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Edge of the Ocean
Chapter 1
Uncomfortable, dizzy, sick...were all the things Liz was experiencing this morning. Maria was over for their daily dose of gossip and a strong cup of black coffee.
"So, anyway, I'm telling Brendan that I don't want to go with that remix but, he says it's in my contract and blah blah blah..." Maria said with an annoying tone.
"Well, why don't you get a different label to sign you?" Liz asked bringing the coffee mug to her lips.
They were living in L.A. for three weeks now and Maria got signed with Fehr records after three days. Liz was attending UCLA part time and a secretary of a dentist the other time. Max was a bartender at "The Piligrim". Michael was a Chinese Restaurant delivery guy and Kyle was a taxi driver. Isabel probably got the best deal out of all of them. She was a Maxim covergirl. People complimented her for her work but, all she said was "Compliment me when I'll be Katherine Heigl."
"Maybe. But I have this concert in Club Butterfly in three days. You're coming right?" Maria asked Liz.
"Yeah, for sure. Me and Max." Liz assured.
"Yeah. Michael can't make it. He has work." Maria said with a hint of sadness in her voice.
"Oh. Well, what about Kyle?" Liz asked with sympathy.
"Same thing." Maria said a little quieter.
"Don't feel--" Liz stopped mid-sentence and grabbed her stomach looking stunned. She suddenly ran to the bathroom and lifted the toilet lid. She bent over and started throwing up.
"Oh my G-d! Liz!" Maria held Liz's hair while everything poured out.
Liz got up, flushed her mouth with water from the sink. She was shaking a little but finally she calmed down and went on to explain to Maria what was going on.
"Oh. My. G-d." Maria said.
"I know." Liz agreed after telling her, her symptoms.
"Do you know what this means?" Maria stated.

They were sitting in Maria's silver Mercedes Benz.
"Maria, this is crazy." Liz commented from the front seat.
"What's so crazy? Hello, you're going to be a mother! And getting this test is the only way we'll know for sure."
Liz had no more energy left to argue with Maria. They walked into Walgreens and heard a small bell ring at the entrance.
"Maria, this is so embarrasing." Liz whispered.
"What are you, a twelve year old buying tampons for the first time? You're nineteen!"
"See, that's the problem. I'm nineteen and potentially pregnant."
"Snap out of it, girlfriend, let's pick one out. How about this one?" Maria held out a pink box.
"E.P.T. quick test?" Liz asked incrudelously.

Knock, knock.
"Well?" Maria knocked on Liz's bathroom door.
"I'm still peeing."
"Hurry up then. I wanna know if I'll be an aunt."
"O.K. You could come in."
"Well? What's the result?"
"Alright, I'm gonna do this with you. The box says to get a drop of the urine and put it on the shwab. Here we go..."
She spilled an eye drop amount onto the tester.
"O.K. Now we have to wait thirty seconds. Lemme just clean up here while we wait." She spilled the rest out of the cup and threw the cup out.
"Oh, my G-d! Liz!"
She took the tester and saw there were two blue lines.

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ready for chapter 2?
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yes, its a future fic. and I dont want to give it away but, he will be ecstatic.

