Straight Or Curved?
Author: Jbehrbabe
Disclaimer: I own nothing. If I did Roswell Season two wouldn't have sucked!! And Isabel would have died in Chant Down Babylon.
Rating: NC-17
Category: Max and Liz. And a little of the others.
Summary: Max and Michael are gay and it's no secret. Liz Parker wants a taste of Max Evans anyways. Can she make him straight? Pun most definitely intended.;)

Part 13

Alex took one look and quickly snapped his eyes closed. "I'm so sorry!" he said as he reached up and covered his eyes and turned away. "Alex, what are you doing here?" she said in shock.

Isabel grabbed a shirt off the floor and pulled it over her head. She hadn't been expecting anyone to walk into her room. "You can turn around now." When he did he noticed how flushed her cheeks were. "So how did operation Michael and Maria go?" Alex laughed, remembering the look on Michael's face when Maria walked in the door naked. "It's still going as far as I know."

Isabel nodded and as she tried to walk around her bed to him she tripped on her shoe and landed in his arms. "Whoa, be careful!" Alex took a step back from her once she stoon on her own two feet. Isabel smiled at Alex nervously. "Alex, can I ask you a question?"

Alex nodded and it seemed forever until Isabel spoke. "Would you like to go out sometime?"
"I have a girlfriend, Isabel." The smile fell of Isabel's face and she nodded like being turned down by him wasn't a big deal.


Maria yelled out loudly when she was smacked on the ass with something that made her tender skin sting. She turned her head and looked at Michael again. He stood with his belt in his hand and Maria raised her eyebrows.

"You like spanking too?" she breathed out. Michael grinned evily and nodded his head. She swallowed hard and Michael noticed how her eyes widened breifly. Michael's grin got bigger and bigger as he watched her think it over. She smiled suddenly and shrugged her shoulders. "Whatever you like..."


Liz got to the bedroom door when suddenly Max came up from behind her and pinned her against the door. She managed to turn around before her body was pressed hard against the door. His heavy breathing carrassed her still flushed face. His hands ran up her sides and she lifted her arms as he pulled her top right back off.

"Your not going anywhere," he said huskily. Liz swallowed hard when she saw how dark his eyes looked. His fingers ran down over her breasts and she gasped but his hands kept going down south. They gripped her jeans and she watched him as he lowered himself to the floor. He kneeled in front of her and she almost fell over when he dipped his tongue into her navel and then circled around it.

Her fingers dug into his hair and her head thudded against the wooden door. His breath ticked her tummy, making the muscles tense up. She felt her jeans get loose around her waist. He started pulling them down her legs and she helped by kicking them off her feet. She looked down when she felt his breath on her inner thigh and she was shocked to see that one of her legs was bent at the knee and resting over his shoulder.

Her calf pressed against his back as she pulled him closer. She gasped when he rubbed his cheek against the smooth skin on her upper inner thigh. He opened his mouth slowly as she watched and she shuttered when he sucked on the skin of her thigh a few inches from her core.

Her other leg trembled as she lost control but before she fell he lifted that leg up and put it on his other shoulder. "Max!" she gasped out, her chest heaving as her moans filled the room.


Downstairs, Diane made a tisking noise and turned the radio up louder as she washed dishes. She smiled to herself and muttered that she liked Max better when he was gay.

It's been forever since I updated this fic! I must have wrote what I posted about a year ago and never updated the story. I'm gonna bring it to a close soon.