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Title: Let's Jump Into Bed
Author: Jeremiah
Disclaimer: I own noting!
Summary: Can Max and liz have just causal Sex? Without it turning into something more?
Rating: NC17

Part One

Liz Parker was in the mood. There was no doubt about that. But who shall she fuck? She couldnt Fuck Alex, Like a brother to her. Michael? Maria would kick her ass. Kyle? No Budda would probably watch. Sean?

Not If She and He were the last ones on Earth and they had to populate the earth.

Who should she? Liz was tired of the dildo that she had. It was fun, But She needed the feel of a Real Cock sliding in her. The power of making loose control, The feel of Hot cum burning inside her soul.

Sex was the best. Especially the Hot Monkey kind. There was nothing like Getting Fucked like your brains were going to fall out.

There was nothing like the feeling of Someone pounding into you. The way the bodies were come together in Pure Exstacy. The high that you would get from coming down from an Orgasim. Liz was lying down On Her Bed trying to sooth the ache that was between her legs. She needed someone and fast. She didnt care! all she was in the modd for was for some Satisfaction.


Max and His wife Tess were in Town for a visit. It has been a month since they Got Married. Everything was going Great. They are here to visit his Parents. They moved out to california to be near his Job. Tess wanted to come back and show off the fact that she indeed Married Max Evans. To prove to the other Girls that there was No way in hell that They were going to Get Max.

She kept him completely satisfyed in Bed. She loved Max. He was the perfect man for her. He was a wonderful lover. He had talented hands. Tess smirked at the thought. And she was going to be the only One to Enjoy those hands.

"I am Hungry Maxie! Let's go eat." Tess said batting her eyes.

"Sure, Look There is The Crashdown. Let's go." Max said as he and Tess made thier way over across the Street.


"Max Evans Is In town. Along with the trash that He calls his wife!" Maria DeLuca said to her best friend Liz Parker.

"Maria! Tess Ain't trash! She is A Gerbil! Trash is too Good for her!" Liz said with a smirk. She always hated Tess Harding. Tess always seemed to Rub things in Liz's face. Espically that She Got Max. Max and Liz were Best Friends. Till the Gerbil came along. Liz and Maria were lost in conversation., They didnt notice the door opening and a blast from the past came in.

Max Evans and Tess Harding-Evans.

Liz was completely speechless! Max was a complete stud! How handsome and sexy has he gotten? All Liz could think about was what It would be like to be His lover?

"I Guess, I am Going to have to work at it to find out." Liz said to herself. She couldnt help but think that Things were going to get intresting.

AN: Let me Know. This is Going to be an NC 17 story, I am just building it up till then. Feedback is always appreciated. This is short, But later parts will be longer, The more feedback. The longer chapters.

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AN: Thanks for the feedback! I am not too sure about this, Should I continue?
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AN: I Just want to say thank you for all the wonderful feedback. It tuly means a lot. Now I want to address something. Yes Max is Married to Tess. And yes Liz wants to have Max in bed. That is at first. Max and Liz used to be best friends. Till Tess came into the pitcure. I will go into more depth later on. And I dont believe in giving respect to a person that is going after someone's man. That is totally wrong. I dont want to offend anyone that has a problem with that. Because to tell you the truth, I do too. I just want to have you guys stayed intrested in this. Liz is a superficial person in this at firts, But I want to show a diffrent side to the whole Max/Liz/Tess tale. I just hope you guys are intrested. New part should be up later tonight, If you guys are still intrested. Thank You.

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An: All other couples will be in this. Thanks for all the feedback.

Part 2

"Look at him! The boy is fine!" Maria said to her best friend. Maria caught the glare that Liz was sending Max's way. If she wasn"t so In Love with Michael, Then Maria would have fought Liz for a chance to have Max in the sack. But that is not meant to be. Max and Liz were Best Friends. Hell All Six of Them were Best Friends. When they were younger, Everybody thought that Max and Liz
would Marry and do the Nasty, But that was when Tess came.

The Bitch destroyed everything. Now hopefully Tess will get what is coming to her. By looking at Liz's lustfull eyes, Maria was quite sure that the day has finally come that the Right will fix the wrong of Max's marriage to Gerbil.

Max just took a look around. That was when He noticed the two that were sitting in the booth. Liz and Maria. Actually He just noticed Liz, And how attrctive she gotten. Hell that was only a half truth. Max had always been attracted to Liz. He was Just too scared to act upon it. With His alien Background and all. That was part of the reason that He married Tess. He cared for his wife, But He sure as hell didnt feel the passion as He does when he looks at Liz. Just one look at her direction, Makes Max loose all sorta of thoughts.

