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Summery: After a terrible accident Liz wakes up and doesn't remember anything about her life.

Chapter 1

It had been a long night for Liz Parker. A bittersweet smile made it's way on her face. Who was she kidding? It had been a long month for her. If someone were to have asked her two years ago where she thought she would be today she certainly wouldn't have said alone, crying on a park bench because I have up my love to save the world.

Sometime their sophomore year Max had asked 'what's so great about normal?' At the time nothing, but people and things change. She craved to know what it was like to live without 'Czechoslavakian' issues rising up everyday with the possibility of the world ended. It wasn't that she hated Max Evans for saving her life, infact she loved him for it. She thanked god everyday that Max loved her enough to save her without consequence for himself, but there were times she wished that she could once feel the normalcy that her other peers did. She couldn't remember when her last crisis she had involved finding a shirt that matched. No, now it was alien destinies, or the FBI, or cadnium X, oe enemy aliens.

Liz pulled her jacket closer to herself in the chilly night air, unaware of the group of people passing her. At a time none of this mattered. She would have taken all the aliens and FBI agents because she had Max. She was with him and she was in love. Now, it was like she couldn't get a break from it. The situations were still coming up, but now she had no Max.

And why didn't she have him? Because the world ended, because she completely disreguarded her grandma Claudia's advice and followed her head instead of her heart. When Max first showed up that night she was estatic with the future she was going to end until he said the world was going to end, that he needed to be with Tess. Then her favorite line was "I need you to help me fall out of love with you." And she did everything she could to help her once future husband.

When Liz had first entered high school her idea was to go to Harvard and study science and she would become a micro Biologist. When Max saved her that fortunate day everything changed. Her dreams were then to be with Max. She did have that, for fourteen year in a time line that no longer existed. Why? Because she gave it up for the sake of her friends and family, because she didn't want to be the cause of the end of the world.

Now, not only had she saved the world, she had isolated herself from the rest of the group. The guilt she experienced for allowing Max to think she betrayed him was beyond anything she ever imagined. As if that wasn't bad enough, people at school were now aware of the 'situation' that took place between herself and Kyle Valenti. Didn't people know her well enough to know that she would never sleep with Kyle? She hoped that Max could see through the facade, but he didn't trust his heart anymore.

In addition to the school knowing, the rest of the group found out. MIchael Guerin didn't really treat her any differently. She guessed it was because they were never really that close to begin with. Isabel Evans on the other hand, was a completely different story. She had always built up a wall to hide her true self. When Max saved Liz, Isabel gradually let it crumble around the group. Now that she knew what had taken place between Max and Liz she had snooty comments and the infamous 'ice princess' attitude whenever she spoke to Liz. Maria Deluca and Alex Whitman never believed it. They never mentioned it to Liz. The only thing that did bother them was that she was keeping secrets again. Maria cornered her that night into getting Liz to open up, and finally she caved. Liz told Maria everything she was feeling, what her life had been like. Maria had hugged her friends and tried to tell her that everything would work out. Liz knew it would, but would it ever get easier?

Liz knew she could handle everyone, but Max was another story all together. When it had first taken place he followed her around begging for her to tell him it wasn't true. She looked him in the eye, and she wasn't sure how but she gathered enough of herself to lie to him. Since then things had become so bad between them she hated seeing him. He had become mean to her. He either gave her a cold shoulder or he made rude comments. She wasn't sure which she liked more. When he said rude things it meant that he at least noticed her, but was that how she wanted to be noticed?

Getting out her cell phone Liz read that it was almost 3:50 am. She decided to get home before her parents noticed she was missing. They wouldn't understand why she no longer slept at night. Well, she did for a little and then she would wake up with some kind of nightmare. From there she would walk around for than hour or two and then go home and start getting ready for school.

Luckily she had no school the following morning, but she did have to work. With that last thought she made her way to her house down Main Street. Praying the next day would offer some release of the harshness she had been facing daily.

When she was eight feet away from the front doors to the Crashdown, there was an explosion from the inside. She heard the rumbling before anything. As she looked inside the place was ingulfed in orange fire. The blast was so explosive that the windows broke and she was thrown back into the windshield of her parents car. She moved just a little bit and stared at her childhood home for a second before the darkness claimed her.

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Chapter 2

"Maria," Amy Deluca called to her daughter. She leaned over Maria's bed and gently shook her daughter. "Maria, get up sweetie."

"Five more minutes mom," Maria mumbled as she rolled over and pulled the covers over her head.

"Maria, you need to get up."

"I thought I told you I didn't have to work until this afternoon? It's too early."

"Maria Nicole Deluca! I said wake up and I meant right now!" She pulled the covers from her daughter and saw Maria blow out a breath.

"Good grief you're aggrivating! What was sooo important that you had to wake me up at...6:15 on a Saterday morning?" Amy thought about saying something to Maria about her tone but decided against it. Trying to wake Maria was like trying to pull teeth, it's painful. Maria hated not being able to sleep in. Amy stood quietly trying to figure out what to say. How do you tell your daughter that her best friend's house exploded and that the sheriff thinks there was foul play involved?

"The Crashdown is gone," Amy blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

"What do you mean gone?"

"There's...something has happened...Jim called a few minutes ago, there's been an...accident."

"OKay, you are just making me more nervous, whatv are you trying to tell me?"

"There's been an explosion at the Crashdown."

"An explosion?" Maria repeated. She shot out of bed and threw her night clothes off. She searched around her floor for an outfit that was close to matching. "I have to find Liz."

"There's nothing left of the Crashdown or upstairs in the Parker's apartment." Maria faltered at her mother's words. Nothing left? What about Liz and her parents. "Honey, Jeff and Nancy are dead."

"Liz! What about Liz! Is she all right?" She couldn't focus on anything other than Liz. Was her best friend from childhood okay? She had to be. Maria couldn't imagine a life without Liz in it.

"She's in the hospital. She wasn't inside when the explosion occured. She did hit her head though and she was brought to Roswell memorial."

Maria inwardly smiled and took a couple of deep breaths. Her best friend was alive and for now she was safe. Now, Maria needed to find her. "I need to go to her. She's going to need someone."

"I'd be surprised if you didn't. I'll close the shop up early and I will stop by later this afternoon.
"Dianne, honey. Come take a look at this!" Phillip Evans called to his wife. Dianne walked into the living room and looked to the television when her husband turned the volume up.

"This is Sierra Stone reporting live. Sometime around 4:00 this morning many people were shocked out of their sleep by a loud explosion. The place, Roswell's very own Crashdown Cafe'. Police still have yet to identify the cause, but as of right now they believe it was foul play. They haven't given any information about casualties, but a girl has been rushed to the hospital. We will be checking in and keep you updated. Again, this is Sierra Stone reorting for channel four."

"Oh dear," Dianne muttered as she placed her hand over her mouth. The only time she had ever gotten to know the Parkers was when Max and Liz had stayed over night in the desert. She knew that Liz was a close friend of Max and Isabel's. She slowly went to her children's rooms.
On her way to the hospital Maria's mind was reeling. So many things were on her mind and she didn't know what to do. There was one thing she did know though. She was going to go crazy if someone wasn't with her. She made a u-turn and went to Alex's. When she got there she alternated from banging on the door with her fists and ringing the doorbell four times in a row.

"Geez Maria," Alex said as he opened the door. "I never knew I was that much in demand." Maria didn't retort as she walked in. Alex shut the door.

"Are you watching tv?" Maria asked. She walked into his den and looked at the screen. "Disney's one Saterday Morning?"

"Don't you just love that Mickey?"

"What? Are you like seven?" She asked.

"Nine and a half!" Alex retorted as he crossed his arms. Maria rolled her eyes and grabbed the remote that was sitting on the tannedarm chair. She switched the news on channel four news.

"Watch this," Maria told him.

Oh, my god," Alex breathed as he ran a shaky hand through his hair after Sierra Stone finished her report. His kegs gave out and he plopped onto the couch. "LIz? Shes not...I mean God wouldn't ..." Alex couldn't even finish his sentence.

"She's in the hospital. I was on my way there. I know you were upset at her these past few weeks but I can't do this on my own Alex." Tears started gathering in her green eyes. "I'll go crazy if I do and I-"

"Just give me a minute to change." She nodded as he left the room. "You should probably give Max a call."
Isabel peered into her brother'r room and cursed herlf for ever offering to tell Max. She had just gotten woken up by her mother and Isabel's mind was still in shock from the news. She stepped inside the room and shut the door. She heard him mumble 'Liz' in his sleep and wondered why she volunteered again.

