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Title:Live, Learn, & Love
Ratings:um, prolly just pg-13
Couple:M/L, OF COURSE!!!
Disclaimer: I dont own anything, just my wild, & crazy imagination*wink*
Summary: Liz and Tess are in competition for head-cheerleader, and that's not the only thing they want to be head in.....but basically Liz is more artistic because she is also the Head Softball player, and Head singer in her school's chorus, and she is always the leading star in her school's plays, and the most talented girl in her drama club, and she always has her best friend, Maria, by her side..... both Liz and Tess want to be the most popular girl in school, they both want the most popular, wanted guy in school......but in the end, Liz will get the better half....Liz will also find out that popularity isnt everything.....kind of a 'She's All That' story.....I havent wrote a story in forever, so plz dont be too harsh!........ENJOY! AND PLZ LEAVE FEEDBACK!!!

***Part One***
Liz jumped into her Jeep Wrangler...she was going to be late for school again! Lately she had been so busy with Cheerleading, Softball, Chorus, and the Drama Club. She had thought about dropping out of cheerleading, but she just couldn't! She would NEVER let that Tess Harding witch get most popular.....not if she could help it! She looked into the mirror and smiled....."I look terrific!" she said out-loud, while pulling out of her drive way. She had her hair down straight and her lips were brushed with red lipstick....her cheeks were rosy red and she had on just a little bit of mascara....she didn't like too put on too much make-up, besides...everybody said she looked better without it. She had on a low-cut red elbow length shirt with a short black was around christmas time and she wanted to be in the mood!!! her cell phone rang. "Hello?"..."Hey, can you come pick me's car needs working on." It was Maria. "Yea, I'll be there in two." and she hung up. She turned on her radio. 'In The End' was playing by Linkin Park. She turned the volume up and smiled when people turned to look at what was the noise. SHe had reached Maria's House and parked in her drive way. SHe honked the horn, and soon she saw Maria coming out wearing her knee length high helled boots with a green skirt and a white shirt. "Ooh, very Sexy." Liz teased when Maria got in on the passenger side. "You too, any special reason why?" Maria said back to her. "Ohh, just the usual with that witch Tess." Liz replied. "ooh, I wish you would just punch her and get it over with." Maria said. "You just dont know how bad I want to." Liz said. They both laughed. "So, have you been working on your fast pitch lately?" Maria asked Liz. "Girl, I dont have the time to do anything at home but homework." Liz replied. "Ooh, well I'll help you at practice. Not that you need much help, your the best on the team." Maria said. "I know." Liz replied. Liz turned into the school parking lot and parked in her special parking lot the board members gave her. "Ya know, I like being the best in everytihngf, Now if I could only get that bitch Tess out of Cheerleading." Liz said before jumping out of her Yellow Jeep.

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***Part 2***

Liz walked into the school building with her sparkling smile that she'd knew would get the guys hearts. "How pathetic." she said to herself as guys threw themselves at her. She saw tess coming down the hall and purked up a bit more. "Why, if it isnt Liz Parker." Tess said when she saw her. "The one and only." Liz shot back not looseing her gaze. "Unfortunately." Tess said before walking the way she came from. "SLUT!!!" Maria yelled at her..Tess turned and shot a dirty look at Maria. "Man,I cant stand her!" Maria said. "Well, dont worry...your not the only one." Liz told her before stopping in front of her locker. Kyle Valenti came over and started talking to Liz. "Hey cutie," he said to her. "Oh, hey Kyle," Liz said to her. Then she remembered how much Tess wanted him."What's up?" Liz asked him nicely, her mood all changing. "Not much, I was just wondering if you'd like to go out to eat with me tonight," Kyle said while running his hand through his hair. Liz had personal singing lessons that night! No! "Well, Kyle, it was really sweet of you to ask, but I have plans tonight." Liz said sadly. "Ohh, well that's ok. I'll ask Tess." Kyle said before walking off in Tess's direction. "Dang it!" Liz said to herself. She walked into her homeroom just in time for the bell. She sat down and looked across the isle at Max Evans. She remembered when she was little she thought he was kinda cute, but he was getting very hott! He looked at her and held her gaze a split second before looking down. "Wow, you have brown eyes." Liz said in her mind. He looked up. Oh no! I said that out loud! He was blushing really bad. "Um, hi....m-my name is Liz." She said stuttering. "Yea, I know." was all he said. "Well, I think that they are pretty." Liz said, gaining her confidence. "Thanks," He mumbled and looked at the ground again. The bell rung. "Well, it was great talking to you, Max." She said. "Y-Y-You too, L-Liz." He stuttered. Just before she got up to walk out of the room she wrote down her phone number on a sheet of paper and slid it in front of him. He looked up at her after he read it and she winked at him, then walked out the door. "I'll show Kyle Valenti." She said out loud. When she got home that night she looked on her caller ID. "Nope." She sighed and walked up to her room. It was above the 'Crashdown' restuarant. Her dad owned it. She was just getting ready for her shift when she remembered her singing lessons! "Oh no, she said as she went ot the phone and dialed her directors number. "Hey Mrs.Patterson, its Liz parker. I am sorry about this, but I have to cancel my singing lessons. Maybe we could get together anytime now that the musical play is over with." She said quickly. "Yes my child, that would be a good idea indeed. Pick a time that you are not busy with other things." Mrs.Patterson told her. "Well, how about on Monday and Sunday afternoons?" Liz answered. "Um, yes. What do you do on other days?" Mrs.Patterson asked her. "Well, Monday afternoons I have Softball practice. On Tuesday I have Cheerleading, Wednesday I have Drama. Thursday I have Softball, Friday I have Cheerleading, and Saturday I have Softball again. I have personal training. "Ooh, I see. Well under your conditions that would be fine with me Miss.Liz Parker."

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***Part 3***
Liz hung up the phone with Mrs.Patterson and went into her bedroom to get her uniform for work. She had gotten home from drama practice not too long ago. She looked into her door length mirror and couldn't help but laugh at how funny she looked. She had her hair in two pig-tail like twisted balls, and to make it look even dorkier was the head set her father made her wear.

"Well, here we go," she said, walking out of her bedroom door. When she got to the kitchen of the resturant she got her pad and pen and went through the door to the crashdown. Right when she walked in she saw Maria running around and laughed at her best friend. "Need and help?" Liz asked her. "Um,,,let me think...YEA!!!" Maria said, exasperated.

"Ok, I will get the left side, and you can get the right side..kapish?" Liz said to her. "Kapish!" Maria said, starting to brighten up. Liz looked over to the left side and couldn't help but smile. There was that dorky Michael Guerin's hair doo. He wore it in spikes all over his head.

Walking up to him, she put on her dazzling smile, and said in a innocent-cute voice "May I take your order?" He looked at the menu and then said in a bored tone, "I am waiting on my friend and his sister to get here." What a loser! She thought and then said brightly, "Would you like to at least order your drink?" He dropped the menu on the table and looked her in the eyes.

It un-nerved her. "No thank you, I will wait on my friend and his sister." Well GGGGRRRRRRR!!! She thought. She rolled her eyes and wlaked off to the next table. About ten minutes later Michael's company walked in. It was Max Evans and his sister Isabel Evans.

She smiled at Max and when he saw her he blushed and looked down at his feet until he got to the table, then he buried his face in his menu. She liked Isabel, she was very popular and cool. She was on the Softball Team with Liz and Maria.

