's right," Max replied. He nodded to Michael, "Switch her places. It's no big deal."

"Oh that's right. I forgot. We're all parts of the world and we all revolve around Maria." Michael muttered. He sighed. "Okay, well you're just going to have to crawl over me."

"In your dreams!" Maria snapped, "Can't you just move to the side?"

"Oh yea sure. I'll just move into the space we don't have."

"Fine, lay down."

"Can't you guys just get a room? Do we really have to be here for this?" Kyle asked. Maria and Michael both shot him glares. "Guess we do."

Max, Liz, and Kyle backed up so that Michael could lay down. He waited for a few seconds before leaning back on his elbows and looking up at Maria. "Look Princess, we ain't got all day."

"Well why don't you yell at me." Maria said sarcastically. She placed her hands on either side of Michael's legs, and then crawled on her knees over him body slowly. Suddenly, one of her hands hit something sharp and Maria pulled her hand away quickly. The rest of her body slipped and fell, and she landed on Michael, her face near

"Whoa!" Michael shouted, jerking when she landed. "Watch the merchandise, will ya?"

"Oh my God." Maria muttered. She pulled herself up again, swinging her long hair away from her face. "I slipped...I'm sorry."

"Be careful where you land." Michael replied, as Maria continued to move.

"This is like the beginning of a porno," Kyle mumbled, "Hurry it up. By now, Isabel and Alex have already found the treasure."

Maria inhaled quickly as she paused by Michael's chest. Now, it was harder for her to crawl around him. She could smell his cologne, and she closed her eyes.

"Maria?" Michael questioned. Her eyes snapped open, "Okay, I can't get past you now. You''re going to have to turn on your side."

Michael moved quickly, and Maria fell half on him, half on the floor of the tunnel. Her left leg was over both of his, and her left arm was gently touching Michael's cheek.

Maria quickly looked up at Michael, not daring to move or breathe just in case she might ruin the moment. Michael reached his own hand up to hold Maria's hand to his cheek.

"Holy. Hell. That's it," Kyle crawled over Maria and Michael, ignoring their protests. When he finally got off of them, Michael sent a kick to his shin, sending Kyle sprawling on the tunnel. "Hey dude, I just wanted to leave this tunnel before the turn of the century."

"Asshole." Michael cursed. Maria coughed and quickly moved, rushing towards Liz. Her eyes met Michael's for a moment before she diverted her gaze.


Alex watched his girlfriend carefully. Isabel had been refusing to talk to him ever since they had climbed into the tunnels. He was certain he had done something to make her mad, yet he had no clue what, and the others had fallen behind. Now, Alex and Isabel were waiting, sitting in silence.

"Are you mad at me?" Alex finally asked, gaining enough courage to look his girlfriend square in the eye, "Because if you are, it'd be nice to know so I'll note to never do it again."

Isabel pushed her hair behind her ear, "Nothing. I'm not mad."

"O-kay." Alex replied. After a few moments Isabel turned to Alex, "Promise to be totally honest with me?"

"Of course."

"Am I prettier than Liz and Maria?"

A smile spread across Alex's face and he almost laughed, "You're gorgeous Izzy. I see the stars in your eyes, and the sun in your smile. Who could compare to that?" His smile fell, "Wow. Now that was corny. If you broke up with me because of that one statement, I definitely wouldn't blame you."

Isabel launched herself at Alex, her lips meeting his in a passionate kiss. Immediately, his arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her closer to him. Her hand slid up his back and into his hair at the same moment that her tongue entered his mouth. He moaned and caressed her face, smiling as she slowly pulled back. She placed little kisses around his mouth, and pushed herself closer to him. It was as if Isabel was sitting in his lap. His legs were spread out, with Isabel on top of him, her legs wrapped around his waist.

Isabel leaned her forehead against Alex's, and she licked her lips, "I love you Alex Whitman."

"I know. I love you too Isabel." He gently kissed her lips, as his hands moved up her back, and then rested on her shoulders, before sliding down her arms, and then stopping on her stomach. Isabel kissed her way from his mouth to his jaw. She licked his neck before biting it and than sucking on the skin. She grinned when she felt a movement in his jeans. Her left hand slid down his side before cupping him. Alex jumped beneath her and placed his hand on hers.

"Man! Is everyone in here trying to have sex?!?" Kyle shouted, leaning back against the tunnel as he saw Isabel and Alex.

