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Hey guys, I have been reading stories here for a while and I thought I might take a crack at it. Anyways here is part one of my story THE WATER'S EDGE, let me know what you think!

Summary: Can't tell you its a suprise, but I will tell you there are no aliens.

Authors note: This started off as a non roswell story, it was something brewing around in my head all summer, I wrote some of it down and decided to change it. Let me know what you think.

Part 1

The man walked in the room with a slight limp. He made his way to the window and looked out at the ocean. The wind was strong causing the beautiful waves to come crashing down on the rocky shore. A tear formed in his eye but he shrugged it off and looked around the room at all the pictures. He looked down at the picture of the woman staring out at the ocean as the sun was setting; her hair and dress blowing in the wind. He was startled when the window that he had just been looking out from had blown open, causing papers to fly around the room. His eyes darted around and he noticed the book on the bed was now open and its pages rustling around. He walked over to the window and shut it. He looked back to the bed and debated about looking at the book’s contents. If he was caught looking at it he’d surely be in trouble but there it was open for his eyes to read. He made his way to the bed and sat down. He looked at its leather bound cover and opened it to the first page.

(2 years prior)

He stroked her cheek and gazed into her eyes; to him she was the most beautiful creature that ever existed. He brushed the hair that was on her face behind her ear and smiled at her. He held his hand on her cheek and leaned in for a passionate kiss. He sighed contently and pulled back and soaked in everything that was her; her soft hair, her smile, her smooth skin, her scent. She lowered herself down onto the beach towel as he rolled over to lie on top of her. He looked her in the eye and whispered softly “Are you sure?” She smiled with a slight tear in her eye and was about to respond but heard a woman yelling.

“Elizabeth Anne Parker, where have you run off to?” Liz looked up sheepishly at her boyfriend and sighed and quickly put her shirt back on. “I’m sorry Max I got to go, if I don’t leave now I’ll be grounded. I’ll call you later okay?” Max looked up at her retreating off the beach towards her house down the street. He sighed and put his shirt back on and looked out at the ocean.

He decided he better get home because his parents were probably getting worried. The prospect that Liz would call him was what got him moving faster towards his house. He climbed up the wooden steps to his house and opened the screen door and ran upstairs to his room. Max heard his mom yell up that he better get cleaned up because dinner was going to be ready in a few minutes.

He got up from his bed and walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. His hair was wind blown and had sand in it. Max smiled at the memory of being at the beach earlier with his love. He was sure that was going to be their first time, but life has a funny way of changing things. He realized he didn’t have time for a shower just yet so he ducked his head into the sink and rinsed his head with water and scrubbed his scalp to rid himself of the sand. He turned off the water and dried his hair with a towel. He looked in the mirror and smoothed out his hair. He smirked a little when he saw the small hickey on his neck. “What can’t she do with her mouth?” he thought to himself. At the thought of that his face reddened a bit and he clenched his jaw trying to ignore his hormones going into overdrive. “Max, time for dinner!” his mother yelled. “Great I’m going to need a cold shower after dinner now” He mumbled and made his way down to the dinning room.

He entered the dinning room to see his father at the head of the table and his mother placing down the chicken. His little sister was bouncing around trying to get their father’s attention. “Daddy, daddy look at my painting!” Kelly cried out. Their father looked down with a puzzled face trying to decipher what the blob of paint was. “That’s a beautiful bear honey” he replied. Kelly said with a sad look “That’s not a bear daddy, that’s you!” “Oh sorry honey, that’s a great picture of me, I guess I am kind of hairy looking.” Max snickered from across the room. “Only kind of hairy dad? You are half man half grizzly bear!” Max exclaimed laughing hysterically.

Max’s mother sat down at the table and everyone went to their seats and they said a quick grace. After getting his serving of food he started shoveling the food into his mouth. Kelly looked across the table and started giggling. Max looked at his sister and gave her a questioning look. “Mommy it looks like Max was fighting with the vacuum cleaner again!” Max’s face turned crimson red. He gave Kelly a death glare and she just looked at him with a ‘what did I do’ look.
His mother looked at Max’s small hickey on his neck and smiled a little. She looked at Kelly and told her “you should stop worrying about your brother and start worrying about the mess you made with your paints.” Kelly quickly looked away her mother and stared down at her plate. “So I presume this would be the work of Liz Parker, am I correct?” His father asked. Max looked up at his father and nodded in embarrassment. Max’s mother hushed her husband and reminded him that Max was a smart teenager and it wasn’t too long ago that he was a teenager chasing after her. His father immediately stopped whatever lecture he was going to give his son and started poking at his mashed potatoes.

After dinner Max ran upstairs for that cold shower he desperately needed. Max groaned as the cold water hit his body. The other girls he dated before Liz never had the effect on him like she did. All day and night the only thing he could think of was Liz. After jumping out of the shower he wrapped a warm towel around his waist and made his way to his room. The sound of a ringing telephone was loud and Max raced to the phone. He picked it up to hear his dad greeting one of his friends. Max let out a long sigh and went back to his bed. He picked up a tennis ball and threw it up at the ceiling and caught it and threw it back up; repeating his actions.

Kelly walked into his room and complained he was being too loud and that she was going to tell mommy. Max just glared at her and told her she shouldn’t leave her dolls alone because you never know when the boogie man will take them away. Kelly’s eyes got wide and she raced to her room to check on her dolls. Max snickered and went back to throwing the ball. Max threw the ball up into the air as the phone once again rang. Startled Max looked towards the phone as the ball hit him square on the head. He rubbed his sore head and heard his mom call to him that Liz was on the phone. Max raced to his phone and picked it up.

“Liz hi…I’m good what about you? Good, did you get into trouble with your mom? So does that mean you can still come with me tomorrow night to the carnival? Great, I’ll pick you up at 7. Bye sweetie, I love you.” Max hung up the phone and smiled.

The next evening Max was scrambling around the house trying to get ready. He ran into the bathroom and brushed his teeth. He wanted to make tonight special for Liz after all it was their 9 month anniversary. He ran down stairs and went into the kitchen where his mom was cleaning up dinner. “Hey mom I’m going to go pick up Liz now and then we are going to the carnival. Love you.” He pecked his mom on the cheek and made his way to the door. He heard his father call him into the living room.

“Son I know you are going to the carnival and there will be a lot of people going to be there, but please be careful.” Max nodded his head at his father’s advice. When he was sure that was all his father wanted to say he raced out the door to his car and drove to Liz’s house.

Max pulled to Liz’s house and walked up the steps to the door. He rang the doorbell anxiously and waited for his beloved. Liz’s dad opened the door and shook Max’s hand and invited him in. Max heard a bedroom door upstairs close and he looked towards the stairs and saw her coming down the stairs with a large smile on her face. Max pulled out the dozen red roses the he was hiding behind his back and gave them to Liz. She beamed at him and gave him a kiss. She looked up at her father and motioned for him to take the flowers and put them in water. As her father walked to the kitchen he yelled, “Have fun kids!”

They hoped into Max’s car and headed towards the town carnival. Liz looked over sweetly to her boyfriend and whispered in his ear as he drove, “Happy anniversary love, thank you for the flowers they were beautiful.” Max kept his eyes on the road but smiled and replied “Happy anniversary love. Your welcome but the flowers do not even compare to your beauty.” Liz smiled and promptly blushed hearing the compliment.

They rode in almost complete silence just enjoying the sounds of the summer night. From a distance the couple could see the bright flashing lights of everything the carnival had to offer. Max pulled into the dirt parking lot and shut off the car. They walked together hand in hand towards the entrance. Max reached into his pocket for his wallet when they got to the ticket counter, but Liz just smiled and pulled out her purse and looked at Max and simply said, “It is my treat” and handed her money to the cashier. Max eyed her and was about to protest but Liz placed her index finger on his lips and whispered, “Don’t worry your gentleman status isn’t going to falter if your girlfriend wants to pay for admission.” Max chuckled a little and waved her on to go ahead of him. “Ladies first.”

The two walked around to the different rides and games. Liz looked at one of the games and noticed the large cute stuffed animal bears. Max followed her gaze to the bear and proudly announced that he was going to win the bear for her. Max stepped up to the booth and picked up the gun. He had never shot off a gun before and he was a bit nervous about making a fool of himself in front of Liz. He paid the man and he began to shoot at the target. He had shot out most of the area he was supposed to when his gun was empty. The target came shooting up the line and the guy handed it up to Max and said nice try. He turned to Liz with a disappointed look.

Liz laughed a little and patted his back and said “Good job baby, but you should never send a man in to do a woman’s job.” She winked and paid the guy the money and picked up the gun. Max laughed at her cockiness and decided that this would be funny. She shot off the gun and blasted the target area away. The target came up the line and the man working at the booth announced “We have a winner. This little lady won. That’s right if she can do it men why can’t you?”
Liz glared at the man for the sexist remark but gave Max a ‘ha ha I beat you’ look. Liz took her bear and looked at it for a moment than handed it to Max. “Well since it’s usually the guy who wins the bear and gives it to the girl I decided that since I won it that means you should have it.” Liz snickered.

Max accepted the bear and with a high pitched “Thank you, you’re my hero” and made a loud mock sigh. They both started laughing and Max gave back the bear to Liz claiming that she earned him and if he wanted a bear he could always steal Kelly’s.

