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The Day That Never Ended
By Aussie_Dreamer (aka Nicki)

In response to Dia’s challenge.
- The day after ‘End of the World’.
- Liz keeps repeating the day over and over.
- No matter what she does each morning she wakes up to the same day.
- Kinda like Groundhog Day
- She only starts to live past that day when she fixes things between herself and Max.
- One day she must commit suicide, run away and do the things she never had the guts to do.
- Couples: M/L, M/M, A/I, and T/K.

Author’s Notes: Don’t know how often this will be updated- hopefully every weekend. Please be honest in your feedback. Criticise, but don’t flame. This is the first story I’ve posted on this board.

Chapter One:
Liz woke up with a start as her alarm went off. She yawned and stretched her arms and legs as she slowly woke up. There was something different about this morning, she just couldn’t figure out what.
But as the fogginess of sleep lifted from her mind, memories of the night before came crashing down upon her. She felt the vomit rise up in her throat as she raced for the bathroom.
“Oh God…” she groaned once her stomach had been emptied. How could she have forgotten last night? It had plagued her dreams, turning them into horrendous nightmares. How could that change so quickly? Through all this, one thought popped into her head.
Max didn’t love her anymore.
What was going to be a long, beautiful and romantic relationship, quickly turned upside down as Max’s efforts to win her back were thwarted by his own future self.
“Liz? Are you up? Your shift starts in half an hour!”
Liz didn’t answer and Nancy appeared in the doorway.
“Liz, are you-” she stopped when she saw her daughter’s pale face. “Honey, are you alright?”
Liz smiled weakly. There was no way she could tell her what happened. “I’ll be okay,” she lied. “I had a nightmare last night, that’s all.”
“Are you sure? Because we can call someone in to take over for you.”
“As appealing as that sounds, I think I’ll just go to work. I’ll just have a shower and I’ll be down soon.”

The bell above the Crashdown door rang, signalling the arrival of a new customer. Liz looked up and sighed with relief that it wasn’t Max. Why would he come in? She thought bitterly. Everyone knew Max’s number one reason for eating at the Crashdown wasn’t the food.
“You ok?” Maria asked, noticing the look on her friend’s face.
“Oh, I didn't get much sleep last night.”
“You look like you got your heart stomped out. No, wait...that would be me. Well, if it's possible, you look worse.”
Liz glanced at the doorway. “Have you seen Max today?”
“He did this to you?”
“No, uh...well, yeah. I just...I can't even explain it.” Liz eventually said.
“You can't explain? This is me you're talking to here.”
“I just want to make sure that he's ok. But, if you see him, just don't tell him I asked.”
“What’s wrong, Liz?”
“Nothing’s wrong. There’s no intergalactic crisis going on- and in our lives, what else is there?”
“Max,” Maria stated, immediately noticing Liz wince. “It is, isn’t it? Whatever’s wrong is about Max. What happened between you guys? Yesterday he was all set to get you back. What changed?”
“It’s…” Liz stopped, searching for the word. “Complicated. It’s really complicated.”
The bell rang again and the four aliens walked in and sat down at their usual booth.
Liz looked at Maria. “Can you take it?”
Maria shook her head. “They’re in your section. Just treat them like any other customers.”
“Does that work?” Liz asked.
“Try it and let me know.”
Liz walked over to take their order, and was surprised by the range of expressions on their faces. Max was staring at the table but she could tell he was depressed, Isabel seemed puzzled, Michael kept glancing over at Maria and Tess’ expression was oddly neutral. Okay Liz. Act normal.
“Hey guys. What can I get you?” Liz asked, pulling out her notepad.
“Cherry coke for me, thanks Liz.” Tess started, and Isabel nodded.
“I’ll have the same.” She looked at Max, who didn’t even look up. “Max will have one too.”
Liz wrote it down. “Michael?” He didn’t answer. “Michael?”
“What? Oh yeah. Same here.” He replied, still looking at Maria.
“Right. Anything to eat?”
They all ordered Galaxy Subs (well, Isabel ordered one for Max) and Liz took the order slip to Jose. She came back soon with the drinks and put them on the table.
“I’ll be back later with your burgers.”
And so it continued. Liz would rush around serving the customers, trying to keep her mind off Max, who didn’t seem to be doing too well. Well what did you expect? Bright cheerful smiles? Maria kept trying to get Liz to talk and Liz would keep brushing her off. The pod squad had finally left two hours ago.
When her shift ended a couple of hours later, she decided to go for a walk. After changing into her into her normal clothes, she headed for the park, and sat down at her usual bench.

