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Author: Ripley

Summary: Response to the challenge by Mia Nora. I'm not going to post it on here, 'cause it'll give too much away, but for those of you who just have to read a summary - go check out her Challenge Thread at FanFic Discussion Forum.

Rating: PG-13

Category: M/L - CC (Liz's Pov - first time at writing POV fic, so be gentle!)

Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me. Don't sue.

Spoilers: None - no aliens. *happy*

Author's Note: Yeah, I know, another fic - but I couldn't resist this challenge! Thanks, Mia, for letting me take this, and I hope you enjoy!

Title: The Purrrfect Gift

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Part One

Silence filled the darkened room as I sit anxiously on the couch. I strain my hearing beyond humanly limits as I try to listen for the sound of his footsteps. Tonight, I am going to take him by complete surprise. I am going to tear him away from his work, leaving behind the thousands of medical records to be reviewed and signed, and I am going to whisk him away to the world of just the two of us. Just like it used to be. Our four year anniversary is going to stick out in his mind, like no other celebrated before. This is a year Max Evans is never going to forget.

I jump from the couch when I hear foot steps sounding outside. Any second now he'll walk into our apartment, with an astonished look on his face. I turn in circles, eyeing the many lit candles, the variety of fragrances wafting to my nose. Everything was perfect. The clothed table, the dinner - oh, it smelled delicious. His gift sitting beautifully on the counter, ready to be torn open.

I wring my hands together and place myself in the center of our tiny living room. And then there's a knock on the door.

Why is he knocking?

I frown, thinking to myself he must of forgotten his key again. Oh, well. I walk to the door, open it, and am plenty surprised to see Mrs. Moore standing on the other side. In her hands, she held a brightly wrapped box.

Oh, great. More fruit cake.

I smile sweetly at her. "Mrs. Moore," I greet and take the box from her. "My, you've started early on your Christmas shopping, haven't you?"

Her cackling laugh sounded and I did all I could to not cringe.

"Oh, Miss Parker, you are such a doll." she says. "And to be quite honest, I am running a bit late on my Christmas shopping."

Yeah. Yeah. That's great.

"It's Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Moore," I correct for the upteenth time.

She waves a hand at me in a dismissal manner. "Oh, that man of yours is never home enough to even be considered a husband." she explains to me.

I frown, already more than a little annoyed with the old woman. "Well, thank you again," I say.

I'm sure this years fruitcake will find a nice home in the back of the refridgerator, with all of the others.

She opens her mouth to speak but I stop her. "I'm sorry, Mrs. Moore, but I am a little busy," I say. "A lot of house work to be done."

Mrs. Moore glances over my shoulder and quirks a bushy eyebrow at me. "In the dark?" she questions.

I smile sweetly at her again. "Well, you know what happens when you don't pay your electricity bill," I lie. She opens her mouth in shock and I close the door in her face before she can get another word out.

We really need to find another place.

I stalk over to the refridgerator and toss the box carelessly inside. I hate that woman.

The door opens then, and Max peers at me. "Why did Mrs. Moore just tell me to start paying the utilities bill?" he asks me, and then he notices the candles placed carefully about the living room. He looks back at me, and the expression on his face makes my heart break.

I knew at the moment, he had forgotten. He had forgotten one of the most important, unofficial, holidays of the year!

I slam the refridgerator door shut. "Damn it Max," I spit out and walk past him. "Again? You forgot again?"

He stepped towards me then, excuses ready to flow from between his lips. But I was so tired of his excuses. He was so busy he forgot, or he didn't have time to get around to it. Whatever the excuse was, I didn't want to hear it. I was just, tired.

"Max," I say as I clench my eyes shut. "Don't feed me any of your excuses, right now, all right?" I open my eyes, pleading with him.

His large hands come up to cup his own face and then he rubs his temples. "I'm sorry," he says. "I hadn't meant to forget, I was just so busy that I -"

"I know, Max," I interrupt. "You were so busy, you forgot."

I stare at him a moment longer, the silence settling between us. I was hurt, and I didn't know how long I'd be able to stand here - with the silence.

"I'm so, sorry," he says again.

And I believed him. I know he's sorry, I know he never meant to hurt me with his forgetfullness, but he had. And it sucked. Big time.

I nod at him, and then turn down the hall way to our bedroom. I know he's aware, that he is not to follow, he always knows. I just need to be alone right now. To wallow in my selfpity and my jealousy. I was jealous of Max's work, and how he was always so engrossed in it.

He was a sucessful doctor, and that's great, but he has a wife at home. Isn't that great in itself?

Hours later, I feel the bed shift from his weight. He tried to be quiet as he crept into the silent room, but I still knew he was there. I could sense him. I could smell his scent, and I could hear his familiar steps.