The couple looked at the different rides trying to decide which one to go on first. Max being the dare devil wanted to go on all of them while Liz complained that she had just eaten some food and didn’t want to risk getting sick. Max sighed and asked her if it was alright if he went on a ride without her. She just smiled and slapped his back pushing him towards the line for the ride. Since it was still early Max was able to get on the ride with little waiting time.

Max was placed in a little caged in cart, the type that spins all around. He waved at Liz through the holes in the metal. Liz blew him a kiss. The ride began sending Max spinning up side down. Max was screaming down to Liz in excitement. Liz laughed and was glad to see him having so much fun.

A figure behind the ride walked over to the power strip on the ground and looked around to see if anyone was watching. He saw no one and carefully unplugged one and walked away quickly.

Max was spinning around having the time of his life when suddenly everything got dark and stopped abruptly. He hit his head on the back of the cage. He looked around and saw all the other rides working fine, but when he looked at the ride he was on all the lights were off and some of the carts were hanging upside down. People were screaming and the workers ran around trying to find the source of the problem.

Liz looked up with a great deal of concern shouting to Max to make sure he was okay, but he couldn’t hear her from that far away. As she was looking up at Max she felt a cold chill run down her spine. A man stood behind her and whispered in her ear, “Your next.” Liz turned around to see who was saying that to her but she saw no one.

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Thanks AlienDreamer101 for reading my story! No worries about Liz and Max just yet. *sigh* I admit I'm also self bumping...I need feedback to get another part out...otherwise no motivation.
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Thanks Pixie for your feedback! I'm glad you are intrigued. I'll post part two up for you guys, and I hope more people will get intrigued as well. Let me know what you think about the chemistry between the characters, or any suggestions you might have, anything will help. Here you go, enjoy!


Part 2

The workers found the power strip and saw one of the cords were unplugged. They plugged it back in and scanned the area to see who could have done such a thing, but they saw no one. The ride operator slowly brought each cart down and unloaded the people and checked for any injuries. There were a few cuts and bruises but nothing serious. The second Max got off the ride Liz went flying into his arms raining kisses all over his face. Liz was going to tell Max about what she heard but she figured he would think she was crazy so she just checked him for any wounds.

A worker came back to the ride and explained to everyone that probably some teenage punk thought it would be funny to unplug one of the cords. The assured everyone that this would not happen again and everything was back to normal. Liz looked at Max in concern, she had thought she was going to lose him for a second and now she never wanted to let him out of her sight. After assuring his beloved he was fine and that he still wanted to go on rides they walked down looking for another, more safe, ride to go on.
Max suggested they go on the Ferris wheel next because of the awesome view. Max and Liz sat down in the seat and pulled the safety bar to their laps. The wheel started moving them up all the way to the top. Liz gasped at the beautiful view. Max didn’t watch the scenery he only watched her. He tucked her hair behind her ear and placed his hand on the side of her face. Liz turned towards Max and their eyes met and were soon in a passionate kiss. He didn’t remember getting off the ride or walking to his car. Max also didn’t remember driving out to the beach but what happened next he would remember for the rest of his life.

Max opened up his trunk and pulled out the blanket and looked over his shoulder to see Liz gazing out at the water. They walked down to the beach not far from the water’s edge and laid out the blanket. The both sat quietly watching the water for a while in each other’s embrace.

Liz looked into Max’s amber eyes and asked him, “Do you love me?” Max was surprised she had to ask and answered her, “Of course I love you, you are my love, my life, my all. I would do anything for you; I’d die for you.” Liz smiled back with glistening eyes and kissed him hard. She mumbled between kisses that she loved him.
Max eased them down on the blanket and rolled on top of her small body. He kept himself propped up on one arm so he wouldn’t crush her under his built frame. They were kissing again and soon both of them were topless. Liz reached for the button on his pants and Max grabbed her hand and looked her in the eye and asked, “Are you sure?” Liz knowing what he was asking replied, “I haven’t been more about anything in my life.” Max let go of her hand and let her continue her travels.

They were now both naked and fully exposed to each other. Their kisses weren’t frantic like they had been before but rather more pledges of love for each other. Max slowly entered her and stopped when he reached her barrier. “I don’t want to hurt you.” Max declared looking at her to make sure she was alright. Liz didn’t say a word but grabbed Max pulling him upwards breaking her barrier. She let out a yelp and a tear ran down her face. Max’s heart broke at the sight. He whipped away her tears and kissed her face. Max refused to move until she was ready. When he felt Liz start to move underneath his body Max slowly started to thrust.

After their love making Max held Liz in a tight embrace and every so often he kissed her softly. Liz was tired and a little sore from the experience but she ran her fingers up and down Max’s chest ever so lightly feeling the ripples of his chest on her finger tips. Max fell asleep still holding his beloved with a slight smile playing on his lips. Liz held Max, happy they had made love and that Max was there in her arms and not dead from that incident at the carnival. She shivered at the thought of that voice warning her that she was next. She lightly ran her fingers over the cut on the back of Max’s head and the now forming lump. She could have lost him tonight and she knew now more than ever that she would never let him go.

Feeling Liz shiver Max woke from his dream and smiled remembering what they had just done and kissed her soundly. He reached over and grabbed her clothes and handed it to her. He grabbed his own clothes and they both got dressed. They sat for a moment watching the waves and the beauty of the stars above them but realized it was getting late and their parents would surely be upset if they weren’t home soon.

Max dropped off Liz and headed back home. He opened the door and walked up the stairs only to be stopped by his father calling him back. He stepped into the living room to see his father reading a book in the dimly lit room. He peered up from the book and asked, “How was the carnival?” Max looked at him and replied it was fun. “Then why is there a lump on the back of your head?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.

Max hadn’t realized that he was hurt from the ride, but sure enough when he ran his hand on the back of his head he felt the lump and a cut as well. He looked at his dad and answered, “Well it’s nothing really. I went on this ride and the power was cut off so the ride was brought to a halt and I bumped my head on the back of the cage, no big deal. They say it was probably some punk teenager. The rest of the carnival was fun though.” Seeing that his father wasn’t going to press the issue with him anymore tonight Max ran up to his room and shut the door. He lied down on his bed and let out a sigh. He looked over at the picture of Liz next to him and a huge smile appeared on his face. He was so happy he knew he wasn’t going to be able to sleep for a while even though his body was fatigued.

He grabbed the ball on his bed and began throwing it up to the ceiling and catching it. Kelly walked into his room rubbing her eyes and looked at her brother with an angry face. “I’m going to tell mommy if you don’t stop!” Kelly whined. This time Max was in too good of a mood to bicker so he simply stopped and looked over at his little sister and apologized. Kelly looked at him with a confused face; he never said sorry or did what she asked. She shrugged her shoulders and went back to her room to sleep.

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Thanks for the feedback and the bumps! I am in process of writing part 3, but I want more feedback no story!
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Alright so I got no feedback *sad* and I said no feedback no story...well I'll give you part of part 3 and see if I get feedback, if I do great and I'll update it when I finish 3, otherwise I'll take it that you guys hate the story.


Part 3a

A morning breeze filtered through the room and light seeped through the curtains and fell upon Max’s body. He began to stir and slowly opened his eyes to the harness of the light. He turned towards his clock which read 8 am. He rubbed his eyes and wondered why he was awake so early when it was summer. He threw on a tee-shirt and some shorts and decided to go take a run. He picked up his cd player and grabbed a water bottle from the fridge and started off. Max’s father, who was getting ready for work, looked surprised to see his son up so early and what looked to be going to go run. He sighed and headed to the kitchen to make himself some breakfast.

Running along the shoreline Max gazed out onto the ocean and smiled. It was such a beautiful day; it seemed so fitting after such a wonderful night with Liz. He looked out at the vastness of the water and knew that one day he wanted to explore the world with Liz by his side, but for now he’d stay at the water’s edge. Max wasn’t paying attention to what was in front of him as he ran and bumped into someone. Max didn’t get a glimpse of the person’s face, but as he ran he shouted over his shoulder “Sorry!” The figure looked at Max as he ran away and glared. “Oh you’ll be sorry; that I am sure of.”

Max was getting tired and saw that the Oceanside Café was just ahead. Max slowed down his pace and looked at the store next to him and saw a teddy bear sitting in the window. Max smiled and headed into the store.

Liz was cleaning up a table and bringing the dishes to the kitchen when she saw Max come into the café. He was a bit sweaty, panting, and holding something behind his back. Liz smiled and walked over to him and gave him a good morning kiss.

“I have something for you my love. I was out on a jog and I saw this.” Max said as he pulled the teddy bear from behind his back and handed it to Liz. Liz was ecstatic and thanked Max. She pulled him into a passionate kiss and then pulled away when she heard a coughing sound.

“Earth to Liz, we do have costumers; this is a crowded café you know.” Maria announced. “Besides, if your parents catch you making out with lover boy instead of waitressing then you will deep trouble chica.” Liz frowned at Maria’s comment because she knew she was right.

“Don’t worry I understand, I can see where I’m not wanted.” Max teased playfully. “I know you are busy today, but how about you and I go stargazing tonight? I’ll come steal you away around say, 11?” Max asked praying she would say yes. Liz thought about it for a second and agreed happily. She gave Max a quick peck and went over to one of the tables to get their order.
Max smiled at her and was about to leave when he heard Maria say, “You are so whipped.” Max just nodded and replied, “More than you know.” He left the café and headed back to the house.