Isabel sighed, "Hey Kyle. Where are the others?"

"Last I saw, Michael and Maria were about to strip their clothes off and go at it. Not that I mind seeing DeLuca naked, but seeing Guerin naked would give me nightmares. And Max and Liz were staring at each other, having eye sex."

"Staring at each other?" Alex asked.

"Eye sex?" Isabel added.

"Yea, and so I came to get away from them, to find you two about to have sex. Great. This is not the weekend I had planned. It's like...Temptation in the Tunnels, and I have no one." A slow smile spread on Kyle's face, as he reached behind him to pull out the Jody Ann Patterson calendar, "Nevermind. Miss Jody is always here with me."

"Dear God," Isabel muttered. She turned to look at her boyfriend, "He wouldn't actually masterbate in front of us, would he?"

"I hope not." Alex replied.

"Valenti!" Isabel shouted, causing Kyle to drop the calendar and look at her. "If you whip out Kyle Jr. I'll chop it off and feed it to you for breakfast, kay?" The look of horror on Kyle's face was satisfaction enough for Isabel. She kissed Alex's cheek before crawling off of him.

After a few minutes, Michael, Maria, Liz, and Max were crawling towards the others.

"About damn time." Alex stated, stretching his legs. "What were the four of you doing?"

Kyle coughed behind his hand and said loudly, "Orgy!"

Liz blushed, and buried her head in the crook of Max's neck and he smiled, stroking her hair. "Okay, so what's next?"

"We keep going. We were just waiting on you guys. I don't think we should split up." Alex suggested. He grabbed Isabel's hand, his fingers lacing through hers.

"I'll lead the way this time." Michael said quickly, crawling forward. Maria shot him a hurt look before turning to Liz. Max groaned and followed Michael, leaving Isabel and Alex to follow him. Kyle was flipping through the calendar and he caught Maria and Liz watching him. "Oh, you guys can go ahead. I'll be the back of this happy little group."

Maria shrugged, "Okie dokie."

Kyle flipped through the calendar some more before finally shoving it behind him once more and beginning to crawl. "I hate tunnels...yes I do. Tunnels aren't good for you." Kyle sang lowly. He shook his head at his own song, and then noticed a vent. Curiously, Kyle slid over to it and looked inside.

His jaw dropped. "Thank. You. Buddha." He mumbled, rubbing his eyes before pushing his hands up against the vent. He was staring into a plain room, with nothing more than a bed, a chair, a TV, a dresser, and a bathroom. And lying on the bed was the most beautiful person Kyle James Valenti had ever seen.

She had a tan face, long curly black hair that went below her shoulders, a petite body, and a pink lips that Kyle was dying to kiss. Her eyes opened, and Kyle nearly jumped back. They were vibrant, and Kyle could lose himself in them for days. She turned her head, and Kyle immediately missed the comfort of those sea green eyes. Pressing even harder on the vent, Kyle never felt the jiggle of the screw or the vent giving out.

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The Goonies
Chapter 7

March 7, 2001
Phoenix, Arizona

She straightened her black skirt and stood. Tossing her black curls over her shoulder, she smiled brightly and made her way into the bank. She spotted Tess out of the corner of her eye. She winked to her fraternal twin and proceeded towards the security guard. He wasn't too bad looking. He reminded her of her old history teacher, who she adored. Coughing, she 'accidentally' dropped her purse.

The guard noticed and bent down, picking it up and handing it all to her, "There you go Miss."

As he stood back up Serena glanced at his name tag, "Thanks so much, Nate."

"Not a problem. Just doing my job." Nate replied. He made as to walk away before Serena stopped him with her hand.

"Do you have a few minutes to spare Nate?" Serena asked. She held out her hand, "I'm Serena Valmont and I've been writing articles on banks throughout Arizona for the Arizona Daily Star. Would you mind if I interviewed you? It's been hard to find experienced security guards and you look like you're experienced."

"I'd be honored." Nate replied, smiling.

"Great!" Serena pulled a pen and small notepad from her purse and followed Nate to a small table away from the tellers. "So Nate...tell me a little about you and your family."

Nate laughed, "Full name's Nathan Pevaski."

"Single?" Serena asked, crossing one leg over the other.

"30th anniversary's coming up soon," Nate said, "My wife's name is Melissa."

"Any kids to follow in the footsteps of an experienced security guard?"

