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Title: China Doll
Author: trinitystar1323
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Rating: PG-13…
Disclaimer: UPN owns Roswell, the characters, and situations. No infringement intended. Some ideas do belong to Kierkegaard. Nothing is mine.
Summary: Alternate Universe. Max, Tess, Isabel and Michael are aliens. Tess and Michael are Jeff and Nancy Parker's adopted children. Max and Isabel are the Evans' adopted children. Maria and Kyle are brother and sister, but only because Amy and Jim married. When Liz is forced to move in with her aunt and uncle- the Parker's, everything changes.
Category: Max/Liz, Michael/Maria, and Isabel/Alex.
Authors Notes: Song credits go to the BT, Grateful Dead, Loudon Wainwright III, Beach Boys, and Jewel.

Chapter 29

With flowers, two movies, and a present that had taken Max nearly three hours to pick out with Isabel's help and advice, Max was ready to go. The gift box was filled with fine spa and bath products - bath gel, body lotion, hand moisturizer, bath salts, body mist, a scented candle, loofah, netted body sponge, picture frame, and a journal. He wanted Liz to remember tonight for the rest of her life. It was important to him that tonight was perfect, if only for Liz.

Earlier that morning their plan had been put into progress. As Michael had promised, he had easily convinced Maria to go out for the night with Kyle and Tess, though the deal with Kyle and Tess had yet to be sealed. Max hadn't had that much faith in Tess going out with Kyle, but now, somehow or another Kyle had pulled it off and now Max would have the night alone with Liz.

While it was no fancy French restaurant, Max was sure that Liz would like this, even if it were in the Parker's home. The only thing he hadn't prepared yet was dinner. As Liz had worked on reworking his tux he had tried to pry from her what she liked, but she would never answer him, instead she would just look down t the ground as though she were sick. So he figured to just leave it and let her choose, then he would make it while she relaxed.

Nervously, Max rang the doorbell. While he knew the Parker's weren't there, Tess and Michael were, and that was bad enough. He had hoped that Tess would be gone by now- he really didn't want to rub his relationship with Liz in her face- but knowing his luck she would be there and then she wouldn't be willing to leave.

As the door swung open, Max shied away slightly, expected Tess to come bounding out. However after a minute with absolutely no one attacking him, Max took a chance and peaked through one eye. To his surprise, instead of Tess or Michael answering, it was Isabel and Maria, both giggling and chatting away all while pointing at him and laughing. He offered a sheepish grin, but both girls rolled their eyes in response.

"You, my dear brother are late." Isabel informed Max gingerly as Maria grabbed his arm and dragged him inside. Kyle and Tess were nowhere in site, only Michael, Maria, Isabel and Alex were around. They paid no heed to his protests, however a second later Max was completely speechless. He hadn't even known his sister would be at the Parker's with Maria, but now he knew why she was.

"So, do you like?" Maria asked. Liz had sworn she could dress herself, but Isabel and Maria had been unwilling to listen. They wanted Max to be knocked off his feet. Though when they found out what she would be wearing they were sure that would do it. Somehow or another since her trip to California Liz had started dressing as she used to, which included low cut, tight, hip hugging jeans with very high cut, flesh exposing shirts- just as she had first worn when she had first come to Roswell. So Isabel and Maria had settled to do her makeup and hair.

When Max didn't respond Maria gave him a small nudge. But Max was too far gone to comprehend anyone or anything else but Liz. She was wearing the shirt that he loved- the same shirt she had been wearing when he had first laid eyes on her. It was this little white lace tank top that came down to top of her rib cage. The top and bottom were only lace, but the middle portion- what little there was- was covered in a matching white fabric. And to finish the ensemble she was wearing a pair of tight fitting black jeans, her hair was down, and her ruby red lips looked more inviting then usual.

"Max!" Isabel said through clenched teeth. She could see how nervous Liz was and it wasn't helping that her idiot brother couldn't keep himself in check to at least tell her she looked good, or however he felt. God knew Isabel would never wear something like that, but then it was what Liz had grown up in so it really was no surprise.

Still not getting any sort of response except for the snickering of Michael and Alex who stood beside Maria, Isabel quickly remedied the problem by stomping on Max's foot. That got him going, only it wasn't quite the response she had been hoping for.

Instead of smiling and telling Liz how beautiful she looked, instead he cried out in pain while grabbing his foot in pain, thus dropping everything in his hands. This of course only made Alex and Michael laugh harder, and even Maria was fighting back her urge to laugh, but it was Liz who surprised Max the most. He had though that she would be understanding and come to his aide, but instead she was giggling softly as she glanced back and forth between Max and Isabel.

"Good one Max!" Isabel exclaimed angrily. Everyone immediately stopped laughing. They could sense that Isabel was genuinely angry, though for what reason they were drew a blank.

"I wasn't the one who…" Max suddenly cut himself off. This was not how he wanted his first date with Liz to be. Fighting with his sister or anyone else for that matter was no worth his or Liz's precious time together. Beside they still had to go out to the store and get whatever it was that Liz liked to eat. "… nevermind."

"Well, I think that's our cue to leave…" Alex chuckled. He could sense Liz's nervousness and knew that she was just as anxious to be alone with Max as Max was to be with Liz. And though he did feel a pang of jealousy it was quickly swept away when Isabel linked arms with him and led him, as well as Maria and Michael out of the apartment.

"Just remember Maxwell." Michael stated warningly, leaving Max with no drifting thoughts of what he and Liz would be doing. He knew Michael could and would protect those he loved and he knew there'd be hell to pay if he harmed any of those people in any way.

For the first few minutes Max and Liz simply stood in the family room gazing at one another. Neither knew what to say or do. This was something completely different from anything Liz had ever done; going on a date was a whole new experience. And while she had seen plenty of movies where girls got all dressed up, spending hours on end to make sure they looked beautiful, Liz had thought that the directors were merely joking around. Now she wondered if maybe she should have taken Isabel and Maria's advice and dressed up in some short little dress and curled her hair and all that other nonsense.

Max was still reeling over how beautiful Liz looked. Whenever he had gone out with Tess she had always dressed up, putting on layers of makeup, spending hours fixing her hair, and making sure she looked perfect. She needed none of it, though Max knew he never be interested in Tess so it really didn't matter. But Liz, his perfect Liz, wore what she wanted, even if it meant tattered jeans and a shirt, only a little makeup, and her hair simply lying flat don her back. And yet Max had never seen her look quite as beautiful as she did at that moment.

Now if only he could voice his feelings.

"Yo-you… uh…. You look…."

"I wasn't sure if I should dress up." Liz answered timidly before Max could continue. She now knew she should have dressed up- worn one of those new dresses Nancy had bought her. But that wasn't her. What she was wearing now was what she was used to, but Max looked so much nicer in his gray slacks and black v-neck sweatshirt. How could she have been so stupid to think that she could get away with wearing something that was her? "I'm sorry, I'll go change."

"No!" Max said forcefully. He was surprised that he could even find words to speak when only moments before he had been devoid of the ability to talk at all. "Don't… you look- exquisite."

Liz turned a questioning eye at Max, wondering if what he was saying was true. When she saw no deception or falsity to his statement she warily nodded her head. Still too afraid to say anything in response, Liz merely stood rooted in her spot. She would wait for Max to make the first move because right now she didn't have the first clue as to what to do.

They had skipped so many steps, at least according to the movies Liz had seen. Usually a boy would date the girl before they started kissing. Then after a few dates they would start doing other things- things that Liz knew she wasn't ready for, but if it came with dating Max she guessed she would do it. After all it was what girls were supposed to do, right?

Perceiving her distress, Max offered a shy smile before taking a bashful step towards her, offering the flowers and gift- that were no longer in his hand. His eyes darted around, looking everywhere as Max suddenly wondered if he had forgotten them at his house. Had he really been so distracted that he had forgotten the two things that he had spent so long trying to pick up?

The gift hadn't been the only thing to take forever to pick up. When asked, Alex and Michael had told Max that they didn't know what type of flowers Liz liked, or even what color. Again, with Isabel's help, along with three florist, and twenty minutes later, Max had come out of the shop with a bouquet of white roses, lilies, along with a mixture of white wild flowers around them.

Finally spying it on the floor, Max flushed as he remembered what Isabel had done, thus causing him to drop his gifts. Scrambling to pick them up, Max hastily retrieved everything before once again offering a timorous smile as he held out first the flowers. As the corners of her lips curled up, Max knew that he would have to thank Isabel and the florist later.

"I love lilies…how did you…" Liz cut herself off thinking that she knew the answer. Secretly smiling, she leaned over and inhaled the sweet scent of the flowers. The arrangement was unlike any she had ever received from anyone- not even some of the best florist in Hollywood could compare to this, though Liz figured she was being biased because of her feelings for Max.

"Oh, no! I didn't, well- you know." Max gestured slightly with his hands, letting Liz know that he hadn't seen it in her mind as he had seen the others things. He silently praised himself for taking Isabel's advice.

"Oh, well, thank you." Liz said sincerely. Just as she was about to turn and head off to the kitchen to put them in water, Max stopped her, extending his other hand that held a rather large gift bag. Liz looked at him suspiciously. Flowers had been part of the whole movie thing, though only with the sensitive guys, but this was something new. She looked at him quizzically, unsure what to do or say.

"It won't blow up, I swear." Max tried to ease some of the tension, but when all Liz did was shakily smile at him he knew he had failed. However the mood quickly lightened when Liz tentatively reached out and took the bag from her grasp. It was heavier then Liz had expected and for a moment she merely looked at it in wonder.

"You didn't have to get me anything Max." Liz stated as she continued to gaze at the gift bag resting precariously in the air. The two strings dangled against her fingers, the fine silk twine caressing her fingers as it swayed back and forth.

"I know, but… I-uh- I wanted you to remember this night… I wanted it to be special." If that didn't make Liz feel bad she didn't know what would. Here he had gotten all dressed up and gone all out to get her these gifts and she repaid him by dressing up in her normal everyday clothes and looking like a pitiful excuse for a date. And she hadn't even gotten him anything in return- she was a horrible date.

"I'll go change… I'm really sorry…" Liz's voice was broken. She had already ruined their first date and she couldn't help but wonder what else she would do to make the night even worse. However, before she could leave, Max was by her side, gently grasping her hands in his own as he gazed down at her.

"No, Liz, you look- you take my breath away. And… and I don't want you to change, just as long as you are comfortable." Max explained, hoping that his words would somehow calm Liz and reassure her that he loved the way she looked. But as he gazed down into her eyes he knew she was still questioning herself and how she had dressed. "I don't want you to wear something that isn't you… and this- this is wonderful, but only if it's what you want to wear."

"Are you sure cause I have some nice dresses I could go cha…"

"Liz, wear what you want, but know that what you're wearing right now is… is beyond words to describe how beautiful you look." This time, Max slowly leaned down and placed a lingering kiss in her cheek, hoping that it would show Liz that he meant what he had said. He was rewarded when Liz gave him a quick kiss back before backing away and looking at him shyly. Knowing it had worked, Max continued on with their night plans. "So, are you ready?"

"Oh, um, yeah… but where exactly are we going?" Liz asked. Michael and Alex had been unwilling to give her any clues as to what she and Max would be doing tonight. And while it was good to know they were honoring Max's wish to keep it a secret, Liz was dying to know, after all this was her first real date.

"Ah, now that's my surprise!" Max exclaimed while leading Liz out. Silently he prayed that Liz would enjoy their night as much as he knew he would. And somehow, Max knew she would.

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Chapter 30

"So where are we going?" Maria implored as Michael continued down the road in complete silence. In the back, Kyle and Tess sat, watching and listening to the whole conversation. Tess was just as interested to find out what was happening.

All Kyle had told her was that he wanted to go out for the night and he wanted her to come. And as much as Tess hated to admit it, she like Kyle- when he wasn't drooling over Liz Parker. He was really funny and when he got into the whole art thing it always proved to make Tess laugh. But beside that, he was a great wrestler, football player, as well as baseball and basketball player.

Of course there was the added benefit that he was team captain of all those sports, and one of the most popular guys at school. He never even tried, he just executed this dynamic aurora that made people like and follow him. So when he had asked her out she had been more then willing to comply, especially when Max would most likely just be mooning over Liz while the not so perfect Liz Jacob's partied with Alex.

She could see it in her head- Liz and Alex would be out and about, wreaking havoc on the town as they brought a piece of Hollywood alive in little old Roswell. And all the while Max would be lying in his room, pining away for Liz, but knowing he could never be with her, because Tess was his wife and destiny. True, it did bother her that Max was moping about not being able to be with Liz, but she knew that he would come around sooner or later- it was just a phase. And until then she would have some fun hanging out with her brother and Kyle.

Coming to a halt, Michael quickly leapt out and came around the side of his car, pulling open the door for Maria to get out. They were parked in front of he old drive in Movie Theater. It was about fifty miles or so out from town, and while it didn't run anymore, it was a well-known hang out.

Since it was Saturday night there were a lot of people around, many from school and who knew Michael, Maria, Kyle, and Tess. It was a slight surprise to see Tess with anyone but Max, though lately no one had seen Max around during lunch because he was always off with Liz. And thus, Tess was left to herself or with Isabel, Michael, Maria, Kyle, and Alex.

Rarely if ever did Liz eat with the group, usually she was in the photography room working on her pictures or doing homework in some other classroom. At first the group understood that she needed to catch up, but after the two weeks of Liz only coming to see them once for lunch, they sent Michael out to search for her. He found her in her physics class copying down some notes and Max was by her side, explaining one thing or another that Liz really didn't need explained.

However, since Liz's return last Wednesday and since she had asked Max out, the group was never able to find Liz or Max during lunch. They found out later that week that someone had seen Max gong into the photo room everyday, and when they went to investigate, sure enough they found Liz and Max sitting at one of the tables in the photo room. Neither was talking and at the time, Max was offering half of his sandwich to Liz, who as usual, declined.

She still hardly ever ate, and it was worrying everyone, especially Michael. With her surgery this Monday and her never eating, he wasn't sure how she would fare. The doctor had told her to get lots of rest and eat plenty before hand, but so far all he'd ever seen her eat was at dinner. Of course there was the cup of coffee, milk, or water that she had for breakfast along with the uneaten breakfast bars his mom kept insisting Liz take. But beside dinner, he had never seen her eat.

But as they had continued to watch, they were surprised to see Max offer her a chip and for her to take one along with the quarter of a sandwich that Max had somehow gotten her to take. She had finally eaten something, and though it was small, it was something, and everyone except Tess had breathed a sigh of relief. Actually, Tess had stormed off after watching the sickening scene between Max and Liz.

"You coming?" Kyle asked while offering his hand to help Tess out of the car. Maria and Michael were already out of the car, waiting for Tess and Kyle. Michael had promised Max he would keep Tess out for the whole night, and if things went as planned then neither he nor Tess would be returning to their home tonight, thus giving Max and Liz the time they needed together.

"What are we doing here?" Tess asked uncertainly. While she enjoyed a good party every now and then, this was not her idea of a good time. Sure she knew these people, but they weren't exactly the types of crowd she liked to hang out with. Beside, most of the time all that happened at these parties was people getting drunk and or doing drugs, and having sex. If she were a human then maybe she would enjoy drinking and doing drugs, but after Michael had found out that liquor didn't mix well with being an alien, they decided never to drink.

