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Author: Wearydreams2003 aka Sarah
Characters: All of them but mainly Max and Liz. Although later on there will be heart warming moments between Maria and Liz.
Disclaimer: I own nothing of Roswell so don't sue
Author's Note: This was posted before, but I practically quit writing. Well, I picked it up again and decided to give it another try. I have about 5 chapters done already. This is for Abby, Jesse and Liz. I love you guys!

Chapter 1

“I have to save my son.” Those words cut into Liz’s heart more then she could ever imagine. She now realized that Max wasn’t hers anymore, and that things could never be the same. Why me? She’d often ask. Why did all of this have to happen? It was too much for her to comprehend. And then he tells her those few sweet words, as if it’s supposed to mean something? Not this time Liz...don’t fall for his games. Liz turned around, and began to walk away from the few friends she really had. She needed to go somewhere, anywhere, but here in this desert where so many things had just happened.

“Liz!” Max called out to her as he saw her walk away from them.

Liz began to pick up her pace trying her best to stay away from him. Max ran up to her and grabbed her by the arm.

“Let go of me Max!” Liz yelled looking at everything but him. She was scared to look into his eyes. Scared that she would lose control and start crying uncontrollably.

“Liz, please don’t pull away from me. I need you.” He pleaded.

Liz would love to comfort him, and tell him that it would be all right, but she had done that to many times. She wasn’t about to forgive him for what he did to her, for what he said to her.

“You need me? So now you need me? After your slut of a girlfriend runs off with your unborn child? What about what I needed? Where were you then? I’ll tell you where you were, you were out making love to her! You know, I never did sleep with Kyle. It was all a set up to get you to fall out of love with me...because I had to! I had to or else the world would end in the future. And you believed it? You actually thought I would sleep with Kyle, and just throw everything we had out the window? You’re not the person I thought you were Max Evans! I thought that you would have more faith in me, but I guess I was wrong. You know, I want one question answered. Why did you have to save my life that day in the Crashdown? If you would have let me die then I wouldn’t have had to go through this! It would have been much easier actually. So please, just let me go now! I don’t ever want to see you again!” Liz couldn’t hold back the tears anymore, so she ran off towards the vehicle.

“Michael-” Maria began.

“I understand. Go help Liz, and I’ll see you later.” He said as he watched her chase after her best friend.

“Liz! Wait up!” Maria called after her.

Liz stopped and turned around.

“Come on sweetie, I’ll take you home.” Maria said as she wrapped her arm around Liz.


“God, what did I do?” Max asked out loud. “I just lost the one person that really loved me...the one person I really loved.”

Isabel walked over to her brother.

“Don’t worry Max, I’m sure she just needs to calm down.” Isabel said, even though she knew it wasn’t really true.


Max headed to Maria’s house, seeing how Liz left with her. He wiped his sweaty palms across his blue jeans before knocking on the door.

“Max...hi...come in.” Maria said as she opened the door.

Max walked in and took a seat on her couch.

“Is Liz here?” Max questioned after Maria sat down next to him.

“No, she left a little while ago. How are you holding up Max?”

“Not so well Maria. How did I mange to screw up so bad? I slept with someone I despised, got her pregnant, and loss the one person who meant so much to me. My soul mate. I miss her so much Maria. I don’t know what to do. The only thing I know is that I need to find a way back to my home planet to save my son, and I may not return. There would be nothing here for me. I...I have to know? See if I can find Liz. Bye Maria.” Max said as he left her house.

Maria walked over to the kitchen, and opened the door to her walk-in-pantry. She saw Liz sitting on the floor with her head in her hands.

“Liz, are you okay?” Maria questioned as she crouched over her best friend to lend her support.

“No I...I’m not okay M...Maria. I heard everything he said. Why must he keep reminding everyone that he made a son with...T...Te...her? Then he said he may not return cause there would be nothing for him here? God! How stupid could I have been to think that after time we could start over? I now know that it’s impossible. I’ve got to go find him so we can talk. After that maybe he’ll be able to l...leave me alone.” Liz said through sobs. She slowly stood up and left the house.

Liz went to the Crashdown, knowing that he would show up there sooner or later. She took a booth in the back and wiped the tears that flowed freely down her face.

Max walked in and scanned the place. His heart broke when he saw Liz in the back trying so hard not to cry. He slowly made his way towards her.

“Liz, can we talk in the back?” Max asked as he approached her.

She shook her head yes, and stood up. Max reached for her arm so he could stabilize her, but she quickly moved it as if he had hurt her. He couldn’t find the words to explain how much that had hurt him, but he understood. The two walked to the back, and Liz took a seat.

The silence was unbearable, and Liz couldn’t take it anymore.

“What is it Max? You said you wanted to talk, so talk.”

“Liz, you know I love you. At least I hope you know I love you. I can’t begin to describe how sorry I am for everything that happened, but I still have something I need to do. I need to save my son, but-” Max was cut off by Liz.

“Why are you telling me this? I know you need to save YOUR son. The son that you and Tess created. What’s the point of this talk? I mean, what’s the point in trying to talk to me anyways? After all, once you leave to save your child you may not return.”

“Who told you that?” Max asked curiously.

“No one told me Max, I heard it! I was hiding in Maria’s house when you were over there. She knew I didn’t want to talk, so she covered for me.”