Meanwhile in another part of town, Max was just leaving his house. His family had noticed his mood and they were asking questions. He didn’t want them to worry so he told them he was okay.
He headed for the park, it was the closest place he could get some clear thinking done. He was sure Liz wouldn’t deliberately hurt him. If someone had asked him even yesterday that Liz would sleep with her ex-boyfriend, he would have laughed at them. The idea that Liz would give up her virginity to anyone she didn’t truly love was laughable. That’s when his thoughts turned dark. What if Liz was only pretending to love him? What if she still loved Kyle?
No, Max decided. He would have felt it. That he was sure of.
He stopped a few feet short off his usual bench. Liz was sitting there. Why was Liz there? Wasn’t she still working? He looked at his watch, no she’d gotten off half an hour ago.
He sat down next to her. “Hey. Can we talk?”
She didn’t look up. “What is there to talk about, Max?”
“Why did you sleep with Kyle? The Liz I know would never do that.”
“Maybe that’s it Max.”
“Maybe I’m not the Liz you know.”
Max was shocked. “Are you a shapeshifter? A Skin?”
A bitter laugh escaped Liz’s throat. “No. That would make it simple, wouldn’t it? I’m as human as Alex or Maria. I meant that recent life experience has taught me that some things aren’t meant to be.” She paused, gathering her thoughts. “Max, ever since we saw that message from your mother, I’ve known we aren’t supposed to be together. That’s why I went to Florida during the summer. You needed time to get over me.”
“I couldn’t.”
“I know that now. Think back this last week Max. What exactly has happened?”
“You set me up with Tess.”
“Right. And when you wouldn’t get the hint, I told you exactly how I felt.” Liz looked at Max straight in the eyes. “Max, you need to let me go. It’s not right we’re together when your whole planet is depending on you. I’m not right for you. You need to be with Tess.”
“I don’t want to be with Tess.”
“Yeah well, we don’t always get what we want.” Liz stood up. “I’ll see you tomorrow Max.”

Liz went home quickly and took the ladder up to her balcony to avoid her parents. She could just sit in her room and write in her journal, not getting disturbed by anyone.
She took out her journal and sat on her bed. Someone knocked on her door. Without waiting for an answer, Maria walked in, “Hey Liz.”
“Hey Maria. What’s up?”
“I was going to ask you the same question. You’ve been avoiding me all day. I want to know what’s going on.”
“No, see, you can’t say that to me. I know something’s wrong, and I know it has something to do with Max.”
“Maria, I’m okay. I just had a lot to deal with this past week.”
“Like what?”
“Like finding out my boss was one of the enemy.” Liz jumped at the first thing that came to her mind.
Maria looked at her friend carefully. “Are you sure that’s it? Because it seems like there’s something else.”
“I swear Maria, that’s it.” Besides the time-travelling boyfriend she added to herself. She couldn’t tell anyone what happened, not even Maria. She picked up her journal. “You can even read my journal.”
Maria looked at it, obviously considering the option, then shook her head. “No, I trust you. If you say that’s it, then I believe you.” Liz immediately felt guilty for lying to her friend. “Do you want to talk about it?”
“I’m just worried that more of them are going to come.”
“If they do, then we’ll deal. We have Czechs on our side too, remember.”
“We only have four, and we don’t know how many more there are of the other side.” Maria was silent, and Liz kept going, “And we don’t know how powerful they are, and where any are hiding. Some of our teachers could be one. Some of the other students could be Skins.”
“Like Pam Troy?”
Liz smiled, appreciating the attempt at humour. “Yeah, I can see her trying to kill us. She’s hated us since forever, anyway.”
“I always thought that was because Max was ignoring her and staring at you.” Immediately Maria stopped. “Oops, sorry Liz. I know how you feel about this whole destiny issue.”
Liz was saved from replying when the phone rang.
“Liz, it’s Tess.”
“Tess?” Maria looked up, surprised. “How did you get my number?” Liz paused. “Never mind, stupid question. What’s up?”
“I was wondering if we could talk.”
“About what?”
“Max. What you did to him. Can we talk tomorrow or something?”
“Yeah, fine. Bye Tess.”
“Bye.” They both hung up and Maria looked at Liz.
“What was that about?”
Liz shrugged. “She wanted to talk about something. She didn’t explain why.”
Maria didn’t say anything in reply. She had an idea what it was about, but she knew Liz wouldn’t want to talk about it, and there’s only so far that you can push a friend for answers before you push that friend away. So instead she changed the topic and they began talking about what they were going to do during the upcoming Christmas break.
Hours later, Maria left and Liz picked up her journal again.
"The last few days have been weird, even by Czechoslovakian standards. Earlier this week, after a trip to Mrs DeLuca’s psychic (who told me Max was going to choose me, by the way), I was visited by Max’s own future self. He told me that we had gotten together, and Tess had left. Without her, though, we wouldn’t be strong enough to beat the enemy. So Future Max and I first tried to set up Max and Tess. When that didn’t work (he caught me spying on them) I made up a whole speech on how I didn’t want to die for him.
I would die for him in a second. I mean, he’s the only reason I’m alive right now. The speech almost worked, but in the end, I had to crush both of us. I pretended to sleep with Kyle, on the night that should have been mine and Max’s first time together, and Max saw us.
That was last night. Today, I had to deal with the consequences.
Maria noticed that I wasn’t doing too well, but I didn’t tell her what happened. Max tried to talk to me as well, so I had to tell him more things to get him to turn even further away from me. Tess rang me earlier as well. She wants to talk about Max tomorrow. She probably just wants to gloat about how she’s finally got him. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.
I’m not sure how I’ll handle lying to everyone every day, but I know I can’t tell them the truth. I can’t tell them about Future Max and what the Granolith is capable of.
As for how I handled today, the first day of lies, I can take comfort in knowing tomorrow is another day."

End Part One

So what’d you guys think? Worth continuing?

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Two replies already!!!
I suppose I MUST do as I'm commanded, right Pixie? *big*
Alright. I'll see what I can do about having chapter two up by the weekend.