"We're going to have fun and party." Kyle answered, dragging Tess through the crowd and towards the first keg of beer he saw. Michael had given him explicit instructions on what he was to do, and as much as Kyle hated to do this, he knew it would be the only way to get Tess to loosen up and have some fun.

Approaching the keg and other drinks, Kyle quickly picked up an open can of coke and took a swig. When he was sure that it was clean, he offered it to Tess, knowing that she had seen him test it first. As he had expected, Tess took the can of coke and quickly took a sip. As she did so, Kyle grabbed another can of coke, emptying it out so that it was a little liter then the one Tess was drinking. Then, grabbing the flask of vodka from his jacket, Kyle quickly filled the can to the point Tess' other can was at. This next part would be the hardest, but Kyle knew he could do it.

"Hey, can I have another sip?" Kyle asked, trying his best to look as innocent as possible. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Michael and Maria nodding for him to continue with their plan. It was their job to distract Tess if and when she gave Kyle the can of coke. They knew it wouldn't take long, but they also knew that Kyle would have to be careful with how much he put in, thus it would take time to put in only the bare minimum.

"Why don't you just get your own?" Tess asked, eyeing the other cans and then Kyle. But after a moment she gave in and handed her can over to Kyle. Not a second later, Maria and Michael were hurtling themselves through the crowd as Kyle took another gulp of Tess' drink, almost gagging at how bad it tasted.

"Oh my god, Tess, you have to…." Maria stopped suddenly as she pretended to trip, thus throwing the cup of beer in her hands, down the front of Tess' shirt. It wasn't exactly the best plan, but it was the only thing they knew they could do to get Tess to leave while Kyle did his thing. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry."

Michael and Kyle could hear how fake Maria's apology was, but Tess didn't seem to notice; though that might have been because she was fuming. Her mouth was agape and it looked as though steam was coming out of her ears. It literally looked as though she was about to blow, but it was Kyle and Michael's comforting hands on her shoulder that stopped her from doing anything stupid.

"It's alright, Maria." Tess said through gritted teeth. But the iciness in her eyes was enough to tell Maria that she would be hearing about this later. However, if Tess knew what Maria, Michael and Kyle knew, then she wouldn't even remember tonight.

"Here, let's go clean that up… we'll just go back to Michael's truck, then no one will ever notice." Maria offered while leading Tess by the arm. While they left, Michael quickly moved to Kyle's side, holding the can of coke as Kyle peered first at it and then at the flask in his hands.

"You sure about this?" Kyle asked hesitantly. This idea didn't fly to well with him, but if it was what Tess' own brother wanted then who was he to argue?

"Add a little extra just in case," was Michael's only response. He watched as Kyle carefully poured the liquor into the can, making sure not to put too much in or to spill any. They were careful not to let anyone else see what they were doing, just in case it somehow got back. It was a well known fact that Michael, Max, Isabel and Tess did not drink- this was known because of all the parties Tess dragged Max to, thus having Michael and Isabel dragged along in the process.

Taking a sip to make sure it tasted alright, Kyle almost gagged as it still tasted so much like the coke in the can. It wasn't that he disliked soft drinks, he just preferred beer and other beverages. But he could still taste some of the vodka and he knew it would be enough to make Tess drunk for the night, if not longer.

Not a moment later, Maria and Tess appeared by Michael and Kyle's sides. As expected, Tess' shirt was stain free and Maria looked as though she wanted to change that real quickly. But Michael held her back as Kyle handed Tess her coke again. The three watched in anticipation as Tess took a quick sip.

Instantly she was affected. Her eyes became glazed over and her footing was a little off as she stepped towards Kyle. And as the three watched her they knew that not only would tonight be fun, but well worth putting up with the rest of these people.

"Let the fun begin!" Maria giggled, leading Michael off into the crowd, while Tess lead Kyle off to a secluded area.


The wheels on the shopping cart squeaked softly as they made a sharp turn around the aisle. Driving the cart was Liz and walking beside her was Max. At first Liz had been surprised by Max's trip to the grocery, but after Max had explained that he planned on making her dinner, Liz had melted. That was why she had insisted on making dinner for him instead because he had already done and gotten her so much more then he needed to.

Of course Max declined saying that he wanted to cook for her- wanted to give her the perfect date- whereupon Liz told him that if he didn't let her cook then it wouldn't matter what he made because it would end up on his head. At this point Max gave up, surrendering to Liz's ultimatum, and letting her make him the romantic dinner he had planned.

As much as Liz wanted to do this she was afraid that Max wouldn't like her cooking, especially since she had this small problem of never cooking before. Actually that was a lie, she had cooked before, like such fine cuisines as waffles, poptarts, bagels, toast, TV dinners, and other such foods. Most of the time all of her meals had been taken care of, so cooking was never something Liz had learned. But she suspected that by dinner Max meant more then poptarts or a frozen pizza.

"Well, what do you like?" Liz suddenly asked. They had been cruising around looking for anything that caught their eye, or for Liz, anything that looked easy enough to cook. No matter what, she was sure that tonight would turn out to be a lot more eventful than she had suspected.

"I really don't care." Max answered honestly. He wanted this to be a night for Liz, but she was quickly stealing it. He had wanted to make her something that she liked- something that she would eat. But so far nothing had seemed to even catch her interest which worried Max. So far he had only gotten her to eat that one time on Friday during lunch, and even then she had been reluctant. "Besides, tonight is for you- you pick."

"If you're going to be that way then let's just leave." Liz warned. She really wanted to make a good dinner for Max and he was not making it an easy task by not decided on what he wanted. "Where did you and Tess used to go? Or what did you two eat on your dates?"

"I never did this sort of thing for her, we usually just went to the movies or to the Crashdown with the rest of the gang." Max confessed. He hadn't been the world's greatest boyfriend, or friend to Tess, but that was only because she demanded more than he was willing to give. But with Liz things were different. She didn't deserve to go out to the movies on their first date, she deserved to be taken to some sort of fancy restaurant, and other places of that sort. "But it doesn't matter… I want to fix… I mean I want you to fix whatever you want to eat."

They were passing the pasta and bread area now when Liz saw it. She couldn’t believe she hadn't thought of this before. Whenever they would stay at a house or apartment Nate would make this for the two of them, and it had to be the best thing Liz had ever tasted. She was positive that Max would love it as well. She just hoped she could make it.

Max watched as Liz stopped and stared at the pizza mix. There was a glint in her eyes and she was biting her lip, an obvious give away that that was what she wanted. It surprised Max a little that she wanted something so usual, but then Kyle and Michael had told him that Liz would want normal. Maybe he should have listened to him.

Grabbing two bags of the pizza dough mix, Liz turned and gave Max a shy smile before pushing the cart back towards the meat department. Max followed dutifully, trying to keep up. He was slightly surprised that someone so small could move that fast, but then Liz ceased to amaze him.

Catching up with her in the meat department, Max watched on as Liz looked at one thing and then the next. He could tell that she was confused and didn't have a clue as to what she was getting just yet, and as much as he wanted to help her, he couldn't bring himself to, especially when she looked so cute. Finally, just as he was to go and help her, one of the store employees came to her aid. A moment later he was walking by Liz's side as the young man showed Liz over to the chicken area.

A few minutes later, Liz was rushing off to another area with Max trailing by her side. He was a little surprised by her sudden animation, but it was nice to see this other side of her. Even at lunch when they sat alone she rarely if ever talked or did anything. The only time she ever seemed to be excited was when she would work on music, her photographs, or when she saw him, which warmed Max's heart.

To know that she was just as happy to see him, as he was to see her made Max love her all the more. Now he just hoped that Liz was making something that she liked because he was becoming really worried. Her operation was coming up soon and he was positive that she would need her strength for this, even if he were going to heal her.

Advancing to the next aisle, Max easily caught up with Liz, though he was somewhat taken aback by what he saw. She was grabbing for two bottles of Tabasco sauce. Max and the others had never told her about their need for Tabasco sauce on everything they ate. And he had never put it on whenever she was around mainly because it was usually already on his food. Such as with his sandwich and chips.

It hit him then that Liz had eaten his sandwich and chips with a tank load of Tabasco sauce on them without even flinching. In fact it had appeared as though she had enjoyed it, though she had been quiet and she could have just been trying to be polite. But now she buying two bottles of the stuff and Max couldn't help but wonder if she had somehow found out or if someone had told her. Either way, it made him smile to see that she really did want to cook a meal for him, even if it did include his weird dietary quark.

Coming up beside her, Max wrapped an arm around her shoulder and placed a gentle kiss on the crown of her head. While they weren't quite as intimate as they had been before they were dating, Max enjoyed the time he spent with Liz, and he knew that Liz enjoyed her time as well. They had their brief kisses, but with all the time Liz had had to put into the outfit fitting and making sure everyone else was set, they hadn't had much time alone.

"So what else do you need?" Max asked. Liz looked up and smiled at him, placing a quick kiss on his cheek before mumbling something about not knowing what else she needed. She was about to continue down the aisle when Max stopped her by wrapping both his arms around her waist, bringing his body flush against hers. "What was that?"

"I don't know what else I need- I've never made this before." Liz admitted bashfully while ducking her head and blushing. She hadn't intended to tell Max that small detail and she had actually hoped that he wouldn't be able to follow her so that way she could look around and try to pick the items out that she would need and or what she remembered went on the concoction. Instead she had hoped that for once Max would let her prove to him how much she felt towards him, even if she wasn't willing to admit it to herself. And she had hoped to achieve this by making him some sort of great meal that he would love.

However as she felt Max's lips pressing softly against the skin on the back of her neck she knew there was nothing to be embarrassed about, and she knew that whatever she made, even if it did taste horrible, would be great for Max. She could feel it flowing through her veins- his strength, courage, and love all coming together to remind her that he loved her no matter what. And for that Liz was eternally grateful.

Sometimes Liz had a hard time comprehending just how understanding and loving Max was, especially during moments like these. Usually Daniel would laugh at her whenever she tried to cook or do anything beside be ‘her pretty self’ as he always said. It was always Nate who encouraged her to try to do things other than be a rock stars daughter. He had told her that the universe was the limit, and even then there was always room for additions.

“Well then, I think this a job for the both of us.” Max stated proudly, finally happy that he could do something beside let Liz do all the work. He was humbled that Liz was trying to cook him something she didn’t even know how to make. And as usual, it only made his love for her grow.

“Do you?” Liz teased, finally catching on to his jovial mood. She turned in his arms so that she was facing him, her arms working to wrap around his neck as their bodies came flush together. Since Wednesday Liz had been trying to keep her kissing of Max to a minimum, after all she wanted to do this right. And the proper thing for a girl to do on a date was not kiss the guy before their first date, at least that’s what Liz had seen and read. “And how do you suggest we do that?”

“Well… seeing as you seem to be the only one to know what this could possible be, and seeing as I’m an alien, I guess there’s only one way to find out.” Max let his lips drift closer to Liz’s so that they were only a few millimeters away. And for the first time in his life he was happy that he was an alien, because for this little problem his alien heritage would be very handy. “I’ll just have to steal it…”

But before Liz could answer, Max swooped down and captured her lips with his own. Upon the delicate feel of her lips, Max's tongue traced over her sensual lips, seeking allowance into her mouth. He wasn't quite sure what had taken over him, but since their kiss in the dark room Max had craved to kiss and hold Liz in his arms again. It had felt so right, and right now it felt even more so. Only now there was something else.

In the next second Max found their mouths fused together, tongues tangling, dueling and savoring one another. Involuntarily shifting one of his hands up her body, Max let his fingers tease her breast over the fabric of her top. It was tight enough that he could feel her nipples grow harder with each stroke of his thumb. And her moans were lost in his mouth as they continued to drive each other crazy I the middle of the pasta aisle.

Pulling away, their breaths mingled as they gazed into each other's eyes. Both of them were burning with desire as they stared at one another. Unable to stop herself, Liz placed her hands over Max's, silently giving him the permission to continue his exploration of her body, before pressing her lips back against his own. She didn’t know what had come over her, but now she wanted Max to touch her, to kiss her, to love her with all of his being, and in return she wanted to love him.

They would have proceeded further too had it not been for the young employee of the supermarket who had come up to them, gently tapping Max on the shoulder before asking them to take their activity somewhere a bit more private. At that point Liz and Max grew red in embarrassment but both managed to laugh as they hurried off to the check out so they could leave and continue on with their date.

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Chapter 31

“You are making the biggest mess!” Max laughed. He had decided that after sitting out in the living room for the last half an hour it was no fun unless Liz was with him, but she had insisted that she was to do this on her own. Finally Max hadn’t been able to take it, and deciding that listening to Liz gripe at him for not listening to her had to be better then doing nothing at all.

“Hey! You’re not supposed to be in here.” Liz said through clenched teeth. She was having a hard enough time just making the dish; she didn’t need Max coming in and distracting her. After the supermarket incident, Liz had been unwilling to get to close to Max. This had to be a proper date, not like one of her father’s shows where the guy got his rocks off and she felt as though she belonged for one night. For once she wanted to belong forever.

“And how exactly am I supposed to explain to Michael what happened to this place- he trusted me.” Max teased. He edged closer to her and took a peek at her concoction. After half an hour she was still working on the first step. It humbled him to know she was trying so hard, and it broke his heart to see her so frustration. “Come on, let me help…”

“No. You’ve already done more then enough, now it’s my turn.” Liz argued. So far she hadn’t done anything for Max, and he in turn had done so much for her. He had been there when she needed someone most, had held her when she had first run away, had brought her to his special place just to make her feel better, had accepted her unconditionally, had loved her, had healed her, had comforted her, and had shared his most private of secrets. How she could ever repay him for that was beyond Liz, but she was set on doing it in some way or another. “Go, go, go… I have this all under control.”

“Liz, I beg to differ…” Max laughed. He was now right behind her and could see just how hard of a time she was having. The pizza dough was piled on top of the pan in a ball that Liz had been working to flatten for close to fifteen minutes now. Oil, flour, and other condiments were splattered all over the kitchen and Liz as well. Her hair, which was once clean and flour free, was now speckled with flour. Of course the icing of the cake was the flour smudged all over her face. “Come on, let me help.”

“Listen, I know I’m no Lindsey Gustin, but I’m trying!” Liz cried. Cooking was harder then she had expected. However, as soon as she felt Max’s arms pulling her away from the concoction and turning her around, she knew that he wasn’t mad. But it didn’t help her self-confidence in the least. How was she ever going to date a guy, or even marry someone if she couldn’t even cook? After all, that was what guys wanted, someone who could cook, right? “I know, I know, I suck… I’m sorry I ruined tonight, I just wanted to do something special for you, especially after everything you’ve done for me… and now you’ve found out how less then spectacular I really am...”

Before Liz could ramble on anymore, Max placed a finger against her lips, ceasing her from saying another word. It shamed him to think that Liz thought such things. He had thought that she knew he didn’t care what they did just as long as they were together, but now it appeared as though she really believed she had to be perfect just for him. Where this thought had originated was beyond Max, but he would banish it from her if it were the last thing he did.

“Liz, you don’t suck. And even if you had set this very apartment on fire, it wouldn’t have ruined tonight. Just spending time with you, talking with you- that’s made my life worth living. And you are spectacular- more than that in fact… and I wish you could see just how perfect you are.” Max said honestly, while willing his love for her to flow through him to her so that she could not only hear but also feel just how much he truly loved her. “Now come on, how about we try this together…”



“What the hell did you give her?” Michael bellowed at Kyle as the crowd of students continued to whoop in excitement. For on the table was a very drunken Tess, giving everyone a free show. It was the first time anyone had seen her let herself loose. He hair was flying about and she looked almost burlesque.

