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Title: A Midnight Snack

Author: MoonieADT

Category: Max/ Liz

Rating: NC17

Disclaimer: Roswell, Max, Liz etc. don't belong to me. Just borrowing them with thanks.

Summary: Just a little bit of fluff.

Chapter 1
All by myself

Liz stirred from her blissful slumber. She felt the warm solid body of her husband next to her. He never let her get far from him, even in sleep. Liz would never complain though, she had heard many wives complain of how their husbands would barely touch them after only a few years of marriage. That was not a life she would ever have to worry about.

Max worshipped her and made no attempt to hide it, much to the embarrassment of friends and family at times. Public displays of affection were commonplace between the two of them. The original star crossed lovers taken to the next level. They had always wanted to be sure that the love they shared for each other was always visible. After all it’s easy to say the words but showing how you feel says it all.

Liz snuggled closer to Max, inhaling his wonderful scent. There was no other smell like it in the universe. It was calming yet arousing, seductive yet innocent, and most definitely all masculine. She always felt safe when she was in theses arms. They were her home, one that she would never know a day without.

It had become a habit for her lately to wake up in the middle of the might and just watch him sleep. It was one of the rare times that he looked peaceful. Not bothered by the worries and fears of their day-to-day life. The moonlight streaming through their window gave her husband an iridescent glow, illuminating him to her eyes.

‘God, he is beautiful.’ She thought.

Now as much as Max loved his wife, being called beautiful still unnerved him. Something about it just didn’t feel manly, he would say to her. Liz would just chuckle at him and shake her head. She would just tell him to stop being so beautiful and she would stop telling him.

She was raised up on one elbow just taking in the site of him. The covers had slipped down around his hips. His well-sculptured chest exposed to her wandering eyes. Her eyes raked over his strong neck and down to his solid chest, the small brown nipples soft t and inviting. Further down she marveled at his well-defined abdomen. His six-pack had always given her a thrill, the feeling of her fingertips running over the ridges there always made her pulse quicken just a little more. Where the covers stopped she could just see the beginning of his pubic hair, the dark curls seeming to call to her, tempt her with their silky appearance.

The covers were tented so Liz knew that her husband was having an erotic dream. She knew that she was the star of all of his fantasies, she had seen then inside his mind often, and they had brought quite a few of them to life. Liz blushed at the thought of some of the things they had done together. ‘Stop it.’ She chastised herself, ‘he’s your husband for god’s sake, and you have every right to think about him that way.’ She just shook her head at the irony of it all. She would still get so shy around him, yet once they were in the confines of their bedroom and Max started to stoke the flames of desire within her all innocence was lost. She became the aggressor and often the more vocal of the two of them. She had said some of the most shocking things in the throws of passion.

Shaking he head to clear the haze of thoughts, she continued her nightly journey of her husband’s body. Hearing Max moan her name in his sleep did her in. she decided that she wanted to bring one more fantasy of his to life, the only thing was that he wouldn’t really know about it until it was possibly almost over, if he ever did.

Gently, so as not to wake him, she rose up to a sitting position on the bed, letting the covers that were hiding her naked form fall away. She reached out and gently stroked the pads of her fingertips down his solid chest. Her eyes never left his face for more than a few seconds at a time, wanting to be sure that he remained asleep. As her fingers danced across his skin, his breathing deepened just slightly with growing arousal. Liz let her fingers pass over the dark peaks of his nipples causing Max to almost imperceptibly arch up to get more contact with here wandering hands. His nipples contracted under her fingertips into tight peaks, straining towards her, begging for he to ease their ache.

Liz was in no mood to deny him anything; she wanted to do this for him. She didn’t know whom she was kidding; she was getting a lot out of this for herself as well.

She bent her head down and placed feather light kisses on his neck. His moans of pleasure were urging her on to sample more of his exposed skin. She ran her tongue down the column of his neck to his collarbone. She nibbled at the skin that covered him there. She reveled in the slight differences in flavor of him, but they were all unmistakably Max. She bit and licked her way down to his nipples, letting her tongue flick over one of the hardened peaks.

“Ohhh.” Max moaned out in his sleep-drenched voice. The smile on Liz’s face showed her approval of her husband’s reaction. She licked around the solid peak a few times in ever shrinking circles until the tip of her tongue was directly over his distended nipple. Letting her eyes slip up to her husbands she took the beckoning flesh into her mouth, tasting him, loving him. She watched as Max slowly rolled his head from side to side, a lot the feeling being created by her and being taken credit for by her dream self.

She moved on wanting to explore more of her husband’s body. A trip she had made thousands of times in their life together but still one she never tired of. She rained kisses on his stomach, stopping at his belly button. Her tongue peaked out and drew lazy circles around the sensitive flesh surrounding it. Max shifted his hips slightly trying to follow the moist, warm sensation on his stomach. Liz smirked and then let her tongue dip into the recesses of his navel. Liz could taste the slightly musky flavor of him. The farther she progressed down his body the headier it had become.

Carefully, Liz lowered the sheet that was hiding the treasure she was in search of. As the cover slowly slid away his straining flesh came into view. Her eyes dilated slightly at the welcoming sight of him. She never ceased to be amazed at him, how perfect he was for her. She took in the subtle contours and ridges of his erect flesh. As much as she loved what this part of him could do to her, she had never really taken the time to just look at him. She couldn’t help herself though, every time she was close to him the desire to taste him or have him buried deep in her body was too overpowering to be denied. This time would be different.

She marveled at the rigid flesh before her. How it could be so had and yet feel as soft as silk. She ran her fingers down the length of him. A smile pulled at her lips as Max lightly thrust his hips up trying to create friction against her wandering digits. He was so soft and yet iron hard; it was such a contrast to herself.

Without even realizing it, she had slipped her hand down between her legs, through the soft mound of curls and had placed her middle finger between the slick folds of her heat. She had watched herself many times do this very thing, mostly at the behest of her husband. He loved watching her give pleasure to herself. She closed her eyes and took in the softness of her lips and folds. As her finger made an upward stroke she realized her and Max may not be so different after all. Her finger touched the swollen flesh at the top of her wet opening, the bundle of nerves that could send her spiraling out of control with a mere pinch or nibble.

As her finger swept over her nub she marveled at how soft and yet rock hard it had become. This must be how Max feels when he’s aroused, his flesh straining ready to burst over the swelling from within. Liz had lost track of what her other hand was doing and looked up to see it wrapped around the rock hard length of him. She had started a rhythm that she new he liked; years of practice had given her that knowledge. As her hand would stroke upward on his shaft she would let her forefinger swipe over top of the swollen head.

She looked up at Max’s face and smiled at the look of almost torture that had settled on his gentle features. God he was beautiful when he was receiving pleasure. Making sure that his eyes were still closed, she slightly increased the rhythm off her hand on his erection. Never taking her eyes off of him, she pulled her now slick fingers from between her legs. She brought her hand up to her nose and inhaled the musky scent of herself. It amazed her how much she smelled like him. Her eyes closed as her scent filled her senses. Before she realized what she had done, her tongue had snuck out and caressed her moist fingers. Her cheeks flamed in embarrassment at her actions, but she was shocked to realize she enjoyed the taste. Her eyes darkened a little more as she placed her fingers inside her mouth and cleaned them of her essence. Lost in the moment she took two of her fingers and placed them deeply inside of her. Stroking deeply to bring about the orgasm that had been just waiting on the edge for a gentle push. Her body shook as her release washed over her, her eyes closing reflexively. She pulled her cum drenched fingers from her heated core and brought them once again to her mouth to taste the sweet nectar she had extracted from herself.

Not wanting to deprive her deserving husband of this feast, she traced her musky fingers over his slightly parted lips. His eyes seemed to roll up under his closed eyelids at the scent surrounding him. His mouth tried disparately to follow the moving fingers but failing to acquire their prize. His brow furrowed in frustration, not pleased at the loss. Smiling to herself she had mercy on him and placed her cum laden fingers onto his lips. She watched in fascination as his lips parted and he drew her into his mouth. His lips closed around her and he began a gentle sucking on her. She felt herself moisten again when his tongue swiped again and again around her fingers, trying to savor every drop of her flavor from her.

Liz could feel the pearly drops of his arousal with each stroke of him. The tip of his erection seemed to cry silent tears of pleasure at the sensations that she was evoking within him. With each stroke she would spread the thick fluid over the tip of his length. It had become slick with the ever growing supply of precum he was creating just for her.

“Mmm.” He moaned out to her from his dreams.

Liz pulled her fingers out of his mouth; she chuckled as his lips kept trying to suckle on the air left in her fingers wake. Not wanting to disappoint her husband she bent down and guided her nipple into his mouth. He latched on in a heartbeat and began to draw on her hardened bud. He flicked his tongue across her turgid peak, over and over again. The moan escaped her mouth before she had even realized it had happened. Liz was swept away at the things his wonderful mouth was doing to her. She gasped when he unexpectedly sucked her deeper into his mouth, almost talking her entire breast in.

Liz had always been afraid that Max would think she was too small. She only had a small b-cup and this had always frustrated her. The first time Max had touched her through her tank top she had been so lost in the feelings she had forgotten to be self-conscious. She just enjoyed the feeling of having her rounded flesh molded and gently squeezed by him. She had never been touched that way before and it was like floating through a dream. As their relationship progressed, the time soon came that clothing caused too much frustration and the burning need they both felt would not be assuaged. As the physical barriers were removed the feelings of inadequacies resurfaced. Liz knew they were unfounded, she knew that Max loved her and had only shown hungry desire when he touched her, but still those feelings would not be so easily dissuaded. When her bra had been swept away and her flesh exposed to his eyes she waited with her eyes closed, panic riding in her throat as each moment passed by and he said nothing. Feeling defenseless and hurt she started to cover herself with her arms. She heard a soft ‘Don’t’ and she opened her eyes to a sight she had never seen before. His eyes were completely black with hunger and desire for her. She followed his gaze, but she already knew where he had focused his attention. Her nipples had hardened reflexively to his stare and his eyes had become even blacker. ‘Perfect’ was the only word he was able to utter before his mouth had devoured her. She knew then she had nothing to ever worry about when it came to her body. Max loved her, all of her, which was the reason he desired her as much as he did.

Liz smiled at the memory only to be quickly sent crashing through a wave of need as his mouth had somehow found it’s way to her other breast, lavishing it with the same attention he had the other. Liz closed her eyes and let the emotions wash over her, enjoying the feelings Max was pulling from her.

Liz shook her head to clear some of the fog and tried to focus, this wasn’t about her it was for him. She gently extracted her puckered nipple from his mouth. He groaned in complaint at the sudden loss.

“I’m here baby.” She cooed to him.

“Liz…please?” He moaned in his husky voice.

Liz couldn’t help the shivers that coursed through her at his plea.

Liz slowly removed her hand from around his rigid flesh and licked her fingers of the fruits of her labors. His cum was so sweet and heady. It made her only desire more of its intoxication flavor. Drawn by some unseen force she lowered her head towards him. His shaft gleamed in the moonlight from the sheen of his precum she had covered him in. She licked her lips to moisten them, she wanted to ensure when she touched him her lips would cling to him. As she neared him the gentle puffs of her breath waft over his flesh. His erection twitched in time to he breathing. It became almost mesmerizing in its rhythm.

Her lips parted slightly and she took the tip of him in a small open mouth kiss. Caressing the head with the insides of her lips.

“God, you taste so good.” She purred to the night.

She opened her mouth and took the entire tip of him into her mouth, surrounding him in the moistness of her embrace. She sucked slowly on the sensitive head. Delighting in the rush of precum that filled her mouth. She swallowed him, her eyes closing in delight at the unique flavor that was her Max. She relaxed her lips slightly and allowed her tongue to swipe repeatedly at the tender area just below the swell of the head of his erection. His flesh jumped and swelled repeatedly with each caress her tongue offered to him. With each pulse more of the precious fluid filled he mouth.

‘Oh Baby, I will never be able to drink enough of you.’ The thought raced unbidden through her mind. Demanding more and more of the of her.

She started a slow rhythm, taking half of him into her mouth and drawing back until only the tip remained. As she reached the tip she would repeat the swipe of her tongue on the underside of him, only now she applied a bit more force. Up and down her head moved as she devoured him with her mouth. He slowly grew more and more rigid, spurring her on to take more of him into her mouth. As he reached the back of her throat she would relax her muscles and allow him to pass into her tight passageway.

“Liz…oh God Liz.” He cried out. His head was thrashing from side to side.

His actions just fanned the flames of want and need already burning out of control on her body. She was on fire everywhere. The ache that had started as a gentle tug was now demanding attention. She rubbed her thighs together to try and ease the ache but it did nothing but push her deeper into the clutches of the desires that had hold of her.

Max had started to flood her mouth with his delicious fluid. Liz could not believe how much she had swallowed already and he had yet to release his seed into her mouth. She longed for the creamy texture of him to flood her mouth. To swirl his essence around with her tongue and to feel it slide slowly down her throat, prolonging the taste of him as long as she could. She longed for the very last drops of his orgasm to ignite the senses of her tongue. It was slightly thicker and had a headier flavor; she closed her eyes at the thought of its rewards.

The burning heat between her legs would not be denied. She was squeezing her thighs as tightly together as she could but it was to no avail. She lowered for fingers into her slick flesh and began to pump them into herself. First one finger then two, soon followed by a third but the ache just would not be dissuaded. This was not what she wanted, her lust hazed mind showed her the image of what she needed, it called to her, beckoned to her, demanded her to comply.

She pulled her fingers shakily from her soaking wet pussy and quickly straddled him. With one last look to his eyes she grabbed his rock hard length and guided him to her entrance. Even with her desire and need burning out of control she still teased herself with him. She rubbed the tip of him against her slick folds, parting them and rubbing him on her swollen nub. She purred in satisfaction as she finally started to find peace and contentment in her rage of want.

After a few strokes to coat the head of him in her glistening fluids, she slowly, oh so slowly lowered herself onto him. Inch by inch she took him into the depths of her body. With each passing second her feeling of completion soared higher. When the last inch had disappeared with in her she sighed and let the breath she had been holding rush from her lungs.