He laid down beside of me, I was facing away from him, and his arms slipped around my stomach. Max pulled me close and nuzzled his face into the back of my neck, the soft puffs of his breath warming my flesh.

"Lizzie?" he whispers as his fingers skimmed the smooth skin of my stomach. He knew I was awake.

I continue to give him the silent treatment. I mean, hey, he deserves it right? Yeah, that's what I thought.

"I'm sorry, Liz," he whispers again.

Ugh, but he makes it so hard for you to stay mad at him. He'll wander around with this look on his face - reminding me of a lost puppy. And he'll do little things, just to get me to forgive him, but what makes it worse, is the fact that I know he'd do anything to make it up to me.

"What can I do to make it up to you?"


You wanna know what the real kicker is about this whole thing? I don't want anything from him. I don't want anything of materialistic value like he thinks I do. All I really want is him.

I just want to be able to roll over in the morning and feel his warmth radiating from his body. To wake up and watch him as he sleeps. I just want him to be there. Because the truth of the matter is, he's never there. He's always consumed in his work, always attending those seemingly meaningless medical meetings. God, he spends more time with his doctor friends than he does with his own wife!

And it angers me that I still want him, despite all of that.

I need him there, so that he can be apart of what I've always wanted. A family.

I want to hear the sound of little feet padding on the floor. Christmas is coming up and I'm longing for the sight of excited, little eyes as they witness the magic of Santa Clause. I want to be called "Mommy", I want him to have the pleasure of being called "Daddy".

As I continue with my silent treatment, he trails kisses up my shoulders and neck. Ha! He was trying to seduce me into forgiving him. Evil, evil, man.

But, who am I kidding? I had calmed down a long time ago, and I've forgiven him as well. Thinking of this, I roll away to face him and stare intently into his eyes. His eyes are sparkling, knowing that I had forgiven him and that he was out of the dog house.

Sigh. Why was I so forgiving?

"You know what I really want?" I ask and play with the buttons on his shirt. Slowly, they become unbuttoned and I smile mischeviously at him.

He lifts an eyebrow at me and places a tender kiss on the tip of my nose. "What?" he asks, and then adds. "You can have anything."

I smile at this and kiss him tenderly on the lips. I feel slightly nervous for what I am about to say. Years of marriage and we've never really ventured into this conversation. We've just barely touched it, in fact. Though, I know he doesn't hate kids, I do know he's reluctant to have them just yet. For whatever reason. I've told him time and time again, that he'd make a wonderful father. I can see it in the way he plays with his nephew. I use to tease him, saying how he should have become a pediatrician instead of a cardiologist.

I shouldn't be nervous about this, though. This was Max, if he has a problem with it, we'd discuss it, and we'd come up with a conclusion. Right?

"What I really want..." I drag out and kiss him again, loving the taste of his lips. "Is a baby."

The light brushing of his lips underneath mine stop and I can feel him staring at me. I open my eyes and smile. Okay, so he was a bit taken back, but it's all right, I'm ready for the discussion.

He licks his lips. "A baby?" he asks me, his voice slightly hoarse.

I nod with a grin and straddle his hips, all the while my fingers working the buttons on his shirt. "Yes, a baby," I answer. "You know, that little person who cries seemingly twenty four hours a day, uses up endless amounts of diapers, and spits up baby formula?"

His face pales, and somehow, I don't think I'm helping the situation.

"But it's not all that bad." I say quickly, looking for some serious damage control.

Max's hands slide up my rear and he removes me from his hips. I frown.

"Liz," he says in a disapproving tone. "We've talked about this."

When, exactly?

"No," I say and watch him as he stands from the bed. "We haven't."

He stands in front of me, buttoning his shirt up, and I know that he's "not in the mood".

Max stares at me then, his gaze pleading with me. "I thought you understood." he says softly.

Frustrated, I lay back on the bed and pinch the bridge of my nose. "Yeah, well, I don't, Max," I say harshly. "Because you don't talk to me. You're never around to talk to me. All that's on your mind is work. Work, work, work."

"Liz," he groans and I know he's just as frustrated as I am. But ya know what? I'm fed up.

I wait. I wait for him to toss me his excuses, proclaiming his love for his work - I was ready for them. I was ready with my own retorts, so bring 'em on Max.

But they never came, for the longest time, he just stood there, staring at me. His chest heaving lightly, and I felt as if he were almost going to give in. As if he were thiiis close to just saying: "You're right, and I'm sorry."

But not even that came. No, instead, Max reaches out and grabs his pillow. Then, he walks out of the bedroom.

I cried myself into a fitfull sleep, tossing and turning about the mattress, because I knew he wasn't there to pull me into his arms and comfort me. I need him there, to hold me and comfort me, to do all of that husband-y stuff, but I was coming to harsh realization that he wasn't - and probably never would be.

