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(this is my first ever fic I just found it cause I wrote the 1st part ages ago if u want me to continue some genuine ideas and support are welcome)
CLASSIFICATION- PG (could change later on in series)
DISCLAIMER-This in no way has any relation to the actual Roswell series. The characters are merely borrowed.

‘ I have to rescue my son’ Max answered.

At this point Liz wondered whether or not her and Max really did have a future after all they’d been through. Yes, he had just clearly told her that she basically meant everything to him but would the need to find his son, out weigh his need to have a relationship with her. So many thoughts raced through her head, like the fact that Tess was now carrying Max’s son. The role that she had always thought she would fill.

Isabel interrupted her thoughts when she turned to Max and indicated that they had one more problem, they had to stop Valenti giving their parents the tape or they’d know the truth. Deep down she wanted them to get the tape and start asking questions so that they would be forced to tell them the truth. But then her other side, which possessed her loyalty to Max knew that this would just be one more emotional battle to many for him to deal with at this present moment.

So the six of them raced down to Maria’s Jetta and scrabbled in Michael taking the passenger side reluctantly after Maria refused to let him drive anywhere in her mother’s car. Kyle, Isabel and Max sat in the back seat with Liz physically uncomfortably crouched on Max’s lap. But emotionally where she had longed to be for the past year in the arm’s of the man she loved.

As they drove down the Freeway towards Roswell in silence thoughts passed through the minds of all six of the car’s occupancy. The most life changing being Max’s, the person who killed his close friend, who was now carrying his son, had taken off in a spaceship to some distant planet in which he had no clue of how to find or exactly how to get there. He also had to deal with the fact that Liz knew about him and Tess and that she was carrying his child, how was she going to react now he wanted to continue on a relationship with her. He also needed to find out why she had lied about sleeping with Kyle, and continued with the pretence for so long. He had a lot to sort out!

They arrived back in Roswell and headed straight for the Evan’s home. As they pulled the corner they saw Jim just exiting his car and making his way to the front door. So Maria applied a little more gas and drove the last few yards in a hurry, as she came to stop Isabel jumped out and called out to Jim before he knocked. To his surprise there stood Isabel the other five teens behind her. They had little time to explain so Isabel said Kyle would do the explaining, she went in side taking the tape Max said a quick goodbye to Liz and sealed it with a kiss telling her they’d talk later, before he to slipped in side. Kyle went with Jim while Michael and Maria took Liz home

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CLASSIFICATION- PG (could change later on in series)
DISCLAIMER-This in no way has any relation to the actual Roswell series. The characters are merely borrowed.

The car ride to the Crashdown was a quite one; Liz sat in the back in deep thought as to what her future would hold with Max. While Maria looked back on the moment when she finally received everything she wanted, Michael’s unconditional love. The moment he came out the pod chamber symbolised his complete love for Maria, as he gave up the one thing he wanted the most, a chance to go home. Michael was still a little shell shocked by the events of the last few hours, for he now knew what it felt to love and be loved unconditionally. He now had the family he always wanted in Maria and the future they could have.

As they pulled up at the Crashdown, Liz went to open the door when Maria turned round to tell her ‘ If you want me to stay and talk I will’. Liz knew Maria had things to talk over with Michael so declined the offer saying if she needed her she’d call. Liz entered the Crashdown and went straight to her room; it was a good thing her parents were out of town visiting her aunt who had just had a baby. As all she wanted was some time for her to sort through her feelings.

Liz went upstairs to the one thing that knew all her secrets her journal.

Its June 19th and today my life has spiralled in two directions. First of I found Alex’s killer and although I didn’t get justice for him I did get closure. The killer however turned out to be Tess, who also happens to be the woman who is carrying Max’s son, the child that should with all rights be mine. I now have Max back but we have a lot to sort out. He now knows the truth about Kyle, and me and I know he’s going to want to know why I lied to him. The problem is can I really tell him the truth when I have no clue what the repercussions could be. As I think about what we’ve both done to each other and ourselves I wonder whether or not we’ll be able to make it through. To a place where we can both be happy and comfortable with what we’ve done enough to love each other the way we did, entirely both mentally, emotionally and eventually physically. To make love the fact that I can think about it means that deep down I believe we can make it through, even knowing that he slept Tess and now they share a son. I can see a future for us although at the moment it’s extremely blurry but its still there. So is it worth fighting for?

Across town Isabel and Max had managed to get in their house without their parents knowing they’d been gone. As they lay in bed they both had different thoughts on their minds. Isabel was thinking about how she’d let Alex down by welcoming Tess into the group with very few questions only to have her betray them with his life. She also thought about what would have been if their parents had received the tape before they’d arrived. But she knew that the emotional turmoil of their parents knowing the truth would have been that little bit too much for Max to deal with. Across the hall Max was finding it hard to cope with all the thoughts running through his mind. Firstly Tess had killed Alex, she was now on another planet with his son, Liz hadn’t slept with Kyle way she had pretended he still didn’t know and he’d betrayed everyone by not protecting Alex after he was the one that brought him into the whole alien odyssey.

Now he had to figure out a way to put everything right again. But how?

thanks for feedback helps a lot as its my first fic