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Wow, I just want to say thanks to everyone who gave me feedback: pixie, sweetygurl, roswellluver, kiwigirl, flohmac, and frenchkiss70 !! Seriously thanks, it makes a girl feel wanted. Anyways I am in process of writing 3b but I am finding between studying for my finals next week, I'm losing my ideas. If anyone wants to be a beta reader or help me with the story please bmail me! I promise to get the second part out asap.

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Thanks to:RoswellLady, Dreaming of Roswell, sweetygurl
, LadyLou.

RoswellLady- You will find out why he limps later...patience..all in good time. Thanks for the feedback!

Dreaming of Roswell- Yeah I know poor Max and Liz, can't fate leave them alone?!? Hehe. You will find out who is after them a bit later. Thanks for the great feedback!

Sweetygurl- Thanks for the bump and being devoted, I will try and get out a new part soon!

LadyLou- Thanks for the great feedback, and thanks for the good luck. Finals start tomorrow and run through Thursday. Lets hope I don't fail!!

I have finals starting tomorrow thru thursday. Between studying I hope to try and write part 3b, but I can't make promises. Maybe a few bumps might help get me off my butt. Thanks again everyone I really appreciate it!*big*
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Thanks Dreamerkitten for the feedback, it is much appreciated. I am so glad you guys are liking the story!! As I promised I have finished part 3b. I finished it after taking my french final...yuck! Anyways I hope you guys like the next part, and don't forget to leave me some feedback!! (p.s. don't forget I don't have a rating as of yet for my story...anyone want to fix that?? hehe thanks)


Part 3b

Max grabbed the blanket out of his closet and snuck down the hall to see if his parents were asleep. Satisfied to hear snoring, he slowly and quietly made his way down the stairs and out the door. Before getting into his car he looked up at the stars and was pleased to see that there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

Max arrived at Liz’s house and looked up to see her sneaking out of her window and shimming down the tree next to her house. Liz made her way over to Max’s car and hopped in. “You know you scare the living daylights out of me every time you do that.” Max said with a concerned look.

“Don’t worry I’ve been doing that since I was a little girl and besides I only broke my arm once!” Liz assured. “Yeah, you are just lucky that wasn’t your neck or back.” Max mumbled.

Max drove down the street and parked the car. He grabbed the blanket out of the back and grabbed Liz’s hand and they walked together down to the beach. Max laid out the blanket and they both sat down looking out at the reflection of the stars on the calm ocean. The both laid down deciding it would be more comfortable. Liz snuggled up to Max’s body and they looked out at the vast universe.

“Max? What are we going to do once school starts? I mean I’m going to Framingham State and you will be a couple hours away UMASS Amherst. I know its not like you are across the country, but we might as well be; we won’t ever see each other!” Liz said on the brink of tears.

“Calm down my love, I know it is going to be tough, but I know we will get through this. I love you and I would wait forever for you. Can you wait for me?” Max asked with nervous eyes.

“Of course I can. I am just scared that this will break us apart.” Liz replied and snuggled closer to Max. Max didn’t say anything for a moment because he knew that life is uncertain and she had a point. He replied with determination, “Nothing will break up apart.” and kissed her on the top of her head.

“You know how I was waitressing today? Well I was going to go refill some drinks when I heard your ex Tess telling Pam that you still loved her and that it was only a matter of time when you would dump me and go crawling back to her.” Liz said with sad eyes.

“She said what?? Liz you have nothing to worry about, I’d never ever dump you for Tess I promise you that. Secondly, I never loved her I may have thought I did for a brief time when I was dating her, but after dating you I know now for sure that was not love; what we have between us is pure love.” Max said trying to reassure Liz. Liz half smiled and snuggled up closer to Max trying to ignore the worried thoughts in her head. She just had this bad feeling that something was going to happen soon; something really bad.

I will try and write more soon, although I still have two more days of finals, so I'm not sure when I will get time to do it, but I promise it will be asap.

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Hey guys I just wanted to apologize for not getting another part out like I promised. Between finals and my aunt who died (don't worry, she was my mom's half sister and was old and she died peacefully) and Christmas shopping things have been crazy. I will try and work on the next part as soon as I can, but I dunno how soon I can get it out with Christmas. But maybe if you guys are nice I'll get it out by tomorrow evening as a Crhistmas gift to everyone.

I just wanted to thank everyone who gave me feedback.

roswellluver- I hope Liz is wrong too, but it wouldn't be a story unless there was some conflict in it. Thanks for the feedback.

RoswellLady- I'm glad you liked the last part. Sorry I couldn't be as quick with the next part as I was time.

marteloise- Well you'll have to find out to see what be honest I don't know either, I have a general idea, but I've left room for adjustment and to see what you guys would like to see happen. I'm glad to see you are hooked; it makes me blush.

max and liz believer- Thank you so very much for the lengthy response. I'm glad you found this story through my link; I was hoping that maybe people might check this story out that way. Yeah, unfortunately love is always compicated. My boyfriend and I have been dating a year and a month and I love him with all my heart, but my god can it get complicated.

Liz isn't telling Max about the stranger because she doesn't want to worry him and in her own way she thinks its her imagination. Yes, Tess is back which is strange cause I really didn't think I was going to put her in this story, but when deciding what I was going to have happen in the story I decided to put her in. Max and Liz's first time is inspired by my boyfriend actually in the way he was so gentle and caring. I can't tell you too much but I will tell you that even though they love each other there will be some rocky times ahead of them soon. Thanks again for the great feedback; it really makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Thanks everyone for reading and responding to my story. I promise to get out the next part as soon as I can. Merry Christmas everyone and happy new year!!!


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I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone!
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*Sigh* I am sorry guys, I've turned into one of those writers I hate..the kind that don't update like they say they will. I ended up going to NH (I live in MA) and skiing so I got a lot more busy than I had anticipated. I will try and write a new part soon..please forgive me for my lagging. Have a happy new years everyone!
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I just wanted to wish everyone a happy new years!
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I felt so bad about not writing a new part that I wrote part 4a for you guys. I'm going to a movie in a little while so I couldn't finish it, but I thought I'd at least give you part of it. I'll try and get the next part out soon. (and sorry that its short...)

AlienDreamer101 - Thanks for the bump

max and liz believer- Thanks for the bumps and Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you too (belated). This part is dedicated to you for your great support and loyalty to the story. Thanks for getting me off my butt to write this.

marteloise - Thanks for the bump!!

Kaiserin I did have a great time skiing (a little sore-but you can't avoid that) thanks for asking. Happy New Years to you too!! I hope you enjoy the next part.


Part 4a

Max was walking around the mall looking in the different shops. He was trying to find something special for Liz, but he had no idea what to get her. He wanted to get her a promise ring. Summer was going to end soon and he wanted Liz to know that he was very serious about their relationship. This was going to not be just an ordinary ring it is a ring promising her that he will be faithful and would love to marry her one day. Max went in several shops, but he just couldn’t find the right ring. He sighed with frustration and ran his hand through his hair.

Max suddenly heard a high pitched squeak “Maxie!” Max shuddered when he recognized that voice. Max slowly turned around to see bouncing blond curls come running up to him and pull him into a hug. Max quickly pulled away and silently promised to burn the clothes he was wearing. “Um, hi Tess.” Max mumbled.

“Oh Maxie I am so glad I ran into you. How are you doing? Are you still with that mouse? You know I’m sorry for cheating on you; I am willing to make it up to you.” Tess sweetly said while running a finger down his chest.

“How many times have I told you not to call me Maxie? Yes I am still with Liz and don’t ever call her a mouse. I don’t care if you are sorry or not because I am not ever touching you again and I suggest you don’t touch me.” Max said with fire in his eyes. No one insults Liz.

“I’m sorry Maxie I didn’t mean to upset you. Just remember when you are done with that girl that a real woman wants you.” Tess said with a wink and walked out of the store. Max practically had smoke coming out of his ears. Max had enough of the mall and decided to get home.

Max was walking to his car and looked down to pull the keys out of his pocket when he heard a noise coming at him at an alarming rate. Max turned his head and saw a car come flying at him and was about to hit him. Max dove out of the way throwing himself on top of another car. Max saw the car driving away and let out the breath he was holding. He couldn’t see the license plate number because of its speed. “That guy almost hit me” Max thought to himself. A woman who had been standing by helped him off the car hood and asked him if he was all right. Max nodded and didn’t listen to the woman’s advice to call the police. After the day he had all he wanted to do was go home.

(In the car)

“Damn it! I was so close! Damn him; he can run now, but I’ll get him soon enough.” The voice vowed.

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Eccentric One- I normally wouldn't say anything directly about the plot; however, if you pay very close attention to earlier in the story I slipped and let you know the mystery person is a guy. She may or may not be connected to it only time will tell. Yeah I agree poor Max and Liz they can never seem to catch a break. Remember Max won't be the only one in dangerous situations remember the mystery person said "Your Next" to Liz. Thanks for the response I hope you enjoy the rest of the story when I get around to writing it.

roswellluver- Yeah good thing Max didn't get hit by that car, that would kind of ruin things for them wouldn't it? Tess in my story is pretty oblivious and I'm glad you noticed. Your welcome for writing, but thank you very much for the feedback because its the only thing that gets me to write.

Lady_without_a_clue- Haha I agree maybe they should. I'll try and post soon for you.