Chapter 2

"Strawberry daquer. Virgin." The customer said.
"Coming right up." Max told him.
"Evans. Phone call." Steve, his boss called.
"Hi, Max."
"Oh. Hi, hun. What are you doing?" He asked his wife.
"I'm getting ready for class. Um, it's Thursday, what time are you gonna be home tonight?"
"About six."
Due to their tight schedules, they ddin't have time for eachother anymore, so, they put out every Thursday night for them. They either stayed home and had dinner or they went out. Today they were going to Malibu beach for dinner. Thats when she wanted to tell him about the baby.
"Great. I'll see you then."
"OK. Love you. Bye." He hung up when he saw Kyle come in.
"Hey Max." Kyle sat at the bar area.
"Hey. What can I get you?" He proceeded to make the daquere for the customer.
"Ice cold coke. Ben's on my ass again."
"Yeah. I think I'm gonna quit."
"Quit? again? Kyle, you've quit two jobs in the past three weeks. Janitor, cold-cut cutter. And now, taxi driver?"
"Mm-hmm. Quite a record isn't it?"
"It's good that you told me. You know that ballroom dancer champion- Victor Kanevsky?"
"Well, he's looking for an assistant. Good pay."
"So, why dont you do it?"
"Cuz its full time. I have a family that I have to take care of now."
"Its just Liz. Whats the big deal?"
"Its not just Liz. Its my wife and I love to spend time with her."
"Gotcha moondoggie."
"Anyway, he needs someone to handle his bills and expenses. He even left a card." Max handed the card to Kyle. It read:
Victor Kanevsky
school of dance
(323) 266-5555
"Maybe I'll give him a call."
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Chapter Three

"Guerin! I have a delivery for you!"
"2829 Bellvue Place."
"I'm on it." Michael grabbed the delivery food tiredly and put on the stupid fortune cookie shaped hat. "And they only pay me minimum wage for this." Michael thought. He got to the place. It looked like a mansion. He came up and rang the doorbell. A messy disgruntled blond with a curvy figure answered the door. She wore a robe and held a bottle of vodka in her right hand.
"Yeah?" she mumbled.
"Lucky Chen delivery." Michael said as if from habit.
"Oh. Yeah. How you doin'?" The blond started to move closer to Michael, rubbing her breasts on his chest.
"Just take your order and let me get out of here." He said with an annoyed tone.
"Do you know who I am?" she eyed him.
"Not to say that I care, but, out of curiosity."
"Katherine Heigl."
"Don't you find me irresistible?"
"Nah. I don't find you attractive. You look like a thirty year old homosexual."
"Aah!" As she threw vodka in his face.
To add insult to injury: "Your nothing but cheap plastic. I always thought Shiri Appleby was so much hotter."
She slammed the door in his face and he heard a loud cry.
"Nobody appreciates me!" She wailed.
Michael decided to really piss her off. He took the cartons from the brown bag and walked up to her mailbox. Opening the mailbox, he poured out the contents from the cartons and smiled at his misdeamonar. "Stupid bitch." He said as he walked away.

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Whatever. I don't care about KHo.

Chapter Four

"Beautiful. Gimme some more of that." Spence Decker said snapping away at the lovely Isabel Evans. Isabel was standing in a bikini in the center of the studio posing in front of a white background.
"That's a wrap." Spence Decker called after the last shot. Isabel walked off the platform and sat in her chair. Her cell phone suddenly rang and she saw that it was Michael.
"Yes, Michael?" Isabel answered.
"You'll never believe who I delivered for today."
"Katherine Heigl."
"Oh my G-d! Did you get her autograph for me? What's she like? Tell me! Tell me everything!"
"Your role model is a drunken whore."
"Michael, why do you always bad mouth her? Why can't you see her true talent like the rest of us Wild Ones?"
"You call that talent? That's cheap silicone for you."
"Errgh. Your just like the 'others' in the fanbase. 'Posing nude isn't womanly, she's not classy.' Well, I'll tell you something that stuff's art."
"Whatever. See ya."

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Whatever. I don't care about KHo.

Chapter Four

"Beautiful. Gimme some more of that." Spence Decker said snapping away at the lovely Isabel Evans. Isabel was standing in a bikini in the center of the studio posing in front of a white background.
"That's a wrap." Spence Decker called after the last shot. Isabel walked off the platform and sat in her chair. Her cell phone suddenly rang and she saw that it was Michael.
"Yes, Michael?" Isabel answered.
"You'll never believe who I delivered for today."
"Katherine Heigl."
"Oh my G-d! Did you get her autograph for me? What's she like? Tell me! Tell me everything!"
"Your role model is a drunken whore."
"Michael, why do you always bad mouth her? Why can't you see her true talent like the rest of us Wild Ones?"
"You call that talent? That's cheap silicone for you."
"Errgh. Your just like the 'others' in the fanbase. 'Posing nude isn't womanly, she's not classy.' Well, I'll tell you something that stuff's art."
"Whatever. See ya."