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Hey all. Second part is almost finished!
Should be up by Friday (which is the worst day of the week. I have to go into school and get my end of year report.)
So I promise to post before I leave.
Everyone okay with that? *big*

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EmmyAwards originally wrote:
Hey Nikki its me from the Aussie Board!!

Keep going I really like the sound of your story.. I'm intrigued as to what Tess wants to say to Liz...

don't like the sound of the challenge about Liz having to commit suicide though... is it one of those three options or all three?

I'm not sure on that but I think Liz has to do everything she wouldn't normally do- which includes commiting suicide.

And guys, about what Tess wants to say to Liz... there won't even be a hint of the conversation for a while. Liz will be getting the call every night though. It's one of those unchangeable events.
Some things can't be changed by time travel. Like Max and Liz' love. That's forever.

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Sorry it's taken me so long. I'm having a little trouble with it, and I was at my mum's over the weekend so I couldn't log on and tell you all. Hopefully it'll be up later today or tomorrow (Mon/Tue). If it's not, then you'll have to wait until after Christmas.
If I don't post sooner, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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Hey guys, hope you had a great Christmas. Haven't had time to put on the finishing touches because we had family things yesterday and today. Hopefully it'll be up in a few hours.

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Hey guys. This is the edited version of chap 2. Same disclaimer rules apply

Chapter Two
Liz woke up with a start as her alarm went off. She yawned and stretched her arms and legs as she slowly woke up. There was something different about this morning, she just couldn’t figure out what.
As she got ready for another day of work, she remembered yesterday’s events. Talking to Max, Tess’ phone call and her talk to Maria. She was still puzzled over Tess’ call and wondered what she knew about the night before. Did she know? If she did, how did she found out?
She was just getting into her uniform when her mom knocked on the door.
“Liz? Are you up? Your shift starts in half an hour!”
“Yeah, I’m almost ready. I’ll be down soon.”

Liz rushed around, serving the customers, checking the door for Max frequently. Would he come in with the others? Just Tess? Just Isabel? Or would he not come in at all? Did their conversation last night have any impact on him? Was he going to give up on her? The questions kept running through her mind, and she shook them off.
“Liz? What’s going on with you today?” Maria asked while they were both at the counter gettting drinks. “Something seems wrong.”
“I’m okay Maria. It’s just, well, you know.”
The blonde shook her head. “No I don’t. Is it Max?”
“No, it’s not Max.”
As if knowing he was being talking about, the dark haired alien walked in with the other three members of the ‘pod squad’. They sat down in the same place as yesterday and Liz went over to take their orders.
“Hey guys, what’ll it be?”
They ordered Galaxy Subs and cherry cokes again, and as Liz wrote it down, a strange feeling of déjà vu rushed through her. She looked at the four sitting down and realised something she hadn’t noticed before. They had the same expressions as yesterday on their faces. Max still looked upset, but she could contribute that to the talk yesterday. Michael was still looking over at Maria frequently and Isabel looked slightly confused. Had she noticed something weird going on? And Tess… she gave no indication that she knew anything. Not about the other night, or the phone call last night.
“Is something wrong, Liz?” Isabel asked, noticing the teen was still there, staring into space.
Liz shook herself out of it. “I’m okay. Just had this incredible feeling of déjà vu. I’ll be back soon.”
Liz gave the order to Jose and, after delivering the drinks, sat down for a break. She glanced over at the Czechs again. Studying them carefully this time, she was surprised to note that at least Isabel and Max were wearing the same clothes as yesterday. Max was no surprise, he was upset after all, but Isabel Evans, Queen of West Roswell High, never wore the same outfit two days in a row.
Something was definitely going on here. She looked around the diner. Maria had just finished serving a family on the other side of the room, and was now coming over.
“Hey Liz. Taking a break already?”
“Yeah, I’m kinda tired. Plus, I’ve been having this weird feeling of déjà vu all day.”
“Really? About what?”
“Everything. I don’t really know how to describe it. Like I swear Isabel’s wearing the same outfit as yesterday.”
Maria looked at Isabel then turned back to Liz. “No, she’s not. She wore a purple shirt yesterday. Remember? Pam Troy wore the same top.”
“That was Friday.” Liz said, confused.
“Yeah, yesterday. Today’s Saturday.”
“No, today’s Sunday. I remember working all day yesterday.”
“Well, either I’ve completely forgotten a whole day or you dreamt the whole thing. And I’m going to go with the last one.”
“That still doesn’t seem right. How would I have dreamt today, if it hadn’t already happened? I can’t see the future.”
“Maybe today has happened and this is a dream.” Maria suggested, then groaned. “I think I’m getting a headache.”
“Are you sure today’s Saturday?”
“Positive.” She was about to say more when Jose called out the Subs were ready. Liz quickly delivered them and went back to Maria.
“So what are you going to do? If this is a dream, I mean?”
“I think it’s too real to be a dream, so I probably dreamed the whole thing and getting details confused. Because there is no way I’m psychic.”
“Too bad. You could give me advice on Michael.” She said to lighten the mood.
“Why would you need advice? I thought you were done with him.”
“Yeah, but the look on his face…”
“Yeah, I know,” Liz sighed, remembering the other night. No, last night. That was getting confusing.
“…And plus,” Maria continued, “he’s been looking over at me all day. I know he could be waiting for Courtney, but…”
“But you don’t think he is. I agree. I think he wants to talk to you.”
Maria glanced at Michael, who immediately went back to his sub. “I’m not going to let him. He kissed Courtney.”
“True. So what are you going to do?”
“I don’t know.”