Part 4b should be out soon (I hope) I will try and write it today or tomorrow. Show me some bumps to help me write; without you guys there is no story. I was also wondering if people knew how to make banners or would make one for this story *pleading eyes*? If you do either post here or bmail me. Thanks!!
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I got off my butt and wrote part 4b for you guys I hope you all like it. It is also a bit short like 4a, but its better than nothing I hope.

max and liz believer- My faithful fan, thank you so much for the feedback once again. I'm glad you are touched by my dedication, but seriously if it wasn't for you and some of the other fans I wouldn't be continuing this story at all so thank you. Yeah for a while after Departure and Season 3 I couldn't think about Roswell or Tess without getting sick. I thought it would only be fitting for Tess to be stuck on Max in this story. I agree Max and Liz should get together and talk, but they don't always listen to us now do they? I hope you enjoy this next part.

Everyone - I hope you enjoy this next part. Please give me feedback and don't forget to rate my story lol.



Max pulled his car into the driveway and made his way up his porch steps and heard a sweet angel’s voice call to him, “Hey sexy” Max turned with a grin to see Liz sitting out on the porch. In her hand she was her journal and she finished her sentence and closed the book. Max hugged her and then bolted for the journal, but not before Liz tackled him to the side and snagged the journal.

“Hey common that’s not fair! We’ve been dating for so long what could possibly be in there that I don’t already know. Besides its not very sweet of you to write in there in front of me.” Max said with a pouting face.

“Well I couldn’t let you find out about all my secret lovers now can I? Whoops have I said too much?” Liz said with a playful laugh. Max’s face turned red with jealousy even though he knew she was joking. “No worries my love there are no secrets in here. Just a lot of entries about how cute your butt is in your blue jeans and how I love it when you wear your gray tank top. Your right I have been mean by writing in front of you. Hmm how can I make this up to you?” Liz purred in his ear. Liz licked and sucked on his earlobe and ran a hand down his chest. Max gulped and could feel the hormones going into overdrive.

“Max!!!!!” Kelly wailed. “What did you do to my Stacy doll?” Kelly came running out of the house onto the porch obviously ruining a special moment between Liz and Max. Kelly shoved her doll towards her brother’s face and screamed, “Look at her hair! It’s cut all wrong and her hair is black! I’m telling mommy on you. I hate you!” Kelly yelled with a tear in her eye and stormed back into the house.

Liz gave Max a bad look and watched Kelly run back into the house. “What? Last week she was bugging me to play tea party and when I refused she threw the doll at me. She didn’t come back for it so I had a little fun with a sharpie and some scissors. I can’t believe it took her this long to find.” Max said with a chuckle until he saw his very unhappy girlfriend not laughing and giving him a death glare.

“You are such a horrible older brother! She is only 7 years old! You better go tell her you’re sorry and get her a new doll or you can forget going out tonight with me!” Liz said with a very serious face.

“Okay, okay I’ll get her another doll. Don’t get mad or anything.” Max said being a smart ass. Liz looked annoyed and stood there tapping her toe expecting him to promise more. “Alright I’ll buy her another doll and I’ll apologize. You are one tough cookie.” Max said. Liz smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Maxwell Phillip Evans get in this house right now! Stop terrorizing your sister!” Max’s mother screamed from inside the house. Max gulped with fear and turned to Liz. “I’ll try and calm my mother down and then I’ll give you a call tonight. I love you.” Max said and gave Liz a kiss before heading into the war zone.

Liz laughed and headed to her house. Liz walked over to her bike and found a note in the basket. “Aw Max must have left me a note. How sweet of him.” Liz thought to herself. She opened up the note, which read:

Your next my pretty and do not think lover boy can save you.

Liz got really scared and looked around to see if anyone was there. A chill ran down her spine and got on her bike and headed home. “Please God let this be a prank."

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Josephin - I can't tell you what sick devil is after them just yet, but rest assured he will show himself soon. I don't have a younger sister but I have two older brothers and when I was 7 my brother was Max's age. My brother didn't destroy my doll, but they were pretty nasty at times. I might be blackmailing you...nah jk I'm not blackmailing you. Here you you can update Solar Eclipse

moonieADT - Yeah it is kind of annoying that he was right there and they didn't notice him. Hope the suspense is eased a bit with this update. Thanks for checking out my story and the feedback.

TrustCoFan86 - I am glad you enjoyed the story so far. Hope you like the next part.

roswellluver - Yeah I hope Liz tells everyone too, but only time will tell.

sweetygurl - Thanks for the bump!



“Mom please spare me the lecture I already got Liz on my case. I promised her I’d buy Kelly a new doll okay?” Max said running a hand through his hair. His mom opened her mouth like she was going to say something then stopped. She repeated this a few times.

“Well then, uh, I guess go apologize to your sister. Be kinder to your sister from now on.” His mom finally said. Max nodded and headed out of the room, but before he left his mom called to him, “You got a real keeper there; take care of her.” Max nodded again and after his mother winked at him he turned and headed upstairs.

Max walked into his sister’s room and saw her sitting at the end of her bed. She was staring at her doll with tears in her eyes. Max’s heart broke at the sight; even though Kelly could really annoy him he hated to hurt her in any way. He stepped into the room and sat down next to her. Kelly sat with her head down and continued to sniffle. Max wrapped his arm around her and pulled her closer to him. He took his other hand and lifted her chin towards him.

“I’m so sorry Kelly for ruining your doll. How about you and I go into town and I buy you a new one?” Kelly’s eyes stopped watering and a slow smile started to cross her face.

“Really Max?” Kelly asked with a small sniffle. “Yes really, but only if you can forgive me for being such a jerk.” Max replied with a hopeful face. Kelly nodded and jumped into his arms and gave him the biggest hug she could with her small frame. Max hugged her back with a smile.

Max’s mother Diane was carrying the laundry back to her room when she heard Max talking to Kelly. She quietly put down the basket and looked into the room. Diane’s eyes filled with tears when she saw Kelly give her brother a huge hug and Max returning it. She smiled and picked back up the basket and continued towards her room. “Liz really is a keeper I just hope Max knows that. I suppose we should have the Parker’s over soon after all I see a wedding in the future.” Diane thought with a grin.

Max and Kelly walked out to his car and made sure that Kelly had her seat belt on. They drove off towards town. Max parked the car and took Kelly’s hand and they walked around looking for the doll. The first two stores they went into were sold out. Max could tell Kelly was getting sad that she may not get another doll. Max was determined to find the doll if it was the last thing he did. They walked down the street and he notice that the café was just ahead.

Max turned to Kelly and said, “Hey Kelly let’s go see Liz and then we’ll keep looking for the dolls.” Kelly nodded okay and they walked through the doors of the café. He saw Liz waitressing a few tables and she motioned that she’d be over in one minute. Max and Kelly sat down at one of Liz’s tables. Liz came over and gave Max a kiss on the head. Liz sat down next to Kelly and greeted her. Kelly smiled and looked genuinely happy to see her.

“Oh wait I forgot something.” Liz abruptly said and walked into the back room. Max was really confused and shook his head when Kelly gave him a questioning glance. Liz returned with her hands behind her back. “Close your eyes Kelly.” Liz instructed. Kelly obediently closed her eyes.

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Everyone I decided since I'm stuck up in NH at our house, not skiing, with nothing to do that I'd be nice and update yet again! I hope you all like the part, although I'm sure you'll all hate me by the end of it....don't hate the author please!!! Please leave some feedback and don't forget to rate my story!

Eccentric One - I swear you guys are way to good at predicting things..either that or I'm predictable person. It's always a good thing when you have the parents favoring a relationship, but yes you are right the stalker does have something to say about this. You are right death is an end goal. I hope you like this next part Kara!

TrustCoFan86 *sigh* I guess it is pretty obvious what Liz got Kelly. I'm glad you liked the last part and I hope you like the next one. Thanks for the feedback Lola!

sweetygurl - Thanks for the bump!!

kittens - I agree they need to tell someone quickly, but alas they don't seem to listen to us. Thanks for the feedback!!

roswellluver - I'm glad you agree with Diane. I hope you enjoy the next part.

max and liz believer - Yeah well you'll look more quilty now cause here's another part! lol! I'm glad you liked the last part! *big* Well if you know anything about me so far is that I'm pretty predictable. Yeah being a younger sibling is tough, but I made it through right? I hope you got yourself ready to update your story cause I'm so bored up here I might crank out some more parts soon! Thanks for the feedback again Josephin!!!



Liz placed something down on the table and told her to open her eyes. Kelly opened her eyes and squealed in delight. “A new doll!” Kelly screamed in happiness. Kelly looked at Max with excited eyes.

“Well actually Kelly that doll was mine when I was a little girl. I figured that they will be sold out of your ruined doll for a while so I want you to have mine. Will you promise to take good care of her?” Liz asked. Kelly nodded and looked like she was going to burst with happiness. “Good; she’s all yours then.”

Kelly squealed in excitement and launched herself into Liz’s arms giving her a huge hug. Liz was thrown back a little when the girl threw herself at her, but giggled a little and looked at Max. Max was never so proud to call Liz his girlfriend then at that moment. Max made a mental note to get that promise ring quickly.

When Kelly finally stopped hugging Liz she started running around the café showing off her dolly to everyone. Both Max and Liz laughed and then gazed into each other’s eyes. Max walked over and swept her into a big kiss and then picked her up and swung her around. Max put her down and whispered, “I love you more every moment that passes by.”

Liz blushed and looked around to see if her parents saw her goofing off at work. When she didn’t see them she turned back to Max and said, “Look I better get back to work, but I’ll be off work in a half an hour. Do you want to go out then?”