She beheld his face, the perfect picture of fulfillment; just a she knew hers mirrored the same look. This was where she was meant to be. All the things they did in their hurried lives were to ultimately bring them to this point. To this completeness they only ever found in each other.

“Liz…. Yes.” he moaned softly to her. His hands had found their way to her hips. Even in his sleep he could not keep his hands from her. Liz could feel his need spike from her lack of movement. His hands on her hips trying to gently persuade her to begin the dance that they so often lost themselves in.

Liz flexed the muscles that held him captive within her body. She smirked at his natural response to her. He pushed his hips up to her, trying to drive his buried flesh even deeper into her warm and receptive body.

Liz again, took her fingers that had been deep in her core and placed them at Max’s lips. Instantly he began to suckle them, drawing them into his mouth to clean them. Liz always loved how ravenous Max was when it came to her taste. At first she didn’t know why he would want to do that to her, but over the years she had come to fully appreciate the pleasures of giving and receiving. His eyes would glow with an internal fire; it was almost feral in its intensity. He would become unhinged just as she did in the middle of her orgasms when his face was buried in her mound.

Liz started a slow rhythm, raising herself up so that just the tip of him remained inside of her. Then she would slowly lower herself back down his shaft, clenching her muscles as he filled her once again. Liz tossed her head back and she continued, her eyes closing in delight at the feeling of finally have her husband back where he belonged. She could feel Max’s hips start to move in sync with her. Matching her thrust for thrust. Liz tried to remain as quiet a possible but she couldn’t help the moans of pleasure that were torn from her. She felt as if she had no choice but to declare her need out load, holding back was unsatisfying.

A slight sheen of sweat had broken out on both of their bodies. Max’s forehead was covered with the little beads; his brow pulled together with is efforts.

In his dream Liz was an enchantress, seducing him with her wanton need. She left no question as to what she wanted and expected. Her eyes glowed from the burning lust that demanded quenching. He was at her mercy for her to do with him as she pleased; he loved it when her innocence would slip from her like a veil. She had so many sides to her and he wanted them all for himself.

Liz was so close to her orgasm, she could feel it just on the edge, just out of reach. She grunted with her efforts, straining to reach oblivion. Her hand descended down over her flat stomach and through the feminine curls that lay just below it. Her finger found their way to the protruding bundle of nerves at the top of her slick folds. She watched in fascination as she raised and lowered herself, how her clit would snuggle along the length of him as she descended. Liz started a circular motion with her finger, pushing herself faster and faster to the burning release she so disparately sought.

The moment came.

It was the brief second when you completely relax. You know that the end has arrived and you sigh in relief that the wait is over. Then in that next second your body has returned to its over excited state and the release explodes out from you.

Liz was swept away as the wave of her orgasm crashed into her. Her silken walls contracted mindlessly around Max’s hardened manhood, trying to draw from him their prize. Her sweet fluids dripped from her thigh and onto Max’s. Her body felt rejuvenated, this was the time that she felt the most alive, the sensory overload she craved everyday.

Liz slowly rose off of Max’s shaft and lovingly took him and brushed him against her silky pubic hair.

“Noooo…” he protested at the loss of the warm home he had been surrounded by.

Deciding she wanted to share the treasures she had produced with her still sleeping husband, she crawled up and straddled his head. She gently lowered her lips over his mouth and let the first droplets of her fall onto his slightly open lips. Max licked at the moisture and moaned his approval.

“Liz…. Taste…more.” his sleep muddied voice pleaded.

Liz was more than happy to fulfill his request. She lowered herself the last fraction of an inch and pressed her folds onto his mouth.

Max’s began to kiss her and lick at her opening. Instinctively his hands came up to her waist to support her as well as to guide her above his mouth. He was ravenous for her taste.

Liz became lost in the feelings of Max’s tongue caressing and entering her most intimate of places. She could feel his tongue swirl around as he probed deeply with the tip. She knew he was trying to draw out as mush of her fluid as he could. At one time she would have been embarrassed at the sounds of him swallowing her, now she craved those noises, that only pushed the flames of her desire that much higher. She gasped in surprise when his lips closed around her clit and began to suck on her furiously.

“My god, even in your sleep, your amazing.” She purred.

She felt herself slipping further and further into ecstasy. Her hips started to twitch as she neared the precipice. Without warning he gently nipped at her bundle of nerves and that was all it took. She fell. She felt her body tense and flush with heat. Her mind feeling like it had be compressed and allowed to expand again all within a heartbeat. She felt herself grow abundantly wet at her core and quivered slightly as she felt Max nuzzle his mouth against her and began to draw his tongue from the bottom to the top of her opening, swallowing all of her juices as he did.

Liz pulled back off of his face and looked down at this man, her husband. He was still sound asleep and still very much in the middle of his dream with her. She smiled, and mentally patted herself on the back. This had been one of the best ideas she had come up with. Their sex life was in no way lacking but Liz loved it when she could shock the hell out of him. The looks that would cross his face alone were worth it not to mention how aroused he would become afterwards. Their lovemaking on those nights was usually more explosive, which she never thought could be possible.

She reached behind her and gave his pulsing manhood a squeeze. She was rewarded with a grown and thrusting of his hips. Liz could tell he so disparately wanted to be buried within her, to thrust himself into her until with one last effort he emptied himself within her, feeling her walls contract around him, coercing everything he had into her waiting channel. Just thinking about it had Liz all worked up again.

Liz scooted backwards and raised herself over him again; she placed him at her entrance and thrust downwards, taking him quickly into her. She set a rhythm that was faster than before, more purposeful less languid. Liz knew she was being selfish but at this point she didn’t care, she wanted her husband and she was going to have him. Liz swiveled her hips in little circles each time she had him embedded deeply within her.

“Oh …Liz…. so close.” He murmured, his face the picture of pleasure. How Liz wished she could capture his face like this.

Liz leaned back and started a new forward rolling motion with her hips. Her efforts increased as she felt herself starting to feel that familiar tingle in her core. She was so close, so close. Max’s hip’s started to move a little erratically, she knew he was on the edge. That knowledge alone pushed Liz over and her world tuned into an explosion of colors behind her eyelids. Her muscles began squeezing his shaft in a quivering embrace. At the first tightening of her walls around him, he erupted. He thrust his hips in time with the pulsing of his orgasm. His hips stilled as the last of his essence spilled into Liz’s waiting body.

“Liz….Love you…” he moaned through his release.

Sweat covered Liz’s forehead and heaving chest. This had been one of the best experiences of her life. It’s always satisfying when you can live out a fantasy, it’s even better when it turns out more exciting than you originally thought.

Liz rose her tired body up off of Max’s hips and let his softening member slip from her heated body. Liz groaned inwardly at the loss, she loved it when they fell asleep with her on top of him with him still buried deep inside of her. She loved waking up to her body being filled the morning erection of her husband. Liz tiredly crawled up to her pillow and laid her weary body down, slipping under the covers and curling into Max’s side. Max instinctively turned towards her and swept her into his embrace. Even in his sleep he was always so protective of her, to her this was the safest place in the world. Liz kissed her husbands shoulder and gently rested her tiny hand on his chest, she found comfort in the gentle rise and fall of his breathing.

“I love you.” She whispered.


Sunlight streamed through the window, bathing the room in a soft yellow light. Max raised himself up on one elbow and peered down at his wife’s sleeping form. She was his world and he made sure she knew that. His thoughts were filled with images of her, of their life together. His dreams, well his dreams were only of her and last night had been an incredible one. Liz had taken control; he always loved it when she showed the other side of herself, it was so…there was just no one word that describe the feelings it conjured up.

Max gently stroked her cheek as her eyes fluttered open.

“Morning.” Max said, voice still laced with the traces of sleep.

“Very good morning.” She purred to him, her eyes masked behind heavy eyelids.

“Did you sleep well?” He asked as he continued to caress her.

“Umm. You?” she placed her hand over his on her cheek and pulled it to her mouth, placing a light kiss on his open palm.

“Wonderful….I had the best dream.” His eyes glazed as the memories of the dream replayed inside his mind.

“Must have been some dream” she hedged.

“You wouldn’t believe it if I told you.” He said with a smirk.

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that.”

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Hi everyone...By popular demand here is Max's perspective..enjoy and on with the show

For disclaimer see Chaper 1

Chapter 2.
Through The Looking Glass

Liz curled up next to Max, molding herself along his warm length. She stretched up and placed and long slow kiss to his lips. Not one of passion but one of contentment and peace, one that said I love you. It had been a long day for them, chasing kids, work, Michael and Maria fighting. It was all of the usual events that seemed to make up their day.

They relaxed into each other and just enjoyed the warmth they found together.

“Good night honey.”

“Good night Max, I love you”

“I love you” He whispered back as sleep claimed him.


Max walked into the Crashdown around closing time, the bells on the door announcing his entrance. He saw Liz’s head pop up as he entered and she watched him make his way over to a table sitting in the middle of the cafe. As their eyes met all of the emotions that were pent up from the day came rushing forth; longing, loneliness, desire and love.

The smile grew on Liz’s lips as she was hit with his feelings; Max knew that her heart had mirrored his. It had been a long day; he had had to work a double so he had not had the time to even see each other until now.

Liz locked the door and turned the sign off to show they were closed. She turned the main lights of the café off and made her way over to Max. With each step that she made it all seemed to slow down. The swing of her hands, the sway of her hips, how the antennas bobbed on her headband, the slight jiggle of her breasts as she came towards him. His eyes didn’t know where to look first but they always ended up locked with hers.

“Hey.” She called to him as she closed the distance.

“Hey yourself. You helping out for old times sake?” Max called backed, his smile growing with each of her steps.

“Nope, I’m here just to serve my one and only favorite customer.”

Liz waved her hand over her shoulder at the front glass and it tinted just enough to not be able to see through from the outside, her eyes never leaving his. Max’s eyebrows raised in shock and definite approval.

“Impressive Mrs. Evans.” Was his teasing response.

Liz just smirked. “Well, you know, here at the Crashdown, we aim to please.”

“Is that so?”

“Umm.” She hummed back to him.

Liz was about half way to him by now. And still the closer she got the slower she seemed to be moving. It was pure torture for Max. His arms ached to feel her in them again, to feel the warmth of her body as it burned into his.

Liz reached up to the top snap of her uniform. Slowly she traced it with her fingertip, looking back and forth from it to Max, just watching him, waiting for him. Max twitched, it was almost imperceptible but she knew what that meant. Liz popped open the snap and traced her finger along the skin that was now exposed to him. And still she kept moving.

Max’s breathing had grown deeper. The image before him was setting his nerve endings on fire. His eyes were growing darker and darker with desire with each passing moment. She was and enchantress, a seductress and she knew it.

Another pop and more flesh was exposed. She repeated this again and again and again. Liz now added her other hand and began tracing the V made by the opening of her uniform along both lapels with her fingertips. Slowly her fingers descended from her neck to where her uniform was open down to her perfectly flat stomach. As Max followed the trail her hands guided him on he realized she wasn’t wearing a bra. His eyes dilated slightly at the thought of all of her naked flesh calling to him, tempting him from beneath the flimsy material of her uniform.

With each step she pulled her hands just a little farther apart and exposed more of her chest to him. The swell of the side of her breasts came into his view and he hardened completely, without warning. He had been so wrapped up in watching her that even his body had been slow in realizing what was happening.

With one more step she exposed her breasts to him. Her breasts were so firm and perfect. Her nipples had tightened with desire and need, the skin surrounding them had crinkled and become slightly rough, Max loved the feel of that. Her nipples were button sized, standing proud, calling to him. His mouth watered to taste them, to feel them tighten even more against the onslaught of his tongue. She had complained that they were small and he had just looked at her and shook his head. He had told her she was perfection, made just for him. Her breasts swayed and matched the movements of her hips as she closed upon him, like a predator on its prey.

Liz was only ten steps away from him by now, her eyes seemed to begin to glow with this inner light, Max wasn’t sure what it was.


Eight more steps. More skin.


Six more steps. More skin.


Four more steps. More skin.

Liz stopped where she was. Her fingers still tracing up and down her body but now all the snaps on her uniform had been opened. She slowly trailed her fingers down her body one more time; as she did she spread the material out as she reached her hips. She rested her hands on her hips and just met Max’s heated gaze with one of her own.

She was completely naked under her uniform; Max thought his mind was going to explode as it tried to wrap itself around the realization. His eyes traveled down her body, burning a mark of possession as they descended lower and lower. He lingered at her breasts, so perfect and round. They fit so completely in his palm, her nipple pushing into it, as he would mould her flesh with his. Lower to her stomach, the spot where their journey together had started, and the spot where they would forever be permanently joined. Lower to her feminine curls. Hair so soft and springy, how he loved to run this fingers through it, place his palm over her mound and let a finger slide into her folds. Lower to her legs, so long and slender, skin so smooth and supple to the touch.

She was walking, breathing, perfection.

She was his.

A look of mischievousness crossed her face; Max knew that this was going to be a night he would never forget.

“Welcome to the Crashdown, my name is Liz and I’ll be your server. Is their anything I might be able to interest you in?” She teased him.

She walked over and stood before him. Her eyes were the color of dark chocolate, they burned into him showing him the images of their bodies twisted in erotic pleasure, sweating and undulating to a sensual music only heard by them. He didn’t know how to take his eyes off of her; he never wanted to learn how.

Liz reached out and ran her fingertips over his chiseled jaw, tracing its structure and firmness. She flipped her hand over and drew it down his neck, caressing the back of his ear as she went. Her touches were driving Max crazy.

“It’s a little warm in here, don’t ya think?” She asked fanning herself, the movement of her arms caused her breasts to jiggle, their gentle sway and the rock hard nipples at their center captivated him. All Max could do was mutely nod his head in affirmation.

“Here let me help you get more comfortable.” She purred to him.

She placed both of her hands on his chest. Max thought that the heat from her palms was going to burn right through him. Everywhere she touched, his flesh seemed to ignite with a need for more. She let one hand run the course of the buttons down the front of his shirt, She seemed to be familiarizing herself with the task she was about to commence. Her fingers worked deftly at releasing the buttons of his shirt and pushing it off him, letting it pool on the floor at his back. Her eyes burned into him, raking over his exposed flesh. Just as her hands had before, her eyes were now fanning the flames of the fires started before.