As more and more people heard that Tess Parker was giving a free strip tease, the crowd thickened and they clapped and cheered her on. Her shirt was now gone and Michael and Kyle were desperately trying to get her off the table, however so far they had had no luck. But as soon as she reached to take off her bra, Michael and Kyle jumped, praying that they could tackle her down.

All the while Maria watched on, laughing, and taking as many pictures as possible. There was no way she was ever going to let Tess live this down. And she would definitely have to show these to Isabel and more importantly, Liz. This would give Liz a good laugh, Maria was sure of that.

Before either Michael or Kyle could get to her, Tess began to swing her head around, successfully banging it on the chandelier that hung just above the table. She started to sway before she fell straight into Kyle’s arms. Michael rushed over to cover her up, but Kyle had already done so.

The students around them booed and clapped, hopping to get some sort of encore, but knowing they most likely wouldn’t. After a minute or two the students dispersed as Michael instructed Kyle to take Tess up to one of the bedrooms upstairs and find something for her to wear, then Kyle was to take Tess back to his house, where Maria and Michael would meet up with him.

As instructed, Kyle followed Michael’s orders, and within half an hour he found himself in his bedroom, with Tess staggering about. Amy and Jim were out for the night and wouldn't be back until early the next morning. And since it was a weekend there really was nothing to worry about. So worrying about his father wandering in wasn’t one of Kyle’s biggest fears.

“Ky-lylylylylyle.” Tess slurred out. It was almost impossible for Kyle to make out a word coming from Tess and he wondered how much longer this buzz would last for her. Now she was advancing on him, shedding clothes as she swayed her hips and gave him a sexy grin. “What’s wrung wit mmmme? Arrrre my brestsss toooo small, my *hiccup* waist too big, what?”

“Tess, nothings wrong with you… why would you ever think that?” Kyle asked sincerely. He tried to remember back to when Michael had told him the affects of alcohol on aliens. If his memory served him correct then they became unable to lie. “Tess, what’s wrong?”

“Why don’t Max likes meeee?” Tess slurred as she cupped her breasts so as to make a point of her last question about her breasts being too small. Kyle was unable to answer. He knew why Max didn’t like Tess and it was the same reason Kyle had as well: Liz. It was a simple answer, and yet at the same time it was so complex. But the point was, there was something about Liz, and it wasn’t the fame that came with her, it was something so much more.

“Tess, I think you just need to go to bed, and tomorrow none of this will mat--" Only Kyle never got to finish his sentence, for in the next second Tess’ lips were pressed against his own. Her body was pressed tightly next to his and he could feel every curve and contour of her body as his own reacted to hers. Involuntarily he wrapped his arms around her waist, drawing her closer as their mouths continued to mate.

This was wrong and Kyle knew it was, but Tess’ wasn’t letting him stop. Or maybe it was his own self that wouldn’t stop. Either way, there was no way that he was going to letting anything really happen. At least, nothing that they would regret. However a moment later, that thought was banished, as was her shirt, skirt, and his jeans as they landed in a heap on his bed. Tonight would be a night that neither would ever forget.


“This is so not my fault!” Maria declared angrily. She and Michael were coming into the Valenti house. It was almost two hours after they had told Kyle to take Tess home. And right now, Michael was past irritated.

Once Tess had left, Maria had insisted on having just one last dance since their fun had been interrupted before. Of course, Michael gave in to Maria’s request merely because she was Maria and he loved her. But now, after three dances, two games of pool and a gossip session with some of the most talkative girls he had ever met, Michael was about to be angry with Maria. And to add the trouble of Tess onto everything else, which was something that Michael didn’t feel like dealing with, Michael had yet to check on Liz and Max. He had promised himself he would make sure Max wasn’t becoming too comfortable with Liz while alone and in their apartment.

“Let’s just check on her and go, all right?” Michael snarled, trying his best to keep his hostility to a minimum.

“Boy, what’s your problem? I thought we were having a good time, but then you have to be mister party pooper and make us leave just cause Tessi-poo got wasted. Which I might add was your request!” Maria retorted. She waved him off when he tried to get near her. “You go wait in the car so we can act as the oh so responsible parents that we are and I’ll check to make sure everything’s all fine and dandy with Tess…” Maria muttered, and Michael quickly followed her directions. He could tell that she was becoming upset with him and he did not need to deal with the wrath of Hurricane DeLuca anytime soon. Especially when he was preparing himself for whatever it was that he might see at his apartment.

As much as Michael usually trusted Max, he did not trust him to keep his meat hooks off Liz. He had seen the way they were together and he knew without a doubt that they were more then likely making out or going at it like rabbits. And neither of those ideas settled right. It was too soon- tonight was their first date!

Michael sat in the car, waiting for Maria while he contemplated how he would bash Max’s skull in for touching Liz in any inappropriate way. However all thoughts were banished from his mind a moment later when Maria ran towards him with a smile covering her face. She looked surprised, and relieved, to say the least. And then of course there was that glimmer in her eyes that told Michael she had seen something he wouldn’t like.

“Go, go, go!” Maria urged, shooing Michael to move, and quickly. Michael was dumbfounded as to what had just taken place, but he wasn’t going to fight it, after all, Liz was in an apartment alone with Max. And compared to Tess, Liz had absolutely no means of protecting herself.

“Wh-what did… what?” Michael asked awkwardly after they were well on their way to his apartment. But Maria never answered, she merely shook her head and giggled. “I don’t even want to know!”


“Liz… Liz….Liz!” Max’s eyes were bulging out as he watched her dump not only one bottle of Tabasco sauce, but a second as well onto the concoction that they had created. Some of the ingredients had surprised him, as they were all things he adored and most people found too sweet or spicy. Had she somehow seen what he liked in a flash of some sort or had she simply known that he had liked his food like this. But then what about her?

“What?” Liz snapped, angry that Max was still badgering her. They had finally got everything going and the pizza was almost done. All it needed was a little more Tabasco sauce and then it would be ready to bake. However it seemed as though Max was insistent on interrupting her.

“I-uh… its just you’re putting a lot of uh…”

“Its called Tabasco sauce, and don’t worry… it isn’t that bad. Beside I’ve watched Nate make this for us all the time.” Liz insisted. For a moment Max stared bugged eyed at her wondering what the hell she was talking about.

“Us?” Max queried.

“Yeah, Nate and I.” Liz answered a moment later. She sprinkled the last bit of sauce on the pizza before tossing the bottle into the trash. She picked up the pan and placed it inside the oven. As soon as it was closed she set the time for thirty minutes before wiping her hands on her jeans and turning to face Max. “So… now what?”

For a minute Max simply stared at the girl before him. He wasn’t quite sure what to think of what he had just seen or heard, but with one look at Liz he quickly lost his original train of thought. His gaze flitted over to the timer before returning to Liz. Extending his hand he waited until Liz reached out and placed her hand in his own before leading her back into the living room. Their time alone was precious and Max did not plan to waste it.

“What do you have up your sleeve?” Liz asked. One eyebrow was slightly quarked and her lips curved into a smile as she watched Max wink at her before snapping his fingers, filling the room with soft lull of music.

You give your hand to me
And then you say hello
I can hardly speak
My heart is beating so
And anyone can tell
You think you know me well
But you don't know me

“Well, if tonight is our first date, and seeing as I don’t ever plan to give you up, I thought it would be good to have our first dance…” Max whispered as he pulled her into his arms, holding her tightly against him. As he spoke his breath rushed past her skin causing goose bumps to form from his husky tone.

Oh you don't know the one
That thinks of you at night
Who longs to kiss your lips
And yearns to squeeze you tight
No I'm just a friend
That's all I've ever been
You just don't know me

“And why is that?” Liz asked softly, trying her hardest to remain standing while speaking and remain acute to what was going on around her. She faintly felt him hold her all that much closer, but all she could really feel were Max’s emotions sweeping over her, and the ruling emotion was his love and adoration for her.

I never knew the art of making love
Though my heart aches with love for you
Afraid and shy, I let my chance go by
The chance that you might love me too

“That way when we are married and have children and our children have children we can tell them all about it.” Max mumbled against her neck as his lips grazed her skin causing Liz to shiver in response. He smiled at her response as he pressed a sweet kiss to her neck before lightly sucking on her neck where he could feel her pulse beating strong and fast. “That is… if you’ll have me.”

You'll never, ever know
mmmm, cause you just don't know me

“I want to know you…” Liz whispered in response as she nuzzled her head into the crook of his neck, reveling in his strong protective body surrounding her and the way he made her feel so safe. He made her feel loved. And he made her feel at home.


“Ah, how cute.” Maria murmured as she and Michael watched in awe at the scene before them. She could tell that Michael was about ready to blow up and rip Max’s head off, but he wouldn’t as long as she held him back.

“Cute my ass. He’s got his hands all…” Michael’s voice trailed off as he felt Maria glaring at him. He gazed down at his long time girlfriend and love of his life and almost immediately his attitude softened. He could never stay mad whenever Maria was on the verge of being just as angry as he was.

“That’s better.” Maria said in satisfaction along with a slight nod of her head.

Returning her gaze to Max and Liz, Maria continued to stare at the two for another moment. They were sleeping on the couch in the living room, wrapped in each other’s arms and looking as happy as ever. Liz lay on top of Max and Max had his chin resting lightly on top of Liz’s head as he held her in his arms. What looked like pizza lay on the table before them and music softly played over the speakers, filling the room with music.

Tugging on Michael’s arm, Maria pulled him back outside of his apartment, quietly closing the door behind them.

“They really do make a cute couple.” Maria gloated as she and Michael walked back downstairs and to his car.

“I guess.” Michael said begrudgingly. Admitting that he liked the idea of Max and Liz together would take quite a bit of time, which was quite unusual for Michael as he never cared that much for Tess when she had been dating Max. At the thought of Tess, Michael turned and faced Maria, stopping her from continuing on. “So, what exactly did you see when you went to see how Kyle and Tess were doing?”

And in response, Maria merely laughed as she shook her head and continued towards his car. They had a very long night ahead of them, and it was going to be one Michael would never forget, and one Kyle might not walk away alive from.

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Chapter 32

“I know I’ve said this before, but I want to be really clear,” the doctor started. Liz lay on a sterile, silver table with Max by her side. In the waiting room, Alex, Maria, Isabel, Kyle, Michael, and Tess were patiently waiting for the operation to be over. Michael had wanted to come in as well, but the doctor had insisted that only one other person was allowed in. “This is a very experimental procedure, and we can’t make any warranties regarding results or side effects. However I can tell you unofficially there’s little to no risk.”

“Oh,” Liz whispered. She gripped Max’s hand while he ran his free hand up and down her arm in a soothing gesture.

“With this form of gene therapy, it’s relatively non-invasive. It can be somewhat painful, but non-invasive,” the doctor added a moment later. Max flinched slightly at the word pain and Liz tightened her hold on his hand. He didn’t want Liz to experience any pain, which was why he had come into the room instead of Michael. “Now, if you’re ready, then we’ll begin…”

A moment later the machine, which encompassed the room, began to hum. Liz closed her eyes as she tried to prepare herself for the coming pain. She tried to dream about her time with Max, especially the night before. Never had she slept so peacefully. Being in Max’s arms had helped her fight her usual nightmares. And for the first time she had truly had sweet dreams.

The doctor clicked a few keys and then watched on as the machine started to move. He noticed how Max carefully watched over Liz while occasionally sending deathly glares at the coming machine. He could also see that Max was Liz’s stepping stone.

“Okay, try to stay relaxed. I’m moving the armitrobe over you right now…” A moment later he clicked another button. “Now you’re going to feel a little sting when the needle penetrates as well as when the needles moves. But I’ll try to keep it as brief as possible, however you need to hold very still and keep breathing,” the doctor instructed.

Max’s heart constricted as he watched the needle come down and prick into Liz’s skin. But what really hurt was when she closed her eyes and her face contorted into a tight grimace, her mouth opening ever so slightly as a silent scream slipped past her lips.

He grimaced slightly himself as Liz tightened her hold on his hand, but he didn’t mind. He would do anything to help her.

“Good. Very good,” the doctor insisted as he watched the needle repeatedly prick into Liz’s skin. He knew that if he screwed this up then he could very likely be out of business, but when Nate has contacted him, the doctor had willingly and easily taken the job. “Keep your body relaxed.”

“Ow—“ Liz cried out as the needle pierced her skin again and again. It felt like a knife slicing through her time after time, but at an antagonizingly slow rate. She grasped Max’s hand a lit bit tighter and thanked god that he had come with her.

A thousands deaths had to be easier then this, Max reasoned as he watched tears streak down Liz’s face. He leaned over and placed a soft kiss on her cheek, kissing one of he many tears away.

“It’s okay, you’re doing great Liz, you’re doing great,” Max whispered. He continued to run his hand over her free skin, trying his best to soothe her tattered nerves. “I love you so much and you’re so wonderful- you’re doing great…”

“Just a little bit more, Liz…”

“Please!” Liz sobbed. The pain was becoming unbearable at this point.

“Don’t move Liz, we’re almost done,” the doctor insisted. He carefully watched the monitor as the amplified image of Liz’s back and the needle penetrating it filled the screen.



Liz’s deafening scream filled the hospital’s hallway.

The second it reached Michael’s ears he was up and out of his seat, heading towards the room he knew Liz was in.

“Michael, sit back down,” Maria instructed sternly. She was just as worried, but she knew that Max was taking good care of Liz. There was no way that Max would let anything happen to Liz. This Maria knew because if anything did happen then Max wouldn’t be able to live with himself.

“But she’s hurt.”

“It isn’t your job to take care of her anymore,” Maria reminded Michael gently. She watched as the truth dawned on Michael and she couldn’t help but be proud of her boyfriend.

In the short time that Liz had been here she had turned Michael into someone Maria never even knew existed. He cared about Liz unlike anyone else Maria had seen him with. And while at first it had left her feeling threatened, she knew now that Liz wasn’t a threat, she was a blessing.

“But I want to…”


“What are you doing up?” Max asked incredulously. He eyed Liz carefully as he sat on the edge of her bed.

Three days had passed since her operation. As expected Max had taken away most, if not all of her pain the moment he had been left alone with Liz. Though at first Liz had tried to tell Max not to, he had ignored her and worked his magic.

And even though she felt no pain, it didn’t mean that everything was okay. There were still stitches and the medication. Max wished he could take away everything and make her completely better, but he knew that would be impossible. But until then he would wait on her hand and foot.

And he had been. In the last three days he had slept at the Parker’s, telling his parents that Michael wanted someone else around what with Liz all drugged up and completely out of it because of her operation. Diane and Philip had been skeptical at first, but they had relented when they had come over to see how Liz was doing.

They had watched as their son had dutifully sat with Michael, both doing their homework, all the while keeping a sleeping Liz company.

Finally they agreed, but just as long as their son promised not to miss any school.

He had missed three days so far.

But his parents would never find out.

“Writing,” Liz answered finally. Max hated it when she wouldn’t share what she was doing. Sometimes she would just close herself off, especially when she was writing.

“Are you sure you—“

“Max, I’m fine,” Liz assured him. She stopped what she was doing and looked up at her boyfriend. He had been nothing but great to her since, well, everything. And now he was waiting on her hand and foot. He had even offered to give her a foot massage.

She had quickly said no, but smiled and thanked him anyway.