Max looked at his watch and smiled and replied, “Sure that sounds great. Your gift was very nice, but I still need to try and get that doll for Kelly. Her and I will be looking down at the shops until then. How about we meet in the park?” Max asked. Liz nodded and gave him a kiss then went back to her customers. Max walked over to Kelly and informed her it was time to go.

(25 minutes later)

“Listen Kelly I don’t think we are going to find your doll today. I have to meet Liz in a few minutes in the park so how about we head over there okay?” Max asked Kelly. Kelly agreed and when they reached the park she gave Max her doll from Liz and raced over to the jungle gym. Max smiled and sat down at a bench waiting for Liz.

“Aren’t you a big boy playing with a little girl’s doll?” Tess’ voice whispered into Max’s ear. Max jumped around to see Tess with a smirk on her face. “Oh Maxie if you want to play with dolls you can come over and play with mine.” Tess purred. Max caught on to the fact that she wasn’t referring to play with dolls but rather it was an innuendo. With that knowledge he shivered in disgust.

“Tess, why can’t you get the hint? I hate the name Maxie and I definitely will never touch you, talk to you, or want to be near you. So please stop bothering me because I’m with Liz and I love her and there is nothing you can do to change that.” Max said with forcefulness in his voice.

“Oh I don’t know about that Maxie. Maybe this will change your mind.” Tess said and fused her lips with Max. Max tried to pull away, but Tess clutched her hands to the back of his head with her nails digging in. Max was about to violently shoved her away he heard something that would make him want to die for the rest of his life.

“Max…how…how…could you!” Liz barely managed to say. Tears were streaming down her face and she looked like she was about to vomit. “You bastard!” She screamed and ran away.

Max shoved Tess so hard off of him he practically threw her onto the ground. When he saw Tess’ face she was smirking and looked very much pleased with herself. “Look what you’ve done you slutty bitch! Don’t you dare to come near me again!” Max screamed in her face and took after Liz.

Max after a few minutes managed to out run Liz and grabbed her arm and twisted her to face him. “Liz it’s not what it looked like.” Max started to explain, but was stopped when Liz slapped him across the face. She got out of Max’s grasp and kept running. Max was stunned for a second, but quickly took off after her.

Liz’s eyes were so full of tears she could barely see. All she knew was that she had to get home. She looked quickly and both ways of the street and didn’t see anyone and started to cross. “How could he?” Liz thought to herself.

“It’s time for you Liz. Thought you could be a slut did you? You’ll pay and its time for delivery.” A voice said in his car. He raced around the corner and pressed all the way down on the gas pedal. His car flew towards an unsuspecting Liz.

Max was racing after Liz and he saw her cross the road barely looking. He didn’t see any cars and was momentarily relieved until he saw what looked like the same car try and hit him go straight after Liz. Max ran as fast as he could and he was right behind Liz when the car was only a foot or two away from hitting them both. Max shoved Liz as hard as he could and that was the last thing he did when suddenly everything went black.

Liz was thrown onto the ground and she looked up confused when she was on the ground and she heard a car screech and what sounded like broken glass. Liz turned around to see a car speeding away and Max’s crumpled form lying on the ground. “MAX!” Liz screamed. Liz raced over to his body and looked up at the bystanders who were in shock and screamed at them to call an ambulance. Liz brushed Max’s with her hands and tried to listen for breathing. She could hear him breathing barely and she kept chanting to him, “Don’t you dare leave me Max. I love you so much, I’m sorry. Please don’t go!” Liz’s tears were streaming down her face.

“MAX!” a little girl screamed. Liz looked up to see Kelly with horror on her face. Tears were flowing down her face too. She ran across the street and sat down next to here. She looked up at Liz begging for her to tell her everything was okay. Liz pulled her into a hug and they both cried together. Kelly pulled away and looked down and saw that in Max’s hand was the doll that Liz gave her. Liz looked down too and saw that too and they both started crying more.

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moonieADT - Thanks for the feedback, yeah the last part and this next part are a little intense. I hope you will like the next part and no worries the bitch Tess isn't in this part.

max and liz believer - Hey Josephin I update for you! Yeah Max is pretty heroic, I actually explain how he feels about that in there just for you. Thanks for all the bumps!!

senoritaspoiler - Thanks for checking out my story, I'm glad you liked it.

roswellluver - Max will turn out okay, as for the Tess situation...that will be settled a bit later. Thanks for the feedback!

frenchkiss70 - Yeah the person after them is a real psycho. Don't worry Max didn't die. I hope you like the next part. Thanks for the feedback!

marteloise - You won't find out who the psycho is till later..sshhh it a secret. Thanks for the feedback is one day wait soon enough?

EVERYONE - Just as a wacky side note, I was at a mall yesterday and I saw these people playing this beautiful music that almost sounded Irish. Now I'm 3/4 Irish so I had to go buy one of the CDs. I saw there was about 10 cds and the woman explained some weren't really Irish but more mellow music. I asked her what her favorite two CDs were since I didn't know which one to pick. She handed me two. Guess of the titles of the the CD was "Water's Edge" so needless to say I bought the CD. My favorite song on the CD is Water's wierd freaky coincedence! (btw the artist is called Tim Janis if anyone is interested).


Part 6

Liz and Kelly climbed into the ambulance and watched Max getting checked for vital signs on the way to the hospital. Kelly couldn’t take looking at her brother and wrapped herself around Liz. Liz couldn’t take her eyes off of Max; he looked so fragile. Tears had stopped flowing and were replaced by numbness. Liz gave the people Max’s information about his blood type and his parent’s phone number. She gave the information without blinking and if anyone really looked at her they would notice that she was in a world of her own; closed off from the events around her.

The ambulance arrived at the hospital and they rushed Max through the doors. Liz was carrying Kelly and was having trouble keeping up. She watched Max get pushed through the doors to the emergency room and Liz was about to follow when a nurse stopped her and told her to wait in the lobby. Liz wanted to fight and push through and see her beloved, but she knew it was useless. She carried Kelly to the lobby and sat her down in one of the chairs. Liz sat down next to her and put her head in her hands and sobbed.

A few minutes later Liz heard Max’s parents yelling demanding to know where their son was. The nurse wasn’t telling them very much and Liz slowly walked over to the couple. Diane and Phillip Evans were angry that they weren’t getting any information about their son’s condition. They both stopped yelling when they saw Liz approaching. She looked like a train had hit her. Her hair was tousled, tears streaked down her face, and what disturbed them was the blood on her shirt. No words were said when Liz finally stood in front of them. After a moment Diane pulled Liz into a tight hug and they cried together. Phillip went over and picked up his daughter and held her tightly. He was just happy he could hold at least one of his children.

“We had a fight…I ran…he chased after me…a car…wasn’t stopping…Max…he pushed me…I looked up…he was lying down…it’s all my fault.” Liz could barely make out the words to explain what happened to Diane. Liz began to sob with her admission of guilt.

“No Liz this wasn’t your fault! Don’t you dare blame yourself for this! It doesn’t matter if Max was chasing after you or pushed you out of the way, it isn’t your fault. You weren’t driving the car that hit him; the driver is the only one we have to blame.” Diane tried to reassure Liz. Diane could tell her words comforted Liz, but she could still see the guilt written on Liz’s face.

“Mr. and Mrs. Evans?” The doctor called out into the lobby. They rushed over to the doctor and Liz quietly stood behind them to hear the news. Liz glanced over and saw that Kelly was sleeping and she was glad that whatever the news was that the parents had a minute to digest the information before explaining it to her. “Your son is a very tough and lucky young man. He has broken his left arm and had a bad blow to the head. We expect him to make a full recovery; however, he does need a lot of rest. I want to keep him a few days to make sure his head heals alright with no permanent damage.” The doctor informed them.

Diane and Phillip hugged each other and thanked whatever higher power that he was alright. Kelly woke up with all her parent’s commotion and ran over and joined them in a hug. Liz stood behind them and smiled at the family moment. She still couldn’t help but feel responsible for Max’s injuries. The Evans’ turned to the doctor and asked to see Max. The doctor told them to follow him.

Liz stayed behind knowing that his family should see him alone first. Diane turned around to see Liz not following them and motioned for her to follow, but Liz gave a grateful smile but shook her head. Liz turned back towards the lobby and sat down.

“Liz!” a voice cried out. Maria was practically running into the hospital with her parents not too far behind. Maria ran to Liz and hugged her and demanded, “Don’t you ever scare me like that again!” Liz giggled slightly. Liz pulled away and walked over to her parents. Liz told her parents what happened and they hugged her because they knew she was upset, but mostly because they were so happy that their daughter was alive.

No one dared ask her about the blood on her shirt, but her father pointed to it with a scared look. “It’s not mine; it’s Max’s.” Liz said as a tear ran down her face. Her parents asked about Max’s condition and she informed them of everything she knew. They all sat down in the lobby waiting for more information. Liz rested her head on Maria’s shoulder and wondered when she’d be able to see Max.

A few minutes later the Diane, Phillip, and Kelly came back. Diane walked over to Liz and told her, “He’s alright Liz; he’s been asking to see you. Why don’t you go now? It’s four doors down on the right.” Diane said and then joined her family in the lobby.

Liz slowly got up and walked down towards Max’s room. She stood outside his door and sighed. She wasn’t sure what she was going to say to him. The wave of guilt that was consuming her at the door was multiplied when she finally walked into the room and saw him hooked up to IVs and other machines.