Now that she had rid him of his shirt, her hands continued downward over his chest, scraping her nails lightly over his nipples, causing them to harden. She flattened her palms over his nipples and massaged the pectoral muscles. Max felt like he was bound in place, unable to move, a captured prisoner to her sensual torture.

Max watched as she bent towards him, her lips searing the flesh of his cheek at their first contact. Her lips followed the trail marked already by her fingertips. Languidly she explored his neck, taking little nibbles and bites as she went. Her hands always busy, tantalizing his skin.

Max’s breathing began to quicken as she moved further down to his collarbone, blessing the same ministrations on him there as she had above. Downward she continued towards his nipples. Liz bit and licked circles around them until her tongue flicked over one of the hardened peaks.

“Ohhh.” Max moaned. How had he ever lived without this?

Liz drew ever-tightening circles around his nipples, sending little jolts of electricity through him. She took his hardened peak into her wonderful mouth, sucking gently but accentuating it with lashes from her tongue and light nips from her teeth. Max turned his head from side to side; lost in the sensations her mouth was creating in him.

Liz rained kisses down his chest and she continued her downward journey. Her tongue creating a glistening line down the center of his hard body to her next target. Max’s eyes rolled back into his head as he felt her drawing a circle around his belly button. The circle kept getting smaller and smaller until he felt her moist tongue dip into the sensitive cavern. Max couldn’t keep his hips still as she tortured his sculptured abdomen with expert skill.

Max couldn’t help the growing erection that was now demanding attention. He felt Liz’s hands tease with whisper soft touches, just barely caressing his rigid flesh. Instantly he felt the cool air of the café surround his legs and envelop his straining erection. With a wave of her hand she had removed his pants and boxers. He looked down at Liz and raised an eyebrow at her; she just gave him a devilish grin. Max thought he was going to come out of the seat as she ran her fingers lightly down the length of his manhood. Max’s hips seemed to move of their own volition trying to follow the movement of her playing hand. His breath hitched as Liz set a rhythm over his heated length that she knew he loved. Her hand rising and falling in a steady pace, with every stroke up Max would feel her take her finger and brush it over the head of his erection.

Max was having a hard time staying in control and not just grabbing his wife right now and taking her bent over a table. He closed his eyes tightly at the images that flashed through his mind that he had just conjured up. He mentally shook himself and came slamming back to this wonderful reality. Liz had slowly been increasing the speed of her hand over his shaft. Max could feel his body continually heating up from the friction she was creating on his most sensitive skin. With every stroke Max could feel the subtle squeezes she would give him, especially at the tip.

Before Max realized what had happened, Liz had placed her fingers over his slightly parted lips. As he took his next breath the scent of Liz’s arousal rocketed into his system. He knew this nuance of her essence well; it was the aroma of her orgasm. It was headier and slightly muskier; it took perfection and reinvented it. Max’s eyes rolled into the back of his head and it surrounded him and captured him in its beguiling spell.

Max tried to follow the movement of Liz’s hand as she teased him around his mouth. Her taste was so near and yet just out of reach. It had been an unspoken rule, that when Liz is in charge, she is in charge till she tells you she’s not. So he sat hands at his sides as if shackled trying to chase his wife’s wandering hand. His brow furrowed in frustration at her teasing.

Max felt her hand still and settle upon his mouth. Quickly his lips parted and he sucked her fingers into his warm mouth. He closed his lips tightly around her not wanting to let her escape. Max swiped his tongue around and around her digits, cleaning them, ensuring that he had taken every last drop of her arousal off of them.

“Mmm.” He moaned. He would never get enough of her taste.

Without warning Liz pulled her fingers from his mouth, it had happened so quickly it took Max a couple of seconds to register the loss, his lips continuing to suckle until then. Max was about to moan out in complaint of the loss when he felt something warm and stiff against his closed lips. Parting them Max felt her press her erect nipple between his lips. He latched on quickly, not wanting to lose this delicacy as well. He flicked his tongue across her tightened flesh again and again. Max loved all the unique flavors of his wife’s body. Every place was unique but every place was perfection. Max heard her moan as he laved her hardened nipple repeatedly. Inspired by her cry he sucked on her harder, taking more of her perfectly sized breast into his mouth. He loved how her entire breast could fit into his mouth, allowing him to love her completely.

Max craved the taste of her other breast, they were close yet different in their flavor. Working on instinct alone, Max quickly released one breast and engulfed the other nipple into his hungry mouth. He nibbled and sucked her as he had its twin. He wanted to partake in all that this intimate part of her had to offer.

Max felt Liz begin to gently pull her puckered nipple from his mouth. Max couldn’t help the groan as she removed the tip finally from his starving lips.

“I’m here baby.” She cooed to him.

“Liz…please?” He moaned in a husky voice.

Max felt her hand slip away from his rigid flesh. He knew his wife was a tease but this was just cruel. He was about to protest when he felt the gentle puffs of what could only be her breath waft across his erection. Her breath both heated and cooled his aching flesh. He had no way of stopping the reflexive twitch his shaft gave in time to the nomadic breaths that wandered across his skin.

Max almost squeaked when he felt the warmth of her moth as it enclosed the very tip of his shaft.

“God, you taste so good.” He heard Liz purr into the night.

She immediately engulfed the head of his manhood with her wondrous mouth. Max loved how she sucked slowly on his sensitive head. He could feel the precum being drawn from him as she continued to take him into her mouth, slowly filling her mouth with his essence, a taste Liz seemed to never get enough off. He remembered the first time she had taken him in her mouth. She had been so unsure and tentative at first. He assured her with his moans and his whitened knuckles gripping the bed sheets that she was most definitely pleasing him. It seemed as though she was trying almost everything she could think of. She had sucked only on the tip, taken him in her mouth and swirled her tongue around the sensitive head over and over again. Liz had set up a rhythm, gliding his length in and out of her mouth, making sure to keep her lips tight around him. She had licked him form the base to the tip repeatedly as if he was her favorite ice cream. What he had loved the most, or at least what had sent him over the edge, was when she took only a little more than the tip into her mouth and concentrated on the sensitive skin under the head. She had only just set up a rhythm when he had felt the tightening and a slight burning sensation at the tip. Max had tried to warn Liz but she just gave a gentle shake of her head. Max had felt his stomach muscles tighten as his orgasm began to wash over him. A surge of pressure began to build at the base of his erection, he tried everything in his power to fight it but that only seemed to enhance the pleasure Liz was coercing from him. In slow motion he felt the pressure begin to flow through the length of his shaft. As it reached the end the tingling had grown to a pleasurably painful burn. He felt his PC muscle contracting as he released stream after stream of his warm essence into her mouth. Liz swallowed every drop he had to offer her. She pulled his softening member form her mouth and had looked at him with wonder in her chocolate colored eyes.

“You taste incredible Max, I want more.” Her cheeks had flushed bright crimson as she realized what she had just said to me. She started to hang her head in shame when he placed my finger under her chin and raised her eyes to mine.

“You were incredible.” He had said softly.

He was ripped quickly back from his revere by the feeling of the tip of his erection beginning to enter Liz’s throat.

“Liz…oh God Liz.” He cried out. His head was thrashing from side to side.

Max could feel himself releasing more and more of his precum into her hungry mouth. She seemed not to be able to get enough of him. Max was so lost in the feeling she was creating he didn’t immediately notice when she had slipped him from her mouth.

Just as he felt the slight rush of air hit his now extremely hard and aroused erection, he felt the brush of her thighs along his own. Max reveled in the heat of her skin as she moved higher up his thighs until he could feel her erect nipples as they rubbed provocatively against his own. Max felt her hand snake down between them and grasp his manhood. He felt her begin to stroke herself with the tip of him. Max’s sense began to whirl at the feeling of gliding through the moist folds of her heated core.

The world seemed to just pause for a moment in time as he felt her center his turgid length at the opening of her passageway. He could feel the trickle of her fluids slowly descending down his shaft. Soon, soon he knew that would be her body that would be making that journey.

Then just as he had envisioned, he began to feel her thigh muscles contract tighter as she began. He felt the now continual warmth of her heat as it pressed more firmly against him. He held his breath, as she pressed ever so gently downward, he felt the subtle give of her muscles as the tip entered her virginally tight passageway. She paused for a brief second and then began the slow, agonizingly slow descent down the length of his erection. Max was just beside himself. Nothing seemed to work, not his lungs, his mouth. The only things that seemed to still be working were his heart as it slammed violently into his chest, and his central nervous system as it transmitted the intense pleasure of her incredibly wet heat enveloping his manhood to his fogged brain.

As the last inch of him disappeared into her voracious body, Max felt the rush of her breath escape her lungs. God even her breath is incredibly sexy.

“Liz…. Yes.” he moaned softly to her. His hands had found their way to her hips. Max’s need spiked from the lack of movement. His hands on her hips trying to gently persuade her to begin the dance that they so often lost themselves in.

Max felt her flex the muscles surrounding his now painfully erect member. He bucked his hips upwards to try and bury himself deeper into the heat radiating from her core.

Once again he felt her fingers press against his lips. Quickly he enveloped them with his mouth, relishing the flavors making their way past his taste buds and down his throat.

He had begun to clean her forefinger when he felt her begin to rise up on his shaft. Slowly she rose off of him to pause with only the tip remaining inside and then descending again. Slowly she began the rhythm that reflected their life, constant and sustaining. Max could hear her grunting with the efforts of increasing their lovemaking to reach the need that they were merely a slave to. Max gripped her hips tighter as he pistoned her up and down his shaft. He could feel her getting close, her movements had become erratic, not from exhaustion but from pleasure. Her inner wall began to quiver slightly, this was it, she was about to fall and he was nowhere near ready to follow her. Max didn’t want this moment to end. So he decided it wouldn’t, it was his one act of defiance to their rules on control.

And then it came.

She was breath taking in her release. Her eyes rolled up and her head was thrown back. Her hair was flying wildly about her shoulders, falling over her nipples and causing them to harden, this only enhancing the orgasm ripping through her system. Her slick passageway contracted violently around his erection, it was as if she was trying to drain the very essence out of him by force. Max could feel the evidence of her orgasm dripping down onto his thighs. Oh how he wished that were his mouth.

Max felt Liz rise slowly off of him.

“Noooo…” he protested at the loss of the warm home he had been surrounded by.

Max felt himself being pushed back until his head lay against the tabletop of the booth behind them. Max was unsure what was happening as he felt Liz place her hands on his shoulders, as she seemed to be lifting herself up as her scent was wrapping itself around him once again.

The next sensory assaults almost drove him right off the edge. His nose was filled with the overpowering aroma of her desire; it was palpable in its intensity. As his senses had only just begun to wrap themselves around the muskiness filling the air, he felt tiny drops of moisture begin to fall onto his parted lips. Max licked his lips trying to discern the source when his mind exploded at the flavor now filling his mouth. It was completely and unmistakably Liz, the after effects of her orgasm were raining down into his beckoning mouth.

“Liz…. Taste…more.” he pleaded, wanting to imbibe more of the heady fluid.

Max felt the velvety lips of Liz’s core caress his own. He began to kiss and lick at her with a passion that overwhelmed both of them. He could not get enough of this and he knew he never would. He attacked her, trying to drive his tongue as deep into her tight passageway as he could, feeling the warm product of her excitement sliding down his throat. He swirled his tongue, trying to wrap it around the fluid that she was feeding him. The sounds of his own veraciousness filled his ears as he loudly lapped at her wet opening. As he stroked his tongue upwards he felt the beginning of her most sensitive bundle of nerves. Being this close he had no option but to taste her most intimate fruit, he latched onto her and sucked strongly, drawing her into his mouth.

“My god, even in your sleep, your amazing.” She purred.

Max was a little perplexed by her declaration but then Liz had said some pretty wild things during their lovemaking. Max could feel the thighs on either side of his head begin to twitch. This was the early warning sign that Max had become so familiar with; she was close, very, very close. Max gave her wet opening one last long lick and then he attached himself to her nub again and nibbled at her relentlessly. That was all it took, she exploded all over his face, and Max had a difficult time trying to drink all of the sweet nectar she was producing just for him. He licked and sucked her with abandon, determined not to waste a drop of her delicious essence.

Max felt Liz lift herself off of him but he was too lost in the sweet taste still filling his mouth. Lost in his revere he was slightly startled when she grasped his manhood and gave it a seductive squeeze. He couldn’t suppress the groan and escaped his lips or the involuntary thrust of his hips to try and bury himself deep within her again.

His desires were answered as he felt Liz place him at her slick opening and impale herself on him in a desperate attack. She continued the assault on his rigid flesh, driving down onto his over and over again. Max was on fire from head to toe; she was doing incredible things to his erection buried deeply in her tight passageway. Max thought he was going to lose his mind when at the end of each thrust Liz would swivel her hips, stirring him deeply inside of her.

“Oh …Liz…. so close.” He murmured, Max’s face the picture of pleasure.

Max’s world immediately changed. Liz must have leaned back and was now driving herself down on his shaft in a forward rolling motion of her hips. The angle was causing the maximum amount of friction between their intimately joined bodies. Again and again Max pushed up into her as she plunged down on his heated flesh. Max felt the familiar tingle begin and start to spread like wildfire through his body. He was now driven by a primal need to fill his wife with his seed. Grace was forfeited for power as he drove himself wildly towards his completion. He felt Liz’s warm walls start to quiver around him, her body trying to coerce his essence into her ravenous core. As the first quivers of her orgasm turned into tight squeezes he erupted into her. Max thrust his hips in time with the reflexive pulses of his release. When the last of his essence had left his body for hers, his hips quieted and finally rested.

“Liz….Love you…” he moaned through his release.

Max was lost in the afterglow of their intimate joining. He mourned the loss of her body as she lifted herself off of him. He felt her curl up next to him, snuggling deep into the side of his body. Max didn’t remember when they had laid down but he would have to remember to talk to Liz about how strong her powers were becoming. Just before they both drifted of to an exhausted sleep he heard the words of his soul mate calling to him.

“I love you.” She whispered.

‘And I love you.’ Was Max’s final thought as the blanket of sleep finally claimed him.