“I know, I just worry about you- I mean—“

“Max, you’re babbling,” Liz interrupted. He did it often. “And I’m fine. I just had an operation, I’m not handicapped. Beside, you took away all my pain.”

“Just because I took away the pain doesn’t mean I took away the problem.”

Unknowingly Max had just said the sweetest thing to Liz. He had just been saying what he knew was true, and he hadn’t even thought about what was coming out of his mouth- as that often happened when he was lost in LizLand.

A smile lit Liz’s face. No one had ever said anything as sweet to her.

“I’m writing a song,” Liz whispered suddenly. Max’s head snapped up.

Had she just confided in him?

“Oh, cool,” Max said, trying his best to play it off. But inside he was ecstatic. Liz had never told him what she was writing. Usually she would just close her notebook or tell him to leave. Or she would leave.

But this time she had told him.

“Its for the award show- you know, as a tribute sort of thing for Daniel.” Liz’s smile slipped from her lips at the thought of Daniel. She tried to remain in good spirits, but often Daniel brought out the worst in her. “Do you want to hear what I have so far?” Liz asked.

Again Max stared at Liz in wonder. Maybe he was finally getting through her walls. Maybe soon she would let him in completely. And maybe one day he would get her to confide everything.

“Yeah, I’d love to…”

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Chapter 33

“Michael! Tess? We’re home!” Nancy called out as she and Jeff entered their apartment. The moment they walked through the door they did a double take. Not only did the house look clean, but Michael was cooking, Tess was working on homework and Liz was dozing on the couch as Max gently rubbed her lower back while watching television.

Jeff wasn’t exactly thrilled at the idea that Max was over, but he knew that it was only to take care of Liz while their son and daughter had to work. But now neither Michael nor Tess were working, and Jeff distinctly remembered telling Michael that no one was to come over while they were away, especially one certain girl and one very certain boy.

Now Jeff prayed that neither Maria nor Max had been left alone with Michael or Liz.

“Oh, stop it,” Nancy scolded quietly, as she could already tell what her husband was thinking. “She’s practically dead to the world; even if he had wanted to do more, I’m sure nothing happened. Liz isn’t that way, and neither is Maria.”

“Still,” Jeff whispered just before Tess and Michael came over to them. “Kid’s how…”

Michael clapped his hand over his father’s mouth. While Max had taken away Liz’s pain, she was still tired as her body was fighting to recover from the surgery.

“Geez dad, be quiet, Liz is trying to sleep,” Michael snapped softly. He glanced over at Max, who was still rubbing Liz’s back, and Liz was still asleep.

“Sorry,” Jeff apologized. He led his family into another room so that they could talk. He wanted to hear about their time alone, as well as how Liz’s surgery had gone. As soon as he closed the door to Michael’s bedroom, Jeff and Nancy turned to their children.

“So…?” Nancy said the moment the door closed.

“She’s fine, mom,” Tess seethed. Right now she wanted to wring everyone’s necks. Michael, Max and Alex were doting over Liz as though she were the only person in the world, and now it looked as though her parents would be joining that crew.

“How did the surgery go?” Nancy asked.

“Good, though I don’t really know; Max went in with her. Afterwards I guess it hurt a lot cause the doctor just filled her up with one drug or another. She wasn’t even awake when we brought her home,” Michael explained. He could see the worry etched on his mother and father’s faces and quickly tried to reassure them. “Don’t worry, we’ve been taking good care of her. Besides, she’s been sleepin’ most of the time.”

“Why did Max go in with her?” Jeff questioned. He didn’t like how fast Liz and Max were moving. He understood that they might like each other, but as much as he liked them together, he didn’t want to see Liz get hurt. She was like his second daughter and he wanted to protect her.

“Come on, dad,” Michael said as he rolled his eyes, as though that were the only answer Jeff needed. And it was.

After all, the answer was obvious. Max cared a great deal for Liz, thus it was only natural that he would stick by her side. But that didn’t stop Jeff from worrying.

“Well, why is he here right now?” Jeff asked sternly. “I thought we ha…”

“Give it a rest, Jeff. He’s worried about her, just like we are, and he wants to take care of her,” Nancy amended. Michael smiled at his mother gratefully.

“Well, we’re home now so…”

“Will he be having dinner with us?” Again Nancy cut off her husband. If Max wanted to be there for Liz than Nancy wasn’t going to stand in his way, and she wasn’t going to let Jeff do so either. “If you haven’t invited him already, I don’t mind asking.”

“No, he’s staying,” Michael said.

“Good, good.” For a second, a moment of silence reigned over the family. However, Nancy broke it once again. “So, how was your weekend?”

“Good. Maria and I went out to a party with Isabel, Alex, Tess and Kyle.”

“You went out with Kyle?” Jeff asked Tess, mortified. It was happening again.

“Oh how fun!” Nancy exclaimed at the same time, causing her husband to look at her in horror.

Tess looked like a dear caught in headlights as she stared at her father. She could hardly even form a coherent sentence. Neither could Jeff. He couldn’t believe it. Now, not only were Michael and Liz going out, but so was Tess. All of his little babies were growing up and going out while he and his wife were out of town. Going out meant making out. Making out meant having sex. Having sex was a no-no when he and his wife were out of town. Having sex was a no-no when he and his wife were in town.

Having sex was a no-no permanently. Well, maybe not for Michael, but for Liz and Tess definitely. No sex for Liz or Tess. They were hid little angels and he wasn’t ready to give them up, and he wouldn’t be until they were at least 90 years old, and even then he could be wrong.

“Yes,” Tess finally squeaked, answering all of her father’s fears. Only, going out wasn’t the only thing she and Kyle had done.


The television was on, but Max wasn’t concentrating on it hardly as hard a he was on Liz. He let his healing hands lazily run up and down her back as she slept. Originally she had been sleeping on top of him, but the moment he had heard the Parker’s car pulling up he had carefully extracted Liz from his arms, being careful not to wake her.

It had taken all of his strength to continue to stare at the television as the Parker’s had walked in. He loved watched Liz, especially when she slept. Maybe it was because of how vulnerable and angelic she looked, or maybe it was because she looked so at peace with herself.

The moment Michael had drug his parents into his room, Max had immediately resumed his vigil watch over Liz. He wanted to resume their original position with his body acting as her couch, but he knew that Jeff would probably kill him. Hell, he was probably already looking at a good scalping just for being there.

But he didn’t care.

Letting his eyes roam her body, Max missed her eyes slowly flutter open. He also missed the smile that curved up her lips.

“See anything you like?” Liz whispered hoarsely. Her throat was dry and parched, making it hard for her to speak. It was partially do to the medication she had to take in order for her surgery to work. It was also because of the fact that she had just woken up.

As soon as he heard her voice Max’s eyes snapped up to meet her gaze. He smiled shyly as he blushed at the fact that she had caught him looking at her.

“Hey,” Max whispered. He leaned in and pressed a kiss to her dry lips, wetting them with his own.

“Hey…” Liz whispered once they pulled apart.

“How ya feeling?”

“A little sick, but better; not as tired,” Liz said as she tried to suppress a yawn. In response Max quarked an eyebrow and tried to keep himself from chuckling.

“You want anything?” Involuntarily his hand came up and softly caressed her face. He cupped her face with one hand as he continued to massage her lower back with his other hand. He couldn’t stop touching her. Her skin was so soft and he loved that he finally had full rights to touch her.

“You…” The two were just about to resume their kiss when they suddenly jumped apart when they heard Michael’s door open.

Max eagerly buried his heated face against the couch as Liz stared at the ground. She wasn’t embarrassed to kiss Max in front of Nancy and Jeff, however, she did not want to offend them. It had annoyed her no end how disrespectful Daniel had been when it had come to he and his women. He would ravage them right in front of her, and often Liz would become sick to her stomach because of it.

“Oh, honey, I’m sorry, did we wake you?” Nancy asked as she and Jeff came and kneeled in front of Liz. Jeff took in Max’s suddenly haggard appearance, along with his sporadic breathing and almost blew a gage. Max had been making out with Liz while…

“Jeff, didn’t you hear me? I asked you to go get Liz a glass of water and one of her pills,” Nancy snapped. She could tell what he had been thinking again just by the way he had been glaring at Max. And while she wasn’t thrilled with the idea, Nancy knew that neither she nor Jeff held any power over Liz and her sex life.

Though, maybe it was time she had a talk with Liz about the rules of their house as well as about life and love.

“Max, have you been taking care of our Lizzi…have you been taking good care of Liz?” Nancy asked once her husband had left. She had had to catch herself before she used the endearment she had wanted to say for some time now. However she didn’t want to offend or insult Liz. After all, Liz wasn’t their daughter.

“He took great care of me,” Liz assured meekly with a smile. Max merely blushed and ducked his head as Nancy sent an affectionate glance towards him.

“Good, good. And how are you?” Nancy questioned as she reached out and checked Liz’s temperature.

“I’m fine, Nancy,” Liz insisted. She flinched away from Nancy’s wandering hands and instead moved toward Max. This of course caused Nancy to feel a pang deep in her heart. She had believed that she and Liz were starting to become friends, though it was obvious that Liz thought more of Max than she did of her.

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Chapter 34

The Parker’s house was full of people the day of the awards. After deciding to remain in Roswell until the last minute due to complications with her surgery, Nate had arranged for a private jet to take Liz and her new friends and family to the awards that night. However, Liz, Alex, Isabel and Max would be leaving early so that they could practice with the band as well as be ready for the night ahead of them.

Aside from practice, Liz had about a million and one interviews, plus she had to go over her acceptance speech with Nate one last time, and she had to arrive early to take pictures with the band as well as walk down the carpet with Max, Alex and Isabel.

Since her surgery Jeff and Nancy had become concerned about Liz. She hadn’t fully recovered from what the doctor had told them and it seemed that the doctor was worried that somehow something had gone wrong and they would have to perform the procedure again.

However Liz continued to ensure Jeff and Nancy that everything was fine, though both had caught Max giving Liz numerous back massages recently.

Michael was worried as well. He was positive that Max had taken care of Liz and healed her, but even he could tell that something was wrong. It was like she was having some sort of reaction to his healing, which was odd because that had never happened to anyone Max had healed before.

But no matter how much Michael worried, Maria assured him that nothing was wrong, just as Liz insisted.

“I can’t believe this is really happening!” Maria squealed as she, Mrs. Parker and Tess were quickly whisked away into the Parker’s bedroom, which had been transformed into a salon of sorts where they were to have a full body make over so as to be prepped for the coming night.

Their make-up was to be done on the plane so that it appeared fresh, but everything else would be done before hand.

“I know… this just so weird,” Nancy commented a moment later as she relaxed in her chair and let her personal artist lather on the mask he had prepared for her. “I just hope Liz is okay…”

“Mrs. Parker, really you have nothing to worry about. Max is with her and he won’t let anything happen to her,” Maria insisted as she too leaned back, but not before glancing at Tess to see her reaction. She was surprised to find Tess dreamily staring off. “Ohh, Tess, what’s going on in that bubbly head of yours?”

“Huh?” Tess asked after she snapped out of her daze.

“Would this have anything to do with last night and your date with Kyle?” Nancy asked slyly. It felt so good to finally be able to talk to her daughter, which was weird since it had only started recently when Tess had started hanging out with Kyle.

Both Nancy and Maria watched as a blush crept up Tess’ face. “It wasn’t a date!”

“Of course it wasn’t.” Both Nancy and Maria shared a laugh, and for the first time ever, the three women chatted together, enjoying their time together.


“Uh, Liz, I think that dress is illegal in all fifty states,” Isabel commented dryly as she took a good, long look at Liz and the dress she was supposed to wear. She wasn’t even sure it was considered a dress, rather, straps of material strung together.

But Isabel did know that her brother would like it.

“You don’t have to tell me,” Liz agreed distastefully. She grimaced as she watched her tailor make one last adjustment. She had already had her makeup and hair done, as had Isabel.

The day had flown by, literally.

Upon arriving in Los Angeles, Liz was instantly whisked away, only to be made up so as to have picture taken and be interviewed. After talking until her throat was raw, Liz was taken for more pictures, only this time it was with the band. Finally she was given a break and allowed to go and talk with Nate, whom had lectured her on things to do and not to do in front of the camera.

All the while, Max, Isabel and Alex had been pampered for the day while waiting for Liz to return and join them o get ready for the coming awards show.

“God I feel like such a slut,” Liz suddenly spouted out, causing Isabel to laugh.

“Well, with a dress like that, I’d have to agree!” Isabel giggled.

“You don’t think Max…”

“Max will love it,” Isabel insisted, halting any more protests from Liz. “I mean, I’m sure he’ll hate that you’re wearing it out in such a public place, but he’ll love it.”

“I hope so,” Liz whispered as she sat back and let Gerald, Tony and Alice worked their magic, fixing her hair, make-up and the likes.



“Yeah dad?” Michael replied. He, his father and Kyle sat in the living room, patiently waiting for their prospective dates to join them so that they could take off. A limo would be picking them up in five minutes to take them to the airport. The awards were less than five hours away.

“I know that you’re a big boy and you know that I trust you,” Jeff started nervously. Michael stared at his father in confusion. He had already had the sex talk so he wondered what this could be about.

“Dad, just spit it out,” Michael urged, causing Kyle to laugh.

“Well, I know that it really isn’t any of my business, but…”

“But what, dad?” Michael prodded.

“Well, it’s about Max and Liz,” Jeff answered finally. He glanced at his son, only to find a questioning look on his face. “Max has been over a lot lately… and he’s been staying pretty late, and well…” Michael could hardly believe his ears. His father was asking him about Liz and Max’s sex life.


“I just wanted to make sure they’re not jumping into a relationship to quickly,” Jeff amended. “And seeing as you and Max are pretty close…”

“Oh god, dad!” Michael gasped. He was still getting over the shock of what his father was asking him. “I don’t know!”

“Oh, ok… good, good, that means no, then…” Jeff sighed in relief. “Thank god… Tess and Liz are like my baby girls and I really can’t see myself letting go of either of them until I’m good and gone… and just thinking about how Max and Liz will be… will be… well, I just don’t see Tess or Liz being ready to have sex until I’m at least 90… and maybe even not then.”

At this point Kyle had stopped laughing. He stared in horror at Jeff, knowing that if Jeff found out about he and Tess than he would be a dead man, cause really, Jeff was nowhere near 90, and Tess… Tess wasn’t even close to being a virgin anymore.


“I like this,” Alex sighed in contentment as he and Max relaxed in their private hot tub. The awards were a good five hours away, but they had to arrive three hours early so that Liz and Alex could make sure that everything was set up for them, as well as to get their seats.

Alex had spent a good portion of his day hanging out with Jaden as well as Liz’s father’s band. All in all it had been unlike anything Alex had ever experienced and he planned on thanking Liz the next time he saw her. God knew she deserved it because Alex knew he would have never gotten this opportunity without her.

“Yep, this is definitely the life,” Max agreed with a light chuckle. He could hardly believe that he Max Evan’s, an alien, was hanging out at some posh hotel waiting for his famous girlfriend to get ready so that they could go to a big time awards ceremony, where the world would learn that he was Liz Jacob’s boyfriend.

At that thought Max fleetingly remembered a period when he had insisted that he, Michael, Isabel and Tess remain hidden and not tell their secret to anyone. Now his face was likely to be plastered on over a million television screens.