"We've got a son and daughter; Scott and Jordan. Scott's 26 and just passed the bar in October at Harvard. He's been accepted into a firm and just got engaged to a fellow student studying to be a doctor. Her name's Nikki and Scott met her through Jordan. Jordan's 24 and has been studying to be a doctor also."

"Wow. A doctor and a lawyer? You and your wife must be very proud." Serena commented.

"We are. They're really great kids." Nate replied. Serena wrote down everything he said to make it look believable. "How'd you get involved in the business?"

"Well...I hadn't always planned on being a security guard. I had been going to college in Tucson, at the University of Arizona. I played football for them, and was studying some law. When I went to the bank to cash a check I had received, I noticed Melissa. She was a teller, and hadn't been the least bit interested in me."

"Why not?" Serena asked with a small smile.

"Didn't like the jock type, and turned me down right away. But, us Pevaski men don't give up easily. I would use any excuse to come to the bank and see her, but she kept turning me down. Finally, I noticed there was a position for a security guard. I learned everything I could for weeks, not visiting Melissa until I was finally in uniform. The look on her face when she saw me is something I will never forget. We've been together ever since, and can see I never gave up the profession."

"That's really sweet," Serena stated, "So...tell me about an average day at work." Had Serena not been interviewing Nate, he would have noticed Kivar and Nicholas enter the building with ski caps covering their faces. Tess had already left the building, pulling the car to the front of the bank.

"Well, thank you for your time Nate." Serena stood up and shook his hand, "I wish you and yours the best of luck."

Nate gave her a friendly smile, his eyes twinkling, "You make sure to send me a copy of that article."

"Will do!" Serena promised, pocketing her notepad and pen. Before she could get very far Nicholas grabbed her and held a gun to her head while Kivar yelled for no one to move. Nate pulled his gun out, aiming it at Kivar.

"Drop it or the lady here dies." Nicholas threatened. Serena saw Nate hesitate and then drop his gun on the ground backing away from it. Kivar headed for the tellers, demanding all of their money and quickly, while Nicholas kept a tight hold on her. Kivar grabbed the bags and made several trips to the car. When everything was loaded, Kivar shouted for everyone to lay on the ground and count to one hundred, not getting up before then.

Nicholas walked backwards towards the door while Kivar got into the car. As he moved to the pull the door of the bank open, Nate reached for his gun and aimed for Nicholas. Before Nate could shoot him, Nicholas pulled the trigger three times.

"NO!" Serena screamed, fighting against Nicholas' hand which was securely around her waist. Nate's mouth was open in shock as he looked at the three bullet wounds in his chest. Tears poured down Serena's cheeks as Nicholas pulled her out of the bank and pushed her into the car roughly.

She turned to him, "You asshole! That wasn't a part of the plan. No one was supposed to be hurt!"

"You shot someone?" Kivar demanded, turning around to look at his brother. Nicholas pulled his mask off as the car drove away, "It was him or me!"

"And you shot HIM?!" Tess asked. She shook her head and looked back at her sister, "Serena don't worry. You know Nicholas' aim. I bet it didn't even hit the guy."

"It did. I saw the blood Tess...God, we have to call the police."

"Are you insane?!" Kivar asked, yelling at Serena. She flinched, "A man could die!"

"It's not my fault. He was going to shoot me." Nicholas replied in defense.

"Tess, please stop the car." Serena begged with her sister, "Please you have to stop."

"Don't even think about stopping this car." Kivar threatened.

Serena looked into the mirror meeting her sister's eyes, "Tess...please."

"Someone else will call the police Serena. It's out of our hands now." Tess stated. Serena turned to look through the window in defeat, putting a hand over her mouth to muffle her cries.

At 5:15 PM, Nathan Pevaski died of multiple wounds and blood loss. Serena took out her notepad and wrote the article she had never intended on writing. She sent it to the Arizona Daily Star, and couldn't help but cry as she saw a picture of Nate and his family on the front page next to her article the following morning.

September 28, 2003
Marathon, Texas

Serena jerked up in her bed at the sound of a large crash. She figured it to be Nicholas or Kivar, but was surprised to see a guy with chestnut brown hair and gorgeous eyes, staring up at her. She jumped up, "What the hell?"

Kyle tried to get up, but slid on the vent. He kicked it out of the way and quickly stood, staring at Serena.

"Who are you and where did you come from!?" Serena asked. Kyle didn't trust his voice so he simply pointed up. Serena looked up to the vents, "Well that was plainfully obvious. Why were you in the vents?"