After her shift, Liz headed to the park. She wasn’t surprised to see Max sit down next to her.
“Hey. Can we talk?”
She didn’t look up. “What is there to talk about, Max?”
“Why did you sleep with Kyle? The Liz I know would never do that.”
“Max, you have to let me go. Neither of us can move on properly until you do. You heard what your mother said. Tess was your bride. She has powers that can help you when your enemies come. I’m only a regular human girl. I can’t do anything special. You have to be with Tess.”
“I don’t want to be with Tess.”
“Yeah well, we don’t always get what we want.” Liz stood up. “I’ll see you tomorrow Max.”

Liz went home quickly and took the ladder up to her balcony to avoid her parents. No sooner had she settled on her bed with her journal once more, when someone knocked on her door. Without waiting for an answer, Maria walked in, “Hey Liz.”
“Hey Maria. What’s up?”
“I was going to ask you the same question. What’s going on with you and Max?”
“No see, you can’t say that to me. I know something’s wrong, and I know it has something to do with Max.”
“Maria, I’m okay. I just had a lot to deal with this past week.”
“Like what?”
Besides the time-travelling boyfriend? She asked herself silently, and sighed. “I can’t tell you.”
“Liz, I’m your best friend. We don’t keep secrets from each other.”
“I know, but I promised. Let’s just say it’s been a difficult week for everyone.”
Before Maria could push for details, the phone rang. When Liz picked it up, she was surprised to hear it was Tess.
“I was wondering if we could talk.”
“About what?”
“Max. What you did to him. Can we talk tomorrow or something?”
“Yeah, fine. Bye Tess.”
“Bye.” They both hung up and Maria looked at Liz.
“What was that about?”
Liz shrugged. “She wanted to talk about something. She didn’t explain why. Déjà vu again. I swear she called me in that dream or whatever as well.”
“Weird. Nothing is ever simple, is it?”

Hours later, after Maria had left, Liz picked up her journal again.
The last few days have been weird, even by Czechoslovakian standards. A couple of days ago, I was visited by Max- from fourteen years in the future. He told me that we had gotten together, and Tess had left. Without her, though, we wouldn’t be strong enough to beat the enemy. So Future Max and I first tried to set up Max and Tess. When that didn’t work (he caught me spying on them) I went to his window and gave him a load of crap about how I didn’t want to die for him, and how all I wanted was a normal life. I played to every one of his fears.
I would die for him in a second. He’s the only reason I’m alive right now. The speech almost worked, but in the end, I had to crush both of us. After talking to Maria about her seeing Michael and Courtney, I pretended to sleep with Kyle, on the night that should have been mine and Max’s first time together, and Max saw us.
That was last night. Although I swear that it was the night before. Things were happening today, and I swear that it already happened. Maria thinks I dreamed it all. Which seems impossible, but I
was just visited by a time travelling Czech.
Anyway, today Maria noticed that I wasn’t exactly at my best, but I didn’t tell her what happened. Max tried to talk to me as well, so I had to tell him more things to get him to turn even further away from me. Tess rang me earlier as well. She wants to talk about Max tomorrow. I think she just wants to gloat about how she’s finally got him. I am slightly reassured that she doesn’t have him yet, but I have to make sure she doesn’t leave.
I can’t tell anyone about Future Max and what the Granolith is capable of. It’s dangerous, and I don’t want anyone suffering because of it.

Liz woke up with a start as her alarm went off. She yawned and stretched her arms and legs as she slowly woke up. There was something different about this morning, she just couldn’t figure out what. Maybe it was going to be another déjà vu day.
She was just getting into her uniform when her mom knocked on the door.
“Liz? Are you up? Your shift starts in half an hour!”
“Yeah, I’m almost ready. I’ll be down soon.” Liz thought of something. “Mom?”
“Yeah, honey?”
“What’s the day today?”
“It’s Saturday, why?” Liz was shocked. Saturday again?
“Oh, no reason. Just wondering when I’m working until.”
“Three o’clock.”
Liz looked at her calender, just to make sure. It said Saturday. Not again. How much more can I take?

Hope this is still good, and I'm sorry it took so long.

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Hey everyone and thanks for the feedback and bumps- you have no idea how much I appreciate it.
Chapter 3 isn't quite finished, and I don't think I'll have it finished by the time I leave for my mum's for the week. Unfortunately she doesn't have the Internet.

So here's what's going to happen:
I'm going to spend the week writing, and if I don't get to use the public library computers to post chapters, when I next log on, there will be at least 2 or 3 parts. I'm aiming for three, but I might be able to manage more. (Well, when I can't read much fanfic or watch much TV, I have to do SOMETHING with my time *big*)


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Hey all, back from my mum's and ALMOST ready to post. Chaps 3 and 4 are complete, and will be up in a few hours (I predict that in less than a minute, one of my younger brothers will walk in and whine 'when's it my turn?' So I have to wait until my next turn to post. You never know- it may be up soon.
Okay, I don't know if I mentioned it to everyone, or just to Dia in a bmail, but I will be editing chap two. The edited version will either be up with 3/4, but may end up waiting for chap 5 to be finished in a day or two.