Max turned to the door and saw his angel walk into the room. She looked scared and sad, but he wasn’t sure why. He was so happy to see her, he had been afraid when he first woke up that she had been hurt or killed.

The doctors informed him that Liz was fine and that he was a hero for pushing her out of the way. Max dismissed that idea because he wasn’t trying to be a hero; he just had to save the most important thing in his life. If Liz had died he knew life wasn’t worth living. The doctor told him, “People don’t do things to be heroes; it just ends up that way.” Max smiled at that comment.

Max patted a small spot on his bed to signal her to come sit down. Liz slowly made her way to the bed and sat down. She stroked his cheek; making sure he was really here and she wasn’t dreaming. Max caught her hand and kissed it. Liz half smiled at his gesture, but couldn’t shake the guilty feeling.

Max looked down at her shirt and saw all the blood on it. He was scared; she looked alright, but there was so much blood. “Liz are you okay?” He pointed to the blood stains. Liz nodded and gently responded that it wasn’t hers. Max made an “Oh” shaped face. “Did I really bleed that much?” Max thought to himself. Max tilted Liz’s face to his and asked her, “Liz, baby, please tell me what’s wrong. I’m not dead am I?”

Liz started to open her mouth, but words were failing her. “I love you so much Max and I am so sorry that I got you hit by a car. It’s all my fault you are here. I am also still in shock of seeing you lip locked with Tess. I think maybe we should break up, I don’t want to have to share my boyfriend.” Liz said with a serious face.

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Hey guys I just wanted to add a quick note. I know everyone is mad at Liz, but she'll be redeemed later. Yeah Liz wasn't too kind breaking up with him when he's lying on a hospital bed after saving her life; you got to keep in mind though that she has been through a tramatic event and she saw him kissing Tess so she is going to be a bit irrational.

I wanted to thank all of you for reading my story and giving me feedback, you have no idea how good that makes me feel. Anyways I've been extremely busy, so much in fact that I havent had time to read Josephin's new story---SORRY JOSEPHIN I PROMISE TO READ IT SOON! So I promise you guys I'll get some time in tonight to write and I'll either get the story up tonight or possibly tomorrow.

Josephin- Yeah I'm not sure if Kazaa or any other downloading site would have that. By the way, have you ever heard of Blubster...I find it to be a lot better, and for those college students out there I know at least my college hasn't put up a firewall for that yet.
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Everyone - I wanted to thank everyone, I promise to thank you all individually later, but I am in a rush right now. I hope you all enjoy part 7!


Part 7

“What?” Max question what Liz had just told her. “Wait rewind for a moment. You say that it’s all your fault I’m here then you say we should break up? Don’t you care at all what I have to say about it?” Max looked at Liz with a disbelieving face.

Liz sighed knowing Max was right; she was being unfair. She just didn’t know how to handle all the emotions that were streaming through her body and all she wanted to do at this moment was run as fast as she could away. Liz walked over to Max’s bed and pulled up a chair and sat down.

“First thing Liz you have to get through your head is that you have done nothing wrong. That car would have hit you, but it was my decision to throw you out of harms way; not yours. Liz if you even think that it should be you in this bed then you better change your mind quickly because if anything had happened to you it would have killed me. It was because of me that you were running to begin with and if that had gotten you killed or injured I would never forgive myself.” Max said looking Liz dead in the eye to make sure she understood what he was saying.

“As for that whole mess with Tess, as I tried to tell you before, it wasn’t what it looked like. Tess approached me and I told her that I never want her to talk to me ever again and that I loved you. She tried to change my mind by kissing me; maybe she saw you and knew you’d see it and break up with me. At any rate I tried to push her off me but she was digging her claws into me and by the time I could get the tramp off me you were there. I am so sorry Liz for hurting you; you have to know that I didn’t want her to kiss me and if I could that bitch wouldn’t come within 100 miles of me.” Max looked very serious. He was scared that Liz wouldn’t believe him

Liz looked into Max’s eyes and it took her a moment but she could see the truth radiating from his eyes. Tears slowly crept down her face as she battled between what she saw and what he was saying. When Max wiped the tear from her eye she had her mind and heart made up.

“I am sorry Max I just saw you two and I couldn’t believe my eyes. My heart said it wasn’t what it looked like, but the sight of you being kissed by her made my heart shatter. I believe you Max. I can see it in your eyes that you aren’t lying to me. You have always been honest with me and I know how much you dislike Tess. I am sorry it took me so long to see that. I am also sad I didn’t say this earlier; thank you for saving my life. I love you with all my heart and soul.” Liz said and launched herself into Max’s arms. She rained kisses all over his face; so happy that he was alive. Only when she heard a moan coming from Max did she stop.

“What did I do love? Did I hurt you?” Liz asked full of concern. Max only grunted and pointed his good arm towards his broken one. Liz’s smile fell with guilt and kissed his arm. “I’m sorry; I guess it’ll take a little getting used to. I’m still in shock of everything I forgot you were injured for a moment there.” Liz said with a small grin. Max let out a slight giggle which prompted Liz to giggle too.

“You get hit by a car and yet you two are still laughing and acting like newlyweds! What am I going to do with you two?” Maria said coming in the door as she shook her head and threw up her arms. “What drug are you guys on because I’d like to be as giddy as you two seem to always be.” Liz and Max stopped giggling when Maria started talking but at her comment about them being on drugs they burst out laughing.

Liz’s parents silently watched with a smile at the three teens laughed despite the horrific events prior. Liz’s father Jeff coughed and knocked on the door. The three teens turned towards the door. Jeff and Nancy Parker approached the side of Max’s bed. Jeff spoke on behalf of him and his wife.

“Max we just wanted to thank you so much for doing what you did for our daughter. She could have easily been killed by that car, but you heroically saved her. Thank you for saving our baby girl.” Jeff said as he shook Max’s good hand.

“It is no problem sir. I love your daughter with all my heart and soul and I couldn’t let her get hit by that maniac. I may have saved your daughter Mr. Parker, but I assure you I am no hero.” Max explained.

The Parkers and Maria gave their get well wishes and left the room leaving Max and Liz alone again. Liz looked thoughtfully out the window for a minute. Max studied Liz’s face and noticed the way her face scrunched up like she was deep in thought. Max waited for Liz to tell him what was bothering her.

“Max I realize now that I should have talked to you sooner about this, but to be honest at first I shrugged it off and then the second time I was too distracted to tell you.” Liz said with worry written on her face. Max looked puzzled as Liz was talking; what was she hiding?

“That day at the carnival just after the power plug was pulled I heard a voice behind me whisper to me ‘you’re next’, but I just thought I was imagining things. Then when I left your house to go to work earlier I found a note in my basket. At first I thought it was a love note from you, but when I opened it up it said ‘You’re next my pretty and do not think lover boy can save you.’ I was so scared, but by the time you stopped by at work and then the whole Tess thing I was so distracted I forgot to tell you.” Liz said with a great deal of concern.

Max’s face fell with worry. Was someone after his beloved? “Oh Liz, baby, I don’t know what to say. Oh my god I just thought of something.” Max said with shock washing over his face. “When I was at the mall I was going to my car and this car almost ran me down. I had to throw myself onto another car to not get hit. I shook it off as a insane driver, but I just remembered something. The car was coming so fast at you I didn’t realize at the time, but that’s the same car that almost hit me.” Max said with dread.

“Oh my god Max do you think that someone is trying to kill us? What did we do?” Liz said almost breaking down. Max wrapped his good arm around Liz and pulled her into a hug. Max vowed that he wasn’t going to let whoever this psycho is harm him or his girlfriend.

“Damn him! I almost had her; she was right there! Well he got what was coming to him, he may have saved his little slut girlfriend and saved him the trouble of me killing him later, but she will get what’s coming to her.” The voiced laughed evilly. What he didn’t know was that the hit didn’t kill Max and he was talking to Liz at that very moment.

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Part 8

Liz left when visiting hours were over and not a moment sooner; the nurses practically had to drag her out of there. Liz was so close to losing him forever and she was not going to leave his side for anything. Liz reluctantly said goodbye and promised to be there as soon as she could the next day.

That night Liz had a hard time sleeping because every time she closed her eyes all she could see is the car flying at her and seeing Max’s body on the pavement. She rubbed her eyes and slowly got out of bed with frustration. She wrapped herself in her blanket due to the cold night air seeping through the windows. She made her way to her window and looked out.

The only sound she could hear was the ocean waves crashing down on the sand. Despite the waves the ocean seemed to be calm. She looked above at the stars sparkling in the sky and she sighed. Her favorite part about summer was sitting out at night star gazing and watching the enormous amount of meteors fly through the sky. Liz looked out at the vastness of the ocean and then noticed she could see the reflection of the stars out on the water and it was breath taking.

A tear formed in her eyes as she realized that Max wasn’t with her to share this. Since they started dating stargazing had become a favorite thing to do together. Liz turned away from her window and pulled on some pants and a tank top. Liz quietly snuck out of the house and made her way to the beach. Liz sat down and remembered all the memories that Max and her shared together right there. Liz looked over to her left and recalled when Max had first asked her out.

Liz had gone down to this party back in November at the beach. Her grade’s class council thought it would be a great idea to throw a party before everyone started filling out their college applications. What Liz never did understand was who came up with the bright idea to have a party on a beach in November? It was a bitter cold day and Liz almost didn’t go. Liz bundled up and made her way to the party figuring that if she got to cold that she wasn’t too far from home.