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thanks. heres the next chapter:

Chapter Five

Liz heard the sound of a key turning in a lock at about 5:57, 2 minutes after she put her books down. She had to tall him tonight, she thougt. Theres no looking back. Now or never.
"Hey. I'm home."
"Hey, Max!" Liz called from the bedroom. He followed her voice to their bedroom. She was standing in front of the mirror with two dresses at her body. He walked up and put his arms around her waist, kissing her on the cheek. She turned around to give him a tight hug.
"How was work?"
"Same shit, different day."
"Aww. My poor, sweet, baby. Is it really that horribile?"
"Mmhmm." he said pouting his lips a little. She knew they were flirting and she knew they had to stop and leave or else, she might never get around to telling him.
"Kyle came in for a drink."
"Yeah? What's going on with him?"
"He's quitting."
"Again? My G-d. He's got quite a record."
"I know. That's what I told him. But, on the good side, He might get a better job."
"What do you mean."
"Victor kanevsky, ballroom dancing champion, comes in today, gets drunk, topples over, and besides all that, he mentions that he's looking for someone to handle his bills and expenses. So, I gave Kyle his card and maybe he'll give him a call."
"Well, good luck to him. On a more serious note. Which dress?" she held up a blue one and a yellow one.
"The yellow." He smiled. "You'll be my little sunshine."

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here it is folks, "the talk"

Chapter 6

"I miss you." Liz said as she watched the sand sift through her toes.
"I miss you, too." Max said putting his arm around her waist for comfort.
"well, you know the saying 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder'."
"Well, I can't be any more fonder of you than I already am."
"Oh, that's sweet."
"Yeah. It was good."
"Well, I practice."
She laughed a little by his statement. She knew she had to tell him about their child there. But why was she so scared?
"You're shaking. Are you cold? Should I go back and get your sweater in the car?" He asked rubbing her arms to rid the goosebumps.
"No, no. I'm fine. I'm just nervous."
"Nervous about what?"
"I have to tell you something." she said getting teary-eyed a little.
"It's OK. You can tell me anything."
"We're gonna have a baby." she let it sink in.
"That's great. I'm so happy!" he said laughing a little. He kissed her lips tenderely.
"And you're not angry?"
"How could I be angry? We're going to have a child which has a part of each of us."
"Nah. I'm just an ordinary girl." she said blushing.
"Look, Liz. You're the only one for me. I mean what kind of ordinary girl likes to back up in her car and hit poles?"
"Nope, only me."
"That's right. And I love a girl who likes to eat ice cream with jam and hates to uh-- to--"
"To jog?"
"To jog. Yes. I know that you're the one who's supposed to tell me how I'm out of the ordinary, cuz, you know, the whole alien deal. But, it's you who's an individual. It's you who I love."
"Wow. You're getting better and better."
He brought her up on her toes and held her face while he carresed her lips gently. Then, she deepened it and tickled the hair by his neck. Mid-kisses:
"So tell me something." she said.
"Like what?"
"I dunno. Entertain me."
"Why did the chicken cross the road?"
"No, tell me a story. Everything about you from puberty and beyond. You know, something that you wouldn't tell me likesome Evans' family lure. You know, fast cars and hot women."
"What? Fast cars and hot women. huh?"
"Or hot cars and fast women."
"G-d, I love you."
"You didn't answer my question."
"Are you hungry?"
"Am I?" she said rubbing her stomach.
"Great, let's eat."
They walked hand in hand up the beach to "The Penguin" a cozy cafe on the boardwalk.