I was too naive as a little girl to realize that my parents had stopped loving each other, probably long before I was even born. I was stupid enough to believe that every daddy slept on the couch, while mommy took the bed. It went on like that for years, until finally they filed for a divorce and went their separate ways.

Now, Max was the one on the couch, and I felt lost.

I stare at his sleeping form, he looked so peaceful - and that only angered me further. Why couldn't he be restless like I was? Why did he look so freaking happy with that smile on his face?

I glance down at my duffle bag in my hand. I'm leaving. Maybe for a few days, maybe for longer, all I know is I need to clear my head.

I don't know, maybe after I'm gone, Max will realize what he had and lost and will come crawling back to me.

A bittersweet smile plays on my lips at the thought of this. I'll no longer have to wonder what it'd be like to have genuine affection from Max, none of these distracted hugs and kisses, to stop being neglected by him. To have him pulled completely from his work and focus on me just a little bit.

The living room flashes with light, as the lightning from the storm strike in the horizon and I realize I have to hurry. Max never sleeps well during a storm.

I gaze at him a moment longer before I bend down, grab my bag. I sling it over my shoulder and reach into my pocker, pulling out a crinkled piece of notebook paper. It was a simple note - letting him know that I needed space, that I needed time to think. I didn't say where I'm going, though, I'm sure he'll probably know. With a pathetic sigh, I place the note on the coffee table and creep out of the apartment.

Okay, so the storm is really bad. I mean really, really bad. We're talking windshield wipers are no match to the thousands of droplets of freezing rain.

But I'm not worried, oh no. I'm cool. Maria's house is only a few miles away, I can make it.

Thunder crackles in the sky and I jump in my seat. God, I hate thunderstorms. Maybe I should have picked a different night to leave Max, a more weather friendly night.

Maybe I shouldn't have left Max at all.

God, I am so weak, I'm already feeling that emptiness in the pit of my stomach. I just passed it off as a bad case of indigestion.

Max and I have had good times, sure, I can hang on to those, right? Maybe he will come to his senses sooner or later, I should just give him the benefit of the doubt, shouldn't I?

Ya know, I bet Max is awake riiiight now, and is worried sick about me.

I grin. Yeah, I think I've been gone long enough. Time to head back.

I squint through the rain, and notice a group of tiny forms huddled in the middle of the road.

"What the heck?"

Several pairs of glowing, green eyes reflect off of my headlights. It's a family of felines, taking their grande ole time at crossing the road.

Startled, I swerve to the right, and hear a sickening thud against my left front tire. Oh, God.

I press hard on my brakes, but the rain on the road causes the tires to hydroplane, a lot. I'm not getting enough traction as I continue to weave down the road at not-so-safe speeds. I'm quickly approaching the guardrail, and it doesn't make me feel any better that it plummets into a deep lake.

I let out a scream as I press the brake deeper into the floor and try to turn the wheel but with no avail. I clench my eyes shut and shield my face with my arms, as the car jerks from impact.

I open my eyes with much effort, as grogginess succumbs me. My head is pounding and my limbs feel weak and lifeless.

The last thing I remember, before I slipped into unconsciousness, was freezing cold water surrounding me, and throbbing pain in my head, from where I must have hit the steering wheel.

It's freezing, and I can feel the rain pelting down on me. The hard surface of what I can only guess is the road, doesn't serve as a very comfortable place to lay. How did I get here anyway?

The pulsing pain in my head increases and groan. I can feel the black seeping back into my vision, and I strain to stay awake.

I feel myself falling, and then I'm being lifted up. Someone is cradling me to their chest. I look up, through the rain, to see a blurred figure, before I slip back into the dark.


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Author: Ripley

Summary: Response to the challenge by Mia Nora. I'm not going to post it on here, 'cause it'll give too much away, but for those of you who just have to read a summary - go check out her Challenge Thread at FanFic Discussion Forum.

Rating: PG-13

Category: M/L - CC (Liz's Pov - first time at writing POV fic, so be gentle!)

Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me. Don't sue.

Spoilers: None - no aliens.

Author's Note: Yeah, I know, another fic - but I couldn't resist this challenge! Thanks, Mia, for letting me take this, and I hope you enjoy!

Title: The Purrrfect Gift

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Part Two

Loud scratching sounds rouse me from my sleep, and I drowsily lift my eye lids, surveying my surroundings. I am in a vaguely familiar room. The room giving off a cozy sensation. I am laying on a soft, lush rug, beside a warm fire. The normally annoying crackling sound calms my nerves. The walls were adorned with pictures of people too far away for me to recognize. Where the hell am I?

I jerk when a flash of black runs past, startling me. As I blink my eyes, I see a rather large, black cat sitting in the corner of the room. It's piercing, light green eyes watching me.

Wow, that's a big cat.