"Hey Isabel!" Liz said when she got to their table. "Hey Liz! How's that pitching going?" Isabel asked her. "Oh, it's o.k. how's that batting going your way?" Liz said cheerfully looking at Max when she finished talking.

"OK, we didn't come here to talk about softball, if you girls would like to talk softball, call each orther..right now I am hungry." Michael said in a very aggrated tone. "Oh, Michael I forgot all about you...What would you like to drink?"

Liz said trying to keep her temper down. "I want a cherry soda." He said angrily. "Ok, and what what would you like Isabel?" Liz asked her. Isabel was looking at Michael like she was going to kill him. "Oh, just a diet coke." Isabel said. "And Max....."

She said while looking down at him. He was so hott!!! Brown hair, Brown eyes, high cheekbones....what more could a girl want? "....LIZ!" Isabel said, snapping her back to reality.

"Huh?" Liz said, then she blushed...I am making a complete fool out of myself! she said ot herself. "Ooh, I am sorry, I just kinda blanked out for a minute there...." Liz said, trying to cover up from her stupitidy. "What did you say you wanted again......Max?" She loved saying her name.

It was! It fit him perfectly. "Um, just a coke." He said, looking down at the table. "Ok, one cherry coke, one diet coke, and one regular coke." She said, looking at her pad. "Be back in a minute with your drinks."

She said, glad to get away from there. She felt like a complete idiot! When she filled up the drinks she took a deep breath and walked ot their table. "Ok, here you go." he said and set down the drinks. "Thanx Liz." Isabel said. "Ooh, your welcome...." she said while looking at the door. She stopped dead in her tracks. There was Tess and Kyle, arm in arm, walking into her fathers resturant!

"Ooh, they make me sick." She said. "Liz, who are you talking to?" Isabel said, looking at her weirdly. "Oh, I am jsut talknig to myself!" She said, smiling extra brightly.

"Ok, what will ya'll like to eat?" She saked while leaning over the table to look Max in the eyes. He looked back and then blushed. "I'll have a cheeseburger with fries..and could you bring a bottle of tobasco sauce?" Michael said to her.

"Sure..ok, whatcha want to eat, Isabel?" She asked smiling extra brightly, hoping that Kyle saw her in a extra good mood. "The same," She said, handing Liz her Menu. "And what about you, hun?" She asked Max, looking at him playfully. "I'll have the same also." He said, smiling at her.

Look at that smile! How sexy! She told herself. "Ok, it will be ready in about 15 minutes." she said and walked off, giving her step a swing when she walked past Kyle's table. She put Michael, Isabel, and Max's order on the counter for the cook.

Since Kyle and Tess were on Liz's side, she walked up to their table and said very happily, "Hey Kyle! What would you like?" She said, totally ignoring Tess, and leaned over the table and showed Kyle some skin.

"Um..." He said, looking at her chest. "I'd like a sprite." He said, not taking her eyes off of her chest. "Ok, it will be ready in a minute hun." Liz said, while winking at him.

"What do you want?" Liz said meanly to tess, who looked aggravated. "I want un-sweetened tea." She said, looking at Kyle, who was still looking at Liz. Without saying anything she walked over to the drink station and got kyle his drink.

Then she started making Tess's drink. She spit in Tess's drink and stirred it up really well. Hahaha, this will teach her not to mess with me! Liz said under her breath.

She set down their drinks and gave Kyle a sext glance before walking over to get Michael, Isabel, and Max's orders. She sat their food down on their table and, while she went to put Max's plate in front of him, she looked over to see if Kyle was looking at her, which he was, and whispered into Max's ear. "Meet me in the back at 9:00." All Max did was shake his head and blush.

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***Part 4***
Liz ran up to her room right when she got off from work. She changed her clothes and put her hair down. She put on a little bit of blush and lip gloss, and put on her jacket and walked out of her bedroom door. She walked into her kitchen and read the note on the refridgerator from her mom.

Me and your father have gone out to eat tonight. we will be home late. Probably around 12:30 dont wait up.
Mom and Dad"

Liz walked out of her back door and into the night. She looked around, but didn't see anybody. She looked at her watch and it read 8:57 p.m. "Any minute now." She said. She sat down on the steps and wrapped her arms around her knees. "Are you cold?" Someone asked.

She looked up, and Max was looking down at her with those big brown eyes. "Your late," she said while looking at her watch. "Better late than never." He said, smiling. She stood up, and said, "Um, do you wanna go for a drive?" He asked her.

"Yea!" She said, smiling. She took his hand and ran to his car. "Impressive." She said, then he went to open the passenger side door for her, and she shoved him in playfully. "Hell naw, I wanna drive!" She said, while running around to the driver's side.

She shut her door and looked at him, "Ok, now I need the keys," She said. "Here ya go." He said giving them to her. She put them into the ignition, and turned the key. She gave it a minute to warm-up, and then put it into drive and Backed out dangeri;ously. "Whoa!" Max said, surprized. "You might wanna put your seat belt on." She said to him.

"So, I hardly even know you, and I am dricing youur car." She said, smiling. "Weird huh?" She said. "Yea, very weird...but also very cool." He replied. "Well, Mr.Evans, we are gonna have to get to know each other better." Liz said playfully. "Yes, Miss.Parker, we are." Max said more seriously. They rode in silence for a few minutes.

"So, where are we going?" He asked her. "You'll see," She said mysteriously. "Ok," He said, while reliaxing when she slowed down a bit. "So, you like to go fast?" She said, not taking her eyes off the road. "Um...."was all he said. She turned down an old country road that led to the old space plantation thing.

"Um, Liz...I'm not sure we should come here," Max said seriously. "Oh come on Max, live a little." Liz replied. 'No Liz, I have......I dont want to be here." Max said. "Max, it'll be o.k. I am here with you." Liz said, while turning up the radio to drown him out. In the End was playing my Linkin Park. She turned into a drive that led to a few trees and the desert all around them. She parked the car and turned off the music. "So, why dont you want to be here?" Liz asked him. He waited at few moments before responding.

"It's too complicated," Max said. "Well, I am pretty smart, I think that I can figure it out," She said. "No liz, it's way too secret." He said. She got closer to him where her face was just inches from his, and told him softly, "Max, you can tell me anything. I promise I wont tell anybody. Trust me."

She blowed in his ear and put her hand on his face and turned it to look her in the eyes. "Liz, I didn't come from here." Max said. "Well, where did you come from?" Liz said, smiling. He pointed up. "What do you mean?" Liz asked him, backing up slowly. " you remember the roswell crash?" He said, looking at her.

"Y-Yea...what about it?" She said a little scared of what he's gonna say next. "Well, I was found there when I was a baby. Me, Isabel, and Michael." He said. "But Max, that was in like,'d be like..old!" She said, backing up against the window. "We wernt that old when we were found..there were4 pods...there was somebody else..but he or she was lost."

He told her. "What are you saying Max? that your an alien?" She asked him, griping the door handle. "Well, I'd rather you say 'not of this world'" He said. "Well, is that what you're saying?" She asked him. "Yes, that is what I am saying. you cant tell anybody Liz." He told her. "Max! how do you know? How do you know that you're that you're...." She couldn't finish her sentence. "Well, watch this. "he got out of the car and stood in front of the car. He held out his hand and light came from them!