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heres the update:

Chapter Seven

Kyle stood outside the synogauge on Ocean Parkway and Neptune, wondering if this is where Victor Kanevsky truly taught. He saw two cute pixie girls aged approximately 15 or 16; Angela and Yvette. They linked arms and were walking towards Kyle.
"He's so 'seempatichni'" Yvette whispered to Angela (*Note: "seempatichni in Russian means handsome*)
"I know but. But, I still love Sasha Pasha and Zan-look-a-like." said Angela.
"Still...maybe he's new. Let's go up and say hi." Yvette dragged Angela.
"No. YOU'RE gonna go and say hi." Angela held back. There was no need. Kyle asked them himself.
"Hi. Is this where Victor Kanevsky teaches?" Kyle asked.
"Yeah. Are you new here?" chimed up Yvette.
"I have a job interview."
"Really? Job interview for what? Angela had the guts.
"Bills, organizing, stuff like that."
"Well, it's on the 3rd floor." Angela started moving towards the elevator and they both followed. Yvette pressed the "up" button and they waited till they heard the sound of the elevator moving down. Kyle opened the door.
"Ladies first." When they got in the elevator and were on the way up, Angela said to Yvette in Russian: "Handsome and charming." Yvette started giggling. The elevator made a loud thump, signifying they were at the end of their destination. Yvette pushed the door of the elevator open and Kyle and Angela walked out.
"Is that him?" Kyle asked of a man.
"No, that's Lonya." Yvette said (*Russian for Lenny*)
"Lenny." Angela corrected. Suddenly, a loud, short guy with big blue and white sneakers came out, screaming at someone,
"That's Victor!" Angela said in pride.
"Are you Mr. Kyle?" Victor strode to them.
"Kyle Valenti." Kyle put out his hand.
"VALENTI?!? Oy vey, you remind me of Valeintine, my ex assistant." Victor broke in tears. "You're hired." he concluded.
"Hired? What about my interview?"

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okey dokey

Chapter Eight

"No, Maria, I don't believe in that stuff." Liz said into the phone.
"Oh, pish posh, must I remind you of September 18, 1999?"
"Yeah well, that was different."
"Different how?"
"Well, I found my soulmate, So, there, get off my case."
"I completely agree with you. But, this lady REALLY knows pregnant women. She can tell you stuff about your baby you don't even know about."
"Please, Liz. Try it, just believe me, just try it."
"I don't know. I'll talk it over with Max."
"You do that. Meanwhile, I'm late for sound check. Call me. Mwaz."

* * * * *

"So how'd you convince him?" Maria asked in her car to Liz beside her.
"He said it's probably not real and he said to go and have fun."
"I totally agree." She patted Liz's shoulder. They turned a street and saw a big flashy sign that said "Madame Gertrude". They came in and saw a Madame Vivian-look-a-like on the phone.
"Hi, um, miss." Liz stared at her with fright.
"Call me Gertrude." She said hanging up.
"Yes. I see your aura. I see power." She said sarcastically.
"I see..."
"So what do you want?" She retrieved her cigarettes from her big MCM purse. "Crystal ball? Tarot cards? Name it, kid. I don't have time." She said fumbling with her lighter. Maria was getting a little nervous. Just a day ago she practically swore to Liz that it's not a hoax and she sees this...
"What about that thing you do with pregnancy?" Maria finally said something.

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well, if you insist:

Chapter Nine

Liz was lying on Gertrude's couch wiith her shirt up, exposing her abdomen. The last time she was in such a position was last February when Max tried to rid her the pain of her powers.
"How old are you again?" Gertrude asked her.
"I just turned 19."
"I see." Maria was holding Liz's head on her lap at the edge of the couch. Gertrude was moving a silver chain with a purple stone dangling, over her abdomen.
"It's a girl." Gertrude said silently with closed eyes. Maria and Liz had to stifle their laughs. "She will be great. She will be very important to history. She is royalty, from a line of great kings." Liz's eyes widened.
"OK. I think I've had enough." Liz said getting up from the couch and pulling down her shirt.
"Make haste, my child, " the old woman grabbed her arm, trembling,"You are carrying a very important child. YOU MUST BELIEVE IN THE LOVE!"