"Max, wake up." She wiped her tears from her cheeks. "PLease wake up Max."

"Hmm?" He moaned still sleeping.

"Wake up," Isabel implored again. She saw his eyes open and look at her.

"Isabel?" He searched her face and noticed the tears. "Did something happen? Mom and Dad!" He asked instantly alert.

"Are fine," isabel soothed. "They are in the living room."

"Then what?"

Isabel took a deep breath. She knew what was going on between Max, hell the entire school knew. She tried to get her bearings and tell her brother the news that Liz may or may not be dead. Even though her brother was hurt and treated Liz the way he had been she knew that he still loved her.

"There was an explosion last the Crashdown. Everyone inside was killed."


"There was an explosion at the Crashdown. There's nothing left of it or the apartment upstairs. I don't know if anyone was there, but if they were they were killed. I tried calling Valenti, but I can't get through."

WHAT? Max's mind was screaming. Isabel's words played over and over in his head. 'Whoever inside was probably killed'. His eyes clouded over with tears, tears for himself and for Liz. "I was so mean to her. She might be dead and her last days on earth were spent with me being an ass to her."

"Isabel, Maria's on the phone," Mrs. Evans announced as she walked into the room. Isabel ran to her mother and grabbed the phone.

"Maria! What happened?...The news said that much...What about Mr. and Mrs. Parker...and Liz?...But she's...okay, we'll be there."

Max listened to the one sided conversation trying to determine what news Isabel had. As the conversation went on he listened to the hope dim when she asked about the Parkers. He knew that wasn't good. When she asked about Liz Isabel had shut her eyes and a tear escaped. Max's heart was pounding so hard he was sure it would pound of his chest. He watched his sister hang up the phone and he waited, holding his breath.

"She's alive," Isabel told them softly. She watched her brother break down again. "Valenti called Amy earlier this morning. Maria and Alex are on their way to Roswell Memorial and I said we would be there too."

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Chapter 3

She and Alex had been sitting in the waiting room for four hours waiting to see Liz. Maria was just about fed up. First they had to wait for visiting hours to start and then when eight o'clock rolled around a nurse told them to wait until the doctors examined her. The two sat down again not knowing when they were ever going to see their friend.

"I have no idea what docotrs do all day," Maria said to Alex. "I mean you'd think they would be out saving lives, I bet they are all in the staff room having breakfast or something. This is Roswell for god's sake! This place isn't that big! How long does it take to examine one patient...I mean assuming he would actually get his ass here."

"Do you remember when we were nine and we did that blood brother's thing?" Alex asked out of no where. Maria started laughing.

"My mom was so mad at us for using her knife. I remember when I went to tell her that Liz had cut herself she told me she was sure I was satan's spawn. She was so worried that Mr. and Mrs. Parker would never let us over again. She kept lecturing me and I started crying. Then she realized what had happened and rushed inside. I couldn't believe she got so off the tangent."

"Seems to run in the family." Maria playfully nudged his side.

"Weren't we a pair. I was crying because Liz was hurt and because my mom yelled at me. We walked inside and I remember seeing you crying like a baby...and there Liz was. Sitting on the kitchen counter with her legs dangling holding a towel around her hand. She didn't cry once."

"I know, talk about sympathy pains," Alex muttered. "I remembered seeing all that blood and that was a lot for a nine year old! I kept thinking that she was going to die from so much blood loss." They both sat in silence obviously lost in the memory. "Man, I haven't thought about that day in ages. We were so young and uninvolved."

"I know." Maria's eyes started watering and she could stop it. It only took a minute for a faucet to start. Her body started shaking and she was racked with sobs. Alex looked over at Maria and hugged her. He was surprised she had held out as long as she did. Even though Liz wasn't dead just the fact that it could have happened caused their sadness.

Alex remembered the first day he had met Liz and Maria. He had known them from first grade, but they never talked until second grade. He was playing with a group of boys and and when Maria and Liz walked past them they started teasing them. Maria ran off in tears and Liz stalked up to them with the biggest frown. It was big enough to make all the other boys run away, but Alex was transfixed with her. She started yelling at him and then she pushed him down as hard as she could for making Maria cry. Alex then started crying and Liz stopped her yelling and actually asked if he was allright. He told her that he hadn't said anything and that he was sorry and then he cried because he was wearing a pair of white jeans and since he was pushed down on the black top that they were dirty and his mom was going to be mad.

It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship between the three. Soon after they had started having sleep overs and Alex was nicknamed "Honorary girlfriend #1" due to his male status. Up until sixth grade he was constantly ribbed by the other boys for having girls as best friends.

As Alex thought about it he realized that three of them balanced each other out. If he had lost either one they would be incomplete. Maria was the out going one. She was full of energy as a kid and still had it, only it was aimed at shopping. He had been the mellow one. That caused he and Maria to clash at many times over the years. Liz would always step in and yell at them for being stupid. She had always been the middle man between them. She hated to see people argue and did whatever she could to get them to make up.

As Maria cried in Alex's arms she too had thought about the past. To everyone else Maria was a tough cookie. She always became the 'teflon babe' in front of other people. It was just a veneer. Deep down she was one of the more dramatic people when it came to sensitive subjects. Liz had always been her rock, had always been there for her.

She supposed that was why it was so hard when Liz was keeping secrets from her again. Last year when Liz found out about Max she had distanced herself from her just make sure she wouldn't say a word because Liz knew she would tell Maria. Again, about a month ago it had started again. At first it was little things, she would deny eating lunch with them to 'finish homework' or 'study'. Maria wasn't so sure what she was studying, she was one of the smartest people in their class.

And then came the rumors. Liz and Kyle had hot monkey sex on her parents bed. She and Kyle had used a sex swing. Kyle had seduced her in a weak moment or vice versa. No matter what was said it still implied the same thing, Liz and Kyle had slept with one another. If she had only heard one rumor she would have just rolled her eyes, but when Pam Troy, Liz's archnemisis casually brings it up it became something more.

It was that night that Liz had confessed everything about future Max, about the end of the world. Maria had never been more proud of Liz or anyone else for that matter. Liz knew what she was going to have and she still gave it up to save her friends and famly, the friends who had become family. That night they had talked for hours, just getting to know each other again.

That was the great thing between her and Liz that varied with other girls. With guys, they could go months without talking to each other and of one approaches another after three months they just pick up where the left off. With girls, they bitched and complained about being dropped so suddenly. She and Liz were like guys in that aspect. Even though they saw each other everyday and talked on apersonal bases things just slipped their minds, especially with the chaos their lives had become since they joined the 'I know and alien club'. They still needed some time alone to spend by themselves.

"I'm sorry for just breaking down Alex."

"Don't apologize. I'm your honorary girlfriend remember. You had the right to cry on me when I became a member."

"God, this whole situation Nancy and Jeff are going to miss out on so much."

"Maria!" Isabel exclaimed as she and Max walked down the hall. Maria and Alex pulled away from one another and stood up. "Is there any news?"

"Nothing yet. We still haven't been able to see her."

"I talked to Valenti for a little. I guess the impact of the blast sent her flying into the windshield of her parent's car."

"What's going to happen now?" Isabel asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Now that her parents are dead who is the next of kin? I know she has an aunt in Florida. Will she be moving there?"

"I honestly don't know. My mind hasn't even begun to think that far ahead," Maria replied. She tried not to think about that fact. The first thing Maria had to do was make sure Liz was okay. When that situation came she would deal with it, she wouldn't give it thought until then.
It was another hour before anyone was aloud inside. It was decided that Maria would go in first and then Alex and then Max. Isabel had offered to be the one to call everyone and keep them informed.

Maria crept into Liz's room. She wasn't sure why, but she was afraid to wake her. As Liz laid on that hospital bed Maria thought about Sleeping Beauty. Liz could pass for one. With everything that had happened the had a serene look on her face. She sat next to Liz and grabbed her friend's frail hand in her own.

"Hi Lizzie, it's me. You gave Alex and I quite a scare! I don't think I've been so scared since I saw you on the floor of the Crashdown last September. You need to stop doing this to me. I can't handle it anymore. The thought of losing you is unbearable. I mean who would help me with all the situations I exprerience with Michael? Who would I gossip with about Pam Troy's latest fasion no-no? There's always Isabel, but she's not as fun as you. I know you can't hear me right now, but I need you to make sure you pull through this! Because I can't live the life I live in without you grounding me and keeping me sane."