And then everything went black.

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***Chapter 2, Part One***

"Liz, Liz!" Somebody was yelling at her, calling her name. "Huh?" She said, her eyes still closed. "Liz, wake-up!" She knew that was....Max. The thoughts of what just heppened came flooding back to her. Max had told her he was an alien, and then he had made light come out from his hands....and then she had passed out.

"Get away from me!" she said, while opening her eyes and getting away from him. " weirdo!" She was yelling now. "Liz, please calm down." Max told her gently. "Calm down! Calm down! You want me to calm down! NO, I wont calm down...Light just came out from your fingers, that is......weird! And I will NOT calm down!" She said, She was screaming at him now. Her head was aching from where she bumped her head.

"Liz, please...just let me explain." Max told her...He started easing closer and closer to her and before she knew it, he had his arms around her easing her back to the car. He picked her up and put her on the top of the car and sat down beside her.

"I dont understand." She told him. Her head was now throbbing with the pain. "Liz, it's so complicated. You have got to promise you wont tell anybody." Max told her. She just nodded her head in agreement. "Ok, me, isabel, and michael was found in those pods in 1947, but I wasnt born yet. We have the abilities to connect with people, We can manipulate molecular structures," He said.

"Wait, how can y-you do that?" Liz said, suddenly holding her head, the pain was so intense. "Liz, are you ok?" Max asks her. "No, my head hurts so bad...." She replied, Max put both of his hands on her head. She began to feel afraid. "Dont be afraid, I wont hurt you." Max told her. She then felt warmth on her head, and then the light......Then all the pain was gone. He took his hands of of her head.

"H-H-How did you do that?" Liz asked her, unable to get the words out she was so stunned. "I told you, we can connect with people, I felt the pain when I put my hands on your head, so I took it all away." He told her. "W-Where did it go?" Liz asked him. "It just left your body." Max said. "Ok, um, Max....can you take me home?" Liz asks him.

"Yea, Liz...but remember, please dont tell anybody, because our lives depend on this secret, so it has to be kept, dont tell anybody. "Ok, so you risked your life just to tell me this?" Liz said, stunned. Max nodded his head. "Why?" Liz asked him. "It was you." Max said, looking her in the eyes. Liz smiles then got into the passenger side of the car. Max got into the driver side.

When they pulled up into her drive way Liz thanks him and gets out of the car, and goes into her house, locking the door behing her. She touches her head, and it stil feels warm. She runs up to her toom and strips her clothes off and jumps into the shower, wanting to wash off all that she just learned. When she was done she dried herself, and put on her pj's and brushed her hair.

Then she went and got her diary and went out on her balcony and began writing.
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***Part 5***

Dear Diary,
My life is so weird right now. I feel so strange. I mean, Max Evans has told me that he has came from....outerspace. OUTERSPACE! That is so creepy! And to make it worse, I like him! My life dosent need this. I am too busy already! Ooh...what am I gonna do? I think that I am just gonna put him off for a while and work on making Tess's life miserable. Yes! Kyle.....I had forgotten about him, but I cant forget anymore.....I must take him from Tess Harding! Tess must die........

Liz closed her journal with an evil grin on her face. "Tess must Die!" Now that's what she wants to hear!

She closes her eyes and remembers a few months ago when her life was perfect, when all guys wanted her and ONLY her, then Tess came......


Liz was sitting in a booth with all the guys standing and sitting around her, hanging on every word she said.

It was right after the football game, and their team "The Crusaiders" won 49 to 14.

"Liz, that stunt you did was terrific!" Maria told her, reffering to the triple round-off she did in half-time.

Liz smiled her dazzling smile and said "Why, thank you Maria!"

Then she heard the door bell ring as someone came in. She thought it would be just another obsesser over her, so she didn't look to see who it was.

But when everybody took their eyes oof of liz and looked in the direction on the counter, Liz knew there was something wrong.

So she looked, and when she did all she seen was a mass of curly blonde hair.

The blonde turned around and she had on a low cut pink strapless shirt that was sagging with her size D boobs.

People started whispering and Liz couldn't help but feel jealous. So she turned and when behind the cash regester and asked with as much sarcasm and she could muster

"What do you want?" The girl's smile dissapeared and she said calmly "Hi, I'm Tess!" while looking at Liz's cheerleading uniform.

"I'm new here and I was wondering where the best place to eat was." She smiled and looked at liz with a satisfied grin that said

"Haha, I have imbarrassed you!"

"We are closed." Liz said andwent from around the counter and stood right in front of Tess.

"Well, if you are closed, then why are there so many people here?" Tess said while looking at all the people who were sitting around Liz's chair.

"Because we are having a party for ME. And this is half my restuarant and there are no Skanks aloud," Liz said while showing her very roughly out of the door.

When she sat back down in her seat everybody started talking about the girl named Tess.

***End OF Flashback***

She was filled with hatred now. She looked at her watch. It was only 12:00. Her parents wouldn't be home for another 30 minutes!

She picked up her phone and dialed Maria's number. A sleepy Maria answered.

"Hello?" She said. "Hey Maria! Throw on some black clothes ok? I'll be at your house in 10 minutes." Liz said.

"Liz, are you crazy? What are you gonna do?" Maria asked her. "There's no time right now, I'll explain when I pick you up, ok?" Liz said quickly

"Ok." Maria said. Liz hung up the phone and ran into her room, throwing her phone on her bed.

She put on black clothes and a black hoody, then she ran downstairs and out the back door.

She jumped into the jeep and headed for the supermarket.

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***Part 6***
Liz came out of the store with 6 huge bags filled with toilet paper and eggs. She headed towards Maria's house and drove into her driveway.

Maria was standing outside, looking annoyed. "Ok, Liz for one thing...Are you out of your mind? What are we doing?"

Liz explained ot her that they were gonna egg Tess's house and toilet-papar it too. "Ok Liz, now you ARE crazy...what's gotten into you?" Maria asked her.

"Revenge." was all Liz said.

"Liz!..are you outta your mind?" Maria was shouting at her now. "Maria, you hate her!" Liz asked her.

"Um....THAT DOSENT MEAN I MANT TO EGG HER HOUSE!" Maria responded. "Well are you with me or not?" Liz yelled back at her.

"Of course I'm with you! Your my best friend!" Maria told her, sitting back in the passenger side seat.

"Well, how are we gonna do this?" Maria asked her. "Like we do everything, I get the left side, you get the right." Liz told her, smiling.

"Why do we always do everything like that?" Maria asked her tiredly.
"Because it's the quickest way." Liz said.

"Oh, ok." Maria said, letting the conversation go. Liz adjusted the radio and stopped it when it was laying a song she liked.

It was Avril Lavigne "Sk8er Boi" "Ooh, I love this song!" Maria said while singing the lyrics.

'I swear, she can get so loopy over a little song.' Liz told herself.

When they got to Tess's house Liz put on her black huddy and got out the bag of toliet paper.

Then she told Maria to get out the egg cartons. She had gotten 7 egg cartons, so that ought to be enough.

She hopped down from the jeep silently, with the huge bag of toilet paper in her hand.

She shut the door to her jeep, and went to Maria's side of the jeep.

"You got the eggs?" Liz asked her "Yea, you got the toilet paper?"

