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MARIA: Alex was killed in a car crash, which usually means accident, but the police thought it could be a suicide. Now those of us who knew Alex know that he would never ever do something like that, which is why I went back to the accident and Liz--she went somewhere else entirely. She has decided that Alex was murdered by an alien, which is why now there's this huge rift between Max and Liz. I mean, it's beyond the worst fight they ever had, but I think that Liz will be able to keep pursuing this without any interference from Max because he's a little preoccupied lately. It was just one kiss; a moment of weakness. I doubt it went any further than that…

Micheal's apartment-

"You slept with Tess?" Micheal starred down Max. Max couldn't believe it himself. One minute he was arguing with Liz, than bam in the sack with Tess.

"Yeah, I don't know why...It just happened." Max said sinking down. He never wanted to really hurt Liz. But the way she's been acting, but why should he feel so guilty..She slept with Kyle first, so he thought.

"Where's Liz now?" Micheal couldn't believe he let Liz leave than just go sleep with Tess. He was really a goner now.

"Last time I saw her she was getting into a cab, Micheal we weren't on good speaking terms." Max stated getting up.

"Your not going to be after she finds out about this. What the hell were you thinking? Let me guess you weren't thinking with your brain, you were thinking with your dic..." Max shoved him against the wall.

"For your sake don't finish that sentence." Max looked at Micheal straight in the eye. "Plus, Liz and me are over, she made that plain and clear."

Micheal sat across from Max, "Max man, let me ask you something, why didn't you ever seal the deal with Liz? But you were quick enough to do it with Tess?" Micheal raised an eyebrow.


Maria's house

"So your saying Alex never went to Sweeden. That this supposed Alien set all up so we would believe that he went?" Maria asked Liz.

"Yes, the embassy called me back right before I got on the plane. He was lucky he caught me cause I was on my way there...."

"You were on your way to Sweeden!" Maria exclaimed.

"Yes, Maria that's not the point. Listen, Alex never went to Sweeden. He stayed not to far from Roswell. He spent most of his time on that damn computer. I checked out those emails and they were sent from a dorm room at the University of New Mexico in Las Cruces."

Maria thought a minute. "What are we waiting for then let's go."

"Maria wait, I'm at war with Max. If we go, Max will get mad with you and probably bring Micheal into this." Liz said honestly.

"Liz I was your best friend before I met them, aliens do not come first especially if one killed Alex!" Maria said determined. "But Micheal isn't with Max we need him if danger comes along, what do you say?" Liz nodded.

Micheal's apartment-

"You know your unbelieveable man. Here I think your somebody decent, and well, you do make mistakes."

"Thanks. That just makes me feel a whole lot better." Micheal just smiles.

"Max you blew it. You know you still love Liz and that Liz still loves you. So why'd you do it?" The phone rings and interrupts them. "Hello? Maria, why do I...Oh. Yeah. Be there in 5."

"What's up?" Max asked standing up.

"Um, nothing." Max followed Micheal into the room. "If its nothing why you getting extra clothes?"

"Cause I'm...staying over Maria's for awhile. She's been having dreams about Alex that's all." Micheal said quickly.

"Your lying. Liz is involved. Where are you going?" Max asked angrily.

"I told you, Maria's. Look, I can't help Max. You've changed. I don't know how but it isn't for the best. Fix it." Micheal slammed the door leaving Max stuned.

Las Cruces Motel-

"I can't believe that jerk. He slept with that gerbil!?!?" Maria said angrily.

"Look, Maria he came in upset saying the last thing he remembred was arguing with Liz, then waking up with Tess." Micheal said flipping through the channels. "What's the big deal, Liz and Kyle did the deed."

"They did not!"

"Maria how could you!" Liz said coming out from hiding. "You promised me."

"I'm sorry Liz, but hearing your good name dragged in the dirt is wrong after all you did. No! Its absolutely wrong. Its...."

"What are you talking about?" Micheal asked.

"She saved Max's, Isabel's, and yours asses. And the worlds. She lost her happiness so she could save the world and how does that stupid future Max repay her, he goes off with Tess, kills her best friend and god knows what else."

Micheal looked at Liz who only looked away. "Is this true?"

"It's long story. To sum it all up, it was two weeks before the gomez concert. Max from 2014 came to me using the granolith saying that my relationship progessed and caused Tess to leave which caused the end of the world cause you were a unit." Liz shrugging her shoulders.

"How..."Micheal started to say..

"I was married in an elvis chapel, he knew about things before they happened. I knew...okay." Liz said...

"So you set it up to look you slept with Kyle." Micheal stated.

"And Max just is a big jerk because is can't see what is in front of him." Maria said.

"No, they belong together, this is what I wanted. Now enough. We have an early morning. Let's get some sleep." Liz left the room.

"Max isn't over her. I know it. The way he talks about her. He's just not himself." Micheal stated. "I promise you Maria nothing is ever going to hurt you or Liz ever agian. Liz is like a sister to me. And what she did...I promise you."

"I know Micheal. I love you." Maria hugged Micheal. "I know. We have to fix this."

Meanwhile at the Valenti's Tess looks in the mirror and smiles. "It has begun."

"You mean you caused torment in the queens life and now your carrying her child that she concieved with him and they don't know it?"

"Hush, nasedo said the plan would work and it did. The deal with Khivar will work to."

"How do you know the baby will not be human?"

"Because I'm alien."

"But you did not sleep with the king, she did."

"But she does not know it, nor shall she never."

"Very well." The sourceror told her than disappeared.

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