"I'm Kyle...I'm a ventilation guy. I'm checking the ventilation" Kyle replied quickly. It was at that moment that the Jody Ann Patterson calendar fell out from behind Kyle. Kyle turned a bright shade of red and kicked it under Serena's bed. Serena raised an eyebrow, "I didn't know someone was coming to check the vents."

"It surprised me too," Kyle looked up at the vent, "Well I guess that needs some work now."


The others turned around as they heard a crash. Liz swung her head around, "What was that?"

Maria shook her head, "That is it. I am so out of here. I'm going home, taking a long long bath, and then heading to the hospital to get numerous shots for any diseases I might have picked up from this place and Michael. After that, I am taking a long shower and reading a book on why Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Maybe that will help me understand what the heck is wrong with the rest of you."

Liz rolled her eyes at her friend, "Maria don't go."

"It's okay. Some Princess' just aren't brave enough." Michael stated.

Maria froze and turned around, "Look, I understand you have a problem with me which is just fine, because I have a problem with you too, but anything you can do, I can do better. Okay buddy?"

"Is that why you're crawling away?" Michael asked.

"Both of you stop it." Max said, "I'm sick of having to shut the two of you up."

"If the job's bugging you then leave your complaint in the 'I-don't-give-a-rat's-ass' box." Michael replied.

"Oh, now that's witty," Maria told him sarcastically.

"Quit flirting," Isabel shouted. She looked around at the group and then past Max and Liz, "Where's Kyle?"


"Seeing as how I'm working for you and all...could I ask your name?" Kyle asked smoothly.

Serena smiled lightly, "I'm Serena."

"Well, then it's my pleasure to meet you Serena," Kyle grinned.

"You don't really work for a ventilation company, do you?" Serena asked. She crossed her arms, "I'm not as stupid as you might think I am."

"Hey, no really...I do work for a ventilation company. We're called 'The Ventilation Company', and I work there," Kyle winced. That was completely lame.

Serena raised an eyebrow, "Oh...well that's too bad. I'm not really into ventilation system guys."

"It's funny you should say that...I'm not either. Which is why I was thinking of quitting."


"If he's jacking off in the corner with that stupid calendar-" Isabel threatened.

"What calendar?" Michael asked.

"The Jody Ann Patterson one." Alex grumbled, still pissed he wasn't the one who had it.

"Jody Ann Patterson? THE Jody Ann Patterson?" Michael asked in shock. He closed his eyes, "Kyle is one lucky guy."

"Yea he is. When he'd get it?" Max asked, joining in on the coversation.

"Right before we went downstairs." Alex answered, "You should have seen the month of May dude, it's like Christmas but in the summer time!"

Maria cleared her throat and the three guys turned to see Liz, Isabel, and Maria glaring at them.

"Oh right...what were we talking about?"

Isabel rolled her eyes at Michael, and turned back to Liz and Maria, "We should find him."

"What will we do with these three?" Maria asked.

"Don't you mean what won't we do with these three?" Liz stated. The guys winced as the girls made their way back down through the tunnel.

"We're going to die in here," Alex stated as the girls left, "We're going to die, and I'm gonna die a virgin. Holy shit."


Serena watched Kyle carefully. For the past couple of minutes he had been telling her all about himself. He was seventeen, a Junior at a high school in New Mexico, and his father was the Sheriff of Roswell. Serena sighed as she heard him describe his life...the one she gave up without a second glance.

When she and Tess had been sixteen, Tess had met Kivar and Nicholas at a local club in New York. As Tess became more serious with Kivar, Nicholas became more interested in Serena, the feelings definitely not mutal. Her father had deemed Kivar 'too old' for his daughter. In all actuality, it had been that Ed Harding had been scared for Tess. He was a retired police officer, and had a few friends look in the eighteen year old's background. Both he and his brother had been accused of the highjacking of cars, and a violent past.

Once Tess had gotten word that her father was going to send cops to Kivar's residence, she ran immediately run to Kivar, telling him to leave. But Kivar wouldn't leave Tess behind. Against Serena's advice, Tess left with Kivar and Nicholas, and married Kivar in Las Vegas, Nevada. A few months later, they returned for Serena who had been broken without her sister. She left as soon as they arrived, not bothering to leave a note or anything for her father.

To this day, she wondered what he was doing, and how he was faring.

" old are you?" Kyle asked.