Sunlight streamed through the window, bathing the room in a soft yellow light. Max had raised himself up on one elbow and peered down at his wife’s sleeping form. He was a little disoriented having thought they had been at the Crashdown last night. Until he realized it had only been a dream. His dream, well his dreams were only of her and last night had been an incredible one. Liz had taken control; he always loved it when she showed the other side of herself, it was so…there was just no one word that describe the feelings it conjured up. The fact that she had been wearing her waitress uniform had only increased the heat of the dream.

But it had been so realistic, plus the room was filled with subtle remains of the aroma of their lovemaking. He must be just imagining things but …

Max gently stroked her cheek as her eyes fluttered open.

“Morning.” Max said, voice still laced with the traces of sleep.

“Very good morning.” She purred to him, her eyes masked behind heavy eyelids.

“Did you sleep well?” He asked as he continued to caress her.

“Umm. You?” she placed her hand over his on her cheek and pulled it to her mouth, placing a light kiss on his open palm.

“Wonderful….I had the best dream.” His eyes glazed as the memories of the dream replayed inside his mind.

“Must have been some dream” she hedged.

“You wouldn’t believe it if I told you.” He said with a smirk.

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that.”

If feedback is good I may continue with finding the truth and Max’s revenge.

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New part will be out on Sunday...Max's Revenge...

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Chapter 3.
Part A.
Revenge Is Sweet.

Max looked down at his beautiful wife; she was such a mix of conflictions. A temptress yet innocent, dominant yet submissive, gregarious yet shy. Max had the hardest time knowing what was going to be coming at him next.

“You wouldn’t huh?” Max asked. His curiosity was now piqued.

Liz just smiled, leaned up and kissed him soft on the lips.

“I’m going to make breakfast, go get a shower.” She told him, playfully crinkling her nose at him. Liz got up to leave their bed but before she could escape his reach, Max couldn’t resist the urge to reach out and smack her ass for her shower comment.

Liz jumped quickly off the bed and leveled him with a playful scowl.

“Watch it Mister Evans.” She warned.

“Or what?” He taunted.

She just raised her eyebrow at him. “Do you not remember the last time you said those words to me?”

Max got a dreamy look in his eyes and a small smile began to form on his lips. Liz just smirked at him.

“And that is supposed to deter me?” he lazily asked.

Liz just shook her head at her incorrigible husband; she grabbed her robe and padded out of the room down the stairs to the kitchen.

Max hummed softly to himself as he got up to go and take his shower. Once he had left the swathe of the covers he stopped cold in his tracks. Max looked down at himself and noticed quite a few things that were just not quite right. First was that he had light fingernail marks on his chest, across his nipples. Second was that he had white flecks of what he knew from years of intimacy with Liz, as her dried essence covering his pubic hair. He reached down and caressed his manhood, running his finger along the bottom and sure enough he was slick, bringing his fingers to his nose he closed his eyes as he reveled in the aroma of his wife’s wondrous scent. With one more stroke of his softened length he let his fingers glide across the underside of the head and just as he had suspected he was just slightly sore. A sure sign that something had happened to him.

The reality of the situation slammed into him like a rush of ice-cold water, a feeling that left him both shivering and heated in its aftermath. His Dream. Was this some new alien thing that he had stumbled onto? What were the affects to Liz, does she even know?

His mind was spinning out of control. He was excited and scared.

‘Okay, I have got to calm down and think about this.’ He told himself. These were the moments when he envied Liz’s powers to analyze a problem. He took a couple of breaths and began to replay the events from this morning. Liz had looked rather relaxed, the same look she had after a very energetic amount of their lovemaking. He remembered his remark about the dream he had had last night.

“Wonderful….I had the best dream.” His eyes glazed as the memories of the dream replayed inside his mind.

“Must have been some dream” she hedged.

“You wouldn’t believe it if I told you.” He said with a smirk.

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that.”

Max thought about her last comments, “Oh, I wouldn’t say that.” . Maybe she knew something after all.

He started to go over his dream. He could help his body’s response to the vivid memories. It was all so crystal clear, every word each moan.

“My god, even in your sleep, your amazing.”

Something had struck him funny about her saying that, even in his dream he had thought that was a weird thing to say. Then it dawned on him as he smacked his forehead with his palm. He just shook his head as an incredulous smile crossed his face.

‘She had her way with me when I was asleep!’ The thought just bounced around his head. He couldn’t believe it. His sweet, innocent wife and had her way with him, literally. She must be pretty proud of herself and the little vixen never even said a word. ‘Well, we’ll see about this!’ he thought as we went into get ready for the day.


Max made his way into the kitchen in time to see Liz setting the table and the twins getting on each other’s nerves as usual. It was just another normal day on the Evan’s household, almost. Claudia was the epitome of her mother and Zan, the mirror image of a young Max. The only confusing part was that the children had the personality of the other parent, Claudia modeled Max and Zan was the Liz of the house.

Max stopped and took a look at his family. Family . A word that he had never thought would collide in the same sentence concerning him. It truly was a miracle, the woman of his dreams and two beautiful children, the product of that love. It’s rare in the world that your first is also your last, but with them it had been a given. From the moment they had gotten over the initial reservations of his alien ness, they had not been apart. They had been the most envied couple anywhere they were; you could just see the love surrounding them in its protective embrace.

But now Max had other concerns, he had a very sneaky and mischievous wife on his hands and she was in desperate need of being taught a lesson.

“Morning sleepyhead.” Liz chided him.

“Daddy’s a sleepyhead, daddy’s a sleepyhead.” The twins chimed in unison.

Max just shook his head at their antics, this was a typical weekend for them. Well it was so far, but that was about to change if Max had anything to do with it.

“I’ll be right in, I have to make a call I forgot about last night. Be right back.” He punctuated that with a kiss to Liz’s forehead.

Max went back upstairs to the phone in their room and dialed Liz’s parent’s number. They had always offered to take the twins whenever they needed them to and the kids just adored them. Max decided today was a perfect day for the kids to spend with Grandpa and Grandma Parker.


“Hi Dad, it’s Max.”

“Max, good morning. How are you?” ha said cheerily.

“Fine, we’re all fine. Yourself?”

“We’re good. Nancy is just finishing up breakfast and I was going to head down to the Café for a bit.”

“I was wondering if you guys would mind some company of the tiny persuasion?” Max asked with a chuckle in his voice.

“We’d love to, I’m sure we can keep them busy. Honestly Max, if you and Liz would like some quiet time we can keep them until tomorrow. We’d love to have them.” He said sincerely.

“Dad that would be perfect. It’s been a while since they had a sleepover over there, they’ll love it.” He replied enthusiastically. “I’ll stop over in a couple hours or so, is that all right?”

“Max, bring them over anytime. We’ll see you when you get here.”

“Thanks dad, we really need this. I’ll see ya soon, Good-bye.”

“Bye Max.”

Max replaced the receiver and couldn’t hide the smile that had forced itself onto his lips. He would have her all to himself very soon. He just had to make a few stops on the way back home. She will never know what hit her. Max chuckled to himself as he walked back down the stair to the kitchen.

Liz eyed him questioningly as he sat down at the table. Max just winked at her and turned his attention to the kids. They both had managed somehow to wear as much food as they ate. For a pair of 6 year olds, they certainly did leave a noticeable trail wherever they went.

“Kids.” Max said loud enough to break into their excited chatter. Two little heads snapped to attention and turned bright eyes on their father.

“What do you guys want to do today?” Max asked them.

“Oh Max, I was thinking that we—“ Liz started.

“Honey, lets see if the kids have any ideas.” He said with a glint in his eye.

Max’s playfulness was adorable to watch and it was contagious. She found herself eagerly waiting for their answers.

“Dunno.” They both said together. They did that quite a bit. Still to this day it unnerves most who see it.

“How bout a sleepover at Grandpa and Grandma Moms?” he asked slowly.

He had barely gotten past the word sleepover when the room erupted into chaos. The kids were up dancing around chanting ‘sleepover, sleepover’ and Liz just kept sputtering with nothing coming out of her mouth.

“Kids, all right, all right, settle down. Finish your breakfast and I’ll take you over in a little while. Okay?” he asked.

Both kids stopped mid step and nodded their heads. Their faces held sheepish smiles as they returned to the table and began shoveling their food into their mouths. Liz just looked at her husband with glowing eyes. He had set his up without her knowing, he had wanted to spend the day with her, just the two of them. How did she ever get to be so lucky to have a wonderful husband like him?

Max returned her smile with one of his own and then leaned over and placed a lingering kiss on her soft, inviting lips.

“Get a room.” The kids said in unison.

Max and Liz broke apart quickly and turned startled faces to their offspring.

“Where did you here that?” Liz asked in a suspicious tone.

Both of them ducked there head and fixed their stares at some interesting spot on their plates.

“Claudia? Zan?” was Max’s prompting.

“Aunt Ria, she says it all the time when you do that.” They said softly.

“Oh she does huh? It’s okay kids, you’re not in trouble, but it’s not polite to say something like that, okay?”

Two nodding heads greeted her in response.

“All right you two, put your plates in the sink and go pack your backpacks for Grandma Moms house.”

Two hollering kids went flying out of the room and up the stairs. Max just shook his head at the two of them. They were perfect, his children, their children. This was something he never really would have imagined possible. His heart felt full to overflowing just having Liz in his life, but this was just indescribable. Max gazed at his wife while she fluttered around the kitchen, humming softly to herself. She was so naturally graceful nothing practiced or forced. Max leaned back in his chair and just watched, it seemed to be one of the things he did the most. His mind was full of mental snapshots of their life together, he was sure there were going to be many, many more.

Max helped clean the table and with a quick swipe of his hand the dishes were clean. As he was placing the dishes back in the cabinet, his two little monsters came rushing back in. They skidded to a stop at their father’s leg and looked up at him expectantly.

“Daddy, can we go now?” Zan asked with a pleading tone to his voice.

“Please?’ Claudia added as she smacked her brother in the back of the head, freezing him with a glare.

“All right you two, that’s enough. Liz, I’m going to take them over. I have to stop at the store on the way home so I might be a little while. I should be home in about an hour or so.” Max told her casually.

“Okay honey, drive safe. Kids give mom a—“ she never got finish that when both of them attacked a cheek.

“You be good.” Liz told them in her best motherly voice.

“We will mom, bye bye.” They said as they were backing out the door.

Liz just smiled and waved as they drove off. Now what was she going to do with the rest of her day alone with her incredibly sexy husband. As she rubbed her chin she lost herself in thought.


Max dropped the kids off with a minimum of fuss and headed for the store. Pulling into the parking lot, he looked up at the building for a second. ‘Could he really do this?’ he thought to himself. As the events of what must have happened last night played back in his mind he found himself nodding positively.

He entered the store and looked around at the various items for sale. As things caught his eye he placed them in his basket and kept on looking. About forty-five minutes later he was back in his car and on his way back to the woman who held his heart. Max just smiled deviously, she was never going to know what hit her. He only hoped that she didn’t think he was strange considering what he had planned.

Max pulled into his driveway and just sat in the car for a few moments. He took a couple deep breaths and made his way into the house. Liz was in the living room, sitting on the sofa, listening to some soft sensual music. Max just smirked, he was very lucky to have a wife that just oozed sexuality. But that only seemed to come out when they were alone, no one else got to see this side of his Liz. She was the epitome of the male fantasy, proper in public and an insatiable sexual tigress in the bedroom.

Max waved to her as he hurried up the stairs to their bedroom. Quickly entering the bathroom, he readied the items that he had purchased for today, all day . Max washed up and got everything ready in the bedroom for his unsuspecting wife. Max surveyed the room, his handiwork complete. With a satisfied nod of his head he went to find his victim.

As he entered the living room, Liz’s eyes locked with his and the temperature jumped a few degrees. Liz stood up and met her sexy husband halfway, walking directly into his arms, arms she knew would always be just for her. Laying her head against his firm chest, they began to sway to the gentle sounds from the stereo. They glided effortlessly around the room, neither of them conscious of their movements, only of each other. Max could feel the pounding of Liz’s heart against his lower chest. The skin of his chest that was peeking through the ‘v’ of his shirt tingled from the puffs of air as Liz breathed onto him. They danced together for a few songs, always the same rhythm, and the same gentle steps. These were the moments when all the handwork of a marriage was worth it. Although Max had to admit that being married to Liz was not difficult in any way.

As the song came to an end, Max swooped down and lifted her up in his arms, his one arm behind her back and the other cradling her legs, pulling her firmly against his solid chest. Liz looked up at him with startled eyes, yet they were growing darker by the second, the wanton need for her husband burring deep inside her. Max claimed her lips in a searing kiss, branding her as his. The times he had done that were uncountable and neither saw an end in site. Moving as if he was carrying but a feather, Max took purposeful strides towards the stairs. Climbing them two at a time, he ascended to their bedroom. Liz was purring contentedly into the skin of his neck, her hot tongue licking and tasting the skin there. Not to be left out, Max let his fingers caress the side of her breast and he was rewarded by her sudden gasp.

Max kicked open the door to their room and set her back down on her feet slowly. Letting the friction of their bodies sliding against each other continue to ignite the little fires of need and desire, all of them combining into a raging inferno of want that they were both powerless to fight. Once she was on her feet Max stood back from her and just fixed his gaze on her.

He proceeded to slowly undress her with his eyes. Max soaked in the sight of her heaving chest and the now rock hard nipples begging to be possessed. They were poking through the fabric of her thin t-shirt, straining to be released. Liz felt as if his eyes were ripping the shirt from her now overheated body. She wanted to rub her nipples, to feel the weight of her breasts in her hands but his eyes commanded otherwise. And so she waited, eyes heavy, her breath was starting to become a labored pant.

Farther down his eyes traveled, over her taunt stomach to the slight pair of loose shorts she had donned this morning. Max could almost see the dark triangle of hair that covered her there, the soft, curly hair that covered one of her most sacred treasures. A treasure Max had worshiped at in wanton and abandoned need. Drinking from its unending fountain of nectar created solely for him, a feast no one else had ever partaken of or ever would. He could see the moistness in his mind as her silken folds parted. Liz felt herself opening to him, taking his imaginary fingers into the event horizon of her center. Slowly circling but never giving her the satisfaction of penetration. Liz’s arousal was so complete at this point she could feel the trickle of her essence as it created a trail of fire down her inner though towards her knee. Max’s eyes went black as he saw the evidence descend down her creamy leg.