When she finished her monologue she just sat in slence holding her friend's hand. Her thoughts were many. She was sure if they weren't in her head they would be everywhere all at once. She quietly gave her friend all her strength in hopes that Liz would soak it up and it would help. She hadn't even noticed when someone came in until she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"She looks so peaceful," Maria spoke not even knowing who was behind her. "This will probably be the last time she has a peaceful slumber with the horror she will have to wake up to. This shouldn't have happened to her. She is the sweetest and bravest person I know. It's so unfair that she had to lose both her parents and her childhood home."

"You're right. It isn't fair," Isabel agreed. "I know that I have never been close to you or to Liz but I am really sorry."

"Try unfriendly," Maria corrected. "Especially lately. I know that Liz hurt your brother, but you need to learn that what happens between him and Liz is between him and Liz. I know you love Max and were only trying to protect him, but in the end you pushed away one friend that you needed. I mean when she walked away from Max after mom-o-gram was heard I was so angry with her, but I never chose sides."

"I know, but Maria you have understand it from my point of view. All my life I have held everyone but Max and Michael at bay. They have been the most important people in my life, they are my family."

"So are the rest of us!" Maria cried out. She stood up and looked at Isabel, unaware of the other three people that had at the moment walk in. "Don't you get it? We are all a family, the nine of us. We were thrown together by a secret and now we will be tied together for the rest of our lives! We all fight and argue with another, we're all screwed up like other families. We may not be blood, but we are bonded by this...truth! Our lives have changed so drastically since this summer. You and Michael were keeping secrets from Max, Liz from's stupid. We may be a family, but we aren't a 'normal' family. The secrets that we keep can kill each other. Valenti doesn't think this was an accident. I sure as hell know it wasn't. No one in Roswell would ever do what happened at the Crashdown! This has alien written all over it. If we weren't so busy keeping secrets from one another and hiding feelings from each other then maybe we would have known something was wrong. It's our responsibility to look out for one another, but when our bruised egos came out we turned our backs on her! I don't blame you, any of you. We just...after Max's near death in New York you and Michael said this would change but it didn't! There are so few of us and we are still divided amongst each other! How do you guys expect us to win a war when we can't even get along with each other?"

"Maria," Alex said as he took a few tentative steps towards her. Maria had been so focused saying everything that she hadn't even noticed the tears running down her cheeks. He held her to his chest. "We were so close to losing her Alex, so close."

"I know, but we didn't. We just need to work with one another. Why don't you go for a walk and calm down?"

"Good idea," Maria agreed.

"I'll go with you," Isabel volunteered. Alex waited until the door was shut behind the girls before he turned to Max and Michael.

"She's right you know," Alex pointed out. "This 'us vs. them' is getting old. I know you guys are unsure of everything, but you have to have faith in us. Maria, Liz, Valenti, Kyle or I have never wronged you. In the past two months we have come so close to losing two people. Not only are we not getting along, but your enemies know this. They will hit us where we are most vulnerable. I know I may seem scrawny, but you people have never seen me pissed. Someone came after my family and I don't know about the two of you, but I'm ready to kick someone's ass."

"I'm always ready," MIchael replied with a smirk. He knew Alex meant what he was saying. He's seen it first hand when Alex punched him for going out on Maria a few weeks earlier. "And you know Maxwell's in to get back at someone for messing with Liz." The two looked over at Max.

"Max, we're just going to give you a few minutes alone," Alex mentioned when he noticed the look on Max's face as he stared at Liz's body.

Max made his way to Liz's bedside and grasped her hand in his much larger one. He stared at them, trying to figure out what to say. As he gazed at their hands he noticed how well they fit together. He loved the way her petite body fit against his. He remembered what it was like to hold her against him and he remembered feeling right.

Staring at Liz like this reminded him of the day he saved her life. She was just as precious and innocent now as she was then. When he had first saved her life he was thankful that he didn't have to hide anymore. He was able to talk to her freely even though she had been dating Kyle Valenti at the time. It was hard for him. He had always watched her from the side lines, afraid to get too close and he worried that some day his secret would be let out. He knew her from watching her, but they had never talked outside of class. After saving her life, he became an active roll in it and it was harder to see her with Kyle. When her relationship with Kyle ended he was so estatic. He wouldn't be forced too watch them kiss and hold hands. What Max hadn't anticipated on was the self restraint he would have to use. He was deathly afraid to get involved in a relationship. After their first date he ended things and it took a date with someone else for him to realize what he was missing.

So many things had taken place over the weeks. He and Liz had barely had any time together before his destiny was revealed, but the time they did spend together was something he would never forget. She had become his everything, but of course things could never stay on track.

When he saw her in bed with Kyle his heart must have turned to stone. He said things to Liz that he had never imagined he would ever say to her. His goal was to make her feel as bad as he was feeling. He even went as far to ask Tess out in front of her, kiss Tess in front of her and smile at Tess the way he used to smile at her. Whatever pain she inflicted upon her he threw out something ten times colder. Everytime he did something like that he watched her scamper off and he felt better for a while. Then, everything would sink in and he would silently loathe himself for acting so immature.

Earlier that morning he had been so upset about everything. No matter what he acted like he still loved her, he knew he always would. The reality that something could have happened to Liz was still playing in his mind, he knew he hadn't soaked in everything and he was trying to calm himself for when that did happen.

"I'm so sorry Liz," he cried out. "I know it isn't enough for the pain I inflicted on you these past few weeks but I am. For as long as I've known you I wanted you and when I finally got you I never wanted to let you go. You had come to mean so much to me in such a short time and when I adjusted to it...I wanted you back so bad this year. I thought I was so close until that Friday and my world came crashing down. I was so sure that we would be together. I knew that you sometimes hated what your life had become because of me, but somewhere deep inside I was sure that I was enough to keep you happy. Seeing you with Valenti brought all my insecurities up. You have more power over me wth your tiny hands than my enemies do. I know how I've acted towards you, but you have to believe me that I will spend the rest of my life making it up to you if you'll let me. When you wake up, assuming you will still want to speak to me, I will fix things between us. I love you so much Liz." He brought her hand up to his mouth and he kissed her knuckles.

Max brought her hand down and looked over her body. She was black and blue and there were cuts everywhere. He made a mental note to take care of a few things when she was allowed out of the hospital. He brushed away and strand of hair on her face and saw her head move away from his touch.

"Liz?" Max asked, hope tinting his voice. "Are you awake Liz?" He heard her moan and turn her head again. HE ran to the hall. "I think she's waking up." Michael and Alex were hot on Max's trail back into the room. Max took his previous seat. "Liz?" Very slowly he saw her open her eyes and squint at the bright light.

"Thank god," Alex sighed as he watched his best friend survey the room. He noted th question in her eyes before she swung her gaze back to the three of them. "Hey Liz, how are you feeling sweetie?" Alex asked he walked closer

"Who are you?"

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Chapter 4

The following morning Maria walked into her best friend's hospital room and plopped down on a chair. The following night had been emotionally exausting. Not only for her, but everyone in the group.

Yesterday when Liz had awakened not knowing who anyone was had been a shock for them. Maria and Isabel had returned from their walk and spotted all three guys sitting in the hall. MIchael announced that Liz had woken up and Maria was over him, Max and Alex. She barked question after question not bothering to stop for breath. When she finished she knew something was up when no one answered her and when they wouldn't make eye contact with her. Alex had been the one to tell her the truth and Maria forgot how to breathe. For minutes she denied it saying that Liz was only disoriented and that she needed to get her thoughts back. She believed that Liz would be like her old self in no time. The five waited for the doctors to finish their examination, anxious to hear what was said. When he walked out the room Everyone stood up.

"WHat happened?" Maria asked. "Is she going to be allright?"

"I'm sorry, I can't disperse any personaly information unless you are friend of family."

"Her parents are dead buddy. My mother is trying to locate her family but it isn't working. As of right now we are her family so you better tell us!" Maria said akready getting into 'Hurricane Deluca' mode. The doctor looked at the spitfire in front of him. She had anger and fear written across her face and then he looked to the others with so much hope in them.

"Your friend has what is called acute amnesia. Her mind has blocked out everyone in her life, yet she seems to know how to do the everyday things."

"What does that mean?" Isabel asked.