My head begins to throb with pain again, and I clench my eyes shut. My whole body ached and my tongue felt dry and rough. I needed something to drink.

I was craving some nice cold milk. Yum.

Almost as if someone had read my mind, a small bowl of the creamy, white liquid appears in front of me. I peer upwards, my vision blurring, to see someone standing over me.

"Drink up, kitty," the voice says, sounding amazingly like Mrs. Moore.

But why the hell did she just call me kitty?

She crouches down next to me, and as my vision clears, I realize that it is my wretched neighbor. Great.

Her long finger nails reach out and start stroking the top of my head. I jerk away.

Okay, what the hell is this lady thinking? It's offical, she's crazy. I always knew it, always.

"Now, now," she says with a chuckle. "No reason to be afraid. We're all friends here."

Yeah. Right.

The huge, black cat comes and starts rubbing itself against her leg. Wrapping itself around her, watching me at the same time.

Niiice kitty.

"Reno," she cooes and picks the cat up. Suddenly, he doesn't look so big anymore. "This is the newest member of our family. What should we call her?"

Woah, woah, woah. Family? Newest member? You have got to be kidding me.

I pick myself up then, suddenly realizing that Mrs. Moore was taller than I had originally thought. Way taller. Why did she hunch over all the time? Gosh, I feel five inches tall!

I shake my head and start backing away then. I must have hit my head really hard on the steering wheel.

"Thanks for saving me, Mrs. Moore, but I've really got to go." I tell her. I need to get back to Max.

She doesn't seem to be listening to me though. She continues to smile, as she strokes Reno lovingly on the head. Well, at least someone likes the old bag.

I continue to back away, telling myself that I'm hallucinating. I glance around the room, trying to find the door, the exit. I turn away from Mrs. Moore, I don't even make the first step before the floor falls from beneath me. I let out a strangled cry, as I realize that I'm being picked up.

What the hell?

I struggle in her grasp, coming to the realization that she is too strong. God! What does this woman do in her spare time?

She lets out that chuckle again. "Now, kitty -"

"Stop calling me kitty!" my scream goes unnoticed by her.

"Don't struggle. It's all right, we'll take good care of you."

Ohh, hell, no.

I struggle even more, my nails digging into her flesh. She yelps and suddenly I'm back on the floor, still on my feet.

Woah, great reflexes.

I start to run again, hearing that scratching sound as I scamper across the floor. Weird.

That freakishly, huge cat pounces in front of me then, blocking my path of escape. His green eyes pierce menacingly into my own, and he hisses at me.

Oh, God.

I turn in the other direction, and dodge through an open door way. It's a bedroom.

My instincts tell me to hide under the bed, and despite how completely absurd the idea is, I do so anyway. I breath in dusts of particles, and a pathetically small sneeze sneaks out. I feel so small and weak.

I glance around, still able to hear the foot steps of the crazy old lady outside in the living room. What the hell is she doing? And why isn't she coming after me? Well, not that I want her to come after me, but, still.

My eyes suddenly connect with deep brown eyes, and a furry black face. My God! How many cats does this lady have? I continue to stare into the kitten's tiny face, waiting for it to scamper away.

"All right, little kitty, run along now," I say, but the kitten remains, unphased.

I stay, motionless, watching the kitty before me. It's kind of cute.

I cock my head to the side and peer at the kitten. I narrow my eyes as it tilts its head simultaneously with me. I straighten my head, as does the cat.

"All right, enough," I mutter and begin to crawl from under the bed. I've had enough of these Simon says games. Pulling myself from beneath the bed I notice that the little furry kitten is noticably closer than before. "Oh for crying out loud, you dumb cat, skat!"

I swat my hand at it, and grow overly irritated to see the stupid thing doing the same. I loud out a growl of frustration, oddly enough sounding like a tiny kitten. I clear my throat. Ugh, I really need something to drink.

I really need to get out of here.

When I look back at the kitten, I jump at the sight of Mrs. Moore standing behind of it. I instinctively back away, running into the bed post and staggering to the side. After regaining my footing I turn around, only to see Mrs. Moore standing there too.

What the hell?

I glance over my shoulder - she was there too. Staring at me, as well as the kitten. I stare harder, realizing the kitten is looking over it's shoulder too. Brown eyes peering into my own.

I slowly rotate my head back around, my eyes fixating on Mrs. Moore and her tender emerald green eyes. She kneels down to me, her hand reaching out.

"C'mon, now, kitty," she coos. "Play nice."


My gaze difts to my hands as I plop myself onto the hardwood floor. I don't have hands - I have paws. Tiny, white paws leading up to a black as night leg. I glance at the other one, it was entirely back, from leg to paw.

I feel soft scratching on the top of my head as Mrs. Moore's fingernails rub luxioursly over my scalp.

Well, I'll be damned....I think with very unnatural calm.

I'm a kitten.

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