Max brought his eyes back to Liz’s, he could feel how naked she now felt from his burning looks and intense gazes. He could feel the total submission she had abandoned herself to. She was his, just as he was hers but he felt she needed to be reminded of that in no uncertain terms.

With a wave of his hand her shirt split down the front and fell from her body. Her naked breasts were now bared to his desire filled senses. Slowly he bent forward until his lips were but a mere few inches from her swollen tips. He cast his eyes up to hers and softly blew across her creamy globes, hardening her nipples even more. Liz’s eyes closed at the intense yearning his actions were creating in her, she didn’t know how much more of this she could stand but yet still she waited.

Max pulled himself back up to his full height, but as he did so, another wave of his hand removed her shorts, leaving them to pool on the floor at her feet. She stood in front of her powerful husband in her thong, the front completely soaked through with the evidence of her desperate need. The ache between her legs had grown from dullness to a burning craving within seconds. Liz flexed the muscles of her thighs to try and create some type of friction to relieve the fire but to no avail.

One more wave of his hand and the string on her right hip snapped, the thong hung loosely but valiantly fought to remain in place. With a feral smile slowly lighting his face he flicked his write for the last time and the other strap gave way. The thong lost its battle and plummeted to the floor, joining its companions.

“Max.” she begged. The need to be touched was overwhelming her. Liz reached out her hand to touch him but he simply shook his head. She would have to wait.

His eye never leaving hers, Max undid the button of his shirt, slowly and deliberately. Her eyes flickered between his and his hands, crying out in desperation for him to quicken the pace. Much to Liz’s dismay her silent pleas went unheeded. Finally his shirt slipped from his powerful shoulders, falling to the floor, forgotten. Max’s pants and boxers followed next in much the same fashion; always slow, always calculated, his eyes never leaving hers. His eyes making love to her with an intensity she knew would devastate her when made physical. And still she waited.

Like a tiger stalking its prey he approached her. His eyes were wild and dark, unreadable. All Liz knew was that her husband had gone to a place she had never seen before and she now so desperately wanted to join him there.

Finally he stood before her, only a few inches separating their bodies, chests heaving and passion raging in there blood. Max raised his hand as if to touch her face but his touch was elusive. His hand skimmed the imaginary aura, which surrounded her. Only a mere fraction of an inch above her skin, so close she could feel the heat of him, but the contact was denied. Max let his hands travel in this fashion all over her body. Liz writhed in frustration at his torture.

“Max.” she growled. She was losing her control.

Without warning Max picked her up and placed her on their bed. Before she knew what had happened Max had fastened the Velcro straps around her writs and ankles. Her eyes grew wide as she realized how wild he had become. She had always wanted to see Max when he was unrestrained and now she was getting her wish. The thought alone caused a rush of her essence to flood out her core, its aroma filling their senses, pushing them both, driving them to fulfill the most basic of primal needs.

Liz offered Max a heated, lust filed look, letting him know that this was okay, she wanted this, and she welcomed this journey down an unknown road. She knew she was safe with Max; she would always be safe with him.

Max leaned over her and placed a gentle kiss on her lips, letting his cling to hers for a few moments before releasing them. He nibbled on her bottom lip and sucked it into his mouth, reveling in its fullness. She tasted so incredible, something completely unique, all Liz.

Liz was moaning at the assault to her senses, urging him on to take more of her. Liz could feel her body creating more of its own unique essence, the fountain from which she craved to have her husband drink, growing wetter and wetter by the second.

Slowly Max trailed kisses down her neck to her heaving chest. Her breasts, two beautiful creamy globes of flesh that called to him, begged for him to devour them with his mouth and tongue. Never one to disappoint, Max flicked the tip of his tongue over the hardening bud of her left breast. Liz arched her back, trying to drive her breast deeper into his mouth. She wanted him to eat all of her. Max switched to the opposite breast and demonstrated the same torture he had exacted on the other. Liz’s eyes were closed as she tried to process all of the feelings coursing through her body. She had never been this aroused before and she knew that this was only the beginning.

Farther down he moved, trailing sloppy open-mouthed kisses down her abdomen. Closer and closer he moved towards her mound, only to stop at her belly button. He swirled his tongue around the sensitive opening and plunged it into its depths to punctuate his desire. Liz pushed her stomach out to try and capture his roving tongue, but still he remained elusive.

“Liz, do you know I can smell how much you want me?” Max said softly, his voice thick with need.

Liz knew it was more of a statement than a question even in the sexual fog she was quickly becoming lost in.

“I can taste you. It makes my mouth water.” He rasped out to her.

Liz closed her eyes tightly at the images he was stirring in her. She almost wanted to crawl out of her skin. She went to pull her arms down and push his head into her wet heat, to force him to eat her until she had nothing left to give, but the straps held her fast. Liz growled low in frustration but it only added to her heightened arousal.

Max moved lower again and rubbed his face in the hair he loved so mush. He drew his nose through it; her scent was almost over powering at this point. His revenge was taking its toll on him, he just wanted to bury his face in her a drink like a man dying of thirst. But he held fast, all good things in time. His hands played at her hips, stroking the flesh up and down, massaging the tender flesh.

“Max…damn it…. Max….” she pleaded.

“Tell me…” He cooed to her, his nose still brushing through her feminine curls. Liz could feel the heat of his breath against her core, the little puffs drifting across her nub.

“I …want…I want…” she whimpered.

Max couldn’t help the smile that crossed his lips.

“Tell me and its yours.” He encouraged in a lust filled whisper.

Liz closed her eyes and tried to get the words out. “Eat m…Eat…”

“Tell me sweetness, eat…?” He prompted.

Liz growled, after all these years of marriage she still became shy. Well she had had enough of that. She knew what she wanted and she didn’t care how it sounded. Liz raised her head and looked Max directly in the eyes. His eyes so black with desire, mirroring her own, met hers and locked.

With a raspy growl she said, “Max, eat my pussy.”

Max attached his lips to her immediately. Her head thrashed back in relief and renewed frustration. He attacked her tender flesh, nibbling, sucking, biting and licking her over and over again. Her taste was completely intoxicating him, he was drunk on its headiness. His mind only echoed one word over and over, ‘More’. He parted her folds with his tongue and licked around the inner lips of her heat. Every few strokes he plunged his probing tongue into her depths, thrusting into her as he would his manhood soon, very soon.

“MAX!!” she screamed. Her hips locked in place. Max could hear the rustling of the restraints as she pulled against them, trying desperately to grab his head and rub his face back and forth across her swollen sex. Her orgasm washed over her in wave after wave of heat and pleasure. Max continued to drink of her, not wanting to miss any of the sweet fluid her body created in its abandon. His ravenous ministrations caused from her orgasm brought her to another orgasm, her breathing ragged as she exploded again into his mouth.

“Oh God, stop… stop…” she pleaded.

Max’s head popped up from between her thighs and turned concerned eyes on to her.

“Liz, you okay?” he asked quickly, his worry evident in his voice.

“I…just…I just…need a moment. God that was …intense.” She smiled in almost lazy delirium.

Max looked at his wife as he slowly raised himself up from the bed. Her hair was disheveled, her eyes brilliant with sated desire and the ever-present flame of more to come.

“Intense huh?” he smirked.

“Oh my god.” She said dreamily.

Max pulled open the drawer of the nightstand and pulled out one of the items he had purchased earlier. In the light of the slightly darkened bedroom Liz noticed the sparkle of light reflecting off a wall. Her eyes followed the reflection briefly before she realized Max was causing it. Max settled back down on the bed between her thighs, the simple action alone stirring renewed lust inside of Liz.

“You haven’t seen anything yet…” he said, his voice holding a promise of unknown passion as he held up the clear glass dildo for her wide eyes to see.

“Oh….” She gasped.


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Chapter 3.
Part B
Revenge Is Sweet.

Liz didn’t know what she had done to deserve this sudden shift in her husband but she was far from complaining. They were venturing into new territory and even though it was a little scary it was even more exciting. Liz had to be honest with herself, a part deep inside of her had always been intrigued with this kind of thing. Most people were afraid to explore this side of them, the wilder side, for fear of what their partner would think. The fact that her usually reserved Max had ventured into this area was even more exciting.

Max touched the cold glass to her nipple, causing it to shrivel and harden to a nice ripe bud. His eyes flared with renewed desire at the quick response from his willing prisoner. Trailing it through the valley between her breasts he ascended the creamy globe of the other and applied the same measure of punishment. Her gasp was all the motivation he needed to continue on.

Slowly he traced a line down the center of her abdomen only to start again at the top and then draw lazy circle on his way to her belly button. Max became lost in the look of the clear glass as it passed over her perfect skin. The goose bumps were left as a reminder of the pleasure previously received. Max let the tip fall into the shallow well of her belly button. Swirling it around the sensitive flesh there. Liz’s breathing was once again starting to become slightly labored.

With deliberate movements Max moved the glass down to her feminine curls. Dragging the tip in and around them, laying the dildo flat and then rolling it across her mound.

Max smiled an almost evil smile as he drew a circle around her swollen sex with the tip. The cool glass on her heated flesh was pushing her further and further into mental chaos. Her mind was unable to focus on anything except the tactile sensation being created in her most intimate place. Liz couldn’t keep her hips still. They had a mind of their own as they chased after the tip, trying to get it to ease the ache that had been building slowly inside her core.

Her anticipation was rising as her patience was dwindling. Liz moaned incoherent words as she lost herself in the feelings Max was inciting in her. He closed the circles he was drawing and lightly began rubbing the warming tip on the protruding top of her bundle of nerves. Liz gasped at the first contact and then purred her contentment as Max continued his ministrations.

“Oh Max…” she breathed in arousal.

Her moans were all the encouragement Max needed to keep going. Gently he eased the tip of the dildo into her already slick passage. Liz pushed her hips up to try and take more of it into her. The feel of the smooth surface a polar contrast to the textures and ridges of her husband’s mouthwatering manhood. Max started a slow rhythm of shallow strokes, each one going slightly deeper than the last.

“Max…. more.” she pleaded.

“You like this?” he asked in aroused amusement.

“Hmm.” Was all she could muster from her fogged mind.

Max watched transfixed as the tip of disappeared into his wife’s silken folds. The lips of her sex closed around the smooth glass, drawing it deeper and deeper into her. He was able to see the tender pink inside of her. She looked so completely delicious he just had to taste her. He removed it from her entrance drawing a frustrated moan from Liz. She looked down her body at her husband and watched in rapt amazement as he slowly placed the tip to his mouth and licked her liquid essence from it. Liz’s eyes narrowed to slits as she watched him take the dildo in his mouth and suck the remaining arousal from it.

Max gently placed the dildo at her entrance and began to slowly enter her with it. Liz’s breath came out as a hiss as the smooth surface glided easily into her slick heat. More and more of its tapered length disappeared into her until Max reached top of his hand where it held the handle. Liz let out a slow breath and smiled down at him, her eyes fluttering closed in contentment. Max twisted it in a slow circle, watching the looks of pleasure cross her face at this completely new sensation. Her hips began a slow thrusting, pushing it deeper into her, taking as much as he would give to her. Languidly, Max pulled the dildo out of her until only the tip remained, pausing a brief moment he then he thrusted it back into her in the same unhurried manner. Again and again Max watched in fascination as the clear glass entered her most intimate place. His eyes dilated as the taper pushed her silken lips further apart until he neared the base where the taper reversed itself and again she closed around it.

Liz was without words for what she was experiencing. Her breathing was erratic and labored, her pant held the whisper of his name on them. Every time it was completely inside her, she would grind her mound against his hand, his knuckles would brush the sensitive nub of her clitoris sending a spiral of lust shooting through her. Higher and higher she rode the flames that built inside. Her hands were wrapped around the nylon straps of the restraints, bracing her for the coming eruption.

“Oh…god…Max…don’t…stop.” She panted, her head thrashing from side to side.

“God Liz, your so wet.” He exclaimed, her juices flowing in an ever-growing trickle from her heated core.

“So…close…please.” She pleaded to the unknown force keeping her from reaching her peak.

Max started twisting the dildo as he thrusted it in and out of her. Unable to help himself, he lowered his head to her glistening heat, letting his tongue snake out and flick at her swollen nub. Her taste was even more intense now, a mixture of sweat, skin and Liz. He applied a little more pressure with each stroke of his tongue. Max drank the fruits of his labor as his wife writhed in uncontrolled abandon under his touch.

Liz found it hard to take a breath as her climax loomed ominously before her. She reached out an imagined hand in a desperate attempt to grasp the thread that would pull her into oblivion. Her body began its erratic contractions as she neared it, her hips driving her into the soft mattress and then forcing her to thrust upwards to the heavens.

“Oh.” She uttered in strained tones.

Thrust, twist, lick.

“Oh.” Liz moaned louder.

Thrust, twist, lick.

“Oh.” She cried out.

Thrust, twist, lick.

“OH MAX!” She called out with abandon.

Max attached his lips to her now rock hard clitoris and pulled the throbbing flesh into his mouth. Her hips bucked against his face as he continued to pump the dildo into her quivering walls.

“I’m coming, oh god! I’m coming.” She wailed, her thrashing about into the pillows.

Max released her nub and watched her loose herself in the ecstasy of her orgasm. He was awed as he witnessed the inner walls visible through the clear glass of the dildo contract violently around it. It was if her body was trying to force the object out and yet at the same time draw it further in. Her outer lips were wrapped snuggly around the base in an intimate kiss.

“Max…oh. Eat my…cum. Lick me…Now.” she cried, her mind no longer in control of her actions or words. She was going fully on instinct and base needs.

Max licked her with renewed fervor at her impassioned plea. Her essence flowed into his mouth like a wellspring of fine wine. He pulled the dildo from her throbbing heat and completely covered her opening with his mouth. Max thrust his tongue into her, drawing out her precious fluid into his ravenous mouth. Liz moaned loudly at his efforts, both of them urging the other onward. Max was loud and coarse as he lapped at her but the sound only drove Liz further into a world that had already fallen from its axis.