"She can't remember any of her friends, but she knows her locker combination at school," the doctor replied using it as an example. "It's not uncommon with patients that have undergone such an ordeal."

"Wait a minute here," Alex told the older man shaking his head. "Selective amnesia?"

"I suppose that's one way of looking at it," the doctor appeased.

"How long will this go on for?" Max asked after swollowing the lump in his throat.

"It could be anywhere from now until whenever. She could gain it all back at once, or it might just come in pieces. The truth is, we aren't certain on anything."

The five had spent another couple of hours sitting in Liz's room. In that time she had only woken once and before she could look at any of them she was passed back out again. The nurse had come in a few minutes later telling them that she had recieved a sedative and would most likely be out the rest of the night. It was then decided that they would go to Valenti's for a while to fill Valenti, Kyle and Tess in.

As the eight sat around the living room no one could deny the oddity of Liz's absence. For as long as they could remember she had always been there and then one day she was gone. Kyle and Tess asked a few questions but recieved little or no reply. I had turned out to be a difficult situation for Max, Michael, Isabel, Maria and Alex to talk about.

At nine o'clock everyone split and went off on their own. Maria had denied all possible company. She knew Alex needed to have to deal the with the situation as well and she knew that if he was taking care of her he would put off his well being for the time. She denied Michael because she was still incredibly hurt with the situation with Courtney. It had happened weeks ago, but Michael had flat out lied to her about the situation. When she left Alex had already been on his way out, Kyle went to his room and the other four were in the living room.

When she returned home Maria went straight to her room and passed out into a dreamless slumber. When eight o'clock rolled around she was at the hospital ready to be there for Liz when she woke up.

She had brought a few teen magazines and began reading articles and giving quizes from them. That was what she was doing when she heard Liz yawn. Maria looked up from the current article she was reading and looked into the eyes of her best friend. They were once so warm and full of motion, now there was a vaccant stare.

"You're awake," Maria said with a smile.

"I have been for a while. I've just been listening to you read. So, this Brendan Fehr, he's cute huh?"

"What?" Maria asked, surprised that the first sentence Liz would say was about an actor.

"You said that he was yummy and he was coming out with a new movie. You think he's cute?"

"Very much so. Although your type would be more of a Jason Behr."


"Nevermind," Maria muttered.

"It's nice to meet you. My names Liz, or so the doctors tell me. I take it that since you are sitting here you know me."

"Yes, I'm Maria Deluca. You and I are best friends." MAria had to take a deep breath when she finished. It was odd having to reintroduce yourself to your best friend.

"Can you tell me what happened? The docotrs have been a little evasive."

"There was an explosion at your house."

"My house? And my parents assuming I had some."

"Oh, you had great parents. They loved you so much," Maria answered her eyes blurring a little.

"Had? As in not anymore," Liz summed up. "Did they die in that fire."

"I'm sorry honey."

"Why? It's not like I remember them anyway," Liz mutttered bitterly. "So, what happens now?"

"What do you mean?"

"Do I have and brothers or sisters? I mean if my parents are dead then that means some family member will collect me. Will I be moving away?"

"To tell you the truth, we hadn't really thought about that. We were more concerned about your well being."

"Who's 'we'?"

"Alex, Max, MIchael and Isabel."

"Who are they?"

"Our friends. You, Alex and I have been friends since we were seven and we became friends with the other three last year. They'll be here in a while. You should rest before they get here."

"All I've been doing for the last day was sleep. I'm not tired. Read a little more, your voice brings me a sense of peace."
"How are my two favorite girls?" Alex asked as he walked in with Isabel, Michael and Max. Tess, Kyle and Jim Valenti were behind them

"We were just reading," Maria explained. "Now that everyone is here I think reintroductions are in order. Liz, this is Alex Whitman, the one I was telling you about. This is Michael Guerin, if he seems unfriendly it's because he is. Don't take offense to his broodyness. This is Isabel Evans, her brother Max. Over here this is Tess Harding, Kyle Valenti and his dad Jim, who also happens to be the sheriff of this small, usually uneventful town." As she made her introductions Maria tried to act like her usual self. The doctors had said that it would be better to get things back to the way they used to instead of walking on egg shells.

Liz studied each person she was introduction. On the outside she smiled unsurely at them but in her head something didn't seem right. Alex was a bit...on the geeky side. Isabel was very beautiful and held herself properly, like a princess. Michael indeed looked unfriendly. He looked to have a rebellius side. Max, how handsome was he! He looked shy and mysterious, Tess seemed a little off. There was something about her that Liz couldn't put together. Kyle seemed like an all american athletic played with the letterman jacket he was sporting and then there was his father. Guessing that since he was there he must have been close to them.

"We're friends with the sheriff?" Liz asked uncomfortably. "Isn't that...oh I don't know, kind of weird?"

Her question raised eyebrows and they hurried for a retort. They had never thought about until Liz said something but to on lookers it must have looked odd. What teenagers hung out with their parents, let alone ones that were sworn to uphold the law.

"Actually Ms. Parker I came to speak to you about the incidence. You are friends with my son. Your parents were friends of mine and I just felt like I should check up on you," Jim replied quickly. He looked to Max and noticed him give a small smile in thanks. Jim nodded at him and looked back to Liz. She seemed to have bought the answer and went back to looking at everyone.

"What would you like to speak about?" Liz asked. "I'm sure that you being the sheriff know about my situation and you probably know about my condtion. I'm afraid I can't help you with anything."

"I suppose you are right," Jim conceeded.

"Knock, knock," a nurse said. She carried in a tray of food and sat it down in front of Liz. Liz's eyes strained as she tried to make out what was on her plate.

"Excuse me, but what is this?"

"Salsbury steak, green beens an orange anf jello." The nurse left and Liz looked at Maria because she was the only person she felt remotely safe around.

"Do I like this food?"

"Yum," Maria replied with a forced smile. Liz seemed to accept it and she started eating. Her first bite was forced down her throat.

"Yuck. This food alone is enough to kill a person, thank god I'm already in the hospital."

"Would you like someone to get you something from the cafeteria?" Isabel asked.

"Is it better than this slop?" Liz asked cautiously.


"Then yes, I would love that thank you." When Isabel left the room with Tess Liz looked at the others. "So, MKaria already told me how I became friends with herself and Alex. What about the rest of you?"

"Well, um you and I used to date," Kyle started. "You dumped me for Evans over there." Liz looked at the boy and then to the Greek Adonis standing diaginal from her.

"We dated?" She asked in awe. She had seen her reflection in the mirror earlier and she didn't see anything spectacular so it was exciting to learn that this very handsome guy was someone she dated. He gave her a hald smile.

"Yeah. Michael and Isabel are my closest friends so when you and I started dating they were thrown together."

"Are we still together?" Liz asked in a soft voice. Max looked into her eyes and wanted to tell her that he loved her and he wanted to be with her, but this new situation brought new complications.

"No, we broke up last year," Max replied.


"Destiny came to Roswell," Maria answered lowly. She saw Max and Michael glare at her while Liz looked on confused.

"Excuse me?"

"Nevermind, it's a loooonnnggg story that you shouldn't waste your time with," Maria replied with a tight lipped smile.
"That was hard!" Michael said as he, Tess, Isabel and Max walked to Max's jeep later that day.

"What do you mean?"

"We can lie to everyone else until we are blue in the face, but the fact remains that Liz is part of our group. We're going to have to be more careful about we say around her," Tess explained for Isabel. "Maybe it would be best if we kept our distance from her?" She suggested.

"Oh, you'd just love that wouldn't you?" Isabel shot back. "Liz looses her memory and you move in on Max, perfect plan Tess."

"No one's keeping their distance from anyone. Liz already can tell we are a close knit group of friends, if we ditch she'll know something's up. Besides, Alex and Maria were right yesterday," Max dictated. The idea of Tess trying to move anything on him upset him a little.

"Alex and Maria? What do they have to do with this? They are nothing but lowly humans."

"Shut up Tess," the other three barked. Tess decided to shut her mouth before she said anything worse.

*Note* I used a few lines from the movie While You Were Sleeping.

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Chapter 5

"And this is my room," Maria finished. She had shown Liz all around her house. "Well, I guess it would be our room now."

Liz looked around and smiled. All around the room there were wild and crazy clothes and unique looking furniture. From what Liz knew, it suited Maria just perfectly. All over Maria's vanity were little bottles of oil. Liz decided it was something that she was going to have to ask Maria about. Up on the wall Liz noticed pictures hanging and as she got a closer look her interest was peeked.