Liz was having a pretty good time talking to her classmates, but was getting tired of the party. Liz decided to sit down and look out at the ocean and escape the party for a little while. Then Liz heard the sweetest voice she ever heard, “Is this a private party or can I join?” Liz looked up at saw Max standing there with a goofy smile. Liz patted the sand next to her and flashed Max a smile.

They talked for a couple hours and probably would have continued, but they both realized the party had ended and Liz’s lips were turning blue from the cold. Max took off his jacked and wrapped it around her body despite Liz’s protests that she was fine. Max took his hand and slowly stroked her face and his thumb rested itself on her lips.

“Your lips are blue you should get inside and warm up.” Max insisted. Liz didn’t want this moment to end and argued that she wasn’t ready to go yet. Max agreed that he wasn’t ready to head home just yet. Max questioned her with concern about how she’d stay warm. Liz shook her head realizing her dilemma. Max smiled for a moment before looking serious and Liz was unsure of what caused those facial expressions. Slowly Max brought his lips down onto Liz’s lips.

This kiss started off slow and tentative, but when Liz starting kissing back the kiss slowly turned more passionate. The remained lip locked for a minute until they both broke for air. They rested their foreheads on one another and they both smiled. Max asked her out moments later and Liz answered yes immediately.

Liz wrapped her arms around herself and tears slowly ran down her cheek when remembering all the good times they shared here. Liz cried knowing she could have lost Max today and they could have not shared any more beautiful moments there. Liz was shameful for even contemplating about breaking up with Max even if she saw him kissing Tess. Liz knew that Max was the one and only for her; there would be no other one for her. What scared her was that someone was out there trying not only to break them up, but trying to kill them. Was she ever going to ever get her future with Max?

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Liz reluctantly got up the next morning not looking forward to her morning shift at the café. She rubbed her tired eyes and stretched. Liz dragged herself to the bathroom and was about to take a shower when out of the corner of her eye something caught her attention. She slowly made her way to the mirror and stood there in shock. She looked down at her bare stomach and there was dried blood covering it. She was too out of it the previous night to notice it before. Liz frantically turned on the sink and put her hands under it and tried to wash off the blood. When all the blood was finally off her stomach she noticed there were no abrasions on her stomach which meant only one thing; it was Max’s blood. Liz could feel the bile rising in her throat and she sunk down to the cold floor.

Liz wiped the tears in frustration; she refused to cry anymore. Liz jumped into the shower in an attempt to not just clean herself, but to rid herself of the memories of the previous day. After the shower she made her way to her room and got dressed and ready for work.

Liz entered the backdoor of the café and made her way to her locker. She put her stuff in the locker and fixed her hair in the small mirror. Her eyes fell onto the picture of Max tapped on the locker’s door and Liz let out a sigh. She rested her head on the edge of the locker and tried to compose herself before heading out to open the café.

“He’s alright you know; it’s only a broken arm.” Maria said stepping up behind Liz. Startled by the noise, Liz jumped and clutched her heart. Maria stared at Liz with great concern. Maria could see the bags under Liz’s eyes and could see that she was on edge. There also seemed to be a great deal of sorrow and fear in her eyes. “What’s wrong?” Maria asked.

“You scared me! Didn’t your mom ever teach you not to creep up on someone?” Liz said with her heart still racing.

“Yes she did; however, I was hardly creeping up on you. Liz I know that whole accident was scary, but you need to relax; he’s fine!” Maria replied trying to get through to her best friend.

“I know he’s fine it’s just that I can’t seem to get the sounds and images out of my head. The sound of him hitting the hood of the car, the windshield, and then seeing him lying on the ground bleeding and unconscious is something I can’t seem to forget even for a moment.” Liz said while trying to hold back from sobbing.

Maria hugged her friend and stroked her back soothingly trying to calm her down. “It’s okay Liz he’s fine now. Everything will be alright.”

Liz broke away from the hug and looked Maria in the eyes with great seriousness. “Is it? Maria that was no accident; someone was trying to kill me.” Liz said with fear in her eyes. Liz went on to explain everything that had happened to her and Max. When Liz was done Maria sat down with shock.

“Have either of you told anyone about this yet?” Maria asked after a minute of silence. Liz shook her head. “You have to go to the police! You have to tell someone! They need to find this psycho!” Maria said while getting up off the ground.

Liz knew she was right, but nothing could be done at the moment; they both had shifts starting in a minute. Talking to the police would have to wait. Both girls fixed themselves up and made their way through the double doors and out to face the morning rush.

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(A couple hours later)

“Don’t worry babe, only a couple more hours and then you can go check up on lover boy. I think he needs some ‘sexual healing’” Maria said trying to do her best Marvin Gaye voice. Liz smiled at Maria’s remark and blushed a little to her singing “Sexual Healing”.

Liz grabbed her soda from behind the counter and sipped on it. The cold drink felt good with the growing hot air. The caffeine also helped every time she got a little run down from the annoying costumers. Every few minutes Liz couldn’t help but look up at the clock and count down how many more minutes until she got off work.

The second that her shift ended Liz raced to get changed. Maria chuckled watching her run around; it looked like someone had lit a fire under her. Liz looked in her locker to make sure she hadn’t forgotten anything and raced home. Liz changed quickly and grabbed the keys to her mother’s car and drove off towards the hospital.

Running into the hospital Liz received some bad looks. Liz realized that she shouldn’t be running around in a hospital so she slowed herself down and made her way towards Max’s room. Liz walked into the room to see a police officer talking to Max. Both men turned their heads towards the door seeing Liz walking in. Max smiled at Liz, but the police officer seemed annoyed.

“Oh I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to interrupt. I’ll come back later.” Liz said as she started to turn towards the door and walk away. Liz was halfway out the door when she heard Max call at her to stay.

“Mr. Anderson was just asking me some questions about the accident. I told him about my side of the story Liz; I think you should tell him what you know.” Max said with concern. He knew Liz would want to catch this psycho, but he could tell she was nervous. Liz nodded her head reluctantly in agreement. Something about the police man made her feel uncomfortable.

Officer Anderson led Liz into a private room and had her sit down. “Tell me what you know” he said coolly. Liz couldn’t seem to look him in the eye and starting playing with her fingers. She explained the night of the carnival, the note, and then the accident. Mr. Anderson jotted down some notes and nodded his head slightly at each thing she said.

“Can I see this note?” He asked her. Liz bit her lip and she wanted to sink through the floor because she knew what she was about to say would upset him. “Um, I actually threw out the note. I thought it was someone trying to play a prank on me I’m sorry.” Unexpectedly the officer seemed to relax a little and this did not go unnoticed by Liz.

“Why would he seem less upset that I lost the note?” Liz thought to herself. The officer then proceeded to ask for a description of the car. Liz informed the officer that she didn’t really get a good look at the car. The officer seemed to bite back a smile and informed Liz she was free to go. Liz hesitantly walked out of the room and went back to Max’s room.

She stepped into the room and saw Max lying on the bed with a huge smile. He held out his good arm for her to come over and hug him. She complied and gave him a hug and kissed his forehead. They talked a few minutes about how they were both doing and Liz told him all about her shift at the café.

“Tell Maria I said hi for me. Oh yeah and tell her that when I get out of here I want her mom’s pumpkin pie waiting for me.” Max said with a chuckle. Liz smiled for a moment, but a sad face appeared. “What’s wrong love?” Max asked with a great deal of concern.

Liz sighed and looked down at the floor. She wasn’t sure if she was overreacting about the whole thing, but their relationship was based on being honest with each other no matter what and she wasn’t about to start lying to him. “It’s silly really. Something about Officer Anderson made me uncomfortable. What is bugging me is that he seemed happier when I told him I threw out the note and I didn’t get a good look at the car. Why would that make him happy?” Liz asked.

Max shook his head not knowing the answer to the question. “Sweetie, it has been a stressful and scary past couple days maybe you are reading too much into his facial expressions? I mean he is a man of the law he wouldn’t be happy about lost evidence. Relax love I’m sure everything will be fine. The police will find this psycho soon.” Max said pulling Liz into another hug. Max tried to reassure Liz, but he couldn’t help but feel that something was definitely off about that officer.

Officer Anderson walked over to the payphone and inserted some money. He dialed a number and waited for him to answer the phone. “Hello?” The person said. “You made a real mess of things. You didn’t kill either of them and you left a lot of potential witnesses. You are lucky that Parker girl doesn’t have the note or remember what your car looks like. You have to end this now or else I won’t be able to save your ass.” Anderson said before slamming down the phone.

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Part 10

Liz curled up with Max on the hospital bed and rested her head on his shoulder. Their eyes were fixated on the television screen. Max realized that he hadn’t felt Liz move or say anything in a while so he looked down at her. She slept quietly with her body wrapped around him. She looked like an angel. He smoothed out her hair and breathed in the smell of her. He couldn’t believe that last 9 months had gone so fast. So many things had happened; what was in store for the future? Max remembered the day he first saw her; not the day he first saw her, but the day he really saw her beauty and grace for the first time.

He was freezing his butt off at beach. He couldn’t believe anyone would be dumb enough to have a party on a beach in November. He only had gone because he couldn’t stand listening to his little sister anymore.

The party, despite the frigid temperatures, was actually pretty fun. While talking to some of his friends, Max saw Liz walk past the gathering and sit down on the sand by herself. He stopped listening to what his friend Michael was talking about and for the first time he saw how beautiful she was. Max never really had any classes with her, but he had seen her around. He had always noticed her, but he never really saw her more than just another girl in his grade.