“Man, just think, if you keep on dating Liz than your whole life could be like this,” Alex commented wryly. He quarked an eyebrow as he thought about how cool it would be to live a life of luxury as Liz did. But than he remembered how busy his day had been and how busy Liz’s day still was.

They had left Roswell around three in the morning and immediately upon landing Liz had been taken off to do interviews, photo shoots, and all sorts of other things. Sometime around nine in the morning Alex had met up with Liz and rehearsed for about an hour before she left to go rehearse with her father’s band.

Suddenly Alex wasn’t so sure that he liked the idea of leading Liz’s life.

Max didn’t like the idea any more than Alex did. Just the thought of having to fly around the country all the time, going to interviews and photo shoots, or even not seeing Liz because of her ‘second life’ made Max think twice, though not about their relationship, just about his view of how perfect he thought Liz’s life was.

However, it did make Max uneasy thinking that if he and Liz did happen to one day get married that he would never see her because of her life on the road. His plans had never been to galvanize the country, instead he had planned to go to college, get married, have some children and a house with a white picket fence.

And now that he had met Liz, Max knew that he wanted her to be his wife and mother of his children. He wanted to have a house and white picket fence to share with her, not some posh hotel room or mansion that had so many rooms that he would never be able to remember them all.


“Yeah, maybe that isn’t so cool,” Alex finished and Max nodded in agreement.

“Yeah.” The two boys remained quiet as the dwelled on their previous thoughts, but not for long.

“So, what do you think the girls are doing?”

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Chapter 35

“Alex, we have your guitar, now let’s go,” Nate instructed sternly. Max was already by Nate’s side. He couldn’t wait to see Liz again, and he especially couldn’t wait to see her dress. According to Nate, he would love it, but according to Isabel, whom he had spoken with only a short while ago, he would love it, but not be thrilled about it in the long run.

Now Max was just nervous. He knew he would love Liz in just about anything, but he also knew the tendencies for women at award shows and the dresses they wore. He just hoped that he wouldn’t end up having a heart attack.

Fifteen minutes later, Max found himself waiting in the lobby of the hotel everyone would be staying at for the night, and maybe even into the next night. Liz and Isabel had been called down some five minutes ago, but neither had shown up yet.

“Can I get you a drink?” A young woman asked the three gentlemen. She had been instructed by her manager to treat the three men as best as possible as they were all extremely important people.

“Yes, champagne for six,” Nate said as he waved the girl off. Max’s eyes nearly bugged out of his head, as did Alex’s, as both knew how alcohol worked against the alien body, but as Max met Alex’s gaze, he shook his head, so as to let Alex know not to worry; he would simply not drink the champagne, and hopefully Nate wouldn’t notice.

A moment later the waitress came back with six glasses of champagne, three of which she set down on a nearby table, per Nate’s instruction.

“Ah, here they are!” Nate suddenly exclaimed. Max and Alex’s’ heads snapped up as they both looked for their significant others. Neither was prepared for what they saw.

The glass in Max’s hand slipped from his grasp as his eyes popped out and a lump formed in his throat. He fought to breath and think rationally as his eyes remained glued to Liz’s practically nude form. Not even the shattering of the glass fazed him.

The second Liz set her eyes on Max she knew that he didn’t approve of her dress. Well, no, he approved of her dress, he just didn’t approve of her going out in public.

As soon as Liz was close enough, Max had his jacket off and covered her as best as possible. “Jesus Christ, Liz!” Max whispered through clenched teeth. He was positive that she was trying to give him a heart attack with that dress. Yes he found it unbelievably sexy, but he was not about to let anyone else see so much of her.

“Wow, Liz, never knew you had it in you!” Alex teased.

“Oh, come now, Max… relax,” Nate chuckled, though inwardly he was smiling and his heart was bursting; finally he had found Liz’s true mate. “I’m sure other people will be wearing worse.”

“I’m sure other people will be wearing more than three pieces of fabric!” Max exclaimed. Now he was using his body and jacket to cover Liz, whom was gratefully clinging to both. She agreed with Max, however she also knew not to argue with Nate. The dress itself was really only three pieces of fabric; one piece was the length of her body and covered the bare minimum on her front and back, while the second and third pieces kept the dress together while covering the sides of her breast and hips and butt, though barely.

Isabel, on the other hand wore a little more sensible dress, though Alex wasn’t too happy either. Her dress, which in Alex’s opinion was a tad too short, was a deep red and hugged her every curve.

“Well, for now she can wear your jacket, if it makes you feel better. But when we get to the awards show the jacket comes off and you will have to deal with it,” Nate insisted coldly as he grabbed his date’s hand and led her toward the waiting limousine. While Max might be Liz’s mate, Nate would not let the king ruin Liz’s blossoming career.

“I swear I had no say in this Max,” Liz said apologetically. She avoided his gaze as best as she could, but when he forced her to look at him, she was blown away by what she saw.

“Liz, I know you didn’t choose this… and I know I have no say either, but while you look beautiful, I hope you understand why I am reacting the way I am,” Max explained as best he could. When Liz nodded her head in affirmation, they shared a brief kiss before joining Nate, his date, Alex and Isabel in the limousine.

The flashes on the cameras overpowered the short, red-carpeted walkway into the theatre where the awards would take place. And as Liz, Alex, Max, Isabel, Nate and Sarah, his date, exited the limousine three of the six stumbled backwards slightly due to the overwhelming light show going on before them. Max had taken his jacket back, but he was still fuming about letting the world see so much of his girlfriend.

However the moment the cameras caught sight of Liz Jacobs, Max could hardly think as the lights flooded his vision. He couldn’t see or hear a thing as questions were thrown out at the young couple. Everyone wanted to know who Liz’s hot, new boyfriend was, as well as a multitude of other questions.

Luckily Nate answered all of the coming questions, and refused to let anyone talk to Liz or Max directly; instead he calmly answered as many questions as possible while the couple posed for the cameras.

Never in his life had Max been more nervous than he was as he stood beside Liz, holding her in his arm, all while knowing that soon his face would likely be plastered on over a million television sets; the next morning pictures of he and Liz would likely be pasted in every magazine and newspaper. It scared Max, not because he was an alien, but because he wasn’t used to this sort of attention.

That, and it was hard to deal with the fact that only a few months before Liz’s arrival into his life, Max had made Michael, Isabel and Tess to try and remain as normal as possible and stay out of the lime light. Now, here he was, getting his picture taken by god knew how many photographers and holding one of Hollywood’s biggest rock stars in his arms.

Definitely not normal.

Luckily it didn’t last long. Before Max even knew what was happening he found himself being seated in a chair and watching as Liz was yet again taken from his grasp, along with Alex. She had hardly even sat down before someone was dragging her away. But again, luck was with Max, as Isabel and Nate were still with him. And soon after, his entire group of friends and family joined.

When Jeff, Nancy, Tess, Kyle, Michael and Maria had arrived, they could hardly believe everything. First they had passed through the tunnel of photographers and questioned non-stop before being escorted to their seats.

“Where’s Liz and Alex?” Maria whispered to Max. She was seated behind him and had to lean forward so as to make sure he could hear.

“You just missed them,” Max said.

“Oh, so you’ve seen Liz’s dress then…” Maria laughed as soon as she saw the scowl appear on Max’s face.

“You knew too!”


Standing behind a small podium, Ruben, Liz’s one time boyfriend, stood before the packed auditorium, smiling as the crowd continued to applaud his arrival. Envelope in hand, he leaned forward and smiled endearingly at the crowd.

“..And the award for Outstanding Male Vocalist goes to…” Carefully opening the envelope and sliding the card out, Ruben stared down at the card, so as to give the impression that he didn’t know who the winner was. “Yes, everyone’s favorite, and the late… Daniel Jacobs of AFM!”

The audience immediately began to applaud wildly as an image of Daniel was plastered on the screen; everyone was going wild over Daniel’s resurrection. Everyone but Liz.

Only Max noticed the scowl on Liz’s face as she watched her father’s image on the screen before them. He tried to do something so as to make her somewhat better, but before he could say or do anything, she was up and walking towards the stage, escorted by one of the many security guards who were standing around.

“Here to accept Daniel’s award, is my favorite sweetheart, and everyone’s friend, Liz Jacob’s- Daniel’s daughter,” Ruben introduced politely. As Liz joined his side, he quickly gave her a peck on the cheek, though his lips lingered and Liz had to push him away before he could turn it into more.

“Wow…I don’t know what to say… wow!” The audience laughed with Liz, though, again, Max could see the tears forming in her eyes. “I’m sure if my father was still alive, he would have come up with some really witty, sharp acceptance speech out of the blue… but I’m not my father and I’ve never done anything like this, so you’ll have to bear with me here.” Again the audience laughed. “I feel that this award was not made for my father as a man, but for his work--a life's work in the agony and sweat of the human spirit, not for glory and least of all for profit, but to create out of the materials of the human spirit something which did not exist before. So, really, this award is only mine, or even his, in trust—your trust. Thank you… and I love you dad…”

Again the crowd burst in a roar of applause as Liz smiled and gave a quite curtsey. Everyone stood and continued to clap as she slowly moved off the stage.

All the while, Max smiled as he watched his girlfriend get past the first of many of the night’s milestones. He knew that she didn’t want to do any of this, as she had confided in him only moments before she had been taken from his grasp yet again.

He had fight himself to remain sitting down as he saw Ruben cop a feel of her ass as he helped her off the stage, but when he saw Liz swat his hand away, Max smiled inwardly, while reminding himself to make sure to do something to Ruben later on.

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Chapter 36

The party was in full swing when Liz, Max, Isabel, Alex and Nate arrived. The Parker’s, Maria, Michael, Tess and Kyle would be arriving shortly in a separate limousine. All in all the awards show had went better than anyone had expected.

Throughout the show Alex or Liz would get up to get ready for a performance or Liz would leave to go up on stage. Her father had actually won some eight awards and each time Liz had gotten up and accepted them in his place.

Of course Max was none to happy whenever Ruben would escort her to the stage and drop a kiss on her cheek or even worse, on the corner of her lips. Unfortunately, because he knew Liz couldn’t make a scene, she had merely nodded and smiled. But Max could tell she was more than uncomfortable with Ruben’s slight touches and kisses, for each time he neared, Max would watch Liz’s stance grow rigid. Sometimes he could even feel her troubled emotions drifting over him and mixing with his own conflicted emotions.

However, throughout it all Max knew that Liz had liked him being there. Every time she would sit back down beside him she would immediately grab his hand and kiss his cheek. Sometimes, if he were daring enough, Max would turn his head and catch her lips with his own, coaxing her for a little more than a peck on a cheek.

So yeah, maybe he had been trying to show Ruben just who Liz belonged to, but there was nothing wrong with that. After all, during her acts, Liz had been the one to announce to the whole auditorium and television audience that both songs had been dedicated to her father, boyfriend, Max Evans’, and her new family, the Parker’s.

Max knew that the Parker’s were beyond thrilled to hear Liz call them her new family, but even now, as he stood beside Liz at the party, he couldn’t stop his heart from pounding from hearing her publicize their relationship.

So much for keeping a low profile; but at least if he was going to go down, he would go down knowing that he had finally found his true love.

“Penny for your thoughts,” Liz purred into Max’s ear. She smiled as he possessively wrapped his arms around her waist and drew her near.

Planting a kiss on the crown of her head, and then, unable to resist temptation, Max kissed her ruby red lips. “I was just thinking about how sexy you look right now.” And she did. Since they had left the award show, and after Liz had gone through three different dresses, she was finally in something that Max didn’t mind seeing her in when she was out in public.

The dress was a simple black with hanging black pearls all over and two ties in the back. It reached mid-thigh and looked elegant, yet sexy. It made Max’s blood boil just looking at her. He could just make out the swell of her breasts and since the dress was backless, it stooped down fairly low, but remained a considerate dress.

“You don’t look to bad yourself,” Liz teased back as she wrapped her arms around his neck, enjoying their time alone. “In fact, you look so good, I think I might have to steal you away for some alone time,” Liz mewed, only causing Max’s heart rate to sky rocket.

Unfortunately, someone didn’t see fit for that to happen. “There’s Eddie’s favorite little girl!” Max glared at the older man as he slinked up to Liz with his arms spread wide open, as if expecting her to hug him.

Nope, wasn’t going to happen. This guy was probably some sort of sleaze bag, like Ruben.

Okay, so maybe it was. Max watched dejectedly as Liz slipped out of his arms and gingerly hugged the guy before kissing both cheeks, just as he did to her.

“And who is this stud muffin?” Instantly a smile crossed Max’s lips. He knew he liked this guy. “Is this the boyfriend Max that you spoke of during the show?” Eddie inquired enthusiastically.

Returning to Max’s arms, Liz grinned up at him as Eddie continued to ramble on, not even bothering to let her introduce him. In the middle of it all, she whispered in Max’s ear, “This is Eddie, my flamboyantly gay friend and surrogate grandfather.” At that point Max nearly choked on the coke he was drinking and stared at Liz in disbelief. He most definitely had not seen that one coming.

Okay, maybe he had.

Fifteen minutes later, Max and Liz found themselves surrounded by their family and friends, as they all gushed about how cool everything was and how they could definitely get used to this sort of life style.

Mr. and Mrs. Parker couldn’t get over how beautiful Liz looked as well as how much she had done for them. Not only had she flown them out, but also, she had gotten them clothes, a limousine, a hotel suite, and had even given them spending money. Suddenly, what was supposed to have been a one-night stay was turning into a weekend affair, as Liz insisted that everyone stay so that they could have some fun and kick back.

Isabel, Maria and Tess were living it up and flirting with every star they could get their hands on. Liz would laugh whenever she would watch one of the guys either flirt back or dismiss the girl and continue on. Unfortunately, Maria, Tess and Isabel wouldn’t give up.

Luckily Michael and Kyle didn’t seem to mind, as they were too busy talking with the other starlets about sports and such things. Every few minutes Liz or Max would catch a scowl crossing one of the guys faces upon seeing Tess or Maria flirting, but as soon as the conversation became more interesting all thought was lost.

Then of course there was Alex, who was the life of the party, just as Liz was. Because so many people remembered him hanging out with Liz when she had come back for that weekend, everyone accepted him with arms wide open.

Every few minutes someone would hand Liz or Alex a guitar and insist that the two sing a duet, as everyone loved the sound they produced together.

“I’m serious, I want you and Alex to cut a demo; I’ll book you guys a room and all you have to do is show up with some songs and your voices,” Nate insisted determinedly. He wasn’t going to pass up what he knew was going to be a hit. Liz and Alex were exactly what the world of music needed right now.

Not only were the two fresh young faces, but they also had good voices and anyone would be crazy to pass them up; these two would be the next big thing if Nate had anything to do with them. He knew Alex wanted to break into the music business, and with Liz, Nate was positive it would work, especially since so many people seemed to demand Liz’s voice after hearing it at the award ceremony.

“But what about songs?” Liz asked from where she sat in Max’s lap. His hands rested on her legs, lightly caressing her thighs as he waited for Liz to finish talking to Nate. The guy gave Max the creeps. One minute he would be glowering at him and the next second he would be smiling and urging him to take care of Liz.

Sort of like a father protecting his daughter.

But then, Max guessed, Nate was like a father to Liz; a surrogate father. He had watched Liz grow up from a baby and he knew more about her then her real father ever had. And Max guessed that even though they weren’t blood related, all that mattered was who the fatherly figure had been, not who the sperm donor was.