There were several pictures, but only a couple of them really stood out. There was one of two little girls and a little boy sitting in a cafe eating. There was a picture of herself and Maria dressed in aqua colored uniforms. They had their arms around each other and had big smiles. There was a picture of herself, Maria, Alex, Isabel, Max and Michael. They were sitting under a tree and Liz assumed it was taken when someone had taken the picture they were laughing. The last picture she saw included the same people from before plus Tess and Kyle.

"What are the deals with these?" Liz asked.

"Oh, that one is a picture of you, me and Alex. We were elven. That was at one of the booths in the Crashdown. I wish you could remember what it looked like," Maria thought out loud wistfully. "This town is full of alien things and the Crashdown was...the same. On the walls there were alien pictures and on one there was a mural. The food there had different names like the Blueman Burger, Space fries, Men in Blackberry Pie. We even served a shake called Blood of Alien Smoothie. The list goes on and on." Maria noticed that Liz had her nose wrinkled. "I know it sounds gross, but the tourists got a kick out of it. MAx used to drag Michael and Isabel to the Crashdown with him and Isabel was always so disgusted by the items in the menu."


"This one was taken when you and I started working there. We were barely fifteen. The uniforms were short greenish blue dresses and our aprons were silver alien heads. The antennas completed the ensamble though. The next one with the six of us was taken last year. You and Max were together, you can tell by the annoyingly sweet looks you guys are giving each other. Then, there is me and MIchael. Michael and I have never been conventional. We kind of have this on again, off again relationship. Then there is Alex and Isabel. Alex has had a crush on her for years, but she never noticed him. Last year when we all became friends Isabel started warming up to him. They are friends now, but far from anything else. She may be friend, but I hate the way she treats Alex."

"What about this one? We all kind of look unhappy."

"At the end of last year Tess moved to Roswell, and she kind of got in between the six of us. She and Max had a thing a super long time ago and when she came here she made no secret of her intentions in getting him back. You and Max broke up. Michael had broken up with me because he had a few issues he needed to deal with and then there was Alex and Isabel. The were only friends last year so they kind of just kept it going."

Liz looked at the picture again and couldn't help but take in all the little details. Max was standing in the back and Tess had her arm around him in what seemed a posessive manner. Max was looking to his life and down where Liz was sitting with Maria and Alex. MIchael was sitting next to Maria with a blank face. Isabel was standing behind Alex and Kyle was next to her. None of them seemed to want to be here, and the smiles seemed all too fake. "We broke up because of Tess huh?"

"Kind of, Max wanted to stay with you, but you ended it. We all had a lot of adjustment to make through the summer before our junior year." JUst telling Liz about the pictures was making Maria sad. She cleared her throat to get her friend's attention. "Well, what do you say we go shopping for some things? I know you have a ton of money to blow and you need some clothes."

Liz had stayed in the hospital for another two weeks. Max had been kind enough to bring all the class work she had missed and while she was alone she finished it, hoping not to fall too behind in her classes. During those weeks her parents had been buried and she hadn't even been allowed to go. Then her parent's lawyer had come and Liz learned that she was now a very rich girl. Liz had asked how she got so much money and Maria answered that her Grandma Cluadia was a famous author and that most of it was her's. MAria explained to Liz about all the people in her life and what they meant to her but Liz had so many questions. She never asked any of them because she had a feeling that Maria wouldn't know the answers any better than she did.

"Sure, I wouldn't mind."

Two hours and ten shopping bags later the two were on their way back to Maria. Shopping for Liz had been different than what she was used it. Besides Liz not knowing where she was going, her style in clothes seemed to change as well. Gone were the simple classics, instead Liz was buying tight jeans and small tight shirts. Along with the clothes, Liz purchased a few items to furnish the bedroom. At first she felt weird because it was Maria's room, but Maria insisted that she buy some things because they might help her adjust better.

"Maria, can we stop where my house used to be?"

"Why...would you want to go there?"

"I don't know, just to see."

"Sure, if you really want to." Maria drove down main street and she stopped so Liz could take a look. Maria parked at the UFO Center and they just stared at what was left of the building. "You apartment was upstairs."

The windows in the front of the building had been blown out, now there were boards in place of them. The blocks looked old and unsturdy. Liz looked over top the building and noticed that the apartment above was just as bad or worse.

"Your room was to the left. There was a balcony."

Liz nodded to show that she had heard her, but she was dazed as she stared at the building ahead of her. The building had a sad look about it. Liz closed her eyes and imagined the greatness it once held. INside there were probably many moments that people experienced and they were now gone.

When Liz opened up her eyes she noticed the police tape around the building. There were orange cones sectioning off the the side walk around the building because it was in such poor shape.

Liz could feel stinging in her eyes. She wasn't sure why she was crying. Maybe it was for all thjose people who lost memories in the building, or maybe she was crying for the parents that she no longer knew or would know. It was odd for her to think that the pathetic looking building was once her childhood homes. All of her best memories were probably in that building. Even if she did regain her memory she would never be able to refresh them.

"Liz?" A voice asked penetrating her thoughts. LIz whirled around and came face to face with Max.

"MAx, what are you doing here?"

"I work here," Max said motioning to the UFO Center.

"Wouldn't that get annoying?" Liz asked.


"Being surrounded with aliens and UFO's. Don't you get enough of it everywhere else in town?"

"Yes, but it's fun working here."

"Yeah, I can see how shoving fake intestines into a plastic alien can be construed as interesting," Maria quipped.

"Oh, hi Maria. I didn't notice you."

"Of course you didn't," she shot back jokingly. She saw Max flush with embarrassment. Liz and Max were standing a few feet away from each other and every so often they would glance at one another. Everytime they made eye contact they looked away. Maria watched this all going on with a smile on her face. It looked like there was hope.

"So, what were you guys up to?" Max asked generally, but he had yet to take his eyes off of Liz.

"Oh, we went shopping."

"That's good. Listen I have to go, but I'll see you later. BYe Liz, bye Maria."

The weekend passed without and incidents. Saterday night Alex had come over and he, Liz and Maria watched movies all night. On Sunday Liz made sure she had caught up on all of her school work and that night Maria coached her on everything she would need to know from what the teachers expected to which students to avoid.
"You ready chica?" Maria asked as they stood in front of the school.

"I think so." They made their way through the front doors and all conversation stopped as they looked at Liz. Liz shot a glance at Maria and continued walking. After a few more seconds the conversations ressumed, but with an entirely different subject.

The previous day Liz had spent her time making sure she was all caught up on what she needed. When she had finished Maria coached her on things she would need to know, like what the teachers expected and who to avoid. MAria had also warned her by saying people would say things, but LIz's imagination couldn't even fathom what it would mean. At the moment Liz felt like she could have been alone. MAria may have been with her, but all the talking was about her. She felt like an outsider. As they passed people many stopped to talk to Liz. The only thing she wanted to do was leave. The way they were speaking made Liz feel weird being there and she had to keep herself from making sarcastic remarks to a few of them.

"Oh, there's the bell," Maria sang happliy. She grabbed Liz's arm and pulled here away. Maria had seen the look on Liz's face and could tell she was less than thrilled. When she pulled Liz away they were both happy.

"Thank goodness. If I had to listen to one more remark about how unfortunate I am I thought I was going to kill someone."

"I know, I'm sorry you had to endure all that. Don't worry, tomorrow will be back to normal."

"I hope so."

"Okay, here's your class. I'm just a few doors down so wait for me after the bell and I'll show you to your next class." LIz nodded at her and made her way inside.
"Today has been so horrible," Liz brought up as she, Maria and Michael walked from their fourth hour to lunch. "I no longer have a name. I"m now referred to as the 'girl who can't remember'. And you know what I can't stand? The way that people think they are whispering, but in reality they aren't as low as they thought they were."

"I have to say Liz, you made quite an impression on your clothes," Tess said as she met the three in the cafeteria. They were on their way to the gang's table in the quad.

"What do you mean? Oh, you mean because they are so different from what I normally wear? You should see what I'm wearing tomorrow." Liz was wearing a pair of tight white pants and a light purple shirt that had spaghetti straps. She had a matching jacket to go over it. She had a classy but revealing look about her and the boys who had never noticed her before started to that day.

"I don't know what it, but I feel really good about myself. I don't know who is responsible for that explosion, but I feel like the luckiest person in the world for not letting it break me."