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SarahWhitman originally wrote:
just bumping for more!
btw, wanna hear something really creepy?! I was driving home the other day and thought "wouldn't it be cool to have a fic based on the movie 'groundhog day'?"
HONESTLY! I seriously thought that! and then today I found this! creepy, huh?!

Really? That IS creepy.
You have to thank Dia for this. It never would've been written if not for her. (On another note, we're- me and Dia- currently writing 'The Wedding Planner' with Roswell characters. She's doing the first part, and she'll post it as soon as I've checked it for spelling)

And now, in the next post....chapters 3 and 4!
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I am REALLY sorry this took so long to get up. Longest two hours of my life! It seemed more like two DAYS! *big*
My dad kicked me off the computer and I wasn't able to get on again. I would've gone on around 11pm like I do some nights, but Chant Down Babylon was premiering here, so I had to watch it.
And today I was in the city TRYING to meet up with my best friend (who normally lives in another state and is only around until Sunday). There's a really funny story there...not.

So here they are. Usual disclaimers apply.

Some of the scenes in chap 3 are from EOTW and Harvest (edited slightly, of course). But just so you know, I’m not entirely responsible for the brilliance of this chapter. And this is my longest one yet.

Chapter Three
“Hey, remember that Bill Murray movie ‘Groundhog Day’?” Liz asked Maria once she’d gotten downstairs.
“The one where he repeats the same day over and over again? Yeah, why?”
“Because I think the same thing is happening to me. Yesterday I brushed it off as a dream, but it happened again today.”
“What happened?”
“Well, first off, the Czechs are gonna come in around twelve and they’ll order Galaxy Subs and cherry cokes. Isabel will order for Max because he isn’t feeling one hundred percent.”
“What, like Michael was?”
“No. Max is a bit upset at the moment. You know, that speech I gave him? And I turned down going to a Gomez concert with him.”
“You are going to explain why to me later, but go on.”
“Tess will call me tonight while we’re talking. I’ll see Max in the park half an hour after my shift is finished.”
“Hold up, why does Tess call you?”
“I don’t know. She said it was about Max and she’d talk to me tomorrow. Except it still isn’t tomorrow.”
“Are you sure you’re not crazy?”
“I’ll give you some proof. Courtney’s going to call in sick today.”
“I’ll bet. She’s probably scared of what I’ll do to her.” Maria said as the phone rang.
“Crashdown Café. Liz speaking.”
“Liz, it’s Courtney.”
“Hi Courtney.” Maria looked up. Damn, maybe there was something going on.
“I can’t come in today. I’m not feeling well.”
“That’s okay. Will you be in tomorrow?”
“I don’t know. Probably.”
“Okay, see ya then.” Liz hung up and looked at Maria. “Well?”
“Okay, maybe there is something going on. But maybe you arranged it with her as a joke on me.”
“Why would I do that? And why would I talk to Courtney after the other night?” Liz questioned reasonably. “After what she and Michael did to you?”
Maria nodded, “I guess you have a point. So why do you think it’s happening? And why are you the only one who remembers?”
“I don’t know. I’d say this was Czech related, but I’m not one of them. Logically this should be happening to one of them.”
“So what are you going to do?”
“What do you mean? I’m going to stop this. I can’t live today over again.”
“Why not? You have forever to do whatever you want. Remember what Bill’s character did? He went around having fun. He got arrested, learned how to make ice sculptures… okay, I don’t see you getting arrested- I mean, what would you do? Rob a convenience store?”
“I just want to know why this is happening.”
“Well, yeah, I want to know too, but in the meantime, why don’t we have some fun?”
“Yeah, why not,” Liz sighed, giving in. “But can I just do this time by myself? I want to try a few things- plus you have to cover for me. I don’t want my parents out looking for me.”
“Good point. Your fun will be over before it’s even started- and you don’t know how long this loop will go for. Alright, but on one condition.”
“You take me with you next time.”
“Deal. I’m going to go and change. I’ll see you later, okay?”
“Sure. Have fun!”
Liz raced up the stairs to her room and quickly changed into her normal clothes. Before her parents even noticed she wasn’t downstairs working, she was out her window and halfway down the street.
She eventually found herself walking through the park, not knowing how she was going to spend the day. Obviously it wasn’t about getting Max with Tess. She’d tried that twice already.
Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, Liz stopped walking to watch some kids playing some kind of game. Maria was right, she needed to have some fun. Maybe she could figure out how to stop this some other time. She did have forever.

