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Title: I Want You Back
Author: Ana-Bell
Rating: Pg-13 for now.
Catagory: Max & Liz.
Disclaimer: Roswell belongs to Melinda Metz.
Summary: Two teens that grew up together find out the meaning of love on Christmas day.

My name is Liz Angel Parker. You can all me Lizzy if you like. Maxie has always lived by my house. As long as I can remember. We are not friends. Why? Because he is a dork. My best friend Tess tells me that Maxie still wants me. He is 19 and thinks that the world is all his and we just live in it. If it was I would be in another world.

Here I am 16 years old and haning out with Tess and Maria. Isabel is over by Alex. They are in love. gag
Michael,Kyle and Maxie are playing football. My dad said that it's a mans sport and that I can't play. My mom told me that he only said that ,because he doesn't want me to get hurt. What ever I can take care of myself. I'm not a baby. Even if Maxie says I am.

Can't he just grow up? Oh great here he comes. "Hey Liz Liz." Max said as he looks at Tess. Liz sees this and gets up. Max then turns his head at to where she was. "Where did she go?" Max ask. "In her room." Kyle said. Max walks after her. He catches up with her when she is in her room. He looks around and sees pictures of him and Liz. He looks at Liz who is sitting by the window. "Max get out." She said with tears that were about to fall. "No" Max said. "WHAT PART OF GET OUT DON'T YOU GET?" Liz yelled as turns around to look at Max. She looks at him and see him crying too. "You don't belong here. You belong with them." Liz said as the tears fall harder. Max takes one last look at her and leaves.

The next day at school Max sees Liz walking with two guys. Was she ever happy with me? Did I ever make her laugh as much as those guys did?

My note: I know it is not long ,but I'm doing that old thing. You know waiting by the phone for the guy to call?

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Author's Note
I wrote two parts. Just when I was about to send it. The computer kick me off. I should have it out toady ,if not this week end.
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Part 2


I walk though the hall of school. Matt and Jordan come up to me. They start telling jokes. I laugh. Hey they are funny. I see Max getting his books. He looks at me and then I look the other way. Who cares. He hurt me. He had to pick me or them. He pick them. This is his doing not mine. I don't think that he ever really did love me. I think that he just said it. He didn't date any other girl ,but me. I had to fall for him and in the end I don't want to change that. Why? Because I think that I learn alot about how you think that everything is perfect one moment and the next it can all change. Love can suck ,but it can also be great. You get to look in some ones eyes and know that no matter what you can live for that one day and feel great. There is also the bad part you will never be the same.


What is up with her. One minute she is cold and the next she is hot. Now she is laughing with Mr.Pimp wanna be 1 and 2. They just want to get in her pants. "Hey man" Kyle said. "Look at the way she is laughing with those jerks." Max said never talking his eyes off of Liz. "She is forgeting about the pain for a sec. That is what my sister does. She tries to forget the best way she can." Kyle said. Max rolls his eyes. "She does not look like she is in pain." Max said. Kyle walks off laughing.
Did I mean nothing to her.


Today I have class with Max. Some one help me. I sit next to Pam. She and I was friends till she change. Pam leaves and then Max comes to take her place. "Go away Max." Liz said looking at the teacher. "No." Max said smiling. "What world are you from?" Liz ask as she looks at him. "Yours." Max said. "Losers are not in my world." Liz said as looks back at the teacher. Max can feel tears come to his eyes. He never thought that she would hate him this much. He did wrong and now he has to pay. Pay with his heart. The pain was more than any thing that he felt. He didn't like it. He would have to find a way to get back with Liz. No matter what.
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Part 3


As I walk to my next class I see Max with Tess. She was subpost to be my best friend.Yeah right She never told me that she had the hotts for Max. Nor did she tell me that they had dated. They both didn't. I can see Michael come up to me. He was there for me when no one else was. Why? I don't know. You'll have to ask him. I call him crab ,because he is hard on the out side but solf on the inside. He may act like nothing can get to him ,but I know it can. I think that we became good friends ,because we have saw each other when we fall.

I can trust him more than I can with most people. He acts more like a brother then my brother does to me.
"Hey Liz-bit." Michael said. "Hey crab." Liz said. They were both walking to there next class. "How was your day." Michael ask as he look at Liz and saw that she might hit something." Well besides that Maxie boy wont leave me alone. I'm peache. You?" Liz said. Michael knew that when Liz said peache that it was time to get her of where ever they where. "Come on lets gets out of this hell." Michael grabing Liz's hand. Max saw this.

What is this? She is rude to me all day in class and now she is holding hands with Michael. Leaving the school. This is it. Max runs after them. "WHAT IS THIS ABOUT? MY EX-GIRLFRIEND AND MY BESTFRIEND GETTING TOGETHER?" Max yells. "Like what you did to me. For one thing Michael and I are not getting together. He is taking me out of this school so I wont have to see the love of my life and my ex-best friend all over each other." Liz said as she was just to tears. " When are you ever going to stop hurting me? What did I do wrong?" Liz ask as she let the tears fall.

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Part 4


"You can do anything you want ,but I can't. You can do no wrong ,but I do everything wrong. Is that it Max? Is it? I treated you like my world ,but you treated me like trash. What did I do to get that?" Liz ask as the trears were falling and she could not stop them. Max didn't say anything. He never knew how she felt. So he did what he did. Now he knew. What was he going to do about? He was going to walk away. If he did to her then she does not need him. He didn't care about Tess. All they did was make-out. Thats all.


He didn't say or do anything. He didn't care about her like she did him. She saw him walk away. That was the wrost thing that he could do. She hated him now. He didn't care about her and now she couldn't take it any more. Who cares any way. He was going to be jerk and regret this. He can go back to that slut for all she cares. She was going to find her a real man ,not some boy.

Author's Note
I know that this is not long. This is a M/L fic belive me. I just had my heart broke in two ,so I tuck it all out on this.

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StarPrincess originally wrote:
This Fic is really confusing. First Max is 19 in high school, how did he manage that? and how can he date Liz, with her being 16 and all, I don't think her parents would have allowed that. Then Max out of nowhere broke Liz's heart by choosing "them" over her, who is "them"? And how does Tess fit into all this? in the begining her and Liz were BFF, now all of a sudden they go to school and they're not. Then how do the guys Liz was with in the begining fit into all of this? Am really confused, things just keep coming out of nowhere.

On the show Max was 19 in S-3 and still in High School. I will tell who are them in the other parts. It maybe a little confusing right now ,but all will be telled.
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Part 5


Max came to my window last night. He didn't saything ,but I know he wanted to. We just sat there. Not saying anything. I know we both were thinking the same thing. How could our love go so bad? We were the best of friends and dated. Then Tess came distroyed everything in her way. She acted like my best friend. When the only thing she wanted was Max. Now she had him and I had nothing. I'm on my way to my sister's house. I'm in a cab from the Air Port.


I went to Liz's house last night. Kyle told me that she was going to Val's house. I went there to tell her that I wanted her to stay ,that Tess means nothing to me. I tryed to say them ,but they wouldn't come out my mouth. I think that Liz knew this ,because she was looking at me like she waiting for me to say something. See this is way Liz and I are perfect together. We know what the other one is thinking. No matter if we are together or not. Now Liz is on her way to Louisiana and there is nothing I can do. I just hope that she doesn't meet some guy. Once she gets back I'm going to make everything right. Even if it's the last thing I do.
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Thank you for the feed back. I'll have the next part out some time this week. I'm writing a UC fic of Zan and Liz. It's called This Is The Real Me. That one will be out soon.