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Chapter 6

Liz had been back at school for two weeks and she was already starting to stress. She had known that her classes woud be hard when she attempted to catch up while she was in the hospital. It was a little different thought. She had all the time in the world in there, now she was juggling her school work and her home life that now included friends.

The bell had just rung signaling the end of class and Liz blew out a heavy breath. It was only the end of third hour and already she was loaded down with homework that would take her through the evening to finish. On top of that she knew that her fourth hour teacher was issuing out a project. Liz's thoughts were so consuming that she hadn'y even noticed Maria calling her name.

Maria looked after Liz after she had just passed her without ackowledging her. She wore a slight frown wondering what was up with her friend. Maria hadn't been the only one to make note of Liz's behavior. Max had taken it upon himself to keep an eye on Liz.

When Liz was still in the hospital Max had called a group meeting. The six, well eight including the sheriff and Kyle sat down and tried to come with an explanation as to what had caused the explosion at the Crashdown. Everyone was clueless as to tossing out ideas. The only person that had was Alex and no one was thrilled with it or him after. He had suggested that it was their enemies. At first none of the aliens took him seriously. If their enemies had decided to make a strike why go after human? Max wasn't sure what it was, but if it was an enemy of his he didn't want to take any chances by dismissing anything too quickly. They were back to square one when it came to Liz. She had no idea that the aliens were aliens and that meant she had no idea what danger she was in. In class Max 's eyes would wander over to Liz quite often. Actually, whenever they were together or in the same vicinity Max had a way of keeping her in his sights at all times. Maria had started referring to it as 'the stalker era', thinking back to the days before Max gad healed Liz in the Crashdown.

Max couldn't figure out why he decided to keep a close eye on Liz. Everyone in the group was now on high alert and there was some sort of unspoken agreement to keep an eye out for Liz, but Max felt more responsible for her. Max had debated with himself over the issue. He could keep an eye on her like everyone else without getting personal, but the more time he spent watching Liz the more time he wanted to be with her.

Seeing Liz and Kyle in bed together had been the worst day of his life. As if it wasn't bad enough for Liz to do something like that, she did it with her ex-boyfriend. An ex-boyfriend she swore she had no feelings for. Max had loved her for so long, and after finding out his secret she had come to mean so much more to him than he ever thought possible. The situations that the group had been thrust un had been hard, but having Liz as an active part in his life had been a positive factor. When she walked away from him that past May Max thought he wiuld die. That summer had been entirely too long for him without speaking to her, so when she came home he was ecstatic. He threw himself into the position to win her back and nothing else seemed so important. HE was sure they were on their way to the road of recovery, and that was why that October night threw him through a loop.

It had been the worst thing he could have witnessed. He had come so far from not knowing who he was or where he was from and the only reason why he started discovering was because of Liz. He had been captured by the FBI, he had been tortured and the one thing he held on to was Liz. She was the one that saved him. He never realized how much power Liz held over him.

On the other hand though, he and Liz weren't together. That much had been painfully clear when she walked away from him in May. In October they weren't together, and like or not she had the right to do whatever she wanted. As much as Max wanted to hate her for it he couldn't because they hadn't been in a relationship.

Then there was also the memory to factor in. Liz had no recollection of what had happened and so she had no idea that she had slept with Kyle. Even if Max had a reason to hate Liz he couldn't treat her badly because she had no idea it even happened. Sure, there was a chance she could regain her memory, but there was also a chance that she wouldn't. The only thing she could do was create new memories and Max wanted to be there for that.

By the time he made his way to class Liz was already in her seat. Max pasued right inside the door. She was so beautiful Her long brown hair was pinned back and her tight low cut shirt was messing up his concentration. Her desk was a disaster and she was looking over random papers. She was so similar, but she was an entirely different person as well. He was brought out of his thoughts by someone knocking into him and Max made his way to his desk which was the desk to the left of Liz.

"Hi Liz." LIz looked up, a slight blush tinted her cheeks as she stared into his eyes. She still couldn't get over the fact that they had dated. Maria had told her that she and Max were pretty heavy at one time. If they were so good together she didn't understand why they broke up in the first place, and whenever she asked Maria her friend would clam up.

"Oh, hey Max. How are you doing?"

"Pretty good. You?"


The bell rang and the two were cut from making any further conversation when their teacher walked in. Half way into class they were split into pairs for their preject and on their way to the library. Luck was on their side when Max and Liz were paired together. Liz and Max were a few feet behind the rest of the class as they walked through the halls. Max had his eyes on Liz and she turned her face up to him.

"What?" She asked.

"Are you ready for the project?"

"What was it again?" Liz asked. "I'm sorry, my mind has been somewhere else all morning."

"Are you allright?"

"I just...this is getting tough. I'm falling behind and it's making me so stressed."

"Is that all?" Max asked. "I can help you with that. We have to work together on this project anyway. We can spend an extra hour hour helping you get caught up."

"You don't mind?" Liz asked.

"What are friends for?"


{"What are we going to do Jordon?" The short brunette asked her husband as they walked into their house.

"We give her to the Parkers."

"Give our daughter away to people that are practically strangers to us?" She looked at her husband as if he had lost his mind.

"Nancy ad Jeff are great people. THey can't have their own children, I know they would take care of her." Nalianna didn't relinquish her stare. He may have been right about the Parkers, but to give up their daughter? Lizzie was the light of their lives.

As if sensing his wife's thoughts Jordon took her into his arms. "It's the only choice we have. We don't where the others are let alone if they are even alive. They are on to us, we can't keep Lizzie with us. You know that." By now both were crying about the decision they were being forced to make.

"I know, but I can't give her up."

"I know, I know." He started stroking her hair. "We'll talk to Jeff and Nancy tomorrow." Nalianna clung to her husband for comfort, neither noticing the small brown eyed child standing in the doorway.}

Liz sprung up from her reclining position. What had that been? Was it a memory? The doctors said that she may get it back one day. Or, had it just been a dream? She tried to think back, but it started to get foggy. After another minute it had completely faded. Liz laid back. The only thing she was sure anout was it was the third night she had been awoken by a dream only to have it fade from her memory.

Liz looked over to find Maria fast asleep. She smiled as she heard Maria mumble Michael's name. At least one of them had been able to get a good night's rest. After another ten minutes of trying to find another comfortable spot Liz threw the covers from herself and started getting dressed.

Michael was one unhappy guy. All he wanted to do was sleep. After the Crashdown burnt down Michael had got a job as a security guard at Metachem. It was a major change from a cook and everyday he went home drained. When Maria called him half an hour earlier in hysterics because Liz was missing Michael had been recruited into finding her.

He had checked at all the places he could possibly think of that Liz would go, but every one of them turned up empty. When he was on his way home he spotted someone at the park. As he drew closer he made it out to be Liz. She was staring out in front of her, as if the nothingness held the answers to all of Earth's mysteries. He paused a few feet away from Liz. What was he supposed to say? Mariqa should have called Max, he was much more qualified when it came to dealing with emotions.


"Michael!" She jumped. "What are you doing out here?"

"I was on my way home from looking for you. Maria woke up panicing because she couldn't find you. I, of course was woken up from wonderful sleep." He saw the corners of her mouth twist up before she started giggling. Michael rolled his eyes at her.

"I'm sorry Michael, I didn't mean for you to be woken up."

"Just do me a favor for the future...if you decide to leave write a note or don't leave the yard." Michael helped her stand and they made their way to Maria's in an awkward silence. "So, did you want to talk?" Michael asked stumbled out. After two minutes of silence he was about to give up when her voice stopped him.

"I had a dream, and I think it was a memory."

"Well, what was it about?" He asked. It would be horrible if it was about one of them using their powers. Liz shook her head.

"I don't remember."

"Listen, I know we aren't close or anything, but I was just trying to be nice."

"I honestly can't remember. This is the third night I have woken up from dreams that fade after a few minutes." Michael inwardly groaned for saying what he had. He had never taken the time to look at things form anyone else's point of view on things and in a bad judgement he would react harshly. "Do you know wat it's like not to remember anything about your life? I mean people around me tell me about it, but they might as well be telling me about some other person. I don't remember anything and it gets so lonely some times."

Michael considered her words and took them to heart. That was the way that he had felt all his life. In a way Max and Isabel felt the same way, but they had the Evans to keep them satisfied. They had a family and he was stuck on his own. They couldn't even identify with his feelings. Michael shook his head, he would have never imagined that Liz would ever feel that way.