Liz arrived at the mall, armed with her parents’ credit cards, and prayed today wouldn’t be the last. If she woke up the next morning, and they were broke, her parents would kill her.
She wandered around the mall, going into random shops and buying anything she even remotely liked.
Hours later, she was sitting in the food court, surrounded by bags from various shops, when she heard a snide voice from behind her.
“Well if it isn’t Liz Parker, sitting all alone. Friends abandon you?”
Liz turned around, “Pam Troy. What a pleasant surprise. And here I thought I was going to have fun today.”
The tall blonde looked pissed off Liz hadn’t reacted to her greeting. “I was walking through the park last night.”
“Yeah, so?” Liz couldn’t see her point.
“Saw Max and Tess together. They looked pretty cosy to me.”
“Uh huh.” Liz said, trying not to react to the thought of Max and Tess together.
“Everyone knew you two weren’t going to last. After all, what would Max Evans see in you?”
Liz didn’t answer as she casually drank her coke.
“I bet they’re sleeping together.”
Liz still said nothing. She knew they wouldn’t have, so it didn’t matter what Pam said. The blonde tried getting a few more barbs in, but eventually gave up in disgust. Liz watched her walk away. Pam turned around to face her, mouth open for one last jab, when a middle aged man with a trolley came around the corner and collided with her, knocking the blonde down. Liz cracked up. Maria would love this. I think I’ll bring her here tomorrow.
She was still laughing as Pam hurriedly got up and walked away. Liz collected her things and headed home.

She arrived at the Crashdown just as the aliens were leaving.
“Hi guys. How’s it going?” she asked cheerfully.
“Okay,” Isabel answered. Gesturing to Liz’s bags, “been shopping? What’s the occasion?”
“Just felt like it.” Liz shrugged. “And now that I’ve maxed out my parents’ credit cards, I’m going to take these to my room.”
“You maxed out your parents’ cards? Why?”
“Felt like it.” Liz answered again. Looking at their faces, she decided to elaborate. “I’ve had a bit of a screwed up week and Maria convinced me to have some fun. So I borrowed the cards and went shopping.”
“Won’t your parents be mad?” Tess asked.
“Only if they notice.”
“Why wouldn’t they?”
“Well, if they do ask me what happened, I’ll tell the truth. I was stressed out and needed a break. By the way, saw Pam Troy collide with a trolley at the mall today. Best thing that’s happened all week.”
Max’s expression turned from one of misery to one of shock. Oops. Now what will Max think about Friday night? Will he get suspicious, or will he think it meant nothing?
“I would’ve like to see that.” Isabel said, curiously noting the change in her brother.
“Liz?” Max finally asked. “Can we talk?”
“Sure, why not? Come on while I put these away.”
Max followed Liz through to the apartment upstairs, stopping just short of her room. Liz turned around to see why he hadn’t come in and saw him staring at her bed with a pained expression. Liz dumped her bags on her bed and led him down to the back room.
“I’m sorry Max, that was thoughtless of me. We’ll just talk down here, okay?”
Max nodded. They sat in silence for a few minutes, each searching for something to say. Finally Liz spoke up.
“If you had forever to do whatever you wanted, what would you do?”
“I don’t know,” Max replied honestly. If she had asked him this even yesterday, he would know what to say. But last night just made him confused. Why had Liz slept with Kyle? It obviously didn’t mean much because she thought Pam crashing into a trolley was better. He always thought that Liz’s first time would be special and with him, but last night wasn’t. So did that mean last night wasn’t the first, or was last night a set up? His mind suddenly flashed to a couple of days ago when she had set him up with Tess.
“It was a set up?”

And then there was that speech…
“I may love you…but I don’t want to die for you.”
Just thinking about it hurt.
Liz stood up. “Max, look. There's just...there's nothing left to say.”
“Except the truth.” Max stated, letting her know how he felt, letting her know he believed she was lying. “So far, all I know is what I saw, and what I saw can't be true, because it means everything I felt in my heart for the last year is a lie.” Max said quietly. “Please Liz, what happened?”
“It’s not that simple, Max. I can’t tell you.”
“Why not?”
“I can’t tell you that either, Max. I’m sorry.”

Liz went back up to her room and listened to music until Maria came up.
“So did you have any fun today?”
“Mostly. Better than working anyday. You were right, I did need to have some fun. Now if I just knew what Tess wants.”
“You mean when she calls?”
The phone rang. “Speak of the devil.” Liz picked it up. “Hi Tess.”
“How’d you know it was me?”
“Lucky guess. What’s up?” As if I didn’t know.
“I wanted to talk to you. About Max. Can we meet somewhere tomorrow?”
“Why don’t we talk now?”
“I’d rather talk tomorrow. I don’t want to say it over the phone.”
“Well, why don’t you come over?”
“I can’t. I just thought I’d call you and let you know I think we should talk. I’ll come round before the Crashdown opens, okay?”
“Yeah, okay.” Liz hung up.
“So what did she say?” Maria asked.
“She wants to meet me before I open up tomorrow.”
“That could be a problem. And she didn’t want to come over?”
“She said she couldn’t. This is gonna drive me insane. I’m never going to know what she wants. She always says we’ll talk ‘tomorrow’. As if there’s ever going to be a tomorrow.”
“You don’t think…”
“Think what?” Liz asked when Maria trailed off.
“You don’t think she’s causing this somehow, do you?”
“I don’t think so. I mean, why would she? There’s nothing in it for her.”
“True, but it could still be possible. What do you think is happening?”
“I have no idea.” Liz said, but after a short pause, added, “There is the possibility the Granolith is doing this, but I’m not sure.”
“The Granolith? How?”
“Well, I think that when it was ‘modified’, it screwed up somehow.”
“Modified for what? No one knows how to use it. They only just found the thing- you’ve never even seen it.”
“No I haven’t, but I will. And the Czechs will learn how to use it. I don’t know what it’s for, but I do know it has a huge amount of power.”
“How do you know?”
“Because I’ve seen what can happen.”
“What? When?”
“During this last week. Why do you think I’ve been so distant lately? I had a visitor, who knew what would happen if me and Max got together.”
“What would happen?”
Liz told Maria what had happened since the visit to the psychic. “And then while we were dancing, he disappeared,” she finished. Her friend was stunned.
“Wow. Liz, you did all that, just so Tess wouldn’t leave? That is so…wow. You saved the world.”
“Which doesn’t do anyone much good if the date never changes.”
“At least the world won’t end. Either way, we win.”
“I didn’t look at it like that, but still, I am eventually going to get sick of having forever. I need to figure this out.”
“I understand that, Liz, I really do, but until you actually have had enough, don’t bother looking for answers. Make the most of what you have.”