“Alex has a ton of songs, and I know you’ve been helping him out. So now I want you two to get together, rework some of those lyrics, make sure the music flows, and then call me and I’ll do the rest,” Nate instructed.

“Sounds great to me,” Alex chirped in. He couldn’t believe his luck. Since he had sung with Jaden and then Liz, Alex had instantly become a celebrity. All the other musicians seemed to accept him as one of their own and it felt great.

Maybe living Liz’s life wouldn’t be so bad. And Alex couldn’t pick a better person to work with. While he knew they would most likely fight and have their difficult times, he and Liz were friends, and Alex knew that they could make it together. After all, if they got really mad at each other, then they could just leave and get back together once they had cooled down.

It would be perfect.

“Great, then it’s settled!” Nate exclaimed in excitement. He inwardly smiled at the seething glare he was receiving from Max; this would put the king to the test.

Max did not like how Nate was practically dictating Liz’s life. And as much as he liked Alex, he couldn’t believe that his friend was practically mooching off Liz just so that he could get farther in his music career. Yes, working with Liz would seem like the logical thing to do, but didn’t Liz have a say in her life?

Maybe she wanted to get married and have lots of kids and live in a house with a white picket fence. Or maybe that was just what Max wished would happen between he and Liz. Hell, he didn’t even know if he and Liz could have children.

Not that they were even close to finding out. After an especially heated make out, the two had talked and decided to put off having sex. There was no reason to go and possibly mess things up, particularly when everything was going so well; Liz was finally getting into the groove of school and living a semi-normal life and Max wasn’t about to burst the perfect bubble that encompassed them.

The young couple watched as Nate waltzed off to talk with a bunch of old friends, and Max cringed as he felt Liz slump farther back into him, silently letting him know that she was not happy about this latest development.

It wasn’t until Alex left that Liz finally spoke what she was dwelling over. “Why don’t I ever get a say in my life?” Liz lamented. She turned and snuggled up to Max, enjoying the feel of his arms around her. It really helped her to forget everything else, as she so often lost herself within him.

“Well, you could fight back and say what it is you want,” Max suggested lightly. He didn’t want Liz to think he was pushing her into something that she didn’t want to do; that was Nate’s job.

A mischievous gleam entered Liz’s eyes as she gazed up at her boyfriend. “What I want is to get you alone.” Her normally brown globes were suddenly ebony black and filled with desire as she unconsciously licked her lips. Just thinking about what she wanted to do to Max made her all hot and bothered.

However, the moment she felt his more then evident desire throb against her behind, she leaned down and began suckling on his neck, slowly working her way up to his ear. She bit back a moan as she felt his hands tightly grip her hips while he ever so slightly rocked into her.

“There’s a bedroom…” Liz panted in a breathy moan. She couldn’t even finish her own sentence as she was so turned on.

And it really didn’t make much sense to Liz either. She remembered telling Max that she wanted to wait and let their relationship develop before they became intimate, yet here she was, throwing herself at him. It was something she had never experienced before; it was almost like she was being driven towards Max, like it was her destiny.

Not a second passed before Max was up and out of his seat, leading Liz toward the bedroom, which he remembered passing on the way back from the bathroom. Yes, they would be putting that bedroom to very good use.

And while Max knew it was wrong, he couldn’t help it. Just thinking about Liz always made him grow hard. But lately, something had changed. He couldn’t explain it, and Max wasn’t sure he wanted to. He had tried asking Michael, but his friend hadn’t been much help. And there was no way he was going to ask his sister.

So desperate to reach the bedroom, neither noticed the shadow figure pass by them. However, Max stopped mid-stride as soon as Ruben walked out in front of him with a cock grin plastered on his smug face.

“Well, well, if it isn’t my little Lizzie,” Ruben sneered as he gazed at her with contempt. He started to move in to kiss her, but Max pulled her away, safely placing her behind his body. “Ah, how cute; you’ve got your white night protecting you this time. What was it, Liz, didn’t think Jaden could protect you this time?” Ruben goaded, hoping to get some sort of reaction.

Truth was, Ruben couldn’t stand to see Liz with another male, especially when he saw the love and adoration in her eyes. He had never seen the look in her eyes; had never experienced anything close to that with her. Yet here she was, giving this Max guy her love, willingly.

But why? Max wasn’t anybody. He was a nobody; just some small town guy. Yet Nate seemed to love the guy; he was ranting and raving about Liz’s new boyfriend, telling everyone that’s he had finally found her match; her husband.

And didn’t Liz still love him? At one point she had adored him; before they would sneak out to be together, but now he hardly ever heard from her. In fact, the only time he even heard from her was when he had seen her at the award show. And even then she had shied away from him. Every kiss, every caress, every everything she had backed away from; it was like she didn’t want him to touch her.

But that couldn’t be the case, could it?

“What do you want?” Max demanded. He had had enough of this guy.

However, what peaked Max’s interest even more then his own anger and hatred of the guy, were the feelings he was picking up from Liz.

Liz stood completely frozen behind Max. Memories of her last encounter with Ruben surfaced in her mind and suddenly she was thrust back into the auditorium with Ruben’s body hovering over hers as he had carelessly ripped her panties from her body and tried to force himself on her.

Clinging to Max, Liz tried to hide herself from Ruben’s view while she attempted to hide her thoughts from Max. She could feel his mind reaching out to her and she really didn’t want him finding out about what had happened; god knew what he would think of her.

“What, Liz can’t speak for herself?” Ruben snapped. He didn’t like this guy, Max, very much, and he wasn’t going to stand for his crap. Liz was his girl and no one else’s. “Baby, come on, let’s just go and talk.”

At that exact moment, as Max reached back with his hand for Liz and grasped her hand within his own, he was blinded by one flash after another.


"I've missed you." Ruben said softly as he tried to pull Liz back into his arms.

"How does it end?" Liz asked with real indignation.

"What?" Ruben asked with equal anger. He couldn't believe that after being apart for so long Liz was denying him the ability to be able to hold her and kiss her, as he wanted to. Now that Daniel was out of the picture nothing could stop him from finally dating and most likely one day marrying Liz.

"You know- the story of us." Liz whispered.


"And I'd keep going, but I think we've wasted enough time…" Ruben whispered against her lips, and before Liz could protest he kissed her, powerfully. He held her hands at her side and try as she might she couldn't break free from his grasp. She refused to kiss him back, and as he continued to kiss her all she could think about was Max and how badly this would hurt him if he found out. "Now let's see if you're wearing that suit right now… cause I've missed you baby… and I'm willing to bet you've missed me."


Ruben pulled Liz off the stage and began taking off her shirt while his other hand forced her legs apart. His hands worked quickly at removing her panties, which ripped easily with his forceful wrenches. As soon as they lay on the floor beside him, Ruben reached for the zipper of his jeans and worked and getting it down without hurting himself anymore than he already did. However, as he worked his throbbing shaft out of his pants, he smiled in satisfaction at feeling the warm liquid oozing from her core, coating his member as he started to enter her.

In the next moment Liz watched in horror as Max lunged at Ruben, his fist flying and obscenities flowing from his mouth.

“You son of a bitch!” Max cried out as his fist pounded into Ruben’s face and stomach. The guy wasn’t even putting up a fight, but Max didn’t care. He was still going to kill him for what he had done to Liz.

Throughout the flashes he had felt Liz’s fear and disgust. And while he wanted to know why Liz hadn’t told him, right now his mind was on one thing and one thing alone: he had to kill Ruben for touching Liz as he had.

People from all around gathered around and watched in dismay and confusion as Liz’s new boyfriend beat Ruben to a pulp. Questions flew out at lightening speed as everyone tried to understand what was going on. But no one could figure anything out.

And it wasn’t until security came a minute or two later that Max was forced off Ruben. His nostrils flared and his face was beat red as his chest heaved, trying to catch up with his racing heart. “You fucking bastard, you stay away from her!” Max screamed as he fought the men holding him back.

Breaking through the crowd, Nate eyed the situation and smiled inwardly. Of course the young king had acted as Nate had expected he would when he found out about the situation, and now Nate was more than pleased. At least the king would protect his baby girl. Deciding someone needed to rectify the moment before it was lost, Nate worked his way through the crowd and toward Max. “Hey now, you wanna let my buddy go?” Nate asked the security.

Under normal circumstances no one would have gotten away with beating some starlet up, but this was on of Nate’s friends, and everyone knew not to mess with Nate as long as they wanted to remain in the business. One of the guards immediately let go of Max and motioned for his friend to follow suit.

“I think you two should be taking Ruben on down to the hospital and then to the police station, as I think there are some charges that need to be placed against him,” Nate instructed firmly. He glanced back at the people around him and smiled. “After all, I’m positive everyone will testify that they saw Ruben trying to force himself on Liz and Max was merely protecting her.”

As if transfixed by the man himself, everyone nodded in confirmation.

Everyone but Michael, Isabel, Tess, Max and Liz.

Author's Note: No, Liz was not raped. Almost, but no. If you remember, Jaden came in and saved her, along with Alex. But Ruben did come damn close. However, Liz never did tell Max, or anyone.

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Chapter 37

“That was stupendous!” Nate exclaimed as he applauded both Alex and Liz. Off to the side, Nancy, Jeff, Michael and Maria clapped as well, while praising the two musicians on the wonderful job. “Now, just put together twelve more like it and you two will go platinum your first time around.”

Both Alex and Liz blushed at the compliments, but they were happy to know that everyone liked what they had so far. Only two weeks had passed since the award show, and after hanging out after school each day and spending some time together during the weekends, Alex and Liz found that they already had a lot accomplished. Now all they had left to do was put the music together with the lyrics.

As much fun as everyone had had in LA, no one was quick to want to return. Liz and Max were more than happy to finally have some time alone, though Max couldn’t stop thinking about his time alone with Liz while cruising the town and hanging out at the hotel. After all, how many times was he going to be able to skinny dip with his girlfriend in a pool while knowing that security guards were just outside making sure no one would bother them?

But that was over now and everyone was at home and life was slowly fading back into its normal scheme. At least most things were; Max, Isabel, Michael, Tess and Liz still couldn’t forget the situation back at the party and the way Nate had fixed everything.


The iridescent red light of the dark room glowed in the small room. Spending nearly the last twenty minutes in the room, alone, Liz was starting to get antsy. Max had promised to come and pick her up in a half-hour, but right now she craved him in a way that she had never known was humanly possible. She needed to feel his lips on her own, his fingers dancing over his skin, and his body pressed tightly against hers.

In the last three weeks Liz had found herself longing to be closer to Max. It wasn't as though they weren't close, or that they didn't have the normal teenage make-out session, they just never went very far. Sometimes Liz wondered if it was just Max being scared because he was an alien and she was a human. Other times she knew it was her own self; originally Liz had hoped to save herself until marriage. But to Liz, suddenly it didn't matter- she needed Max; she wanted Max.

Placing her picture in the developer, Liz sighed softly to herself. A smile lit up her face when the picture of Max's smiling face began to appear. She had taken the picture shortly after she and Max had first started dating. At the time, Liz's relationship with Max had been fresh, new, and so they had been quite a bit more innocent then they were now, but still, it was times like these that always made Liz laugh.

"Hey beautiful, what are you laughing about?" Max's husky voice coursed through Liz's veins as she felt his hands glide over her stomach, coming to rest at the snap of her jeans. Turning her head to the side, Liz met Max half way for a slow, sweet, languid kiss. As their tongues danced together, Liz faintly felt Max's hand leisurely sliding further down until he met the hem of her panties.

After her sweet greeting, Liz turned back towards her photo and washed it in the water before placing it in the developed pile. She could still feel the pads of Max's thumbs rubbing her skin and panties, but she tried to ignore it, otherwise she might do something that both of them would regret. However, she never anticipated Max's next move, and once it happened she knew there was no turning back- he wanted this just as badly as she did.

He couldn't resist. Her tantalizing skin was there for the taking and Max was not going to give up on an opportunity like this. She was putty in his hands at this point and Max was determined to use that to his advantage.

Kissing the juncture of her neck and shoulder, Max lightly nipped at Liz's skin before tracing his way up her neck with his tongue to her ear. Nibbling softly on her ear lobe, Max listened carefully as her breathing became labored and the tongs in her hands dropped with a soft clank. Moving back down her neck, Max paused as he found her pulse- her lifeline- and began to suckle on it. This earned him a soft, throaty moan, which only inflamed his desire for her.

In the next second Max found their mouths fused together, tongues tangling, dueling and savoring one another. Shifting one of his hands up her body, Max let his fingers tease her breast over the fabric of her top. It was tight enough that he could feel her nipples grow harder with each stroke of his thumb. And her moans were lost in his mouth as they continued to drive each other crazy.

Pulling away, their breaths mingled as they gazed into each other's eyes. Both of them were burning with desire as they stared at one another. Unable to stop herself, Liz placed her hands over Max's, silently giving him the permission to continue his exploration of her body, before pressing her lips back against his own.

Upon the delicate touch of her lips, Max's tongue traced over her sensual lips, seeking allowance into her mouth. He wasn't quite sure what had taken over him. Before the awards show things hard started changing within him, and in the last few weeks he had been driven by lust for Liz; no matter how much he tried to squash his feelings he could never fully do so unless he could at least touch or feel Liz in some way.

But seeing her alone, for what seemed like the first time in months, in the dark room, Max decided to make his move. He needed her like a man needed water. And he acted just like that man. He drank from her, trying to take her every bit of essence and intermingle it with his own. His hands worked on their own volition, as did his mouth as he plundered her for more.

"Oh god… Max…" Liz whimpered. She wanted to feel more of him and at this point she'd be damned if she didn't. Turning around in his arms, Liz wrapped her arms around his neck, but soon thereafter, Max pushed her away, but only long enough to pull her top over her head and from her body. He had to feel her skin; he had to feel her. His backpack fell with a faint thud against the floor, though it was quickly forgotten.

Liz's hands weren't idle as Max ripped her shirt from her body. Frantically she worked to unbutton his shirt for she too felt the need to feel his velveteen skin underneath her fingers. Her whole body itched to have his body pressed against her own in the most intimate of gestures. As soon as all of his buttons were undone, Liz shoved it off his shoulders and let it fall to the floor while he eyes took in the sight of his bare chest.

Crashing back together, they fell into a rhythm of stroking each other's skin while kissing. Her hands ran over his hard chiseled chest and well-defined muscles, trying to relieve the desire inside of her that was currently coursing through her body at full speed. She gasped into his mouth when she suddenly felt his hands on her behind, caressing it through her jeans.

He couldn't handle it anymore, Max needed her and in the worst way. Hoisting her up into his arms, he quickly maneuvered them around so that she was seated on one of the enlarger booth tables. His arousal pressed tightly against her heat as he pressed himself as close as possible. He surrounded her, trying to swallow her being into his own so that he could finally quench his thirst.

The next thing to go was Liz's bra. While Max was no expert in removing bra's he found it was no trouble when it came to Liz, though he suspected that was merely for his own motives. The minute it was gone, Max pulled away and lovingly gazed at the goddess before him. She looked absolutely ravished, which greatly pleased Max. The mere thought that he had done this was enough of an ego booster for any man.

"God you're beautiful…" Max whispered hoarsely. The pads of his thumbs gently caressed their way down her breasts, ultimately ending at her erect nipples. The faint gasps that escaped Liz’s mouth when she suddenly felt his tongue flick at the sensitive bud only grew louder in the next few moments. It was the warmth of his mouth surrounding her aching breast as his fingers caressed her skin that really set Liz off. Her fingers tangled in his hair, letting him know that she wanted nothing else but his mouth on her breast.