Serena was jolted from her thoughts and shocked at the question, "Oh...nineteen."

She expected Kyle to whistle and call her an old lady, or something to that degree. Instead, he shrugged, "I thought so," After a second he quickly asked, "Have you got a boyfriend?"

Technically; no. But, Nicholas had always proclaimed she was his, and his alone. She shook her head and then smiled, "What about you? Do YOU have a boyfriend?"

" see I'm not gay," Kyle said quickly. "I like chicks. I like A LOT of chicks," At Serena's frown he added, "Not a lot, a lot. I mean, they're just high school chicks-"


Isabel, Liz, and Maria were laughing at the vent opening. They had arrived a few minutes before the conversation started, and couldn't help but laugh at how Kyle was handling herself. Maria leaned down in the room, "Hey Romeo, shut up!"

This sent Isabel and Liz into a fit of laughter. Serena and Kyle looked up surprised.

"Who are they?" Serena asked. Kyle waved them off with his hand, "Them? They're no one...just a bunch of nerds."

Maria, hopped into the room, followed by Isabel and Liz. After dusting herself off Maria offered her hand to Serena, "I'm Maria. I go to school with him." She jerked her thumb in Kyle's direction.

"I'm Serena." Serena said, shaking Maria's hand. Liz and Isabel introduced themselves as well.

"And you ALL work for the ventilation company?" Serena asked sarcastically.

Isabel didn't even look to Kyle. She swiftly hit him on the back of the head, "If your lie had been the least bit creative, I wouldn't have done that."

"We're on this stupid treasure hunt thingy-" Maria said, rolling her eyes. She felt Isabel pinch her and she spun around, "OW! What? It's her house...and we kind of are trespassing."

"It's not my house," Serena said quickly, "What do you mean 'treasure hunt'?"

Before anyone could answer, Serena heard voices from above her room, and heard footsteps. She and the others quickly looked up.

"Who's that? Your parents?" Liz asked.

"My sister, her husband, and his brother. They aren't as friendly as I am." Serena stated. It seemed like one of the three from above was going to come to her room, probably to give her food. There wasn't enough time for the four to crawl back into the tunnel. Serena grabbed the vent and silently pushed it back into place. She turned to the others, "You guys have to hide. Two of you under the bed, and two of you in the closet."

There were looks passed among the four, but Serena pushed them along, "Please. If they find you in here...I'll be in BIG trouble." Kyle and Maria hurried into the closet, hiding in the corners and behind Serena's clothes. Meanwhile, Liz and Isabel crawled under the bed hurriedly, watching Serena run around the room, making sure all traces of the vent falling were gone. She crawled onto the bed, and pulled the covers swiftly over her, shutting her eyes and turning on her side.

They all held their breath as they heard the feet coming nearer, and a slight jingle as keys were taken out from someone's pocket. There was a click as the door was unlocked, and a slight squeak as it opened. From under the bed, Liz and Isabel watched as the boots walked closer to the bed, and closer to them.

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Okay, well Elena (JBehrsGurl) is working on a banner for me, so I have one of my very own. I'm so excited! *wink*

And, I'm kind of going to plug a board. It's awesome..come and post!

Come visit us at Outer Haven!

posted on 16-Feb-2003 9:37:40 PM by A Rose Is True Blue
Hey guys. Everything is going crazy with all the moving around. Don't you think? *happy* Okay, well I've been working on a new part but it's not quite finished. The thing about posting is, it'll probably be finished around the time when we get switched from this board to the new board, so I'd have to wait. Mainly, I'm going to be posting at Outer Haven (I posted a link above), but I know most of you will stay with the new board. No worries, if you'd all still like me to, I will continue to post this over there as well. Let me know what you think.

Erin *happy* Thanks for all the feedback!

Justine- Happy Belated Valentine's Day! *wink*
posted on 20-Feb-2003 1:09:41 AM by A Rose Is True Blue
Guys! *hugs* Elena made my banner! It's *so* gorgeous. goonies2

What do you think? The words are, 'a race for lost treasure', 'a map found', 'a legend uncovered'....nifty huh?

My next update will most likely be this weekend. Seeing as how this board will be out, I'll be reposting all my fics at Outer Haven:

Here's a direct link to Goonies Never Say Die:

Come and support my fic guys! Hugs to you all.


By the by, has anyone talked to I_LOVE_NICK? Krista, darling! I miss you!