Max slowed his attack on her sex and leisurely allowed Liz to descend from the heights she had flown to. He rubbed his nose in her curls, relishing in their fragrance. He looked up at her through hooded eyes and the sight nearly blew him away. Her mouth was rounded in an ‘o’, her eyes were closed but the lids so desperately wanted to be opened as she seemed to be looking to the heavens. She gripped the nylon cords of the restraints, flexing her fingers in time to the throbbing from her sex, a rhythm that Max could feel echoing against his chest.

Languorously Max crawled up her body until he was almost face-to-face with her. He met her eyes in a heated gaze that said more than any words could at that moment. Slowly he brought the tapered glass into view, the evidence of her climax still fresh and wet on its surface. Without breaking eye contact, Max brought it to his mouth and licked it like it was a lollipop made from his favorite flavor. Liz’s eyes darkened as she watched him clean it with his tongue. Without realizing what she was doing, she felt herself being drawn to it and running her own tongue along its smooth surface. Her eyes closed as she savored her own taste.

Max placed the dildo on the nightstand and looked at his wife. She looked so beautiful and she was all his. But right now he had more revenge that he needed to extract. With a wave of his hand he released the straps holding her arms and legs. Liz stretched and relived the slight stiffness from being in that position for a while.

“You okay?” Max asked, a thread of worry in his voice.

“Never been better.” She purred, a lazy smile lighting her perfect features.

“Good, because I’m not through with you yet.” He said in a husky voice that sent a shiver of fire coursing through her blood.

Max leaned down and placed a passionate kiss on her lips. His tongue dueled with hers, both trying to devour the other. The textures and flavors were almost that of a rainbow. Liz sucked on his tongue, drawing him further into her mouth. She could still taste herself on him and it increased her need to merge her mouth with his only that much more. As they kissed Max reached into the nightstand drawer and took out the next part of his lesson plan for her.

Max broke the kiss and started another slow journey down her body. He stopped at her breasts and laved them affection. They were so perfect, they fit completely into his large hands and the same was true for his mouth. Her nipples were so hard they could have cut glass, he flicked them with the tip of his tongue, dragging strangled cry from Liz.

Liz heard a light buzzing sound coming from the foot of the bed.

“Max do you hear that?” she questioned between moans as he worked on her breasts.

Max looked up from her breast and fixed her with a lust filled gaze, his eyes black as night with barely restrained desire.

“Oh do you mean this little thing?” he asked with a smirk.

Liz’s eyes opened fully in shock, her gaze alternating between Max and the Siler bullet vibrator in his hand.

“Are you serious?” she asked breathlessly.


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For disclaimer and summary see chapter 1.

Chapter 3.
Part C
Revenge Is Sweet.

Max traced the edges of her dark triangle of curls with the tip of the vibrator. The cool steel of the cover and the feeling of the vibrations echoing though her skin gave her senses a confused target to focus on. These were all new sensations for her, but ones that she most definitely wanted to experience again.

Liz moaned her approval of the massage Max was giving her mound. Liz gripped the sheets as the vibrations inadvertently stimulated her heat. She could feel the rush of fluid starting to pool once again at her opening. This did not go unnoticed by Max. His mouth started to salivate at the sight of the clear liquid glistening on her bearded rose. His eyes darkened as he lowered his head and sampled the sweet nourishment her body offered to him.

“Oh Max, what has gotten into you?” she purred contentedly.

Max just grunted as he sucked on her bundle of nerves. He pulled her into his moth and slowly started to shake his head from side to side. Increasing the speed every few shakes. Liz started to buck her hips up in the air, the assault on her silken core becoming intense. Max released her fro his mouth and flicked his tongue over her nub. With each stroke, Liz’s breath came out in a gasp.

Slowly Max stopped his oral assault n her and concentrated more on using the bullet. He trailed it down past her curls to her opening and began to trace her there. He drew circles that never seemed to come close enough to where she wanted him most. Her hips began a slow chase of his hand, trying to capture the source of so much possible pleasure.

“Max, don’t tease?” She pleased.

“Give me a good reason not to?” he smirked back at her, as he all to briefly touched her swelling nub with the vibrator.

“OH!” she exclaimed, shocked by the sudden intense sensation. Liz grasped the sheet tightly as she rode her body’s sudden spike of pleasure out.

“You are an evil man, Max Evans.” She scolded him in a breathless voice.

Max just chuckled at her and went back to his latest toy. The circles he was drawing grew tighter and tighter, until he was circling just around her outer lips. Liz slowly tossed her head from side to side as the vibrations neared her heated core.

Max took the bullet and ran it down the length of her lips, coating its tip it in her arousal. Max watched in fascination as the folds of her heat quivered in response to the vibrator. Liz convulsively flexed her PC muscle causing her center to open for him, begging him to possess her, for him to offer the same treatment to her inner walls.

Gently Max parted her folds with his fingers and opened her to his heated gaze. She was breathtaking. Her nub pulsed with desire for his touch. He took the tip of the bullet and traced the lips of her inner core, making sure not to hit her most sensitive spot.

“Max…” She panted out.

“Hmm..” He replied lazily.

Max touched the tip to her swollen nub for a heartbeat and then went back to his tracing.

“Oh…yes…” She gasped.

“You like that?”

In response Liz reached down and laced her fingers through his hair. With one quick motion she pulled his face directly into her dripping sex. Without any hesitation she started to grind her hips against his face, rubbing him into her over heated flesh.

“Yes.” She growled, her voice low and dangerous.

Max pulled back from her assault and received a frustrated grunt for his efforts. He knew she was getting agitated and it was only a matter of time before she grabbed him and flipped him over. Max knew that there was going to be none of the today. This was his day and she was going to pay his toll.

Max took the vibrator and placed it directly above her nub and started to press it into her sensitive flesh. The vibrations growing more intense with the pressure he was applying. A tortured smile graced Liz’s face as the intensity built. She could feel her body coiling, pooling its energy for the one unraveling release. A release she had already experienced a few times today already and from the looks of it a few more. The ache in her kept pushing at her, demanding to be heard and assuaged. Her hips pushed back against the little bullet causing all of this frustration. God, she just wanted to cum.

As if Max had sensed her needed, he lowered the vibrator to the very edge of her clit. The sensations caused her arousal to skyrocket. Her hips took on mind of their own as they simultaneously tried to capture and escape the intense vibrations slamming into her. Her breathing was ragged and her fingers had actually slashed through the sheets that she gripped as if her life depended upon it.

“Shit!” Liz cried as her orgasm neared.

Max just pulled back a little and watched it all unfold in front him. He loved to watch her fall apart; it drove him beyond the ends of normal stamina and endurance.

“Max…” She pleaded desperately.

“Yea my love?” he responded softly.

“I’m so close…so close…” she moaned in frustration.

“I’m here baby.” He assured her.

Liz growled her need and bucked her hips a little more violently against the attack on her most intimate center.

“Max, I need…. to…. cum…” she cried.

Her fingers reached out into the air. She was desperate to anchor herself to anything that would give her relief. She was drowning and she couldn’t seem to get her breath. She could see it, could see where she had to go, but the target kept moving.

Max moved the vibrator from the side of her nub to the just underneath it, the edge just touching the swollen bundle of nerves. Liz thrust her hips downward jerkily, rotating her hips in a rolling fashion toward the bed. Harder and harder she pushed, grinding herself on the tip of her torturer. With one final push she exploded.

“Max…. Max…I’m cumming.” She cried in abandon.

Max just watched in awe as she flew apart. Her head was pressed back into the pillow, her eyes closed tightly. She pulled the vibrator away from her sopping wet core. She reached out and grabbed Max by the ears and pulled him forcefully into her burning sex.

“Eat it.” She growled. “Eat my cum.”

Max viciously lapped at her, drinking all she had to offer. Her scent drove him wild, pushing him on to try and bury his tongue deeper into her intimate folds. He suckled her lower lips into his mouth, laving her with firm swipes of his hot tongue.

“Yes…. I…can’t…. stop.” She said as her body convulsed into a second orgasm.

Liz tightly gripped Max’s head and with one last swipe from his tongue she pulled him away fro her drenched sex. With a strength she didn’t know she possessed she pulled her husbands face up to hers. She looked deep into his eyes, eyes that mirrored her won, eyes that were clouded in passion and ecstasy. She attacked his lips fiercely, driving her tongue into his mouth. She could taste the spicy sweet flavor of her own pussy on his tongue. The taste drove her to demand more from his willing mouth. The scent of her filled her nose as she ground her lips onto his. Sometimes she wished she could lick her own sex, to feel the folds of skin, as they would part for her. to drive her tongue deep into her core and swallow the nectar she would force herself to create. Her blood burned a little hotter as the image of her with her own nub in her mouth danced across her mind, to be able to suck on the tight bundle of flesh, gently nibbling it until more of her own cum filled her mouth and ran down her chin. She could see Max happily cleaning her face with his own tongue. The thought alone sent of another miniature orgasm in her.

Liz’s breathing was ragged as she broke her lips from his. Her lungs burned from trying to get as much oxygen as she could. Her lips curled into a lazy smile as she continued to come down from her high.

Max watched the angel before him slowly pull the pieces of her shattered body back together. He really loved it when she got vocal, especially when she told him what she wanted. It had taken the longest time for them to be able to get over the embarrassment of it all, to accept they had a primal side to them. Now they loved to explore that side, their lovemaking had taken on all sorts of facets over the years but none more important than mutual love and respect.

Max reached over to the nightstand and sat down the latest addition to their toy box.

“Max, that…was…incredible.” She panted.

A slow smile crossed Max’s face. “Thank you, had enough?” he challenged her.

Max crawled over to the far side of the bed and reached over and grabbed the next step in his retribution. Liz watched him but was unable to see what he had. Liz met his gaze head on; her body cried out for rest but the lust that kept building in her would just not be sated.

“What’s gotten into you?” she asked playfully, a mischievous smile lighting her face.

“You complaining?” he asked her with mirth.

“Max Evans, you are being so bad.” She scolded him.

“No Liz Evans, you’re the one who has been bad. I think you need a spanking.” He said in his deep husky voice.

Liz’s eyes widened as he pulled the leather crop from behind his back. She felt a wave of tantalizing fear spread through her. Her body began to tremble in anticipation as her heat called out to her again.

“You have been very bad.” He punctuated with a feral smile.


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Chapter 3.
Part D
Revenge Is Sweet.

“I’ve been …bad?” Liz asked with hesitancy.

Max looked at his wife with unchecked feral desire. Her eyes were slightly wide with fear and yet excitement at where they were heading. Max slowly approached the bed as he slid the crop back and forth in his hand.

“Yes, very bad.” Max said in a low voice. “Don’t play innocent with me Liz. No its time to pay up.”

Max towered over her; his eyes raked her body with their intensity. She could feel every spot his gaze fell, little flames of desire being left in their wake. Her body trembled with the uncertainty of the moment.

“Roll over.”

It was said so softly and with such tenderness, yet it had the force of a harshly bit out command. Liz rolled over onto her front. She propped herself up on her elbows and looked over her shoulder at her husband. A man, that up until now she could have predicted almost everything about him. She had always fantasized what it would be like for Max to completely loose control, now she would no longer have to wonder.

Max slapped the end of the crop into his open palm. The loud crack shattered the silence of the room, leaving only their harsh breathing in it its absence. Her eyes went wide at the sound. Her eyes were darting between the crop and Max’s eyes. Liz could feel a fresh sheen of sweat break out on her forehead.

“Max…” Liz said breathlessly.

“Are you ready?” His was face a mask of unadulterated lust.

“Y…yes.” She rasped out through a throat that was just a little too tight.

Max slapped the crop once more into the palm of his, causing her head to snap towards his hand, her eyes locking on the leather flap at the end of the crop. With growing apprehension she watched as he slowly took the end of the crop out of his and lowered it towards her bare ass.

At the first contact, she drew in a sharp breath. The leather was a bit cooler than she had expected it be. Her eyes flashed once up to Max’s and then back down to the leather on her bottom. Slowly Max started to draw circles on her tender rounded flesh. Where the end of the crop touched, a tingling of excitement was created.

“Um…” Liz moaned at the soothing contact.

That had been the moment he was waiting for, he wanted Liz to be completely relaxed when he struck. In a lightening quick movement, max drew the tip off of her skin a few inches and lightly spanked the supple skin it had once been resting upon. Liz gasped at the sudden shift in feeling, before pleasure and then immediately followed by pain, mild pain, but still pain.

“Oh.” She gasped out, her eyes again growing slightly wide.

Max continued again with drawing circles on her, round and round he traced. In a quick motion he switched cheeks he was working with. Liz once again gasped at the expected attack, only to be comforted by the sensuous circles being drawn on her opposite cheek.

“Oh Ma-“ she started to say, but that was the moment Max chose to apply a light crack to the newly selected side of her ass.

Back and forth he switched between sides, drawing circles and then unexpectedly spanking her. After a few minutes light red marks had started to appear on her tender backside. The other side effect had been Liz’s breathing becoming more and more ragged. Max looked between her thighs and could see the glistening of her lips, newly moist with arousal. Little trails of her fluid betraying her excitement down the creamy skin of her thigh.

“Max….yeS!” * crack * “I’ve been so baD!” * crack *


“Yes baby?” she asked though the haze she was in.

“Thirsty?” He asked in breathless anticipation.

“You got something for me?” She asked seductively, her eyes focusing on the every erect flesh of her husband, the tip drooling his precum.

Max walked over so her was standing in front of Liz. She looked up at him through hooded eyes and flicked her tongue out and lapped at the head of his manhood. She closed her eyes at the heavenly taste of Max’s precum.

“Oh Liz…” He moaned.

That was all the inspiration she needed as she latched onto the head of his shaft and sucked hungrily. Liz moaned as she swallowed his unending drops of nectar she nursed from his rock hard length. She swiped her tongue under the sensitive head and was rewarded with a low growl from Max.

Max stepped back quickly, removing his shaft from her hungry mouth with a loud pop. Her eyes flew open at the sudden loss and then a little wider as she felt the crack of the crop on her ass. Max smiled at the shocked expression on her face. Liz narrowed her eyes at him, trying her best to scold him; she received another swat on her bottom for her efforts.