"Max, yes…. Oh god, Max!" Liz moaned. All thoughts of where they were or what they were doing completely left her mind as she felt the glorious expanse of his skin beneath her fingers. Tilting back until her head and back were firmly pressed against the enlarger, Liz allowed Max as much access to her body as was possible in their current position.

Without even thinking, Max's lips swooped down and captured Liz's as his hands rapidly brushed over her breast and down her taut stomach. He faintly felt her muscles flutter beneath his touch and he smiled against Liz's lips, but he was far from finished with her. When he finally came in contact with her jeans, Max swiftly undid the snaps and immediately his fingers snuck in, dipping lower with each swipe.

"Max…Max… oh god, Max!" Liz chanted his name intravenously with god's name as she felt his fingers sneak past her panties before brushing over the small bundle of nerves. The universe spun out of control as his touch literally drove her over the edge. With each stroke and pass of his fingers she felt her world growing darker and darker. And in response she let her gasps and moans drive Max on, letting him know how much pleasure he was giving her. But as her moans grew louder Max knew he had to silence her otherwise someone would undoubtedly catch them.

Kissing his way back up to her mouth, Max planted his lips over hers as he continued his ministrations. Everything about her was driving him crazy. The way her thighs squeezed him in all that much closer. The feel of her bare chest pressed against his own. The way her mouth was so pliable to his every need. And most importantly how responsive she was to his touch. While Max was positive he was going to lose it soon if he didn't stop, he never thought that he literally would lose it when he felt Liz's tiny hands on the top of his jeans.

"Is anyone in… oh my god! Max!" Tess exclaimed hysterically as she got a good look at what was taking place. She had come in to develop some of her own pictures, and when she had been entering through the turnstile she had heard some faint noises, but she couldn't make them out. Now she knew those noises all to well. She watched as Max and Liz froze and she blanched when she saw the protective manner in which Max covered Liz with his body. "How could you?!"


The quad was empty as Kyle leisurely strolled through it, a block in hand and a bag of paints in a bag hanging off his shoulder. He smiled as the sun shone down on him. Life couldn’t get much better right now.

First he had had one of the best weekends in his whole life. Hanging out in Liz’s world could compare to nothing in Kyle’s life. He could hardly even believe some of the things that had gone down. The parties had been prime and the women had been beyond beautiful.

And this was where the second best part of his life came into play.


As beautiful as the other women had been, Tess had remained by his said whispering sweet nothings into his ear, hugging and cuddling with him when she thought no one was looking, and kissing him whenever they were alone, or when another girl tried to take him away.

Originally Kyle never would have thought he and Tess would ever be an item. Hell, he had never really thought of Tess in that light. But now that things had progressed so far between them Kyle couldn’t help but think about how great of a girlfriend Tess would make.

Girlfriend. The grin that broke over Kyle’s face at the thought of Tess as his girlfriend could nearly outshine the sun.

When Max had been dating Tess, Kyle had thought nothing of her; all he had known was that, according to Max, she was demanding and annoying, but that was only because Max hadn’t really wanted to date her, or at least that was Kyle’s theory.

Then Liz had shown up. And yes, in the beginning and even still, Kyle was attracted to Liz, but who wouldn’t be? She was sweet and caring and everything a guy could ever want, plus she was a rock star and her body was beyond perfect.

But Max could have Liz if it meant Kyle could have Tess. In fact, Kyle viewed Liz as a blessed angel sent to fix things relationship wise within the group. Maybe he was supposed to be with Tess and Max was supposed to be with Liz, and that was why he clicked so well with Tess.

Or maybe it was because of the mind-blowing sex he and Tess had shared. Sure they had been drunk, and yes, technically he didn’t remember the sex all that well. But what Kyle did remember was the hour-long orgasm that had taken over his body at the end of their jungle loving.

Oh yes, he would definitely need to ask Tess out, and soon.

As if God was yet again working with him, Kyle spotted a chunk of curly blonde hair just in the distance. He could just make out Tess’ figure; she was bent over, her head resting on one of the tables. As he grew closer the grin slowly slid from his face.

She was crying.

Coming up behind her, Kyle gently laid a hand on her shoulder. Worry etched his face as he felt her body wrack with sobs. “Tess?” She jumped at the sound of his voice and immediately she shrunk away from him as though he had stung her.

Taking a seat just in front of her, Kyle dropped his belongings onto the ground before opening his arms and embracing the tiny girl.

“Tess, what’s wrong? What happened?” A whirlwind of thoughts ransacked Kyle’s mind as he tried to contemplate what could possibly leave Tess crying.

Time slowed as Tess hugged Kyle to him. She could hardly believe she was turning toward Kyle of all people, though it did make sense, he was her chosen mate, her husband.

But if that was true, then why did it still sting to see Max and Liz so intimately together?

Sure she held feelings for Kyle, and the time she had shared with Kyle while in LA had been beyond amazing, but Max was her destiny; he was her King. Yet Max didn’t seem to care about anything but Liz. Why couldn’t she turn her back so easily on Max and turn to Kyle as he heart so desperately wanted to.

After crying for a few more minutes, Tess wiped her eyes and nose before facing Kyle. She knew she must look awful, yet somehow she knew Kyle would understand. However seeing his face smiling shakily down at her only made her start to cry again. How could she tell the one man she held feelings for that it hurt to see her destiny go and screw around with another?

Getting control of herself, Tess sniffled and wiped at her face before finally speaking. “I knew that they were together, but seeing it… I just couldn’t deal with it.”

“Deal with what? Who are you talking about Tess?” Kyle asked, though he was pretty sure he knew. Max Evans’ and Liz Jacobs. Was Tess really still stuck on Max Evans’?

“They were in the photo lab and she was practically naked, he was too… but the way he looked at me,” Tess sobbed, completely ignoring Kyle’s questions. “The hatred in his eyes; it was like he would have killed me had I come and closer… it was like…”

“Tess, shhh, you have to tell me what’s going on,” Kyle urged as he held her all that much closer. He could tell she was hurt and that whatever she had witnessed had caused her a great amount of distress, but he couldn’t help if she wouldn’t tell him.

“Liz and Max… my Max….” Tess cried out as she fell deeper into Kyle’s embrace.

“What’s so great about Max Evans’?” Kyle asked a moment later, his voice thoughtful.

Gazing up at Kyle, Tess pondered his question. What was so great about Max Evans’? He was her destiny, but was that great? Did that make Max great?

No. No, the feelings deep in the pit of Tess’ stomach as Kyle held her made Kyle great. But nothing ever made Max great. For years he had ignored her and refused to even acknowledge her. But the moment Liz showed up he had become a bumbling idiot, worse than ever before.

And maybe that was a good thing Tess decided as she stared up at Kyle. Her bottom lip quivered as a smile broke over her face. “What’s so great about Max Evans’?” Tess repeated Kyle’s question.

“Yeah, what’s so great about Max Evans’?”

Another contemplative moment past before Tess finally shook her head. “Nothing…” And before another word could slip through Kyle’s lips, Tess was pressing her lips to his.

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Chapter 38

For about the twentieth time Alex stared at Liz. He couldn’t stop. In the last twelve hours they had worked harder than ever on their latest song; a song Liz wanted to dedicate to Max. Before these last twelve hours he had spent almost every waking minute with her. When they weren’t in school, he and Liz worked on their CD.

Nate had pounded it into their heads that they needed to work as fast as possible so that he could work on making them rich and famous. And while Alex was still wary of Nate, especially after Max, Isabel, Michael, Tess and Liz explained what had happened at the party.

Four weeks had passed since then. It was Saturday and already a majority of Alex’s weekend had been spent with Liz. She had even spent the night the previous night; neither of their parents had really minded.

But in the four weeks that had passed Alex found himself with conflicting feelings. Maybe it was the constant time that he and Liz were working together. Or maybe it was the close proximities in which they worked. All Alex knew was that suddenly he had feelings for Liz, and they were more than friendly.

Granted, yes, Alex still loved Isabel; that much he was sure of, but there was something about Liz. He knew that she was head over heels in love with Max and that the two would end up getting married and have a bazillion babies and a beautiful house with a white picket fence, and for some reason that perturbed Alex.

Because for some odd reason he saw himself in Max’s place, and Isabel wasn’t by his side.

A first the feelings had scared Alex. Hell, they still did, but now Alex knew he had to do something to figure out exactly what was going on, otherwise he would remain in this weird funk where his mind was constantly battling over whom he truly liked: Isabel or Liz.

“…Alex? Alex, are you even listening to me?” Liz asked for the fifth time. She was getting beyond pissed off. Beside the fact that she sick of working on this CD, she also missed Max, a lot. Because working with Alex took up a majority of her time she never had the chance to see Max. Sometimes he would stop by, but then Liz would be distracted and she and Alex would end up doing nothing.

God she wanted to see Max.

“Huh? Oh, sorry, I just spaced out,” Alex murmured as he shook himself out of his self-induced haze. He desperately tried to listen to what she was saying, but his attention was stuck on her lips. They were so red and perfect and…

In the next instant Alex didn’t know what took over him, all he knew was that soon found his body automatically leaning over as his lips pressed tightly against Liz’s.

It didn’t take long for Liz to react. At first she was surprised, even taken aback by Alex’s more than forward move, but the moment she regained her wits she pulled away and stared at Alex in disbelief. Her chest heaved as she felt her throat constrict. The world seemed to tilt off its axis and Liz felt herself tilting with it. What had Alex just done? And why?

What had she done? She’d just cheated on Max, that was what she had just done.

Yes it was a nice kiss, but she was going out with Max; she loved Max, and that certainly was not Max kissing her!

Stumbling up to her feet, Liz left her guitar and tablature behind as she quickly made her way out of Alex’s room. She wasn’t sure where she was going; all she knew was that she had to get out of there.

Alex stared after his writing and song partner. As soon as everything sunk in he began hitting his head on the nearby wall. What had he done? How could he have been so stupid as to question who he loved? Liz was his best friend not his girlfriend.

Oh god, Isabel! How could he tell her without losing her? Even if she didn’t leave him, Max would easily be pissed off enough for her once he found out.

Max! Alex prayed for the lord’s mercy as he contemplated how he would get out of Max beating him to a pulp once he found out he had kissed Liz, Max’s girlfriend.


“Forty six, fort seven, forty eight… forty nine… fifty….” Max said breathlessly as he let his body fall to the ground. It was Saturday, and on any other Saturday he and Liz would go out and walk around town, or do something else equally as special and alone. But now Liz was constantly working with Alex, which left Max very little time to be alone with Liz.

And while Max understood, he still ‘frustrated.’ And thus far the only way Max could come up with working off that frustration was to work out. It relieved a lot of tension, and Liz seemed to like it. She was frequently telling him how much she liked his body and how perfect he felt against her.

Against her… Max groaned as an image of he and Liz making out in the photo room conjured up in his mind and instantly his body grew hard. He couldn’t help it, really.

As if sensing his distress, there came a knock at the window. When Max looked see who it was he nearly fell over; it was Liz, and there were tears streaming down her cheeks. Instantly Max was up and making his way over to the window. He didn’t even think to put on a shirt or cover up his lower anatomy, which was proudly protruding outwards due to his latest fantasy.

The moment Max opened the window Liz threw herself into his arms. He tried to ask her what was wrong, but she wouldn’t let a word pass through his lips. Instead she pressed her mouth to his.

At first she hadn’t known where she was going, yet in the back of her mind she knew that she would always end up at Max’s. And when she found herself sitting in front of Max’s window she really wasn’t that surprised. After all, she was distressed and she desperately needed his comfort.

Only right now, Liz didn’t want comfort. She wanted to reassure herself that she and Max were it; she wanted to rid herself of the image of Alex kissing her. Alex was her friend, and that was it. Max was the love of her life and she’d be damned if Alex was going to ruin that!

“Liz?” Max queried once he was able to pull away. He took in her ravaged appearance and immediately grew wary. Not that he was against making out with his girlfriend, but he could tell something was wrong. He watched her mouth twitch in a remorseful way before she turned and looked at him with sorrowful eyes.

“Oh Max…” Liz cried as she once again threw herself at him, still needing to know that he was real and hers. His eyebrows raised at her sudden outburst and he quickly pulled her a little more tightly to him.

“Liz, what’s wrong?” Max asked worriedly. He held her tightly to him. Through their connection he could feel her self-loathing and anxiety. Whatever was wrong was serious.

Holding on a little bit tighter, Liz peered up at Max and asked tentatively, “Can you just hold me, please?” Max was more than happy to comply. He picked Liz up with ease and moved to the bed. A moment later, Liz replied with a quiet “thank you,” as she snuggled closely to her boyfriend.

About a half hour later, Liz had greatly calmed down. Max continued to hold her in his arms, gently stroking her hair as she cried for whatever reason. He knew that in time she would tell him about whatever was bothering her, but he still hated to see her so distressed. He glanced down at his watch and noticed it was just after three. “I think your shift just started,” Max commented, hoping that maybe it would get her to open up about whatever was wrong. “Want me to take you home?”

Merely shaking her head no against his chest, Liz continued to cuddle against her boyfriend. She enjoyed the way his fingers magically relieved of her tension and the way he filled her with so much love. “I want to stay with you,” Liz mumbled against his chest.

Max smiled. “I guess, if that’s what you want,” Max said teasingly. He smiled even bigger when he felt and heard Liz giggle against him. “You want anything?”

“A drink would be nice,” Liz finally answered. Her throat had been parched ever since she had left Alex’s house and it hadn’t helped when she had thrown up all over Alex’s neighbors yard.

Extracting himself from her arms, Max stretched for a moment before heading downstairs to retrieve a soda. Just as he entered the kitchen he saw Isabel leaving. “Is?”

“Oh, hey; I’m going over to Alex’s. He just called and asked me to come over. Mom and Dad were called to Carlsband for the weekend, so you’re on your own for supper. Have fun,” Isabel said before taking off. She didn’t even give Max a chance to say goodbye.

Shrugging at his sister’s normal strange behavior, Max proceeded to get a soda for Liz. He picked out a diet cola as he knew it was her favorite, and then he put some lime in it; he never quite understood her need for such a sour taste, but then who was he to question her taste, especially when he had such needs for Tabasco sauce on any and all foods he ate.

He was almost ready to go back up to his room when he suddenly heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Automatically Max assumed it to be Liz. And a moment later when he turned to see who it was he was glad to see that he was right. With his back still to her as he picked up the glasses, Liz closed the distance between she and Max as she hugged him from behind, placing the side of her face between his shoulder blades and sighing.

“I love you, Max,” Liz whispered as she pressed a chaste kiss to his shoulder blade. Instinctively Max could tell that something was still bothering Liz. But knowing she wouldn’t open up until she was ready to, Max merely set the sodas down and turned around in her embrace, wrapping his arms around her tiny body and dragging her closer yet.

The two stared deeply into each other’s eyes, the love for the other easily seeping out of their eyes alone. Dreamy smiles made their way across both teenagers lips as they gazed at one another. However, Max was unable to stop his hand as it came up and traced the outline of her mouth with one of his fingertips.

“I love you too, Liz,” Max murmured back, though his voice caught in the end as Liz caught his fingertip between her lips and began to gently suck on it. And while Max knew now was not the time to think or even act on his urges to throw Liz over his shoulder and return to his room so that he could do as he pleased with her, it was becoming harder and harder, literally.