“Liz, the only reason I said that is because I know you don’t want to have anything to do with me. If you’re not here when I get back, then what’s the point? You’re the only thing I want...the only thing I need. Without you I’m nothing!”

He moved into Liz and gave her a passionate kiss. After a few seconds Liz broke the kiss and took a step back.

“Now I saw something when we kissed Liz. If what we had was over with, then that connection would break too.”

“Well then it’s just you, because I didn’t see a thing. Not a damn thing Max! I think the only reason you got a flash from me is because you’re still holding on to us, when you need to let it go. We’re through...over with...finished. Good bye.” With that said Liz ran up stairs and slammed her door shut.

Max just stood there a moment before falling to the floor with tears in his eyes.


Liz opened up her journal, and began writing...something she hasn’t done for awhile.

‘I’m Liz Parker, and something tells me that my life will never be the same again. Normally I’d have two people that I could turn to when I have problems like this, but now I have no one. You see my friend Alex was killed by Tess, who is pregnant with Max‘s child. The only problem is he‘s my true love. At least he was. Maria is still here, but I can’t discuss this with her. It’s weird, but since she and Michael got hot and heavy I don’t feel like making her choose sides...aliens or me. Selfish? I know, but I can be with what I’ve been through. Max kissed me today, and told me he saw a flash. I lied to him, and told him that I didn’t see anything. The truth is...I saw a lot. I felt a lot. I saw how much he love’s me, and how he can’t stop thinking about me. I saw how mad he was when he found out that he would be a father. Not because he didn’t want children, but because the child was made with someone else besides me. I felt how sorry he is, and how much he wants me to forgive him. He is in so much pain. More than I thought was possible. There was one thing that didn’t make sense though. I saw Tess come up to him and they seemed like they were arguing. Arguing about me and how I’m always on his mind. Anyways, Tess stared at him as she continued to yell and he looked like he was in a trance...then it went black and more flashes presumed after a couple of seconds. It was weird, and it’s never happened before. I think I know what’s going on, but how will I do this? What will I say? I think I know what needs to be done. I just hope that I have the strength to go through with it. I’ve got to go now, before time runs out.’

Liz threw her diary on her bed, grabbed her jacket and ran out the door. She walked over to Max’s house, and lightly tapped on his window. She stood there waiting for him to get out of bed.

“Liz?” Max asked surprised as he finally opened the window.

Liz climbed into his bedroom, and took a seat on his bed.

“Max, I need to tell you something.”

“You can tell me anything.” He replied.

“Max, when you kissed me I saw something.”

“What? You did? Then why did you lie to me Liz?”

“Because Max, I wanted you to leave me alone. To see that what we had is over and done with. Anyways, I saw everything up until an argument that you had with Tess...then it just went black. After a few seconds the flashes continued.”

“What are you saying Liz?” Max asked curiously.

“Max, don’t you get it? You were mind warped. Those parts of your memories are blank...that’s what I saw!” Liz practically shouted.

“Are you sure?” Max asked.

Realization washed over Liz, as she listened to Max’s last statement. Am I sure? Did he want me to be wrong?

“I...umm...I’m sorry. Maybe I’m wrong...I...I’ve got to go.” Liz began walking to the window when Max grabbed her arm.

“Liz, I didn’t mean it like that,” Max began. “What I meant was that’s great! We have nothing standing in our way now. We can finally be together Liz. I know you still love me like I do you.”

“Max, we can’t be together. I may still love you, and want to be with you more than anything else right now, but I can’t. You may have been mind warped when it came to Tess, but not with Alex. He was one of my best friends Max! When I needed support and comfort, you were out against me. You weren’t on my side Max, and that hurt more than words can say. That was you talking, not Tess’s damn mind warp, and I don’t know how I will be able to get over that. Who knows, maybe I won’t be able to. I’m sorry Max. Good bye.” With that said, Liz walked over to Max, kissed him lightly on the cheek, and left his room.

Max fell face first onto his bed and let the tears fall freely down his cheek. He knew that Liz spoke the truth, and he had to make it up to her. He would make it up to her. Tomorrow was going to be a long day. He planned on doing anything, and everything, to show Liz how much he loved her. No matter how many times she denies him, he will continue to try. That was a promise he made, and planned on keeping.


The next morning when Liz arrived to work she noticed it was filled with red and white roses. She didn’t know what was going on since the restaurant didn’t open for another hour, but she quickly figured it out when she saw Max sitting in a booth staring at her. Their eyes interlocked with the other’s for a brief moment, before Liz turned around and walked to the back.

Liz slumped against the lockers, and slowly slid to the floor. A single tear slipped down her cheek, and more followed. How am I supposed to keep walking away from him? It gets harder and harder each time, and I don’t know how much more I can take! Liz...calm down. She coached herself. What am I saying? I’m passed the ‘try and calm down’ stage. I’m at the ‘breathe or you’re going to pass out’ stage. I know he’s sorry for everything, but I...I just don’t know anymore! Why do I keep fighting it? He didn’t sleep with Tess Liz! What more do you want? Liz stood up and walked back to the front of the restaurant. She saw Max exiting and ran after him. As Max began walking down the street, a speeding car rushed towards him. Max was hit and went flying across the street.

“Max!” Liz yelled as she ran up to him. She gently lifted his head and placed it on her lap. “Max, please don’t leave me. Please. I love you.” Liz whispered as she gently ran her hand across the side of his face.


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