“Roll over.” He ordered her.

Liz rolled over slowly, her eyes never leaving his. Max sent her love and desire through their connection. He reached down and gently caressed her face, letting his fingers brush against her lips. Liz kissed the tips of his fingers and relaxed back into the warm mattress.

Max let his eyes trail down her body, tracing every curve and valley. Her breasts amazed him. They defied gravity; they were so firm and rounded. They never lost their shape even as she was now lying flat on her back. Her nipples still pointed proudly to the ceiling, calling to him, taunting him.

“You want a taste?” She purred.

Max’s eyes flashed black as his head descended to her breasts, her nipples, were his target. He took her left nipple in his mouth, biting, nibbling and sucking on its taunt flesh. Liz arched her back, pushing her breast deeper into his mouth. Liz moaned her pleasure at the intense feeling being evoked in her. Max switched to the right nipple, laving the hardened flesh over and over, swirling his tongue around the turgid peak.

Max sucked back on her nipple and let it escape his mouth with a pop, letting his teeth lightly scrape over the sensitive skin. Liz gave a frustrated groan at the loss. Max climbed upon the bed and settled between her legs. Sitting back on his heels Max looked at the frustrated, writhing woman in front of him. She was raising her pelvis, pushing against air to try and ease the ache that was sweltering in her.

“Max…please.” She begged.

Max used the tip of the crop and stroked the heated flesh between her breasts, straying to each of her nipples. Liz closed her eyes at the rough feeling of the cool leather against her tingling skin. Max slowly drew it down the center of her abdomen towards her glistening curls, wet from her previous orgasms. He rubbed the tip through her hair, drawing lazy patterns in the downy curls. Her scent drifted up to his nose as he stirred the crop in her dark triangle.

Lightly and with great care he patted the lips of her sex. Liz moaned softly as her excitement grew with each contact.

“Oh Max…” she breathed, her hips beginning to move in time with the striking of the crop.

Max set the crop down and replaced his fingers where the tip had once been. He slowly traced the outline of her lips with his finger, coating it in her sweet nectar. Max gently placed the tip of his finger at her opening and began to slide it into her. Liz arched her back and pushed against the gentle pressure. A look of pleasure, almost bordering on pain crossed her face, her mouth open slightly in bliss. Liz became lost in the sensations spiraling outward from her core.

Max reached to the nightstand and removed a little piece of latex, a finger condom. He rolled it over the handle end of the crop, safely enclosing any of the rough edges. He continued to pump his finger ion and out of her welcoming body. Her breathing was coming in pants as she grew closer and closer to her release.

“More Max…more.” She moaned.

“You are so beautiful.” Max said with awe.

“Oh Max…deeper…. more…. deeper please.” She begged.

Max increased his pace, but had reached the limit of his finger. Liz was grinding herself in desperation on his pumping hand. Her head thrashed from side to side as she reached out to try and grasp the edge she longed to tumble from. Just as she had her fingertip on the prize, Max withdrew his finger from her dripping sex.

“Noooooooooo…” She mewed, her face contorted in the pain of the loss.

Max placed his finger into his mouth and cleaned the sweet essence of his wife from it. Liz looked at him through heavy eyes, eyes dark with desire and frustration. Liz was so desperate for relief she started to slide her hand toward her slick folds. With a wave of his hand, Max pinned her hands to the side of the bed. Liz’s eyes went wide at the sudden restraint.

“Max, I need to cum.” She growled dangerously.

Max gave her a feral smile and raised the latex covered end of the crop handle for her to see. Liz stared with glazed eyes at it, her silken walls starting to quiver slightly in anticipation; she knew what he was going to do with that.

“Max…” she pleaded haltingly.

Max knew he was pushing his wife to the limits; the most important thing was her pleasure. Of course if he happened to teach her a small lesson or two that wouldn’t hurt either.

Max placed the handle of the crop at her entrance and applied a gentle pressure. The tip pushed through the tight ring of muscles at her entrance, causing Liz to gasp in a relieved moan. Slowly he pushed more and more of the handle into her. He watched with raw hunger as her nether lips swallowed the handle, Max had never considered that this would be torture for him too. Max started a slow rhythm that he knew she liked. In and out he stroked her with the crop.

“Max…. yes…. that’s it.” She cried out in satisfaction.

Liz pumped her hips a little quicker, driving Max to a quicker rhythm. She was getting close again and she would not be denied. Max released her hands from their alien bonds but they remained firmly pressed against the mattress, grasping air for imaginary security.

“Max…fuck my pussy. Oh God yes…I’ve been so bad.” She breathed in growing ecstasy.

Max couldn’t stand it anymore, as he continued to pump the handle into her warm body, he lowered his head and began to lick her heat like a ravenous man. He gathered as much of her into his mouth with his tongue as he could. Liz was bucking uncontrollably against him, her mind spiraling into chaos with the attack of his lips and the driving of the crop handle on her overheated core.

“Max I’m gonna cu-“ Liz never finished as her body began to convulse in spasms from the powerful orgasm crashing through her body.

Max sucked her swollen nub into his mouth and lightly scraped his teeth on the sensitive flesh.

“OH!!!” Liz cried out as another mini orgasm rocketed through her before the last one could even subside.

Max hungrily drank from the fountain of his wife, her unending supply of heaven trickled into his waiting mouth. The more she came the stronger and more potent her fluid became. Max would swear that he became drunk off her. His mind reeled as the warm fluid passed his tongue and down his throat. Liz reached down and put her hand on the back of his head to drive him further into her heat. Once she had his head firmly in place she began to swivel her hips, rubbing herself all over his face. The feel of his slight stubble was just the right texture to bring her to another small orgasm. Max removed the crop from her clenching walls and threw it off to the side.

Max slowed his nibbling and licking on her tender flesh. Her hips seemed to finally actually touch the mattress for what seemed like the first time in ages. Her breathing was ragged and labored, her breasts swayed with the effort. Liz slowly released her death grip on the sheets, she gasped as she took in their current state. She had shredded them in the throes of her release. Liz looked up at Max with a mixture of shock and satisfaction etched across her angelic face.

“Max.” It came out as a plea more than as a statement.

“Yes my love?” Max asked as her wipe his face with his hand, bringing it to his nose to inhale the sweet scent of her passion.

“I….why…to me?” she mumbled.

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For disclaimer and summary see chapter 1

Chapter 3.
Part E
Revenge Is Sweet.

Max crawled up between her thighs and placed his rigid flesh at the entranceway to heaven.

“Oh…” She moaned at the light contact.

Liz finally had what she had really longed for in the last three hours ago. She loved the feel of his solid manhood pressed against her, the feeling of silk over steel. Max took the tip and rubbed it up and down through her wet sex. The lips were swollen and seemed to engulf the head as it slipped effortlessly between her velvet folds. Max took special care to rub little circles around her bundle of nerves.

“Max…Don’t tease me…. please.” She begged.

“What do you want honey?” Max said huskily.

“Max make love to me.” Liz just couldn’t bring herself to say it now; she was too self-conscious. How could she say what she really wanted deep inside her?

“Is that really how you want it?” Max asked softly.

Liz could only shake her head. She wanted hard and deep. She wanted him to take her so hard that it bordered upon pain. She longed for the feeling of his rock hard length pounding into her, pushing deep into her body.

“Tell me baby and I’ll give you the world.” He whispered to her as he continued rubbing his erection against her core.

Liz wanted him so badly, what did it matter anymore. She had said so many things today so far. She had done some unimaginable things and god help her, she wanted to do them again and again.

“Max …Max…” She started as he began to rub a little harder on her nub with his manhood.

Liz moaned and closed her eyes tightly at the assault. He was trying to drive her mad with want and need. And he was succeeding. She opened her eyes and met his in the most intense, heated gaze either had ever experienced. Liz forced their connection wide open and flooded him with her wants and needs.

“Max, fuck me. Split my little pussy in two.” She growled, all her control was lost.

That’s all it took for Max to lose it. Liz gasped in surprise as she felt his rock hard length begin sliding into her. Her eyes rolled back into her head as he slid home, god how she loved having him inside of her. It was the most complete feeling she ever had felt in her entire life. It was the moment when they truly were one person being joined from the two halves that been thrown to the winds in ages past. But she had no time for nice thoughts; she was an animal in need of rutting.

Liz bucked her hips up hard against his erection. She grabbed his hips and pulled him into her with more strength that she thought she had possessed. Max didn’t need further coaxing, he started thrusting into her with firm, powerful strokes. He pulled almost all of the way out so that only the tip was remaining, then he fell back into her with building power and desire.

“Oh yes…. Max…uh.” she grunted.

“You…are…so…tight.” He rasped out in time with his thrusts.

Liz closed her eyes and lost herself in the way he felt inside of her. He filled her to completion, her muscles stretching to accommodate his large size. With every stroke she could feel the ridges and bumps of his hardness sliding against her walls. She contracted her muscles with each of his thrusts, drawing her silken flesh tightly around him.

“My God Liz. You… feel… incredible.” He ground out, his breath coming in pants.

Liz’s face was contorted in pleasurable pain, a mix that was so bittersweet. Liz reached down and started to rub her finger over the bundle of nerves at the top of her aching code. She massaged the swollen nub with her fingertip, rubbing in circles around it. She increased the pressure gradually, and then she would flick her finger sideways over it before going back to her steady rhythm.

“Oh good this feels so good.” She cried out.

She could feel her orgasm building, her muscles started to tense and the finger rubbing her nub began to spasm in jerky movements. And then it hit, release. Her body ran cold as her orgasm ripped through her, every thing lock in place as she came. Max groaned as he felt her walls clamp down on his thrusting manhood, her throbbing sex trying to coax his own orgasm to life. But Max had other plans, he had waited too long to be inside her he was not going to have it over with just yet.

Liz thrashed her head from side to side as her orgasm subsided. It had been one of the most intense climaxes she had ever had with him. Even as the ache inside her lessened, she could it start the slow building process all over again. He was going to be the death of her.

Max kept stroking her in long, hard, driving thrusts. He was in heaven; the feel of her dark feminine curls mingling with his own was indescribable. The sensation of the cool air as it hit his exposed length with each thrust was such a contrast to the fiery heat when he was buried inside of her. His paced kept quickening steadily, both of them losing themselves to the wild, primal need building within them.

The sounds filling the room were driving them both to distraction. The slamming of skin against skin as his body met hers. The wet, sucking sound as his rigid member parted her slicked folds as he entered her, the lips of her sex refusing to give up their hold on him.

“Max, I’m so close…. Harder.” She cried in desperation.

She smiled as she felt him increase his efforts, drawing her legs up and thrusting deeper into her welcoming body. The angle he had now, Liz could feel him deep inside, filling her completely.

“Yes…that’s it….more…” She grunted.

Liz squeezed her eyes shut as she felt the orgasm coming on. Her walls started to spasm in the tell tale signs of her fall into oblivion. Her eyes flew open as the orgasm started to engulf her. The feeling only intensified as she felt Max swelling larger and larger inside of her. She knew he was close now and she was not going to let him get away. Liz grabbed his hips and pounded her heat harder and harder against him. Finally her climax took complete hold of her and she pushed hard against him, her body contracting in a vice like grip around his painfully swollen erection.

“Liz! …Oh god…I…”

“Max, YES! Uh….ughhhhhhhhh.” she ground out.

And then it hit…

That’s all it took and Max flew right over the edge with her. The tingling in the head of his manhood turned into a raging fire as he felt his essence begin to erupt through it. His body contracted rhythmically as his orgasm exploded from him. Liz felt the warmth spread through her as she felt his sweet fluid filling her womb. The feeling was so intense it bordered on pain. He pulled out of her to try and begin the descent down from the pinnacle of his orgasm but to no avail. He continued to pump streams of his essence onto her gyrating body. He covered her dark curls with his iridescent creations. Long glistening trails of it scorched her skin as it marked her, falling on her stomach and between her breasts. She looked and opened her mouth to moan at the sight of his beautiful erection releasing onto her and her mouth was filled with hot nectar as the moan escaped her lips, dripping down her chin and along her neck. With one final cry his body gave out and he collapsed, driving his still firm erection deep into her waiting heat, making sure to fall slightly to the side so he didn’t crush her.

The ragged breathing split the silence of the room, each of them trying to recover from the high they had just shared. Liz ran her hand down her neck and chin, capturing the creamy fluid her husband had put there. She locked her eyes with his and slowly raised her finger to her mouth. Her tongue peeked out and caressed the finger as it passed between her supple lips, she licked all of him off of her finger and closed her eyes at the taste of him. Max’s eyes grew slightly dark as he watched her clean herself with feline grace. There was no wasted movement as she reached down to her stomach and up to her chest and repeated the process. Her hand finally snaked down to where they were still joined and she ran her fingers through her thick curls surrounding her dripping sex. Liz ran her fingers over the top of her drenched sex and into her hair, gathering a mixture of their essences. Liz pulled Max into a desperate kiss, suck and nibbling on his lips before plunging her tongue deep into his mouth. She brought her fingers to their mouths as she broke the kiss. She laced her free hand into Max’s hair at the nape of his neck and pulled him to her so they could share in the feast that she had prepared for them. With eyes rolling into the backs of their heads they laved her fingers continually, hungrily drinking every last drop of their love from her fingers.

They laid like that for a while, just enjoying the sounds of their steady breathing.


“Yea Max?” she said sleepily.

“I love you.” He whispered against her temple.

“I love you too, honey.”


“Uh huh?” the arms of sleep already folding him in their embrace.

“Wh…y?” She trailed of as sleep claimed her too.


The last past is coming up in a few days..I hope
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Authors note:
This is it kids. Hope you enjoy it. The next little piece of fluff will be called One Is Never Enough..coming to a thread near you in a week or so...

Anyways, enough of me and on with the show.

For disclaimer and summary see chapter 1.

Chapter 4.
Cleaning up.

Max and Liz awoke in the evening, well rested but starving. Max kissed Liz softly on the temple as he went to retrieve his robe from the chair.

“Um…. what time is it?” Liz asked lazily.