After Liz woke up that morning, she immediately got dressed and raced down the stairs.
“You’re up early Liz.” Nancy commented.
“Yeah, I know. There’s a whole bunch of stuff I want to do today. Is it okay if Maria and I take today off?”
“I suppose we can call Agnes to fill in so Courtney won’t be working alone.”
“Great, I just hope the customers don’t get too upset. And if you get desperate, Isabel Evans has filled in for me before.” Liz added, remebering Courtney was going to call in sick.
“When?” Jeff asked. “I don’t remember that.”
“Last year, when Grandma Claudia was in hospital. So is it okay?”
“Oh, I suppose. But you’ll have to make it up to Agnes and Courtney later.”
“Yeah, sure.”
Liz quickly let Maria know what was happening and called Courtney to make sure she came into work. She was a little reluctant for some reason, and mentioning Michael was going to come in didn’t help at all. Liz couldn’t understand it- by all accounts Courtney was attracted to Michael, so why was she avoiding him? She resolved to ask him later. Maybe there was more going on than what she thought.

Chapter Four
Liz lost count of the days. She had no way to keep track of how many times the day repeated. She’d quickly gotten bored with going shopping or to the carnival with Maria (although she never tired of Pam embarassing herself at the mall), so she spent most of time hanging out in places she wouldn’t have normally. She’d roped Michael into altering her ID card so she could go clubbing. To say he’d been surprised was an understatement.
**“You want me to change your ID? Why?”
“I want to go to a club tonight. Unfortunately they don’t let people who are underage in. That’s where you come in.”
“You know what you’re doing is a crime, right?”
“It’s only a crime if I get caught, and anyway, so’s a lot of the stuff I’ve done over the last year for you guys. Are you going to change it or not?”
“Hand it over.” Liz did, and Michael swiped his hand over it. “I was just surprised. You don’t seem the kind of person who would normally do this.”
“Nope, that’s why I’m doing it. I need a change.”
“Alright, but I have one condition before I give this to you.”
“Be careful. Max will kill me if he finds out I did this and something happens to you.”
“Nothing’s going to happen to me.”
“Promise, Liz.”
“Fine, I promise. Now, can I have my ID?”
Michael passed it back. “Remember you promised.”**
Who would’ve thought Michael would go all protective of me? Liz thought. I’m surprised he didn’t offer to come with me.
So, for the first time ever, Liz did something that was not only fun- but illegal as well. She was right when she said nothing was going to happen to her, and decided even if tomorrow came, she would do this more often.

Liz had had so much fun, that she went again and again. She went to bars and drank, but was still cautious about what she did drink. She refused to drink anything that anyone but the bartender had been near, and even then she watched him carefully. She’d heard about date rape drugs, and had no intention of getting raped even though she’d be okay when she woke up.
She varied which bars she went to, but at every one she must have had big glowing neon signs that said ‘don’t bother me’, because no guy so much as flirted with her. It was rather depressing, actually. There she was, a young girl (but as far as they knew she was an adult) getting drunk, and no guy even tried to ask her out.
Tonight, she was sitting in a bar strangely named ‘ ? ’ and was getting bored. She’d hoped tonight she’d get lucky. It’d be nice to know that if she ever wanted to date someone else besides Max she could at least get a number. She didn’t even glance up as someone sat down next to her- she knew it would be futile. She was doubly shocked when the guy- in a very familiar voice- told the barkeeper he’d be buying her next drink.
Hoping he hadn’t seen her face, she disguised her voice and said, “Don’t worry about it. This is my last.”
“Are you sure?”
“Positive, but thanks anyway.”
“Can I at least get your name and number? Maybe I can try again some other time?” Oh, this was bad. No way am I gonna get out of this one. Why couldn’t she have guessed someone she knew could be here? It’s not as if she knew the location of everyone she knew- least of all everyone in the ‘I Know An Alien’ Club. But now to get out of here.
“I don’t think so. I’m going to go now.” Liz got up and made for the door.
“You’re not having any luck tonight, are you?” She heard the bartender say.
“Guess not. I didn’t recognise her, but she seemed familiar. What was her name?”
Oh God, please don’t tell him. Liz couldn’t stand it if he knew who she was. She hadn’t thought to have the name on her ID changed. Her hopes of leaving in peace were dashed as the bartender said , “Her ID said Elizabeth. Elizabeth Parker.”
Liz immediately ran out the door. She heard the footsteps behind her, signalling she was being followed. I’ve got to get out of here.
A hand landed on her shoulder, spinning her around. She looked up into the two very serious eyes of the last person she wanted to see.
“Liz, what were you doing in there?”