"Yea! You ready? Now be really quiet, and if you see anybody jump in the bushes, and crawl to the jeep." Liz said

Liz had parked the jeepin front of the next house where it was out of sight from Tess's eyes range.

So then it began. First they started out with toilet paper. Liz threw hers high into the trees and when it came back down she threw it back up.

She looked over on the right side of the yard to see Maria doing the same. She smiled to herself while she threw some toilet paper into the last tree.

"Ok, I'm done." Liz went over to Maria, whispering. "I am almost can go ahead and start egging now." Maria whispered back.

"No, we cant start egging her house until were totally done." Liz told her.

"Ok." Maria said, while throwing toilet paper into the last tree.

"Ok, go get in the jeep and start it....the eggs busting will probably wake them up." Liz told her. "She nodded and ran out of sight.

Liz took five eggs in each hand and threw them at her house. Then she did it again.

She threw them at the porch, at the windows, and even the chimney.

When a light came on upstairs she ran to the jeep, jumped in, and drove away.

She had gotten up all the evidence, and used every egg! "Well that was fun," Liz said, while smiling very widely.

She took off her hoody and shook her head rapidly to get her hair loose.

They rode in silence until they got to Maria's house.

"Do you want me to pick you up tomorrow?" Liz asked her. "Um, yea....that would be great." She said sleepily while getting out of the jeep.

She waved before dissapearing into her apartment.

When Liz got home she saw that her parents hadnt made it home yet, so she threw the evidence into the big trash can outside and ran into the house, upstairs, and into her room.

She pulled off the clothes she had on and put on her pj's and jumped into bed.
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ok, here's the part...DEAL'S OFF, lolz..........

Ok you guys, I kinda wanna do an autobiography on this one....but just this part, I'm just gonna see if it's better or not....ya'll tell me ok?

***Part 7***

Liz Parker woke up thursday morning and remembered what she had done last night.

Smiling, I got out of bed and went into my bathroom, brushed my teeth, and stripped and jumped into the shower.

In the jungle the mighty jungle
the lion sleeps tonight
in the jungle the quiet jungle
the lion sleeps tonight....

She smiled ot herself. She loved that song! It was her fav song as a child.

She jumped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her body and another around her head.

hhhhmmmmm.....what shall I wear today? she sketched out her closet and then thought to what happened last night and what Max confessed to her.

Then she remembered Kyle. "Ok Kyle likes skin revealing, tight, and sexy....

She pulled out a tight baby blue talk top and was low cut and some blue jeans that were faded around the butt.

They were also hip huggers so that would defenately attract attention from Kyle, and alot of other guys indeed.

Now dont get me wrong folks, I do like MAx, it's just....come on! It's kinda, well, freaky that he's "not of this earth"

I mean, can u say skin crawler? So I put on those heart throbbing clothes and brushed my hair,

blowdrying it, and letting it hang down my back. Then I apply my make up....starting with my mascara, then the black eyeliner, then the lip gloss.

And Ta-Da! could I look any better? Looking in the morror, I admire my beautiful bad self!

Ooh yea, boo ya! In your face Tess Harding! You aint got nuttin on me gurl!

So looking at myself one last time I blow myself a kiss and then slip on my cute black sandals that are absolutely sexy!

Ok, they are black bongo's and they have itty bittie black leather straps across them.....can u say SEXY BABY?

Then I put on my very o so sexy black leather jacket, grab my books, pocket book, and I'm running down stairs!

So I'm walking into the kitchen and WHOA MAMA! I mean, literally!

My mom is in a friggin little french suit and is sitting on my dad's lap making out!

It's like that comercial about the yougurt, but much more........nastier!

"Yall get a room!" I yelled at them, ending the gross kiss.

"Liz!" They both said, Yea, I seen ya'll...gonna try and act all innocent liek I dont know...

"I take it ya'll had a good time last night." I said while pouring me sone orange juice.

"Um, w-w-would you like some pancakes liz honey?" My mom asked me innocently.

"No thanx make-out mother." I said, while that was pretty corny.....but oh'll live.....

"Elizabeth Parker, just beacuse y-"

"Oops! gotta fly!" I said before picking up my stuff from the kitchen counter, but I paused for a second.

"Oh yea, daddy.." I said. He looked up, "You've got lip stick smeared all over your face."

He blushed bllod red and started wiping at his face. "You too mom."

I said and walked out the door leaving both of them wiping at their faces.

I crank up the jeep and pull out, driving in maria's direction.

So when I get there, and listen to this! The chick aint even ready yet!

I blow the horn and then this fat dude sticks his head out next door and tells me to shut up! Ok, he dont kno who he's messing with!

"Shut the hell up!" He yells at me. "OH yea! Why dont you make me PORKY PIG!" I yell back at him.

He looks at me in surprize. YEA, I'M TALKING TO YOU FATSO! SO then he says "You better watch your mouth young lady!"

"Well why dont you come make me you over sized BLIMP!" And then again he just stairs at me.

"Do you want me to come out there and make you regret those words?" He said.

"Come on fattie boy!" I yell back to him! whoo I'm felling bad today!

So get a load of this! Maria is coming out of her house the same time as the chunly boy over there! So she gets in, and I notice we still have a few eggs left that I didn't see last night, so I drive into the road, and he is coming towards the jeep, so I throw 3 eggs at him! AND THEY HIT HIM RIGHT SMACK DAB IN THE FACE!

"PUT THAT IN YOUR CRACK PIPE AND SMOKE IT!" I yell at him before speeding off.

Oh yea! I'm bad! Go me! Un-huh! Yea Yea! I look over at maria who is a stunned as a peacock who has been shot in the butt with a bee-bee

"Hey chick!" I tell her, playing it coll. Oh Yea! Look at me and my bad self....I think while speeding around a slow car.

"GRANDMA!" I yell out to the person driving...put it appears it is a grandma!

An old lady! AAAHHHH! SO I smile innoncently at her and you know what that old hag does? she flicks me off!

So I cann her a bitch and drive on! Well when we get to school I park in the usual spot and I look at maria.

"What in the HELL is wrong with you?" Maria asks me/

"Nothing" I said sweetly and innocently, smiling the biggest I can.

So we walk into school and BAM! right when I enter the door there she is!

I look at her and I cant help but laugh.

"She's a hoe....hoe!...she's a hoe.....hoe!....She's a hoe.......I said dat she's a hoe....hoe!" I sing as I pass by her.

So I'm by my locker and guess who comes up to me? Kyle! YEA BABY!

"Hey Liz!" He pathetic! "Hey Kyle," I said and bend down to get my books out of my bag.

I cant help but smile as kyle's eyes look at my clevage....DONT YA JUST LOVE PUSH-UP BRAS?!?

"What's up?" I ask him, looking at him. " you have plans tonight?" he says casually.

I look over in tess's direction, and BINGO! I have got her attention! Boom batta bing bang bong!

"hm...well I dont have to work tonight, but I do have softball prctice."

"Well, maybe we can go to the movies? I mean, afterwards?" Kyle says. I just wanna laugh right now you guys, you just dont know!

"Why, I'd LOVE to go out with you to the movies tonight Kyle!" I yelled as tess walked by. She turned her head and looked at me like she was about to kill me.

Oh yea! well look who's got the guy now Miss.Whore! At least my house isnt tp. & EGGED!

Ooh yea, look at me and my bad self...uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh.....Go Liz! Go Liz!