He noticed how her hair had this glow from the moon. He followed her gaze out onto the ocean and saw how the stars reflected the stars so well. Suddenly the conversation he was having with Michael didn’t seem that important anymore. He excused himself and made his way over to her.

They talked forever it seemed, but that was until Max saw that everyone had gone home. Max turned towards Liz and he could see she was freezing. He felt a wave of sadness wash through him when he noticed her blue lips. Here he was babbling to her and the poor girl was freezing. After giving her his jacket Max reluctantly told her that she should go inside. When Liz protested he felt his heart soar; she wanted to be there with him.

Max knew that neither one of them wanted to go inside, but what was he going to do about her blue lips. Lust ran through his body and he tried to hide the dirty thoughts going through his head, but couldn’t help but smiling. He saw how she got a little nervous after seeing him smile so he decided to be bold. He slowly lowered his lips to hers.

Max had kissed a few girls in his 18 years of living, but none of the kisses he had experienced came even close to this one. He knew the second his lips touched hers that there was something special between them; something no one could take away from them. After asking Liz out Max made a vow to himself that he would never lie, hurt, or leave her.

Max smiled at the memory of that wonderful night. He pulled Liz’s sleeping form in closer. He was frustrated that he hadn’t gotten a chance to get that promise ring before this whole mess started. Now more than ever he wanted to tell her how he felt; to let her know that he wanted to be with her and maybe marry her after college.

Max vowed himself that as soon as he got out of this hospital he’d go straight to the jewelers and buy her the ring. He couldn’t make up his mind how he wanted to do it. He wanted to catch her off guard, but he wanted it to be a romantic night; he wanted perfection.

He couldn’t help but worry that maybe he wouldn’t get a chance to place the gold ring on her finger. Why was this psycho after them? Max couldn’t think of a single thing that he or Liz had ever done to anyone to provoke him/her to kill them. Whoever it was wanted it to look like an accident, but when Max thought about it he realized that the psycho was getting more and more sloppy. The last incident left a lot of potential witnesses. Unfortunately, no one seemed to catch a good enough look at the car. Some people said it was black, some thought it was blue, and other thought it was dark green.

How could people think the car was so many colors? Max couldn’t help but think that the Officer Anderson was lying to him; that he was changing what people said. Max shook his head and scolded himself; Anderson is a man of the law he wouldn’t do such a thing.

Whoever it was that was after them would have to get through Max first; he vowed to protect Liz with his life if need be. Max was getting nervous being in the hospital while this psycho is on the loose. What if the person went after Liz while he was in the hospital? Max placed a kiss on Liz’s head and drifted off to sleep to escape his thoughts, but he was met with nightmares of what might happen to Liz while he lay in the hospital.

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Now, we do have other options. We screwed up. We know that. So, we can let the board go. We can try moving back to EZBoard but we will more than likely get kicked off because of our bandwith usage. Wendy and I can step down, and let someone else take over the money and the server and try to fix things. The board will more than likely close for a few weeks while that happens (money and such switches hand). Know that we don't want to step down, but feel that we can't keep going the way things are. We love this site, and are very upset by this situation.

In our opinon, the server isn't fixable without a complete reinstall of the OS, which we can't really do remotely. We'd have to pay tech support $100 an hour to do it. We only have about $300 left right now.

So anyway, there it is. We want to take action as soon as we can. There's a poll where you can vote for what you would like done. Your input will decide the future of Roswell Fanatics.

Thank you,


If you guys want to voice your opinion go here
posted on 10-Feb-2003 12:05:15 PM by LPorter
Hey guys I just wanted to inform you that I have written part 11a. I will be writing 11b tonight I think, but I wanted to try and get 11a first for you guys. I'll post it as soon as Josephin looks it over for me. Thanks guys for your patience and bumps!!!!
posted on 10-Feb-2003 9:23:42 PM by LPorter
Well I haven't heard back from Josephin yet, but I wanted to let you guys know I am also going to slowly start moving myself almost completely to Outer Haven. I am a moderator there. I suggest you guys check it out!!

Outer Haven

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posted on 11-Feb-2003 10:26:36 PM by LPorter
Hey Guys sorry about the wait...just had to run the chapter by Josephin. I regret that this may be one of my last updates here. Please follow my story to Outer Haven where I will continue updating there.

Outer Haven

Part 11a

After spending a few hours visiting Max at the hospital Liz reluctantly left to go home. The nurses told Liz that Max needed his rest so that when the doctor saw him the next day he would be rested enough to leave. Liz realized that she rather leave now and spend more time with him tomorrow when he got back rather then spend more time now and have him spend another day in the hospital.

Max was depressed that Liz had to leave. He hated being stuck in the hospital; there was nothing to do. Max tired watching television, but all that was on was the news and horrible movies. He tried going to sleep, but all he could think about was that psycho that was after them. How could he sleep knowing that someone could be after Liz at any moment? Max felt better at least that he made Liz promise to be careful before she left. Still he couldn’t get rid of that nagging feeling.

The food was also something Max just couldn’t get used to. All he could pray was that food at college would be better then this, but somehow he doubted it was much better. He could have sworn that at one point his food was trying to move. Needless to say his appetite was gone.

His parents had visited him today, and Kelly seemed really excited to see him. She brought in her doll that Liz gave her and told Max that he could hold onto it until he got better. Max couldn’t help but smile at his little sister’s adorable innocence. Now that all his visitors are gone and it is time for him to sleep, Max kept looking at the doll.

The doll was fairly plain, but what made it so fantastic was that it was Liz’s doll. He lightly stroked the doll’s hair and thought about how Liz probably did the same thing when she was little. He let out a small quiet laugh thinking about how cute Liz must have been at the tender age of 7. Growing increasingly tired of the doll Max placed it down on the little table next to his hospital bed.

Now what was he supposed to do to keep him occupied. He looked up at the ceiling and noticed all the little dots or crooks in the foam like ceiling. He figured the best way to get tired enough to fall asleep was to count those small crooks. “1…2…3…4…5…6…” Max started counting silently in his head. As he counted higher and higher, Max started to feel his eyelids becoming heavier and heavier. Slowly Max drifted off into sleep as the sounds of the hospital slowly faded away.

A figure slipped out of the hospital changing room. He slipped out of the room wearing a doctor’s jacket, but what no one saw was the unconscious body lying in the dimly lighted room. The figure looked at the chart he had stolen and saw a room number next to a name. Max Evans room 820. The figure silently laughed to himself; tonight was the night, the night were revenge would finally be done.

posted on 12-Feb-2003 8:10:23 AM by LPorter
To answer your question frenchkiss, I may stay here at fanatics, but I am sure as soon as certain admins here find out I'm linking you to Outer Haven they will ban me. The reason why I'm going to Outer Haven is for a few reasons. I got very upset by the way some mods/admins were handling situations and I did not like how they were treating people as well as their own mods. I have become friends with said people and others who feel the same way. Two of them created Outer Haven and have been so gracious as to make me a moderator there. I really love the people there, and I love you guys I appreciate all your feedback and bumps, but I don't think I can do both sites.

I won't influence you guys either way, but I suggest at the very least you go to Outer Haven and check it out. I hope I don't lose you guys; you have been wonderful to me. If I must leave and you don't follow then thank you all of you for being suck loyal good fans.

posted on 14-Feb-2003 7:11:34 PM by LPorter
*sigh*....I am sorry guys about this whole thing. There has been a lot of things going on here that really fired me up. I'm going to go by the example of Jen from Outer Haven and try to put everything behind me and move on. I am sorry that I was unfair to you guys. I am thinking of still posting here, but I highly suggest you guys check out Outer Haven even so. I will post more as soon as I can.

posted on 15-Feb-2003 11:39:16 AM by LPorter
Just to let you guys know I'll be posting 11b tonight, hope you guys like it!
posted on 15-Feb-2003 11:48:33 PM by LPorter
Sorry guys I know this is really short, but here it is.

Part 11b

He made his way down the hall and looked at the doors as he walked by. 802…803…804… the numbers slowly increased. He approached 820 and looked around to make sure no one was watching. He silently opened up the door revealing a very dark room. He could see Max lying in bed and an evil grin slowly formed. He picked up the pillow on the empty bed next to Max and slowly crept up to Max’s bed. He raised the pillow about Max’s sleeping form and pushed it down with all his strength.

Max had been dreaming about marrying Liz and their wonderful honeymoon until suddenly he awoke with a pillow shoved onto his face. He suddenly became aware of the fact that he didn’t have much oxygen. Max thrashed about, but with a broken arm he was finding it to be difficult. Pain shot through his body as he hit his attacker with his cast. The pain temporarily stopped Max in his tracks and his attacker used this opportunity. Max was starting to lose consciousness and he was trying not to accept this as the end. If he died what would happen to Liz?

Max felt around for the panic switch. He remembered the nurse mentioning that if he needed anything there was always someone on call and all he had to do was press the button. Max tried to reach it, but with the pillow over his face was making it more difficult to find the button. Max finally could feel the button and he pressed it and prayed the doctors would come in time.

The figure realized what Max did and knew that a doctor would be in here any minute. He dropped the pillow and bolted for the door slipping out quietly to not look suspicious. As he rounded the corner he could hear the stamping of feet; the doctors were running down the hall to Max’s room. The figure let out a breath. “Damn it, that was too close. Fine Max I didn’t get you tonight, but you can’t protect your whore from in here.” The figured laughed and made his way to the parking lot.