* * * * *

"she's a flake. C'mon Liz stop crying." Maria said rubbing Liz's back as they drove.
"Maria, what if she's right?"
"She's not."
"What about the whole royalty, king thing?"
"OK, here's the thing. The reason I don't believe it is, cuz of Madame Vivian. Every time I came to her, that bitch was always right. I guess I want to block it out."
"You're the one who told me that she's real."
"Yeah, well. Now, I see that she scared you and I don't want to think about it."


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you dont have to wait!

Chapter Ten

"Switch!" Victor called to his class so they should switch partners. Angela ran quickly to her next partner, Alex.
"Hiya, man mucus." Angela said as she put her arm on his shoulder.
"Girl, today you're going DOWN."
"We'll see about that." They are obviously flirting, noted Kyle as he moved chairs and tables to make more room on the dance floor.
"I see one little lady is left without a partner." Victor noticed the isolated Yvette. "Valenti!" Victor called.
"Yes, sir." Kyle ran up to Victor.
"You'll be her partner." He pushed Kyle to Yvette.
"Sir, I can't dance."
"Quiet. Lift your arms."
"I SAID LIFT YOUR ARMS!" Kyle could tell Victor was getting pissed. Kyle followed directions and abruptly lifted his arms. Victor took his two index fingers and put them on a muscle on his back.
"Sir?" Kyle stammered.
"Shut up Valenti."
"I'm highly ticklish there, sir."
"Pick that muscle up." Victor ordered of Kyle. Kyle had to obey.
"NOW you're a man." Victor gloated.
"Hee, hee. A man, huh?"
"Yup. Very proud of you, Valenti. Very proud."
"Thank you, sir." He took Yvette by her waist and she put her arm on his shoulder. Kyle tryed to do what Victor was showing.
"Now this move," Victor started to explain ,"is called "poozeek", it's a Russian word for belly. The man lifts his right arm so that the woman can run her hand around our beautiful bellies and we eventually end up switching sides, we do this 3 times per partner." Kyle was starting to like this as Yvette, Angela, Vicky, and Melissa ran their hands around his belly. Not a sexual kind of like but, more of cutesie kind of like.

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Meanwhile, here's the next chapter:

Chapter Eleven

"You ready to go?" Max asked his wife.
"I'm just about. Just about-" She had to run to the bathroom and barf. Sixth time this week, she thought as she barfed into the toilet.
"Hey. Whoa!" He ran into the bathroom after her. "It's OK. Just let it go, let it all go." He said quietly rubbing her bent over back.
"I'm fine. I'm fine." she said breathing hard.
"Are you sure you are fit to go?"
"Yeah. Let's go pick up Kyle."

* * * * *

"I'm so sorry."
"You don't have to be. It's completely normal." Max and Liz were in their car and they were discussing her pregnancy symptoms. They were on the way to Club Butterfly to watch Maria's concert. Before that, they had to pick up Kyle. They got to Neptune Avenue and Ocean Parkway, and got out of the car. They entered the building and got on the elevator to the 3rd floor. They got out and walked to the dancefloor. They opened the door and witnessed a most amusing scene. Kyle was dancing swing with Vicky.
"Poozeek!" Kyle called and Vicky slid her hand over his belly. "Poozeek!" He called again and Vicky repeated the move. "Hook thingy." And Vicky put her hand over his head and around his neck. "YOU'RE GOING DOWN!" Kyle held Vicky by her back and she slid down, her long hair sweeping the floor. Max and Liz gaped at the couple and when tthe music stopped, they couldn't help but clap. Kyle, with beads of sweat on his face, bowed down. Max whistled. Liz started giggling on how cute Kyle was. He came up to the couple and started speaking. "So, what's up?" Kyle asked of the laughing couple.
"Not much, not much." Max snickered.
"Ready to go?" Liz aske.
"Sure." Kyle put one hand on Liz's shoulder and one on Max's and he led them to the exit.

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