Ok, back to earth. Kyle is looking at me like I am an alien, and mentioning just walked by...

Max looked at me and I couldn't help but smile at him. He was so much sexier then kyle! but Tess! think tess!

"Liz, do you have something with that guy?" Kyle asks me. Ha! if you only knew.

"No! I am single...or, I was..." I said while seeing tess walk by again....So I think realy quickly and I pull kyle in for some smooching...ugh! he's a terrible kisser!

Think Tess! Think Tess! So I pull away and lick my lips.."hhhmmmm Kyle." I smile.

Ok, so Tess is looking at me like she wants me for lunch, and kyle looks like he wants me with whip cream....eeeeewwwww!!!

Dont get me wrong people! I HATE kyle! But I gotta get revenge with tess! So I gotta *act* like I want him.

But I really I'd rather have an alien....did I just say that?

So after that little thing with kyle I walk into homeroom and...there he is! Damn...if only he was of this earth!

He sure does look out of this world though, for real! He is wearinga red tight TIGHT shirt that shows off his muscles....damn, can I call u daddy?

So I sit down, and I slides me a paper. So of course I open it..."Meet me in the eraser room" was all it says.

Ooh, you want some alien love do ya? I look over at him and he looks serious...well lemme tell ya...

I am about to be ripped apart, I want him so bad, but my gosh! Why am I going out with Kyle?

Oh yea! that witch tess! Damn her! She always ruines everything for me! ugh! If she were only here...I'd show her who runs this show.......

Ok, so I'm going to the eraser room...I look around, to make sure nobody's looking....

damn, I feel like James Bond! da dun da dun da dun da da did the theme song go again? Oh well, who cares? da dun da dun da dun da da da......

WHOA MAMA! Ok, I am opening the door and there is maria getting her freck on with......EEEEEEWWWWWW!!! Michael! THe weird dude. They see me and Michael tell me

"Max is waiting on youin the band room." and then Maria smiles at me, but she's really saying: IF you say a word.......

Ok, so Michaewl tells me to get my own room and closes the foor my MY face...ok? MY face......who does he tihnk he is messing with anyways?

Ok, so I go to the band room, and yet again, I'm in james bond mode.....da dun da dun da dun da dun dun dun...

Ok, I open the door, and smakc my ass and call me mama! THere is max sitting in the table waiting on me!

But he looks serious..Damn! He sure knows how to bust a james bond "get ure freak on" move.

"Hey." I say casually, locking the door behind me. "Hey Liz, look we really need ot get something cant tell anybody about what I told you and showed you last night. Because my life, Michaels, and Isabel's depend on you keeping this secret."

"Oh yea, I just seen Michael getting his freak on with my best friend...what's that about?" I ask him.

"Hell if I know.....they had already taken up the eraser roo, so I told him to tell you to meet me here.

"Ooh, um, ok" I tell him, at a loss of words. "But I dont think we can have a relationship because I am not exactly...well, your species." MAx tells her.

Well it's not like we can anyways, I am seeking revenge!

"Um, ok." I put this fake hurt puppy look on my face. wahoo! he falls for it!

"Liz, I really do want to get to know you better, but well.....I cant right now."

"Um, ok.." I said with that same look on my face as before.

I sit down on the table and I feel him coming near me........wait PAUSE...I feel him coming near me? DAMN....I am getting physic!

Then I feel himput his hand over mine, I look into his eyes and for once he dosent look shy....So I have this REALLY strong urge to kiss him right now, but he took me idea.

He puts one of his fingers under my chin and tips it up and he swoops in for a lil smoochy smoochy! WHOA BABY!

Damn....he can kiss! So much better then What's his it Kevin? Who cares?

So he wraps his arms around my waist and I get this's of max and....isabel as children..there walkngi in the dark.....I pull away...

"Max, this is getting really weird....did you jsut see that?" I ask him.

" saw that too?" Maxasked me. Well duh hun! Now lets do it again!

I start to move closer, but he pulls away, letting go of me altogether. I dont have my jacket so I wrap my arms around myself.

"Liz, we really cant do this...." Max says and he walks out the door.

And I'm left daydreaming of Mr.Wonderful.

ok, I dont know about yall but I like writing autobiography...and I also was in this funny mood today, how was that?
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aw....thanx you, do yall like it beter when I do autobiography? b/c I do! lolz...

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LANA! lolz, I have missed you soooooooo much.......thanx for stooping by! um, I am writing the next part now you guys, so hopefully I will get it in by tonight, but this might be the lasst part until next weekend because I go back to school wednesday.

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ok, here's the next part........

***Part 8***

Ok, So I am walking to the softball field with my adidas sports bra on. Oh you guys, it's so cute!

The top is baby blue, and it's got navy blue stripes on it.....ok back to the story...and I have on my navy blue adidas shorts that goes with the top, and gues who rides by?

Mr.Wonderful! Ok, you wanna kno what he does? He stops! Did I say that I love his car? well I do!

So I lean over and look into the car "Hey."

"Hey." He says. "Where you going?" I ask him.....wait PAUSE! "where are you going? He's going home, duh liz! what was I thinking?

"Just going home." He tells me...well duh liz. I mentally kick myself in the back of my head.

"So...I guess I'll let you go to practice." He says. "Um, okay.....wait! Max!" I yell after him.

"Yea?" Max says. "Um, call me tonight okay?" I tell him, hoping he will.

"Okay." He tells me. "Bye." I say, smiling my sazzling, sexy smile. "Bye." he says and drives off.

Ok at practice maria starts tellig me about michael. "I mean liz, he gets so sexual." she tells me. as if I dont kno, I walked in on them!

"I saw that." I tell her. She ignores my start remark. Ok, she is a catcher and I am a pitcher, and we always practice together.

She throws the ball at me hard, I am gonna get you for that, I say in my head.

"And he is such a good kisser!" She tells me. I throw her a fast pitch. "Oww! Tha hurt liz!" She said while taking her mit off.

I just smile at her sweetly and innocently. "So, why was you looking for Max?"

She asks me innocently. "Oh, no reason......." I said while catching the ball. I throw her a curve.

"Dont tell me no reason...the only reason people meet in the eraser room is to get their freck on chick!" She tells me.

"Well obviously...You and michael were sure getting it on." I tell her the nI add "But me and max aint like that maria, I am telling you."

"Yea, ok chick....whatever you say." Maria tells me. "Besides......." I say as I throw her another fast pitch. "I have a date with Kyle tonight."

She takes off her head gear. "YOU WHAT??" She yells at me, causing attention from all the other girls.

"You heard me." I tell her. "Now, but your gear back on." I say. She puts it back on and squats in the position a catcher is in.

"Why Kyle?" Maria asks me. "Because, I have to get revenge from Tess." I tell her.

"Gosh, liz. I will say this again...why dont you jsut punch her and get it over with?"

"I dont know." Come on, let's bat." I tell her. "Ok." She tells me, taking off her gear.

"So, where is he taking you?" Maria asks me. Were gonig to the movies tonight." I tell her.

"Ooh, what are ya'll gonna go see?" Maria asks me, while we go up the the electrical softball thrower.

"I dont know. I wanna see 'LOTR, the two towers' again." I tell her.

"Liz! you have already seen that movie 7 times!" Maria tells me. Ok, so what? I just think orlando bloom, or in the movie 'Legolas' looks very sexy.