When He had been younger, Hell He is not going to lie now, But He still's has Sex Dreams that contains Liz. He would sometimes wake up at night from a dream, With Hot cum all over his front soaking through his boxers. With Only one name on His lips: Liz.

Tess noticed the way that Max and Liz were looking at each other. It pissed her off. She knew how much Liz wanted Max and vice versa. Max denies that He was attracted to Liz, claiming Nothing But Friendship was going on. Tess might be blonde, But she is sure not stupid. It would take a moron not to notice the Stares that they used to do. And apparently they still do.

Tess Knew that coming back to Roswell was a total mistake. She should of Just stayed in California.

"Damn Nasedo!" Tess said to herself.

Meanwhile back at the table.............

"Liz! he is married! And to Tess! I mean You sure as hell dont want Tess's leftover"s right?" Maria stated.

"Look Maria I appreciate the concern, But You make It sound Like I want a relationship with him. After the way that he hurt me, There is no way in HELL I am going to let that happen. But That dosent mean that I can Just take a Ride on that Big Cock of his, Now does it?" Liz said with a smile on her face.

Always a dangerous thing.

"Well I am just saying. I thought you had morals? I mean What about Not going after a Married man?" Maria asked. She would support Liz, Hell maria woul probably be cheering Liz on, She Just wanted to make sure that Liz knew what She was doing.

"I Know, But That didn"t stop Tess, Now did it? I am just going to play Tess's game." Liz said with a smirk. She looked to see max was on his way over.

"Time to Get To Know one another again, I shall say." Liz said as she put on a fake smile. She couldnt help but think about The Fun that she was going to have when She is seducing Max Evans.

AN: Let Me Know What You Think! Feedback please! And I have a Question... Does anyone want nookie?

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Part 3

"So How are you Liz and Maria? It has been a long time." Max said to the Girls as He and Tess finally made thier way over to the table.

"Yeah, It has. So How are you Max? I have to say Max You have gron into your body a lot better than when you were in High school. I mean You were always a knockout back then, But wow!" liz said as she romed Max's body with her eyes. Yep he was perfect in Everyway. The way his jeans curved his lowere region. To the biceps that made his shirt a tight fit. Liz couldnt help but thin what iot would be like to sleep with him. Tess knew what Liz was doing. She didtn like it one bit! Talk about being so obvious and slutty!

Max could feel the heat coming from Liz, the way that she was looking at him. He could see the pure lust in her eyes and it made him Hard. he wouldnt be suprised if Anyone couldnt see the tent that was rising In his pants. Liz Did In fact see it. It just made her mouth water for more.

Maria was looking on In amusement. this was funny as hell.Liz was finally going to Teach gerbil a lesson. hell maybe She will finally land Max Evans after all.

"So Why are you still In Roswell Liz? Couldnt get off welfare?" Tess asked in her usual Bitchy voice. That Just pissed off Liz. Max was horrified by His wife's words.

"TESS! That is enough! I cant believe you are so damn rude! Apologise Now!" Max yelled. maybe a little too loud. maybe it was to hisde they joy that He felt by Liz looking at him like that.

"Why should I? I mean can you see! She is throwing herself at you like a cheap slut! How blind can you be?" tess asked. She couldnt believe that she was getting yelled at. She was protecing what was hers.

"Max. Don't apologise. Tess is nothing but a jealous bitch. She dosent like the fact that I will get you in my bed and we experience the most Joyful and pleasureable Lovemaking there was. So I will Just leave." Liz said as she stood up and went over to Max. She cupped his groin and gave it a little grab while pulling His lips onto hers. Max was shocked at First But then let her toubge enter his mouth as he sliped His into hers. he couldnt believe that he was doing this in front of Tess But it was too good to stop. It was like that He couldnt help himself. Liz gave his ball sach one more tug then pulled away.

"See You later?" Liz said as she wnet and walked pass the shocked couple. Liz couldnt help the smile that was crawling on her face.

"Yeah." Max softly said to Himself. Not too sure if tess heard him or not. But She did.

"You Complete Asshole! how could you do that to me!" Tess screamed. No One treated her like that! Even though she Did Mind warp him into the marriage. he was still her husband!

"What?" Max asked. He was still In a lust filled haze.

"You heard me! I mean I am your wife! How could you do that to me!"

"Look tess, Let me explain...."

"No Max! Let's Go!" Tess said as she turned around and Left. Max couldn do anything but follow. Hoping and praying for a way out of this so called Marriage.

AN: Hope you guys like this. I am not too sure. please let me know what you think.
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