"Actually I kind of do. Max, Isabel and I were adopted. Or they were adopted and I was out in foster care."

"So, we do have something in common," Liz said changing the subject. She didn't want t talk about her feelings anymore she felt very vulnerable.


"Oh, it's just none of us are alike. I mean I can see why Maria and Alex are my friends. Then there's Max, who's been terrific. I really like him. Tess is just...I haveb;t gather what she is or why we hang out. Then there's you and Isabel. I know that we must have been good friends, but you guys are really stand offish with me now. How did we all become friends in the first place?"

"It's a really long story, you don't want to hear it tonight." Michael walked her to the Deluca's porch. "Well, here we are."

"Yeah. I'm sorry again that Maria woke you up. Thanks for the conversation. I'll um...see you tomorrow. Night Michael."

"See you tomorrow Liz." He waited for her to get inside before he walked home.
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Chapter 7

So Liz, how about we get together Saturday afternoon and start on our project?” Max asked as they walked to the lunch room. “We can work on your studies either before or after.”

Liz was looking down at her feet when Max offered that. Sh knew that she was smiling and blushing. Just the idea of spending time with Max alone outside of school made her smile. He had the most amazing eyes she had ever seen, and when she caught him looking at her with those incredible eyes she had to admit that she didn’t mind all that much. Whenever he called her name her stomach would tighten and she would get flutters. He had a way of making her feel things she hadn’t even known existed.

Max moved his head down to see what she found so fascinating since she hadn’t answered him. He looked at her face and smile. Was she blushing? Just the thought that she reacted him made his heart skip a beat. He had promised himself that everything they did would be platonic, but he couldn’t help think things. “Liz?”

“Yeah I would like that.” She looked up and spotted Michael standing in the lunch line by himself. It reminded her that she wanted to speak to him without the others around. “Oh Max, I have to go speak with someone. I’ll meet you outside.” She smiled at him before walking away. Max watched after her with a smile on his mouth. It stopped when he saw her approach Michael. Since when did she have to talk to him privately? He frowned before he went outside to the others.

“Hey Michael,” Liz greeted as she joined him in line.

“Oh, hey Liz.” He went back to what he was doing before she got there. He honestly had no idea what to say to her or what she wanted after the previous night.

It was a little weird for Michael. In all the time since Liz had learned the secret that he shared with Isabel and Max the two had never really been close. There were two moments they shared which could be construed as bonding. The first time had been when he had taken her journal to see if they could really trust her. When Max had told him and Isabel that the journal had been recovered and Isabel asked where it was Max could only tell them what Liz told them. ‘A really good friend returned it.’ The other moment was when Max had been taken by the FBI. Michael opened his arms and let Liz cry in them. If Michael had never read her journal it would never have been on a personal level.

After the previous night Michael had been thinking a lot. Never in all his life had he imagined that Liz would ever feel as lost and lonely as he did. Then again he had never imagined her losing her memory either. Last night made it feel like he connected with Liz. He had been friends with Max and Isabel all his life. Even though they were the closest of friends Michael felt that if they weren’t all aliens that they never would have spoken to each other in the first place. He and Liz as well as Maria started talking because of the secret they had shared. It was different now though because Lis didn’t know about his origins. She had summed up everything he had been feeling since he had emerged from his pod and had been separated from Max and Isabel. That in itself scared him.

Liz looked around everywhere, but at Michael. After Michael had walked her home she went back to bed for a few hours. When she woke up that morning she felt awkward though. She knew that she was close friends with Michael before she lost her memory. But she was an entirely different person now. Michael might as well have been a stranger. To her, she didn’t know Michael and she was surprised that she opened up to him as much as she did. The last thing she wanted him doing was telling everyone about what she had mentioned.

After Michael finished paying for his meal he and Liz walked outside to the table where they sat in the quad. Liz stopped him by gently pulling on his arm. “Look Michael, I wanted to thank you for listening to me last night,” she said softly. “It feels great that I was able to relieve some of that. I have wanted to say it for a while, but the only people I’m ever with are Maria and Alex...and somehow I think that would hurt them.”

“Okay,” Michael agreed unsure of where she was going.

“Just because I told you things doesn’t mean I want other people knowing about them. I a, shocked that I opened up as much as I did last night considering you are practically like a stranger to me. I’m still trying to adjust here, and while I might feel semi-comfortable with you guys I’m not rushing right out there to share my secrets with you. I would really appreciate it you kept last night to yourself.”

“No problem Liz.” She smiled at him before they started back in their previous course.

At the table everyone was watching Liz and Michael talk in hushed voices. Max wasn’t the only to find the scene odd. Alex, Isabel and Tess watched with confused faces. “Since when did Michael and Liz share secrets?” Alex asked out loud for himself and the other two. He was feeling a little left out. Since Liz and Maria tried to hide the truth from him concerning Max, Michael and Isabel he had felt a little insecure in the way that the three of them used to be the three musketeers.

“Oh,” Maria waved her hand dismissively. “Last night I woke up and Liz was gone. I called Michael and had him go find her. When Liz got home last night she said that her and Michel talked. About what I’m as clueless as you, but I assume they are talking about that.”

“Liz disappeared?” Max asked alarmed.

“She said she had a bad dream and she couldn’t go back to sleep. She decided to go for a walk and that’s when I woke up.”

“Is she okay?” Isabel asked.

“As far as I know,” Maria replied.
Everyone quieted down as Michael and Liz took seats at the table. No one was sure what to say when Tess broke the ice. “So Max, I was wondering if you wanted to go to the movies Friday?”

Max was still reeling from what Maria had said, his mind was else where when he agreed.

“Great, I’ll call to get the times,” she couldn’t believe how easy it was to get him to agree. She shot a victorious look at Liz, who found her food more quite appealing.

When Max realized what he agreed to he inwardly groaned. Tess had been a pain in his back side since the message back in May. She had been very clingy to him and he hated it. “Sure, I’ll meet you there.”

“Don’t be silly. I’ve never had a date meet me at the movies before.”

Max nodded in defeat. He wanted to back out, but he felt bad. He and Tess were supposed to be together and while he didn’t feel that was the case he wanted to become friends with her. Maybe this Friday would show her that friends was better off. He looked over to see Isabel smiling mockingly at him and Michael shaking his head with a smile on his face. Max’s gaze then went to Liz. She was awful quiet. She looked up at him and he saw her give him a faint smile.

“So what is everyone else’s plans for the weekend?” Alex asked after noticing Liz’s expression.

“Grant and I are going out,” Isabel announced.

“Max and I are studying at the library on Saturday,” Liz said in a small voice. Sometimes she caught Max looking at her and with the way he treated her he acted like he liked her, but now he was going on a date with someone else.

“Ooh, what an exciting life you lead,” Tess remarked.

“I have a great idea. Why don’t we all go to the movies on Friday?” Maria thought out loud.

“Oh that sounds fun,” Isabel agreed quickly catching on to Maria’s line of thinking.

“But Max and I were going alone.”

“Oh, that’s fine everyone else can go together. So, we’ll meet you all there and we can sit together,” Maria said dismissing Tess and her fears. She had known that Max would be distracted with what she told them and Tess had suckered him in. “Don’t worry Tess you still get to sit next to him.”

“Oh goody,” Tess said with a roll of her eyes.

“So what time is good for everyone?” Maria asked as though she hadn’t heard Tess.


“Hey Kyle,” Liz greet as she walked into her fifth hour. She and Kyle had the same lunch, but they never really spoke all that much.

“Hey Liz, how are you going?”

“Pretty good. Listen, we’re all going to the movies On Friday night and I was wondering if you wanted to come. It originally started as a date for Max and Tess and Maria kind of just invited herself and everyone else to come along.”

Kyle wasn’t too comfortable with Max, Michael and Isabel. He had never really spent much time with them concerning their powers and because he didn’t know them it frightened him. Not to mention there was a very large amount of tension between him and Max concerning Liz. Unlike Tess, who lived in the same house as him. He and Tess had formed a friendship that no one else in the group seemed to share.

After all the time that they had spent together Kyle realized that Tess was two different people. She showed the rest of the group and anyone else that she wasn’t very comfortable with her sarcastic and shallow personality. She was very driven and stood up for what she believed in no matter what anyone else said. She often came off as prickly and because of that fact. When she was alone with Kyle he was able to see the vulnerable person she really was. She was funny and emotional and he knew she would die if anyone found out.