The pointy ears might happen to turn me on thank you very much.

"So? I think Legolas looks very sexy." I tell her, swinging at the softball. Home run bebe!

"Ok, pointy ears, and long blone hair is NOT sexy Liz." Maria tells me.

"Well neither is brown spiked hair." I spit back at her, refering to michael.

"I think it's sexy." Maria tell me. Ugh, can she get any more disgusting?

"Well, I think the long pointy ears and long blonde hair look very sexy." I tell her.

"Well, whatever you say." She tell me ending the discussion. "Ok girls practice is over!"

Coash Nelson yells. I put my bat up and jog to the girls locker room, Maria right behind me.

"Kyle is picking me up too." I tell her, smiling. "Ooh, very impressive the guy eating outta your hand already.

I laugh with her. So I wrap a towel around me and take off my clothes. Ok, so ya'll might think that it's on big deal to take off your clothes in front of other girls right? Were all the same right?

NOT! Ok, there are some lesbo's out there, and you can never be too careful.

So after alot of struggle to take my clothes off and keep the towel aroynd me I finally get everything off, and I get into the individual showers.

Ok, I can't help it, but I like to ding in the shower!

Take a bath!

Wash yourself!

Take a bath!

Show me what ya washin' with!

I came in with the soap in my hand...

"Liz! Will you be quiet!" this girl yells at me. It's Pam Troy.

"Why dont you come and make me!" I tell her, but then I dont hear anything, so I go back to singing...

Take a bath!

Wash yourself!

Take a bath!

Show me what ya washin' with!

I came in with the soap in my hand...

Well after I get out of the shower and get my clothes on while keeping the towel wrapped around me, Ok, I have on the clothes that I wore to school today.

I put my practice clothes in my West Roswell bag and tell maria bye, walking out of the lady's room with my hair wet soaking wet.

And there's kyle, waiting for me in his ford mustang. I jog over to his car and throw my bag in hte back seat, and he drives me home ot get changed and to blow dry my hair and re-do my make-up.

So when we get to my house he comes up stairs with me! hahaha!

"Um, you can wait out on the balcony or whatever." I said, while looking through my closet for something to wear, since it's spring, I get out a thin baby blue short skirt and a matching white tank-top.

I go into my bathroom and lock the door, and change...then I blow-dry my hair, do my make-up, and walk out of the bathroom, and kye is waiting out on my balcony.

His back is turned to me, so I sneak up behind him and put my arms around his waist...and BING BATTA BOOM BANG BOOM! He has got some abs baby!

He turns around and smiles. Wow....he's really got a pretty smile. "Hye." I said.

He backs up and looks at me from a distance. "Liz, you look really good." He tells me.

"Thank you." I tell him. Then I walk back in my room to my closet and slip on my baby blue flip flops I got to match with the outfit, and I get my light lean jacket.

"Ok, I'm ready." I say to him. I cant believe him. He comes over to me, grabs my hand, looks like he's gonna kiss me, and then just leads me down stairs!

So the night begins.........

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Lana: Thanx girl! lolz...I will try to post more very soon, but I am having ot go back to school tomorrow*sad* so the next time I update will prolly be next weekend. Thenx for the fb..keep bumping!

Dia: She will have max in the end*wink* And I LOVE Legolas! Damn girl, he look sooooooo sexy with that wig on! and those ears, lolz, I think they r sexy, you prolly think I am "not of this earth" right now (lolz) but I swear, I am his BIGGEST fan!!! And his EYES are sooooooo georgous! ok, I am babbling.....anywayz, like I told lana I wont be able to post again until next weekend, b/c I have to go back to that hell hole they call "school". But thanx for the fb and keep bumping!

LizHalliwell: LOLZ...well she will in the end, realize who she really wants to be the end! or prolly not so far away...oops! Ok ZIPPING NOW! lolz.......THANX for the fb!!!....keep bumping!

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***Part 9***

Liz and Kyle walked into the crashdown for somethingto eat before they left to go wathc the movie, and right when she caught sight of those soulful brown eyes, her heart fell.

God I wanna be with him instead of Kyle. Why did I have to go out on this date? Then she looked and saw who Max was sitting with....and she remembered.

'Ooh, so she's gonna take my man?' Liz said to herself, then mentally kicked herself for what she just thought. Max wasnt her man, but Max wasnt supposed ot be out with anybody.

Especially tess! He couldn't date ppl not of this earth! But what...that would she cant be. There were only 3....maybe tess bribed him.

So Kyle takes her by the hand and they sit in the booth right behind Max and Tess. Liz and Max are faced each other, and she keeps looking at him, wishing she were with him.

Maria came up to their table, winked at Liz, and took their orders, when they were done maria walked away and liz was stting looking into Max's soulful eyes.

He looked like she felt. Empty. Like he didn't wanna be there with tess, but was forced to.

Kyle started talking about sports and Liz couldn't help but get annoyed at him.

Right when she was about to break down and cry tess got up and went to the bathroom. With some quick schemeing she looked at kyle, and batted her eyelashes,

"Kyle, would you go to the kitchen and check on the food?" And he got up and walked to the kitchen.

Liz got up and slipped into Max's booth, "I thought you cant date people of this earth." She said , trying to sound very mad but it came out in a sad voice.

"I did say that Liz, but you dont understand..." He stopped when Tess came back, standing by the table.

"I think your table is there." She said, bounding her big boobs in the air like baloons.

God yall just dont kno just how bad I wanted to stick a needle in those fake baloons and pop them.

With a smirk to kill, liz got up and sat back into her booth right as kyle sat down with the food in his hands.

"Dig in," he said, and started pigging out. She ate hers politely, and didn't even eat half of it.

She felt so sad that she didn't even wanna go to the movies anymore. But she also noticed hoe tess kept looking over to kyle and her, seeing if liz and kyle were lookig back, she looked dissapointed when kyle wasnt looking at her.

"Kyle, I think I am sick," she said, faking a stomach ache. "Well, do you want me to take you upstairs?" his loud voice boomed over the whole restuarant. everybody looked, including Max.

Se thought quickly, and as her and as she went to stand up wi the coldness to kyle's arms, she faked fainting. Kyle caught her and picked her up and carried her to her room.

She could feel max's soulful eyes on her. She knew he wouldn't go out with tess now, he would be too worried about her, or she hoped and prayed he would.

So when they got to her room, Kyle layed her on her bed, and slapped her face. "what..what?" she said and looked into Kyle's blue misty eyes. They wernt like max's.

she didn't like them b/c they wernt Max's. "are you ok Liz?" He asked her. "Um, yea kyle, she tried to get up, but she faked her stomach hurting her.

"Hey, I am sorry kyle, but I dont think I am gonna be able to go with you tonight. I am sorry" she told him.

He said it was ok and asfter a while of being reeasured she was gonna be ok he went down stairs, and she layed down on her bed.

Then she got up and walked over to her balcony. She took her blanket with her, and layed down on her extended couch on he balcony.

It was sun down, an she watched it going down, then she guessed she went to sleep b/c when she awoke it was night.

There was something on her cheek, she could feel it. She had her eyes closed so she didn't see what it was.

So she slowly and sleepily opened her eyes and looked into those brown amber soulful eyes that she had fell in love with.

"Hey" He said, all she could do was smile, she was so hapy to see his face.