Liz continued to suck on Max’s fingertip for a few more seconds before kissing the tip and gazing up at him, her eyes blazing with lust. With Alex and the kiss head given her no longer in her mind, Liz smiled and began to take little more of Max’s finger into her mouth. Max prodded his fingertip against Liz’s lip once she pulled away again. His eyes darted over to the door that Isabel had just used to leave only a few minutes ago. Isabel was gone. And so were his parents.

Noticing where he was looking, Liz followed Max’s gaze. “Are we alone?” Max could hear the shy nervousness in her voice and it warmed him to know that despite the streak of tigress that she had within her, Liz was still just as shy and nervous as he was about all of this.

“Yeah,” Max answered breathlessly. Liz returned her gaze to Max, her eyes once again darkening with desire. The expression overcame her face and she smiled and then kissed him on the lips. Without hesitation Max responded by kissing her in return, letting his tongue slide into the recessed of her soft, silken mouth. Their embrace tightened as their tongues danced and twisted together.

Working his hand upward from her shoulders, Max caught a handful of her velvet-like chocolate brown hair in his hand and began massaging her scalp as he played with her silky strands. In response Liz giggled as her whole body relaxed into Max’s warm embrace. However soon she felt her knees grow weak as their kiss deepened and she dug her fingernails into Max’s back as an almost inaudible moan escaped her throat.

At first, Max clumsily let his hand fumble about on her perfect skin. But soon his hand grew steady and he started a slow, careful massage. He watched as Liz’s eyelids fluttered shut and he knew that his actions were exactly what she wanted. He reached up and grasped a stray strand of her luscious brown hair that dangled freely around her neck and shoulders.

With that small bit of incentive, Max let his hands roam. He knew what Liz liked, and from their last make out session he also knew what he liked. And soon Max’s other hand found its way to Liz’s breasts. He cupped one in his hand and felt the full weight of it. Her flimsy shirt did nothing to hide the pert point of her nipple or the full shape of her breast, as he gently squeezed and fondled it.

Again hearing another moan of pleasure, Max forged ahead. While Liz concentrated on kissing, Max detangled his hand from her hair and worked it back down her back to the zipper of her top. He deftly undid the zipper and let his hand skim across the large expanse of skin that was now available to him.

Oh yeah, he definitely liked this.

At this point their kiss had become quite heated and passionate and Liz was desperately hanging onto Max, her nails clawing into his back. However it was that pleasurable shot of pain and the sight of her creamy breast that made Max remember just where they were. He had just been ready to ravage Liz Parker in his mother’s kitchen!

Unfortunately, before Max was able to think rationally, Liz reached down and raked her fingernails over his jean-clad cock. Instantly all thoughts of stopping what was happening disappeared from Max’s mind. Anyway, how could he possible refuse Liz or himself what they both obviously wanted?

Without hesitation, Max picked Liz up and headed toward his bedroom. Their kiss continued all the way up the stairs. Half the time Max wasn’t even looking where he was going because of how good Liz felt in his arms and the amazing kiss they were sharing.

As soon as they reached his room, Max laid Liz down on his mattress, all while still kissing her. He reached behind him and yanked his curtains closed and used his alien powers to seal his windows shut, as well as his door; there was no way anyone was going to interrupt them.

His hand snaked back up her body and underneath her shirt, resuming his fondling of her breast while his other hand worked at undoing her jeans. Liz purred and mewed in delight as she felt Max kneading and caressing her breast, working her nipples into sharp points.

However soon it was too much and Liz found her hands venturing southward. She tugged and pulled at Max’s shirt; willing it to come off his body so that she could feel his glorious, warm skin. Once she had it collected at his shoulders the two broke the kiss and freed Max of the offending article of clothing. All the while Max pulled Liz free of her shirt as well.

Jesus Christ, did this girl ever wear a bra? Max’s eyes nearly popped out of his sockets as he got his first real look at Liz’s perfect mounds. They were absolutely wonderful. He was pulled out of his stupor as he felt Liz’s lips press kisses to his chest, shoulder and neck. A groan of pleasure erupted from his throat as she found a particularly sensitive spot and began to suckle on it.

Pulling away, Max gazed lovingly down at his girlfriend. Her eyes sparkled up at him as her chest heaved and her heart beat wildly in anticipation. Unable to stop himself, Max leaned down and pressed a loving kiss to her forehead and then her nose and finally her lips as he whispered, “I love you, Liz. I love you so much…”

“I love you too, Max,” Liz reciprocated before bringing her mouth to his once again, letting her tongue plunder the deep alcoves of his mouth. At first they kissed gently, allowing their love for one another to flow through them.

Finally powerless to stop himself, Max shimmied down Liz’s body, taking her jeans with him. A lazy smile curved up his lips at the sight of her laying beneath him in only her black lace thongs. He tossed the jeans to the floor as he admired her perfect body.

Again thinking back to their last make out session, Max made his way back up Liz’s body and began to grasp her firm, full breasts in his hands. He smiled inwardly as Liz hummed with pleasure. He could feel her surrounding him in every sense. Even their connection was humming with energy and sexual desire. As Max continued to squeeze her breasts, Liz jerked Max down for a soul-searing kiss. Liz’s tongue devoured Max’s mouth, enjoying the spicy yet sweet taste that she could only describe as Max.

A rapturous moan spilled from Liz’s lips as Max tweaked and pulled at her nipples, enjoying the sheer pleasure of everything he was doing to her. However nothing compared to his mouth. When Max first broke their kiss Liz was disappointed, but as she felt him slide his tongue down her throat and over her chest a squeal of bliss escaped Liz’s lips. He kissed and licked at her breasts, working equally on both of them before closing his mouth over one of her pert nipples and suckling on it.

Again Liz groaned beneath Max as he continued his ministrations. At this point her fingernails were ripping into his skin, leaving long scratch marks across a major expanse of his skin. Sparks of electricity and desire shot through Max’s body as he felt her nails dig into his back and he couldn’t hold back the whimper of pure bliss.

However, as much fun as Max was having, he couldn’t stop thinking about what else lay before him, especially when he could smell her heavenly woman scent permeating the air. Releasing his hold of one breast, Max’s hand traveled down Liz’s body, which stiffened in anticipation as he slipped an open palm between her thighs. This was new territory for both of them and Max didn’t want to step over the line if Liz didn’t want him to.

He started off slow; his hands stumbling along the way as he first massaged her thigh then worked his way up to her wet center. A smile spread across his face at the knowledge that he had caused that, and only he would ever cause that. Becoming more daring, Max let his hand drift over her core, rubbing it slightly as he experimented. He wanted to know what pleased Liz the most. She groaned aloud as soon as he started to finger her nub through her almost non-existent thong. However when Liz arched her back and purred in enjoyment as Max moved to her other breast and continued to brush his finger over her clit, Max knew he was getting the hang of things.

Oh yeah, Liz liked this!

Wanting to memorize every part of her, Max gave each nipple a quick kiss before he began to make his way down her body. He licked and kissed his way down her belly, paying particular attention to her belly button. He felt her muscles jump at the first touch, and even after a few minutes her muscles continued to tremble from his simple touch. He glanced up and Met Liz’s eyes, needing to know that this was okay and that she wanted this. He smiled at what he saw. Her breasts rose and fell with each heavy breath she took and she had risen up onto her elbows to see what he was doing. However, when she saw him smile up at her, she gave him a reassuring smile as he placed both palms on her thighs and started to push them apart.

Unfortunately, before Max could get much further, Liz rolled out from underneath him and stood up. She bent over and placed her hands on his shoulders, forcing him to roll over onto his back. Max easily complied, intrigued by Liz’s sudden aggressive behavior. However he wasn’t prepared when she dropped to her knees and began working on his jeans. Flicking at the zipper with her fingernails, Liz deftly unzipped Max’s pants while her eyes remained locked with his. She rid him of his jeans, but only after taking off his shoes and socks; this was not going to be some romp in the park, Liz wanted to remember this forever.

As she crawled back up his body, Liz’s mouth curved upwards upon the sight of his erection. Just knowing that he was ready for her in such a manner made her heart lurch forward in her chest.

Liz parted her lips as she lowered her head so as to take her first taste of him. But before she could do anything she felt a tug at her head as Max pulled her upwards. “You… you don’t have to… I mean…” Max murmured, though he stopped his ramblings and a deep blush crept up his face. He couldn’t believe how brazen Liz was acting, and how big of a moron he was becoming. “Do you know how much I love you? You’re my angel…”

Liz’s only response was to ease her tongue out and run it across the tip of his trembling erection. As her tongue felt the velvety skin covering the hardness of his head she parted her lips further, causing a large amount of her saliva to flow down his shaft, so as to act as an aide for her coming feast.

Gagging at first, Liz engulfed Max’s member, and soon it was covered in her sweltering saliva. It glistened as she bobbed her head up and down his incredible length. She purred as she felt Max’s hands come to rest upon her head, where he gently ran his fingers through her long tresses and massaged her scalp. And she smiled in response. He wasn’t forceful and he didn’t slam her head into an unnatural rhythm.

He gasped.

She swallowed.

“Lizzz…” He bucked.

She swallowed more.

As Max’s eyes rolled into the back of his head, his entire body began to thrust and buck as her low moans vibrated against his member, sending him into convulsions. He almost fell out of her mouth, but Liz held Max to the bed, making sure that he didn’t get too far away. Her palms secured themselves on his sweaty chest.

Liz’s lips held their lock, her tongue secured beneath the head of his shaft. A rainstorm of his seed jolted from his member and into the confines of her mouth. His fingertips dug into her skill and Liz winced slightly in pain and pleasure. And soon another thick overflow of Max’s seed filled her mouth. She held as much of it in as she could, but there was too much.

Gooey dribbles of his cum spilled from Liz’s lips as she pulled away and looked up at him under hooded, passion-filled eyes. Seeing Liz like this that sent Max over the edge, his mind reeling as he gazed lovingly at her. Soon Max had caught his breathe and he stared down at Liz in utter amazement. Her head was tilted slightly to the side, letting the tip of his still-hard member graze her cheek.

He began to caress her sweat soaked scalp as he continued to try and catch his breath. Even looking at her was too much sometimes.

Still on her knees, Liz made sure his aching member was clean and dry before she leaned forward and started giving his stomach and chest a string of nips and kisses. Her fingers laced with his as she suckled on a particularly sensitive spot on his body, making him quiver in anticipation and pleasure. She could feel his growing shaft rub against her thigh and smiled; even after what she had just done he was still hard and wanting. Maybe having an alien for a boyfriend had some perks.

As if sensing her thoughts, Max chuckled softly as he rubbed the pads of his thumbs against her cheeks. “I’m always this way when it comes to you.” This in turn earned him a cheeky grin from his girlfriend and now lover. Just her smile made his insides melt to the core. And the fact that she did all of this for him only made him love her more.

It also left him wanting to return the favor. He knew Liz was far more experienced in this area and he hoped that he wouldn’t disappoint her. The thought that he wouldn’t be able to please her plagued him. What if he messed up and did something that hurt or repulsed her? Would he ever be able to compare to her other boyfriends?

Fortunately, or maybe it was unfortunately, before Max could dwell on that thought much longer, and before he could do anything else, Liz stood and slipped her panties down her legs, letting them fall to the floor alongside her other clothes. Before Max even knew what was happening, Liz was straddling his hips, her wet core just barely touching his straining cock.

At this point Max just went with the motions. He was completely new to all of this. Luckily Liz was an extremely good teacher and Max knew he would be taking some more private lessons with her very soon.

Leaning up slightly, Max pressed his erection against her warm center as he placed his hands upon her hips, digging his fingertips into her delicate skin as she lowered herself upon him. She was so warm and tight, unlike anything Max had ever felt. Ever so slowly she sank down onto him, giving herself time to adjust as he completely filled her. When he reached her barrier both stilled.

Gazing into each other eyes, both smiled at what they saw. Love.

Max knew it would hurt her and he had thought he would be prepared. However when he saw the tears stream down her cheeks and heard the soft hitch in her throat as she forced her pain to the back of her mind Max couldn’t help but feel guilty.

Liz winced in pain and pleasure as she felt Max break her hymen. But as painful as it was, Liz couldn’t stop the smile that spread over her face as she realized that she and Max were finally one. Max Evans’ was the only real thing in her life and right now he was a part of her. What she felt coming from him humbled her. For the first time ever she felt truly loved.

As the minutes passed and as Max valiantly tried to remain still until Liz was ready, he continued to gaze up at her. The love and adoration in his eyes shone right back in hers. “I love you Liz Jacobs’… so much,” Max whispered as he brushed away a stray tear.

With a mere nod and a simple shift of her hips, Liz responded. She moaned at the feeling of him filling her even more. Placing her hands upon his heart and using it to balance herself as she slowly started to move up and down his enlarged cock. Max moved right with her, pumping his hips upwards, trying to get as close to her as possible.

Leisurely he grabbed her hands with both of his. He held them tightly as they rocked together, both enjoying the pleasure the other was causing. For Max, he wasn’t sure which he enjoyed more, her tight, warm, core grasping his cock, or seeing her so happy and pleased, and so full of lust and passion. Beyond anything, Max knew that he liked knowing he was causing her some form of pleasure; he had been so positive that she would be turned off by his inexperience. But still, as his eyes scanned over her, he couldn’t help but think how much he loved her body as well.

She was just so small and perfect; it was like she had been made just for him. She completed him, in every sense.

Suddenly Liz wrenched one of her hands out of his grasp so as to brush back an errant strand of hair that had covered her face. She wanted to look at him as they made love; she wanted to see his eyes, burning with love and desire. The very thought that he was so turned on, despite her inexperience, set her flame with renewed arousal. God she loved this man. She loved him even more when his free hand came up and pinched her nipple; first the left then the right.

No longer able to take it, Liz leaned down and began nipping at Max’s jaw line, her teeth lightly grazing his skin as she worked her way up to his mouth. As soon as she reached it, Max was more than ready and willing. Their tongues tangled as he grabbed her hips with his hands and began helping her move up his length. Her beautiful, chocolate long tresses fell all around them, hindering any outer sight but each other. Their eyes locked suddenly and both moaned out in pleasure.

Knowing that he wasn’t going to last much longer, and sensing that Liz wasn’t either, Max began to slow their pace. He wanted to forever remember this moment; this moment where they both fell apart in each other’s arms. He wanted to remember what her face looked like, and how beautiful she was, and how perfect everything felt.

As soon as his cock exploded inside of her, both groaned in groaned in complete and utter satisfaction. Liz smiled at the knowledge that his very essence was slowly filling and flooding her insides. She also couldn’t believe the mind blowing orgasm that was slowly running through her body, filling her with a sense of pure ecstasy. Unable to stop herself, Liz leaned back down and once again began kissing Max with a succession of deep, loving kisses.

It wasn’t long after their finish that Liz sagged against Max, her body falling limp on top of his. But Max welcomed her weight, what little there actually was. Just as tired as she was, Max kissed her forehead as he hugged her tightly to him. Their bodies were cooling fast, so he used his powers to lift the blanket over them, covering their already cold bodies.

But as soon as Liz spoke, Max began to grow warm, her words causing a warm fuzzy ball to grow within him. “I love you, Max. I’ll love you till the end of time,” she whispered, already half asleep. But Max was wide-awake.

And after kissing the crown of her head and pulling just a bit closer, Max whispered back, “I love you too. Forever.”