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Title: Grown Up
Author: StormyBear30
E-mail: StormyBear29⊕
Couple: Max/Liz
Rating: NC-17
Summary: This is a smut filled fic that I wrote for my friend Faith Evans. She just finished her finals from college and I felt that she deserved a good ole’ Max and Liz smut fest. Enjoy my dear!!

The party was jumping. The music was great, the lights were low and the alcohol was flowing. Max could not remember the last time that he had felt so relaxed in his life and he so wished that this night would never end. With schoolwork, his many after school activities and football practice there was never any time for anything else, especially fun. “You having a good time” he heard his best friend Mike ask as he lead him away from the party and into the kitchen where it wasn’t so noisy and crowded.

"I am having the time of my life" Max drawled a bit on the tipsy side. "It was a really good idea to have his party"

"Good, I am glad that you’re having a good time. Because I need a favor"

"What kind of favor"

"Do you remember my cousin Liz? You know the one from Roswell New Mexico. You met her about two summers ago when her family came down to visit"

"Yeah, science geek. The one with the greasy hair and the braces"

"Yup, that would be one. She is down visiting my family and me for the weekend and I need you to keep an eye on her. My parents left her in my care and if anything happens to her then life as I know it will cease to exist”

“So what do you want me to do…baby sit you geeky cousin”

“Yes…and if you do this then I will make it so worth your wild”

“How…” Max asked intrigued at what his answer might be.

“You know how you have been dying for a date with Maria”
“Well if you keep an eye on the family nerd, I will assure you that Maria will be all yours for one glorious night”


“Never you mind that…just know that she will be yours for one glorious night of fun”

“I don’t know how you are gonna get her to agree, but I don’t care. You got yourself a deal”

“Great” Mike drawled, smacking Max on the back in a buddy type way, causing him to spill his warm beer all over the front of his shirt. “Max, Liz, Liz, Max”

Out of the corner of his eye he caught a pair of leather shoes move forward until they were standing before him, but it wasn’t the shoes that truly caught his attention, but the gorgeous set of legs that filled them. Pulling himself upright he followed the legs over a trim, bare midriff. Over a pair of perfect sized breasts, until he was standing face to face with the most beautiful women that he had ever laid witness to in his short life. Unable to speak he could only stare at the once nerdy school girl that used to follow him around, chattering obsessively about science, bugs or anything else that he could have cared less about, but as he continued to gaze upon her beauty, he found that he would kill to listen to her go on about just about anything.

“Hi Max” the beauty spoke as he continued to stand slack jawed before her. “It’s really nice to see you again. You’ve changed quite a bit since the last time that I saw you two summers ago”

“I…I could say the same thing about you” he stammered, finally getting his composer about him, somewhat. “You…you look amazing. So different from the last time I saw you”

“Yeah…thanks” she blushed, moving a bit closer to the clearly stammering man. “Would you like to go somewhere more private, so we can talk”

“Talk, sure” he gushed as he took her hand and led her down the hallway towards Michael’s bedroom. “So, what do you want to talk about” he asked, closing the door behind them once they were inside the private room.

“Well, we can start with how badly you want to ⊕#%$ me right now, because if the size of the bulge in your pants is any indication then I would say that it is pretty badly”

“Huh…what…” he stammered, quickly being cut off as Liz shoved him against the door, pinning him unmovable as she attacked his stunned lips with lightening quick reflexes that it rendered him totally dumbstruck as she began to massage him outside of his constraining pants. He couldn’t believe how this former dork was ravishing his mouth and giving him the hand job of his short lifetime and in truth he didn’t care as he turned the tables quickly as they stumbled clumsily to the bed. Within seconds he had her completely nude as he pinned her under the bulk of his frame while tasting the tender skin of her neck and shoulder.

No prude herself, she had him nude and at full attention as she skillfully flipped him over as she turned her body around now laying atop him in a sixty-nine position as she grabbed his ⊕#%$ pole within her small hands, guiding it towards her hot mouth. Exploratives flew as she slowly enjoyed the taste of the guy she had been in love with from early on. His taste was addictive, his scent alluring as she ran her tongue over the supple skin, drawing lazy circles over the oozing tip for added torture. *Yummy* she thought to herself as she took him even further into her hot recess as she relaxed her throat for even more deep throated action. His groans were plentiful, his panting music to her ears, but she wanted her share too as she locked her lean legs along the sides of his face and lifted it forward.

Not needing any more encouragement then necessary, and unwilling to give up the chance for a simple ⊕#%$, he ran his hands along the contours of her supple legs, smacking her playfully on the ass before taking his grip and positioning his greedy mouth at her entrance. Nudging his nose forward he quickly separated her folds as he took his first taste of Liz Parker. *Yummy* he thought to himself as he went in for another taste as he tortured and teased her clit until she her juices were sticky and wet all over his face. With determined movement he sucked it into his mouth, only to release it quickly, smiling at the threats of loss of life or limb if he did not stop his torture that filled his ears. Taking her threats to heart he bit down tenderly upon her nub, sending her over the edge as she locked her legs once again around his head, embedding his face yet again deep within her as she rode out her release.

*Two can play this game* she laughed wickedly to herself as she tightened the suction she held upon his fully raging dick, adding her hand for additional leverage and support. Up and down her wet mouth moved over him, increasing the pressure and then just as quickly releasing it until he member was a nearly exploding, purple ramrod of steel. “Jesus Liz, ⊕#%$ me now or kill me” she heard him pant as he arched up into her mouth as he tried to end his pleasureful pain. Not one to take orders from anyone, but needing to feel him piston deep within her, she quickly straddled his dick, before sliding ever so slowly downwards as to adjust to his girth.

His dick was gigantic, her walls full to capacity as she began to ride him for all that she was worth. Placing her hands upon his sweat sheened chest for support she increased her ministrations until she was tittering on the edge of explosion, but Max had other ideas as he pushed her off of his dick, causing her to cry out from the shock of it all. However her upset was short lived as he forced her to her knees and shoved his raging boner so hard into her core that she felt that he would be wedged inside her for days. Quickly the two set a rhythm that forced them even closer to an utter eruption of pent up sexual need. Grabbing her tits he began to massage them firmly with each thrust, knowing that they would be bruised and sore the next day, but not caring as he tightened the hold that he had on them, until she was crying out in desire filled pain. Back and forth he hammered her tiny ⊕#%$ until she was screaming with total disregard for the others in the other room as she exploded forcefully and loudly with Max following soon there after.

Spent, the two of them fell to the crumpled and messy bed, to tired to move as they tried to capture their lost breath. “Looks like your looks aren’t the only things that have changed about you” he panted, smacking her once again upon her quivering ass cheeks. “I don’t remember you ever being so forward when you were younger”

“Well I am older now and when I see something that I want, I take it” she giggled, as she snuggled deeper into the warmth of the sheets as he continued to try and recoup himself on top of her.

“Well, I like the new you. I like it so much that I think that we…”

“WTF” they heard the outraged cry of Michael as he threw open the door to his bedroom only to find his friend and cousin bare assed naked on his bed, after what appeared to be extreme sexual contact. “I will ⊕#%$ kill you Maxwell” he screamed, still unable to pull his eyes away from the sight before him.

“But oh what a way to die” Max retorted as he kissed Liz tenderly upon her shoulder before pulling himself off of her beautiful body, ready to face the music of his best and possibly former friend.


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Well I suppose that I could be talked into another chapter. *tongue* Stormy!!!

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