"Hey." she said after some time. She felt like he could see her whole lifetime.

"Are you ok?" He asked her. She started to remember him being out with tess and she becamse stubborn.

"Where's Tess?" she said sarcastically looking around him. "Liz, what I was gonna tell you is that, well, tess black mailed me into going out with ehr tonight."

Max told her. "How could she black mail you?" Liz asked him stubbornly. "She got together with Isabel, and then made me" Max said.

"Ooh, well where'd you put her off at?" Liz asked him. It was about an hour after it had happened.

"Her house." Max told her, smiling. "well, Max, you'd better go, remember? you cant b around's too dangerous" Liz said, trying to put on a mad face.

"Liz.." he said, she got up off the couch and walked over to the end of her balcony, she looked up at the stars.

"Dont liz me max, that's what you told me." Liz said, turning to face him.

He walked over to her, and touched her hair softly. "I'm sorry liz...I do want to be with you..." Max told her.

"Well why cant you?" Liz said "I mean, I know the whole...alien thing, but come on max, I mean....I cant stand not being with you." Liz said. she said the last sentence more slowly.

Then the most wonderful thing happened. Max touched her cheek, running his fingertips down it, then he pulled her closer, and kised her lightly, then he put his arms around her and kissed her more openly and passionately.

When the kiss ended they were holding each other, out on Liz's balcony...Under the stars.

Ok, I kno this was short, but I didnt really have much time....but I hope yall enjoy!!!

RoCk On!!!

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thanx Qtygurl411!!! lolz...yea, well the guy, I just found out he was tellin another girl the same stuff he was tellin me, AND HE HAS A G/F!!!..That made me feel really ya kno, he's a player, but I cant help but just love him to death....well ne-ways, I am gonna try REALLY HARD to write the next part before I go back to the hell zone they call school.

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lolz, yea michie! u bette'd get 2 it!!! lolz...what am I saying? I have to write my part! tootles!

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ok yall the next part is coming in just a minute, but it's really short....SORRY! lolz, but at least I got out a part!...I have been really sick lately yall and I have a fever right now, and my papa's been in the hospital so.....well I hope yall enjoy!!!


p.s. The show ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF!!!*bounce*
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***Part 10***
A/NOk, I have been watching the roswell shoe on the sci-I channel, and my candy gurl ways have been coming back to me, so I am gonna start writing michael/maria too! what do yall think?

Liz woke up to the sun coming in her bedroom. She looked at her clock. Whoa!

She was gonna be late for school! it was 7:30. She jumped into the shower
and quickly cleaned herself up and down.

She remembered last night. *sigh* She smiled, as coming out of the shower.

"He is so romantic," she said to herself as she began drying herself.

She remembered how my layed her down in her bed and kissed her eye lids and she quickly went to sleep.

When she finished getting ready she remembered Kyle yet again. "Gosh, why cant I just let him go?" she asked herself.

Then she remembered the snake. Tess. But she wants Max too...what do I do?

Then she smiled. If Tess wanted Max then she could keep him! "Yes!" Liz said entering the kitchen.

He mom looked at her, "well what's got you in a good mood?" She asked her. "Oh, nothing mother."

Liz said and walked out to her jeep. Then she had a great idea. She called maria and told her she was riding with someone else, and then called max.

"Hello?" His sexy voice purred in her ear. "Hey..Max it's liz>" she said.

"Ooh, hey Liz." he said. "Hey, um, I was just wondering, can you drive me to school then bring me home from cheerleading practice?" Liz asked in her super suck-up voice.

"Um, yea sure Liz."Max told her. "Ok, well cheerleading practice is over at 6" Liz told him. "Ok, well ill see you in just a few." He told her.

"Ok, bbye." she said.

***Maria's Pov.***

Maria got into her mom's car and cranked it. She was supposed to pick of Michael.

She didn't even know what she saw in him, he was weird....but for some strange reason she liked him though.

And she had no idea why. She recalled him grabbing her and pulling her into the eraser room with him and then the next thing she knew he was pushing her against the wall and was kissing her.

She sighed as she saw him with his spiked up hair waiting outside his trailer.

ok, I kno it's short, but I've been so busy lately...and sick, and my papa in the hospital and all, I watched the show from there 2 nights in a row now, well I g2g....bbye yall! ROCK ON!!!

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hey ya'll...sorry I havent updated in forever, but I have been spending all my time ⊕ the hospital b/c my ppa is in a critical condition...well I am just starting the next part so I am hoping it will be out by next weekend. But I doubt I'll take that long. Hopefully I will work on it all today and be done with it tonight. I am hoping for the best!!!


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***Part 11***

Liz saw Max coming. When he parked into her drive way she bounced into his car. "Hey" she said cheerfully. "Hey" he said. He was playing Good Charlotte.

"OOH, I love this song!" She said, and she turned it up.

Since I was a young man I never was a fun man
I never had a plan and no security
Then ever since I met you I never could forget you
I only get you right here next to me

Max looked over at her and smiled. SHe smiled back, then busted out laughing.

'Cause everybody (a-whoa-oh-oh) needs someone that they can trust and...
And you're somebody (a-whoa-oh-oh) that I found just in time

If you want me to wait, I would wait for you
If you want me to stay, I would stay right thru
If you don't wanna say anything at all
I'm happy wondering

Now my life is changing, it's always rearranging
Always getting stranger than I thought it ever could
Ever since I found you, I wanna be around you
I wanna get down to the point that I need you

Liz looked over at him and sent him a look that said "this song states how I feel"

If you want me to wait, I would wait for you
If you want me to stay, I would stay right thru
If you don't wanna say anything at all
I'm happy wondering

"Gosh, I love this song!" Liz said.

Don't tell me
The bad news
Don't tell me anything at all
Just tell me
That you need me
And stay right here with me

If you want me to wait, I would wait for you
If you want me to stay, I would stay right thru
If you don't wanna say anything at all
I'm happy wondering

When the song went off Liz was smiling widely. "Dont u just love that song?" Liz asked him. Max shook his head. Lately liz had been wanting to change somehow.

She had been caring less about the Tess battle that had been constantly going on in her part.

Lately all she wanted to do was spend time with Max. And she wanted to stop putting on the act that kept her popular.

Lately all she wanted to do was get tatoo's and body piercings. She wanted to become a rocker gurl just like maria was.

Maria.....She had body piercings, tatoo's...and her nails were always black. That's what liz wanted to be like, but she was afraid of what max would think.

"Max." Liz said. "Yea?" he answered. "What would u think of my becoming rock?" She looked over to him ans saw that he wassmiling. "I Am SERIOUS!" She told him.

"Liz, you do what you want to do. If you want to become rock, then u become rock. It's your decision." Max told her, with a serious look on his face.

"Thanx Max." Liz said. "N-E-Time." He responded, parking in his parking space in the schools parking lot.

When they walked into the school liz grabbed his hand and began holding it. Everybody looked their way, and max was looking at liz with a weird look in his eyes.

"This is going to be a very interesting Day." Liz said to herself, hand in hand with max evans.

how'd yall like it???
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thanx lana....and all ya'll...well ne wayz, I the next part might take longer than I expected (sorry!) but I will try to start writing the next part soon.

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***Part 12***

Liz Kissed max on the cheek and to her surprize Tess (the gerbil) came running up to max and put her arm around his waist.

