Mysteries Part 4

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Summary: Alt. Unv. Max, Isabel, Michael, and Liz are the aliens . . Max, Isabel, and Michael were all picked up by the Evans. Liz was found by the mean, nasty Parkers (who don’t give a shit about her). Maria and Alex are still her best friends, they know her secret. Liz has left Roswell and gone with Nesado.

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Somewhere in Arizona.

We were on the road for three days. Drove for the first day, rested the second, and drove the third. I called Maria on the second day. Needless to say after our conversation not much penetrated my ears.
“You’re going where?! With WHO?! Look I know the Parkers are assholes, BUT ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND?!”
I hung up. Then I waited two minutes for her to stop swearing at the dial tone and called back. I spoke before she could say hello. “I found something that really freaked me out. I went to the desert to think about it and I met Nesado. Maria she’s not lying and I’m not nuts. She’s who she says she is. She knows things only I should know. We have the same powers, only hers are more advanced. She remembers stuff that I remember. Maria I’m not leaving forever, just long enough to learn and get some answers. She’ a going to teach me. I need this. Can you understand that?” My voice was pleading. I would come home if she really wanted me to but I wanted to learn. I needed to learn. “Stay. But be safe okay? She might be an alien but you’re my sister first.” Her words were fierce.
“Listen,” my voice became urgent. “You need to be careful of Michael, Max and Isabel. Michael had a paper cover in alien symbols in his work locker. Don’t talk to them, don’t look at them. I want you and Alex safe. Promise me you’ll leave those three alone.” She did. We talked for a few more minutes before I hung up and called Alex.
Alex was calm as I explained what was going on but he wanted to come and find me. I told him no and promised I’d be home soon. After we hung up I slept for the first time in blissful peace.


“One will unite with three and four will become six. Together they will give back to us our world. Apart they will suffer the finale death.”
I thought of the parts of the prophecy and was content. They would all be together soon. The lady and I would leave tomorrow. But for now she was sleeping, though restlessly. The three were discontent and a bit afraid but they were alright. And the finale two, I smiled, she had picked good companions for this life. They were worried and anxious for their friend but they had spine, they would be okay.

Max. Roswell, New Mexico.

She was gone and they weren’t talking. And I mean no talking. Mo more insults, no more jabs, no more verbal sparring. Michael was more than a bit perplexed. He couldn’t remember going a day without Maria raging at him for something. Three weeks of this. Three weeks of muteness. Life was becoming boring. Well sorta.
Liz was still gone. They were still silent and we still had no idea why. That was until Michael cleaned out his locker. “It’s gone.” I had no idea what he was talking about. “What’s gone?” “The key. The paper I had the symbols on.” I stared at him. I had no words. Isabel however didn’t seem to have this problem. “How is it gone Michael? Papers with alien symbols on them don’t just grow little green legs and walk away.” “What would you like me to say? It was in my locker and now it’s not. So my natural conclusion is that’s it’s gone.” I looked at Michael. “You had it at school?” To my knowledge he hadn’t. “No. Why would I have it at school. I had it in my locker at the Crash. I was going to the chamber with it, so I had it at work one night, then I never went. After that the Crash was closed because of Liz and I just forgot about it.” “When’s the last time you saw it?” With her panic receding Isabel focused on logic. “The night Liz disappeared. I put my apron in my locker, the paper was there, I shut my locker and I left.” “It disappeared the night Liz did?” “Yeah.” We all paused for a minute. Michael spoke. “You don’t think Liz took it?” I just looked at him. I didn’t know.
* * * *
I was drawn to her. How couldn’t you be? She was sexy, smart, beautiful, and familiar. Like I knew her even though I didn’t. I don’t know, it was confusing but true. It was weird too because for reasons unbeknownst to me I missed her. I missed Liz.
I could barely function without her. I was out of my mind with worry. I didn’t know where Liz was and it was killing me.
Like any self-respecting guy I brooded. That is until I was so rudely interrupted. By Maria DeLuca and Alex Whitman.
“We gotta talk to you.” She was nervous. It was easy to see. “We need to ask you, Michael and Isabel a question. It has to do with Liz.” I just looked at them for a minute before I called Michael and Isabel down. When they saw who was at the door they stared at Maria and Alex like they were the little green men. Maria voiced her question before any of us could open our mouths.
“Are you aliens?”

Three weeks of training. That was almost all we did. Nesado told me I was basically a reincarnated warrior. My father was a warlord still living on our planet. I had an older brother but she didn’t talk about him. My best friend had been the princess. I had been friends with the king. My name today had a frightening resemblance to what it had been. Before I’d been called Lizenna. Here my name was Lizorra. I’d known my name when the Parkers had found me. Nesado said this was because I’d woken late from my pod and retained a better feeling of my pervious life. Other than that though I was a new person. Kinda.
She helped me hone my powers, which were the gifts of energy and a form of telekinesis. I could do things with my mind. Make people see and feel things that didn’t really exist.
At the end of the three weeks I was tired and sad. I missed Maria and Alex like I missed.........biology. A lot. But they weren’t the only things I missed , I missed Max. I missed his gaze, his smile....I just missed him. It was odd and unexplainable but it was true.
Nesado was bringing me back to Roswell but before we went I had to ask her something. “Are there any other aliens here? Was anybody else in the Crash of ‘47?” She smiled. “Yes. Your brother Rath, Vilandra the princess, and her brother Zan, the king. They were all sent with you.” It was what I’d always wanted. To know others like me. People who felt like I did but I was unpleased when my mind produced a picture of the Evans. “Do you know who they are?” My voice was apprehensive. I wasn’t sure I wanted to know the answer. She smiled again. “Yes. I believe you know them as well.” She smiled again and I gulped. In fact I’m sure you know them. As it was your brother’s copy of Antarian writing that sent you running into the desert.”
“Michael.” I breathed his name. “Yes.” Nesado said. “You’re brother is Michael Evans. And Max and Isabel are the princess and king of your planet."

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