Kyle was about to accept when he heard the words ‘Max’, ‘Tess’ and ‘date.’ He and Tess had come a long way since she first moved in. They shared playful banter which could be called brotherly and sisterly, but brothers and sisters didn’t feel sexual tension between one another. After having gotten to know the real Tess Kyle found her to be very attractive, but she never noticed him in a romantic way. She was too stuck on Destiny. Max, he couldn’t win against Max. First it was Liz and now it was Tess.

“You know, that’s okay. I’m not in the mood for seeing a movie.”

“Please Kyle. Everyone else is going and some way or another they are going to switch into pairs and I don’t want to be the only one without someone.” He looked into her eyes and caved.

“Okay, what time are we going?” He smiled when she shrieked and hugged him quickly.

“We don’t know for sure yet, but when I do I will let you know.”


“You are so bad Maria,” Isabel said with a smile as the two walked to their fifth hour. “That was a classic move on your part.”

“I know. Well, I just couldn’t take that snooty attitude of her hers. Did you see the way she looked at Liz? It was like she was trying to rub it in her face.”

“That’s because she obviously was trying. I bet Max is beyond relieved.”

“I wouldn’t doubt it,” Maria agreed. “Now all we need to do is make sure Liz is as beautiful as possible on Friday night, Tess won’t stand a chance.”


Liz sat on her bed racking her brain for the answer to her Algebra II class homework. She had been trying different ways of finding the answer, she had checked in the back of the book for answers or similar problems. Nothing seemed help. Her brain was coming up blank and Liz was just a little bit annoyed. Deciding that she needed a rest from her school work before she lost all patience and threw it all away she closed her book and laid back.

Everything around her faded away and Liz closed her eyes. She was in a place where she didn’t have to worry about her school work, a place where she didn’t have to worry about Max and Tess. The world as she knew it ceased to exist and un it’s place was a black void.

Liz stood unsurely. She was surrounded by nothing and it was not a good thing for her. “Hello?” She called out. The only reply she heard was her voice echoing in the vast nothingness. Liz shivered with the fact that she was alone. Her mind played out the different scenarios. Should she just stand in this one spot or should she walk around that would hopefully lead her out of there?

The latter of the two sounded like the better idea so Liz started walking forward. She had no idea what she would be getting herself into...part of her didn’t even want to, but it made more sense than staying one place. She had no idea how she got there, and unfortunately she had no idea of how to get home.

The further that Liz went the lighter it got around her. The black void turned into a sunny afternoon. Liz was walking up a street in a neighborhood that reminded her of something out of a tv show. It was very clean, the front yards were kept and the houses looked freshly painted. Her destination was unknown, but her feet seemed to be taking her somewhere.

When she stopped Liz noticed that she was in front of a house at the top of the street. A young couple was packing their belongings into the trunk of their car. As Liz approached neither person acknowledged her presence. Liz wondered why, but it soon slipped. The two were very antsy and it wasn’t hard to miss their anxiousness.

“Oh Jeff, are we doing the right thing?” The red head asked as she turned to her husband. “I mean we know the situation, but I can’t but help feel bad.”

“I know Nancy,” he replied as he hugged her to him. “I feel bad too. It speaks highly of Jordan and Anna. They are giving their daughter a chance to live a life that she wouldn’t be able to live if they kept her. It may not be the most ideal situation, but if we raise that little girl as our own and the best way we know how then how could it be anything other than right?” Liz looked away feeling as though she was intruding on a special moment.

Her gaze was caught by another couple with their young daughter. The man was carrying his daughter in one arm with his other one around his wife. The two were crying while the little girl was smiling and talking away as though she had no idea what was going on. Liz watched as the three stopped next to Nancy and Jeff’s car. The man put his daughter down and both he and his wife kneeled in front of her.

“Do you know how much we love you sweetheart?” Jordan asked. He looked at his daughter with do much intensity that Liz felt her throat close up.

“Um, dis much?” The girl asked with a girlish smile as she held her arms out straight as wide as she could.

“That’s right pumpkin,” Anna agreed.

“Give me a hug,” Jordan requested. His daughter did so and he shut his eyes tightly as he held onto her for dear life. Jordan pulled away and forced the best smile he could as he stood up. Mother and daughter hugged as Jordan handed Jeff a piece of paper.

“Here’s her birth certificate. Her other papers are in with her stuff.” Jeff took the piece of paper and Liz walked closer as Jordan changed all the written information on it with the swipe of his hand over it. Liz’s eyes bugged out of her head. How had he been able to do that? Normal people couldn’t could they?

Liz turned her head and saw Anna putting their daughter in her car seat. When she finished she blew a kiss to the little girl before going back to husband. They stood with their arms wrapped around each other trying to smile at their daughter through the window of the car. As the engine started they saw her eyes get big and she started kicking.

“Daddy! Noooooo! Daddy! Mommy!” At the screams Anna turned her head into her husband’s shoulder. “Nooooooooo!” Liz closed her eyes as tears started flowing down her cheeks. When she opened her eyes the car was gone and the young couple were clinging to each other for support.

Liz stood in place as everything seemed to fast forward around her. When it stopped Liz noticed it was night. She heard howls and crying coming from next door and remembered it was from the same house that the young couple came out of earlier. Liz cautiously walked over. The front door was open and as she stood in the doorway her heart broke a little more. The same woman who had given her daughter up not even five hours earlier was cradling her husband in her arms. There was blood all over them and it just kept coming out.

Before Liz could move or even think there was a noise behind her and she watched helplessly as another man walked in from the back door through the kitchen. She watched the woman freeze and slowly release her dead husband before standing up and running upstairs as quickly as she could. The man followed and cornered her in her bedroom. She was up against the wall in front of a large window as he stood calmly by the door. Liz didn’t dare follow, but heard loud voices.

“Where’s the child?” The man asked dangerously.

“Some place where you will never find her.”

“You do realize I could find out easily by just placing my hand on your head right?”

“You still wouldn’t get it. Taking the chance that you would do that I had someone else make arrangements without telling my husband or me. Right now your guess is as good as mine.”

“What about that person?”

“Long gone. Where you have succeeded with mine and my husbands probable demise you have failed miserably with our daughter.”

“For now anyway, but I will find her and take care of her they way I took care of your husband, you can count on that.” He raised his hand and a second later Liz heard a scream followed by the sound of class being broken. She stood in place, heart pounding.

The man had left the scene minutes ago, but Liz was too shocked to move. Her brain was in overload of what she had seen. What the hell was this? Why did the couple have to give up their child and why did this man kill them and promise to kill their daughter? What did that mean for the little girl and the people she was with? And most importantly, why was she seeing this? What did it have to do with anything?

Liz looked at the damage that had been done. The house was in shambles, a man was dead. Not just any man, but a father and husband. A man that Liz hadn’t known, but had a brief view of his life and in that time had seen something so heroic and heart wrenching. She gathered her bearings and walked outside to the side of the house where she assumed the woman had fallen. As Liz approached the first thing she noticed was the woman’s stomach was charred and there was a rather large area where her chest had disappeared. Liz moved a little more to see the woman’s face and let out a blood curdling scream when she saw that her face had taken the place of the woman.


When Amy Deluca and Jim Valenti had gone out on their first date Maria and Kyle couldn’t be horrified. They had never really spoken and that was fine for the two of them. The only thing they seemed to have in common in the first place was Liz. As the months passed Jim and Amy seemed to cool down and Maria and Kyle had become friends. It was a shock when Jim and Amy decided to start dating again. Maria and her mother were watching tv when the doorbell rang and they heard the doorbell ring. Maria opened it and was surprised when she saw the sheriff, Kyle and Tess standing there. Maria had let them in, and while Jim and Amy flirted and talked Maria and Kyle started a conversation while Tess kept her eyes glued to the tv. Their attention was taken from the situation at hand with the blood curdling scream coming from Maria’s room. They all ran into the bedroom and saw Liz running to a mirror as she touched every place on her face. Liz turned spun around when she heard the door opening. Maria and Amy went up to her while Kyle, Tess and Jim looked on from a few feet back.

“Liz, what happened?” Maria asked.

“Are you okay sweetie?” Amy questioned at the same time as Maria.

“I’m fine, I just had a least I think...I think it was a dream.” Towards the end Liz was more confused than she had been when she was actually seeing everything happen.
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