Liz looked at max and back to tess and back again. Max looked as if he was about to barf and liz felt the same.

"I suggest you to get your hands off my man." Liz tells her. "Um, I dont see your name written anywhere on him." the gerbil spits back at her.

Liz took max by the neck and pulled him down to her and kissed him passionately. Max pushed the gerbil off him and wrapped his arms around Liz.

Liz felt his arms around her and she deepened the kiss. Then after a few moments she pulled away.

There were about 15 people around them clapping and cheering them on. Liz took max by the hand and drove him to her locker.


Liz was leaning on max and eating her peanut butter and jelly sandwitch.

"Max..." Liz said, then looked up to him. She felt in a lovey-dovey mood.

"Yea?" Max looked down at her with those soulful amber eyes and liz felt like he could see into her very soul.

"Um, do you believe in love?" Liz asked. Them mentally kicked herself in the back of her head.

"Yea Liz, I do." Max replied. She was totally amazed. No wait, amazed wasn't the word for it, how about....surprizingly loopy.

Wait...what? loopy? what was she thinking? OK! back to reality....

"Well, do you think that anybody our...age could fall in love?" SHe asked him.

"Yea Liz, alot of people already are in love." Max said.

'Max..." Liz said

"Yea?" He replied.

"Do...Do you think this is safe? I mean, is it safe for m-my body and well, could I get hurt?" Liz asked him.

"Liz, I dont know. I dont even know who I am. But I know that I would never hurt you, On purpose." Max said, with a serious look in his eyes.

"Thanx." Liz said. "Anytime Liz." Max said. She went on to eating her sandwich.

****Later on after school****

Liz Was walking with max to his car, hand in hand. "So you'll be here at 5:00 to get me, right?" Liz asked him.

"Yea, 5:00 on the dot." He replied. "Ok." Liz said, pulling him in for a soft kiss.

After he drove off she ran to the locker room. "Dang girl, you look happy!" Maria said to her as shewas opening her locker.

"Maria, Gosh, Max takes me places." Liz said dreamily.

"W-What? LIZ.....Have you had sex with him?" Maria asked her seriously. Then she saw the gerbil walking by her.

She waited till the gerbil walked out of the room. "Of course not maria!" Liz said.

"Ooh, phew, girl you scared me for a second there." Maria said, both of them walking to the football field, with their cheerleading outfits on.

After practice Liz saw tess the gerbil whispering to her fellow gerblets, She was pleased she damaged tess that much.

Liz made sure that tess saw max pick liz up. For what Liz did was so crazy that she would go down in the book of dare-devils for all time to come.


ok, what'd ya'll think? dsorry I haven't updated in forever, but my papa passed away and I have just been really sad. But I am ok now!

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Dia originally wrote:
hey Jessica

I've missed two wondeful parts, but I'm back to say they were excellent... ugh can't Tess, that skanky gerbil keeps her hands off Max? Its very obvious he's with Liz!! LOL So is Liz gonna become a 'rocker'? She and Max were so cute, almost declaring their love *big* Come back soon with more?

Dia xxx

lolz, thanx! Well I dont think she is, lolz, I kinda changed my mind about that! lolz, well they dont love each other Yet, but we never know what tomorrow holds!


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Ok, I just wanna post these pics. again b/c for one I am extremely bored, and they are just so lovely!



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Ok, I am gonna start posting this story on the Outer Haven board, I will be posting it here to, but I'll be posting it there also. Here's the link:

that's the link for dreamer fiction. Well just wanted to let ya'll know.

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ok, I will. I am Jessica01.

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***Part 13***

When Max pulled up to the end of the football field and started walking. Liz could see him coming, so she ran quickly to him, jumped on him, and gave him kisses all over his face. He held her up while she was kissing him.

Then she told maria bye and kissed him open-mouthed in front of the whole cheer-leading squad. Tess was watching open mouthed.

When the kiss ended, Liz looked over to Tess and said "Eat your heart out you gerbil bitch." And with that she walked hand in hand with max to his car.

Tess was as red as a lobster, but liz didn't care. Tess was afraid of liz and she knew it.

The gerbil was probably afraid that liz would pop her fake boobs with a pen.

Max took liz to her house and went inside with her.

Liz led him upstairs and opened her door and shut it when max was in. Then she told hin to sit down while she put on something more comftorble.

When he looked up again there she was, in a Short jean shirt and a red tank top. The clothes showed her tark tan.

He was so surprized he bit his tounge. Then he held his jaw. "Whatz wrong?" Liz asked him, standing in front of him.

"I bit my tounge." He mumbled, still holding his jaw. "Awwm poor thing." Liz said while sitting down next to him.

She told him to hold his tounge out and after hesitating, he did so. She looked at his tounge.

"You didn't cut the skin, you just bit it hard. Thats all." she said.

Max put his tounge back into his mouth.

Then with a swift movement she pulled him close and started kissing him tenderly. She moved her tounge over the spot on his tounge where he bit it and he groaned softly.

Then before she knew it the kiss started getting deeper, more passionate. She pulled him closer and she was now sitting on him lap.

They were still kissing. Max picked her up softly and placed her on the bed.

Then he touched her face softly, and looked into her eyes. When he did so he felt love and understanding, comfort.

At that moment he felt like he would do anything for this girl. He knew he was falling in love with her.

She felt something when he touched her face. She couldn't quite place what she felt, but she felt something.

Then she looked into his eyes and she felt complete. She felt like butterflies was in her stomach.

Then she knew what she had felt when she looked inot his eyes. Those amber eyes. She felt like she could tell him anything, Like she could trust him with her life.

SHe wanted to just hold him and feel his arms around her. SHe wanted to jump off a cliff with him. She wanted to go to the end of the world and back...she wanted to....she wanted to fall in love with Max Evans!

And she did so. She felt more love for him than she had ever felt for any other in her life. She wanted him to tell her it was all right, to hold her when she was sad. To love her like she was loving him.

"Max..." Liz said. "Yea?" He answered. "I think I...Max, I am falling in love with you." Liz blurted out.

"Oh Liz..." Max said before kissing her again. She ended the kiss and they just held each other.

"Liz, I am falling in love with you to." Max said. And then he kissed her. But this time he kissed her it was different.

It's like she saw the universe. She could see all the stars in the sky. Galaxies after galaxies after galaxies.

Max kissed her. When he did he saw her as a little girl. He smiled. "What is it?" Liz said, starting to kiss him again. "Nothing." He said, smiling.

And they just held onto each other, keeping each other warm. Soon they had both fallen asleep.

Then Liz awoke to her mother screaming at her, "LIZ PARKER, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Nancy parker screamed, seeing her daughter cuccled up with a boy.

"Nothing mom, we just fell asleep." Liz said. "That's no excuse young lady!"
Her mother said.

"MOM, CALM DOWN!" Liz said. "I WILL NOT CALM DOWN!" her mom yelled.

"MR.EVANS, I PRESUME." Nancy said. "Ma'm?" Max asked her. "I WOULD SUGEST YOU"D BETTER GO HOME." Nancy told him. "I'll see you later Liz." Max told her.

"Bye..." Liz said, and When max was out of ear shot she started screaming at her mother.


With that liz ran out the door and caught Max before he was driving out of her driveway.

She jumped into the passenger side of his car and smiling at him, buckled her seat-belt.