End Chapter Four

I'll post the next chapter later. It's not finished yet. I'm still working on the rewrite of chap 2.


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Chapter Five
“I was getting drunk, Sheriff.” Liz said honestly. “What did it look like?”
Jim Valenti shook his head. “Even though I’m not on duty, I’m going to have to arrest you for underage drinking.”
“Well, there’s nothing new there. When do we leave?”
Valenti looked surprised. “You sound calm about this. Aren’t you worried about your parents?”
“Not really. Let’s go. The sooner I get to sleep the sooner this is over.”
“What’s wrong, Liz?”
“Nothing’s wrong.”
“Liz, I can’t help you if you don’t tell me the truth.”
“You can’t help me, Sheriff. I’ve just had a weird time lately. Tomorrow, I’m going to start figuring out how to fix it.”
“You really think you can handle whatever it is?”
“Yeah. Now, are you taking me to jail or what?”
The man sighed. “No.”
“Why not? I broke the law, didn’t I?” She couldn’t understand it.
“Yes you did, but I don’t see how it will change your attitude at all. You don’t regret what you’ve done, and this is so unlike you, I’m just going to have to hope that you will have come to your senses in the morning. Come on, I’ll drive you home.”
“Maria’s going to love hearing about this.” Liz said as she got into his car.

Liz grinned as she woke up, remembering the events of the night before. She’d thought it was pretty funny when Valenti had tried to pick her up. Although it wasn’t that funny considering he was the only guy to even try. Maybe he was desperate too.
Rushing downstairs she hurriedly explained to Maria about the time loop and ran out the door. She needed to have as much time as possible to convince one of the aliens to help her solve this thing. The question was: which one to ask?

“Come on, come on,” she muttered as she waited for the door to open. “Finally. What took you so long?”
“I was asleep. What’s up?”
“I need your help. I need to go to the Granolith today.” Liz told Michael urgently. He immediately got suspicious.
“Because I think that damn thing is causing a time loop on me, and until I figure out why, there is no tomorrow!”
He snorted. “Yeah right.”
“Why else would I come to you? Max is more likely to believe me, why wouldn’t I tell him?”
“To divide us up? I don’t know!”
Liz groaned. How was she going to get him to believe her? Then she had an idea. “Connect with me. See exactly what’s been happening to me.”
“And how do I know this isn’t a trick?”
“You don’t,” Liz admitted. “Just please trust me. If you don’t believe that I’m me, connect with me. Or waste time asking me questions.”
Michael faced her, looking directly into her eyes. After a few moments, he looked away. “Shit.”
“How could he ask you to do that?”
“Max. The older one.”
“You saw that?” When he nodded, she continued, “I guess I should’ve expected that. It’s what I think is causing this whole thing. He used the Granolith to come back in time, and now time has essentially stopped. I’ve lived through today so many times. I’ve been to the mall and witnessed Pam Troy getting hit by a trolley several times, I’ve gone to numerous bars…”
“How’d did you get in?”
“You changed my ID. You told me Max would kill you if he found out.”
“He would. Alright, let’s go, before he and Isabel come here.”

Liz walked around the Granolith slowly. It was glowing slightly and a soft humming was coming from it.
“Is this normal?”
“I guess so. It’s the same as the last time I saw it, when I took Maria here.”
“Yeah, she told me about that. If you cared so much to show her this thing, why the hell were you with Courtney in her apartment?”
“I was investigating her. I didn’t trust her.”
“And what? Maria won’t even let me explain.”
“That’s not what I was talking about. What did you find out about Courtney? Is she just an innocent girl with a crush?”
“Partly.” He said after a long pause.
“Partly? What does that mean?”
“Exactly what I said. Can we leave it alone?”
Liz looked at the Granolith, then back at him. “No.”
“No? Why the hell not?”
“Because you hurt my best friend. I want to know if it was worth it.”
“No, okay? It wasn’t worth it,” he said quietly.
“So Courtney’s normal?”
“If you count being a Skin normal. Why she was after me, I don’t know. I’m not the King.”
“Courtney’s a Skin? Why didn’t you tell anyone?”
“I just told you, didn’t I? So have you figured this thing out yet?”
“No. What about Max? Why didn’t you tell him?”
“Last time I saw him he was on the way to your place to take you to the concert. We know how that turned out.”
That was harsh Liz thought, remembering Max’s face when he saw her and Kyle together.
“Let’s just figure this out. Have any of you touched it?”
Michael was silent and Liz started to wonder if he’d even heard her. “I said--”
“I heard you. I was just thinking. None of us have touched it.”
“That’s weird. It’s the first thing I would’ve done.” Liz reached out towards it, and Michael’s hand shot out and grabbed her wrist. “Ouch! What are you doing?”
“It’s alien. It might not like humans.”
Liz nodded, understanding. “Like Nasedo?”
“Like Nasedo.” Michael remembered the human Nasedo had so casually killed at Eagle Rock. He let go of Liz and lightly touched the base. He pulled it back, swearing.
“What happened? Are you alright?”
“I’m fine. Damn thing shocked me.”
“Did you get anything from it?” Liz asked.
“Just a quick flash. I barely had enough time to see it.”
“What was it of?”
“You and Max…”

End Chapter Five

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