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Title: 7 Strangers
Author: Jeremiah
Category: M/L With Everyone else.
Rating: PG-NC17
Disclaimer:I Own Nothing.
Summary: This is a challenge By TrustCoFan86. This is what happens when Max,Liz,Maria,Alex,Tess,Kyle And Michael get on The Real World.

"This Is The True story
Of Seven Strangers Having their lives taped.
Living together,Working together, Now Let's see what
happens when people stop being polite And starting
Getting real....Real World Miami!"

Part One

"Are the cameras on?" Max asked as two camera's were in his face.

"Yes, They are." The cameraman said.

"Sorry. Well Hi." Max said as He waved a little hello into the camera. " My name Is Max Evans. I am 22 years old,and I come from Boston, Mass. Red Sox's baby!" Max said with a grin on his face.

"MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" A voice called out.

"Yes, Mom?" Max asked as diane Evans made her way to the front yard, Were Max was putting his bags into the cab.

"I just wanted to say to remember to have a Good time and Dont forget to call, And to eat your vegitables. And Max Make sure you dont eat those turnips. They give you a rash." Diane evans said to her baby boy.

"MOM!" Max said as his face turned bright red.

"And make sure If you have Sex..." Diane was cut off by her VERY embarrased son.

"I am 22 years old mom I Know what to do! Please I am on CAMERA!" He said as he was trying tohide the shades of embarresment.

"I am so going to miss you!" Diane said as she hugged her son and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Even though Max was on His own, He was still her little boy.

"Mom, I am just going to be away for seven months. Please Everything is going to be alright." Max said as he gave His mother one last kiss and hug before climbing into the cab.

"So Max, What are you wanting to get out of this experience?" Kevin the cameraman asked.

"I Just want to have fun. I am 22 years old, I want to experience a little bit of Life. To get a little more flavor in a vanilla life." Max said as he said into the camera.

"That's nice. Miami is a very Good place to do that."

"I Know. I Know." Max said as the cab made it's way to the airport.


"I Can't Believe That I am actually going to have my life taped for millions of people to see!" Liz started to freak when she was packing things about to go to Miami.

"I am so jealous of you Girl! Now I better see you hook up with a delicous honey! Because Seriously Senorita You need to get some!" Her best friend lonnie said to her.

"I cant believe You are saying that to me! I mean.....I Mean.." Liz started to stutter. she was 22 years old and she was stuttering on saying the word sex. Yep...This trip was a good thing. Plus It will help her relax with her studies for Pre-Med.

"See! I told you!" Lonnie said as she started to laugh at Liz's face expression.

"I wish you can Go with me! I Just hope I dont end up with total bitches!" Liz said with a smirk. She watched Real World. She knows the deal.

"Knowing Your Luck, You will be with assholes." Lonnie said with a grin.



"Cunt licker!"

"Human mattress!" Liz said with a smile. She and Lonnie were like this. Liz didnt know how she would make it with out her for seven months.

"Liz! Time to Go, The camera crew is waiting for you!" Liz's mother called out.

"Time to Go be a slut! Now have fun!" Lonnie said as she pushed Liz out the door. This is what Liz needed. After that jackass Sean dumped her Liz withdrew from herself, Hopefully Liz will have some fun In Miami.

Liz made her way to the door, to be greeted by two Cameramen.

"Hi Liz, Are you ready?" Matt asked. he was one of the camera crew to pick her up to Take her to Miami.

"I Guess, I Better be." Liz said with a smile. Liz was nervous, But at the Same time Ready for the change.

"So Liz, What are you looknig for out of all this?" Matt asked

"I Guess to have Fun. I mean I am 22 years old. I need to have fun. I Just wnt a little more flavor In what has been a vanilla life." Liz said as the camera zoned in on her. Making Liz sorta uneasy.

"You think you can Get that thing out of My face?" Liz asked.

Matt just laughed." Liz you better get use to it. You will have to deal with it. Welcome to the real World."

"Yay! Something to look forward to." Liz replied sarcastically.


On the next episode Of the Real World... We Will meet the other Roomates!

AN: Please let me know what you think.

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Part 2

"Hi Real World, This is Alex Whitman. Your Newest Stud!" Alex said while winking into the camera.

"Please Alex, Let's make sure this is not the london season And make everyone sick with nausea." Maria DeLuca teased him. Both Maria and Alex arrived at the place that they will be staying at for the next six months.

"Funny, But take a look at me, now tell me you wouldn't be able to resist getting into my pants." Alex said with a smirk. he was always like this playing and saying lame ass lines and jokes.

"Please! look at me, And then look at you, I would be afraid of breaking that so called pencil that you call a dick." Maria replied smug.

"HaHaHa!" Alex just glared at Maria. That was when they heard the door opening. more roomates were coming in. And they could tell that they already didnt like each other.

"Shut the HELL Up Buddha Boy!" Tess said with venom. kyle was seriously pissing her off.

"Aw Come On! The Little gerbil is getting mad." Kyle said sarcastically. Then he made his face into a gerbil expression.

"I am two seconds away from kicking your ass!" Tess said giving one look to Kyle. Then she concentrated on the other Roomates that were there.

"Hi I am Tess, This here is jackass."

"Nice to meet you tess, And nice to meet you too jackass." Alex replied inhis usual joke manner.

"Same to you, geek boy." Kyle replied sarcastically.

"Now Now boys can we just het along?" Maria said. She really didnt want to get off on the bad foot. She wanted this to be the most Remarkable and Fun season of real World yet.

"Sorry. I am just a little bit tired." Kyle said as he extended his hand out to Alex as a way of aplogising.

"No harm, No foul." Alex said shaking kyle's hand.

"Look at this place, it looks like a mansion.(It Looks like langly's place in control.)

"Wow nothing passes gerbil's attention." Kyle said with a sarcasim tone. He just loved to piss off Tess. he loved to see her face get all read when she is pissed. She actually looks like a gerbil when she is mad. hence the nickname.

"Whatever*beep*!" Tess said. One of these days Kyle was going down.

"So when do you think that the others will arrive?" Maria wanted to know as quickly as possible. Anything had to be better than watching Tess and Kyle fight.

"They should be here soon, Let's go into the living room." Alex said as he lead the others to the main Rom of the house.

"Wow! This is One HUGE House! This is going to be awesome." Kyle said in awe as he continued to look around.

"Look at this couch! Perfect for Sex!" Maria said as she jumped on the couch landing on her stomach.

"Thanks! Now I am NEVER sitting on it!" Alex replied." Unless I am the One having sex on it!" he later replied with a grin.

Tess was about to reply to it, when she heard piano music.

"Kyle what are you doing?" Tess not sure if she wants to know.

"I am about to sing everyone a little song. So please Enjoy!"

There was a girl name Tess.
And her chest was bigger than the rest.
Her hair was blonde and curly
Her eyes were really pretty.
But one thing is for sure for all
You dont want to piss her off at the mall.....
Because than she changes into....

Gerbil! Gerbil! Gerbil!
Tess didnt let Kyle finish that song. She walked up to him and kicked him in the balls.

"This is Going to be intresting! How long do you give them until they are In bed together?" Alex asked.

"By the End of today." Maria said as she and Alex shook hands.

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