“It’s 11:30 at night honey.” He said looking over at the clock sitting on his nightstand.

“Oh my god.” She exclaimed as her hand flew to her mouth.

“What is it?’ Max asked, his voice anxious.

“We’ve been in this bed for almost eleven hours?” she pondered incredulously.

“Um hm, you hungry?” His voice showed his amusement at her shock.

“I’m starving, but don’t try and switch the subject Max.” The warning not easy to miss in her tone. “How long did we, um, you know?” she asked, all of a sudden shy as the thought of their actions came flooding back to her, her cheek turning a soft rose.

“Liz, you can’t honestly be shy?” He said in slight disbelief.

Liz looked up at him and just turned an even darker red. She brought her hands to her face and just shook her head back and forth. The things they had done, the things he had done to her. ‘Oh my god, what must he think if her.’ Liz thought to herself.

“Max, what possessed you?” she asked a little unsure, ‘did he think she was boring now?’

Max’s smile faltered, maybe he had over stepped the bounds of their lovemaking. Sure its one thing to enjoy something in the heat of passion but it’s another to live with yourself afterwards.

“I thought it might be fun, different. You always seem to have this wild side that I don’t often tap into. I … you didn’t like it?” he asked hesitantly.

Liz’s eye’s flashed quickly to his and then ducked down to the bedspread. Her breathing hitched a little and she shivered at the thoughts of what they had done once again.

“I…I…loved it.” She said softly.

Max smiled at her admission; he had hoped it would expand on what they already had. Their lovemaking was incredible already. And anything more would just be mind-blowing.

“Liz, you are the most incredible lover, right from the start you have been amazing to me. Each time it feels so new and different. You just make me feel so good when we’re together.” He said sincerely.

“Me too.” She smiled up at him.

Liz made her way to the side of the bed and brushed the covers back slowly. It was an innocent movement, nothing overtly sexual, yet she made it seem like seduction. She pushed her feet over the side and stepped down to the floor, her breasts swaying slightly at her movements. As she finally stood up, she felt the affects of there lovemaking between her thighs. She winced slightly at the soreness she knew she had earned. Max was by her side in an instant, his hand instinctively sliding down over her downy curls to her tender core. He smiled slightly at her as she felt the tingling warmth of his healing spread through her nether region.

“I love it when you do that.” She whispered to him as she laid her head on his chest.

“I’m sorry I hurt you.” He said softly, a touch of regret in his voice.

Liz’s head snapped up and she leveled a steady gaze at him. “Don’t. Don’t you even dare. That was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had, and I’m not sorry one bit.” She said, sticking her chin out in assuredness.

Max couldn’t help the grin at her actions. “Me too.” He said devilishly.

“C’mon, I’m starving. First food and then … we’ll see.” Liz sashayed her way to the door and then paused to look over her shoulder. Her hand came over her shoulder; she curled her pointer finger, beckoning him to follow her.

“I’ll get you.” He warned as he took off after her.

Liz yelped as she dashed from the room and down the hall. Smirking to herself, she raised a small shield at the entrance to the staircase and casually walked down. Max smacked right into the energy and just stood there with a warning look on his face.

“You’re not playing fair Liz.” He called to her from the landing.

Liz giggled like a schoolgirl as she flicked her wrist and let the field drop as she took the last two steps down to the foyer. Max wasted no time and hurried down the stairs, two at a time. He hurried down the opposite hallway to the kitchen and stopped dead in his track as she came running through from the other side.

Her breasts were bouncing up and down from her hurried running. Her dark triangle of curls seemed to gleam in the light of the room, like little diamonds of light were captured in their silky mesh. As she came to a stop, he could see the heaving of her chest as she took breaths to sustain her, her nipples having grown hard from the cool air of the house. Max’s eyes flashed black before settling back to the mix of gold, amber and the black that had been swirling through them since this morning.

“Max.” she warned him.

“Liz.” His lips curled into a little smile as he mimicked her.

“I know that look. Food first.” She wagged her finger at him to make her point. The only problem was that the action meant to scold only had the opposite effect. She noticed Max’s eyes flashing up and down and then where he was looking. A knowing grin broke out on her face, even as she tried to hide it.

“I know what I want to eat.” He sighed aloud.

“You can eat my pussy after we have real food.” Liz purred, she blushed crimson at her own words but she held her eyes steady, locked with Max’s.

Max gasped at her, his wife still never failed to shock him, from innocent to seductress within no time at all. And the one thing that Max could never forget, she was very sly and devious.

Liz wiggled her hips a couple of times for him and then turned to the task of fixing them a late dinner. She looked through the cupboards and pulled out a quick noodle dish among other things.

“Oh yea, I wanted to tell you. That dream I had last night, it was the weirdest thing.” He said thoughtfully.

“How so?” She tried to ask casually as she fluttered around the kitchen.

“Well, first I hadn’t dreamt about the Crashdown in years and second…” He paused to draw her in.

“Yea?” She prompted.

“I never had a dream with Maria in it before.” He said very calmly, adding a bit of casual distraction to his tone.


Liz dropped the cans she had been holding onto the counter. Liz turned to him slowly, her faced had blanched slightly white. Liz’s hands had started to tremble slightly so she gripped the counter top for support.

“Maria?” she questioned him apprehensively, she tried hard to remove the quiver from her voice.

“Yea, it was the weirdest thing.” He said shaking his head.

Liz swallowed back the lump that had formed in her throat. It was normal for guys to have dreams, fantasies. Hell, it was a dream, he couldn’t control what he dreamed about but it still didn’t remove the sting.

“Max, are you sure It was Maria?” she asked barely above a whisper.

“Why, should it have been someone else?” he asked her, the gleam of triumph unmistakable in his eyes.

Liz’s eyes narrowed dangerously on him. He knew! He hadn’t dreamt about Maria, it had been about her along. Slowly Liz placed her hands on her hips and took a calming breath.

“You know!” she accused.

Max was having a hard time taking in her serious demeanor, as she stood in front of him completely nude. In all actuality, it was turning him on. Her cheeks had flushed a healthy red, her nipples had puckered and hardened. The way she was standing Max could see the light pink of her sex as it peeked through the dark forest of her curls surrounding its most precious treasure. Max felt his body responding to her heated look. Her scent had become sweet to his nose, as her emotions had intensified. His erection sprang forth proud and hard in only a matter of seconds

“Yes, I know what you did to me in my sleep.” He tried to sound menacing but it came out husky and wanton.

“How?” She asked as she stood her ground, but Max’s muscular form was wreaking havoc on her.

“I could smell you on me.” He breathed to her, his eyes now completely black with desire and renewed want; he was looking at her like food again, like she was his midnight snack. “I had scratches on me.”

Max raked his gaze up and down her body, he enjoyed watching her shiver, as his eyes seemed to reach out and stroke her. To touch all of the spots that only he knew about.

“Today was just my way of saying thank you for one of the most memorable dreams I have ever had.” He said as the feral smile curled his lips.

Slowly Max took a step towards her, his eyes never left hers, hers however roamed her husbands magnificent body. Taking in all of the solid muscles rippling as he came closer, stalking her like a tiger does its prey. His eyes were burning dark blackened gold, his lids shielding half of the deep pools that were the windows of his soul. His bangs fell erratically on his forehead, in desirable disarray.

Liz’s eyes smoldered in the same intense desire. Her nipples ached, painfully hard with want. She wanted to feel his wet tongue on them. Her core dripped in anticipation, strengthening her scent as it drifted about the room. Her eyes closed as the scent reached her nostrils, the heady mixture of her and Max. Slowly she turned around, letting her gaze linger on him and then turned back to the task of cooking.

Liz placed a couple of pans on the stove and set about fixing them something to keep their energy up, among other things. She reheated some left over chicken seasoned with vinaigrette. She poured the contents of the pouch she had just opened into the pan; stirring it into the water she had already filled it with. She bent over to retrieve another pan from the compartment under the stove, she held herself there for a second to give Max a long look at her firm rounded ass. He stared at the beautiful lips that peeked through the hair that surrounded her aching heat. She spread her stance just a little and it pulled those lips open, the dampness glistening on her, Max groaned as he was drawn to her, pulled by the tide of her body.

Max slowly approached her and placed his hands on her rounded hips, taking the flesh and squeezing it gently in his hands. He lined his straining erection up with her opening and slowly slid into the depths of her.

“Ooooohhhhhhh.” She moaned as he slowly filled her, stretching her in the most sensual way.

She slowly rose, still bending forward slightly. She wiggled her bottom against the curly hairs that rubbed her, now that he was fully embedded in her. She purred and closed her eyes, just enjoying the feelings they were sharing.

Liz placed the pot that she had had in her hands on the stove and emptied the baby potatoes into it, stirring in the salt, pepper and butter as Max took long slow strokes, in and out of her heated body. She braced herself on the handle to the oven as his pace quickened, little by little driving harder into her. They maintained a slow and steady pace for a while, both of them not wanting this to be over anytime soon.

“Liz…so…tight.” He gasped as she contracted the muscles of her walls around his member.

“Yea Max…just like that…don’t stop…” She said huskily, her breath starting to come in pants.

Liz tried desperately to hang onto a thread of sanity as her husband extracted yet another delicious torture on her willing body. She closed her eyes tightly as her orgasm washed over her. Only the clenching of her silken walls giving light to the heights of pleasure she had just ascended to. Liz looked over her shoulder and smiled like she had just had the most delicious meal, her eyes sparkling in the dim light.

Her hunger sated, at least momentarily, she focused on the food cooking on the stove. She stirred the pots in time to each of Max’s thrusts. She tuned off the heat distractedly as she felt Max’s hand snake around her body and start a snail’s paced trek through the silken curls that sheltered her most intimate cache. She felt his fingertips as they pressed into the slight rise of her mons. Just as he always did with her long chocolate tresses, he laced his fingers through it. He found the bundle of nerves at the top of her heat and started a slow rotation around the ever-tightening flesh. He quickened his thrusts in time to the torture he was taking on her hardened nub.

Max leaned forward and pressed alluring kisses to her shoulders and the sensitive skin at the base of her neck. He could taste the mixture of sweat, vanilla and Liz as he ran his tongue up the column of her neck to her ear.

Liz looked back over her shoulder, her hair sheltering one of her eyes. Her lips were parted as she took some ragged breaths. Max watched as she flexed her fingers that were strangling the handle to the oven and a feral smile began its way across her face. Liz planted her feet a little farther apart and started to push back against him. Her thrusts were getting harder and harder rapidly. She decided she wanted his seed inside of her and she wanted it now.

“Ugh..” She grunted with her efforts.

“Ohhhh Liz.” Man moaned.

“C’mon baby, harder. Ugh… Let go Max….ugh…cum for me….” She begged huskily.

That’s all it took to bring him to the edge. Whenever she talked like that it sent his pulse racing. Those words coming from his innocent wife’s mouth were such a shock, witnessing her letting go of her control on her inhibitions and just being animal, primal.

Liz pulled forward and slammed back down on his rigid flesh, squeezing her walls as she did. She wrapped Max’s erection in a slippery grip as he pushed in, expanding the muscles that held him prisoner. As he completed that last stroke, his orgasm erupted from him.

“LIZ!!!!” he cried out, the sound reverberating around the stillness of their home.

He poured everything he had into her, emptying himself into her receptive body. Liz flexed her muscles around him and rhythmically milked him with each release of his essence into her. She loved feeling that liquid warmth as the jets hit her internal flesh, warming her, filling, and feeding her.

Exhausted, all of their movements ceased, save for the tell tale quivers from the aftershocks of their powerful orgasms. The scent of sex, sweat and food filled the air. Their breathing was ragged and drawn in short raspy gasps as their oxygen starved lungs tried to regain full capacity.

Liz looked back over her shoulder at Max and smiled languidly, her eyes drooping slightly from the exhaustion of this last round of lovemaking. She stood up straighter and pulled her husband’s head down to her and kissed him, long and sweetly. As she pulled back she paused a mere breath away from his lips. As she spoke her lips brushed his and he inhaled the scent of her breath.

“That was…incredible.” She said, her voice full of satisfaction.

“Um hmm.” He murmured.

It was at that moment that both their stomachs decided it was time to join the conversation. The growls that answered each other brought forth peels of laughter from them both.

“Well, I guess that answers the question of what do you want to do next.” Max deadpanned.

After giving her husband a knowing look, she started to move forward off of him. Max grabbed her hips and held her in place.

“Not yet.” He pleaded.

“Max, we have to eat before it’s ruined. Don’t you worry, I’m not through with you yet.” She warned him.

“I’m hungry too. Here, let me.” he offered.

Liz watched amused as he reached over her and pulled down the plates and silverware they needed. He grabbed a couple of glasses from the cabinet and filled them with water, chilling them with his powers. Liz raised her eyebrow at her husbands’ antics but she did have to admit he was very resourceful. He fixed their plates from the contents of the pans on stove and set them on the small eat in table behind them. Then much to Liz’s shock, he picked her up, and with him still firmly locked in her silken walls, walked them over to one of the chairs and sat down with her on his lap. He pulled their plates side-by-side and fixed her with an ‘I told you so look’. Liz had to admit, he was good.

Picking up their silverware they began to feed each other. The intimacy of the moment was not broken by the need for sustenance. In fact it only brought them to another level. This was a day for firsts and she was not going to complain about that. Her husband amazed her, but today he just out and out blew her away.

“Thank you.” She said between drinks.

“For?” He prompted her.

“This. Everything. My torture. Our dinner. Our lives. Everything.” She said with emotional sincerity.

“I would do anything for you, sweetheart. Although next time would you please wake me up. I admit that the dream was incredible, but I prefer the real thing.” He said to her in his deep husky voice.

“Okay, maybe.” She smirked at him as he playfully smacked her bare ass.

“Max?” she asked with a gleam in her eyes.

“Uh huh?” He said hesitantly.

“You know, I still have one of my old waitress uniforms in the closet upstairs.” She said in a low husky voice, dripping with seduction.

She smiled as she felt is erection spring to rigid life inside her body. She turned her head and looked up into his eyes, eyes that had already darkened with the want and need she was feeling inside.

“I guess you’re interested.” She giggled.

The End.

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